The Brink (2017) Movie Script

Send the coordinates
Yes, Boss
My doctor told me to stop sailing
because of my heart condition
From now on,
I'll give you the coordinates by phone
Once you two get the hang of things...
Boss Kui will send
the coordinates directly to Sheng
I can then retire for good
Take good care of my son
I'm leaving...
the business to him
You're like a son to me
I'll give you a bigger cut
"Inspector Accused of Murder
and Manslaughter of Fellow Officer"
Serving time...
won't bring the dead back to life
won't help the families of the victims
Once I get out
I'll hunt down the criminals like a dog
lives will be saved
Due to lack of evidence the accused,
Chang Hao-dong is acquitted of all charges
six months later
Your mail
You've turned 18...
my legal guardianship of you officially ended
Living expenses will be deposited...
into your account
No need to see me each month
Did you become my guardian...
because you killed my father?
Your father was a criminal
He resisted arrest and fell to his death
It was an accident
I did nothing wrong
But I wanted to help your family
What your father did was wrong
I never considered him my father
That doesn't concern me
Sai Gau, you're such a pain!
My boss already suspects me
This is the last time!
A contraband shipment arrives
at Ma Wan Village tonight
You go and check it out
I quit
Did I treat you badly?
Want a transfer instead?
I've always wanted to go to Europe
Sai Gau know?
I'll tell him later
No one wants to be his partner
A-de, let's go
Where are your manners?
You dyed your hair!
Are you a gangster now?
What do you care...
as long as I do my job?
You were only promoted because you have a degree
Have you ever...
solved a case?
What are you doing? Move!
I've resigned
Just now
Today is my last day,
considering my unused annual leave
That means before midnight tonight...
you're still a cop
Where to?
To have tea?
Fine, just don't cause trouble
I can't save your ass again
Alright, I heard you
There are cops at the pier, can't dock
The old man said that!
Go to Ma Wan Village
I said Ma Wan Village!
Are you deaf?
Remember the time we both fell into the sea?
My old man saved me but left you to drown
They say...
blood is thicker than water
But I think he knew...
you could save yourself
I may have inherited the business
But I still think...
unless you disappear...
no one will treat me like the boss
Did the old man want me dead?
Sai Gau
Are you sure they're your men?
What are you doing?
Don't be stupid!
Your men were under surveillance
I had them all killed
I have an army of men
they'll be here soon!
Our location is Ma Wan Village
Multiple dead bodies, send backup
If you didn't act it out
I wouldn't have declared war
Because we all worship the Sea Goddess
That time I fell into the sea
I thought I was dead
I looked up at the sky...
and saw the Sea Goddess
I suddenly realized...
she would protect me...
You wanted me dead
But she wanted me to rise up
You're crazy!
Gui-cheng, we're brothers
I don't care about the money
I can give up the business too
It's all yours
I'll tell the old man...
I'm just a fisherman
like you...
I worship the Sea Goddess
You're not me
We grew up together!
We're brothers!
All unmarked...
likely black market gold
Smuggled in by fishermen
the source shouldn't be far
A fishing ban is in effect, no boats go out
Let's talk to the punks, they may know something
Take her away
Who's smuggling gold?
Who's smuggling gold?
I don't know!
I just know Shui's crew often sails out at night
Save him!
Get a towel! He's freezing!
Gut him
You dare?
Jiang Gui-cheng
I didn't kill you
I failed
The business is yours
Don't hurt my son!
Gut him
Do it!
Jiang, stop!
Do it!
If you loved your son
you shouldn't have told him to kill me
You were...
too selfish
Where is the transmitter?
Monster, go to hell!
I just want to do business with Boss Kui
I'm an ordinary fisherman
I don't know anything about smuggling
No matter how many times you ask...
my answer will be the same!
Do you know how your son died?
Excessive blood loss
That means he was conscious...
while he was being tortured
He felt the pain of every cut
What did he do wrong?
How could anyone be so cruel?
Perhaps you're responsible...
for his death?
If I were you...
I'd use every means possible...
to avenge my son's death
Officer Chang
Step outside
I said step outside!
