The Boy (2016) Movie Script

Apologies, Miss...
I didnt know how
else to wake you.
The Heelshires had to
step out for a moment.
They beg your pardon, Miss, and
ask that you wait in the parlour.
Its like something out
of a storybook, isn't it?
The Heelshires already
taken care of that.
- And I put your things inside.
- Thanks.
Is anyone up there?
Is anyone up here?
Hi there.
Believe it or not, I was... I was
actually trying not to scare you.
No, I'm sorry I jumped, I thought
I heard something upstairs, so...
- You're right.
- Yes, sorry. It's so stupid.
- Are you Mr. Heelshire?
- No.
I know you are not. Yet.
No, Im the grocery boy.
Grocery man.
I own the store actually.
- Okay, Im Malcolm by the way.
- Hi.
-You must be here for the nanny's job.
-Yeah, Greta Evans.
Ive got some groceries to unpack
downstairs, if you want to join me?
I can give you a tour of
such exotic locations... the pantry and bread bin.
Is that interests you?
Sounds great. Sure.
Lead the way.
- You are American, yeah?
- Yeah.
My first trip to the UK.
Alright, let me guess...
California, right?
- In this.
- Yeah. Those in the basket.
Im usually so good at these things.
Ive got a touch of the gift.
The gift?
Prognosticator. Clairvoyant.
Whatever you like to call it.
I had a grandmother
that read tea-leaves.
My mother read palms, so...
Okay, what do you read?
- Me?
- Yeah.
Chewing gum.
No kidding.
We dont get to choose
our gifts, Miss Evans.
Come on, if you...
If youll allow me...
- Let me show you.
- Allow you to...
Yeah, I am gonna read your gum.
I'm a professional, trust me.
Oh My God.
Interesting teeth marks.
I see that youre a writer,
from Phoenix, Montana.
It looks like youve come here to be
inspired by the English countryside.
To get away from the hustle and
bustle of your life in the U.S. of A.
- No.
- Close?
Not at all. No.
- Okay, one more try.
- Okay.
Okay? Just one.
Okay, Okay, I see what went wrong.
It's very... It's
very obvious now.
I see a dark past.
On the run from someone, are we?
That's what it looks like.
Absolutely not.
Im afraid that was my
best attempt at flirting.
Believe it or not Im actually
considered charming in this country.
It's okay.
Its amazing that any of us manage
to procreate at all really.
- Bread?
- Yeah, in the cupboard behind you.
So whats... what's
the family like?
Well theyre nice, you know...
There very generous.
As good a people as
youll ever hope to meet.
And their son?
- Brahms?
- Brahms.
He is...
Im not sure quite how
to explain it, but...
Mrs. Heelshire.
Its so nice to
finally meet you.
Where are your shoes?
Brahms is very excited
to meet you, Miss Evans.
Hes never met an
American before.
Im very excited
to meet him too.
I was sure I left my
shoes right here.
Theyll turn up. Its Brahms.
He can be playful.
- I assume you brought other shoes?
- Yes.
Let's hurry up. We've kept
them waiting long enough.
Her name is Miss Evans. We want you
to be on your very best behaviour.
Miss Evans, allow me to introduce
Mr. Heelshire.
Miss Evans.
And this... our son, Brahms.
So youve met Brahms then?
How are you doing, Brahms?
Now, you take it
easy on Miss Evans.
Shes traveled a long
way just to meet you.
Ill be off then. The
bill is on the table.
Pleasure to meet you, Miss Evans.
Hope to see you on my next deliver.
- Thank you, Malcolm.
- Of course.
Its so nice to
meet you, Brahms.
I hope you and I can be friends.
Daddy, will you please take Miss
Evans things up to her room, please?
Miss Evans, we might as well get
started. I have a lot to show you.
Youll be all alone out here.
Do you think you can manage?
Yeah, of course.
Weve had a number of potential
nannies come through already.
Brahms rejected them all.
There were nearly as young
or as pretty as you.
Youll wake him at 7:00 each
morning and you will dress him.
Youll find his cleaning
clothes behind you.
So... So I should...?
Wake him up and dress
him, Miss Evans.
Theres no better way
to learn than by doing.
Wake up, Brahms.
Well, I dont know about you, but
that certainly wouldnt wake me.
- Its time to wake up, Brahms.
- He is not a baby, Miss Evans.
