The Boy, the Dog and the Clown (2019) Movie Script

(electronic music)
(jingle music)
- Sometimes, just sometimes,
magic can happen.
You just have to believe.
(birds chirping)
(children laughing)
Why are you so sad?
So, you're sad
because of everything?
I mean, look around.
It's a beautiful day outside.
Well, you don't scare me.
I mean, look at you.
You're a clown.
You're supposed to
make people happy.
You know that if you look sad
you can't make other
people feel happy.
Hold on.
We're gonna fix you right up.
All right?
It's okay.
All right, look up.
All right.
There, now you're happy again.
(jingle music)
You see, now you're happy.
(jingle music)
(dramatic music)
Why don't you talk?
You don't talk because
that's not what clowns do?
So, what kind of tricks can do?
Okay, what now?
(lively jingle music)
Wait, how'd you do that?
Wait, so it's real magic?
See, I told you, if you
put your mind to it,
you could be happy, right?
- Believe.
(phone ringing)
- Hey mom, you won't believe
what I just saw today.
But mom.
Okay, bye.
I have to go home now.
Maybe we could meet
tomorrow, right?
Where will we meet?
Oh okay.
All right then, I'll
see you tomorrow.
(mellow music)
(birds chirping)
(dramatic music)
It was real magic, I swear.
It was a magical clown
and he made this butterfly
appear right on my hand.
- How old is this clown?
What's his name?
- He's old and he
doesn't have a name.
He doesn't talk.
That's not what clown do
and he has this dog
who's really cute.
- Remember what we talked about?
If I let you go out and play,
you can't talk to strangers.
- But he's not a stranger.
He's a clown and he
knows real magic.
He taught me.
Do you want me to show you?
- Sure.
- Okay.
All right, come over here.
- Okay.
- The clown says, if I put my
mind and heart to something,
magic can happen.
Okay, now give me your hand.
You have to believe and
concentrate real hard
for the magic to work.
Okay, all right.
Now, close your hand tight.
Now close your eyes.
Okay, open your eyes.
All right, now open your hand.
Okay, now fold this.
Here's where the magic happens.
What the heck?
I swear there was a
butterfly right there.
- Honey, he probably had
some kind of a trick.
- No, it was real magic.
There was a butterfly on
my hand and it flew off.
- Well, it probably
takes a lot of practice.
- Yeah.
I probably just have
to practice more.
Put my mind and heart
to it for it to work.
- You know he's right.
If you put your
mind to something,
you could do anything you want.
- Really?
- Mh.
(waves splashing)
(mellow music)
- I can't stop thinking
about that clown.
He can do real magic.
- He sounds amazing.
- I wish I could
do magic like him.
- You are magical.
I can't believe you are
about to be 10 years old.
Your father would
be so proud of you.
- Yeah, but he's probably
watching over us right now, right?
- I think so.
Hey, I was thinking
we could take a camping
trip for your birthday.
How does that sound?
We could even invite
your aunt and your uncle.
Does that sound good?
- Yeah, that sounds nice.
- Have you thought
about what you want
for your birthday present?
- Anything?
Even a million bucks.
- Huh, anything within reason.
- Can we take the clown with us?
- Take the clown?
- Yeah, on our camping trip.
He's really fun.
- No.
- Please, it's my birthday.
- Adrien, you just met him.
- Please, please.
- Okay, I'll sleep on it, okay?
(jingle music)
(bottle cracks)
- Stop.
- Is that a clown?
- No, no, no, no.
- Is that supposed to be us?
Is that suppose to be...
Okay, all right.
Don't touch me, man.
What if we don't?
What if we don't?
- What are you doing?
He's bleeding.
Dude, he's bleeding.
I think he's having
a heart attack, man.
Gotta go, come on.
Let's get outta here.
(waves splashing)
(mellow music)
- Clown, clown.
Clown, are you all right?
Wake up, wake up.
Wake up, wake up, wake up.
Wake up clown.
Are you alright?
That's bad.
Come on, we have to
get you to a doctor.
(mellow music)
There, hold still.
(dramatic music)
I think you need a shower.
Hold on, I got an idea.
Here, I want you
to take a shower.
These are my dad's.
