The Boneyard (1991) Movie Script

- Miss Oates!
Anybody home?
It's me Ms. Oates, Jersey Callum,
Homicide Division, remember?
- Lieutenant, something's not right here.
- Yeah Mullin, you're not right here.
- Shit, Jersey, don't you cops ever knock?
- We do.
- I knocked, I yelled, you didn't answer.
- I was sleepin'.
People do that in the
privacy of their own homes.
- You getting' up or
you just goin' to bed?
- I don't have to take this crap.
- Alley.
- You bastard.
- Alley, I tried to find
you up at the school.
- You're trespassing Callum.
- The Dean of the English Department
said you quit weeks ago.
- Just get out.
- What the hell is this, huh?
What happened to you?
- Just leave please.
- All right Mullin, pack it
up, huh, we're outta here.
- What about, uh, what about the witch?
- You know you're really
somethin', I mean that.
You're bettin' a thousand, you know that?
Go on, go.
Look, I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
it's kinda hard to get good
help these day, ya know?
It's funny, ya know 'cause
that's one of the reasons I came,
ya know, you can help.
Ya know, I saw the files
and things you burned
out there in the fireplace,
and thank you I noticed my
card happened to be one of 'em.
So anyway, I'm gonna leave
you another card just in case.
- In case?
In case what?
I get the urge to help you
dig up baby bones again?
Like some dog you got on a leash?
- Alley, last week we dug
up the bodies of three kids.
- I can't help you.
- It seems a mortician
had kept them locked up
in a storage room for some time.
He kept them alive by feedin' 'em--
- Damn it, I don't care!
- By feedin' 'em parts
of his other clientele.
- Clientele?
You mean ca, cadavers?
- The coroner found human
remains in their stomachs.
- Ah Jesus.
- The mortician turned himself in,
he said he had some ghouls locked away
in a storeroom at his place.
- God, enough!
Just shut up, will you?
I don't want this crap in my life anymore.
It hurt too much.
Every time I'd be
helping you on some case,
I'd be praying we wouldn't
find 'em, but we would.
Just what the hell
am I supposed to do
with the grief, Jersey?
What do you do with it?
- All right, you listen
to me for just a minute,
I'ma tell you somethin'.
A lot of people don't believe in
this so-called gift that you've got.
A lot of the people don't believe in what,
what do you call it, psychometry, eh?
And I'll tell you the truth,
I don't know if I believe it or not,
I, I have seen your work
and I've seen the results.
Listen, on this case,
we don't have anything,
we don't know who these kids are,
we don't know where they live,
we don't know who their
parents are, ya know?
I don't have a clue.
I'm supposed to tap every resource I have
and that's why I'm comin' to you.
All right I know you had it kinda rough
on those last cases and
so did a lot of people.
Well you go on you,
go on, live in this bizarre
kinda tomb you made for yourself
or you can come out there and
join the livin' and maybe,
just maybe between the two of us we can
I don't know maybe we can
help these kids move on.
You know, at least promise
you'll think about it.
Alley, promise.
- Oh.
- And you believe
this to be true, this curse?
Mr.Chen, you're not
helping us here, Mr. Chen.
- I have told you what is true,
all at great risk to myself.
- These are very serious charges
that are pending against you
Mr. Chen, now you're attorney--
- He won't be needed.
- Why is that?
- Because he can't hep me.
- You called us for help.
Why, why'd you do that?
- I did what I did because I was afraid,
they are becoming restless,
harder to manage, the
cycle must be stopped,
you must stop them!
- Just who are
they, come on one more time.
- They are my masters, just as they were
my father's before me and
his father before him.
- So you and your ancestors
have been retainers then?
- Yes, three, three centuries,
it is penance generations of my family
have learned to live with.
- A penance?
- For mistakes my ancestors have made.
- Pay attention,, huh, maybe
you'll learn somethin'.
- They involved themselves
with things they did not understand.
- The occult?
Okay, question, if these, if these things
are are so feared, so powerful,
why do they require mere
mortals to protect them?
- They do not, it has been
my family's responsibility,
curse to see that mankind
is protected from them.
You see if they are not
fed, they will feed.
- But the bodies they found
were dead, Mr. Chen.
They, they weren't any threat to anybody.
- They are kyoshi, the
undead, when they are full
they can play 'possum very
well, very well indeed.
