The Bridge at Remagen (1969) Movie Script

(artillery fire)
Why? How could it happen?
Another 100 metres
and the Americans would have
captured the Oberkassel Bridge.
It was the only escape route
for our units in that sector.
Escape route?
No. A highway for the American Army
into the heart of Germany.
In any case, the Fhrer is determined
we shall not take such a risk again.
(artillery fire)
Not very likely.
There's only one bridge left.
And already it is threatened
by the American forces.
One breakthrough, a few hours,
and it too can be lost.
General von Brock,
you must prepare to destroy the Remagen
Bridge at the earliest possible moment.
We have 75,000 men who would be
trapped on the other side of the Rhine.
And if the bridge falls to the enemy,
are you prepared for the consequences?
These men are all that's left
of the 15th Army.
Their only hope of salvation is that bridge.
The 15th Army will stand or die.
The Fhrer has ordered
that not one foot of our sacred soil
will be yielded to the enemy.
Herr Feldmarschall,
if orders won wars, we wouldn't now be
fighting with our backs against the Rhine.
We'd be dancing at the London Savoy.
I suggest you speak more carefully,
Herr General.
You might be misunderstood.
These are your written orders.
In the present conditions
I must require your countersignature.
Quite clear, Herr Feldmarschall.
I'm to destroy Remagen Bridge
at the earliest possible moment.
Good night, gentlemen.
I am sorry the war
has disturbed your sleep.
What a brilliant plan to shorten the war.
Do just what the enemy wants.
Just got word from G2.
At least 50,000 Germans are still here,
on this side of the Rhine,
starting to move toward the bridge
at Remagen, but we're gonna cut 'em off.
- Who's out front now, Colonel Dent?
- 27th Armoured Infantry, sir.
- You again, eh, Barnes?
- Somebody has to be up there, sir.
All right, now, listen to me.
I want those Germans.
I want an armoured recon outfit
to make an all-out run for the river,
see what kind of resistance
we're gonna find.
That's Indian country out there.
Loose German units everywhere.
But I don't want any tippytoe tactics.
We've gotta move fast.
Sir, the men are dead on their feet.
So are the Germans, sir.
If you don't mind my saying so, sir.
- Do you think you can do it?
- I know we can, sir.
It's our only chance to grab the 15th Army
before it reaches the Remagen Bridge
and hightails it across the Rhine.
Be nice if that bridge'd be
in one piece when we got there.
Forget bridges. If the Germans haven't
blown them, our airforce will. Get going.
You're spearhead.
Strike for Stadt Meckenheim tonight.
If you hit trouble, holler. With luck,
we may reach the Rhine tomorrow.
Yes, sir.
We're spearhead again, Johnny.
- Jesus.
- Well, it's orders.
Got a light, Major?
You don't want the Russkies
to beat us to Berlin, do you?
Think I should care?
Our mission is to get to the river.
Next stop Stadt Meckenheim by tonight.
So, give 'em hell, do you hear?
Keep sharp. You're the cuttin' edge.
- Hey, Pattison, come here!
- Hold it.
- We're on the move. Where's Hartman?
- Still up ahead, sir. Riding point.
OK. Let's go.
You know something, Angel? You're a pig.
I love you too... sir.
Everybody makes a profit out of the war.
Why shouldn't I?
Know your trouble, Lieutenant?
You got no ambition.
I'm goin' out of this war rich.
Or dead, Angel.
You may be dead.
If I do get it, I got a present for you.
Might help you get into heaven.
Who'd you steal that off?
- My mother.
- You're a pig.
Why don't you get off my back?
(jeep approaches)
- Hello, John.
- Any casualties, Phil?
We hit 'em too fast.
Look, we've got a new mission.
Stadt Meckenheim by nightfall.
Barnes volunteering us for action again?
Look, will you forget Barnes?
Brass gives the orders.
And Barnes jumps in and picks 'em up
like some dog picks up a bone.
"Sir, there's nothin'
my boys like better..."
Just knock it off, Phil.
