The Brasher Doubloon (1947) Movie Script

I was sore at myself with coming all the
way out to Pasadena on a day like that...
just to see about a case.
And how I hate summer winds.
They come in suddenly
off the Mojave Desert
and you can taste sand for a week.
I knew it was the voice of the girl
on the phone that had got me.
And I was reminding myself how often
your ears play a dirty trick on your eyes.
But this time, there was no let-down.
Mr Marlowe?
I was so terribly glad
you could come.
Well I'm beginning to feel
better about it myself.
Well, just having you here makes me sure
everything's going to be alright.
You have even more confidence
in my ability than I have.
Where'd you hear about me?
Oh... I didn't. I picked your name
out of the phone book.
Well I'm usually not so lucky.
Oh, neither am I, Mrs Murdock.
Oh I'm not Mrs Murdock,
I'm Miss Davis, her secretary.
I hope you're not disappointed.
I'm disappointed
you're not my client.
But, the 'Miss' makes up for it.
I'll tell Mrs Murdock you're here.
But first I'd better tell you
a little bit about her.
Oh sure... by all means.
I'm in no rush.
You may find her a little difficult
and rather eccentric.
Yeah?... Do you?
Oh no... I understand her.
But there are people who don't.
They don't know the trouble
she's had, Mr Marlowe.
They don't realise how wonderful
and generous she is underneath.
I see.
What does she want
a private detective for?
I think she's prefer
to tell you that herself.
I just wanted to make sure
you didn't judge her too harshly.
There's something I'd like
to make sure of, too.
Are you around here all the time?
I mean... if I take the case,
will I see you?
That should depend on you, Mr Marlowe.
You look like a man of initiative.
What's he here for.
Why has she sent for a detective?
I'm sorry, but I can't
tell you that, Leslie.
Your mother wouldn't like it.
I have a right to know...
Tell me!
Leslie, don't! Let me go, please!
You're Marlowe, aren't you?
I've just seen my mother...
I'm afraid we've put you to some
slight trouble for nothing.
She's decided not to employ you,
or anybody, for that matter.
How much do we owe you?
Nothing, Mr Murdock.
Mrs Murdock will see you now.
You must've forgotten to tell your mother
she didn't want to see me!
It's right in there.
Good morning.
Good morning Mr Marlowe.
Sit in that chair, please.
And don't light that cigarette...
I'm asthmatic.
My doctor prescribes port
for my asthma.
Since it's a medicine,
I'm not offering you any.
That's alright...
Now what's your trouble.
Something's been taken from this house,
and I want it back.
Why don't you go to the police?
Because I don't wish
anyone arrested.
You know who took it?
Yes I do, but I don't intend
to tell you.
Well, before we go any further,
perhaps I better tell you...
Your son tried to get rid of me
just now.
I'm not interested in discussing
my son's motives with you, Mr Marlowe.
Have it your way.
What's been taken?
A coin. A rare gold coin
called the Brasher Doubloon.
- The what?
- The Brasher Doubloon.
It's a collector's item,
worth at least $10,000.
Probably more.
It's a mint specimen. There are only
two of them in the whole country.
The Smithsonian Institute has the other.
Where was it taken from?
From that safe in there.
- May I see inside it?
- Merle!
Who, beside yourself
has the combination?
Only my secretary, Miss Davis,
and my son.
- Yes, Mrs Murdock?
- Open the safe for Mr Marlowe.
You're a coin collector,
Mrs Murdock?
My late husband was.
Merle, bring me the tray from which
the Brasher Doubloon was taken.
Wait outside please.
What did the kid do,
twist your arm?
Mrs Murdock will hear you.
Why do you have to take
that stuff from him?
Mr Marlowe... please!
What's the matter, Merle?
Can't you find it?
She's got it.
Shall I leave it here?
And close the door
on your way out.
Just a minute, Merle.
You've got to make out a cheque
for Mr Marlowe.
What do you charge
for your services?
If I take the case...
$25 a day and expenses.
I see... and how much of a retainer
do you expect?
$100 should hold me.
I should hope it would.
Alright Merle, make out a cheque
for $100, payable to Mr Philip Marlowe.
And keep your mouth shut
about it.
Mrs Murdock!...
I think you know that
I never talk about your affairs.
Well, I just wouldn't!
Not for the world... and I don't...
Does this tell you anything?
Is that the only one
that's missing?
The only one.
All the trays were checked, in my presence,
after I discovered my loss.
When was that?
Day before yesterday.
A man named Elisha Morningstar,
coin dealer, telephoned
and asked me if the Brasher Doubloon
was for sale.
I told him if he were a numismatist
of any repute, he'd know it wasn't.
I see.
What did he say to that?
He asked if he could see
the Doubloon and I told him no...
and he laughed and hung up.
Naturally that roused my curiosity.
And I went to look at the coin.
It wasn't there.
Elisha Morningstar, eh?
His office is in the Belfont Building
in downtown Los Angeles.
There you are, and I hope
you're worth it.
To tell you the truth,
I expected an older man...
Someone more intelligent looking.
I'm wearing a disguise.
