The Brain From Planet Arous (1957) Movie Script

Checks out all right.
I don't understand it.
Hey, Dan, it doesn't
make any sense.
Mm hmm.
I said it doesn't
make any sense.
The Geiger counter's been
going on and off all morning,
and the nucleometer is
riding along with it.
Ah, you talk like a man
with rocks in your head.
Radio activity's
a constant thing.
Either it's there...
Oh yeah?
Radon gas seepage?
AEC checked this whole
area two years ago.
Couldn't be a plane flying
over the bombing range
with an atomic warhead.
Not unless he's hedgehopping.
Maybe just a blast of
cosmic energy from the sun.
This stuff is coming from right
there, only 30 miles away.
The base of Mystery Mountain.
Or in the mountain itself.
Hello, anybody home?
Do you know it's three o'clock,
and you mad scientists haven't
even stopped for lunch?
Huh, no wonder I've been getting
insulting messages
from my stomach.
Hello, Sal.
Something going on over
at Mystery Mountain.
On Mystery Mountain?
The most god forsaken
spot on the desert.
Hasn't seen a human
being since 1900
when the prospectors gave it up.
Sure must be hot out there.
Dad says he can't
understand how the army
missed building a base out
there it's so miserable.
There it goes again.
Look at that dial, 20 millirems.
Why, per square, that'd be...
Dan, we're going over
to Mystery Mountain.
Not before we eat!
No, I've got the fires down
to a beautiful coal
on the barbecue,
and, well, you just
have to eat, come on.
Oh, boy, I can hardly wait.
Hey Steve, if we're gonna take
a trip to Mystery Mountain,
can't we get Jim to take us
over with the scintillator?
That's the easy way.
Nope, we're going in a Jeep.
I don't wanna scare away who's
ever out there with a plane.
Ah, for now fly
out into the patio,
or I'll never get
this lunch together.
What do you expect to
find out there, Steve,
a crank using an old
mine for experiments?
You got me.
Spooks, gotta be spooks.
Hey, what're you doing,
incinerating them?
I like mine pretty raw.
Better feed him before
he becomes violent.
Go sit down, both of you.
Hi, Mr. Fallon.
Dan, Steve.
Hey, ah, if you like
your hamburgers cremated,
you're just in time.
Oh, thank you, Dan.
Well, I didn't know we
were having a party.
Yeah, a little going away
party for Steve and me.
Making a trip, Steve?
Just over to Mystery Mountain.
Well, what in the world
would take you out there
at this time of the year?
Must be at least
120 in the desert.
That's what
I've been telling him.
There's something
going on over there.
Open the door for
me, will you, please, Dan?
Well, you can't just leave
me there, Steve, go on.
There's a hot blast of gamma
coming from Mystery Mountain.
That's cause enough for any
scientist to go into the desert.
Lucky it's intermittent.
If it was constant,
we'd be fried.
Oh, either way we get
fried, by a gamma ray,
or a Jeep ride across a
desert at 120 in the shade,
which the nearest
of is 20 miles away.
All right, Danny boy, if you
feel delicate, I'll go alone.
What and get lost?
Oh, please remember,
Steve, I'm your brain.
Don't make a move without me.
Have you any idea
what it could be, Steve?
No, that's what
we're gonna find out.
Give me some onions,
will ya, Sally?
The way Dan's piling them on,
I'm gonna have to eat
some in self-defense.
How long do you
expect to be gone?
Three or four days,
if the spooks don't get us.
Don't you think you ought
to notify the AEC, Steve?
No, not till we find out first.
Hmm, curiosity.
I know, kills cats.
We've got 18 lives between us.
Hmm, and no more hamburgers.
I guess we can't make it
any further in the Jeep.
I suppose we're about
to pick up our gear
and walk from here.
You supposed right.
Try the scintillator, will ya?
Couldn't be deader.
Recorded this morning.
You saw it.
This water tastes like weak tea.
It's practically boiling.
Well, I'll be darned.
Take a look at this.
A little more than halfway
down and to the left.
What do you see?
A pile of rocks.
Wasn't there last winter.
Come on, Dan.
It's not far.
Daylight's about
to run out on us.
Boy, when I think I could
have studied accounting,
and worked in an
air-conditioned office.
