The Bravest (2019) Movie Script

"Special Brigade Squadron One,
come in."
"This is Captain Jiang Liwei,
of Squadron One."
'We've reports of fire
at hot pot restaurant."
"Three story building, the fire is spreading
and we have people trapped."
"Copy that."
Command, come in.
Squadron one is on the scene.
- Copy that, Squadron One.
- Any hazardous material inside?
No sir, non. Captain.
My daughter is upstairs.
- Which floor? Where is she?
- By the window.
- What's her name?
- Her name's Cai Cai.
Please save her.
Captain, let me go on.
I'll lead the way.
Get six hoses out.
Attention, Squadron one,
get me 6 hoses .
2 hoses inside.
4 to contain fire outside.
Cai Cai!
Cai Cai!
Cai Cai!
- Captain, go that way.
- Yes, sir.
Cai Cai!
Cai Cai!
Captain, we gotta go, hurry.
This way
Take her.
Let's go.
Good job. Cai Cai!
Thank you so much.
Cai Cai!
- Oh, daddy.
- Oh. Good girl, you're okay now, come in.
- Ma Weiguo.
- Yes, sir.
Go survey the scene
make sure it's okay.
Take a rookie with you.
- Show'em what the scene of a fire looks like.
- All right.
- Sir.
- Wait.
Be carful.
Don't do anything reckless.
Sir, you got it.
Same crap every time.
You take the credit
I clean up the mess.
I'd like to save people too,
you know.
- Thank you, Mr. Fireman.
- You're welcome. You're a sweetie.
Captain Ma.
Sun Yan, don't move.
Cai Cai!
Cai Cai!
Come on. Let's go.
Captain, Captain.
Captain, Captain.
- Captain, are you okay?
- Captain, Captain.
- Captain, Captain.
- Captain, Captain.
- Captain, are you okay?
- Captain
- Are you okay Captain?
- I'm fine, I'm fine.
Sun Yan, save Sun Yan.
Yeah. Let's go.
Come in.
Move it.
- Sun Yan.
- San Yan.
- Sun Yan.
- Sun Yan.
- Sun Yan.
- Sun Yan.
- Hang in there, Sun Yan.
- Sun Yan.
"Oh, my son."
"How can you leave me
like this?"
- Throughout.
- Grab the hind legs.
Excuse me, please.
Thank you.
- Don't lose them.
- who's in charge here?
- Who's in charge here?
- Those guys are hapless.
Look like the Captain is in
the same league as his men.
Who's your Captain?
Do your higher ups think
a countryside,
is only good enough
for rejects like you guys?
Come on, hit me.
Let it go. Get the pigs.
Special Brigade Squadron One.
Every member counts
on the road to victory.
Look to the left.
Look to the left.
To the from.
What are you laughing at?
None of you ever fell before?
- Captain.
- Zheng Zhi.
You're almost out right?
Yes, that's right.
Three months left.
That why you're so casual?
- No, sir.
- Come here.
You guys suck,
one hundred push ups.
Zheng Zhi, everyone's doing
it with you.
For every push up you miss
everyone gets ten more.
- This your fault.
- Blame my mother.
She forced me to join up.
I wanted to join Special Forces,
but they put me in the Fire Brigade.
- Shut up.
- Do push ups.
- Have a bite to eat.
- Dad.
Dad. don't smoke in front
of the baby.
If Jiang Liwei hadn't left,
you think you would'v
been promoted?
Are you disappointed,
I'm Captain now?
Look at that, no matter what I've
accomplished, you've never been happy.
- Look here. Hey
- Look here. Look.
I disappoint you.
- Let me.
- Sure, he's hungry.
There now.
Is the valve broken again?
Tell them to change it
to another one.
Should I tell the Chinese?
Don't talk to the Chinese.
Danger! Restricted areas.
No unauthorized entry.
- We're good.
- All right.
Make sure you put in the right
amount of desulfurizer.
It removes the vulcanizing agent
in the crude oil, helps it flow faster.
"You her the wrong amount,
and it'll explode."
- Sit down.
- Sir.
I have your psych
evaluation results.
The doctor says, that you should
retire from the department.
You're unfit to be a fire fighter.
