The Book of Henry (2017) Movie Script

People are decent mostly.
I say mostly
because we all know
there are some
real pricks out there.
People are decent
because they never forget
how to reach out.
Now and then,
they'll even surprise you.
But then again,
sometimes they won't.
I wanna be remembered
as the awesomest
dodgeball player ever.
I wanna win an Olympic gold
medal in dodgeball.
This will make the world
a better place
'cause I'll inspire other kids
to be dodgeball champions.
And that's what I think
about my legacy.
Good, Tommy. A little basic,
but some solid grammar
and paragraph construction.
Well done.
Who wants to go next?
We can all talk about
making our mark.
But, isn't it just
comfort food
to stave off
existential crisis?
I mean, in the end, Tommy,
you've gotta realize that...
dodgeball isn't even
an Olympic sport.
But... our legacy isn't
what we write on our resume
or how many commas we have
in our bank account.
It's who we're lucky enough
to have in our lives
and what we can
leave them with.
The one thing we do know,
we're here now.
So I say we do
the best we can
while we're on this side
of the dirt.
And that's what I think
about my legacy.
Henry, remind me again
why we can't
put you in a gifted school.
'Cause it's better
for my psychosocial development
for me to interact
with a peer group
at a normal school
Yeah. Okay.
Thank you.
And so that's 3000
of TannenTech
at seventy-six with
a stop-loss at seventy?
And, you know what? Give me
ten Liffcom with Aluminad.
Two and a quarter.
Okay, yeah.
I think it'll work.
Let's just say
I've the benefit of being born
into a bull market.
Sorry, I'm late.
- Buckle up.
- Wrestle this backpack.
I really wish
you'd get a new car.
It's not like you can't
afford it or anything.
That isn't the point.
And besides...
There's nothing wrong
with the old car.
Why won't you let me help?
I only broke one of them. Over.
Which led to
an electrical fire. Over.
Waffle irons are tricky. Over.
I just wish I could make
something like you do.
Okay, come on then.
- Okay, what do you wanna make?
- A flying trampoline.
You might wanna start small.
Rocket boots!
That's kinda hard too.
Okay, you have to build
in a fail-safe.
It's all about timing, set up,
covering every contingency.
One little miscalculation,
and the whole thing fails.
Like the waffle iron?
Waffle irons are tricky.
What if there are sharks?
Too shallow.
How about piranhas?
Indigenous to Africa.
Henry says,
"South America."
South America.
But don't you worry,
if anything attacks you,
anything indigenous
to our region,
I'll be in here
in a flash.
- You okay?
- Yep.
Call out the capitals.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Augusta, Maine.
Salem, Oregon.
Albany, New York.
Hey, mom, what is this charge
for $147.50 at Funtime Cove?
Bouncy castle
for Peter's birthday.
The one that smelled like feet.
Bismarck, North Carolina.
Isn't that one
of the other Norths?
Tallahassee, Florida.
Did our financial statement
come in the mail today?
- Juneau, Alaska.
- Yeah.
I forgot to give it to you.
You should really read it,
and know what it says.
- Annapolis, Maryland.
- Wrong.
Cheyenne, Wyoming.
You know it doesn't
actually help
when you lean into it
like that.
Sure it does.
Look at that.
Look at that!
So he dyed his coat
all the colors of the rainbow.
Then the other squirrels
were jealous and sorry
because he looked
punk rock awesome.
And they learned
that real coolness
isn't about the color
of your fur,
it's about what
you've got beneath it.
The end.
It was well told.
You try writing
and drawing something.
It's about something.
It's a metaphor.
It seems someone hasn't
grasped the blue squirrel's
moral of acceptance.
Young engineer award?
When did you get this one?
It's no big deal.
I'd be psyched
if I won that.
I wouldn't just toss it
in the corner.
You can have it.
Okay. Let's get your
little tushies into bed.
You think I'm running
a nightclub here?
Can we do movie night tomorrow?
I can't, hon.
I've got the dinner shift.
Mom, I told you,
you don't have to work anymore.
What do you mean she doesn't
have to work anymore?
I'm just saying, it,
it's not necessary.
