The Borderlands (2013) Movie Script

Rosetta's in intensive care and the rest
of them, they've just disappeared. Gone!
Everything's gone to hell.
Get that camera off me!
5-80-pro times four, got about
a dozen more in the car.
Check. Head cam set times three -
that's one, two... Where
the hell is the other one?
Ah, modelled by the handsome
man in the mirror.
What else?
Got my LED, two D - yes.
My work light - yes.
Fuck it, let's get some coffee.
Alright, mate. You're Deacon?
I'm Gray.
- I'm the tech specialist.
You not worked with one before?
Well, basically I'm in
charge of the camera,
the microphones, all that kind of stuff.
What do you make of the luxury cottage?
Right now running water
sounds like luxury.
You're not local?
- Fuck, no.
Christ, I couldn't live around here.
There's no Wi-Fi, no broadband, no cable.
Basically it's like the middle ages.
You wanna see the room?
- Yeah, that'll be good.
Come on.
Me and you are in here, man.
We're sharing?
We're sharing?
- Yeah, well, the main man
gets the master bedroom.
Do you know him? Something Amidon.
- Yeah, that's it.
- I left a load of crap
on your bed, but I'll sort all
that out. You want a beer?
Tell you what, you sort out the
bed and I'll put the kettle on.
Well, I didn't do a Breathalyzer
test but he seemed sober enough.
For a Scotsman anyway.
Yeah, I know, I am serious.
It just makes me uncomfortable,
all this Big Brother shit.
I'm a techie, mate. If you
want your audio clean,
your white balance shiny,
then I'm your man, but...
Yeah, yeah, yeah, the bonus
is very generous, but...
By the way, is that
gonna be paid in cash?
Because it makes the paper
work a bit... Oh, I'd better go.
I made you tea.
- Cheers, mate.
Women, ey...
- I wouldn't know.
Deacon! Deacon, come on, mate.
Let's get you kitted out.
This is ridiculous.
- Well maybe,
but it's also regulations.
Oh come on, mate.
I've been wearing mine two days already
and I can barely even notice
it's there anymore.
That's it.
- You probably enjoy it.
Right, listen. Rule number one: I
am not wearing this in the toilet,
not unless the toilet is weeping
blood or something.
Alright, fine. When you have a poo
or a shower you can take it off,
but the rest of the time
they want it on, alright?
I've been promoted to tripod.
It's all been since Belem. Apparently they
had massive gaps in the timeline at Belem
and they wanna plug them using these.
- Yeah.
Deacon, where's your head cam?
Look mate, it's not you who
gets it in the neck, alright?
Please. I'll sort that out. Please.
What have you done here?
Get a wiggle on, mate.
Yep, alright.
- What are you doing?
Going to have a fag. You mind if I smoke?
- Yes.
Excuse me...
You know it's like, you can't imagine this
place is gonna be the stuff of legend,
like the Arthurian legend in years to come.
- Name me a place that is.
Betting shop, fish bar, laundry.
That's life in miniature.
Food, cleanliness and a
little bit of naughty.
So how long you've worked for
the congregation, Deacon?
So I imagine you must have seen
a lot of insane and spooky stuff.
I don't know about you dude,
but I'm looking forward
to seeing some really wired shit.
Is there anything I should...
- Yeah.
Don't get your hopes up.
Dude, have you just bought booze?
It's gone, it's back, it's gone,
it's back. It's gone, it's back!
Come here.
Where are we?
- Hang on, where are we...
The village, the church...
Right, that's the cottage just
there and there's the church.
Look on the map. You know the
sign for a church, don't you?
It's a little round thing with a
cross, see if you can find it.
It's in this area here.
You can't just dial it into a computer.
Yeah well, that's not where
the church is. Look here!
"Bullcone". "Bullcone". "Bullcone".
Yeah, it says "Bullcone".
- Dude, come on!
No, good luck. No really, it's fine.
You go for it. I'll come back.
You're a misery guts!
- I'll come back.
No, alright, I'll get the corners done,
then you can do the fun
bit - filling in the middle.
Yeah, perfect, okay.
I'll see you around March!
I got a corner!
It's a bit late for the bells, isn't it?
Dude, the rules are very clear.
We need to wait for the -what's his
name?- the Realtor General, Amidon.
Relator, and he should've
been here yesterday.
Dude, even so.
- Right, fine. I'm now going up to the site.
But you know I'm not very technical
inclined. I just hope
all this delicate equipment doesn't...
