The Brides of Fu Manchu (1966) Movie Script

Let him rise.
Why am I here? Who are you?
- I am Fu Manchu.
- Fu Manchu?
It isn't possible. You died.
Untie the girl.
Monsieur Merlin, you and your daughter
have been brought here...
...because I require your assistance.
You can go to hell.
- Has she been prepared?
- Yes, Father.
Now you have no will.
No desires but to please your masters.
You will obey
only those orders we give you.
Take this knife...
...and place it at the throat of the man
who is your father.
Shall she kill him, Father?
You dare not, if you need my help.
Raise the trapdoor. Tie Shiva to it.
Stop. Ropes will not be necessary.
Shiva is the daughter of a man
skilled in electromagnetic research.
Dr. Ramchand.
- Dr. Ramchand, but he is--
- He is dead.
I found I couldn't trust him.
Now I have no further use
for his daughter.
You murderer.
One slash of the knife
and she will join her father.
- And your daughter has the knife.
- She won't do it.
Even under hypnosis you can't make her
do something against her character.
Cut her free.
Michel, stop. Stop!
It's me, your father.
Did I do well?
I'll kill you.
- I swear I'll kill you.
- You will do exactly as I say.
Or do you wish me to bring
your daughter out of her trance...
...and tell her what she has just done?
It might be interesting to watch... such a young and innocent mind
would accept such knowledge.
What do I have to do?
Well, I'm baffled, Petrie.
It seems so senseless.
Why go to all the trouble of kidnapping
if you're not gonna demand a ransom?
- They're all very beautiful women.
- White slave traffic?
Oh, no, they always go for unknowns.
These are all wives and daughters
of leading industrialists and scientists.
It's probably some crank then,
someone with a grudge.
No, it's too efficient for that.
They've kidnapped 11 women in 18 months
in 10 different countries, Petrie.
And that means a big organization.
Well, there's one comfort.
There's been no kidnapping here
so we don't have to worry about it.
Not officially, no.
Sergeant Spicer, please.
Sergeant, Nayland Smith here.
I want you to get me
every scrap of information you can...
...on these international kidnappings.
No, no. Not just the Merlin girl.
I want you to go back
to the very first one in Shanghai.
Get on to each country and see if they'll
let me have duplicates of their dossiers.
Well, cable them and ask them
to send it airmail. It's urgent.
What are you up to?
I'm studying the enemy, Petrie.
The more we can find out, the more chance
we have of catching them next time.
Next time?
We've no reason to suppose
they won't do it again.
No, there's no reason to suppose
it'll be here in England either.
I find myself almost wishing
they would try it here.
As I told you,
generating the energy was simple.
Our triumph was in transmitting
this energy as sound waves.
From here, we can communicate...
...with any major city in the world.
Monsieur Merlin, look at this.
This is the model
of the transmission aerial...
...that the late Dr. Ramchand
designed for us.
- And that is the receiving end?
- Yes.
That aerial captures the signal
and passes it to--
What shall we call it?
--the wireless set?
The set, what does it do?
The same job as a wireless set.
Turns the signal back
into its original form.
In our case, energy.
This is fantastic. Wonderful.
Heat, light, power, transmitted anywhere
in a matter of seconds.
What do you use it for?
Bombs and shells
create such a small release of energy.
- But this power....
- It is enough to destroy a city.
Your task is simple, Monsieur Merlin.
At present, an explosion big enough
to destroy a ten-story building...
...requires a set twice the size
of this table here.
That is inconvenient.
The sets must be smaller.
I can't do that.
No one can make
even a small wireless set.
They have to be big.
On October 17th, you carried out
a test for the Paris Police... a field 10 miles from the city.
A motorcyclist wore a small receiver
strapped to his chest...
...and was able to hear clearly
a message sent out from his headquarters.
That was only experimental.
You said at the time:
"It will soon be possible for cars
and motorcycles to receive instructions...
...and to reply to their headquarters
with the aid of a small handset."
Remember, the snake pit is one of the
quicker deaths that awaits your daughter.
- What's been going on here, sir?
- We were attacked.
Will you give me a hand
with this young lady?
