The Bodyguard (2023) Movie Script

(energizing music)
(uplifting music)
(soft piano music)
(Narrator) Every now and
then we get a little lost.
We expect people in our
circle to elevate us.
Yet sometimes our expectations
are so high that we're led
down a path much, much darker.
(person sobbing)
(hiphop music starts)
Call it fate, destiny,
whatever you want to.
One thing was for sure,
my life changed forever
the day he walked into it.
(soft ominous music)
(knocking on door)
I'm almost done, I swear.
Damn, you look beautiful.
You sure?
(phone vibrating)
(soft music continues)
Just go.
You sure?
I mean, Mike already walked.
It's been pretty quiet
around here lately.
I'll be fine.
(lips smacking softly)
Promise to call you
when my flight lands.
Have a safe trip.
What is taking you so -
- I was just leaving.
Yes you were, sorry.
Oh, my.
Look at you!
Yes, you look beautiful, girl.
You know you don't need
validation from him, right?
I know, I know.
Yes, we need to
get going, yes.
You great, that's
my for it, yes!
Where's Angel?
She's supposed to be
here a long time ago.
I told you it's
not always a friend.
You know she's probably some
where at somebody's house
I think.
She said she had a
date earlier, so.
I guess that worked out.
But, we'll get some, baby,
I have everything under control.
Just breathe.
Yes, we got a plan.
Nice, okay.
(soul music begins)
I know
That this ain't real
This ain't real
It's just a fantasy, you'll-
- Yo, what'd I tell you about
blowing my phone up like that.
Um, my sister, she's
gone for the weekend,
so we got the
place to ourselves.
That's your big emergency?
You have been gone for weeks.
I miss you.
Let me prove it to you.
(r&b music starts)
(traffic flowing)
(tense music starts)
(Announcer) And now your host
coming from backstage,
Candace Maxwell!
(audience cheering)
(tense music continues)
Candace, duck!
(gun fires)
(woman screams)
(gun fires repeatedly)
Oh my god, Candy!
Candy! (sobs)
She's been hit!
- Call an ambulance!
- She's been hit!
He got away.
Damn it, Mike, I knew I
should have hired security.
(upbeat music starts)
Big moves
We bout big moves
Big plays, we make big plays
(exhales forcefully)
(weights clanking)
(breathing loudly)
(door creaks)
(dramatic music)
(suspenseful music starts)
(gun clicks)
(shoes scuffing)
(door creaks)
(door creaks)
Drop it.
(gun clanks)
Good boy.
We had a bargain.
What kind of man doesn't
keep his end of a bargain?
You know for a hit man,
you sure know how
to miss a target.
I'm not a hitman,
I'm a businessman.
And you shot me.
And you shot me, too.
As far as I'm concerned,
you and me are even.
And how the hell was I
supposed to know it was you?
Dressed like some goddamned bum.
So I guess I signed
up for a fashion shoot.
You said she's worth more
dead than alive, right?
See, you listen,
you could have told -
- You said she's worth more
dead than alive, right?
Then as long as the
business is taken care of,
then what the fuck does
it matter how I'm dressed?
You had one job, one
motherfucking job,
and that was to fucking
stay out of my way.
I thought you would've told me
you was planning on doing
something that night.
You thought?
Oh! (laughs)
You thought!
You don't think little man.
You don't fucking think.
I think!
Keep your hands off me, man.
Or what?
I'm warning you, man.
You warning me?
Keep your hands off me man.
You warning me?
I'm warning you.
You have 24 hours to
put 50 K in my account.
No, that's not -
That's not what we agreed on.
Yes, yes.
That's not what we
talked about, man.
Call it insurance.
Write it off as
pain and suffering.
I want my money -
Fuck you and your insurance.
You want your money?
You want your money?
(glass slams)
Hey you go.
Keep the change.
(hands slap)
Fuck is that, lunch money?
Look, I am not fucking, I am
not fucking playing with you.
Yeah, look at you.
Look at you.
Look at you.
Calm down, there you go.
There you go, calm down.
Get your hands off me, man.
Is that a way, is that a way
you talk to your employer?
- Get your -
- Hmm?
(struggles to speak)
- Listen -
- What?
I want to hear it, what?
If you want your money
I can't hear you.
Double it!
(gasps for breath)
You want your -
- Very good.
(coughs loudly)
If you want your money,
Finish the job, man.
I double, (breaths
deeply) all right?
I double it.
That's why I like to hear.
That's exactly what
I like to hear.
You know, Mike?
Hey, hey!
Look at me.
The quickest way for
a man to lose his life
is to forget he has one to live.
(Mike breaths deeply)
I like you.
I like you a lot, Mike.
So I brought you a gift, bro.
Come on, man.
Come on.
Calm down.
It's all right, brother.
Calm down.
You wouldn't kill a cop, huh?
Come on.
Calm down.
Come on.
It's yours.
It's a token of my appreciation.
Here you go.
You out your
goddamned mind, man.
(laughs loudly)
You are out your goddamned mind.
Whose finger is that, man?
(continues laughing)
Just be happy it's not yours.
24 hours, 50 K.
Have a good day, Mike.
I have to tell you something.
(soft music begins)
Are you?
Hmm (laughs)
So, now that I
have you to myself,
We can finally start
being a family.
Listen, something I
need to talk to you about.
What baby, you
full of surprises.
