The Bribe (1949) Movie Script

Well, here's the storm,
Right on schedule.
Could be a break, at that.
Gives you time.
Time to think.
And how do you
like your thoughts?
How do you like
finding out
That maybe
you've got a price tag, too,
After all these years?
How much do you cost,
How much for you?
Or would you rather use
another word
For what you're
selling out,
One with a fancy
necktie on it-
Say, honor?
And what does that mean-
Same thing to everybody?
Or different things
to different people?
just a word.
Say it over often enough
And it's not even
a word anymore,
Just a sound-
A sound without
any meaning at all.
Who is it?
Your beer,
senor Rigby.
Oh, yeah,
put it over there.
Si, senor.
Good weather for sleeping tonight.
Yeah, for some.
Cooler, too,
maybe, huh?
Will there be anything else, senor?
No, thanks.
Here you are.
Muchas gracias.
Ah, wait a minute.
Come back in
half an hour,
I may want
to send a wire.
Muy bien, senor.
You don't have
to send that wire.
Wait it out.
Stall until it's too late.
Nobody will know.
Everybody misses sometime.
No hard feelings.
Sure, you could
make it look good,
But can a sellout
ever look good?
You never thought so
before, did you?
What changed you?
She did.
But is she guilty
or innocent?
You're not so sure
of her now, are you?
Think back.
When did you first
hear of her?
Gibbs was briefing you
that day in Washington.
Rigby, this is
a very important case.
Graft of public assets,
War surplus racket.
It means a lot
to the taxpayers
And, incidentally,
to your own record.
You've been chosen
because you're a good cop,
If you'll excuse
the expression.
I'll excuse it,
It's not
a dirty word by me.
We've discovered
that a very smooth racket
Is being worked in some of
the war surplus auctions.
Private operators
are purchasing huge lots
Of war surplus material
as scrap.
Most of it is fit
only for scrap,
But delivery
is being manipulated
So that when the scrap
is sent to the junkyard,
Surplus airplane motors
Are included in each lot.
The scrap is being
routed out
To South America,
as ballast on freighters.
That's O.K. As far as
the scrap's concerned,
But the motors
are also carried,
Illegally shipped out
of the country.
They are segregated
and unloaded en route,
We believe
in Central America,
Where they're conditioned
and tested
And then picked up
by purchasers
Who are paying
exorbitant prices.
The men who are
engineering this graft
Are really cashing in.
No regular fees,
no shipping charges,
And no income tax.
Just several million
dollars of illegal profits.
Right out of uncle
Sams hide, huh?
Bringing in as many
motors as possible
With engine numbers
intact and identifiable
Is your job.
Now, look,
You'll take the town
of Carlota,
Here on the island
of Los Trincos,
As your headquarters.
If you locate the motors,
You'll make the raid
and the arrest
In cooperation with the local
law enforcement agencies,
In this case, the police
at the town of Mateo
On the mainland.
You'll contact them through
a man named Rodriquez.
We think that the people
Handling the Central American
part of the fraud
Are united states citizens.
We've screened all
Only two suspects left.
A man by the name of
Tugwell Hintten
And a woman-
Elizabeth Hintten.
You'll be given everything
we have on them.
Carlota? Sounds
like one of those
and quinine resorts.
How's your fishing?
Just fair.
What's that got to do
with airplane engines?
In this case, plenty.
Nobody goes to Carlota
except to fish.
Then Ill fish. It's a
way to scout the islands.
Too bad you're not stopping at Carlota.
It's great
Might try it sometime.
Right now Ive got
to get down south.
Peru you said?
Mmm, mining.
You're one of those boys that works
With a pick and a light on his cap?
None works harder.
I run the whole works.
It's tough to find
good men nowadays.
Take a young fellow
like yourself.
You don't want to start
at the bottom anymore.
Not even in the middle, Carwood.
For every year
in the army,
I'm for loafing
You young men-
The world falling apart,
and you go fishing.
The world just finished falling apart.
This is that
brave new world,
The one you guys
promised us.
You hit Carlota
late that afternoon.
Looked like the local boys
Were getting ready
to whoop it up about something.
You wondered what
they were celebrating.
It couldn't be the weather.
You kept looking
for pitchforks and brimstone.
Room 204,
senor Rigby.
How'd you do
today, you liar?
200-Pound marlin,
that's all.
200 pounds?
And that's when you saw
the pie-Shaped man
For the first time.
Pie shape wasn't
on your list of subjects,
But he should have been.
Right up there at the top.
This way,
Thank you.
Two suspects on
your list...
two only.
So you went
looking for them.
Some coffee, please.
Si, senor.
Hintten-Elizabeth Hintten
it said on the list.
Entertainer at Pedros.
Unknown quantity.
Quantity unknown maybe,
but one look
And you thought
you knew the quality.
I placed an ad
in the paper
you'll find it
there today
the words reveal
the way I feel
this is what
they say
situation wanted
young and fancy-Free
want to meet a someone
I want him just for me
Im not a saint
nor sinner
I walk the middle ground
Ill stay right
on the level
too smart to play around
love is all that matters
that's the thing
Ive learned
and the sky's
the limit where
my gentleman's concerned
gettin' tired of waitin'
gettin' kind of blue
situation wanted
with someone
but who?
situation wanted
young and fancy-Free
want to meet a someone
I want him just for me
Im not a saint
nor sinner
I walk the middle ground
Ill stay right on
the level
too smart to play around
love is all that matters
that's the thing
Ive learned
a woman's always
needed where
a gentleman's concerned
now you know my story
what am I to do?
situation wanted
with someone
but whooo?
Muchas gracias,
About what you expected.
Easy would do it...
very easy.
Knock on the wrong
door by any chance?
No. The right door,
I said "come in"
to the wrong person.
I'm expecting
someone else.
You're North American,
aren't you?
Milwaukee. Is that far
enough north for you?