Boy, I'd have bet eight to
five against it, we'd take...
Dan, over here!
Dan, look at this cave.
Just been blasted out recently.
That explains that
pile of rocks.
Take a look at those markings.
Yeah, somebody's gone
to a lot of trouble,
and they had to
have a good reason.
No, nobody's been in there.
There are no
footprints anywhere.
Let's take a look inside.
It's probably pull up beer cans.
Find anything, Steve?
Dead end.
That way.
I wish we knew what
we're looking for.
To find it and get out of here.
See that?
The flash, of course.
Think I'm walking in
here with my eyes shut?
Turn the Geiger
on again, will ya?
It is on.
Suddenly it's cool as
a well diggers foot.
There was radio activity
in here before we saw it.
Douse your light, Dan.
See that glow?
Yeah, somebody's
in that passage.
Get the rifle ready.
Want me to take it?
No, come on.
Hello in there!
We're friends, come on out!
Our friend turned
off his flashlight.
We go in after him?
We're coming in!
We don't want any trouble,
but we're armed in case you are!
Dead end and nothing.
You saw that light.
You can't beat facts, Steve.
We've covered every
inch of this passages,
and there's no one here.
We better get outta here.
Well, I'm with you.
We'll get the...
What is it, Steve?
We gotta get past it somehow.
Oh, oh, hello, Dad.
No, I haven't heard from
Steve or Dan for a whole week.
You know them.
They get real carried away if
they find anything unusual.
Yeah, Jim called and
if it's right with you,
we're going up to Mystery
Mountain this afternoon.
Mm hmm, surprise them.
All right, Dad, I'll
see you about one.
I'll have lunch ready for you.
Okay, bye bye.
The prodigal returns.
Glad to see me?
Am I?
You two have been up at
Mystery Mountain a whole week.
You know what we found?
Absolutely nothing.
What's the matter?
You never kissed me
like that before, wow.
I never missed
you so much before.
You should stay away more often.
Where's Dan?
Oh, you know Dan,
playboy at heart.
One week in the mountains,
and he has to go to Las
Vegas to recuperate.
What's the matter, Steve?
Nothing's the matter.
But, well, you're different.
I don't know what
you mean, different.
I'm still the same old lovable
character I always was.
Excuse me, Sally.
What happened
out there, tell me.
Nothing, Sally.
Now, now, don't you worry your
pretty little head about it.
No, not until you've
told me the truth.
I'm Sally, remember?
The girl you're going to marry.
I know you, Steve,
and I know when there's
something wrong.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
If you mean that,
that pain I had,
it was just a tooth kicking up.
Come here.
You're just spooked,
you know it?
Getting all fired
up just because
I don't explain a toothache.
Well, you acted funny,
and that way you kissed me.
Like that?
It makes my toes tingle.
Don't, Steve!
Oh, you're, you're
holding me too tight.
Don't, no, don't, Steve!
Stop it, Steve!
I'm sorry.
You've been working too hard.
You've got to see a doctor.
Don't expert me,
Sally, I'm all right!
Georgie, Georgie,
he didn't mean it.
Something's the
matter with Steve.
What happened to him out there?
Who are you?
What do you want?
I am Gor.
I need your body
as a dwelling place
while I am here on your Earth.
Why me?
Because you are a
recognized nuclear scientist.
Because you have entree to
places on Earth I want to go.
I chose your body
very carefully,
even before I knew about
Sally, a very exciting female.
Leave Sally out of this.
Why, she appeals to me.
There are some aspects of
the life of an Earth savage
that are exciting and rewarding,
things that are missed by the
brains on my planet, Arous.
If you so much as
touch Sally, I'll...
It is you who are touching her.
Even I must have some
interest to spur me on.
She'll do very nicely.
I warned you!
None of your puny
weapons will affect me.
As long as you are alive,
you will have me
using your body,
directing your brain,
turning your simple little will
off and on like
a key and a lock.
You saw what happened
to your friend.
I'm sparing you only
because I need you.
For as long as I
wish to be, I am you.
Hi, Sally.
Oh, Dad, Dad.
What is it, what's the matter?
It's Steve.
Something happened to Steve?
I don't know.
He, he was here
just an hour ago.
I can't explain it to you.
He, he was changed.
I think he was ill.
