The Book of Ruth: Journey of Faith (2009) Movie Script

Your focus is off.
I can't do it,
I know what
is expected of me.
I'm just a shepherd.
Sit down.
I'm going to tell you a story
about hope, about trust,
about faith when we don't
understand God's plan.
It was the time
of the Judges.
The people were corrupt
and everyone did
as they saw fit.
When a great famine came upon
Israel, some families chose
to escape their plight and start
over in the pagan country
of Moab.
But soon Moab proved
to be none the better.
The crops withered
and the people suffered,
for there was no rain.
I miss you.
A miracle happened last night.
I awoke with a song in my heart,
a song only God could have
put there, a song that reminded
me of you, Elimelech.
For so long, I thought I would
never find peace again, but God
has given me that peace to
handle the memories of you.
I love you, husband.
God, thank You for that song,
thank You for that comfort.
I now ask that You give
that same comfort to my family.
Nothing grows here anymore.
My sons work day and night
in the field and still...
We're all so hungry,
but we will not give up.
You have healed my heart.
I know You can heal our land.
Please heal our land.
How did you get here?
Thank You, God, for allowing
something so beautiful to grow
in such a place.
Naomi, come quick.
It is Chilion.
Here, let me take him.
God, this must be a dream.
It's no dream, mother.
This town's put a curse
on this family.
Orpah, what happened?
He fainted.
His head fell against the well.
He'd been working out in
the fields all day and night
with nothing to eat.
Oh, oh, God, why did You
allow this to happen?
We never should have come
to this country.
Father should have kept us
in Bethlehem.
Oh, oh.
Oh, it feels good to be out
Oh, doesnt it?
Sometimes you just need a change
of scenery, just to step up
from your troubles.
I hoped Orpah would come out
today as well.
It s been 10 months since
Chilion passed.
Can't seem to get her
out of the house.
We all deal with it
in different ways.
Why did you put that back?
Wishful thinking.
We dont have enough to spend.
We have enough, Ruth,
get what you want.
I cannot.
Ruth, choose what's best
for you.
What do you think of this?
It doesn't matter what
I think, get what you want.
All right, take that one.
It brings out your eyes.
Praise be the gods, Naomi,
what are you doing out today?
Well, I thought we both
needed a smile today.
Well, a woman in your
situation should not be
out on the town.
If I had lost my husband and my
eldest son, I would be at
the temple praying to the gods.
My God does not reside
in the temple,
He resides in my heart.
I hear your crops are rather
small again this year.
And I certainly hope that
nothing happens to Mahlon
as well, otherwise,
how do you intend
to provide for my daughter?
God will provide.
I hope so.
After all, I can't imagine her
alone and desolate in this
world with no husband.
Dinner won't make itself.
Perhaps your God will
make it.
Perhaps I should start
making sacrifices to the gods.
Our fields will not prosper
simply because they are washed
in blood.
Mahlon works in the fields
and nothing grows.
Look in the fields where
Molech stands.
Molech, nor any of the other
God of Moab is the answer.
Then why haven't you been
blessed in this place?
I have been blessed,
for my son found you.
I'll see if Orpah needs
help with dinner.
Go inside, mother.
I will be done shortly.
You look weak.
You need rest.
My strength is fine.
It is the field that is weak.
Let it be for now,
God will take care of it.
Is that what you told
He will take care of this.
God will never give us any more
than we can handle.
Then where is He?
I work hard and I am good
to my family just like father.
What more does God require
for us to be blessed?
All He asks for is our trust.
Mother, how do you trust
when you can't even see
who's leading you?
What if the people of Moab
are right?
What if we are following
the wrong God?
Oh, no, He is real, Mahlon,
our God is not this God that
you speak of.
He is real.
Mahlon, you must keep
your faith.
I'm telling you this family
is cursed.
Shh, you want mother
to hear you say that?
Naomi is not my mother.
I told her once Chilion died,
she could stop calling me
I'm going back to live
with my family.
You're just going to leave?
You forget, we have obligations
to Naomi.
We are her family.
I have no obligations
Naomi and the Israelites do
not believe as we believe.
That is why this family is
Naomi has been good to us.
My parents never should have
arranged this.