What is it?
Down payment on
the condo, car.
I don't care what you
do with the money.
Oh, baby you is so sweet.
Hold on, a condo?
I thought we was getting
a place together.
You said that you called it off.
I can't keep sneaking around.
I had a change of heart, and -
- And this is what
I'm worth to you?
You think that you can come
give some bullshit sob story
and that's just gonna be it?
You get to have a
change of heart?
You don't get to have
a change of heart
when I'm carrying your child.
I know you're upset, but I ain't
even know you was pregnant.
And I never said I wouldn't
help you take care of the baby.
I just.
As long as this baby is
breathing in the same air
as his daddy, you gonna
be seeing me all right.
I'm getting married to Candace.
Wedding's in a couple weeks.
End of story.
(hand slapping)
Oh, don't call my phone again.
Sean, wait.
(sad piano music)
(Candace) I heard it'll
be lonely at the top,
but I never considered
myself to be at the top.
Shit, I had bigger hopes
and dreams, real plans.
(upbeat music begins)
Bad girl boss, drip
Bad girl boss, drip
I keep it 100 365
Spot a bad girls and
they down to ride
CEO, I was born to shine
I'm a girl boss 'til I die
I got the ice, I got the crib
I got my day one
girls in the whip
I got the cash, I got the hits
And you're going to need
a bucket for all this drip
Bad girl boss drip
(music trails off)
(fist knocking)
(knocking continues)
(sad piano music)
(birds chirping)
(wind rustling)
(tense music begins)
(sighs loudly)
What the hell, man?
Hey man, you jumpy bro.
You was up last night watching
all them scary movies again?
First off, you talking about
the Michael Myers collection?
That's classic man.
Shit never gets old.
- Ah, man, scared.
- Hold on, hold on.
How'd you get in my house, man?
Your back door unlocked.
Man, anybody could
have gotten in here.
(lock rattles)
(door slams)
Hey bro, listen though.
I'm thinking about
what you said.
I'm always on the road,
and I need somebody
to look after Candace,
you know, just in case.
I told you, you don't
need no bodyguard.
You know how much
money you'd be wasting?
Look bro, appreciate
everything you've done.
(touching piano music)
Hey, I thought I lost you, bro.
Candace thought
she'd lost you, too.
She might be my wife, though.
I feel you bro.
Man, I'd do anything
to protect her.
Don't matter the cost.
Listen, the reason
why I'm over here?
It's Angel, bro.
You gonna be
seeing me, all right.
I told you about
that chick, man.
The moment she came sniffing
around you, what did I say?
Gotti, Gotti.
That's what I said.
What blows my mind?
Why do you insist
to hang with chicks
who are lower than
your standards.
When you got one
that exceeds it, bro.
- I know.
- Tell me that, come on.
Caught up in the
moment, I guess, man.
This guy.
I know, I always been
a player all my life.
You a player now, this guy,
You, you know me!
You a player, bro.
You know me, man.
I get you that, you
was not for a second,
I get I you that bro. (laughs)
It's cool though, I can't
let Angel get in the way
with what me and Candace got.
I know she can't have kids
but Candace is special.
Say less bro.
Let big baby bro handle
as always, all right?
Appreciate you bro.
I got you.
All right?
(hands slapping)
I appreciate you bro.
- Absolutely.
- I gotta make a play though.
- Yeah?
- I'll hit you up later.
All right, brother.
Oh, hey.
You'll know when
it's dealt with.
(door opens)
(door creaks and closes)
Hey, don't forget
to lock your door!
(door closes)
(doorbell rings)
(fist knocking)
Who is it?
(suspenseful music)
We got a call about
a domestic dispute?
You got the wrong house.
No, I'm pretty sure
I got the right house.
Mind if I come in, take a look?
okay, come on.
Persistent huh?
I really should be careful, man.
Anyone else here?
No, like I told you,
everything is good.
Y'all had calls in
the neighborhood?
(bodies struggling)
Right now.
(gasping for air)
(breaths deeply)
(suspenseful music)
(body dragging)
(fist knocking)
Hey you!
(knocking continues)
Open up!
(door squeaks)
Bro, I quit.
I can't deliver no more flowers.
I ain't deliver no
more flowers, bro.
What happened?
Bro, do you know who this is?
This Candace fucking Maxwell, G.
Girl worth over a
billion dollars,
and dude paying 10 bands
just to be a bodyguard.
Shit, gimme a thousand,
I'll fight them like a pro.
Oh, shit!
Bro, what the hell
happened here?
Did you do that?
Calm down.
Bro, did you do that?
Calm down.
I mean if you did I ain't
gonna nobody. I ain't no snitch.
Look man, it's time
for you to go, okay?
Bro, I can help you with that.
Time for you go, man.
Bro, I can help you with this.
(door slams)
Bro, let me help you with this.
You too young, man.
Bro, I'm 21 years old.
I can buy alcohol, I'm legal.
Grab both feet.
(lock snicks)
(birds chirping)
(uplifting choral music)
Hey girl!
How you been?
I'm all right.
What's wrong?
This damn Candace
running me crazy.
Oh, I told you, you cannot
worry about your children.
How long are you gonna
be mad at this girl?
Until she comes to her senses.
Sean is a disaster.
And I know they
were cute at first,
but now they're not
even compatible anymore.
She's not even happy.
Can't buy nobody's happiness.
