The Breakup Playlist (2015) Movie Script

Do you have to bring this up now?
We have a gig!
Impeccable timing!
We're on the brink of breaking up
and you still think of timing?
Stop! Just stop it!
Fine! I've had enough!
Let me out!
What's your problem?
Did I say I wanted you out of the band?
You don't have to say it.
I quit.
Drop me off.
You want to leave my band?
Leave my life as well!
I only said I was leaving the band!
You don't have to say it.
I'm telling you to leave!
And please, don't ever come back!
So, are you game for the reunion concert
Don't overthink it, Trixie.
Don't you miss us?
You've been out of the scene.
Yeah. For how long?
When did you last play?
That last gig.
After that, you never played again?
No kidding.
Trixie, wait.
Let's hear what Jing has to say. Please.
And since you and Gino
were such a hit rock tandem before,
your hits are their favorite songs.
There. Good. Trixie?
She's game. Trix of all people.
She's an artist.
How much is my talent fee?
Nothing. I was just surprised.
That's the first time
you've ever asked that.
You used to just play
and leave the dealings to me.
It was Gino
who always asked about the pay.
That was before.
Now is different.
And this is not just any concert,
And that's a big deal.
Do you?
Stop. Here's the fare.
Hi, ma'am.
I already delivered it, ma'am.
-All right. Thanks.
-Bye, ma'am.
Trixie, thank you.
We can finally watch cartoons all day.
All right, you kids enjoy.
Better stay here, it's hot outside.
-Good afternoon, uncle.
-God bless you.
Have you taken a bath?
Oh, an action movie.
You're always eating.
Hello. Hi.
our electric bill went up by a thousand.
Probably because of your mom's aircon use.
OK. I'll just add more to what I give you.
-Put it there, please.
-Yes, Mom.
-Eat well.
-Have some more juice.
Mom? Let's eat.
Mom, we'll soon have our own place.
Just give me more time.
I've got this.
It's the least I can do.
You don't have to.
No, Mom.
Once more, bro.
Sorry. Again.
-Let's take a break.
Here, bro.
I already spoke to the client.
He moved the approval of the jingle
to tomorrow
so we have to submit the mix after lunch,
I'm sorry, dude.
I'm just not inspired to work right now.
Well, you're preoccupied.
You still have feelings for her?
That never changed.
So, what now?
You're giving up?
I'm just afraid
that she's already moved on from me.
Gino, she can't even look at you.
You think she's already moved on?
All I can say is,
you're were stupid to let her go.
I heard there are promising artists
in this batch.
I heard about that, too.
I hope somebody stands out this year.
Sorry. What is it?
You have a beautiful voice.
But you're a bit flat.
Which part is flat?
You have the voice, the potential.
Your voice has a wide range.
You could probably do...
Possibly rock, too.
Or even pop.
You're flat, too.
Let's call the next one.
The challenge of this exercise
OK. Thank you.
How was your performance?
Gosh! You know...
I was really tense but it felt great.
Is it OK that you're here?
Won't they look for you?
Don't mind them.
How come when they announced the mentors,
I didn't see your name?
Wasn't Raf, your vocalist in Blind Curve,
supposed to be here instead?
Yes. But...
so they asked me if I was game and I said,
"Why not?"
I'm not sure if it's true,
but one of the organizers said
I was their original choice.
But Raf volunteered to be a mentor, so...
I'm sure he's green with envy.
He wanted to do this.
But then,
if it's not for you, it's not for you.
He always wants to be in the spotlight.
So you were the second choice.
how did you end up becoming a musician?
I bet your dad was a musician, too?
No one in my family is a musician.
But my grandfather loved music so much.
I remember every Sunday morning,
he would play his records.
Air Supply.
Joni Mitchell. Duran Duran.
Rey Valera.
So of course I couldn't help but listen
and sing along.
Then, when I was 12,
he gave me a guitar.
A Lumanog.
My neighbors were playing games
in the street
while I was in our house playing
"Line To Heaven".
First song I ever played
because the chords are easy.
As for me, when I was in high school,
well, I wasn't good at basketball
and I wasn't that smart,
so I thought, "I'll let them be.
I'll just play the guitar.
You can have your trophies and your medals
as long as I get the chicks."
You guys with guitars are such a type.
Really attractive, yeah?
And we women go crazy over you.
Don't get cocky,
you don't have a guitar right now.
To be fair, I'm only looking at you.
No guitar.
