The Brain (1988) Movie Script

Thank you!
Thank you!
What a wonderful audience!
Such enthusiasm!
And now, here's your guide
to Independent Thinking.
Dr. Anthony Barrel Blake,
Director of the Psychological
Research Institute.
In this complex world that we live in,
we need all the help we can get
to make those right decisions.
That's why you, independent thinkers,
have made this the number one show
in the Greater Metropolitan Area.
Dr. Blake's on.
Don't you wanna come down and watch him?
No, I see him enough.
Tonight, I would like
to address the subject
of teenage alienation.
Today's young people lack confidence.
Drug abuse, alcoholism, teenage suicide
have all taken a horrendous toll.
But there is an answer.
Modern science can put
a stop to this epidemic,
just as it has solved
many problems in the past.
And we here at the
Psychological Research Institute
have the answer.
Independent Thinking!
Let me go!
Are you okay?
I don't know.
What is going on?
I don't know.
Just a few short months ago,
we were just another local
TV show here in Meadowvale,
but thanks to your support,
I am pleased to announce
we will be going nationwide
very soon.
Give yourselves a hand,
you Independent Thinkers.
Today's top story,
three more unexplained violent
deaths in the Meadowvale area
over the weekend.
Police have found no connection
between the rash of murders and suicides
which have swept our community
over the last two weeks.
Stay tuned for the latest
details on the hour
with complete local
and international news.
Now back to a bit of that hard, hard rock
you depraved teeny boppers love so much.
Gotta show me your mind
Oh baby right now
Everything is gonna be fine
Oh I need you
Oh I want you
Baby don't waste
Don't waste my time
- Oh hi, Jim.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Oh, if it isn't his majesty, Majelewski!
Hey, sup?
So uh, what time did
you get home last night?
My old man almost killed me.
Where's Janet?
She was looking for you.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Sorry I'm late.
Um, did you do the homework?
How you gonna copy it now?
I'll do it during class.
Jim, if you get caught,
I'll get in trouble too.
I thought you said you loved me.
I love you when you're
staying out of trouble.
Come on.
Oh wait.
I'll see you in there.
Where are you going?
I gotta go to the bathroom.
Hurry up.
Save my seat.
So what did you do this weekend?
Tell me.
Hi, Mr. Sweeney.
This is one of your stunts, isn't it?
You just came out of the washroom.
I think somehow you managed
to tamper with the plumbing.
That's why I'm soaking wet.
That's a pretty serious accusation, sir.
You know, we're learning
in civics class right now
how you're innocent until proven guilty.
So you think you're an American, do you?
Last time I checked.
Well you're not, you're in high school!
You left this behind.
Now I really gotcha, you little punk.
Let's go.
Mr. and Mrs. Majelewski,
it's true that James has
one of the highest IQs
in our high school.
However, his intellect and his energy
is primarily channeled
into causing trouble.
Doesn't seem to be
affecting my grades, does it?
No, but it's affecting the
students in our classrooms,
our teachers and myself.
That's too bad.
Yeah, it is too bad.
And unless we can find
some other alternative,
I may have no choice but to suspend James,
and if I do that, you won't graduate.
You can't do that.
It's blackmail.
It is not blackmail,
not in any way, shape, or form.
What we have to do is get
to the root of the problem.
I think it is your attitude
that is causing your antisocial behavior.
You can't prevent me from graduating.
James, you're preventing yourself!
Now, I am prepared to offer some help.
Mr. and Mrs. Majelewski,
Ms. Chisolm, our guidance counselor,
has some tapes I think
you'll find very interesting.
Now an important message
from the world famous psychologist,
Dr. Anthony Barrel Blake.
Does your teenager have
a discipline problem?
Is he or she in trouble at school,
involved with drugs, alcohol, sex?
At the Psychological Research Institute,
we have the answer.
Call us.
Well, I don't have a problem
with drugs, alcohol, or sex
so I guess we're done for today, huh.
Sit down, James.
You have a problem with your attitude
and your disruptive behavior!
Dr. Blake has seen some problem students
and we've seen terrific results.
