The Boys (1998) Movie Script

Sorry I'm late.
Mum had the car.
What about this?
Yeah, pick it up.
Into a bit of arts and
crafts, are you? What is it?
What do you reckon it is?
Looks like a coffee
table to me, Brett.
You're a bloody genius, Steve.
You got it first time.
Glenn's got a job cleaning cars.
He reckons he can get
me one if I want.
Yeah? What about me?
Yeah, why not?
Is he still with that um...
Jackie? Jackie-Jackie?
Jackie, yeah.
Well, you know, don't you?
He's moved out.
I thought you knew.
So, who's this chick
you got up the duff?
- Nola.
- Nola? Nola who?
Nola who I met up
the pub and got up the duff.
That good enough for you?
What's she doing living at home?
Her old man threw her out.
Oh all right.
So, has Michelle been
misbehaving herself?
Not as far as I know.
What? You mean you haven't tried
to stick it into her yourself?
You got a real way with
words, haven't you mate?
Hey, how come no one
came to visit me?
Time just gets
away so quick, eh?
Ah, it's not like we
didn't think about
you while you're in there, mate.
Ah four stars, Stevie.
- No, we did! We really did!
- I really appreciate that.
Oh, I thought about you, too.
What time are we
supposed to be there?
About half-past.
You've got to do something
about your breath, Glenn.
Here they are!
Hey, peekaboo! Hey!
Oh son! Son!
How are you, mum, you old cluck.
Oh, you're home!
G'day, Brett. Welcome home.
G'day, abo. What are
you doing here?
- Heard you was getting out today.
- Oh right.
Oh now look what,
you've made me cry.
Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh.
Hello, stranger.
Jeeze, I hope you
kept her warm for me.
Oh, now stop it, you two.
There's plenty of time
for that later.
Missed you.
What are you doing out...
There. It's too cold. Come in.
Did you miss me?
Must have been hard
for you love, eh?
There you go... I
made it for you, mum.
I'll go see how the
others are, eh?
It's lovely, Brett.
Hey, slow-coach.
See, I wore it for you:
The one you gave me.
So... how about
playing out some of
those sexy dreams you
told me you had.
Are you still sleeping at
your Nana's?
I thought you'd be all over me
like a rash..
Not having had it for so long.
Oh, there's plenty
of time, sweetheart.
Is there?
That Glenn and Jackie aren't
hanging round all day, are they?
Give us more time to do
what we want to do, eh?
You know what the
best thing about you is?
Your tits.
Oh, I'm sure I've got
something better than that.
So, have you been
flashing them round?
What do you mean?
Have you been
flashing them round?
You been showing off your
titties to anyone else?
I heard you did.
Who from?
It's a lie! I never!
That's what I heard!
Yeah well, it's bullshit!
Who told you that?
Is that what Glenn said?
He's been trying to put it
on me every chance he could
get since you've been away.
It's... disgusting!
Oh, so you've had it locked
up and you've thrown away...
The key, have you? - Yeah.
What have you been
doing with it?
Why are you like this, Brett?
Why are you so mean to me?
Come on, sweetheart. Lighten up.
Eh, eh, eh, I knew you wouldn't
do that. I was just testing.
Eh, I was just joking.
Yeah, funny fucking joke, eh?
Hey, who's been in my locker?
How would I know? It's
been locked, hasn't it?
Well, someone's been in it.
Is this another one
of your jokes?
Stevie's been sleeping in here.
Ask him.
All right... I will.
Hey, does anyone know if Glenn's
bringing some beer with him?
Or should I be going
to get some or what?
Don't believe nothing you hear,
mum. It's all fucking bullshit!
Can we have some back-up?
He won't go down.
Eric's got him.
Got him!
Okay. He's down.
Well, bring him over
to the side, please.
Suspect is down and
handcuffed, over.
Brett! I... Brett!
A six-pack, for fuck's sake!
Here I am turning up with
a fucking six-pack!
How much did it cost?
It cost what I said it cost!
Don't you fucking trust me now?
If you're going to use language
I'm going straight to work.
- Hello?
- Hi, Glenn.
- They here yet?
- Yeah.
Hi! I just got in.
How are you, love?
Good, mum. How are you going?
Hello, Sandra.
Hello, Jackie.
Well, where is he? Better go
and say hello to the prick.
We can't stay long.
Hey, Brett! Brett!
That's all right.
I'll get you a glass.
Come on, will youse? I
want to take your photo!
Oh take their picture.
I don't want to be in it.
Oh come on, Stevie get in here.
Come on, Stevie, little Stevie.
Bringing attention to yourself.
- Oh, piss off!
- Shut up! - Get stuffed!
- Squeeze up a bit more!
- Okay, have you got us all in?
Glenn put your hand down.
Hey, don't put your
hand up, you dill.
Say cheese.
I hope that's the only
trick you learnt in gaol.
So do I.
Hey, careful with the knife.
So, what was it like Brett?
I hear goulburn's not too
bad, low security and that.
