The Brink Of (2024) Movie Script

All right,
Charlie, mark two, take one.
Welcome to "Music
of the Morning" on KNPT.
Today, we are here
with the indie pop duo,
"The Brink Of", who'll
be kicking off the show
with an in-studio performance
of their breakout song, "Sunny".
I am waiting for you
I'm finally hungry
for the day anew
I know we see the
same sun coming
When you're done with
hiding from behind the moon
You left in the afternoon
The sun was beating down
Fans haven't
just fallen in love
with the band's songs.
They've fallen in love with
the band; with Lena and James.
My whole life, I've dreamed
of being a part of a band,
and I finally get
to be in a band.
Even though they don't
actually get together,
there's a lot of moments
that are very cute
and a lot of moments to make
me like, my, "Oh, my God."
It's called, uh, this
song is called "Sunny."
'Cause I feel you
So sunny
Shining through
It's funny
Even far away
I still feel you every day.
The view
Is sunny
The Brink Of has been
slowly building up a fan base
and touring around the country.
There's so much I
wish that I had said
So tired of living
up in my head
So blue, it's like
you can't see me past
What I've been, please
take a look at me again
I was walking through
the night alone
Should I pick up
my phone to call
The moon is so taunting
Your voice is so haunting
And with you,
everything feels right
We're just wasting time
Just wasting time
- Under different skies
- Under different skies
- So, come under mine
- So, come under mine
Just wanna--
But things didn't blow up
until a viral tweet introduced
their song "Sunny" to the world.
So sunny
There's something so magical
about the simplicity,
from, you know, the singer.
I mean, he opened his
mouth, and I was like, "Oh."
Or, at least they should
have, because immediately
after the tweet, the
band disappeared,
no shows,
no new music,
no word at all.
They left on the brink
of breakout success,
and no one knows why, but
we're about to find out.
Now the view
Is sunny
Oh my goodness, is it
steamy in here,
or is it just me?
Oh, I don't know about that.
That was The Brink Of
with a sizzling
performance of "Sunny".
I'm here with Lena and James.
Let's talk about this band.
I absolutely loved
your first EP,
but you didn't release any
new music for almost a year.
Hey, this is James.
Leave me a message.
Hey, um, it's me.
I, uh,
I miss you.
I know that it's been a
few months since the tour
and everything, and
I just wanna say
that I'm really sorry about
the way that we left things.
I, I really don't wanna
break up the band,
so, um,
yeah, since I, I didn't
hear back from you,
I went ahead, and
I booked that cabin
with our advance because
I guess that
we have an album to make,
so, uh, I really
hope I see you there.
Call Daniel.
- Hey, Sweet.
- Hey.
Thought you'd be
up at the cabin by now.
No, I'm still an hour out.
Just wanted to call you
before I go outta range.
Ooh, I just got
a Google alert for you.
Yeah, it's James
and that influencer.
Yeah, yeah,
spotted stepping out
in West Hollywood last night.
I can't believe anyone cares
about him enough to
write about this.
Wait, wait,
one of the comments,
uh, "Where's Lena?
Who does this bitch
think she is?"
When was that?
Uh, uh, it
says, uh, three days ago.
I'm sure
he'll be there.
- So good to see you.
- Yeah.
I'm so sorry about leaving you
to clean up the
mess after the tour.
That was so selfish of me.
You hit the wall.
It's okay.
No, it's not.
I mean, after the tweet
and everything, I mean,
that was the worst
time to go AWOL.
After six months on tour,
a little time apart probably
wasn't the worst thing.
Yeah, well,
um, I'm back,
and I'm ready to dive
in. No distractions.
Oh, my God!
This is perfect.
Hey, girly.
It is so nice to
finally meet you.
Hey, you must be Julia!
Yeah, God, talk about a place
to get away from it all, right?
Yeah, nothing to worry about
except making a great album,
having a career in music,
not being a one,
not-even-a-hit wonder.
Oh, my God.
Let me help you with that.
Thank you so much.
Oh, let me, let me.
-I can take it.
-Oh, no, no, we got it.
Oh, and, and I really
hope that I'm not imposing.
No, no, not at all.
Really, the more the merrier.
I would've invited
Daniel if I knew.
It's really nice.
You wanna play me
the whole song?
No, not yet.
Hey, I'm sorry about Julia.
Um, I started talking about how
we're going up to the cabin,
and she got really excited.
It's fine. It's fine.
How long have you
two been together?
Um, couple months, I guess.
So, have you been
working on anything?
Actually, I've been writing
out a concept for the album.
Oh, really?
I'm serious, okay?
I've been thinking
a lot about this.
I sat in on a few
sessions with Katonic.
