The Boxer and the Butterfly (2023) Movie Script

Mom, it's wonderful.
Being in the city is like a dream.
Ms. Rowan.
Oh, hey.
- Ro?
- One sec, mom.
Good morning, Margie.
Thank you for the fresh towels.
I really appreciate your kindness.
I've told you, Miss Rowan,
you don't have to make your own bed
and fold your dirty towels.
And have you been dusting in here?
Just a smidge.
What can I say?
I tend to clean when I'm nervous.
What? Rowan?
Are you nervous?
No, mom, I'm not.
I promise.
You can't be nervous, Ro-ro.
It makes your hands all
sweaty and slippery.
Mom, I know.
Well, have a good rehearsal today, dear.
Thank you, Margie.
How's Noah?
Are you two ready?
This is it, you know.
The prestigious Pavlova
Dance Invitational.
You've worked your whole
life for this, honey.
I know, mom.
I know.
And yes, we are ready.
The Cheshire lift.
I just can't seem to get my timing right.
Well, you work at it Ro-ro.
Only quitters quit.
You wanna open your own dance studio?
You need this prize money.
Mom, I know.
And I will get it.
I promise you.
As long as Noah and I are together,
everything's gonna be okay.
We're gonna nail it.
We're the perfect pair,
but I have to go, okay?
Love you.
Everything has to be precise.
If we're up even a millisecond,
we're not gonna stick the lift.
I know.
I think --
You think too much.
You're in your head.
You keep yelling at me.
I'm not yelling, Ro.
I'm sorry.
I'm just nervous for that competition.
I shouldn't have yelled.
Let's just break for the day.
Hey, we've got this.
We have a whole week.
Everything else is looking great.
Hey, do you want to get food or something?
Can I ask you something?
Why did you wear that shirt?
You know, I hate that shirt, Ro.
Aubrey made this shirt.
She's my best friend.
Besides, I like it.
Are you even taking this
competition seriously?
I mean, do you even want to win?
Of course I do.
You know, I'm gonna use the prize money
for my dance academy.
I've been working on the
business plan for years.
I have a place picked out.
Noah, you know this.
I can't do this. Ro,
I'm sorry.
What do you mean you can't do what?
Look, winning is the most important thing.
We both come from the middle of nowhere,
yet somehow we ended up here
and now we have a chance.
- A real chance.
- Yeah.
To achieve our dreams.
I know that.
If we take first place,
people will finally start
taking us seriously.
I wanna be famous, Ro.
I want the whole world to know my name.
That only happens if we take first place.
We will.
If we land that ending lift.
We have a real shot.
I need a sure thing.
I'm sorry.
I don't think we should dance
together at the competition.
I'm gonna ask someone else.
We've been rehearsing for months.
You're gonna ask who?
We're just not in sync.
Ro, are you in there? I'm coming in.
You know, it's a good thing
the front desk lady gave me a key.
I mean, I did have to tell
her I was your sister,
but we're practically sisters anyways.
And maybe I threatened to slip
on a wet spot in the lobby
and sue, but.
Guess Ro isn't here.
I mean, I know she wouldn't be hiding
from her best friend in the whole world
who just drove three hours to comfort her
in her time of need.
- Right?
- All right.
Told you not to come.
Yeah, with your words, but your emotions.
They called to me.
They said come save my broken
little heart and bring pizza.
You brought pizza.
- All the works.
- Oh!
Let's eat, girl.
That'll heal that heart.
Eat up.
He said you're not in sync.
What does that even mean?
You guys have been dancing
together since you were kids.
I know.
He's such a snake.
You know, I should go over there.
No, no, no, no.
You know I love how protective you are,
but that's not gonna do anyone any good.
Besides, it's not like we're broken up.
He just wants to dance with somebody else.
You're not broken up?
Then why isn't any of his stuff here?
Oh, we never stay together.
Apparently my breathing
is a bit too breathy
for him to sleep.
You breathe like a tiny
little perfect fairy.
He is insane.
Listen, seriously, I'm sorry.
What he did stinks.
I know how much this
competition meant to you.
Why don't we get some rest tonight
and then I will drive
you home in the morning.
No, no.
I can't go home.
Only quitters quit.
It's what my mom always says.
Wait, so what are you gonna do?
I'm gonna wake up at a crack of dawn
and I'm gonna grind until I get my timing.
Then I'll just go back to
Noah and he'll take me back
and we'll win that
competition like we planned.
Of course.
I don't know what
I was expecting.
You're Ro.
An amazing, beautiful,
competitive, relentless monster.
And I wouldn't change a thing.
Heaven on the dance floor
I've gotta
I've gotta get some more
She wants heaven on the dance floor
I gotta
I gotta get some more
I gotta get some more
Nope, nope.
That's not it.
One, two, three, five, six, seven.
What wrong with me?
Oh, oh, God.
Oh my goodness.
I am so sorry.
Are you okay?
- I think that's yours.
- Yeah, yes.
I was doing a dance
routine and there's a lift
that I can't get and
I got frustrated.
Yeah, your timing's off.
I've been running,
I've been watching you.
You're going forward.
I'm sorry. I don't know
what you're saying.
Are you a dancer?
You gotta cut in from the side
and you'll get there faster.
That's not how it's done.
Sometimes you gotta break the rules.
Don't throw your water bottle.
It's not sportsmanlike.
From the side, from the side.
That's dumb.
It worked.
