The Bridges at Toko-Ri (1954) Movie Script

Jet launch has been cancelled.
Clear both catapults.
Two flights returning. Expect
to recover aircraft in ten minutes.
Stand by with fire bottle
for helicopter turn-up.
Shake a leg, Forney!
There are two flights coming in!
We're here! Keep your jumper on, sir!
Don't put that hat on
till you clear the deck.
- Captain Parker doesn't like it.
- Very well, sir.
Prepare to launch helicopter.
Top off all jets and check Fly One
for ordinance load.
Launch helicopter.
My hat and scarf, please.
Can't you wait
till we get off the ship?
- What if the captain had seen you?
- We save pilots not captains.
In the icy water, it makes them
feel good to see this hat.
I know that, but you're gonna get
yourself in trouble.
And another thing. Quit sassing
them officers like you just did.
You can say anything you like to them
as long as you put "sir" on the end.
Take 215 and 207
down the deck-edge elevator.
Prepare to re-spot aircraft for recovery.
We've got two flights of jets
to land, low on fuel. Look alive!
Stand by to land jets.
Clear the catwalks portside aft.
Check number 6 wire.
The centre fiddle bridge is down.
Let's hear the checks, boy.
- Wheels down.
- Wheels down.
- Flaps down.
- Flaps down.
- Hook down. All down, sir.
- All down.
- Clear deck.
- Clear deck.
Come on, keep your nose up
so your hook will catch. That's it.
Good boy.
202, number 3 wire. He did real good.
Clear the catwalk aft.
211 to Bluejay. Flame-out.
CIC is reporting an emergency, sir.
Go ahead, CIC.
211 will have to ditch.
Will dispatch a helicopter.
- What's his position?
- 18 miles out.
- Is there another jet with him?
- Affirmative, 210, his wingman.
- Can he ditch near the destroyers?
- Negative.
Keep me advised.
- Have you got their position?
- Affirmative.
- How much fuel's the wingman got?
- 1,200 lbs.
Angel from Bluejay.
Your vector, 345 magnetic.
211 will have to ditch 18 miles out.
Your vector, 345 magnetic.
- Bluejay out.
- Bluejay from Angel. Roger.
210 from Bluejay. Helicopter on way.
- What is the condition of 211?
- 210 to Bluejay.
211 is losing altitude rapidly
and is all set to ditch.
210 to Bluejay. There he goes.
211 just ditched.
Aircraft sank immediately.
Pilot got out! Dye marker is visible.
Downed pilot afloat and in sight.
- I'm staying here.
- CIC to Flag Plot.
210 requests permission
to stay with downed pilot.
Permission granted.
Who is the pilot in the water?
- Brubaker, sir.
- Brubaker?
Just an hour ago a dispatch came in.
His wife and two kids are in Tokyo.
- Keep me advised on Brubaker.
- Aye, aye, sir.
- Brubaker, huh?
- You know him?
I don't think I've seen him,
but I can describe him.
He's about 30, well built,
a good-looking boy with a temper.
That's Brubaker all right.
Did you ever notice the admiral takes
special interest in pilots like that?
Now that you mention it, yeah.
That's what his son
would have looked like.
CIC to Flag Bridge. 210 has sighted
helicopter approaching.
Tell 210 to return quickly. We can't
hold this course much longer.
Angel from 210. Come on, Forney,
I can't hold him in sight much longer.
210 from Angel. I see him.
Go home. Dinner's waiting.
Jump in. I'll wait
till the Hornet sends a 'copter.
He looks froze! I'll have to go down.
Sorry you have to ride in the rumble, sir.
But I haven't got anybody here
to haul you in. Savo Angel to Bluejay.
Two Angels coming home
with two frozen mackerel.
- Admiral.
- Go ahead.
Helicopter reports Brubaker aboard.
The Hornet's helicopter
picked up Forney's crewman.
- Good.
- Helicopter lands in three minutes.
- Turn right 90 degrees.
- Aye, aye, sir.
Round Table, this is Jehovah.
Turn right, zero-three-five.
Stand by. Execute.
