The Bodyguard (2016) Movie Script

A Mr. Ding came forward
with information after reading about...
the murder in the newspaper.
He said he saw Choi Dong Hen
and his gang
near the crime scene that night.
We suspect Choi is connected to the murder.
We're ready to arrest him
for eyewitness ID.
We also received information
that Choi is taking on
the Russian Mafia in a turf war.
I believe Choi is the most likely suspect.
Take action now. Don't fail.
Yes, sir.
- What's going on?
- Stay right there!
What's wrong?
What's your relationship with the Russians?
Sir, the witness is here.
Listen Choi, we have an eyewitness.
Mr. Ding, do you recognize him?
When Mr. Ding reported the case,
he was certain he saw Choi that night.
But during the ID process,
he hesitated and seemed unsure,
and failed to identify Choi.
Did you check his background?
Perhaps he was threatened
and afraid to say anything.
He's a former Central Security Bureau agent.
He retired and moved back here
from Beijing 6 months ago.
He lives alone.
He didn't appear to be
afraid during the lineup.
We suspect he may have dementia.
(Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.
Old Ding is not at all that old.)
(If he hollers, let him go.
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.)
(Cop A, B, C, D can't catch a thief.)
(When that happens, Old Ding brings relief.)
This Old Ding song swept across the nation
while another Old Ding led
a quiet life, unnoticed.
This Old Ding
is a kind-hearted but hard-headed, fat old man.
He was a loner for the first half of his life.
Punching bags, guns
and knives kept him company.
A soldier with super fighting skills,
Ding's proudest achievement wasn't his medals
but his little granddaughter.
During an outing,
Ding lost his granddaughter.
He searched everywhere,
even put his life in danger
but still failed to find her.
Ding protected numerous VIPs in his life.
But he failed to protect
the one he wanted to most.
Ding could never forgive himself
for losing his granddaughter.
His daughter was devastated and left him.
After he retired,
Ding left Beijing, the site of so much pain
and moved back to his hometown, Suizhen.
Like this little town
at the Chinese/Russian border,
Ding is isolated and lonely.
Counting the days
- Ding!
Liver no good, cirrhosis
Kidneys no good,
remove one!
Cut the intestines too, heart no good.
Dr. Hu, can any of my organs be saved?
Just kidding.
Other than memory issues, you're fine.
Your short-term memory will get worse.
An early symptom of dementia.
Go home and write down your bank password.
Don't worry too much.
You're stable until you hit 65.
Dr. Liu, I'm 66.
My name is Hu.
Since you're so forgetful,
get yourself a recorder.
Thank you, Dr. Gu.
I'm Dr. Hu.
How can I help you?
Do you sell tape recorders?
No tape recorders anymore.
But we have digital recorders.
How does it work?
Here's the record button.
The stop button and the play button.
As simple as that!
Hello? How are you?
Mr. Ding!
Are you picking the lock again?
The key is on you!
Mr. Ding,
did you have a checkup?
What did the doctor say?
Like I said, there is nothing wrong with you.
I think it's the pollution.
The air quality here is
much better than in Beijing.
You moved here for six months ago, right?
- Well
- Six months and five days.
See how well I can remember details about you?
You keep saying well and ah.
Have you forgotten my name?
Park Seen Nun
Ding's landlady.
She looked like Angelababy when she was young.
Now she looks like Auntie Angela.
My name is Park, Park Seon Nun.
And my nationality?
Korean, like Dae Jang Geum.
Miss Park, if there's nothing else,
I must get back.
The old man forgot my name.
Why aren't you in school?
Today is Sunday.
I send you to school to study.
Not to argue with me.
You're just a gambling addict!
Li Zheng Jiu, Ding's neighbour.
A waste of oxygen,
better off dead.
He owes everyone money.
Except for his hair, he's a complete loser.
He tries to make things right
but just messes up more.
His wife left him out of frustration.
They say, fathers and daughters were
once lovers in past lives.
He and his daughter
are like enemies!
Hey! Hey!
Bad girl!
Other than burglars,
she's the only one who enters this way.
Her name is Cherry.
After fighting with her dad,
she hides out at Old Ding's house.
Ding is her meal ticket
and her bodyguard.
It hurts!
Hey Ding!
The landlady Ms. Park across the way
has her eyes on you.
What are you afraid of?
Her laugh is scary but she has a good figure.
I'll be your matchmaker?
Cherry Li!
Has my daughter come here again?
Cherry Li get out here now!
I don't have time for this.
I have to go out.
Go back home to keep watch.
If you aren't home when
I get back, I'll kill you!
I'm a headless ghost!
Take it off!
I like this jacket, lend it to me.
Take it off!
Fat men are supposed to be jolly.
Take it off!
No fun!