Attacked? Who by?
I don't know, from that launch.
But they were here.
One of them is still unconscious.
Over there.
One moment, sir.
You're not going anywhere.
This man is dead.
Look at this.
A Tibetan prayer scarf.
- Where did you get it?
- From the body of a dacoit.
He was killed
down near Tower Bridge last night.
Look at that.
One of Fu Manchu's men.
Obviously left behind when he
pulled out of here and went to Tibet.
He wasn't left behind.
I examined that body very thoroughly.
That man had been in a tropical country
until quite recently.
He couldn't have been in London
more than a month.
What about his clothes?
- The black tunic?
- Almost new.
Now, tell me more. How was he killed?
A blow on the skull. The man
who did it claims it was an accident.
- Anyway, he's being held at Bow Street.
- Who's he?
I-- I'm sorry.
Only it seems as though
all this has happened before. It's uncanny.
- What do you mean, Petrie?
- He's a research chemist.
A young German, just like last time.
- He's in here, sir.
- Thank you.
- Franz Baumer?
- Yes.
I'm from Scotland Yard.
Assistant Commissioner Nayland Smith.
This is Dr. Petrie,
Home Office pathologist.
Look, I have already told the police
everything I know.
How much longer am I to be kept here?
I've read your statement.
Have you any idea why you were attacked?
No. None at all.
- There was no attempt to rob you?
- They wouldn't have got much.
No, no, it wasn't just robbery.
Why do you say that?
Why would they have the launch there?
Why do you think the launch was there?
Well, I had a feeling
they were trying to get Marie....
Miss Lentz, on to the launch.
The girl? You're quite sure
it wasn't you they were after?
Me? What for?
- Lentz?
- Yes.
Who is she, Baumer?
- The girl I wanna marry.
- Her family.
Well, her mother's French
and her father is Otto Lentz.
What, the man who sorted out
that hydro-electric disaster in Switzerland?
That's him.
- Do you know where he is?
- What?
Oh, Germany, I suppose.
And the girl? Is she just visiting here?
No, no, she's on the staff
of St. Edmond's Hospital.
Do you think it is Fu Manchu?
Can he still be alive?
I don't know, Petrie.
The important thing
is to be in time to save the girl.
Save her?
If Baumer's right and it is the girl
they're after, they'll try again...
...and they will do it quickly
before anyone can suspect the truth.
Casualty. What?
No. No one here at all.
Nurse Lentz?
Oh, yes, she's here. Just a moment.
Hello? Hello.
It's dead.
Oh, cut off from the switchboard again,
I expect.
They'll ring back later.
- No rest for the wicked.
- Send them into Room 3, will you?
Number 3, mates.
Here, where's the card?
What's the matter with him?
Can you tell me where the porter is?
Nurse Lentz.
What's happening? Who are you?
Quick, after those men.
- Are you all right, Petrie?
- Yes, yes.
Now, who are you?
Nikki Sheldon. I'm a friend of Miss Lentz.
What's happened to her?
An attempt has been made to kidnap her.
I'd have caught them
if I hadn't been attacked.
I'm sorry but two men
had already attacked me in the corridor.
When you came through that door,
I thought I had better get in first.
How is she?
They tried to chloroform her,
but she hasn't taken much.
She'll come round in about 10 minutes.
It was Baumer's idea,
this walk by the river?
Yes, but you can't think that he--
Marie, you've got to realize
he can't be trusted.
You know
what your father thinks about him.
I don't care what Daddy or anyone thinks.
I know Franz.
Can you tell me where I can get in touch
with your father?
He's in Germany at present.
Dsseldorf, isn't he?
Yes. Why do you want to talk to him?
Because I'm putting
a police card on you.
But that's silly.
It's a bit overdramatic,
isn't it, commissioner?
I don't think so, Mr. Sheldon.
Now, Miss Lentz.
I want you to promise me that
you will not set foot outside the hospital...
...for any reason whatsoever.
I feel scared, Nikki.
Why should anyone want to kidnap me?
I don't know the exact reason. Not yet.
But I believe that the man behind it... the most evil and ruthless man
in the world.
If you are necessary to his plans,
he won't rest till he gets you.
