The Bounce Back (2016) Movie Script

How far
would you go to find love?
Oh! I don't know,
it depends on the love.
Magical, beyond
your wildest dreams?
I would kill for that.
What if I told you,
you didn't have to?
Consider this,
you are the source of the love
that you want for your life.
It sounds too good to be true.
It's not.
Believe me when I tell you this.
That's what your book
is about, isn't it?
It's about getting over your past,
creating the love that you want,
putting that love in your future
and then living into that future.
So what's in Matthew Taylor's future?
I am putting dinner and dancing
with the lovely you in my future.
I don't date guys from work.
- Come on, it's not a date.
- Oh, really? Then what is it?
Let's find out.
It's okay.
It usually goes away.
Matthew, can I talk to you?
You're done.
Hey, bro.
We are ready for you, Mr. Taylor.
Okay. Can you check this out?
- What's up? What am I looking at?
- Bestsellers list.
- I thought we're ranked number 12.
- We were, now we are 14.
I am sorry, Mr. Taylor,
but we really need you right now.
- Of course!
- Okay, just chill out!
Listen man, we went from 11 to 14,
that's not the direction
we need to go to get to number one.
These local talk show crazies
ain't cutting it for us.
Then why are we doing a local circuit?
Because that's all we've got!
I am terribly sorry, but if we don't
get going they are...
- They are going to...
- Okay, they are going to just chill out.
We have to get your face and our message
on a national show, period.
Is there a reason you are telling me this
right before I do an interview?
Yes, because I need
you to consider this...
For the love of God, please!
Will you just...
Will you just come with me please,
just do me this solid.
You have to go, she is losing it!
Listen man, do your thing, man,
go get them, champ.
Okay. You need a Percocet.
Something in your life
to calm your ass down, be careful with her.
Be careful. Get right to the stage.
Please welcome my next guest,
Matthew Taylor!
- Look at you.
- Look at you, Ms. Raquel.
- You look beautiful as always.
- And you look hotter every time I see you.
I am just saying.
I think I'll take that as a compliment.
You better because I don't say that
to just everybody, just so you know that.
Okay, now I know.
Look at that face.
Hi! Sorry, I was on a very long phone call.
He's cute.
No, he's gorgeous.
It's been a pretty good week.
I mean, I have just been feeling good.
Nothing has happened or anything. I just...
I feel okay. First time in a long time.
You know sometimes we can get
locked into a certain mode of feeling
and even if that mode isn't comfortable,
like sadness or depression,
it can become ingrained to the point
where it becomes our new baseline.
That's a very normal part of the process.
Do you think there is a little of that
going on with you maybe?
Honestly, I just think I'm over it.
What does that mean to you?
It means that I am ready to put my divorce
behind me and get on with my life.
- I am ready to end therapy.
- That's good, that's good.
That means we are starting
to make real progress.
As I said to you in the beginning,
therapy is marathon not a sprint.
Well, my insurance only pays for sprints,
so, you know, I am going to wrap it up.
Okay, just open my calendar.
- Wow!
- Oh, my God!
You have a whole lot of energy.
I don't think I'll have to
work out for a month.
I have a crazy idea.
What? I'm listening.
Let's spend all of tomorrow together.
I will make breakfast and we will pack
a beach picnic and lay out.
let's catch up play
or watch a double feature.
Oh, it will be amazing.
Unless you have plans.
I did. I mean, I do.
I mean that's okay, right?
Of course!
I was just being silly.
It was sweet!
I should go.
- No! No!
- Yeah!
- I should.
- You don't have to...
I should go.
Uh, Lisette, you don't...
You don't have to go, seriously.
I had a great time.
I will see myself out.
Ah, God!
Did you at least take her to breakfast?
T, it didn't even get that far.
You are a dog!
Oh, come on, cut it out.
She ripped up out of here.
- I wanted her to stay.
- No, you didn't.
Look, I am never going to get in the way
of a brother doing his thing,
but a relationship guru should be
in a relationship longer than a minute.
How about you just stick to doing your
thing and I will stick to doing mine?
Getting you prepped for a national TV tour
is my thing.
People love controversy, Matthew,
and they are going to start digging it up.
What do you want me to do?
You want me to be in a relationship
because you think
it will be better for my image?
Image is everything, don't forget that.
- Stop!
- Stop what?
Stop looking at me like that!
What do you mean?
That's what dads are supposed to do.
Yeah, you are totally right and everything,
but, like, we are in public.
Oh. my bad! My bad!
I wouldn't want to mess up
your little cool points, sorry!
Dad, you are so corny.
- Oh, come on, that was funny.
- Corny!
I thought it was funny.
Hey, hey! Did you just stare down that boy?
Seriously, I am 13,
like 30% or whatever
of 13-year-olds are having sex.
Whoa! Whoa! Wait a minute!
You better be on the right side
of that 30%, young lady.
I was just kidding. It's more like 10%.
And yes, I am an angel.
Hurry up already!
10%! Oh, no! No!
- Aleya!
- That's crazy!
Yeah, you can thank your Uncle Terry
for this silly thing.
It's kind of cool.
Wait, what are we doing in here?
You know what I look like already.
I want to get it for Mom.
Sweetheart, I don't know if
that's such a good idea.
What if I told you,
Mom and George are on the rocks
and she might need to bounce back?
- Did they? I mean are they?
- No,
but I know she and George
are dying to read it.
Look here, sweetheart,
if your mom wanted
to read the book so bad,
why didn't she just ask me for a copy?
I don't know.
She wants you to have your privacy
or whatever.
You should ask her yourself.
Whatever you're doing, drop it,
and get over to Nine stat.
I can't.
Look, I know exactly
what you're doing, okay?
And your journey of self-discovery
is going to be there when you get home.
Well, you go ahead and mock,
but as the great G.l. Gurdjieff says,
"Without understanding the workings
and functions of his machine,
"man cannot be free."
Yes, and without a penis
your vagina would soon turn to stone.
Very classy, Sarah.
Just get over here!
I am not taking no for an answer.
She's hung up.
Dan 't get me wrong,
I just never got anything out of this life
by sitting around introspecting myself.
The mind is an ugly place to dwell.
We all hear those voices in our heads.
What is this guy talking about?
It's that same voice
that's asking you right now,
what the hell is this guy talking about?
Well, see, the key is to get
out of your head and get into action.
And my book The Bounce Back
will help you do just that.
Oh, brother! How about this for action?
Here is to Kristin and a rare night out
among the single and sexually active.
- Woo!
- Turn up!
Oh, brother.
- One more!
- Ah!
- Again!
- Ah!
- Two more! I lied.
- Ah!
- You're nothing today!
- Ah!
You've got Big Vlad. That's me. That's it.
- Where's your head at?
- Ah!
One minute! Get your mind right.
Get back to work!
Why do you let him talk to you like that?
I pay him a lot of money
to talk to me like that.
He is creepy!
- You're going to stand up to him?
- I ain't afraid of him.
Oh, please!