My favorite latitude.
Very friendly city, too,
as I remember.
Far, far away.
I could call the bouncer.
I usually do when strangers
get the idea you have,
But it means lots of noise.
It's too hot for noise.
I'll be back in a minute.
If you're a nice guy,
you'll be gone.
It will be simpler
that way.
For a man with bad feet,
Pie shape seemed
to get around a lot.
So you didn't go.
So Im not
a nice guy.
I think you're trying
hard not to be.
Which is real? The hot tonsils out there
Or the string
music in here?
Would it do me
any good to tell you?
People believe
what they want to believe.
Don't tell me
Ive interrupted
Another tourist
making a pass at you, Liz.
Well, I must admit,
it crossed my mind.
Stop it, Tug.
Why shouldn't he want
to make a pass?
But Ill let you
in on something.
For anybody but me,
my wife is pass proof.
the name.
It seems
Im out of line.
I didn't know
she was-
Forget it.
My name's Hintten.
This is Mrs. Hintten.
So, how about us
having a drink on that basis?
Suits me fine.
Getting a pass knocked
down is thirsty work.
Hey, Jose.
Well, she'd served
her purpose.
There was the second suspect,
Hintten-Tugwell Hintten.
What'll you have?
Beer, please.
Beer for the tourist,
The usual for me
and my wife.
Beer, rum,
and lemon soda.
That's right.
Si, senor.
Beer, rum,
lemon soda.
No two of them mix.
Do you suppose
that means anything?
Does anything
mean anything?
My wife doesn't
like this place,
But I like it.
It's the source
from which
All blessings flow.
I work here, too,
Right behind the bar
in a white apron,
Monday to Saturday,
Today is Sunday,
For which
I give thanks.
Oh, the drinks.
Come in.
Sit down.
Thank you.
Put it on the table.
Tell Pedro to take it out of my salary.
Pedro says you already owe him.
Well, make it worth his while to sue.
Tip yourself a buck.
Muy bien.
Undehydrate yourself,
From the united states
air force to this.
From bomber to bar.
From riches to rags.
Sad, isn't it, hmm?
Yes, sir.
I flew way up
high in the sky
Like a guy.
Me and the wild
blue yonder.
Tug, please.
Speaking of pleasing,
you please me.
Have I ever told you
that you please me?
I'm jealous of my wife,
And what do you
think about that?
I wish you'd stop.
I can't, Liz.
Can't stop.
All wound up.
Got to run down...
Very slowly-
I'm sorry. It happens
this way with Tug.
He thinks
he's all right.
Then suddenly
he's just gone.
Here, let me
help you.
Thanks. I got to
get him home.
here we are.
Home again.
Put her right
down there.
Atta boy.
I'm sorry.
all right.
Liz, come here.
I love you, Liz.
I know.
I love you.
go to sleep, please.
Be quiet.
I'll make him
some coffee.
You could have
that beer.
There's some
in the kitchen.
I'd like it.
Come and get
your beer
Before it
starts to boil.
There was something
about her,
A softness.
You had to tell yourself
it was a good routine-
A very good routine.
Thank you.
Carlota's a funny place
for people like you to land.
Oh, it's a living
down here...
or rather,
it was at first.
Been here long?
Almost seven months.
Tug came down
with the airline-
Passenger stuff,
He was very good.
You got to be
on that run.
He didn't drink when he first came down,
But then the airline people let him go,
Very suddenly,
just like that.
It hit him
very hard.
You see where
he wound up.
You know
all that business
About flying way up
high in the sky?
It sounded like whining, but it isn't.
it's just nerves.
A lot of those kids
had nerves,
With reason.
He came home from the wars,
and you got married.
Didn't everybody?
Why am I telling you
all this stuff?
Blame it
on the climate.
Why haven't you
gotten out?
We're stuck-
Broke and in debt
and stuck.
You can't get out
of this country
While you're
in hock, you know.
Is there anything more
I can do?
No, thank you.
I'm used to it.
Well, Mr. Rigby, I
work tomorrow, all day.
Pedro's, nighttimes.
Well, thanks
for the beer.
And the story
of my life?
I'd have liked that
better if I didn't think
You skipped
some of it.
For instance?
The parts
that count.
Your master's voice?
Why do you ask that?
Maybe that's one of
the parts that count.
My master's
I could wish
it wasn't.
Good night,
Mrs. Hintten.
The next morning,
You picked your boat
and your boatman,
Emilio Gomez.
This is everything.
You'll like the boat.
I'll like your money.
I hope I like you, too.
They say
you're an honest boy,
A boy who doesn't talk.
I'll lock the lip
and give you the key.
You know something,
Ill take that key.
Pie shape was up early.
You'd already
checked on him some.
Very little on him.
J.J. Bealer,
All the earmarks
of a small-Time grifter.
Here we go, senor.
O.K. Take her away.
You spent the next few days
Getting the feel of
the islands around Carlota,
Dozens of them.
Villages on some,
Others desolate
and barren.
It looked like
you needed time
If you were going
to find anything.
Time and the breaks.
That night, when you docked,
you were nowhere.
We will have better
luck tomorrow, senor.
Tomorrow we'll try those
islands to the south.
Good night, kid.
Buenas noches,
Hello, Rigby.
Hello, Hintten.
Sleep it off?
Sure. I'm fine.
Look, no hands.
I've been waiting
for you to come in.
How about dinner?
It's Lizs night off.
Well, I-
We'd like to have you.
Give me a minute to
wash the fish off.
Pedro's won't care if the
fish don't. Meet you there.
You asked yourself,
were you keeping an eye on him,
Or was he
keeping one on you?
I didn't thank you for
looking after me last night.
It's a pleasure.
For Liz, too. She
doesn't have much from me.
I'm either drunk
or working.
Stop it, Tug.
Why? It's true.
Tonight Im sober,
and tonight I work.
