The Border (1982) Movie Script

...en el nombre
del Padre...
y del Hijo...
y del Espiritu Santo.
-Mire! Que es eso?
-Dios mio!
Maria! Maria!
# There's a land
so I've been told #
# Every street
is paved with gold #
# And it's just #
# Across the borderline #
# And when it's time
to take your turn #
# Here's a lesson
you must learn #
# You could lose #
# More than you ever
hope to find #
# And when you reach
the broken Promised Land #
# Every dream
slips through your hand #
# Then you'll know #
# It's too late
to change your mind #
# 'Cause you paid the price
to come this far #
# Just to wind up
where you are #
# And you'll steal #
# Just to cross
the borderline #
# Up and down
the Rio Grande #
# A thousand footprints
in the sand #
# Reveal the secret #
# No one can define #
# The river flows on
like a breath #
# In between
our life and death #
# Tell me who's #
# The next to cross
the borderline #
# And when you reach
the broken Promised Land #
# Every dream
slips through your hand #
# Then you'll know #
# It's too late
to change your mind #
# 'Cause you paid the price
to come this far#
# Just to wind up
where you are #
# And you'll steal #
# Just to cross
the borderline ##
I'll get us some burritos and Cokes
while you pull a few.
The unions are squeezin' me,
threatenin' to burn this place down.
-I'm in a union.
-That's a whole other thing.
I'm talkin' about the life and death
of my operation...
and half the factories
in Los Angeles.
They want
a minimum wage.
The day that I gotta start payin'
these people two-fifty an hour,
my business
is a memory.
Well, I gotta have
a couple of 'em.
Take any two you want.
Be my guest.
Who? Mendoza?
You want 'im? Take 'im!
But I gotta tell ya,
he's got a lotta mouths to feed.
All right,
what about these two?
You want 'em?
Take 'em.
Uno momento.
-Tiene ninos?
-Si, tengo dos.
-What about you?
-No. No tengo.
No tengo.
What about it, Lou?
-You gonna have jobs for these guys
when they come back? -Sure.
These are good workers.
Buen trabajadores, huh?
When you come back, you got good jobs.
Six bucks a day.
Over here.
Lean up against the wall there.
You're under arrest
by the authority...
of the United States
-of Naturalization and Immigration.
-All right, I gotta go. You're doin' a good job.
Come on.
Let's take a walk.
-Hi, hon! Charlie, there is no time.
There is no time
for anything at all.
I didn't even have time
to wash my hair today.
What do you do all day?
Aha! Here it is.
Look at that.
Johnny. You're looking
good tonight, Johnny.
-What is it?
-Well, look at it?
Isn't that the prettiest duplex
you ever did see?
-Where'd this come from?
-From El Paso.
From my dear,
darlin' friend Savannah.
See the one marked
in red? That's hers.
She's made it possible for us
to have the one next to it.
Who's our first contestant
What are you talkin' about?
Buyin' a duplex? With what?
Darlin', right now
the price is right.
The price is gonna skyrocket, and besides,
it's everything we ever dreamed of.
I never dreamed of livin' in El Paso.
How hungry are you?
Hungry-Man or normal?
-You got it.
I was thinkin' about maybe
goin' back in the...
Recreation and Parks Service.
You gotta think of goin' forward,
not backward.
Remember when we
used to feed those ducks?
the Forest Service.
But, darlin',
that's a dead end.
I, uh,
I liked feedin' those ducks.
It's my woman's intuition that things
would be better for us in El Paso.
I just won't talk about it.
You've got six more seconds.
We never talk about anything, Marcy.
Did you ever realize that?
We never fuckin' talk
about anything.
I am available to talk
any time you would like.
# It's too late
for teardrops #
# For cryin' around #
# Well, you made me beg
like a dog #
# On this cold,
cold ground #
# There'll be
no forgiveness #
# For all that you'll see #
# You're just a hole
to crawl out of #
# There's no sympathy #
# And it's too late #
# It's too bad
Too bad #
# No in-between #
# Now you're livin'
in a nightmare #
# Or you're livin'
in a dream #
# You run outta chances #
# Run outta time #
# You're runnin'
outta money #
# Goin' out of your mind #
# The coldest touch #
# Goes right down
to the bone #
# Everybody's out for blood #
# And you're in it
all alone #
# Now there ain't no mercy #
# In the hands of fate #
# Well, when time
has slipped away #
# You see
you made your play #
# Too late ##
Es Norte America.
They're here!
They're here now!
Just look at it!
It's just like the picture says.
Charlie, I'm in paradise. I believe
I'm gonna sprout wings and a halo!
-Marcy! Marcy!
-I'm so glad to see you!
-I'm the welcome wagon!
Look at you!
Oh, we're here!
Oh, we made it!
I can't believe it!
Oh, you look so good!
This here's Charlie.
Well, now,
he's really cute.
-And you're Cat!
-Real nice to meet you.
You must be Timmy.
Aren't you the darlin'est thing!
-How ya doin', Charlie?
-Fine. Doin' fine.
-Have a nice trip?
-Yeah. Nice to meet you.