He, he looked like he,
well, I just can't tell you.
It was awful.
You think he's ill?
No, no, he never looked better,
but it was as if
he was a stranger.
Well, I'll talk to Dan.
He'll know whatever it is
that's bothering Steve.
I wouldn't worry.
Steve says Dan
went to Las Vegas.
I don't believe it.
It's not like Dan.
There's something wrong.
Did it ever occur to you
that Steve might have
something on his mind?
Well, I'll run over to the
lab and see if I can help.
If I were you, I'd put
another place on the table.
Don't you answer
your door anymore?
I'm sorry, I, I
didn't hear you knock.
I can only stay a minute.
Steve, something's the
matter between you and Sally.
What is it?
Oh, nothing really.
Sally's just a
little upset with me
for staying away so long.
She'll get over it.
It's more than that, Steve.
I know Sally pretty
well by this time.
She's worried about you.
Why don't you come back
to the house with me,
and have lunch with us?
Well, I'd like to.
I'd like to come over and
talk to you about.
I can't come over now.
Will you please leave?
Of course, if
that's what you want.
That's what I want.
Steve, I think you're ill.
May I call Dr. Parker for you?
No, mind your own
business, will you?
Get out of here!
Aren't you worried at
all about Steve, Dad?
Of course I am, Sally,
but Steve's a grown man.
He has his problems.
We all have.
But I'm in love with him.
We're going to be married.
Well, don't you think we should
do something if he's sick?
Sally, I don't like to interfere
in other people's affairs.
Steve is terribly
upset by something.
If he wanted to take me into
his confidence, he would.
But if you could've seen the way
he acted here this
afternoon, you'd, well,
Well, I can't
explain it to you, Dad.
Something terrible
has happened to Steve,
and what's more,
I don't think Dan
is in Las Vegas.
It, it isn't like Dan just to
suddenly disappear like that.
Well, what do you
wanna do, Sally?
I'm willing to try
anything if it'll help.
Well, whatever happened to Steve
happened on Mystery Mountain.
I'd feel a lot better
if we could go there
to see if we can
find the answer.
It's a terrible trip
this time of the year.
I know, but just the same
I'd like to make it tomorrow.
Well, I've spoiled you
too long to try to stop now.
We'll leave tomorrow morning.
You get the food and water
and I'll get the other gear.
Thanks, Dad.
I, I don't know what
we'll find out there,
but at least we'll be trying.
Looks like the end of the
line for the car anyway.
Look, Dad, their canteen.
Jeep tracks too.
Must have walked down
the mountain from here.
Get the water.
I'll get the flashlight.
Careful, honey.
Oh, oh, I'm beat, Dad.
Woo, must be 120 out here today.
This is no place to rest.
At least there's shade
in that cave over there.
That cave.
I've been out here
with Steve before,
and I know that
cave wasn't here.
Come on, it's just a step.
This cave wasn't here.
All right, Sally, I believe you,
but I don't see
how all this rock
could've been blasted
from the mountain
without us knowing about it.
This passage goes back as
far as my light will reach.
I'm telling you,
Dad, it wasn't here,
or Steve or I would've seen it.
You know Steve.
The rock isn't even discolored.
You're right, Sally.
This cave was blasted open
within the last two
weeks to the outside.
Here are their footprints.
At least we know
they came this far.
There's a side passage, Dad.
Dad, did you see
that flash of light?
No, I didn't, honey.
It was probably my
light reflecting.
It's all right, Sally, it's me!
We'd better get out of here.
Oh no, no, something in
there happened to change Steve,
and I'm going to
find out what it was.
Steve's scintillator.
He must've had a real good
reason for leaving that behind.
Yes, I know, honey.
He must've been in a hurry.
You can turn the
light back on, Dad.
I saw it.
Stay here.
He's dead, isn't he?
What was it?
What caused it?
I don't know, nothing
I'm familiar with.
All this has something to do
with the way
Steve's been acting.
We'd better get back to town,
and report this to the sheriff.
Who, what are you?
Do not be afraid.
I am a friend.
I am not of your Earth.
My name is Val.
I am from the planet, Arous.
I was sent here by my leader
to capture the criminal, Gor,
who escaped from Arous
to your planet Earth.
He has already voided
that human in the passage.