Wait, I win!
Let me see.
What's there to see?
Can't I check?
What if you cheated?
- Who's cheating?
- We're playing for money here!
So what?
- What?
- Loser!
Watch you mouth!
Try me!
Come on.
It's just a game.
Come here!
Come here if you dare!
How much does he owe us?
250,000 yuan.
When can you pay UP?
A few days.
A few days?
I know your kind.
Let me ask you.
Do you have a cousin
who works as chef at the Red Star Hotel?
I'll give you a chance?
Big Red!
A certain man
will go to Vladivostok tonight.
He's staying at the Red Star.
He has a bag.
I want you to bring it to me.
Big Red will go with you.
After it's done,
we can discuss your debt.
I want to remind you.
You only get one chance.
If you screw up,
You'll be in big trouble.
Room 505, to the right, end of the hall.
He brought a leather bag?
You work for Choi Dong Hen?
You know him?
He doesn't play by the rules.
We've got a problem!
Stop! Don't run!
Stop him!
Don't run!
What's wrong, boss?
Get the bag back!
Catch him! Don't lose him!
Don't run! Stop!
Stop there!
Stop him!
You can't escape!
Let's gm!
Here's the bag.
That should cancel my debt.
Boss said you just get another week to pay up.
You got the bag but left a messy trail.
You're in big trouble.
Eat shit!
What the hell happened?
Who is this Choi Dong Hen?
He not only stepped on my turf.
He stole from me.
I want justice.
He killed a couple of my men.
I swear
anyone who goes against us
will pay dearly
just like him.
The underworld has its rules.
Choi Dong Hen is your man.
If you want to continue to work with us,
you know what to do.
(Serves You Right)
Ding, let's go fishing.
Morning, Ding!
- Morning.
- Morning.
I want a henchman too.
Keep dreaming.
Buy ice-cream!
The doctor banned it from my diet.
Buy one for me.
But you're not allowed.
A tiny bite won't hurt.
Ding, wait!
Come on, fish!
It's mine!
How does that fool keep catching fish?
You're the fool.
I'll catch an even bigger fish!
Serves you right.
are you really moving out?
Who told you?
The old men at the station.
Miss Park was heartbroken.
Are you moving out soon?
Can't you take me in your suitcase?
If you leave, I have no one to go fishing with.
What about your classmates?
We don't get along.
Except one girl named Bella Wu.
Bella Wu?
Miss Park wants to marry you.
Do you want to marry her?
Pick me then!
I can take care of you.
You're so forgetful,
you'll get lost on your own
end up as a homeless bum
fighting stray dogs over scraps.
You should take me with you.
What about your father?
He can...
marry Miss Park.
- Mr. Ding!
- Umm.
I prepared a few dishes.
Join me for lunch?
- You have to come!
Thank you.
After the meal,
let's visit some lady friends of mine.
I'm in no hurry.
It's not about being in a hurry.
It's about feelings.
If you like each other,
Don't waste time pining away.
You're getting old.
You need someone to take care of you.
Look at how thin you are!
I was a caregiver when I was younger.
Mr. Ding
Have you eaten enough?
Don't go yet.
The pig knuckles aren't done yet.
Mom, what's so urgent?
My son, Park Chan Seun.
A police officer,
just promoted to deputy captain.
Mr. Ding used to be a civil servant too.
A retiree from the Central Security Bureau.
Have some tea!
- Have you eaten?
- Yes, I have.
Chat some more!
Mr. Ding
You came to identify suspect.
We met then.
Have we?
Have some tea!
My mother makes the best pig knuckles.
- But I'm on a diet.
- Have more?
No thanks, I have to go.
What's the hurry, Ding?
No pig knuckles?
I told you to chat him up.
We have nothing in common.
You're the one who likes him.
I want you to learn more about him.
I'm a man! Leave me out of
your love life, please?
What do you mean?
How often do I fall in love?
I don't have time for this.
I've got criminals to deal with.
Something happened.
Li took off with the bag.
Damn it!
Did your nephew return with a bag?
No, he hasn't been here.
Stop it.
Don't call the police!
Your nephew owes us money.
Take him away.
He has a daughter.
Come outside!
That Way!
Open the door!
Open up!
Open the door!
Open the door!
I said open the door!
Open the door!
Old man. Where's her father?
Hey, old man!
Where are you going?
Go away!
Go away!
Ding! Ding!
What are you staring at? Go!
Police? Let me speak to my son.
I want to report a crime.
You should rest.
How's the child?
She's fine. She regained consciousness.
How's your leg?
I'm fine.
How can you be?
You've lost so much blood.
Mom, stop talking.
I'm working.
Only policemen get to talk?
Mr. Ding,
can you remember what those men looked like?
License plate number?