Wish you could see this, Lieutenant.
Awful pretty sight.
Looks like they're coming to meet us.
Land the two helicopters aft
and stand by with a stretcher.
Keep clear of those rotors.
Clear a passage for that stretcher.
- How are you?
- He's all right.
- That water's cold.
- Not when you're used to it.
- He's too young for brandy!
- You weren't in the water.
I know, but I had the hatch open.
It's awful cold in there.
Hello, Harry. You don't look so bad.
- Hi, CAG.
- How's it going?
I didn't know water could be so cold.
- Feel like talking to the admiral?
- Now?
Whenever you feel up to a chat.
The doctor thinks you'll be fine tonight.
- I'll send for a uniform.
- No, just come up in your robe.
- See you later, Harry.
- Right.
The admiral wants to see me.
I'm Brubaker.
He's in his cabin.
I'll tell him you're here.
From Chez Paris in Chicago,
overlooking Lake Michigan,
the Armed Forces Radio Service
brings you the music of Henry Busse.
This way, Lieutenant.
Come in.
- You sent for me, sir?
- Yes, come in, son.
- Coffee?
- No, thank you, sir.
Sit down.
- How do you feel?
- I guess I'm thawed out.
I got the report on your ditching.
How long did it stay afloat?
- After one bounce I was a submarine.
- No time to get your life raft out?
It hooked on the seat.
I was lucky to get myself out.
Those helicopter boys
are pretty good fishermen.
They deserve every medal in the book.
You're out there by yourself,
you know you can't last long.
You're scared and freezing,
you curse and pray.
Suddenly you see that Mixmaster
whirling out of nowhere.
You look up and there's Forney
in his green hat.
You relax, 'cause you got it knocked.
I'm mighty glad they pulled you out.
We can use you around here.
- Coming from you, I appreciate that.
- I mean it.
You fly well.
You go in low, you do your job.
You'd have a great future in the Navy.
Why not make it your career?
- You know what I think of the Navy.
- Still bitter, huh?
Say what you think. I always do.
Of course, I've said it
a couple of times too often.
The organised reserves were
drawing pay but weren't called up.
I was inactive and yet I was.
I had to give up my home,
my law practice, everything.
I'm still bitter.
So bitter I could put on an act to
the surgeon and get myself grounded.
Why don't you?
That's what I kept asking myself
when I was in that ice water.
You think about your friends who
are back home leading normal lives.
I wonder if you were back home
whether you wouldn't do the same.
It's not a question of indifference
but of distance.
They act that way
because they're there.
You go on doing your job because
you're here. It's as simple as that.
The progress this world has made
has always been
because of the efforts
and sacrifices of a few.
I was one of the few at New Guinea,
Leyte, Okinawa. Why me again?
Nobody knows why he gets
the dirty job. And this is a dirty job.
- Militarily, this war is a tragedy.
- We ought to pull out.
Rubbish. If we did, they'd take Japan,
Indo-China, the Philippines.
Where would you make a stand?
The Mississippi?
Men fight the wrong war in the wrong
place. The one they're stuck with.
That's why, one day, we'll knock out
those bridges at Toko-Ri.
- Do we have to knock them out?
- Yes, we must.
I believe without question,
some morning, Communist generals
will be meeting to discuss the war.
A messenger will say, "They've
knocked out the bridges at Toko-Ri!"
That mission will convince them that
we'll never weaken in our purpose.
That's the day they'll quit.
I didn't call you here
to discuss strategy
but to chew you out
'cause of your wife.
My wife?
- You knew she was in Japan.
- She made it!
- I hope she's got the kids.
- Hope you don't get a court martial.
- I had nothing to do with it.
- How did she get here?
Her father was a senator
for Massachusetts.
- I don't care if she's broken rules.
- War's no place for women.
I'll tell COMNAVFE you had nothing
to do with bringing her out.
- I'd like to meet your wife.
- It'd be a pleasure.
See if the surgeon can spare you
a nightcap, give you a good sleep.
In three days, you'll be in Japan.
No more take-offs for a while.
No, sir.
It's gonna be a long three days.