Oh yeah, tell that
to the screws.
Any big time crims
inside with you?
Oh yeah, Brett was best
mates with jockey Thompson.
They shared a cell together.
Oh no! They didn't have you
in a cell, did they Brett?
What do you think gaol is, mum?
It weren't no holiday camp.
Yeah, pity none of youse
didn't come to visit.
At least Michelle wrote a
couple of letters, did you?
Oh now, we'll have none of that.
This is a celebration.
Yeah, you know what
it's like, mate.
Sometimes things just
get away from you.
Jeeze, you're a born liar Glenn.
You always were and
always will be.
Now, we'll have none of that.
We're all here now, all
together at last.
What did you go to gaol for?
You must be Nola.
Shut up, Nola.
No, it's all right, dear.
You'll have to excuse her, love.
She's only been with us a
couple of weeks.
Yeah, a couple of
weeks too long.
No, no, it's all right, mum.
Assault with a deadly weapon.
Oh yeah, a screw driver,
for fuck's sake.
Yeah, and grievous bodily harm.
He's the one that should
have been charged
with grievous bodily harm,
that Graham Newman.
- Yeah!
- Sixteen stitches our Brett got.
He nearly lost his spleen.
Like, the carving knife
was still sticking
out of him when they
got him to hospital.
You were lucky they
didn't get you for armed
robbery, mate... or you
would still have been in.
No, I was lucky about nothing.
Hey mum, four eyes is here.
Oh Nick, hi.
So, two bunting?
Yeah, and party
hats - three boxes.
And three party hats. Right.
There's always a party
whenever you're here, Nick.
Nick, I was wondering...
Hey, where's the towels, mum?
In there, love.
In that cupboard.
Well, are they all there?
Were there any defects?
I had... twenty I couldn't use.
No, I can't see them, mum.
In that cupboard, love. There!
Twenty, eh? That's no good.
Thirty the last time.
Yeah, forty next time.
Pretty soon
we'll have nothing but defects.
And who's this then?
Not little Brett, is it?
Where have you been, lad?
We missed you.
No, he's been away, Nick.
Just on holidays.
On holidays... eh? Well...
Some people have all the luck.
I hope you appreciate how hard
your mother works for you.
- Huh!
- Works for you, you mean.
Now Nick, you were going to...
Try and get me some more work.
I need more.
Yeah, I'll see what I can do.
See you, Sandra.
Oh yeah, you said
that last time. Shit!
Cries out.
Oh, it was fucked, mate...
It was totally fucked.
Something wrong with the prick -
fucked in the head or something.
Hey, is this the last beer?
Hey, talking about
fucked in the head.
Where did you pick up Nola?
I didn't pick her up anywhere.
Move over, I want
to take a piss.
That your kid?
How would he know, eh?
How would you know
how many blokes
she been with down the fife?
I'm trying to take a
leak, for fuck's sake!
Are you going to be
a daddy, Stevie?
Is that what you're telling us?
Shut up, Glenn!
You're going to have to
give her a d.I.Y., mate.
Hey, piss off!
- Ah! You grub!
- I nearly fucking swallowed it!
You fucking grub!
Fucking d.1.Y.! Where
did you hear that?
Hey, you know how long
he'd last inside.
Three seconds, mate.
Three fucking seconds!
Pissed all over
him fucking self.
Oh look at you! What are
you, mr fucking uniform?
Oh, you're a real fucking
drop-kick, aren't you?
- What did I do?
- Three seconds, mate.
Eh? And they'd have you
fucking slammed...
Up against the bar
with your fucking head
up and your pants down
before you know it!
The two of youse haven't
got a clue, have you?
Yeah, well... we weren't the
one who went in, were we?
Eh, what are you doing
hanging around here for eh?
Come on and we'll get some
beers. Take your car.
What? Take whose car?
Your car.
Hey, we're going out to
get some grog, all right?
Oh no, the tandoori
will be ready soon.
Oh, all right. Get us a bottle
of Irish cream, will you Brett?
Yeah, rightio.
Here, I'll get you some money.
No, it's all right, mum.
- Have you got any money?
- No.
Then you'd better go get some.
Whoah, a big blue car.
When did they pick up this one?
Hey Jackie, give us
some money, will
you, and we'll go
and get some beers.
We're supposed to be at work,
Glenn, five minutes ago.
Yeah, we're going to get there.
We're just
going to have one beer
and then we'll go.
We're going to have
one more drink, and
we'll go straight
to work, all right?
All right?
What are you doing?
Well, give us your keys.
I'm driving.
Oh no way, Brett. No, no, not
with the insurance, mate!
Hey, give me the fucking keys!
You're in the back, Glenn!
Hey, slow down, will you Brett?
- No, I'm just saying.
- Hey, shut up!
I'm driving, all right?
You know what I learnt in
goulburn? Shit, I learnt a lot.
I learnt to keep my mouth
shut and not be a smart-arse.
You know the other
thing I learnt?