Why bother asking?
He has a poor memory.
Mr. Ding,
we can't get in touch with
Cherry's father, Li Zheng Jiu.
We followed protocol and sent Cherry Li
to stay with her great-uncle temporarily.
We've verified the relationship.
No need to worry about her safety.
Right, Mom.
If you see Li Zheng Jiu,
call me at once.
Of course.
Captain Park!
The child identified the two men
in the photo as the attackers.
It's them!
They're known as Er Bao and Shortie.
They're Choi Dong Hen's men.
- Find them!
- Yes, sir.
You two couldn't even
deal with an old man.
What do I keep you around for?
Boss, that old man is like a Kung Fu Panda.
Lay low in the countryside.
Don't let the police find you!
Get moving!
That old man is no ordinary man.
Morning, Ding.
Eaten yet?
Ding is a retired officer from Beijing.
He can afford to eat out everyday, not like us.
If we want to eat, our wives must cook for us.
I don't even have a wife.
Peace and quiet, even better.
No need to be sarcastic.
Don't worry, I'm used to it.
Life suddenly grew quiet.
Ding felt like something was missing.
That's why he never shut that window.
(City Wide Manhunt
and Two Arrest Warrants Issued)
(For Suspects in Attempted Kidnapping Case)
Mr. Ding! Mr. Ding!
Your nephew is on the line.
Uncle, why are you still at home?
What's the matter?
Today is my sister's wedding, did you forget?
Everyone is waiting for you.
I'll come over now.
Hurry UP!
Take the bus, okay?
Hello, Uncle!
Don't you recognize Cheryl with make-up on?
Her husband, Huang Da Xin.
- Hello, Uncle!
- Hi.
Lucky money!
- Congratulations.
- Thank you, Uncle!
Thank you, Uncle!
Uncle, he's my sister-in-law's boy.
Thank you, Granduncle!
Thank you, Granduncle!
I want one too, Granduncle!
Sir, are you buying or not?
It's beautiful!
Look over there!
Ding? That's Old Ding!
Ding! Ding!
Ding, this is Bella Wu.
Why are you dressed like this?
Our school is taking part in the parade.
We just finished.
How do we look?
Do we look like giant moths?
Don't you think Bella looks like
a donkey when she smiles?
I'll tell Bella that.
How's your great-uncle's house?
Let's order this wedding cake.
Your daughter is not
coming to the wedding, is she?
I'm not inviting her.
I don't think I could deal with her.
I still don't get it.
Why did you marry Li?
Forget him.
Don't insult my father!
What are you doing? Are you crazy?
Are you done?
- I won't let you!
- Cut it out!
Behave yourself!
You okay?
Crazy girl! Just like your father.
Was that woman your mother?
We've already looked after her for two weeks.
We can do no more.
We just can't contact her father.
You won't take care of her forever.
No, we've had enough.
We can't deal with her.
But you're her relatives.
We cut our ties a long time ago.
What are we going to do with her?
Ding can take me in.
Two weeks is a long time.
Ate any ice-cream while I was gone?
What do you think?
Morning, Ding.
- Morning.
- Morning.
Leg still hurts?
Much better.
Ever get stabbed in the leg?
Eat at my place from now on!
You're too kind, I can't impose.
Not talking to you.
How can I impose?
It's nothing.
If it makes you feel better,
you can buy the groceries.
It's better than eating alone.
Saves money too, don't you think?
Can I make a phone call, Miss Park?
Fine. No long-distance.
Of course.
What are you doing?
I'll go get it for you now.
I'm going home, Ding.
Thank you.
Thanks for saving my child.
I'm grateful.
You should go to the police.
I can't.
Then why are you here?
I have to skip town.
Please take care of my child.
I'll come for her later.
It's not safe to take her with me.
Tell her yourself.
I don't know how to talk to her.
I try to make things right
but I just make things worse.
Please take care of my child.
I'll send you more.
No need.
I promise to come back.
Stop there!
Don't run!
Where are you running?
Run again?
Spare my daughter.
Spare my daughter.
I'll make sure to bury her.
They're murderers and arsonists!
They should be caught and executed on the spot.
Calm down first.
We must operate within the law.
Calm down?
I lost two houses!
I know.
Find someplace to sit. I have work to do.
Uncle Hua!
He)', Nephew!
Let's have a toast.
- Girls, get out.
- Drink up!
Uncle Hua's wine is always the best.
Someone stole a bag of jewelery
from the Russians,
it's worth tens of millions.
- Do you know who did it?
- I don't know.
Be careful!
I don't want trouble.
Don't worry! There won't be any trouble.
Good to know.
- Come!
- Cheers!
He won't get away. We'll nail him.
Any news about the child?
Uncle Hua is here.