So you don't think your son's
eagerness to get rid of me
has any bearing on the case.
Mr Marlowe, as I've already
told you...
your job is merely to get
the Doubloon back.
If you handle this matter for me,
you'll handle it in MY way.
Sorry, that's not the way I work,
Mrs Murdock.
If I have to do only what you want
me to do, I can't take the case.
Indeed! And how DO you work?
First of all, I insist my clients
tell me everything.
And then I'll handle things MY way.
It's known far and wide as
"Marlowe's muddled method".
Good day.
Nothing is, around this house,
as far as I can see.
What sort of hold have these people
got on you, anyway?
Now really, Mr Marlowe, do you
have to find deep dark motives
and sinister plots everywhere?
Just because we have
a little problem to clear up?
Don't you ever run across
any normal people in your work?
Once in a while.
My standards are pretty high.
For instance, it doesn't seem
quite normal to me
when a girl like you
suddenly goes to pieces
because the old dame in there
raises her voice.
She likes to be treated that way...
that's all!
I told you she was eccentric,
What about the kid?
And don't tell me you play
straight to him
just to build up his ego!
That's already been done.
Leslie's a little strange, too.
His mother loves him so much,
she's spoiled him.
In other words, everybody in this case
is off-balance, except you.
And you, Mr Marlowe.
Oh, I'm not in this case.
I just told Mrs Murdock
I wasn't going to take it.
But I forgot to give this back to her.
Oh, you mustn't!...
You've got to take it.
Would it make any difference
if I told you it was important to me?
Is it?
Yes, it's terribly important... It means
everything to me, literally everything.
Did YOU take the Doubloon?
I can't tell you that.
I mean, I don't know.
I see.
There's just "an ordinary little problem"
to be cleared up here.
You're a perfectly normal girl...
You just don't happen
to remember
whether or not you stole
a $10,000 coin!
But getting it back means
literally everything to you.
You weren't thinking of shooting someone,
were you, Miss Davis?
The reason I walked out
on Mrs Murdock
was because she wasn't
being frank with me.
You're not cooperating
any more than she did.
I'm sorry...
I want to help.
That wasn't meant as a pass.
Not an out-and-out one anyway.
I know. It's just that I don't like
to have men touch me.
Well... in that case you better do
something about your appearance.
And that perfume you use.
"Night of Bliss"!
You just can't seem to make up
your mind, can you Miss Davis?
I should have said I wasn't used
to being touched.
It's a phobia, I guess.
- Oh.. sure, sure!
- But that doesn't mean
I wouldn't like to get over it.
I think I can help you there.
Come here.
Don't worry... we'll take it
very slowly.
Nothing to it.
About 6 lessons from now,
you ought to be doing fine.
Does that mean you'll
take the case?
Both cases.
Yours and Mrs Murdock's.
You dont have to act in here...
She can't see you.
Tell her I'm on the payroll.
And I'll be back
for another lesson.
I had a bad taste
in my mouth
all the way back
to my office in Hollywood.
Part of it was the dust and part of it
the setup in the Murdock house.
The girl was what
bothered me most.
I couldn't figure the switches
she'd pulled.
Rule 1 for private detectives...
Always deposit retainer
before client changes mind.
You want to see ME?
Have a chair.
So this is the kind of dump
a shamus hangs out in.
Are you here on business
or just slumming?
I got a case for you.
Thanks... I've got one.
You did have one.
Now you've got
a new one.
Who are you?
My name is Eddie Prue.
I represent Vince Blair...
owner of the Lucky Club.
Well you can tell your boss
I'm busy right now.
Vince said I was to tell you...
He'll pay you more than you're getting
out of the "Pasadena job".
You certainly made
nice time out here.
If you'd rather just take
a $200 retainer...
I like the case I'm on.
Must be a lot of
electricity in the air
If a shamus turns down $200.
Maybe I'll be down
to see him later.
I think it might be better
if you come down to see him sooner.
Look... I've been doing my own
thinking for some time now.
And I'm still around.
How about running out
and seeing Mr Blair now?
Why not?
After all I'm not being paid
to gunfight with strangers.
I just hate having guns
pointed at me.
Must you go?
Just lay off the Murdock setup...
if you want to stay in business.
That's a hard habit to break...
Taking a case that happened
to appeal to me.
But it's been very nice
meeting you.
I phoned Morningstar
and went to his office...
It wasn't much of an office.
Run-down, dirty...
in a firetrap building near 'Skid Row'.
Just the kind of place where
a crook might look for a fence.
Come in.
Good afternoon.
I'm Marlowe, I phoned you.
Oh yes, Mr Marlowe.
Something about a gold coin.
That's right. The Brasher Doubloon,
Mr Morningstar.
Oh, yes... the Brasher Doubloon.
An early American coin.
Extremely interesting and valuable.
Because it's rare!
And because it has a romantic
and violent history.
It has? I hadn't heard.
Spruce, the man who coined it
was murdered and robbed.
Through the treachery of a female!
And since then at least 7 other
owners of the coin
have come to abrupt unhappy ends.
Wouldn't that tend to
drag down the price a little?
Oh, no! On the contrary.
