The Broken Key (2017) Movie Script

The path to Paradise...
is full of obstacles.
Amazing discovery made by the
Stanford Research Institute
in the Plain of Giza.
The big pyramid and the Sphynx are
connected by a secret passage.
"Upuaut Vll" the micro-robot created by
the German engineer Rudolf Gantenbrink
has discovered some subterranean caves
connecting these two huge structures.
Hieroglyphic fragments suggest
that the subterranean structures
were created by the "Shemsu Hor":
The followers of a cult devoted
to the legendary Horus.
We are about to discover
the mythical "Way of Horus".
Here are the images,
shown for the first time.
The ancient Egyptians were already using
an instrument like this one
to orient themselves in the desert
by following the stars.
It was rediscovered thanks to
an old scroll...
Remember: Every single thing around you
is part of the whole picture...
Everything is connected
by an invisible thread...
You just need to be able
to see the connections.
We'll find right here the relics
of the Egyptian ships coasting Italy.
Phaeton will no longer be a myth.
We can prove it!
Abif, here we are.
I found it.
Here's almost dawn.
I'll send it to you via pneumatic tube...
What's happening?
Someone's here. I have to go.
Assistant director, someone is asking
for you on the phone.
Fine. The four canopic jars
of Horus from New York
need to be placed
in the showcase number 33.
All right, Dr. Tule.
Yes, I'm coming.
Something unexpected!
Please, tell Professor Al Kamar
I need to go.
Don't worry, Doctor. I'll tell him.
Welcome to the eternal life.
The borders of existence
will be definitely overcome.
Your precious signature, please.
Death and Nature will be astounded,
when every creature will revive
to answer the Judgement.
The soul longing for eternity,
needs to overcome the invincible
triumph of death
in order to be saved.
The borders of existence
will be definitely overcome.
Go beyond the threshold of hope.
Experience it!
Resurrection Day is coming,
when the half-living of the Moratorium
will live again.
We are waiting for you.
Resurrection Day is coming.
Offers are subject to the availability,
terms and conditions
of every single structure.
Facilitations cannot be discussed
outside estimates phase.
Payments are not commutable
in foreign bonds.
Lot 514!
The starting bid is of 10.000
post-credits, non-commutable into bonds.
Other offers?
Lot 515, now.
Some rare fragments of an Egyptian
scroll: The date is uncertain.
They come from a private collection,
but are certified by our experts.
Bid starts from 50.000 post-credits,
non-commutable into bonds.
Bids must be of 10.000 post-credits
for the exposed code.
Ladies and gentlemen, we can start.
Who offers more?
60.000 post-credits for the gentleman
with paddle number 3.
70.000 post-credits for the lady
with paddle number 5.
80.000 post-credits for the gentleman,
with paddle number 8.
90.000 post-credits for the gentleman,
with paddle number 15.
100.000 post-credits to the gentleman,
with paddle number 3.
No more bids?
100.000 and one.
100.000 and two.
100.000 and three!
The item is awarded to the gentleman,
with paddle number 3.
Thank you and congratulations, sir.
It's an excellent choice!
We carry on, with lot 516.
The third canto of the Divine Comedy
of the great poet Dante Alighieri!
A volume dated the end
of the nineteenth century.
The starting bid to experience
Dante's Paradise is...
Scan the pictures.
Make two encrypted copies:
One for me and one for the institute,
and then...
you can remove a tiny fragment for DNA
and radiocarbon testing.
I want to know where this came from.
Well, it looks like
Cyperus Papyrus, Professor.
But the test will take a least a week.
We can wait.
You can do these scans.
I'm going to make a few phone calls
I want to visit one of my true
We got the results today.
This is part of the Turin Canon.
Unfortunately, the most important part
is missing.
That could be a connection to
the Seven Sages.
The Book of the Foundation.
The followers of Horus.
The builders of the sacred cities.
That's just amazing.
You must have paid a fortune for
You even got them past the Shuster
It's damn fantastic!
Dante, these days everything is
just a flow of digital data
one click away.
Not even Oligarchs could afford
these relics of the past.
It's just a partial fortune, sadly.
Let's sit.
I used to smoke.