Heard you guys had a run in with my nephew.
I have something to discuss with you.
When you arrive,
come meet us.
(Attention All Porters!)
(The K7024 Train has arrived at the station.)
(Porters please standby.)
(Attention All Porters!)
(The K7024 Train has arrived at the station.)
(Porters please standby.)
(Murder Suspect Released Due
to Lack of Evidence)
Mr. Ding, what is it?
I want to make a phone call.
Go ahead.
No problem.
I'm in a meeting. Please leave
your message. Thank you.
Ya Nan.
It's me, your father.
I know that
no matter what I do,
no matter what I do,
I can't make up for my failures.
I would only make it worse.
I've waited a long time to say this.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
How could you fail to watch over a child?
You old fool!
Give me back my daughter!
I have something to tell you.
I joined the army in 1964.
I took the train there.
In 1966
at the Lanzhou Army Combat Tournament,
I won the first place.
I was later assigned to the
Central Security Bureau in Beijing.
I was married in 1971.
My wife Lv Ping
was a dancer.
Her father was a bourgeois capitalist.
She married me
to prevent her family
from being persecuted.
She never loved me.
We have a daughter, Ya Nan.
She and I were on good terms.
her daughter, my granddaughter...
she went missing on my watch.
Ya Nan refused to see me again.
That's my life.
That's all I can remember.
Other than that,
I can't even remember what I ate last night.
Do people like me
deserve to be treated nicely?
Turn on the light!
Where's the girl?
What girl?
Cherry Li, my neighbor's child.
How would I know?
Did you kill her?
Old man!
Be gone
by the time I count to three.
If I see you again, I'll kill you.
You want to die?
Kill him! Kill him for me!
What are you doing with the money?
Put it in the bag!
- Boss!
- Get off me, losers!
Get up! Get up!
Kill him! Kill him!
What's going on?
Kill them!
Where's Cherry?
It's done!
Move in.
This way.
- Drive off!
- Your bag.
All units!
Black escape vehicle spotted
near the train station.
License plate C76171
I repeat, black car, license C76171
Captain Park, location please!
Turning onto Xing Hua Street.
Urgent! Where's the backup?
In position.
Captain Park
Intersection of Xin Hua Street
and Huang He Road blocked by Units 3 & 7
Intercept them at the crossroad ahead!
Smash through!
Surround them. Don't let them escape!
Don't move!
Where's Cherry?
Old man!
Come on! Come get me!
This is my turf.
I can kill whoever I want.
I killed your neighbor, Li.
I'll kill his daughter too.
Try to stop me?
I'll kill you too.
Just wait and see!
Good to see you here!
Kung Fu Panda is chasing me.
You two
kill him for me.
- Okay!
- Hurry.
You're not allowed.
A little bite won't hurt.
The landlady across the way
has her eyes on you.
No need to be shy.
Are we going fishing today?
If you leave, I'll have no one
to go fishing with.
Can't you take me in your suitcase?
Please look after my daughter!
Mr. Ding!
Why are you sitting here alone?
Why are you crying?
Ding, what's wrong?
I lost my granddaughter.
What are you talking about?
She went missing a long time ago.
There's nothing you can do about it.
Look at you.
Let me help you.
Ding fought the gangsters in self-defense
and was instrumental in bringing down
Chinese and Russian gangs.
The police didn't pursue
criminal liability against Ding.
But after that day, his memory got worse.
He became obsessed with Cherry's disappearance.
He ended up at the police station in a daze.
Hey Mister!
You again?
Take a seat first.
You want me to listen to this?
Mister, that's strange. There is nothing on it.
Perhaps you pressed the Erase button instead?
Just tell me what happened.
Tell me what you recorded.
I forgot.
In that case,
come back when you remember,
I'll treat you tea.
I have a meeting.
Get home safely.
Where have you been?
At Bella Wu's house.
I called her from your home.
Who's Bella Wu? A gangster?
No! She's my classmate.
You scared us to death.
What's wrong?
You should tell us when you go out.
Come with me!
Miss Park.
Overdue rent is no reason
to burn down our house.
Has my dad returned?
Your father...
went to Beijing for work.
He wanted you to be a good girl.
Where are you going?
Even though Ding's recorder was blank,
I could hear his love for me
I later learnt that
my father never went to Beijing.
He was killed,
trying to protect me.
I lost a father
but gained a grandfather.
I've been taking care of Ding ever since.
He's forgotten all about fishing...
about ice-cream...
about those three old men...
and even Miss Park's scary laugh.
he still remembers me.
I'm Cherry Li.
He is my
beloved bodyguard grandfather.
Stop! What are you doing?
My arm! It's hurts!
Why did you run, idiot?
Get lost!
Get lost!
Why do you always end up fighting?