A history of violence attached to
an art object
makes the more frantic type of collector
all the more eager to own it.
Now Mr Morningstar,
tell me about somebody trying
to sell the Brasher Doubloon to YOU.
Oh... did somebody try
to sell it to me?
Now why would they do that?
Because they need the money.
And they didn't want
too many questions asked.
Now who brought you the coin,
Mr Morningstar?
Perhaps I'm not at liberty to say,
Mr Marlowe.
If you don't...
I go to the police.
And tell them you're dealing
in stolen property.
Are you threatening me,
Mr Marlowe?
I was offered the coin...
ostensibly for sale.
But at the time I thought I was
just expected to appraise it.
Or to certify its genuineness.
I told the person it was genuine
and that I would give $2000 for it.
Mrs Murdock says it's worth 10,000.
I'm not in business
for my health.
Do you know where
to find this person?
Alright... who is it?
I'm not at liberty to say
without the person's consent.
Well, get that consent
and call me.
Or tomorrow you can tell the police
without the person's consent.
Hello... Florence Apartments?
Could you call Mr George Anson
to the phone please.
He isn't?
No, no message.
Whoever this Anson was,
I was sure of one thing...
He couldn't know any less about
where the coin was, than I did.
The Florence Apartments was
a rooming house on Bunker Hill
which used to be the choice place
to live in Los Angeles.
Nowadays people live there
because they haven't got any choice.
Looking for somebody, Mac?
I know where to find him, thanks.
How I hate to find a stiff!
A private detective has to work
within an area
roughly bounded by the law.
Murder squeezes that area down
to where you either can't operate
or you have to take chances
$25 a day aren't worth.
I got into this thing
on account of a pretty face.
The ancient Trojans were sucked into
a 10-year war for the same reason.
They didn't regret it
any more than I did.
My first notion was to blow.
Then I remembered the manager
had seen me come in.
You the manger?
- Mr Anson...
- 204.
I was up there...
he's not in.
What should I do... lay an egg?!
If you asked me in,
you'd be witty sitting down.
Beat it... I'm busy!
Go on... take the air... scram...
push off!
- Five bucks.
- Why didn't you say so?
What goes on here?
It looks like the place
has been robbed.
Yeah... it sure does!
OK bud... and don't try any funny business!
Just stay right where you are!
Shot in the chest with a very small
caliber gun and a soft-nosed bullet.
Been dead about 2 hours.
Hands and face cold...
the body still warm. No rigor.
Was sapped with something hard,
probably a gun, before being shot.
Well my boys'll have him out of here
in a few minutes.
Very simple case.
Well... you heard what the coroner said...
very simple case.
I'm glad of that, because the hard ones
are a lot of work.
Well now, since it's so simple...
Which one of you did it?
- Not me!
- I haven't even got a gun on me.
He might have had one on him
2 hours ago.
I haven't been in the building
an hour altogether.
He saw me come in.
He saw you come in this time.
What about the fingerprints, Spangler?
All Anson's.
And one other guy.
Yeah, the other guy's me.
Nobody could be as dumb as you act.
Nobody ain't.
You beat it downstairs.
I'll call you if I need you.
Let's go in here
where it's quiet.
You know something Marlowe...
You and I are going to get along.
That's fine... I'm all for it!
Part of your story sticks in my craw,
And I don't like your trying to make
the manager think you hadn't been in here.
Why should I get involved in a murder
thats none of my business?
Murder is everybody's business.
This one maybe yours
more than anybody else's.
Let's see what you got
in your pockets.
Alright, that does it...
Take him down to headquarters
and hold him as a material witness.
And see what he's got on him.
Okay... if that's the way
you want to play.
Who is Elisha Morningstar?
A friend of mine
in the Belfont Building.
A coin dealer.
Those are to my garage,
office, and apartment.
What's this for?
Golf clubs. Checked them there
this morning
so I wouldn't have to leave them
in that car all day.
Stick your arms out.
Now can I go?
You know somethin Marlowe...
you're smart.
But don't try to be too smart.
Alright, I'll try to be
just smart enough!
That'll be 2 bits.
I figured I was probably
looking at the Brasher Doubloon.
But somehow it didn't send me.
I guess I'm not the collector type.
All I wanted to know was
whether this was the genuine coin...
or just a reasonable facsimile.
That called for another chat
with the old coin expert.
I can always claim my finding
2 stiffs in one afternoon
was pure coincidence.
But I had a hunch the boys from Homicide
would be sceptical.
Especially since the lieutenant
had asked me about Morningstar.
The gun looked exactly like the one
I'd seen in Merle's desk.
But I figured it was worth a trip
to Pasadena to make sure.
I still can't seem to find a match.
How did you get in here?
Didn't they tell you?
I came to see you.
No one told me.
And no one would have let you in.
I'm not supposed to
have visitors.
Hey... what sort of deal
have you got here?
Straight slavery?
Or just a 10-year bond?
I'm quite satisfied with my job,
Mr Marlowe.
Mrs Murdock is not only my employer,
she's the best friend I have.
You know, that's not saying much,
seeing as she doesn't allow
any competition.
- But to get to more immediate business...