It was a mistake to marry
an Israelite.
Naomi would do anything
for you.
Ruth... I'm realizing that I
no longer want what she has
to give.
Orpah, it is our duty
to be good to her.
We are her daughters through
It's not only the right thing
to do, it's the custom,
it's law.
Don not lecture me about
the laws of Moab.
I don't see you making any
sacrifices to appease the gods.
All she wants is our love
and support, not rituals.
As long as we're under her
roof, we should not be making
Then I'll no longer be
under her roof.
I'm going back to what
I believe.
Isn't there a part of you
that believes something beyond
our gods, something better?
Where's Mahlon?
He is still working.
Perhaps you can go
and talk to him.
come inside and eat with us.
Ruth, I must finish this.
Mahlon, please.
When will things change
for this family?
It'll only be hard
for a season.
When will the season end?
I'm beginning to think your
people are right when they say
our familys being punished.
I do not believe people who
slay the innocent to please
the gods have a right to choose
who should be punished.
I do not know what to do
I could always become
a temple maiden.
I dont want you have any part
of that.
Neither do I but I have to
believe it all will work out.
You sound just like my
Come inside.
The field can wait,
but dinner cannot.
The field can wait,
but dinner cannot.
oh, God.
Why did You not take me?
Why am I the only one left?
I swear there was no priest,
and at a funeral.
No wonder she's lost her
entire family.
She's angry at the gods.
Oh, Orpah.
Come here.
She can tell you all about
that woman
She was her other
daughter in law.
Hello Beth.
Your poor parents.
Why they must be just as
distraught as I am about
arranging you into that family.
Why the only good to come
of it is that neither you
nor Ruth ever conceived.
Someday I plan to remarry.
But, of course, you will.
But two barren daughters
in one household.
Well, I hope Naomi at least
learns from this and tries to
make peace with the gods.
Your husband has left you
empty handed and neither of you
have any children to support
If that isn't a curse,
then what is?
Stop it, mother.
Ruth, come please.
Go buy some us some nice fruit.
May I speak, Beth?
Of course, Naomi.
Ruth held her tongue out of
respect for you as her mother,
but you are not my mother and I
will not allow you to dishonor
my family or my God with your
If you have no kind words,
then please, be silent.
I pray you all have
a blessed day.
Oh, my baby.
Where are You?
Why have You allowed this
to happen?
I followed my husband here
because I was supposed to.
I knew we were not supposed
to come here, but why did You
take my children?
It was my fault.
Why did You take my babies?
I do not understand.
Help me.
Help me see this.
Are you all right?
Yes, I'm fine.
I'll be there in a minute.
Naomi, spouse of Elimelech
of the house of Bethlehem.
I am-- I am-- I am Caleb,
a servant of your friend, Tani.
She wishes to offer you
condolences for the loss
of your sons.
She would have sent me earlier,
but she did not get word
until a few days ago.
Tell her I said thank you
and that I wish her well
I will do as you ask.
Would you come inside?
We prepared food.
Oh, I wish I could stay,
but I have to be on my way
Caleb, how is Tani?
She is quite well
The famine is over.
God has delivered us
and healed our land.
It is truly miraculous.
That is wonderful news.
Tell her I appreciate her
Go with God, Caleb.
Thank you, Naomi, I will.
Oh, thank You Lord, for
showing mercy to your people
even though they did not
deserve it.
So this is what you call
a sign of your God's mercy
that Israel's famine is over.
Yes, Ruth.
It is a sign of great mercy.
Orpah, what's wrong?
- I--
- What is it, Orpah?
- I'm--
- What is it?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for how the women
treated you but most
importantly, I'm sorry
that I did not stand by you.
Oh, Orpah, it is all right
and you are not my servant.
You do not need to kneel
in front of me.
Youve been so good to me
even though I do not
deserve it.
You have a wonderful heart,
Orpah, a wonderful heart.
I may not have always shown
you love, but I will.
I vow to be forever obedient
to you.
You do not need to vow
anything to me.
My love is with you always.
Now enough talk of regret.
I'm hungry.
Come, let us sit and eat.
I could not believe
the way my mother acted.
I have never seen you
so angry before.
You should have seen your face.