Ten years a go, when I was still
in the Squadron
There was an old lady protesting
and then suddenly, she jumped off
a crane right in from off me
after that, whenever I see a crane,
my heart sinks.
Later on, I learned I had post
traumatic stress disorder.
What's wrong?
This is the first time
you've come to the school.
Look at your son
It's like a holiday.
Fire fighters, work on the holidays.
Why don't you go play with him?
Go on, go on.
Hey, this is my dad,
he's awesome.
- He's captain of a big team.
- Your father isn't awesome.
- He got someone killed.
- He never get anyone killed.
My dad said so everyone
has heard about it.
But we're not allowed to say anything
your dad, got someone killed.
He's never gotten anyone killed
you're a liar.
What are you doing?
- Mmm my sun.
- Mm Mm.
- Let go of my daddy, let go of my daddy.
- Liwei, Liwei
stop it, calm down,
please stop.
- Stop. Let him go
- Let's step back.
Liewei, let him back
-just calm down now.
- What's wrong with you?
Daddy, did you really get
someone killed?
Jiang Miao.
Tell me the truth,
Daddy, please tell me,
Did you really get
someone killed?
Did you really get
someone killed?
"Captain, the tank is empty?"
Don't you know that tank Z
is full or only half?
- Damn it!
- I think we should report this.
Sir, sir, look,
something's wrong!
Attention, fire are A01,
fire are A01.
"Dongshan Brigade, head out"
- Quickly.
- Hurry up men.
Let's move out, come on.
I'm on my way.
Special Brigade Squadron One
get ready to move out.
Fire at Bingang Oil Depot
we need command, foam and water units.
'We've reports of explosions
at the oil tack area."
"Now listen up, there are over
20 oil tanks."
"The largest one is 100,000
cubic meters."
Come in, all trucks.
We've received an order from dispatch
there is afire at the oil depot.
Full protective gear.
The first wave of defense is on the way.
Fifteen squadrons are mobilized.
Reinforcements standing by.
Smile, look at the camera.
Relax, good.
Hey Miss, Miss
- You can't leave with the dress.
- Don't worry, I'll pay you back.
- Be carful.
- Are you worried
about me or the stupid dress?
- Hurry.
- Wait honey.
The oil tanks have exploded.
Come on, let's go.
Hello, you're speaking with
Fire Inspector Wang Lu
Tell the port manager to wait for me.
I'm on my way.
We'll take it one step at a time.
What's that me?
I asked you about our future
- What do you mean one step a time.
- I mean that we'll wait and see.
- Xiaobin.
- Yeah.
- I'm listening.
- You're a jerk.
This is Dongshan Squadron,
please report on the scene
of the fire.
Hurry, hurry
"Listen up, this is it,
we're on the scene now."
"Put your protective gear."
Have two trucks ready to pump
get four hoses.
"two water, two foam"
Make way, make way,
Make way for the Special Brigade
get out of the way.
Hey, Wang Lu.
- Wang Lu!
-"Command Center."
- How's the water supply?
- I'll check.
The teams are in position.
- Fenglin Squadron.
- Go.
- Go.
- Move it.
- On the double.
- Come in.
- Hurry up.
- Come on, hurry.
Move it.
- Get those hoses laid down.
- Yes, sir.
Move it.
- Hurry up, move it.
- Move it.
- Hurry, follow me.
- Move it, move it.
This way.
Truck one, activate remote
water supply.
- Now.
- Copy that.
Command, come in.
Remote water supply in place.
- All functions normal.
- Move it, move it.
The pipe under Tank A01 exploded,
causing crude oil to spill.
The fire dike has collapsed and
the uneven terrain has caused a spill fire.
Command's ordering you all to contain
the spill as quickly as possible
and put out the fire
by any means.
We have four zones, east, west
south and north quadrant.
The assistant Chief and
I'll take full command.
The Chief of Staff and three Deputy
Chiefs will each take one zone.
"All frontline squadrons will be led
by the Commander of each zone."
"Make adjustments if
you're understaffed."
"Check your foam and water
double check your supplies."
The fire prevention Department
is gathering intel.
If you encounter a problem
report it right a way.
- Sir.
- Gentleman.
General Manager of
the Port Mister Li.
Do you have anything to add?
No, sir.
What I'm worried about right now
is the Tank A01.
It's closet to the fire.
