The Braid (2023) Movie Script

Go! Go! Go !
Be careful !
Come back before evening prayer.
We must make an offering.
Invite the neighbor too.
Yes yes.
Come tomorrow.
And be on time.
It was hard
for me too, at the beginning.
With time, you'll get used to it.
It was hard today.
Did the farmers pay you?
They don't give me anything anymore
for months.
I won't go there anymore.
You have to go back.
Nothing is ours here.
They could come and burn everything.
Do you remember
what they did to Raul?
Hands and feet cut off...
My little girl,
Do you remember
of the story I told you?
When my father
Taught me how to catch rats.
I was your age the first time
that he took me with him.
I saw a rat that big.
Bigger than my own hands.
The rat was not big,
your hands were small.
I tell you the rat was very big.
He bit me four times.
I caught it suddenly.
I don't want her to be like me.
She has to go to school.
The Untouchables
don't go to school, you know that.
Go talk to the Brahmin.
To do what?
Even though she knows how to read and write,
no one will give him a job.
Give him that.
Maybe he'll change his mind.
This is the money for your radio.
You heard the doctor,
you have to do it.
You cough too much.
Give him.
I bow to you, Brahmin.
Here's some money...
Hurry up.
Can I stay with you?
You will learn to read and write,
like Brahmins and farmers.
Your kalatika...
Clasp your hands and repeat after me.
I bow to the only lord
of all the worlds,
Vishnu of peaceful appearance,
lying on a snake,
a lotus in the navel.
Listen carefully to the master
and don't do anything stupid.
Understood ? Go ahead.
Come on.
we are going to study history.
- What are we going to study?
- The story !
Ramu, stand up straight!
In ancient times,
the Untouchables held a broom
and walked backwards
to erase the traces of their footsteps,
so that those who walked after them
not be soiled by their impurity.
- Dirty by what?
- Dirty by their impurity!
Hey, come here.
I'm talking to you.
Come here.
Take this broom.
Clean the class
and show them how you do it.
Take this broom.
Don't you understand what I'm saying?
Do as I say! Take the broom!
You are Untouchable
and you dare to hold my gaze!
Take this broom, instead of looking at me.
You are deaf ?
Take the broom!
What happened ?
What happened to you ?
Tell me.
Did you tear your uniform?
Who did this to you?
Who hit you?
The master...
You didn't obey?
What did I tell you?
You must have been good!
Your father won't want
that you go back.
Why are you hitting her?
My daughter, tell me what happened.
The master wanted
that I sweep the class.
But I refused.
Why did he do that ?
He agreed
to take it to class.
I'm going to go see him.
No !
Do not even think about it.
We can't do anything against him.
Only burrow like rats.
I won't let him hit my daughter.
So forget about school.
Take her to work with you.
She's old enough.
Get down!
Julia! Get down! Right away !
Good morning.
Dad left early.
He is already in the workshop.
You're annoying.
Can't you do this elsewhere?
It's okay... You're making me drunk.
If you spent that much studying
than painting your nails,
you would be first in your class
You can talk, you didn't have your baccalaureate.
Stop! Not first thing in the morning, please!
When will your boyfriend
find you an apartment?
When he gets a job.
Giulia, you haven't eaten anything.
I'm not hungry. See you later.
- Hello, Giulia.
- Good morning.
Hello, Giulia.
Hello, Antonia.
Hello, my sleeping beauty.
You left early today.
I wanted to finish this order
Before leaving.
I have to recover
locks in Conversano.
Here, help me.
For discoloration,
I use my secret elixir.
You know he's your great-grandfather
who developed it?
Just a little drop.
Yes, dad you told me a hundred times.
You know everything.
I have nothing more to teach you.
Not a word to your mother. She watches me.
She watches us all.
I have to go.
If I didn't come home,
you will close.
Dad, you're choking me.
- Ciao, bella.
- Hi.
We broke down again,
with my husband.
No !
With all the kids in the car.
What a pain !
I have to cross the whole country
to come to work.
You look tired, bella mia.
Who did you spend the night with?
Who is it ?
How is he ? He is handsome ?
He is very handsome, yes.
He is a communist.
But he is depressed.
The poor !
He committed suicide in 1950.
But it's horrible!
Let go !
Anyway, it's not in the books
that you will find a fianc.
Stop with that!
If we had to redo it,
I would remain single.
No accountability,
no socks to wash,
no kids to blow their noses.
Loneliness, how sad.