- Dude, calm down, man!
You've ever known any Buddhists, Deacon?
- Have you ever known any Buddhists?
I had a girlfriend who was a Buddhist;
she did a vow of silence,
it was fucking brilliant!
You know, the accelerator is
not an on-off button, Gray.
It's something you can press
and depress gently.
Yeah, well, I just turn around.
There we go. Thanks mate. Tit!
Are we there yet?
- No, fucking sat-nav's fucked.
It has taken us in a
massive shitty circle.
Yeah, ask this fella here.
He looks like an agreeable
local bumpkin type.
Hi, can you tell us where the
church is round here please?
Yeah, you know, it's a big pointy
building with a spire on top.
Please be quiet.
- God's house!
Please be quiet.
- Alright.
His name's father Crellick.
Right, okay... Thanks very much for
your time. Sorry to bother you.
Have a cracking day, mate!
- Have a good trip.
Good luck with it!
Can you smell that?
It's cows.
I hate cows.
Why do people do this?
Satanists, supposedly. They
record messages on them.
Spells, curses, that sort of thing...
- Curses?
I got it.
Oh dude.
That's nature for you, Deacon.
Big stuff eating little stuff.
One glance in the bible
will tell you that.
Or take the miracle of Lanciano.
In the year 700 a Basilian monk had doubts
over the actual physical presence
of Jesus Christ in the holy Eucharist.
While he was performing the
ceremony, before his eyes
the bread and the wine transformed
into chunks of living flesh.
The question is: Do you give cows names?
My mate at school, Scott Andrews,
he said he gives his cows names,
or did when he was a kid,
and then they couldn't kill them.
They got like attached to them
and then that cow ended up living
with them for like about 14 years -
the life span of a cow. They said
it was a massive pain in the arse.
Cheery stuff.
You alright?
I'm alright, yeah. Just
hanging with my home boy.
Afternoon, Barry.
Father Crellick?
I think you've been expecting us.
Oh yes, of course! I wasn't sure
what time you'd be arriving.
The Relator General has been delayed
but I'm Deacon and this is Gray.
I was under the impression that you fellows
would make me feel underdressed.
"You all shall be dressed in humility,
for God resists the proud"
"and gives grace to the humble."
I'll show you where it happened.
- Thank you.
The decision of dedication
that you make today
is one of the most sacred and
significant you may declare.
I baptize thee
in the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy...
What's that?
That is mental! Have you seen this?
- Yes.
That is nuts!
It's great.
So how long have you been
here, father Crellick?
This has been a project of
mine for a few years now.
The diocese finally acquiesced and we
opened just over two months ago.
These are the church records
you asked for.
Great, thanks.
I don't quite understand. These
cameras, are they necessary?
We have to fully investigate every claim.
What claim? We all saw it!
It was a very impressive video, father
Crellick, else we wouldn't be here.
It's not brain surgery.
It's a fundamentally simple kit.
HD cameras.
In this case: pro 5-80s.
Electric screwdriver -
one for me,
one for you.
It's getting late. Fancy a drink?
- Yeah.
- Evening.
Gray, let's get these off, yeah?
You got Wi-Fi here by any chance?
Dude, I can't believe that video.
That's nuts. I must have
watched that 50 times today.
What happens if we
actually find something?
If we see something we report
it and then they decide
whether to follow it up.
What, that's it?
- Yeah, that's it.
And then we're onto the next job.
We're here to observe and report.
We don't make the decisions.
They only recognize miracles
in very, very few cases.
Look, we get a lot of time wasters.
- But that video
is impressive. I mean,
you said that yourself!
No, no, no, it is, definitely!
I didn't think
father Crellick had it in him. I thought
we would have seen the strings.
You're saying all that was fake?
- Yes.
What, all the stuff?
Even that thing at the end?
- What - on the camera?
I don't know. It was a
glitch or something.
So that girl in Spain last year, with the
stigmata. You can't fake that.
- No, I was there for that one.
- Fake.
No it wasn't.
- And not a very good one.
Dude, you can't fake stigmata,
there are holes in your hands.
So what was it - hidden blood
capsules or something?
No, it was much simpler.
Every day for ten weeks the girl's mother
cut her hands and feet open.
The girl got septicemia. Do you
know what her mother said to me
after she died?
Now you can make my girl a saint.
I see his nibs has arrived.
My dear brother Deacon.
The prodigal son returns.
You are still one of us,
aren't you, Deacon?