I'm gonna wash
your clothes, okay.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on, shower.
You smell.
Shower is on the way.
(dramatic music)
Harry Wild.
Clown, come on, I
made made you lunch.
Look at this.
I have everything.
I have pop tarts, I have
waffles, I have muffins,
I have donuts, I've got cereal,
I've got chocolate syrup,
I got ice cream, I
got whipped cream.
Sit down.
And one.
Whipped cream.
(lively music)
Hey, Harry.
- Huh?
- I saw on your jacket,
your name was Harry Wild.
Can I call you Harry?
- Ah.
- So Harry, last night I
did the magic with my mom,
but it didn't work.
Could you teach me some
more about being a clown?
(lively music)
(washer beeping)
I gotta go and get your clothes.
Wait right here.
- Adrien, I'm home.
(dramatic music)
Adrien, can you help me, please?
Adrien, come on.
Whose dog is this?
(dramatic music)
- What did you do?
- Who is this?
- Oh my gosh.
He's the clown I've
been telling you about.
I was helping him.
What did you do?
- I didn't do anything.
He ran right into the window.
- You hurt him.
Come on, help him up.
Oh my God, I can't.
- Get him onto the chair.
Get him onto the chair.
- It's my new friend.
- Is that my robe?
- Look at this mom.
- I am so sorry
that I attacked you.
I just thought you
were some kind of...
Oh wow.
- Bravo.
- Oh my gosh.
- Thank you.
It was so nice meeting you.
Thank you.
- Mom, can he stay
with us please?
- No, no.
- I think that what
Harry is trying to say
is that he has to
go to his own home.
- But you don't have a home.
So he can come to the
camping trip with us?
Please, please,
please, please, please,
please, please, please, please.
- Okay, okay, you win.
- Awesome.
This is gonna be the
best birthday ever.
(suspense music)
Hey Clown, Clown, my
mom says it's okay
for you to come camping
with us for my birthday.
Do you wanna go?
Please, please?
My mom says it's okay.
It's a clown party and maybe
you could teach me some magic.
- Bravo.
(lively music)
- Hey mom, is there a reason
why they call it Big Bear?
- 'Cause there's bears.
Oh, there are probably bears.
Wait, maybe we should
get some bear spray.
(lively music)
- Hey, how are you?
So glad you came up here.
- You're still tall.
Oh my, who do we have here?
Who do we have here Adrien?
- This is my clown
friend and his dog, Foxy.
- Hi, I'm Michelle.
- Wow.
- Thank you.
- I should do that
more, you know.
- This is my husband Steve.
- Hey, how are you?
Hey, watch it.
So I've been working
out a little bit.
That's great kid.
I wish I had the clown
to go camping with
when it was my birthday.
- Yeah, and he
could do real magic.
He can make a butterfly
appear out of thin air.
- Wow.
I would pay to see that.
- How much?
20 bucks.
- Look at PT Barnum over here.
How about I give
you five dollars?
- What?
- 15.
Well, gotta love the negotiating
skills of this kid, huh?
Well, you're not gonna get
more than 10 bucks out of me
just because I already bought
you a pretty awesome gift.
- Deal.
- Deal.
- Clown show him your trick.
See that?
- Are we supposed
to see something?
- Yeah, there was a butterfly.
Didn't you see that?
- I don't see anything Adrien.
- You can't see it.
You have to be able to see it.
Look, it went over there.
- You know, that
was a great trick.
Yeah, really great.
That was fantastic.
- It's not my problem
that you can't see it.
Could I have the
10 bucks please?
- Absolutely.
- Let me get this.
One two, three, four,
five and five is 10.
- What was that?
- Well that's the $10.
You're not gonna tell me
that you can't see it.
- But we had a deal.
- It's a good one.
- But we had a deal.
- Did you take your
allergy pills honey?
- Yes, I did until I ran out.
- You ran out?
- Yeah, it's okay
honey, just relax.
He's funny.
He's really funny.
So why don't we go get the
tents and start setting them up?
- Yes.
- All right.
There's a great space
out back Adrien.
You're gonna love it.
(suspense music)
- I haven't seen Adrien
this happy since...
Since his father died.
- Still hurts, huh?