-This is Timmy. Shake the man's hand, son.
Don't you wanna see
what you bought yourself?
-Come on in.
-I turned the air conditioner on.
-Don't go havin' vapors, honey. You wait.
-It's blazin', huh?
-Carry her.
-You have got to carry her.
-Sa... Savannah.
-Savannah, come on.
-The man's just driven a thousand miles.
-I've put on a little...
-Go on now. Cross the threshold.
-We've been married 11 years.
Okay. I suppose
it's never too late.
Come on.
I'll carry you in.
Up you go. Oh!
Atta boy! You got her.
Don't bump me into the door!
Oh. Oh!
It's just...
It's beautiful!
It's just
perfectly beautiful!
Oh! It's so lovely.
I don't believe it!
And that's where
we'll put the Nu-Vue.
Nu-Vue just happens to be one of the top
pool manufacturing companies.
Oh, I could cry!
-I think you're all gonna like it here.
Oh, I know we are.
Dad, I wanna go swimming.
Okay, Timmy, go ahead.
Don't stay in too long now.
You're not talking
a whole bunch, Charlie.
Yeah, well, I'm just
takin' everything in.
-Well, here's a great big kiss...
for bringin' my little Marcy
back home to Texas where she belongs.
Isn't she as pretty
as I said she'd be?
-She sure is.
-Well, I used to be somethin'.
But now I drive past the high and all them
little girls are wearin' my old tits.
Hey, Marcy, do you still think
we could knock them dead?
I know we can.
She ever tell you how we could ginger up
a whole stadium? Let's show 'em, honey.
A one and a two
and a ba-ba-ba-ba.
Eagles born
and Eagles bred.
When I die,
I'll be in Eagles' heaven.
Fight, you Eagles,
knock 'em dead!
'Cause if we win,
we'll give you head!
-I didn't say that. No way! I did not.
-Yes, you did.
Charlie, I figure you and me have scored
the best damn pussy in the whole state of Texas.
Charlie, you ought to get
the shirts tailored.
-They'll look a whole lot better.
-You think so?
Well, it's a matter
of preference.
I get mine done
that way.
Well, uh, what's the cost
to get the tailoring done?
The shirts will cost you
ten dollars each.
We can narrow
the pants for five.
They got some
really nice boots here.
-You oughta look at a pair, Charlie.
-I better take it easy.
$125 clothing allowance,
you know.
I wouldn't worry about that.
Buster can bill you for it.
-Give you some time to get caught up. Right, Buster?
-That's right.
Free for 30 days.
No, I think I better take it
just the way it comes off the rack.
I can't tell you how glad
I am to have you down here.
Well, I want to thank you and your wife
for all your help.
Well, it's you
that's helpin' me.
I'm stuck with guys down here that are
too dumb to roll rocks down a steep hill.
No reason why you can't move
real fast down here, Charlie.
Real fast.
Today your partner's
a guy named Hawker.
He's a real son of a bitch,
but he knows what he's doin'.
-Why'd you transfer out here?
-Needed a change.
My wife's from Dallas.
How long's the fence?
The Tortilla Curtain?
You only have to go
three miles to get around it.
People just cut holes in it.
Saves 'em a lot of time.
You'll find there's a pretty
good bunch of boys here.
You'll find you can pretty much
trust 'em... most of 'em.
You know, it's funny what you can see in a man.
Just... the way he wears his clothes.
The uniform's supposed to
make everyone the same.
That's what the word means.
Uniform. But if you...
Venganse! Andale! A ndale!
Pronto! Pronto!
Ven aca!
Day workers mostly.
Come over in the mornin', go back at night.
No way to stop 'em;
no point in really botherin'.
You ever throw
dirt clods as a kid?
Well, it's the same
damn game.
This is a desert.
There ain't a dirt clod
to be found for miles.
-It doesn't really get rough 'til after dark.
-I get it.
Coyote's the one
in the lead.
We usually let 'em get across.
It's easier to pick 'em up on this side.
See, if you surprise 'em
in the river,
they just hunker down in the water there
and get pneumonia.
I figure life is tough enough
for 'em without makin' it worse.
-You wanna watch us book 'em in?
Hurry up!
Let's go!
I brought my man Charlie here
to see how you big boys work.
Sanchez. Sanchez,
why don't you start...
goin' on back over
to Nogales and crossin' there?
Hell, we been drivin' you back so often,
we'll have to start chargin' you bus fare.
We got a call.
We gotta go.
Hold your ass.
We don't usually
get calls from up here.
-Just stay here.
Hawker? Hawker!
Hawker? Hawker!
Station One?
Station One?
This is Charlie Smith.
Get us some goddamn help!
-Where is he?
-I don't know. I didn't see him go down.
He was right out here
in front of the truck.
-You see him? You got him?
-Gimme some cover, Charlie. Okay, you ready?
-You ready? Go!
-Ready. Go.
He's fuckin' dead!
They had it on the radio this morning.
We heard it when we were comin' in.
-You didn't really get any kind
of a look at 'em, huh, Charlie?
No, I didn't really.