No guitar yet.
You're so corny.
Gino, Trixie, let's jam!
Wait, they're calling us.
For real?
I'm going to start my own band
so I can make my own music.
I was thinking of inviting you
to join my band.
-Yes, you.
Why me?
Why not?
OK. But after I finish law school.
-Three more years?
Three years. That's not so long.
That is,
if you'll still know me in three years.
How could I forget you?
OK. How about this then?
How about this.
You give me your number
and I'll contact you?
Save your number.
Don't you forget about me.
I won't.
This is for you.
-Take care.
-OK, thank you.
-I'll go ahead.
Yeah. Thanks, too.
Thank you.
-Welcome, darling!
How was the music camp?
Gosh! I had so much fun!
I really enjoyed it. And I was starstruck!
All my idols were there.
-And guess what, Pa?
-Hi, Mom.
Well? What happened?
You know Jamie Rivera?
She said she liked my voice.
Jamie Rivera?
Yes, Jamie Rivera.
So, will you make your own album now?
Or be part of a band?
Thank you.
Since we let you attend that music camp,
maybe you can start working harder
on your grades?
Yes, Mom.
By your bedside
is a copy of my lawyer friend's digest.
You're lucky because we work hard
to send you to law school.
I didn't get to study law
because we weren't well off.
I hope you'll fulfill my dream.
Come on. She's tired from her trip.
Eat first. Then later, you study.
Yes. I'll do my best.
Eat your dinner.
Ms. David?
Why don't you check your phone
for the answer?
I missed his call on the first ring
and he got so mad!
He's not my boyfriend!
Then I found out all he wants is...
Fix your hair.
Before you say no again,
I just want you to know that
I chose you
because when I first heard you sing,
I already knew you were different.
Especially when I saw you perform.
No, you weren't just different.
You were one of a kind.
And when you kept saying no,
I was convinced all the more
that I had to get you, because...
Just a bit flat.
Jam with us. Just one time. Promise.
If you don't like it,
I won't bother you anymore. OK?
Go for it.
When is that jam session again?
Right. Fantastic.
-That's going to be our arrangement.
-She's in.
Seriously, Trix,
we've been jamming this before,
and it's already solid as it is.
But when you did your thing,
it gained a kind of...
-Thank you.
Really, Trixie.
You and Gino have great rapport.
It's like you've been jamming for ages.
Thank you so much.
So, tomorrow again?
Jam again?
Nope. Let's go out.
Yes. Why would I ask them out?
I have class tomorrow.
Is that a problem?
So, are you game?
Look! Your old band.
I'm sure it feels great to be in there.
Because it means that
the music you originally made for yourself
is now sung by other people.
It's become everybody's song.
Someday, you'll be part of that too.
Hopefully with me.
What's the first album you ever bought?
Mine's this one.
Oh man. Now I'm embarrassed.
If you have that,
you probably have this one, too.
Of course. Yeah.
Oh, and...
Don't be ashamed of that.
I'm a solid Marvin-Jolina fan.
"I'm just your best friend."
What album can best describe your day?
How would you describe...
your ex?
Here. Let's not stray too far.
This one's mine.
-So your ex is like me?
-Oh, not this.
How would you...
describe your first kiss?
These are my conditions. No ifs, no buts.
If I have an exam, I can't join your gigs,
rehearsals, or jam sessions.
If I have a review or court practice,
I can't.
-If I have bar operations, I can't.
Nothing on my mom's birthday.
Nothing on my dad's birthday.
And of course, nothing on my birthday.
What about my birthday?
OK, fine.
You must really like me.
When my parents tell me to go home,
I will.
If my parents tell me to stay home
and study, I will stay home and study.
-If I start failing, this stops.
-Yes, ma'am.
If my grades get affected, this stops.
What if your feelings for me get affected?
Will this stop?
Gino. I'm serious.
I'm serious about music.
But I'm more serious
about not disappointing my parents.
I love music but I love my parents more.
I can make this work
if you cooperate with me.
Any condition on your talent fee?
-You don't care about the pay?
-I'm not after the money.
I'm after my music.
A lawyer and an artist.
Is your dad's birthday this Friday?
Your mom's birthday?
-Your birthday?
-Bar operations?
-Hey, dude!
Ebe's over there.
Wow, we're now on first name basis.
I'm a big fan.
Dicta License.
"Alay Sa Mga Nagkamalay
Noong Dekada Nobenta."