- I think about Rick everyday.
I miss him so much.
- [Michelle] Yeah, me too.
- You have to grab the other
end right here, that pole.
(dramatic music)
- I love you so much.
- It's okay.
- You have to get in, okay?
One, two, three, go.
Oh no.
- Guys, just relax,
all right, I got you.
You just want to rip
up in the middle.
What are you doing?
What are you doing guys?
Let me get this.
Come on, you just gotta push.
Let me out.
- Oh here.
- Hey hun, we almost had it.
- Alright, I'll be inside.
- We'll get it.
- That is the funniest
thing I have ever seen.
- I don't know who's
more of a clown,
Steve or the clown.
All right here, look.
I got Adrien's favorite
flavor, chocolates.
- Oh, it's perfect.
Thank you so much
for picking this up.
- You're welcome.
- Somebody say chocolate?
- Mh.
- Oh wow, that look's great.
- No.
- What?
Let me just get a little bit.
- It is not your birthday.
- Well, you know when
it is my birthday,
I would like a clown too, okay?
- Well I already
married a clown.
- [Clown] Wow.
- Hey, look at this place.
It's beautiful.
- Yeah.
- This kind of reminds
me of where my dad
used to take me to teach
me how to sling shot.
- Yeah?
- Do you know how to sling shot?
- No.
- You don't know what
sling shotting is?
You don't?
- Well do you want
me to teach you?
All right, so first you have
to put a rock, all right?
And then you want this
to face forward, okay?
And then you pull it back, aim,
you take a breath and
then you let go halfway.
Then you let go.
Like that.
Hold it tight, okay?
You aim and then.
- Yeah, wow.
- You know, I'd
never seen anything
like Adrien's clown before.
Does he actually talk?
- Well, kind of.
I mean, he's sort of mumbles
in the little
clown voice of his.
Look, Adrien understands him
and you know what's weird
is that I'm beginning
to understand him too.
- It's interesting
because it's like he's
afraid of speaking.
- Don't psycho analyze
their guest Steve.
You're not working.
Beside, maybe it's
just part of his act.
- Yeah, well maybe, maybe not
but I mean he could be
suffering from aphemia,
which is a type of mutism,
which is characterized
by the inability
to deal with suppressed trauma.
I mean, it's like he can't talk.
It's like he can't speak out
and I think with
a little hypnosis,
I might be able to get
to the bottom of it.
- Cut it our Steve.
- No, I mean, I was
wondering about him too.
He's homeless.
He lives on the beach.
- What?
Did you say homeless?
He's a homeless clown.
Are you kidding me?
Kiki, what are you thinking?
- I know it sounds crazy.
Okay, look, I do know his
name is Harry the Clown,
so I googled it, right?
And this is all I
could come up with.
- It really looks like him.
- An old picture.
- It's an obituary for
Harry, the Clown from 1980.
- 1980?
- Maybe we could use this.
Yeah to aim at it.
This is a pretty rusty old can.
- This really looks
like your clown.
- Doesn't he?
- Well, all right,
I'm getting chills.
We're moving into like
creepy clown territory.
You're saying that your
clown is Harry's ghost.
- I'm not saying anything.
I'm just showing
you what I found.
- Wow.
- Steve's totally freaked
out by creepy clowns.
- No, you know,
everybody doesn't like
creepy clowns, Michelle.
It's not just me.
- You know, Steve, I think
you might be afraid of clowns.
- I'm not afraid
of clowns, alright?
The scientific term is
coulrophobia and I do not have it
because if I did have it,
I think I would know it
because I am a
psychiatrist after all.
- Steve saw one of those
creepy clown videos on YouTube
and it totally freaked him out.
- It did not freak me out, okay?
It did not freak me out.
I just don't especially
like creepy clowns.
Okay, they're creapy.
Okay, there I said it.
It's out on the table
and I don't care
and I, no offense
to Adrien's clown.
- I think he's kind
of sweet, you know
and his dog too.
I think they just really
have a good time together.
- I hardly think that he is...
- Okay well, do you have
a PhD in psychology?
Do you have a PhD in psychology?
No, I do.
So I think I should take
control of the situation.
Where's my watch?
