The Boy She Met Online (2010) Movie Script

what are you gonna say?
I don't know.
What should I ask him?
ask him when he's gonna
take you out on a real date
so that you can finally
make out with him.
He's hot.
I know.
Totally telling Dylan
you said that... PS.
Anyway, seriously,
what else do I ask him?
Well, it, uh, says here
that he plays
basketball and soccer,
majoring in electrical
um... plays guitar.
Oh, ask him if he went to see
any good concerts lately.
Ooh, brilliant!
See, this is why I love you.
So been to any good
concerts lately?
Oh, and ask him
about his tattoo.
It's a dragon, right?
Ooh, good one!
Look at you, two in a row!
Girls... dinner!
Ooh, my mom, it's my mom!
What's going on?
Well, dinner's ready.
And, Lindsay, you're welcome
to stay if you like.
Thanks, but I can't.
It's Dylan's mom's big 4-0
and they invited me to
go out to eat with them.
Oh, that's so nice.
Well, tell his mom
I say happy birthday.
I will.
Three minutes?
Good night.
Where'd you put it?
Okay, he's so hot.
I know.
Other people are bringing their
kids to the company party.
Besides, Doug would
really like to see you
before you go to New York.
Are you starving or something?
No, I just have a lot of
homework to do
before I go to bed tonight.
I know you're leaving in
six months,
but Doug would still...
Mom, Doug could
care less about seeing me;
It's you he can't get enough of.
Come on, we're just friends.
Does he know that?
Very funny.
Wait a second.
You're trying to be all
sneaky, but I'm on to you.
I know why you want me
to go to that party.
It's 'cause that
guy's gonna be there,
that son of the VP or whatever.
Oh, Pete?
I don't know, maybe.
Maybe you should call him
and find out if
he's gonna be there.
Um, because then he'd
have my cell number.
Cami, Pete is a really nice kid.
He's got a lot in common
with you.
Mom, he reads the dictionary
on his spare time.
The guy's a tool.
Oh, hi, Kendra. I'm just
gonna take this upstairs.
Hold on... Cami!
Oh, you're like family,
of course you can stay here.
I wish I could find
a guy as witty as you.
Uh, you've got a guy.
Sorry, who's Jakester23?
He's the guy Cami met online
and he's gorgeous.
What, are you desperate?
You've sunk to actually going
online to find a boyfriend.
Whoa, hey, if there were any
guys to date in this school,
I would, but there aren't.
Cami likes older men.
For all you know,
this guy's 50 and bald.
We've seen his picture.
You've seen a picture.
He's 23 and in college.
Your mom is never gonna
let you date a college guy.
Not if she doesn't
know about it.
Besides, she'll be
in college next year, too,
and then it won't matter.
Mmm, nice logic, Linds!
You two scare me.
I gotta get to class.
Bye, babe.
I'll text you after Lit,
love you.
Love you, too.
Love you more.
Uh, God, you guys are annoying.
Who is that?
Oh, she a ten.
I know.
That's Cami.
You know, the chick I've been
telling you about? Mm-hmm.
We've been e-mailing
for a long time now,
I think I'm gonna step it up
and talk to her on the phone.
You tell her you're getting
out in two weeks? No.
Come on, she thinks I go to
Penn State, not the state pen.
I had to tell her
I was in college.
A girl like this'd
never date a con.
You said it yourself, man.
She is a ten!
What's gonna happen when
you actually meet her?
You know what I'm saying, man?
College boys don't have
with parole officers, man.
It's a waste of time.
No, it isn't.
And it doesn't matter, anyway.
It's like I said,
when I get out,
things are gonna
be different for me.
Amen to that.
Cami, is that a cell phone?
You know the rules
about cell phones.
You can have it back at
the end of the day.
I wasn't texting.
I don't care.
Thank you.
Okay, everybody, back to work.
So who were you
texting in class?
I told you, I wasn't texting.
I was checking my e-mail.
That is not the point.
When you're in class,
you're supposed to be
paying attention. I do!
I'm getting an "A"!
It's disrespectful to your teacher.
I mean, look,
when I'm in a staff meeting,
I don't sit there e-mailing
while my boss is talking.
Kendra, come on in.
Hi, Cam.
Did I come at a bad time?
Oh, no.
We're thrilled to have you.
Cami and I were just
having a little discussion.
Uh, honey, why don't you help
Kendra with her baggage
and I'll just check on dinner.
I'll take that.
I better get started
on my homework.
Wouldn't want Linsky to think
I don't take her
class seriously.
I'm guessing that
has something to do with
what I walked in on tonight.
I don't know
what it is with her.
She's 17.
It's normal for her to pull away
and want to become independent.
I know and I want
to encourage that.
But I also want her to
be able to talk to me.
I don't know, something's
going on with her
and I can't figure it out.
It's been happening for
a couple of weeks.
What do you mean?
You know when you're
the only one in the room
who just doesn't get the joke?
Tori, it's normal.
I mean, did you really
tell your mother everything?
'Cause I sure didn't.
But my mother wasn't as
understanding as I am.
Jake, listen.
Mom said you can't
live with her this time.
She's done.
What am I supposed to do
when I get out?