They got to want it.
That girl almost lost her life.
Cut her some slack.
Girl, he is
nothing but a player.
And he puts his hands on her.
How do you think I don't know.
Have you seen any bruises?
How do you know?
You know I live with them.
That boy ain't put his
finger on that girl.
You know, you got to stop
with all these accusations.
I know you can't stand him.
However, if I were you,
I would stop trying to
live my child's life.
You'll push her into
the arms of another man,
and, and it'll be
worse than that.
Speaking of that, I got to go.
Where you going?
I got a date.
I can't do nothing with you.
I see you
- All right.
- Thank you.
Love you, too, take care.
You a mess.
(birds chirping)
(intense music building)
(siren blares)
(suspenseful music)
(tires squealing)
(screams loudly)
(car thumps)
Oh my god, holy shit!
Someone please come and help me!
(tires squealing)
(tense music fading out)
(romantic music begins)
All right, so, what's wrong?
Is this cold?
It's my favorite part.
Did you forget I do
not like cold food?
You know we don't
do anything anymore.
You haven't took
me out in months.
(cellphone vibrates)
Let me get you something else.
(tense music)
Dance with me.
(sensual music)
Our thing, look at you
being all considerate.
So babe,
I was thinking that maybe I
should just cancel the event
since you weren't
going to be there.
All right.
That's what I need
to talk to you about.
I'm in the process of
hiring a body guard.
I think I might have
found a perfect guy.
Reese dropped this
off a little while ago
before she went on her date.
I feel safe carrying
that around.
Is thing loaded?
You even know how
to use this thing?
I scheduled a session
at the gun range,
and I'll learn how to use it.
Man, I had holes in my
drugs bigger than this thing.
The best thing you can
do is scare somebody off.
How do you expect me
to get anything done
with someone watching my
every move over my shoulder.
If anything, I'd rather
have my man there with me
at all my events.
you've had thousands of events.
I'm sure you'll have tons more.
I promise I'll be
at the next one.
Just do you, and
I'm gonna do me.
Let your man take care of you.
That's what husband's
supposed to do.
(sighs) Fine,
events only though.
All right now, get your
fine ass in the next room.
(hand slaps)
(door knocks)
What you doing here?
(muffled speaking)
Seven-o-clock at night?
Give me a chance to introduce
the idea to her first.
Who's at the door, babe?
One sec.
Man, it's just a neighbor.
Man, presentation is everything.
You dressed like you going
out for a late night run.
My job is to protect.
My resume speaks for itself.
You're a hitman.
I'm a contractor.
Same thing.
There's a dark color sedan
that's been circling the
property since I arrived.
In life,
we have to choose whether
we want our problems
to be permanent or temporary.
But the choice, Mr. Rivers,
is always yours.
Sean, don't be rude.
You gonna introduce me
to your handsome friend?
Aunt V, this isn't
the time, hit the hay.
Hit the hay?
I don't smoke that stuff.
Enjoy the rest of your night.
I'll take care of it.
(lock clicks)
(sensual music begins)
Sean, Sean?
(record scratches)
(pillow slaps)
(loud snores)
My great aunt
Vanessa always said
a woman could think better
on her feet than on her back
with her legs in the air.
And that loving a man more
than you love yourself
stunts your eternal growth.
(upbeat music)
(meat sizzling)
(liquid gurgling)
What could she
possibly see in him?
She's in deep now.
It could be the money.
I know your handicapped ass
isn't out here clout chasing.
Girl, people have
been sending me
all types of gifts and cash
app since that happened.
It's only been a couple of days
but I've already been getting
hundreds of views and likes.
I think I'm finally starting
to get my own fan base.
Sometimes I wonder about you.
For somebody
majoring in business,
you sure don't use
your brain much.
Everyone isn't like you.
K, he doesn't have
money to burn.
Candace is the one he likes.
Um, Sean worked very
hard to get what he has.
You need to give
that man some credit.
Good credit is something
that fool will never have.
(shoes clicking)
What are you up to?
Angel, my God.
How are you doing?
Hey, I'm good.
Have they found
the driver yet?
No, not yet,
happened too fast.
Yeah, I didn't even get
a good look at the vehicle.
Hmm, what did you expect?
These women are getting
sick and tired of you
running around with their men.
Hell, I've been surprised
that you didn't
try to hit on Sean.
Excuse you?
Anyway, um, yeah,
you're the reason why Miss
Conwell was there last week.
She heard about you trying
to sleep with her husband.
Please do not tell me
you just ruined our
relationship with Miss Conwell.
She draws in more
clients than anyone.
Okay, but in my defense, he
didn't even have his ring on.
Like, I didn't even know
that he was with the girl
until I saw him out publicly.
And then after that
I just cut him off!
Damn, you immature.
You so damn immature.
If I was Candace,
your ass would've been in an
unemployment line weeks ago.
Well, this is a good
thing that you not my boss,
then, huh?
All right!
And we all know you
wanna be Candace anyway.
No I don't.
I'm not the one who's an intern.
Shit, I'm my own woman.
Something that you
could never be.
All right,
that is enough.
What you heifers
are not gonna do,
is tear anything in
my goddamn house.
Now, I decided that Angel
is going to be staying here
until she can find a
nicer place to live.
Yeah, I mean, your
neighborhood isn't safe, so.
I asked Kim if I could stay
with her for a little while.