Group one, idle.
Group two, idle.
Group one, full throttle.
Group three, full.
Come in.
CAG wants to see you, Admiral.
Lee, Commander of the Air Group.
Send him in. Wait a minute.
What do you think of Lee?
He's a good man. Popular.
The pilots swear by him.
The personnel office are looking for
someone for higher-command training.
They want my opinion of Lee.
Send him in.
Group one, full throttle.
I received a dispatch
The replacement aircraft
are not available.
- I saw it.
- All we have is what's aboard.
The captain's burning up the engines.
- Have you talked to the captain?
- He wouldn't see me.
He's busy berthing the ship.
If he keeps doing it, sir, we won't
have any propeller planes left.
How would you berth a carrier
against the wind?
I wouldn't run a lashed-down engine
at top speed.
That's not fair to the pilots, sir.
The pinwheel operation
is necessary in this harbour.
There's no room for a tug. The planes
are the only way to hold us off.
He's been running those engines
since we hit the channel.
Engines are more valuable
than a carrier?
No, but they've only got
so many good hours.
- How long have you been in the Navy?
- 20 years, sir.
20 years. You're the commander
of the Air Group.
What if one of your pilots
went over your head and came to me?
The task-force commander
doesn't interfere with the ship.
But under circumstances
such as these...
You're coming up for promotion, Lee.
Captain Parker will have to turn in
a fitness report on you.
- Yes, sir.
- Suppose I did talk to the captain?
What kind of a fitness report
do you think he'd give you then?
It was only my point of view, sir.
I was thinking of what was best
for my pilots.
- Next time, think twice.
- Yes, sir, I will.
I don't like to see a young officer
going over somebody's head,
but I hate to see him back down
from something he believes is right.
He'll be all right for some job,
but as far as higher command goes...
I'll have to tell them so.
The uniform of the day for liberty
is dress blue.
Liberty will expire on board
at 0700.
- Looking for your wife, sir?
- Yeah. There she is!
Mrs Brubaker!
I got the same reception
waiting outside the gates.
- You married?
- Not yet. I may be after this leave.
Liberty party fall in. Muster
on the flight deck for inspection!
Lower away. Easy!
All right, men.
Open up, front and centre.
- Beer Barrel, what's your handicap?
- I only have two hands.
- I can't lift beer mugs fast enough.
- Do you need a caddie?
You bet. After the first nine steins,
they get heavy.
Permission to leave the ship, sir.
Darling, darling!
- Where are the kids?
- It was too long a trip for them.
- How long is your leave?
- A week. Are the kids OK?
Fine. I found a wonderful Japanese
nurse. They're dying to see you.
Have your liberty cards ready.
Have your liberty cards ready.
There she is, Nestor.
Hey, Kimiko! Your man's back.
Not so fast. Things are different.
We got to talk.
All right, let's find some cosy nook
where we can talk.
- Daddy!
- Daddy!
Kathy! Susie!
- We saw you getting out of the car!
- You did? They've gotten so big!
- This is Setsuko, Daddy.
- How are you?
- Have they been good?
- Oh, yes.
- Come on!
- I'm coming!
Thank you.
Daddy, Daddy! I want to show you
the fish pond.
Take your sweater off and put it in
the closet. See that Susie does, too.
Daddy, Daddy! I want to show you
the funny bed I sleep in.
OK, young lady, you show me.
Why don't you leave me alone?
When I've those paddles in my hands,
I have enough to worry about.
When I get ashore,
I don't wanna worry about anything.
One thing does worry me, though.
Have they got enough beer in Japan?
- Good evening, boys.
- Good evening, Admiral.
- How's the family?
- Fine, thank you, sir.
- This is Mrs Brubaker, Nancy.
- How do you do?
Your husband took off like a jet
when he heard you were here.
- Now I understand why.
- Thank you.
- I was pleased to see him, too.
- Won't you sit down, sir?
- They didn't keep you in Tokyo long.
- They don't any more.
Not since that first press conference.
I told them we were fighting Russian
guns, radar, planes and submarines.