Oh, come on T,
don't sweat that national spotlight thing.
We'll get there.
The news cycle lasts minutes these days,
either you're going viral
or you're played out, simple as that.
I see you've got yourself an idea.
What? Spit it out!
- The George Addison Show.
- Don't even go there T!
- I am serious.
- Hey, what did I say?
Hear me out.
We've got to crack the bestseller top 10.
He has a nationally syndicated talk show.
I mean, we keep slipping points, we can
kiss getting to number one goodbye.
Plus, there's a relationship
between you two.
Thanks, T, the irony is not lost on me.
I don't know what you mean by that,
but we need this.
That's my family you're messing with.
What are you talking about? Listen, man,
Julie and Aleya look happier than ever.
They're not going to mind you, you know,
working on George for a break.
What is wrong with you?
Oh, man!
You're not afraid of me, huh?
You owe me some sits!
Get in there! That's it! That's good!
You must be an only child, huh?
You're one ugly kid.
Let's go faster!
- Let's go!
- Okay!
Matthew. Come on, dawg.
Why would you leave me in that gym
with that crazy man?
- Terry, I've got to go, man.
- Look! Hey!
I am sorry. I was out of line.
I was out of line, man. Um,
look, I know
this Bacardi-sponsored pool party.
Boy, we could slide through there,
get you a little hot girlfriend.
You know I am about to go do my seminar.
You really should come.
No, no, I'm cool, cool.
No, I have a perfectly healthy love life.
Please! No, you don't!
- How would you know?
- You're a grown man
who has never been in love,
that's how I know.
Look, man, bag yourself a girlfriend, dawg,
a famous one would be nice.
Think about it.
Up and coming relationship guru
comes into a love thing
with a famous Hollywood actress.
It sounds good, don't it? Do it!
It's been valuable. I am
not saying it hasn't.
I just don't know if this is for me.
I see!
And why is that you think?
No one
ever got anything they
really wanted in life
sitting around introspecting themselves.
Sometimes you have to get out
of your head and into action.
Matthew Taylor,
the person that you're quoting,
you're quoting Matthew Taylor.
One can only introspect oneself,
that's what the word means.
So saying introspect oneself is redundant
and might suggest that
Mr. Taylor doesn't know
what he is talking about
when he uses that word.
Yeah, but...
Secondly, he is a life coach,
i.e., he has no training of any kind
in psychology or human behavior.
I took his seminar last weekend
- and it changed my life.
- And it might
seem like that right now,
but in time, I assure you that you will
realize that you wasted your money.
- Yes!
- You should try it.
It might help you
pull the stick out of your ass.
Oh, God! I blew that one!
- Get in!
- What is this thing?
Remember that professional wrestler guy
that I kind of dated and then...
Oh, wait, hey, no, look,
as far as you're concerned,
it doesn't matter,
this is your weekend chariot.
Yeah, she is right.
Here is how it's going down,
we're going to go to your house.
You have exactly 15 minutes
to pack a bag and then
we are taking you away for the weekend.
No is not an acceptable answer.
No, we will not answer any questions,
so don't even try.
Well, here...
Here is for when your asshole
gets too tight for its own good.
Fine, I'll take them,
but I won't take them.
- Get in!
- Okay.
- Ready?
- Yes.
We freak in my jeep
Snoop Doggy Dogg on the stereo
You could travel the world
But nothing comes close
To the golden coast
Once you party with us
You'll be falling in love
Oooooh? Oh Oooooh?
California girls
We're unforgettable
Daisy Dukes Bikinis on top
Sun-kissed skin
So hot we'll melt your my jeep
- Hey!
- Hi!
- I am ready for the Gas Lamp.
- Oh!
Yes, but first, we're going to do
a little personal enrichment.
- What are you talking about?
- Yeah.
- Where are we going?
- You'll see.
It's going to be really exciting.
You're going to love it.
Thank you, ladies.
Now, the man you've all been waiting for.
That guy.
He is gorgeous.
Hello, ladies.
My name is Matthew Taylor and
this is The Bounce Back!
What we're going to do this weekend
is delve into the strategies in creating
the kind of love that
you want for your life.
Oh, no! No way!
This is not happening, girls.
- Hey, wait, you need to be open to this.
- How many of you are here
because you've had
your heart broken recently?
That's original.
Okay. Do me a favor, keep your hands up
until I ask you to put them down, okay?
If you've had your heart broken
in the last week,
go ahead and put your hands down.
In the last month,
if you've had
your heart broken in the last month,
go ahead and put your hands down.
- Six months?
- Really?
How about the last two years?
Three years?
Five years?
- Keep it up.
- I don't want to keep it up!
Six years?
- Would you mind stepping up to the mike?
- Oh, no, no, I am good.
What's your name?
Kristin Peralto.
Kristin. So how long has it been, Kristin?
It has been six and a half years.
Oh! Ooh!
Okay, okay, it's all good.
It's nothing to be ashamed of.
All of us here know how hard it is
to get over a relationship.
Kristin, if you would humor me, step up to
the mic so everybody can hear you?
I'm good. I'm good.
I'm good. I'm really good.
I'm good, I'm good.
How many of you have heard the old saying
about how long it takes
to get over a relationship?
Oh, half as long as you were in it.
There it is, that's the one I was looking
for, half as long as you were in it.
How many of you
actually agree with that theory?
Would you like to know
how long it really takes?
Exactly as long as you want it to.
So, Kristin,
getting over a relationship
takes exactly as long as you want it to.
Yeah, if it were that easy.
- What do you do for a living?
- I am a therapist.
So you are trained to dissect the past,
to really dig into it, sift through
it in great detail, am I right?
If you insist on
grossly oversimplifying it, sure.
How is that working out for you?
I've heard your spiel
and it sounds marvelous,
who wouldn't want
to get over a painful breakup instantly?
You don't.
People grow real attached to their pain.
It becomes a constant story
that they play back over and over again.
They tell their friends, their coworkers,
their relatives,
just wonk, wonk, wonk...
And your friends listen to the story
and then they regurgitate it right back.
Now. why?
Well, it's because
this story gives you a payoff.
You don't have to face the things
that you know that you should,
like going to the gym.
Allowing yourself to feel vulnerable
with a man,
or in your case, Kristin,
standing here
and listening to me right now.
The problem with therapy
is even once you finally
understand your pain,
it doesn't really help you let it go.
You... You can't just will yourself
to not feel pain.
- Consider that it's possible.
- It's not. It's not possible. It's not.
- Would you at least consider it?
- No.
- Have... Have any of you tried it?
- Yeah.
Yeah. I am sure you have, a million times.
I know I have.
I wake up in the morning and I think, hey,
I am feeling better
and then I go on a bad date.
I go home. I watch Ice Loves Coca
and I burst into tears.
Why? I have no idea why.
The mind is a complete freaking mystery,
which is why there are
highly trained professionals
whose job it is to help.
Quick fixes like yours are always a scam,
whether it's a pill, a book, or a seminar.
Wow! I'm sorry.