I have to get to the studio and tell Noah.
Wouldn't change a thing
You're still like a bird
If I lowered this leg.
And turn.
Wrap it around.
And then snap it out.
- Yeah!
- Okay.
- Cool.
- And I'll get low for that.
Yeah, and then just use momentum.
All right, let's just try it real quick.
- Yeah.
- Ready?
Five, six, seven, eight.
- Perfect.
- Just like that.
That's amazing.
I think we're good.
So good.
Will you stop please?
You're causing a scene.
I'm causing a scene.
What was that up there?
I know it was a little
soon, but Ro, we broke up.
We, you said you wanted a new partner,
not a new girlfriend.
I thought she knew what I meant.
Look, you and me we're just not --
In sync.
Can we talk somewhere else please?
You know what I came here to tell you?
I finally got the timing
of our big lift down.
But don't worry,
I'm gonna find my own dance partner.
And I'm gonna keep that song.
Relax, Aubrey.
This is why I brought
you to a public place.
There are a lot of sharp
objects around here.
I'm just saying.
I don't need superhero
Aubrey right now.
I just need my best friend.
I'm sorry he's such a jerk.
What are you gonna do?
Do you wanna come home?
Aubz. I can't go home.
Why not?
You've got your family
there, your friends. Me.
Leave all this big city self
to fame seekers like Noah.
Come home where you belong.
What about my dance academy?
Take it from a woman who
went from a tie dye business
to a pet hotel,
to being convinced that
weird smelling candles
was the next big thing.
Dreams can change.
I liked your gross smelling candles.
First off, I said weird.
Not gross. They're weird.
Not gross, okay.
The point is,
you'll find something that
makes you just as happy.
Listen, if I had never changed my dreams,
I would've never found my true passion.
Bedazzling old shoes.
Cool, yeah.
I'm gonna try to land a
big deal for these bad boys
while I'm in the city.
Very cool.
I may have told Noah that
I'm gonna find a partner
and beat him at the competition.
I was kind of hoping that you would help.
Oh, I like that even better.
Forget what I said.
Yes, twinkle toes.
Find you a new dance partner.
That's literally every dancer in town.
Well, I mean, he is gonna lose
if he is not with Ro, but, okay.
Yeah, we'll see.
Yes, we will see.
Aubz, hang up.
We'll see.
He can't do it either.
Yeah, kind of got that.
What am I gonna do?
Literally every dancer
is booked or out of town.
I mean, there is one
more guy you could ask.
What do you have to lose?
He was huge.
He can lift you.
That's true.
Hello, hello?
This place.
This is my worst nightmare.
Is anybody here?
Shh, no!
I told the guys at the bank that.
What are you doing here?
I came here to thank you.
Your tip to come in from the side.
It, it worked.
So thank you.
So, do you have dance background?
Just a hobby, then?
I don't dance, I box.
Makes sense.
With the mittens.
I knew that word.
It just, it escaped my brain.
You seem like a very
straightforward kind of guy.
So let me just get to it.
I'm supposed to dance at
the Pavlova Invitational.
It's a big deal.
It's really the biggest of my life.
My dance partner, he bailed.
And I need someone to dance with.
I was kind of hoping.
Just like that?
Told you I don't dance.
But you understand timing.
Yeah, I do.
And this is bad timing.
I don't know if you can tell,
but business isn't exactly
booming and my focus needs to be
on keeping this place
open and not losing some
silly dance competition.
I have called every
actual dancer that I know
and no one is available.
- I just need somebody --
- Sorry, lady.
Answer's no.
Can this day get any worse?
Hi, Mom.
I can't really talk.
Crush him.
Aubrey told me what Noah did.
You find another partner
and you crush him.
Nobody hurts my baby.
You hear me?
Whatever it takes.
Remember, only quitters quit.
You're right.
Mom, let me call you back.
What are you doing?
You need to save this place, right?
That silly dance competition.
If we win, it's a hundred grand.
Split 50-50.
I don't care that you
don't know how to dance.
I will teach you.
You wanna save this place?
Dance with me.
I'm in.
Thank you.
He said yes.
Best news ever.
Oh my goodness.
And is he hot?
I bet he's hot.
Tell me, just tell me.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
This has nothing to do with looks.
Yeah, I mean, my couch
just keeps me off the floor,
but I still want him to look
nice when I walk in the room.
Hey you.
Those heels look pretty uncomfortable.
Do you wanna try on a
pair of bejeweled flats?
I have them in purple.
They would look really nice.
And she's gone.
You're incorrigible.
It's all about the hustle, baby.
Okay, so what's your plan now?
About that?
He says he is not a dancer.
How not a dancer are we talking?
No idea.
That terrifies me.
He'll be fine.
Teaching someone to dance
is literally the plot
of a bajillion rom-coms.
And they do it in 90 minutes.
But just in case,
I was kind of sort of hoping you'd bring
your video equipment tomorrow
to rehearsal and record us.
We could watch it back and
make adjustments as needed.
You mean from when I was gonna do
that documentary about slugs?
Yeah, they move way too slowly.
There was no action.
So you're in?
Please. Ro, for you.
I'm always in.
Let's teach this Rocky wannabe to dance.
You've got it.
I say this with love,
but how much is this mess
making you wanna tear your hair out?
Dude, man?
Do you not know his name?
Or is it Guy Dudeman?
We might not have
gotten to the name portion
of the conversation yesterday.
Hey, Ro.