Our men were being killed by Russian
equipment manned by Russian experts.
Ever since then, they've bundled me
out here as fast as possible.
- I'm Brubaker.
- Gentleman to see you, sir.
Excuse me.
- Have a drink.
- Doctor won't let me.
- What is it, Nestor?
- Mike's been in a fight.
- Just Mike?
- No, sir.
I got away. Mike's in jail in Tokyo.
- I came as quick as I could.
- What happened?
His girl's marrying a bosun
from the Essex.
If you don't come,
he'll be locked up permanent.
Nestor, Tokyo is 60 miles away.
I'll phone the MPs.
Mike clobbered two MPs,
along with the gang from the Essex.
- Did you two take on the whole town?
- Yes, sir. Practically.
- I'd like to do something...
- Please, you gotta help Mike.
OK, I'll come. You wait here.
There's been some trouble in Tokyo.
- What kind of trouble?
- Mike Forney again.
A girl, another sailor, a brawl,
usual consequences. He's in jail.
You don't have to get mixed up in it.
Darling, if Forney were in China
I'd have to help him.
If you were freezing to death
in the sea and a man rescued you,
wouldn't you help that man
if he got in trouble?
- Did Harry crash at sea?
- Yes, four days ago.
You know your husband's at war,
but you can't believe
that he'd crash into the sea.
- Hasn't he told you what he's doing?
- He never talks about the war.
With the rest of them,
he's been doing a tough job well.
When we go back to sea,
he's got a tougher one ahead of him.
He's going to have to fly against
some... certain bridges.
- Ask him to tell you about them.
- I don't want to think about it.
I suppose to you
it's a sign of weakness.
Maybe not weakness.
Like most people at home, you're
protected, ignorant and defenceless.
- Harry doesn't want me to worry.
- That's the way my son George felt.
Harry reminds me of him.
The quick temper
and the thorough way of doing things.
In certain ways, you remind me
a little of George's wife.
She didn't want to think about it
either, is that it?
When George was killed at Midway,
she never recovered.
She tried to make love
with every man in uniform.
Thought he might die one day.
She grew to loathe herself
and attempted suicide.
I don't know where she is
or what she's doing.
Once she was... my son's wife.
And you think, if things go wrong
at those bridges, I might be like that?
Perhaps, if you don't let yourself
think about certain things.
If you refuse to acknowledge things,
terrible consequences can follow.
I shouldn't have come.
That's what you're trying to tell me.
No. In spite of all the regulations,
maybe you were right to come.
Perhaps when George was killed,
if my wife had joined me,
things might have been different.
But she stayed at home,
like a good Navy wife.
When our other boy was killed,
it was just too much for her.
- You lost two sons and your wife?
- No.
Margaret is still alive.
But all that was gentle and loving
about her slowly withered away.
Now she sits quietly alone in a room,
knitting a baby's sweater.
- Admiral, I'm so ashamed.
- Don't be.
Just be grateful for what you have.
Above all, be honest with yourself.
If I can't face the reality now,
there won't be much hope for me
afterward if anything should happen.
I have a feeling you'll be all right.
Let's get your little girls
and have dinner.
Come on, Nestor.
Major, I'm Lieutenant Brubaker.
You have a chief here called Forney.
- I'd like to get him out.
- I wish I could help you.
But your wild Irishman
just wrecked a dance hall.
He also saved the lives
of four pilots.
I got a lot of monsters in that cage.
Every one was a hero in Korea.
But here in Tokyo,
they're all monsters.
Forney's a helicopter pilot.
I had to ditch my plane at sea.
These two saved my life.
This man jumped into the ocean.
I suppose his face got chopped up
that way by the waves?
- I know there was a brawl...
- A brawl?
A brawl is when six guys
get to throwing punches.
These two monsters
took on half of Tokyo.
- Are you married, Major?
- Yes.
We got in at noon today. I haven't
seen my wife and kids for a year.
I left them and came up here
to get Mike out of jail.
That's what I think of these two men.
Are you willing to cough up 80 bucks
for the damage he did?
- I'd pay 800 if I had to.
- OK, Sergeant, drag Forney out here.