I learnt that if you don't hang
together, you hang separate.
That's something the two of
youse have got to learn.
We know that, Brett. We know...
Oh you're going to fuck me,
Stevie, you know that?
You're going to fuck
me 'cause you're
such a piss weak little bastard!
There's cameras, Brett!
- I wouldn't do it to you, mate!
- Yes, you will. I know you!
No, I wouldn't!
Brett, I don't...
Want to get booked,
all right? It's two
hundred bucks!
Oh fuck!
G'day, Graham.
G'day, Brett...
Feeding time at the zoo, mate?
No, I just got out.
I can see that. Gee, you
must have really liked
it to be angling to get
back in so quickly.
It was a ripper, mate.
A real fucking ripper!
G'day, sparrow.
What are you doing here,
Why don't you fuck off?
- Fucking bastard!
- Stevie! Stevie!
Fuck off, sparrow!
Don't touch me!
Hey, you still got
that twelve inch
carving knife under
the counter there?
Do you want to have another
look at it, do you?
Yeah, how about having
a look at that, eh?
Oh shit, mate, that
must have hurt.
Come on, Brett. Lets just
fucking get out of here mate.
I thought about you a lot
while I was away, Graham.
Yeah well, you know
something, Brett?
1 didn't think about you at all.
And you know what I
thought about most?
No, what did you think about?
You're such a shit-brain,
you'd look a whole lot
better with your head
hanging out of your arse.
Come on, Brett, let's just
fucking get out of here, mate!
Hey Graham, here's some
of your chinko friends.
Pretty good eh?
Ah, you're pathetic, Brett!
Yeah, you owe me, Newman!
You fucking owe me!
What the fuck are
you doing, Brett?
Do you want to get us busted?
Mate, I thought we were
getting some beer.
Yeah well, we're not
getting it here.
Yeah, nice car, Glenn.
Who chose the colour?
- She did.
- Yeah, thought so.
Chin-chin chinaman.
Have you got any idea
of what time it is?
We went down the
bottle shop to get
some beer? What's the big deal?
We were supposed to be
there an hour ago, Glenn!
Oh, for fuck's sake!
What? You don't want your job?
You don't want your job?
Look, I told you. We're going to have
one drink with my fucking brothers!
Oh yeah, one drink!
Yeah! I just want
to sort something
out with Brett, all right?
There you go. Hey mum, have
you ever been to India? - No.
Well, you'd better get
that into you, eh?
Hey Stevie, you got the
munchies yet, mate?
Piss off, Michelle.
Hey Jackie, that's a
nice car you've got.
All right, now, did
everyone get a plate?
Thanks, Brett.
Yeah, it's a vienta, isn't it?
The big v.
Well, what
are you all waiting for?
Well, that's what they call it.
What are you waiting for?
Bog in!
So, why do you reckon they call
it that, Jackie: The big v?
She doesn't know anything
about cars, Brett.
I guess you could
really say I bought it.
But I paid for it.
Yeah, you paid for
it, but I bought it.
No, Glenn. I paid for it.
You put the deposit
down, that's all.
And I'd like to know where
you got that from as well.
No-no, but Jackie, the big v...
[I mean that's a bit
bloody rude, isn't it?
Oh, only if you've
got a dirty mind.
Now, who wants what. Look,
there's rice, there's salad...
No, no, mum, the big v you know
what that means, don't you?
Oh, stop acting the goat.
Someone go and call Nola...
No, no, mum, the big v.
That's what Jackie's been
giving us the whole morning.
Don't talk nonsense.
Haven't you? We're not
good enough for the
likes of you, are we?
Me and me brothers?
No one said
anything of the sort.
That's not what I said.
No, mate, don't.
Well, why not? It's
the truth, isn't it?
Stop him, Glenn.
Eh? Isn't that what she said?
Can't stay here long,
"got to go to work."
Well, she didn't mean that.
Now tomatoes? Do you
want tomatoes?
Well, we do.
I mean, some people
have work to do.
Oh what?
\we're just lousy, no
good bludgers, are we?
That's what you think, isn't it?
That's a terrible
thing to say, Brett.
Glenn, do you intend to allow...
Your brother to
insult me in this way?
Yes, do you...
Come on, mate, let's just leave
it and have some lunch, huh?
Oh yes, I see.
Yes, I see.
Everyone's got to be careful not
to offend poor, little Brett.
- Careful what you say.
- Jack.
Well, it doesn't
matter what anyone
else thinks. Oh no
they can just...
Go to hell because
the only person
that counts around
here is Brett.
What do you mean?
Let me tell you what I mean.
You're a pig!
Oh fuck!
And we all felt a
hell of a lot safer
when you were locked up in gaol.
That's not true, Brett.
Hey, it's the cops.
What do they want?
- No, don't let them in...
- Jackie don'tl!
They haven't got a warrant.
And I don't know why
they let you out.
'Cause you haven't
learnt a thing
the whole time you were away.
What do you want?