Nayland Smith.
So once again, our paths cross.
What instructions
shall I send to London?
- Tell them to do nothing until you arrive.
- When do I leave?
And this time, there will be no mistake.
And daughter....
Merlin is ready to return to Paris.
He will go with you.
Michel, I have only a few minutes
before I have to leave for Paris.
- Am I coming? Are we free?
- No, no, not yet.
There is some work
I have to do in Paris first.
- Then I will be back in a week or two.
- What is this work?
What is he making you do?
Tell me...
...have any of the girls...
...any idea where we are?
No, except that this whole place
is all underground.
What do you know?
I don't know anything.
I was brought here blindfold.
I didn't see anything.
One of the girls is from Turkey
and she knows something of archaeology.
- And she says--
- Hey, you.
You mustn't do that.
She gave you something, it's forbidden.
- What are you talking about?
- Silence, I saw her.
I'll search you.
Listen carefully.
You're in the temple of Karna.
It's in your hands. Show me your hands.
You see....
Now, do you understand?
The Temple of Karna.
Got it.
He has nothing.
- Who is he?
- The girls call him Abdul.
He's the only one we can trust.
It is time to leave.
She does not even see you
when I'm here.
- Well, Spicer, what have you found?
- Not much, sir, but something.
Two weeks after the first girl disappeared
from Shanghai, you remember?
Her husband took a holiday in Athens.
He was away for about three weeks.
The same sort of thing happened
in all the other cases.
Within a week or two,
the husband or the father took a holiday.
One went to Casablanca, one to Gibraltar,
two to Algiers... to Sardinia, two to Naples,
one to Malta, two to Tripoli.
You can add another one to Naples.
Merlin went there too.
Why? What does it mean?
It means, Petrie...
...that somewhere in this area
is Fu Manchu's new headquarters.
Look at all these towns.
All along the coast.
Perfectly easy to smuggle a man out.
You think they've taken them
from these towns to his headquarters?
Yes, I do.
We can't search half the Mediterranean
looking for him.
Oh, Daddy has just come in.
I must leave, darling.
Phone me later, will you?
In an hour or so.
My dear.
- Well, at least you look all right.
- I am all right.
That was Franz on the phone.
They have released him.
I'd have expected the police
to show more sense.
Oh, Daddy, you're so wrong about Franz.
- Can I leave you here with Marie now, sir?
- Yes, thank you, Nikki.
Are you leaving, Nikki?
I must.
I have an appointment in Paris tomorrow.
There's just time to catch the night ferry.
That's all, Louise.
There are lots of messages for you.
And people want to see you urgently.
Well, they'll have to wait.
I don't want to see anyone.
Why didn't you warn me
you were coming over?
- Look at me.
- You look wonderful.
As always. Is he in?
- Yes, but he doesn't want to see anyone.
- This is different.
Good morning. Welcome back.
All right, Louise.
You haven't wasted any time.
There is no time to waste.
Now that you are becoming a member
of Wireless International...
...we have to erect an aerial for you.
- You saw the model?
- Yes.
These are the plans for the tower.
The rest of the equipment will arrive
from other of our members.
- Is that all?
- No.
It's been decided you'll have the first
two small sets completed in five days.
That's ridiculous.
They will be ready and you will bring them
to London with you on the 6th day.
I will look at the factory
and choose the site for the aerial.
I'm sorry, will you be staying long, sir?
- Ola, what are you doing here?
- Cleaning.
Good heavens, is that the time?
Hello. Casualty, please.
Hello? Nurse Lentz, please.
Changed her duty?
Well, put me through to the nurses' home,
will you? Thank you.
This was a good idea, Nikki.
Not scared of bogeyman
or the yellow peril?
No, not anymore.
I wonder why the police decided
to take away the guard.
Who knows?
When did the police tell her this?
And she went straight out to the theatre?
Yes, sir.
Yes. Thank you very much.
She left this for you.
She said
she was expecting you to call her.
Yes. Yes, I know.
"Dear Franz,
isn't it marvellous I'm allowed out?
The police phoned to say
they've taken the guard away.
I tried to phone you.