OK, John.
- Angel!
- Yes, sir.
- Pack up. We're movin' out.
- Where to?
Toward the enemy.
We're movin' out!
Look, you gonna ride point,
or do you want me to take it?
I am.
Move it!
- There you go.
- 38 bucks.
27 jewels. Swiss movement.
Best German watch you can buy.
- Payday, Angel?
- Payday, hell. Now.
Christ, Angel, I'm gonna be here.
What are you askin'
for the ten-dollar watch?
Hey, Lieutenant, I hear
we're gettin' a three-day pass.
Not funny, Slavek.
- I thought I'd take up photog...
- Clean it.
You snafu like that again,
Bissell, your ass is mine.
Let's go, Grebs.
Mount up.
- Get that truck into line there.
- We're movin' out!
Major Kreuger. This way, please.
One moment, please.
Herr Major.
Paul, I'm glad you could come. Sit down.
- You're looking well.
- Feeling much better.
- I had no idea you were in the hospital.
- That is unimportant.
- No, thank you.
- I signed my own discharge.
Why such a hurry? No pretty nurses?
Oh, yes. Yes.
But there was too much bad news.
You've had your share.
It was a blow to learn
General von Kreuger was killed in action.
He was a great soldier, your father.
Have you been home?
Not yet.
At this time, I think it's better
that one should be doing something.
- I hear the Russians are at the Elbe.
- Yes.
- And here?
- Worse. Utter confusion.
Every day I get orders to attack
with divisions that no longer exist.
Hitler still thinks he's winning the war.
The army helped bring Hitler into power.
Are you saying we made a mistake?
I'll show you something.
Here, the 15th Army, or what's left of it.
75,000 men trapped.
Here, Remagen Bridge -
the only way to get them out.
And what are my orders? Blow it up.
What in God's name can I do?
One can only do one's duty.
What's that?
Delay. Try and save the army.
Hold the bridge as long as possible.
Are you suggesting I disobey an order?
If I put you in command of that bridge,
would you hold it open
as long as possible?
What are the defences?
One regular company,
a reserve company, 600 volunteers,
200 Hitler Youth, an anti-aircraft unit.
About 1600 men, all told, fully equipped.
That is good. Where are the Americans?
Around Bonn.
What if they threaten Remagen?
I managed to hold
two panzer battalions in reserve.
When shall I take command?
Be at the bridge by morning.
You understand that in the circumstances
I cannot give you a written order.
But I do promise you my full support.
From you, sir, that's quite enough.
What's wrong? Why'd you stop?
It's too easy. No mines. No roadblocks.
They don't have time. They're pullin' out.
The whole German Army's on the run.
Maybe they're not pulling out here.
You're gonna stop
at every lousy bend in the road?
I don't know.
I'll tell you when I come to them.
Why the hell don't you admit it?
You don't like riding point.
I don't like riding point.
All right, I'm gonna ride point.
Just you keep up tight behind me.
Depends how fast you're going.
Well, come on. Let's go.
Hold it, you guys. Stay in your trucks.
Grebs! Get that Kraut car up here!
Yes, sir.
- What do you think it was, a mine?
- Anti-tank shell.
Take your half-track.
Cut across that field to the farmhouse.
When you hear these go off, come in fast.
Load her up. We're movin' out.
The rest of you stay back.
- What have they got in that farmhouse?
- I don't know, Grebs, but it ain't candy.
Easy, Grebs, normal speed.
If they spot our uniforms now,
it's goodbye, Nancy.
- I think they've seen us, sir.
- Give it everything you got. Go. Go!
Closer! Get in closer!
Flush 'em out!
- Jellicoe.
- Yeah?
- Think we oughta check the barn.
- I think you're right, Angel.
What's the matter, Glover?
Nothing, sir. I, uh...
Just for a minute there, I was awful tired.
Sometimes it hits you like that.
Yes, sir.
It's Captain Colt, sir.
I couldn't leave him in the road.
What was all that about, Lieutenant?
Target practice, sir.