Well, F.B.I. will probably send some boys,
poke around up there.
If there's any kind of evidence,
they'll find it.
I figure he probably came on some dopers.
Surprised them and...
Tough break for you,
Charlie, first time out.
-Fuckin' dopers!
You tell them damn mechanics
of ours, Andy,
that the speedometer on my rig
says 140 miles an hour,
and it damn well better go 140 miles
an hour the next time I want it to.
-Yes, sir.
-Red, this here's Charlie Smith.
Hello there,
I been wantin' to meet you,
welcome you to the unit.
I'm real sorry it had to be under
circumstances like this.
Right face!
Arms up!
Ready, fire!
Ready, fire!
Ready, fire!
Left face!
Present arms!
Buenas tardes.
Su nina es bonita.
Hey! Hey!
I'll break
your goddamn cabeza in half!
Sueltalos, te digo!
No quiero nada
con un ladron!
Vete de aqui.
-Son de usted?
Gracias, senora.
Senora, espera.
Save the last dance
for me.
You made me
a whole man again.
-But now, Carla, I, I have something to tell you.
Isn't it beautiful?
Goddamn! What did
this fuckin' thing cost?
Did you say something?
I was askin' you
how much this cost?
We don't have to worry
about paying for it...
because I opened up
a charge account at the Galleria.
Charlie, um...
Am I gaining weight?
Well, I suppose you are.
You eat so goddamn much.
Don't be funnin' me.
I know you like the way I feel.
Don't you wanna feel it?
-Feel it?
Carla, I can't...
do you know somethin'?
It stays real cool,
real cool in the summer,
and it can get
real hot in the winter.
I'm leaving
on the QE II Tuesday.
We'll go together.
We'll go to another place.
-We can't. You've missed the point.
Captain Cook's Fish Fiesta.
A heapin' bucket
of giant jumbo shrimp,
succulent chunks
of fried fish,
luscious bites
of langostino.
Mmm. I'd better cast off for
Captain Cook's Fish Fiesta right now.
And remember, no fishy smell,
no fishy taste.
Shipshape clean,
and the eating's great.
Levantense ya.
Todos en una linea.
I got him.
-Okay. Okay.
-Yo no puedo! Dejame!
- Easy, Cat, easy.
Ever see this before?
Push this in grammar schools,
Ten-year-old kids gettin' hooked on this.
Stick him in the box.
Todas las mujeres
y los ninos aqui,
los hombres por aca.
Si. Yo.
Mis... Uh...
Mis hubcaps.
No, no, no.
-Por favor. No, no, no, no, no.
-Quit this.
-Suelteme, pendejo!
Por favor. Por favor.
I believe that woman
kinda went for you!
-Goddamn, Beef. You think that's funny.
-That was a Mexican come-on!
-Quieres agua, hombre?
-No, no quiero agua.
This here's my eye, Charlie.
-How ya doin'?
-He works with us on the other side.
-Manuel, Charlie.
-Como esta, Manuel?
-Aqui, no mas.
-They can use you over in the write-up room.
You got any idea what they're gettin'
for Wets delivered up north?
-Haven't got a clue.
-Five hundred and fifty bucks a head.
Well, I guess we're sendin' them
the wrong way, aren't we?
Hell, Texas's been runnin' on Wet labor
since before I was born.
Does pretty damn good too. You think
this country'd get by without Wets?
You go out on some
boilin' hot day...
and pick your own lettuce and tomatoes
and beans and onions.
Jimbo, sounds like you're figurin'
on turnin' in that uniform...
and becomin' a coyote.
Brush up on his Spanish and
he'd make a damn good coyote.
Hey, Charlie,
how you spell illiterate?
Only a gourd-head would ask
a stupid question like that.
Look it up
in the dictionary.
How're you supposed to look it up
if you can't spell it?
-Como se llama, usted?
Here ya go, Charlie.
Got a live one for ya.
Seems kinda silly,
don't it?
We're bustin' our asses
to send 'em back,
and respectable businesspeople
payin' to bring 'em in.
I guess out in L.A.
It was pretty much the same.
Pretty much, yeah.
There sure as hell ain't no way
to ever stop 'em, is there?
Man of your experience
must know that sometimes...
it makes no sense
to even try.
Somebody shit
in your beer?
What are you fishin' for?
You and me might have some of the same
ideas about things, Charlie.
I mean,
we're neighbors.
And... I'm tryin' to build somethin'
for my family.
And I know how hard you been working
to build somethin' for yourself and Marcy.
I'm onto somethin' good, partner,
and I figured maybe I could bring you in.
Yeah, well,
you figured wrong, Cat.
Hey. Okay.
Any way you want it,
I mean, I'll fight ya,
fuck ya, run ya a footrace.
Whatever you want,
'Cause I want us
to be friends.
Hi, hon.
-Charlie, I'm gonna show you.
What is your opinion...
your honest opinion of TV?
-I think it sucks.
-No, Charlie. I mean for me.
-For me.
-I must be missing the point, Marcy.
As a medium
for my expression.
Now, Savannah says that I have
a certain style.