Yael is funnier than I expected.
Look, Sponge Cola. Yael and Ted.
Could I? Please? Sorry. I'm a huge fan.
Hold still. OK. One, two, that's it!
-Thank you.
-Stop it. It hurts.
-I'm so giddy.
-Me too.
Yeah, you noticed?
-I'm Trixie David.
-Hi, Trixie.
Gosh. I'm a huge Sugarfree fan.
Can I take a picture with you?
No, I mean, take our picture.
-You'll take the picture, bro.
-Is it OK? I'm sorry to bother you.
OK, this is vintage, huh?
Isn't he Vicky Belo's son?
And at this point,
She will be a part of it. Right?
Your moves, bro!
Using your band to score a chick.
It's not like that, bro.
Excuse me. I'm not a "chick".
-Are you Gino's girlfriend already?
-Not yet.
Does he stand a chance?
Shucks! The sun's up!
I can't do it anymore.
Trix, your exams are tomorrow.
You have to study.
It can't just be music all the time.
I really can't do it anymore.
Didn't you say
law school was your priority?
You even made me agree
to all your conditions.
-Come on.
-Can you help me?
Let's study.
Waiter! Three iced lattes please!
Game. One more.
-One more?
Let me introduce you to someone.
I'm excited. Recently, I met a girl.
She's kind, smart, beautiful.
But what's best about her
is her passion for her music.
-OK, game!
-Don't embarrass me.
That was so cool! It was so wild!
You'll get used to it. That's normal.
Mom? This is... this is Gino.
Gino, my mom and dad.
-Good evening.
-Isn't it too late already?
Your dad was up all night.
You kept him awake!
He was waiting for you!
I'm sorry.
My apologies, ma'am.
Joey, can you put a "No Smoking"
sign on the gate?
Some people really don't have manners!
I'm sorry.
Oh, why'd you stop?
-Am I flat?
Actually, you were good. Just go on.
You're already on the high notes but...
you're still cute.
-OK. How do I sing it?
OK, do this. Close your eyes.
Then think about
what your song wants to say.
Feel it.
Then just go with it.
So, close your eyes.
Do you feel it?
-Where did that come from?
-From your heart.
-It's corny.
-But it works, right?
-I guess.
-Want to try it again?
Let's do it.
Your voice is beautiful.
-And so are you.
I think I want to court you.
I want to fall in love with you.
-Take care of you.
You're the type of girl I want to marry.
Your mic isn't on. I can't hear you.
What did you say?
Nothing. You're just flat.
OK, one more. Sorry.
-This is Ria. My friend.
That was crazy!
You were so amazing!
Hey! Some applause please!
-You're so awesome!
Who's that?
My best friend since high school.
She's single.
-Really now?
-Topper. He's also single.
-Call me Tops. Tops.
Let's write a new song.
Right now?
I'm not even finished with
"Paano Ba Ang Magmahal."
I have an idea.
How about...
How about what?
Get it from my pocket.
-I wrote something.
Read it. I wrote that.
"At the end of all this,
I see something.
Not you.
Not me.
Me, too.
I'll also get a tattoo.
OK. What design?
Is it painful?
Does it still hurt?
Does it hurt?
Are you in pain or are you giddy?
Feels good.
I like your new music.
-Is this OK?
-Yup. Keep it up.
-It's good.
-Thank you.
Wait, bro. Excuse me.
I'll introduce you to someone.
-Hi, brother.
Hi Mom, Dad!
Donnie! Shin! This is Trixie.
Hi, Trixie.
Hello, everyone.
Oh! A new girl again?
You're such a chick magnet, brother.
You're my idol, you know that?
You're my idol, too.
Donnie, your brother is a changed man.
You still won't believe that
Topper and I are good influences.
Not all musicians are players.
Right, Auntie?
Trixie is Pencil Grip's lucky charm.
And my lucky charm, too.
I really love this girl.
Gino, don't you play with Trixie's heart,
As for you, Trixie, be careful.
You see, my son's a bit notorious.
-Come on, Mom.
You have nothing to worry about.
He should be careful instead.
Is that so?
Left, right or straight ahead?
Where are we going?
Up to you.
You're good with directions, right?
Please. That's so lame, Gino.
-So where?
-Hmm, let me think...
Go straight.
Give me a number between one and seven.
Eight? Why eight?
Smells good!
When we're famous,
we'll still eat beef pares here, OK?
Of course.