Mrs sprague?
What do you want?
We just want to talk to
your son, mrs sprague.
Well, he doesn't
want to talk to you.
Why can't you leave him alone.
He only got out this morning.
Is he here?
No, he's not.
No, it's all right, mum.
No, it's not all right. Why do
they keep picking on you for?
I mean, why aren't you out
chasing real criminals?
Did you go down to the fife and
drum drive-in this
morning, Brett?
Yeah, of course I did, Maguire.
What's it to you?
Would you mind telling me why?
Well, what do you reckon?
It's a bottle shop, isn't it?
Why don't you go back
inside, mrs sprague?
No, I'm staying here.
All right.
We received a complaint that
you made certain threatening
statements to mr Graham
Newman while you were there:
Is that true?
No. No, it's not.
It is a condition of your
parole that you go nowhere
near the vicinity of the
fife and drum hotel...
That you do not
request service there,
you do not approach
or come within
300 metres of Graham
Newman for the
remaining period
of your sentence.
Or you go back to gaol, Brett.
- Do you understand that, Brett?
- Yeah.
Good. Who's your parole officer?
I don't know. I've got it on
a piece of paper in there.
Okay, then you contact your
parole officer today, and he'll
explain your obligations under
the early release scheme.
Will you do that?
Yeah, righto.
You do it.
I'll make sure he does.
Or I'll take you in.
Yeah, righto.
I'll make sure he does, officer.
All right, then. Mrs sprague.
Thank you, officer.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
What did you go down there for?
I just wanted some grog.
Oh, don't lie to me. You wanted
to show off again, didn't you?
Oh give it a break, mum! You
can't leave it alone, can you?
It's a wonder he didn't stab
you again.
Jackie! The car!
The fucking car!
Fucking bitch!
Hello. Are you the mother of
those boys that went to gaol?
Eh? You're a fucking empty slut.
Eh? You are. You're a fucking
empty slut, and I'll tell you.
I'm fucking ringing up just to fucking
give you some information that..
Fucking the media and the police
wouldn't give out about what your...
About what your
fucking arseholes
fucking did to that girl, right?
You should fucking know, because
you're their fucking mother, right?
So, I'll give you the fucking
information, you fucking slut.
I brung some groceries, love.
Hey, you been in my locker?
Where's my stuff?
What stuff?
What fucking stuff do you think?
What you had a stash in
your locker all this time?
Well, I thought I did.
I don't know where it is. I
didn't even know you had any.
You're a fucking liar.
It comes with a stainless
steel lid as well. It has
a nice, tight fit...
0nn the saucepan. Also,
what's nice is that you have
control over your air-vent
and of course, your...
Can you believe it? That fucking
bitch, she took the car.
Eh, you got yourself in too
deep, too fucking fast, mate.
You dishing out marriage
guidance now, Brett?
Hey piss off, Michelle.
Oh... what are the boys doing?
As usual.
Oh god!
It doesn't matter
how hard I try,
it always... ends
up a bloody mess.
I think...
What's that, love?
I think I might go.
Go? Where?
I think I might go away,
you know, somewhere else?
What? Leave, you mean?
Oh, I don't know.
Maybe Stevie could give
me a lift somewhere.
Yeah, I'm sure he could. Ah...
Have you told him yet?
Where are you going to go?
I've got a friend.
Mmm? Where?
Stevie, come in here.
What are you going to do?
You got any money?
I'm watching TV.
Come in here!
Well, what are you going to do
if you haven't got any money.
I don't know!
Yeah? What?
Nola's leaving.
What do you mean, good?
She's your girlfriend.
Says who? I never asked her.
She's your girlfriend because
you got her pregnant.
Oh yeah prove it. You
ask her what she's
been up to with the
other blokes, then.
What other blokes?
- You had other blokes, Nola?
- No.
No it's bullshit, mum.
You ask her how many
blokes she's been down
the fife and drum with.
Is that true, Nola?
Come off it, Sandra. He's
been rooting around for so...
Fucking long it's a wonder
he hasn't got a tribe of them.
Oh fucking bullshit!
Let me handle it.
All it want to do is get away.
Hey, what's going on here?
Will you tell your brother to
get his shit together?
This poor kid's so fucking
frightened, she'd rather
spend the night at the
bus station than hang...
Around here another
five minutes.
I never did anything.
Eh... eh, sweetheart,
what's wrong?
What's wrong?
That's what you should be doing!
All it want to do is get away.
Eh, no one's getting away.
Look, you're one of us now.
Look, you're carrying my
mum's first grandchild.
I'm scared.
There's no reason to be scared.
Look, I'd do anything
to protect you.
Who are you trying to bullshit,
Brett? What are you
fucking doing?
Hey shut up. You don't know what
you're talking about.
There you go.
You see, this is what it's
going to be like, now.
Hey? This is what it's
going to be like.
But I'm scared.
There you are.
All right?
Good boy.
What was that crap you were
going on about before?