Hello Mark, how's is
the Vatican these days?
You should really come and see
for yourself once in a while.
And this must be our technical
specialist. I'm Father Amidon.
Alright, how're you doing?
- Call me Mark.
A pleasure.
- Sorry about the delay,
I was at a fundraiser in Boston.
I'm really intrigued to see the set up.
We've got all the cameras set up on site.
- The regulations clearly state
that the entire team must be in
place before commencing anything.
That would mean...
- Don't blame him, Mark.
It was my idea.
- Why am I not surprised about that?
Yeah, well... Church records.
Thought they might be useful.
Yeah. Night, mate.
You'll be wanting to fit my
head cam, no doubt.
Yeah, sure.
He can be very persuasive,
our brother Deacon.
He doesn't really like taking orders.
All you need to remember,
Gray, is who's in charge.
Chip forks,
tartar, ketchup, what not.
Tuck in.
Did you hear that?
You're imagining things.
- Let's eat, it's getting cold.
What the fuck is that?
- Where's the fire extinguisher?
Are you alright?
Stay back, stay back!
What is it?
What happened?
What are you doing?
- It's a sheep.
A what?
- A sheep.
Dear God!
I don't know.
- Is that blood?
Oh, these kids.
Oh my God.
Just keep breathing. It's okay...
An incident.
Well, someone killed an animal,
a sheep, outside our cottage.
They set fire to it. They, they burnt
it. The poor creature was in agony.
No, I didn't see the people who did it.
It was kids, I think.
Kids from the village.
Our Father who is in heaven,
who has shown us this glorious
miracle in your house of worship.
Please show yourself again!
"Our father who art in heaven,"
"hallowed by thy name."
"Thy kingdom come."
"Thy will be done, on
earth as it is in heaven."
"Give us this day our daily bread."
"And forgive us our trespasses,"
"as we forgive those who
trespass against us."
"And lead us not into temptation,"
"but deliver us from evil."
You still up?
- Yeah, can't sleep.
You gonna wear that thing to bed?
No, I'll stick it on charge in a minute.
You alright, Deacon?
Yeah, I'm alright...
What are you reading?
- What's this?
It's a journal from Dr. Pritchard
Mandeville. Now he was the last
minister of the church before
it closed around 1880.
Apparently the Lord came to him in these
dreams and called him here and told him
to open an orphanage nearby.
Let's have a look.
"A curious town,
none too pleasant for it."
"The locals are a solemn bunch
and the skies are leaden grey."
Well, I know how he feels.
You know, I thought I was gonna
get sent home earlier on.
Listen, I wouldn't worry about it. Mark
just likes to do things by the book.
He's probably not best pleased that one
of the team members isn't even religious.
Hey, I believe in stuff, just
not as much as you two.
Yeah, well, he'll come round.
Or you will.
Father Crellick, nice to meet you at last.
You do look a little tired, Father
Crellick. Are you alright?
You know, it wouldn't do any harm
if you went away for a day or two,
think about something else.
We will be very thorough,
I assure you.
We will need full access to the church.
Of course.
The keys to the kingdom.
Father Crellick has left the site.
Now we're going to examine the altar.
Church built around 1260. It's a small
parish enclave on top of a hill.
And here's the crucifix.
Solid enough, nothing hidden underneath.
Yeah, it might not be the same
one. Could be a duplicate.
Note: Must cross check crucifix
against video footage.
Are you mental? I mean,
Crellick was standing here, right?
And he was holding a baby.
How's he gonna move all that lot?
- You mean, how did he move all that lot?
I can't believe you two
are so sure it was him.
Hang on.
Yep, I've got an idea.
There you go.
Ah, there it is. - What?
- See it? - No.
Wind the tape back.
Right, watch it again.
Look at the altar table.
The water, it's vibrating.
Exactly! A speaker under
the altar would do that.
And there's definitely some fixture
holding something under there.
What, like a subwoofer?
- Yeah.
You saw the size of his congregation?
This is his chance for notoriety.
You know,
headline in the local newspaper,
maybe a bit in the evening news.
People will start flocking back in,
and even if eventually the Vatican
doesn't recognize the miracle -
well, by then the coffers are full.
Yeah, some of these people think
they are doing the church a favour,
when in reality all they are doing is
dragging us back to the dark ages.
Right, we're going to set up
a grid to cover the space.
You take the left transcept,
I'll take the right.
Hang on, what are we looking for?