Will you see her
home for me?
Again, a pleasure.
Not too much pleasure,
if you don't mind.
Wait up for me,
will you, Liz?
Yes, Tug.
Good night.
Good night.
You know, I really should get sore.
Why does your
husband want me
around you?
Does he?
Doesn't he?
All right, why are you
hanging around?
Oh, a couple
of reasons.
You're one-
The one I wish
I didn't have.
Good night.
You were playing it wrong,
and you knew it.
You should have been doing
the big brother stuff,
But it wasn't
coming out that way.
You were thinking
about her too much...
much too much.
You thought about her
all the next day
When your mind should have
been on her husband.
You found out things
about him that didn't jibe.
He was supposed to be broke,
yet he owned a boat...
an expensive boat.
Emilio, how does a guy
named Tugwell Hintten
Stack up
with you?
He is a mixture,
I think.
He's good,
and he's bad.
He drinks much
and gambles much,
But there's something
about him one likes.
Perhaps it is
his wife, so pretty.
He's crazy. One day
here and one day gone.
To leave a wife
like that-He's crazy.
You know where
he goes?
To get drunk
on his boat.
His boat's out
Could you
find it
If it was cruising around these islands?
Sure. You bet.
Why did you want to
see her that night?
Because you hadn't been able
to trace Hintten
And you thought she'd
spill where he'd gone?
That's what
you told yourself.
But you didn't believe it
even then, did you?
Oh, hello.
This job's just great for you, isn't it?
Pays off in money.
If it were one
degree cooler,
You couldn't
stand it, huh?
It's never cooler,
only hotter.
I didn't see
Hintten outside.
Thought Sunday
was his day off.
This isn't Sunday.
He be around later?
I don't know.
Guess I won't
be able to buy him
That drink
I had in mind.
A drink?
That'd be fine.
That'll be great.
Wherever he is,
that's just what he needs,
Another drink.
Why don't
you stop acting
Like you're alone
in the jungle.
I'm not?
O.K., you are, but
you'd be surprised
How nice the birds
and beasts can be
If you'll give them
a chance.
Tell me, Rigby,
Do you fly, walk on all fours, or crawl?
I've got a car. It's a nice
breeze when you're driving.
60 miles an hour,
You can make
your own breeze.
That's too fast
for me.
You don't want to go
home to that Turkish bath
And wait
for Hintten.
Thank you.
Who was right?
You were.
I'm having fun.
a lot to be said
For simply
being comfortable.
Women just like
to be waited on.
I'll bet Hintten
spoils you rotten.
Do you spoil your girl,
Of course, girls.
You'd be awfully careful
about getting wound up
With just one.
That's me,
I'm spoiled,
and you're careful.
We sound like a couple
of Dick Tracy characters.
You're not spoiled.
You're tired,
Gone down fine.
Too fine.
And your girls...
all plump and rosy?
That was just
a lot of big talk.
Not girls-Girl.
Cute little
kid, too.
I was going to marry her
after the war, I thought.
She thought differently, apparently.
she didn't wait.
You might say she didn't
wait several times.
I'm sorry.
you're a nice guy.
You really are.
Ah, maybe I was lucky.
Maybe she was, too.
But that's why,
In case you
were wondering,
That's why I have no
scruples about going out
And doing likewise
to other guys.
Why haven't you
tried to kiss me?
No. Please.
Just once.
Speak for yourself.
Maybe even that
was too much.
I think Id better
go home.
No, Rigby.
Why not?
Nobody's ever thought of a better way
Of saying
good night.
It would just be
an anticlimax.
You've already
been kissed good-Bye.
When I kiss
somebody good-Bye,
I like to know
in advance.
I do better.
It wouldn't have
made any difference.
It wouldn't make me
see you again.
Which way was it with her?
Was it the way
you wanted it to be
With her on the level
Not knowing about him,
Or was she just
trying to play it smart?
If that was it,
she was making it.
She got to you good.
You knew you should
keep away from her,
So you tried.
You stayed out every day
until you were so tired
You could roll into bed
and sleep. Maybe.
Be careful of
that equipment.
That's very
expensive stuff.
Hello, Carwood.
Hello, Rigby.
I'm here.
You sold me.
I'm only here
for a few days
On my way back
to the states.
I picked myself up
a great little outfit.
Why don't we go out
in the morning?
I won't take no
for an answer.
I'm afraid
you'll have to.
How about dinner?
I'm just going to have
one quick one and turn in.
O.K. I'll
see you later.
Senor Carwood?
Room 205.
Thank you very much.
And that was the night
Bealer picked to get chummy.
Nothing alcoholic.
Oh, a beer maybe.
Si, senor.
Hard liquor
goes to my feet.
Makes my feet swell
up like tamales.
That so?
Just a minute,
Mr. Rigby.
We know who you are, Mr. Rigby.
My connections know.
Who am I?
I've often wondered.
You could be a guy
who collects $10,000
Just to leave
this stinking town.
Don't recognize myself.
You know
who I could be?
I could be the guy
Who hands you
them $10,000.
Me to you,
just like that.
That's quite a dream.
Yeah, quite a dream
on one smell of beer.
That was when you knew
they meant business
And that pie shape
was one of them.
He fitted in.
And Carwood-
Did he fit in?
You wondered.
He shows up,
and Bealer makes his pitch,
Just like that-
One, two.
It could tie together.
Say, Carwood?
One drink,
and I feel better.
How about tomorrow?
Great. We'll go out
in the morning.
Those fish
won't have a prayer.
That's the idea,
isn't it-
No quarter
to the enemy?
You got a boat?
Yeah, a good one.
I'll meet you in the lobby at daybreak.
I'll break it myself.
Emilio was happy
when I told him
That at last
we were going to fish.
He wanted a chance
to show his stuff.
Do you think there are any
fish left in this ocean?
Do not be impatient,
We'll find
something soon.
I hope so.