Who talks about loneliness?
A lover from time to time...
It's Gino time...
- Hello, Gino.
- Hello, Giu.
There's not much happening this week.
We had to close the salon
because of the work.
My father is not here.
He'll come pay you tomorrow.
I'm mixing at Marco's on Saturday. You come ?
Saturday... I don't know.
It's open bar until midnight.
It would be really cool if you came!
I will see. See you, Gino.
I'm going to the library.
See you later.
Let him go...
He doesn't have his papers!
You can call my employer.
- We're taking him to the station!
- What are you saying ?
Let's go!
Advance !
What's the matter ?
Your father.
He had an accident on the road.
Miss ?
What happened ?
- It's serious ?
- We do not know...
- Where is he ?
- In intensive care.
We can't see it now.
We could have a chocolate cake
for our anniversary?
I don't like chocolate!
I do not care ! We will have chocolate!
You chose last time!
I want strawberries!
No it is wrong,
and strawberries are disgusting!
The boys,
What are you arguing about?
Simon wants a strawberry cake
and I want a chocolate one.
We can make two cakes,
a strawberry and a chocolate.
Hello, my kitten.
Do you want pancakes?
No thanks. I'm not hungry.
So cereals?
Simon finished them.
You ate my pancakes!
I do not care.
I'll ask Ron to buy some more.
Do you want some toast?
No it's OK.
You have to eat something.
Look at me.
It's going to go well today.
You know your presentation by heart.
It'll be OK.
- Wouldn't that be my sweater?
- It annoys you ?
No. I think you are very pretty.
Chinese standoff!
Yes, come on, let's go.
One, two, three, Chinese standoff.
It's my turn !
No, it's my turn.
You got it last time!
Can we stop arguing? THANKS.
Why does she have a phone?
and not us?
Because she's sixteen.
- Where are we next weekend?
- You are going to your fathers.
- I don't want to go.
- You cannot cancel every time.
Your father wants to see you.
Are you sure of that?
We have a trip to the zoo next Thursday.
Can you come, please?
I would very much like,
but I have a court hearing.
- I'll ask Magic Ron.
- Magic Ron, it's not the same.
Becca's mother
accompanies all outings.
Yes, and she's coming to get her
every day at school.
Becca's mother
is a freelance yoga teacher.
She doesn't have a boss.
That must be cool,
not having a boss.
Mom is associated
at Johnson and Lockwood.
She has a lot more responsibilities
as Becca's mother.
Come on, let's hurry.
You'll be late.
Kiss sandwich.
- I love you.
- Goodbye Mom.
Don't worry, it'll be fine.
Hang in there.
Good morning.
- Hello Sarah.
- Hello, Pamela. THANKS.
Great, thank you.
In the event of conviction,
the damage would be
in tens of millions of dollars.
Not to mention the harm
in terms of image.
So the goal is to prove
that the fault comes from the intermediaries
and subcontractors,
no MetaXspace.
And how do you plan to go about it?
The environmental report reveals that
MetaXspace buries its toxic waste
on protected natural sites.
Nothing proves
that Bilgouvar knew about it.
Its subcontractors have
extensive delegations of power
and are regularly audited
by the B.E.P.H.
And you think that's enough?
"It's not me, it's him."
A bit easy, right?
What do you suggest, Gary?
The strategy
that you used for GreenAxe?
Six years of proceedings
followed by a conviction?
We stop there.
Sarah, we're going with your plan.
Thank you all.
And There you go.
A burratina salad.
Thanks, Jeffrey.
No Black Angus today?
No, Lorenzo
put me on a 3 color diet.
You know ?
You don't lose much.
I have to watch my liver.
Enjoy your youth.
I would like you
talk about the future of the firm.
I'm thinking of retiring.
You are serious ?
I dedicated
thirty years of my life at this office.
You have to know how to hand over.
I am looking for a successor.
Other associates
have more seniority than you.
But you have more audacity.
You almost lost
no business that I have entrusted to you.
Please excuse me for a second.
Yes hello.
Hello. It's Mrs. Valois, from high school.
Hannah threw up in class.
Can you come pick her up?
Yes of course.
I'll send someone to get her.
Come on, answer!
"I can't answer...
Urgent ??
A problem ?
No, just an impatient customer.
All The same.
It's true.
I'm sorry
for taking so long, darling.
How are you feeling ?
I'm sorry mom, I tried.
I promise you.