It is quiet right now,
"but the fire has been heating it up
this whole time."
"No one knows what
it's capable of."
But right now, we need to let it
know what we're capable of.
Special Squadron,
give it all you got.
Attack here
go, move it
over here. move in, here,
get in here
keep going
this way.
The spill is under control
and getting smaller.
Tank A01 is on fire
the staircase has collapsed
and the emergency water
pump is damaged.
Listen up, all strike teams
"get the long ladders and foam hooks
ready, put out the fire in the top of the tank."
Ladders are set,
ready to extend.
Hooks up, go.
They're close enough.
On the signal.
Pull, it'll explode
Pull again, sir.
Run, pull.
- Listen to me, get out of here, go on.
- Go.
Move it, stop climbing,
the tank is gonna explode.
- Full back.
- I'm not scared of that.
- Get these out of here.
- I'm not a coward.
- Trust me in that.
- Let me go.
Get everyone out,
help the injured.
Help the injured.
Fire, the fire's coming,
full back.
Full back.
- Full back.
- Get everyone out.
All units, defense procedures.
Get the injured.
Get back.
Come on, quickly hurry,
be carful.
His face is severely burned
we have to treat him immediately.
Don't touch it, don't move.
- You'll be fine, okay?
- I don't even have a girlfriend yet.
- You'll have one, don't worry.
- Come with me.
All the other squadrons
are heroes.
Look at him.
He's a hero.
And him, he's a hero too.
But you made us stay back.
The Dongshan Squadron
are cowards.
Look at him.
If all the commanders
are like you
then we would all die in vain,
wouldn't we?
Like that rookie of yours.
Don't cry.
Remember to bring dads medicine,
and get as far as you can.
Don't wait or you won't be able to leave,
do you hear what I'm saying?
- Just go.
- Hey, now why can't they leave?
I'll tell you the truth.
Before the workers could
close the valves,
the control center caught fire,
all the valves in Depot One and the pipes
between the tanks are still open.
So you're saying that, all the oil
that is stored in those tanks,
is actually flowing towards Tank A01
and then out through those pipes.
Get to Command and tell them
the truth right now.
Commander, all the valves between
the tanks in Oil Depot One are open.
We're in gave danger.
- Why didn't you say so when I asked you?
- l...
I thought that you all would be able
to put out the fire quickly,
but now...
but now, Tank A01 isn't
the most dangerous.
Look there.
The most dangerous place in the chemical
tank zone just cross the road.
"It stores large amounts of benzene
xylene and also cyanide."
Benzene is class A fire hazard.
It can numb all the central
nervous system.
When a lot of cyanide
is inhaled,
a person will lose consciousness
within seconds,
and the ability to breathe
in 15 minutes.
If the chemical tanks do
in fact explode,
then the city is in danger.
all eight million people.
We gotta go.
But we barely got here.
My friend says we have
to leave immediately.
He has a friend who works
at the Oil Depot.
The explosions are getting worse.
- Really?
- Why'd I lie about that?
Get your stuff, let's get going.
- Taxi.
- Taxi.
- Taxi.
- Hey, taxi.
- I'll report you.
- The subway.
Mom, I booked you a plane.
I'm coming to pick you up.
Sources say, only about a thousands
fire fighters are on the scene,
and the province's foam reserve
is running out, any truth to this?
At this moment, only Bingang's fire brigades
are sewing on the scene right now.
However, they won't be
fighting alone.
"brigades from cities across the province
are on their way to the scene."
A little boy has hurt himself
so the ambulance has come.
"In the ambulance."
- Hello, Liwei.
- Honey?
Tell our son,
that when l finish here,
I'll see him every day.
- What's happening our there?
- "Don't ask."
"You know, I can't tell you."
- Hey, are you All right?
- Don't worry.
When it's over,
I'll come find you.
- Why don't speak to Miao Miao then?
- Sure.
"Emergency generator truck."
Wei Lie?
Miao Miao, it's your dad.
You want to speak with him?
Come on, okay?
The only solution is to shut down
the two sets of valves,
that lead from Tank A01
to the other ones,
that will stop the spill fire from
spreading to the chemical tanks.
- How do we do that?
- Secretary.
We need to get someone inside
to turn on the power to the valves.