Well, anything that doesn't fit.
You know, recent repairs,
wires in the wall. Just something
that doesn't look right.
You are thinking hidden speakers,
like in...
That's better across there, like that.
- Alright? Sweet.
What's that?
- What, this?
It's for detecting magnetic fields. It can
pick up any hidden speakers in the walls
larger than like a pair of earbuds.
- Yeah, headphones, Mark.
Are you two making that noise?
Are you scraping off paint?
- Eh?
Not me, dude.
I got you, Deacon, I got you!
No, Deacon's alright when you get to
know him. I mean, he seems on top of it
if you ask me. He's... Yeah,
alright, he likes a drink.
But I mean, he's just having a sip of
the communion wine, so it's all kosher.
Look, booze just relaxes him.
Well, I mean, priests are an uptight
bunch and he's got a lot on his mind.
That Crellick, he's a few
rosaries short of a crucifix.
Fucking dog bollocks.
There it is again.
Is that one of you two?
- Shhh, listen!
Here lies the body of
Samuel Shortage, aged 62.
Not a bad innings, I suppose.
It seems... to
be coming from over there.
"Wrapped up in linen. All wrapped
up in linen and cold as clay."
"So beat the drum slowly
and play the fife lowly."
What the fuck...
That's fucking weird.
What the fuck...
Oh fucking hell, fucking hell...
What is that?
That sodding dog!
- Where?
I dunno, I think he ran off.
Up you come.
I honestly thought some five year
old girl must have broken her leg.
I don't know what kind. It was a big one.
- What, like a dachshund?
It wasn't a dachshund. It was like the
hound of the fucking Baskervillesl
Mark! Don't move, Mark.
Open your eyes!
He's got blood in his ear.
- Right.
Gray, take him outside, sit him down
and stay with him. Stay with him!
- All I need is a little air.
You look peaky, Mark.
- What?
Why don't you go and see a doctor?
It's just an in-ear thing. I
must have ruptured my
ear drum on the flight. It happens...
No, I heard it too. It was like this
weird rasping, scratchy noise,
a bit like that.
- Okay, okay, it was rats.
Hardly unusual in an old building.
Can I just go on the
record please and say
that Mark should go and see a doctor!
Right, I'm going to bed.
I need to write up my report.
Deacon - I mean what is he, a
Christian or a Christian scientist?
So Gray, how did you come to be
working for the congregation?
I saw it on a tech recruitment website.
Sounded cool, money was good.
They did ask me if I was a believer.
And I said: "yeah".
You lied.
You know, I wasn't
brought up religious.
But you know,
I believe in... stuff.
I mean today, right,
in the church -
didn't you feel... something?
A presence?
- Well,
it is a church.
I'll get you a beer.
- Okay.
- What happened in Belm?
Dude, I'm gonna keep hassling
you if you don't tell me, okay?
I'm gonna badger you if you
don't tell me. Cough it!
Belm. Bethlehem in English.
- Right.
It's a town in Northern Brazil.
Well, there was a shrine there that was
getting a reputation as a new Lourdes.
Cardinal Prefect Renaldi himself
led the investigation.
When they arrived they were
amazed. There was a queue of sick
people outside the shrine
waiting to be healed.
did they see anyone get healed?
They saw God.
Now we started getting really
confused reports from Renaldi...
which barely made any sense.
And then... Then they disappeared.
Yeah, Renaldi. The Vatican, they went
crazy. It's like a high ranking cardinal
and his team had just vanished.
Their bodies turned up in the
jungle a few days later.
So what happened?
- The autopsy reports revealed
"atypical chemical traces".
- So what does that mean?
They what - they got poisoned?
- My guess: Dimethyltryptamine, D.M.T..
Powerful hallucinogenic, plant-
derived. The shamans there
have been using it for millennia. Maybe
the priests had a bad reaction to it
and the locals panicked
and dumped the bodies.
Or... maybe... they actually saw God.
Hold up your beer bottle.
No, no, side on.
Let me show you. There,
hold it up like that.
That's it, put your hand
on top like that.
- Perfect. Now are you watching?
Here we go.
Don't believe everything you see, Gray.
Good night.
What the fuck...
Father, give me the
strength to resist evil.
Please protect this house and
prevent evil from entering.
I need your strength, and the
strength of your Son, Jesus Christ.
Strengthen my faith and
sacrifice this holy place...
Please let me be strong...
Strengthen my power and
my faith for this ordeal...
