The Bouncer (2018) Movie Script

I'm just defending myself. Fuck!
- Did you sleep well?
- Yes
- Are you hungry?
- A little, yes.
What is "2B"?
It's a pencil.
Don't mess up. I need exactly that pencil.
Do you really need all this?
And a pack of "Canson" paper.
Don't worry, I'll take care of it.
Let's go.
Hurry up, Sarah. Let's go!
- Sir.
- Yes?
We still haven't received
the last month tuition.
- You'll get it this week.
- This week without fail.
- Have a good day, sir.
- Have a good day, ma'am.
- Ah!
- Let's go.
- Let's go!
- Let me go man! Oh! Fuck!
- She spilled a fucking drink on me.
- Keep moving.
Get the fuck off me!
- Come down.
- I'm fucking calm.
This 'ho' spills a fucking drink on me,
and then your dumbass drags me here
all the way through the fucking bar.
- Stay here.
- Don't fucking touch me, man!
You don't know who the fuck I am?
Your sorry ass is gonna get in a lot
of trouble for this. For nothing!
She's just a bitch. Like you!
Shit, man.
Lukas? Hey, Lukas, get out of here.
The police came.
I told them it was him
who attacked the waitress,
but they didn't care,
I think they are going to press charges.
They fired you.
I hope you don't get into
trouble because of that bastard.
What are you going to do?
Look for a job.
I have a job for you.
There is a strip club in Ixelles.
An uncle told me they are
looking for a bouncer.
If you are interested,
you can sign up.
I don't speak Flemish.
Follow me.
We open from Wednesday to Sunday.
You gotta be focused,
because they are naked girls,
so things could easily get
fucked up with the clients.
No smoking no drinking.
You get paid every night.
It's simple. The last man
standing gets the job.
Speak in English.
- What is your name?
- Lukas.
You start Friday.
Who did that to you?
Someone at work.
Does it hurts?
A little.
Did they push you?
- Do you know what the good part is?
- No
I stay at home tonight.
- It's hard.
- Wait. You put your hand like this ...
...cut in this way.
Did you understand?
Be careful with your finger.
Very well.
Until tonight
I'm sorry I'm late.
- Is everything okay, sir?
- All good.
Police. We have to ask you,
What happened at work?
Can you come with us, please?
So, you are telling me that
you didn't hit him... hmmm... that right?
You know...
I have a 16 year old son.
I talk a lot with him.
He comes up with theories about justice...
...the planet, humanity...
It makes you want to smack him.
Just to see what happens.
And also to see if he still keeps having
the same vision of things.
The guy that you hit, his father
is an official of the European Union.
That's where thing gets complicated, and
we were screwed to leave soon.
The night club you used to work at,
They don't know anything about you.
You live alone with your daughter.
She goes to school with a false last name.
We don't know who you
are or why are you hiding
The only thing I know is
that your name is Lukas ...
You are a bouncer, and you beat up
a guy and you left it for me.
What do you want?
I'll tell you what I want.
I'm not here to fuck you
If you hide because you did something
stupid somewhere... I don't care.
What I want is for you to work for me
You help me and I'll fix your
problem in the night club.
Hey, I don't work for the Belgian police.
I am the guy they call when there is an...
...important problem in any part of Europe.
I have been asked to track a Dutch
who has come here to do business.
He counterfeits money. Around 20 countries
put pressure on me to capture him.
What do I have to do with that?
The guy I'm talking about.
His name is Jan Dekkers.
He just hired you in his strip club.
I want you to lookout. If you see any
thing, you call me. That simple.
I'm not interested.
I already told you...
I have a lot of room for maneuver...
...what I want to say is that I prefer
you don't have problems with the law...
How can I tell a judge to lock you up?
Your daughter would go
with a host family...
...and if you want to move, you are tagged.
This is my number, memorize it.
If you see anything, you call me.
- Where's Jan?
- He is busy.
Do you think I'm gonna
wait for Jan all night
long, sitting here
and drinking water?
He can't make it tonight, he is sorry.
Tell him to go and fuck himself.
Do you see that girl over there?
Take her back to her hotel...
...don't leave her alone one second.
Make sure she's safe. OK?
Come back here.
What is your name?
Do you do everything he tells you to do?
Are you your lapdog?
My name is Lisa.
I just told you since you don't ask me.
Just by seeing you, it seems that
you are better at fighting ...
...than at having a conversation.
It's OK, it's OK.
I'm just kidding.
- She has an Italian accent.
- That does not tell me anything.
- How old is she?
- 30, 35
She gets into the club
and doesn't pay anything.
Who is she? His new lover?
- I don't know..
- I'm going to investigate that.
Okay, start earning his trust.
These people don't trust anyone.
Even the Devil needs helpers
Easy. Don't grab me so hard
Hey. What do you want from me?
Jan wants to see you. Outside.
What do you want?
We wanna know who you are.
I am the bouncer at the strip club.