Where am I supposed to
go after they release me?
Are you kidding me?
I can't.
I wish I could.
What do you mean,
you... you can't?
I'm your brother!
you know I want to help.
I really do.
Dave doesn't think
it's a good idea.
I've got the kids
staying with us now.
We're trying to get custody.
It'll just really
complicate things.
I'm ready to go.
You've already made up
your mind, so has Mom,
and if nobody's
gonna be there for me,
well, that's just fine.
I don't need you.
Or her.
Or anybody!
Hey, man, don't worry about it.
Your mom will change her mind.
Just show up at her front door.
It's nothing.
Forget her and my sister.
I've already got something
better worked out anyway,
with Edgar.
He's been more like family
to me my whole life anyway.
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
I remember him.
He came to visit
you once, right?
Yeah, yeah.
Man, we had some wild times,
me and him.
And he always had my back,
so I have nothing to
worry about.
Why are you so
fixated on that thing?
I'm not.
He's gonna call you.
He said he's gonna try and call.
Is this that college clown again?
Ten bucks says he forgets.
Why would you say that?
Because you met him online.
He's probably telling 30 girls
he'll call
just so he can get
some cheap thrill
from knowing
they're waiting by the phone.
Well, I'm not waiting
by the phone.
I'm eating.
That's probably him!
Will you accept
a collect call from...
Yeah, hi. Hi.
Uh, I'm really sorry to call you collect.
My cell phone died,
so I'm just at a pay phone.
Oh, that's okay,
I'm just glad you called.
How are you?
I'm okay, I guess.
Just okay?
Yeah, I got some bad news today.
Oh, what kind of bad news?
It's nothing, really.
I'm actually feeling...
much better now
that I'm talking to you.
I have that effect on people.
Oh, is that so?
What's going on?
It sounds like you're at
a party or something.
No, um...
Just at a bar off-campus
with some guy friends,
and I thought I'd take
a minute and call you.
Well, I can call you back
later tonight if you want.
Actually, that's also no.
I've got a ball game.
Basketball... game.
Yeah, but I have some time
in between classes tomorrow,
if you can get online
and chat maybe around,
say, 2:00?
Um... sure.
Two minutes, let's go.
Listen, I gotta run, Princess.
Uh, can I call you that?
Um, sure.
What do I call you?
Why don't you think about it?
Byers, let's go!
he's at a bar with
some of his friends,
and took some time out
to call me.
How thoughtful.
Shh, I want to hear this.
And he called me
That's so cute.
I know!
It's cheesy!
He's a cheese ball.
No, he's not.
So when are you gonna
meet him face to face?
I don't know!
Soon, I hope.
Listen, I gotta run, Princess.
Uh, can I call you that?
Um, sure.
What do I call you?
Why don't you think about it?
Um, Cami asked me
to give this to you.
She had to leave early.
Come on, bro, I need to use it.
I'm already ten minutes late.
All right, just wait one minute.
I just need to send this e-mail.
No, seriously, just...
get up!
I was supposed to be
online at 2:00, okay?
You're gonna see her on Friday
when you get out, right? Yes.
So relax.
My brother's wife
just had a baby, man.
"Congratulations" is spelled
with a "D" or a "T"?
'Cause I just deleted it.
Byers, Jackson,
back to your cell now!
So what'd he say?
He wasn't online.
I hope he still wants to
meet up next week.
I hope he's as hot in person
as he is in his pic.
Cami, what are you doing here?
Oh, my God.
Do you remember?
Really twisted.
I know.
Oh, hi, sweetie.
How was your day?
I got detention for giving
Ms. Linsky a fake note
to get out of class.
What do you mean "a fake note"?
I forged your signature.
You forged my signature.
And where did you go that was
more important than school?
To the mall.
You went to the mall...
You skipped school
to go shopping?
There's this really
great scarf that I wanted
and today was the last day
of the sale, so I...
And where is this
incredibly important scarf?
They were sold out.
They were, honestly!
Cami, this is not okay.
You are just a couple months
from graduating with honors
and you can't
start screwing it up now.
I know, I know!
It was a bad idea,
okay, it was stupid.
You don't know, obviously.
Whatever, Mom.
Do you care if I go talk to her?
No, talk away...
talk away.
She obviously
doesn't listen to me.
Are you okay?
I know she's mad.
I just can't wait 'til I turn 18
and I can do whatever I want
and no one can say
anything about it.
Oh, I hate to break it to you,
but things don't change
just because you turn 18.
Your mom's still
gonna be your mom
and she's still gonna want you
to make the right decisions
and be upset
with you when you don't.
But at some point, I have to
be able to live my own life.
I'm not trying to
tell you what to do.
You need to make your
own decisions.
But let me just say this.
There are some mistakes
that are the kind
that you can learn from
and there are some mistakes
that are the kind that can
change your whole life.
Your mom's the one who can
help you tell the difference.
It's so hard.
I know, I know.
Thank you.
You know where to find me
when you get out, right?
Haven't we seen each other
long enough?
Take care of yourself.
You too.
Hey, what are you
willing to do for a ride?
What happened, man?
You were supposed to be here like
two hours ago. My apologies.