Who am I?
Oh, I'm a bad man.
I'm gonna float like a butterfly.
- Sting like a --
- Put those down.
Yep, sorry.
You like sandwiches, don't you?
They're good.
And I'm Walt.
Ah, yeah, that makes sense.
With the name.
- Walt.
- Yeah.
That's my dad.
It was his gym. I'm Walt Junior.
Rowan. Ro.
And I'm Aubrey,
Ro's best friend.
Pleasure to meet you.
Is that a turkey sandwich?
Love it.
Listen, I'm gonna be filming you today.
So is there a corner with,
you know, less spiders?
That one.
Wow, you had an answer to that.
I'm impressed.
And a little scared of
the other corners now.
Yeah, she's right.
We need to clean this space.
I cleaned this morning.
That's how I know about the spiders.
How about we clean to Rowan
standards, which are high.
Very high.
When you have a clean space,
you have a clean mind.
When you have a clean mind,
you can learn lots of things.
I feel like you need a sandwich.
After we clean.
On a plate. With a napkin.
Let's clean.
Doing okay?
I'm fine. Yeah, got it.
There you go.
Now we're working.
There you go.
- Yes!
- There you go!
Well done, that's how you clean.
Hands up, hands up, hands up.
Cover your face.
Cover your face.
I can't see.
Yeah, yeah.
Why don't you guys go get some work done?
Looking good, team.
Looking good.
When did you get another sandwich?
Cleaning makes me hungry.
Well, put it down.
We gotta start going over the routine.
You ready with the camera equipment?
You know it boss.
Okay, so our routine is contemporary.
It's a mix between
classical, ballet and modern.
Modern like the electric slide
or modern like what the kids are doing
on social media these days?
No, just stand behind me please.
Yes, coach.
Gonna start with something simple.
So we have ball change, rond
de jambe, pas de bourree,
Okay, okay. I missed everything
after stand behind me.
How about just some timing stuff?
Simple. Work on his counts.
Yeah, I can do that.
Line dancing.
Line dancing.
Line dancing, yep.
That's a great idea, Aubrey.
So we have line dancing.
Back up please.
- Yes, coach.
- Thank you.
You're gonna start with
a simple heel jack.
See you have a one and two and.
And what?
You said two and.
That's just how we count this one.
It's four steps and two counts.
A one and two and.
You get it?
Yes, coach.
Okay, ready?
Six, seven, eight.
A one and two.
And, again.
Six, seven, eight.
A one and faster.
Six, seven, eight,
a one and two and.
That's, that's kind of it.
Thanks, and.
Aubz, hit me with country music, please.
All right, we're gonna
do one on each side.
Same counts.
Got it?
Yes, coach.
Why do you keep calling me coach?
Sorry, just a habit from boxing.
I'll stop.
I kind of like it.
A five, six, seven, eight.
A one.
And two, and one and two.
And one.
Come on, more umph.
A one and two, and have fun.
Now we're gonna grapevine.
One crosses over the other.
Five, six, seven.
A one and two!
Are you okay?
Yeah, no, no, I'm good.
This is embarrassing.
It's fine, it's fine, it's fine.
Thank you.
What, just say it.
That was a simple move.
Yeah, it was my first heel vine.
I can do it, I just gotta practice.
Walt, it's actually called a grapevine.
And you can't do it.
He can't do it and it's
only six days away.
I'm sorry, this, you know what?
This is not your fault.
This is my fault.
This was, this was a huge mistake.
I'm sorry.
I gotta go.
- Ro.
- Hey.
Hey, what was that?
It's pointless Aubz.
What is?
He's not gonna be ready
to dance in six days.
It's a waste of time.
It's embarrassing.
Embarrassing? Ro, he just started.
Not for him.
For me.
It's embarrassing to think that
I could still have my dream.
I can't do this,
I can't do this.
Ro, what are you watching?
Why is there so much grunting?
"The Champion."
1949, Kirk Douglas.
Have you seen it?
Have I seen it?
I have kids.
If it doesn't, I'm talking animals.
Odds are I haven't seen it.
I also watched "Rocky,"
"Creed," and "The Fighter."
Okay, so you've given up on dance
and decided to become a boxer?
No, not become a boxer.
Think like a boxer.
How much coffee have you had?
It just hit me last night, Aubz.
I know what I have to do.
Drop your sandwich and get out here.
What are you doing back?
I thought the great faultless Ro
had given up on teaching me how to dance.
I'm not here to teach you how to dance.
Not yet anyway.
First, you're gonna teach me how to box.
Can't be that hard.
Jab, jab, uppercut.
I watched four boxing movies last night.
I'm ready.
What's going on here?
Where's your friend?
She told me what's happening.
She's pitching her shoes to some big wig.
I have no idea how she
got the meeting, actually.
But it's just you and me.
Mano a mano.
That means man to man.
Actually, you're thinking of mono e mono.
Common mishearing.
Mano a mano means hand to hand.
So come on, put 'em up.
Come on, Walt.
Teach me how to box.
It'll show me how you
move and what you know.
I can choreograph a whole routine
around what you're comfortable with.
It's the only chance we have
to get this done in six days.
So what do you say, coach?
Hey, come on.
Walt, I'm serious, this will work.
Just give it a shot.
Class is in session.