When it's too chaotic outside,
too noisy,
we'll still eat beef pares here.
If we ever need to remember
why we make music,
why we're here,
we'll just eat beef pares here.
Corny. But...
But, yes.
-I said I love you.
-I heard you.
No reply?
And thank you.
Thank you so much.
Because you made my dreams come true.
"I love you too" is enough.
But thank you, too.
My deepest gratitude to you all.
-Hey, man!
We'll just go to the van.
-Not my fault.
-Good job.
-Dude, congrats.
-Great set, man.
Awesome! What's the title of that song?
"Paano Ba Ang Magmahal...?"
-Who wrote it?
My girlfriend and I collaborated.
This is Trixie.
Actually, I don't know if you remember,
but back in college,
you were one of the judges
in the Battle of the Bands.
You said we were just
a bunch of pretty boys.
Do you remember?
Dude, that was a long time ago.
What a jerk.
Remember I told you
I'm not good at anything else?
But this music, the band,
that's what I'm good at.
He has no idea
how much his words affected me.
He was my idol, you know.
Look at us now, Trix.
Screw everyone who said
all I'd ever be was a pretty rock star.
Now they're ugly and they have no hits.
So Trix, thank you.
This is because of you.
Just forget those ugly jerks.
You're the coolest guy here.
The most handsome one.
The most talented.
The most attractive. You've got it all!
You will not file a leave of absence.
You will finish law.
You promised me you would.
Trixie, I already gave in to your wishes.
Mom, I don't want to be a lawyer.
Did I ask you if you wanted to be one?
No, but I'm telling you I don't want to.
Mom, I know it's hard for you
that we have different dreams.
But give me the chance to make you proud
by doing something I love.
You're just saying that
because you're still young.
When you're older, you'll thank me
for the fact that you finished law
instead of doing this band thing.
You'll be a lawyer, OK?
It's not my fault
that you didn't become a lawyer!
Trixie! You're out of line.
That's what you always do, Dad.
All you do is agree with mom.
What about me?
When do I get to do what I want
for myself?
I'm an adult now. Just let me be!
-I can take care of myself.
-You think you can?
You want to leave?
Then leave.
We'd rather not see you
than have you disrespect us over and over.
Us. Your parents.
Let her be, so she'll learn.
Let's go.
I'm such a bad daughter.
A really terrible daughter.
Thank you so much.
Sorry for bothering you.
Don't be silly. This is a small thing.
You can go upstairs now.
I already prepared your room.
Thanks again, Cathy.
Trixie has nowhere else to go.
She's like a sister to me.
Perfect timing, actually,
because I need a new housemate.
Good night, I'll go to bed now.
-Good night.
-Thank you.
Thank you so much.
So they agreed to my price?
Not without you.
I knew you wouldn't be able to say no.
A new one?
I need to go to the bathroom. Excuse me.
Trix, thank you.
I had no choice. I really need the money.
Don't you miss playing with the band?
Are you going in now?
Four years of second-hand smoke
was enough for me.
I don't smoke anymore.
Really? Good for you.
How are you?
How is Uncle Joey? Auntie Marissa?
Dad passed away.
I didn't continue with law school, so...
I became a secretary in a firm.
I stopped playing music a long time ago.
I only agreed to this concert
because I am desperate.
I'm the only one my mom can rely on now.
Is that OK? You want more small talk?
RJ, dude.
How are you there in the States?
You look like a dad now.
I'm OK.
All Issa and I ever do here is eat.
That's what married life is like.
When are you getting married?
Wait, why did you call? What's up?
Check your bank account.
I'd rather not. It's empty.
You never know. Just check it, OK?
Well, I'm sure you saw on Facebook
that we just opened our resto here.
And thankfully, we're doing well.
Hang on, this is too much.
It's just right.
That's what we promised you.
You wrote our wedding song after all.
Oh come on.
it's like we got married just yesterday.
This is a big help.
I've been short on gigs lately.
Stop it with your unstable work already.
Get married!
Are you serious? You're fetching Trixie?
I'm serious, man.
What's wrong with that?
If she doesn't come with me this time,
then better luck next time.
Are you sure she's home?
Why don't you text her?
Then it won't be a surprise.
OK, wish me luck.
I hope her mom doesn't drive me away.
Good luck, dude.
Let's just meet.
Let's just meet about it.
Yes. We'll fix it.
OK. My meeting's about to start.
I thought you were fetching her?
She went ahead?