It was so, so
the opposite of beautiful?
Lord, thank You for this
food and bless my two beautiful
Tomorrow I will be leaving.
I feel that God is telling me
to go home.
The famine in Israel is over
and I will go home to find
I agree, a fresh start
in a new town.
Oh, Ruth, you have goes way
beyond what is expected of you.
When I enter my homeland,
the bonds and laws made here
will no longer apply.
I cannot expect you to go
with me.
Of course I will go
with you.
We will go with you.
You will stay because you will
find support here and I will go
to Bethlehem to seek mine.
We are family and we will
leave as family.
No, Ruth.
- I can't--
- Mother, we need to be
with you.
Tell us what Bethlehem's
like, Naomi.
Is something troubling you?
This is not fair.
I cannot do this.
You can do this.
We will help you.
I cannot do this.
Do not follow me any further.
Go home to your real mothers.
No, no, I will not.
Coming with me to Bethlehem,
there's no future for you there.
I will be all right.
This is my burden, mine alone.
I will be all right.
Go back to your families
and start over.
Ruth, I am not your mother.
But you have cared for me
in ways she never has.
Oh, Ruth, I love you.
Look at me.
Look at me.
I have nothing more to give you.
My sons are dead.
There will be no more children,
no one to support you.
And if by some miracle, I were
able to bear children again,
more sons, when it is time
to marry again, would you have
I will wait.
I will wait forever.
No, that is youth talking,
and I will not take that
from you.
You have a chance to marry
again here.
I need to return to Bethlehem
to seek the Lord s favor
for I know his hand has been
put against me.
I will be all right.
You do not need to take care
of me anymore.
You are truly the one
who is kind.
What you have given me
will stay with me forever.
I know it's hard.
I cannot go back.
Ruth, she's allowing us
to move on.
But she's so alone.
She's lost everything.
Ruth, she says she doesnt
need your help.
She says need, but she means
want and although she may not
want my help, she does need it.
She will not live much longer
if she continues by herself
And neither will you going
off to a strange land.
Orpah, I must do what I feel
is right.
What will I tell Beth,
your mother?
Tell her I'm with Naomi.
Tell her I am no longer
empty handed.
Do not force me back to Moab.
I will not leave you.
I want to follow you.
Where you go, I will go.
Where you live, I will live.
Your people will be my people.
And your God... your God will be
my God.
Oh, Ruth.
You are truly a gift.
The road was long and wore
down the two women.
They are fortunes for God.
They were now penniless as they
entered their now home
and witnessed the wonders
of the bounty in Israel.
It's been so long since I've
seen someone with so much
Do you think your fields
will prove to yield as much?
When we left there was
no one to tend them.
They must be barren by now.
Therefore we will have to go
into another man's field
and glean what is left.
Can this be you?
You have returned!
Oh, praise God.
Oh, this is my daughter, Ruth.
Welcome to Israel.
Oh, look at the two of you,
you must be famished.
Come, I will take you to your
I'll stop and buy some food
and cook you a meal.
I'm so happy.
I'll help you.
We'll make it beautiful.
Oh, I have missed you.
I prayed for years that you
would return.
Oh, Naomi, when I heard of your
loss, I was so devastated.
I instantly-- I called a
messenger and had him to go
to find you.
Oh, have some bread.
Have some bread, Naomi, please.
I cannot imagine what you have
been going through.
I needed to find you to let
you know that you would not be
going through this alone.
Oh, I see it.
I see it.
There is a smile.
Oh, I long to hear your laugh
again, Naomi, your beautiful
laugh, child.
This woman has laughter that
can light up the darkest night.
Naomi, have some more water.
Stop saying my name.
Stop calling me Naomi.
It means pleasant,
and I am far from that.
Ive lost everything.
My name should be Marah.
The emptiness and bitterness
can only describe what I'm
feeling in this moment.
But you are home now,
the Lord will show His favor
on you.
- Well, I should be-- I should be leaving.
- I didn't mean...
No, no, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I'm just so happy
to have you back.
And you too, Ruth.
We're home now.
Oh, please, God,
show us your mercy.
If not for me, then for Ruth.
Well, good morning.
Youve changed.
My dress was torn.