I've called in a generator truck,
but the techniCain won't go in.
I offered him 200 grand, but he says
he doesn't want to die in there.
Oh yeah, one of our fire fighters
said he'll talk to the techniCain
but I don't know what happened.
- Come here.
- What the hell?
- Hey, stop it.
- Stay back.
Let me go.
You scared of dying, is it?
- Is he right about the explosion?
- It'll be worse than that?
According to our estimates,
the magnitude oi the explosion
will equal 20 atomic bombs,
"combined with toxic
chemical fallout."
If the crude oil spills
into the ocean,
and if the spill fire on the water
goes out of control...
Command, come in.
This is Captain Jiang Liwei.
- I'm laying the cable.
- TechniCain Wei Lei
and I will close the valves
in Zone B.
- The money?
- But the money you promised.
- It need to be paid, all right?
- Of course it will, I swear it will.
For year's, I've been telling you
to wait for my orders, but you never listen.
Make you that Wei Lei
is safe out there.
Yes, sir.
Secretary, let's get
the local government,
to make a request for more
manpower and supplies.
Governor and the ProvinCail Party
Secretary are already on their way here.
Air force will also pitch
in with helicopters.
This will be, for all of you
for all of us,
and everyone in this city.
The greatest challenge that any
of us will have ever faced.
Quickly Miao Miao,
pack these things up, all right?
Here, your coat.
Put your inhaler in your pocket
so you have it.
Help me think what else
we need to bring.
- Dadd'y things.
- What?
This is important for your dad.
Take them all.
Keep them all safe for him,
all right?
Put it away.
What? What?
Do you copy?
Command, Command.
this is Special Brigade
Squadron One.
Why is our elite unit
being pulled back?
We should be at Tank
A01 fighting the fire.
Who are you to give me orders?
Listen to me.
You stay in front of the chemical
tanks and keep the area clear,
"keep the tanks safe
and hold your position"
- Special Brigade Squadron One.
- Here
We're to hold this position
no matter what.
Check your gear and stick
to your orders, clear?
Zheng Zhi, Zheng Zhi.
- Yes, sir.
- You got a job to do.
You think you're on holiday?
- Go get me more foam, okay?
- Okay.
- Quickly.
- On my way sir.
On the double!
Four valves on a switch,
two in, two out.
Close them all to stop the
oil going into A01,
and to stop the burning oil
getting into the other tanks.
How do we know that?
the valves are closed.
Once the power is on the screw
will turn and close the valve.
See that up there?
- You can turn the power on.
- Roger that.
We're good.
We need more foam.
Get it there.
- I need foam, I need these.
- Hey wait, hold on.
Let me have those two.
- Where am I supposed to go?
- Thanks.
Hey, help me out here.
Hurry, help me.
Go, go.
- How is it?
- Lot of garbage!
- We gotta clean it on the hour.
- Make sure the pump working.
Come up.
Give me the trash.
Come on up.
Hang on tight
You okay?
"Attention, this is a public service
"there's been a major fire in the
port area",
"the government has mobilized fire
engine from across the province".
I'll pay anything for a ticket,
lady, I wanna try my luck at the
airport but people are running
away, there's been major fire
in the airport area.
Stop it Miao!
Are you okay honey?
- What the hell lady?
- Sorry, I wasn't paying attention.
Forget it,
let's take the subway.
- Take mommy's hand.
- Let's go.
Excuse me, let me go through.
Stop pushing, all right?
Stop pushing.
Mommy, mommy
- Mommy.
- There are children, stop pushing.
Turn it on now.
Take a selfie.
I'm sure I won't be doing
anything like this again.
I'll brag about it forever,
once we're finished.
I'll brag for you.
Thanks a lot.
All right.
Command, come on.
The valves in zone B are closed.
We'll head to zone A
for the last four.
- Miao!
- Mommy.
My son.
My son, stop pushing my son.
Get behind the line.
Everyone behind the line.
Miao Miao!
Miao Miao!
- Meet at the next stop.
- Mommy!
- I'll come back here.
- Mommy!
- Mommy!
- I'll come back from next station
Come on, move it.
Just run.
Help me.
Move it, move it.
- Quick, up there.
- Okay.
Fire, you're on fire.
- Let me go.