She doesn't live there anymore.
-Thank you.
I'm surprised you know our songs.
I thought you kids
were more into Lady Gaga.
Ed Sheeran, actually.
Actually when we broke up,
we made a playlist of your songs.
"Paano Ba Ang Magmahal?"
It'll be on repeat in my head forever.
I don't know why,
but the song really speaks to me.
-Not yet.
We're not.
Let's get to work.
Wait! Cut! Stop.
Ah, you're flat.
You're flat.
-Hold up.
-Your turn.
-Wait a minute.
-OK? One more.
Bro, just go along with their vocals.
And you Saul, easy on the first verse.
Make your voices louder.
-Once more.
-I think the...
-I can't feel you two at all.
Let's try taking out some instruments.
But you're right.
Maybe the thing is,
no matter how good the arrangement,
-it won't work if it's not from the...
-The heart.
Shall we begin?
-From the top.
-Not yet.
Why? Are you in a hurry?
The arrangement
certainly isn't the problem here.
You don't always know how to solve things.
I'm just trying to fix what's wrong
from my perspective
There you go again, Gino.
Always concerned with the technical.
When it's obvious
that the problem is something else.
You're not always right, OK?
-Trixie, listen to me.
-No. You listen.
You're not the boss here, Gino.
How old are you? Sixteen?
agree on the arrangement beforehand
and settle your differences
on how to do the song.
You and Trixie were really at it in there.
You fight like
you just broke up yesterday.
I know. She's still so mad at me.
Even now.
Give me that.
What's this?
This is old stuff.
The Beatles.
What for?
For Trixie.
My last ditch effort to win her back.
Good luck.
That was fast.
I don't think I can do this anymore.
This is harder than I thought it would be.
We can't back out now.
And we can't postpone to a later date.
We'll be ruined if we give them
less than what they expect.
We straightened this out
before we agreed to do this.
Gino waived his talent fee
just so you'd say yes. Now...
Boss, what was that?
Gino waived his talent fee?
and he really wants to help you.
Sorry, I'm late.
Trix, where are you going?
-What happened?
-None of your business.
Wait, Trix.
Aren't they there yet?
Trix? Did something happen?
will you stop being concerned about me?
You're way out of line.
You're getting on my nerves.
-Did I ask you to give me your talent fee?
Why? What did you think?
That you saved me?
What will Lester and Jing think?
That I'm so hungry for money?
While you're some kind of martyr?
Wow, Gino! How amazing.
Since when were you concerned for others?
Let me remind you.
You're out of my life.
If I need your help, I'll ask for it.
But if I don't,
don't offer it because it means I'm fine.
I can help myself.
I have been fine without you
for three years now!
Trix, wait a minute.
For me, yeah. It's very Gino.
But wouldn't it be better
if we stick to what we're known for?
Well, last night,
I thought,
aren't our songs a bit too heavy?
Too much drama.
So let's try another approach, right?
So, it's different. A new sound.
But we can grow as musicians, right?
I was thinking, maybe on the second album,
let's do a bit more rock.
More technical.
But... that's not really Pencil Grip.
It's you. Gino. It's just Gino.
But what is Pencil Grip?
Overly sad songs? Songs about heartbreak?
Don't you get tired of those?
That's not really Pencil Grip either.
It's just Trixie.
You know what? I get you, Gino.
If you really want to be technical,
for the band to show off our talent,
that's going to come out either way.
But for me, the content is more important.
A song is only as good as its meaning.
Because what good is a song
that has an impressive melody
if no one can relate to it?
Well, how about this then?
try a new sound?
I agree with Trixie.
We got famous
because of the style in our first album.
And I'm personally not yet tired
of our sound.
How about you, man?
Me too, dude.
I agree with Saul.
I believe we have to play songs with...
with soul.
We might alienate our fans
if we suddenly rock out.
until we find the song
that's perfect for our first single.
Trixie's right. Content first before form.
OK. All right.
I'll just go for a smoke.
-Guys, guys!
-Here we go!
-Don't forget your gifts.
No gift? You're out of the band.
And if you can give cash, just give cash
because we're short on that.
-Yes, for sure.
-Yes, right?
-Cool, yeah?
-So are you guys next?
We'll see. Look at you.
Who would have guessed
you'd be the first of us to tie the knot?
What's this?
Trixie, they'd like to invite you
to the music camp.
Hot damn.
A mentor already? Just a newbie.
