The Bride with White Hair (1993) Movie Script

In the shun chi's reign of ching, emp.
Shin tsu was critically ill.
A fabulous flower blossoming
once in 2 decades in a snow peak
reportedly could rejuvenate
and bring a dying man back to life.
The court decided to send
an envoy to pluck it there...
Mount "shin fung"
I, chief yeh li nieh tang of ching,
have come specially
to visit you mr Cho of wu tang
His majesty is now indisposed
they say your flower can bring
a dying man back to life
what time is it now?
Still 4 hours before the blossom
I mean the year?
It's now exactly 10 years
since the foundation of ching
Ten years
you may leave!
Sir, only if your flower
can revive his majesty,
the court will reward you handsomely
this flower is not for you
Cho yi-hang, hear what our general said?
Who ranks higher than his majesty?
A woman, in my eyes
I waited for her for a decade
I wonder if she knew
My master was the chief
of the 8 clans in chung yuan,
and priest tzu Yang of wu tang
he often told me about the underworld
love-hate relationship
in his words, all the clans are bad
except the 8 big clans
yi-hang, remember
there's always controversy
between good and evil
yes, master
I answered him the same always
have you mastered moon-breaking sword
I taught you?
Yes, completely
Concentrate by combining heart
and sword into one
The sword protects the body
from being soiled by petals
Heart-piercing stab!
Master, I've already
come up to such a level
can I have a few days' rest now?
Learning is unlimited
continue if you wish to become
the future chief of the swordplay world
in fact, I've never
cherished such an ambition
occasionally... I resort
to chivalrous acts!
I should've let you be
captured by those rascals
to save you, I don't now
even know where I am
oh, no, master will reprimand me for sure
I've been afraid of 2
things since childhood
thunderbolt and...
Hsiao Yang, time for you
to repay a favor now
I'm leaving. Take care!
Master, help, master...
Sister, brother, help!
Uncle pai yun, help!
Help! I don't want to die! Help...
Master, help me... master, help me...
Can't believe miracle
do exist in this world!
I did really want to thank her
look into her face
But what a pity
I was really tired
When I knew him,
he was only an ordinary officer
unexpectedly, he later
became gen wu San-kuei
who changed the history of chung yuan
This time you're lucky
next time I'm not sure if you'd be as lucky
I'm sober while the others
are all drunk. Come on!
Come again if you've the nerve!
I enjoy company with him
because I can do anything
prohibited by master
come on!
fear not accusations
from a thousand fingers
if you're innocent
a life under others' influence
means no life
it's as good as dead!
Have you grasped what I said?
Never knew a furious man
could be so kind-hearted
sometimes I doubt if he was nice to me
only because I'm an orphan!
Cho yi-hang
you stole a sheep from
farmer ho Tor-niu's home 1/17
do you pled guilty or not?
He stole my sheep
and gave me a swollen face. Look
I meant to save
if from getting butchered
master told us to be chivalrous
and they wouldn't even let go a small sheep
do you plead guilty to hurting Tor-niu?
He called me beast and creep.
I should've fed him with dog shit
what's so funny?
Chief, as a disciple of wu tang and
an heir to chief, what Cho yi-hang did
is a disgrace to the clan
and wu tang's reputation
in fact, uncle pai yun is not bad,
but he's overambitious
he wants to have his daughter succeed
as the chief against tradition
so I'm his eyesore
calligraphy like swordplay
calls for stamina
he's my brother lu hsing-Cheng
for any clans stamina comes
from the brush and strength
practice energy with spirit
move the brush with energy
move the brush with energy
waist more erect than brush
raise wrist
arm like a dragon
arm like a dragon
sister is late
sorry, dad!
Sit down now!
Practice calligraphy now
Cho yi-hang, copy 500 times
to atone for your mistake
I already knew it
Never be perverted by poverty
- it means sticking to principles under
- She's my sister ho lu-hua
whatever adverse circumstances
didn't you notice she often smiled at me?