What happened
to your face?
Are you trying to tell me
that you want to be on television?
Charlie, it is a seed.
It is a little, tiny seed
that is sprouting in my mind.
I married a banana.
I married
a fuckin' banana.
Charlie, I am serious.
I have never been more serious in my life.
I don't know how you
would get a job like that.
-I don't even know how a person would get a job...
-It's just that...
Oh! Charlie, my God!
What are you doing?
-What the fuck is this, Marcy?
-It's our new swimming pool!
are you all right?
Perdoname, senora.
Hey, man, you want
to go fuck some girls?
Pinche gringo! Mamalon!
Flat on my back,
and in walks the cutest
blue-eyed doctor you ever saw,
and he asks me
if I'm ready.
All right, Savannah,
that's enough.
Honey, I'm just havin'
a little fun, okay?
It was years before
we was married.
Don't be inhibitin' me
'cause you know how pissed off I get!
-Then what happened?
-I said, "I have never in my life been more ready.
You don't have to
etherize me or nothin'!"
-Charlie, where have you been?
-I gotta talk to Cat.
-What are you doing dressed like this,
comin' to this nice party
with all this nice stuff?
-Where's Cat?
-I don't know.
But look at the way
you're dressed. Charlie!
I had this dream I was makin' these
little bitty grunts comin' out...
-Excuse me.
-Can I talk to you, Cat?
-My God, you are sweaty!
-What happened to you?
-Can I talk to you?
-I love sweaty men.
-Will you excuse me?
You wicked girl!
-That kid is dead.
-What kid?
The one we pulled last week. The kid
with the dope on him. He's fuckin' dead.
The one last week?
I turned him over to Manuel.
Well, somebody
slit his goddamn throat.
I left him on the other side with his
Adam's apple all over his fuckin' chest.
Jesus Christ.
The kid was a doper. They have their
own way of dealin' with things.
What you sayin'?
Manuel did it?
I don't know who killed him. I only know
he's dead 'cause you're tellin' me.
The Mexicans, they have their own
kind of justice, same as we do.
We all take care of our own. Dopers kill
and they get killed all the time.
Well, hello there, Charlie.
Say, uh, you didn't have to
dress up on my account.
You better check his green card, Cat.
I think he's come in wet.
Red, uh...
That... That doper
we brought in last week?
Charlie found him over on the other side.
He's dead.
I already called the Rangers.
What're you doin'
over there, Charlie?
-I just went over there to look around.
Well, maybe you don't
know this, but, uh,
I don't like my men goin' over there...
not even for a Mexican meal.
You get in trouble over there,
and I'd have a hell of a time gettin' you out.
Well, what the hell.
Let's have some fun.
# Happy birthday to you #
# Happy birthday, dear Red #
# Happy birthday to you #
# Happy birthday to you #
# Happy birthday to you #
# Happy birthday, dear Red #
# Happy birthday to you ##
Get up! Let's go!
Let's get together here!
-En linea, por favor.
-Come on. Move it!
Move it!
Move it on now!
Ah, senores.
Esto no es un tren
de pasajeros.
Bajense, por favor.
-I got him! I got him!
Juan, esperate!
No seas tonto!
-Are you all right?
-Juan, estas bien?
-Okay, Charlie?
Man, you had me
scared shitless.
Absolutely scared shitless.
Riskin' your life for that little fucker!
Hiya, Charlie.
Hey, Charlie.
Chief wants to see ya.
Como estas?
-Muy bien. Yusted?
-Bien. Es la muchacha?
La que tiene
un nino.
-Hey, Charlie.
-Oh, hi, Red.
-How ya doin'?
Cat told me about
the incident on the train.
That was
a fine piece of work.
-Oh, thanks.
-How 'bout a chew?
Uh, no.
Well, I chew at work.
My wife don't like it around the house.
In October, we got ducks sittin' in these
levies down here thicker than flies on shit.
Well, I haven't done much huntin'
since I was a kid.
Yeah, well,
don't worry about it.
I'll let you have
my wide-pattern Browning.
Can't miss.
Won't embarrass you.
Que bonito
que es su nino!
Pobrecito, tanto calor.
No quiere ir a lavarse?
Mire, yo se lo cuido
nada mas un ratitito.
Si me lo da a mi,
yo se cuido lo muy bien.
-Luego va y se lava y yo se lo regreso.
Quiere? Ande. Deme. -Bueno.
Yo se lo cuido.
-Esta dormido.
-Si. Si, se lo cuido.
-Asi, andale. Yo se lo cuido, eh?
I'm sure I'm not gonna be tellin' you
anything you don't know.
The game's a little different
around here.
There's some real big money
on the table.
Smart man, he's gonna play his cards
right tight up against his chest.
Mi nino!
Donde esta mi nino?
Donde esta la senora
que tenia mi nino?
Donde esta su companera?
Donde esta mi nino?
Me han robado mi nino!
Abran la puerta, por favor!
Se robaron a mi hijo!
-Abran la puerta!
-What's goin' on back there?
-A bran la puerta!
