The Brave (1997) Movie Script

It is here for work?
and what job?
-- Got the wrong address may be?
-- Possibly.
It depends.
it depends if you're
planted address or not?
And it's you
I have to go?
That I do not know.
Who did worry about?
A guy in a bar.
Who? Where? When?
The other day.
Will have to be more specific.
He gave me that and ...
He said you were looking for someone
with a particular profile.
That mind if I smoke?
It's your life.
What type?
What bar?
In Freedo in the Sixth.
You go there often, eh?
It happens.
You drank?
No, why?
The Indians have a reputation
Instead of having a beautiful descent.
Who's that?
You pay how much?
Oh that money matters
It is not me my friend!
You work somewhere?
I would not have come if I worked.
Why you do not work?
There's no work.
Maybe you drink too much.
Maybe you
not drink enough.
You've already made the slammer?
It's a silly question, eh?
Dropped why?
Public drunkenness.
Car theft
when I was a minor.
A missed everything.
Habitual delinquency.
Have you any kid?
That's why you want this job,
this is not Indian?
For your family.
I have a boy and a girl.
The family is complete now?
No brother?
Why you ask me
these issues?
The family is sometimes
a thorny issue.
Members of a family
can CarRent bored.
And then I think the brothers.
Who's that?
I had one.
He died.
He died of what?
He shot himself ten days
in after coming back.
Ah, yes?
Is it a custom
in your family?
Because that's how
Come with me.
Excuse me.
Thank you
much for coming.
It makes me happy that you ...
Goodness gracious.
A problem?
Forgive me.
Sit down.
Can I ask your name?
A beautiful name.
It is unfortunate that we
have to meet us
under conditions
also dismal.
What we do here
It's a show
immune to the spotlight.
Can I offer you
Take a drink.
Tell me
You're afraid to die?
And you?
No, no I do not have
fear of dying.
Today I consider the death
as an absolute necessity
may be that
Death is painful
Death is something
something subtle.
If we suffer
at birth
the day we
came into the world
then it is normal
to suffer in the end.
It's like a transfiguration
as if we solve
an equation.
Have you ever seen
a woman give birth?
his face is deformed.
full of sweat and anguish.
But strangely,
it is also punctuated
You see, somewhere Raphael
I feel an affinity,
a communion of our spirits.
See his eyes a
horrible death can be
a great source of inspiration
for those who remain.
Thus they see how
we can be tough
once the time comes.
resist death, is to
absolute courage.
It is a delicious torment.
Forgive me.
But lorqu'on sees death
appear finally
before us
we must
welcome him wholeheartedly.
It seems today that
the closer you get
of death in our lifetime
plus the passage into nothingness
are effortless.
And allowed starting
the most beautiful gifts
we can offer to a close
the courage to face death.
And this is the finest and largest
contribution that a man can
made to another man.
Whatever ...
How will you pay me for that?
Well, if you want to be realistic
the amount will depend
Your courage and
your good will.
Plus you'll
able to hold
mentally and physically
Plus the sum will be important.
Yes, I know, it's always
how to say
offensive, injurious to
give value to life.
But we must make
unto Caesar what is Caesar's
And unto God what is God's.
I say $ 50,000
I give you one third
And if I flew?
You know, I spent a
good half of my life
to develop an instinct
An instinct about people.
With a man of your caliber
your culture,
Your honesty
No, I do not think
you would.
Get it now
And respect your commitment.
When did
I must return?
Say in a week.
Yes, one week.
Goodbye my friend.
File me a vodka.
E thy consolation, then?
Takes you to the checkout.
-- Frankie, let y
-- Monitors the car.
But do not touch the horn.
Okay, Luis.
Come here, Marta
go home.
Mom, we must
go now?
Let's go, Frankie.
It is beautiful this car.
Mom, did you see the car?
I have prepared to eat
if you're hungry.
I found work.
Did you find a job
or you did a job?
I found a job,
a real job.
What kind of job is it?
In a warehouse in town.
Pay is good.
When you start?
In a few days.
Luis came.
He wanted to see you.
Are you sure it's me
he wanted to see?
What does that mean?
Forget it.
Riding high?
And the family?
You'd better slow down.
You're gonna bowl.
And the more he is deaf.
Still nothing?
No sir.
Everything ...
You'll shut up, yes?
Have you ever considered
there is nothing of substance?