Settle down. Settle down.
I actually agree with Kristin
to some extent,
but this seminar is not a quick fix.
What we're going to do
over the next two days
is give you the tools
to get over it and stay over it.
Oh, my God!
What was that?
I'm embarrassed.
I sounded like a bitter old hag, didn't I?
But in a Kristin kind of way.
- Right!
- Yeah.
It was good.
No, look, I am sorry, you guys were trying
to do something nice and I ruined it.
No, no, no, you just gave us a story
that we are going to be able to tell
for years to come, okay?
This is just totally worth
the price of admission.
Yeah, because I paid.
Really you guys aren't mad?
Hell no! Chicks before dicks.
Let's get out of here.
No, no, no, I don't want you
to miss the rest.
Oh, come on, I don't want to break this up.
Yeah, yeah. Gas Lamp, bitches.
Gas Lamp, bitches.
Come on!
- Gas Lamp, bitches.
- Gas Lamp, bitches.
Let's go!
- Just do it, it will make you feel better.
- Gas Lamp, bitches.
- Yes!
- Yeah!
I know it's going to be fun.
Oh, oh, sex bomb, 3 o'clock.
Would you excuse me for just a moment?
You're not leaving, are you?
I am sorry, but this just isn't our thing.
It's not exactly Ice Loves Coco.
Yeah. That's right.
Well, I'd be more than happy
to refund your money.
No, keep it.
We're going to go to the Gas Lamp
to deal with our problems
the old-fashioned way.
- That's right.
- She means drinking.
Yeah. I think he gets it.
Well, good luck with that!
- I am sorry you're not staying.
- Thanks.
I am really sorry
about what happened over there.
So who read the book?
- He was staring at your ass so hard!
- Oh, please! No!
No, he looks at every woman like that.
Believe me, I know that kind of guy.
Okay. Really, what do you think
of Matthew Taylor?
He is hot. I will give him that,
but that's exactly my point.
If he looked like Dr. Phil,
he wouldn't have a gaggle of
fawning bimbos hanging on his every word.
Yeah, but that's just the way
the world works.
That doesn't make it right.
Well, it doesn't make it wrong either.
I mean, you are doing the same thing
as these bimbos,
you're judging the book by its cover.
Is this a book about relationships
or a swimsuit calendar?
Does anyone really care?
You guys are hopeless.
No! We are celebrating.
Hold on! This could be a client.
Uh-oh! He is honking for you.
You better hurry.
- Love you, babe.
- Love you.
Move your butt, slowpoke.
Dad, you really need to get a girlfriend.
Excuse you?
And why is that?
I don't know, even out the scores.
Mom has George.
You should meet him.
Aleya, why would I want to meet George?
He is a nice guy, you would like him.
- You like him a lot, huh?
- Yeah, he is good for Mom.
Sorry. Does that make you feel bad?
It's complicated, sweetheart.
I've heard that one before.
I promise you will understand
when you get older.
Oh, my God!
Now I have really heard that one before.
Okay! You know what,
can you stay a little girl
just a little while longer, please?
You are such a busybody.
- Speedy! What's the rush?
- No rush, I just don't want to miss him.
Miss him? Him who?
Come on, Dad.
Come on, Dad, nothing. Miss who?
Hey! Who is him?
Nice, man! I see you out there.
Keep that up.
Maybe I can show you a thing or two.
Aleya! Hey!
Oh, hey! What's up?
You know, the same old shit.
Is that your dad?
Uh, yeah.
Oh! Cool!
Hello. I'm Jeff.
Nice to meet you, Jeff.
Uh, you wanted to go to the Gap, right?
Oh, right, right, the Gap.
Yeah, Gap.
Dad needs some new V-necks.
Okay. I will meet you over there
in a couple of minutes.
Well, it was nice to meet you, Jeff.
Hmm? Yeah?
I am sorry about that.
It's cool.
T, how did we get two segments?
Hey. Don't worry about that.
We are on our way.
You just make sure you go out there
and you don't screw this up.
Thanks! I appreciate the pep talk.
Live Night is a great look for us,
but this Lindsay McCormick chick
is unpredictable.
But her show is national.
That means you've got
to be ready for anything, man!
Like what, man?
What, a paternity test? Come on!
It's not a joke, okay.
You've got two segments.
I need you to nail both of them. Okay?
Show them that we are good television.
Who is them?
The powers that be, the audience,
the world!
Oh, T, T, T, you know,
you are being paranoid.
Everything is going to be fine.
I am going to walk out there
and I am going to do my thing.
And what happens when I do my thing?
It never fails.
Yeah, but what if she says, "Why isn't
the relationship expert in a relationship?"
Uh? Yeah, fix your face.
You better get me one of these chairs
for my birthday, seriously.
There is like three Thai ladies in here.
I am Lindsay McCormick,
and this is Live Night!
We are back with Matthew Taylor,
author of The Bounce Back.
- Matthew!
- Hey! Talk to me girl.
I loved your book.
There is really no other way to say that.
But reading it
was like a relationship bitch slap.
- What inspired this book, a broken heart?
- Yeah... Oh, yeah.
I was in a 10-year marriage
that just went wrong.
What I'd like to say,
and I say it in The Bounce Back,
is to consider that the past doesn't exist.
See, what I focused on is creating
new possibilities for your future
and how you can live into that future.
It took me a while to hone
that thoroughbred that you see right there.
- Is that right?
- Damn straight!
It's kind of like the man
behind the man situation,
you know me, I am Terry Jackson.
I know who you are.
I booked you for the show.
Oh! I thought Jerry booked us
for the show.
He did, he works for me.
Oh, okay.
- Anyone?
- Confident.
Confident, okay. How about over here?
I didn't see you down at the seminar.
Oh, well, you should have told me
you were coming to the seminar,
I would have set things up for you, baby.
You know, got your full access passes
and everything.
Yeah, I would like to do
my own research though, thank you.
How many had a vision of someone?
Now, I am not saying that you are or you
are not going to end up with this man,
An idea when flamed
might just catch fire.
And to catch that kind of fire,
you all need to go out and
buy a copy of The Bounce Back.
Okay, we like to look at all sides
here on Live Night,
so let's bring out our next guest.
She is a licensed clinical psychologist,
Kristin Peralto. Come on down, girl!
So what's going on?
The same thing that went down
at the seminar.
Kristin, you specialize
in love and relationships.
Wait a minute!
You don't agree with Matthew's assertions.
No, I don't.
Mr. Taylor and people of his ilk
are charlatans.
Meaning they have very good intuition
about what makes people tick,
about what people want to hear,
and what's going to
make people feel better
about themselves, at least temporarily.
And what's so wrong with that?
Well, self-help gurus like you
sell a magical elixir
that's going to lead to lifelong happiness
without any work or sacrifice
and that's a sham.
It's just not possible.
And the only reason people are willing to
believe you is because they are vulnerable.
What the hell are you up to?
Just what she said,
presenting both sides of the argument.
No, no, no, no, argument,
no one is having an argument with nobody.