(dramatic music)
- This is gonna get interesting.
- Let go of your
breath a little.
(epic music)
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Adrien
Happy birthday to you
- One, two, three.
- One more time.
Here you go.
Happy birthday.
- What is this?
Is this a magic kit?
This is awesome.
Thank you mom.
- This is from your
uncle Steve and I.
- Thank you.
Whoa, cool.
Are these Rubik's Cubes?
- Yes.
- This is so cool.
Thank you.
- I used to have a Rubik's
Cube well back in the 80s.
They broke when I threw it up
against the wall repeatedly.
(dramatic music)
- Whoa.
This is a harmonica.
- Yeah.
(harmonica music)
(drum rolls)
Whoa, what's this?
(mellow music)
- Whoa.
- Pretty good.
- This is a magic coin.
Will it help me do real magic?
This is so cool.
- So, besides psychotherapy,
I practice hypnotherapy.
- Oh.
- Yes, we do the
whoa, whoa, whoa
but the wu, wu, wu.
You see this watch?
I just want you to keep your
eyes on this watch, okay.
Not that close.
Do you see it?
Okay, good.
Now we're just gonna watch
it right from here, okay?
Yeah, that's right.
It's gonna go back and
forth, back and forth.
That's right.
No, just with your eyes.
That's right, go back and forth.
Yeah, with your eyes.
Watch it go back and
forth and back and forth.
Soon you will
become very relaxed.
Soon you will be feeling heavy.
Soon you'll be very relaxed.
Yeah, soon you'll feel a heavy,
sinking feeling wash over you.
Soon, your eyelids will
become very, very heavy.
Your eyelids are
becoming so heavy,
you cannot keep your eyes open.
That's right.
Soon, you'll be falling asleep.
Falling asleep.
That's right.
Your mind will be 100% present.
(dramatic music)
- Hey mom, do you know
where the clown is?
I wanna show him this
really cool magic trick.
- I have no idea.
- Well, I guess I'll go get him.
(dramatic music)
Could I show you a trick?
- I'm gonna get you.
That is not funny.
I love the smell of fire
roasted marshmallows.
You know Adrien,
you are learning
from the best of the best, here.
I was the champion
smores maker as a kid.
1987, Johnson State
Fair champion.
Now the trick is you
don't want to get them
too close to the fire, right?
You wanna let the heat just
cook it evenly and slowly.
- So like, am I doing it right?
- Yeah, yeah.
That's perfect, kid.
- Slowly turn it.
That's right.
- Like this?
- That's perfect.
- Oh no.
Oh no.
Blow it out.
Blow it out.
Blow it out.
- Careful.
Clown, blow it out, blow it out.
Just blow it out.
- Now that just looks like dirt.
- How about we just
play charades instead?
- You know what, I
got a better idea.
Hey, Adrien, have you
ever been snipe hunting?
- Snipe hunting?
- Yeah.
- What's a snipe?
- You're never heard
of snipe hunting?
- No.
- Oh my God.
Okay, come on.
Do you know what
snipe hunting is?
Do you know what a snipe is?
We're going snipe hunting.
Let's go guys, come on.
Put those marshmallows down.
We're gonna go
catch some snipes.
You take these bags.
Here's one for you,
one for you, clown
Take the bag.
Okay, now you hold it
all the way forward
and yell snipe.
Oh, not in the bag.
Gotta yell out here, snipe
and then you just
wait for them to come.
- Why blindfolded?
- Because snipes are very
shy and nervous creatures.
They don't like to be seen.
So if you're not
blindfolded, they won't come.
- What do they look like?
- Well, I hear the very small
and fuzzy, just like hamsters,
but they have antlers and
they have a long, big beak.
Really bright green and
red wings on their back.
They're incredibly rare.
So if you do find one,
you'll be amazing.
You might even be
an Internet star.
- Me?
So what do I do?
- Well, you just hold
still and you wait.
Okay, now you just bring
this all the way down.
You've got to hold it open.
You've got to shake
it a little bit
and then the snipe can crawl in.
- You're ready?
- All right, so you just
remember to yell snipe, okay?
- Okay.
- Keep yelling.
- Snipe.
- Make sure you keep yelling.