It's going to be okay, it's going to be okay.
I'm taking you home.
Ron will be here in an hour.
I have to go back to the office.
Master Cohen!
- Can I talk to you for a moment?
- Yes of course.
Wait for me in the car.
I'm sorry,
but this is the third time...
As soon as she has an exam or a presentation.
I know.
She must learn
to manage your emotions.
She is aware of the problem
and made an effort.
I know you work a lot
and you are separated.
Have you thought
to take him to see someone?
She sees someone
since she was little.
She is working on it
and she's going to get there.
Just give it a little more time.
- All right.
Hi, Ron.
Good evening, Sarah.
The boys are sleeping.
Hannah also went to bed.
She is fine ?
I think so...
Hannah's therapist would like to see you.
She proposed
a meeting Tuesday noon.
I told him you would confirm.
I made a medical appointment
for Ethan on Thursday the 18th.
And Simon is invited
at a birthday party on Saturday.
I bought Lego.
He said he wanted the same
for Hanukkah.
I made vegetable lasagna,
Do I warm them up?
No thanks. I'm not hungry.
I have to finish my argument by tomorrow.
You should eat!
And rest.
You look tired.
Thanks, Ron. See you tomorrow.
These procedures
were launched three years ago,
which left plenty of time
to carry out analyses,
which, moreover,
we did not object.
Objection your honor.
The court needs all the results
to judge the facts objectively.
Your Honor,
three studies were carried out.
And the three gave
unfavorable results
for CleanEarth.
That is why...
And that's why
they ask for a fourth.
Objection overruled.
you can continue your analysis.
Master ?
Your Honor...
Master Cohen?
I thought about.
We have to get out of here.
Leave ?
To go where ?
At my cousins in the South.
The Untouchables
are better treated there.
Lalita could go to school.
We are not allowed to leave.
You know
what they did to Sousia,
raped and hanged from a tree.
We'll leave at night!
We will take the bus to Benares.
And from there, the train to the South.
With what money?
We gave everything to the Brahmin.
I'll take our money back.
I know where his wife
hide their savings.
I saw her once.
Do you want to kill us?
We're not going anywhere.
And I forbid you from talking about that again.
Yes tell me...
We're leaving.
OK. We'll talk about it later.
Always on the phone!
Let it go a little!
Yes, we're late... Let's go.
Do you know what to get Mr. Sharma?
for her wedding?
Lord Vishnu, bless me.
By the wind, the earth,
water, sky and fire,
chase away my fear and protect us.
Get up.
What is happening ?
What's going on, mom?
Mom, where are we going?
Why doesn't dad go with us?
He will come later.
Hurry up !
My little !
Mom, there's dad.
Mom, tell them to stop the bus.
Do not go !
Dad, hurry up!
Calm down.
He will join us.
"The air vent of dawn
Breathe through your mouth
"Deep in the deserted streets
"Gray light from your eyes
"Sweet drops of dawn
on the dark hills
"Your step and your breath
"Like the dawn wind
Submerge the houses
Excuse me.
The visits are over.
Goodbye, dad.
I will come back tomorrow.
Isn't mom here?
She went to church
with Patricia.
We find her there.
I'm going to the hospital.
I'm going to read to dad.
And you think your books
will save him?
You better come and pray.
I don't believe in all that,
and neither did Dad.
If you don't do it for daddy,
do it for mom.
It's important to her that we're there.
Maybe it amuses you
to act like a puppet at mass, not me.
Damn, Giulia, damn!
You could make an effort!
Stop being selfish.
Even Adela is coming.
It bothers me too much. I'm going there for mom.
- What do the doctors say?
- Nothing...
They say you have to wait.
I'll meet you at home
after the hospital.
- Hello, Giu.
- Hello, Gino.
I'm sorry about your father.
If I can do anything...
Thank you, thank you very much.
Ciao, mom!
I got some chocolates for your Mamma.
His favorites...
And I made pasticciotti.
Thank you, Nonna.
My brother is a canon
at the Basilica of Lecce.
He said prayers
yesterday and this morning.
THANKS. Thanks to all.
we have to get back to work.
When dad comes back,
I want him to find the workshop
exactly as he left it.
Come on !
At work !
Hello ?
Angelo Bagnarosa of Banca Corensi.
I would like to speak to Pietro Lanfredi.
He is not there,
I can take a message ?
We had an appointment yesterday.
He didn't show up.
You can ask him
to remind me? It's urgent.