- You can't leave
We need to, or we're both burn
to death here.
I don't care, you just need to
close those valves.
Are you crazy?
The road is blocked.
I don't want to die.
If I'm gonna die,
I'll die together with
my family.
"Command center, come on.
We've arrived on the scene".
"Permission to drop dry powder
on the fire".
Permission granted.
Hey, dry powder.
"The chopper is about to release
dry powder".
"All firefighters retreat to safe
shelter, car1 car2 evacuate".
Fall back, fall back.
Find shelter right now.
The spill fire it's getting closer.
The fire is nearing the chemical
Protect the dike, stop the fire.
- Protect the chemical tanks.
- Special Brigade.
Hold your position, we'll fight
until the end.
Yes, sir.
Hit it.
Over there.
Hey man.
Come with me.
I know the way out.
I can get us out of here.
Maybe we can get out alive.
Don't you have a wife and child?
Go home, get them out.
We still have small chance.
We are only human.
Come with me man.
Are you listening?
If this place explodes so does
the whole city.
Come on, let's go man.
We've to go.
Come on.
We've to go.
Come back.
Come back.
Can you hear me?
As long as I'm alive,
I'll remember you.
Even if we send another generator
truck, it won't do any thing.
See that secretary?
Tank A01 is completely surrounded
by the fire.
The pressure is too high
and the tank is full of oil.
Honestly, it's not going to hold
out for long.
Our cities last defense
is us then.
We've to hold out.
Assemble the commanders.
- Can you please sell us one?
- No, I don't have enough for myself.
Please sir at least one
for my child.
Open up, open!
Anyone there?
Open up, open.
Anyone there?
Hey, what are you doing
out the rock down, put it down.
My son is in there.
Open the door.
- Come on.
- Calm down.
Jiang Miao!
Jiang Miao!
Jiang Miao!
Jiang Miao!
Jiang Miao!
Jiang Miao!
Jiang Miao!
Jiang Miao!
Jiang Miao!
Jiang Miao!
Jiang Miao!
Jiang Miao!
Jiang Miao!
Jiang Miao!
"Bingang, one of Chinas coastal
"is facing an unprecedented crisis",
"if the oil fire isn't contained soon
it's fallout will reach the near cities".
"Korea will suffer irreparable
"The explosion will apparently
create a giant mushroom cloud".
"Bingang is one of China's largest
coastal cities."
- "The second explosion shaken."
- "Effective measures are being..."
"Put down the fire and ensure
the safety of the people".
- I don't know any details.
- Reinforcements are on the way.
"Try and stay safe, and be
courteous to others".
His heart rate and blood pressure
are stable, he has leg injury.
Prepare for surgery.
Excuse me.
- Excuse me ,coming through.
- Hang in there.
- Calm him down.
- Hang in there.
If you are party member or
commander with siblings, foerward.
What are you doing here?
- Step back.
- Sir.
- Step back.
- Sir.
Step back, your mission is
to protect the chemical tanks.
Party members are obligated.
Your siblings will care for your
So.. you'll form a strike team.
To be honest,
you won't come back.
Go in and manually close the
valves at tank A01.
right now, the road leading into
the fire is blocked,
but we'll find a way to open a
new path.
Please send me in there.
I've been in there.
I'm the best man for this.
I'm the best man for this mission.
Trust me sir.
Bring someone with you, the strike
team will escort you in.
I want Dongshan Squadron
to make the path.
I know they can do it.
Everyone else,
hold your positions.
If the first strike team should fail.
- You'll take their place.
- Sir.
We'll succeed, sir.
what are you thinking?
I guess you're thinking you're
pretty hot shit now.
Hey, got a smoke?
At an oil depot?
you wanna die?
I want a cigarette before
I go in there.
Go on, give me one.
- Crap, it's all wet.
- Shoot.
- This one looks good.
- Yeah, give me that one.
It's soaked.
Such a big fire can't light
a cigarette.
Can't light it.
I'm going in.
Jiang Liwei, see you when
I get back!
Starting today,
all of you can proudly say
with you heads held high.
We're the Dongshan Squadron.
We're the Dongshan Squadron.
We're the Dongshan Squadron.
We're the Dongshan Squadron.
- Are you ready?
- We're ready, sir.
- Move out.
- Yes, sir.