- Snipe.
- [Steve] We'll be waiting
for you back at the campfire.
- Snipe, snipe.
Here snipe.
(fire crackling)
Here you are snipe.
- That was mean.
It's his birthday
and we all know
that there aren't any snipes.
- So what?
Snipe hunting is essential
to every child's development.
- In what way?
- 'Cause it helps rid them over
their childish imagination.
- Okay, and when they
don't catch them?
- Well then they learn to
question truths of reality.
- I can't believe
you're a shrink.
- That's why became a shrink.
To destroy the illusion, right?
So people can cope with the
realities of the world without
in a healthy manner.
- You must have been
a really fun kid.
- I was, I was pretty fun.
- Here snipe.
- You should see
them with their bags.
They're like, snipe snipe.
- I'm such a bad mom.
- No you're not.
- I mean, all this smores.
Now Look, look at us,
snipe, snipe, snipe.
- They're totally buying it.
It's great.
(mellow music)
- Snipe, snipe.
I don't think it's coming.
Snipe, snipe.
(dramatic music)
I think I heard something.
Snipe, snipe.
Snipe, oh my God, here.
I caught a snipe.
Mom, I caught a snipe.
- No way, he can't
catch a snipe.
- Really?
- Okay, great.
Can't catch a snipe.
- He caught a snipe.
- All right, great.
I'm coming.
- Mom, I caught a snipe.
Come on, come, on.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah look.
I'll open the bag
so you can see it.
Be careful, do not scare it.
- Okay, okay.
- Snipe was right there.
- All I see is a rock.
- It was right there.
I saw the snipe.
- You really think
caught a snipe?
- Yeah, it was all colorful
and it had a beak and antlers,
just like you said.
- So you're saying that there
really was an animal in there?
- Yeah, and now it's a rock.
- Do you know what I heard
when I was a little
girl about snipes?
- What?
- I heard that snipes are
actually magical creatures
and that they can only be
seen by certain people.
Special people that they like.
- And if other people come
around, they disguise themselves.
- That's exactly what happens.
They turn to stones
or pine cones,
you know, stuff like that.
- Really?
- Really?
- So maybe it turned
itself into a rock
because it was scared.
- That's exactly what happened.
- [Steve] Hey.
- Maybe tomorrow.
- Yeah.
We'll try again tomorrow.
(harmonica music)
- Wow.
I think I see the big tipper.
Look, right there.
Oh, I think I see
a shooting star.
Make a wish.
- Adrien,
your sleeping bag is ready.
- Oh, can I just stay for
like five more minutes?
- Honey it's late.
Come on, you gotta go to bed.
- All right.
Well, good night.
Bye, good night.
(harmonica music)
- I don't think you
need that much, Steve.
- Encontrare.
I remember my summer camp days.
Mosquitoes love feasting on
my sweet succulent flesh.
I had so many bites, the kids
thought that I had severe acne
then it came later.
- I haven't seen him
mosquito all day.
- Just wait.
Just wait, Michelle,
they're there.
Just waiting.
Just waiting for
their opportunity.
Evil blood suckers.
(mosquito buzzing)
- Maybe you're allergic
to the bug spray.
- Ow.
What did I tell you?
What did I tell you?
- Hey baby.
- Do you really think
Dad's watching over us?
- I think so.
- Me too.
- All right, time to
go to sleep, okay?
- Right.
- I love you.
Happy birthday.
- Okay.
- Good night then.
- All right, I'll be back.
I'm just gonna step out.
I'll be back.
- Good night.
- Good night, sweetie.
(harmonica music)
(fire crackling)
I don't know if Adrien told you,
but he lost his dad a
couple of years ago.
Few minutes ago,
Adrien just asked me,
I thought that his father
was watching over us.
(ukulele music)
I said yes, but I
don't really know.
It's like, I feel so alone.
I wanna believe.
I really do.
I do.
Thank you.
(nose blowing)
- Sarah.
Sarah, Jack.
- You were just dreaming.
You're okay.
You were just
having a bad dream.
Yeah, you said Sarah, Jack.
Jack, do you know who they are?
- No.
You were having a nightmare?
Do you need anything?
- I'm okay.