"More cages. Sick to my core.
The dreams drew me here."
"Perhaps always him. I beseech
you reader, leave this place!"
"This village, a painted facade."
"He lies beneath
ever hungrier for souls."
And this bit: "Now I see the
perfect hideous logic"
"of the orphanage."
"I may have a new master now."
And that's it. That's
the last thing he wrote.
Does any of that mean anything to you?
- No. No, but I'll tell you something:
I don't think it's an accident
that Mandeville's journal
ended up in the church records.
I think Crellick put it there.
I think he wanted us to find it because we
would read it and understand something.
Something that Crellick couldn't
or wouldn't tell us.
But what that is I've no idea.
Right, come on, Mark. Let's go!
Deacon, look at his ear.
Listen, we'll just let him sleep it off.
The walk will do him good.
Please leave me.
It's open.
I heard the voices again last night.
Father Crellick!
Did you sleep here?
Were those voices coming from
over here, Father Crellick?
Looks like those kids have
played a wee trick on you.
You think I'm a fool, don't you?
We want this to be a miracle
just as much as you do, dude.
No, you don't.
I'm not like Mandeville.
If there is anything in this
church this will help us find it.
I mean, if a poltergeist farted in here
six months ago we will hear it.
This is ghost hunting equipment, is it?
- Well, okay. You know how you said
that when you heard the sound
it seemed to move?
- Yeah.
these are radio mics and they've
got an analogue receiver.
It's got dials, okay? That means you
can tune between frequencies.
And that's good?
It's where stuff hides.
Where did you hear the sound?
- Where did you hear the sound?
Well, it was there and then
it moved over to there.
Okay. We put one mic here, in the pulpit.
We put one mic over here, let's
say in the middle of these books.
We put one mic somewhere
here, on the high altar.
And then you can tune in-
between the three of them?
We can then tune between all three,
we can hear three dimensionally
what's going on in this space.
And we can put some further around here?
We've got 12 in total. Pick your spots.
Mic check. Mic one, check.
Can you hear me?
- Yeah.
No, I mean you can hear me, but
can you hear it on the receiver?
Oh, sorry.
- Tune it round to 100.
On the dial, the big dial.
Yeah, that will be good, that's where
Mark had his fall, wasn't it?
It's dirty work down here, mate.
Right, mic two, check.
- Mic two, check!
Mic seven, check.
Yeah, hearing it. Mic seven, roger.
Dude, listen.
Let me get a hold on that.
Alright, that's...
No, that's mic two.
Is it moving?
Dude, what is that?
It's moving,
it's moving along this wall.
Now what?
- Now it's going towards the bookcase.
Just there.
That's right there, dude.
What is that - an animal?
Is that a voice?
No, it's gone.
It's totally gone.
You've checked all this for
speakers, haven't you?
Dude, it was along this wall here.
It moved along here.
And you've checked that for speakers?
There is nothing in there, dude?
Hi Mark, you feeling better?
I'm fine.
It's definitely over here.
- That's between mics three and four.
- Hold on.
Heading towards mic three.
12:05h, sound of infant crying. Most likely
interference from a nearby baby monitor.
Gray, Gray!
What's going on?
That was Father Crellick, I just saw him
skulking about in the window over there.
I knew it was too good to be true.
Something tangible happens
and he just so happens to be there.
Dude, we've checked for subwoofers
and didn't find any.
How's he gonna...?
- Maybe he went basic.
Loop of fishing line, out the loop
and then whip it away again.
- That's bullshit, it's too involved.
He didn't even seem with it.
Gray, you don't know that.
- I know it doesn't feel nice
to be deceived. I'm going to
follow him, see what he's up to.
This might be us finished.
Father Crellick?
I've got to say it pains me to say it but
Mark's theory about that baby monitor
is probably correct. It's
the best explanation.
No, dude. I switched this off.
Dude, the machine is switched off!
Father? Are you there?
Father Crellick?
Father Crellick?
You don't believe in my miracle,
do you? I prayed for you to come.
If this is not a miracle, if this
is not the hand of God...
I can hear it! Where's it coming from?
Fuck, dude!
- What?
Calm down. I'm not your enemy here.
But if this isn't a miracle...
Get out of here!
Father Crellick...
Oh Christ!
Deacon! Gray!
- We're coming! What's going on?
Mark, Mark! Where are you?
Fuck! Guys!
Oh fuck! Oh God! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!
Oh fuck!
- Father Crellick.