"I'd do anything to protect the
family. What the fuck is that?"
Well, t would.
What family?
Just 'cause she's having a
kid doesn't make her family.
I'd protect you as well.
From what?
Now, just leave us alone for
a tick, would you Michelle?
What's wrong with you, Brett?
You haven't said a word
to me since you got home.
Look, I'm not going to
stand in the hallway
and discuss these things
with you all right?
Discuss what?
Oh what do you reckon? I
just spent a year inside
and you don't think there's
nothing to discuss?
It was your own bloody
fault, wasn't it?
You must have been... out of
your head to do what you did.
What was it?
Were you stoned?
No, I wasn't stoned.
Well, what then?
Are you just stupid?
You thought you could
walk into the local
bottle-o with a screwdriver
and knock it over.
Is that it?
Hey, why don't you go and ask
Graham Newman what happened?
Look, I hope you're just pissed,
Brett, because if you're
not, you're going straight
back to where you came from.
Well, if I am...
You'll miss the hard cock
I've got saved up for you.
I don't reckon you've
got it in you.
What would you know, eh?
What would you know
about anything?
And now Timmy brasher
gets gingerly to his feet...
Now they spin it out
the tigers' backline...
The inside pass to sironen -
sironen busts through
one tackle...
Joovey cuts him down and
sironen has deadset not moved!
Let's go play some
pool or something, eh?
Don't feel like dropping
in on Newman again?
Oh fuck off!
Want a durrey?
No, I gave up.
Then, what's that
in your pocket?
What, this?
That's me pride, mate.
Oh... oh, Michelle.
I was just looking at me fan.
It's the only thing
he ever gave me.
Funny that, isn't it?
They all said they loved
me, but they left me.
You shouldn't leave
anything you love.
You know what they're
up to, don't you?
I might go to work.
It's not too late.
Yeah, bullshit.
If shitface here doesn't know
where my stuff is,
then you must.
What stuff?
Oh, what stuff do you reckon?
I don't know what the fuck
you're talking about.
Don't be such a drama
queen, Michelle!
You know what they're like.
What harm are they doing?
Are you frightened of
them or something?
Frightened of them?
Hey, put on some music.
We don't have any.
Put on a record or something.
It's broke.
Well, put on the radio,
for fuck's sake!
I want to talk to
youse without fucking
big ears listening to
everything we say.
You are, aren't you?
You're frightened of them.
Yeah, where is it?
Where's me stuff?
What stuff?
The fucking rock!
The rock?
What the... you mean, the shit
we were selling down the fife?
I thought you sold it.
No, no, the stuff we had left.
What? You had some, did you?
What? You kept some?
You fucking kept some!
You rip-off mongrel...
You told us you sold it all.
Well, where's the
rest of it then?
Oh, you're good, mate.
You're real fucking good.
Can you believe this prick?
What are they going to do? Are
they going to let off a bomb?
There are worse things in this
world, Michelle, than my boys.
That's not what I'm
talking about.
Well, you try living
here and keeping
a lid on things! You try it!
We had a fucking good business
going down there
at the fife, eh?
But we didn't have the green
light from Newman, did we?
And when some fuck-head
here opens up his trap...
Give us a break, mate.
Oh, that's when the fucking
slammer came down, didn't it?
And old Brett-boy walks
straight into it.
It wasn't a fucking armed
hold-up, it was a
fucking set-up.
I mean, Newman
waiting there with
a fucking knife to stick in me.
Hey, that was it for
me, wasn't it Stevie?
I still don't know how
Newman found out.
I'll tell you how he found out.
You had your fucking
mouth open so
wide he'd have to be
deaf not to hear.
It's not the way it
happened, Brett.
Oh, shut up, you fuck-head.
No, you listen to me!
It's all right for you
lot to come marching
in here telling me
what I should do.
I'm not fucking telling...
Listen, I'm the one who's stuck
with it! Right, love? Not you!
Yeah well, they are
yours, aren't they?
Yeah, they're mine!
They're mine!
They're mine, Michelle,
and I love them.
Then, chain them up.
What did you fucking say?
I'm not chaining anything up.
They're not dogs.
But, I'll tell you one thing.
As long as they're under this
roof, they'll do
as they're told.
football commentator
All right! All right!
Let's get a bit of order in this
place. Let's start cleaning up.
No cleaning. Hey Brett, Brett!
Come on, let's start
cleaning up, eh?
Come on, I'm not talking to a...
Stop it!
Hey, give us a dance, mum!
Give us a dance! Mum-mum-mum.
Give us a dance, mum!
Oh two men fighting over me!
I don't think I've had...
Come on! Head bang!
Head bang! Head bang!
Head bang! Head bang!
How do you like your dance, mum?
Get your hands off
her, you mongrel!
Well, I can't dance with
the two of youse at once.
- Oh, come on, mum.
- Get out of it!
Hey! Oh, you've
taken a few pages
out of Jackie's book, have you?
What did they do
to you in there?