Trust me.
I just did you a big favor.
No, you trust me,
I'm going to talk to your boss
and this is not the last time
you will see me, trust me.
See, when I was in therapy,
the conversation
was always about the process,
the road you're going to have to endure
and how you have to grieve
in order to move forward,
but see my book
The Bounce Back isn't about grieving,
it's about creating.
That's because you're unwilling
to face uncomfortable truths.
Well, here is the truth, as I know it.
I have tried it your way,
it just didn't work for me,
so I developed my own way,
maybe you should give it a try
as a professional courtesy.
If you are implying that
we're in the same profession, we are not.
My job as a therapist is to increase
the individual sense of well-being,
not to fill their heads with fantasies
about the rippling abs in their future
that's what E.L James is for.
All right, well that's the perfect place
to cut this off.
Thank you Matthew Taylor
and Kristin Peralto,
and we will see you guys tomorrow.
So, where's the other guy?
He didn't seem too happy.
He wasn't.
They told me to let you have it.
Don't think I got that memo.
Look, that really sucked.
Um, I am not a bad person really.
Can I buy you a coffee? Truce?
Let's make it a drink.
Yeah, we can get a drink.
When in Home, huh?
I highly doubt the Romans drank that.
Is that what you studied at, uh, hmm...
What's that school you went to again,
that school?
Sports Science at Georgetown
and then Law at UCLA,
I was on track to be a sports agent.
So you were a jock in college?
Says the drama student.
Drama is very therapeutic. Thank you!
And how do you know I was in drama?
Psychic abilities.
Just because you have a voice
in your head doesn't make you a psychic.
Do you ever wonder why that voice
in your head is usually very negative?
Well, there is never a single reason why.
There's always some underlying
personal Night is at work.
What if you could control that voice?
You can't control your subconscious.
That is true,
but you can choose to listen to it
when it's good and ignore it when it's bad.
Okay. How?
- You really want to know?
- Yeah.
- I don't think you mean it.
- No, I do.
- No, you don't.
- Don't tell me what I mean.
I actually want to know how.
It would be very helpful for me
to ignore the voice in my head.
You are terrible!
- Just read it.
- Never!
- That hurts!
- Good!
If I am bored out of my
mind, I'll consider.
You have really beautiful eyes,
you know that?
What the hell is this?
An apology drink.
- Really?
- You're crazy, Matthew!
That's crazy, I guess.
I don't know, should I?
Producers at The Chat just called.
- Are you serious?
- Yup!
That's a good thing, right?
- They want the two of you.
- They do?
Why not?
I'll tell you why not, message confusion.
We have a brand.
We can't be out here presenting it and let
Ms. Fire-Breather try and burn it down.
- She is right there.
- I don't care!
Hey, are you guys doing this?
It's kind of a big deal, right?
No, we're not doing it.
Um, they're not doing it.
- How come?
- Because we don't like you.
- He doesn't mean that like...
- Yes, I do! Don't lie.
No, I don't.
Did you hear that?
Hold on!
No, we're not doing it.
I know who you are...
Why? Because we don't know
who she is, do you?
Does she have any lawsuits out there
for malpractice?
She is a therapist, not an MD.
Look, we have the best-selling book
in the country.
Yes, and she is just
a venom-spewing hatemonger
trying to tap my
client's celebrity status.
Excuse me?
Nobody is tapping anybody.
He is just talking.
- You heard me.
- Why don't you tell those D-list
pop psychologists
that I took it easy on them,
and if they ever have the balls
to face me again,
I will expose their fortune cookie theories
and the napkin they thought it all up on.
Okay, guys, seriously.
- Fortune cookie?
- Fortune cookie!
You know what, your talk show days
are over anyway, Ms. Lady!
- Great! Wonderful!
- Fantastic!
I can't believe I spent $35
on two stupid drinks.
- I'll take care of it.
- Don't you dare!
Oh, we dare! We dare!
- You get off! You get off it!
- Let go!
We dare the most!
All right.
Get out of here as quickly as possible.
You are a true gentleman!
Oh, you've got your credit card on you?
I'll pay you back.
You know I am good.
Come on, man. Stop playing.
I got it! I got...
"How To Grow Your Business Today"?
Not so cute anymore, huh, Matthew Taylor.
Bounce back from this!
We know each other.
It's a really long story.
I'll get this.
Hey, there.
Hey, Julie.
She is going to be a few.
Do you want to come inside for a minute?
I'm fine. Thanks. I'm okay.
George and I
started reading The Bounce Back.
Matthew, it's really great!
I can see why you're having
so much success with it.
You know, you should really talk to him.
I think that you...
Oh! No.
I'm fine.
It's okay, but thank you though.
Well, I just wanted you to know
that you are always welcome.
Thank you.
Take care.
- Hey, babe!
- Hi!
Have fun, okay?
- Love you.
- I love you too.
Hey, short stuff.
Hi, Dad.
Here, give me that.
Are you ready?
I need a favor.
- Hey.
- What's up?
What's up, man?
- What are you doing?
- I'm drinking, man, I'm drinking.
That's what I'm doing.
I'm getting my drink on.
Come on, Terry.
It was great television, let it go.
Look, I'm sorry, man.
I'm just emotional right now.
You do know it's still daytime
, you might want to slow that down.
Oh! Look,
when we started,
we had a vision, you and me.
You are Durant, I am Westbrook, right?
Yeah, and we still are.
- I just feel like I let you down.
- Terry, what are you talking about?
The producers of Entertainment Tonight
called today.
Okay. And?
They want you in the show.
You know, how this thing works, you know,
nothing gets a crowd like a crowd,
you get ET, the next thing you know,
Love Nation is calling.
That is great news! What is the problem?
They want you on the show, with her.
It's not funny, man. What's so funny?
All right. So just call her and apologize.
- It's not that simple.
- She wouldn't take your call?
Did Kristin said she wouldn't talk to me?
That woman is not talking to either of us,
even if we pay her, because I tried that.
I thought you just said
she wouldn't take your call.
I emailed her, hit her on Facebook.
I liked all her pictures
on Instagram, nothing.
Hit her on Pinterest, Linkedln.
I went to every Starbucks
that a chick would hang out,
because every chick hangs out
at Starbucks for the free Wi-Fi.
She wasn't there either.
I can't do anything else, Matthew.
I mean, I don't even know
where her mother lives.
I don't know her family like that.
I mean, I don't know what else I could do.
I mean, does she have a blog?
Matthew Right.
Communicate, associate, empathize...
- This is a good book.
- You need to leave. I have an appointment.
With me.
You have an appointment with me.
Mr. Right.
I get it, ha-ha, very funny.
- Can you just give me five minutes?
- I don't think that's a good idea.
You're a therapist, right?
I'm a patient in need.
Just five minutes.
You're paying for 50, put the book down.
I'm listening.
Terry was wrong and foolish.
He just... He gets very protective,
but frankly, sometimes he's got
his foot stuck so far up his...
Turn around please.