What? No.
It's been how long?
it'll be seven years and four months every round,
at the end of next week.
A soda? You want a small soda?
If you want.
Put gum Junior!
Put the gum, I say!
Ten against one that he will
yet to pick up.
Here, I've found it.
Oh great, it's impeccable.
Impec small.
loves lemon?
Junior, it is the strawberry.
It's your wife?
Before yes. She pulled
a junkyard.
You miss it?
Well, it's been thirty years now.
As they say, time
erases injury.
But still sometimes,
I miss her.
And there's no picture.
And Junior?
Oh, remember him.
You bet he
barely known.
Then suddenly, he
derusted too.
Did you hear that all the land was
bought by a real estate company?
Band of bastards.
They'll fuck us all
out by bulldozers. Hop!
No quarter. They will shave
all our little world.
What a dirty trick.
I'll worry, me, bitchin.
And stop fiddling with cats.
They are wicked. Get it?
And stir you. Back to work!
What we
can do?
I dunno.
Thank you for the soda.
C'mon do me wrong, Carl.
Make me wrong.
How long I slept?
All afternoon.
And shit. Excuse me
I was not ...
Always the same song.
You say it every time.
Enough children. Tuck and
get ready for the bath.
Frankie catches a panty own
for you and one for your sister.
And no history. Go!
Not funny.
Why you do not you?
You can watch me?
I must go
fetch water.
I go there.
Now we must go back
above the riverbed.
The water is too dirty down.
It goes like you want Cochise?
You'll drink this crap?
I understand why your people
is endangered.
What do you want?
I reassure you. I'm not here
to visit the area.
Mr. McCarthy sends me
to investigate you.
And it would not you
see you deflate.
If I can give you
advice, avoid.
I will come.
It's my job
make sure you get there.
I said I would.
That is a wise decision.
Because at least put your
little lady and your kids
the first plane
to Bora Bora
not to mention your father crumbling
And all those who love you well
slum in your shit.
I find them all.
And I buterai.
Then I fuck.
And I eats afterwards.
Approach, Cochise
A small scar over
not change that.
See you on our screens, asshole.
But what does it matter?
Yes, it's easier said than done.
It does not take a bath.
You have brought back the water?
-- I did everything fall.
-- But it's not true. Even that,
you're not able to do?
Does Dad is still sick?
What are you doing?
Hey! What are you doing?
How does it not?
Raphael, tell me what happens?
Nothing. Nothing.
You've been drinking again!
-- What is happening?
-- Will the children standing.
-- Raphael, you're crazy?
-- Mom, I want to sleep.
Come, come here.
Everything is fine now. Warning!
Warning! Warning!
Close your eyes. Close your eyes.
Now come on, eyes closed.
I return to my bed.
Attention, attention. There.
All right. There.
I'll fall, I see nothing.
Papa aid us, we see nothing.
Mom. Ouch! Who's that?
Your brother dear.
Stop, Stop, Keep your eyes
still closed. Do not look.
I want to go to sleep.
Yes, my treasure. You'll
sleep in your bed.
You can open your eyes.
Wow! It's great!
Frankie, Marta, you can go.
What you got?
You're crazy or what?
Where did you get the money
for all that, eh?
What this time?
You've robbed a store
Luis with nice?
A grocery store?
I hope it was a
good shot, Raphael.
I hope that once in jail,
you'll have no regrets and
It's not for nothing that
you'll lose your wife and children.
I directed person, I promise.
You believe what you want
but it's true.
I have not often been there,
I know.
Everything will change now
I promise.
We'll see.
I want to give
what is my family.
I know you well, Raphael.
I know you long time.
Before your stay in jail.
Before you drink.
The children did not
the man you were.
Thou hast always
left unsatisfied.
Sometimes you went to jail.
When you came back,
it's cooked.
If you want to take care of yours,
what to give to your family.
We must first love them.
Frankie was 7 years old the last time
you're caught.
You've served your sentence,
he was almost 10.
Marta sleeps more than any
any other child.
Our daughter is afraid to wake up.
That's not love, Raphael
is purgatory.
I pray that this
money to be honest.
I hope from my heart
you know what you do.
I know.
Frankie looks.
Frankie, just play.
It's giant. Come, please.
What fly did you dive?
Have you seen your brother?
I just wanted to talk to him.
Because why?
Because it is.