I can help you catch him...
even kill him
Didn't I say no visitors
Sorry, Sir
Filing a complaint?
Recklessness won't solve this
I'm warning you...
don't touch the witness!
My recklessness helped catch the witness
You know nothing about the frontlines
You sit in your cozy office...
filling out paperwork all day long
while we get our hands dirty
I stay in the office...
devising the best strategy
Your actions...
got two people killed
It was an accident!
Who believes you?
Your recklessness endangered...
the lives of your colleagues
Do it again...
I'll personally file a complaint
I'm doing my job
You can't stop me
Watch me stop you
Instead of criminals...
you target your own people
Know what they call you behind your back?
Desk Cop!
It's late,
What's up?
Let's drink till we drop
I can't, my girlfriend's here
Having a shag?
Take a break
I'm flying off to Europe tomorrow morning
The gold smuggling investigation...
isn't over
Shut up
I've turned in my badge!
Didn't you hear me?
Are you senile?
Yesterday was my last day!
I quit
I can't help you
That's right, I forgot
I'll be fine
Have fun
Behave yourself
I'll buy you both dinner when you return
Sai Gau..
Tell that blonde cop
I'm going to have diarrhea at 4am
I'm Chen Shui-sheng's lawyer
My client will meet you...
in the custodial ward toilet at 4am
The man you want is Jiang Gui-cheng
His crew meets with him at noon each day...
to hand over money from extortion
at Jordan Wet Market
Hello, this is A-de
I can't take your call right now
The fisherman's name is Jiang Gui-cheng
He's based out of Jordan Wet Market
I'm on my way
The crowds there will create chaos
Help me one last time
Let's go
Is he worth breaking protocol for?
He's a troublemaker...
he'll yield more than any informant
Follow them!
Move over!
Everyone, get out!
Calm down
Are you okay?
Call him
Tomorrow at noon...
bring Chen Shui-sheng by car and wait for my call
or I'll kill your partner
Don't be stupid
I want to save A-de too!
I'll lead this operation
Found a location yet?
This is the place
The area is open and minimal interference
As long as Shui brings the transmitter...
when he sends a signal
I can triangulate Boss Kui's location in 5 minutes
Are you sure he'll radio Boss Kui?
I let him go the other day just to give him hope
He's afraid to die...
he'll radio Boss Kui for help
He'll definitely radio me for help
Track his location quickly and rescue him
Run the test
A boat leaves at 9pm tomorrow
A GPS bug
Find a way to attach it to Jiang
Then we can track his movements
Can you handle this?
If many cops show up...
only I can help you
I can't take anymore...
just kill me
Bring Shui to the car next to you
Plate no. JX9293
Check that license plate
Where did he call from?
We're still tracing it
If you try anything
I'll chop your partner's hand off
The address is in the sun visor
You have 15 minutes
Ditch your phone and earpiece
Did you trace him?
He hung up, we lost him
Start the car
Follow him!
Quick! Follow him!
We can't lose him!
You'll be fine
You'll be fine
Where's A-de?
Where is he?
Tell me.
Tell me.
Silver-colored car
find it yourself
Damn you!
You're wasting valuable time...
The bomb is set to go off in 5 minutes
Yes, please hold
Sir, it's the Superintendent
Have you found Jiang yet?
He's at sea...
south of Hong Kong
When do we move in?
Don't know
He's on the high seas
It's out of our jurisdiction
I don't have authorization
Hold him!
Give me some time
A-de is out of time!
You never once suspected him?
He borrowed $10M from loan sharks
Jiang was tipped off!
- Regardless...
- Then A-de must still be alive!
If he broke the law...
I'll arrest him myself
"Settle Your Debts!"
I texted the PIN to you
There's enough money to last you a few years
Are you in trouble?
I'm leaving
I'm pregnant
Can I get more living expenses?
That's all there is
It's up to you how you spend the money
If you keep the baby
it's your responsibility
If you think it's the right decision
stick by it
Quit, go to Thailand
Shui is dead
BOSS Kui Will kill you
I'm staying to help
Take her
Don't move
I only trust what I can hold in my hands
I have to get that gold
Go to Thailand and never come back
I can't give you what you want
Going to Water World?