Sign here. He's yours,
but you're not getting any bargain.
I knew you could do it, Lieutenant.
- Thanks, Major. Come on.
- Don't let them get away from you.
There are parts of Tokyo
comparatively unharmed yet.
- Lieutenant...
- You are going back to Yokosuka.
You gotta talk to Kimiko. She can't
marry that ape from the Essex.
She'll listen to you, Lieutenant.
Please do me this one favour.
- Where is she?
- Follow me, sir.
- You're not supposed to be here.
- It's all right, he's with me.
Lieutenant, there she is!
Kimiko, this is Lieutenant Brubaker.
I wondered whether any girl
warranted a riot. You do.
- Thank you, Lieutenant.
- He wants to talk to you.
I'm very sorry, Lieutenant.
While Mike at sea,
I lose my heart to Essex man.
Essex... not at sea.
But you couldn't do better than Mike.
I know. Mike good man.
But I lose my heart, Lieutenant.
Not in my dress, you don't!
she cost me two months' pay!
- Hey, Mike.
- What is it?
What's going on over there?
Break it up!
Get out of the way, fellas.
Break it up.
Break it up! What's going on here?
I'll guess you'll live.
- Kimiko!
- Don't worry, I'll get him back.
- Kimiko, that's my girl!
- We're going back to the ship.
- I'm sorry, darling.
- It's all right.
- Did you get him out of jail?
- Yes, I got him out.
Admiral Tarrant told me
about Mike Forney.
I wish he hadn't.
Don't worry. I've had it now.
No one ever crashes twice.
Harry, what are the bridges
you have to bomb when you go back?
Tell me about the bridges, darling.
Kathy and Susie ought to have piano
lessons when they get a bit older.
I was thinking the same thing
just the other day.
I always wanted to learn.
Never got around to it.
Same here.
They say if you start young enough...
- They've got new methods now.
- I know.
Mildred Porter learned in a few
months. Even after five weeks...
Harry, you've got to tell me
about those bridges!
The bridges span a narrow gap
between two mountains.
It's one of the most important
targets in Korea.
it's fortified accordingly.
Although we're only over the target
about 30 seconds...'s a lifetime.
Every kind of gun imaginable
is hidden in those mountains.
The men behind the guns know
where we're coming from and headed.
They know we're not going to fly
above the mountains.
We're going to fly between them.
We're coming in low and straight.
There's no room to twist or duck.
And there's no surprising them.
They're just sitting there,
waiting for us...
...hoping we'll come.
That's Toko-Ri, Nancy.
- I'm glad you told me.
- Does it help?
I think so.
You didn't want to tell me
because you didn't want me to worry.
I don't want you to worry either.
About me, I mean.
I know what the admiral
was trying to tell me.
I had to face those bridges, too.
Well, I have.
And I'll be all right now.
- I'm going to swim across the pool!
- So am I!
- I'm not so sure about this.
- Don't be silly.
You go in there. I'll go in here.
You get in the pool first. We're not
coming out until the coast is clear.
OK, you modest violets.
- Why does the water taste so funny?
- It's mineral water from the spring.
- Watch me swim, Daddy.
- OK.
That's fine, Kathy.
- Are you sure that door's locked?
- Absolutely.
- Watch me swim, too, Daddy.
- OK, Susie.
Hey, this is private!
We had it reserved!
No, private, reserved.
Number one, good morning.
No, you don't understand.
We had it reserved, the whole pool.
- No!
- Harry, do something!
- What can I do?
- Take a deep breath.
That means "good morning"
in Japanese.
- Belong you?
- Yes.
Belong me.
- Keiko. Takako.
- I'm Kathy.
I'm Susie!
Happy family.
Yes, happy family!
This is Tilly. She picks up aircraft
off the deck if they lose a wheel.
- Why do they call her Tilly?
- Why do they call you Nancy?
The ship will get under way
in 45 minutes.
Visitors are requested
to be off the ship in 15 minutes.
The officer of the deck
is shifting his watch to the bridge.
Here comes Beer Barrel.