I am here to ask you
to do the show with us.
Give me one good reason.
I'll give you millions.
That's how many people
watch Entertainment Tonight.
Come on, imagine the opportunity
to help all those people!
People aren't helped one iota
by mass market sound bites.
The appearance fees can be kind of nice.
Helping people
also isn't about making money.
I am going on television
with or without you,
and me and my mass market sound bites
are all they're going to hear.
Why do you care so much if I come?
People deserve a balanced perspective,
and I like you.
Excuse me?
I do. I enjoy talking to you
and enjoy being around you.
I want to do the show with you
because I think it would be good for us,
and I think it would be
good for you, and...
I can't stop looking at your eyes.
If someone is going to rip me to shreds
on national television,
I'd like it to be you.
Say yes.
The best-selling book
bouncing across the country
and two celebrity experts,
with two very different opinions,
we're going to be speaking
with Matthew Taylor and Kristin Peralto
right after this,
the team behind The Bounce Back.
- Cut!
- I know, do it again.
The best-selling book bouncing across
the country...
- What?
- Yeah, right.
- Now she is a part of the team?
- Terry!
How did you get her to do it anyway?
Did you hit it?
- No.
- Did you get up in them jeans?
No, come on, man, stop!
- Look at me.
- I am looking right at you.
Now, stop, Terry, no.
I am sorry about that. He is, uh...
He is just really nervous
about this press tour.
You know I am going
to rip you apart, right?
Bring it.
Welcome to Entertainment Tonight!
Lam Rocsi Diaz,
and today, we're talking to Matthew Taylor
about his controversial new book.
That is a very dangerous perspective
if you don't take into consideration...
What the hell is she talking about?
First of all, she called him
a charlatan on TV, dawg.
I need to talk to my client.
Hey, hey, hey, okay.
That's not realistic.
She calls my philosophy a scam,
I call it a belief.
The payoff can't be achieved
through a magical elixir.
Stop it. I am going to take as much
as I feel like taking.
Oh, my God!
I promise you, read the book.
You can't promise somebody a happy...
I am all about living a happier life.
Today we're here with Matthew Taylor,
the author of The Bounce Back.
Well, my book has sold millions of copies.
Well, I think that's because
you're a very good-looking guy.
That's the first time
she has actually given me a compliment.
Are you okay?
No, no, no.
- No.
- It's perfect.
- No, this is terrible.
- No.
How is that
something that you could actually sell?
Let's read the book together, okay.
Let's just try.
This is a train wreck right now.
Come on.
I know Kristin loves 40 questions, right?
Come on! No.
Come on, admit it.
- Come on! This is fun.
- It's not.
- Kristin, this is fun.
- I am not having fun. Stop it.
Just say it.
- Fine, I am having fun.
- Oh, there we go.
Come to the window, why?
Hey. you. What's up?
What are you doing here?
I was kind of thinking we could go out,
get a bite to eat.
- Tonight?
- Yeah.
Go put something cute on, let's go.
You look beautiful!
You look ridiculous.
You're going to wanna put one on, trust me.
I have to say I'm impressed.
I am impressed with how open you've been to
such a radically different point of view.
It says a lot about how much
you believe in your methodology.
Oh. Somebody's been reading my book.
- No.
- Oh! Come on now, tell the truth!
I read the introduction.
- Not terrible.
- I will take it. I will take it.
All right, here we go. Thank you.
You're okay with this, right?
For your information, I love ribs.
How did you find out about this place?
An old friend introduced me to this joint.
Old flame more like it, I'll bet.
Ooh. It was an old flame, wasn't it?
It was my ex-wife actually.
Did she break your heart?
Let's just say I lost my faith in love.
- Don't tell me she wasn't faithful?
- No, no.
She woke up one morning
and she decided she was
absolutely sure she wasn't in love with me.
That sucks.
We must have said those three little words
to each other like 1,000 times.
All of a sudden it was like
it never happened.
How did that make you feel?
I was consumed with it. I didn't eat.
I didn't sleep. I didn't do anything,
until one day I said screw it,
enough is enough.
I am not going to let love on me like that.
It's time for me to take control.
And that's where the concept
of creating the love
that I want for myself
and my life came from.
There, doesn't that feel better?
That's processing. That's therapy.
Okay. That was pretty good.
You got me, I'll give you that.
Tell me everything about your ex.
I would rather not.
Oh! Come on now, let's process together.
I have talked about it enough
for one lifetime.
That is The Bounce Back.
Let's eat.
All right! Be careful.
That's amazing!
That is sexy
and way too cute.
So pretty!
- You like it?
- Yeah.
I think of it as my
little oasis in the sea.
I like these lights.
That's my little angel, her name's Aleya.
- She is beautiful.
- Yeah.
I like her hair.
That little lady has saved me
more times than I care to admit.
She is something else.
What are you thinking about?
- Nothing.
- Come on.
I know something when I see something,
spit it out.
- Nothing.
- Kristin?
- What?
- Don't think I didn't notice that you
sidestepped that whole conversation
about your ex.
Do I have to?
I was sure that it was
going to last forever,
just like my parents,
almost 50 years and counting.
And I loved him more than anything
and I was sure that he loved me
I was wrong.
I literally could not have been more wrong.
What happened?
I am sure you can guess.
I'm sorry.
That image of him and that person
it's, um,
it's printed in my brain.
It takes up a whole lot of space up there,
doesn't it?
And I am sure you are the guy who is just
going to come and make it all go away?
Do you want me to?
Oh, okay, okay, I am sorry.
What? What?
I have to go to the bathroom,
just for a minute.
- Okay.
- Okay?
- Where is it?
- Right there.
- All right. Are you sure you're okay?
- Yes.
Oh, wow.
Just calm down, just calm down,
calm down.
Six years, this is a good thing,
this is a good thing,
you deserve this, you want this.
Disgusting. Ugh.
It's show time.
Oh, wow.
I don't ever want to forget this moment.
You won't.
- What's wrong?
- Mmm.
Nothing at all.
I feel amazing.
You look amazing.
What is so funny?
Nothing, I just...
I just feel...
Oh, my God, you smell so good.
You always smell so good.
It's one thing I've noticed about you,
and your abs, especially your abs,
look at you.
You should be in a Bowflex commercial.
Okay. Um.
What has gotten into you?
Hopefully you in a few more minutes.
Okay. Hey, hey, hey, Kristin.
- Kristin, hey, Kristin.
- Yeah.
Look at me. Are you on something?
Sarah gave me some Bowflex Willys.
What kind of Bowflex Willys?
Happy Bowflex Willys.
I feel so good. Oh, my God!
But not as good as you're about
to make me feel.
It's been six years of celibacy
and six years of celibacy
can make a woman feel like stone,
but I am not made of stone.
- Hopefully one of us...
- Okay. Oh, wow!
Okay, hey, um,
I don't know if this is such a good idea.
Oh, my God! You're so strong.
Just grab me, just like really tight.
Tarzan meet Jane.
Okay. Hey, look at you. Whoa, you okay?