- I'm sorry, okay.
- So the purpose
of a Rubrik's Cube
is to get all the
sides the same color.
So if you have an orange middle,
you have to surround
it by orange
and then if you
have a white middle,
you have to surround
it by white.
- Wow.
- And the same with
all the other colors.
- Adrien, come on,
get your stuff.
We're gonna go hiking.
Yeah, come on.
- He was gonna show me a trick
and we were gonna put
on a show for you guys.
- Come on kiddo, don't you
want to go hiking with us?
- No, he was gonna
show me a trick
and we're gonna put on a
magic show for you guys.
- We're gonna be gone
and feel hours at least.
- But we'll be fine.
- I don't know.
- Please, please.
Please, please, please.
- Okay, fine.
You can stay.
Hang on.
There's water, there's
food in the fridge.
The cabin's unlocked.
- Yeah.
Just gonna rehearse
a magic show for us..
Steve, really?
- Hold on, let me put this on.
- Oh no.
- What is that?
- It's a mosquito net.
You know, after last night,
you can't be too sure.
Go ahead and laugh, huh?
Who's the one behind the net?
I am, that's right, okay.
All right, don't go
on the wilderness.
Okay kiddo.
We'll be back.
- Believe in the impossible.
To believe in yourself.
Just believe.
- Studies have shown
that positive thinking
can be a tremendous force
on improving our lives,
but believing just takes
it to the next level.
- He's a good
influence on Adrien.
That's all that matters to me.
So expressive, heartfelt.
- The magic of makeup.
- No, it's not that Steve.
It's his eyes.
There's a million
words in his eyes.
- I just think he's
hiding something.
- I just thank you're jealous.
- Jealous?
- Yeah.
- I'm not jealous.
- Ladies and gentlemen.
and the dog and the clown.
Hit it.
(harmonica music)
Clown, Clown are you okay?
(harmonica music)
Clown, are you okay?
Go get some water, okay?
(harmonica music)
(breathing heavily)
(mellow music)
Ladies and gentlemen,
introducing the boy,
the dog and the clown.
Thank you all.
All right.
(harmonica music)
(mellow music)
Bang bang.
- Yeah, we should reach the
peak in about a half a mile.
- I hope so.
My calves are killing me.
- Mine too.
- You know, you two need
to get in better shape.
I work out like
three times a whoa.
Oh, oh, oh.
- What happened?
- Oh Charlie horse.
Ow, ow.
- You got stuck.
Relax, relax, relax.
- I'm trying, I'm trying.
- Don't try to move it.
- Okay.
- Don't try to move it.
- Okay.
- Try flexing.
- Flex, flex.
Flex right here.
- Yeah.
- Yeah I agree.
We should take a breather.
- Yeah, just a little
break right here.
(harmonica music)
(dramatic music)
- No, Foxy, Foxy come back.
Foxy, Foxy, Foxy.
(dog barking)
Foxy, Foxy.
No, Foxy, Foxy, where are you?
No, Foxy.
Foxy, Foxy.
(harmonica music)
(dramatic music)
- Oh, it's stunning.
- That is worth the hike.
- Yeah beautiful, whatever.
(dramatic music)
(harmonica music)
- Foxy, Foxy, come back,
Foxy, where are you?
Foxy, Foxy, where are you?
Foxy, Foxy.
- You're gonna be okay, Steve.
Should we medevac you out?
Here let me see if
we have reception.
(harmonica music)
- I could do this
again tomorrow.
- Oh, I would love to.
- You guys don't need to
wait up for me, you know
if you wanna go.
- Come on.
- Oh no, wait, wait, wait.
I think it's dehydration.
- Steve, I told you you're
potassium deficient.
- No, I had a banana
two days ago, I think.
- Foxy,
Foxy, where are you?
Foxy, Foxy.
(dramatic music)
(harmonica music)
Foxy, Foxy, where are you?
Foxy, Foxy, Foxy.
(harmonica music)
- It's right around the bend.
- I'm really proud of you babe.
How's your leg?
- It's still knotted up.
I'll get some bengay
back at the cabin.
Maybe that'll help.
- I forgot I had these.
- What are these?
- Midol.
- Yeah.