All right.
Its very urgent! Tell him.
All right. Bye.
We crossed paths...
the other day, in the street.
I was scared when they took you away.
I asked myself
what happened to you.
They kept me in the afternoon
and they let me go again.
I can help you ?
I know here well.
Are you looking for a particular book?
Something not too complicated.
I can speak Italian.
But reading is still a bit difficult.
I would like to train.
Take... Salgari.
Raiders of the Sky.
This is one of my favorites.
I haven't seen you for a long time.
Yes. I had a lot of work.
And three children to raise,
say no more.
How old are they now?
The twins are 10 years old
and Hannah, 16.
Already ?
- And your father, how is he?
- He is fine.
He's even doing very well.
He met someone
right after mom died.
He moved to Florida.
- Really ?
- Yes.
He plays golf
and takes cooking classes.
He is overwhelmed.
Good for him.
How are you ?
I'm fine, very fine.
You know...
And I have a little pain
in the chest, on the right side.
Since when ?
I do not know, maybe...
A few weeks.
Let's take a look.
At this point, don't worry.
Maybe it's just a cyst.
But given your family history,
it's better to be careful.
I will prescribe tests for you.
Try to do them
as soon as possible.
All right.
Good morning !
Hi, Josh.
Dad !
You are so Beautiful !
Hi guys !
- How are you feeling ?
Much better
since I left the firm.
Josh didn't tell you?
I resigned.
We discussed it and we think
that it's better for the baby.
I want to take advantage of it,
make myself truly available.
Excuse me.
Yes I'm listening.
It's the hospital. We have just received
your exam results.
Can you come Monday?
Is this bad news?
Sorry, we don't give
no results by phone.
Monday morning, 9 a.m.?
Is this possible for you?
All right. I'll be there Monday.
- Mom ?
- Yes.
- What are you doing ? We're waiting for you.
- OK, I'll...
I'll be there in a second.
Ron lit the candles!
Come on !
Ok, I'm coming.
I'm afraid of not having
some good news.
The tumor is malignant.
5 cm in diameter.
The size of a small tangerine.
Considering its size
and his aggressiveness,
we have no other choice
than performing a mastectomy.
We will adapt the treatment
after the operation.
You will need chemotherapy.
And probably also
of radiotherapy.
It's Josh. Leave me
a message, I'll call you back.
Hi, darling!
What a nice surprise!
How are you?
I'm doing well.
Am I bothering you ?
No, not at all! We are
in Key West for a few days.
You'll have to come, that's
beautiful and we eat so well!
How are the children?
Well, everyone is fine.
Look, we're not sure
to come for the holidays.
Margaret doesnt know France
and I would like to take him
for his birthday.
All right...
Is everything okay with you?
Still 200% at work?
I have to go, my darling.
I'm happy
to know that everything is okay.
Take care of yourself, OK?
Kiss the children.
I love you.
I love you. Goodbye, dad.
It's the Ganges.
Mom, what are they doing?
They burn the dead.
I am tired.
we will take the train to the South.
There is a big temple there
at the top of a mountain.
So high
that it almost touches the sky.
Have you ever been there?
No never...
But I heard...
that if you get to the top
and you make an offering to God,
He will make your greatest wish come true.
"At that time,
it was always a party.
"I just had to go out
and cross the street
"to go crazy.
"And everything was so beautiful,
"especially at night,
"that, when we returned,
dead of fatigue, we still hoped
that something was going to happen.
It was a good choice.
Have you finished it yet?
I didn't understand everything, but...
I loved.
To thank you...
I work in a cooperative.
These parts
that you don't understand, I can...
explain them to you.
If you want.
A very spacious room
"with wallpapered walls
of white silk embroidered with gold..."
It's like lace.
It's sewn by hand.
My grandmother made it.
It's something...
precious, delicate, ancient.
Precious and ancient, yes.
Hello ?
I'm coming very soon.
Sorry, I have to go.
I come here every lunchtime.
My name is Giulia.
I'm Kamal.
It's been months
that we try to alert your father.
He doesn't even take our calls anymore!
I knew
that the workshop was having difficulties,
but I was far from imagining that...
You are currently operating at a loss.
You can't continue.
I could take out a loan,
time to find a solution.
I think you don't understand
the seriousness of the situation,
Your father is in debt.
You are no longer solvent.
In a month at most,
you need to file for bankruptcy.
It's impossible.
He took out loans
without ever paying back.
We are ruined.
