The Bohemian Girl (1936) Movie Script

Gypsy vagabonds are we
As free as anyone can be
Wandering on without a care today
l'm so free! Without a care
Anywhere that we may roam
is where we make our home
Be it on the road or sky
On high! ln the sky!
Gypsies all
Never tire
For we make our home away from home
We stand, we settle where we roam
There our gypsy hearts must be content
With a song, and a fire, and a tent
With just a song...
We gypsies like to ride along
The road
Along the road
As we swing
And we sing
Our song!
Good morning, my queen.
- What news, Salinas?
- Do you realise where we are?
Perfectly well.
So once more, we are encamped
on the domain of the good Count Arnheim.
Count Arnheim! Pah!
What we pick up here
we must pick up quickly.
For he'll never allow us to stay here long.
One of these days, l'll...
You'll find that we're on the march again
With our hearts beating time
to a stout fighting song
We'll do what we can to march along...
- Arline, look!
- Sweetheart!
How is my little princess this morning?
- Tell me, have you had your lesson?
- Yes.
Count Arnheim, there is a band
of gypsies in the woods below the castle.
Gypsies, eh?
See that they are gone by noon tomorrow.
lf they are caught on my estate, have
them flogged within an inch of their lives.
Tell me, sweetheart,
what did you learn at your lesson?
That lovely gypsy music
How gypsy fiddles fly...
That, my son,
is the true song of the gypsies.
Come and listen
how she sings of life and love.
..fade away...
When love calls the heart of a gypsy
lt calls to the heart that is free
The will of a gypsy
Caresses her
Only to die with the dawn
Oh, the road
That a gypsy must travel
ls planned by the fortunes of time
So it's one hour of bliss
And a passionate kiss
Then farewell to
gypsy romance and melody
That's what the fiddles are playing
And sing and be gay as you swing
For it's one hour of bliss
and a passionate kiss
And farewell
to gypsy romance and melody
Gypsy romance!
Gypsy romance!
Then farewell to
gypsy romance and melody
And sing and be gay as you swing
For it's one hour of bliss
and a passionate kiss
And farewell...
to gypsy romance and melody!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Ha, ha, ha!
Turn around.
Hello, honey!
Don't honey me, you big bag of suet!
l told you five minutes ago not to talk to me.
And an hour ago! And a week ago!
You told him a year ago too, didn't you?
You shut up
when l'm talking to my husband!
You think you can contradict
everything l say.
Well, you can't and you never will!
You think you're a big man, don't ya?
Don't ya? Don't ya? Don't ya?
Tell her yes.
You keep out of this, woodpecker!
Oh, my love!
Are you going to let her talk to you like that?
Never! A thousand times, never!
Oh, my love! l am so content and happy
when l'm with you.
Just like a nestling dove.
You're so big and strong and brave...
Pardon the intrusion but l don't like you
talking to me like that in front of my friend.
lt's most embarrassing.
What'd she say?
What do you mean, ''talking to me like that''?
l didn't mean anything, honey.
lt was his fault.
Oh... So, it was your idea?
Control yourself! l understand perfectly...
l'm not gonna say anything
until l get positive proof
but l saw Devilshoof kissing your wife.
Do you believe me or believe what l see?
- Nothing of the kind!
- Go look for yourself.
There was nothing to it.
They were just having a little innocent fun.
Don't you understand that a man
to be married nowadays
must be broad-minded?
- Did you see him chuck her under the chin?
- Well, what of it?
lf she was my wife, l'd chuck her
under the wagon! l wouldn't stand...
What are you trying to do?
Cause a rift in my matrimonial bonds?
..valleys and hills
Where the sweetest buds grow
And the waters are real
And the purest that flow
Come we, come we, come we...
Come we...
From the valleys and hills
Where the sweetest buds grow
And the water are real
And the purest that flow
Come we, come we
Come we, come we
Come we, come we
Come we
Gypsy vagabonds are we
Free as anyone can be
lt's the gypsy life for me
The life that gives us life to lead!
The moon is very good to us tonight.
The village will be in darkness
and the pickings will be easy.
Splendid! Off with the rogues,
that they may fill their purses
and replenish our coffers!