Cigarette, Carwood?
No, thanks. I think
Ill relax for a while.
Senores, look over there!
Look! Look!
Hey, look!
It's a big one!
Better fasten your harness, Carwood.
Oh, yeah.
It's after your bait,
senor Rigby.
This is great!
Let him run!
Senor Carwood,
reel in your line.
Look at him go!
Shall I set
the hook?
No, no!
Not yet!
Look at it
churn water!
You got it!
Look at it jump!
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
Oh, it's wonderful!
Oh! There it goes!
That's a fine one,
Look at him dance!
Ha ha ha!
Excuse me, senor.
Loosen the drag
a little.
Look at it go!
Ha ha ha!
Oh, it's
a wonderful catch!
Isn't that fun?
Look at it jump!
Bring him in, senor!
Bring him in!
Senor Carwood,
will you take the wheel please?
I'm not much
of a boatman,
But Ill do my best.
Be careful, senor.
He will pull you
Senor Rigby!
What are you going
to do? He's harnessed.
I'll cut him loose.
Thanks, Emilio!
Hey, Carwood!
Bring that boat
over here!
Put it in reverse.
Come on back.
Hurry it up,
will you?
It's out of control.
Why doesn't
he try to help us?
Hey, Emilio, look.
Sharks are coming!
Swim for your life!
Boys, it looks like somebody's
in trouble over there.
Bring the boat
around quickly.
Grab the hook, senor.
We'll pull you in.
Hang on.
We stayed out for hours
searching for Emilio.
We finally
had to give up-
Come in without him.
I want
to tell you again
I'll never be able
to forgive myself.
I was scared, Rigby.
I lost my head.
I didn't know what to do.
you didn't know.
Now we haven't even
got a piece of the kid
To take home
to his folks.
Senor Rigby?
Who shall tell
Emilios father?
That will take
some telling.
I will do it, senor.
I'm his friend.
Thanks, Diego.
I'll be over to see him when
I get some dry clothes on.
Si, senor.
My name is Rigby.
Oh. My son's friend.
He was mine.
You are welcome
in this house.
No. I just wanted
a word with you.
I don't know just
what to say to you.
There isn't much
one can say
To a man who's
just lost his son.
I am grateful
that you try.
Sit down. Please.
Thank you.
You are interested in
this senor Tug Hintten-
His boat
and mysterious trips.
You wonder how I know.
Well, senor,
my son talked of you
But only to me.
Tomorrow morning
Senor Hintten goes out
again on his boat.
I heard him say so
to that fat man Bealer.
If you wish to follow
senor Hintten,
I will take my son's
place in the boat.
I have been told
by my friend Diego
That the man Carwood
did not act well.
Diego does not believe
it was an accident.
He believes Carwood
wanted someone to die.
but not Emilio.
If anyone, me.
This man
who hates you...
killed my son.
If you believe that
my son was your friend,
Then you must believe
that I am also.
I believe you.
In the morning then,
In the morning.
Oh, Rigby!
I had to find you!
I heard there was
an accident on your boat.
They said
a man was killed.
I thought
if it had been you...
oh, Rigby.
I'm sorry.
There's something
I have to tell you.
All right,
This isn't a very
good place to talk.
Well, we'll
find a place.
What is it,
Don't, Rigby.
I'll do much better
if you don't touch me.
That's a lot to ask,
but O.K.
You see, I was
raised on an idea
That if you got married,
you stayed married.
I married Tug
of my own free will.
Nobody twisted my arm...
and Ive been
a failure as a wife.
I don't love Tug,
and he knows.
I don't fool him.
I'm going to leave Tug
Because I can't live
with him now, not anymore.
Somehow, to me,
that would be as rotten
As running out on him.
I've no right to expect
anything from you, Rigby,
And I don't.
You can walk
away from this
And never give it
another thought.
You've never told me
that you care for me
The way I care for you-
Not in words.
Do you need
the words?
You knew it then.
You admitted it.
You loved her.
Well, well,
Mr. Rigby.
Mrs. Hintten, I was waiting for you.
I want to keep you from
walking into something.
You're the one that's
walking into something.
No, Rigby.
See what he wants.
Hintten passed out
tonight at Pedros,
Only he
wasn't drunk.
He was sick.
He still is.
Don't worry.
I brought him home.
Got a good doctor,
Doc warren from
the airline office.
Nothing too good for
my friend Hintten.
That's the way,
ain't it?
Nothing too good for
our friend Hintten.
It's his heart.
His heart?
The airline
sent him in to me
A few months ago
for a checkup.
They couldn't let him
fly after my diagnosis.
I'm sorry you had to
find out this way.
What can I do
to help?
The usual things-
Absolute rest,
no worry,
And the best
of care.
with every break,
no guarantee,
But without them...
I see.
Ill be back later.
Good night, doctor.
Good night.
Rigby, Im not
tough enough
To leave him now.
I wish I were,
but Im not.
I thought nothing
could stop me,
But this does.
You understand it.
You've got to.
I guess if you could
walk out now,
You'd be someone else.
But this
isn't all for us.
This isn't good-Bye.
You'll call
if you want me?
Yes, Rigby.
Oh, yes.
You'd accepted her then
for what she seemed to be.
She was innocent,
you told yourself.
She had to be innocent.
And for the first time
in your life,
You didn't like
feeling like a cop.
Those people at the tag end
of a deal
Were softening you up.
Hintten leaking his life out
every time his heart pumped,
Even Bealer
the anxious weasel.
Mind if I sit down?
Cafe Negra,
Hot weather,
hot drink.
Good for the stomach.
Well, Mr. Rigby...
it ain't going to be
any walkover for her,
Taking care of
a sick man.
She's going
to need help-
Cash help.
A man with cash sure
could set himself up
In business with her.
And the man who
gets there firstest...