What will we become?
What are we going to live on?
if the workshop closes?
We have to wait for dad to return.
He will know what to do.
To wait for ?
I don't think you understand there...
We are covered in debt!
We don't even have enough to pay anymore
the workers at the end of the month.
I'm going to quit high school.
Marco will hire me as a waitress at the caf.
What are you talking about ?
You stay in high school!
And I forbid you
to go hang out at Marco's!
It's not just the workshop...
Dad mortgaged the house.
If we don't find money
to repay debts,
we are going to be expelled.
I'm sorry to hear that.
How old is your father?
He is 76 years old.
A double bypass is no small thing.
I have to go to Florida
to take care of him.
He is very alone,
since my mother died.
How long will you be gone?
Two weeks.
This is not the ideal time...
The Bilgouvar hearing is approaching.
Nothing will change :
I can work from there
and Ins will know how to manage.
I have no doubt about it.
You have chosen your protg well.
She is excellent.
Go to Miami
and take care of your father.
Dinner is ready !
We arrive !
Mac and cheese?
It was you who did it ?
Yes it's me.
-And where is Ron?
- He had to leave.
I came home early
to have dinner with you.
You will go to your fathers
starting Monday for two weeks.
Really ?
We'll be able to play on the Switch!
For what ? Where are you going ?
I'm going to the hospital
for an intervention.
For what ?
What kind of intervention?
It's not important.
Don't worry.
- Two weeks is a long time.
- It will pass quickly!
And when you come back,
we'll have a pizza movie night.
Can we visit you?
The children
do not have visiting rights.
When Emmy's mother had surgery,
she was able to go see her.
I know,
but this will not be possible.
Guess what's for dessert.
BubbleGum ice cream?
Mom ?
I can not sleep.
- I can ?
- Yes come.
Your intervention...
What is it exactly ?
It's nothing.
It's something
which happens to many women.
Don't worry.
It's the same thing
What did grandmother have?
No no no.
Everything will be alright.
I promise.
I don't want to stay with dad.
I can go to Josh's
with the boys?
I can help Maeva.
Okay, I'll call him.
Can I sleep with you tonight?
Come here.
The summary hearing takes place on the 23rd.
And for the Mason file,
you can ask Flynn.
If you have any questions,
call me. I will be reachable.
My mother has cancer.
I know what it is
to care for a parent.
Good luck.
Come into the kitchen.
I made cookies.
Really, thank you
to take Hannah with you.
You're kidding, it's her place too.
Things are not getting better
with his father ?
Not really.
- What did you say to the children?
- I just said that...
it was a benign intervention.
And Johnson, how did he react?
He does not know it.
You are not serious ?
I can't tell him now.
The Bilgouvar hearing
is in three months.
And there's more than that...
He plans to name me
managing partner at the head of the firm.
One more reason to tell him.
That would double your workload.
- I can manage !
- What do you imagine?
You can not
hide everything under the rug.
I gave 15 years of my life
to this office.
Johnson trusts me,
I can't ruin it now.
You know this world as much as I do.
If you swim with sharks,
it's better not to bleed.
Kiss sandwich.
It's for you.
We did it together.
We didn't even argue
Yeah, and he has superpowers.
It's awesome.
I'll keep it with me, I promise.
Two tickets to Pandavapura.
730 rupees.
Are there any cheaper places?
The train is full.
That's all that's left.
You take it or you go.
I need more.
Mom I'm hungry.
Everything is expensive here.
Mom I'm hungry.
We have nothing left.
We'll find something later.
Take this.
Go ahead, take it.
No thanks.
We have others.
Where are you going with your daughter?
We are going to the South,
at my cousin's.
I am going to Vrindavan.
The city of widows.
My husband died of the flu
last month.
My mother-in-law told me
that it was my fault.
That I hadn't been able
to keep him alive.
She threw me out with the children.
You know...
Here, when a woman no longer has a husband...
he has nothing left.
Here it is better
be born a cow rather than a woman.
The cows are treated better than us.
Your attention, please.
Train 16543 for Mysore
via Pandavapura
will start from lane 5.
Thank you very much for the food.
I will say a prayer
for you and your sons.
He's my great-great-grandfather
who created it 100 years ago.
My family has always worked there.
It is as if...
a part of my life was going to disappear.
I don't dare announce it to our workers.
In Punjabi, we say...
"When there is the will,
There is a way.
What's your house like ?
It is very beautiful.