I don't need to go to this guy Blake!
Everyone knows he's a flake!
You can't make me.
James, you don't seem
to grasp the seriousness
of what we're discussing here
or how earnest I am to
change your behavior!
Jim, Dr. Blake wouldn't
be on TV if he wasn't good.
Mom, everything you
see on TV is the truth?
Come on.
I'm sorry, I've reached
the end of my rope.
Jim, it doesn't look like
we have any real choice.
Dad, what are you doing?
You're gonna sell me out?
What are you going to
do if you don't graduate?
Make the appointment.
Thank you both for coming.
Jim, I said no.
Janet, we've been going
out for eight months.
I know.
But we decided I'm not gonna
do it until I get to college.
What if we go to different colleges?
Well if you wanna do it,
you're gonna have to go
to the college I go to.
Come on, I've
had a really hard day, okay?
I'm sorry.
I'm worried about you.
What are you gonna do about Mr. Woods?
I'm gonna go see that TV guy, Dr. Blake.
You mean PRI?
Yeah, why?
Well, do you think that's a good idea?
One place is as good as another.
Except for some places that
are better than them all.
Stop it, I'm serious.
I was talking to Sally,
and she said that Becky was
under treatment from Dr. Blake.
So what?
So there's a lot of really
weird stuff going on lately.
All right, I agree with you,
but why don't we just talk
about that tomorrow, okay,
just have a nice night together, alone.
Oh, god.
Scared your ass, didn't I?
Willie, what are you...
Is that all you guys
know how to do, play jokes?
That's not all Willie knows how to do.
Evening, Officer Marks.
All right, Majelewski,
come on, let's move it.
It's past curfew.
Thanks for reminding us.
Come on, move it.
All right, relax, we're going.
See you later, Willie.
I don't know.
Maybe Woods is right.
Maybe I am crazy.
You know you're not crazy.
Yeah, Marks needs a shrink,
but they give him a badge and
let him tell us what to do.
Could you explain that for me?
- Yes?
- I'm here to see Dr. Blake.
Give me those.
I didn't realize there were
so many crazy people in Meadowvale.
Crazy people are that way.
Follow the white line and fill these out.
Have a nice day, buddy.
You hear?
They're taking over.
The aliens.
Dr. Blake's an alien.
I tell everybody, but nobody believes me.
You believe me, don't you?
Sure, I believe you.
They're not gonna find me,
because I hide in my mind.
Good thinking.
Hey, hey.
How'd you get out again, huh?
Hey relax, buddy, he didn't do anything.
This is none of your business.
Come on, let's go back now, huh.
Come on.
James Majelewski?
Uh, yeah.
You can call me Jim.
Do you have any forms for me?
Oh, right here.
Parents signed the
consent form, that's good.
We have to do a preliminary checkup.
Can you lift up your shirt, please?
Yes, now.
Take a breath.
Heartbeat's excellent.
That's good to know.
Uh, what are those?
Dr. Blake will explain everything.
He'll be with you in just one minute.
Let's get started.
Dr. Blake.
I've seen you on TV.
I want you to clear your mind, Jim.
And I want you to answer my questions
to the best of your ability, hm.
Keep your eye on the monitor.
What is Vivian holding in her hand, Jim?
An apple.
It is a baseball.
I see an apple.
Look again.
Wait a minute.
It's still an apple.
Look directly at the monitor.
Now this is my kind of therapy.
What do you see now?
Well, there's two of them.
Two apples?
No, they're not apples.
They're round.
Wait a minute, what's happening?
What is it, Jim?
What do you see?
You can go now.
What the hell happened to me?
I'm not some kind of guinea pig, you know.
You're supposed to be helping me,
not messing with my mind!
It's all right, Jim.
- Get off me!
- You just suffered
from a hallucination, that's all.
Keep your hands off me, buddy.
You're crazier than that
guy out in the hallway.
Look, its tail is growing.
Spinal cord, Varna.
It's a brain, not an animal.
Forget Manjelewski.
I think it's hungry.
Don't tease it.