- For instance how you got into this house...
We've already discussed that...
Let's not repeat ourselves.
Especially on Mrs Murdock's time.
You're not on her time.
Didn't you get my wire?
No, I haven't been back to my office
since noon.
What did it say?
Just that you needn't go any further
with the case
because Mrs Murdock has recovered
the Brasher Doubloon.
I see!
Well, she said you could
keep your cheque though,
as payment in full
for your services.
Did she?!
You were right this morning
when you said she was generous.
Well, you should feel quite relieved...
It's been a very profitable day for you.
Oh... educational too!
And how about you, Miss Davis?
Do you feel relieved?
Well, naturally I'm glad Mrs Murdock got...
Of course you do!
Getting the coin back
meant everything to you!
A happy girl now!
All your problems solved.
Please get out of here!
You have no business here any more...
There's nothing to discuss.
There's one thing more.
Is this your gun?
Well... is it?
I don't know...
Where did you find it?
I won it in a raffle
at a church social!
- Is it yours?
- How would I know?
You're trying to trick me.
You may have taken it out of
my desk... give it to me.
I'm not trying to trick you and
I didn't take it out of your desk.
If it's mine, give it to me.
Not until I know a lot more than I do
about how it got where it did.
Miss Davis...
Do you think I want to hurt you?
What I'd like to do is help you.
Do you believe me?
Good... now I know this is going to
sound kind of radical, but...
Did it ever occur to you that it
might make things easier
if you told the truth occasionally?
I can't!
There are things I can't talk about.
Ah... Mr Marlowe.
Oh Leslie!
You frightened me!
Well, come in. Just the man
I want to see.
I didn't say anything, Leslie.
Not a word!
What's the matter Marlowe?
Don't you know not to leave
when you're not wanted?
Miss Davis tells me your Mother's
recovered the doubloon.
Yes... as it turns out
we really didn't need you.
Well, you do now.
You see, two men
have been killed today...
Two men directly connected with
this business of the Brasher Doubloon.
- Oh no!
- Go on... beat it!
No, stay here!
Now just a minute, Marlowe.
This is my mother's house...
Wouldn't you like to know who
the two men were who were killed?
Aren't you even just
a little bit curious?
Frankly, no.
Murders happen every day.
Well, whether you're
interested or not, I am.
As a result of all this
the cops are after ME.
You don't say!
All I have to do Murdock,
is tell the police what I know.
OK... if it means keeping
our name out of it.
I took the doubloon, Marlowe,
to pay a debt.
A gambling debt?
But the point is my mother
found out the coin was gone
and so I had to get it back.
What about the debt?
Well, I pointed out to the gambler
that it would scarcely be to his advantage
to have me disinherited.
That he might better wait a bit
for his money.
Fortunately, he agreed.
And gave the doubloon back?
So you see, there's really nothing for you
to concern yourself with, further.
Quite a simple story really.
Yeah... so simple, it smells.
What did your mother say
when she found out you had
a gambling debt?
Well naturally I didn't tell her
that part of it.
No, you wouldn't.
Merle, do I hear that man
Marlowe in there?
Yes, Mrs Murdock.
Well, send him in here.
Don't say anything about the gambling,
will you Marlowe?
Not unless I have to.
Well Mr Marlowe,
must I come in there?
You seem to be a hard man
to get rid of.
I'm going to be even
harder than that
until I get hold of a few facts
around here.
Perhaps it would be worth
giving them to you
just to see the last of you.
Yes!... First of all...
What's wrong with Miss Davis?
Is there anything
wrong with her?
Why does she live in this house
in a constant state of terror?
Aren't you fictionizing
just a little?
I might be... but what's she afraid of?
And why isn't she allowed
to have callers?
By what right do you ask
those questions?
Has she been with you
a long time?
5 years.
Ever since my husband's death.
Do you think Miss Davis
is perfectly rational?
Suppose we say that
she's a very high-strung girl...
...easily disturbed.
That's a word they use about
insane patients.
Is it?
So that's what she's so
darned grateful about.
You've kept her here instead of
sending her to an asylum.
Why is she easily disturbed?
What's happened to her?
I really don't see why
I should tell you, but...
5 years ago Merle was
my husband's secretary.
She happened to be present when he fell
from the window of his office
During the Rose Tournament Parade.
It was a dreadful shock
to a sensitive young girl.
Since then I've been
taking care of her.
She hasn't been well.
Now are you through prying
into her affairs? And mine?
I'm not prying half as much
as the police are going to...
When they trace the cause of 2 murders
to this house.
- Leslie... didn't you have a date?
- I did.
But if you need me here?
Nonsense. Kiss your mother
and run along.
I'm very fond of my son.
Very fond.
And this business of Leslie's taking
the Brasher Doubloon
has grieved me deeply.
Even though he was trying
to do me a favour.
So that's what he told you?!
Mr Marlowe you are treading on
thin ice.
Aren't we all?!
Yes, Mrs Murdock?
See that Mr Marlowe gets
out of this house at once...
and don't talk to him.
Don't worry, I'm not interested
in listening to any more lies.
How dare you speak to me like that!