Gotta keep sharp.
We're the cutting edge.
How'd Johnny get it?
Anti-tank shell.
He was tryin' too hard,
or he was pushed too hard.
What the hell do you mean by that?
He was tired. He got careless.
We're all pushed too hard. We're all tired.
Not as tired as he was.
Well, I guess this makes you
commandin' officer of company A.
You take over from Johnny.
- Why me?
- Because you're available, that's why.
- Why not Pattison?
- He's too green.
Look, Hartman...
I know it's been a hard blow.
It's always a shock to lose a buddy,
a man you fought with. We're all human.
I guess what I'm tryin' to say is
I realise Captain Colt was your friend.
He was my friend too.
Would you care
to rephrase that, Lieutenant?
You don't have
any friends out here, Major.
Neither do I.
We can't afford 'em, either one of us.
(chickens clucking)
What in the name of God is goin' on?
What kind of outfit is this?
The men are tired, Major.
They're blowing off steam.
I'm company CO. What are my orders?
We're punching our way
through to the Rhine at top speed.
German lines are fluid
this side of the river.
I want you in
Stadt Meckenheim by tonight.
And you can tell your men I'll give them
leave as soon as they hit the river.
How do you know Stadt Meckenheim
isn't crawling with Germans?
- What if they unload on us?
- Then we'll know, won't we, Lieutenant?
Angel, we're movin' out!
- Chicken dinner.
- Move it.
Just havin' a little recreation, sir.
Didn't you forget something, Sergeant?
Yeah, well, I checked them all out.
Nothing worth much. Except this.
Let's go, Grebs.
- Wilhelm, what's holding us up?
- It's a checkpoint ahead, Herr Major.
Stillgestanden. Zur Salve.
(guns cocked)
Legt an.
Your papers?
Where are you going?
Remagen. General von Brock's orders.
- What was the meaning of that?
- To set an example.
Maybe other officers
will stay at their posts.
Better to die facing the enemy...
than the firing squad.
You may go on. Heil Hitler.
Wilhelm, cigarette?
Thank you, Herr Major.
It's not good, Herr Major.
When we do such things,
shoot our own officers by the road,
then I think the war is lost.
- Is this Meckenheim?
- Yeah.
What do you think?
We'll split up.
You go in from the right, across the field.
I'll go straight down the road.
We'll meet at the church.
I don't see any white flags.
You think they're friendly?
Let's sit tight until the patrol comes in.
What a way to fight a war. The goddamn
conquering army sleeping in the streets,
the Krauts nice and warm in their beds.
All clear, Angel. Secure the town.
Bed down the rest of the men.
Send a signal to Major Barnes with...
Send a signal to Major Barnes
with the main column.
"Entered Meckenheim, 2300.
No - repeat no - resistance."
"Await further orders. Hartman."
Where do I bed the men down?
In the half-tracks?
Speak to Pattison. He found someplace.
- Hotel?
- Yeah, first class.
Jesus Christ, it's a goddamn jail.
- I want my lawyer.
- Home sweet home.
- Where's the can?
- Use your boot.
Oh, man. Real showers.
- It's even got a bed in it.
- I think that's mine.
Move it. That's my bunk.
All right, boys, find a spot and sack out.
They're rotten, these mattresses.
I've seen better accommodations in a zoo.
Clear the way. Come on,
make room, boys. Make room.
- You never saw a girl before?
- Not like that.
She's fine.
- Get out.
- What?
- Out.
- You're joking.
What do you want? Get her for yourself?
- You don't understand.
- Get out! Move it!
- I love her.
- Move it!
They scared you, huh?
You don't have anything to worry about.
I wouldn't let one of those guys
lay a glove on you.
Would you like to sit down?
Listen, everything's gonna be all right.
I'll be nice to you.
I swear to God.
You hungry?
(door opens)
What's going on?
Who brought her in here?
She was here all the time,
for Christ's sakes.
What are you doing here?
- Warum sind Sie hier?
- The Germans arrested me. I am French.