Bring it on
'Cause I've got it
Bring it on
I'm ready for something
Something new
I'm ready to show the
world what I can do
It's going be rocking
That's all I can say
No reason to stop
'Cause I'm going all the way
Come on, bring it on
Got the wind on my back
I'm feeling strong
Got my flag unfurled
I'm singing a song
So bring it
Bring it
Bring it on
Bring it on
So glad you got in a good lap,
because after lunch, we're dancing.
Hey Ro, the way you said
that kind of scares me.
Bring it on
Still not done, thanks.
Don't give that look.
Plenty of people ate lunch
for three and a half hours.
Have you ever been to Italy?
No, you haven't.
It's standard over there.
That's Bill Nairry.
The hottest thing to happen to shoes
since the high heels
invented in the 10th century.
It's my moment to shine.
Billy Nairry.
Do I know you?
No, but I'm a big fan.
Oh my goodness.
Your shoes.
I'm so glad you like them.
They're actually what I
wanted to talk to you about
- today.
- Like them?
I don't like them.
They're atrocious.
- Excuse me.
- They're awful.
They look like a toddler made them.
I mean, my kids helped.
Is this a joke?
Did someone at the office
set you guys up to this?
Are we live streaming?
I fell for it.
Worst shoes ever.
Well done.
This is not a joke, Mr. Nairry.
You, you'll see.
One day, you'll see.
Now if you will, excuse me,
I've had a lot of soda, so I'm gonna go.
But this is not because of what you said.
My shoes are gonna be huge.
Ugliest shoes.
Toddler made them? Okay.
- Oh.
- I thought I recognized
those shoes from like a mile away.
Not the time, Noah.
Come on, you know?
Cause they're so bright and loud.
Sorry, you're right.
That was a bad way to
start our conversation.
What do you need, Noah?
I heard Ro's been calling around
looking for a new partner.
Aubrey, you're her best friend.
I mean, I know it's a shame
how this all went down,
but you gotta tell her to stop.
She's embarrassing herself.
She looks desperate.
She's never gonna find
anyone so last minute.
I mean, we're only a few days
away from the competition.
For your information,
she has found someone.
In fact, he's the one who
helped her nail that final lift.
Yeah, seems she just
needed the right partner.
Who is he?
Oh, he's a dark horse.
You wouldn't have heard of him.
But if I were you, I would
be very, very nervous.
Bye, Noah.
I'm gonna lift you.
- Okay.
- Not bad, not bad.
All right.
A little softer on the landing, please.
- Push back.
- Okay.
- Right now, here.
- Yeah.
- Just gonna jab.
- Jab.
Jab, drop your shoulders.
Hey, how did your pitch go?
You guys gotta win.
I just saw Noah.
So smarmy and oh, he just makes me so mad.
You guys gotta beat him.
And maybe wear my shoes while you do it.
Yes, that's it.
You win wearing my shoes
and they'll blow up.
Two birds with one stone.
Okay, I don't know
what's going on right now.
That makes two of us.
Are you okay?
I am perfect.
How are things going here?
Good, is he a ballerina yet?
More like a boxer-ina.
Okay. You guys need to loosen up.
I'm getting a sandwich.
Hey, are you okay?
You're a little tense.
And why did you see Noah?
Well, to be honest, he saw me.
He was all, oh, I heard Ro's
been looking for a new partner.
Don't worry though, I told him.
Told him what?
That you were gonna destroy
him in the competition.
Oh, great, great.
No pressure.
I mean, I feel like
there was already pressure
between you and your mom
and your pending dance academy.
It's like the Mariana
Trench around here.
The deepest part of the ocean.
A lot of pressure.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Look, Ro, you are gonna be fine.
This is on me.
Did your pitch go poorly?
It was less of a pitch,
more of me interrupting
his meal and him telling me
my shoes are worthless.
Babe, I'm sorry.
But hey, you are gonna be fine.
You're making progress
with the old Wally, right?
If I had another six
months, we might have a shot.
It's just so much to do in six days.
Look, anyone can do it.
It's you, Ro and I mean that.
I'll just tell Walt
he needs to step it up.
Put more pressure on him.
Yes, good plan.
There you go.
We will wear your shoes.
We'd be happy to, both of us.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Thank you.
I ran out of jelly,
so I just put grapes on
it and it's really good.
I'm sorry, that one was kind of funny.
Put your gross, weird sandwich away.
We need to talk.
We're gonna go to dinner.
My treat.
Don't eat that.
Let's go.
This is it.
What, this place?
No way.
What do you mean no way?
There's a valet.
There's a valet.
Yeah, it's, it's fancy.
They probably use more
than one kind of fork.
It's just not my style.
Okay. I don't know
what's happening right now.
Listen, this is the
healthiest place in town.
So we're eating here.
Let me take you somewhere.
I know a place.
Is it healthy?
Yeah, they have vegetables.
Cool, follow me.
Oh, Walt, geez.
Wait up.
Where's the hot dog?
I told you this place
had plenty of veggies.
This does not qualify as healthy.
It's definitely not normal
pre-competition food.
Or is it?
Do you have an argument
for that or are you just?
Yeah, I do.
I have a really good one,
but my mouth is full.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Oh wow.
That is so good.
Better than that fancy diner place, right?
You can admit it.
Do you think we can get another one?
Oh yeah.
I got another two on the way.
I'm on hot dogs.
I feel like a little kid.
All right, Ro.
Na na na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na na
Oh boy.
I don't know if ordering a
second hot dog was a good idea.
Not the third?