Hop in.
Nice ride.
What's this all about?
Just a little something
I'm working on.
Welcome back, man.
Thanks, Linds, this is perfect.
I promise I won't spill
anything on it.
So what's the story?
You're coming over
to my house to study?
No, actually, my mom's
going out for dinner
with a friend,
so it shouldn't even come up.
Well, if it does, I've
got your back. Nice!
Thanks, babe!
Okay, I'll see you in sixth.
Oh, look at you.
All spiffy in the new shirt
from your sugar daddy.
Yeah, man, it's...
It's pretty good.
Thank you.
I really appreciate it.
And I am on the job
and the apartment thing,
so you're not gonna be
supporting me for very long.
You got that right, gold digger.
You know, if it becomes
a problem,
I can always go and stay
in my step-dad's cabin.
What, that place we used to go
as kids out in the boonies?
No, get real.
Here, it's a Jimmy
parked out front.
You sure your friend won't mind?
No, not at all.
He's not gonna be back
'til next month.
And he owes me money, anyway.
Oh, hey.
You going out?
Yeah, just to Lindsay's
to study.
Oh, okay.
Great, see ya.
See ya.
You know, you're even
prettier in person.
So are you.
I mean, better-looking.
What are you drinking?
Oh, it's just a coffee.
Do you like coffee?
Do you... I can get you one.
Yeah, sure, thanks.
Actually, a Mochaccino.
A what?
A Mochaccino.
So what are you gonna do
when you graduate?
Ever since I was little,
I always wanted to be
a veterinarian.
I just really like being
around animals, you know?
Is that stupid?
No, not at all.
Were you one of
those little girls
that always wanted a pony for
Christmas but never got it?
How did you know?
I don't know, you just
seem like that kind of girl.
Do you want to... do you want to
just take these, maybe,
and, I don't know,
go for a drive or something?
Yeah, sure.
Okay, ready?
We look pretty good together.
We do.
You especially.
That's because you're
standing next to me.
Oh, good one.
So is your mom as ridiculously
overprotective as mine?
It's just the opposite.
I don't think she cares
if I live or die.
Yeah, I'm serious.
I'm only close to one person
in my family now,
my sister Celeste,
but not even her
so much anymore.
Why not?
How's... how's your dad?
Is he as strict as your mom?
Um, my dad died in
a motorcycle accident
about three years ago.
I'm sorry to hear that.
My parents divorced when
I was about 12,
then after my dad left,
I stopped talking to him.
He called every Saturday
and left me a message
and I never called him back.
Then one Saturday,
it wasn't him calling,
it was the highway patrol.
I saved his last message.
I didn't listen to it ever,
I just wanted to keep it.
You know, I lost my dad, too.
But I was so young,
I don't even remember him,
just that he was killed
by one of my uncle's friends.
Your dad was murdered?
Yeah, in a business deal
gone bad or something.
Like I said, I don't know.
Celeste does.
I'm so sorry.
Yeah, I don't really
tell anybody
this stuff about my dad.
Well, that must mean
I'm special.
You are special.
That wasn't a very good kiss.
You might want to
try that again.
Let's see if I can get it right.
Oh, hey.
How was dinner with your friend?
It was good.
Did Cami go out?
'Cause I didn't see her car.
Yeah, actually, she said
she was going over
to Lindsay's to study.
Oh, okay.
Good night.
Where were you tonight?
Kendra didn't tell you?
Lindsay and I were studying.
It's after 11:00.
I don't want to
do this right now.
I'm sorry, but I'm your mother
and I have a right to know
where you were.
I told you where I was.
Stop scrutinizing
everything I do.
I've had it, okay?
I'm gonna have to start
taking away privileges.
Give me your phone.
No, I need my phone.
And I need you to
start being honest
and follow the rules
of this house,
and when you do that,
you can get your phone back.
You can't take my phone away.
I can take your phone away.
And you'll get it back
when you tell me
where you were tonight.
I don't have to
tell you anything.
Cami, give me your phone.
I hate you.
You think I can borrow
some cash, man?
Oh, sure.
How much?
Like 200 bucks?
You know I'll pay you back
as soon as I find some work.
You see all this cash, man?
I didn't make it clocking in
and out five days a week.
I'm good for it.
I know.
I know, I'm excited, too.
What do you guys
feel like eating?
All right.
So save you guys seats?
Okay, thanks.
I have a surprise for you.
You got me a phone?
I can't have my girlfriend
driving around
without a phone.
It's not safe.
Your girlfriend?
Did I say "girlfriend"?
'Cause I probably
meant to say "booty call."
Um, so my friends
invited us out for lunch.
You wanna go?
Well, actually,
I was kind of hoping
we could hang out,
just the two of us.
Uh, yeah, okay, I'm just gonna
call them so they don't wait.
It does that
every time I log on.
Okay, okay.
Well, let me see what
you've been browsing to.
You know, maybe you picked up
a virus or something.
You did a search on
"My Teenage Daughter
Is Out Of Control"?
More than 2 million hits.
I guess a lot of people have
out-of-control daughters.
Well, I did what you advised
and I got tough.
I took away her cell phone.
How'd that go over?