- I thought you didn't speak English.
- Go on, get outta here. Get out.
You're a bastard, sir.
If there's not enough for everybody,
there sure as hell ain't enough for you.
If I see her in here again,
I'll break your neck.
Lieutenant, she went that way.
What are you gonna do
with all your money, Slavek?
Buy me the biggest whorehouse in Texas,
then lock the door and retire.
The bastard's already got over $1200
in markers from all us poor people.
Deducting, of course,
what I owe you, Lieutenant.
- I'm going to sleep.
- Lieutenant.
This belonged to Captain Colt, sir,
and being as you're acting CO, I guess
you'll be the man who'll write the letter.
- Well, he sure was a first-class...
- Yeah.
- What I mean is, sir, all the men...
- Can it, soldier.
Cold bastard, ain't he?
What is it you owe me, Slavek?
Well, that's all you're worth to me, Slavek.
$78.50, not a damn bit more.
And in future, you watch your mouth.
All right, let's play cards.
I thought I kicked you out.
I've nowhere to go.
How'd you get here?
I'll sleep with you.
Do you have cigarettes?
Help yourself.
I lived with a German.
He was killed in the Ardennes.
Before that, I went to a convent school.
They didn't teach you this in the convent.
Privileges of rank, eh, Lieutenant?
What do you want?
Signal from Barnes
at battalion headquarters.
Tough, huh?
Get the men up. We're moving out.
Those men are tired. They'll kill us.
They're so happy we found no Germans,
they want us to keep going till we do.
Where might that be?
Captain Schmidt,
Remagen Bridge Security Command.
- Major Kreuger.
- Thank God you have come.
- Headquarters said you were on the way.
- I must use your phone.
Yes, this is Major Kreuger. Get me
General von Brock at headquarters.
Yes, it's urgent.
- What's the last report on the Americans?
- Still in Stadt Meckenheim.
Good. Perhaps they'll head
towards Bonn. Thank you.
At least it'll give us a little time
to prepare our defences.
Captain Schmidt...
Oh, excuse me, Herr Major.
You must do something about the civilian
traffic. We can't get our work done.
This is Captain Baumann,
Chief Engineering Officer. Major Kreuger.
I'm glad you're here. If we don't clear
the bridge, we'll never be ready to blow it.
The most immediate problem is not
to blow the bridge up but to keep it open.
Excuse me, but is it not true the Fhrer
has ordered the bridge destroyed?
Does the Fhrer transmit
his orders directly to you,
or are you simply spreading idle gossip?
But I understood...
At this moment, Baumann, a loose tongue
is our most dangerous enemy.
Surely you know the penalty
for spreading defeatist rumours?
Please sit down, Captain Schmidt.
Baumann, you stay.
Will you brief me on the condition
of all of the units at our disposal?
The regular company,
is it fit for instant duty?
But there is no regular company.
I don't understand.
It's been transferred.
The reserve company,
is it fully equipped?
It no longer exists.
And the 600 Polish and Russian
volunteers, can we count on them?
The so-called volunteers have vanished.
Captain Schmidt, on paper at least,
you have some 1600 men.
How many, in fact, do you have?
About... 200.
Including the bridge detail.
And the 400 militia,
the Volkssturm, the Hitler Youth?
A handful.
- Where are the others?
- Deserted.
Herr Hauptmann, do you realise
what you are saying is treason?
No, Herr Major. Only the truth.
(phone rings)
General von Brock
is temporarily unavailable.
This is Major Kreuger. You will
convey this message to the general.
It is imperative that he send
two panzer battalions at once.
So, Captain Baumann,
I trust that in the event of an emergency
at least the explosives
are in place to blow up the bridge?
Not yet, Herr Major. It is reported that 600
kilos of high explosives are on the way.
But perhaps that, too, is only a rumour.
- Captain Schmidt.
- Major?
Those towers will give us
an excellent field of fire on the bridge.
- What is in them?
- Two heavy machine guns on each side.
That old barge, it will be very useful.
- We'll put weapons on it.