Any common sense
I had at that point
was out the window.
I'm impressed.
Is that how you used to
eat when you were boxing?
Oh yeah.
Anything and everything.
It's all fuel, is what my dad used to say.
Sounds like a smart man.
You okay?
Why don't you tell me about him?
You guys seem close in that photograph.
He taught me everything
I knew about boxing.
Were you any good?
I might've had a perfect record.
Wow, that's huge.
It's okay, you can ask.
He got hurt and he needed me.
You gave up everything.
I gave up boxing.
Family is everything.
And then he passed.
So just trying to keep
the gym open, but I just,
I just don't know anything about business.
What do you mean?
Boxing's really the
only thing I'm good at.
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.
Dancing, that too.
I just, I need to figure out something
to keep this gym open.
'Cause right now I just
feel like a failure.
Can I give you a hug?
Come here.
You are not a failure, Walt.
The very fact that you wanna keep
your dad's legacy alive proves that.
Sorry, there was something
that you wanted to talk about.
Back at the gym.
Forget about it.
Na na na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na na na na
This studio that
I've been working on,
I've been studying and building
a business plan for years,
and I think I'm pretty good at it.
Talk to me
Weird brag, but okay.
No, no, no.
What I mean is, if we win,
maybe I can help build a business
plan for your dad's gym,
if you want.
No, no, no.
You said if we win.
When we win.
What's his name?
Margie, you're working late.
We work when we work, honey.
That's not answering the question.
What's his name?
What do you mean?
Only one thing can make a
woman blush and smile like that.
It's romance.
Lots to do today.
No doubt, you were somewhere
with a sandwich, aren't you?
Get back!
What's going on?
The broom.
It's not a broom, it's a weapon.
It's my only weapon.
Against sanity.
Against the rat.
I almost had 'em.
We have rats now?
Rat, singular.
Unless he has a family.
Oh, what if he has a family?
Oh no, I'm gonna
- leave him alone.
- Walt, no.
Get your stuff.
We're going to a studio.
I don't think I'm gonna fit in.
Oh, hey.
What's going on?
First the restaurant, now here?
You think you're not good
enough for these places?
What? No, I,
it's not that I don't
think I'm good enough.
- I just --
- Walt.
This is your world.
You know, the dancing restaurants
and the nice clothes and
the dance classes and --
I'm sorry, I didn't realize.
No, it's fine.
When I was young, we didn't have anything.
My dad had to work really,
really hard to build what we have.
I will never take that for granted.
I'll always remember where I came from.
I'll always have your back.
You ready?
Ro, they're really flexible.
I'm not doing that.
- I know.
- Okay.
Seven, eight.
Why do they keep looking at us?
Don't worry about them.
No, no, no.
Oh yeah, yeah, sorry.
It's an old boxing injury.
Bad knee.
You okay?
Yeah. Yeah.
We're gonna get this.
Yeah. Yeah.
You okay?
Yeah, sorry.
Let's just get into it.
I'm gonna run from the side.
Cradle, toss.
We'll stop there.
Run, cradle, toss.
Got it.
- You ready?
- Mm-hmm.
Did you just bail out on the lift?
You just kneed me in the face.
You cannot bail, Walt.
If this lift isn't perfect,
someone's gonna get hurt.
It doesn't matter if you
get kneed in the face.
It matters to me and my face.
Did you even watch the videos I sent?
Yeah, I did.
But you might as well send Jekyll and Hyde
'cause that's what
I'm getting right now.
- What?
- You were nice to me
like two seconds ago.
Then that guy shows up and
all of a sudden you're --
What guy?
That dude literally
looking at us right now.
That dude right there.
You know what?
Let's take a break.
Yeah, let's take a break.
Hey, Ro.
Saw your new dance partner outside
working on his demi plie
into a single pirouette.
Pretty advanced stuff.
He has a bad knee.
He's got a bad pirouette too.
You know,
I heard Georgie Lennox had
to leave the competition.
So her partner's free if you wanna.
Georgie Lennox's partner is
a registered level one dancer.
If I take him on, I have to
dance at a level one with him.
And what's your guy? Level zero?
I'm gonna go.
Ro, come on.
I'm joking.
Don't be like that.
Be like what?
You know, like you.
Just relax.
I don't have time to relax.
I have to win a competition.
Not with that guy.
You okay in here?
Of course.
All right, I'll come find you.
It's good to meet you.
Guess I'll see you at the competition.
Don't worry. I'll make sure
my pirouettes are on point.
Yeah, get it?
On point.
Hey, you okay?
That was Noah, my old partner.
Yeah, I figured.
Look, I know a ton of guys like that.
You're better off.
I know. I know.
I just,
sometimes I get really
overwhelmed when my brain
- just goes a million miles --
- Do you wanna go
get a coffee?
What about rehearsal?
I really need a coffee.
Thank you.
That's not coffee.
Oh yeah, no, I don't do caffeine.
You know there's caffeine
in chocolate, right?
Well, yeah, but it's
canceled up by the sugar.
You wanna tell me what's
going on, partner?
Do you prefer coach?
Partner's a nice evolution.
And I don't know.
I'm sorry.
I just, I saw him and --
Hey, you don't have to be sorry.
You know, my whole life
has been very structured.
You don't say.
Yeah, I know.
I know.
When I was a little kid,
my mom put me in dance classes
to prepare me for pageant season.
Oh, you were a pageant kid?
Oh yeah.