Can't hurt.
- That'll work.
- Hey, wait up.
Hey, you know what?
I think it's starting to help.
- Here you go, come on.
Come on.
- Are those gun shots?
- Yeah, it's a shooting range.
- Seriously Steve?
Who books a cabin next
to a shooting range?
- Come on, Michelle booked it.
It sounds like it's
like miles away.
- It wasn't in the Yelp review.
- Ow.
- Oh, oh, can you get it?
(harmonica music)
- Here.
- Ow.
- Is that it?
- Feel it?
- Yeah.
No, no, not too hard.
Thank you baby yeah.
- That's it, right?
- Yeah, can you feel it?
It's like a ball.
Oh, that hurts.
It feels better now.
No, yeah, yeah.
- Okay.
- Adrien.
Is he in the cabin?
- No, I didn't see
the clown either.
- Adrien, we're back.
- Maybe they went for a walk.
(mellow music)
- Adrien.
- Adrien.
- Adrien.
- They were supposed
to stay here
and rehearse their show.
- Adrien.
- Okay, you don't think that...
- No, no.
(mellow music)
- Foxy, I found you.
You found me.
Be careful, there's a
rattle snake over there.
Help, mom.
I hurt my ankle.
I think I sprained it.
Ow, ow.
- I've been thinking,
what do we actually know
about this clown, huh?
Not much.
I mean, his behavior could be
part of a larger
- Oh my gosh, it's
starting to rain.
That's thunder.
- Mom.
Clown help, mom help.
- No, I heard him.
I heard him this
morning yelling names.
He yelled out Sarah, Jack,
and then when he woke up
and I asked him who they were,
he said he didn't know
and I believe him.
- What do you mean
he didn't know?
- No.
- That's weird.
- Adrien.
- Adrien.
- He was having a bad dream.
- Hey wait, wait, wait.
What's this?
- Help, help, help.
- Oh, that looks like
our clown without makeup.
Sarah Wild and her son Jack
were killed Saturday night
when their car ran a red light
and was hit by another vehicle.
The reckless driver,
husband and father Gabe Wild
was unharmed in the accident.
Gabe Wild.
- Wait, look at this.
- His name is Gabe Wild?
- Harry the Clown.
This is the obituary
I showed you.
- I knew it.
I knew it, he's
suppressing trauma.
That's why he has amnesia.
I mean, he could be
having a mental breakdown.
- The guy lost a son.
- Don't move Foxy.
- You know what, maybe
we should call someone.
I'm sure things like
this happen all the time.
People have to get lost, right?
- All right, you can wait.
I can't wait.
I have to go try to find him.
- All right.
- Adrien.
- All right well, I
guess I'll stay here
and I'll call a ranger, okay?
- I'll grab my phone
in case you need us.
- Okay.
- Adrien.
- This way.
(tense music)
- Adrien.
- Sh.
(bear growling)
- Adrien.
- Adrien.
- Yes, hi.
Yes, I want to report him
missing boy and a clown.
Yes, a missing boy and a clown.
- Wait, the clown said
I was magical, right?
You just have to
believe, okay Foxy?
Believe, okay?
- Hey.
- Hello.
- So what's this about a
missing boy and a lost clown?
- Yeah, he's my nephew.
He wasn't missing any
as a clown with him.
- Okay.
How old is the boy?
- The boy, he's 10.
- Okay, 10 years old.
And a clown in a clown suit?
- Yeah, it's a clown,
you know, white face,
the red nose, the whole deal.
- And what was
the clown wearing?
- He was wearing
the clown stuff,
like I just say he has a
white face and red nose
and I think he had a red jacket,
but I mean, how many clowns
are gonna be out here?
(mellow music)
- Butterfly.
A butterfly.
Foxy, there's a butterfly.
Oh my God.
(dramatic music)
Get help, get help butterfly.
- Adrien.
Just believe.
Just believe, right?
- Come on, let's go.
Just follow the butterfly.
- We're gonna use this.
I know it's a whistle, right?
But you'd be surprised how well
they work out in the woods.
They really do draw the
attention of lost subjects.
(whistle blowing)
- Okay, yeah.
- I'm so sorry.
- No, that works pretty
good, I can imagine.