- Yes, Herr Major.
Come. Show me your defences.
With only 36 men, sir,
there's a limit to what we can do.
Sergeant Becker, I'm not asking you
to launch a major offensive.
I'm only asking that you hold off
the enemy until reinforcements arrive.
Excuse me, Herr Major. We have
heard a lot about reinforcements.
The men don't believe it any more.
I tell you, two panzer battalions
will be here in a few hours.
Do you believe me?
Yes, Herr Major.
Then you make your men believe it.
Do you understand?
That's the road
the enemy tanks will have to take.
The approaches to the bridge,
are they mined?
Heavily mined, Herr Major. Ready to blow.
No enemy tank will reach the bridge.
For the moment, these are the heaviest
defences we have against the enemy.
- A great deal depends on you.
- Yes, Herr Major.
Our best shelter -
a whole mountain above us.
First-class gun position.
Get a crew to strengthen
these gun emplacements.
Herr Major, still no answer
from General von Brock.
Keep trying. What is this?
The master switch to destroy the bridge,
when we have the explosives.
And the detonating circuit, what if it fails?
Herr Major.
Nine-centimetre cable. Heavy steel pipe.
- The circuit is tested every hour.
- What if it fails?
An emergency fuse can be lit by hand,
over there, by the rail.
If we have the explosives.
I know, Captain Schmidt. I know.
I'll go to the town
to see about civil defence.
(air-raid siren)
(all-clear siren)
You, cut up some bedsheets.
I want a flag for every window.
Rudi, check the wine cellar.
Do as Herr Holzgang says.
Greta, get a broom.
Sweep up the glass.
(vehicle approaches)
Oh, my God.
Didn't I tell you
to pack these things away?
(knock on door)
Pay no attention. Find the glue.
- At least we can try to...
- (knock on door)
Go away! We are closed!
What are you doing?
This is private property.
- You are Councillor Holzgang?
- Of course.
- In charge of civil defence?
- Yes.
I am Major Kreuger,
new military commander at Remagen.
It's charming.
It is always good to meet someone
who appreciates beautiful things.
- It must be very valuable.
- Irreplaceable.
- At least 1500 Reichsmarks.
- Really? That much?
Herr Holzgang, half of your town
has been blown apart.
Remagen may be
under direct attack by nightfall.
It is your duty to gather every
able-bodied man to defend your town.
- But there's hardly anyone left.
- Find them.
The time has come, Herr Holzgang,
for you too to make a small sacrifice.
Excuse me, Herr Major.
And what is that?
My only son. Killed at Stalingrad.
What greater sacrifice can a man make?
None, except the sacrifice
made by your son.
Bring me some schnapps, and cigarettes.
Herr Holzgang, the sheets are ready.
Greta, quick, bring it.
What are you trying to do, get me shot?
That's a military commander, you fool.
- You are Frau Holzgang?
- Yes.
You have other children?
You must be very proud of your son.
Is that what I'm supposed to be?
Proud that he's dead?
I'm not proud at all.
I miss him.
Germany has lost four million sons.
I pity them, but I pity most my own son.
We must learn to live with our losses.
Even your husband.
Put this on the army circuit. I want
the command post at the bridge at once.
(phone rings)
Sergeant Becker? This is Major Kreuger.
He's dead, Major.
(phone rings)
This is Major Kreuger.
Ja, ja.
Herr General, the Americans
are attacking the ridge above the town.
We have no forces to hold them.
Where are the panzers?
Why elsewhere? They were promised
here. This is where they are needed.
Herr General, your regrets
will not save the bridge,
but two panzer battalions might.
Spread out!
Come on, move out! Let's go!
Glover, get down.
Son of a bitch.
- Well, I'll be damned.
- Grebs, get Major Barnes.
Yes, sir.
- You got your camera with you, Glover?
- No, sir, I sold it back to Sergeant Angelo.
When the Krauts blow that bridge,
it's gonna be some picture.
We got 'em.
We got 'em.
Hey, yeah, you. Get me headquarters.