You neednt be afraid
of hurting him.
Excuse me.
Now, lets show Miss Evans
how we get you dressed.
Id let her do it herself, but Im
afraid wed be here all afternoon.
Brahms has three hours of
lessons five days a week,
and I like to start by
reading some poetry.
Do you know any, Miss Evans?
I know all the words to
"Green Eggs and Ham".
Well, it doesnt have to
be poetry, of course.
Any of these books will
do, but you must... in a loud, clear voice.
Yes, of course.
- Yes. Of course!
- Excellent.
Next is music appreciation.
You must sit up straight,
like a good little boy.
Music, Miss Evans.
I dont know how Brahms would
go on without his music.
Its his world.
Of course, he likes it rather
louder than I prefer, but... gives him so much joy I
dont dare take it away from him.
We dont throw any food out
in this house, Miss Evans.
This is a country house.
Do you know what that means?
It means we are in constant
battle with the outside elements.
Weather, plants, vermin.
Especially vermin, Miss Evans.
And so we take certain
measures against them.
Hello darling.
Mr. Heelshire will explain
the rest of your duties.
And food goes in here.
Thank you.
Now, Ill show you the traps.
As we do our best to
keep up the house,
by the way, we dont use
the fireplaces anymore.
Bit of a hazard.
And regrettably,
the last tradesman
we had actually...
he managed to paint
the windows shut.
Personally, I dont think that
all of this is necessary, but...
...Mrs. Heelshire is convinced that
the rats will get into the walls.
And Brahms, of course hes never
been very fond of animals.
He has always been
very shy, you see.
Very timid.
I know how this must
look to you, Miss Evans.
And to be completely honest Im
not sure how all came to this.
Little by little and then
all at once, I suppose.
What Im trying to say, is that whatever
it might look like on the outside,
our son is here.
Hes very much with us.
- Do you understand, Miss Evans?
- Yes.
Good. All good.
Thats very good.
"Gentle Jesus, meek and mild,
look upon a little child.
"Pity my simplicity. Suffer
me to come to Thee."
God bless Mommy.
God bless Daddy.
God bless Greta.
God bless Me.
- Amen.
- Amen.
You were such a good boy today,
You behaved like a little gentleman.
Mommy is so proud of you.
Could you give us a moment alone
to speak to Brahms privately?
Yeah, sure.
He wants you, Miss Evans.
Hes chosen you if
youll have him.
I dont know. This whole
thing is just creepy.
A huge house in the middle
of nowhere, no neighbors,
the windows dont even open,
no cell service, no Wi-Fi.
Greta you know you
needed to get away.
This is perfect for you.
And taking advantage of them?
No, you just been paid to babysit...
the doll.
You should see the
way they talk to it.
Yes, its a little creepy, but
its only for a few months.
You can handle this.
Greta, you need this money.
- Start over. Forget what happened.
- Youre right.
- Youre gonna be okay.
- Right.
- What?
- Its Cole.
Hes been calling non-stop.
He even came by the house, he
scared Morgan half-to-death.
- Whatd you tell him?
- Nothing.
And Im not going to
tell him anything.
I guess he doesnt care about
the restraining order.
- Okay. Dont engage, dont...
- Okay.
If he asks tell him you
dont know where I am.
- I know, I know.
- You know that, sorry.
I cant stand to see
you get hurt again.
How could you? What
have you done?
Wait till I tell daddy.
Mommy must go now.
You have to be a good boy.
Because you promised us.
I apologize for the
rush, Miss Evans.
Its so long since weve been on
holiday and were anxious to be off.
Besides Brahms seems so...
so fond of you.
I only wish we had
an opportunity to... explain to you
the idiosyncrasy...
...of a child as unique
as our Brahms. But...
...youll figure them out by now.
Im sure. While simply to... you along.
A schedule. With rules.
Mrs. Heelshire she was kind
enough to write one out, you see.
Now, may seem a bit silly, but
it is important that you...
...follow them because Brahms
is not like other children.
He can be... particular.
Im afraid we may have indulged
him a bit over the years.
Go on, mommy!
Malcolm will be by once
a week with groceries,
and of course your payment.
And Im sure that he can
answer any other...
...questions that you might...
...that you might have. Im sorry,
Im... Im a bit off today. Its...
Its so long since
weve gone anywhere.
Be good to him and
hell be good to you.