"Christ almighty and his holy mercy,
may the Lord Father assist you."
The... the police are with Mark
now. I wouldn't worry,
he can be quite the salesman
when he wants to be.
I just don't understand it, Deacon.
What don't you understand?
That's a sin, right? According to you lot.
- A mortal sin.
A mortal sin.
The souls of those who die in a state
of mortal sin descend into hell.
Into hell.
But... Crellick was a priest.
Priests can be sinners too.
Come on, I'm buying.
Oh, here we go.
Just keep walking, Deacon.
Not so funny now, is it?
Is it?
- He's bleeding!
Dude, that was unnecessary.
Deacon! They're just kids, mate.
Cheers, love.
Take it easy.
- Another one, please!
Just don't tell Mark, okay?
Holy people struggle too, you
know? Open a newspaper,
we all make bad choices,
same as everyone else.
Yeah well, jumping off a church tower
sounds like the wrong choice.
He was under a lot of pressure.
But Deacon. Mark might want to hide
his head in the sand, but you...
You know better, I know you do.
What we saw up there...
Two more, please.
- Deacon, what we saw up there
was not normal. It was not
fucking normal, mate.
The people that came before
you lot, right...
The pagans.
- Yeah alright, the pagans,
druids, the Aztecs or whatever.
They believed in stuff that was real.
You know, they had the moon,
the sea, the stars, the sun. They
had stuff, they worshipped stuff!
They didn't know any better. They were just
worshipping what was in front of them.
No, they worshipped what
was there, physically there.
Whereas you are choosing
to believe and worship
the great "what if".
And your point is?
- Well, my point is...
My point is, that if there
was gonna be a fight
between something that was there
and something which wasn't there,
then I know which side I'd bet on.
What? Are you...
- Hey, can we get some drinks here, please?
Don't make a face, Deacon.
- Bar's closed.
Come on, it's just after nine.
- My pub, my rules.
Ah, come on, don't be ridiculous!
- You just served this guy.
A man is dead.
A good man.
I know his mum, you should
see the state of her.
Yeah, we don't want any trouble, lads.
The only people causing trouble
around here are you.
Look... Deacon, hey, dude, dude, dude!
No! Dude, dude, dude!
- We were asked here.
We came here to help!
- Help?
Dude, let's go!
Deacon, come on, dude!
- I've been there before, Gray.
Everyone's trying to sweep
the truth under the carpet.
I'm not gonna let it happen again.
We've got to go back up there.
Where have you been?
- Listen, Mark, mate,
we had a thought about where
the sounds were coming from.
So we went to investigate...
- Investigation's over.
You can go and pack away your stuff.
I've sent in a revised report,
all we're doing is waiting
on the movement order.
Mark, come on, mate...
- This is not over!
Really? Well, if you can tell me
which one of the awful events
we witnessed constitutes a miracle, I will
be sure to inform my undersecretary.
- There is nothing going on at that church
but a depressed priest with misguided
notions and now he's dead.
If you still think it's Crellick
then why don't we go back up
there? If nothing happens,
then we will know for sure!
- A priest is dead!
I am not going to let this turn
into another campfire story.
It's right there! We get in there and
we... I told him there's something there!
Now we've got it in our
grasp and he wants to go.
"Waiting by the quayside..."
" your home, boy. Let her go."
"Go, boy..."
Hello? Hello?
Who's there?
Father Crellick?
Father Crellick?
What's that?
Jesus Christ. Sick bastards.
Oh shit, shit!
Deacon, what are you playing at?
Who said that?
Oh my God.
My God.
Where's it coming from?
What is that?
Who's there? Who's there?
Frazzetti. Frazzetti's eyes..
Oh God, his eyes!
As if we didn't have enough on.
We should be on our way
to Liege right now.
The situation is not resolved.
- It was according to my report.
Reconsecration is a matter
for the local diocese.
Why are you ignoring what happened?
What I found?
- What, some old animal bones
and you imagined you heard something.
- Which warrants further investigation!
It wasn't your call to make.
- Yeah, well, somebody had to!
Well, somebody is going to be facing
serious disciplinary procedures
when this is over.
- Right.
This is your last mission with
the congregation, Deacon.
I'll make bloody sure of that.
Father Umberto Calvino,
he was my tutor.
He heads up the Vatican archives
now, all very hush hush.
You don't have to tell me, dude.
I've read "The Da Vinci Code".
- Father Calvinol
Very nice flight,
I enjoyed that.