- You wanna see it again?
- No.
- Well, what do ya think?
- I don't know.
Somethin', somethin' feels
different about this one.
What else have you got?
- Looks like Mr. Chen here
is the last of a long line.
He was the only son,
he's never been married
and there's no children.
He inherited this mortuary
business from his late father.
- Who had it before his father?
- According to what we found,
he's from a long lie of morticians, why?
- Fresh meat?
He'd have an endless supply
of protein, wouldn't he?
Organs, limbs?
Now, he couldn't touch the bodies
that he had to put out for viewing.
- No, no.
- Not above the waist anyway,
but he could strip their backs.
- Oh yeah, well.
Are you serious?
- Well, Mr. Chen certainly is.
Oh I don't know, I mean,
maybe he took those three kids, ya know,
invented the ghouls to create
his own reality, I don't know.
- Just wasted three live, huh?
- You mean four.
- Oh, listen, I am,
uh, I'm sorry about uh you
know what I said over there,
the kitchen and all and the talk about you
building the tomb for yourself
and all, and I just ya know.
- I was talking about Mr. Chen.
- I'm sorry, I thought you meant uh.
- Forget it, doesn't matter.
All right, but I'm tellin' you,
any publicity this time and I'm walkin'.
- No problem.
- No, Jersey I mean it,
you keep my name out of it this time.
- Look, need to know basis.
- I don't want people lookin' me up after,
not even you, especially you.
Let's go see the bodies.
Hoped I'd never see this place again.
- Yeah well you almost didn't,
this building's gonna be torn down.
The County Coroner is consolidating
new headquarters over in Jefferson,
all these satellite building's
gonna be demolished.
In two months, this place'll
probably be the first one.
- Good.
- Alley, sign in would ya?
- Floofsoms!
Bad dog!
Doesn't baby waby recognize
Lieutenant Jersey, see?
- Just give us the tags
will ya, Miss Poopinplatz?
- Are you authorized?
Okay, what about her?
- She is with me.
- Oh, driver's license?
Hm, porked out, didn't we?
- Hey come on, will you, we
don't have all night here.
- Oh cool your jets Jersey,
fetch Floofsoms, fetch!
None of our patients are going anywhere.
Okay, come on you two.
- What, are you serious?
- Look, I've got procedures
to follow, no exceptions.
Now, you got an admissions form?
Sorry babe, not allowed in the boneyard.
- Pardon?
- It's a morgue, it's
kind of a, a new nickname.
- And well, it beats the stink hole.
- Oh boy, last year, we had one
over ripe customer in here, a floater.
When they cut into him downstairs,
the pus was oozin' all over the place.
We couldn't get the stink out, it was--
- Hey just uh, line us up
for a viewing room huh?
- Okay, gift wrap two John
Does, four oh 12, four oh 13,
chain four oh 14, got a
peepshow party of three, over.
You've heard the spiel.
- A couple a times.
- Okay, hear it again.
Now my rules are very simple,
keep quiet, keep outta trouble,
keep outta my hair,
there's so little of it.
Now equipment's delicate,
not what it used to be.
You break it you bought it.
And I'll be checkin' it out
before your IDs are returned.
Party hardy.
- Who the hell was that woman?
I don't remember seeing her before.
- Well, you never been
here at night before,
she has been on the graveyard
shift since year one.
Nobody has the guts to
fire her, that's all.
- Nah, the only way they
could get rid of her
is if they burned her at the stake.
- Uh, Shep you been here,
I mean don't you have a home to go to?
- No, dragon lady won't let me.
You know what I think,
I think she's fattening us all
up for Thanksgiving dinner.
- Oh sure, sure.
Listen I have a guest
here with me, Miss Oates.
- Alley Oates?
- Yeah.
- Shepard here, Willie Shepard,
the Harris case, you remember?
- Oh yeah, sure, you ID'd
those bone fragments I found.
- That's right, that
right, so how ya been?
You know I haven't seen you for so long,
I thought maybe you gave all this up.
- I did.
- So, well, what,
are you comin' outta retirement now?
- Oh sorta.
- Hey, hey, all right.
- Uh Shep, I wanna show her
the three kids there, huh?
- Haven't you see these
three stiff enough?
- Yes I have.
- You know what I think I oughta do,
I think I oughta wrap 'em all up
and then you can take 'em home with you.