Okay, um, you know,
maybe you should just
lay down for a second, what do you think?
No! I am not gonna lay down.
I am gonna take this bra.
- Okay, hey, hey, hey.
- What?
I don't know
if you should do that right now.
Come on, as soon as I get this off
we're about to get to business.
- Morning.
- Morning.
Did we?
- Not even a little bit.
- Hmm.
I slept on the couch.
Did you take some kind of
medication or something?
My girlfriend gave me a...
Oh, my God.
I ruined it, didn't I?
You called me Tarzan.
And you did quite the Jane impression.
I mean, it was sexy, I am not going to lie,
but you were a little out of control,
but it was definitely sexy.
Is there something I should know?
Uh-uh. I mean...
I am not on drugs or anything,
if that's what you mean.
- Okay.
- Uh-uh.
So then what, what is it then?
Tell me about this,
I am sure there is a wonderful story
behind it.
It represents my pride,
What is it protecting?
Was it too soon?
No, too soon, why?
It's a big deal.
- Are you nervous?
- Hmm?
You don't have to be nervous at all.
Trust me, my little girl
has been bugging me
to get myself a girlfriend
for as long as I can remember.
She is gonna be ecstatic to meet you,
don't worry about it.
You are nervous. Look at you.
- I am.
- That's cute.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Hey, you.
So, um, did you see Jeff today?
Um, he went with his friends.
Well, Aleya.
Hi, Aleya! I am your dad's, uh, friend
- and I'm Kristin.
- Kristin, right?
I have seen you guys on TV together.
You have? Wow.
Okay, well, um, it's
really nice to meet you.
So are you my dad's girlfriend?
Oh, whoa, whoa, hey, hey Aleya!
Seriously, if you like him
please be his girlfriend,
he needs one badly.
You know I am standing right here,
I can hear you.
All right! Anyway, um,
well, I was thinking we could all go get
a little frozen yogurt or something.
Why don't you go get some frozen yogurt
and, um, we'll go shopping
and you can tell me all about your dad,
and I'd love to hear all about Jeff,
I'll keep it between you and me.
- Okay.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
What is happening right now?
We're going shopping.
- Okay.
- Bye!
And then she got this
skirt that has these studs on it.
It looks so good on her.
It better not be short, okay?
It's not.
None of these short shorts,
you hear me, young lady?
It's all right.
Dad, I like her. Don't mess this up.
Okay, you know what,
get your little butt in the house.
Hey, hey, hey.
Come on, let me help you out.
No, I got it.
I know you got it, but come on now!
Oh, right, trying to impress the lady
by being a gentleman!
Maybe, but you're kind of messing up
my game right now.
Okay. I love you.
I love you too.
Hey, baby.
So that's Julie?
- Yeah.
- She is pretty.
Let's get out of here.
Aleya is a wonderful young lady
and a sassy little thing.
That she is.
Thank you for being so amazing
with her today.
You done good, Mr. Dad.
What is that look?
I think I'm falling for you.
Listen, I, um,
just wanna say I'm sorry
for that whole thing back there.
What thing?
You mean me seeing Julie,
or Julie seeing me?
It just was unexpected.
Why don't you go get some rest?
I'll see you at the show tomorrow.
Is that okay?
Good night.
Good night.
What do you want, Sam?
I guess that means you're still mad at me?
Yes, I am.
But you saved my name and number
in your phone, so...
Girl, please don't tell me you called
to rub in the fact that I like you.
No, I didn't, um...
Yeah, well...
Well, damn!
You might wanna pep it up, mamacita!
We're on in 20.
You are so sweet!
- Hey.
- Hey.
Everything okay?
Ah, Matthew, put your number in there.
Oh, um...
Oh, I am... I am sorry,
are you two together?
No, we're not.
For the show we're,
you know, debating philosophies.
All right, we're back with Matthew Taylor,
author of The Bounce Back,
and Nina says, go out and get this book
because we love this book.
Am I right, Love Nation?
We love this book.
But Matthew,
my next guest has a bone to pick with you.
Please welcome clinical psychologist,
Dr. Kristin Peralto!
Come on out Dr. Kristin!
That's right, Dr. Kristin.
Welcome to Love Nation!
Thank you so much for having me!
Thank you for coming!
So you have a beef with Matthew.
Yes, I do, Nina,
because Mr. Taylor
preys on weak-minded women.
He tells them what they want to hear
in order to get them to expose themselves,
and well, he just doesn't want to
follow-through when push comes to shove.
Hmm, are you talking about his book
or is this something personal?
I think for people like Ms. Peralto,
- a common...
- Excuse me, people like me?
You mean, women who trust you,
who you make feel special?
And I am talking about the book,
I am talking about reading the book.
They feel as though your words
are the most comforting thing imaginable
and then this whole you thing,
with your swagger and your self-confidence.
- Nina, let me ask you a question...
- Mmm-hmm.
And this is for all of the women
in the audience.
How is it that a relationship guru
isn't in a relationship?
Girl, you are going in for the kill,
but, Matthew, I got to say,
my brown sister has a point.
We'll see, in my book The Bounce Back,
I actually ask people
to focus on the past...
Oh, I am sorry, is that in the
"I haven't really gotten over my ex-wife
who woke up and said
"she didn't love me anymore" chapter?
Because I didn't read that.
Whoa! This is getting
better than I thought.
She is a piece of work, isn't she?
Are you still in love with your ex-wife?
I didn't see that one coming, Nina.
But the answer is,
when my ex-wife woke up one day
after ten years of marriage
and told me that
she didn't love me anymore,
I decided that I needed
a new definition of love.
What is love?
Is it a feeling,
is it a commitment,
a happily ever after pill?
I would like to think it's a choice.
See, Nina, we choose people
for who they are
and who they aren't
and we make that choice
every single day that we are together.
So yes, Ms. Peralto,
I do love my ex-wife.
I don't think I will ever stop loving her,
but she is not the woman that I choose
to give my love to anymore.
See, I really believe that we have to
stop thinking that love just happens.
That somehow, we are helpless
and just along for the ride.
I honestly believe
that we make that choice.
That's how we do on Love Nation.
Well, I'd like to thank Matthew Taylor
and Dr. Kristin Peralto
for coming on Love Nation
and having a passionate discussion
about The Bounce Back.
And everyone in the studio
audience is going home
with a complimentary copy
of The Bounce Back.
That has been our show today,
and remember we are a nation of love.
Matthew, I need to talk to you.
We got good news, brother.
Good news!
Come on, man. What are we waiting for?
Can we focus here?
Can I get your mic?
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
I know you slept
with her, just tell me, don't deny it.
- The mic is still live.
- I can smell it.
Touch that dial
and I will break your fingers.
What's going on?
- What's going on?
- You did it.
I knew you did it.
T, what's the good news?
First of all I just wanna say
that I should have had more
faith in you because I thought it was over for
us after that whole Live Night situation.
Phew! I saw your wheels turning,
but I didn't know how you would go
out and get her to do the show with us,
you know what I am saying?