How do you think?
No, no, this is good.
Listen, you cut off
the supply line
and the enemy
starves, all right?
What is it with you
and war analogies?
I don't know.
It's too much "Call of Duty" or something.
Yeah, I'd say so.
What is that, like, a $200 suit?
No, that is a $100 suit.
The other 100 went to
Cami's phone.
Oh, you're whipped.
Whatever, man.
Now, the book said to
dress for the job
and I think this suit
says "senior management."
After your extended
vacation at Club Fed?
I wouldn't hire you to
walk my dog.
Listen, I need someone
to make a couple of deliveries
for me tomorrow.
If you can find time in your
busy schedule,
you can forget the
two Bennies you owe me.
What did I tell you, man?
You'll get your money.
You make one stupid little
mistake and then your whole...
What's going on?
Don't you have class?
Yeah... no.
I didn't go.
I just wanted to see you.
Did something happen?
I know you didn't come
all the way down here
just to watch me bus tables.
What's going on?
Come on, sit down.
I went out to interview
for a job today.
A really good job.
I... I didn't get it.
Is that it?
It's not enough?
Well, I mean, it's not
the end of the world.
There's tons of jobs out there
for electrical engineers.
It's not that easy, Cam.
It is that easy.
You're gonna graduate
with a great degree
from a great school.
And you're smart.
People always love hiring
the brightest of the bunch.
Cami, you have no idea what
you're talking about right now,
so you can just stop.
I'm sorry, okay?
I'm just really, y'know,
frustrated right now.
I'm out here and I'm
trying to do things...
right, you know?
Sometimes you have to
go on five or ten interviews
before you get the job.
I mean, it's not that easy,
it's just the way it is.
I was really lucky to
get hired on my first try.
Yeah, but, Cami, you don't
really understand everything.
What don't I understand?
Well, you'll see for yourself
when you graduate.
You know, it's tough out there.
Don't get discouraged.
Good things are gonna
come your way.
You'll see.
Now, tell me, is that
something you're saying
just to make me feel better
or do you actually believe that?
I actually believe that.
When do you get off?
It's pretty slow.
I'll see if Randy'll let
me off early. Okay.
It's almost 7:00,
I should probably go.
My mom kind of freaks out
when it gets late and she
doesn't know where I am.
You know you're 18.
You can do anything you want.
I should probably
tell you something.
I'm actually 17.
You have to be at least
18 to go on the site,
so I kind of lied a little.
I'm gonna be 18 in a month.
I'm really sorry.
Are you mad?
I mean, how could I be mad?
You're what?
I haven't been really honest
with you, either.
You haven't?
How do I say this?
I haven't really been in college
for the last four years.
Where were you?
For two...
I was in prison.
I just got out two weeks ago.
Just let me explain, okay?
I was completely innocent...
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
no, no, no, no, no.
Wait a minute,
so every time that you said
that you were in class,
you were actually...
In my cell.
Oh, my God!
How can you lie about that?
Hey, you lied, too, right?
Just give me
a chance to explain myself.
See, my...
my ex was the most
evil person on the planet.
The store where she worked
got... got robbed
right after we broke up,
and a couple of guys, you know,
they went in there
with masks and guns and...
beat the owner.
I don't know,
because I wasn't even there.
She just said I was,
completely fabricated
the whole thing.
They gave me this
idiot lawyer, who...
I wasn't gonna win no matter
what I did.
I had no choice
but to plead guilty
and I got three years.
And then when I was there,
my mom basically disowned me.
I thought my life
was completely ruined
until I met you.
Do you understand?
The first time I saw your
face on that stupid site,
that's when I knew that
there were
still good people out there.
I had this feeling.
When I got out, things were
gonna get better for me.
'Cause I'm not
a bad person, Cam.
I'm just not.
And now I'm... I'm kind of stuck,
because people just...
I need them to see something
different than what they do
and I actually
want to be different.
Why didn't you just tell me?
I would have understood.
Oh, come on.
I didn't know you
the way I know you now.
If you knew the truth,
you wouldn't want
anything to do with me.
Now that I know that I can be
totally honest with you,
I mean...
I will be and I wanted to be.
Please, Princess.
I'm never gonna lie to you
again ever, I swear.
I'll never lie to you, either.
Do you think
maybe she's into drugs?
I mean, studying 'til 11:00.
I know she lied about
that and the mall.
Cami's not into drugs.
She's got way too good
a head on her shoulders.
Well, I did
look through her phone
and I found this number...
You looked through her phone?
I'm her mother,
I have that right.
As I was saying,
I looked through her phone
and I saw a name
I didn't recognize.
Now, everyone else in there
are friends that
I know but Jake.
Maybe she's been seeing him
and that's who
she was with last night.
I know this
is none of my business,
but I really feel she'll
be more likely to share
stuff with you if you
just let up on her a bit.
If you really think a teen girl
is gonna tell her
mother everything,
plan to be disappointed.
I told you sex is addictive.
Who the hell is this?
This is Cami's mother.
Who are you?
Look, you gotta calm down.
I was only kidding around.
I'm one of her...
What's your last name, Jake?
Damn it.
Man, everything sucks.