It's time.
Today I will go to the fields
to glean.
No, Ruth.
I thought that's what you
called it.
It is.
I meant that it's my job.
You cannot do that for me.
No, you stay here
and make your home.
Let me do this for you.
Very well
But please, be careful.
First day?
It's quite easy.
Just watch me, youll learn
I am Ruth, daughter
of Naomi.
I am Simeon,
picker of the wheat.
men, look at all this wheat.
God has really been good to us.
Yes, He has.
Just finished surveying the
fields here and we think we're
gonna finish with more crops
and ahead of schedule.
That is glorious news.
So, what would you
have us do next?
What would you have us do next?
We're ahead of schedule.
That's good.
You all right, sir?
Seth, who's that woman
over there?
I-- I have no idea.
I dont have time to take
the name of everyone,
especially the gleaners.
What is wrong with him?
How should I know?
Benjamin, do you know
the name of this woman?
No, sir.
Seth had me tending the grain
all day and my hands were kind
of full.
Sir, why are you so
concerned with this woman,
and a foreigner at that?
Do any of my workers know
the name of this woman?
May I speak, sir?
Yes, my friend.
Her name is Ruth.
She's the daughter of Naomi.
She's been working with me
all day and has not stopped.
If my services are through
here, sir, I'd like to return
to my work.
Of course.
Sir, you need to focus
on the grain.
I am tired of you
questioning my decisions.
You're relieved of your duties.
But, sir.
Leave now.
I'll report this to Neb.
Tell my uncle whatever
you wish.
You, sir, what's your name?
They call me Simeon.
Well, Simeon,
Youve become my new chief
Seems like you know more about
my fields than my workers do.
Blessings to you.
Blessings to you.
To you as well.
Is it true that you're
the daughter of Naomi?
Yes, sir.
You dont have to call me
I'm not your master.
My name is Boaz.
Yes, sir, I mean Boaz.
I dont want you to work
anyone's fields but mine.
You have the freedom to do
whatever you need to do.
Thank you.
You must know that I'm not
of your people.
Why are you so good to me?
I don't see people
for who theyre not.
I see them for who they are.
I know you've come here seeking
protection under the wings
of our Lord.
I pray that He uses me
for that purpose.
Thank you.
Sir, I wanted to apologize
about today.
Go eat, enjoy yourself.
But why did you not release
Cause you're a good learner
and unlike others, you never
make the same mistake twice.
She's still there.
Benjamin, tomorrow when we eat,
I want you to go tell Ruth.
I want her to eat with us.
Yes, sir.
Take a drink.
You look thirsty.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
I have just been released.
Because Boaz is distracted
by some foreigner.
Who is this foreigner?
I have no idea.
Some woman from Moab.
Who's related to someone named
Naomi is back?
What would you like me
to do?
I will take care of it.
You are true to your people.
Ruth, have you eaten yet?
No, sir, I'd rather wait
till I finish the work.
You can finish later.
Eat, eat with us now.
No, no, no, come sit over here.
Sit with me.
I should be getting back
to work.
It's getting late and I have
not gathered nearly enough.
Okay, well, wait.
Before you go,
before you go,
I want you to take this.
I want you to give this
to Naomi.
You tell her that this is
a gift from Boaz.
Thank you again.
Benjamin, how much has she
Not much, maybe enough
for two people for a few days.
I want you to take a few
bushels and shake it out
and put some grain out
so she can collect it.
If you dont mind me asking,
why do you give her more when
she doesn't ask for any?
I'm just following her
Ruth, how was your day?
We were blessed.
Who was kind enough to let
you glean all this grain
from their field?
His name was Boaz.
He is a relative
of Elimelech's.
He was always such
a kind child.
He's still very kind.
Look what he gave me
and even more.
Come, help me sort
the grain.
with their needs now being
met, Ruth began to feel
the pains of being alone,
the reality of a stranger
in a strange land.
Now it feels like home.
Yes, it does.
How is your heart,
about Mahlon, I mean?
Some days I'm busy
and I forget.
Some days he's all
I ever think about.
God has someone out there
for you.
He does not mean for you
to be aloe.
But I'm a foreigner.
No man in Bethlehem
would want to marry me.
