The Bride in the Box (2022) Movie Script

(wind howling)
(gentle instrumental music)
(oceans waves rumbling)
- [Woman] I love him.
I love him and he loves me.
And when he marries me, we will
fly away from here forever,
husband and wife.
But I will not
marry him in rags.
I will look beautiful for him.
I know where they keep it.
Up there,
locked away.
In the box.
(nails scraping)
- Okay, ready?
(phone chiming)
Hi, it's us.
- Hi.
It's us!
- Vacation is happening
and it's not how I imagined
it was going to happen
but here we are.
It's beautiful, beautiful day.
Are we having a great time?
- We're having an amazing time.
- We're having an amazing time.
We are just about to cross
the bridge into Maine.
We stopped at the overlook,
it is absolutely gorgeous.
And we miss you.
So call us, or we'll call
you from the Mountain House.
That's it, so you ready to sing?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- You start.
- I start.
I love the...
You have to sing with me.
- Oh, okay.
- Ready?
I love the billboards,
I always will
Because the billboards
give me such a thrill
When I was a little child
A certain billboard
drove me wild, ha
- Okay, see ya, bye.
- Bye!
Okay, can we un-pause?
- Un-pause, get in
the backseat, please.
(pleasant piano music)
(pleasant string music)
(birds chirping)
They said the key
would be under the mat.
- [Girl] It's not there.
I really have to pee.
(distant dove cooing)
(motor boat buzzing)
(dad groaning)
- Hi, this is Don Batek at...
This is Don Batel at
Mountain House two.
There was supposed to be
a key under the mat but,
I don't know,
maybe it fell or...
Goddamn it.
Stand back.
(window frame crunching)
I'll put it back.
- Cool.
(metal clanking)
(gentle piano tempo music)
- [Don] Did you find it?
- Yeah.
(Don chuckling)
Looks like somebody
still lives here.
(gentle piano music)
Not a bunk bed.
- I'm sorry.
They didn't promise bunk beds.
- Okay, so the bad
guys have one weakness
and you know what that
weakness is, cats.
Okay, I'm releasing
the cats in the school,
all of them.
- Okay.
What do I do?
- You are gonna wait outside
and when the bad guys run
scared, you tie them up.
- Okay, pause game,
do we need apples?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, good.
Okay, who am I again?
- Batman.
- Batman, right, got it.
Okay, I've got my...
Uh, un-pause.
- Un-pause.
- I've got my bat rope,
go ahead, Catwoman.
- Okay, I've released all
the cats in the school.
The bad guys are headed
in your direction.
- Good.
- Carrots?
- Yeah, carrots.
- Hey, don't be
frightened but...
there was an explosion
at the hospital.
Isn't that incredible?
Look at what she, look,
Kelly, what do you say?
- Hi.
- Kelly, say hi.
Okay, look what she did.
Now, she told me that this
is a third degree burn
and the way you can tell
is because of the charring.
Look at the blister.
Isn't that incredible?
Okay, anyway, I've
got a big day today.
Oh, I love the
video you guys sent.
Thank you so much, I
showed it to everybody.
Everybody loved it.
Jarred especially loved it.
You are really
gonna like him, Don.
And I hope you don't
mind but I told him
what happened, you
know, with you know,
and he agreed that it
is totally F'd up and--
(muffled man speaking)
Oh, oh, I gotta go.
Okay, so...
Have fun, go on hikes but
not on the precipice trail
because, you know,
people can fall
and you don't wanna end up here.
All right, all right,
I will report back.
Doctor out.
(somber instrumental music)
(clock ticking)
- Why wouldn't she talk to me?
I just wanna ask
about my severance.
Look, I'm totally
blind-sided here.
All right, I'm going on vacation
and suddenly this happens?
Well, maybe it would be
better coming from you.
Hey, call me back,
if I don't pick up,
it's because the service is
really spotty up here, okay?
Kate, you there?
(clock ticking)
- The child's upstairs!
- Oh, thanks, yeah,
she loves to explore.
Hey, do you have any books?
("Won't You Dream Of
Me" by Harry Raderman)
(electric buzzing)
- No.
(radio tune buzzing)
("Won't You Dream Of
Me" by Harry Raderman)
That's not for sale.
Oh, that.
It's funny that you picked that.
That is from a very special
wedding dress, my dear.
And you know what they
say about a wedding dress?
You don't pick it,
it picks you.
- Hey!
- She wants the thing.
- Shut it.
- You all done in the store?
You okay?
What'd you get there?
That's cool, is that a curtain?
Use your own money?
I got a book.
(traffic whooshing)
(crickets chirping)
(unsettling music)
(Don snoring)
(ocean whooshing)
(fire crackling)
(ghostly whispering)
- Don!
(girl screaming)
(Don gasping)
You were snoring.
- [Don] You scared me.
- Can I come in?
- No, no, come on, come on.
Let's get you to bed.
Come on.
(crickets chirping)
- Hey, I wonder if you're
getting all my messages.
Anyway, good news and bad news.
Good news is, more work.
Bad news is, they
want me all next week.
I know, we'll talk about details
but I wanted to prepare you.
Hey, could you
send me a picture?
I really want a picture.
But not on a cliff
or anything, okay?