He is cunning and dangerous.
I need your help.
What can we do?
Do you know the
dead one's companion?
Yes, he's a very good friend.
He has been behaving strangely?
Yes, he has.
His body has been taken over
by this criminal I seek.
If you have regard
for your friend,
not a word of this
meeting to anyone.
Tomorrow night at eight o'clock,
I will appear at your home.
We will make our plans there.
Dad, what are we going to do?
We must do as the thing says.
We have no choice.
Yes, this is Steve March.
I'd like to speak
to Colonel Frogley,
atomic energy headquarters,
Indian Springs.
Could you put me through please?
Hello, colonel, Steve March.
Yeah, you're right.
I'm calling in connection
with those tests
you planned this week.
Oh, just small ones, eh?
Well, I'd still like to
be there as an observer.
All right.
I certainly appreciate
this, colonel.
I'll be there.
Goodbye, sir.
So Friday, the savages
are going to play
with their new toy.
Go, I will be there As an observer.
I am going to demonstrate
something Friday.
I have a surprise for them.
Somebody's gotta
be able to stop you!
Get out, get out, get out!
Your feeling of helplessness
is your best friend, savage.
When I am occupying your body,
or in my present
transitory form,
I am without substance
and indestructible.
You are fortunate that, Gor,
one of the greatest
intellects in a world,
where intelligence is all,
has chosen to use your body.
I, Gor, in your stupid body,
will have power of life or
death over this civilization.
Through me, you shall have power
such as no man has
ever seen before
in the history of your planet.
The power of your intellect.
Good dog, good dog.
Please be seated.
I come to you on the
friendliest of missions.
What do you want us to do?
You can help me save the Earth
from a terrible experience.
Yes, the whole Earth.
Gor is insane for power.
That's why he came to Earth
when he escaped from Arous.
You are a weaker
new civilization.
With Gor's power and his
ambition, he could rule it.
How can you stop him?
I will have to force him
out of the body of your friend
to take him back to
Arous for his punishment.
If I can not,
your friend will have to
give life to save the world.
But why should
Steve have to die?
Well, we will try to save him.
Now, I need a host,
an Earth body.
Take mine.
No, Sally, I'd like to help.
Let me explain.
Once I'm in your body,
I will be in complete
control of your thoughts,
your movements, your life.
I must have your
complete agreement,
and very complete
cooperation in every way.
I agree.
I will need a body that
will be inconspicuous,
and constantly around Gor.
Think it over carefully.
Perhaps the young lady
would be the best.
George, what about George?
The dog?
He is intelligent,
devoted, strong.
And he's always
with Steve and me.
We will take the young female
for a ride in your car.
I will enjoy being you tonight.
She gives me a very
strange, very new elation.
How can I let my daughter
put herself in
hands of this thing?
How long must this go on?
Only until I can capture Gor
outside of Steve's body.
No harm shall come.
Are you sure?
I have powers that equal
and surpass the powers of Gor.
Here he comes.
Remember, we must do
nothing to make Gor suspicious.
You must treat Steve as you
have always treated him.
But how can I?
I'm scared to death of him.
You must find strength.
Hello, John.
Hi, Sally.
Better get a sweater on.
I got the top down.
All right.
Hello, George.
Come on, boy, put your feet up.
Come on, come on, fella.
How are you, old mutt?
So Dan decided to
visit the fleshpots.
Ah, yeah.
John, about the, about
that scene the other day.
I'm ah, I'm sorry.
It's forgotten, we
all have our bad days.
I, I guarantee it'll
never happen again.
If you can forgive me,
I, I was mad at Dan.
He ran out on me in the midst
of a very important experiment.
I don't know.
Things just piled up.
Forget it, Steve, forget it.
It never happened.
But I am glad to see you
in your usual good humor.
All set, master?
Let's go.
Oh, you wanna go, Georgie?
All right, you can go if
you promise not to drive.
Have a good time, kids.
That's our world out
there, Sally, yours and mine.
Really, all of it?
If you want it.
You been out in the sun
a lot today with no hat on?
I can give it to
you, believe me.
Not so rough, Steve.
Goodness, you've turned
into a regular caveman.
You see a difference in me, eh?
I am different, Sally
and the whole
world's going to know
how different by next Friday.