Just stay home
and work on your storybooks.
I'm sorry.
Are you sure?
Because... I mean,
I don't wanna invade
your sense of personal space
or anything.
On or off?
- On.
- Off.
Open or closed?
- Open.
- Closed.
Yikes, it's hot.
- Hey, mom?
- Yeah.
- Double click here.
- Easy! It's expensive.
Then you download
the bank statement
directly into the program.
Who says you're not smart?
No one.
Show me
what I just taught you.
I'm not a child, Henry.
Show me.
Okay. That's enough.
Let's see.
You just deleted
last month.
You're not doing
that right.
- What?
- Here, mom.
Great. It's Glenn.
Mr. Sickleman.
I was wondering,
would you mind
keeping an eye
on your lawn?
Your unraked leaves are blowing
over to my property.
It's just hard to keep up.
Yeah, I'll try.
Sorry, Glenn.
- Hey, sweetie!
- Hi.
Come here.
Look at you.
Found this in the woods.
Little cops in training,
Sorry, to be a pain
about the leaves.
I know it doesn't seem like
a big deal, but...
No, no. I... It is.
I, I get it.
Moving forward, I vow to
mind my leaf distribution.
Appreciate it.
My future daughter-in-law.
She's adorable.
But her stepfather...
Mr. Sickleman.
Late again.
Dog ate my car.
Well, table seven says
their eggs are too wet.
So, have fun with that.
Hey, toots, how's tricks?
The feds are all over me.
Had to move money
into my Swiss bank account.
And the rates are terrible.
Tell me about it,
when I won the lottery,
you should have seen the taxes.
Eighty-two million
turned into sixteen million.
What am I gonna buy with that?
- Hey, table seven is real.
- You sell the castle yet?
Corsica. But I'm having a hard
time unloading Monte Carlo.
My boobs are up here.
Yeah, easy.
Miss? This isn't
what I ordered.
Hey, Susan? The new payroll gal
ain't exactly the brightest.
She mailed your paycheck home
even though I told her
you were coming in today.
It's a nice neighborhood
you live in.
Somehow I always figured you
rent an apartment somewhere.
Thank God
for alimony?
Yeah, right.
I guess I could just set you up
with direct deposit
if that's easier.
I, I don't know.
I'll have to ask Henry.
You have to ask
your 11-year-old?
He's almost twelve.
I need your help!
Morris took your medal!
Hurry! Let's just go!
Thank you, Dot.
There he is.
Hey, Christina.
You okay?
Yeah. I'm good.
Henry! Henry!
Peter! Hey!
- Let him go.
- Henry!
- The medal!
- What's your problem, dude?
I told you to
stay away from him.
He's a little douche bag.
You, you're smart at least.
But him?
Alright, come on, guys,
break it up.
He's a nothing.
He's a nothing!
- Where were you?
- Remember that.
I'm sorry.
Thank you, let's go.
Come. Come on, Peter.
I said sorry to you,
like, a thousand times.
I promise I will not let
Morris near you again. Okay?
I promise.
I bet I can make you smile.
Mom's home!
My munchkin!
What... Geez, Henry,
just say no.
Hello, Peter.
It's actually Henry.
I think you'd be able to retain
at least one simple name
somewhere beyond that haircut.
Nice goggles. They go well
with your misshapen head.
Don't you two start already.
Now, I'm gonna pretend
all this didn't happen.
'Cause I've had a hell
of a day, and Sheila and I
are just gonna hang out
a little. Okay?
They're gonna get
so drunk right now.
- I know.
- I heard that.
My mom...
But my mom was a bitch.
But she was,
like, she wasn't.
She would try to,
she scared my friends.
You know those like,
Dracula teeth?
For Halloween?
Yeah, and if a,
if a guy asked me out
at all,
and he would come over,
she would wear
her Dracula teeth.
- God.
- And then she'd just, like...
Slowly smile, like...
Or maybe
she was being protective.
She was horrif...
She was being protective.
She was great.
She was just trying
to raise me right.
She failed miserably
but she should win an award.
Please don't let me
screw 'em up.
I mean, you just do
the best you can, right?
But they're kids.