Don't adulterate when you're rich and
powerful - and she passed food for me to eat
to cheer me
it means however rich you're,
you must restrain yourself
yield not to prowess
it means no submission
to powerful influence
Cho yi-hang, don't abandon yourself
only because the chief spoils you
look at them, writing without eating
you eating buns here?
Follow your sister:
Still as a virgin, crafty as rabbit
you're carefree and an idle eater
I know sister is clever
the brothers are all at puberty
you, an elder brother, are naughty yourself
you frolicked while learning.
Do you admit guilty?
And in feb you came personally down
to kill kaifeng constable fang tien-Cheng
do you plead guilty or not?
Uncle pai yun, I stabbed him once only
why call it "kill"?
What manner is that?
what's the penalty for a wu tang disciple?
Isn't it against propriety?
You admit everything then?
I admitted I killed a lackey, but...
With the proof here, don't argue any more
I have nothing to say now
but that lousy mandarin's folks do!
ladies & gentlemen,
don't misunderstand swordsman Cho
my son was to blame and he deserved it
yes! Yes! Luckily swordsman Cho helped me
otherwise, that bastard would've raped me
he even tried to kill my daughter!
Thank you swordsman Cho for your help.
Get up...
Silence in the palace
thank you...
Pai yun, what wrong did my pupil do
to have troubled the
presence of you 8 elders?
In the name of the chief's adopted pupil
Cho ran roughshod and
bullied other clans' pupils
with proof and the witnesses here,
he can't deny it
Yi-hang, what have you to say?
Chief, they're the descendants
of the 6 big clans
if I alone could beat them all 6,
it means wu tang's more
powerful in martial arts
on this score I admit!
Shut up!
Brother has hit the nail on the head!
Ma yu of kung tung, did Cho injure you?
No, over-exercise brought me this
and you, liu Cheng of tien chuang?
How did you get your wound?
I injured myself while playing!
How do you explain your wounds?
I dropped into the well
getting water out of it!
I was pursued by a tiger!
I was only joking
- get down!
- All stuff and nonsense!
I wounded him because he wouldn't pay
at wan chun brothel
you hogged others' farmland in conspiracy
with bureaucracy, didn't you?
And you
you bullied a scholar
with your martial arts...
Cho yi-hang!
You came down without
the master's permission
now face the Buddha and repent
without drinking for 3 days
Aren't you tired of this?
Always putting on airs!
You see me whenever you think of me, right?
Hungry? Let me get you something to eat
thank you
so you don't mind even
such coarse food as buns!
They're nice! Eat!
Cho, we didn't mean to testify
against you this morning
priest pai yun forced us to!
Would you bear us grudge?
No, I forgot everything already!
Thank you...
Next time remember to pay at the brothel!
Cho, try red kaoliang of shansi
cut it out!
Can't you see he's carrying
sister's 2 big buns?
Don't you know this is
the palace of wu tang?
Wine and meat, you may ruin me! Get out!
Get out quick!
What about me?
You, too!
I'll go back to retire.
You stay to sleep with brother
what are you doing?
This Jade heirloom came from my dad
keep it
and promise not to break it
What are you doing?
I need it
help me to hold on first
Right, it's now time for us to
serve our country
kill rascals and remove evils! Kill!
Stealing military supplies
is a serious crime.
You may get beheaded!
People in our tribe get beheaded
for plucking the weed only!
Dying of struggle is better
than starving to death
come here. There's something to eat
don't fight! Everybody has a share!
Let me do it if you can't
let eat.
How dare you lay hands
on the ming court's provisions?
Darling, let's get out of here.
Darling, are you alright?
I can't hold on. I must deliver
Darling, come out quick!
Kill these beggars!
I'll kill you, demon
I'll chop you to 8 pieces
Exactly 8 pieces
Run quick!
Darling, bear with it
darling, it hurts badly!
Darling what now?
I must deliver
there's light in front.
Let's go and seek help.
No one is around
it hurts badly!
Swordsman, we didn't steal! Don't kill us!
I didn't steal! Don't kill us!
Darling, are you alright?
Swordsman, can you deliver?
Please help us
to help you deliver?
To help us deliver, we beg you!