Tell artillery to lay on the heavy stuff.
Get tanks up here fast. Start shelling
the bridge. You got it? Move!
Yes, sir.
If you wait a minute, the Krauts'll
probably save you the trouble.
Don't matter a damn.
Push 'em along, push 'em along.
OK, OK, Hartman, get on down there.
We'll send in tanks for support.
The quicker you boys
get down there and blow the bridge,
the quicker we got maybe six
enemy divisions corked and bottled.
Hartman, boy, you do that for me,
I promise you a unit citation.
Major, sir,
there's nothing my boys
would appreciate more, sir.
All right, boys. Get goin'.
Captain Schmidt, transfer
this command post to the tunnel at once.
Commandeer every able-bodied soldier.
What about our reinforcements?
- They were sent elsewhere.
- Von Brock promised...
They were sent elsewhere.
- And the explosives?
- I gave you an order.
Yes, Herr Major.
(phone rings)
Herr Major, the explosives have arrived.
We are placing the charges.
- Have you enough men?
- Yes, Herr Major.
- The explosives?
- They are here.
Thank God.
Herr Hauptmann!
Sergeant, double the amount.
Crucial points only.
- Double amount. Crucial points only.
- (artillery fire)
Are you ready, Corporal?
- All ready, Herr Major.
- Get machine guns. Man those towers.
- Yes, Herr Major.
- You.
The white flags are out, Herr Holzgang.
Anything else?
Yes. Pray.
Come, into the cellar.
Greta, come on!
Come on, quickly.
- Column of twos. Get 'em outta here.
- Grebs! Jellicoe!
Come on, move.
Come on.
Come on. You can rob him later.
Come on, damn it. Move.
Line up over here.
You, come here.
Surrender, huh? Surrender.
Please, we are unarmed civilians.
We have done nothing.
Who was the boy upstairs
who killed one of my men?
- Your hotel covered with surrender flags.
- Who was that boy? Who was he?
- Rudi. Where is he?
- He's dead.
- I ordered him not to resist.
- You're a dirty, lyin' bastard.
If you ordered him not to resist,
how come he resisted?
But how could I stop him?
They were trained to kill.
Hitler made animals of them.
So you hate Hitler, huh?
A tragedy for Germany.
But we were helpless.
I hate this terrible war.
I'm a man of peace.
I'm an innkeeper.
Good. When they blow the bridge,
my men'll be back,
and they're used to the very best.
Anything you wish.
We will cooperate in every way.
Listen, if you're so anxious to show us
how much you hate this terrible war...
Come here. Come here.
Come here.
Yes, sir.
File this among your souvenirs.
Come on.
Blow the approach to the bridge,
Herr Major!
Enemy tanks are at the river.
(train whistle)
Keep the bridge open!
The munitions train is coming across.
Five minutes, Herr Major.
Give me five minutes.
We don't have one minute.
Prepare to fire the ramp charge.
- Wait!
- Fire!
Everyone to the tunnel.
Get into the tunnel.
Good to see you, sir. I think
you've arrived just in time for the kill.
- Tell the tanks to cease fire!
- Sir?
Stop all artillery.
Tell 'em to hit the far side with smoke.
Yes, sir.
Barnes, where's your lead unit?
They're right on the bridge approach, sir.
We're not gonna blow that bridge, Barnes.
We're gonna take it.
Take it?
As long as it's still standing, we've got
a chance. Cut every wire and cable.
Dent, alert HQ. Ask them to give us
every available unit on the double.
I'd hate to think of our men in the middle
of the bridge when they blow it.
It's a crapshoot, Major.
Take that bridge and we shorten the war.
We're risking 100 men,
but we may save 10,000, even 50,000.
It's your chance to make history, Major.
What you've gotta do is throw
your men across. Now, Major.
Yes, sir.
(machine-gun fire)
Give the order, Schmidt.
If you are afraid to act, I am not.
Prepare to fire.
No! Wait!
I think he's hurt.
Blow, you son of a bitch. Blow!