Little tiny creatures
in the world
waiting for life to just happen.
I don't know how you do it.
Honestly, I don't know
how you do it all by yourself.
Come on, I have Henry.
Find me another male
of the species
who's... more grown up than him.
I'd like to.
Can I sleep here?
Henry! Let's move it!
There you go.
Hey, sweetie?
You okay?
Fine. Why?
What's with the face?
It's just a headache.
Hey, sweetie.
Need a lift?
You okay?
Now for some bad news.
Zach's mom dropped off
donuts for his birthday.
Okay, class...
Time to start thinking
about your acts
for next month's talent show.
I'm handing out forms now.
So, be sure to bring back
parent's signatures.
Henry, where are you going?
Goddamn it, Janice. How much
longer does this have to go on?
What else do you need to see?
I believe you mean
Principal Wilder?
Henry, we're not going down
this road again.
Bruises, exhaustion,
decreased school performance.
What have her grades
been this year?
You know
I can't tell you anything
about another student's grades.
You're under no obligation
to investigate.
You need merely
report suspicion of.
It's, it's your ethical
responsibility as an educator.
I made preliminary inquiries
which turned...
So make secondary inquiries!
It's more complicated
than that, Henry.
Mr. Sickleman
is the police commissioner
and an upstanding member...
As if upstanding members
of the community...
These type of
baseless allegations
can have extremely
serious ramifications.
Jesus! Do...
Do these things mean anything?
I have known Mr. Sickleman
longer than you've been alive.
Don't condescend to me.
I'm not gonna subject him
to public scrutiny
without conclusive evidence.
I will handle this without you.
Henry Carpenter, come in. Over.
When do you think
mom's gonna be here? Over.
Where are we going?
We have to stop by Sheila's.
She was supposed to work the morning
shift but she didn't show up.
Stop that.
Found her.
You brought the children.
Hello, Hank.
Sheila. Looking radiant as ever.
Let me guess, drinking away
memories of that ex
who left you in the lurch
with two young boys.
- That was you.
- Yeah.
I covered for you at work.
Come on. Get up.
No! Have a sip.
You're weakening.
It's really great how you
enable her alcoholism.
Sheila is not an alcoholic.
Yes, she is.
Would you relax?
she's such a sharp dresser.
Didn't acid wash go out
before I was born?
Compared to some of the shit
in her closet that's nothing.
Don't curse in front of Peter.
Like it matters anymore.
"Mom has a two-headed baby."
Bet that made
for a trying delivery.
Right in the middle
of the damn freezer.
You had all day. You've had all
day to talk about it.
It's none of our business.
You'll only make it worse.
Did you threaten me?
You are not...
No. Stop.
Come on.
Child Protective Services.
How can I direct your call?
- Hello?
- Hello.
Can I help you?
Yes, can I have the
intake caseworker, please?
A caseworker? That's me.
How can I help you?
Hi. I'd like to report
a child abuse case.
Is somebody hurting you?
No. It's not me.
How old are you, honey?
And what's going on?
Where can I reach you?
Look, I'm not... I'm not gonna
give you my phone number.
That's why I called
the anonymous reporting line.
- Get it?
- Stay calm.
The address is
3328 Spindle Lane
and the abuser's name
is Glenn Sickleman.
Thank you very much.
Don't hang up.
Hold on.
Hey, Henry.
For your brother.
It's one of mine.
very considerate of you.
- I hope he likes it okay.
- Hey, sweetie!
Henry told me you're gonna
do a dance next month.
Can't wait to see it.
Hey, Glenn! You must be excited
about the talent show.
Yeah, I, I confess
I, I get a little impatient
at things like that.
I, I thought,
Janie's mom was taking you.
They're out of town that week.
Well, I can...
I'm happy to take her.
I'll, I'll pick her up.
Mrs. Carpenter...
Sweetie, please.
Henry and Peter,
they're lucky to have you.
Thank you.
And your father's lucky
to have you too.
I want you to stop focusing
on academics
and spend a little more time
goofing off.
Pick up a bad habit
or something.
Booze, get hammered.
Rob a bank.
Come on!
You're no fun.