Is that right?
Look, you two are the
only real friends I have.
I have so much pressure
on me right now.
Everybody is depending on me.
The last time me and my mom
talked, we got in an argument.
She hasn't answered any of
my calls or my text messages.
And I don't even have a man.
I walked into my
bedroom the other day
and it's like Sean's
lost interest in me.
I mean at least you
guys have a man.
They enjoy being around you.
Well, did you
try to massage him?
Maybe, pop rocks.
First you take the,
then you take pop rocks
and put it on top.
Okay, have you tried
dressing up sexy?
Men love that.
Makes them feel like
they're cheating.
Or, so I've heard.
I don't know you
bitches right now.
You know ladies,
I can really use something
to take the edge off.
Yes, same here!
Drink up, ladies!
Oh, oh!
to my best friend
for closing your
publishing deal.
I know people who kill to
be in your shoes right now.
Ain't that the truth.
(upbeat music)
(door knocking)
Q, my man.
Bless baby.
Cash, baby, come here.
Angel is not to
have wine, again.
It should have me
out like a light.
My head is still pounding.
This is Quincy Powell.
Your new bodyguard.
Call him Q cause he likes it.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
Although I am surprised
that a woman of your caliber
doesn't already have bodyguards
surrounding this place.
See, I knew the day
that my husband insinuated
that I get a bodyguard
it was a stupid decision.
But it's really a stupid
decision when someone like you
come walking up in my house
talking about protecting me.
Okay, what's the problem?
You don't like my attire?
Hell no.
You look like you just
walked outta a refuge camp.
You ain't going nowhere
with me looking like that.
(laughs) Right, like.
Listen, where your muscles at?
You need a strong man.
Well, I guess he
is strong. (laughs)
But you still don't look
like a bodyguard, though.
Just saying.
(fist knocking on door)
Don't just stand
there looking stupid.
Go get the door.
Girl, my head is killing me.
(door clicking)
Oh, we, bam!
Yo, this is nice!
You got a Picasso, and shit.
Oh, this is my kind
of place, this!
Oh, sorry, this came in for you.
Man, what are you doing here?
Well, shit, what
you doing here?
Yo, I already told you
I hired somebody already.
You aren't even going
to play me like that, bro!
Bro, I'm the one who told you
about the job in
the first place!
Bro, you know I
needed to do the job.
Otherwise my parole officer
would send my black ass
back to the halfway house.
(both) Parole officer?
Oh hell no.
Get his jail bait
ass out my house.
For real.
( bangs)
What was that?
(door clicking)
Y'all got a ghost or some shit?
(something smashing)
(music crescendos)
What happened?
Did you get him?
He got away.
Now you see why I hired him.
Man, you was fast as hell.
You like a linebacker
on that ass.
What good are you if you're
just gonna let him get away?
What if he comes back?
I tried, all right?
As far as I'm concerned,
neither one of you are ever
gonna step foot in here again.
I'll hire my own damn bodyguard.
Don't mind her.
I can't let her stay in
here by herself again.
That's the last thing I need.
I got some business I need
to take care of tonight.
Can you stay with her?
- Hold up, what about me?
- I can stay.
Same me was standing behind
me shaking like a leaf.
Man, you little scary ass
can't protect yourself,
let alone my wife.
In all honesty, Derek
is actually a good guy.
And besides I can
use an assistant.
I'm sure if something
happens again,
he'll be there to
help me take him down.
Please man.
I can be a good cook.
I can do laundry.
I can take the dog for a walk.
I can even watch the kid.
Come on.
I can be very
useful around here.
Look, you ain't even
gotta pay me 10 stack.
Just pay me four, we good.
Four for what you just did?
How about three?
And a half? Three and a half.
Listen, we don't
even have any kids,
but for that much,
I want you help Reese
with whatever she needs.
That'll take stress off Candace.
I'll help Reese for free.
Just let me know
what I need to do.
(lips smacking)
Bring your little scary ass.
(door clicking)
(door clicking)
Girl, I'm jealous.
Your aunt gets more
action than us.
The hell is that about?
Don't be hating on me.
I am living my best life.
I see Auntie. (laughs)
(birds chirping)
(inquisitive music)
He never sleeps, does he?
Check his records.
He's been reprimanded multiple
times for his misconduct,
but, all they do is
suspend him with pay
and put him right back
on the task force.
What do you make of it?
Honestly, Mrs. Evans needs
to watch the company she keeps.
(music fades away)
Officer Miller.
Mind if we have a word?
I doubt Lieutenant Gladstone
will be happy to learn
that two of his best
guys are out here
committing more felonies
than the convicts
they put behind bars.
A little birdie told us
that you and Officer River
have been very,
very close lately.
Your birdie must be on crack
'cause there's no way I would -
- Oh, you have fucked up, now.
Look, tell us the truth.
I am!
We've got a female
officer that's been missing
for almost a week.
And I've got
something to tell you.
Officer Rivers is
not untouchable.
So I would think long and hard
if you're willing to
leave behind a beautiful -
- Young wife
that could potentially
get her back blown out
while you sit there and
piss and rot in jail.
All right, but
I want protection.
You don't know what this
guy's put me through.
He's got this tape of me.
Of what?
I'd rather not say,
but I will say if my wife
saw it, she would leave me.
He knew I had this thing
for Candace Maxwell.