Relax. 20 minutes from now there ain't
gonna be nothing out there but water.
- How about 15?
- How about 30?
Now, now, boys.
This here calls for a pool.
What do you say?
Ten bucks each, winner takes all.
- You're on.
- Name it.
- 30 minutes.
- 30.
I'll take a piece of that action
at 20 minutes.
Hartman, I gotta talk to you.
There's been a change of signals.
Well, get down here.
- Yes, sir?
- We gotta take the bridge.
- Who says?
- Shinner.
- He's crazy. They're gonna blow it.
- No, not if we rush it, cut all the cables.
Let 'em blow it.
That's not a bridge - it's a deathtrap.
We are wasting time, Hartman.
I got time to waste.
What makes that bridge
so goddamn valuable?
- If we take it, maybe it'll shorten the war.
- Maybe?
Dying's a lot more definite than that.
So I've heard. Now, would you move it,
get your men out there.
Why don't you "maybe" boys
take on some of the dirty chores?
Why don't you take us across, Barnes?
Because I'm orderin' you!
Now, get going.
Hartman, that is an order.
(cocks rifle)
That's a court martial for you, Sergeant.
You're dead.
You goddamn idiot. Do you think
we ever had any choice? Come on.
- Come on.
- No!
You want me, you know where to find me.
Come on! Come on, let's go. Come on.
(whine of bomb)
We're not giving them enough cover!
Hit the bridge with more smoke!
16th Field Artillery.
More smoke, more smoke!
Hold your fire!
Give the order, Herr Major!
For God's sake, give the order to blow!
We are about to explode the bridge.
I want everyone to lie down,
open your mouths and cover your ears.
Cease fire!
Take cover!
The cable is broken.
A shell hit.
The emergency charge. At once!
- Send a man to light the fuse.
- If he can get to it.
- Where is it?
- I can show him, Herr Major.
Well, keep to the right side of the bridge.
Give covering fire to the left!
Fire only to the left!
They're blowing the bridge!
Get outta there!
Somebody lit the fuse! It's gonna blow!
Come on. Come on!
Get outta here! Come on!
Come on!
Come on! Come on, get back!
It's gonna blow!
Come on, back!
We're alive.
They blew it, and we're alive.
Jesus loves me.
The army promised us
first-grade military explosives.
Look. Donarit -
cheap industrial explosives.
Get me General von Brock
at headquarters.
It's these damned Poles.
We should kill them all.
Herr Leutnant,
I must give you one more order.
Get to General von Brock at any cost.
Tell him to bomb the bridge at once,
and send reinforcements before morning.
- Otherwise...
- Yes, Herr Major.
He'll never get through.
Move forward!
Spread out! Keep moving!
It's not much of a bridgehead. Don't
you think we oughta spread out a little?
With what? We don't even have
enough men to hold what we've got.
- We'd better do something.
- Sure.
Sit here and pray Barnes
sends help across in a hurry.
We'll never fill up this goddamn hole.
Like hell we won't.
I'll put tanks across here by morning.
- They're back on the river.
- Must be the barge.
You stay here, Pattison.
You're in charge of the bridgehead.
- Where we goin'?
- You stay with him, Grebs.
What now?
Move out there and attack.
The Americans will have tanks
across the bridge before daylight.
It's a farce! Where are the bombers?
Our reinforcements?
The most important place in Germany,
and what do we have to fight with?
Old men, riffraff,
the sweepings from the road.
And you, Baumann,
will you fight as hard as you talk?
You will find out when we attack.
Tell Captain Schmidt
to assemble the men.
- Schmidt. Where are the others?
- Gone, Herr Major.
- Where?
- God knows.
Tell the truth. They ran away,
the cowards. If only you had...
All right, quiet.
Where are your weapons?
- You! Arm them.
- Yes, Herr Major.
Come on.
Herr Major, 27 men, three officers.
- What can we do?
- Fight.
The enemy doesn't know
how many we are.
Listen, all of you.
We will divide into two squads.