Any man with half his wits
would die to be with you.
I dont believe I can
provide him with a family.
You're too young
to say that.
What about you?
I can't get married
and leave you behind.
It's too soon.
Now you say it's too soon.
One day youll say
it's too late.
Maybe God can find a way
to bless us together.
Anything is possible
where God is concerned.
This area over here.
We gotta make sure that there's
fencing put around the entire
area because these
have you gone mad?
I hear you are giving extra
food to that foreigner.
You know if you do that, you
must give it to all the others
and youll probably do it.
She never takes anymore than
what is allotted by the law
- and even then she won't take--
- Don't waste your breath
on him.
This is not about the law.
This is about treating
a foreigner better
than your own people.
You tell Simeon to put
together a bundle and to give
it to Naomi.
Tell her it is a gift from me.
Theyll have their food.
She is bringing a curse
upon us, the curse of death.
The same curse that she did
to her family.
Just because we're
relatives, I do not have to
tolerate this kind of behavior.
One day you will need me,
and I will not be there.
Pay him no mind.
He knows nothing about
He's a fool.
Don't ever allow yourself
to be called a fool.
I understand what you're trying
to do, sir, just I beg you
be careful.
You worried about me?
Well, if I can speak freely,
many of us are very concerned
why you're going out of your
way for this woman?
Why is that so hard
to understand?
Love, sir, see, love has
never been part of your life.
It's always been just work.
The only thing that comes
before it is God and the only
thing after it
has been sleep so...
Look, who said anything
about love?
I'm just wanting to find
the right one
Well, a lot of good women
have come and gone as you wait
for the right one.
Why settle for that which is
good when you can have what's
Okay, I'll remember that.
I just pray that my good
friend, Boaz, has the wisdom to
know good from great when she's
standing right in front of him.
Nao-- excuse me, Marah.
It's so good to see life
come back into this place.
It is because of Ruth.
She is so good to you.
All the mothers in the village
are jealous.
So in all these years
youve never married.
No, but I'm at peace
with that.
I let that idea drift away
a very, very long time ago.
Ah, youve done it again.
Well, I came here to comfort
you and now you are thinking
of me.
You are my friend.
It's the least I can do.
I know.
Ive seen how you and Ruth
struggle from day to day.
Why don't you sell this place?
Go on.
You can get a very good price
for it right now.
Mmm, I've thought about it,
but I feel that God is
telling me to wait.
I know but you can sell it
Oh, you're home.
Peace be with you.
I'm Simeon.
My master, Boaz, has sent
a gift for you and Ruth.
Oh, Boaz is too kind.
Come, eat with us.
There's more than enough
for two.
Won't you stay?
I-- I must be moving on.
Well, may the Lord bless
And you.
It's good to see Simeon
doing so well.
You know him?
Yes, yes, he's a kind man
who fell on some hard times,
but I hear the Lord has blessed
Oh, I'm out of water.
Let's go to the well.
The walk will do us both good.
Greetings again, ladies.
Let me get that, Naomi.
Thank you, Simeon.
You know the harvest
festival is tomorrow.
Yes, I know.
This is the first time I've
ever been cause now I'm
a harvester.
Well, I'm very pleased
for your promotion.
Thank you.
Tani would love to go
to the festival with you.
I would like that.
I would like that very much.
Well see you at the house.
I thank you a thousand times
for what you just did, I think.
I never thought that a man like
that would be interested in me.
God works miracles when you
least expect them.
Yes, He does, doesnt He?
How is it I've been working
all day and you seem to be
the one out of breath?
What have you been up to?
Come, sit down,
we must talk.
God has put something
into my heart.
The time is now.
The time is now?
Oh, mother, please tell me
you're not dying.
No, I have not felt
this good in years.
That's good.
It is time for you
to move on.
Oh, mother,
I cannot leave you.
Listen, the harvest festival
is tonight, you must go.
You know
I'm not allowed there.
You're not just a gleaner.
Through me you're a kin
which brings me to this,
I believe God has shown me
who you are to marry.
I am from Moab.
No one even looks at me.
Oh, daughter, there is one
who looks at you every day.
Well, yes.