Hey, what was your score,
Beer Barrel?
What's par for the cruise?
- Pull your flaps up, boy.
- You sure are overloaded.
Report my return aboard, sir.
- Get refuelled, Beer Barrel.
- Report my return aboard, sir.
Can I help you with those, sir?
Thanks, but this is a man's work.
We've got a few minutes yet.
That's Mike Forney.
- Green scarf?
- Yeah.
I never knew there were
so many beautiful girls.
- We cornered the market.
- Best thing for you was losing Kimiko.
You're a wise man.
There she is, girls.
The Savo, the greatest flat top
in the fleet.
What is this ship?
That? That's the Essex.
Not here, Mike!
There's too much brass and SPs!
You're right.
She ain't worth it. What's one girl?
The flower of Japan.
The pride of the fleet, my lad.
The best man won.
- Thank you.
- Bless you, my children.
Forney's at it again!
- Chico's in a fight!
- Swing at me and I'll flatten you!
- Kill that little shrimp!
- He started it!
- Gimme a hand!
- Who do you think you're hitting?
This ain't no place for a lady.
- Come on, we need you!
- Charlie, come on!
- What's going on here?
- Break it up. Back to the ship.
Get on board or we'll run you in.
- Let's go.
- Come on, back to the ship.
And that's the man you spent
half the night getting out of jail?
Yes, and I'd do it again.
Although we're going out
to get new pictures,
this photo will give you some idea
of how rough this mission will be.
To determine the tactical approach,
I'll get the pre-strike photos.
Brubaker, you'll fly cover for me.
Stay at least 3,000 feet above me.
Keep away from even altitudes.
Makes it tougher on the gunners.
We'll take off in an hour.
All right, Martin, you've got it.
Boy, what a spot to take pictures.
I want bombs, not cameras.
All cameras ready.
Clear port and starboard catwalks
Prepare to launch
photographic mission.
Launch jets.
Bluejay, this is Peter Peter 21.
My feet are dry.
Crossing first checkpoint.
There's our second checkpoint.
Town of Majon-ni.
Just passed Yangdok.
Target 15 miles ahead.
Remember, CAG, all you got
is a camera. Get in and get out.
I'm only gonna take their pictures.
But watch how mad they get.
Commencing run.
I've seen it rough, CAG,
but that was the roughest.
- You all right?
- I think so. I could have been hit.
My tail-hook position light came on.
Drop down, look me over.
- Nothing visible.
- Good. Mission completed.
Returning to carrier.
Real estate looks better going home.
Stand by to land jet aircraft.
- Wheels down.
- Wheels down.
- Flaps down.
- Flaps down.
- Hook down.
- Hook down.
- All down, sir. Clear deck.
- Clear deck.
Clear deck. Land aircraft.
Nice going, CAG. Roger pass.
Clear the deck!
Stand by to rig a new barricade.
I'm all right.
Bluejay to 209er. Foul deck.
Peter Peter 21 crashed. He's OK.
- What is your state?
- Fuel critical.
- Only 650 Ibs remaining.
- Barrier being repaired.
- Estimate ten-minute delay.
- I'll be out of fuel.
- How about the Hornet?
- Hornet not spotted for recovery.
- Orbit ship.
- Roger.
Get that barrier cleared
and that plane out of there.
Man Tilly.
Barricade is not repairable.
Tilly will be used
to protect planes forward.
I've only got 450 Ibs. I don't want
to go into the sea again.
Position Tilly
in the number-three barrier spot.
- On the double!
- Impossible to repair barrier.
Must use Tilly to protect planes forward.
Deck is pitching badly.
Do you wish to attempt deck landing
or to ditch?
I'll come aboard.
If he doesn't make it the first time,
he'll have to ditch.
I'll bring him in
if Tilly doesn't bother him.
Stand by.
All personnel, clear the deck aft.
Stand by with crash equipment.
Bring me in, Beer Barrel.
No wave-off.
Come on. I know the deck's dancing
but you got to make it this time.
All planes aboard.
Continue clearing barrier.
Strike Peter Peter 21 below
as soon as possible.