I'm going to the atomic
bomb test in Indian Springs.
I'm gonna watch the test
with Colonel Frogley
and Professor Tate,
and then I'm gonna
introduce my discovery.
It'll make the atomic bomb
look like a firecracker.
You frighten me when
you talk like that.
It's true, I've
discovered a power
that's gonna make me the
most feared man on Earth.
Is that what you want?
Power, that's
what everyone wants.
That's why the office
boy wants to be the boss.
That's why the private
wants to be the general,
power And I've got it.
I wish you'd tell me what
you're talking about, Steve.
It doesn't make any sense.
I can't.
Don't, Steve, Steve!
You think you can get
away from me, you can't.
I want you, Sally,
and what I want I take!
I, I kind of got carried
away out there, didn't I?
Yes, you did.
Do any good to say I'm sorry?
You know I love you, Steve,
but I hardly knew you tonight.
Forget it.
If you want me to.
What are you going
to do Friday, Steve?
I'm going to the atomic
test as an observer.
You can forget all
that crazy talk.
All right.
Forget all about
tonight, will you?
The plane, a worldwide liner,
with 38 passengers board,
simply exploded in mid-air
according to eyewitnesses.
The wreckage is high on the
side of Mount Alamogordo.
Rescue parties are
now on their way
to the scene of the tragedy.
Although there is little hope
that any of the victims
will be found alive.
Mount Alamogordo,
it's only 20 miles away.
We might be able to help.
You, couple of
your men up there!
Give 'em a hand
with this litter!
Turn that light over here!
Get that light over here!
Another body coming
over the hill, colonel.
Good, bring him right up here.
Take it easy, take it easy.
Get the door.
Turn that light
back on down here!
Colonel Hawk, anything we can?
Still some bodies missing.
Well, we were driving
a few miles away,
heard the broadcast.
Hold it right there, fellas.
This is not for you, miss.
They all look like that?
Have you ever see anything else
that flash burns so violently?
All right, men.
I wanna show you something else.
Brought Professor Tate from
Indian Springs over with me.
He's been testing the
only piece of metal
we could find so far.
Plane exploded over
a hundred acres.
Oh, hi, Steve.
Hello, Dale, radiation?
Well, it seems almost certain,
yet there's no contamination.
I've never seen anything
like this before.
Now what we're telling you
is in strict confidence, Steve.
We don't wanna start a panic.
Better take this piece,
and get it over to
Indian Springs lab.
Steve, see you later.
Bye, Dale.
I couldn't help hearing
what he said, Steve.
It was terrible.
Could be the
beginning of the end.
What you mean?
You heard what he said.
That accident was caused
by something we've
never seen before.
What did cause it?
If the professor's right,
it was caused by a power
from outside of this world.
Do you really
believe that, Steve?
There's nothing else to believe.
Why would it
do a thing like that?
To demonstrate its
power over the Earth?
Oh, I'm sorry.
I, I didn't mean to frighten
you with my theories, Hun.
If your theories were true,
we'd be at the
mercy of this thing.
Yes, such a creature
could rule the whole world.
Oh, Dad, it was awful.
We went to the plane crash.
Those people were burned
just the way Dan was.
It was that thing that
possesses him that did it.
Now Sally, this is a time
for the thinking and
planning, not crying.
I know, I know.
There must be some
way to stop it.
It will not be an easy task.
Gor is not vulnerable while
he is in the body of the human
or in his transitory stage.
Only when he is
in his true form,
can he be killed or captured?
Can a human kill
him at such a time?
It is possible.
In his true state, a
heavy blow on the point,
known to your surgeons as the
Fissure of Rolando, can kill.
Is there any special time
when Gor might assume
such a, a state?
In Earth's atmosphere,
we must return to our true
state once every 24 hours
in order to assimilate
enough oxygen for life.
If we could tell Steve
of this Fissure of Rolando.
That is very dangerous.
It would have to be done
when Gor is not
inhabiting the body.
If Gor even
suspected your friend
of having this information,
he would kill him immediately.
There must be some answer
to this horrible situation.
Perhaps the army.
The army could do no good.
Then what are we supposed to do?
Just sit and wait.
I love him, Dad.
Do you understand?
I, I just can't leave him
alone when he needs help.
You can't help him, Sally.