Be bad to him...
She will... good to him,
wont you Miss Evans?
Yes. Ill treat him like my own.
Im so sorry.
Come along my dear,
its time we left.
No offense Brahms, but
you kinda creep me out.
Jesus Greta. You just got here
and youre already cracking up.
Hey, its Sandy. Leave
a message...or dont.
Hey, its me. Again.
Call me when you can.
And send me some more magazines, too.
Anything with...
Actually anything.
You need a lift?
So all that food
just goes to waste?
No, not all of it.
Mr. Heelshire eats some of them.
Hes always been the less
strict one about all of this.
You could have
warned me, you know.
- And ruin the surprise?
- Thanks.
Speaking of surprises.
Your first weeks pay.
Good job, well done.
Thank you.
- But I have to ask you.
- Yes, I am single.
Believe it or not.
- Whats the story with the doll?
- Yeah.
It was a fire. Brahms
didnt make it out.
On its eighth birthday.
Such a tragedy.
And the doll turned up
not while after that.
I know it must seem strange.
I mean it is bloody strange.
Its all harmless.
A way to cope. I cant imagine...
...what it must be
like to lose a child.
So he died twenty years ago.
Hed be about your age.
Theyve lived like
this for twenty years?
And theyve been looking
for a nanny the last year.
Youre probably going mad
in this house, arent you?
It might be good to get out. I can
show you our world-famous nightlife.
I know you can not just let Brahms,
but I wont tell if you want.
I just...
- I just got out of a thing.
- No.
This is not a thing.
No, I assure you of that.
This is...
...professional courtesy seeing as were
employed by the same people.
Its a duty is what it is. I will
take no pleasure in it whatsoever,
I promise.
- Yeah?
- Okay, Yeah.
Do you realize thats more money
than I make an entire month?
- And they paid you in cash?
- Yeah.
In pounds.
- What are you doing?
- Im just getting dressed.
Malcolm is gonna give me a
tour of the town.
- Are you going on a date?
- Its not a date.
We dont call it a date anyway.
- Really?
- Its more of a professional...
- ...courtesy.
- How is that not a date?
Well, we work for the
same people, dont we?
Yeah, okay.
- You gonna wear your coral dress?
- I dont know. I ll figure it out.
Let me guess. Youre drinking
a nice glass of red wine?
I know youre going
on a date, Greti.
I thin it is good
that youre going out.
You dont have to deny it
because he is the grocery man.
Are you there?
- Sorry.
- What happened?
- Nothing. Its Brahms.
- Brahms?
The doll.
My clothes.
Malcolm, if thats
you, this isnt funny.
Look, is somebody up there?
Is anybody here?
Up here!
No! Malcolm!
Oh my God, up here!
Malcolm! Malcolm!
Did you spend the
night up there?
What kind a girl goes
into someones attic?
I bet no one has been
up there for years.
Well, thats one mystery solved.
Let me check the
rest of the house.
So, Greta...
Ive checked every nook and
cranny in this very lovely...
...and very weird large house.
And the windows
are sealed tight.
The house is clear, okay?
There was someone
in here, I know it.
My clothes...
You know, I used to
sleep-walk when I was a boy.
I wasnt sleep-walking.
I could stay for a bit.
Make sure we dont have some very
polite burglar on our hands.
Coming in, taking nothing and then locking
up after himself before he leaves.
Its really no problem.
Im here anyway.
- Youre sure.
- Absolutely.
You've played this before.
Let me know when you are
ready to play for money.
No, thanks.
tell me about Brahms.
I told you about all I know.
That was a truly
terrible poker face.
Alright. What do
you want to know?
What he was like?
The real Brahms.
You need to know there is
two types of talk in town.
In this, polite
talk and pub talk.
You know?
And the truth is
somewhere in between.
Okay, what was the polite talk?
That he was a lovely lad
and its a tragedy...
...that he was taken
at such a young age.
And the pub talk?
Well, you know, that we
wasnt such a lovely lad.
That he was strange.
Whats the truth?
You know, one day I came
out here for a delivery.
I didnt know it at the time,
but it was Brahms birthday,
or would have been.
Mrs. Heelshire she was in the sitting
room, opening presents with the doll.
And Mr. Heelshire...
...he was in here.
Off his-pickle.
Drunk and mumbling to himself,
"He couldnt do it anymore."