All right, I love you
guys, call me when you can
and I'll talk to you soon.
Okay, bye.
- [Boy] Throw the ball!
- [Man] Swimmers out there.
Come on.
- Come on, guys!
(water splashing)
- [Man] Go get the ball.
(children laughing)
- Iris, did you
bring the sunscreen?
- Does she need a little?
- Yeah, I left mine at home.
- She's so pale.
- I know.
- [Woman] We've got tons.
- Thanks very much, I
appreciate it, thanks.
Iris, here, will you
put this on, please?
- [Man] Way to go, Sal.
I'll tell you what--
(children's laughter echoing)
(traffic whooshing)
("Won't You Dream Of
Me" by Harry Raderman)
- [Woman] "June 21, 1947.
"I like his five o'clock shadow.
"It's adorable.
"When we're married,
he'll grow a mustache
"and I will tease him
mercilessly about it.
"June 23, 1947.
"I'm good with secrets.
"I'll never say a word.
"They'll never, never know.
"They could burn my feet,
"I'll never say a thing."
- Okay, name me three
of the Beach Boys.
- Brian.
- No.
- Mike.
- Not my favorite
Beach Boy but yes.
- Carl.
- Yes, Carl.
- Okay, name me three
members of your blood.
- Blood?
You mean members of my family?
- Mm-hmm.
- Uncle Lee.
Aunt Susan.
Your grandmother, my mother--
- Okay, okay.
(traffic whooshing)
- I'm trying, J.
I'm trying to have a good time.
But I'm trapped up here.
But most of the day
I can't get a signal.
There's no internet.
I can't even spend like
20 minutes of a stretch
writing a letter to Katie.
Because I got Iris.
I gotta make dinner, you know.
But I need to write a
letter, not an apology.
(motorcycle buzzing)
(birds chirping)
- So I'm just putting
them all into order now.
Dot will get married
when she's 21.
Tallulah will get
married when she's 28.
Alex will get married
when she's 28 and a half,
after Tallulah.
I'll get married at 23, which
is actually the perfect age.
And, oh my god,
Dot's totally got a headstart
because she's dating Henry.
- Okay.
- Which I was like, yeah.
- Okay.
Can we...
Sweetie, we need to talk about
how the next couple of
days are gonna go, okay?
We're on vacation.
Mom's not here the
rest of this week.
She might not be
here into next week.
But I have to get
some work done.
So this is what I
think we should do.
I think we should
take two hours a day
where I do my work and you
can do anything you want.
- Anything I want?
- I think you're responsible
enough to go off on your own.
I think you can do anything
you want, starting right now.
- What about the game?
- Well I can't play the game
while I'm working, so...
I mean, look, you're getting
to be a big girl now,
so you can do stuff on your own.
- Okay.
Can I play the game?
(somber instrumental music)
- Okay, look,
I guess I'm concerned...
I guess I'm concerned
because I'm up here
until the end of the month.
All right, so what is the
word on me while I'm gone?
Okay, maybe I can't
wait till I get back.
Look, here's my thing,
I lost my temper.
All right, I was
standing up for myself.
- Stop it, mister, you're fine.
- It was incident.
What, and suddenly
that's who I am now?
(crickets chirping)
(frogs croaking)
(footsteps stomping)
(wood scraping)
Here's to you, my spook friend.
(crickets chirping)
(bird squawking)
(dramatic piano music)
- [Woman] "July 28, 1947.
"I cut my foot on the trail
today on the way to our place.
"But it was my fault.
"August 1, 1947.
"I am old enough to drive.
"I am old enough
to join the DAR.
"I am older than Amelia Earhart
"when she flew in
her first plane.
"Yet, I am not old
enough for Gram or Momma
"or George or for any
of them to believe in me
"and let me love
who I want to love."
(ocean waves rumbling)
(dramatic piano music)
- I just wanted you to hear
this message that we got.
Let me just get it to play.
- [Voicemail] 10 old messages.
(man groaning)
- [Old Man] Can you pick up?
It's not...
You can't come!
I'm not, I'm doing this!
I don't care what the site says.
There's still more stuff.
And I can't even get at it.
Did she even tell you?
Call this number.
You have a child.
- So, I mean,
that's weird, right?
The strangest thing is
it's on our landline.
I mean, I hate our landline.
is it about the house?
Just call me, call
me when you can.
All right, love you, bye.
(crickets chirping)
- Come on, come on,
signal, come on.
Come on.
(floor creaking)
(crickets chirping)
(dove hooting)
Got nothing.
Got nothing.
(frogs croaking)
(house banging)
(house creaking)
(house rumbling)
Iris, are you up there?
(Don knocking)
(house banging)
(eerie music)
(house rumbling)
Goddamn it!
(house rumbling)
(punch thudding)
I can't do this!
I can't do this by myself!
- [Iris] Daddy?
- Iris, thank God.
Good, good, good, good.
Couldn't you hear
me, where were you?
- I was in the bathroom.
- Did you lock that door?
- I was in the bathroom.
- What happened to your
foot, are you okay?
- I just stubbed my toe.
- Okay.
We're okay, let's go
take care of that.
I got some cream.
I'll put some cream on it.
Were you making those sounds?
What was that banging?
Did you hear that?