Nobody can.
Come in!
Hello, Steve!
Hello, Wiley, what's
the law doing out
on a night like this?
Drove over to talk to you.
Well, sit down.
I'll pour you cup of coffee.
All right?
What have I done?
Oh, I reckon nothing, Steve.
Just got some questions
I wanna ask you.
Oh, about the plane accident?
I was there.
No, it's about Danny Murphy.
Dan, is he in trouble?
Well, it depends on
the way you look at it.
He's dead.
Dead, what happened?
I was hoping you
could tell me, Steve.
Found his body in a cave
on Mystery Mountain.
You went out there
with him, didn't you?
Yeah, and I came back with him.
He said he was
going to Las Vegas.
Yeah, so I understand.
We did an autopsy on
Dan's body, Steve.
He never made it to Las Vegas.
Well, he said he was going.
Yeah, autopsy
showed he'd been dead
since the day you
two went out there.
Doc put the cause
of death as burns.
Said his body was cindered,
just like the bodies
in that plane wreck.
Don't reckon, you'd know
too much about that.
But there's more to this
business in the cave
than you've told me.
Planning on
arresting me, sheriff?
Well, I might.
On what grounds?
You lied about Dan.
Said he was in Las Vegas,
when all the time
you knew he was dead.
That's grounds enough.
You and he are also mighty
fond of that fallon girl.
You're in a little
trouble, Steve.
Oh no, I'm not.
You're the one
that's in trouble.
Yeah, I killed Dan.
I killed those people
in that plane too,
and now I'm gonna kill you.
I'm taking you in, Steve.
Oh no, you're not.
Heat intense enough to do this
must have been caused by
some sort of a a blast,
but there's no radio activity.
What do you make of
it, Professor Tate?
Well, the burns are unlike
those of uranium or cobalt-60,
or any other daughter product
we know of it present.
Then there's only one answer.
We have been invaded,
not the United States,
but the world has been invaded.
Not so fantastic, gentlemen,
we're talking of
invading the moon.
Our job is to find out
who the invaders are,
and try to work with them.
We are certainly
helpless against them.
But what about the
atomic test tomorrow
at Indian Springs, colonel?
I've had a conference
call with my colleagues.
We can see nothing to be
gained by delaying the tests.
The proximity of the plane
disaster to the testing grounds
convinces us that the
invaders are in that area.
The tests may be instrumental,
in bringing them
out into the open.
Physicians report
from Indian Springs.
The condition of the bodies
recovered from the plane crash
is identical with that of the
nuclear scientist, Dan Murphy,
killed at Mystery Mountain.
Death by intense radiation.
Gentlemen, gentlemen,
the knowledge we have must
be treated as top secret.
We want no panic.
Only key personnel in your units
will be briefed
on our suspicions.
We should move at once
to Indian Springs,
and prepare for any emergency.
All right, that's that.
Come on, George, get out.
Come on, boy.
Hey, you got company!
Sally, can't let him
know you're frightened.
Always at meal time.
You can smell meat and
potatoes clear out to your lab.
Came by for that and to
return your beast, George.
Came over to visit
me last night.
Almost ate me outta
house and home.
Hello, John.
Hello, Steve, as
long as you're here,
won't you stay
for a bite to eat?
I plan to.
Gotta go home early though.
Big day tomorrow
at Indian Springs
just got the weather reports.
Perfect for the tests.
Gonna be a lot of brass
there, that's good.
I wanna talk to them about
some ideas I've developed.
Got some surprises for them.
Well ah, I'll go
get dinner ready?
So the experiments
are going well.
You've worked hard, Steve.
You deserve some recognition.
I'll get it tomorrow.
Giving out any hints,
or do I have to wait with
the rest of the world?
No, no hints, John.
Well, maybe ah, one hint.
I'll tell you this much.
I'm gonna give a
demonstration tomorrow
that'll create as
much excitement
as the bombing of Hiroshima.
Not much left for George.
Come on, boy, sit up.
Now that was a
good dinner, Sally.
Don't sound so surprised.
Well, I'm going to
the den and get to work
before the dishwashing starts.
Every silver lining
has a dark cloud.
Guess, I'm stuck.
That's what I want for
my birthday, a dishwasher.
Well, I'll see you after
the dishes are washed.