Commence refuelling. The smoking
lamp is out throughout the ship.
You'd better not fly for a few days.
I'm all right, thanks.
This is all I needed.
- Are they moving you, Doc?
- Not me.
We're sending medical supplies
to the destroyer.
She's coming to pick up
Forney and Gamidge.
- Forney and Gamidge?
- Captain's having them transferred.
They're going to the helicopter scow
at Yodo Island.
- So long, Gamidge. Good luck.
- Thanks. Same to you, sir.
Watch out, Nestor.
Don't get your feet wet.
You're liable to catch cold!
So long, Lieutenant.
We'll send you the 80 bucks.
Good luck, Nestor!
They want us to fly behind enemy
lines three times a day after meals.
I don't mind, though. I hate Commies.
Take care. Pilots need men like you.
Thank you, sir.
If you ever have to ditch around
Wonsan Harbour, we'll fish you out.
You look edgy. You know what
I used to do when I got jittery?
I'd walk out on deck and
let the spray hit me in the kisser.
- Used to fix me up every time.
- Forney, let's go.
Try it some time.
The two stone bridges
offer the best targets.
You'll also have to hit the low ones.
We'll give you your checkpoints
Your secondary target
will be this fuel dump at Tokch'on.
We've hit it before, but there's new
activity in the area. Any questions?
Yes, about Toko-Ri. Where is
the heaviest concentration of flak?
Here are the shots
from my wing camera.
Does that answer your question?
The flight will have three divisions.
We'll approach from the west
and attack three times.
Martin, take your jets in
to suppress flak.
I'll follow on the western bridges.
Brubaker, your division will take
the two bridges to the east.
Roy, you'll be the last man down.
Give a damage report
after each attack.
Take-off will be at 1500,
so we'll have the sun at our backs.
Any questions?
We're back in the broadcasting room
on a sunny day in Los Angeles.
The temperature's in the 80s.
The fans are getting the thrill
of their lives.
The Rams trail the 49ers by six points.
The winner meets Cleveland
for the title. The Rams line up.
Van Brocklin drops back to pass.
He gets good protection.
It's a long one to Fears.
He's dropped on the six-yard line...
Dear Nancy,
these will probably be
the last words...
... you will ever receive from me.
Dear Nancy,
I wish I could tell you
how wonderful it was to see you.
I will never forget
the picture of you...
... standing there on the dock
as we came in.
- What are you doing?
- I was writing a letter to Nancy.
- I can't sleep with this racket.
- I've noticed that, too.
It always seems louder before
you go out on a mission. You all right?
Harry, this is an important mission,
very important.
We've got to do a first-rate job.
I can't take chances.
I know.
A guy comes clean
and grounds himself, I'm grateful.
If he bluffs it out and endangers
an entire mission, it's unforgivable.
Think it over, Harry.
Pilots, man planes.
Pilots, man planes.
Stand by to start jet engines.
Launch jets.
Flight from CAG. Target dead ahead.
Prepare to attack.
205 to CAG.
Commencing flak-suppression run.
- 212 from Zero Zero.
- This is 212. Damage report follows.
Three bridges down.
One railway bridge intact.
It looked like direct hits on all.
- Negative.
- Stand by for second attack.
CAG to Flight.
Commencing second attack.
All bridges down! Nice going, CAG!
CAG to Flight.
Proceed to secondary target.
CAG to Flight. Secondary target
below. Commencing first run.
210 from 209er.
I think I just took a hit.
210 from 209er. I just took a hit.
Where are you?
Harry, this is CAG.
210 must have radio failure.
I have you in sight.
I'll be with you in a minute.
No visible damage.
Vapour coming from your fuselage.
- Could be hydraulic fluid or fuel.
- RPM surging. Everything else is OK.
CAG to 205. Martin, take over.
I'm staying with Brubaker.
CAG from 205. Roger. Will stay above
and keep you in sight.
I was worried for a minute. I thought
I might have to land. I'll make it.
- Brubaker from CAG. What state?
- Fuel OK. 2,000 Ibs.
Keep checking.
Hydraulic fluid would be gone by now.