That thing is trying to
control us, I can feel it.
That is your imagination.
There's been eight deaths
since you began TV transmissions
of the brain's hypnotic wave.
Is that my imagination too?
There's no connection that
can be proven scientifically.
Resistance to the brain's hypnotic wave
causes hallucinations and you know it!
Your mediocre mind
cannot begin to comprehend
the importance of my work.
I suggest you look into
your own neurotic behavior.
Then perhaps you will understand
your continuing negativity.
You have to stop this insane research.
That thing isn't satisfied
just controlling the minds
of the people who watch your TV show.
It's apparent you and I
will no longer be able to work together.
Fine with me, but wait til I tell people
what's really going on around here.
Now take that thing and
bury it where it belongs!
That's food for thought.
Debbie, where's Janet?
Man, what happened to you?
I got into a car accident.
Jesus, what happened?
I'm all right.
But you're bleeding!
I'm all right.
Can we just go in the back and talk?
All right, come on.
Willie, get me a washcloth.
All right.
What happened?
I totaled my car.
I don't know.
I went to that PRI place
and they did all this weird shit to me
and made me hallucinate or something.
What are you talking about?
I don't know!
They did all this stuff.
Apples and baseballs.
And Blake's assistant's
blouse just floated off
and she walked right out of the TV.
You'd better not be joking around.
I'm not joking, Janet.
I'm serious.
I don't even know what happened.
I was just driving along
and this thing reached out and grabbed me.
Okay, I'm taking you to the hospital.
No, I don't wanna go to the hospital.
I don't want anymore doctors.
You're bleeding.
You guys, the whole
cheerleading squad just showed up!
Can I get some help?
In a minute!
Come on!
In a minute!
Would you shut up, Debbie?
Okay, I'll be back in 10 minutes.
Just sit down, don't move.
Weird story, huh?
Thank you.
Can I help someone?
Yeah, cheeseburger and fries.
Could I have lettuce,
cheese on that, please?
Janet, is Manjelewski here?
I wasn't talking to you.
Why, is something wrong?
His car was in an
accident down the road.
I thought he might've come in here.
You're his girlfriend.
What's going on back there?
It's the new stock clerk.
He knocks things over all the time.
Real clumsy.
What are you doing!
- Get out!
- Jim!
Jim, calm down!
Stop it!
Calm down!
Stop it!
Get out of the way!
Don't let them take me, Janet!
Janet, don't let them take me!
Janet, don't let them take me!
- Stop it!
- Don't let him take me!
What are you doing!
What are you giving him!
Stop it!
Who are you!
I'm Nurse Varna from PRI.
He just needs a little more treatment.
Where are you going!
- Jim!
- Janet!
Don't let him take me!
Come on, man.
What are you doing!
Bring him back!
Where are you taking him!
You can't just take him away!
Yes, we can!
We have a release form
signed by his parents!
Well let me go with him!
No, you don't!
Let go of me!
Let go of me!
Let go!
Let me sneak in.
You could sneak out.
They'll think I'm you.
They'll never find me in here.
So you're sure you wanna do this?
Come on.
Hurry up!
Come on!
I'm trying.
With its increased size,
the brainwaves we're sending
out can be even stronger.
We'll be reaching a wider audience.
Soon it'll be thinking for
all those morons out there.
The stronger it gets,
the more minds it needs to control.
It must expand or it will die.
Stop him!
I got it!
Hurry up.
Stay close to me.
Janet, we're never
gonna find him up here.
We have to, Willie!
What do you mean we have to?
I don't know!
We can't just leave him here.
I know, I know.
- Janet!
- Jim!
- What, what?
- There's two guys after me!
We gotta get the hell outta here, come on!
But what, what's happening!
- Watch out!
- Come on!
Hurry up!
Oh no!
Jim, no!
Over there, the truck!
Where the hell's the key!
I don't know!
Willie had them!
Look underneath the dash.
I think he's got a hide-a-key.
Oh my god!
- Look!
- Here, here, here!
Go, let's go!
Jim, drive!
What the hell is going on here!
It's that brain monster
thing that's killing everyone!