Now Nikki is here and has got seats
for the Lyric Theatre Hammersmith.
So I will phone you tomorrow.
Love, Marie."
- She left with Mr. Sheldon?
- Yes.
- He'd better take care of her.
- Thank you, nurse.
- Well?
- They've found the constable.
He was strangled.
Franz, you go up there.
You stay here, will you, Petrie?
The fire curtain's down.
- What happened?
- Don't worry about me. They've got the girl.
Sir Dennis Nayland Smith's residence.
No, I'm sorry, he isn't here.
No, inspector, he didn't say.
Oh, just a minute. He's coming in now.
Inspector Grimaldi, sir, from Paris.
Thank you, Lotus. Hello, Pierre.
Hello, my friends.
How is your lovely prisoner?
They abducted her right under our noses
in the middle of a crowded theatre.
I thought she was confined
to the hospital.
She was. What about your end,
any new developments?
Yes. I have been told to drop the case.
Mr. Merlin has very powerful friends.
Well, that kills any chance
of a lead from him.
Unofficially, I kept watch on him.
Just as well too.
We found he is going to London.
He arrives tomorrow morning
by the boat train.
I got his number, sir.
I saw who was driving.
Mr. Nikki Sheldon.
- Sheldon?
- I had my suspicions last night.
All right, sergeant, you check that car
and find out where Merlin is staying.
What are you going to do, arrest him?
No, no, I can't do that. There's no proof.
It wouldn't help us
get Marie and the other girls back.
But you can't just let him go free.
The important thing is to find out what
Fu Manchu is plotting and then stop him.
- Yes, but if--
- Sheldon is the first lead we've had.
But if he is working for this Fu Manchu...
...he must know
where the headquarters are.
- Couldn't we--?
- You don't know Fu Manchu.
He covers his tracks
and he trusts no one.
Sheldon probably has no idea
where the headquarters are.
Someone must know. There must be--
- You said all the men were taken there.
- Yes.
But he probably doesn't know
where he was taken.
Anyway, we can't force him to tell us.
Sometimes I wish I was back in Burma.
He'd have talked then, all right.
What do you mean?
Have you ever heard
of the dust that loosens tongues?
I've seen it used.
The dust that loosens...?
Yeah. Yes, of course.
That's a crude natural form
of one of the sodium drugs.
You have heard of it, then?
Drug research is my field.
I came across the Burmese drug
when I was doing tropical medicine.
It paralyzes the patient but he retains
the power of speech and memory.
And he can answer
only the questions you ask him.
And he cannot help telling the truth.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Monsieur Merlin?
- Yes.
What do you want?
Mr. Sheldon asked me to call.
Oh, what for?
About these.
Very well. Come in.
You are alone?
Of course.
- In here.
- Thank you.
Mr. Sheldon wanted you to look at this.
What happened?
Who are you?
What is your name?
Jules Merlin.
You have a daughter
who was kidnapped.
Do you know who abducted her?
Fu Manchu.
Have you ever met Fu Manchu?
Where? At his headquarters?
Where is it?
I don't know.
How long where you there?
Eight days.
And in that time no one mentioned
the name of the place?
Someone did mention it?
What is the name?
The Temple of Karna.
The Temple of Karna.
Now... you know
what Fu Manchu plans to do?
He will dominate the world.
The new circuits
have cut the run-up time by half.
We can hold the output steady
at this load indefinitely.
But no higher?
We dare not.
That is sufficient for the Windsor Castle.
Yes, but not any of the major targets.
Very well. Prepare for
the Windsor Castle in six days.
- The set will be in place?
- Yes.
And, Feng...
...everything must be ready
for the first major target on the 11th.
Of next month?
Then we need Lentz here
as quickly as possible.
He will be here.
- Anything happening?
- No, sergeant.
He went to lunch.
Two of our men followed him.
He came back to the room an hour ago.
- Nobody spoke to or tried to contact him?
- Not a soul.
Who are you? What are you doing here?
I have come to give you your final orders.
Are you the one
who has been phoning me?
- Yes.
- Where is my daughter?
You won't get away with this.
If anything goes wrong... will not see your daughter
alive again, remember that.