From my parents' garden,
we see the Himalayas.
There are flowers everywhere in spring.
For the rest,
it's pretty much like Italy.
There are fields, cows,
people who speak loudly.
What if we went swimming?
No thanks.
For what ?
Is this forbidden by your religion?
It's just that I don't have a swimsuit.
Me neither.
Tell me again.
What do you want to know ?
Your traditions, your religion, everything.
Among the Sikhs,
we consider that the woman
has the same soul as man,
that they are like two faces
of a medal.
The very name of God has no gender.
We call him Waheguru.
How do you say "hair"?
is called "val".
- And turban?
- Dastar.
And that ?
It's a "kangha".
I've had it since I was little.
It reminds me of who I am.
You're coming home late at the moment.
I'm going to see dad in the evening at the hospital.
Until midnight ?
You have sand there, on your neck.
Gino's mother came by.
They have nine hair salons,
It works well.
They could buy back
the mortgage on the house.
Why would they do that?
Gino is crazy about you,
it's not a secret.
He's a good boy, isn't he?
You are not serious ?
Do you want to marry me, like in the 18th century?
They are good people. I see them
at mass every Sunday.
Gino is only interested in bodybuilding.
He has never read a book in his life.
So what ?
All the girls are crazy about him.
Yes, mom, but not me.
I never told you,
but when I met your father,
I loved another man.
Your father courted me.
He was stable,
He's the one I chose.
And I didn't regret it.
Love comes with time.
I won't go out
with Gino Battagliola.
So forget it!
It's not just you, Giulia.
There are also your sisters.
Francesca's husband is unemployed,
there is the baby.
Adela who wants to quit high school....
How are we going to do this,
if dad stays in a coma?
You are not serious ?
You have no right to ask me that!
I never want again
tell me about it! Understood ?
I prepared something for you.
No thanks.
Sorry for insisting,
but you should eat.
When I eat, I vomit.
Do you want me to go to the pharmacy?
No thanks.
You are sure ?
Sarah, its nice to see you again!
THANKS. You too, Pamela.
Did the operation go well?
How is your father ?
He is fine.
He's tired, but he's okay.
You had it last time!
I play with !
Mom, he's stealing my Lego!
They have the burden of proof.
Which means they're going to have to
prove that you knew about it.
They won't make it.
We will fight.
Don't worry about me.
Hand-foot syndrome?
After my first chemo,
I wore my husband's shoes.
I was successful.
Put your feet
in a basin filled with ice cubes.
It seems barbaric, but it works.
Is this your first cancer?
You are with Zanuch,
Bloch or Rosenfeld?
- Bloch.
- It's the best.
Trust me,
I saw them all.
Zanuch is the sexiest.
But Bloch is really better.
You have gorgeous hair.
There is a place that I recommend
when the time comes.
They will take care of you there.
Believe me,
it is important.
The image that the mirror reflects to you
must be your ally.
Not your enemy.
This is the first battle to be won.
Thank you, Dr. Bloch.
Good morning.
Good morning.
It's Sarah Cohen.
Here is my mom.
Nice to meet you.
I was just visiting a friend.
I think I got lost.
I don't know where the exit is.
It's over there.
And shit!
Sarah, did you ask me?
Come and sit down, please.
I'm going to need someone
to assist me at the Bilgouvar hearing.
And I chose you.
I do not know what to say.
Thank you for your trust.
From now on, you will assist
at all meetings.
Pamela will give you the documents.
I'm going to get started on it now.
About our meeting at the hospital,
I prefer it to stay between us.
Of course.
My brother, give me some money.
Give, give.
Take out some money and give it to me.
You who look at me,
give me something.
Be blessed.
Hey, baby.
Mom ?
I want to pee.
Are you blind? Watch where you're going!
Someone's been there for an hour.
He doesn't want to go out.
Open the door.
My daughter has to go to the bathroom.
It's no use.
She can do it here.
The train won't stop
only in an hour.
Do it here.
Hurry up ! The train is leaving.
Here we go !
Wait !
All the trains this evening have left.
Sorry mom.
We're going to have to sleep here.
I can help you.
I know a place.
If you want,
you can rest there.
You have such a pretty daughter.
Do you want to eat Jelabis, sweetie?
Come !
We're going to sleep here tonight.
I'm not going to be able to sleep here.
Do not worry,
these people are like us.