He showed me some crazy stuff,
I mean, all these distortions,
and I really think
we could bring in some
experimental electronic elements
into the music.
Yeah, I mean, I don't know.
I feel like that's
not really us.
Not yet.
This is our first album.
I mean, we barely have
any fans, and the fans
that we do have are
gonna want songs
that sound like "Sunny".
Our job isn't to give
people what they want now.
It's to give them what
they don't even know that
they want--
We stumbled onto a
lightning strike of a break.
I think that we have to run
with that and build on that.
Don't worry, we're gonna
make something great.
Great isn't enough.
It has to be the right thing!
Well, then we'll
make the right thing.
No worries.
Uh, yes, worries!
Do you know what I
gave up to be here?
I do.
Trust me.
I'm open to whatever.
I just think there's a million
bands out there, and people
are actually
starting to like us.
There's something
special that we're doing,
and I don't wanna
run away from that.
Why don't you tell me
what you wanna make?
Let's dig into it a little bit.
I wanna talk about the
songwriting process.
Where does everything begin?
Um, we're pretty collaborative.
I mean, a lot of the songs,
I don't even remember
who came up with what.
Yeah, eventually maybe,
but most of the songs
start right here.
What about for the two
of you, this partnership?
Where does that begin?
Well, I've known James
since I was 10 years old.
Yeah, um, we grew
up in the same town.
Uh, we went to middle school
and high school together.
Oh, like high
school sweethearts?
No, um, I don't think he
actually knew I existed.
I knew you existed.
No, you didn't.
I totally, I knew she existed.
I was really shy, and he
was the coolest guy in school.
-I'm serious.
-Okay, that's not true.
And I'm not gonna say that all
of my friends had a
crush on him, but--
Not you?
Why do you think
I started a band?
Anyway, one day I'm just
sitting in English class
just staring out the
window, and I look over,
and I see this girl.
She's reading this poem
in front of the class.
I remember thinking to
myself, "Wow, I mean,
this is somebody who is
Has something to say. You
know, somebody special."
And that was Lena.
I can't believe Mr.
Hamilton gave us
two chapter summaries
to do tonight.
We already had the
essay due Thursday.
I know, and I have to work
at the coffee shop till seven.
Oh, that sucks.
- Yep.
- Hey Lena, hold up!
Uh, hey.
So, uh, what's going on?
Just, um, walking home
from school?
Cool, cool.
-So, I was, uh--
-What about you?
Oh, sorry, you go ahead.
Yeah, so that poem you
read today was pretty sick.
um, thanks.
Actually, I was wondering if
I could use it for something?
Uh, like, for what?
I was thinking it'd make
a great song for my band.
We usually do covers
and more rock type stuff
-but I'm trying to--
-I know, I,
um, I saw you at the spring
variety show.
Oh, cool.
Well, hopefully you liked it,
'cause I'd really
like to give it a try.
Uh, yeah, sure, that would,
that would be amazing.
You're the best!
Here's my copy in
case you need one!
Uh, thanks.
I'm gonna work it
through this week.
Um, maybe you could stop by
Tuesday when we're rehearsing,
see what we come up with.
Yeah, yeah, uh, you
too if you wanna come.
I can't believe you're here.
Yeah, I keep thinking,
what if it's some kind
of "Carrie" thing?
Why don't you just
come in with me?
I told you my mom
needs the car by four.
Come on, he invited you, too.
No way, I'm too nervous,
but you can do it!
It's your song!
Okay, I'm going.
As soon as you're done,
call and tell me everything.
Oh, hey, you made it.
That's awesome.
Come on in.
Let's go, guys!
Break's over.
You, uh, find the place okay?
Hey, guys, uh, you know Lena?
She wrote the lyrics.
Yeah, cool.
So, um, it's kind of
a work in progress, but, uh,
I think there's something there.
You probably
don't want to sit there.
Oh, sorry, yeah.
Uh, Steve, swing the
drums on the intro
like we talked
about, Rex, intro-outro.
Otto, keep doing what
you're doing, never change.
Um, hope you like it.
Pity me on the
outside looking in
Only I seem to hear the
screams from the din
Oh, how vain
I should tear all the pages
from my journal in my brain
Sin for sane
As I sit while
the world crashes
Down on me so
silent and profane
A pla-a-ain
Plain old da-a-ay
Feel like there
should be someone
On my set frequency with me
No one hears
No one sees
The no is high above
the trees for me
Um, so what'd you think?
Holy fucking shit.
Well, if you liked
it that much, uh,
why don't you write
us another one?
And I will never
forget your face.
The way
you just lit up.
Oh, my God, you were so cute.
Cute ?