The hair, the makeup, the whole thing.
Oh, that's amazing.
It was terrible.
I was terrible.
She would be so stressed,
and I would just feed off of that stress.
I was the most high strung
five-year-old in the world.
And then one day I just
broke right there on stage
in front of everyone.
Just started crying.
My mom was so mad.
I can still see her face
in that competition.
It was an extra big deal because my dad,
who was usually always overseas
on business, was in town.
She didn't want him to see me fail,
which was just really her failing.
I'm sorry, Ro.
That ended my pageant career.
But then the dancing,
that's where her focus went.
I guess I didn't mind as much
because she wasn't able to be
as involved in that world.
She would just drop me off and
suddenly I got to be a kid.
With dance, I got to be free.
I got to be in my own little universe.
As long as I was perfect
at the competition,
she didn't bother me in class.
It's like I earned her love by winning.
That's all that mattered.
That's horrible.
So when Noah came along,
he's just as driven to win.
To me that was love.
And now, for the first time,
I don't know if I'll win.
No offense.
None taken.
That makes me feel really
unworthy of being loved.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
I'm not good at these
speeches or anything,
but you are worthy of love.
You shouldn't need to
feel like you gotta win
some sort of competition to prove that.
Everyone thinks that I'm crazy
for still trying to compete.
You are, Ro.
You're dancing with an
old boxer with bad knees,
but maybe a little crazy is
what we need to win, right?
You don't need to do this for them,
or your mom, or your ex.
You're doing this for you, and for me.
And for your studio, my gym.
So why don't we show them
how good crazy can be?
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Try it.
- Can I?
Whipped cream.
Yeah, all of your face.
- Do I really?
- A bit.
Well, you're not getting this back, so.
It's all right, I was
gonna get another one.
Okay, okay, all right.
That's good.
I'm hungry.
I made it, so.
Three, pirouette, five, seven.
Prep one, two, chaines,
three, four, five.
- That was good!
- Hey!
Not bad, boxer-ina.
Yeah, thank you.
Arms up.
- That was good.
- Thank you.
That was good.
Everything okay?
It will be.
Oh! No, no, no.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I can't do it.
My mom says only quitters quit.
We just need to find
another way to come in.
No Ro.
I can't do it.
My knee, I'm sorry.
Well, what are we gonna do?
The judges are gonna be
looking for something big
and creative there.
I don't know.
We gotta figure something out, then.
And have you learn it in time?
We're 48 hours away.
Then we do something we
already know how to do.
I'm sorry, wait.
Do you hear that?
Oh, ye of little faith.
I got moves.
No, I've seen your moves.
You have not seen my moves.
Not the ones I keep in the vault.
Famous Walt vault?
So you've heard of it?
No surprise.
Oh goodness.
No, no.
Come on.
What is that?
This is dancing in its
purest, most attractive form.
Walt, we do not have time for this.
We have to practice so we can win.
- Stop!
- This is practice, right?
This is practice.
This is just like boxing.
Come on, you gotta be loose
and fluid and adaptable.
You look like an injured penguin.
Yeah, an injured penguin with rhythm.
I wish Aubrey was here to film this.
Come here.
Come on, come on.
There you go.
Come on.
Just let go. Let go, Ro.
There you go, there she is.
There she is, there she is, come on.
That's it.
You look happy.
I am.
I have something for you.
Close your eyes.
Do you like it.
I hope it's okay.
I took them and I got them coated,
so they wouldn't deteriorate.
Now you can have your
dad's gloves here forever.
Yeah, if we keep this place open.
When we keep this place open.
Thank you.
Did you figure out the cradle breath?
Still working on it.
But you haven't landed it?
Ro-ro, honey.
The invitational is just over a day away.
Mom, I know, but we'll
perfect those parts tomorrow.
Right now, I just feel so --
Oh, that's Aubrey.
I told her to pick up these hot dogs.
- You just have to try.
- Hot dogs?
So yummy.
They're not on your list
of pre-approved competition food.
- Hi, Ro.
- Noah?
What are you doing here?
Can I come in?
I've been really missing you, Ro.
Missing me?
You know I've been dancing with Beth.
Yeah, I know.
And it's just not the same.
Know what?
Ro, I want you back.
I was thinking maybe we could dance
at the invitational together.
I thought I wasn't a sure thing.
I thought you needed a sure thing.
We weren't in sync, remember?
That's just the stress
of the competition, Ro.
You know how it is.
You're just as committed as me.
Just as much of a perfectionist.
I got caught in the moment.
I didn't mean it.
Ro, we can win this.
You and me, just like we planned.
Noah, I.
Ro- Ro, can you hear me?
Mom, I'm here.
You have to do it.
You're a winner.
You need to dance with a winner.
It's the only way you're
gonna achieve your dream.
Mom, please.
I'll call you back.
Ro, listen to your mother.
What do you say, Ro?
You and me.
You want a sure thing?
It is gonna be a good day, dad.
We're gonna save this gym.
Yeah, buddy.
I wanna dance with you.
You know I want you.
You know I need you, too.
Nah, I don't want you.
Come on, Ro.
And up you go.
Oh, you okay?
I have your coat.
Thank you.
Do you wanna come inside?
We got a lot to go over.
I was thinking about that final
lift and I have some ideas.
Ro. Ro, what's wrong?
Are you nervous?
I'm nervous too, and
I never get nervous.
It's okay.
I can't dance with you.