That woman today
at the grocery store...
You didn't...
do anything to help her.
I told you.
It just wasn't our business.
I think... when someone
hurts someone else
I, I think it is our business.
Well, I know
it seems that way
but... there was nothing
I could do.
Yeah, mom if... if
everybody did that
then there would be no one
to look out for the people
who just can't look out
for themselves.
So what should I have done?
I didn't want things
to get violent.
Violence isn't the worst thing
in the world.
What is then?
Four-hundred-foot drop
to the south
and deep water
to the north.
Keep going.
Keep going.
But if I go any further
I'll fall in.
Okay. Now hold up some fingers.
Roger that.
Yeah, that's what
I'm looking for.
How many rounds per minute?
Twelve hundred.
- What's she run?
- Eight.
Eight hundred dollars?
No. Eight hundred drachma.
Needs a license I suppose?
Yeah. Federal.
Yeah. Well, I left
that one at home today.
Yeah, I'm sorry, sir. I don't
run that kind of establishment.
And what if Dominic sent me?
Eleven hundred.
Yeah, okay.
Come around back
in half an hour.
Give my regards
to Dominic.
Jesus, mom. Really?
Know why they call me
"The Can Opener," Henry?
No. But I'm guessing it has
something to do with whoop-ass.
Come on.
Turn it off.
Just as soon as I level up
on these motherf...
Enchilada number one.
Enchilada number two.
How come he gets
to be Enchilada number one?
'Cause he's older.
It's fine.
You can be Enchilada number one.
Enchilada number one.
Mom. Not again.
Sing it.
Okay. Fine.
I love you.
Me too.
Love you.
That is not a one-way street,
you know.
Love you, mom.
On or off?
- On.
- Off.
Open or close?
- Open.
- Closed.
Mom! Mom!
God. What is it?
Go! Mom!
I'm coming.
Mom! Mom! Mom!
Henry. Henry, baby.
Honey. My God.
Call 911, Peter!
I got you.
My, God. Henry.
He looks postictal,
but we've got a pulse.
Henry? Henry?
Henry, can you hear me?
- Mrs. Carpenter, your son.
- Henry?
Your other son!
- Where's my CT?
- Still waiting for it.
Thank you, Kathy.
Mrs. Carpenter,
my name is David Daniels.
- I'm a neurosurgeon.
- Hi.
Let's see what's going on
with you, pal. Now, Henry...
I'm gonna shine this light
in your eyes.
- Did you witness the seizure?
- Yes.
What did it look like?
His whole body
was shaking, and jerking.
Has he been having headaches?
No. N-nothing major.
- You have? For how long?
- Three, three, four months.
- Dr. Daniels you asked for these.
- You said it wasn't anything serious.
Why didn't you
say something, honey?
Kathy, we need to
take him upstairs.
What? Where are you taking him?
We need to take him to surgery.
Your son has a definite mass,
and it looks swollen.
It's abutting
some critical structures.
I know this hard for you but we
need your consent to proceed.
- Dr. Daniels, he's seizing.
- Mom.
- Push one mil of Ativan, stat.
- Henry.
Mrs. Carpenter, we need you
to sign off on this.
I can't sign this with,
without asking him.
We need parental consent.
It's alright, Henry.
It's alright.
Come on. Alright, let's go.
Alright. You're alright.
You're alright.
Henry, we're gonna
take you to the OR. Okay?
Hey, baby.
Yeah. I'm here.
I'm right here.
Is... Is everything okay?
What about this?
Will you at least
eat the brownie?
Hey, kiddo.
Glad to have you back.
You must be Peter.
What do you say you give me a moment
to talk to Henry and your mom?
That be alright?
Why don't you come with me?
Henry, you've got something
in your head right now.
Something we call a tumor.
It's not a good thing.
So, we had to see
if we could remove it
without hurting
any part of your brain.
It's tricky stuff.
And we were able
to get some of it.
Come on, man.
Excuse me?
This kind of rapid onset,
cutting right away
the expression on your face,
the way I see it,
it's got to be a high grade
ependymoma or glioblastoma.
I don't know why
I didn't think about that.