He will be fighting?
And me if I tell you,
I'm going to play?
No, darling.
-- Promised juror?
-- Promised juror.
He hides.
Thank you, darling.
I hear it.
Must use the telephone.
And there you hear me?
Can I come?
Just a second.
I would like
you come with me.
In town to buy stuff.
I can not stay here?
I wanted that
you come with me.
And me, I want
to stay here.
Come on!
It's nice today, right?
Yeah. Not bad.
You know, when I was little,
I often rides like that.
With your grandfather.
But it was not there.
It has not always lived here.
We lived in the hills before.
It was better there.
It'd have liked.
Here is not good for you.
Not good for you nor your mother
nor for your sister.
I know.
It's not so bad.
There's plenty of places better than here.
Of course you know them yet,
but it will come.
Places like
that you see on TV.
I want you to know that
I try to look into it.
I do not want
you grow up here.
I want you and
Marta you
a real home
with a real garden.
and full of beautiful things.
The new TV
is pretty darn good.
But there's no
these things there.
There's also education,
school. It's great.
I do not like school.
Will that
teach you to love.
Because one day
You'll save yourself from here.
You will become a good person.
You hear?
If it ever happens
It will be you the man of the house.
You'll be up?
Yeah, I think.
What's the matter?
I heard mom yelling earlier,
you were going back to jail.
I will not go back to jail.
You swear?
Yes, I swear.
Come on,
there are plenty of things to do.
You ready?
I can help you be?
Where it gets it daddy?
I know. It must be
a spare part.
This is in case he needs
a heart and more, right?
A heart? You think?
Ah yes. I know.
Hey look. He has no penis.
Willy, willy.
Maybe he is in there.
That may be a girl.
Not say anything,
he has no tits, stupid.
Let your kids toy.
I'll make coffee.
Mom, Frankie called me an idiot.
Saturday confession, right?
How are you, Raphael?
It is my father. And you?
Okay. Okay well thank you.
I see you have many
new things.
Yes it's true.
There's new things.
Things that are expensive.
You know me. I am careful
making judgments.
I do what the Lord said,
after all he is the boss.
But it does not smell all that good.
Look under your shoes. You
can be walked into something.
Stop doing the marriole.
Your wife is worried
all this new wealth.
And to be frank, too.
I give you his point of view,
and that of everyone.
You know that I have not
found work?
Oh, yeah?
I know almost
all bosses in town.
Tell me. I want to know
that is so generous?
Listens ...
Rita asked you
to come and lecture me.
Okay, it's nice of him.
It's nice of you to come.
I know what you think.
I'm not an idiot.
But that's not what believe,
I promise you.
Okay. True, your wife
asked me to come talk to you.
But you are all
I just talk about today.
The garbage dump has been
buy a big business.
They will deport everyone
and they do not care about the price.
I spoke to them.
This is not rhetoric.
Put that into your skull.
If you redo a living room
in jail, Raphael
Your wife and kids
find themselves directly to the street.
When will they start?
They have already begun.
If you did something wrong
There is still time to arrange.
Well, Sunday is going to
a big party here and
I know it would please Rita
you're here.
Sunday I'll be at the church,
if you need me.
You will be even
if I do not need you?
King Cobra.
No, I do not want
play golf.
Lee Travino, Nancy Lopez,
No, I'm not a member
Club Tiger Woods.
Hide your joy.
Oh, look here.
Raphael's job,
it is a gift from heaven
Aims a bit all gifts
we did.
Oh, they are nice
your nails like that!
Matte that hat!
You can explain
how he knew
I led
Willie Nelson's bus?
And that of Waylon Enning
and Tony Jo White?
And a hat as
one of these types.
And I gave it to me.
You should talk to him. They may be
need help there.
The truth, my doll.
Did you read directly in my eyes.
It's going to the old?
C'mon, spin me a beer.
Damn guys, this is hell
this heat, eh!
How many shots you play?
-- Two or three, it depends
if I played with Lee and Chi--Chi.
Yeah, you play with ...
You're kidding me.
You want me to open it with your teeth?
or you leave the bottle opener?
I've already seen more than once
uncap in with your teeth.
No, not today.
Heat liquified me.
Cool service here.
Muchas gracias.
Oh, Maria
What gland that your redneck
now? Talking.
We gotta talk
business both.
Luis peace under him, eh?