I told him Ill
come back, he said:
No, no, come in. You know, have a
drink with an old man. So I do.
Well, we get a
couple of drinks in,
chatting about the weather
and so on and finally...
...I get the courage to ask
him that exact question.
What was Brahms, the
real Brahms like.
He just looks at me this... know, this
heartbroken look.
He made me sorry I even asked.
He said one word.
"Odd", he says.
And that was it.
Which I suppose is all the
answer ever going to get.
My serve.
Are you sure you gonna be
okay here on your own?
Oh, okay, the family friend
of the freaky people...
...who pretend a doll
is their dead son?
Yeah, totally trust their judgment!
Its not like that.
He didnt have to come over... and check
the whole house.
No. You watch. Youll wake up
in the middle of the night...
...and hell be standing over
you in your coral dress...
...with lipstick smeared
all over his face.
Im serious.
Gosh! There are really bad
people out there in this world.
Unfortunately, you should
know that better than most.
Speaking of...
Cole came by the house.
Morgan said he just kept pounding
and pounding on the door.
Cole told him some
story about wanted... write you a letter
apologizing for everything.
Please tell me Morgan didnt
give him the address.
He didnt know how else
to get rid of him.
He is ten years old.
- Sorry, Greta.
- No, I know...
Im the one who should be sorry
for dragging you guys on to this.
Dont say that. We are family.
And you didnt do
anything wrong.
What happened back
then it was his fault.
No, I will not read anything
that son of a bitch sends me.
Greta, everything
happens for a reason.
- Hello?
- Greta?
Who is this?
Please come out.
Come play with me, Greta.
Who is this?
Why won't you follow the rules?
What are you doing?
I promise I'll be good.
If you be good.
Is this what you want?
- Hello?
- Greta, it's Malcolm.
It's the weirdest thing.
When I first got here
Mrs. Heelshire said...
...that Brahms took my shoes.
And that he was playful.
And I thought he was joking.
Greta, are you okay?
What about shoes?
No, it's not about my shoes.
Greta, I'm not sure
I understand, but ...
I have... I have to go.
Its time, my dear.
Wakey wakey.
She is going by herself,
ask the Porters wife?
Yes. And how far is it?
50 miles.
What a long way! I wonder
Mrs. Reid is not afraid... trust you so far alone.
I remember about
little of the journey.
I only know that the
days seemed to me...
I think we did it all.
I'll teach you this one.
Okay, Brahmsy?
I didn't know you could play?
Sorry. I tried the knocking.
It's okay.
- What are you doing here;
- You didn't pick up the phone.
So I thought maybe I made the
delivery a little earlier this week.
I can come back if you...
No, that's okay.
I just wasn't expecting you.
I grab the mail on the way.
Are you sure you're okay?
Put it in there.
It looks like you and
Brahms are getting on.
I was thinking I might take you
up on that night-on-the-town.
Dinner. Drinks. Dancing.
Ill have you know Im...
...a legend in these parts
for my dance moves.
I dont think I should.
Why not?
You dont worry about
Brahms, do you?
He doesnt mind, do you?
Hey, you old sod.
Of course not. Ive been hoping shed
get out. I need a little privacy.
Think Ill watch telly. Have a
nice bath. A little Brahms time.
Hey, here. High five.
Maybe another time.
Yeah, another time.
I better be off.
Can you hear me?
Eat your food.
If there is a spirit in this
house, please give me a sign.
I 'm so sorry to make you drive
all the way out here again.
- Are you okay?
- I needed someone else to see it.
- So Id know.
- To see what?
- Hes alive.
- Whos alive?
- Brahms is alive.
- Brahms is alive?
I know you must think Im crazy.
Id think the same thing.
I just have to clean this off so
you know that Im not cheating.
I dont think youre cheating.
No worries there.
I think youve gone
completely mental.
We have to use the chalk.
Because sometimes he doesnt move
that much and its hard to tell.
I was very scientific in the
beginning, I was even measuring him...
...because I want to make sure that
when it happens there is no doubt.
At all.
Okay. Here we go.
This is something. Its...
I couldnt figure it out before.
All these strange things
kept happening, but...
...little things, like...
...the footsteps, my necklace, my
shoes, my clothes kept disappearing.
Then remembered what you said.
That hes shy. He doesnt
want people to see him. So,
if you go out of the room
and you leave him alone,
then hell give you sign.