I was not cute in high school.
Yes, you were.
It's not a bad thing.
I don't know
The whole thing was exciting.
It was really cool.
I bet.
So, James was telling me--
Hold on a second.
Oh, my God.
Oh, oh, no.
I love it
when he does this.
Pity me on the
outside looking in
Only I seem
To hear the screams
from the din
Oh, how vain
I should tear all the pages
from my journal in my brain
Sin for sane
So good!
Oh, my God.
I can't believe that you
still remember the lyrics.
Of course, I do.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Oh come on! You cooked.
At least let me clean.
You two are actually
here to work.
I'm the third wheel.
Let me at least earn my keep.
Thank you.
Besides, James was telling me
that you might
have another song.
Maybe I could hear it tonight?
Speaking of cute .
She's gorgeous.
You don't have to play any songs
for her if you don't want to.
No, no, it's, it's fine.
Could be good to
get another opinion.
You know, she cooked,
so you should probably...
Uh, hey, babe, I'll do the rest.
So, let's talk about
the two of you personally .
You say that you're
not together.
Are you sure?
Don't break my heart!
Yeah, uh, no, um, we are,
we are just good
friends .
That's it.
Okay, okay, you seriously never
'Cause I'm looking
at these lyrics--
Well, they're not
I think of it like
writing a short story.
You know, you're
creating characters
and then channeling
them into the world.
If you say so.
Uh, so how did you get
together as a duo, as a band?
Um, well, that didn't
happen immediately.
Yeah, um, at first, Lena just
wrote songs for the band.
They were going over
really well with people,
and we started
getting kinda popular.
I remember that, um,
James's girlfriend at the
time was so supportive.
Hey, Lena!
Oh, my God, so good to see you.
Dude, how long have you been
working at the coffee shop?
Oh, um,
since like freshman year--
Oh, so I had a question for you.
Um, I'm kind of
working right now.
It'll just be a minute.
Um, so I wanted to surprise
James with something,
and I need your help.
Uh, okay.
I was thinking it might
be fun if, you know,
we did a duet together
with the band.
You and the band?
Yeah, I heard the songs
you wrote for them,
and I was blown away.
I had no idea you
had that in you.
So, I was thinking maybe
you could write a song
for us to sing together.
Um, yeah, I guess.
I, is he okay with that?
Of course.
And I want it to be sexy.
You know, last year,
they, they cast me as Mom
in "Fiddler on the Roof",
like, " Noooo".
Yeah, totally.
So, you're in?
Yeah, yeah, I'm in.
Oh, my God, thank you so much.
And also, you can have
it by next week, right?
Mm-hmm, sure.
Cool, all right, see ya.
Oh, okay, um, bye, Lindsay.
See you at school.
Close my eyes to see
Sleeping into dream
Don't think, just let it be
See you in my dreams
See you in my sleep
See you in my dreams
Uh, hey, guys, hey,
let's stop for a second.
Uh, hey, Lindsay, don't
take this the wrong way,
because you sound
so good,
but the band sounds a
certain way, you know,
and it's just not really
meshing, you know?
Yeah, it's just,
it's just
the first rehearsal, okay?
I'm- I'm trying.
I'm gonna get it.
Let's just, come on,
one more time. Let's go.
We could do this 100 times.
It's still gonna suck.
Look, Linds, maybe this is
just isn't the right song
for your voice, yeah?
Well, maybe if this song
wasn't a fucking amateur mess.
Whoa, hey, no, no, no.
It's, it's not the
song that's the--
I didn't mean that.
Lindsay. Lindsay, come on!
No, I'm gonna go smoke.
It's not the song.
Close my eyes to see
Sleeping into a dream
Don't think, just let it be
I'll see you
In my dreams
You never told me
you could sing.
Hey, we should do
this song together.
Oh, no, I don't, I don't
sing in front of anyone.
Look, the band is out smoking,
and they'll be gone for a while,
so why don't we just try it?
I don't, I, I cannot sing
in front of other people.
Come on.
It's not other people.
It's just me.
Dancing on the roof
Not moving my own feet
Special things
just never seem
To be neat
But it's always a treat
To get lost by your side
When you're in
the driver's seat
My reckless guide
Close my eyes to see
Sleeping in to dream
Don't think, just let it be
I'll see you in my dreams
See you in my dreams
See you in my dreams
See you in my dreams
What's going on in here?
It's, it's nothing.
Just, come on, Lindsay.
Just wait a second.
Oh, my God!
Wait, okay, just wait.
What, what?
Do you like her?
Do you like her or something?
What, do
I, do I like her?
I saw the way you
were looking at her.
What, are
we in eighth grade?