Oh, you don't have
to help me, Steve.
I know you're in a
hurry to get home.
Ah, I'll wash them
twice the next time.
Won't be long now, Hun,
and you'll be Mrs.
Steve March, okay?
You know it is.
You'll like living
in Washington.
Yeah, servants, everything
your little heart desires.
We're going to be rich.
Mm, richer than that.
Pictures in the paper.
Royally calling on you.
You scare me when you
talk like that, Steve.
You don't believe me.
Of course I don't.
I know you're just kidding,
but you kid too much.
It's, it's becoming
an obsession.
All this power and
money, who needs it?
I do!
And you will too.
It's habit forming, Sally.
The more you get,
the more you want.
You'll see what I mean tomorrow.
I don't understand
you anymore, Steve.
What's going to happen tomorrow?
What is it that's going to
make all this difference?
You'll just
have to wait and see.
Love me?
You know I do.
Gonna marry me?
Mm hmm.
No matter what happens?
I can't think of anything
that would keep me from
loving Steve March.
You're more important to
me than anything, Sally.
You know that.
That's the way I
feel about you, Steve.
Only you've suddenly got
a yen for power and money.
I guess there's nothing
strange about that.
Not for a man who's in love
with the most wonderful
for girl in the world.
I want those things for
you, you silly little idiot.
Now, don't get
started on that again.
Okay, you don't wanna
be rich and famous.
All right, powerhouse.
So you don't wanna do
the dishes, get going.
I've gotta keep my
mind on my work.
See you tomorrow on way
home from Indian Springs.
Well, Steve, glad you got here.
Hello, colonel, I understand
you have a lot of brass
out here for the test today.
We have, we also have a
very serious situation, Steve.
There's a top drawer
meeting scheduled,
oh, here they are right now.
General Brown, I'm sure you've
heard of Dr. Steve March.
He's been conducting
experiments in nuclear fission
on a Grant here in the desert.
Steve, General Brown.
How'd you do.
I'm afraid, March, that
this meeting is top secret.
I ah, understand general.
The colonel was just telling me.
However, before
the meeting starts,
I'd like to have a few
words with you gentlemen.
I promise you I won't
waste your time.
Well, I'm afraid the
business we have at the moment
is more important, March.
Come along, colonel.
I'm sure it isn't, general.
This meeting is about
the mysterious explosion
of the passenger plane
and the radiation burning
of my assistant, Dan
Murphy, isn't it?
I can explain those deaths,
if you and the rest
of the gentlemen
would give me a few
moments of your time.
All right, two minutes.
Sit down, sit down, gentlemen.
Gentlemen, before I can ask you
to take what I have
to say seriously,
I want to show you something.
This is a closed
circuit television set
focused on the test
area, isn't it?
And ah, these
buildings and equipment
have been placed in the
desert for destruction
by the atom blast?
That's right.
Would you all kindly
watch the screen?
Attention all personnel!
This is an emergency!
That was not the atom
bomb that blew up!
Repeat, that was not
the planned explosion!
What you have just seen me
do to that one small area,
I can do to a city, a
nation, or a continent.
Fantastic, and you
brought down that plane?
I did.
You've killed your
assistant with this power?
I did and I'll kill anybody else
that interferes with my plans.
Get out of your chair, Frogley.
Let the general sit down.
Sit down, general!
I know what you're all thinking.
That I must be destroyed,
but I can't be destroyed.
And any attempt by
any means to do so
will bring forth reprisals that
will shock the whole world.
I hope that will
be sufficient proof
that I am to be dealt
with in a sensible manner.
Now these are my orders to you.
In 10 hours at exactly
eight o'clock tonight,
I want to meet with
authorized representatives
from the United States,
England, France,
Russia, China, and India.
I will state my
proposition at that time.
Any country I've mentioned
that does not have
a representative
with full power to act,
present in this
room at that time,
will find its capital
city completely wiped out
at 10 minutes past that hour.
But that isn't enough time.
But that's all
the time you have.
General, what're we gonna do?
I must get in
touch with Barkley!
Hello, operator, get me
the White House, will you?
This is General Brown.
Yes, this is Jensen.
Boy, am I beat.
That meeting this morning
knocked the stuffing out of me.
But was it successful?