Darling bear with it
darling, what now?
Can you deliver? Please so us a favor
darling, don't worry, we've got help!
Darling, harder!
Harder, harder, darling!
Darling! What happened?
Hey, Mrs.
Darling, we have a boy! Take a look at him!
Don't be sad!
A son has hope
Keep it to run a small business. Come.
Get out of here!
Swordsman! Thank you, swordsman!
Who are you?
Why are you following me?
Miss, you bring us closer yourself
Right! It's better to keep
a distance between us
whoever sees me shall be blinded!
Do I have to perish having
seen your whole body?
Miss, control your temper!
"Come back to palace at once"
Oh! I forgot to tell you I'm Cho yi-hang
Chief of the cult, killing ensures peace
our chief bodyguard sent an army
to wipe out many lackeys
we want to let them know
that our tribesmen are not ants...
Under their soles
the chief bodyguard frightens
demons through blood practice
Those old people of chung yuan's 8 clans
are too old even to hold a sword
all they know is to pay lip service only
They pay lip service to bewitch the masses
they not only plan to unite chung yuan
but to dig out our ancestors' graves
What a nuisance
only if...
We wipe out those old leaders,
the 8 clans of chung yuan will be dissolved
wipe out the beasts! Increase my longevity
Why is it so icy the whole night?
We've been hiding 20 years
waiting for this day!
Now is the time to return a favor
kill them for me!
Your heart's beating hard!
Let me feel it
have you finished ordering?
What's so funny?
Buddy, you look so pitiable!
Having hardened her wings,
you've no right to touch them!
True love is mutual
I'll wait for you!
Right, compulsory love has no happiness
right, compulsory love has no happiness
Priest tzu Yang,
the cult is getting more
powerful in manchuria
it may menace the safety
of the people of ming
as the chief of 8 clans,
you should contribute some effort!
Chi wu-shuang appears again
the underworld is again
rife with witchcraft
we must wipe out the cult
before it comes to power
they're not so easy to wipe out!
I hear they're quite
powerful in martial arts
chief, we shouldn't have let
that traitor go that year
no point mentioning the past!
We must decide immediately which clan
will lead the expedition
what's your opinion?
As the chief of 8 clans,
wu tang should too!
right you are
hsin Cheng
why, master?
Where's yi-hang?
Where have you been?
Master is meeting with the 7 clans on
how to cope with the cult
halt! What about the Jade I gave you?
Why ask me about it now?
Where's the Jade?
Why did you give it to someone else?
I feel he needs it more than I do
I'll kill him. So you don't need him
brother, master wants you
Sorry, chief, I'm late!
Yi-hang, the 8 clans have decided to
send troops to suppress the cult
and you'll be in command
chief, this is a herculean task
I'm afraid I'm not equal to it
wu tang is full of personalities
why have you only him in mind, chief?
Have you got a better choice?
I venture to suggest
my daughter lu-hua as the best choice
sister is brilliant and a fast swordswoman
none's better suited than
her as the commander
oh, no, it's against the rule
do you agree?
What's your opinion?
Chief, how can a female undertake
such a heavy assignment?
a military order is as rigid as a mountain
and you can't go against rules
you command the 8 clans' pupils
with lu-hua as your side
set out by night
your order is understood
Yi-hang, I've covered you up
in the presence of the 8 clans
why go against me?
Master, master!
I spent years' efforts
teaching you kung fu,
hoping you may succeed me
as the chief of the 8 clans
after my death
I know that as the chief to lead the masses
I must do many things against my will
So a kind heart is a defect
kind heart?
Listen if some day
chi wu-shuang wants to suppress wu tang
can you ask her to spare us?
And if some day
we unite chung yuan and must kill all hans,
can you use your heart to move them?
This is the so-called underworld rule
so you have no choice
yes, I do
I may quit the underworld
Quit the underworld?
Easily said than done
listen, what else can
you do besides kung fu?
Returning home to till the land?
The chief him self has promised to
relinquish his post to you
all the 8 clans have been eyeing this post.
You take no interest, but I do
child, take a longer sight
if you really become the chief.