Cami's mom just called
and I made some
stupid sex joke to her.
No, that's not funny.
I can't get a job
to save my life.
I mean, I'm not bondable now
because of my felony?
What was the point of even
getting my license in prison
if nobody's gonna hire me?
Okay, you know what, man?
Forget you.
Forget me?
I'm the only one
who gives a crap.
Now, I've been telling you
the same thing over and over,
but you won't listen.
Tell me what?
This stupid pipe dream of yours.
Get a job,
get married to some doe-eyed
little girl from the suburbs.
Be a dad... all that crap.
It's not in the cards for you.
It's not you.
Jake, did you have
any thought you were gonna
walk out of prison and someone's
gonna hand you a job?
Or some lady's gonna
want her rich little daughter
to pop out a few kids with you?
You wouldn't be happy
with that life, anyways.
That is not true.
I've made some mistakes
in the past, but this is...
The only mistake you made
was going with those
guys to rob that store.
Now, that was stupid.
And for what?
Less than a grand.
I told you not to do it.
Look, I know.
I know it was stupid,
but I let them talk me
into it and I did it.
So you got busted.
Big deal.
You served your time.
It doesn't mean you change
who you are
and become some
9:00-to-5:00 drone
busting his butt for taxes
and union wages.
Then what do I do?
You do what you
gotta do to survive.
It's just like the rest of us.
Where did you get that?
Are you sleeping with him?
That is none of your business.
I can't believe you went
in my room, Mom!
I hate you!
I'm tired of this!
what are you doing?
I'm leaving.
You treat me like a child
and you go through my stuff.
I can't live
in this prison anymore.
You always think that
you know better than me.
How I should spend my money,
how I... how much time
I need to spend studying,
who I need to date.
You don't, okay?
You don't know better than me.
I'm perfectly capable of
thinking for myself
and making my own decisions
whether you like it or not.
Cami, just calm... Don't, Mom.
I need to be with somebody
who loves me and who needs me,
and that's Jake.
He actually...
He actually wants to hear
what I have to say about stuff.
You don't.
You never ask what I want
or what I think
or need or anything.
I love you.
And I do care
about how you feel.
I've been thinking
a lot about this lately.
A parent always worries about
whether their child
is happy or safe or feels love.
You don't have to
worry about all that stuff.
I can take care of myself.
I want to believe that, honey.
And what's happened to us?
Why all the secrets, sweetie?
Is it because
you don't trust me?
No, I trust you.
Do you think
I wouldn't approve of Jake?
I don't think you
understand him like I do.
We just have a connection.
It's hard to explain.
What's his last name?
Tell me what you like about
this Jake Byers.
I don't know.
He's smart and fun
he has this depth about him
that I've never
seen in anyone before.
We just get each other.
Is he in school?
Milford State College.
He's... he's gonna be an
electrical engineer.
How old is he?
So he's a freshman.
Is that why you didn't
want to tell me about him?
'Cause he's in college?
Mom, when I go away to New York,
I'm gonna come back.
You know, it's not like
I'm gonna be gone forever.
I know.
I'm gonna miss you.
A lot.
I know.
I'm taking an early flight
to Boston tomorrow
and I'll be gone for two days,
but maybe when I get back
from this conference,
I can take you
and Jake out to dinner.
I'd like to get to know him.
You here for Edgar?
I could have
come by to pick it up.
Yeah, well, Edgar don't like
people coming over his place.
What's your name?
How come I haven't seen you
around before?
It doesn't matter, man.
You're never gonna see me again.
I want to tell her,
I just... I don't think
she's gonna get past the fact
that he was in jail, right?
Forget your mother.
Jake spent two years in prison.
Okay, you're missing the point.
At some point, I'm gonna
have to introduce them,
especially if Jake and I are
gonna be together long-term.
No, I think you're
on crack right now.
How can you even think
about long-term
with a guy who's an ex-con?
I mean, I know he's cute,
Cami, but seriously,
what are you doing with him?
Okay, you liked him a month ago.
Yeah, well, that was before
I found out
he lied to my best friend.
You know, of all the people,
I thought that you'd be
a little more understanding.
What is there to understand?
Would you want me to stay with
Dylan if he robbed a store?
He didn't rob anything, okay?
I told you that...
He had a bad lawyer.
And now I know exactly
what he's up against.
No one's gonna
give him a second chance
and it's not fair, Linds.
Well, Cam, he lied to you
over and over.
That whole big story about
him being in college and...
You know what, you know what,
never mind.
Just let it go, forget it.
No, listen to me.
Why do you want to
be with a guy...
Because I love him, Linds.
I love him, and I'm...
I wanted you to be happy
and I thought that you
would be happy for me
and a little more understanding.
And I guess
I was wrong, all right?
Freeze, police!
They actually let you out, bro.
They let you out, so you know
the standards are low.
Good, you haven't
changed at all.
This is my spot,
you want to come in?
It's nice to see you in
something besides blue, man.
Where you staying?
Here, if I can.
You think your boy
will be down with it?
Edgar's cool.
Well, bro, it's good to
be back in business.
That's for sure.
Guess what?
I talked to Randy about
getting you a job here
and he said you just gotta
fill out an application.