And he got all this
material that I had of her
and paid me to break
into her house.
Wait, he put out
the hit on her life?
I don't know, but I
couldn't go through with it.
And I tried to tell her but she
just got scared and ran off.
I mean, I was wearing
a mask and everything.
I, I didn't want to
show my face 'cause
I thought she would turn me in.
Well at least your wife
won't see these tapes.
Because you are
going to help us
put away this psycho for life.
Before he ruins more lives.
Otherwise, we'll do more
than expose you to your wife.
(crickets chirping)
Hey, can I talk
to you for a moment?
What part of leave -
Have you lost your mind?
No, I miss you too!
I'm getting married
to your brother.
Ah, Sean.
What is wrong with you?
Whatever you think we
have, forget about it.
I miss you, too.
I'm getting married
to your brother.
Ah, yes, Sean.
You know you can't
even do this, right?
You know that.
(door clicks)
Sorry I'm late.
You all right?
What the hell
is wrong with you?
What's he doing here?
Tell him what I'm doing here.
Came over to talk
to Candace, bro.
She was nervous about
the wedding, man.
She has some doubts.
Ah, whatever doubts you
think I have, they're gone now.
She think you cheating on her
man, 'cause you always gone.
Mike, stop it!
Get the hell outta my house.
You sure you wanna leave
me here with all these men?
What can they do?
You got all these witnesses
living around anyway.
You didn't even ask me
to put my permission
for you to hide your
intern and stay with us.
For some reason, I
feel like her situation
is my responsibility.
I should have been
looking out for her.
And she needs a place to stay
until she gets on her feet.
That's a grown ass woman.
You barely even know her.
Everything is secure.
If you don't mind, we need
to make a few changes.
Anybody can walk
up to the house.
Whatever, sir.
(lighthearted music)
(knuckles knocking)
You look ten -
(door slamming)
(knob jiggling)
(door clicking)
(vibrator buzzing)
(suspenseful music)
I really, really,
really, really want that
Good thing that
I get what I want
I stay balling and
my cards stay alling
Get your face out of my frame
Everyone's stopping
when they see me copping
They just can't do it the same
What's that?
What's that?
What's that?
Is that what I think it is?
What do you think about this?
Cute, huh?
I think if you like
it, you should buy it.
You're the one
suggested coming with me.
Usually it's Reese,
or Angel here with me.
You know, I don't
really understand.
I really treat people nicely.
I do like to make
everyone happy.
I don't understand why
anybody would wanna kill me,
And why the constant threats?
With all due respect,
you're not quite Mother Theresa.
You know, growing up I
used to wanna be a nurse
but I couldn't stand
the sight of blood,
and I damn sure wasn't
going to scrub those toilets
or change sheets like my mother.
Especially not for no white man.
You and your mom
don't get along?
She looks down
on me momentarily.
Thinks I'm selling
my soul to the devil
and out here selling
my body for sex.
She's embarrassed of me.
Although I could.
But, that's not what I'm doing.
I genuinely like to
make people happy.
That's what excites me.
Oh, so that's why you have
everyone living with you.
Other people's happiness
isn't your responsibility.
What's that supposed to mean?
I mean, you're
beautiful, intelligent -
- You don't know a damn
thing about me, okay?
I know that you're
lonely and misunderstood.
And it's been a while since
anyone made you feel special.
You probably got cobwebs
down there right now.
Oh shit.
Oh my God, Candace!
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, back up!
What is your problem?
They're just kids!
What are they possibly
going to do to me?
Does anyone have a pen?
Thank you.
Miss Maxwell, girl,
you look so good!
Thank you.
You know we really
appreciate you coming to speak
at the Girl Scout event.
The girls just loved you.
Well we're having another one!
You wouldn't mind
coming and talk to them
about fame and how they
can be humble like you,
would you?
I would be honored to.
(calm music)
Girl, these tacos are good!
Oh, have you used those
candles I got you?
They stink.
They're not supposed
to smell like roses.
They're therapeutic.
They're supposed to
get you to relax,
stimulate your mind.
You're supposed to sit
around them and meditate.
And my grandma also said that
they helped with fertility.
Oh, all that meat
under one roof.
Lord have mercy!
He's not all that.
Girl, you tripping.
It seems like soon-to-be
married life got you blind
because that man's all
that and them some.
(murmurs affirmatively)
Truthfully, I feel a
lot safer with him around.
Who, Beavis and Butthead?
Shut up.
What's going on, girls?
Hi, hi.
Ain't no shame
in your game, huh?
Never have been,
never will be.
I can't help all the
fellas following after me.
How is she?
Your mother's stubborn,
but, she's gonna be okay.
Trust me.
She just gets so bored in the
house being all by herself.
That's what scares me.
Her being in the house
all alone by herself.
She'll be fine.
Just give her some time.
You like the new
security system I put in?
It's alright.
You need to
chill a little bit.
Just chill.
(music fades away)
Why nobody tell me
we having a party?
I've always dreamed of making
it with some company to match.
Why, thank you!
Damn you got some soft hands.
Yeah, I'm soft all over.
Excuse me, this isn't
the time or place for that.
My bad.
I mean, leave that boy alone
before you give him worms.
You need to shut up.
I haven't even sent
him back to his mama,
he'll be thanking her
for giving him life.
Whatever. (laughs)
And you need to stop anyway,
'cause you are hating.