Of course, if some farmer throws a sack
of onions in the back of your car,
I don't mind you leavin'
a few Wets in his field.
But anything unusual
comes up,
by God, I better be
the first to know about it.
What's all that
hollerin' about?
What the hell's goin' on?
Well, get 'em outta here!
Get 'em on the buses!
Get 'em out!
Get 'em back to Mexico!
I don't need
no confrontation.
Mi nino!
Nice work, boys!
Nice work!
-Thank you.
-Good job. Good job.
You fellas who are hurt,
you all get first aid.
-What happened out there?
-I'm not sure, sir.
-Where the hell's that baby?
-Listen, man. I'm telling you, it's okay.
You stole a baby
outta the goddamn compound.
What the hell you mean,
"it's okay"?
This ain't the little Baby Jesus, you know.
It's just some indio.
I don't go in
for stealin' babies...
indio babies
or any other kind.
I don't cotton to that kinda shit!
Understand me?
Don't worry, man.
The kid is okay.
An Anglo family.
They paid big money for him.
He's gonna have it real good.
Big cars, swimming pools.
We did a good thing for him. I just make
a little money on the side. No big deal.
I told you before.
We're in the business of movin' Wets
and nothin' else.
You ever come across
runnin' babies or dope...
or any other
goddamn thing, and...
I'm gonna knock your fuckin' dick
into the dirt.
Okay. Okay.
Don't worry, man. With me,
you ain't got no problem.
That's him. El Scorcho.
The Burned Face.
He's running Wets
on our territory.
Competition, amigo.
This makes up
the total order, ma'am.
-Just tell the boys where to spot that sofa.
Be careful goin' through
the door, you all.
I think it'll look nice
right over there.
What about this thing
and the breakfront?
Oh. Well,
I don't know.
I think the...
And the breakfront
over there by the wall.
Get it right in
that corner there.
Well, we'll just
put it right in there.
-Um, yeah, I think...
-If there's anything else, ma'am,
you just
speak right up.
You want the plastic
on or off the sofa?
-I want it out.
-Oh. Oh, hi, honey. You're up.
Um, I was, uh...
I was gonna surprise you.
Um, I think I'll take
the plastic off myself, okay?
Very well, ma'am.
That's all. Sign here.
Okay. Thank you.
I think we should have the plastic
made into permanent covers.
They say you can extend the life of your combo
by a couple of years if you...
No more, Marcy.
No more is no more.
No more does not mean
more and more and more.
No more means no more.
Don't you understand?
I am doin' this for us, Charlie.
All our goddamn money is left locked up
in this goddamn house!
By the time they take the mortgage
payments out of my paycheck,
there's not enough left
to buy you a fuckin' box of tampons!
I am doin' the best that I know
how to make you a dream house.
-I want this for you.
-I can't afford a fuckin' dream house!
-But... But...
-I can't afford it.
-You got it?
-All you ever do is yell about money, money, money!
Don't you care...
I'm sorry.
Charlie, do you
know something?
All I ever do is try
to make you happy.
I'm sorry.
What's on your mind,
You still workin'
on that deal?
I just wanna say I'm open.
That's all.
-I'm open.
-All right.
I tried to sit you on the right horse
from the start.
Why'd you make it so rough?
Don't matter, does it?
No. Whatever your reasons are,
I respect them.
This here
is the drop house.
Hey, J.J. Got a message from Manuel.
You got a load comin' over?
Who the hell's that?
This here is Charlie Smith,
J.J. Charlie's my partner now.
Where ya from, boy?
California! Shit, I used to work out there
durin' the war in them shipyards.
The whole time I was out there I never met
anybody that was worth a pinch of shit.
-They're a bunch of scum-suckin' dogs.
-Come on. Lay off.
I ain't kiddin' ya.
I'd go down there and...
hold my nose and put
a double rubber on my dick...
and fuck all those
dockside whores down there.
Likely as not, uh,
I mighta knowed
your mother, sonny.
Just a teeny little push,
that's all.
Just a teeny little push.
Guess we caught J.J. with
a wild hair up his ass.
Come on, Charlie. Wait outside. Wait
outside while we talk. It's okay. Come on.
All right. Okay. Fine.
Put that fuckin' gun away.
Where do you come off
pullin' that kind of shit anyway?
I'm gonna tell you
I can tell by the way that guy looks through
his face that he's crazier than a shithouse rat.
If you really need that boy,
you oughta put a collar on him and
make sure he don't get outta the yard.
What the hell
do you think this is?
That's just money, boy.
That's all that is.
That ain't enough.
I want you to meet
Bonnie and Alice.
-Hi. Nice to meet ya.
-How ya doin'?
-Would you hurry up?
Hurry up!
-My new girlfriend, Angie.
-Hi, Angie. Nice to see you.
Daddy. Come on, Daddy!
Hey, Charlie. Hey, when are them
coals gonna be ready?
Hell, I'm so damn hungry
I could eat fried pig shit. a nice, sweet,
sultry voice. how an electric toothbrush can
revitalize your sex life.
We'd have the best damn show on TV.
-Savannah, I want you to take Timmy home.