I know, so good...
I'm gonna go get you one.
Oh, hey, let's do it later.
See, I told Dewayne we'd swing
by the place and pick him up.
Dewayne your cellmate?
He's out?
Now, listen, I told him I'd buy
him a nice dinner to celebrate,
but I figured you'd
get a little jealous
if I didn't get you one too,
so can you come and...
Is your mom gonna get mad?
I can come.
My mom's in Boston
for a meeting.
I know.
Let's go meet Randy,
though, first.
Let's do it next time.
I promise.
Let's go, let's go. Okay, okay,
I just... I gotta change.
Just wait here, I'll go get him.
I just want to
wash my hands quickly.
They're still kinda
gross from work.
Do it at the restaurant.
Yeah, but how do we know
we can trust these guys if...
I... I told you to wait.
That's fine, that's fine.
Y'all sound like an
old married couple, for real.
I'm Dewayne.
You much prettier in person.
Hey, come on, hurry up.
We gotta go.
Okay, I'm telling you guys,
this is a bad idea.
This coming from the guy
who just made
200 bucks this afternoon.
It's a couple of runs, man,
no biggie.
Dewayne's a big boy.
Make his own decisions.
Whatever you do, this does
not come up at dinner.
Of course not.
All right, let's roll.
I've heard of this
really great burger place
if you want to check it out.
Mmm, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Let's do it.
Pretty good, huh?
Yeah, actually,
it's really good.
Well, hi.
Um, this is Jake.
And Dewayne.
How you doing?
I thought I'd try
one of these burgers
and see if they were as good
as you said they were.
Oh, good, good.
Well, I'll see you back
at the house, all right?
Um, Kendra, can you
not tell my mom
that you saw me here?
I just... I kind of told her
I was working late.
All right.
So I was thinking,
maybe you guys could
come to New York with me.
Instead of staying on campus,
we could get a two-bedroom
you guys could get jobs...
Cami, neither one of us
can move out of the state.
On parole.
Oh, I thought when you're out,
you were done.
I only did two years of
a three-year sentence,
which means I'm stuck
here another 12 months.
But you could postpone if
you wanted for a year.
I know this dude who once
postponed his college.
What's it called
when you do that?
Yes, yes.
You defer it.
And then we can
get a place here,
you could still take classes
and stuff in the meantime.
Yeah, maybe.
Uh, yeah.
Why don't you go ahead, man?
I'm just gonna take Cami
to her car.
All right.
Nice meeting you, sweetheart.
You too.
You know, something you said
today really bothered me.
It's... that whole thing
about you going to New York.
Listen to me.
I don't want to go without you,
okay, so don't worry about it.
We're just gonna wait...
A year is not a big deal.
Is it?
I'm not gonna be unhappy.
I'm telling you, I want to stay.
What about your...
Stay in the car!
Oh, no.
Okay, come on, buddy.
Come on.
Come on.
We gotta get you
to the hospital.
Okay, I'll go get help!
Can you hear me, man, yeah?
Okay, you're gonna go in there
and they're gonna help you.
You're gonna walk in.
By himself?
Yeah, by himself, Cam.
You just tell them
you were alone
and you got
jumped in the street.
You were alone.
What the hell?
We can't just leave him!
We have to, Cam.
we both go back to prison.
What do you mean?
It's a parole violation
just for the two of us
to be in the car together.
Look, anyway, they got him.
He's gonna be fine,
he's gonna be fine.
He's gonna be just fine.
Where were you?
What happened?
Were you crying?
No, no, no, I'm fine.
Are you sure?
Yeah, yeah, I just...
I'm really tired.
I wanted to talk to you
about that guy Dewayne
that was with you.
Do you mind if we
talk about that tomorrow?
I'm just not feeling very well
and I'm just really tired and...
Yeah, okay, sure.
Okay, thanks.
Good night.
You're sure it was Vinny?
I saw him run
right out in front of me.
If I don't come up
with five grand cash
by tomorrow night, I'm screwed.
So let's go and get it!
I'm gonna kill that guy, anyway.
Go where, Jake?
We ain't gonna find him.
Make some calls.
Are you okay?
You look like complete hell.
No, I just...
mean you look like hell.
Look, I don't have time to
banter with you right now,
okay, so just
leave me alone, please.
No, if you're still mad
at Lindsay
because of what she said...
I'm not mad at anyone!
I just have more important
things on my mind
than Lindsay and school.
You do not deserve this.
You know, you're my
best friend, man.
And who would have thought that?
You know, the day
they stuck you in my cell,
it was all I could do
to just not beat the crap
out of you, you know?
You and that
smart-ass mouth of yours.
Me and Edgar, man...
...we're gonna get the guy
that did this to you.
I promise.
You're back early.
Oh, yeah, I decided
not to stay for the dinner.
I wanted to make sure everything
was okay here at home.
So they turned your
water back on, huh?
Yeah, yeah,
they called this morning.
How'd everything go with Cami?
I... I think we should talk.
What is this?
It's a gang tattoo.
The numbers represent
the area code
where they're from.
The article said that they
often get them in prison...
to show the other inmates
which gang they're
affiliated with.