But then you had the fire-breather in here,
following you here like a little puppy.
Ah! That was masterful, bro.
And just to seal the
deal, you sealed a deal.
You threw her
right out of her game.
She was out there looking ridiculous.
So what are you getting at?
Problem solved.
We just booked the Jason Kennedy Show.
- What? - Yeah, I told you,
I am working for you, man.
What are we
supposed to do about her?
What do you mean,
what we are going to do?
I mean, come on, man!
The monkey is off our back.
Oh, T, I don't know, man.
What exactly are you going to tell her?
I got to talk
to her, T, I got to.
Are you ser... Matthew!
Excuse me.
What the hell was that?
Uh, your microphone is still on.
- Wait a minute, did she...
- She did.
I am gonna blow
his seminar up online.
When I am finished with him,
he is going to wish he never met you.
Big Momma is gonna take care of you.
- Maybe that's him.
- Don't do anything.
- Don't.
- I won't.
Kristin! Open up! I know you're home!
I am not leaving here
until you talk to me, Kristin!
Hey, man. Has it occurred to you,
she might not be at home?
- Kristin!
- Stop it. Stop saying Kristin.
Kristin, come on,
I know you are home, open up!
- It's my neighbor.
- Man.
Daryl. Hi.
Um, why don't you just tell him
that I'm not coming home tonight.
She said she's not coming home,
you are wasting your time.
Where is she?
She doesn't wanna talk to you,
you need to go home.
Look, I know she is here.
Kristin! Kristin!
Please go home, Matthew!
Listen to me, I can explain.
You are not explaining your way
out of this one, okay,
- you slimy, no good...
- Okay.
Self-help guru whatever you think you are.
Kristin, please.
I know, I know, it's not what I think,
I am sure that there is a perfectly good
reason why you lied to me for a month
and then sold me down the river
as soon as something better came along.
I didn't lie to you.
So all that talk about, uh,
wanting to bring balance to the tour,
that wasn't a lie?
I meant it when I said that, I meant it,
I really wanted you there with me.
Goodbye, Matthew!
I agree. Kick rocks. Bye-bye.
I am not letting you go,
I'm not losing you like this.
You used me. What am I supposed to say,
the past doesn't exist and move on?
I am not like you, Matthew.
Love don't live
here anymore, buddy.
Wait a minute, what?
Okay, hey. Slow down, Julie, slow down,
she is not with me.
Where is George?
All right, I'll be right there,
I will pick you up.
Okay, where would she be?
Over there.
Hey, Julie, slow down, slow down.
Wait, I am gonna go up, you go down,
we will circle back.
Are you going to kill me?
I think your mom is
going to kill you twice over.
Doesn't matter.
What happened?
He didn't come.
Maybe he just got held up.
He was here, he just didn't come over.
It was all a joke to him.
Look at you.
You are beautiful,
you are smart, you are so sweet.
is the most beautiful thing
that we can experience in this world.
And if you were lucky enough
to feel this for that boy,
nobody can ever take that away from you,
that's something special just for you.
And I promise you something,
one day you are gonna meet someone
who loves you back,
just as much as you love him.
And when that happens,
it's magical.
I know, Dad.
Oh, you do?
But it still hurts,
and it totally sucks too.
So I think I'm just gonna
keep crying until it stops hurting.
Thank you.
Hey. I know you are upset,
but you can't stay mad at me forever.
I am not mad at you.
I read it,
cover to cover,
and you know what, you're right.
The only way to heal is to learn to accept
that the past doesn't exist,
and you got me to that point.
I am ready to create my future.
I know what I want,
and it isn't this.
It doesn't matter
how hot we are for each other,
we are too different
and chemistry isn't enough.
I am sorry, Matthew,
but, um, I have a busy schedule today,
if you can believe it.
Oh, hey.
Matthew Taylor.
Yeah, I know. I'm George.
I know. It's nice to finally meet you.
Aleya, she raves about you.
Not as much as she raves about her daddy.
Come on in.
Who is at the door?
Hey, Julie.
HEY. baby girl.
Oh, what a nice surprise.
Your place, uh, it looks great.
It's all George's.
Um, he's got the touch.
Oh, don't embarrass me.
He's a meat lover.
He is nice, and you two are nice together.
Thank you.
George really likes you.
I am just happy
you and I can finally be friends.
you never loved me as much as I loved you,
did you?
I really wanted to.
I am sorry.
Don't be, don't be.
I think...
I think I found somebody who does.
- See you later.
- Bye.
So I recognize this great hookup
you giving me.
So what's the angle?
Angle? I am just helping out some
friend in the talent department.
Oh, so your being here today
has nothing to do with me.
Oh, pure coincidence.
Do you think I am gonna believe that?
I don't know what you
are willing to believe.
You like me, don't you?
- Admit it!
- Everybody settle down
and we are on in five, four, three, two...
Welcome back. My next guest is
author and relationship expert
Matthew Taylor.
His new book The Bounce Back
is for anyone struggling to get back on
their feet after the end of a relationship.
- Nice to see you, man.
- Well thanks for having me, Jason.
I am curious though,
what do you hope people walk away with
after reading The Bounce Back?
What if I told you that
you don't have to endure, overcome...
See that's why the book
is winning right there.
He is honest,
he knows how to connect with people.
I would say I wanna know how your book
can deliver all those promises.
Well, um...
But then I read The Bounce Back,
and I got to say, I get it, especially
when you talk about the past.
Yeah, the past.
You know a lot of relationship...
Don't look at me, he is your guy.
Gurus talk about the past
and making peace with it,
but you don't say that at all,
you say the past doesn't exist.
But doesn't it, Jason?
I mean, it's a great idea in principle.
Pretending like the past doesn't exist,
it's not the same thing as completing it.
I don't think I read
that in the book though.
That's because it's not in there, Jason.
I didn't know it when I wrote this book.
Oh. Oh, my God.
No, no!
Even though you might think
that you are done with the past,
it doesn't necessarily mean that
the past has always done with you.
What are you trying to say exactly?
I am full of crap.
I am sorry, I am sorry,
I should not have laughed.
- You...
- You guys... You guys are amazing.
You think so?
My book The Bounce Back,
it didn't help me get over my ex-wife.
What did that?
I didn't get over, not really.
I just created a philosophy
to keep me from getting hurt.
This has gotta stop.
Shhh! Are you crazy?
This is live television.
You can't go on, okay.
The funny thing is,
I don't even think that I realized
that's what I was doing
until I met the girl of my dreams.
That's when I felt things that
I had never felt before.
This, uh, normally I go for a medium rare,
'cause that's where
most of the nutrients are,
because if you get it more well done
then it's...
You have a beautiful nose.
Just I had to say it.
I... I don't like my nose.
No, it's beautiful and that was weird.
- Well, I'm sorry.
- Thank you.
Uh, yeah, you're welcome.
Who is this special person?
Kristin Peralto.
Is that you?
Hey, go back a couple.