If you haven't all 3 been
lying your heads off,
then what's this?
Not until those murders
are cleared up.
Let me know if any further ideas
occur to you.
I've already told you all that I know.
Give it to me.
You can call the police
and tell them I've got it.
And that I won't give it
back to you.
Go ahead... do that.
No police, eh?
I don't blame you... I don't
like them either, right now.
Because they think I know more about
those murders than I've told them.
Is that your reason
to commit murder?
And yours, Miss Davis?
You'll have to get that coin
from him, Merle.
- How?
- That's entirely your own affair
But what can I do?
Didn't you see the way he was
looking at you?
I want the doubloon back tonight...
otherwise my responsibility
for you is at an end.
Capitalise on what you've got, child.
It would have been no problem for me,
when I was your age.
Are you Mr Marlowe?
The same.
What do you want?
I should like to talk to you
about the Brasher Doubloon.
After you.
Sit down!
What about the Brasher Doubloon?
It belongs to ME.
Who are you?
My name is Vannier... Rudolph Vannier.
And you claim that the Brasher Doubloon
is yours, eh?
Strictly speaking it does not
belong to me yet, but it will.
As soon as certain arrangements
have been accomplished.
But they cannot be accomplished
until I locate the coin...
and I think YOU know
where it is.
You were at Mr Anson's apartment
when he was...
When the unfortunate circumstance
of his death was discovered.
You still haven't told me
why you claim to be the owner
of a stolen coin.
Stolen? Hardly that!
'Borrowed' would be
a better word.
Borrowed so it could be exchanged
for something of much greater value.
What's the article the Brasher Doubloon
is to be exchanged for?
I'm sorry, but I can not
tell you that.
Well, what HAVE you
come here to tell me?
That unless I have the coin
in my possession some time tonight...
I shall be in great danger.
I'm not ordinarily
a violent man...
Mr Marlowe... but under
the circumstances
I have no other choice.
You will please give me
the Brasher Doubloon.
Oh for the love of Mike!
Maybe you better just
go ahead and shoot!
My luck's going to give out on me
sometime anyway!
I beg you not to joke!
I'm desperate!
OK... OK...
But there comes a time when
one gun more is one gun too many!
I give up.
Hey, this thing really sends you,
doesn't it?
Give it to me!
Why so frantic, little man?
I must have that coin tonight, or...
Or else you'll go the way Anson
and Morningstar did?
Yes... but more than that
I cannot tell you.
Well, I'll help you.
You have something that's worth more
than the coin to someone else.
But less than that to you.
Something that someone
is desperately afraid of.
Yeah, now what's more frightening
than prison?
I'll tell you what it is...
When someone holds something
over your head.
Constantly threatening you with it...
Threatening to expose, or...
Or perhaps destroy you.
It's blackmail!
You give yourself away too easily,
Mr Vannier.
Now, whom are you blackmailing?
Merle Davis?
Why, she hasn't any money.
I was reaching for
my handkerchief!
That is my wallet.
May I have it back, please?
Not until I've looked it over.
You're a movie cameraman?
Answer when you're spoken to,
This card says you're
a movie cameraman.
I am... I was.
- You're not now?
- No.
What studio did you work for?
I'm asking you a question.
No studio...
when I came here
from Germany 10 years ago,
I worked as a freelance
newsreel cameraman.
I sold my stuff to
anybody who'd take it.
So that's what you're using
for blackmail!
Something you photographed.
What is it?
You cannot make me say more.
Even if you kill me.
No one's going to
get this thing
until I find out what
I want to know.
Good night!
The way he drooled
at the sight of that coin...
I could tell he was a collector
as well as a blackmailer.
A interesting combination.
But I could think of one that would
interest the cops even more.
A detective who hides a murder gun
and $10,000 of stolen property.
- Hey, Mr Marlowe... - Yeah?
There's a young lady upstairs.
She said I was to let her in.
Did she give a name?
She gave 'a' name... Miss Jones.
Sounds familiar.
But I can't place it
at the moment.
She said that you
were expecting her.
Did she?
Were you?
Does it really make any difference
Mr Shaw... deep down inside, I mean.
Oh, hello!
I gave myself even money
it'd be you.
I suppose this must seem
awfully forward of me...
Well... it's certainly
a change of pace!
What'll you have to drink?
Well, what do you think
I should have?
A noggin of plain water...
Unless you're not thirsty.
Would you like me to tell you
why I came here?
Yeah, then I can concentrate
on the real reason.
You're not being very nice,
Mr Marlowe.
But I suppose I can't blame you.
I do owe you an apology.
Forget it... I get an annual deduction
on my income tax for unpaid apologies.
How do you figure on getting me
to give you the doubloon?
By telling you the truth
and then asking you for it.
Better go easy on that whisky
Miss Davis...
That sounded almost like
a direct answer to a direct question.
After you left tonight, I thought about
what you said to me
About wanting to help me.
There wasn't any reason for you
to say that unless you liked me.
You do, don't you?
I like what I see.
Ask me again when we're
a little better acquainted.
I like YOU very much.
I've never felt so at ease
with anyone so quickly.
What about this phobia of yours?