Now, your car will arrive at the front door
at precisely half past...
...which is six minutes from now.
You will be ready
and you will get into the car at once...
...and you will do exactly
what the driver tells you to do.
But the police will follow.
Of course.
Remember, half past precisely.
And if you try to warn anyone...
...the phone is cut.
- Who's that?
- One of the cleaners.
That's his car.
We didn't have any message
of his going out, sergeant.
I'll follow it. You ring the Yard.
They are following.
I know.
Get there as fast as you can.
This is ridiculous.
He's been driving in circles now
for 45 minutes.
Almost as if he's stalling for something.
Look out!
Sergeant, look!
I'm sorry, sir, but they got him.
All right, Spicer, you did your best.
But that flying tackle of yours
was certainly worth seeing.
You were here, sir?
Yes, over in the clubhouse.
But for heaven's sake, sir,
you could have stopped them.
They've got Otto Lentz, sir.
Have a look in the car, sergeant.
But I don't....
Who was that in the aircraft?
Franz Baumer.
He's been impersonating Lentz
for three days.
Because we don't know
where the Temple of Karna is.
Now we're going to have a man
right in there.
She has spirit.
So you would find out
if these men were not holding me.
We shall see.
These girls will be your
At first, they too were unwilling...
...but now they live only to serve me.
Five of you, pick her up.
Raise the trap door.
Lower her.
You have no will... mind of your own.
You will do
only what I command you to do.
Even to death.
All is in order.
We can begin the buildup.
There's no urgency.
We will take the full hour.
That will be safer.
Advise London that the buildup
has begun on schedule.
Destruction one
will take place at noon exactly.
Hello, Pierre. Good to see you.
You are looking well, my friend.
- So you're on holiday, are you?
- Officially, yes.
I am following up this Merlin affair.
In your own time?
I don't like to be told, "Drop the case."
I can give you a lot of new facts.
Things have been developing pretty fast.
Let me give you some information first.
When Merlin came back...
...he had a number of projects
needing his urgent attention.
But he dropped them all.
Instead, he associated his company
with some people...
...called Wireless International.
And they've put up an aerial?
A peculiar sort of affair,
like a round, hollow dish.
Yes. How did you know?
So that's how he plans to do it.
Sergeant, bring me all the dossiers
of the Fu Manchu kidnappings, will you?
I've already checked.
After every kidnapping, the men
concerned joined Wireless International.
Gone to the Yard? On a Saturday?
He won't be late, sir.
Would you like a drink while you wait?
Eleven-twenty, it's a bit early.
Commissioner Nayland Smith... have but little time to live.
I could have arranged your death at the
moment you switched on this wireless set...
...but that would have been too quick.
Soon you will die,
because I shall control the world.
I have the power to destroy cities.
And any city that defies me
shall be destroyed.
But first, men must die...
...specially selected men.
And the first shall die on Saturday...
...when I destroy the Windsor Castle.
Phase two coming in now.
In and steady.
Position the aerial.
Aerial positioned and locked.
Direct it onto London.
Men must die, specially selected men.
And the first shall die on Saturday...
...when I destroy the Windsor Castle.
That's today.
Petrie, get hold
of Sergeant Spicer, will you?
Tell him to have three carloads of men
ready to move in 10 minutes' time.
- We'll pick them up at the Yard.
- Right.
- No, don't use that one, I want it.
- All right.
Here, Pierre, look up the address
of Wireless International, will you?
If the aerial is there,
we may be able to stop them.
What can we do about Windsor Castle?
I'm calling up the home secretary now.
I'm gonna have it cleared.
Fifteen minutes to go.
Message from Karna, Mr. Sheldon.
- Final phase begins at 11:50 our time.
- Right.
Set the aerial on bearing 198.5.
Well, the royal family aren't there.
And they're clearing the staff out.
Spicer will have men waiting
at the Yard.
- Good. Any luck with that address?
- Yes.
Number seven, Tower Worf, Limehouse.
Nothing from Karna?
Message five.
Send message four.
Full on all circuits.
Message three.
Onto the roof. Destroy that aerial.
Message two.
Message one.
Thank goodness for that.