What l wouldn't give to go with them!
So black as we work
and believe we'll be
Finding darkness shortly
Meanwhile, until the moon goes
Walk on down, on we go...
Don't make a sound...
Nine o'clock and all is well!
Nine o'clock and all is well!
Nine o'clock and all is well!
Nine o'clock and all is well!
Nine o'clock and all is well!
Nine o'clock and all is well!
Nine o'clock and all is well!
- Could you tell us the time?
- Well, certainly. Hold my bell.
Should be...just exactly...nine o'clo...
Say, what did you ask me the time for?
l've been yelling it all over the village.
lt's nine o'clock and all is well.
Nine o'clock and all is well!
And has this been a happy day for you?
Yes, my father.
Please tell me what is this.
That, my darling, is a medallion that
belonged to your great-great-grandfather
who founded the House of Arnheim.
Please, may l wear the medallion?
Why, of course you can, sweetheart.
But you must be careful not to lose it
because it's very, very precious to me.
Throw up your hands!
- You cursed gypsy!
- You swine!
Hello, strangers!
What are you doing in the village?
We're gypsies
trying to make an honest living.
- Gypsies, eh? Can you tell fortunes?
- He can't but l can.
Good! There's a couple of things
l'd like to know.
And if you could tell me, l'll pay you well.
All right. Your eyes
are the windows of your soul.
And to know all, l must touch your eyes.
Watch closely.
Close your eyes slowly.
Slowly... Slowly... Slowly...
Well, what do you see?
l see a long woman and a dark journey.
That's all l see.
Ah, piffle!
''A long woman and a dark journey''!
l wouldn't give you one ducat
for a fortune like that!
What you mean is a long woman
with a tall journey.
Splendid! l shall try that.
Good evening, sir.
We're gypsies earning
an honest living by telling fortunes.
- May we tell yours?
- You may. My motto is ''live and let live''.
Thank you, sir. Now, you see,
your eyes are the windows to your soul.
And to know all, l must touch them.
Now, watch closely!
- Well, what do you see?
- Er, l see... Er...
- You better show me that again.
- Well, it's simple.
You do like this, then you do like that,
then you take his purse like that
and that's the way it's done.
l see. lnstead of doing that, l do this.
- Then l take his purse and l...
- lnstead of that, you do this. And...
Why, you little thief! Come on, get along!
Good evening.
Ah. Good evening.
We're gypsies earning an honest living
by telling fortunes.
- May we tell yours?
- l should be delighted.
You know, those of us who are more
fortunate should help those in distress,
- don't you think?
- Yes, madam.
Your eyes are the windows to your soul.
- ln order to know all, l must touch them.
- Oh! What a novelty!
Watch closely! Close your eyes slowly.
Slowly... Slowly...
Slowly... Shut!
What is my fortune?
Once upon a time, there was a little girl
by the name of Red Riding Hood...
who had a very, very sick grandmother.
So Red Riding Hood's mother sent her
with a great big basket
to take to the grandmother.
So the wolf knew it
and ate the grandmother up
and she went to the house
and knocked on the door
and this voice...told her...
Said, ''Come in!'' And you know
what they said? He said that...
Now, you scurvy knave,
give back everything that you've taken.
Come, come.
- This belongs to me!
- Regardless of that.
Now, then, hurry.
- Give the gentleman back his valuables.
- l can explain!
l saw the whole thing with my own eyes.
- You don't realise...
- Quiet! Do as l say!
- There!
- ls that all?
No, sir. That's my watch!
- His watch?
- Quiet!
- And my diamond studded case.
- lt's a...
- Silence!
- And this!
- None of these belongs to...
- Anything else?
- Yes, my rings!
- Come on, hand them over!
- l've never been so embarrassed!
- Anything else?
Oh, yes! l almost forgot my lorgnette!
Oh, and my cane!
- Come on.
- Just a moment, Officer.
Just a little...offering a gift, here.
A small stipend.
- Thank you!
- One more little detail.
- My pistol. Can't do without that!
- Pardon me.
- lt's quite all right.
- My solicitor shall hear of this!
Well, Stanley, a very profitable evening!