- What are we doin' jokes
now about dead children?
Well, what do ya think, huh?
- Don't ask.
Any clothing, personal effects?
- Ah, wait wait, just this,
just this one thing here.
- A doll, nothing else?
- Nothing else, this is it.
- And I still can't go
down and touch the bodies?
- No way, no you'd be
contaminating the evidence.
The judge would throw the
case right outta court.
- Shit.
Hey Shep, think anybody'd
miss a lock of hair, huh?
- That's the little Oriental boy.
- Yeah.
- Is that enough?
- It'll do.
- I'll send it right up to you.
- Thanks Shep.
- Listen ah, let me know
how this comes out, would you?
- Yeah, yeah sure.
- I gotta go, peace and joy.
- Yeah, yeah, peace ad joy.
Here you are.
- I'll need a quiet room.
- Well, there's the old lounge
still right down the hall.
- The lounge.
- We're gonna stay out here in the hall,
so you will not be bothered.
Yeah Alley.
Hey thanks.
No, no, um, really.
- Well, I haven't done anything yet.
- Think she can really help us?
- Ah, you kidding, she's
already led me to a lotta clues.
- But she's never solved
any cases on her own.
- Well, Alley doesn't work that way.
From what I understand,
she she gets these impressions, you see,
and at first they're kind
of what, disjointed huh,
but then later on in the case
they start to make sense.
What, what do they say
hindsight is what, 20/20.
- Maybe she's uh, a little, uh, myopic.
Well so what, she takes an object,
something that belonged to the person
who's missing or deceased and--
- Exactly.
- And what?
- Well she, hey you want one of these?
- Nah, thanks.
- Uh see, a lotta times these objects
don't give her a feeling or anything
but other times, phew
she's right on the money.
- She have this all her life?
- Hey come on, you make it
sound like a disease or something.
No, no the story goes as I understand it,
about eight years ago,
she started going with
this Canadian guy, see?
And they lived together for a while
and Alley became pregnant.
Swell guy that he was, when
see told him, he split.
Well anyway, Alley decided that
she was gonna have the baby.
But she uh, she lost it,
there was ovarian cancer.
- Oh wow, that's really rough.
- After the diagnosis, she
went to a radiation treatment.
Two years that she fought like hell
and she won, not a trace, nothing.
Anyway, she started
getting these nightmares,
dreams that were a little too real.
She started following up on 'em
and seems like some of 'em
had some validity to 'em.
- So how did you meet up with her?
- She called me right outta the blue,
you know, I mean, I picked up the phone,
I thought for a minute
I had a nut on the line.
She said, so I got some information
on a case you're workin' on.
Well you know, I didn't
believe her at first,
but then latter on, hmm, hmm.
- Jesus Jersey, I mean you
really believe in her, don't you?
- Huh, hey, what, where are
those keys of yours, huh?
Here, look at this,
everybody gotta believe in somethin', huh?
- Turn it around, Marty,
deliveries downstairs!
- I'm tryin' to
tell you there's no access!
- This is a lobby not Grand Central!
- Whoa, come on, what's
the trouble here, huh?
- Pneumatic line's ruptured
on the doors downstairs, they won't open.
Lilly Munster here, won't let
me through to the elevator.
- Regulations require direct delivery
through sub-level three!
- The doors are closed, Poopinplatz,
what do you want me to do,
leave the bodies to
stink up the parking lot?
- Hey whoa, whoa, settle
down, huh, settle down.
Where's the chief administrator?
- He's in bed.
- Well, who runs this place at night?
- Come on, what's to
run, there's me up here,
five coroners downstairs
with a room full of stiffs,
everybody's been laid
off or transferred over
to that shiny new
monstrosity in Jefferson.
- Terrific.
- Huh, we're only good for the overflow,
look, 22 years of community
service and what do we get,
the high and the mighty scrap
off the bottoms of their shoes
and hand us flattened human stool.
Uh, oh, ha, we get the
leftovers, like this.
Look at that!
- Give me break, I'm just a delivery boy.
- Is there any other way
in or out of the sub-level,
besides delivery or the elevators?
- If there was, do you think
I'd be tangling with her?
- Huh, good point.
- Very good.
We can work this out though.
Miss Poopinplatz get someone over here
to fix the doors down on
sub-level three, all right?