It's responding to treatment already.
The curriculum is more intensive.
Take a deep breath.
This may hurt a little.
Now relax... all at once.
Let's try once more.
Like this...
Try to really relax.
All over.
That's right.
We'll take a short recess.
Oh, I don't think I need one.
I do.
Ready to start talking now?
Want me to ask some questions?
You were in old man Murdock's office,
the day he fell out of the window?
Yes. We were all there
watching the parade.
Mrs Murdock stepped out
for a drink of water, and...
And he made a pass at you?
He was always finding excuses
to touch me.
I hated him.
I never stayed in his office
any longer than I could help it.
I pretended I was
watching the parade.
The only thing I could think of
was that he was standing there next to me.
Then he grabbed me...
I can't talk about it...
OK, OK... we'll skip it for now.
Who's idea was it to
hand me that story
about Leslie getting back
the doubloon?
I don't know.
He and his mother were
in their office all afternoon.
Then she told me to
send you the telegram.
You didn't ask any questions?
I'm paid to do what I'm told.
I didn't think it was
any of my business.
You weren't involved in any way...
It was just something between
your employer and her son?
That's right.
Then why did you tell me
it was so important to YOU?
Well I knew Mrs Murdock suspected me
of taking the doubloon.
Well, the only way
I could prove I didn't
would be if you
found out who did.
You were afraid
you'd lose your job?
Maybe even be arrested.
And that's all there is to it?
There's no connection between
the doubloon and Mr Murdock's death?
How could there be?
Look, if you give me the coin,
I'm sure Mrs Murdock
will send you another cheque.
I like the first offer better.
I've always favoured the broad
definition of the truth.
The one that mentions
"the whole truth".
I don't know what else to tell you.
Well for a start,
where does Rudolph Vannier
fit into this business?
Who told you about him?
He did.
But it wasn't enough
to satisfy my curiosity.
It looks like I'm a round
ahead of you.
Mind if I get a refill?
You might as well
make up your mind,
there's only one way to get
what you want.
I have made up my mind,
Mr Marlowe...
Please give me the doubloon.
I knew I should have got a lock
for that dresser drawer.
That's my gun isn't it?
Give me the doubloon!
You realise this will have to
put a strain
on our personal relations
don't you?
I was beginning to think
you were fond of me.
I am... I meant it when I said
I loved you very much.
But that wouldn't stop me
from shooting you.
I want that coin desperately.
I'm beginning to gather that.
Unfortunately I haven't got it.
I don't believe you.
Look out!
Don't force me to shoot you,
I really don't want to.
That's one thing we see
eye to eye about.
Just empty your pockets
and put everything over there
on the coffee table.
I've told you
I haven't got it.
Now stand over there.
And turn your back to me.
I wouldn't carry it around
with me.
You did earlier.
I'm afraid I'll have to ask you
to take your clothes off.
Miss Davis!
Keep your back turned!
I asked you to start undressing,
Mr Marlowe.
What about your back?
Drop it over there.
I should warn you... I don't wear
an undershirt in the summer.
I can't go through with it.
Don't move!
You haven't even bothered to check
and see if the gun is loaded!
I haven't used that gun
in years!
I don't even know if I've got
the right cartridges for it.
You've just been playing
a game with me?
Oh, honey... honey I'm sorry
I hurt your feelings.
I guess it's my office gun
that's not loaded!
I hate you!
You're contradicting yourself again.
You don't really hate me...
you hate yourself.
That's what always happens
when somebody succeeds
in pulling a trick on you.
But you really shouldn't feel
too badly about it.
After all, I've been involved
in this sort of thing
a lot longer than you have.
Now that we've eliminated
the other possibilities...
What about trusting me?
I'll have to revise my whole course.
I never got progress like that
with orthodox methods.
Will you really help me?
If I can.
But that's the point I've been
trying to make all day.
And let's face the facts...
this is a pretty serious business.
There's a murderer to find.
Maybe two.
I'm a murderer.
If you're talking about
old man Murdock, forget it.
You'll never really get well
until you do.
I just can't... Mrs Murdock
is always telling me to.
She talks to me by the hour,
just trying to get me to forget.
She ought to keep
her fat mouth shut!
Please don't talk about her
that way... You really shouldn't.
Alright, let's forget about it, too.
Now... why do you want
the doubloon so much?
Who do you want to give it to?
Mr Vannier.
Vannier, eh... How long
have you known him?
Five years.
I haven't known him very well.
I was always afraid of him.
But he never harmed you,
did he?
Only because Mrs Murdock
paid him all that money.
That's why I say you shouldn't
talk that way about her.
How much has she paid him?
$500 every month for 5 years.
Ever since the day of the
Rose Tournament Parade
And Mr Vannier has
the pictures of it?
But I think he'd exchange them
for the doubloon.
He wants that
more than anything.
Yeah, I kind of sensed as much
with my session with him.
I'd better take you home.
I don't want to go back there...
I'm afraid.
Please let me stay here.
OK... I'll go over to my office
and sleep on a couch.
Oh, I don't want to be left alone.
I'd really much rather
you stayed here too.
No sweetheart...