Give you a fucking
lobotomy or something?
Where are you at?
Where's your fucking head at?
Oh, where's me head at? Oh...
Moons of infinity.
Oh, save your science
fiction fucking bullshit...
You're a fucking idiot!
Hey, I don't like people
walking away from me.
Listen, dickhead,
you might think
you're king of the
fucking universe
slumming it down here
with the mortals,
but from what I've just seen...
You're just a
bunch of fucking losers,
same as everybody else.
Eh, whose cock you been sucking?
Grow up!
Hey, you know what
your mum reckons?
She reckons you're all
such mental spastics
that the world needs to
be protected from you.
What makes you
think she's wrong?
Fuck off!
I want it, Michelle.
What? Now?
Oh, you're a real...
Fucking Casanova, aren't you?
Are you going to give it to me?
Well, where do you want it?
Here on the kitchen table...
Where your mum will find us?
Or up against the fridge?
No, no, no. I know.
How about the laundry, eh?
Somewhere real dirty.
With cockroach shit
and rat poison
and stuff, eh - how about that?
Sure - whatever you like.
All right - come on.
Yeah, just give us a tick.
Here they are! My tits! This is
what you wanted isn't it?
Yeah, just give us a
tick, will you?
Well, where is it?
Where's this fucking cock
you've been going on about?
Hey, shut up! Just
get out of me hair!
You can't do it, can you?
You took it up the
arse, didn't you?
What did you say?
You took it up the arse.
- I did fuck someone else.
- Yeah?
Oh fuck! Fuck!
God, I hate you, you prick!
I fucking hate you!
Oh no, not me face!
I knew you'd fucked someone.
I wouldn't touch you in a
million years, you slag.
No, you're never going to
get the chance, you fuck!
I never want to see you again!
Hey! Why don't you fuck off!
Go on, fuck off!
Where's Michelle?
Oh, I think she had to go
to the little girls' room.
G'day, mum.
How are you? Are you all right?
Look, you got to come, okay?
And bring Michelle with you.
Oh, I don't think...
I don't know...
Michelle' doesn't want to see...
Any of us, Brett.
Oh, so I am going to go down for
something that someone else did?
Look, she's... she's
my one hope, mum.
She knows where 1
was that night.
Now, you've got to come, okay?
And make sure you bring
Michelle with you.
Okay, I'll try.
Rightio, see you.
Are you there, Michelle?
I know you're there, Michelle.
I know what he done to you.
I know you're there.
Here Nola, come and
have your soup, love.
I'm not hungry.
No, come on. It will do
you good. Come on, love.
Ah, this is the life, eh?
Yeah, some fucking life.
Jeeze, I'm hungry.
Hey mum, can you
get us some food?
Don't suppose I've got
a job now, anyway.
Do you reckon I should
give them a call?
Will you shut up about that?
Hey, how much are
they paying you?
Oh, come on Brett,
don't make fun of us.
No, no, I'm not
making fun of you.
How much are they paying you?
Three twenty.
Three twenty a week
for wearing that?
Yeah, three twenty a week.
What's wrong with that?
It's good money.
Hey, you know what
the basic wage is?
No, what?
Hey! Hey, do you?
Oh look, get fucked, Brett!
It's my money. I'm earning it.
Four hundred and
sixty nine bucks.
Four hundred and sixty
nine bucks. Dead set.
That's fucking bullshit, mate.
I don't believe youl!
Oh well, have a
look - go and have...
A look at it up in the papers.
Oh yeah, they fiddle
with the figures.
Mate, you'd think everyone
was a bloody millionaire.
Well, these are just
the sausages you
didn't eat. You want
me to do the steaks?
I don't know anyone on
that sort of money.
Yeah, 'cause... that's
cause you don't know anyone.
'Cause if you did you'd know you
were getting screwed stupid.
And the ones screwing
you the most are
the ones saying they
only want to help.
You're talking about
Jackie, aren't you mate?
Oh fucking Jackie!
Listen, don't you say
nothing about Jackie,
all right? She's the
best fucking thing...
Give us a break, Glenn? You
sound like a fucking idiot...
When he comes out
with crap like that.
So, what should we
be doing, Brett?
Going to gaol with
you, you mean?
Is that how we're going to
sort out our future, is it?
Oh what fucking future, Glenn?
This is it, mate! This is
the fucking future!
What do you think,
some man's going
to pop out and
fucking plop you...
Down in one of those
places you see on TV?
No mate, I'm going
to do it myself.
You see, Jackie and
me, we got plans.
Fucking Jackie!
Yeah... fucking
Jackie's the one that...
Don't you say nothing
about Jackie, mate!
Don't you fucking say
nothing about her!
Fucking Jackie's the one who
got you the underpaid job.
That's fucking bullshit, mate!
That's not how much
people get paid!
Hey, I'm sorry, mate. It is.
Fucking Jackie's the
one that's been
screwing you over just
like everyone else.
You want to know why, mate?
Because she hasn't got
a fucking choice.