No, I don't like her.
Lindsay, you're my girlfriend!
You were
staring into her eyes.
Oh my God,
she's not you, okay?
She's not you.
I've never been
one for words
I never say them first
Oh, my God!
Everything okay?
You sounded freaked out.
Oh, sorry, just this
Kinda crazy.
Is it another murder one?
Well, kind of.
You really wanna
listen to those out
in the middle of nowhere, huh?
Well, you'll protect me, right?
It's called "Fallen Stars".
It's about all these
terrible things that happened
to famous people.
Like what?
Oh, all kinds of things, I mean,
car crashes, overdoses, murder.
It is so horrible,
and I cannot stop
listening to it.
There are a lot of
bands who play together
and never really go anywhere.
Uh, when did you get the sense
that there was something
special between you two?
The first time we
played together.
I, I feel like it was instant.
Yeah, we, we really
just clicked.
That is so cute!
You were probably like the
best high school band ever.
No, I mean, I had
never performed before.
That was just never
part of my world,
but I fell in love with it.
We started playing gigs.
People were hiring us
for parties, and
next thing you know,
it was like The Brink
Of was a real thing.
How do you think the show went?
I think it went pretty well.
Of course, it went well.
I don't know.
I think they're like,
"Wait, did that girl
go to school with us?"
Okay, maybe a little,
but now they know.
-Yeah, great.
-Now, they know.
Now, they know.
It sucks it was the last one.
I mean, give us one more year.
I bet we coulda gotten a deal.
Yeah, deal on chicken
fingers maybe.
If we
played a free show.
No, come on.
Don't sell yourself short.
You could do this
if you wanted to.
Well, this isn't the end.
I mean, we're gonna
see each other again.
Yeah, but it's like
a lightning strike.
You know?
You gotta be at the right
place at the right time.
And if you miss the moment--
God, part of me wants
to just say, "Screw it.
Don't go to school.
Just go for it."
I want it.
I mean, that's crazy.
I can't throw away everything
that I've worked for,
and you can't either.
I know, I know.
It's stupid.
It's probably crazy.
So what?
I just can't.
I'm sorry.
Nothing to be sorry
You're, uh, you're
probably right.
You know, smart,
smart thing to do.
Well, have a great
time at school,
and I'll see you
on winter break.
All right.
Are you sure that
you're okay to drive?
I actually just texted Lindsay,
so, uh, she's
gonna gimme a ride.
Oh, I-uh, thought
that you two had broken up.
It's just a ride.
see ya.
James, man, open up.
I know you're in there!
Yeah, yeah.
What's up?
You missed psych again!
Class started at one.
Well, so?
Well, I
brought this for you.
Dude, you okay?
I'm good.
Because sleeping this much
is a sign of depression
Is that what I
missed in Psych 101?
I'm just saying--
Hey, Matt.
Dude, I'm, I'm sorry, okay?
That was mean.
- Yeah.
- Hey, would you,
would you mind listening
to this real quick?
It'll just take a second.
Should I pick up
my phone to call
The moon is so taunting
Your voice is so haunting
And with you,
everything feels right
It's pretty good.
Who is it?
It's me.
Damn, dude,
I'm, I'm impressed.
Thanks, man.
You sound like a real singer.
Wow, dude, what a compliment.
This guy.
I'll catch catch you
later, man, yeah?
Yeah, yeah,
yeah, see you.
Even far away
I still
feel you every day
Feel you
It's sunny
Hey, everyone.
Um, I'm Lena,
and, um,
I'm gonna be,
uh, singing a song called
"See You in My Dreams."
Close my eyes to see
Sleeping in to dream
Don't think, just let it be
This is craziness!
Watch Darell Williams,
the running back.
This is called the
nine play, Greg Hurtz,
the backup quarterback is
gonna put the ball down.
I'll see--
I'll... see you
In my dreams
In my
Um, thank you, I'll be back.
I thought you were great,
but you know, it was,
it was missing something like,
you know, another
handsome band member,
or I don't know,
just, just spitballing, but--
Oh, my God.
What are you doing here?
I just can't believe you
got over our breakup so fast.
I mean, I've been crying alone
in my dorm room this whole
time, and you're already out
seeing other people?
That's brutal, Lena.
-You look good.
-Oh, okay.
That's what I'm
supposed to say, right?
Clearly, it's not
the same without you.
I agree.
Can I show you something
really embarrassing?
Yes, please.
Oh, you listen to
your own songs?
All the time.
Can I tell you something
really embarrassing?
I do, too.
So, you're a long way
from Colorado State.
What are you--
Doing here?
Yeah, um,
I, I, I guess that I
came here to say, um,
I wanna give this
band thing a real go.