Oh, I shook him 'em up a little,
but the meeting
tonight's the main event.
And you can't tell
me anything about it?
You'll read about
it in the papers.
When I'm rich and famous?
Like maybe tomorrow.
So quick?
You know me when I get going.
I'm a fireball.
You know, operator, it looks
like you could use a nap,
before the evening's
Will you wake me
in time to dress?
Sure, 6:30, that'll
give you plenty of time.
Oh, it's ah, 5:10 now.
You'd better get some sleep.
He's asleep, he has to be
at the meeting at eight.
Gor is tired because
he has had no opportunity
to return to his
true form for oxygen.
He will be over
the 24 hour period.
He will be very vulnerable.
You mean that spot
near the top of the brain
known as the, the
Fissure of Rolando?
You have a good memory.
Steve, Steve,
wake up, it's 6:30.
You'll have to hurry.
Come on, wake up
Enough time for that mush.
Right now you have to get going.
Oh, brow beater.
Loyal friend, that's what I am.
Now, get going.
You know it's over an hour's
drive to Indian Springs.
You wanna be late for
your big occasion?
Okay, okay, you win.
Oh boy, am I tired?
I've got my orders, out.
See tomorrow, Sal.
Not tonight?
I'm going straight home
after the meeting, I'm beat.
No George, you
can't go this time.
Come on, come on,
George, get out, go on.
I, ah, I'm glad to see
that your government
is prompt enough to
save its capital city,
Moscow, isn't it?
My country, the Soviet,
ordered me to come.
We do not believe in miracles.
I am here merely as an observer.
Are there any
doubters in the group?
Is it possible that you want
me to demonstrate my powers
by wiping out your
capitals city?
As one of the two
delegates in this room
that attended your
demonstration this morning,
I would like to assure the
other delegates at this table
that there is absolutely no
doubt of your power to destroy.
I saw it.
I saw an American
colonel killed,
burned to a crisp by radiation
with one look from this man.
After the officer
had fired at him
point blank with no effect.
I saw him wipe out a city
of concrete and steel,
and a hundred
tanks, trucks, guns,
without leaving this room
by some power of mind.
Gentlemen, I am convinced,
my government's convinced.
And my advice to you and
to your of governments
is to take what
this, this man says
as a most serious matter.
Thank you, general.
Oh, I see we still
have some skepticism
on some of our guest's faces.
Would you gentlemen
kindly step to the window?
Can you see that
plane in the sky?
I see the plane.
Watch it.
Perhaps we can get
back to the meeting
without any more skepticism.
Now this is my plan.
I want all of your
uranium, plutonium,
all your atomic resources.
I want your factories,
railroad shipping,
all of your
industrial facilities.
Your workers will labor around
the clock day and night.
Following my blueprints to build
the most powerful invasion force
ever gathered in the universe.
You mean to enslave the world?
Russia would never agree to it!
There's a simple answer to that.
There'll be no Russia.
Your United Nations building
will be turned over to me.
I will teach your engineers
to build a fleet of
interplanetary rockets,
to be armed and manned by
your joint military forces.
All under my command.
What would you do
with all this power?
I will return to
my planet, Arous,
and through its vast intellect,
I will become master
of the universe.
After I'm gone, your
Earth will be free
to live out its miserable
span of existence.
And that's how it's going to be.
That'll be all for
now, gentlemen.
I will preside over a meeting
at the United Nations building
at 10 o'clock in the
evening, day after tomorrow.
You will all be there.
After all, you have no
other choice, have you?
Well, beginning tomorrow
there will be a new world.
You people have small minds.
You are unable to grasp the
importance of today's event.
You are about to succeed
where Caesar, Napoleon,
and Hitler have failed.
Through me you will
have ruled the world,
but I will rule the universe.
You will be dictator of the
world in spite of yourself.
While I am on this Earth,
you and Sally and I
will live in a splendor
such as the world
has never known.
It's all right.
It's all over.
Oh, thank heavens I found
your note.
How did you, how did
you happen to know
about the Fissure of Rolando?
Oh, that's right.
You don't know about him.
He's another brain
from planet Arous.
He was watching over
you in George's body.
George, come
here, come on, George, here.
Val, tell Steve what
you told me about Gor.
George, speak to me.
You and your imagination.