Miao Miao!
Miao Miao!
Miao Miao!
Miao Miao!
- Have you seen a child this tall.
- Go find him yourself.
- Miss, can you give me a hand.
- Miao Miao!
My wife's in labor.
Can you help me take her
to the hospital?
- But I'm looking for my son.
- Out here?
- Miao Miao!
- How will you find him?
Its total chaos here, there's lot
of people in hospitals, ask there.
Oh, it hurts so much.
Please help us.
I beg you.
Let me in, I have ticket!
Let me in, I have ticket!
Let me in.
The last three tickets.
- I'll pay double price.
- When are the tanks will explode?
At first they said that it would
blow up in the half an hour.
Now, they say it's blown up already,
I can't take it.
How much you spend on these?
I worked so hard to save it.
I told you to leave him there.
Everyone else in the station
ignored him.
- Everyone.
- But we are in crisis here.
You're foolish, his own mother
abandoned him.
She didn't, my mom didn't
abandon me.
See that?
We've to get ride of this kid.
A bit more.
"How is everything over there?"
"Commad to Fenglin squadron"
"Please report on the status of the
remote water supply".
- Hey man, your girl.
- I know.
She's throwing a tantrum.
She wants me to say
something nice.
After the weeding,
I'll be a poor man.
Talking about it won't help.
If I want to give her a comfortable
life, I have to work hard.
It'll all work out.
"Commad to Fenglin squadron".
"Please report on the status of the
remote water supply".
"Fenglin squadron, come on.
This is the chief'.
'What's your statues?"
Give it here.
Come in command, this is Xiaobin
of Fenglin squadron.
"I was cleaning the water pump",
the remote water supply is fine,
but it does have a bit of temper.
A little improvement in that regard
would be amazing.
Looks like this fire...
Come at a bad time...
- Captain.
- Yes.
I'm almost out of oxygen.
I'm getting the alert too.
- Take it off.
- All right.
Command, come on, we've been
at this rot 45 minutes.
Why aren't the valves
closed yet?
Didn't you say that 10 minutes
would be enough?
What's going on?
I don't know.
They've never been manually
closed before.
All I know is that.
80 rotations is one click,
to close one valve.
takes a hundred clicks.
Why the hell do you keep
on laying to us man?
I'm not laying.
I'm still here, aren't I?
This port has been in service
for a century.
I can't let it die on my watch.
In this city, a lot of people rely
on it to make a living it.
I told you everything.
Who would have the guts
to go put out the fire?
How would the port be saved?
What do you know about
Each valve takes 8,000 rotations.
Damn it.
Captain, can we really do this?
Whether it's 8,000 or 80,000,
doesn't matter.
We still have to close it.
Hang in there.
Here, sit down.
Excuse me, please help.
Mister, she's in labor.
- Please help us.
- No way, there's no room.
- Just go away.
- Please help us, open the door.
- We can't, no room for you.
- But she's in labor, you must help.
- I know that.
- Miss.
- Her water broke.
- Sir.
- Mister, her water just broke.
- Go away lady.
- Don't you have momma or kids?
- I've got no mom or kids, go away.
- Let's go.
- Easy easy.
Why, they've all boarded the terry.
Why won't you let us in?
Don't run away, I need you mom
and dad to pay us back.
We're overloaded, let them wait
for the next one.
All right, let's go.
- What's wrong?
- Do you think he's got asthma?
He needs a hospital.
The ferry's leaving.
It's leaving, why is the ferry
leaving already?
I mean, we've lived here
our whole lives.
Maybe we should stay.
- Let's get him to a doctor.
- Yes.
"The local government has already
requested manpower and supplies",
"from the central government the
military has also mobilized support",
"The central government has also
ordered that lives and properties",
must be protected, at all costs.
Mix the concrete and
block the fire.
Come on.
Move forward.
- Zheng Zhi! Zheng Zhi.
- I know, get more foam.
- Now.
- On my way.
A01 tank temperature
is rising again.
attention all zones, tank A01
may explode again.
We need to lower the tank temperature,
by time for the team.
I think my valve is closed.
This one's closed too.
The valves over there are
the only ones left.
We'll have to climb over all this to
get there.
Let's go.
Hang on tight.
Don't let go.
- Watch the steps.