- A little refreshment?
- That's a good idea.
Come, Stanley.
- Good night... Oh!
- Good night.
l-l beg your pardon.
Why don't you be careful?
Oh, well, that's different!
Thank you, Stanley.
- Yes, sir?
- Two tankards of your rarest vintage.
- And put a wallop in it.
- Yes, sir.
Come, come, my man! Hurry!
lt's a good thing we got his cane.
Come on, hurry up, hurry up!
- Two tankards of our rarest vintage.
- Right away!
Thank you.
Give it to me.
Give me all of it!
Why should l? lt's as much yours as mine.
All right, l'll play you for it.
- What?
- l'll play you fingers.
- What's ''fingers''?
- lt's very simple.
You put your fist up like that.
Then you put out some fingers.
lf you put out the same amount
of fingers that l do, you win.
And if you don't put out
the same amount of fingers, you lose.
- All right.
- May the best man win.
Oh, no! l'll tell you what we'll do.
- We'll play this time ''winner take all''.
- All right.
A gentlemen's agreement.
Count Arnheim orders you and your cursed
gypsies to be on your way by noon.
Tell Count Arnheim the cursed gypsies'll
be away from here long before that! Pah!
Curse you, Count Arnheim!
For every whip stroke
you have bestowed upon my beloved,
may you suffer a year of woe.
Count Arnheim's only child!
Only child...?
- Give me a part of that banana.
- Huh?
Give me a part of the banana.
Oop! Oh! Oh! Oh!
There, run and play.
Hmm. Nobody will ever recognise her now.
Good. But how will you account
for her to your husband?
Have no fear.
He'll believe anything l tell him.
He must never know who she really is.
lf he suspected anything,
he and that nitwit henchman of his
would tell it to the whole world!
Don't worry, my precious. l can handle them.
- Good morning!
- Good morning.
Hurry up and get that fire going!
All right, dear.
- Hello!
- Hello.
- Where do you live?
- ln there.
lsn't it that nice?
- Er... Whose kid is that?
- lt's none of your business.
What do you mean?
l demand to know who she is.
Well, if you must know, she's yours.
Why didn't you tell me before?
Because l didn't want her
to know who her father was
till she was old enough to stand the shock.
Come here, dear.
Come up.
That is your father.
Stanley...congratulate me!
- What for?
- l have just become a father.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- When did this happen?
- Just a minute ago.
Well, blow me down with an anchovy!
- Darling, meet your uncle Stanley.
- How do you do, Uncle Stanley?
l'm pleased to meet you.
Well, Oliver, l hope you grow up to be
as good a mother as your father.
- Thank you, Stanley.
- Have a cigar.
Thank you again.
Have a cigar?
- What's this for?
- Oliver's just had a baby.
- Congratulations!
- Thank you.
Come, Stanley, we will spread
the glad tidings to the world!
- My love, what has happened?
- l'm leaving this camp forever.
- You mean...?
- l shall never see you again.
- But where will you go?
- What does it matter?
Since l was a boy,
l've had no other roof but the stars.
l've been free to come and free to go.
- And l give my love to whom l fancy.
- But what will happen to me?
Well, other lips
And other hearts
Their tales of love shall tell
ln language which itself imparts
Just how they feel so well
There may, perhaps, in such a scene
Some recollection be
Of days that have more happy been
And you'll remember me
That you'll remember
You'll remember
Oh, Devilshoof, l couldn't possibly go on
here without you! Take me with you!
That is impossible!
l have nothing.
My horse, the clothes l stand in...
lf we only had a little money.
Some jewels, perhaps...
Then, it would be different.
- You mean you would take me with you?
- Gladly, my love.
He shall be the one to get me everything!
Wait and see, my Devilshoof!
Hello, Stanley, dear!
What are you doing?
- l'm making myself a malted milk.
- Oh!
How long does it take?
- About 15 minutes to a quarter of an hour.
- Really?
And l can do it much faster
if l'm not interrupted.
Oh! That's all right, Stanley dear!
You know, accidents will happen.
- You're not mad at me?
- Why, certainly not!
Why should l get mad at you? You know,
l like you a lot better than l used to.