- What?
- Walt, I.
I can't dance with you
at the invitational.
What's going on? What happened?
I am dancing with Noah.
Walt, Walt.
Walt, Walt.
Please. I will, I will still.
I'll give you money,
I'll do the --
It's not about that, Ro.
You're better than that.
You're better than him.
I need to win.
You couldn't do that with me?
Got it.
Why don't you give this to Aubrey?
She made you a shirt?
Yeah, it's pretty cool, right?
She said it matches the one that you have.
She dropped it off with
some shoes yesterday.
I can go get 'em.
Walt, please. Wait, wait.
Just please wait.
You should keep the shirt.
You like it?
I do like it, but you
should give it to Noah.
I'm gonna get those shoes for you.
Wait, Walt, please.
You're late.
I'm here.
Let's get to work .
The bank.
I'm trying.
Oh, please don't tell
me that's Ro's music.
She has copies, right?
Okay, just drop it off
at the hotel and go.
And one, two, and three.
What is wrong with you?
I thought you said you fixed your timing.
It's not my timing.
What is it then?
I don't know.
I just, it doesn't feel right.
I can feel myself hesitating.
Hesitating. Why?
I'll catch you.
I know.
Every time perfectly.
As long as I hit my mark.
So what's the problem?
I don't know.
Oh, no.
Not that thing again.
You know, I hate that shirt, Ro.
That is not my shirt.
Do you even like me, Noah?
What do you mean?
That's not a great answer.
Of course I like you, Ro,
I just don't like that shirt.
Now come on, let's get back to work.
Why do you like me?
Why did you like me, way
back when we first met?
I don't know.
I guess you're just super talented.
It felt like you were going somewhere.
Like you weren't just gonna end up stuck
in that stupid nothing town.
I like that town.
I know, it's fine.
It's just, it's not me.
I want fame.
I want fortune.
I want to be remembered.
You deserve that.
You're an incredible dancer, Noah.
Perfect in nearly every way.
- Okay.
- And you're
a pretty decent guy when
it's not competition season.
But the thing is, I don't
know if you're my guy.
I don't think that we
want the same things.
What are you saying?
I'm saying you should dance with Beth.
Don't be ridiculous, Ro.
We can win this.
We can get that money.
We can be famous.
I don't wanna be famous.
That's your dream.
I just wanna help kids
dance in tie dye t-shirts.
We're just not in sync.
Bye, Noah.
Hey, I need to leave this for somebody,
but I don't know her room number.
Her name is Rowan Bell.
That's it.
Rowan Bell.
Rowan Bell?
Yeah, do you know her?
I'm her mother.
And you are?
Oh, hey, I'm Walt.
The boxer.
This is hers.
It's her flash drive-y thingy.
I don't know.
It has her music on it.
I'm sure she's got a million of them.
But I brought it just in case.
That's very thoughtful of you, Walt.
Is there something else?
You know, Ro loves you a lot.
Your opinion means a lot to her.
Maybe just cut her some slack.
I'm sorry, excuse me.
She just deserves the best.
Yeah, she does.
Hi, looking for Rowan Bell.
Hello, Ro-ro.
What are you doing here?
How did you get in my room?
Darling, I'm your mother.
You should know nothing's
impossible for me.
Why do you look like you've been crying?
It's nothing.
I'm fine.
He stopped by here, you know.
Your boxer friend.
Walt? When?
What did he want.
To drop off your flash drive?
He said it had your song on it.
I think he was just looking
for an excuse to see you.
What did you tell him?
Have you eaten?
We should have dinner, okay.
I'm not gonna dance with Noah.
What, didn't you?
I changed my mind.
Noah's not good for me.
I didn't realize how far from
myself I felt with him until.
Until you met the boxer.
Walt, and yes.
Honey, he is not good enough for you.
He even knows it.
What do you mean he knows it?
Did you tell him that when he
came to drop off the drive?
Mom, did you tell Walt he's
not good enough for me?
Not in those exact words.
You know what?
Everything I have ever done
has been to make you happy.
You do not get to tell me
who to give my heart to.
- Ro.
- Excuse me.
Where are you going?
I'm gonna go do the right thing.
Every avenue
Is gone now
All the things we knew
Unknown now
Every way to you.
Hey, Walt.
Walt, it's me.
Please open up.
Every bond we make
I know you're up there.
I know you can hear me.
I made a mistake.
I messed up.
And I know that now,
I never should have left you.
I did the same thing to
you that Noah did to me.
It wasn't right.
It wasn't fair.
I told Noah that I can't dance with him.
He's not the partner that I want.
You are.
You helped me remember why I
loved dance in the first place.
You gave me the freedom to
play and be free to let go
and be loose.
I needed that.
And whatever my mom said it,
It is not the way that I feel.
And I told her that, Walt.
I stood up to her.
And I see myself
I'm lonely
You're calling me name
I will be at the invitational tomorrow
and I really, really hope
that you'll be there.
But I understand if I've blown it.
And Walt.
Thank you for everything.
Oh my goodness.
You look so good.
You okay?
How you feeling?
I can see it's cleaned in here.
Nervous habit and all.
I feel like I wanna jump into a small pool
of very large sharks.
Have you seen Walt?
No, sorry, honey.
He hasn't called?
He will.
I don't know, Aubz.
I think I really messed up.
I don't really think
he's gonna forgive me.
I wouldn't.
Don't be so hard on yourself.
It's my job.