(clock ticking)
- I love that book.
You know, here at the shop
we have a lot of things
that are in that book.
Do you believe me?
- Mm-hmm.
- I brought you something
I think you'll like.
It'll go perfectly with
that veil you took home.
It's actually two things.
Little too big for you
now but soon, right?
(Iris chuckling)
- Yeah.
- Then you'll have shoes
and the purse
and the gloves
and the veil.
Something old,
something new,
something borrowed,
- Blue.
(woman sighing)
- This is my bouquet,
stick bouquet.
- Honey, I can't talk about
the sticks anymore, I'm sorry.
- This is kind of the
medieval knife one,
definitely my favorite.
This one is a very
pretty knobby one.
This is the one that is like--
- Honey.
Iris, Iris!
Iris, the sticks are
kinda driving me crazy.
Look, here she is.
- These two look gorgeous
together, I really like them.
- Hi!
- Hi!
(Don chuckling)
- Oh my god!
Oh my god!
- Hi!
- Hi!
- Oh!
- Oh!
- Hey!
- Who's care is this?
- It's my rental.
- Iris.
- Hey, I need a hug!
Oh, I've missed you so much!
Guys, it sounds like
you're having so much fun!
- Oh, look, we got
lunch all ready.
Oh, you got here fast.
- Oh, it was actually easy.
I just ran lines all the way up.
I listened to my audiobook.
My audiobook is
getting really good.
- I bet, I bet.
- So, do you love the house?
- I love the house.
There's a couple of critters
but it's great.
- Oh, what kind?
- Listen, I know
you just got here
but I have two or three
calls that are backed up.
- Oh, okay, now?
- No, soon, yeah.
- Sure, I'm here.
- Yeah, yeah, in a
few minutes, okay?
I just need like an hour.
Like, one hour.
- Of course.
I am here, do you
need to go now?
- No, no, come on.
- Okay.
- Let's go.
- Hey, hey, I need the tour!
Show me the house!
- Let's go.
- I wanna see your room.
- [Don] So how is
it, how is the set?
- [Heather] Oh my god,
just, they're amazing.
- Really?
- They're so...
So cool, oh wow!
So, is this the place
from the pictures?
Were you able to find the
pictures that they sent?
- I looked but I
can't find them.
- Really?
- I mean, yeah, I agree,
it feels a little different
but I like it.
- But it is the place, right?
I mean,
just, it's called
the Mountain House
but there's no mountain.
Isn't that weird?
And, also, when you
called the realty place,
is there really no answer?
(gentle piano music)
(family chattering)
(water splashing)
But really show
her how to do it.
Remember when we
did it last time?
- Ow.
- We did it last
summer and you, like...
(Don mumbling)
And then you have to
let go so she can...
So that she can really do it.
- No, now look at her, see?
- Just let go.
- She's got to complete balance.
- [Iris] What?
- Yeah, that's the
PH balance, see?
(gentle piano music)
All right, now your turn.
- I go first.
- You go first.
- Okay, three.
- Three, two, one.
- Two, one.
(gentle piano music)
(water splashing)
(dramatic piano music)
- [Woman] "September 2, 1947.
"Every new day with Dunkin
is spent on a sweet incline.
"Always up, always higher.
"I will put on
the dress for him,
"I will meet him at our place,
"my feet will be
parted from the ground
"and I will fly up and out away
from here with him forever."
(ghostly whispering)
(ominous music)
(wind whooshing)
(trunk rumbling)
- [Iris] You stand here.
- [Don] Okay.
- [Iris] And I'll come right
here but you stand there.
- [Don] Oh, I thought I
was in the right place.
(Iris chattering)
Why don't I be the minister,
then I can marry you and Andy.
- [Iris] Dad, if you say
that about her one more time,
I will never play
with you again ever.
- I thought Andy was a boy.
(kick thudding)
(Heather yelping)
(Heather groaning)
(kick thudding)
Dearly beloved,
we are gathered here
today to witness the union
of two kindred spirits, Iris...
- No, Maddy.
- Maddy,
- No, longer, do it for real.
- Okay.
These two souls shall
be joined together today
in holy matrimony because
they truly belong together.
There has never been anyone
who understands this man
like this girl does and she's
never had a kayaking partner
as great as this man
and she never will.
They truly are a
couple for the ages.
So, what God has put together,
let no man put asunder.
How was that?
- Good.
- Okay.
- Hey!
Did we leave the
fire open all night?
- I don't think so.
- Well it's open now.
- Dad, keep going.
- [Heather] Did you
open it this morning?
- No.
- Dad, keep going.
- Okay, just--
- It's not very deep,
those sparks really fly
right onto the carpet.
- Dad, keep going.
- Okay, sorry.
(Don sighing)
We're almost done.
- Oh, sorry, you playing?
- We're almost done.
Fully grown adult male,
who should know better,
do you take--
- Dad.
- Do you take Mabel?
- Maddy.
- To be your lawfully wedded
wife, to have and to hold,
et cetera, et cetera.
- Are you getting married?
That's an old game.
- [Iris] Say you do.
- Okay, do you take this woman
to be your lawfully wedded wife,
et cetera, et cetera.
- Oh hey!
Can I be the caterer?
I brought bagels from New York.