Captain Schmidt will lead one
and I the other.
I want every man to draw
as much ammunition as he can carry.
Check your weapons and stand by.
They say that dying animals
bite at their own wounds.
Now we are killing our own people.
- We must attack.
- It is useless.
These men are not
going to die for nothing.
You just killed two men.
Are you going to try to kill us all?
- It is our duty.
- Your duty and mine is to these people.
You will not attack?
We cannot.
Then I ask of you one thing.
Hold out till the last possible moment.
Give me a chance to get
to headquarters and get reinforcements.
I'll do my best, Herr Major.
He's dead, sir.
Where're the guys?
Heil Hitler. Your papers, please.
Follow me.
I want to see
General von Brock immediately.
Impossible. He cannot be disturbed.
What do you want?
Wake him. And get on your feet
when you speak to me.
But, Herr Major...
I'm Gerlach. And who are you?
Major Kreuger.
I've just come from Remagen.
- Come in.
- The Americans have taken the bridge.
I must report to General von Brock...
We've just been discussing the situation
at Remagen with General von Brock.
I've been sent here
by the Fhrer to learn the facts.
I'm sure you can help explain.
It's very simple. We did not have
enough explosives to blow up the bridge.
Is that your excuse, Herr Major?
There is never enough
for you cowards, is there?
The truth is you waited too long.
We must counterattack,
blow up the bridge at once.
Any further delay will be fatal.
It's no use, Paul.
There's nothing we can do any longer.
Major Kreuger,
you will address your remarks to me.
General von Brock has been
relieved of his command.
And you, Herr Major, the bridge
at Remagen is no longer your concern.
You are under arrest.
What's the matter
with those guys back there?
What are they waiting on, a bus?
Where's Barnes, for Christ's sake?
Good old Barnes.
Take a count, Grebs.
Hey, Lieutenant, you OK?
Take a count.
All right, you guys. Sound off.
- Jenkins!
- Hawks!
- Montano!
- Vorkapich!
- Engel!
- Gebhardt!
Sir, they're comin' across.
Let's go, Grebs.
It's time to move out.
Jesus, Lieutenant, we got tanks comin'.
Hartman, get down, you crazy bastard!
All right, you guys, give him cover fire!
Captain Schmidt,
Remagen Bridge Security Command.
I offer you a surrender.
Herr Leutnant?
Bring your men out, hands on their heads.
No funny business.
You will have no trouble.
Los! Rauskommen alle!
Rauskommen! Los!
Hold it there. OK, move on.
Was soll aus uns werden?
Nichts. Du gehst jetzt nach Hause.
I told him to go home,
nothing would happen.
He asked me because in peacetime
I am the schoolmaster here in Remagen.
There's not much left, is there?
That was a damn fool walk
you just made, Lieutenant.
I'm movin' you and your men
back for a rest. You deserve it.
And, uh...
I'm forgetting about what happened
back there, do ya understand?
I feel the army and the whole country
owes you all thanks and a unit citation.
And you know somethin'? You'll have
somethin' to tell your grandchildren...
Hey, Hartman!
You're slowin' down.
I thought you'd be in Berlin by now.
Where'd you get that uniform?
Look here,
I got some German marks and, uh...
What is this?
That looks like a three-day pass.
I think I'll join the Germans.
Hold it. Hold it, now.
- You've got a wounded man here.
- I'll get you the Silver Star.
- At least the Congressional Medal.
- Anything you want.
- I'd like a cigar.
- Don't have that. Got a cigarette.
Oh, hold it, now.
Not yet, you bastard. Wait till I'm dead.
- Heil Hitler.
- Heil.
- bernimm die Einzelheiten.
- Zu Befehl.
Herr Major, I regret very much.
(drone of aircraft)
Ours or theirs?
Enemy planes, sir.
But who is the enemy?
Zur Salve.
(guns cocked)
Legt an.
Excuse me, Herr Leutnant.
May I ask - where did you get that?
From a friend.
Let's go.
Marisa Castle de Joncaire