And his friend had this tattoo?
You sure?
Tori, I don't think either
of these guys is in college
and they certainly
don't look 19.
How old do you think they are?
Early to mid-20s.
They just sort of had this
swagger to them
that didn't exactly say
"electrical engineers
She lied again.making."
You know what?
My boyfriend's brother's
a cop, gang task force.
I'm gonna call him
and see if he can look up any
information on Cami's new beau.
Did she ever tell you
Jake's last name?
Thanks for letting me know.
From equation seven,
we know that "Z" equals one
and substitute for one for "Z"
in equation five and two.
Thus, you'll get "Y" equals one.
Finally, the substitute
for one for "Z"
and for "Y"
in the equation two and three.
Thus the solution for
the system is...
This method is
sometimes called...
In summary, to solve the linear
system is...
This method is...
Are you in school?
Yeah, what's going on,
what happened?
I just got a call from
Dewayne's brother.
He's dead, Cam.
Dewayne's gone.
Oh, my God.
Yeah, this is she.
She just got up
and walked out of cl...
Okay, thank you.
Yeah, I'll try and find her.
Oh, great.
I have her phone.
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.
Let's go upstairs.
He assaulted a man
during a robbery?
Served 2 years of
his three-year sentence.
Look, unless you
send him back to prison,
there's no way my daughter's
gonna stop seeing him.
Ms. Winters,
I can't do that
unless he commits some
sort of crime.
Well, isn't it a crime
to be sleeping with
a 17-year-old girl?
Not when the age of
consent is 16.
Officer Higgins,
Mary's still waiting on Lou's profile.
I'll be right there.
I'm sorry,
just give me one minute.
Bad stuff just keeps
happening to me.
That's not true.
Yes, it is.
It's like no matter
what I try to do,
nothing ever works out
the way I want it to.
When you start to
talk about the future,
everything just goes to hell.
I knew when
we started talking about
getting a place together,
the three of us...
something bad would happen.
Babe, you can't think like that.
You're just really upset
right now.
You're gonna leave me.
No, I'll never leave you.
I love you.
It's only a matter of time
'til you go away, too.
Why do you keep saying this?
Listen to me.
I love you more than anything
and I know everyone in your life
keeps letting you down,
but I'm not gonna be
one of them, ever, okay?
Oh, Doug, I've been
looking for you.
Listen, I can't find Cami.
The school called
and said she just left.
I think she might be with this
guy that she's been seeing,
and I saw his
parole officer's file and...
Parole officer, I...
It's a long story.
Anyway, it says he's
living with his sister.
This is her name and her
brother is Jake Byers.
Can you get her number
or her address or something?
I don't know, just...
work your IT magic.
Wait a second,
I thought you had his number.
Didn't you talk to him
on the phone once?
Yeah, I've tried calling him
but he's not picking up.
Okay, okay, all right.
Just sit tight and let me see
what I can do, okay?
I found two addresses.
The second one here, it seems
to be the most current.
Oh, she lives in Philadelphia.
Yeah, they're both local,
but just out on
the edge of the city.
This one has a phone number.
Oh, great, thank you, Doug.
I owe you one.
I'll remember that.
Go get washed up for supper.
Um, is this Celeste?
Depends on who's calling.
My name is Tori Winters.
I wanted to speak with you
about your brother, Jake.
Did he list me
as a reference or something?
Not exactly.
I was hoping you could
tell me where he is.
I have no idea.
He's not living with you?
Who is this?
Tori, Tori Winters.
And your brother is dating
my 17-year-old daughter.
Look, I don't know where he is
and I can't help you.
Good luck, though.
Hey, that's Mike.
You found him.
Okay, got it.
Mike spotted him
going into that pool hall
on 37th and Willow.
Let's go.
What are you guys doing?
Stay here.
Stay here?
Are you going after that guy?
Stay here, Cami!
Jake, what are you doing?
Jake, seriously, don't do this.
I have to.
No, you don't.
Yes, I do.
If I don't go
down there right now,
I'm never gonna get another
chance to get this guy.
Just... just listen, okay?
Just listen to me.
This is not what you want to do.
This is what the old Jake
would do, not the new one.
I mean, if you go out there
and you get caught,
you're gonna go back to jail.
I told you earlier that
I would never leave you.
Please don't leave me.
Please, please don't leave me.
This guy killed Dewayne.
I have to.
That's him.
Remember me, man?
Huh, where's my money?
Where is it?
God, what did you do?
Let's get out of here!
What are you...
What are you gonna do...
Just shut that bitch up, man!
She saw everything!
Just let me take care of it.
I'll go talk to her.
She'll go straight to the cops.
You mark my words, Jake.
She won't.
Well, she better not.
If it comes down to us or her,
you know the decision
I'm gonna make.
He... he killed someone.
How do you kill someone?
Just calm down.
How am I supposed to calm down?
Someone's dead.
You know we can't talk
about this here.
We have to go
someplace else, okay?
Do you trust me?
There's a ledge here.
I think we can climb down.
I just haven't
been out there in a while.
Are you in some
kind of trouble again?
No, can you just tell me
if mom and Ben are up at
the cabin, please?!