You'll find some pyjamas
in the dresser drawer
Why should I be telling you?
You already know where
everything is around here.
Why do you insist on going?
Look... we're still on
the second lesson, baby.
Let's not rush things.
Is that the only reason?
No... I'm not forgetting that
whoever killed those two men today
is probably after me now.
You're still on the list
of suspects.
I felt better than I had all day...
I was finally getting a few facts.
I should have realised just how close
I really was.
- Blair in his office?
- Yeah.
Send Figaro in.
Here he is, Boss.
Change your mind about
comin' to see me, eh?
You boys play kinda rough!
- Did you find it?
- Nope.
I frisked him.
Smart, aren't ya?
Now I don't feel so smart.
Don't say that...
You're smart.
Smart enough to give me
that coin
without the boys having
to bounce you.
They can't bounce me hard
enough to get it from me
because I haven't got it.
He's lying... he had it this evening.
Hi, stupid!
You gonna tell us where it is?
I'm gonna give you a break.
Gee, thanks!
It may pay you
to play ball with me.
How much might it pay me?
It may pay you in time
and in health.
I seem to have heard this record
somewhere before.
But I just can't
put a name to it.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
Close the door, Figaro.
Hold it!
Where's the doubloon, Marlowe?
I told you I haven't got it.
Ask him who has.
Who's got it, Marlowe?
Why don't you try Vannier?
How did he find out
about Vannier?
Don't ask me,
maybe you told him.
Maybe he threw in with him, even...
That's it!
Marlowe's got the evidence
from Vannier himself...
And now HE wants
to blackmail mother.
Shut up!
This guy's not out!
You're right!
Let him have it, Figaro!
That'll do!
Put him on the couch.
Had enough?
Where'd you hear about Vannier?
From Vannier...
He came to me for the coin,
Claimed it was his.
Well, did you give it to him?
Maybe Leslie did.
That's what you've been up to... eh?!
I told you to bring it to us!
I didn't give the coin to Vannier!
I didn't have it!
It was at your house this evening.
But YOU had it!
Your mother wired me
she had it back.
The wire's in my pocket.
You dirty little liar!
There's a busted wine barrel
in there!
It wasn't the first time
I'd slept in my office.
But I can't remember
ever getting less rest.
A few times I did fall asleep
I'd find myself in that cosy little room
down at Headquarters.
Where the cops collect autographs
on typed confessions
and won't take 'no' for an answer.
Now take it easy, kid...
Give it to me again...
Where are you?
It's Vannier... he...
Please come out here.
309 Restic Rd
Merle! Wait a minute... Merle!
Mr Marlowe!
What happened?
He's up here.
- Vannier?
- Yes.
Come... I'll show you.
He's still warm!
He was like that
when I came in.
The door was wide open.
I didn't do it.
It wasn't a man... No man scratches up
another man's arm.
How long have you been here?
About 15 minutes.
No one answered the door
and I just walked in.
What did you come
out here for, anyway?
To beg Mr Vannier
to give me the films.
But he was already like that.
Well those films
have got to be found.
It was like searching
an overcrowded junk shop.
The guy had been a collector, alright.
He apparently collected whatever
normal people throw out
when they clean up their attics.
Well I guess that's it.
Tell me something...
Why has Mrs Murdock
been willing to pay blackmail
just to protect you?
No woman I know lets go of that
kind of sugar, just to be breezy.
She didn't want any scandal.
She felt sorry for me...
She knew it was an accident.
I see.
Well... let's take one more look
in the living room.
Nothin' doing.
Better wash up after that.
I should wear gloves.
Mr Marlowe, I know you think
I killed Mr Vannier.
But I didn't.
Well, then it was Leslie...
Because I found YOUR gun
beside Morningstar's body.
The fingerprints on it
must be his.
Leslie's just a child.
He's a pretty dangerous child, then.
Towels... where are the towels?
There's a full roll up there.
You're going to turn Leslie
over to the police.
Hey, it's the Rose Tournament Parade!
Give me that!
Police Headquarters...
Lieutenant Breeze, Homicide.
Hello, Lieutenant...
this is Marlowe.
I've got news for you... yeah...
I'm giving you Anson's murderer.
Better send someone out to the 'Lucky Club'
and pick up Blair and Prue.
Oh, and Lieutenant... I hate
to mention this, but I...
...just found another body.
- I didn't kill Vannier... I didn't.
- The last house in Nickel Canyon
Please believe me, I didn't kill him,
don't you know that?
You mean this hunk of celluloid
ties into 3 killings?
Have you found another stiff
you haven't told me about?
This one was before
I started collecting them.
Old man Murdock.
Oh, for he love of Mike, Marlowe...
That was cleared up years ago.
Look... let's stop all this nonsense...
You just hand over your suspects.
I'll take them down to Headquarters
and I'll sweat it out of them.
Keep your shirt on, will you...
I promised you the murderer
of Anson and Morningstar, didn't I?
There's his confession,
signed and witnessed.
Young Murdock? The kid!
Say, how did you get this?
I've got his fingerprints on the gun
I found beside Morningstar's body.
That YOU found?!