- No, Heather, you can't.
Can you go inside please?
- Oh, can't I just sit out here?
- No, you can't, go inside,
you're not part of the wedding.
- I just wanna sit out here.
I mean, I'll face this way.
- No, go inside.
- Can't I just sit here
and eat my bagel?
- Go inside.
- We're almost done.
- Honey, that's not nice.
- We're almost done.
- Go inside.
- This our porch and anybody
can eat breakfast out here.
- Heather.
- Okay, let me just
finish up the game.
She just wants to
finish this up with me.
Let us just finish,
I made coffee
and then we'll go on and plan
the day, just two minutes!
Just two more minutes, okay?
- Why is there no screen
door on this side?
- [Iris] Do you take me?
- Do I take you?
Well, you have to do your part.
- I do.
- You do, if you do, I do, okay?
By the power vested in me,
in this spider infested
cabin in the wood,
I now pronounce bride and groom.
Dah, dah, dah, dah
Dah, dah, dah, dah
Dah, dah, dah, dah, dah
Dah, dah, dah, dah
- Dad?
We're married now
more than you and mom.
(Don chuckling)
No, really, Dad.
We are.
(traffic whooshing)
- Could you...
I don't like the
way she flops over
like that when she sleeps.
- All right, she's okay.
- We gotta get on the
same page about that game.
- It's not a big deal.
- It's the same game you've
been playing for years.
- And you feel left
out, I don't want that.
- She can leave me out.
She's punishing
me for being away.
But I just feel like these
games, it's an opportunity,
you know, for you to...
It's an opportunity
to discuss issues.
I mean, she's gonna...
She's gonna start
looking at boys soon.
- She's already looking
at boys, it's just a game.
- Not to her.
- Little girls
have been marrying
their daddies for centuries.
- [Heather] So you
like the house?
- Yeah, I love it.
Do you?
It's rustic.
- It is, it's what you
rented, it is as advertised.
I just think, don't you think
it's weird we don't have keys?
- People around here,
they don't care about keys
and things like that.
- Wait, what kind of
critters have you seen?
- Nothing really.
- Oh, do you know what I wish?
I wish we could move that trunk.
That steamer, whatever it is.
I just don't want
her playing in it.
- That big trunk, do you know?
Do you know what
that reminds me of?
- Hmmm?
- It reminds me of
the Bride in the Box.
- What's the Bride in the Box?
- [Don] Oh, it's a true story.
It happened around
here in like 19--
- Oh, wait, wait, is
this a ghost story?
Because I really
will get scared.
- No, no, no, this
is a real thing.
My grandfather told me this.
It was in the papers.
It was the Davis family.
No, the Dodge family.
The Dodge family.
Yeah, there was this girl
and she wanted to
get married to a guy
that nobody approved of and
she was from this family,
the Dodge family,
and she fell in love.
And when she decided
to marry this guy,
she went to the grandmother
to ask her permission, right?
So she says,
"Grandma, can I, I
wanna marry this boy,
"can I please wear
the wedding dress
"that you and mom wore.
"That dress with the shoes
and the train and the veil.
"I know where you keep them,
"you keep them in that
old trunk up in the attic.
"Can I please?
"Can I please?"
- And the grandmother said--
- No.
- No.
- She said, no, of
course she said,
"No, I don't want to
marrying this no good boy,
"you're too young.
"He's gonna ruin
your life, so..."
(Don sighing)
So the girl's devastated, right?
But nothing's gonna stop her,
she's gonna get that dress.
She's gonna marry this boy.
A few days go by and
nobody's heard from here,
but you know, they don't
think anything of it.
But they do start to hear...
(Don knocking)
Like this strange knocking
sound in the house.
They started to get concerned,
so they started to look for her.
They didn't know
where she could be.
And this...
(Don knocking)
Sound kept, you know, they
kept hearing this in the house.
So when they finally found her,
up in the attic,
there was the old trunk.
And they opened the box,
and, oh my God,
she had been clawing on the
roof of the trunk for days.
It was just...
Her fingernails were
gone, he fingers we nubs.
- Don, stop.
- She had this horrible
look on her face, oh my god.
And people around here,
they say you can see her,
but not just in one place.
They see her in
churches, in hospitals
and she's always wearing
that wedding dress.
Bride in the box.
- Did the girl ghost have blood?
- [Heather] Oh, are you awake?
- On her sleeves?
- [Don] How long
have you been up?
We thought you were asleep.
How much of that did you hear?
- [Iris] When they saw her
on the streets as a ghost.
- It's just a story,
it's just pretend.
- Was her dress all bloody?
- Wow.
That startled me.
Let's go.
(engine rumbling)
(classic band radio music)
- No.
Because I don't want to.
- Iris?
(insects buzzing)
Oh, hey.
Looks like it's going to
be a great day for weather.
So, go tell your mother
that kayaking is the
most important thing
in your life right
now and that's what
you want to do, okay?
- I'm drawing.
- Well do this then draw.
- Because.
- One sec.
Do you have shorts
on under that dress?
- Mm-hmm.
- You seem to have
brought a lot of dresses.
- [Iris] They're pretty.
- It makes no sense.
Where's Dad?
- He wants me to tell
you that kayaking
is the most important
thing in my life.