No one in this fucking world's
got a choice...
They're all out there trying
to do it to everyone else.
Like invasion of the
body snatchers?
Jeeze you're a fucking
idiot, sometimes.
There's only one way out.
Kill them with pitchforks.
No, mate...
You fucking do what
they're trying to do.
You fucking do it to them.
You get him off the grog.
Get him off the grog if it's
the last thing you do.
And that other stuff.
What the fuck...?
What is it this time?
Afternoon, mrs sprague.
Is everything all right?
It would be if you didn't keep
disturbing things.
My name is sprague.
We had a report of
a woman screaming.
Do you mind if we look inside?
Yeah, we do.
What's going on in there, Brett?
None of your business.
Do you want to
step aside, Brett?
No thanks, I like it
right where I am.
I don't need to be nice
about this, Brett.
Eh, eh, no one's asking
you to, cuntstable.
How many women in the
house, mrs sprague?
You don't have to answer, mum.
Don't say nothing to them.
There's nothing you
can do, is there?
'Cause a man's home is his
castle, isn't that right?
Is this your home, mrs sprague?
Who pays the rent?
Don't answer him, mum. You
don't have to say nothing.
Look, we've been
told a disturbance
has taken place in the house.
No, there hasn't been
any disturbance.
Is there somebody injured
inside, mrs sprague?
Neighbours have complained of
loud noises coming from...
Oh, get a warrant!
And women screaming!
Where's Michelle?
I don't know.
Where is she?
Don't look at me!
Look at the three of you, you
bloody lazy load of...
What have you fucking done
with her? Have you hurt her?
Hey, I didn't touch her.
Maybe she's gone down
the shop to get some fags.
Get up! Clean yourselves up!
Just do something, will you?
Oh Jesus! Do what?
I don't care! Just do something
with your bloody selves!
Get out of the house!
Oh great, now she's chucking
us out of the house!
Yeah, steady on, mum, will you?
What have I done
to bloody deserve this?
I brought you into
the bloody world!
Hey, we can't help it
if cops pick on us.
Yeah mum, you know
what they're like.
Yeah? Yeah?
And why? Why are they like that?
And you! You! What
happened to you?
I didn't touch her, okay?
You liar!
You're a pack of liars
the lot of youse.
Oh, it's fucking our
fault now, is it?
Shut up, Stevie!
Well no, she brought the fucking
thing up. Let's
have a look at it.
Well um... Brett, Glenn, Stevie,
three boys, two
different fathers.
Oh wait and there's
this abo bloke.
Who's he the fucking father of?
What are you talking
about, Stevie?
- No one!
- Well, then who is he?
What the fuck are
you saying, mate?
That one of us is a boong?!
He's a friend... that's all!
Jesus! Just shut up, I said!
Well, she brought it up. Let
her fucking get it out.
That's a lie!
Oh Christ!
See? See what you've done?
Jesus Christ!
Glenn? Glenn, is that you?
It's me, Jackie. I'm out
the front of the house.
What house?
Your house, you idiot!
Look out the window.
Argue in background.
Hey, where'd you get the mobile?
It's Craig's. Look, I need to
talk to you. Can you come out?
Yeah, yeah, I'm coming.
Now listen to me...
You listen to me...
Don't treat me like a fucked
up, stupid little fucking kid!
mate... I'm so glad to see you.
How did you get off work?
What did he give you that for?
Craig said it was so
important for him to be
able to reach me he
gave me his mobile...
For the afternoon.
Glenn, I've got something really
important I want to say to you.
Yeah, what?
Listen to me, you
stupid arsehole!
Do you want to save our
relationship, or not?
Save our relationship?
'Course I do.
Well, you listen to me.
Because I've been
thinking about us...
And the way you've
been treating me...
And I just don't know if I
want you living
with me any more.
Oh jeeze... come on, Jack.
Come on, Jack. Don't cry.
Craig says I'm too good for you.
That's what he says.
Oh yeah, that's what
fucking Craig says.
And what mum says and
what everyone says.
But I believe in you, Glenn.
And I really, really
want this to work.
Fuck's sake!
So do I, Jack. I really
want it to fucking work!
Then, there's one thing I
want you to do for me.
Anything! Just tell me!
I-I want you to stop
seeing your brothers.
Look, Jack, let me tell
you something. Fucking...
My whole fucking life has taken
off since we met, all right?
It's just totally
fucking taken off.
But you're asking me to live
without me brothers!
You know, you're asking
me to cut myself
off from my whole
fucking family!
I can't make that decision!
You've hurt me, Glenn sprague!
You've hurt me!
There! Now get out!
Jack, just... let me...
Talk to you for a
second, will you?
Where are you going?
I thought I'd do some washing.
Where? Timbuktu?
Hey, this is my room, you know?
You and Stevie been
sleeping in my room.
So, it's been good. You like it?
You called the cops
on me, didn't you?
No... I didn't.
Yes, you did. I know you did.
I seen you.