-You take him.
You're drunk.
Well, I'm just rememberin'
how much you hate scenes.
So don't be
jerkin' my reins.
You need a hand?
-I thought I might... help you skewer a while.
-No, I'm just...
Honey, could you hurry up?
They're really getting hungry.
Don't be pickin' on Charlie.
He's doin' a fine job, and I'm helpin' him.
Yeah, well, we're running out of dip...
of everything, you know?
Well, hell, if they're that hungry,
we might as well feed 'em right now.
Well, goddamn, girl.
You wanna party, you got a party.
-Whoa! Ho-ho-ho-ho!
-Charlie, do something!
The meat is on fire!
Charlie, please do something,
goddamn it!
Charlie, do something!
Soup's on.
-Cat to Charlie.
I got a blue pickup...
with a top over the bed,
just picked up nine or ten.
Get after 'em,
my boy.
Out. Spread.
-Well, I guess you got me, huh?
-Yeah, I guess I did.
Bajense, amigos. Todos.
La linea. La linea.
Thank you.
Well, look here.
Nice work, Charlie.
This old boy and his amigos
must be runnin' ten loads a week.
-I don't know nothin', man. It's just work for me.
-Oh, yeah, I know.
-I'll take it from here.
-Where you takin' him?
-Back to the station. You take care of the Wets.
Transportation's right behind me.
-Fuera del carro, seores.
-Let me tell ya, this has been one hell of a day.
This is my fourth load
since I came in.
Tules along the river
were full of 'em.
If they paid us by the head,
we'd all be millionaires.
-Got it?
-I got it, Stan.
Well, take it easy,
Partner, how we doin'?
I ain't in this for murder.
You hear me?
No way that I'm in this for murder.
-Easy, Charlie. Calm down.
-You're killin' drivers.
And don't tell me I don't know
what I'm talkin' about!
'Cause if I don't, where's the driver
you took in today? He ain't in there!
-And he ain't in there! So where the fuck is he?
-He pulled a gun.
-Oh, he didn't have no fuckin' gun!
-He sure did.
-You fuckin' missed it!
-Ah, bullshit!
That old boy near got me,
'cause you didn't fuckin' search him good!
Don't bullshit me!
Listen, Charlie, you're all steamed up.
Now calm down.
Listen to me. I'm sure you can appreciate
somethin'. We got a business situation here.
These independents get too big,
that comes out of our end.
-So, what, you just fuckin' kill 'em?
-We take care of business.
That's all we do.
We take care of business.
You see this fuckin' line?
This line right here I don't cross!
This fuckin' line
right here!
Listen, you asked me to let you in.
I ain't exactly payin' you dog-squeeze.
-I don't care about your money!
-You took it!
Your life is gonna be fly shit before I ever
get involved in murder! You understand me?
-Do ya?
-Okay. Okay.
I can respect that.
Seriously, I can respect that.
Now, now, now I know.
Now you know.
Jesus Christ.
There's times when I feel like
there's a whole other person in there.
He just isn't the Charlie Smith
that I married.
Oh, they've all got
their secret sides.
-Sonya's ready for you.
The other night
after dinner?
He went around the house
and looked at the Nu-Vue...
And everything, and he
turned to me and said,
"Marcy, what the hell are we doing here?
What the hell is the point?"
-The point?
And I said, "The point is,
honey, that we're happy."
And he looked at me...
real funny,
sort of sad like,
and he said, "So this is all it takes
to make you happy."
And I felt real scared,
He was standing right there in the room
with me, and... I felt all alone.
Oh, honey, I wouldn't
worry about it.
You just keep that sweet thing buttered up.
He's not gonna wander too far from home.
You know what?
You look like
my husband.
He'd fuck a woodpile
if he thought there was a snake in it.
Well, I've fucked
a woodpile or two myself.
I bet you have.
it doesn't really matter,
does it?
I read somewhere in a poem that
everything is just a dream.
Whose dream is it?
I don't know
who's dreaming.
Well, then it doesn't matter,
does it?
Guess not.
-Do you remember me?
-How you doin'?
Where'd you get
the sneakers?
Same place I get this watch.
-You boostin' now?
-Only work for money.
Donde esta su hermana?
Busca a mi hermana?
Cinco dolares.
Cinco dolares.
Cinco dolares. Vamos.
# Hey, amigos,
don't pass this by #
# 'Cause in here we got everything
that money can buy #
# Now it's a place where a face
ain't got no name #
# Down here everybody's
playin' that old skin game #
-She don't wanna work here.
She have to earn money,
get baby.
# ...a man down in Mexico #
-# Mexico #
-# Uh-huh #
# Mexico Bargain be a man
down in Mexico #
What's the matter with the baby?
Is it sick?
Esta enfermo el nio?
No, they took the baby.
She have to earn money or no give back.
Hiya, Charlie.
Como estas, amigo?
What would you like?
Cerveza? Tequila?
How about some whiskey? Anything you want
and it's yours on the house, free.
I came over to talk
to one of the girls.
Oh, you want some pussy. Pick one you like.
She's yours for nothing.