- Oh, kayaking today?
We made plans with
Steph and Leo.
Don't you wanna
see them for lunch?
They have a pool,
you love pools.
Go get your suit on.
Well, I wanna go.
Will you please tell Dad
that we really wanna go
and you really wanna
swim in their pool.
- I can't finish it now, stop.
- Why?
We get five minutes
alone as a family
and she wants to go
see other people?
- I love pools.
I can bring my swimsuit.
- Look, don't you wanna
spend time, just us?
Just with me and your
mother, as a family?
- Yes.
- Well, go tell her that.
Come on, give me some
space, all right?
Go tell your mother.
(dramatic piano tempo music)
- In where?
(trunk lid squeaking)
(dramatic piano tempo music)
(gentle piano music)
(thunder rumbling)
(rain trickling)
(traffic whooshing)
(Don faintly speaking)
- Huh?
No, how would you feel?
How would you feel if somebody
said something like that?
That wouldn't feel
so good, would it?
- I know a ghost story.
- [Muriel] You do?
- I love ghost stories.
- Everybody loves a ghost story
until it happens to them.
- A girl wants to get married
and she got trapped in a
box and now people see her
with bloody sleeves in churches.
- I know a story like that but
I heard it a little differently.
A girl was gonna get married
but she wanted to do it right.
So, she thought, "I have
to wear that wedding dress
"that's up in the attic.
"The one that's in the box."
She could prop open
the lid with a stick
and in the box, in the
steamer, was the wedding dress.
And she went to the bottom of
the box but all of a sudden...
(Muriel claps)
the lid slammed shut and
she was trapped in the box.
And she was pounding,
(Muriel knocking)
hoping that somebody
would hear her pounding.
And she pounded louder,
(Muriel knocking)
and louder and louder
and louder until...
(Muriel knocking)
she ran out of breath.
And she couldn't pound anymore.
Every piece of that
wedding outfit,
the gloves, the veil,
the dress...
She's in them all.
She's not haunting
where she lived.
She's haunting what she wore.
(crickets chirping)
(door clicking)
(door creaking)
- What is this?
(floor creaking)
(crickets chirping)
(wind howling)
(curtain flapping)
(paper rustling)
(wind howling)
(crickets chirping)
(trunk thudding)
(trunk rattling)
(floor creaking)
(wood scratching)
(trunk scratching)
(stick thudding)
(trunk banging)
(Don huffing)
(sinister music)
(trunk scratching)
(trunk rumbling)
(Don sighing)
(trunk banging)
Well shit.
(crickets chirping)
(door creaking)
- [J] I'd get the
hell out of there.
- Yeah, I know, but
the girls are sleeping.
- [J] If it's freaking you
out you gotta ask yourself,
is it your house or the
raccoon's house at this point?
- I don't even know if
it is a raccoon, dude.
- [J] What else is it gonna be?
- Heather's already...
She wanted to rent a
totally different house.
(J laughing)
- [J] Rabid raccoon.
- If I tell them there's
a possum under her bed,
she's gonna flip.
- [J] So what, wake her up.
- It's not that easy, man.
I found this place.
I spent all this money to come
up here and then I got fired.
- [J] Is Heather being
supportive about that?
- She knows I got fired,
she doesn't know I got fired
because I got angry.
- [J] My God, sorry.
(J laughing)
I don't mean to
laugh but you guys,
you keeps secrets for
no reason, tell her.
Wake her up and
tell her, you idiot.
- I got more urgent shit, Jay!
I got a possum in
my rental house
and I have to get
it out tonight.
- [J] You gonna fight it?
When's the last time
you fought a possum?
- Ha, ha, ha.
- [J] Please let me
know what happens, man.
- Yeah, you're hilarious.
- What could go wrong?
- Yeah, I'll call you later.
(J laughing)
Oh, fuck.
(ominous music)
(nails scratching)
(trunk banging)
(metal rattling)
(eerie music)
(trunk thumping)
(ghostly woman whispering)
(woman shushing)
(Don gasping)
(ominous music)
(wood scratching)
(faint doo-wop music)
- Hey, guys.
I need to talk to you about
something for a second.
Iris, come sit.
- Come here, buddy.
- So,
I just got a call from the show
and they want to add
me to the next episode.
I know it sounds insane but--
- How soon?
- Two days for the table
read and then we shoot.
They want to know if I
can be back on Wednesday.
- Oh man.
- Do it.
- I told them I would have
to see if it was possible.
- You just got here.
- I told them that
but I could come back.
- You should do it.
- Okay, well let's...
Let's just eat, enjoy what
little vacation we have left.
- I have to call them back now.
- I think you should do
whatever you would like better.
- This could be good.
Good for the family.
It's good money, we
need the money and...
It's just, you've been
making the money for so long
and now, now I
get to be the one.
- I think you should do it.
Okay, sorry.
You should.
Look, this is the dream.
Okay, nobody deserves
this more than you.
Are you kidding?
You have to do it.
I'm here, we can do it all.
You should do it.
- Do it.
- I get it.
Hey, Francis, it's Heather.
Okay, so here's the
thing, I can't do it.
I love them, I love the show
but I just can't
get back that fast.