11,000, Mr. Rigby-
Top dollar for the job.
who are you
A bunch of
dumb taxpayers
Who will get it
in the neck anyhow?
Get smart,
Mr. Rigby.
grafts nowadays.
That's the way
people operate.
12,000, Mr. Rigby.
I don't get a lot
out of this.
Every cent, every red cent, I need it.
you ain't giving me that
business anymore, are you?
You aren't even
talking to me. Why?
Why ain't you
brushing me off
With your fast chatter?
Why ain't you
getting up
And walking away?
Something holding you?
What, Mr. Rigby?
Think about tomorrow,
the job to be done.
Emilio's boat...
without Emilio.
Si, senor?
There goes
Hintten's boat.
Yes, but Hintten
is not on board.
It is another
North American.
The man walker,
I think.
Hintten's laid up.
The boat's
the important thing.
We'll give them a
minute, then tag along.
Anything around
that point?
Just a little bay.
That's where
they're going.
Step on it.
Hold it, Pablo.
Si, senor.
O.K. Go ahead.
Let's try a little
further up there.
I think there.
O.K. Let's see
what happens.
They've got
to be in there.
There's no place else
for them to go.
Look. There she is,
We follow, senor?
We do not, Pablo.
But, senor Rigby-
Wait a minute.
What is that?
Airplane engines-
Testing them.
They probably do it every
time there's an offshore breeze
To carry the sound
out to sea.
I'll bet they're
missing Hintten today.
We wait here?
No. We go back home.
Back home?
But, senor-
I found what
I was looking for.
Turn her around,
How soon do you figure
this storm's going to hit?
Very soon, senor.
We will be lucky
if we beat her in.
No chance for
a raid tonight, huh?
No small boat could live
in the sea by then, senor.
The storm will
stop them, too,
In case they planned on
moving the motors.
Pablo was right.
By the time you got in,
the sea was running high.
You couldn't move
until it was over.
You were trying not
to think of Elizabeth-
What Hintten's arrest
might do to her.
This rotten country.
If you ain't frying, you're
boiling in your own juice,
Even with a storm
coming up.
Now, wait! Listen!
I'm not offering you
money anymore.
There's another way she's
going to need help from you.
It's Mrs. Hintten
Im talking about.
She's in trouble-
Deep trouble.
Don't know why a man
like me gets legwork.
I'm glad I came,
I got a good nose
for a deal,
And I can smell one
on the stove right now.
Any deal you'd offer
would smell, Bealer.
Too high for me.
I'm a fellow that plays
all the angles-
All of them.
How you like this angle?
If anything happens
to my connections,
Mrs. Hintten goes to jail
right along with them.
You must be on
that beer again.
Take a look.
Hintten's boat is
registered in her name.
That put her in it
or not?
It would be awfully hard
to clear her.
Wouldn't look good
either, would it?
A federal cop trying to
fix it up for his sweetie.
You can fix it up
a lot easier.
You feel awfully brave today, don't you?
Sure. I got
an awful good hand.
10 years maybe?
Those are 10
awful good years
She's going to give up-
10 awful good years that
could be spent with you
Because Hintten
ain't going to last.
What's the matter?
Aren't I bug biting you?
Don't like to think you took
a dame away from a dying guy?
Is that it?
Keep her out of it!
I got to put this through
any way I can.
I don't like the methods
I got to use,
But I got to use them.
these are x-Ray pictures
of my feet.
Look. See?
See that little
white spots?
Look. See?
There's a bone.
See that
little white-
Nothing but an operation will do it.
And my feet,
Mr. Rigby,
You can't imagine.
Every time
I put them down.
If I get them fixed,
I'm a new man-
My own man.
No more eating dirt.
No more feeding it
to other people.
I'm sorry
the girl's in it,
But if you feel
that way about her,
Why don't you
talk business?
Oh, Mr. Rigby.
Mr. Rigby.
My x-Ray pictures
of my feet.
They cost me
a lot of money.
I'm sorry.
I don't know
where I get off
Slapping you around.
I know why.
I was getting to you,
And no guy
likes to be got to-
No guy like you,
One of the honor boys.
You think I don't know.
Would you believe it?
I used to be
that way myself.
Go on. Get out
of here, will you?
Go take a walk.
Maybe you'll get around
to seeing it different.
People do.
All you got to do
Is to relax
for a few days,
Stay off of boats.
If you want
to go our way,
You can phone me
at the Buena Vista Hotel.
If I ain't there,
leave a message.
Buena vista hotel.
And that's the way it is
as of now.
Bealer says she's in it.
She could be in it,
all right-
Both ways from the middle.
And you're not so sure
of her now, are you?
Can you just let it ride-
See her take what's coming?
Your telegram ready,
No. I'll take it down
myself, send it later.
Si, senor.
10 awful good years
she's going to give up-
10 awful good years that could
be spent with you.
You're a cop.
Just two words to consider-
Guilty, innocent-
Nothing in between.
Let him sleep
as long as he can,
And don't use
the medicine
Except in case
of emergency.
Yes, doctor.
Keep him very quiet
until we can move him.
I'll do my best.
Your best, huh?
Just how good is that?
I knocked,
nobody heard,
So I just come in.
I helped myself.
Of course not.
Things breaking bad,
Tug's worse-
Much worse.
I've got to get him
out of Carlota.
The doctor says
he hasn't a chance here.
I've got to
get him out quickly.
You're sure
in trouble...
and a lot of it you
don't even know about yet.
Your husband's
not only sick-
Maybe dying-
He's headed
straight for jail.
Rigby's going to
put him there.
What are you
talking about?
I'm giving
you facts-
Cold facts.
Rigby is a cop-
A fed,
A government
Didn't know that,
did you-
No more
than you know
That your husband's
in on a little deal
Of swindling
the government?
Don't like hearing that, do you?
What don't you like
about it most-
Knowing that
Hintten's a crook
Or that Rigbys
a cop?