- It's late.
- Well, try.
In the meanwhile, we're
gonna use this lobby
as the emergency delivery
area, you got it, got it?
Would you mind answering the telephone?
All right, Marty come on.
- Jersey!
- Help him out.
Thanks, Jersey Callum.
Well great!
- Boo!
Watch out, sometimes they bite.
- Um, so uh, how did he uh?
- She man, it's a she.
If we knew that, she wouldn't be here.
Personally, it looks like a suicide,
you know just add water,
poof, electrocution.
What a waste, quite a cute one, wanna see?
- Chen's dead, yeah they
were takin' him over
to a psychiatric ward,
he broke loose from 'em,
took a service revolver and--
- You guys wanna give me a hand here?
- Well it looks like you have
another run to make, Marty.
- Who'd wanna kill themselves,
who'd wanna end up here?
Still some nutty people out there.
- Yeah.
Hey, whoa, whoa!
- The key, get the key!
- What key?
- The elevator key, you
got it, come on man!
- Whoa!
- What happened?
- Stretcher collapsed.
- She is, weighs a ton.
- Dead weight.
- No that's funny, no you are funny.
- You know, you're in luck
I have room for one more.
- Oh well, that's a break.
- Ah.
Let me get the doors.
- Okay.
- Oh Jesus!
Damn it!
- All right.
- Are you sure you wanna see this?
- Come on man, see the world.
- Do you wanna stay in
here and watch this?
- Go ahead ad puke if you have to boy.
Let's see if you can fill this.
Go ahead and get the forklift, Harry.
This one's a wrap.
- Holy shit!
- Whoa, whoa!
No, no!
No, no!
Hey, whoa!
- You don't understand,
I gotta have that key.
- Forget it, lady.
That's what happened.
- Damn it.
I need the elevator key,
now, they gotta be warned!
- Warned?
- The bodies, the bodies
we saw, they're not dead.
- We get a live one, now and then.
- Please.
Damn you!
- Floofsoms!
Sic 'em!
Fetch Floofsoms, fetch,
fetch, fetch, fetch!
Come on, come on, let's go!
Bite me, bite me!
Fat bitch!
- Alley run!
Run, run!
Open up in there!
- Jersey!
- Come on, open the door!
- They're coming!
- Open up, hurry up!
- Shut the door!
- Lock it, lock it!
- Jesus Jersey, I tried to warn you.
I had a vision, really strong,
like nothin', nothin' I ever had before.
My God, Chen was right.
- You know I got a call about
an hour ago from downtown.
Mr. Chen killed himself.
- From what you told
me, I don't blame him.
It was a mess, we ran like crazy.
Those of us who could run.
- You know we were
lucky we heard that bell
from the elevator when you came down.
- Why didn't you take it back up?
- We couldn't, we were
lucky just to get here.
- Hey, what about her?
- Ah, the morgue driver, Marty
brought her in, but she was alive.
- Alive?
My God.
Are you okay?
Is she all right?
- Better than she would have been?
She was on the autopsy table.
- Damn it Shepard.
How the hell can something
like that happen?
Does anybody know who she is?
- It's Dana.
My name is Dana and it's not their fault.
I did it to myself.
- Why?
- Why live?
It just hurt too much.
- How's that, Dana?
- Jesus, we gotta get outta here.
- Dead.
- You gotta dial 09, everything
goes though the switchboard.
- It's ringing.
Shep, what about that door?
- There is another office that
connects to the other side.
- Will it get us to the elevator?
- No, but it's closer
than we are right now.
- Hey, whoa, whoa, I mean, what a second.
Wait just one minute.
I mean, those things could just be
waiting out there, hanging around.
For all we know they're
right outside the door.
Maybe we should just stay put,
wait until someone shows up here.
I mean, sooner or later someone's
gonna come down here and--
- Get ripped to pieces.
- Or worse.
Maybe Chen didn't do such a good job
of keepin' that kyoshi thing locked up.
Maybe it got out.
- Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Are you saying that the
one created the other two?
But how?
- I don't know, I'm just saying
that I think we oughta be careful.
In case it's looking for new recruits.
- Hope the coroner's office
has a slow night tonight.
- This thing isn't working.
Poopinplatz must be away
from her desk, that's all.
- You can call later,
there're other phones.
Look, I'm gonna open that door.