-For real?
-Congrats, Trix.
But that's good.
Piece of cake for you, sister.
You can do it.
Good job.
You want to go to the music camp instead?
You should go.
It's just that...
I don't think I deserve to be a mentor.
I wouldn't know what to say.
You can do it. You're good.
Not as good as you.
So, I'll tell Lester you'll take my place?
Are you insulting me?
The invitation's clear, right?
It's for Trixie David.
That's not like a concert ticket
where you can
just give it away
if you don't feel like going.
Gino, do we have a problem?
Is there something we have to talk about?
I'm just under a lot of pressure
right now.
I could help you, you know.
You want us to compose together?
I can do it.
I'll be fine. Anyway, I'll clean up.
-One more!
-Go, my BFF!
-For you, guys.
I'm jamming with Semento!
I can die now, guys!
You OK?
Look at that big smile.
Was it fun jamming with Caloy?
Gino, come on.
You had such a great time.
Gino, you're drunk.
Come on. Let's go home.
You want to be with Caloy instead?
Gino, please. Stop it.
You jam with him just once
and you say you can die already?
All right, game!
You want to switch bands?
Then join Semento.
Since you're so happy playing with them.
Can't I just enjoy jamming with them?
Your happiness is starting to annoy me.
What? My happiness annoys you?
I got you into this, right?
I got you into this band.
Without me, you'd be nothing.
I just want a little respect.
Gino, what are you talking about?
Do you know how hard it is
that we're in the same world?
The same band?
But everyone thinks you're better.
My girlfriend of all people.
Come on.
You know that's not true.
I worked for so many years
to get this far.
It's so unfair that you...
you didn't have to do anything
to get their respect.
Hell, they respect you even more than me.
It's just so hard that...
every single day I'm with you,
I'll always be reminded
that I'm a failure.
Because that's how you make me feel.
Gino, I'm your girlfriend.
I'm not your enemy.
I'm not your rival.
We're in this together, aren't we?
What's mine is yours.
We're not supposed to outdo each other.
Please don't think of me that way.
-For Cathy Salazar.
-Just a minute.
Is it OK?
It's so beautiful. You made me cry.
You're so good.
-One more time, please.
-One more?
If you've got something to say,
say it to my face.
Don't make a song about it.
Gino, she just wanted us to hear her song.
It's just a song.
Since when were Trixie's songs just songs?
Go tell your composer
that not everything in her heart
has to be put into a song for us to hear.
Sometimes, you have to be upfront
instead of hiding behind a song.
So that's why you don't go
to my gigs anymore.
Sexy, really?
Only a hardcore fan would say that.
Sit down.
Ma'am, here?
Just go straight. Keep going straight.
I'll turn the air con down, OK?
I feel cold.
Then I'll be the one who'll feel hot.
But I feel cold.
Well, whose car is this?
Mine, right?
Your car?
Gino, we've been together for two years.
At this point, isn't this our car already?
Who bought this?
Me, right?
Who had the air-conditioning fixed?
Me, right?
Did I tell you to have it fixed?
You didn't have to.
Because if I hadn't had it fixed,
I'd feel hot.
You'd feel hot too, right?
Because we're both riding the same car.
I could have had it fixed.
I just didn't have the time.
No time to take it for a car wash,
so I had it washed.
No time to have the oil changed,
so I had the oil changed.
No time to refuel
so I had the tank filled.
So what now? We're counting favors?
Yeah, we might as well count.
So you'll realize, or even just notice,
that between the two of us
you should give more.
You just receive and receive.
-I love you but it's tiring.
-Where's this coming from?
-Where am I coming from?
From your flirting.
Can you stop shouting?
Oh, you're mad?
You have the right to get mad?
You're the one with some random girl
sleeping at his house.
And now you're mad?
What? You think I didn't know?
I saw Ria coming from your house.
Trixie, nothing happened. OK?
Nothing happened?
A girl spends the night,
leaves in the morning
and you say nothing happened?
You had guitar lessons? Is that it?
I've been calling you all night
and not one answer from you!
I saw her kiss you
when she left your house!
And you have the guts to tell me
that nothing happened?
Don't take me for a damned fool!
What the fuck! We have a gig!
Impeccable timing!
We're on the brink of breaking up
and you still think of timing?
The timing is more important?
The band? That goddamn band!
-You, you, you. Always about you...
I've had enough!
Is that your problem?
OK, fine. I'm done!
Let me out.