O train wait for us a little
Let me find our way
We don't really know
when we should come
Or when we have to leave
The journey is not easy
The path is dangerous
People kept their hair
to give them to us.
It was the tradition, the cascatura.
And then the tradition was lost.
Raw materials
has become very expensive.
All the workshops have closed,
one after the other.
Ours is the last.
you could find it elsewhere.
I can help you if you want.
My father always refused to import.
But if you want to save the workshop,
you have to evolve it.
No, you don't understand.
The people here are proud
and very attached to traditions.
I know.
But you,
you are not like them.
Take it, it is for you.
A kangha.
It will never work!
We have always treated
Italian hair.
I know, Francesca,
but the world is changing.
All companies
family close
because they are no longer
You have to adapt to the market.
The world leader
sources its supplies from Asia.
It's a multinational!
We are a very small workshop,
we don't have the build.
Dad always said it:
"The Italians
want Italian hair."
So we'll go sell elsewhere!
There are other markets:
Europe, North America.
Who do you think you are, Giulia?
You've never set foot outside Italy.
You know three words of English.
I will learn.
We could create
a cooperative with the workers.
She's right,
its already been done elsewhere.
- I saw it on YouTube.
- On Youtube ?
So like that,
are you sleeping with a stranger?
Antonia saw you.
The whole neighborhood
must already be aware.
While your father
is between life and death!
What a shame !
What a shame !
Shame ?
You're lecturing me.
But you're ready to sell me
to the Battagliola
to pay off the family debts!
Isn't that shameful?
Giulia, stay here, can you hear me?
Hello, Carl. Deborah.
Chris called
to reschedule your appointment.
He will come tomorrow at the same time.
And Flynn wants to postpone
Monday's hearing.
He says he still hasn't received
No, you have to appear.
We have already postponed.
I wanted to tell you...
If you require
whatever it is...
I am here.
This happened to my sister-in-law,
two years ago.
She's doing well today.
She is in remission.
Who did you talk to about it?
You had to be discreet.
Who did you talk to about it?
I had to say it.
You make mistakes in...
Errors ! It makes no sense !
It's normal that you are exhausted.
But I had to say it.
Who ? Who did you tell it to?
Gary Curst, only him.
I did it in the interest of the firm.
You would have done the same thing!
We have always had
a relationship of trust.
- Why didn't you tell me anything?
- I didn't want to worry you.
It's nothing, really.
It will be finished within two months.
Lorenzo had a lung tumor,
two years ago.
I didn't know, I'm sorry.
He's better now.
But I know how much
these treatments are heavy.
If you require
whatever it is, I'm here.
You can count on me.
And if you need help
for the Bilgouvar hearing...
Everything is under control.
And we will be ready.
I can't find the folder
Engel/System A. Do you have it?
- Gary came to pick him up yesterday.
- For what ?
For the appointment.
What meeting?
This morning's meeting.
- What were you doing ? We...
- Why wasn't I informed?
- You received the emails.
- I did not receive anything.
It's weird.
It was not a matter
than a technical meeting.
Ins will send you a summary.
Can I see you in my office?
I will need you Monday
for the session with the consultants.
Of course.
Mom ?
It's time.
I'm coming.
I made you some coffee.
I'm coming.
And shit.
Mom, we're going to be late.
Wake up.
The train is coming.
Our things !
Where are our things?
Mom, my doll!
- Give me that !
- Dad !
- It is my bag.
- No it's mine.
Give it to me.
- Go away !
- Liar ! It is my bag !
It's mine.
No, it's my bag!
- The doll!
- No.
How's that, no ?
I'm going to throw you over the railing!
Mom ! Give him the doll!
Go to hell, you and your doll!
Streak !
Go away !
The wardrobe.
The tables.
The balance.
What are you doing here ?
You no longer respond to my messages.
His name is Gino.
His parents are family friends.
They have money.
They are going to buy the house.
You don't have to do that.
Oh no ? And what do I do?
I leave my father to die in the hospital
and my family on the street?
There is surely another solution.
No, Kamal! There are not any !
We didn't promise anything, you and I.
It wouldn't have worked between us.
We have nothing in common.
And please don't come here anymore.
Dad !
You hear me ? It's me.
It's Giulia.
He moved his hand!
Dad, it's Giulia.
Come out, please. Get out.
Wait. Listen to me.
His hand moved. I felt it.
Listen to me !
He wakes up !
Yes yes. Come out, please.
Your father had a cardiac arrest.
We tried everything,
but we were unable to resuscitate him.