They can't destroy Windsor Castle now.
There's no connection, nothing.
This is just a dummy.
Stand by to switch onto target.
I should have known.
How could you?
He said the Windsor Castle.
He's won every round.
Not all. He hasn't got Lentz.
But why the Windsor Castle?
Why, why, why?
Now, why was that the target?
Now, wait a minute.
He said particular men must die.
I haven't even looked at the death list.
One hundred and twenty-three dead,
including crew.
Sergeant Spicer, sir.
Well, any luck, Spicer?
No, sir, the special team
went over every inch of the place.
The wireless equipment was phony but
the office equipment seemed to be in order.
I see. No sign of anyone?
Not a soul, sir.
Where's Inspector Grimaldi?
He stayed, sir.
- At Wireless International?
- Yes, doctor.
He was puzzled that the boiler room was
on the ground floor instead of in the cellar.
He had a hunch about something
and was going to spend the night there.
- Still no sound?
- No, nothing.
- You're sure you heard someone?
- Yes.
After all the others left,
there were footsteps...
...and then nothing.
Four hours.
He couldn't be still for that long.
Shall I tell them we stay here all night?
If Nayland Smith returns tomorrow,
he may drill his way through and find us.
They nearly did this afternoon.
We must get out.
All clear.
We must move quickly
and leave by the concealed entrance.
They may have left someone on watch.
- Do we return here?
- No.
- You have the second small set?
- Yes.
Take your three men
and install it at the target tonight.
Then go to the quarters and stay there.
- How long before we operate again?
- Why?
I have to know which cells to use.
They deteriorate.
Destruction two is on the 11th.
Your team strip down the aerial
and remove the transmission gear.
We'll move it
to the alternate headquarters.
- Now?
- At once.
Anything that isn't out of here tonight
will be abandoned.
The rest of you, come with me.
Leave the set on the table.
Now open the escape door.
Good Lord, of course.
- The Arms Conference.
- What?
The Arms Conference, Petrie. It's on
the 11th. That's what Fu Manchu's after.
- My good heavens.
- What a target.
Every leading military nation
of the world will be there.
"Seven heads of state,
17 ministers of Defence...
...six ministers of the Interior,
18 commanders in chief...
...43 other generals.
But the conference
isn't all in one place, is it?
Various committees from it
are meeting all over London.
But on the 11th, Petrie, every single one
of these people is attending...
...a service of dedication at St. Paul's.
Lotus, pack a bag for me, please.
I'm leaving for Paris in the morning.
Yes, sir.
What do you want?
Your help.
I know Fu Manchu
is holding your daughter prisoner...
...and is forcing you to work for him.
You built the set that killed
all those people on the Windsor Castle.
It isn't true.
- You didn't know that that was the target?
- No, no.
- Do you want to know the second target?
- No.
I can do nothing to help. Nothing.
He would kill Michel.
Monsieur Merlin,
I'm not giving you the choice.
You'll help me
or I'll arrest you for murder.
And when that happens, Fu Manchu
will have no further use for your daughter.
She will certainly be killed.
What do you want to know?
Three things.
First, an exact description
of what the set looks like.
Then I want to know how
to disable the set without moving it... that no one but yourself
would know that it had been sabotaged.
That can be done. And the third?
A hidden aerial has been installed over here
by Wireless International.
I want to know
the exact bearing it operates on.
Has something gone wrong, Father?
Lentz refuses to work with Feng.
He says that Feng
has made a wrong estimate.
That he does not understand
the problem.
- But Lentz can make it safe.
- Yes.
It is unlike Feng to be so wrong.
He was so sure of the problem.
Maybe Lentz is stalling.
Why should he?
I don't know.
He's a strange man.
He is also a brilliant engineer.
He knew which way we were travelling.
- He knows we're in mountains.
- How?
There were signs he could sense.
He's a mountaineer.
I have a whole file on Lentz.
It is well-known
that he suffers from vertigo.
On dams, they have to construct
a special basket for him...
...because he cannot stand
near the edges.
But he is a mountaineer. He told me.
Then he is not Lentz.
He must be.
We watched him for days
and spoke to him.