No, I didn't, Brett.
Now, look at me.
What do you think's going to
happen if you tell the truth?
Now, you're going to
tell me the truth.
You want to tell the
truth, don't you?
Now, you called the
cops on me, didn't you?
Now, that's something
I don't understand.
Don't you like it here?
Have-have I, or anyone else,
done anything mean to you?
It's all right.
Yeah, it's all right.
You just made a
mistake, didn't you?
Yeah, we all make mistakes.
Everyone makes
mistakes sometimes.
Yeah, forget it this time, eh?
That fucking slut!
That fucking slut.
I should have done
it to that fucking
Nola when she first turned up!
Can't fucking believe this!
Fucking bitch!
What the fuck is your problem?
Where the fuck has she gone?!
Mum, where the fuck is she?
Who? Nola!
Nola? Look, I don't know, love.
Oh good, maybe she's
pissed off for good.
That would simplify things!
Oh, don't be stupid!
She can still
slap a maintainance
order on you.
You should have done
it to her when Glenn said.
Now, you'll have
to track her down.
What did you say?
I said, he should
have done it to her..
When Glenn said because...
You animal!
Fuck off!
Don't you say
that about my grandchild!
Get off me, you fucking bitch!
- Leave him. Let him go.
- Let him go! - Nol
she shouldn't have
done it to him,
she could have fucken hurt him!
Piss off.
Hey, don't tell me
to piss off, abo.
Look at this fucken shit, eh!
But it's our home!
It's not a home, it's
a red-brick shitbox
you're paying three
hundred bucks a week for.
All right... all right.
You've had your say. Now why
don't youse just... fuck off.
T'll tell you who's
going to fuck off, abo!
No, Brett! No!
Leave it, Stevie!
Come on, get out of it, Stevie!
Hey, all I want's
a bit of fucken
respect! Is that
too much to ask?!
Well, why can't you show
it to someone else?!
Watch yourself!
You're all fucking animals!
You bastard! I hate youse!
Hey mum, how are you?
Hello, love.
Hey, where's Michelle?
Where's Michelle, mum?
Michelle? She's...
You spoke to her, didn't you?
You said you were going
to bring her.
She wouldn't come, Brett.
She said you...
She said to...
She gave me...
Yeah, what she give you?
She gave me this letter.
So, she's not coming?
She's not...
She's not coming, Brett.
No one is coming.
No one is ever coming again.
They're all gone.
Hey mum, why don't
you go and come
back when you're
not so upset, eh?
No, I don't think I will.
I'll leave you this.
I think you should read it.
Oh well, why should I give
her the satisfaction?
You must be very lonely.
Lonely? No. Why?
Sitting up there...
Looking down on the rest of us.
I'm not looking down on no one.
Where are you going?
I think it's about
time that Graham Newman
prick got a taste of
his own medicine. Hey?
Maybe we should get some
money and piss off north.
Put that under your shirt.
Maybe queensland, eh?
Some place warm.
Yeah? Want a holiday, eh?
Yeah, why not?
Pull a couple of jobs
off, on the way.
Fucken ripper.
You want some?
I want to know where
me own stuff is.
Don't start up about
that shit again, Brett.
I told you I don't know what
you're talking about, mate.
You took it, didn't you?
That's how you got the
money for the car.
You're a dumb prick, aren't you?
Yeah... I am.
Come on. Take that shit and
let's get out of here.
Mate... mate.
Confirmed front and back of
courthouse is locked down, over.
Prisoner bay secured.
Prisoners out of Van and into
back of courthouse. Over.
Where are youse going?
So, are you um...
Where are we headed? You serious
about going to that bottle shop?
Dead serious.
The bottleshop?
What are you doing?
That was her!
- Who?
- Nola!
That was Nola!
What are you talking about?
I don't see nothing.
I was sure it was her...
I can't believe it's
fucking closed.
What do you want to get -
what-what fucken time is it?
Hey... give us a smoke.
Maybe the 711, eh? What do you
reckon? That's bound to be open.
I thought you gave up, Brett.
I did.
Oh fuck, that's good.
Fucking hell, everything's shut.
We're almost out of petrol, too.
What do you want to do?
A moment of peace and
Serenity with me brothers.
Maybe the 711, eh?
That's bound to be open.
Oh fuck that bitch. Who
fucking needs her?
Peace and Serenity?
Peace and Serenity.
The fucking thing is...
I can't remember where
the fucking thing is.
Where's the fucking
street directory?
Any of you guys sitting on it?
It's been one fucking blue
after another, Brett.
No, it's not now.
Now, we're together.
Yeah, now we're together
just the way god planned it.
The way god planned it?
Or the way you did, Brett?
Oh, same difference.
We're all gods in our own world.
You flashing yet?
Yes, that's what we are.
We're all gods.
She's all right.
Look at her.
And these are the
worlds that we've made.
Fucking... arrakis...
And aldaraan...
Moons of infinity...
She's looking this way!
Let's get her.