You only got one number in your phone...
Hey?.. Hello?... Hello, Dad?
Start the car.
Where are you from?
From here.
Nobody knows you. Why?
I was a bodyguard... abroad.
- Where about?
- South Africa
That's nice.
Why did you come back?
My wife died.
Keep right.
You're a bodyguard, no?
He's okay.
So, you got some good news for me?
They don't want to do business with you.
They already have some business
with guys in the Netherlands...
...and they don't trust you.
I pre-sold everything...
and now you tell me
that I can't deliver the product
because of some Dutch fuck?
- don't blame it on me.
- I do blame it on you.
You told me there wouldn't be any trouble.
They are Dutch for christ sake,
they are our fucking neighbors.
You know what?
Ask them what they want.
I'll give it to them. Anything.
So they know they can trust me.
- I'll work it out.
- Yeah... you better work it out.
Let's go.
This is where you live?
- Yeah.
- Your daughter... what's her name?
You leave her alone when you're at work?
You better go see her, then.
Keep the car.
- I don't need it.
- I'll go back with Geert.
I'm telling you, keep it.
It's my treat.
Enjoy your time with your daughter.
He knows where I live now.
He is watching me.
Go see him and ask him if
he can put you to the test.
Jan has been talking with a middleman.
An antiquarian who has
a gallery in Ixelles.
You have to put him in
contact with the Dutch.
I'm not sure.
They have something he wants.
- He's in a hurry to get it.
- Try to find out more.
In fact we have been able
to trace the Italian girl...
...that you took to her
hotel, Lisa Zaccherini,
sentenced in 2013 for falsifying documents.
There is a good reason why Jan brought
her from Italy. I'll take a look at that.
- Hello?
- You drove Lisa back the other day.
- Yes
- Go get her at her hotel.
- When?
- Right now.
The horse riding was great.
Can I go back tomorrow?
We'll see, if it's possible...
- Hello.
- Good Morning!
- What is your name?
- Sarah.
You're very pretty, Sarah. And you
seem so much nicer than your father.
- Where are we going?
- Go down the Boulevard ...
I'll give you directions.
- It's done.
- OK.
I'm gonna text you an address.
Meet me there immediately.
Who did you speak with in English?
I'll be back in 5 minutes.
Go inside. Geert is waiting for you.
I've got something to fetch.
- It's all you need to know.
- When?
- Now.
- Dad!
Tell him to bring back
my daughter right away.
Do it ... if you don't wanna
see your daughter again.
If something happens to
my daughter I'll kill you.
You and your boss.
This is the guy we are coming to get.
We are coming to get?
Those mother fucking Dutch men only want to
negotiate if we bring them this guy.
He cooks the best crack cocaine in Europe.
I used to work for him.
- But he left to work for his own.
- So, What's the plan?
What do you mean, what's the plan?
We go in and get him out.
- How many people are there?
- No idea.
So you think your best plan is to go in,
get him out and shoot whatever moves?
You get a better fucking idea?
You stay here.
Let him go!
Let him, let him go!
- Where is my daughter?
- Relax. She's safe.
Your house is beautiful.
It's not really my house.
- Do you work with my dad?
- Not really.
Then, what do you do?
And your dad, what does he do?
He's, mmm... a guard that protects people.
- Bodyguard?
- That's it!
He protected my mom's dad
when we lived in South Africa.
That's how they met.
And where is your mom?
She had an accident there in Africa.
An accident?
Some people killed her to take her car.
I'm sorry.
No matter.
- Where is she?
- She is fine.
Look dad, what we did. Lisa and me.
Grab your things. We're leaving.
Hurry up.
You don't leave me an option,
you forced me to come here
You don't call me, you don't
answer the phone. What happened?
They took my daughter,
and they forced me to do one thing.
- To do what?
- We kidnap a guy for Jan.
What guy? Why does he wants him?
For the Dutch men with
whom he wants to negociate.
And, What exactly does
he wants to negotiate?
I don't know.
- Well, we need you to find out.
- I can't take it anymore, I'm out.
They took my daughter,
they went too far.
Hey, I know what you did in South Africa.
Do you know what that means?
It means you have to continue, or I'll
ship you down there. Got it?
Hey, do you understand??
It's okay. Stay strong!
We need you.
And your daughter too.
Ha, You came back.
You know?
I'm sorry about the other day.
I'm just a bit short handed lately.
I knew you would do a good job.
It's a compliment.
It means I trust you.
Don't ever touch my daughter again.
I promise.
For the inconvenience.
I want to continue.
We are open from Wednesday through Sunday.
I want more.
Tomorrow we are trading
the guy you kidnapped.
Do you think you can handle
it, together with Geert?
You can go.
It's okay.
- You don't know what you're doing.
- Shut up.
You won't get out of here alive.
They'll kill me ...
and then they'll kill you.
- It's okay.
- No no.
Shoot, shoot!
Go, go, go!