What's your problem?
Did I tell you to leave the band?
You don't have to tell me.
I've had enough.
Let me out.
I said, let me out!
Let me out now!
You want to leave my band?
Leave my life too.
-I only said I was leaving the band!
-You don't have to say it.
I'm telling you to leave!
And please, don't ever come back!
I'm sorry,
but Trixie won't be able to come tonight.
But... we go on as planned.
The night is still young.
One more.
Trixie, please talk to me.
Answer me, please.
-Why is he here?
-Just talk to him. Please.
-Trixie, let's talk.
-Not here, OK?
Please talk to me.
Trixie, please. It's not like I can...
Fine. Just take this.
Trix, it can't end like this.
Let's talk. Please.
OK, fine. I'm sorry.
-I didn't know what...
-Didn't know?
You know.
You should know by now how you treated me
because of that ego of yours.
You want to be the only one who's good.
You're so sore over my success
that you've done nothing
but compare yourself to me.
You got into a relationship, Gino.
We should be loving each other
and not competing against each other.
Trixie, that's not true. I love you.
Are you just saying that
because you're scared for your band?
Of what will happen to you
and your ambition?
The fact is you don't love me, Gino.
You only love yourself.
Because if you really loved me,
you would be happy for me.
Trixie, it's the truth. I love you.
I love you.
Can't you just stick to sorry?
It's easier to swallow.
But don't say you love me.
I'm tired of hearing it from you.
-I'm tired of loving you.
Bye. Sorry. OK.
Papa, I'm sorry. I made a mistake.
Trixie, hop in!
Wait! Trixie!
-Just wait.
-What's your problem?
Get off me! Don't touch me!
Trixie, please.
Leave me alone!
I'm sorry for hurting you.
I'm sorry I was a terrible person to you.
-I'm sorry for everything.
-Fine, I forgive you!
Is that what you want?
What else do you want?
I said I forgive you!
Let it all out on me. I can take it.
I just want to ask for your forgiveness.
I'm sorry for what I've done.
I'm no longer the Gino you knew before.
I've changed for you.
I still love you.
You asshole!
What do you think you're doing?
What do you mean you still love me?
After three years, you still love me?
Who do you think you're kidding?
Don't you love me anymore?
Fine. Yes! Yes, I love you.
I still love you.
But what did you do to me?
You practically killed me! You killed me!
You know what?
Don't you ever kill me again!
Trix, I'm sorry.
Just wait.
-Thank you.
If only forgetting were that easy.
But it's not.
Especially if he's the one
you've always dreamed of.
The dream that
you entrusted your whole life to.
The one who made you believe this is it,
you've found him.
A person who will make you happy
and never hurt you.
Someone to offer your songs to,
your life to.
How can you just forget someone like that?
Really, Trixie?
Is that what you really want to do?
To forget?
You know what,
I don't think that's going to happen.
You know what...
I think you need to forgive.
Not for his sake,
but for yours.
Until you do,
you'll be stuck in the past.
In that part of your life that hurts.
Think about it. The world keeps spinning.
But you, where are you?
You haven't moved.
What's this?
Who sent this?
Good evening.
Thank you all for coming tonight.
Especially now.
The title of the song is "Forgive Me."
Joshua, is there a problem?
Trixie, I'm really sorry. I tried my best.
I keep saying sorry but why does it
feel like I only keep hurting her?
Are you OK?
I'm really sorry.
I know I'm not supposed to
bring my problems to work.
But it just hurts too much.
OK. Put this down first.
Come here.
people come into our lives,
not to stay.
They come just to leave.
But theyleave you with a lesson.
They come to hurt you.
But whether they succeed is up to you.
You decide if you will let them kill
all that's good in you,
or if you will take that pain
and say to yourself,
"I can do this."
"You hurt me but you didn't kill me."
Who knows?
If you're lucky...
he might come back.
But this time,
you have made a promise to yourself,
that the next time you fall in love,
it shouldn't be that painful.
Do you understand?
You can do it.
See. Finally, you got it.
Thank you as well.
Thank you, guys.
Can I ask you out for coffee?
Yes. Why would I ask them out?
Smells good.
Didn't we say that when we were famous,
we'd still eat beef pares here?
Yeah, but we're has-beens now.
If we ever need to remember
why we make music,
when it's chaotic outside,
and it's too noisy,
we'll just return here and eat beef pares.
"I love you too" is enough.
I'm sorry, too.