Okay, this is like some kind
of a magic trick, right?
You dont really
think hes alive?
Its not a trick, come on.
Okay, Brahms! Here we come!
Okay. Its okay.
I think maybe we should
sit down for a bit.
Honestly, I think maybe
youre a bit tired.
Please, Brahms. I need
him to see, okay?
I know this is hard
for you but... it for me?
I need this or I have to go.
- I cant stay here any more.
- Greta, come on.
Brahms. Just give him
one more chance, okay?
If he doesnt move nothing
happens and Im crazy.
Just one more chance.
Okay, Brahmsy?
- Where is he gone? Where? Come on.
- I dont know.
No, I dont know. He does
it differently every time.
He is just gone.
He is just gone.
Its never been there before.
Its bloody
incredible, isnt it?
We really dont even know
what were dealing with here.
Is it a ghost? Some sort
of trapped spirit. Or a...
...a boy.
- Brahms is a boy.
- Yeah. Yeah, he is.
He was lucky you came along.
I dont think it was luck.
It wasnt?
I think I was brought
here for a reason.
There was a guy back home.
Not a good guy.
...everyone I knew
beg me to leave him.
And then I found out
I was pregnant.
...he swore up and down
that he would change.
And that he was sorry.
And I believed him.
Then one day he went
off again and...
...and my sister checked
me to the hospital.
And I knew before I even got
there that I had lost the baby.
What I am trying to
say is that......
I know what it feels
like to lose a child.
Just like the Heelshires and...
...that ties me to them,
and to Brahms, and...
...and to this place.
Does it make any sense to you?
Yeah. Yeah, it does.
But whatever the reason, I am very
happy that you ended up here.
I am, too.
And God bless Malcolm.
And God bless me.
And God bless Brahmsy.
Youre such a good boy today.
Sweet dreams.
- Its a nice shirt.
- My mother bought me this shirt.
- She has good taste.
- I know.
- No, wait.
- Are you okay?
What is going on in here?
You gonna hurt your ears,
silly boy.
Why did you do that for?
...if you stayed
in town tonight.
Okay. What just happened?
That music...
That was...
Children have tantrums.
It was a tantrum.
Alright, I understand
what this means to you.
But just step back for a
second, get some perspective.
No, I dont need perspective.
I know exactly what is happening
here and I am not going anywhere.
The Heelshires ask me
to look after him.
I promised the Heelshires
to take care of him.
Under the circumstances I
think they will understand.
They chose me. They
want me to stay here.
With Brahms.
I should have told
you this before,
but I didnt want
to scare you off.
A little girl from town
used to come out here,
once a week to play with Brahms.
Emily Cribbs.
And on his birthday she comes
out but never makes it home.
They finally found her
body in the woods,
her skull has been crushed.
Police called the Heelshires to
let them know that Brahms...
...need to be questioned,
by the time they arrived,
the place was already
up in flames.
The Heelshires made it out but
Brahms has burned alive up there.
- Did they ever find her killer?
- No, they never did.
What Im saying is, if
youre right, if this...
...thing is some kind of
spirit or ghost or...
...hey, I dont even know.
Im not sure....
...that it is the good kind.
Well, you said it yourself
thats just pub talk.
But what if it isnt?
I know he wouldnt hurt me.
I know.
Its not safe in
this house, okay?
I am not leaving.
Now go straight to sleep
like a good boy, okey?
You wouldnt hurt me,
would you Brahms?
Emily Cribbs.
Who is hungry?
I am.
Lets go to see.
I thought...
Who is Malcolm?
I was going to write
you a letter, but,
you know me.
Never been one for writing.
Its the little fellow?
Whats his name?
This is a joke, right?
There isnt a little boy.
They paid me to
look after a doll.
You serious?
Well, that makes things a
hell of a lot simpler.
Whole way here I was trying to figure
out how I was going to convince you... come home and how we deal
with the boy, but now this shit.
Ive been working out
at Fairview with...
...Ed Bruners crew.
They got a contract on a...
on a new hotel.
So theres more enough
work for all of us.
thats awesome, Cole.
Is what you wanted.
I understand why you left.
I do.
Our flight leaves
tomorrow afternoon.
- Taking you home.
- Greta?
Oh sorry, I...
- I let myself in.
- Thats okay, this is...
- This is Malcolm. He brings our...