- Can you still see vapour?
- Yes. Don't your gauges show it?
- Can't tell.
- You'll make it to the sea.
Wonsan Harbour's just over the ridge.
The helicopter scow will pick you up.
Yeah, sure, I'll make it.
I'm losing fuel fast. Down to 1,600 Ibs.
You'd better call the word now.
You'd better call the scow.
Yeah. Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!
This is 209er. RDF call.
35 miles north-west Wonsan.
Flak damage. Losing fuel rapidly.
Let's go, Nestor.
Alligator 1 to 209er.
Give me a call for a bearing.
Emergency! Emergency!
Prepare helicopter for launch.
1- 2-3-4-4-3.
Launch helicopter.
Bluejay, Bluejay.
This is Alligator 1.
- This is Bluejay. Go ahead.
- 209er has had an emergency.
He bears 330 degrees,
35 miles from Wonsan.
Air Op, CIC. We have an emergency.
- Can't last much longer, CAG.
- You're doing fine. You'll make it.
Fuel tank's empty. I've had it.
You can make it.
I can glide to the water
if I can clear the ridge.
Can't make it.
- What are you gonna do?
- Crash.
They love to fire at parachutes.
Alligator 1, this is Zero Zero.
209er crash-landing,
bearing 335 degrees.
- 25 miles from Yodo Island.
- Roger your transmission.
Trying to divert aircraft to crash
for rescap protection of pilot.
- There's a clearing ahead.
- I see it.
Looks like an irrigation ditch alongside.
Land near it.
Get out fast. Make for that ditch.
- Hit every item on your checklist.
- I'm doing that now.
Tighten your shoulder straps
as tight as you can stand them.
- I can hardly breathe.
- Gun?
I've got one. Not that I've ever used it.
How does the field look, Harry?
- You pick 'em real good.
- Jettison your canopy.
Get out fast, Harry. No matter
what happens, get out fast.
They was gonna give Nestor a medal.
How much longer can them ADs stay?
Not very long. They must be
running out of ammunition.
They won't send another 'copter now,
not after dark.
If we can hold out, they'll find us
in the morning. Take this.
Just release the safety and squeeze
the trigger. It fires automatic.
I'm a lawyer.
I probably can't hit a thing.
How did you get out here
in a smelly ditch in Korea?
That's what I've been asking myself.
Better get these things off.
Too good a target.
"You're stuck with
the wrong war in the wrong place."
What did you say, Lieutenant?
You ever hear Admiral Tarrant
talk about this war?
About the few who lay it on the line?
Nestor and me never fraternised
with admirals.
I can see now he was right.
You fight simply because you're here.
Watch out, Lieutenant!
- Where's Lee?
- On the bridge, sir.
- Admiral from CIC.
- Go ahead.
Just received final report,
authenticated by Army Intelligence.
Jet aircraft crashed.
Helicopter shot down.
Three Americans killed
by Communist troops.
- Why was Brubaker abandoned?
- We stayed as long as we could.
Why didn't you call
another helicopter?
I called in the downed-pilot report.
I had to leave. My fuel was low.
The first helicopter hadn't arrived.
There was nothing I could do.
- Was Brubaker hit at the bridges?
- No, at our secondary target.
We had bombs,
so we went to the fuel dump.
- Was that good judgment?
- Admiral, we did everything right.
I put Brubaker in charge of the division
because I knew he'd fly low.
I don't care what fitness report
you give me. It was a good mission!
It cost the lives of three men.
Forney, Gamidge and Brubaker.
I know how you feel. But what makes
you think you're the only one.
He may have been your boy, Admiral,
but he was my boy, too. I lost him.
You're right, CAG. You're right.
I was wrong about CAG, Evans.
He's a good man. A good man.
I'd like to write Brubaker's wife,
but what can you say?
How can you explain this
to the mother of two little girls?
Prepare to launch jets.
Where do we get such men?
They leave this ship
and they do their job.
Then they must find this speck
lost somewhere on the sea.
When they find it,
they have to land on its pitching deck.
- Where do we get such men?
- Launch jets.