He tries to settle down.
He has a job.
And for the first time in his life,
it has a little money in his pocket.
You see, that's what I mean.
You can not trust anyone.
Me and him, we formed a team.
It was great pals.
What is the thing
we repeat that?
It's all for one
and god for two?
Shit, I will not swallow
he found a job.
This money, he shot me.
He did this to me after all
the shenanigans we successful?
A brother, you stab him
not in the back.
-- "That sucks to market." '
-- No what?
Zero to shit. Boy it is not true.
But you're really stupid?
go to bed dude!
You're jealous because he has
dug up a job, not you.
It made me not for me!
It fucks everyone at the door
now in the corner.
and this is minus a job!
You're right, yeah. He had to get hired
by a good Samaritan and nuns.
It's not an idiot.
Do not tell me, do not tell me.
This pathetic bump for "Army Hello.
of Hi.
What say thee?
The Army Hi.
They say the Army Hi.
No, you see him tomorrow with his little
red box begging ...
shaking his little bell.
Ding ding ding.
Oh shit! Truth, Shame
this guy ...
It is on my chair.
Oh damn, it is cracked this one?
You know nothing
my son, little cunt!
Why he did that to me fuck?
When you get older,
our body escapes us.
We can no longer control his movements.
-- What is this crap?
-- It's like this.
In my opinion, you should not leave
your car too long.
There's a lot of white here.
Damn it's not true!
Tires. The bastards!
You got the number of convenience store?
Have you seen that could do that?
This night is sleep I claim.
I pray the Lord to keep my soul.
And if I die before I wake ...
I pray God that my soul on it before.
God bless ... mom
Papa, Frankie y and Grandfather.
Good night treasure.
Made of beautiful dreams.
Hey, Frankie, this is for you.
Buy you nice things.
Thank you, Dad.
That's for you.
Holy cow!
Come my beloved, the bus waiting for us.
Buy yourself something you do
really fun for the party.
Hello, I've missed you.
And I missed you?
Listen to this Indian. The other day
I drove alone on the highway.
I had air conditioning, I smoked my cigar,
I listened to music ...
Suddenly, I saw a huge crow.
He landed on a panel.
A beautiful beast. Impressive.
I had never seen it.
I stared and
he fell down dead.
Boom. Directly on the ground.
It made me shudder.
I was sick.
I shit on it.
Obviously, I had the full habit.
I made a nice shit
at least ten centimeters, easy ...
Very hard. Although compact.
is not no fun,
these days for me.
I lost my only friend.
I'm exhausted.
Exhausted. I'm really slammed.
So approach.
Fuck you.
Approach. I'll do nothing,
I love you well.
Who's that?
I'm not ...
Teach you to know me.
You see, I'm not so bad.
Bar you, Big Chief.
I'm exhausted.
Who's that?
What a fiesta!
Oh, it's great.
Dis. You think he could
have a job ...
for me at the warehouse?
I dunno.
It's really hard
to find a job.
I told myself. It will be
good impression and all.
If something arises,
you can cause them to me.
I see what I can do.
You know me, I am a hard worker,
I am strong as an ox,
I do not mind the work.
I know. I'll see
what I can do.
Oh agreed. we have to tighten
elbows us.
So? Do you like it?
Oh my God,
you are beautiful.
Looks like an angel or a doll,
I know not what.
Go my friend,
must peck.
You see, you'll fly away.
A little smile!
I love this dress.
You like her?
Deliciously beautiful, my beauty.
Deliciously beautiful.
-- No, not here!
-- Wait for two seconds.
Bring yourself.
Look at the picture. Grandfather,
check it out.
girls expect us to come back here.
What do you want?
I do not want history today.
Well, what do you do to me?
I come to celebrate your good fortune.
You've organized a great party.
Class, eh! You've had to lengthen
a max of wheat on this one.
It seems that you found taf.
Wow, my word. You're damn pot.
You must be blessed by God.
It should get you to the right,
he hath piston, right?
We will say that I was lucky.
Frankly the least of things
When you've got a fucking chance like that,
is to share it with your friends.
Go go ahead, I hose lines.
What is history?
Fuck you!
I have nothing to say.
-- Oh, are you sure?
-- Yeah.
It is not correct. it seems
did you owe me.
I've plugged a shot
there a few months.
I especially remember that
commanded you need someone.