(dramatic music)
There it is.
- What?
- I know the
butterfly will work.
(dramatic music)
- There it is, there
it is, come on.
- Mom, anybody?
The butterfly, it's here.
Oh my, Foxy there's
the butterfly.
Mom, are you there?
- Adrien.
- Help, help.
Mom, help.
- Adrien, oh my God.
(mellow music)
- I also sprained
my leg really bad.
- Don't move, don't move.
- Okay.
- Ow.
- It's not broken.
You're right, it's
just a sprain.
- And I also saw bear
buried over there.
- What?
- It passed us.
- Where'd you see it?
- It went over there.
- All right.
We've got to get you out of
here before it comes back.
Do not put weight
on your left foot.
- Come on.
- Let's go.
- Come on, come on.
- Where's the clown?
- We thought he was with you.
- No, I didn't see him.
- I'm sure he is.
- No but...
(dramatic music)
- You still get a very good
view of the entire valley
from up there.
- Is the clown here?
- No, we haven't seen him.
- Okay.
- What happened?
- All right, he took a tumble.
- He all right?
- I'll get the first aid kit.
- It's his leg?
Get on there, I got this one.
- Let's get your
head up here honey.
- Okay, careful.
- Okay, there we go.
- What happened to his head?
He's bleeding.
- He took a tumble,
just a little strike.
- Is he all right?
- Yeah.
- I had it checked
out, it's all right.
- All right.
- But there's a bear
out there, I saw it.
I saw a bear out there.
- Adrien, it's okay.
- The clown is out there.
- We're gonna find
the clown Adrien.
I just need you to
relax right now, okay?
- Clown could be in danger.
But in saw a bear.
The clown is also out there.
He's in danger.
- Adrien, yes.
Adrien, Adrien,
we're gonna find him.
I promise.
We're gonna find the
clown, I promise.
- Bears hardly
ever attack humans.
They're far more afraid
of us than we are of them.
Is it spelt the right place?
- Yes.
- All right, so we have
to find a clown now.
- They're gonna find him.
(mellow music)
- There's a butterfly.
- Where?
- There's a butterfly,
right there.
Look, right there.
- I see it.
I see it.
Looks like the same one.
- Yeah.
What if it knows
where the clown is?
- No Adrien, you have
to sit back down.
- What if it knows
where the clown is?
- Adrien, sit back down please.
- We have to follow it.
Come on, we have to follow it.
- Just don't put
weight on your foot.
Adrien, please.
- Where are you guys going?
- The butterfly.
- Tell me why we're
following a butterfly.
- Just trust me, come on.
Come on, come on.
(mellow music)
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
I see it, it's right there.
There, the clown, the clown.
Thought you got eaten by a bear.
Clown, are you okay?
- His heart is racing.
He's in tachycardia.
We have to call an ambulance.
- No, no.
- Sh.
- I'll always be with you.
Okay Adrien?
- Okay.
- I'll always be with you.
Do you believe?
- Yeah.
- Promise me you believe.
- I promise.
(mellow music)
- Do you believe?
- [Steve] What the heck?
(lively jingle music)
- I see them.
I can really see them.
This is amazing.
They're beautiful.
- They're so many.
- [Michelle] Everywhere.
- This is so beautiful.
- This is amazing.
This is so beautiful.
Adrien, look.
- Whoa.
(epic music)
- [Steve] I can really see them.
This is incredible.
Yeah, they're real.
I believe.
Truly amazing.
(mellow music)
- [Adrien] Sometimes, just
sometimes magic can happen.
You just have to believe.
That's what a wise
clown once told me.
As a kid, you can
look at the clouds
and they become magical lions
or bears or faces in the sky.
A passing seagull
can last an eternity.
The endless possibilities ahead
and the feeling of the water
passing through your toes
and fingers is something new.
A sensation that you
have never felt before.
Each and every
moment is exciting.
Every second is a discovery.
Something to look forward to.
But sometimes, just sometimes,
it takes two people
to simply show each
other the true magic.
To believe that
everything will be okay.
Sometimes to believe
is the real magic.
(mellow music)
Magic is real.
You just need to believe.
(mellow music)
(birds chirping)