Winter break's coming up.
Um, just gimme a couple months?
I'll set up some shows, and
if they go well, we're all in.
If the shows go well.
I mean, if they don't,
and, and maybe they don't,
you can go back to school,
and you don't have
to wonder, you know?
So, um, what do you say?
It's probably stupid,
but I'm all in. I'm in.
I wanna
be The Brink Of.
- Really?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Really?
- I'm in! I'm in.
Great, let's do it!
Oh, my God, that's awesome.
Oh, my God, this is great.
Whew, okay.
Oh, my God, that was
kind of terrifying.
- Okay, so--
- Is everything okay?
You good?
Oh, uh, yeah, yeah, I'm great.
Hey, you should meet Daniel.
Hey, man, uh, I'm James.
Oh, wow.
Okay, the James?
nice to meet you.
Um, Daniel's my boyfriend.
We've been going out
for a few months now.
That's awesome.
Hey, all those songs you guys
recorded together; so great!
You know, I couldn't,
I couldn't believe it
when Lena told me that
you guys just recorded
it in your bedroom.
I could have sworn it was
in some, like, fancy
studio, you know?
Thanks, man, that's
actually nice.
And your voice, your
voice, it was like.
I mean, you know, you
sound like an, like an angel.
Thank you, that's
kind of you to say.
I went and wrote a song,
just wanted to run it by you,
if that's cool?
Yeah, of course,
I'd love to hear it.
I'll just-- be gentle.
It's been a while.
I've never been
one for words
I never say them first
I never had the nerve
Until you
And I know you hate clichs
But you're the
best part of my day
There's nothing
I would change
And I know it took some time
Some whiskey and some wine
To make me realize
That I'd been so blind
If love's not just
a feeling but an act
I'm scared that it's not
something I'd be good at
But you make me wanna try
I wanna know what it's like
For the first
time in my life
I never wanna say goodbye
Julia's very lucky.
Everyone who hears it's
gonna be so jealous of her.
What are you doing?
I'm going home.
I clearly don't
belong here, so--
What are you talking about?
Lena told me how much she
likes having you here.
I don't wanna get
into a whole thing,
but there is clearly something
going on between you two, so--
We've been over this!
There's nothing
between us.
We've never even kissed!
Come on!
Maybe that's a part of it.
I don't know, but you
need to figure that out.
Hey, just, I'm sorry, okay?
please don't go, Julia.
I swear to God we're friends.
You may not have admitted
it to yourself, but--
Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't
wanna be here either way.
'Cause I feel you
So you were all in
right outta high school!
That's commitment!
Yeah, well, uh, when
you know, you know.
So, um, we actually have some,
some really exciting news, uh,
that we wanna share with you.
Basically, I mean, you know
that we've been
working together, like,
this past semester
at school, and it looks
like we are set to do a tour
for colleges all across,
all across the East Coast.
Um, and we're gonna
be playing our songs.
And, um, I know that
school starts next week,
but what I'm thinking would
be best is, um, if I just take
this one semester off.
Do you have any idea
what we sacrificed
to get you in to Berkeley?
I'm just gonna see, and
then if it doesn't work out,
I'm gonna go back.
Don't kid yourself!
You drop out now,
you're not going back!
Yeah, hopefully not.
Hopefully, I don't have to.
I don't wanna think
about what could happen
to you on the road,
what people could do to you.
Don't worry.
First of all, Lena's
is really talented,
and I'm gonna be there on tour
making sure everything's okay.
I'm gonna keep an eye on her.
Oh, great.
Oh, I'm not worried now.
This dilettante's
looking after you!
Jesus Christ, Mom, I'm not
asking you for permission.
I'm telling you that I am going.
I've seen your
house, your parents.
You don't have anything
to worry about.
You'll be fine no matter what!
I'm scared that if
Lena drops out now,
she'll never move
out of that van.
She'll never have a better life.
I know this band is exciting,
but exciting things are for
people who have room to fail,
and stability is for
people who don't.
And stability is school
and that boy Daniel.
They've only been
going out a few months.
I don't if it's a--
He's serious.
He's graduating next year.
He's going to medical school.
Look, I don't have
any interest in--
Oh, I've seen the
way she looks at him,
and I have seen the
way she looks at you.
I know.
I'm not forcing
her to do anything.
But you are!
You're pulling her out,
and you're asking her
to jump off a cliff,
but you're the only
one with a parachute.
Hey, this is James.
Leave me a message.
Hey, James, it's Lena,
just calling again
because I still
haven't heard from you.
Um, I'm getting kind of worried,
so if you could just call me
back, that would be great.
Hey, Lena, how's it going?