Can't you tell?
Stanley, darling, from now on,
everything is going to be different.
l'm going to be very, very nice to you.
- Are you going to be nice to Oliver too?
- l'm going to be more than nice to Oliver.
l'm planning a big surprise for him.
And if you will help me,
l know it would please him very much.
- What do l have to do?
- Shh. Listen...
Now, listen. You go into the wagon
and get my clothes
and all the money and jewels that Oliver has
and hand them to me.
- What do you want them for?
- Ah, that's the big surprise.
- Do you think you can do it?
- Why, that's easy.
Oh, but be careful that he doesn't see
or know what you are doing.
Don't worry about me.
l could gyp that gypsy anytime!
He's so dumb, he's thicker than mud.
Oh, Stanley, you're a darling!
- He's fast asleep.
- How do you know?
He's got his mouth open.
Where does he keep his money bag?
Usually under his pillow!
- Just what are you looking for?
- Have you got a match?
Have l got a...? Get outta there!
So you were looking for a match, huh?
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
After all l've done for you!
l took you out of the gutter
and gave you a career.
Made a first-class pickpocket out of you.
And this is your gratitude!
lt hurts, Stanley. l tell you, it hurts.
We were only trying to surprise you!
You surprised me, all right.
But thank Heaven l saved you from yourself.
l not only hid my valuables
but l hid yours as well.
And l hid them right here!
- Well, what news?
- The men we sent out have returned.
l regret to report
the search has proved futile.
Then there is nothing more you can do.
What are we going to use for a nightie?
Hold your arm out.
That's it.
Now, we'll just slip this right over your head.
Put your hands in there.
That's it. Just a minute, now.
Down like that. Then we'll button this up
to protect your little neck.
So you won't get cold.
That's it. Now, let's see how that looks.
Oh! Ha ha!
Come on!
- Come in!
La, la la la la la la, la-la-la
La, la la la la la...
Hello, Ollie.
Do you know that you've got a nice voice?
l had a much nicer voice
till l ran a nail through it...
You ran a nail through it!
Let me hear you sing that again.
Da, da, daaaa!
Da, da, daaaa!
Da da da da da da da...!
- Now l've torn it.
- Say good night to Uncle Stanley.
- Good night, Uncle Stanley.
- Good night.
Er... What's her name?
That's right, we haven't got a name for her.
What can we call her?
Why don't you call me Arline?
There's a good idea,
why don't we call her Arline?
lf l don't want to,
why should l call her Arline?
Because that's my name.
ls that so? Well, that's a pretty name.
- lsn't that funny?
- Let's go to bed.
Not before l say my prayers.
All right.
Now l lay me down to sleep,
l pray the Lord my soul to keep.
lf... lf... lf...
What's next?
lf at first you don't succeed, try, try...
try again.
lf at first you don't succeed,
try, try, try again.
- Amen.
- That's right. That's fine.
''Try, try again''! Oh!
Gonna give me a big kiss? That's the way!
We get right down in there.
We put the cover right around there.
Now, good night!
La, la la la la la la, la la la...
La, la la la la la la, la la la...
La, la la la la la la, la la
La la la, la la la,
La laaaa!
Da, da, daaaaa, da, da...!
- Good morning, Arline, dear!
- Get up, lazybones!
- Breakfast is ready!
- We're coming.
- You should've been up hours ago!
- Well, l didn't know...
- Morning, Arline.
- Morning, Uncle Stanley.
- Good morning, dear.
- Good morning, Daddy dear.
How did you sleep, Daddy dear?
l slept like a top.
And how did you sleep, Stanley?
l slept like a top, too.
- How did you sleep, dear?
- Marvellously, Daddy.
l had such a wonderful dream.
There were castles and palaces and l...
l was a princess.
A princess?
l dreamt l dwelled
ln a marble hall
With vassals and serfs at my side
And of all who assembled
Within those walls
That l was the hope and the pride
l had riches
All too great to count
And a high ancestral name
But l also dreamt
Which pleased me most
That you loved me still the same
That you loved me, you loved me
Still the same
That you loved me
You loved me
The same
l dreamt that suitors sought my hand
That knights upon bended knee
And with vows
No maiden heart could withstand
They pledged their faith to me
And l dreamt that one of that noble host
Came forth my hand to claim
But l also dreamt
Which charmed me most
That you loved me still the same
That you loved me, you loved me
Still the same
That you loved me
You loved me
l have never heard
of such a beautiful dream.