You even brought flares
Odds are against us...
but I have to risk it
Don't worry
I'll take the rap
If you're screwed, I'm screwed
The more the merrier?
Two divers just went in
Boss Kui's gold cache might be at the bottom
Copy, I'll go look
Keep searching
Jiang Gui-cheng
What do you want from me?
I want to work for you
He and I were brothers
You killed Shui, what's there to discuss?
He tried to kill me first
Fishermen are all...
brothers at sea
Now all my brothers are starving...
We are begging you for help
Think I'll let you leave here alive?
If I die...
I'll take you down with me
I just want money...
I don't want any trouble
Step back!
We both worship the Sea Goddess
I'll deal with your brothers...
in the fairest way possible
I'll find out whether Shui betrayed you
As for business...
we'll discuss it later
You're a smart guy
If I let you go, I'll live to...
regret it!
Get him!
Did it go well?
The gold cache is underwater
We have the diving gear from the ship
Since Kui want us dead...
we steal it!
Where's A-de?
I won't tell...
unless you beg
Beg you!
Do you...
value your pride...
over your partner's life?
I beg you
Tell me where A-de is
Is that how you beg for help?
I beg you...
please tell me where A-de is
You're pathetic
Wake up
You consider him a brother?
In this world...
money buys brothers
I've got gold
He's got nowhere left go
We became brothers
You dragged him into this
So you caught me
I'll serve time...
but I'll be out
I'll still be alive
You won't live to serve time
You and I are the same
Call the police...
white floating casino...
many casualties...
We need to change his diaper, please wait outside
Hong Kong police successfully crack...
crack largest gold smuggling case yesterday...
busting a major smuggling ring
The alleged ringleader, Chen Ding-Kui...
aka Boss Kui, was arrested
Kui appeared before the court today...
and was remanded in custody
The gold involved in the
smuggling crackdown 3 months ago...
remains in international waters
The country of origin...
and bordering states...
all staked claim to the smuggled gold
A marine salvage ban is in effect
as they await a ruling...
from the Hague Tribunal
A Storm Warning has been issued
Tropical Cyclone Queenie...
now centered at 710km south-southeast
of Hong Kong...
is expected to travel northwest...
and be closest to
Hong Kong early Wednesday morning
A public extreme weather advisory is in effect
Leave after you finish
A typhoon is coming
the seas will be rough
What about you?
Once the storm arrives
it won't be safe here
Once the storm comes, the police fleet will leave
It's the chance Jiang's been waiting for
Look at this report
The police found his body
The body has yet to be identified
Even if you're right
the typhoon is still coming!
Are you willing to risk your life...
just to catch him?
Is it worth it?
It's not just about catching him
So many terrible things...
have happened
What was the cause?
That cache of gold
As long as that gold exists
people will covet and fight for it...
even die for it
I want it to end
I'm not as noble as you
All I know is...
I don't want to lose a father
I need support...
I don't know if I survive
I decided to have an abortion
Ask yourself
what's more important to you?
What other people think...
or the life in your womb?
Is it that hard to raise a child?
Just food on the table
"Unconfirmed Corpse of
Jiang Kui-cheng Pulled from Sea"
You came ashore
Don't follow me anymore
You don't belong to the sea
Hoist it onto the deck!
It's the last lot!
Okay, pull
Watch out!
Dying is easy
Have you decided?
How much is there?
At least $500M
How much...
is my cut?
Turn back!
You were coerced...
you'll get a reduced sentence!
Sai Gau!
Why can't you just let me go?
You want me to go back to being a cop?
How much does a cop make?
There's no turning back!
You still don't get it?
This gold will ruin you!
It's you who ruined me!
If it wasn't for you
I wouldn't have met Jiang!
Once this gold is gone
you'll come to your senses!
This gold is nothing but trouble
I won't let anyone have it!
Kill him!
I'm not here to fight you
Nothing's more important than gold
You force me to do it!
Watch out!
Let go!
Let go!
Let go!
Bastard, you let go!
You should stop now!