Hi, um, I'm good.
Is James home?
Yeah, he's in his room.
Oh, great.
Hey, so I guess you aren't dead!
- Oh, my-
- Yes! Yes!
Flawless victory.
Oh, hi.
We're going on
this tour tomorrow,
and couldn't get ahold of you.
I was getting pretty worried.
Oh, shit, uh,
look, I, I'm really sorry, uh,
we, we must have
lost track of time.
I was just trying
to chill, you know,
zone out before
this whole thing.
I, I really didn't
see that you called.
Yeah, like, 10 times.
Uh, besides, I
figured you'd wanna
spend your last
night with Daniel?
He's back at school already.
You know, I think it's so cool
that he's so supportive
of you and going on tour--
And, he's a great guy!
Uh, well, hey,
don't worry.
I'm ready to go.
Why would I worry?
So, uh, Julia went
home last night.
Oh, really?
Um, I hope she didn't think
that I don't want her here.
I know I was a little passive-
aggressive to her at first,
but I actually really like her.
I think that she's
a great catch.
Yeah, I don't think
it's gonna work out.
I'm sorry.
Everything okay?
I'll be fine.
So, anyway, uh, I actually took
our old demo of "Sunny" and,
uh, just started
messing around with it.
I know you weren't crazy
about the electronic
stuff I was talking about,
but I think once you hear
it, you're gonna get it.
Again, this is super rough.
I, I just did it in
the last few hours,
but you'll get the idea.
I am waiting for you
I'm finally hungry
for the day anew
I know the drums
don't sound great.
I, I'm just using
presets right now.
I'll, I'll go in
and fix it later.
With hiding from
behind the moon
You left in the afternoon
The sun was beating down
Construing words harsh
in the bright light
Talks meant for
nighttime are fighting
Now, it's all taboo
Yeah. Katonic actually
gave me this plug-in.
It's, like, insane.
So, what'd you think?
I think it's a good start.
You, I thought that you did a
great job with the production.
It's just,
I don't know.
I mean, are you even
singing in this?
I am.
You are too.
It's part of the mix.
Just doesn't sound like us .
That's the point.
It's new.
It's current--
It's generic!
It's you !
It's your voice.
It's your song.
It's your lyrics.
I mean, what else do
you want me to do?
Well, if you had to
cover 'em up like that,
then you must not really
like what I'm doing.
Well, then try it yourself.
Well, I'm sorry,
my dad didn't give me Max
Martin's old Pro Tools rig
when I was seven!
I'm gonna go smoke a blunt.
Do you wanna roll
that for me, too?
Or, can I at least
do that by myself?
So, gimme some dirt.
It couldn't have
all been good times.
Uh, are there any crazy
road stories you can share?
It wasn't always easy.
You know, we, um,
we would do gigs
for maybe 10 people sometimes.
When that happens, you
don't even cover the gas
that you spent money
on to get out there.
It can be hard.
Yeah, but I mean, it
still blows my mind
that people pay money
to hear me sing.
Like, that's crazy.
It's, it's amazing.
I know I said
That I won't
Be caught dead in the fire
From fanning the flames
I'd rather be nameless
Than out taking names
The world is tall
And I-I-I want it all
All in my hands,
so, I'm holding it still
I can't stand it
turning against my will
And I choose the
limbo over the thrill
But yo-o-ou are so
brave, so true
I never knew-ew-ew-ew
my own way
So, I follow su-u-uit
I follow yo-o-ou
Never knew
Where to go
Until I
Was standing alone
in the woods
Past the
fork in the road
Looking back wondering
If it's the best way to go
All I know is that I
don't wanna go it alone
'Cause yo-o-ou are
so brave, so true
I never knew-ew-ew
my own way
So, I follow su-u-uit
I follow you
I follow yo-o-ou
I follow yo-o-ou
I follow yo-o-ou
I mean, everyone was
singing along last night
like they knew the lyrics!
Yeah, I know!
I think, by this time next year,
they're gonna know
all the lyrics,
and the girls are gonna
come to the show trying
to look like you.
And maybe we won't
be the ones bringing
the fucking amps into
the venue.
Even if we were to get famous,
I don't think anyone would
ever wanna look like me.
Hey, don't say that.
You're gorgeous.
People are gonna
idolize you one day.
I just hope you don't forget
about me when you're big time.
-You're such a clich.
-Shut up!
You know I'm right.
All right, well, cheers.
To tonight; last
show of the tour!
You know what's crazy?
This has been the hardest thing
I've ever done in my life,
and I'm going to
miss it so much.
My dad told me once that
you get one good break a year.
Maybe it's one in a career,
and all you can do is put
yourself out there and prepare
so that when that break comes,
you can take advantage of it.