Maybe we could say
it's a family crisis
kind of a thing but...
Here, let me just,
let me try to explain.
I got up here...
(traffic whooshing)
(gentle piano music)
(cricket chirping)
(Heather groaning)
(plastic bag rustling)
(birds chirping)
Where's Iris?
- She's around.
- [Heather] Did
she go back inside?
- I don't think so.
- [Heather] There are the
clothes or whatever they are.
They're disgusting.
- Well, she's been
finding stuff she likes
at the antique shop.
- Honey.
Did you just put a pile
of sticks in the car?
Did you take that bag of
clothes out of the trash?
- I'm sorry.
- They are covered in spiders!
Yesterday, I told you not to
keep the sticks in the house
but you did it anyway.
So, I put them outside and
now you hid them in the trunk.
That's it, sticks are gone!
- I'm sorry.
- No more!
- I'm sorry.
- Iris, come here.
Come here, listen, your
mother is 100 percent right.
Easy, easy, easy, look
at me, don't get upset.
Look at me.
We're gonna figure
this out, okay?
I put a bag on the
other side of the house.
You can keep them
in the bag, okay?
(somber music)
- Did she have a set bedtime?
- Sure.
- I just feel like maybe
there were no rules
when I was gone.
- [Don] That's not true.
- Then why is she
acting like this?
You see it too, right?
And she goes off by
herself, completely alone.
- Look, when I was her age,
the summertime,
my mom would give us
breakfast, send us off
and we wouldn't see
her until dinner.
- Yeah, well it
was different then.
- I think we think
it was different.
I mean, we'd ride around.
No one was watching us.
I mean, now you gotta have
like a phone with a chip
to track them like dogs.
I mean, thank God she
doesn't have a phone.
How can you have any actual
freedom with a GPS, right?
Oh hey, Charlie.
- Good afternoon.
- Charlie, this is
my wife, Heather.
- Oh hi, nice to meet you.
- I saw the child
out on the road.
Got an independent streak.
- Oh yeah?
Where did you see her?
- Oh, up on the east side.
- Oh, all right.
(somber string music)
(metal clinking)
(pleasant guitar music)
(car rumbling)
(Heather sighing)
- Don't worry, don't
worry, don't worry.
She there?
- Oh, there.
- Okay.
There she is.
- Ugh.
- Hold on, wait, just wait.
- Stop, stop!
- Just wait a minute.
- [Heather] Where were you?
Where were you?
- [Don] Where'd you go?
- [Heather] Honey,
where did you go?
- All by yourself?
It's okay, come on.
You took a long walk.
Go, go, go.
Buckle up, buckle up.
(seatbelt alarm chiming)
What were you thinking?
- Are you okay?
Do you know how worried we were?
(engine humming)
(stick cracking)
- I'm sorry!
- Did you just hit your mother?
- Did you just
throw a stick at me?
- I'm sorry!
(Heather groaning)
Please, that's my stuff!
Dad, go back!
- [Don] I'm not going
back, take it easy!
Did you just hit your mother?
- Dad!
- Not one more word.
Not one more word out of you!
We are going home!
- [Don] Did she
get you in the eye?
- Ugh.
(Iris crying)
Yeah, cry!
(Iris crying)
They can all go!
I don't understand
your business with it!
I can't understand
how you can think
it's okay to talk
to me this way!
- [Iris] I am gonna go away
and you are never gonna see me!
And I'm gonna go to the arch,
I'm gonna stand underneath it!
I'm gonna be there
with Maddy and Dunkin
and I'm gonna fly away and
you will be so mad at yourself
for yelling at me like this.
- [Heather] I need from you
is a true apology.
Is that all you care
about, is a stick?
That's it, no more sticks!
No more of hiding stuff!
- I need those sticks!
- Any of this...
Antique shop crap!
- [Iris] I need those things.
I'm keeping them
together, Heather.
- [Heather] Oh
well, not anymore!
You are being
absolutely ridiculous!
All this, I don't...
What happened to you?
This is not the little girl...
(crickets chirping)
(dove cooing)
Okay, here's how I
think today should go.
I think that Iris
and I should have
a total mommy, daughter day
and you should go to
town, work, whatever
and just meet us for dinner.
- Really?
- I just feel so
disconnected from her.
- Oh, that could be kinda great.
- Could you do me one favor?
- Yeah.
- Could you go to
the realty place
and see if they could switch
us to a different house?
- [Don] I don't
think there are--
- Something closer to town.
Just, just see, there's
gotta be something.
- Okay.
- And are they the ones
that left us that message?
That was so weird.
- Yeah.
- I just feel like this
house has a lot of--
- Like weird noises, right?
- I was gonna say spiders.
- And spiders.
Weird noises and spiders.
- Just see.
(distant dove cooing)
- Oh, you're kidding me.
(traffic whooshing)
Is this 23 Towline Road?
- It is.
- All this time,
I never knew you were connected
with the realty place.
- We're not open today.
- Well, I just have questions.
Do you know, is there
availability at any other house
up here right now?
- Nope.
- I mean, to potentially
switch houses, rental houses?
- Not a good rental property.
- Okay, I thought maybe
there might be another house
because I heard that our
house might not be ready yet.
- You should know.
You're in it.