And when I do, get ready
to shut it, just in case.
Shit, it's locked.
Give me a minute.
All right back off, will ya?
- Hey, wait, wait a minute, wait a minute.
You knock the handle off,
and let's suppose they're out there.
We won't be able to lock this again.
- Hey Shep, could you use these?
- Bingo, skeleton key.
- That's appropriate for this place.
Easy, easy.
- Listen, there's the door.
Go through it, turn right.
The elevator's about 100 feet.
- What is this place?
- It's the evidence storage room.
- It's where they keep
the stuff from the bodies.
- Hey, hold it just a minute.
Let me just have that, right?
You've heard of pipe bombs?
I mean it's diffused but still.
- Look at this.
This is great.
- Floofsoms!
- Poopinplatz, if we can hear her, then.
- Are you all right?
- Yeah.
- Go ahead, honey.
- Gah!
Get back!
- The elevator, somebody's
coming down here.
- Stop 'em, I don't want anyone down here!
- Dana!
- No, but he's got the gun.
- Damn, come on Shep.
- Poopinplatz, are you okay?
- Well, no thanks to you.
What the hell are these things?
- Shit.
- Ah, oh!
- Come on.
- No, no, I got her,
you take care of that.
- Wait a second.
- Over here.
Come on, come on, try and get it out.
- Here, here.
- Hey, here, take the gun.
No, not like that, come on,
hold it away from your
body and hold it tight.
If you have to use it, it kicks.
- Just hurry, okay?
I don't wanna find out.
- Oh!
- Mullin!
- Jersey!
We're okay, I'm okay, we're okay.
- Where are you there?
- I'm at the elevator.
One of those things is dead.
- There's another one dead
in the toxicology lab.
Can you get outta there?
- Yeah, the elevator's trashed.
I shot the shit out of it.
But we're gonna try to climb
up through the escape hatch.
- Hey, wait a minute, wait a minute!
There's another one alive
out there, you know?
How is she?
- Oh shit.
You're gonna have to come up here.
I can't reach it.
Maybe if you get on my shoulders.
Come on, easy, up.
There you go, come on, come on.
You all right?
Come on, you okay?
Yeah, be careful, it's slippery.
Come on.
Well, that was pretty brave.
- Not really.
You think I wanted to
stay down there by myself?
I feel safer with you.
- Don't tell Jersey that.
He thinks I'm riding on the badges
of a long line of nepotistic cop.
He'd think you were crazy.
- What about you?
Do you think I'm crazy?
- Well, no.
I mean, I don't know, maybe
frightened, confused maybe.
- Crazy.
- No, no, I just, I don't understand
how someone like you could--
- What do you mean, someone like me?
- Well, you got stuff goin' for you.
Your whole life's ahead of you.
I mean, you're pretty and,
what, what?
- Ah, it's kinda hard
to make sense of it now.
Everything just seemed to
come crashing down, you know?
The opportunity was there and I took it.
It was just a stupid, idiotic mistake.
- Hey, it's okay, really.
- No, it's not okay!
I tried to kill myself, Gordon!
I mean, I gave into every little thing
that reared its ugly head at me.
I just let life fall apart on me.
I always thought that I was
better than that, stronger,
but I wasn't.
I just let it all go.
Shit, I, I just let it go.
- There's always help.
- Well.
Should we give it a try?
- Yeah.
- There has to be another way
out of here, Shepard, come on.
- The pneumatic delivery doors are busted.
- So's your head.
Take the freight elevator up.
- What freight elevator, where is it?
- The morgue.
- Get it, come on.
- Oh, it's no use,
there's too much grease.
A monkey couldn't get up there.
- Great, another dead end.
Okay, I'll help you down.
The grate, get the grate.
Come on!
Let's go!
- Gordon!
- Don't worry, I got it!
- What the hell's all the shooting?
- Gotta go, go!
- They're in the air vent,
they're comin' this way.
Let's see, let's see, hand me a box.
- Dana, Dana!
- Help me, please, help us!
- Just follow my voice,
try to follow my voice.
- It's right behind us!
- Come on, come on, hurry up!
- It's gonna take me, save me!
- Don't give up, just
keep comin', keep comin'!
- Come on, come on!
- Your voices are getting louder!
- That's it, just a little closer,
come on, just a little more.
- Give me your hand!