It is time for you to rest, Herr Lentz.
Goodbye, Father.
Franz, look out!
A strange way to address Otto Lentz.
Will you leave him to me, Father?
He may be more useful alive.
Put him in a cell.
Don't cry. Fu Manchu said--
And the bearing from Rome, 249.5.
Atlas Mountains.
Do you think it's right?
There's no reason to suppose that Merlin
or the Italian were lying.
Not at this stage.
But the Temple of Karna,
think it's in the middle of the mountains?
It's not in the middle.
Here we are.
In the foothills,
right on the edge of the desert.
That ties in what I told you
about the dacoit coming from a hot climate.
No town or village anywhere near it.
The nearest is Ouarzazate,
and that's 40 miles away.
What's this?
French army.
A fort.
I should be able
to get some men from there.
Who are you?
Who are you?
All the ladies.
They are my friends.
I've come to help you.
- You can get me out of here?
- Yes.
Oh, tonight--
Look, tonight, men are going out
to Sidi B'Hair to get the supplies.
- Yeah?
- I'm supposed to go with them.
Look, here, take my robe.
- You want me to take your place?
- Yes.
Come on.
Listen, here are the keys.
Now, you take the ropes and tie me up.
- Now down there, through that door.
- Yeah.
- Through another door.
- Yes.
The second door.
There are a lot of Arab men waiting
with a lot of load.
Now you go there... pick up one of the loads,
and wait with them.
Now, good luck.
Hey, wait.
Wait, it must look real.
You must hit me.
- I can't.
- No, you must.
Every inch has been searched, Father.
He cannot be in the temple.
The doors did not open,
he cannot have escaped.
Do you want me to search again?
No, not you.
The Arab who allowed him to escape,
he will conduct the search.
He is called Abdul.
Tell him that if the prisoner is not found,
his body will feed the snakes.
I have been thinking
about destruction two.
We must continue.
Without the real Lentz, we cannot.
We must.
The set has been placed
at some distance from the target...
...because we intended
to use the full power.
But now that we no longer have Lentz,
there are only two alternatives.
We can increase the output
beyond that used in destruction one.
To overload this system
would start a chain reaction...
...that could destroy the whole place.
All of us. You know that.
Or we can move the set into the target.
At this late stage? Is that possible?
They are the only alternatives.
- We could postpone.
- No.
We are ready.
When those men die, I shall rule.
And the world will be mine.
How much longer
do you think they'll be?
Here they come now, sir.
- So you found the set?
- Yes.
Mr. Lentz followed Merlin's instructions
and disabled it.
- Where was it?
- In a wireless shop, three streets from here.
No wonder it took you five days
to find it.
- Good Lord, three streets.
- Exactly.
Not only could St. Paul's
and the conference...
...have gone up,
but half the city of London as well.
Can we let Nayland Smith know
that all is safe now?
Yes, I'll send him a cable.
Tell him we haven't moved it.
And we're watching it.
Right. Now, he may have left the fort
and started a search.
Now, the next area to search
is from this ridge here.
- Now, when the patrol gets back--
- Sergeant, le patrol.
Bring him in here and get some water.
- Where did you find him?
- Coming out of the foothills.
We cannot let them kill Abdul.
But if he tells where Franz is,
they will murder him.
We must do something.
We have the knives,
but only three of them.
That's not enough.
We've always said we must have one each
before we can do anything.
You know, I've been thinking.
Have you noticed
that every time the machinery starts...
- ...they send most of the guards away?
- Yes.
Abdul says
they are needed on the experiment.
That is when we must do it.
When they are all busy.
Abdul could come with us.
It's like a fortress.
You'd need at least a hundred.
- No, the fewer, the better.
- Why?
Because if we made an open attack... can imagine
what Fu Manchu would do to those girls.
No, we must use stealth.
- And quickly.
- I see.
Now, tomorrow is the first day
of the Arms Conference in London.
And he plans to destroy all the delegates
in St. Paul's.
Good heavens. Haven't you cancelled it?
And have him wipe out a dozen cities
in revenge?
But you can't take a risk like that
with the Arms Conference.
There is no risk, Franz.
We found the set and disabled it.