That's the only thing my Father left me.
It's the only real thing beside
all these memories.
Funny, isn't it?
Today it's a totally useless object.
Another vanish utopia.
I want to get to that missing piece.
Maybe was misfiled in
some different document.
You could go to Turin.
To check the catalogues!
I can't leave my mother.
Yes, I know she needs you.
I love her, too.
She's not getting better.
We can wait, don't be long.
All right?
You may need help.
No, I prefer to dive alone.
You know me.
Here, this is the point.
Yes, I see.
Look, this is your father.
What's happening?
He's coming up too fast.
Are you okay?
Follow your heart...
The light of your most brilliant star...
will lead you to the roots...
to the Truth...
There lies the secret...
She never wanted to end up in a
bound to a thermic decay-suspension
Hanging between life and death.
Lingering in that bubble,
just to be able to talk to her
for a couple of minutes a year.
And death...
shall have no dominion.
Dead man naked they shall be one
with the man in the wind and the west
When their bones are picked clean
and the clean bones gone,
they shall have stars at elbow and foot.
Though they sink through the sea
they shall rise again.
Though lovers be lost
love shall not.
And death...
shall have no dominion.
Welcome to the eternal life.
Resurrection Day is coming.
When every creature will revive
to answer the Judgement.
It's time to wake up.
I'm Mr. Adams.
I'm looking for Mr. Shu.
The references from Prof. Moonlight
grants you the necessary authorization.
You are now a "root user" of our system.
A big privilege, no doubt.
Actually, we've not been informed
about the object of your research.
I'm looking for information
about the movements of
some fragments of an ancient scroll...
connected to the Turin Canon.
You can find the coordinates in my
Good, Professor Adams,
I'm going to make a quick research
in the digital archives.
In the meantime, could you please...
Excellent! Thank you sir.
Thank you.
Let me see...
No, that's really strange though.
Maybe the notification is missing.
Okay don't worry, no problem.
We could try some information
in the paper archives.
Could you please wait here?
For sure, no problem.
According to the Shuster law,
in order to...
to get access to the archive, you need
an authorization from the Ministry.
Your references are not enough.
You understand?
You could try talking to
the former director,
Professor Fahrid Al Kamar...
he knew the content of the museum
piece by piece.
He spent his life among papers and
I know he lives in a small
village not far from here.
Good morning,
I'm looking for Professor Al Kamar.
Do you know him?
I am a researcher.
The Egyptian Museum of Turin sent me
You are a colleague, then...
You go out of the shop and
turn right into the small alley.
After fifty meters you'll find an arch.
The professor's house gate is right
Thank you, sir.
You're not going to find him
there though now.
He spends all his time
inside a cave in the woods.
It's not far from here.
It's impossible...
No, father wake up.
Wake up! Father!
No, do not leave me alone...
Let me stay here... Father!
I want to see my father!
Rest in peace, my friend.
Who are you?
Don't worry, Professor. I'm Arthur
I am an archeologist from York.
What do you want?
I'm Professor Moonlight's assistant.
You should know him.
Professor Al Kamar?
so they say.
I'm doing some researches
on an ancient document.
You are the only one who can help me.
Which document?
The missing fragment
of the Turin Canon!
It's not so easy.
Not here... not now.
Meet me at San Lorenzo's church.
At sunset.
You must go now, boy.
Ah, you're here, already!
What's going on?
Listen to me, boy.
This is very important:
The place where we met is the tomb
of an ancient Egyptian queen.
These walls...
gives us clues for understanding
the scroll you're looking for.
Look over there,
do you see those roses?
The corn, Hermes... even the Pelican,
These stones tell us that this place
was once an ancient Egyptian site,
linked to the cult of Horus.
Yes... but what about the scroll?
Another time.
Professor Al Kamar?
It's Arthur Adams,
It's midnight! Our meeting...
Who did this?
The women knows why.
Go find her!
Your car.
See this!
I took it away from the Museum...
to keep it safe...
It is...
the fragment you are looking for.
The Egyptian queen came here
to found the new the city of the Sun,
for her father Akhenaton.
This's the new sacred land
of the Egyptians...
Put me down.
Be careful!