-I'll talk to this one.
-# I'm workin' undercover
Well, man, the price is right #
Nil, Charlie.
She's only good for go-go dancing.
We got some girls
you're really gonna like.
Come on.
I got some really fine pussy for you.
# Mexico
Well, the bargain...#
-Que le paso a tu nino?
-El nino me lo robaron.
Esta zafada.
She's crazy, man.
# Well, the bargain be a man
down in Mexico #
Come on. I'll take you outta here
right now. Senora?
Understand? Anybody tries to stop me,
I'm gonna throw this fuckin' place into the street.
Por favor.
You want her?
You can have her.
Stop it! Sueltenlo!
Me estan volviendo loco.
Mujeres bonitas!
Say, senor!
Ay, que chulo.
Ven aca.
Hey. Hey.
Hey, gringo!
Hey, take me home, huh?
Take me home.
Hey, amigo!
#Pass by #
# 'Cause in here we got everything
that money can buy ##
Feel his mouth. Come on now, Tim.
You're not feelin' his mouth.
That guy, you know, Charlie?
Jesus, he's all weirded out.
-I know.
-He went after that girl with that baby.
-Don't worry about it.
-We've gotta do something with him.
-He can put us all in the shitter.
-I know what to do.
-Get your heel down!
-I'm telling you, he's gonna be trouble.
I'm gonna stick ol' Charlie so deep in my pocket
they're gonna have to pipe light in him.
That's great!
-Que esta pasando aqui?
-No te preocupes. Es de un amigo.
-Hay que ir por usted?
-En una hora.
Hey, Charlie, that kid you got today,
that driver... How many Wets that sucker have?
-Yeah, well, it says here he had two.
Two for San Antone.
-Who typed this up?
Then Honk fucked up.
I just talked to him.
That's what the kid told him.
I mean, you did
look in the van?
Yeah, I looked in the van.
Did you look in them windows?
Sometimes them suckers...
are hunkered down there pretty low
you can't hardly see 'em.
I know how they sit. Honk confused
my driver with another driver.
Van was empty.
We only caught one driver
today, Charlie.
Hey, Beef, if Charlie says the van was empty,
the van was empty. Write it up again.
Kid was probably stoned
or boozed or somethin',
Heck, can you imagine if he had made San Antone?
He opens the door and no one's there.
Hey, Charlie.
How's it goin'?
What are you waitin' for?
-I looked. I'm tellin' ya, I looked.
-Come off it, Charlie.
I looked, goddamn it, and there wasn't
no fuckin' Wets in that fuckin' truck!
All right, you keep on tellin' yourself
whatever it is you wanna believe! All right?
But it ain't gonna change the fact
there's a pair of Wets...
in the back
of that goddamn van!
Now you listen up,
I'm gonna cover you on this, but
from now on, you do exactly like I say.
If I say a pissant could
haul a bale o' cotton,
you don't question me...
you just hitch that fucker up!
Now you go ahead and push them pepper
bellies in that goddamn hole!
What's wrong now?
-Is somethin' wrong now?
-No, nothin'.
Honey, what are you
sitting there for?
what's the matter?
Oh, God, honey, you look exhausted.
What is it?
It's all right.
I love you.
I love you.
I wanna see
your sister.
Gonna take
you both across.
I wanna go
to Chicago.
-Just take me to your sister.
-Okay, migra.
Entre para adentro.
Dice la migra que nos ayuda
a pasar al otro lado.
No hay dinero.
Dile que no tenemos nada.
Te doy dinero.
This is the address
of the coyote.
Direccion del coyote.
Llevale este dinero.
Manana pueden cruzar...
a Estados Unidos.
Vete, Juan.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
No, senora. No.
You don't owe me anything.
Por que me ayuda?
Por que?
Por que?
I wanna feel good
about something sometime.
And, uh, 'cause you have to find your kid,
and you can't do it alone.
You don't understand anything
I'm saying, do you?
No comprende?
Estara bien. Uh...
Manana cruzan...
a los Estados Unidos.
Readin' large group
headin' W-14.
I guess that's our sector.
-See ya later.
Alto! Alto!
Come on. Andale.
Ahora, si.
Have they arrived yet?
The Wets'll be comin' along
pretty soon.
This is your
shit bucket, folks.
This is the paper.
-Vamonos! Arriba!
Vamonos. Arriba.
-Que pasa?
Boys pulled these out.
You wanna check 'em?
I sure do.
Hold that fucker!
What've you got here, boy?
Well, I'll be goddamn. What are ya,
a puta or somethin'?
Wearin' panty hose.
A little dope in there, huh?
I'll be a son of a gun.
What do you got?
The same goddamn thing.
Take 'em on in the shed.
-Andale! Andale!
-Que pasa?
-See that?
Shit, let's take a look.
DBC-4 Patrol.
Spacious furniture truck
on Highway 23.
Giving chase six miles east...
-That's our truck.
-Fuck it. Why should we give a shit? We delivered.
Pursuin' a truck
east of Highway 23.
DBC Unit number nine...
Here we go! Come on!
Hey, come on over here.