No. When I woke up,
I felt his hand move.
It's not possible.
I know...
No. I tell you
that I felt his hand move.
It happens sometimes.
I'm sorry.
I am really sorry.
Bilgouvar heard about
of your state of health.
He's worried about the trial.
He asks to be represented
by someone else.
It's ridiculous.
I'm perfectly fine.
I'm more than capable of handling this.
You know as well as I
what such a trial entails.
It's months and months
of appearances.
I know this file by heart.
I serve the interests of Bilgouvar
for ten years.
- I can do it !
- Nobody said otherwise.
But I also think of you.
A break would allow you
to get you back on your feet.
Don't take this file away from me.
Bilgouvar is my biggest customer.
Our biggest customer.
I can't take the risk
let him go to a competitor.
Whose ?
Who did you give the file to?
Gary Curst.
He's a good lawyer.
He has the skills and experience.
Sarah, don't take it personally.
I'm just trying to protect the firm.
Hello my brother.
What is the way to the temple?
You have to take the bus.
It costs 50 rupees per adult
and 25 for children.
Can we go on foot ?
There are six kilometers
to the foot of the mountain.
After that, you have to go up.
It's very difficult.
You won't make it with the little one.
Mom, you said
that we were going to see your cousins.
We go to the temple first.
I promised it to God.
We're almost there.
Look at.
We have to go barefoot.
It's tradition.
What ?
Get on my back.
What are you doing here ?
Hannah called me
and asked me to take him to college.
She has her history presentation,
Shit, I forgot.
She didn't want to wake you.
She says you don't go out anymore,
that you stopped eating.
She's worried about you.
Me too.
I took some time off.
You believe it ?
First time in my career.
Curst was appointed managing partner,
you are aware ?
Ins was right. She played well.
What do you mean ?
She claimed that I was
mistakes on a case.
She knew that with cancer,
I did not have...
no chance
to be promoted to managing partner.
She bet on someone else,
the clever.
Stop thinking about all that.
At one time, you considered
to open your own practice.
You could do it.
Will you take Hannah?
What ?
I do not want
that the children are separated.
Stopped ! I do not want
hearing you talk like that!
Sarah, you are a fighter.
You must fight!
My mother was a warrior too,
sometimes it's not enough.
Do not give up. You hear me ?
You have three children
who need you.
If you love them, then fight.
Show them who you are
and they are more important
than a managing partner position
at Johnson and Lockwood.
The boys...
asked me to give you this.
They rebuilt it. They say
that he is even stronger than before.
Hannah, it's yours.
The Amazons.
"Amazon comes from the Greek word 'mazos',
"which means 'chest', preceded
with an 'a', which means 'deprived of'.
"These women of Antiquity
"cut their right breast
"to shoot better with a bow.
"They were feared warriors
"and respected.
"Women copulated
with men from neighboring tribes,
"but raised their children alone.
"They employed men
for domestic chores.
"They fought many battles
and won a lot.
arguing about their origins.
"But for many...
"The Amazons remain a mystery."
"Don't cry over what you've lost,
Fight for what you have.
"Do not cry over him who is dead,
fight for what is born in you.
"Don't cry over the one
who abandoned you,
fight for the one who is with you.
"Do not cry over him who hates you,
fight for the one who loves you.
"Don't cry about your past,
fight for your present.
"Do not cry over your suffering,
fight for your happiness.
This requires reorganizing
work, but it's possible.
We did simulations,
an amortization plan.
The bank is ready
to study our file.
I present to you Kamal,
who could help us
for hair import.
In India,
there are temples
where are they going
thousands of pilgrims every year,
from all over the country,
to make an offering to God.
I do not want.
Our hair will grow back.
Now we must
give them as an offering to God
so that he may grant our prayers.
I'm voting for !
Me too.
Me too.
- I follow you !
- Me too.
Good morning.
Good morning.
I'm sorry,
I come without an appointment.
No problem.
After you.
This is synthetic
and comes from Japan.
Can you help me put it down?
Always from front to back.
It's a little difficult at first,
but you will get used to it.
No, it's not okay.
This is also synthetic,
but high quality.
No, it's not okay.
This is our most beautiful piece.
Natural hair from India.
They have been treated, bleached and dyed
in an Italian workshop.
Look, we're going there.
Do you think dad will come?
Yes. I have confidence in him, he will come.
The boys !
Mom !
You have new hair!
To Olivia
To courageous women