I'm not hating.
(dramatic music starts)
Thanks for checking up on me.
You're welcome.
I was being sarcastic.
How could you know
it's still night?
Because I don't give a fuck.
(object smashes)
(birds singing)
Be careful, you already
skating on thin ice.
You hit the iceberg
too, it looks like.
Look, I asked you to help me
because I want the bitch gone.
But if you can't
even handle the job.
If it weren't for him
right there, she'd be dead.
I'm pulling every rabbit
out of my motherfucking
hat right now.
Except for that
motherfucker right there.
He's the reason she's
breathing this very second.
Do your job.
I'm going to handle business.
Yeah, you gotta do something.
Officer Rivers?
Now's not a good time.
Well, when is a
good time for you
to speak about your relationship
with Candace Maxwell?
There is no relationship.
She's a good friend.
My sources say different.
You don't have any friends.
In fact, no one at the
precinct likes you.
Internal Affairs.
I'm reporting on an
incident involving your own,
accident some months back.
Yeah, suspect got away.
Case closed.
You know, this
isn't how this works.
It's my job to look after
upstanding officers like yourself.
For Christ's sake, man, you
were nearly fucking killed.
Wouldn't you like to get justice
for you and your
so-called friend?
All I want to know is -
Listen, listen.
I know what you know.
You seem to know
a lot, don't you?
So you probably know my lawyer.
Give him a call, all right?
I'm done, man.
(door clicks)
(ominous music)
I hope you're moving back in.
Why would I do that?
Because it's not healthy
to live under the same roof
as a man that you're
sleeping with.
Besides, what if
Candace finds out?
She's not gonna find out.
Like, mind your business, dang.
Out of all the men
in the city, why him?
Ain't your friendship
more valuable than that?
My friend?
That bitch is not my friend.
He don't even love her.
He loves me.
And he's doing this
by showing you what?
Girl, this is why I don't
have any conversations with you.
You don't even
understand what we got.
I understand that when
a man loves a woman,
he shows her off.
He does not hide her
or his unborn baby.
That's something you
will never have with him.
What you got, your
man rolling out?
Maybe it's not for you to see.
If I'm on, I can
only do so much.
(hand slapping)
Get out of here!
(ominous music begins)
All that shit you playing at.
Let's just say you
won, all right?
What are you talking about?
Cut the shit, man.
You know exactly what
I'm talking about.
You think you can stop me?
You know, it just
warms my heart,
to watch you squirm.
See, I know that was you that
sent your little cop friend
to my place the other night.
I forgive you.
By the way, did she
give you a call?
I thought not.
You see, the best
part about this?
I'm gonna do something
that you or your lame
ass brother never could.
What's that?
Make her love me.
Motherfucker, are you
ready to die on this bitch?
You ready to give
your life for hers?
You know, I've given
this some thought.
I asked myself,
why on God's green Earth
would this shell of a man
want this beautiful, brilliant,
successful woman there?
And then it came to me.
You're living in your
brother's shadow.
No, no, no. hear
this, hear this.
You're living in
your brother's shadow
and you can't step out of it.
So you resort to
schoolyard games
because you don't have
the testicular fortitude
to stand up and carry
weight in this world.
You're nothing
more than a coward.
And everybody knows it.
So, my brother,
I got a job to do.
Have a good day.
This is so nice,
I'm so proud of you!
Look at all these
people here to see you.
I am so sorry your
mom is not here,
but, you know, she's
gonna come around.
We'll just keep her in prayer.
All right?
Okay, Auntie.
Okay, I'm just so -
- Motherfucker!
(bodies scuffling)
Hey, get down!
What, oh!
Stay down!
Stop moving!
Stay down!
(rain splashes)
(sad music)
(thunder crashes)
You know, that doesn't
make the pain go away.
Who the hell
asked you anything?
You should know me by now.
I don't wait for anyone
to ask my own opinion.
Well do yourself
a favor and go away.
How about you do me a favor?
Put this knife down.
Just leave me alone.
I'm here.
What's wrong?
Me and my mother
don't get along.
My friends aren't
even my friends.
Like, friends
understand each other.
They listen.
They genuinely
listen, they care.
I'm a friend
and I'm listening.
I care about you, okay?
You have to be stronger than
what they think you are.
They who?
I'm just speaking in general.
I know anxiety and depression
get the best in you.
But do me a favor,
before you go off the deep end,
call me, okay?
We can talk about it.
Come here, give me a hug.
I need you around, okay?
Who else is gonna yell at me?
Talk about my clothes.
All right?
All right.
Come on.
(sensual music starts)
Sometimes I feel like
I totally lost control
(moans loudly)
There's a whole lot of
strings attached to me
My eyes see, but my
mouth don't speak
Can't you see what
you doing to me?
Feel that strong hold
that don't wanna go
(moans continue)
I know that this ain't real
(Narrator) It's human
nature to lean on others,
to fill an eternal void.
That mistake can
cost you everything.
(car door slams)
Oh, I'm sorry.
I mean I tried.
I'm sorry, I did.
You did.
You did good.
You did good.
I'm good?
(bodies struggling)
(gasps for air)
Broken promises
Mind I join you?
As long as you don't use
any of those corny lines.
You make me nervous, woman.
I'm trying to come
at you the right way.
Why you so hard on men?
Because you all
think women are easy.
Is that why your
date never showed up?