We can join forces
quite possibly we may even
change ming's territory
General, we've again
caught some foreign spies
Yes! Chop!
We're innocent...
Uncle kuei, why did you...
Given present circumstances,
killing 100 wrongly is
better than letting one go
the cult tries to cover the eyes
and ears of the world
and the manchus are getting
increasingly rampant
our duty as military men
is to protect the territory
and kill them all
Yi-hang, remember, heroes make the times!
Why is brother still not here?
Let's not wait for
yi-hang anymore
better plan how to deploy
to copy with the cult
but chi wu-shung's advanced in martial arts
and we're in the dark
about the cult's surroundings
such a move is too dangerous
let kung tung clan back out if it prefers
I don't think our 7-clan coalition
can't cope with wu-shuang
and the wolf girl?
And we have wu tang's 72 cyclical swords
and hua shan clan's...
7 fatal arrays
shut up, I know
and o-Mei chan's dragon-tiger
conquering skills
and kun lun's fantastic king Kong swordplay
if we stab her unawares
let alone a wolf girl, even a dragon girl
may be chopped by us... into minces
let me ask you a question
foreign tribes bear us no grudge
why kill them?
you want to kill?
Let me ask you
have you heard of the sounds of a sword
chopped on human body or bones?
Cho yi-hang, as the
commander of the 8 clans
you speak badly to disrupt the army morale
You were ambitious to spread your name
so you're most suited
for the commander post
Patrolling at this late hour?
It's freezing!
Something a front must be wrong
nobody! Are you drunk?
Wake up, brother
sister, isn't it against the rule?
He's against the rule
he got drunk in defiance of discipline
and even forsook his emblem
how is he to answer to master
on return to wu tang?
Men of the cult are here!
Where are they?
be alert!
Form an array
Bleeding, I'll die for sure
only a bruise!
Are you crazy? I'm not an enemy
know me?
In the ancient city.
I must kill you, a chung yuan native
Come on
Cho yi-hang
Don't move
don't blame me
it would be too late if
I didn't help you now
In my view
he may have been bewitched by that witch
I don't think it's as simple as that
that witch even spared his life
and followed him
they exchanged glances
and might have been intimate
shut up!
How can one bewitched by a wolf girl
command chung yuan to fight foreigners?
Brother, you'd better reconsider
a more suitable candidate
shut up! Bring him back quickly
and let him explain to me personally
Brother, don't! Retire now!
I can give you 100 much better than she?
No, I want her!
Are you out of your mind?
That bitch helped us kill
so many chung yuan men
can she get away?
I must let her know
she brought me the agony
any annoy can't compare to our expulsion
by that old tzu Yang traitor 20 years ago
Chi wu-shuang
you two got twisted by the cult
and brought mess to
the chung yuan swordplay world
expelling your family
without kill you-you're lucky
kill them...
Quiet, chiefs!
These 2 rats are much
condemned for their crime
but as an orthodox clan,
we mustn't go too far
chi wu-shung, we'll give you a chance
as of today, don't ever
set foot on chung yuan
Brother, we shouldn't Cherish
any feeling for anyone
we must hate him, control him
we adopted the wolf girl to
utilize her to kill
all chung yuan acoundrels only
she's merely our killing instrument
remember that, understand?
Only we're triends you can't afford to lose
get out!
You're the most despicable
why follow me? I don't want you
you don't want me? You must!
I want wolf girl...
No one would want you the way you look
How come there's word "lien" on you?
I only know it's my surname
I have no name
everybody should have a name
I've been living with
wolves from childhood!
Chi wu-shuang adopted me
and brought me to the cult
she taught me kung fu
and made her killing instrument
let me give you a name
Lien wu-kung?
Lien wu-kung?
I remember now,
when I first saw you.
You were standing on the mountain-top
and glittered with your dress
reflected by the moonlight
you should be named lien ni-Chang
lien ni-Chang?
Let's get out of the underworld together
don't you begrudge wu tang?
Don't you begrudge the post of chief?
The underworld doesn't belong to us.