- Malcolm.
...groceries and stuff out here.
- Hey, nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you man.
So what do you think
about all this...
...doll stuff?
You know, I try not to get involved
in other peoples business.
Smart man.
I have that delivery if youd
like to go to the inventory list.
Yeah, sure.
I'll be right back.
- What the hell is he doing here?
- He just showed up.
Well, he has to leave. He cant
ask you let him stay here.
No, I dont. I am not
letting him do anything.
He wants me to go home with him.
Well, that isnt gonna happen.
- And what if he attacks you?
- He won't.
Trust me.
I have a plan.
Sounds good though.
Pleasure meeting you.
- You too.
- Yeah, have a good evening.
Should I be worried?
About Malcolm?
Here you go.
So I guess I am not sleeping
in your bed tonight.
- No, I can bring you more blankets.
- No, this is good.
What are you doing
with that thing?
Well, I was gonna get him out of your
way. I figured you wouldnt want...
...him to sitting
in here with you.
- He is a creepy little guy.
- Yeah.
Look, Greta.
Im sorry for what happened.
I just need to know,
that you forgive me.
- I like to hear you say that.
- I cant.
Fine. But I want you to
realize something right now.
You are not leaving me, Greta.
And I will not let you go.
No matter where you run off to.
You understand?
Make sure youre packed
and ready by morning.
Dont worry, Brahms.
I am not gonna leave you.
But I need your help.
Get in here!
- Cole, what happened?
- Get in here.
Right now. What is this?
- Was this you?
- I didnt do that.
Dont play these games at me!
How can that not be you?
- No one else is in this house.
- Brahms.
The doll?
The doll wrote this?
Dont pull this
shit on me, Greta.
Okay. Fine.
It wasnt you.
It was the doll.
Give it to me.
- Give me the doll.
- No.
Give me the doll. Greta?
- Hand him over.
- No, no, get off of me.
- It was me. Youre right, it was me.
- Its too late.
- Now, give me the doll.
- No.
- Greta?
- Now! Im not joking around!
Get your things and
get out of here.
You know, everyone just seems to
be in a big hurry for me to leave.
- Youre right?
- Yeah.
Maybe... Maybe you left
that little message for me.
Or are you gonna say
it was the doll too?
- What did Brahms do?
- Cole,
you dont understand whats happening.
The doll...
No. I think I understand
exactly whats going on.
Give me the doll!
- Whats so special about this doll?
- Cole!
Cole, please.
What the hell was that?
I think we need to leave.
Whats... Whats going on?
We should... We should really go.
There is something...
- Oh shit.
- Oh my God!
Get up. Come on.
Jesus, what is that?
Its Brahms.
He cant be.
- No!
- No!
Stop! Stop!
Oh my God!
Lets go.
Its dead.
The closet!
This way.
The key.
The key. Find the key.
I cant see anything. Oh my God!
Malcolm, we can
get out this way.
Lets go.
Close it.
- Come on.
- It only goes up.
- Which way?
- Dead end.
Jesus Christ!
- Oh my God, what is this?
- Hes got everything he could need.
Hes been leaving
in here, isnt it?
We got to find a way out.
Its me.
Thats my dress.
My necklace and my hair.
Greta, I found a way down.
Hes been watching
me this whole time.
Okay, come on.
This way, come on.
We will not be back.
The girl is yours now.
She is yours to love and...
- They will never coming back
- Come on, Greta. Come on.
Hes been living in the walls
the whole time watching me.
Get in. Get in.
Come on.
- Out. Out. Go.
- Its the outside.
- Its locked.
- Come on, Greta. Open it.
- Malcolm, where are you going?
- He is coming.
- I am not leaving without you!
- Just go! I dont want you to die!
- No!
- Go!
Come on. Come on.
Come back!
I ll be good! I will!
- Greta.
- No!
Get back here!
Get back here!
Dont leave me! Get back here!
If you leave Ill kill him! Ill
kill him just like the others!
I came back for you Brahms.
I told you I wouldnt leave
you and I didnt, did I?
I told you I wouldnt.
Its time for bed now.
Brahms I said its time for bed.
Lets go.
You know the rules.
Put that down now Brahms.
Are you ready for bed?
Under the covers.
Be a good boy Brahms and go
straight to sleep, okay?
No kiss tonight Brahms.
Its your punishment, Im sorry.