Hold up, he's not my date.
He's my ex.
And he's gonna stay that way.
Enough of the
questions about me.
What's up with you,
what's your story?
How about we go someplace?
Okay, cool.
(upbeat music)
You should know I'm
calling off the wedding.
What about Sean?
What about him?
You know dude's
crazy over you.
I don't think that's
such a good idea.
He doesn't want
kids, but I do.
I'm surprised nobody
put a little bun
in that oven already.
Shut up.
I told you not
to hire his ass.
He been playing
you the whole time.
I hired this man.
He been fucking my
wife this whole time?
(tense music)
You knew about this, huh?
Oh, you think I
knew about this?
He out here fucking Candace.
You think I knew about this?
Bro, let me handle this, man.
Let me tighten this
up for you, man.
Come on.
Bro, let me get this.
(birds chirping)
It's really nice out here.
What's this on your necklace?
It's my Grandma, she
died October 19th, 2016.
Oh man, sorry to hear that.
Were y'all close?
Oh yeah.
When she left, my
world went upside down.
You know?
I went through hard surgery,
and just learned how to deal
with it on a daily basis.
But back to your ex.
A man would be crazy
to stand you up.
Especially how
beautiful you are.
Listen, commitment changes
everything, for some people.
You know, married men,
they never leave home.
They just stray.
But they always go back to her.
Okay, who said anything
about him being married?
I know that man that
doesn't show for a date,
that's the one who isn't
supposed to be on one
to begin with,
just being nothing.
(laughs) Whatever.
Don't be looking
at me like that.
Don't be trying to be
romantic and stuff. (laughs)
What you see is what you
get with me, baby. (laughs)
So, not every woman gets
the golden treatment, huh?
What you see is what
you get, unlike your ex.
Now I don't discriminate,
but I'm very selective about
who I pour my heart out to.
I got you.
Man, before I took this gig,
I didn't know what I wanted.
All I can think about is
find a woman of my own,
somebody I can come
home to every night.
Cook for and spoil,
mentally, physically.
I mean, mentally and physically.
I know what you mean.
But hold up, cook for?
I didn't know you cooked.
Oh yeah,
'cause I have to show you how
I throw down in the kitchen.
But just so you know,
I was the one that made that
food for the book event.
Wait a minute.
I thought that fool was catered.
Angel told me that she got a
special deal on them trays.
Yeah, she got a
deal, all right.
She threw me a little
something through, for it.
I guess she didn't feel like
damn bother with the task.
Typical, damn Angel.
That girl, I don't
know about her.
She is something
else, like, I swear.
Damn Angel
She can be shady to me though.
But that kind always is.
And the way she's
creeping with Candace's man
shows the level of
standards she has.
Excuse me?
Wait, what are
you talking about?
Sean would never
do that to Candace.
If you say so.
A brother knows when there's
a little something, something
going on between two adults.
And the way she acts around him,
if she isn't sleeping with him,
she sure as hell trying to.
But for what it's worth, I
joke and play around a lot.
But you really beautiful.
You deserve to be
treated like a queen,
not secondhand trash.
(laughs) Thank you, I guess.
Trust me,
I can make you feel things
you never felt before.
Ooh! (laughs)
Hold up now.
You are something else, Derek.
(gentle music)
Why not adopt?
That's what I said.
He doesn't wanna adopt.
He wants to take
care of his own kids.
He doesn't want to
bother nobody else's.
Man, it's messed up.
So what about you?
all my hopes of fatherhood
went down the toilet.
I don't think I have
a choice anymore.
I can't move on like that.
Is that why you don't
talk about your ex anymore?
Pretty much, I mean.
I kind of feel like
it was my fault.
I thought she
committed suicide?
That's what all covered
up crimes are said to be.
I don't understand.
I knew her too well.
There's no way she
would've killed herself.
This why you ain't been
answering your phone?
You out here acting like a ho?
What the hell
is wrong with you!
Stay away from my wife.
Hey, don't make
a scene, big fella.
Babe, this man's not
who you think he is.
Stop acting jealous, Sean.
Look all these
kids around here.
Get your hands off me.
You don't want them to witness
a murder, do you? (laughs)
It's gonna be
all right, Candace
Want that on your conscience?
You got one of them?
Sean, go home!
Just go home.
Hey, we ain't going nowhere.
He playing you.
It's okay, Candace, chill out.
Play the tape.
Oh, you wanna
hear the tape, bro?
Don't move, big fella.
Don't move, big fella.
Hey, listen to that, Huh?
(tape plays)
I asked you to help me 'cause
I wanted that bitch gone.
You have 24 hours to
put 50 K in my account.
Huh, sure do sound
like you, don't it?
Yeah, told you.
Is this true?
Where is she?
We don't know.
Drop this off
and then disappear.
Hey, I got it though.
I'll find it.
Him and Angel been skimming
against you all along.
You're lying.
Don't ever come near me again.
(groans loudly)
Be lucky you got that.
Next time I'm brought
you into jail myself.
Mike told to me save you.
How the mighty fall, big boy.
24 hours, get the money.
Let's go.
(sensual music starts)
Now I'm breaking all the rules
Got me feeling so feel
Baby, because of the
crowds in the air
I just sit back,
relax, baby still
Disguises don't go
And you too far away from home
Sometimes I really,
really want to go
(door clicks)
Hey, miss Glenda.