Let's talk about that break.
Right, um, it was the last night
of our six-month tour.
Yeah, um, we got invited
to this girl's after-party,
and, uh, her parents
were out of town,
so I'm pretty sure she
invited everyone she knew.
Yeah, um, she was the
one who did the tweet.
The tweet, yeah!
Just wanna feel you
So sunny
Shining through
It's funny
Even far away, I still feel
you every day
Now, the view
Is sunny
Oh, my God, like why
did you not take me
to the high school parties?
Because I'm killing it here.
I don't know what you think.
Oh, my God!
That was insane!
I can't believe that The
Brink Of is in my house.
Uh, yeah.
Can you do a shot with me?
Please do a shot with me.
My parents have
really good liquor.
She has such good liquor.
Oh, God, I don't know.
I'm already, like, pretty
messed up right now.
No, no, no, just come
on one shot, and that's it.
That's it.
Okay, fine, I'm down.
Maddie, your phone's blowing up.
Whatever, just keep it.
I'm doing these shots right now.
Okay, cheers to, hey, you.
- Um, to me.
- Yeah, hey, eye contact.
Eye contact.
Wow, oh, my God, I did a
shot with The Brink Of.
You are so cool!
Wow, you are so cool.
Like, I, I really
wish I could be cool
like you, you know?
Oh, I don't know about that.
No, no, yes.
Like, look at you.
You, you're dressed so cool.
You're a rock star.
Oh, I'm not.
I'm, like, really not.
Yes, yes you are.
Just can you stop.
Go away please.
-Maybe I am.
Get off of him.
I'm so sorry, I don't know.
Uh, uh, I'm, I don't know.
No, no no, it's okay.
Um, uh, we're, uh,
we're not together.
Yeah, like, we're
literally not together.
Wait, what?
Like, we've never even kissed.
No, we've never kissed.
What the fuck?
What the fuck?
But let me tell you
a little secret.
It goes like this.
Um, he is not into me.
-Real, yeah.
That's not true.
No, it is.
I've seen you on stage together.
And besides I have a
fucking boyfriend.
Yeah, well, fuck your boyfriend.
You guys are perfect together.
Fuck your boyfriend!
All right, let, let's
take another shot, okay?
Maddie, you have to see this.
Can you not tell that
I'm hanging out with-
Maddie, I am 1,000% serious.
You need to look
at this right now.
You, sweet little duck,
are going to love this.
Holy fucking shit!
Her video of you guys
just got retweeted
by Taylor Swift,
10,000 likes already.
Taylor Swift said,
"So blown away by this
song and this duo.
Maybe I'll bring them
on tour this summer."
-Oh, my God.
-That's great.
It's real.
It's real!
Oh, my God. Oh, my God!
I can't-- I can't believe it!
What do we do?
I don't know.
Listen, uh, we
shouldn't do that,
just not here, not
right now, okay?
Is it 'cause of that
girl over there?
I mean, she is so hot, bro.
Whoa, you're,
you're pretty drunk.
Are, are you okay?
Do you want me to get you some--
You know, those
girls over there,
they were like,
"You're a rock star,"
and that's not good
enough for you.
No, that's not, Lena,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
That's not, that's not
what I meant, okay?
Look, it's not like I
haven't thought about it,
but I'm sorry, and we can
talk about this later.
Okay you don't need
to apologize, okay?
You're right. You're right.
We shouldn't do anything.
No, that's not what I meant.
-I, I wanna talk about it.
-You're right.
We shouldn't because
the magic would be gone,
because the magic between us
is there because I want you,
but I can't have you
because I'm not her.
-Hey, hey, hey.
-And I'm never going to be.
Hey, hey, that's not true.
Look at me.
That's not true.
Can you just stop, okay?
Let's just be happy.
We just got our break!
Hey, do you want to
take another shot?
Yes, yes, yes!
Okay, come here.
I got 'em this time.
One, two, three, line up.
Get in line because this one,
ladies, goes out to a rockstar.
And that's me.
Okay, so you guys
like my band, right?
Yes, yes, we love your band.
So much.
Oh, my gosh.
-The harmonies are so good.
Gives me chills.
And also the music.
Okay, tell me more
about what you like.
Um, so when you sing,
singing "See Me in My Dreams."
When you sing.
I love when you sing.
Like, it's so romantic.
Oh, yeah, it's so romantic.
And also the songs.
And are you gonna
respond to Taylor Swift?
Hey, what
should I say to her?
To Taylor, I
wanna respond to her tweet.
-Dear Taylor.
-Um, I'll be back.
I'm sorry I threw
up on your shoes.