He's a very kind man,
but I'm not worthy of his love
and he could not be possibly
interested in me.
Oh, Ruth.
Boaz has been waiting for
someone like you just as you
have been waiting
for someone like him.
He can protect you
and provide for you.
You must let him know your true
feelings tonight.
But tonight is the harvest
festival and hell be busy
with the celebration.
I assure you that when he
sees you, he will stop
and take notice.
Look at me, I've been wearing
the same clothes since we arrived.
All hell notice is
how bad I look.
Come, let me show you
Mother, this is beautiful.
You did not have to do this.
Oh, yes I did, Ruth.
You have been so kind
and loyal to me even
when you did not have to be.
You deserve something that
reflects the beauty that I see
in you.
It's the most beautiful
dress I've ever seen.
Perhaps you're right.
Maybe Boaz will notice me.
But there is more and you
will have to trust me.
All right.
Tonight when you go
to the festival, wait.
You will surely want to run up
to him but do not.
Just watch and wait until he's
had plenty to eat and drink and
then follow him where he goes
to rest.
Wait until he falls asleep,
uncover his feet
and lie down there.
Mother, I trust you,
but I cannot do that.
Oh, Ruth, it is a custom
of our people.
Boaz will recognize the sign
you are making and he will show
you whether he agrees or not.
What if he's not
an honorable man?
What if tries to take advantage
of me?
If Boaz is the man of God
I know him to be, he will only
do what the law tells him to do.
This plan seems so foolish.
Trust me.
God uses the foolish things
of this world to confound
the wise.
He will not let you be harmed.
All right.
I'll do it.
We have little time.
We must get you ready to go.
That will be my last drink.
Oh, come on,
you deserve one more.
What about you?
You having a good time?
Oh, oh, someone has caught
your eye.
Seth used to always say that
women only want you if you have
something to give.
A lot of good that has done
Very true.
Look, you're a fine man,
strong, courageous.
You're more than any of these
women would want.
You think so?
Yes, you just gotta have
more confidence in yourself.
And what have you got to lose?
If she says no, you're no worse
off than you are now.
All right.
Yes, you're right.
You're right.
Who's there?
It is I, Ruth.
What are you doing here?
Because you are kinsman,
I approach you this night.
You once asked may the Lord
protect me under the spread
of his wings, now I ask
the same of you.
Thank God.
Did Naomi put you up to this?
You are a faithful woman.
Why me?
Of all the men you could have
chosen, why me?
Because your kindness is
greater than I've ever known.
Youve shown me mercy
when I've not deserved it.
I will not choose another.
You're the only one
that can save our family.
When I first saw you
in the field,
I knew you were special.
I prayed and asked God that if
it be His will that you would
give me your love.
Then the Lord made it so.
I am not your closest
There's another, one who I have
created a problem with.
He would do anything he could
to spite me especially if it
has anything to do with you.
Who is this man that could
hate you?
Neb, the brother
of Elimelech.
But this-- this is something that
I-- I have-- I've brought upon
myself and I-- I can fix this.
It's my problem to solve
and I will.
You just have to trust me.
I'll make it right.
You just need to sleep.
You can sleep here.
Here, you can sleep here.
I'll take care of everything.
Ruth... Ruth, Ruth, Ruth.
Ruth, wake up, wake up.
You have to leave
before the sun comes up.
People will think
the wrong thing.
Since I've met you,
youve always thought of me
over yourself.
Well, I think a woman ought
to be treated with kindness
no matter where she's from,
who she is.
I really want to be with you,
but I have to do it according
to the law.
I can't touch you
until the law says I can.
I'm gonna work this out.
Trust me.
I need you to go and be
with your mother.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
I want you to take this.
Give this to Naomi.
Tell her I said thank you.
She'll understand.
And the next day Boaz sat,
not eating or drinking
until God showed him
how to be together
with his one true love.
Oh, mother,
you should have seen it.
He awoke and said,
'Who is there?'
I said, it is I, Ruth.
And he-- and he-- oh, mother
he's an honorable man.
You were right.
Thank you for showing me
the way.
There is a problem though.
There's a kinsman closer
than Boaz.
It is Neb.
You knew?