Oh, I remember, them!
Still got them shorts.
Oh God.
Oh, look.
Talking about what
happened to Angel.
What the hell?
I didn't like that bitch.
But even I know that she
loves herself too much
to take herself out.
Doesn't makes sense.
Something is not adding up.
It's not.
You sure you gonna be okay?
Nobody's seen or heard
from Angel all day.
Her sister's been
blowing me up like crazy.
I don't know how to feel.
Do you think he really
would've took your life
after he gave you one
worth of living for?
I don't know.
I don't really care right now.
All I want think about is this
vacation that we're going on.
I'm gonna go check in online.
All right.
Well I just kept my
stuff in the car.
(bags rustling)
(door clicks)
What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
What, what, ah!
(taser snapping)
(car engine revving)
Sean, Sean!
What you doing here, bro?
Look, I know you
don't believe me,
but your brother
set all of this up.
Candace is in trouble
and if we don't make
it to her right now,
Candace's blood's
gonna be on your hands!
Come on brother, let's go.
(car door slams)
Oh, shit!
(bodies struggling)
Leave her alone.
(laughs) Look who
grew some balls, huh?
Look who grew some balls.
Look at your girl.
Look at you -
- Put the goddamned
gun down, man.
Put it down.
(bodies struggling)
Don't make me shoot you, boy.
Please wake up, come on.
9 1 1, come on baby,
Code blue, code blue,
someone's been shot.
Come on baby, come on baby.
Please get up.
Come on.
(door slams)
(keys clatter)
This is for my sister, bitch!
(gun fires)
(keys clatter)
(dramatic music)
Put your gun down.
(guns smash)
Let's go.
Come on.
(bodies struggling)
(gun fires)
(body slams)
Hey, hey.
He's gone, it's okay.
It's okay.
Come here.
(soft music begins)
(Narrator) Like I said in
the beginning, I had plans
and even though I lost myself
in the midst of those plans,
I was thankful that along
my journey I found my way.
Alright chef, what's got
you so bubbly this morning?
Nothing, besides the fact
that I'm the luckiest
man in the world.
(lips smacking)
You mean daddy?
That's right.
Don't forget about
our bun in here,
baking in this oven.
Child, doctors
don't know anything.
Never underestimate
the will of God.
Thanks babe.
Let me get you a fork.
What's good, family?
Boy don't talk to me.
I thought that was
supposed to be you and me
walking down the aisle.
(laughs) Well
you thought wrong.
I mean, come on now.
Now you know that there
are plenty of fish
out there in the sea.
You had your fair share!
Now it's our turn. (laughs)
(Auntie) What's happening.
Let's start eating.
Well, babe over
here made breakfast.
'Cause you know,
a bitch married.
- What's up, brother?
- Good to see you again, man.
Good to see you more.
Hey you make sure you have
her here at a decent time.
Relax dude, you're
not a bodyguard anymore.
And just where do
you think you going?
Yeah, you didn't tell
us you had a new man.
Stay out of old folks'
business, please.
(upbeat music)
I got my eyes on the prize
and I won't look away
Got no distractions to say
Looking up at clear skies
I think I'm going to stay
Nothing ever felt this right
Watch out, I'm coming up
Watch out, I'm coming up
But you're not
flash, show this
You know I'm getting closer
Watch out, I'm coming up
(music drowns out words)
What's going on, man.
Me and something,
Coming to a film city near you.
We working.
We got some magic
behind the camera.
(murmurs indistinctly)
Shout out to everybody.
We making a real movie.
We gonna make it happen.
We gonna be rich,
and have a good day.
Watch out
(music drowns out words)
Watch out, I'm coming up
Brushing off my shoulders
You know I'm getting closer
Watch out, I'm coming up
She did that
like she on a whole
Victoria Secret
commercial. (laughs)
We always like, so
we in the Caribbean?
Scene 26, take two.
(music drowns out conversation)
(music fades out)
What about me?
Hold up. What about me?
The same me who's standing
behind me shaking like a leaf?
Man, you're little scary
ass can't protect yourself,
let alone my wife.
Okay, in all honesty.
Derrick is actually a good guy.
He, he's good with handy stuff.
(all laugh)
(hands slap)
Let's go!
(car drives off)
(gun clicks)
(all laugh)
Oh, man!
He didn't even move!
That's okay, I got
it right here, you go.
Oh my god, Candace!
(laughs) sorry.
Oh, back up!
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
you dropped the gun!
Damn, you see that?
Oh my god, Candace!
I'm sorry!
(Camera person) Blooper!
You I ain't going
to play with, (laughs)
(laughs) Stop it!
Do it bro, it's good!
- Do it, do it!
- Just don't do it right here.
How you gonna do me like that?
- Hold up.
- That's why he said -
- This thing -
- Do I still say -
- Stop making all
those accusations.
If I were you,
I would stop trying to be
to, to live in a child -
- You can come give me
some bullshit sob story
and that's just gonna be it.
You get to have a
change of heart?
You don't get to have
a change of heart.
Listen, I'm getting
married to Candace.
Fuck, shit.
So right now,
ain't that the truth?
(wine slurps)
(all laugh)
Why would you laugh?
Fuck that!
(door clicks)
We got a call about
a domestic dispute?
Nah, you got the wrong house.
No, I'm pretty sure
I got the right house.
Mind if I come - (laughs)