I don't like
any of it,
And I don't
believe you.
There's two things
you got to do.
First, you got to
find enough money
To get Hintten
out of here...
and fast.
Second, you got to keep him out of jail,
Or he's a gone duck.
the answer...
both times.
Your husband's due for
a nice piece of change,
Only not unless he
finishes what he started,
And he can't
do that now.
But if you
come through for us,
He gets his money.
Also, he stays
out of jail.
Now, look...
here's how it works.
As soon as
this storm's over,
We're going to
make a move,
And we don't
want Rigby
Snooping around.
We figure...
you can keep him
from it,
One way or another.
I'll-Ah- Send you a
bottle of something
Later tonight.
It's harmless,
But a few drops
of it in a drink
Will keep Rigbys
mind off everything,
For long enough
Now, maybe you won't
have to use it.
It's just in case
Your big brown eyes
don't work. ain't
said yes,
But you ain't said no.
I got a hunch it'll be yes
by the time I check back.
You just remember
a couple of things.
It's your husband's
Against a cop's job.
You got a right
to use Rigby.
He's used you.
Think he's been on
the level with you?
Making a play for you
was part of his job.
Sure is hot.
Must be rotten
Laying there sick
in this heat...
waiting to
go to jail...too.
Hintten's a crook.
Rigby's a cop.
I don't believe it.
I won't believe it.
Oh, Rigby.
Now, now,
take it easy.
Take it easy.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry
to be so silly.
Falling apart.
Seems like Im always
doing that.
Listen to me,
I came here tonight
to get something straight.
I want to help you,
but you have to be frank.
Can't hold
anything back.
Can't leave
anything unsaid.
Tell me everything about
yourself, about Hintten.
What goes on with him?
What's he doing
those days
He doesn't show up
at Pedros?
You've got to trust me
completely from now on.
Trust you?
We haven't got a chance
unless you do.
And if I do
trust you,
We have
a chance?
I'm not so sure,
I'm sure enough
for both of us.
It-It's everything
or nothing.
or nothing?
All right, Rigby.
I'll give you
your chance.
Have you anything
to teme?
Anything unsaid?
Have you?
or nothing...
begins to look like
nothing, doesn't it?
What's happened?
What's changed you?
I'm the same,
and so are you.
I'm trying to help you.
Nobody can help me.
Not you, not me.
Just...stay away
from me.
leave me alone.
Maybe it's good
advice, at that.
There's just one answer
to the way she acted.
She knows you're a cop,
and she's guilty,
Or that wouldn't
bother her.
That ought to make it easy.
She's got it coming,
hasn't she?
She's guilty.
I'll send you
a bottle of something
Later tonight.
It's harmless,
But a few drops of it
in a drink...
it's your husband's life
Against a cop's job.
Must be rotten lying there
sick in this heat,
Waiting to go
to jail, too.
You got a right
to use Rigby,
A right.
Soon as the storm's over.
It's time, Rigby.
The storm's over.
The boats can go out.
Got to make your move.
Too late to send the wire.
You'll have to telephone
the cops on the mainland.
All you've got to do is relax,
stay off the boat.
If you want to go our way,
You can phone me
at the Buena Vista Hotel.
Get me J.J. Bealer
at the Buena Vista Hotel.
Sorry, senor, my outside
lines all busy.
Call me when you
get him, will you?
Did anybody
see you come up?
Of course not.
My feet may hurt, but they ain't noisy.
Don't close the door.
You want to keep an eye
on what goes with Rigby.
Now don't you fuss,
Mr. Carwood.
We're in
real good shape.
Double play at work.
One of them
will crack.
Either Rigby or
the girl is sure to.
Nature's got to take its
course with one of them.
It's lucky for us
the fiesta's beginning.
Everybody will
stay on shore.
Walker plans
to finish by midnight.
If Rigby got out
on a boat before then,
He couldn't miss,
So Rigby doesn't
get out on a boat.
If your friend nature
fails us,
We'll probably
have to kill him, catch?
I don't want
no part of that.
They get the chair
twice as hot
For bumping off
a fed.
Sit down.
I'm a payoff man.
No more, no less.
Considerably less,
Im afraid.
Room 204,
Thank you.
Like I said, nature
taking its course.
Come in.
I thought you didn't
want to see me again.
That was
last night.
I wasn't thinking
too well last night.
You see, I just found out
something, Rigby...
who you are,
what you do,
And why
you're in Carlota.
That's quite a bit
to know about anybody.
Is it more than
you know about me, Rigby?
Is it, Rigby?
Maybe not.
Who you are
and who I am
Doesn't make
any difference...
not to me,
Not in the way
I feel about you.
I thought it did.
For a little while,
I thought I hated you.
I tried to,
but it wasn't any use.
When you love someone,
I guess it doesn't
make any difference
Who, what, or why.
You go right on
loving them.
You go right on...
He's out, huh?
Didn't leave any message?
Well, ah, leave word
for him to call me
When he comes back.
Yeah, he knows where
to get in touch with me.
I thought lemon soda
was your speed.
This isn't a lemon
soda occasion.
Just one
for the road.
For the road?
Our road.
To you.
I never knew a crooked road
could look so straight.
What do you suppose
makes it look that way, huh?
You being around?
That could be it.
No, Rigby. No.
What do you mean, no?
What do you
mean being sad?
This is no time
for sadness.
We-We ought to be out
dancing in the streets.
Yeah, kicking the-
Kicking the hats
off the citizens.
That drink
- There was something in that drink.
Something for
the road, Rigby,
So it won't seem
so lonely.
Playing me, huh?
Setting me up for it.
You really found yourself
a pigeon, didn't you?
You didn't have to
do it this way.
It was working fine
for your side.
Guilty or innocent,
Didn't make
any difference.
I was selling out
for you.
You outsmarted
yourself, baby.
Now I can do my job.
I couldn't let
him die.