Bring it up here. Pick it up!
Pick it up.
-Estas bien?
-Si. Si.
I've gotta get back here.
-Donde esta Juan?
-Lo dejaron en el drop house.
...visit the gas pumps. Well,
you just do-si-do on over to...
-Hi, hon.
-Es mi esposa.
-We have the largest selection of...
what's going on here?
This girl's been
in an accident, Marcy.
Well, I'll call
an ambulance.
No, no, no, don't call an ambulance.
She has to stay here. I'm gonna go back.
-Todo esta bien.
-...or a four-wheel drive...
-Voy por Juan.
-Who's Juan?
Would you please explain to me
what's going on?
Marcy, not now.
Just not right now, okay?
But, Charlie, would ya...
Help the girl out, Marcy.
Give her a drink.
He said,
"I know you shot
my brother."
Brandon was
my brother, Connie.
-Um, would you like an aspirin?
-Oh, my God. I had an affair with Brandon.
How come that goddamn truck
got busted?
J.J., the truck got busted
because two honest border patrolmen...
were out doin' their duty.
Now I ain't got no control over that,
and that's gonna happen every now and then.
Don't you see that?
I can't have the whole goddamn sector
on the take.
Jesus Christ, man.
I don't...
I'm gonna tell you somethin'...
I don't care how you handle it,
but you know, on that last load
we got screwed out of 25 percent.
Twenty-five percent
of one load, J.J., is peanuts!
You think you got expenses?
Hell, come up to my house every weekend.
The whole damn place is...
Hold it right there.
Don't move.
All right, up! Easy.
Put that goddamn gun away, Smith.
Shit, Red!
-What do you want, boy?
-I'm lookin' for that kid you took off the truck.
That little wetback has already
hauled ass back to Mexico.
-Your foot, uh, is it better?
-Es mejor?
-Si esta mejor. Gracias.
-To protest the removal of squatters in the city...
...about two hours after vandalism,
public harassment...
and obstruction of traffic,
the group dispersed...
-Charlie, where have you been?
tenemos que regresar
a Mexico.
Charlie, what's going on?
I don't understand.
Her brother's on the other side.
I'm taking her back.
-And you're going with her? But...
-I'll be back.
Mexico cannot
legally evict...
Charlie, what, what is
your relationship with this girl?
Marcy, will ya quit it?
You don't have to do this now.
Charlie, you're leaving
with her, aren't you?
Marcy, I'm gonna
be right back.
B-But, Charlie, what,
what are you d-doing with her?
Charlie, I have
a right to know.
Charlie? Charlie,
please don't go.
-You don't have to do this. I'm gonna be right back.
-Charlie, please.
-Charlie, please!
-Ow! Goddamn it.
-Charlie, please don't go.
What am I gonna do without you?
-Be right back.
Charlie, please don't go!
Dios mio! Juan!
-Necesita un doctor!
Ay, Dios mio, que hago?
Ay, Juan!
Dios te salve, Maria. Llena eres de gracia.
El Senor es contigo.
Bendita tu eres entre todas las mujeres
y bendito el fruto de vientre, Jesus. Amen.
Padre nuestro que estas en el cielo,
santificado sea tu nombre.
Venga a nos tu reino.
Hagase, Senor, tu voluntad...
Dios te salve, Maria. Llena eres de gracia.
El Senor es contigo.
Bendita tu eres entre
todas las mujeres...
Oiga No conoce
a una senora...
Santa Maria, madre de Dios,
ruega por nosotros los pecadores,
ahora y en la hora
de nuestra muerte. Amen.
Y bendito el fruto de
tu vientre, Jesus. Amen.
Tiene un hermano...
Abajo, Maria!
Quedate. Quedate.
Who'd you sell
the baby to?
I can take you to him.
We haven't sold him yet.
He's okay.
The baby's okay.
I was waiting for
a good home for him.
rich people pay 25 grand
for a baby like that.
You and me,
we could cut a deal.
Let's go.
Hola. Hola!
Abre la puerta.
-Nobody home.
-Get back.
Hit it!
I can't believe we couldn't
work somethin' out.
Mi hijo!
# There's a land
so I've been told #
# Every street is paved
with gold #
# And it's just
across the borderline #
# And when it's time
to take your turn #
# Here's a lesson
you must learn #
# You could lose
more than you ever
hope to find #
# And when you reach #
# The broken Promised Land #
# Every dream
slips through your hand #
# Then you'll know #
# It's too late #
# To change your mind #
# 'Cause you've paid the price
to come this far #
# Just to wind up
where you are #
# And you'll steal
just to cross the borderline #
# Up and down the Rio Grande #
# A thousand footprints
in the sand #
# Reveal the secret
no one can define #
# The river flows on
like a breath #
# In between our life
and death #
# Tell me who's
the next to cross
the borderline #
# And when you reach
the broken Promised Land #
# Every dream
slips through your hand #
# Then you'll know
it's too late #
# To change your mind #
# 'Cause you've paid the price
to come this far #
# Just to wind up
where you are #
# And you'll steal
just to cross the borderline ##