It's okay.
Um, it was on tile.
Also, I hung up your dress.
I don't know what
happened to me.
Look at you.
You're a real person.
God, you have an apartment!
It's a summer sublet.
A job.
It's an internship.
Yeah, but it's still real.
Maybe my mom was right.
Maybe this was stupid.
Are you crazy?
I'm 21 years old, and I'm
interning at an accounting firm.
My whole life's laid out for me.
But you're getting the chance
to create something special,
to tell your own story!
You're chasing your dreams
and, and making them real.
I can't believe it.
I tell everybody I know.
You're a rock star.
We saw this track
on Taylor Swift's
Twitter feed last night.
I hope you guys like
it as much as I do.
Here is "Sunny" from
the band The Brink Of.
I am waiting for you
I'm finally hungry
for the day anew
I know we see the same sun
Call me when you're done
With hiding from
behind the moon
You left in the afternoon
That tweet
happened a while ago.
What took so long
for you to get here?
Well, when you get
a break like this,
um, you wanna get it right.
And, um,
that's not always easy.
I am waiting for you
I'm finally
hungry for the day
I just wanna feel you
You know, I, I see
what you were saying.
The simplicity.
I like what you
did here, though.
Hey, this is it!
This is, this is our sound.
our little baby.
He's got his mother's voice and
his father's computer brain.
It's a hit, right?
It's totally a hit.
I'm sorry.
We can't do this.
Look, I'm sorry if I led you
on, but I'm just trying to
think for the both of us.
Oh, like I'm helpless
around you or something?
No, no, I didn't say that.
I never should have
kissed you, okay?
It was really stupid,
and I'm sorry I did it.
Fool me twice, shame on me.
Lena, please don't go!
The album's coming
along so well!
That's, that's the whole--
Well, maybe you should
have thought about that
before you decided to
fuck with my head again.
I didn't mean for any of--
I can't spend every night
on stage in love with you
and then pretend that we're
nothing the rest of the time.
I can't stake my
entire life to someone
who makes me feel like this.
I'm sorry.
This is it.
Lena, I love you.
You sure have a funny
way of showing it.
I mean, I don't think a show
went by where you didn't flirt
with some girl afterwards.
That didn't mean anything.
For God's sake,
you brought Julia
here this weekend!
Look, I, I'm sorry about
that, but you had a boyfriend.
What was I supposed to do?
Tell me how you feel?
Because you knew that
I felt the same way.
You knew, and you led me on,
and then you pull
away again and again,
and now you're
pulling this bullshit?
No, I didn't.
-I couldn't tell you, okay?
Because Daniel's your parachute!
Your mom said that
joining the band,
going on tour was like jumping
off a cliff without a parachute.
I dragged you into this,
and I don't wanna
be the reason that--
Is that what you
really think?
That I'm here because of you?
- No, no.
- I wanna be here!
I didn't ask my
mom for permission,
and you didn't have to either.
Yes, but if it doesn't
happen for us, look,
if, if the band
doesn't work out,
I have my parents
to fall back on,
and you have Daniel, okay?
Yeah, well, that
is so fucked up.
He's not a parachute.
He's a person, a really,
really great guy.
I know. I agree.
He's probably better
for you than me.
Well, I'm not better for him.
Hey, whoa, whoa,
whoa, hey, Lena.
All I know is I
don't want you to go.
So, all of this
time, you wanted me?
Hold on just a second.
Oh, my God.
What now?
Look, if we do this, it'd
be all in, everything, life,
the band all in one person.
I know.
I know it's a commitment.
It's really scary.
What if we break up, huh?
Well, then what are we
supposed to do, just pretend
that none of this
ever happened?
-I don't know.
I don't know.
Let's be together, and
let's go back to school.
It's, it's not too
late for us to have a--
We can still have
a normal life.
We're not gonna
give up on our dream.
Okay, uh, then you can
have a solo career.
Yeah, and, and I can
support you.
Yeah, I, I, you
can do this, Lena.
James, James, no, stop it.
No, it's, look, it, it's true.
We probably could
both do this alone,
but I don't want to.
I wanna be The Brink Of.
So, how about it?
You wanna jump off
a cliff together?
And now with the live
premiere of their new single,
once again, The Brink Of.
I'm so fine
Living on mountain time
Shed the shame
Shout your name
Taking claim
Fight that fight
And turn out the light
Hit the fan, fuck the plan
Fly the van, hold my hand
Time's never right
We do or die
Jump the cliff and dive
Aim for the clouds
Land in the trees
Rewriting all my fantasies
Heart unwound
Stand your ground
Look around
Don't make a sound
Time's never right
We do or die
Jump the cliff and dive