Calvino's an expert in church
history. All the stuff
that's been swept under the holy carpet.
They've been trying to
get rid of him for years,
but when this kind of thing comes along,
- He's a useful man to have in your corner.
The best.
Padre Deacon!
- Padre Calvino!
So Padre, looking at all the
information, both the event
and the timeline, most of it is audio -
although there is some physical,
if we include the moving cross.
Why are you suddenly including that now?
- Well, in the light of the new
circumstances, the new evidences...
- What new evidences?
You haven't found anything!
- He knew about Frazzetti!
Frazzetti. Frazzetti's eyes..
Oh God, his eyes!
You could have been saying those
things, we never see your face.
Oh really? What, in Crellick's accent?
Why would I want to mention Frazzetti?
Guys, who is Frazzetti?
He worked for the congregation. He was
in Belem. He was second in command,
under Deacon.
Wait - Deacon was in Belm?
- Gray...
Deacon likes to edit the story
to make him less culpable.
When he got there each and every
one of the priests was still alive.
All he had to do was bring them home,
but he couldn't resist meddling.
The scammers thought
they'd been discovered and murdered
each and every one of them.
Would have murdered Deacon too
if he wasn't drunk that night.
Alright, but "Frazzetti's eyes" -
what does that mean?
During the visions, Frazzetti was unable
to deal with what he was seeing.
He cut his own eyes out.
Look, okay fine, I will see this through,
okay, but then I am done!
I'm going back to corporates.
It's boring but it's a lot less grief!
Because Deacon has been lying to me
and because you've been lying to me.
I mean, do any of you people
tell the fucking truth?
I don't give a monkey's about the bonus!
You can give that to
the fucking poor or something!
You know what? Dan Brown
was right about you lot!
You can stick your hail Marys
up your fucking arse!
Oh, he's gone. Oh well, ciao Signore.
So Father Amidon.
Relator General, no less. I always
knew you would rise far.
I don't want you to think that I
resent your presence here but
Deacon had no authority
to make that call.
I still don't understand why you
would want to travel all this way.
He may be insubordinate but
he may also be correct.
Do you know of Pope Gregory's
letter to Mellitus?
Mellitus? He was sent by Gregory
on a mission
to bring Christianity to
the pagans of England.
Gregory wrote: "By no means destroy
the temples of the heathen gods"
"but rather the idols that
are within those temples."
"When you have purified them with
holy water, place altars there."
You're saying the church
used to be a pagan temple?
No, no, not the building.
But the ground.
This site has always been a site of
significance. What is present at this place
is older than the church,
older than Christianity.
- So what is it,
like an evil spirit? A demon?
- Two words for the same thing.
Once people worshipped it as a god.
The Church came along and drove it out,
they called it the Antichrist.
It does not matter what we call it.
But now it has returned,
like weeds that creep through
an abandoned building.
Do you know what the foundation
of friendship is, Deacon?
It's trust, mate.
It's trust, alright?
I know that...
- I have to sit there... I have to sit there
listening to your stories, alright,
and we're bonding,
I think we're bonding.
There were reasons I didn't
tell you the truth.
Yeah, well, it turns out
it's all bollocks!
We are near.
Gray. Gray. It was a mistake.
- No, mate.
A mistake is when you spill a drink
or drop your phone in the toilet.
What you did was a lie, mate.
- Let's put this into perspective, okay?
I didn't kill those men. But I was
warned and I ignored it.
And seven priests died. I am
going to have to live with that
for the rest of my life.
Let's go.
Can you feel that?
I don't like this.
Padre, I've seen this symbol before.
Yes, in the pagan times many
different gods were
worshipped in different regions.
This symbol represents a deity
of the people who were here.
Which deity?
There is so much we don't know.
Even the name of this pagan
god eludes us. But this symbol
is all we need -
for the banishment ceremony.
This is ridiculous. This isn't
even a Christian ceremony.
For the very first time I have seen
things here I can't explain.
"In vino veritas".
- Yeah, sure.
Mark, Mark! What about the baby?
We both heard that
and the radios were off.
- Ferric oxide.
- I read of caves in France
where people heard sounds.
Turns out the walls
of the caves were rich in
ferric oxide. When the walls
resonated at the right frequency,
they gave out sounds
like a primitive tape recorder.
- That's bullshit!
Why is it after all you've seen
you continue to cling to bizarre
and desperate theories?
Desperate theories? It's scientific
reasoning what we do.