Let them fight for it
what would you do if
I should grow old with
silver hair years late?
Don't worry
have you heard of a fabulous flower
blossoming each 2 decades that,
once taken, can bring eternal life?
If you should go silver-haired,
I'll bring the elixir to you by any means
Promise me, promise me
Don't ever distrust me.
I hate people who do
I swear
I swear under heaven I would be condemned
if I should ever let lien ni-Chang down.
"Wait for me"
Why? Why let me down?
Speak up.
Don't get excited!
Adopt another wild one
from a wolf lair
and woo her when she grows up
the only worry is your kung fu
would've been disabled then
shut up!
I expended so much effort on you
can this be done away with?
Once I decide on the course to take,
I won't turn back
is this your excuse for leaving the cult?
What do you want?
You knew what my brother wants
only if you let me leave the cult,
you may do anything you like
Brother, no point licking all over her
her heart is already somebody else's
you picked a junk
I've been your twin for such a long time
and you don't even know a
female's normal reaction
you're getting out of your mind.
Have you given it to others?
Did you follow that wu tang scoundrel
when you last disappeared?
He's not a scoundrel! He's Cho yi-hang
what has he given you?
A name
I'm now lien ni-Chang, not a wolf girl
everybody should've a name on birth
brother, what a common name
so she wants only to be a common person
Lien ni-Chang
you want to be a common person
now leave the cult like a commoner
Uncle kuei then became
a general he dreamt of
only then did I sense the meaning of
what he said to me in shangaikwan
never expected that a hero that
claimed to wipe out foreign tribesmen
would've let the ching
troops in at this juncture
Hell with you!
don't use your martial arts
Love, thy spell is irresistible
shut up!
As I said, none can pass this
Can I leave now?
Sister, your bridal dress
Cho yi-hang
Tailor wu San-kuei led
the ching troops into the pass
at a time when the ming empire is critical
and needs men to defend its territory
you're having a tryst with a rival
ni-Chang and I have both decided
to quit the underworld
yi-hang, so you'd rather let
your name stink in history
because of that witch
you may leave
goddamn disciple
you betray the one closest to you!
Brother, in any case,
considering the master's upbringing
you should return to
explain everything to him
Hold it!
Since you left, the chief seldom spoke
I think he's really peevish this time.
Think carefully how to explain to him
What's wrong?
The master's body...
Where's the master's body?
Find it! Find it now!
Uncle... uncle
hsin Cheng! Hsin Cheng
hsin Cheng
hsin Cheng
it hurts badly
hsin Cheng, tell me who did it?
Who did it? Tell me!
Tell me now, hsin Cheng!
- Who did it?
- I don't want to die.
While you were away,
the wolf girl brought men to kill us
the wolf girl? She made it.
Never thought wu tang
would end up this way!
She didn't do it!
What? She was brought up by a wolf,
she must be brutal
you brought rack and tuin to wu tang
why don't you wake up?
Cho yi-hang, wake up
I've come to see Cho yi-Chang
witch, to see him after
resorting to killing?
damn witch
Let's go
We only want to ask you one question
did you do it?
Their death is not linked to me
all I want to know now is
will you follow me?
Why did you do that?
Don't let her get away!
Kill this witch!
Why don't you trust me?
Don't ever distrust me.
I hate people who do
I swear
I swear under heaven I would be condemned
if I should ever let lien ni-Chang down.
The witch is possessed. Kill her!
she's dead
come here, come here
yi-hang, why didn't you take my advice
all these years
but go against me in every way?
Yi-hang, you're doing me an injustice
for bringing wu tang to such a state
master, I...
Congratulations on your match.
May you have a long and happy union
You may die tragically
Come out
come out
come out!
Brother, why take such
an attitude towards me?
Watch out!
What have you got to take away my girl?
You want to know?
Brother, gouge out that
bitch's heart for me
Come out
what are you waiting for?
Kill her! Kill her!
Kill her!
Hear me? Kill her!
Come on quick! Why don't you kill her?
Kill her!
Brother! Never knew...
You'd be stung by your own conscience
So it's great sleeping this way