- Thank you, be strong.
Doctor, doctor.
- Doctor.
- Someone help.
- This way.
- Relax, my wife's in labor.
All right, come on with me.
Take a deep breath, good.
"Try and Relax".
Excuse me, have you seen
this child?
He's wearing a red cap and
dark blue vest, this tall.
- He's my son, Jiang Miao.
- There are too many kids here.
Go ahead and look around.
Doctor, I'm stuck here 'cause
I can't move.
But why are you all
still working here?
Well, you want
to operate yourself?
No way.
- How is he doing?
- His breathing is normal now
That's good, hey kiddo.
We've already asked the police
to look for your parents.
They'll come pick you in no time.
These two valves
are almost closed.
- Captain.
- Yeah?
Have a drink.
The stupid foam water tastes
like crap.
Why didn't you tell me?
Captain, do you hear that?
Get down.
Is there anyone hurts?
- Get up now.
- I'm fine captain.
- I'm fine too.
- We're all okay.
- Back, back.
- Everyone, fall back.
Fall back, fall back.
Fall back, fall back.
Fall back.
Special Brigade.
Regroup, we're fighting back.
Yes, sir.
- Let's fight back.
- Yes, sir.
Come on.
- Go, get in there.
- Yes, sir.
Come on.
Captain, our hose is broken
- Our is too, Captain.
- Get behind me.
Men, follow my lead!
Even if we die, we die in from
of that tank.
Yes, sir.
Captain, this hose is gone.
- Get back.
- Captain.
- Captain.
- Zheng Zhi.
- Zheng Zhi.
- Get us some help.
- Go call for help.
- Get us some help.
- Help us and call command.
- Help us.
- Get help, get help.
- Hurry.
We need help, that way.
Zheng Zhi, that's the wrong way.
- That way, where's he going?
- That way, he's running away.
- Coward.
- You coward.
We'll be fine, guys.
We'll be fine.
I'm coming, I'm coming.
Zheng Zhi.
Zheng Zhi.
Wake up.
Zheng Zhi.
Wake up.
Get up.
Zheng Zhi, get up.
Zheng Zhi.
- Zheng Zhi.
- Zheng Zhi.
- Zheng Zhi.
- Zheng Zhi.
Get up.
- You have to get up.
- Come on.
Get up.
Get up.
Get up.
Zheng Zhi, come on.
Zheng Zhi.
- Go.
- Go and get help.
- Get help.
- Go and get help.
Go and leave us.
- Go.
- It's too dangerous.
- Run.
- No way.
- Go back.
- Get out of there.
- Go.
- Zheng Zhi.
- Go, go now.
- Go.
- Come on, let's go.
- Go, Captain.
- Get out of here.
- Watch out, Zheng Zhi.
- Captain.
- Captain.
- Zheng Zhi.
- Zheng Zhi.
- Zheng Zhi.
- Zheng Zhi.
- Captain.
- Zheng Zhi.
Zheng Zhi.
Just leave me here.
- Just go.
- Captain.
Let go.
Let go.
Leave me here.
Just go.
Let me go.
Zheng Zhi.
Captain, give this to my mother.
Command, please come in.
Special Brigade fire-fighter.
Zheng Zhi,
has died.
Get up.
Our friend Zheng Zhi has died.
None of us wanted
to see that happen.
However, in the line of duty,
sacrifices are made.
The battle isn't over for us yet.
- We must carry on.
- Sir.
- Squad Leader.
- Sir.
- Check the hoses.
- Sir.
- Number two.
- Sir.
- Check the foam.
- Sir.
- Get ready.
- Sir.
Sir, the spill fire's coming.
Captain. Captain.
Captain. Captain.
Come help me.
Captain, Let's go.
Hurry up. Move it.
Let's go, hurry up.
Come on, hurry.
Come on.
My valve is closed.
What's wrong?
Captain, I think I'm going to die
out here.
Let's get out of here.
Come on.
My valve isn't closed.
We can't go or leave.
A01's about to blow,
Besides, I want to get home alive.
When I tell you run,
you run fast.
Run. Hurry.
Come on Captain.
Captain, hurry.
Captain. Captain.
We made it through, Captain.
Captain, come over here.
Why did you lie to me, Captain?
Miss, have you find your son?