- Sit down and have your breakfast.
- l've had mine hours ago.
Wasn't that lovely?
Of all the greedy things! What did you
want to eat all the breakfast for?
- l didn't want it to go cold.
- Didn't want...!
l didn't know how long
she was going to dream and....
Daddy, l'm going to the village.
All right.
- Goodbye.
- Arline! Haven't you forgotten something?
- Of course. Goodbye, Daddy dear.
- Goodbye, sweetheart.
You too, Uncle Stan.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Get some hot water
and help me clean these dishes.
- Haven't you forgotten something?
- Huh?
Haven't you forgotten something?
Get me the dish pan!
You clean up the wagon, l'll do this!
- Ollie...
- What?
- What about this wine?
- What about it?
lt's fuzzling. Look.
So it is. lt needs bottling.
You get some bottles and bottle it.
- Where are the bottles?
- You'll find some under the wagon.
- Where are you going?
- l'm going to take my zipper lessons.
- Oh.
- l won't be back until late this afternoon.
While l'm gone,
please don't get into any mischief.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
The heart bowed down by weight of woe
To weakest hope will cling
Will seize the happy face of a child
And by its charm is beguiled
Oh, destiny's tide
Has long since taken her from my side
The dream as it flows tenderly by
May bring a tear to the eye
But memory is the only friend
That grief can call its own
That grief can call
lts own
That grief
Can call
lts own
Well! What are you doing here?
- You're a thieving gypsy!
- Let me go!
Let me go! Let me go!
- Throw her in the dungeon! Away with her!
- l'm not a thief, sir!
l'll show you what we do
with thieving gypsies here.
- Enter.
l have captured a gypsy in the grounds
whom l have thrown in the dungeon.
Let him remain there
until l find time to witness the lashing.
- But, Your Highness, it is a woman.
- Nevertheless, she shall be lashed.
Stan! Stan!
Stan! Stan!
Stan! Arline's in terrible danger!
She's been captured and thrown
in the dungeon! We gotta rescue her!
- You're guzzled!
- Oh...
Nothing of the kind. l...
You would do this
just when l need you most!
Pull yourself together. We've got to go
and help her. Go on, get out!
..when the call of the bugle we hear
And once we have started,
we never get through
Till we turn to present the platoon
At the drop of a hat
from our master and lord
We are off to defend him with the sword
With a song on our lips
as we tramp, tramp along...
- Shh! Quiet!
lf they catch us here, it'll cost us our lives!
- Psst! Arline!
- What are you doing here?
- We'll get you out.
- Please be careful!
- Uncle Stanley's going to help
and we'll have you out in a jiffy.
Would you keep quiet?!
Get out of the light. l can't see!
That's better.
Why don't you try the door?
That's a good idea.
lt won't be long now, dear.
- Shh!
- Shh!
That's wonderful!
Where'd you get the keys?
Oh, please!
- You cursed gypsy!
- Please!
Now, me proud and hearty beauty,
your time has come!
Come on!
So! You tried to make me look
a bigger fool than l am, huh?
Oh! My good eye!
Seize him! Seize him!
Stan! Stan!
Stan, come over here!
Stan! Stan!
Stan! Stan, get us out of here!
Surround the castle! They must be taken!
Take those two raggamuffians
to the torture chamber!
- No, they didn't do anything...!
- And as for you, my fair lady,
you come with me!
- l didn't do anything!
- You will be lashed!
Give me this!
Take it away!
Tie her to the post!
Prepare her for the lashing!
l haven't done anything! Let me go!
You're a gypsy! Lash her!
Arline! My child!
Get in there!
Get...! Oh! Hey! Ohh!
Stanley, do something
to help me! Stanley!
Those are the people who befriended me
and loved me. You must save them!
Release the prisoners!
D'oh! Oh!