Maybe so, but we're also
representatives of the church!
Are you questioning my faith?
One question:
Do you accept there are things
happening in this church,
things beyond science?
- No!
You know what, I'm a virtuous man.
I follow the teachings of Jesus.
But that's not enough, is it? I'm
supposed to believe in magic now,
supposed to believe the world was created
in six days, believe in empty rituals.
Well, I don't!
And it's high time the Church
got rid of these alienating
medieval superstitions.
All that remains is the finishing ritual.
"In nomine Patris et Filii,
et Spiritus Sancti."
"In nomine Patris et Filii..."
Get away!
- Did you hear that?
Get away!
Go back! Go back! I command you!
Mark? Mark?
Mark. Mark, can you hear me?
Are you okay?
Gray, can you hear? Are you hurt?
- Where's Father Calvino?
Father Calvino!
Father Calvino!
Father! Father Calvino!
Shit! Shit!
Please, please!
Come on, you fucker!
I'm not in this!
Goddamn it!
Deacon! -Jesus!
- Deacon! -Jesus!
- Oh God!
Okay, Gray, come here. Now look at me!
Now you need to calm down!
- Okay. Dude, have you seen Mark?
- Yeah.
I think he wandered down here. He was there
one minute, then he was just fucking gone.
I'm going to take the light away now.
- Okay.
Stay right behind me.
- Let's just get the fuck out of here, man!
Father Calvino!
- You said he came down here?
I don't know. I think so.
What the fuck is that?
Right, right, right.
What if it's not Calvino?
What if it's not Calvino?
Padre! Padre?
What's that?
- It's a signal relay, for the head cams.
I can ping each unit with this.
- Is that good?
It might be handy if we ever
want to get out of here.
Let's go.
There's more blood on the floor.
What's that?
It's... it's Calvino's.
There's more blood, Gray.
We should go back. We
should get a search party.
No, I can find him myself.
It's wrong down here, Deacon.
It's just echoes. There are
no monsters, no devils.
It's not real Gray, it's not real.
Come on.
Fuck... fuck!
Dude, my ears have just popped!
Yeah, I think we're going deep.
Deep into the hill.
What on earth...
What is this?
"Please God, save them and forgive
me. I have a new master now."
It's Mandeville.
- What would Mandeville be doing down here?
What the fuck is down here, dude?
Have you ever seen anything
like this before?
Deacon. - Did you hear that?
- Mark?
It's getting tighter.
What is this?
- Look at that!
Looks like that was a sacrificial altar.
Those cages...
Fuck, Deacon.
- Dear God.
They killed kids.
Who could...
- Mandeville.
The orphanage.
- Oh fuck.
Dear God.
Fuck, Deacon.
Mark, is that you? Mark?
It's okay, I can see him! Mark!
Deacon! Deacon, wait!
Just wait, I'm coming! It's me!
Mark! No, Mark, wait! Mark!
Mark? Mark? Where are you? Mark?
- Gray!
Hold on, hold on.
- Dude, help me!
Get me the fuck out of here!
- Okay.
Help me, Deacon!
- Alright, just wait a second. Okay, right!
Gray, give me your hand.
Give me your hand.
Just an inch at a time. That's it,
come on. There you go,
come on. Come on!
One more.
Right, come on. I saw
Mark, he's just ahead.
- Deacon, wait!
Mark! Mark!
Mark! Mark!
Father Calvino.
Father Calvino, it's Deacon.
We're just coming to get you!
Careful, careful.
It opens a bit here.
My prodigal pupil,
- It's a bit... a bit tight in here.
You alright?
Gray, are you there?
- I'm here, mate.
Hang on!
You alright?
- What is this place? It stinks in here!
Just keep close, okay?
- Okay.
Okay, stop. Stop, Gray!
Stop. It's getting too tight in here.
We'll have to go back.
- I'll turn around, man.
Just back up. Back up.
Just make your way back down!
- It's wet!
Quick as you like.
- It's wet in here!
Deacon, it's blocked this way!
- What?
It's blocked at this end!
Oh God!
Okay, okay, okay...
- It's moving! Deacon, it's moving!
Dude, dig out!
Dig, come on!
Get away from me!
What are we gonna do? Oh God!
- I don't know. I don't know!
Oh God, it burns!
It's burning! Oh God!
You said it wasn't real!
...said it wasn't real!
Our Father, which art in Heaven,
hallowed be thy name...
Oh God! Oh God!