What is it?
That was Sergeant Spicer.
The set's gone.
It was there when the shop closed.
Nobody's been in or out.
Yet half an hour ago, when Spicer checked,
the set had gone.
They may be just moving it.
And supposing that they test it
or check it or overhaul it....
They would discover
the reversed section.
It's only 12 hours
before the service in St. Paul's.
- We'll never find it in that time.
- There is one other way though.
They are transmitting their energy
as sound signals.
Now, we've recently discovered
that you can block a sound signal.
We call it jamming.
What you do is, you transmit the
stronger signal on the same frequency...
...and that stops the receiver
from picking up the original signal.
- You think this might work?
- It could. We must find their frequency.
And for that, we need the cooperation
of the British Broadcasting Company.
- Whom are you phoning?
- One of the directors of the BBC.
Once in his life, Uncle Richard Petrie
is gonna be of some use to somebody.
It is from London.
Read it.
"The set is in a copy of a police van.
It will park outside St. Paul's
at exactly five minutes to 11 .
That is 10 minutes
after the service has begun.
Everything else is in order."
Start the build-up.
The machines have started.
only one guard.
We must do it now.
Number three in.
Number four in.
Number five in.
All circuits complete.
There is no danger of overload.
What if the staff in the power house
make a mistake?
Generate more energy than we need?
That is impossible
since Feng installed his safety lock.
When this lever reaches the bottom
of the groove, we are at safety maximum.
It is necessary to take the lever
and move it down into the second groove...
...before the auxiliary channels
will feed in.
Help, she has a knife!
She's killed herself.
- Hey, quick, the keys.
- No, no.
We must save her quickly.
If Fu Manchu finds out, he'll kill us.
Phase two coming in, now.
In and steady.
The walls open there.
Then passages lead on to the caves.
- Do you know how to open them?
- Yes.
Come on.
Nayland Smith.
Stay in your places.
Lin Tang.
Feng, take over for me
and position the aerial.
Position the aerial.
Who helped you to escape?
Who was the ringleader?
As you were the leader of the rebellion,
you shall be the first to go to the snakes.
No. No, no.
Help. No.
Release that girl at once.
Commissioner Nayland Smith.
Foolhardy as ever.
Release that girl.
She will not be released
and neither will you.
But your presence
will add to our celebrations.
You have nothing to celebrate,
Fu Manchu.
The Arms Conference is safe.
You are beaten.
That is where you are wrong,
In a few moments,
there will be no Arms Conference.
You will release that girl now
and order your men to line up over there.
I will count three before I fire.
One, two....
Send her to the snakes.
He's gone. Fu Manchu is gone.
Seal the other doors.
London report that the van with the set
is on its way to the target.
We have to blast our way there.
Not now. We must get out.
I'm not letting Fu Manchu escape again.
But he's building up the energy
and there's no safety device.
If he overloads it,
this whole place will go up.
Once we locate their signal,
how long is it before we can start to jam it?
only seconds.
We are ready to transmit now.
It's a matter of searching
until we find their signal.
More shooting.
The temple must be full of soldiers.
It is of no importance.
Within a few moments,
the entire world will capitulate to me.
This is the destiny of Fu Manchu.
Steady at 75.
Transferring now.
Wireless, send message five.
You wait here
and help the rest of them up.
Message four.
The van should be there.
- Hey.
- No, come back.
Message two.
Yes? Speaking.
No, nothing yet, sergeant.
Spicer says the opening ceremony
began 15 minutes ago.
Message one.
Message one.
Got him.
We've located it.
One, three, six, five....
One, three, six, five.
And four, two.
And four, two.
The signal isn't getting through.
- Strengthen the signal and advise London.
- No!
Do as I say, strengthen it.
We still have the safety lock.
A little more.
A little more and we're through their barrier.
- No, we cannot!
- You will do it!
No, no, no!
Release that lock.
Release it and hold it.
I won't!
Lin Tang, slide that lever over.
Slide it over and hold it.
A fraction more.
We need a fraction more and we're through.
Down. For heaven's sake, down.
No one could live in that.
We must get these girls to shelter.
The world shall hear from me again.