I couldn't.
So Ive killed
everything for us instead.
You must have
done a good job.
You couldn't feel so bad
if you hadn't.
You, ah, give him
the stuff?
You said that it was just
enough, that it wouldn't-
He'll be all right
in a few hours.
You wait here.
And that's
just what we mean.
Listen to me, Bealer.
If Rigbys not all right,
Then you won't be
all right.
I won't care then.
I won't care
what happens to anyone.
But, Mrs. Hintten...
it's O.K.
I know.
Go stall her.
Keep her from her house
for a while.
I've got to see
Hintten alone.
Here's what you've
earned so far,
Here's what you
would have earned
If you'd finished
the job,
An even 5,000.
Something for nothing,
Coming from you,
that's worth a look.
Well, I believe that
about winds things up,
Ends our business.
Not quite.
Listen, Carwood.
We had
an understanding
About my wife.
How could I forget?
You were so hard to
convince that we needed her.
Yeah. I sold her
down the river
But only partway.
I let her be used
To keep Rigby
where we could watch him,
But that was all.
She wasn't to know
about the deal or about me.
Suppose sis in.
What'll you do?
I talk,
tell everything I know.
I'll break it open-
Sis in. Why not?
We lost you,
we got her.
Where is she?
Exactly where you're
afraid she is... with Rigby.
Rigby and your wife.
You don't deserve to live.
But you're the one who's
going to die, Hintten.
It's going to look
very natural.
You tried to get
to your medicine.
You couldn't
make it.
Did you really think I'd
leave you around to talk?
You've already
talked enough.
You've talked yourself
to death, do you hear me?
You've talked
yourself to death.
Mrs. Hintten.
Please wait.
Mrs. Hintten.
Please, Mrs. Hintten.
Mrs. Hintten.
Are you-
Are you sure
you're all right?
Yes, Im quite
all right.
Answer me.
What's wrong?
Yes, Tug?
Call the doctor, quickly.
Yes, Tug?
The number is 421.
What, darling?
Cuatro dos uno.
Oh, Tug.
Doc warren?
Get over to the Hinttens' right away.
Thank you, doc.
He'll be here.
might help.
You got any whiskey?
In the kitchen.
Just a minute,
Ain't no use.
this is Rigby in 204.
Please don't ring me.
That's right.
No calls of any kind.
Thank you.
I want to sleep.
Mrs. Hintten,
You've got to stop
blaming yourself.
Even if you'd
been with him,
It wouldn't have
made any difference.
Have you, ah... have
you any friends here?
Anyone you can
count on?
No one.
I've got-Please
forgive me, doctor.
There's something
I must do.
But, Mrs. Hintten-
I'll handle her,
Mrs. Hintten.
Where do you think
you're going?
To Rigby.
That guy's in no condition
to comfort you, sister.
I'll get help
for him.
Tug's gone. He can't hurt Tug now.
No. But
he can get hurt.
Now, listen,
you and me made a deal.
He's safe as long
as you keep it.
My connection's got
an eye on his door.
If Rigby walks out,
he walks out into a bullet.
If you think
anything of Rigby,
You better
leave him be, as is.
Now, listen,
you'll be all right.
You'll get the payoff
just the same.
You came through.
Do you think I'd
take that money now?
Why not?
You need dough.
I heard you talking about
shipping your husband home.
That takes money.
Yes, everything
takes money-
Living, dying,
But Ill earn the money
I need from now on,
and decently.
Those feet of yours
must have held you up.
When I got her home,
I had to
stick around.
Do you think
she'll talk to Hintten?
If she does,
he won't hear her.
He's dead.
We found him.
all spilled.
Sudden attack?
Looked like it.
You, ah...
you see him?
Yes, of course.
He was fine
when I left.
Did he call you?
He was worried
about his payoff.
I told him I'd
take care of him.
It's too bad.
But his wife
will get his share.
But Ive waited all day,
and now it is dark.
Senor Rigby said
no calls.
That means no calls.
If he wants to sleep
all day and all night,
It's none
of my business,
And none
of yours either.
How about me
getting my cut now?
I want out.
You'll get out
when I get out,
No sooner and no later.
I'd hate to start
worrying about you.
You don't have to
worry none about me.
Not me.
No? Who then?
Hintten's wife.
What about
Hintten's wife?
Hintten wasn't dead when
me and her got there.
He was trying
to say something.
She was alone with him
two, three minutes.
I don't know
what he said.
I don't know
what he could say.
Maybe you do?
Pain-That'll do it.
Wake me up.
Senor Rigby.
Senor Rigby!
Senor Rigby.
But I am stuck here
with you, ain't I?
I am taking all
the risks you take.
Yeah, you've stuck,
Because you haven't
got your money yet.
You'd have walked out
if you could.
But nobody's going to
walk anyplace, Bealer,
Not until somebody pays a
little visit to Mrs. Hintten.
You've got the location
then, huh, Rodriquez?
O.K. Get going.
No. No, there's
no time to pick me up.
Si, senor?
I got a little
something to do now...
si, senor.
For a kid
named Emilio.
I do have that to do.
I'm sorry, Pablo.
Your job's to stay here.
Wait for
Rodriquez's call.
I'll be
in touch with you.
What you say,
I will do.
I know.
but whooo?
Oh, Rigby.
someone else?
Your pal Bealer
or even Carwood?
I'm looking for either
one or both of them.
There was nobody
in Carwood's room,
Nobody at
Bealer's hotel.
That leaves you.
Where are they?
I don't know.
You've got to-
I ought to...
but that wouldn't
be practical, would it? was
the take tonight?
Good old legal tender.
Remarkable what people
will do for it.
Which reminds me,
how is your husband?
He's dead.
this morning.
I'm sorry,
Or maybe Im not.
Something people say-
I'm sorry.
I should be, though,
shouldn't I?
He wasn't such a bad guy.