What with the headaches
and the blurred vision
I just thought it was stress.
Large mass?
Yeah, it is.
Has it spread
to critical structures?
Well, we tried to resect it,
but unfortunately...
I see.
I'm sorry.
I'd like to be alone, please.
Sweetie, I don't think...
I'd like to be alone.
Okay, class. Henry is going to be
in the hospital for a little while.
He's really sick.
So, I thought
it would be a nice idea
if we all sent him
some Get Well cards.
Is he gonna be alright?
- Well, Tommy...
- Well, he has to, doesn't he?
I mean, it's Henry.
He's gotta be okay.
We don't know just yet.
Hello, Hank.
Hey, fashion road kill.
What you doin'?
Workin' on some notes.
Think you're pretty
brilliant, don't ya?
I prefer precocious.
Shit, Hank. Why'd you
have to go and do this?
Look, even though we...
I know.
It's called reaction formation.
It seems we have
an antithetical relationship
but... we're just
behaving towards each other the
opposite of how we really feel.
I think you're pretty,
thus I insult you.
Childish, yes.
But... I am a child.
You take care, Hank.
Do you have a nine?
Do you have a ten?
Go fish.
Hey, Peter...
they have good ice cream
in the cafeteria.
Would you mind
grabbing me some?
Here, sweetie.
So, I was thinking
when we get outta here...
Mom, I need you to bring in
the financial files.
- Don't you worry about that.
- They're in the second file drawer in my cabinet.
- Not now.
- I also need to get a hold
- of the retirement statements.
- Let's talk about it next week.
I may not be here next week.
I'm just gonna get some water.
I don't want any.
Me neither.
Peter... I have to tell you something
and it's very important, okay?
It's essential that you make
sure mom reads my red notebook.
Okay? But not you.
Just mom.
I want you to make her yourself.
I'm trusting you to do this because
you're the person I
trust most in the world.
Take care of mom. Okay?
Where are you gonna be?
I don't know.
It'll be good.
Everyone'll want
to be friends with you.
Come here.
It's okay.
I'm gonna
make everything better.
And if Liffcon gets above 200,
dump it.
I think we've leveled down
the energy sector,
so all good there.
You listening to me?
You need to buy a new car
There's nothing wrong
with the old car.
Put you in some long-term bonds.
Triple tax-free.
I said, I didn't
wanna talk about that.
You'll have to read the
statement and check in with Rob
every once in a while.
Mom, this is really important.
No, it's not important at all.
Keep an eye on the tech stocks.
You have to watch them
closer than the others.
I said, I don't want to talk
about it. Okay?
I don't give a shit
about any of it.
I'm sorry.
I'm scared.
I don't know how to...
I don't know how to do it
without you.
I don't know
how to be a mother.
I never taught you that.
You always knew
how to be a mother.
You're the best part of me,
The best part of me.
- Mommy.
- What are you...
Baby, what are you doing?
Henry? Henry?
Hello. What?
What's going on?
What's going on?
What is it baby, what is it?
It's okay.
- I'm gonna get a doctor.
- What is it? Breathe.
- Breathe. Breathe.
- Mommy.
- Yes. I'm here. I am here.
- Mom. I want mommy.
I'm here. Mom's here.
Mommy's here.
- Mommy.
- It's okay.
- I want to see the sky. So...
- It's okay.
- I want to see the sky.
- You want to see the sky?
Look up. Look up, baby.
So... I had an idea.
I had an idea.
It's just a start,
but it's something.
See, we're gonna eat dessert
all week.
Nothing else.
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
- Fuck it.
- Don't swear in front of me.
- Look at this beautiful day.
- Mommy?
You didn't expect it all
to stop for this, did you?
- Mom.
- It's still beautiful out.
Life goes on, right?
Sweetie, I'm sorry.
I... I'm just
having a tough time right now.
It's because when
you lose someone close to you...
Don't talk to me like that.
Like what?
Like a child.
I don't know what to do.
I don't, I don't know.
What would Henry do?
Don't do what Henry would do.
Do what you would do.
What would you do?
I don't know.
Am I early?
I mean, we said 4:30, but if-if
it not a good time, I can...