Go inside.
Come on. Go.
- What the fuck happened?
- The guy we brought them...
He tried to escape.
They started to shoot.
Geert is dead.
Sarah. Come quickly!
- Bye!
- Bye!
It's me.
- Were you at the garage too?
- They wanted to make an exchange.
- What did they want to exchange?
- A watermark.
It means that he's going
to send a new batch.
There has to be a laboratory somewhere...
...that changes location every time.
I don't know.
Do they have doubts about you?
No. I risked my life for them.
OK. That means we keep going forward.
Take the pencils if you want, my love.
Are you going for a long time?
I don't know.
This is not bad.
Omar is nice...
and you get along well with Moussa, right?
Listen, I have to do one thing and...
...I promise I'll come back for you.
Are you afraid?
A little.
I am not afraid for you.
- Are you sure you'll come back?
- I'm sure.
You know you can count on me.
I will do this alone.
You paint very well. You are good.
You have talent.
The first time I saw you, you were
beating up a bunch of guys half your age.
Do you know what I thought?
"This guy is either totally fucked up...
...or is a fucking survivor who is
able to adapt to anything. "
What do you think?
I don't know. It's a bit of both.
I guess they go together.
You do understand what we are doing now...
...with Lisa?
- It's not of my business.
- It is..
After what you've done for me.
Whether you like it or not.
We are going to print bank notes
pretty soon. I'm going to need you.
You've gotta take real good care of Lisa,
she is...
Especially after what happened.
If she falls apart ...
...I won't be able to print a single bill.
I'm dead without her.
You see what I mean?
I grew up near Crotone.
Do you know where it is?
It is in the south of Italy.
Poor town.
But it has sea.
My father had a printing press.
It was his whole life.
When he died, my mother and
I were left without anything.
We needed money...
...and I started making fake currency.
At the beginning to pay my father debts...
...and later I continued doing it.
Do you know that by doing this
I risk to get life in prison?
For the law, this is more serious to
counterfit euros that to kill a child.
Do you think we could have
done something... for Geert?
When these things happen,
they always end badly...
...and it will be the same for
you if you continue doing it.
What happened to your wife?
A car theft that went wrong.
They killed her.
And they found the culprits?
Not the law.
But, I did.
Can you drive me there?
There was nothing. It was completely empty.
Jan is going to leave.
He knows we're looking for him.
- We still have one chance left.
- Which is?
Jan is in a hurry to manufacture
for the rest of his buyers.
And I think he already got paid.
So, Do you think he is stupid enough
to rob a bank to do it?
Is that it?
Let the girl go.
The girl is the only thing
I have in the report.
Let me talk to her.
Okay, do it.
Son of a bitch.
You betrayed us.
- Why did you do it?
- For my daughter. He got me there.
- That's nonsense.
- It's the truth.
They will let you go so
you can make the bills.
They have nothing against me. Nothing!
They know everything you did.
They are going to let it go.
- Do you trust them?
- I think so.
I tried to protect you.
No no. You were trying to protect yourself.
For you and your family.
You sacrificed me.
Do you want to end up like Geert?
You want that?
Is that what you want?
- I don't know.
- Look at me.
We are going to get out of this.
We'll get out of this.
- OK?
- OK.
What are you doing here?
I wanted to see you.
- We've got a big problem.
- How big?
As big as a police raid.
They took Lisa.
But, don't worry,
I talked to the attorney...
...they've got nothing against her,
they'll have to let her go.
- So, we don't have a problem.
- Yes, we do.
There is too much heat on us.
- Are you going to stop?
- I can't.
We have to print the money.
The people I worked for paid for it.
Come ... Let's go for a ride.
You are crazy.
The police raided my place, and they
arrested the girl who works for me.
What does it have to do with me?
I didn't tell the cops.
The Dutch men you were working with,
they ratted on me.
No no no no no,
they would never do it.
The way I see it...
The transaction went wrong...
...and the Dutch wanted
to take revenge on me.
If they wanted to take revenge on you...
...they wouldn't have sent the cops.
Wait! wait! wait!
Maybe it's the girl who ratted on you.
- No.
- How can you be so sure?
Well, she knew we were moving the stash.
Maybe it's him?
This gentleman over there...
He made his hands dirty for me.
You see?
Once you have a doubt. It's over.
Are we going away?
- I don't know.
- When will you return?
I promise you.
I love you Dad.
Come on, Lisa. Get your shit together.
- Get me these babies.
- Fuck.
- It's okay.
- It's okay?
Thank you.
Let's move forward!
Put it in the trunk.
Buy some toys for your daughter.
Take it easy! Take it easy!
Drop your weapon.
On your knees.
Get on your knees!
On your knees.
Come, take it all.
It's payday.
Fuck, this is great!
Come on, hurry up.
Still not dead?
Nico. Fuck!
Fucking shit. Shit!
Hello? Dad?
- Are you OK?
- Yes
I'll be there.