They won't be back
up there 'til next month.
But I want to know
what's going on.
Is the key still hidden
in the same place?
Are the police gonna come
looking for you again?
Celeste, where is the key?!
Same place.
I'm gonna call you later
and I'm gonna
explain everything.
Where are we?
Don't worry.
I know what I'm doing.
This is it?
I just have to go get the key.
I'll be right back.
It's gonna be okay.
Can I help you?
Yeah, I'm the person
who called you before.
My name is Tori Winters.
I'm just really
worried about my daughter.
She's just 17 years old
and she's been dating your
brother, Jake.
I need to talk to you.
So how did your
daughter meet Jake?
Um, online.
From the date on his profile,
I think they started e-mailing
back and forth
when he was still in prison.
Please, sit down.
Do you know where he is?
He gave his parole officer
this address,
so I thought that may...
That's my youngest.
I don't know where Jake is.
He wanted to live with me,
but I told him no.
I just try to
stay out of it entirely.
You don't understand.
Ever since Cami met Jake,
it's like I've seen her change,
she's become a different person.
And today she just
walked out of class
and no one knows where she is.
I'm really, really worried.
Your daughter's only 17.
That's right.
If you know
where they are, tell me.
You're a mother, right?
So you know how hard it is to
wonder where your child is.
he did call me.
I asked him what was going on,
but he wouldn't tell me.
he was asking about our
stepfather's cabin.
It's up by Springton Reservoir.
Can you give me the address?
It's not that far from here.
It's gonna take
a while to heat up.
Jake, can you please tell me
what we're doing here?
We need to get away from Edgar.
What does that mean?
I just want to call my mom.
I know you do, Princess.
God, this situation
is so messed up.
I got you into this
and now I don't even know
how to get you out.
You would have been better off
if you'd never even met me.
Please just let me call my mom.
Mom? Oh, Cami.
Where are you?
I'm with Jake, we're at his
step-dad's cabin.
Are you okay, are you hurt?
No, we're okay.
I'm not hurt.
Mom, some really
bad stuff's happened.
I just want you to come get me.
Sweetie, I'm on my way.
I spoke with Jake's sister
and she told me where you are.
Okay, okay, I'll see you soon.
All right, sweetie.
You know, you're gonna be fine.
I'm gonna stay here until
your mom gets in,
and then after I leave,
you can call the police
or do whatever it is
that you have to do.
Where are you gonna go?
I don't know.
But I have to.
It's my only chance to
stay out of prison.
Jake, you can't spend
your whole life hiding.
It's obviously the only life
I can have, Cam.
I want you to know
that I love you.
I really do.
Even though I screwed up
over and over,
you were the only person
that ever gave me a chance.
Don't cry.
I can't stand it when you cry.
Promise me...
you're gonna go to New York,
you're gonna finish college
and do all those great things
you always wanted to do, okay?
You're still cold.
Ben keeps some wood
in the shed out back,
so let's go see if I can
find the key.
I was so worried about you.
You must be Jake.
I... I gotta go.
I'm sorry for everything, Cam.
You call the police.
You cooperate with them
and you don't
worry about me, okay?
Oh, Mom!
Shut up!
Who is this?
The mom.
Oh, you got a little reunion
going on here, eh, Jake?
I was just on
my way over to you.
Like hell you were.
The least you could do is just
put the gun down, buddy.
Sorry, man, can't do that.
If you let them go,
we can talk about
what we're gonna do.
What we're gonna do?
And what is that, Jake, hmm?
Tell me how you think
we're gonna let them go
and not go to prison.
They're not even a part of this.
This is our problem, man.
You and me, we gotta find
a way to fix it.
She is the problem, bro.
She is the problem.
She witnessed the whole thing.
Without her, they've got
nothing on either one of us
and there is no way they're
gonna stay quiet now.
We won't say anything, I swear.
Shut up.
Hey, Eddie.
Eddie, man,
we're gonna go outside,
we're gonna get in the car
and you and me,
we're gonna go to Mexico.
Look, I'll give you my phone.
That way you know
I won't call anybody.
She's right.
No, she's not.
Cami, call an ambulance.
Hi, hi, please,
we need some help.
Two people have been shot.
Yeah, we're at a cab...
Where are we?
27 Beach Road.
27 Beach Road.
Yes, please hurry.
Mom, are you okay?
Never thought I'd see you again.
I just wanted to say bye.
I leave for
New York in a couple days.
You're gonna do really
great in school, Cam.
I know it.
How's your mom doing?
She's done all her physio,
she's doing a lot better.
That's nice.
So I guess this is it.
Take care of yourself, 'Kay?
You too.
Okay, Linds, I'll see you
in a couple hours.
Tell Dylan not to make you late.
Okay, bye.
I'm gonna miss you.
It's not like
I'm going anywhere.
You can come home
whenever you want.
You're not gonna turn my room
into a yoga studio
or something, are you?
Hmm, that's not a bad idea.
Just kidding.
Kendra, I thought
you were in Vail!
I may have said
I left yesterday,
but actually, I'm not
going until tomorrow.
I didn't want to
miss your good-bye party.
Here, I got you something.
That's awesome.