I heard Varna and Blake talking about it.
Jim, pull over, it's the police!
We can't trust them.
We need help!
We can't trust them!
- Hold it right there!
- Officer Marks!
- Hold it!
- You gotta get back to PRI!
What are you doing!
Officer Marks!
- We gotta get back to PRI!
- Get your hands up!
Listen to us!
We saw Willie killed at PRI!
Please, we need your help!
Officer Marks, will you listen?
- You killed Willie!
- Would you stop!
- I've got an APB out on you.
- No!
- Are you crazy!
- Listen!
There's a monster at PRI
that's killing people!
No, listen!
You're as crazy as he is!
Officer Marks, you're
making a big mistake!
- No, stop it!
- We gotta get back to PRI!
Blake's assistant just shot at us!
Shut up and get in the car.
- Would you listen, please!
- Stop it!
Get in the car!
Hey asshole!
We gotta get to PRI!
- Get in that car!
- No!
Get in there!
Come on!
Get in the car!
Jim, look.
Got them, both of them.
It's Blake's assistant!
That's them, back of the police car.
I'll take them down to the station.
You can follow me.
Oh my god.
He's coming after us!
Oh god!
Oh god!
Get out!
Hey, hey!
Majelewski killed him!
Chopped his head off!
We gotta find somewhere to hide.
How about the school?
It's Saturday.
Good thinking, come on.
Be careful.
It's very sad when a
difficult case goes wrong.
James Majelewski has trouble
dealing with reality.
Please, James, if you hear my voice,
please, turn yourself in
before you kill again.
And ladies and gentlemen,
if you see this poor unfortunate,
call the police.
Stay down, stay down!
Wait a second!
I knew it, Independent Thinking's on.
So what, Jim?
Come on!
He's gonna brainwash everyone!
There's gonna be no one
left to believe our story!
Stay down, stay down, stay down.
How many times have
you asked your husband
to watch this show and he has refused?
Don't let him ignore you
by ignoring me.
Be assertive.
Tell him if he wants you,
he must watch me.
If he wants you,
he must watch me.
Stay down, stay down.
Excuse me, sir.
There's a young boy and a blonde girl.
They're wanted in connection
with three murders.
Get down!
Thank you very much, sir.
Honey, wouldn't you like
to watch Dr. Blake with me?
No, you go ahead.
I'm not interested.
It's that asshole Woods!
Come on.
Hey, what are you doing?
Put that thing down.
That's not funny.
Put it down!
He killed him!
Majelewski got him in the head!
Get down!
Help me!
Give me your hand!
School's not far.
We'll be okay now.
We're not gonna be able to get in!
Could you not worry about it, please?
What's that?
Last year's metal shop project.
Let's get these off, okay.
I'll find something in
the metal shop we can use.
There's gotta be something in there.
Jim, I wanna call my dad.
He must be worried.
I don't think that's such a good idea.
He could help us.
People would listen to him.
He's one of them!
What do you mean one of them?
Didn't you tell me
he watches Independent
Thinking every week?
That he really likes Dr. Blake?
You can't just say that.
I mean, you don't know that!
If you call him,
he's gonna have the police
down here after you.
And then they're gonna find me.
Look, just wait here, okay.
I'll be right back.
Where are you going?
Metal shop.
Hi, dad?
Janet, where are you?
Daddy, I need your help.
Where are you?
You got yourself mixed up
with a very dangerous kid.
That Majelewski's a psychopathic killer.
You don't understand.
Just listen to me.
please, tell me where you are!
I can't.
Janet, I'm not
asking you, I'm telling you.
That Majelewski's a psycho.
He's liable to kill you!
These will work.
You all right?
It's okay, I didn't tell him where we are.
I understand, you had to call him.
I wonder how many other
people this has happened to.
There have to be some
sane people left, right?
I guess.
Let's sit down.
We gotta get back to PRI
and stop Blake somehow.
I don't know.
But I don't think his
hypnosis thing is permanent.
If we kill the brain,
everything should go back to normal.
What was that for?
I don't wanna wait anymore.