You don't seem
so sorry, though,
Down here tonight
entertaining the customers.
You can believe what
you want about me,
But trust me this
much, you're in danger.
If you know what's
good for you-
I know one thing.
What's good for me isn't you.
Your hand.
Got caught in a broken
promise... my own.
Let me help you.
I need a drink of water.
Let me get it
for you.
No, thank you
very kindly.
I'm not over the last
drink you got for me.
Well, I call
this service.
I ask for Bealer,
I get Bealer.
You've got to
believe me.
I didn't know
he was there.
Sure, I believe you.
Everything you say.
Come on out, buster.
What are you doing
in there?
You didn't need
a bath, now did you?
Been looking
for you, sweetheart.
Pour out
your heart to me.
Where's the guy
behind you, fat boy?
That's who I want.
Somebody's got to
pay for Emilio.
Where is he?
Where's Carwood?
I don't know.
I don't know anything.
You don't want to take the
rap all by yourself, do you?
Come on. If I have to
slap it out of you, I will.
That's just
a sample.
Keep away from me.
Why, you don't look
natural, fat boy.
You're no gun-Bearing
animal. Hand it over.
Don't you
come no closer.
He's dangerous.
Any scared guy with
a gun is dangerous.
That's why I want to
take it away from him.
I'll kill the both of you
if I have to.
That's the point,
Bealer-You don't have to.
I'll make a deal
with you.
Ever hear of
state's evidence?
I don't know anything.
Carwood's got you
figured for a fall guy.
You're a sap.
Pull that trigger,
and he'll be right.
You'll never
be rid of him.
Never be
your own man again.
He'll have it
on you.
Think it over,
You're scared silly.
Hear your heart
You've got no
talent for murder.
What do you know,
my own gun.
I didn't want
to come here.
Why did you?
He made me come here.
He held out my dough.
If it wasn't for him
always pushing me around,
Making me
do his dirty work-
How dirty?
He wanted me to find out
what she knows.
That should be
She wasn't in it,
not until the last.
He wanted to find out
what she knows about Hintten,
About how Hintten died.
He did it.
He killed him.
Hintten, too, huh?
I don't know why,
but he did.
He wouldn't care
what she knows if he didn't.
Where is he?
He's down at the pier,
waiting for walker.
I'm a goner.
I'm finished.
Not quite, Bealer.
You've got
work to do,
Something on the right
side of the fence.
Hide that boat.
Yes, sir,
and me, too.
Mr. Carwood, uh, she
wouldn't listen to me,
But I got a hunch she
knows how Hintten died.
I waited outside
her place,
Her apartment.
Ah, she tried to get in
touch with the cops at Mateo.
She couldn't
get them.
Do you know why?
They were busy.
The island's
just been raided.
Well, wasn't
that walker?
Yeah, he got away,
he thinks,
But he won't get far.
So now nobody gets anything.
Not you, not me.
Then there's
nothing holding me.
You leaving?
Without me?
I wouldn't go anywhere
without you, Bealer.
Not anywhere.
Come on.
All right, Pablo.
Thanks very much.
Rodriquez made the raid.
We'll wait for Carwood.
Any sign of him?
Not yet.
Are you sure you
can trust Bealer?
I can trust his pattern.
But suppose Carwood
doesn't come?
Guys like Carwood
have a pattern, too.
If he comes here,
he'll come for one thing,
To kill you.
Can you force him
to confess
Like Bealer?
I'll give him his chance,
but he won't take it.
He's no Bealer.
He won't break.
I'm afraid, but Im glad
we're waiting for him.
If this Carwood
killed Tug-
He killed him, all right.
I'll stake my life on it.
Im even staking yours.
I want to
stake my life.
It's all right.
All right.
Yeah, funny,
it is all right,
As of here and now,
With me,
Where you're concerned.
It's not all right
with us.
I sold you out,
And I can't even ask
you to forgive me.
I'm not ashamed
or sorry, not even now.
It would be a lie if I
asked you to forgive me.
what's forgive,
an old beat-Up word?
Who's got a right
to use it? Not me.
They're coming.
We've only got a minute.
Listen to me.
You did
what you had to do.
Everybody's got a place
he really lives,
Where they can get to him.
I ought to know.
Who is it?
Me, Bealer.
Just a minute.
Come in, Carwood.
Take your hand
out of your pocket.
looks like everybody is
wearing somebody else's voice.
That's right.
Yeah. I'll thank you
later, Bealer.
You got plans
for that?
I wish I could have.
I'd like to shoot you
as you stand there.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
I doubt Ill like it.
We'll take it
in easy stages.
government fraud.
There's enough against you to get you
Two to five years.
You arresting me?
Ha ha. I don't think so.
Law enforcement agencies
of the united states
Have no authority
on foreign soil.
You read
the book right.
I can't arrest you,
But Rodriquez can,
And he'll be here
before morning.
Sorry. I can't wait.
I'm boarding a plane
at midnight.
I don't think
Ill be seeing you, Rigby.
I'm taking that plane.
I'm walking
out of this room.
You won't shoot.
You don't operate that way.
You can't.
I knew it was loaded.
Get your hands up.
You can do better
than that, Rigby.
Not as a cop,
But that's the last shot
Ill fire as a cop. I resign.
I was going to anyway.
This just hurries it.
That's funny.
You don't look any
different to me, Rigby.
Wait till I get rolling.
As one private citizen
to another,
I'd like that gun
you have in your pocket.
I'm going to hold you
for Rodriquez
Or shoot you if you
get restless. Your choice.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Ow, ooh. feet.
My feet.
Stay back.
The fireworks
are going to start.
You can't go
through there, lady.
Now it's time.
Light the fuse,
All right, senor.
Senor, stay back.
It's dangerous.
Stay back.
It's dangerous.
Wha-Wha-What happened
to Carwood?
When you get around
to it, Mr. Rigby,
You might call a cop.