No. I-I, I just forgot
I don't, I don't usually
make house calls,
but I wanted to see
how you and Peter were doing.
Thank you.
Is is... is Peter home?
Yeah, yeah. Come, come in.
- Hey, there.
- Hey.
I just wanted to make sure
you were alright.
Are you alright?
What's wrong?
My head hurts.
It does?
Come here.
Let me take a look.
I think your heart hurts, kiddo.
Thought my heart
was down here.
I'm gonna give you my card.
It's got my, my cell number
on the back.
If your head hurts like that
again, you just give me a call.
Ma'am, you work here?
- Excuse me?
- Ma'am.
Hey, is this
regular or Diet Coke?
It's diet.
Susan? Can I...
Maybe you came back
a little too soon.
What? I'm fine.
No, you're not fine.
Your boy sent this
from the hospital.
He says you have like 680K
in a checking account.
Even more
in stocks and bonds.
Says in there that you can
afford to take a break.
And I think you should.
He w...
He was a smart kid.
Look this isn't a request,
I'm sorry.
Are you...
Yeah. I'm great. I'm fine.
Yeah, I, I've gotta run.
I-I-I dented the grill
on my Maserati again.
Can you believe it? I went to fly
a mechanic in from Milan to...
It's a whole thing.
I, I have to get home
to my two boys.
Does anyone want to trade
for a piece of fruit?
Want the last cupcake?
I'm home.
Mom! Mom!
I think Henry wants us
to kill Glenn.
Mr. Sickleman?
Keep in mind that not everyone
goes through all five stages,
and you don't necessarily
go through them in order.
Each of these theories
emphasizes the vital importance
of remaining busy
through the grieving process
in putting oneself to task.
I don't think the task they
had in mind was killing Glenn.
Mr. Sickleman.
Just turns my stomach
to think he would...
He what?
I didn't understand it all.
Just not being
a good parent to Christina.
I'm gonna call
Child Protective Services.
Why call in
Child Protective Services?
It's not a possible option.
Well, there has to be someone
else we can call to handle this.
He already tried everything.
Come on, Peter.
There's got to be stuff
he didn't think of.
Stuff Henry didn't think of?
This is ridiculous.
There has to be another way
to help Christina.
Why there's no way
to help...
I'm not having
this conversation with you.
We have to.
It's Henry's dying wish.
We are not murdering the police
commissioner, and that is final.
I get that the investigation
is closed.
That's why I'm trying
to see if...
Won't harass an upstanding
member of the community?
You sure you don't mean
No, that doesn't make any sense.
Yes, I understand that the caseworker
has to be within the same region,
but I was just hoping to get
an outside opinion, that's all.
- I'm sorry, it's out of our...
- We are talking about...
We are required to follow
standard operating procedure.
Right, but isn't there a point where
standard procedure is less important than...
Ma'am, I'm sorry.
You can file an appeal...
Damn it!
I love you.
No. No, sweetie.
My God. Come on. Come on.
Glenn. Hi.
I was calling because...
because I'm gonna get
to the leaves...
those leaves on the lawn.
You've said that before, Susan.
But now I'm on it.
Hi, mom. It's me.
Breathe, mom.
Obviously, if you're listening
to this, I'm not around anymore.
I'd hoped to do it all myself,
but that's not an option now.
I hope you're not mad at me
for sneaking out.
But I had to make sure that
everything was taken care of.
I know you rely on me, mom.
Now I have to rely on you.
I need your help.
Everything you need
is right here.
It can't be left undone.
We have to make it better.
And, mom...
I'll be with you
the whole time.
We're gonna walk through
it together, step by step.
One little miscalculation,
and the whole thing fails.
Let's start by stockpiling some cash
from ATMs. Don't act all weird.
The camera's behind that
little glass square up top.
Don't look. Good.
Withdraw $500.
How's that enough?
I know it doesn't seem like
enough, but if you hit another
ATM right away, you can get
around the daily limit.
The next ATM's
at Longbow and Swan.
You're gonna go right
at the intersection.
Your other right.
Listen, I'm sure you
have doubts about this.
You think? It's goddamn
insane is what it is, Henry.