I could have made my life
easier by selling the field
and bringing Neb closer to me,
but I did not want you
in his mercy and I knew Boaz
would fight for you.
He said he would do
the right thing, for us to sit
and wait.
Boaz will do his part,
but we must do our part too.
What else is there for us
to do?
Oh, Lord, I thank You
with all my heart.
I thank You for Your mercy,
for Your grace,
for a second chance.
I want you to betray me.
I want you to go to Neb.
Tell him that I've just-- I've
lost my wits in my infatuation
for Ruth and I'm about to give
her half of my grain.
But, sir,
this could ruin you.
I mean they could publicly
ridicule you for showing
I know.
It's love.
For that, I would risk
All right.
If you believe that, so do I.
Neb, you were right.
Boaz has lost his wits
over that Moab woman.
I mean, he has chosen to give
half his grain to Ruth.
I knew it.
The son of Rahab is showing
his true self.
Will you testify to this?
Yes, I will.
You're a wise man, Benjamin.
I will see you rewarded.
Thank you, sir.
Now we need to get the elders
to the public square
so that may see the true Boaz.
Is this true?
This man will testify
to this.
You will swear to this?
I give you my solemn oath.
Neb, youve doe a great
service for your people.
I will gather the elders
to meet us here at the temple.
Boaz, you are here.
We have some concerns about
your actions with the harvest.
I have nothing to hide.
You will not make light
of this once you find out what
I know about your intentions.
Members of council,
people of Israel,
this man is a traitor.
He plans to give half his grain
to that woman from Moab.
He is no longer one of us.
If I were to do something like
that, give away anything to
a foreigner, I would expect
to be stoned to death.
Is this true, Boaz?
Are you planning to do
what he says?
Neb is right.
I do plan on helping the widow,
but by purchasing the land
owned by Elimelech and by
becoming her kinsman to save
the house of Elimelech
from destitution.
You will not do that,
that is my right.
I am the closest relative.
Elimelech's land and his wife
are mine.
Neb, you did not read
the law carefully.
It is not the widow of Elimelech
that you redeem but the wife
of his son, the Moabitess
named Ruth.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
It is not so.
It is not so.
Neb, do you still intend
to redeem the land and Ruth?
I will not marry a woman
from Moab.
He will deal with her.
As is a custom of our laws,
remove your sandal and give it
to Boaz.
By the power of the council
given by God, I name Boaz
the kinsman redeemer
of the house of Elimelech.
but if you did not plan
to give her half your grain,
then that man is a liar.
No, he did not lie.
I do plan on giving
half my bounty to Ruth.
You see?
But not the half
that belongs to Israel.
I want to give her my half,
for I plan to make her my wife.
Ruth and Boaz were married
shortly after and a new hope
began for Ruth and Naomi, which
surely was a blessing from God.
began for Ruth and Naomi, which
surely was a blessing from God.
Their trust and faith in Him
allowed blessings on their
family they never thought
I came as soon as I heard.
There's something really wrong
with Ruth.
She can't keep anything down
that she eats.
Boaz, I need for you
to go outside.
And get what?
Nothing, go pray.
She wants me to pray.
I've waited all these years.
I have done everything
You wanted.
I love her.
This can't be happening.
God, I would, I would...
Why are you laughing?
A baby?
A baby, yes.
My mother and father named me
Obed, which means servant.
And Naomi's life was fulfilled
again through the love of
something as small as a newborn
Naomi loved and cared for me
throughout her days as if
I were her own.
Thank You.
I know You're here with me.
I know You always have been.
Oh, and Lord, thank You so much
for little Obed.
Protect him all of his days
and let this family continue
to bless Israel.
Think of your
great grandmother and Naomi.
If they had not trusted God
during the most difficult days
of their lives, you and I would
not be sitting here today.
It is wonderful what God has
done for our ancestors, but how
I know he will do that for me.
Just because some man came and
told me that I'm gonna be king
and anointed my head with oil
doesnt mean that I will be.
He gave you the strength
to fight a lion and a bear that
were attacking your father's
If He will help you to protect
sheep, He will surely give you
wisdom and strength to be king.
Your father wants you
to come home and bring lunch
to your brothers.
Go and do what the Lord says.
Thank you.
David, you forgot this.