I'll check somewhere else.
My husband said, he'd come back.
I have to let him see our son.
It's just me against you now.
Haven't you noticed
that I've got you by the neck?
Mommy. Mommy.
Captain. Captain.
What do we do now?
We just wait to die?
We just wait to die?
I'm being discharged soon.
Captain, I can't die.
I don't want to die.
Don't be afraid.
- I don't want to die.
- It'll be okay.
Don't worry. It's okay.
It'll be okay.
Listen to me.
From the day,
we became fire-fighters.
We prepared to make
the ultimate sacrifice. Right?
I know that I've been tough
on you all.
I've always pushed you.
and you.
But I can tell all of you today,
that I'm proud of you.
Each one of us should leave
some parting words.
If we die here, we should let
them know what we've done.
If your parents are still here
tell them what we did.
If you have kids then tell them.
All right.
I would like to visit you.
I want to have hot pot
with you guys.
I miss you
Hey, mom.
It's your boy Yilun.
Don't you always say that,
I never miss home?
Well, I do now.
"I want to go home, mom".
"I'm exhausted."
Right, Zheng Long.
Mom and dad.
I've done something
you can be proud of.
What we've done today
has been really hard.
If I don't return,
I'm sorry.
I'll do my best to take care of you
in the next life.
Yes. Dad, mom.
You take care of yourselves,
Let me salute you.
"Hey son".
"I'm your dad".
Remember, you should listen
to your mother, okay?"
"And when you do grow up".
"You be a decent and proud man".
"All right?"
"I'm sorry".
Let's get to work.
- Hold the line.
- Sir.
- Captain, still no water.
- Leave it, move the rocks.
Reporting to Command,
we've no water.
- We've no water either.
- We can't hold out much longer.
That's all the water we've got
there's not enough to spare.
Xiaobin, the city's out of water.
"Your remote supply
is all we've got".
"Keep that pump functioning".
This is Xiaobin
of Fenglin Squadron.
Don't worry yourselves,
As long as we're here
the water supply won't stop.
Give me that.
Take a break.
I'll be right back.
Command, Command.
There's still no water
at the chemical tanks.
"This is like fighting a war
with no bullets".
Reinforcements are on route.
Hold the line at all costs
that's an order.
We don't mind dying.
How do we do this without water?
Weiguo, it's Liwei.
Hang in there.
Buy me some more time.
All right. Liwei, don't worry.
I got your back.
Come on. Move those rocks.
There's too much trash.
Come here.
Come on.
- Come on. Eat this you stupid fire.
- Hurry.
Eat this. Come on.
You want some more?
You got it.
Come on.
I'm not afraid of you.
The chemical tank temperature
is rising. It's almost critical.
Captain, the tank is cracking.
We stay here and fight.
We hold position as long as we can,
and we'll hang on for as long
as we can.
As long as we're here,
we'll fight on.
Zheng Zhi, gave his life
to save ours.
We're staying right here.
We're staying with him.
Come on. Don't blink.
Hang in there, Special Brigade.
Every member counts
on the road to victory.
Bring it.
Bring it.
Come on, come on.
Come on.
- Captain, the water's back.
- Cool down the chemical tank.
"Fenglin Squad to Command".
"Squad Leader Xiaobin is dead".
Inspector, get over there.
Xiaobin, wake up.
This is one of your jokes, right?
If I clean you up.
You'll wake up,
If I clean you up.
Xiaobin, how could you?
Come on, you can't die.
Come on.
Is this all you've got?
You lost.
- Captain.
- Captain.
Captain Jiang is dead.
He managed to close
all the valves at Tank A01.
Everyone should assemble
right now. Let's finish it.
"All battle zones,
this is Command".
"Gather everything you've got
and let's finish this".
- Squadron, give it all you've got.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes.
- Yes.
It's over. We won.
- We did it.
- Captain, have some water.
Time to go home.
You think you're pretty hot shit
right now, don't you?
How tall is Miao Miao now?
This tall?
A lot taller. Really.
- This tall?
- You've to catch up.
- l...
- Wait, you just had a kid.
I mean...
I just want to live to see
my wife and kid again.
Hey, what's up little guy?
Why are you grumpy?
Let's have dinner.
"Heroes, rest in peace".