Good. Get all your swearing
out, not in front of Peter.
- It's such a bad influence.
- It's such a bad influence.
Park across the street,
behind the green dumpster.
You came here?
I'm the worst parent ever.
Remember the security camera's
field of vision.
It's in the diagram.
Mom, you got this.
I need a Nemesis Vanquish 7.62
with a Litton Ranger Night
Vision scope, a suppressor
and three extra ten-round
detachable mags.
Think you can handle that, or should
I take my business elsewhere?
Suppressors are illegal
for civilian use.
Let's see what Dominic
has to say about that?
Yeah, Dominic.
Look, chief, all due respect,
I got a plane to catch.
So why don't you just name your price
and I'll get out of your hair?
Plywood is only slightly
thicker than a human skull.
And these rounds fragment
on impact
making them pretty much
Slow, steady pressure
on the trigger.
Did you see that?
Good job, mom.
You're getting there.
At first,
I couldn't imagine doing this.
But then, I see that look
in her eyes,
like she's still in there.
Barely hanging on.
Nice shot, mom.
Look at that grouping.
Now make sure you collect the
shells before you get out...
Need anything?
I'm good.
Well, don't burn anything down.
Remember that electrical fire.
Waffle irons are tricky.
Hey, Glenn.
Hey, Susan.
I'm sorry, I haven't...
No, don't...
About your son,
Yeah, thanks.
Look, I was, I was hoping
to get your advice on something
that I'm trying to deal with.
Do you mind?
Hey, sweetie.
How are you?
How's school?
Fine. Except math.
It'll get easier, soon.
Yeah, so...
With everything that's
been going on this last month
Well, it's got me thinking.
If, God forbid,
something were to happen to me
being a single parent,
I wanna have arrangements made
for where Peter'd go.
Do you have anything
like that set up?
Well, I'm, I'm pretty healthy.
Try to stay fit.
Guess there's always
the proverbial bus.
No, I've never really given
it much thought.
Even after Christina's
mother passed away?
Can't offer... much...
on that front. Why?
Just, you know,
your line of work.
You guys seem
to have all your ducks in a row.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
I, I can't be much help.
What's that?
Yeah, I almost forgot.
I, need you to sign off
on the talent show night
if I'm gonna take Christina.
You know how Cavalry Elementary
loves their forms.
- Here.
- Great.
So, I'll pick her up tomorrow.
Around six?
Witnesses are required
for guardianship papers.
So I back dated them and forged Ms.
Schwartz from up the block's signature
since she died last year.
Poor Mrs. Schwartz
from up the block.
Also, I bought
a new car for you.
There's nothing wrong
with the old car.
I know, I know,
but it's safer and it'll make
a less conspicuous getaway car.
You just need to pick it up.
The address is in my notebook.
Hey, honey.
What are you doing?
I was just,
finishing up on some work here.
Okay, let's get you back to bed.
You ready for tomorrow?
Big talent show.
Kind of.
What are you gonna do?
A magic trick.
A magic trick.
What's it gonna be?
It's a surprise.
Sounds exciting.
What if it doesn't work?
Well, you've prepared
for it, right?
Yeah, a lot.
Mrs. Ramirez even
let me use the art lab.
Then you shouldn't be nervous.
You've laid down the groundwork,
and when it comes the time,
just have to trust
it'll all go smoothly.
If Henry did it, there'd be nothing
to worry about. He'd be perfect.
Baby. What?
Tell me.
Sometimes I think
it should have been me.
No. How can you say that?
People would be less sad then.
Listen to me.
If anything happened to you,
I... I don't know what I'd do.
Henry was amazing.
But you...
you're just as special.
And the fact that you think
you're any less important to me
isn't just wrong it's...
it's stupendously wrong.
Everything has
to be timed to the second.
Every movement,
every angle, every footstep.
There's no room for error.
This never happened.
You were never here.
Not even here now.
You're a ghost.
Like you.
Peter! Come on, let's move it.
It's your big night.
Hey, you're gonna play it cool
up there on stage, right?
And there's no need to panic, 'cause
panic never got anyone anywhere.