Come on, come on.
All right, all right.
Come on, Mullin, come on.
- Come on, Mullin,
Jersey, give me the gun.
- Okay.
- Come on, come on, I got ya, I got ya.
- It's all right.
- Oh, that doesn't look good at all.
How ya doin', it hurt?
- It's okay, okay.
- How 'bout you two?
- Yeah, nothin' a good,
long vacation wouldn't fix.
- How 'bout two tickets
on a freight elevator outta here, huh?
Come on, Shep, show us where
that freight elevator is, come on.
- Come on, Poopinplatz, let's go.
God damn.
- Come on, let's go.
- She okay?
- One of those things force
fed her a chunk of its skin.
It's probably poison.
- Hey, Jersey, what about
that thing in there?
- Well, it's not going anywhere,
but we gotta get out of here first,
and then I'll send over a couple of units.
They'll stop it.
- What if they can't stop it?
- Well, this'll stop it.
Those things sure aren't immune
to concentrated firepower.
- What, did you kill one of 'em with that?
- Yeah.
- Well, where'd ya hit it?
- I put two slugs and one
went right through it.
- I blew its chest apart.
- Well, that figures.
Folklore does center evil in the heart.
- You mean, like killing
a vampire or somethin'?
- Well, I'm gonna tell ya something,
after what I've seen here
today, I'll believe anything.
- Whoa, ha, ha, ha, ha!
What, no levity?
Is everything broken around here?
Even humor?
Look familiar?
You guys havin' some weird
party around here or something?
- Shoot the heart, shoot the heart!
- No, Jersey, don't.
Don't, you probably have a concussion.
- What, on this head?
Hey, come here.
I'm sorry I got you into this, kid.
- No.
- I never thought that--
- No, Jersey.
I'm the one that owes
apologies around here,
to you,
to all those people that I turned away.
It's just nothin' made sense anymore.
People either wanted somethin' from me
or they wanted to burn
me at the nearest stake.
It sure the hell wasn't my life anymore.
I wanted out.
You were right.
I was building my own tomb.
Oh my god, Jersey!
- Oh my god!
- Don't!
- Jesus, he's worse than I thought.
We gotta get outta here.
There's gotta be another way outta here.
Okay, everybody, stand back, all right?
- It was waitin' for us.
- Oh my god, run!
Here, come on!
Well, now what?
- Climb, climb!
Go, Alley, you or Jersey next.
- No, you go, Jersey!
I got it, I got it.
- Come on, Dana, come on.
Hey, come on!
Come on, Dana, it's all of us.
- Damn dog.
- Hey, Alley!
Alley, come on!
Aw, get down!
- Hey Alley, Alley, are you okay?
- I'm fine, I'm okay.
- The dog, what about?
- Dead.
- Can you make it outta there?
- I can wait, just take care of Jersey.
- Okay, don't move, just stay put.
Help is on its way.
- All right, I'm fine.
I'll be here.
Hey Floofsoms, Floofsoms,
here boy, here boy!
Here boy, here boy.
Fetch this!
It's all right, it's all right.
No more running, Dana.
No more.
- Alley!
Alley, Alley, Alley, thank God.
Oh, oh, oh.
- It's all right.
It's all right.
In a world full of heartache
No one needs heartbreak
But too many nights it found me
It wrapped its cold and
lonely arms around me
And if I hear one more sad song
About broken dreams
and lives gone wrong
I swear I'll go crazy
Because I believe that
love can be forever
It takes a brave
heart, strong and true
To stand behind the
words, baby, I love you
A brave heart willing to fight
For that one love the
rest of their life
It takes a brave heart
So many temptations lead
to compromising situations
Words spoken easy in
the thrill of the night
Are meant to please me
But I don't take love lightly
I need more just a body beside me
More than a feeling
Because I believe that
love can be forever
It takes a brave
heart, strong and true
To stand behind the
words, baby, I love you
A brave heart willing to fight
For that one love the
rest of their life
It takes a brave heart
Against all the odds
Through games life can play
I need someone who's
not afraid to stay
A brave heart, strong and true
To stand behind the
words, baby, I love you
A brave heart willing to fight
For that one love the
rest of their life
A brave heart, strong and true
To stand behind the
words, baby, I love you
A brave heart, willing to fight
For that one love the
rest of their life
It takes a brave heart