- Do you know if
that house was owned
by a family called Dodge?
- Used to be a lot of
Dodges around here.
- Yeah, that's what I thought.
Thought it sounded familiar.
I grew up not far from here.
- You grew up around here?
- Yeah, I mean, I
live in New York now--
- You know that story then.
- What, the ghost story?
I didn't know it had
to do with that house.
- No ghost.
We had a bunch of houses
all along the point.
Some of them were awful rich.
When I was small,
bad stories,
the whole family.
- What, the girl in the box?
- That was the worst of it.
- Okay, so just so I understand,
you're name is Dodge
and the house we're
staying in is your house?
- Stay alive long enough,
you wind up owning property.
- So, yes.
- It's a terrible
rental property.
You want your money
back, there's a policy.
- Well, yeah, if there's
something you're not telling me
about the house, then yes,
I'll get my money back.
Why would I stay, you know?
- Office opens up tomorrow.
Barn's open too.
- Okay, excuse me, but I would--
- Goodbye.
- So Dad let's you come
all this way by yourself?
- I know my way back.
- Wow.
Oh hey, remember this one?
Hush little baby don't say a
- Word.
Momma's gonna
by you a mocking
- Bird.
And if that mocking
bird bird won't
- Sing.
Daddy's gonna
buy you a diamond
And if that
diamond ring turns
Momma's gonna
buy you a looking
(birds squawking)
(foreboding music)
- Iris?
(ominous music)
(Iris faintly speaking)
Hey, what you doing?
Don't go back in deep like that,
there's ticks and
poison ivy and...
And who where you talking to?
I thought I saw you
talking to somebody.
- I was just playing.
Are you mad?
Are you really mad?
- I'm just having a nice hike.
(dramatic piano music)
- [Iris] There's a place
for the minister, there.
And Dunkin's mom and dad
and the people from town.
They stand at the back.
Then the choir will stand...
(Heather sighing)
- Ugh.
(Heather groaning)
(somber music)
- I'm sorry.
- [Heather] What
is going on here?
- It's just a dress.
- It's not about the dress,
it's about you and your dad
keeping secrets from me.
- I just wanna wear
something nice.
- What're you like playing
a ghost story game with him?
What is going on?
You do not have to
wear some filthy thing
out of a church basement.
- It looks beautiful on me.
- [Heather] Who tells you that?
- You don't think so?
- The woman at
the antique place.
- No, the bride.
- That is just a story.
- You wouldn't even know
because you weren't here.
He got fired.
If people say you
get mad all the time,
you have to make sure
people know that you don't.
And you weren't even here!
- Well, really, nobody was here.
- I hate you.
- You do not hate me.
- No, please.
- Ow!
- Heather, stop.
- Ugh!
- Okay, Heather, Heather.
- No, it all goes!
- Heather?
Heather, Heather it's not...
- All of it!
- Heather, it's not going.
It's not going.
Heather, please stop it.
It's mine.
- No, Iris!
Give me those!
- It's my stuff.
- Come here!
Get in the car!
Get in the car!
Get in!
- Stop it!
Stop it!
(Heather groaning)
I'm sorry!
- I'm here to say
you were right.
I was wrong.
I bought this nice
bottle of pinot.
I would like to
drink it with you
and then figure out
a way that we can
leave this house as
soon as possible.
All right, we can go
back to New York early.
Call them, you can get that
job back, is that crazy?
- Yes, that is crazy.
That job is gone.
I turned down that job
even though I loved it,
so that I could stay here, in
a house that we can't afford,
and eat fucking lobster rolls.
So, yes, that is crazy.
What I wanna know is,
did you get laid off because
they eliminated your job
or did you have an incident?
- Okay.
- [Heather] You are
scary when you get angry.
Was it Vanessa?
- I did nothing
wrong, you know her.
- I can believe that but
you didn't tell me about it.
- There's nothing to tell.
- Did you hide sticks
behind the trunk?
- No.
- No?
- No but listen.
- Did you duck tape a bag of
clothes underneath her bed
on the underside of her bed?
- That was not her fault.
- I know, I didn't say that
she did it, you did it.
- Those things are
really important to her.
- Yes, but you and I had a
discussion and we agreed.
- I know.
- And yet--
- Oh, man.
- You're just gonna
do your own thing.
- [Don] Wow.
- Why don't you just raise
her by yourself then?
- I am.
I'm doing it.
- [Heather] Hey!
- Hey, hey, for the last month,
I've been making the decisions
and I've been doing
a pretty good job.
Okay, she gets up by herself.
She gets to bed by herself.
She sets the table, you
don't even have to ask.
She's not so needy.
- Yeah, that's not parenting.
That is just leaving her alone.
I guess it's a
style of parenting.
- Hey, hey, here's
what's happening.
Okay, you're coming in at
the end of our time together
and basically, you're saying all
the fun that we've been having
is suddenly not allowed.
Okay, if I'm the
parent, I'm the parent.
- Great, have fun!
But if you've got everything
so well handled up here,
then how come I couldn't
go do the job I wanted?
You think that job
is gonna wait for me?
It's not.
I turned it down because you
can't handle being on vacation
at the fucking beach
with your own kid!
I mean, how helpless are you?
- Hey, hey, hey,
you cannot talk to me like that.