I could deal with
Julio, or Bobo.
But you did not.
Thou hast sent me.
Come on, Raffi, I understand.
Why do you like that personal cheeks?
You COLLECTED full of tunes and
you do not want to turn your brothers?
And you make me spend more
for a draw in front of these men ...
And that's my man, you dig?
They will say what? Luis is over
What's happening?
I have nothing to give you.
Then you get lost.
Ah there either, frankly it's a shame.
You see, you would have run three times nothing ...
It would have been enough for any
clean rest of us ...
if the cops do
a descent into the corner ...
No, but wait! You threaten me there?
Not play it or I'll break your head.
Open wide your ears.
If you never had the idea to get out ...
Your wife would directly
work for me. You dig?
Because I love you well, Raffi.
Yields, get lost.
Oh my dolls, come by.
We have to go away.
Turns away.
I advise you to tighten the buttocks in prison.
Luis will not be there.
Come on, we are many. Come on girls,
we break this holiday crap.
I would have the son of a bitch.
We draw is good.
Open your eyes.
-- What is happening?
-- Nothing.
What did he want?
Nothing. If we went for a ride.
Do you remember?
What do you remember?
Tell me, what do you remember?
We were both there.
The night began to fall slowly
like now.
The air was hot like tonight.
The wind was blowing like now.
What else?
My heart was pounding.
Ah, I was afraid of you.
Father Stratton?
-- Raphael?
-- I can speak
Suppose I am talking about ...
You do not repeat anything to anyone?
If you speak in
a confession, it is secret.
It happens between you and God.
That's what you want?
You want to confess?
Yeah, I think.
Forgive me father,
for I have sinned.
When was
your last confession?
It's been quite a few years ...
I do not think
more to religion.
So why are you here?
For Rita and my children.
I'm listening.
Tomorrow morning, Father ...
I'll get into a house ...
and men will kill me.
They will torture me ...
And then they'll kill me.
For this work ...
I would be paid, finally
affect my family ...
$ 50,000.
I know it's not a lot but ...
It will be their
out of here forever.
You want to repent?
While requests you to the Church?
I want you to make sure ...
after my death,
well my family has money.
My Father, only you
able to do so.
I beg you.
I need your help.
Do you realize the
Do you just ask me?
You just ask a priest
to help you kill yourself.
You ask me to commit
a cardinal sin.
In a few days
they will destroy Morgantown ...
They'll all shave.
And after that?
Where will Rita go and children?
God will let them live here?
The church will pay them a hut.
Maybe it is the government
who will do something for them?
What do you think?
I beg you.
I beg you. Help me.
I can not.
Raphael, thou hast sold thy soul.
No, Father. I sold them
my body like a whore.
The church forgives whores everyday.
Do not do that.
Do not do that.
What's the matter?
Tell me, what's the matter?
What's the matter?
-- Who did you do that? Answer me.
-- Luis.
What happened?
It was crazy.
He had taken something.
I know.
He was furious. I tried to stop him.
But it hit me.
Look, it hit me.
Is did he violated?
No. Frankie jumped on him.
He began to beat him.
Where's Frankie?
He got out.
Here, it's over my love.
Calm down.
Calm down.
Let's see.
Excuse me, Dad.
Why apologize?
You were not there, it should be
me man of the house.
But I failed to make him leave.
Listen to me.
You were very brave.
Very brave.
I'm proud of you.
Let's see.
I put a
Sacred scraped dad.
You do not want to return
about your mom.
Yes, but if he comes after?
He will not return,
he is too afraid of you.
Trust me.
Go faster, Mom
needs you.
You're a man now.
I love you, Dad.
I love you too.
Go file. Go see your mother.
C'mon, you broke my pretty.
That is fine. Softly, softly ...
or you're too lame after, you're worthless.
Are you kidding too, you
This is the top cam.
You feel darling? Come here.
Ah, it's good.
Well wake up, whore!
Standing oh!
Oh damn, damn ...
I'll kill you, bastard!
I always tried to live with the spirits ...
I have often tried to explain their world.
But it went far above you.
But today ...
You're closer to them.
I think you're ready ...
To talk with you with the spirits.
I'll take you into their world.
Just as there are good
and poor human ...
There are good and bad spirits.
Remember my son.
Whatever you do ...
think of the children first.
Sweet dreams, my angel.
I love you, darling.