You've been holding back
vital evidence?
OK... OK...
Here it is.
Sit down.
Now listen to me Marlowe,
you're in a serious situation.
You know the rap
I could get you with this?
Sure I do... but give me a chance
to run these films, will you?
I don't know why I should.
Who are you covering up for,
- Where's this girlfriend of yours?
- She'll be here.
Well, she better be.
And this better be good, Marlowe.
Because I've got enough on you
to keep you in the Bastille
until you're 80!
Look here, Captain,
I got my rights!
I demand to know
what this is all about...
What I'm charged with.
I ain't a captain, and the charge will be
accessory to 2 murders.
You guys sit down before you
get knocked down.
Sit over here, Miss Davis.
Alright, Marlowe...
Let's get on with this.
Well, Lieutenant, the irony
of this whole case is
that the Brasher Doubloon
was never anything
but a medium of exchange...
The only thing that could get these films
away from Vannier.
Leslie wanted the films
to give to Blair and Prue...
to pay his gambling debt.
They were going to use them
to blackmail his mother.
She's a very rich woman...
It would have been a steady income
for them.
Of course Mrs Murdock
didn't know that.
She thought Leslie was trying
to get the films for HER.
She said if I didn't get it back for her,
she'd disinherit me.
I received your message Mr Marlowe.
Yes, of course... come in Mrs Murdock.
You've come for your doubloon.
I told you you could have it
as soon as I found out who killed
Anson and Morningstar... didn't I?
- Well here you are.
- I'll take that.
That coin belongs to me.
You give it to me.
That coin is important evidence.
I'll take charge of it.
Did you find out who
committed the murders?
Oh yes... yes indeed.
Your son Leslie has just confessed
to both murders.
Really Leslie...
Isn't that carrying gallantry
a little too far?
He's trying to protect Merle,
of course,
Poor little Merle!
You must tell them the truth,
now dear.
About... you mean about...
How you black out at times,
and never remember later what you did.
Yes... yes it's true, I do...
Did you kill Vannier, Miss Davis?
I don't know.
I don't know any more...
what I did.
Poor little darling... you can see
for yourselves how she is.
That's why I've taken care of her
all these years.
It won't work, Mrs Murdock...
We've got Leslie's fingerprints
on a gun.
I've had enough of this...
You're all coming down
to Headquarters.
Be reasonable Lieutenant...
These pictures of the Rose Tournament
are conclusive evidence.
Yes... and if you had any doubt
as to Miss Davis' guilt...
No... I don't want to see them...
I couldn't stand it!
Try to be brave, dear.
They had to come out some day.
It wasn't your fault...
You just weren't responsible.
Come sit beside me, Merle dear.
Hit the switch back of the door
will you Webb.
Vannier as a newsreel cameraman
was photographing the Rose Tournament Parade
from a point on Colorado Boulevard
in Pasadena.
Now watch closely.
As he was photographing this float,
he heard shouts...
Something was happening
in the building across the street.
See that man pointing?
Vannier quickly changed
to a closer lens.
Now watch that high window.
Stop it!... Stop it!
I didn't!
You know I didn't!
There, my dear... don't cry.
You know I'll do all I can for you.
Spangler... you haul the rest of them
down to the wagon.
I'll take the girl.
Not so fast, Lieutenant.
Sit down, all of you.
It was too far away for you
to see anyone clearly.
These are the films that Vannier used
for blackmail all right.
But they don't prove anything.
Now here is an enlarged version
of the same films.
Hit the switch back there again.
Now you see they show in detail
the figure in the window.
Here we have Mrs Murdoch
in the very act
of giving her husband
the old heave-ho!
Alright!... I killed him!
He was unfaithful to me
and he deserved to die!
You killed Vannier too, didn't you?
Yes he lied to me.
He told me my son was
in a plot to help blackmail me!
He was!
Vannier told you the truth.
You're lying. My son loves me.
He'd never do anything to take
my money away from me.
This is just a plot
to get my money!
All these years...
you let me think I did it!
You made me think
I was insane!
Yes, I did... you'll never steal
another woman's husband!
But I've had my revenge!
Just look at you!
You shiver and shudder every time
a man so much as lays a finger on you!
What man would fall in love
with a lunatic?!
Get her out of here!
Alright Spangler, let's go.
I'll need a statement from you too,
in the morning.
We'll be there.
The place could use
a little fresh air.
Biggest crowd I ever drew here.
Maybe I should have
charged admission.
Are you alright?
I guess so.
It's just that I've lived with
the Murdock family so long...
And now...
And now there won't be
any more family left.
You know that's one shortage
nobody's going to complain about.
Yes, speaking...
25 a day and expenses.
But that depends on the particular job,
whether I take it.
Sure, any time in the morning
is fine.
11 o'clock is great.
This is Mr Marlowe's secretary.
I'm afraid he's forgotten
he's still on another case.
Oh not til the beginning
of the week.
I'm sorry, he couldn't possibly
be free until then.
Hey, what is this?
You said you were taking both cases...
Mrs Murdock's AND mine.
Mine isn't solved yet.
It will be.
I got a feeling you're gonna
graduate with honours!