- Okay, okay, but stay with me.
Stay with me because this
is what you do all the time.
You get mad and then
you cut people off.
Don't cut me off, I
am talking about Iris.
Look what you're doing to her.
- What am I doing to her?
- She wants to marry you,
she wants to kill me.
She threw a stick in my eye.
- Not in your eye.
- In my eye, look at this!
- Really?
- Look, I could
go to the doctor!
- What, from yesterday?
- This is how she
feels about me.
- Where, there?
- Get away!
- Okay, it's bad, it's bad
if she hit you in the eye.
- You laughing?
- No.
- Are you laughing at me?
- I didn't see
anything in your eye.
- You are trying to
be the fun parent
and suddenly I am
outside my family.
- There will be a time--
- And look how you love it!
- Okay, that's it, that's it?
Okay, please, Heather.
Where is she?
- Is is inside playing,
I am not invited.
(ominous music)
- I thought I heard her up here.
Are you hiding?
Damn it.
Could she have come out here?
What was the fight about?
I mean, what did she say?
- I don't know.
(ominous music)
- Iris?
- Iris, come out!
- Iris!
- Iris!
- Iris, come on out.
- [Heather] Iris!
(ominous music)
- Iris!
(ocean waves rumbling)
(ominous music)
(Heather sobbing)
- Iris!
(Heather screaming)
(unsettling music)
I think one of us should
stay at the house.
- Okay, okay.
(Heather gasping)
- [Heather] Iris, honey?
- Iris!
- Honey?
Where, where?
- Iris!
- Iris!
(trunk thudding)
- [Don] Iris!
- [Heather] Hang on, hang on!
- All right, hold on, hold on!
(nails scratching)
- Hang on, honey, we're
gonna get you out!
We're gonna get you out!
Hang on, hang on!
- Stand back!
(tool thudding)
- [Heather] Don!
- Back off!
Grab it, grab it, grab it!
(Heather yelling)
Get it out there!
(Heather groaning)
(intense music)
- Oh God, Iris?
- Come on.
- Honey?
(eerie music)
(Heather whimpering)
(Heather huffing)
(ocean waves whooshing)
(Don knocking)
- Look, I can call them.
- No, look, the light is on.
(Don knocking)
- Here she is, here she is.
Hi, hi, have you seen
out littler girl?
Our daughter, Iris?
- Oh, come in.
- Have you seen her?
- No.
She's missing?
- You know who she is, right?
You've given her stuff.
- Iris!
- Is she here?
- Iris!
- Not now.
- Today?
- Yeah.
- When?
- [Muriel] Hours ago.
- She was here
several hours ago.
What was she doing?
- She was looking at this book.
She loved this book.
I collect things and she
loved everything I collected
but especially the
stuff from Maddy Dodge.
So I gave her the shoes,
the veil,
because with every
item that I gave her,
the talking in my
head got quieter.
Except the wedding dress.
I couldn't give her
the wedding dress
because I never had
the wedding dress.
- I was gonna get
some movers, maybe,
to help me move that trunk.
But you came up too soon.
It might've been in that trunk!
- [Don] What?
What might have been in there?
- The wedding dress.
And she's such a beautiful girl.
It'll fit her soon because
it chose her, right?
- Wait, wait, is
this a real place?
Do you know where this is?
- Yeah.
This is where Maddy Dodge
was gonna meet Dunkin.
You know, I think we can
give them this book, right?
I was just gonna put it--
- Where is this?
Where is this?
(foreboding music)
(car whooshing)
(suspenseful tempo music)
(ocean waves rumbling)
(ominous music)
- [Heather] Whoa, Iris.
- Wait, wait, wait,
wait a minute.
- [Heather] Maddy?
(eerie music)
- Dunkin didn't come.
- Oh, honey.
- Doesn't it look
beautiful on me?
- It does, it looks
beautiful on you.
- It's time to fly but
he didn't come meet me.
(gentle piano music)
- He did come but it
was a long time ago.
But we're here for Iris.
Okay, now that you're
out of the box,
you can go and find him.
But it won't happen this way.
- Maddy,
Dunkin is waiting for you.
You have to let
go of Iris first.
Let Iris go
and then you can be with him.
- [Don] Maddy.
- Me and your dad,
we love each other.
We love you.
So sorry, honey, sometimes I
don't say that but it's true.
(eerie music)
- [Iris] I'm sorry, Mom.
- [Heather] It's okay.
(ocean waves rumbling)
(gentle instrumental music)
(fire crackling)
(dramatic instrumental music)
(fire whooshing)
(crow squawking)
(birds chirping)
(water trickling)
(ocean waves whooshing)
(record player crackling)
("Won't You Dream Of
Me" by Harry Raderman)
Dreaming of going
out with you
A paradise spent
with a love so true
You are the dear
that is fair of all
And my heart has
heard your call
Loping through
life on love divine
A beautiful angel
life all mine
A dream that has
come true, my dear
Since I met you
Won't you dream of
me and think of me
And learn to love me true
Won't you walk for
me and wait for me
And promise you will be true
Won't take this
heart of mine and say
I'll give it back someday
And does your own
true heart will be
When I'll be loving you
(pleasant instrumental
waltz music)