I didn't think you were gonna come.
You thought I would miss
my little girl's big day.
Have I ever missed one
of your performances?
I don't know if
I'm gonna perform.
I don't think Walt's gonna show.
Tomato Jones.
Is that some new kind of ketchup?
He was my Walt.
When I was a younger woman,
I met Tomato at a carnival
that was going through town.
Oh my gosh.
I love this story so much already.
He ran the ring toss
and oh, he was so cool.
And he had this mustache.
No, you don't understand.
I mean, it was a different time.
Mustaches were everything.
His was, oh, it was perfect.
What happened?
Well, there's this teddy
bear I really wanted,
and of course I was terrible at the game,
so he helped me get it.
And then he asked me out.
It was, it really was.
It was the most romantic week of my life.
He was just so,
so free and unlike anyone
I'd ever met before.
But more than that, he,
he was so accepting of
my hopes and my dreams
and never made me feel silly
or less than for really going after
what was important to me.
What happened to him?
My mom or Gimmy, she
forbade me from seeing him.
And she said he was
not good enough for me.
She didn't even let me go say goodbye.
I am so grateful for your father.
I mean, you know that
I love him so much,
but there's always been just
a little part of me that
wonders what could have happened
if I'd gone with Tomato.
What kind of big adventures
I might have had.
So if Walt is half the man you
think he is, he'll be here.
You two will go out and
light up that stage.
But honey, dance or no dance.
Win or lose.
Walt, Noah, it doesn't matter.
What I need you to know
is that I love you more
than anything in the whole world.
I am so proud of the woman you've become.
I need to go call my mom.
Yeah, I need to go too.
Find my seat.
She'll be okay?
I will.
That was Chrissy and Dave,
last year's winning duo.
What a routine that was.
Just listen to that crowd.
We'll wait while the
judges tally the scores.
Good luck you guys.
They walk away
- with a score.
- Thanks.
- Of 250.
- Nice shirt.
One more round of applause
for our reigning champs.
You're an amazing person, Ro.
You deserve to be happy.
You do too.
Go get 'em, guys.
Swimming through the sadness
Hidden secrets are revealed
Now there's nothing to take back
This strange setting of the track
How I couldn't
All that color turned to black
What a show.
Wow, big round of applause
for Noah and Beth.
Now we're just awaiting our
final scores from the judges
for Noah and Beth.
And there it is. 269.9.
What a score.
This launches Noah and
Beth now into first place.
Okay, folks,
we have one more set of
dancers in this category.
Rowan Bell and Walt Kramer Jr.
Rowan Bell and Walt Kramer, Jr.
Do we have a Rowan and Walt here.
Hi, I'm Rowan.
Woo, go girl.
Thanks, Aubz.
That's my best friend, Aubrey.
You guys should all buy her shoes.
They're incredible.
I mean, cute, right?
I was supposed to be here
with my dance partner, Walt,
today, but I messed up.
See, I didn't have faith in him.
Or at least that's what I thought.
But the truth is, I didn't
have faith in myself.
I didn't think I was worthy of anything
if I didn't win this competition.
And Walt reminded me
why we all start dancing
in the first place.
Because we love it.
Because it's fun.
Because it's an expression of who we are.
Which is exactly why I wanted
to start my dance academy
in the first place.
To help little kids express
themselves and just enjoy
being young and having fun.
That was a lot.
Unfortunately we won't be dancing today.
Wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait.
I'm here, I'm here,
I'm here, I'm here.
I'm here.
I told you, I told you he was coming.
I think the rat was
holding my shoes hostage.
It was stealing little
gemstones like a little pirate.
Just so glad you're here.
Ready to dance?
Yeah, yeah.
Ready to dance?
Follow your beautiful stare
Cinder blocks in cold hotels
Come on, best friend!
Where feeling hearts
Meet empty stairwells
And out the fire escape
I don't give a damn
if it's weak or strong
I know I want you
I know you want me too
So I took all I can get
Ro, my knee.
It's okay.
I made some changes.
Just go with it.
Oh my God!
They did it!
They did it.
Walt, everyone.
An unorthodox dance,
but clearly a crowd pleaser.
The judges are tallying their scores.
And there it is, 255.6.
Not enough to win, but a great showing
- by this new team.
- Wrong.
For what it's worth, that was pretty cool.
Thanks Noah.
Great work, man.
Thank you.
Good job.
I am so proud of you both.
Ro-ro, I haven't seen you dance
that freely since you were a little kid.
And Walt, oh, I'm sorry.
I clearly misjudged you.
And I hope that we will
be seeing a lot more
of you in the future.
Thank you, Mrs. Bell.
Thanks, Mom.
Ro and
Walt! Ro and Walt!
Ro and Walt! Ro and Walt!
Ro and Walt! Ro and Walt!
There you guys are!
What are you doing?
You're missing it.
Missing what?
Did they announce the winners?
Yes, and you won.
You won.
- What?
- We won?
- What?
- We won?
- Come on.
- We won, we won.
We won, come on.
We won!
We won!
There they are, the
audience choice winners.
Come on, get up here.
The winners of the
Audience Choice Award
and the cash prize,
Rowan Bell and Walt Kramer Jr.
You did it.
We did it.
We did it, yeah.
You know, I was thinking,
maybe we could turn Walt's gym
into a boxing studio slash Dance Academy.
You always said we'd
make a good team, right?
That sounds like a perfect plan.