You sure?
Don't take any chances.
Shoot to kill.
James Majelewski has
trouble dealing with reality,
but we here at the
Psychological Research Institute
can still help him.
Please James, if you hear my voice,
please turn yourself in
before you kill again.
You can't even watch that for a minute.
It'll hypnotize you.
You're a murderer.
Very funny.
Don't even joke about it.
It's the truth, isn't
it, what he said on TV?
Janet, stop it.
Stay away from me.
What are you doing?
Stay away from me!
This is me, you know the truth!
Stay away from me!
Will you come to your senses?
Stay away from me!
You're a murderer!
You know the truth!
No, I just saw the truth!
Janet, you're not
supposed to watch that.
This is me!
Stay away from me!
Murderer, get away from me!
There he is!
Unit four pursuing Majelewski.
Heading out of town on Ray Street.
Majelewski's turned south
at side road number nine.
Any units out, move to intercept.
Unit two
turning onto side road nine
heading north to intercept.
Majelewski's headed west on Corey Road.
He's headed for a dead end.
I heard that story before.
Hey, that dude looks like
the psycho in the news,
the one that got killed.
In a few minutes,
10, 20 million people are
going to see our show,
and then you can transmit
your brainwaves into them
Are you sure?
He won't succeed!
Get him.
And this time don't fail.
This is your hallucination, Jim.
You have a dirty mind.
Don't continue to resist.
The brain will destroy you.
Join the wave of the future.
Is this another one of Blake's tricks?
No, Jim.
You're the kind of person
Dr. Blake really needs.
Jim, what if I told you
that Dr. Blake wasn't human?
But he knows what's good for us.
He's here to help you.
Like he helped Willie?
You can't possibly win.
You can't even control your own mind.
Watch me.
Is that you?
Ma, you gotta help me.
I thought you might be dead.
No, I'm all right.
It's my son.
The murderer.
Mom, what are you doing?
My son, the psycho.
He's a murderer.
Mom, I didn't kill anybody.
Get him!
Get him!
Jim, get me out of here!
Jim, get me out of here!
Get me out of here!
Get me out of here, please, now!
Hurry up!
It's coming back, hurry!
These people are next!
Jim, hurry up, please!
Now, all across America,
it's Independent Thinking,
with Dr. Anthony Barrel Blake,
Director of Psychological
Research Institute.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You're a wonderful audience.
So enthusiastic.
We all deserve to celebrate tonight,
for tonight is our first
broadcast nationwide,
and we are already in negotiations
to go worldwide via satellite.
deserve the applause.
You good people of Meadowvale
who have supported our program so loyally.
You are all Independent Thinkers.
Every one of you.
But before we continue
with tonight's festivities,
there is something I must talk about
for just a few moments.
The sad tragedy of James Majelewski,
something that has struck the hearts
of all of us here in Meadowvale.
He has killed several people,
and he is here in this building.
My belief is that he came here for help.
And we at the Psychological
Research Institute can help him.
Jim, you have come for help.
Look at this thing!
It wasn't even human!
Dr. Blake was trying to take over
by controlling your
minds through television!
He's the one who's responsible
for all those murders!
I never killed anyone!
I'm just a high school student!
He tried to use me,
just like he tried to use all of you.
Everyone please, look at the TV monitor,
because you know that's the truth!
Please, look at the TV monitor!
He tried to use me just like
he tried to use all of you!
The truth is that it was him, not me!
Dr. Blake committed all those murders,
not Jim Majelewski!
Oh I love you!
I was so scared!
I love you too.
Come on, we gotta get out of here.
Let's get out of here, come on.
Jim, help!
Jim, help!
Help me!
Oh god!
Jim, help!
Get down!
Looks like Princeton wants you too, Jim.
Well they're just gonna
have to wait in line
like the rest of them.
Too bad Mr. Woods can't see this.
Yeah, it is too bad.
There's Janet.
Oh, can you take these boxes out, yeah?
Okay, I'll be home late.
Don't wait up.
Okay, bye.
Bye, Jim.
- Hi.
- Hi.