No, no, no, no, there's...
No, no, no, not needed.
She is the therapist who doesn't think
too highly of your book, right?
I was scared.
I know that now.
But what I didn't know
was how to handle her love.
- What are you doing?
- Just wait.
Can he hear me? Matthew!
What I was going through.
I might still be with her right now.
Well, it was nice meeting you.
No, no, no, no, don't leave,
I... We... We are not together.
That guy is on national television
pouring his heart out to you.
Yeah, I understand but...
Hey, lady, you're on TV.
Oh, my God! That's her.
Jason, um...
By all means, do what you need to do
right there.
Please can somebody go...
Can we go to commercial?
- Can you tell them...
- Stop!
Talk to the people in the...
Talk to the people in the booth.
I'm sorry.
I am so sorry.
Hey. Turn that up.
Nothing has happened
the way that I planned it.
I never saw you coming.
Matthew, don't cry on TV, man! Suck it up.
I Vow that I ha ve caught a glimpse
of you in my life,
I can't imagine it without you
in it anymore.
I didn't honor the love that you felt for
me because I had never experienced it.
I didn't know what it was
to be loved back.
I think he's in love with you!
Check, please.
I appreciate your honesty,
for you being candid. Thank you.
We are gonna be right back
with the surprising Matthew Taylor.
Thanks a lot.
Matthew Taylor!
Wait a minute! What did you say?
- What are you doing?
- Where?
Okay. Thanks.
- What the hell is going on, man?
- T, I'm sorry.
If you don't go in there right now and fix
this, everything we worked for is over.
I love her.
What? Her? Really?
- Her?
- I can't let her get away.
I know this means the world to you, I do.
But look at me. T, look at me.
I have been dead inside
for way too long, you know that.
He is not leaving, is he?
Shhh... Let's give it a minute.
- I don't wanna give it a minute.
- Give it a minute.
Guess we could kiss
being the number one bestseller goodbye.
If you really want me to go back in there
and do this...
Yeah, man. Whatever, man.
You know what. It's a good gesture.
But at the end of the day
you gotta do what's right for you, man.
And what real friend is gonna
get in the way of that?
- It looks like he is leaving to me.
- Alex, you are losing it
- I am getting anxiety attacks.
- You're losing it.
- Okay, okay, okay!
- Give it a minute.
Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, this is not happening!
- T, you got this. You sure?
- Yeah, you're good.
Thank you.
No, no, no, no, no, no,
this is beyond unacceptable.
- Shhh.
- We are on in 30 seconds.
- Lower your voice, lower your voice.
- I will call security.
You are not gonna call anybody!
- Excuse me! Let me do my job.
- Let me tell you something.
You better back up
before I put these two books in your ass.
Um, Gary, do we have
Jeff Goldblum available?
I am impressed.
Thank you. Thank you.
With him.
Of course.
Oh. That was good.
You wanna go get a drink?
- Maybe.
- Yeah.
So he lied to me,
he used me to get on this stupid talk show
just to promote his stupid book.
Sounds like he is just scared
to fall in love again.
He did sound sincere about that.
You two should really talk this out.
Listen, I am done with him.
I am completely through
with Matthew Taylor.
- Get in the car!
- Oh.
Kristin, wait!
Why we are racing to the car?
- Just take me home, Glen.
- All right.
Wait! Kristin! Kristin!
Just, please, please let me talk to you
for a second. Hear me out, please!
Is that him?
- Drive Glen, please!
- Okay.
No, no!
No, don't move the car.
Stop the car, please!
- How did you know I was here?
- Sarah told me.
- Is that your friend?
- Yes, drive! Please go!
- I don't know if I feel comfortable.
- Shut up, Glen! Please!
I messed up, Kristin, okay?
I didn't know what to do.
I really think you two
should talk this out.
- Please just go, Glen!
- All right.
I am getting anxiety.
Kristin, please!
Shut up Glen and just go. Just go!
Not backwards, Glen, forward, forward!
If I go forward, I'm gonna hit him!
No, he is gonna move out of the way.
Just go, Glen!
Shut up, Glen and just go!
I just need you talk to me!
- Go, Glen! Please!
- Okay!
- Shut up! Just go forward!
- Fine!
- Forward! Go!
- I'm gonna hit him!
- Forward!
- All right!
Matthew, get out of the way!
I am not moving.
You want me to go forward? Forward!
- Matthew, get out of the way!
- I can't believe I'm doing this.
Get out of the way!
Oh, my God!
- Are you dead?
- Matthew!
You're crazy.
- What are you doing?
- Kristin.
Kristin, Kristin, just
listen to me, please.
You were right,
you can't create a future without
completing the past, you were right.
Pretending like Julie and I never happened,
it doesn't work, okay?
You're the only person in my life
who has ever loved me back
as much as I love them.
I know you think I was trying to play you.
And I was. I am so sorry for that.
I will never hurt you again.
You're too important to me.
I need you.
Kristin, I love you.
You love me?
Yes. Yes.
Really, really?
I do.
Welcome back to
The George Addison show!
My next guests are best-selling
husband and wife co-authors
How to Make
Every Time Feel Like the First Time,
and they are the hottest
self-help celebrity couple on the planet,
so please give a warm welcome
to Matthew and Kristin Taylor.
Well, thank you for having us, George!
There is an interesting story
on what you guys did on your honeymoon.
Let's just say we were, uh...
We were very productive.
We were. We were productive writing.
- I love their chemistry.
- Mmm-hmm.
- They feed off each other perfectly, right?
- Uh-huh.
This is good. This is good.
It's a very impressive booking
right out of the gate.
Honestly, it was all Matthew.
Thank you for the invite.
You know, I've never been
part of someone's posse, so...
Because you're usually
the behind the scenes,
calling the shots type of girl, huh?
Hey, he's... Actually, we have another
relationship seminar in Diego,
would you be interested in coming down
for the weekend?
It would be cool.
You want me to spend
the weekend with you?
At the relationship seminar,
it's nice weather, people...
Beaches, military.
- Mmm-hmm.
We started talking about
our first kiss, right?
Yes, and how undeniable it was,
our connection,
and our attraction for one another.
We were connecting a lot.
And brainstorming, George, we were...
She was brainstorming.
I was trying to connect.
This is true, mostly me,
I was brainstorming.
Come here!
Come here.
I am looking for something.
What do you mean
you're looking for something?
Just, hold on.
Oh, okay, well, hold on, wait a minute.
Kristin, you're about to step up
to the mic, what are you doing, huh?
I can't find it.
Babe, it's right
there in the middle.
No, I'm not talking about that.
It's going to sneak up on you.
Watch out now!
Hold on, I'm trying to find something.
- What do you mean find something?
- Where'd it go?
- Babe?
- Huh?
I think we need
to start a new book.
Start a new book?
We're having a baby.
We're having a baby.
- We're having a baby?
- Yes.
- Kristin, we're having a baby?
- Yes.
I love you. We're having a baby.
We're having a baby.
- We're having a baby.
- Yes!