Just stay focused, stay calm
and remember your
Lamaze breathing.
Don't be nervous.
It's gonna be great.
Peter, what are you doing?
Why would you do that?
Henry would've thought
it was funny.
Henry was 11.
He was a genius.
But he wasn't a parent, okay?
Come on.
Hi, I...
There you are,
all surprising, like...
I invited him.
I wanted him to see my trick.
I'm sorry,
I thought you knew.
I hope,
this is okay.
Yeah, sure. No problem.
But, I have to be
a parent volunteer tonight.
So, I have
parent volunteer things.
I'll just...
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Yeah? You look great.
- Don't be nervous.
- I won't.
I'll be watching you.
Good evening, parents.
The students are ready.
I am so proud of these kids.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome
to the Cavalry Elementary
School Talent Show!
You gonna step to me?
I'll kick you in the knees.
I'm the baddest,
meanest, mad dog mother
you're ever gonna see.
Blink twice, you'll miss me.
Chicks, they try to kiss me.
Suckers, they see me
and flee me
after I kick 'em in the shorts.
Get lost, dorks,
'cause you're all tidbits.
But me, I'm the shiznits.
Okay, mom, this is it.
On my three.
One, two, three.
Don't panic.
No matter what, don't panic.
I'm not panicking.
This is for my sister.
A, B, C, D...
Time check.
Line your body up with
the rifle to reduce recoil.
Wait till he's exactly
where you need him.
Eliminate all distractions.
Even trigger pressure.
Remember your training.
Smooth exhale.
Don't tense up.
Steady, mom.
Mom, take the shot.
Do it, now!
You're just a child.
What the hell is going on here?
I know what you've done.
Emergency room visits.
School absences, bruises.
Calls to
Child Protective Services.
That all just got swept
under the rug by your brother.
Henry documented all of it.
And you never even knew
he was watching.
Who you think
they're gonna believe?
I don't know, Glenn.
I can afford a scandal.
How about you?
I'm gonna call my chief.
Have him bring you in.
Whatever happens to me
won't change what you are.
I will go to the FBI.
I will go to the newspapers.
I will make sure
that you never lay a hand
on that little girl again.
And I will make you answer
for what you've done.
Look at me.
Look at me!
I want you to see
who you're up against now.
That can't be right.
My God.
Hey, Stan.
Hey. It's Glenn.
Listen, I need you to...
handle somethin' for me.
You're gonna hear some...
insane, accusations,
you know, so...
I know, Glenn. We got a call.
What do you mean?
A call f-from who?
The school principal.
We heard from the district.
It's too wide, Glenn. We're
gonna have to open up a case.
And now,
introducing Peter the Great.
For my magic trick, I'm going
to make my brother reappear.
When I'm done, he's gonna
be here, right among all of us.
Please work.
You know, as a scientist
I never believed in magic.
But after that.
- Peter the Great.
- Dr. Daniels.
Will I see you soon?
I hope so.
Do you mind watching him
for a second?
Of course not.
I'll be right back, sweetie.
What happened?
Glenn Sickleman
took his life tonight.
The social worker asked to see
Christina alone for a moment.
In the best interest
of the minor child,
the court hereby orders
that permanent custody
be awarded to Susan Carpenter,
effective immediately.
Sometimes a good story
will remind you
of who you want to be.
Maybe that's why
there are so many.
Stories about good and evil.
Stories about the triumph
of the human spirit.
Stories about
living and dying.
And how you gotta do one
in spite of the other.
Well, this story...
it's about you and me
and my brother...
and the girl
who lived next door.
But it's not my story anymore.
It's yours.
"And one by one its petals
dropped to the ground,
"and then the leaves, and then
the bud, and then the stalk,
"until it seemed the flower
was gone, but it wasn't.
"Because the flower melted
into the soil, and made it rich
"so the whole garden could grow.
The end."
I loved it.
I loved it, too.
Thank you.
Okay, let's get you into bed.
You okay?
I'm almost finished
painting your room.
It'll be awesome.
Goodnight, Enchilada number one.
Goodnight, butterfly.
On or off?
- On.
- On.
Open or closed?
- Closed.
- Closed.