Shemsu Hor...
Who are you?
I hope you well.
It's the first murder
I have seen in this area.
The killer has no identity.
No badge,
and the fingerprints have
been removed with acid.
It's terrible!
We'll need a couple of hours
for the retina recognition.
And the people at Moratorium...
I hope they will get something
out of that brain. It's a mess.
What are you doing in this area?
I am a University assistant,
specialized in Egyptology.
Well, then you were a colleague
of the director?
You could say so, just met him
today for the first time.
Please, do not leave the area
for the time being.
I will probably need to talk to you
I have a room at the Sun Hotel.
You can find me there.
Destination set.
Can I come in... please... can I?
It's you... again?
What do you want from me?
I don't want to see you anymore!
I'm sorry... I just wanted to...
Oh... I'm sorry, I thought you were...
No, don't worry, it's my fault...
I'm not used to get inside
peoples houses like this, trust me.
I got your address from professor
Al Kamar.
Are you Miss Sarah Eve?
Yes, it's me...
ls the professor all right?
I haven't seen him for a long time.
I'm sorry the Professor
was killed last night.
How did it happen?
I was there... I tried to help him...
too late...
I'm sorry. Do you want me
to pass by later?
Yes, thank you...
Maybe it's better if I stay alone.
There's something else
you wanted to tell me, right?
Well... ah...
The professor left me a last message...
Or so I believe...
He told me to contact you
in case something happened to him.
I'm Arthur...
Arthur Adams,
I am an archaeological researcher...
I came here to get some informations
on an ancient scroll.
The Professor was the only one
who could help me...
I think the murder is connected to
this ancient document.
Did you know anything about his
I just gave him some artistic
I am a painter.
I've been working on the restoration
of some sarcophagi.
Why was he killed?
This was lying on the Professor's face.
I think it's a copy...
but it looks very ancient, indeed.
If it's a copy...
a master might have done it.
I'll give you the contact of
a top forensic consultant.
He's a good friend of mine.
Tell him I'm sending you.
I don't know anybody in this town.
Could you please come with me?
I would be glad... plus is your friend.
I am too busy working...
I really can't... I'm sorry.
My office could pay you well...
I'm so happy to see you...
But you never call...
This is Professor Arthur Adams.
Arthur is fine.
A mistake of my youth.
Here's a small present for you...
A real mystery.
What do you think it is?
Just a moment.
Do you think is gonna find connections?
Connections seem invisible,
but they are just hidden behind the
You simply scratch...
and they burst out, like fireworks.
Only those who have eyes to see...
can spot them... of course.
You know...
he's a strange guy...
a man of science...
He knows a lot about religion,
Kabala, even metaphysics.
He's a pure researcher...
with no prejudices.
He puts no limit to knowledge...
It's not just a replica,
not a recent one, at least...
It must be dating back to the XVI
The brushstrokes...
they seem...
Hieronymus Bosch's!
Let's call a friend of mine...
An enlightened mind, a real expert.
Just a moment.
What did I tell you?
He's just a bit weird.
It's me, how are you doing?
I need to talk to you.
...I would like to end my speech
with this book,
In it... you'll find the analysis of
the relationships between two groups.
One had been: The Faithful of Love,
which Dante was undoubtedly a member.
The other had been:
The Brotherhood of the Free Spirit,
which no doubt Bosch was an attendant.
Both groups were aware
of the Egyptian philosophy
and the ideas of the Followers of Horus.
Curiously, both men were interested
in the seven deadly sins...
It been said that both men
were particularly sparing.
I'm myself...
guilty of that vice.
This text is...
extremely expensive.
In conclusion,
I like to read you something...
I think you may understand.
This tercet from the Paradise,
where Dante talks about the mystical
"The Love, beneath Whose Warmth
this flower has grown in eternal
peace, flamed once again in your womb.
Listen Tully...
we've found a piece of canvas,
it looks like Bosch's, it's Pride...
I've heard that story as a rumor,
a legend.
Bosch created a series of drawings,
before settling them into one.
A guy came to see me,
and he was asking me a lot of
about the drawings.
He was mentioning some kind of plot...
You see!
So, I think he was nuts... mad.
A crazy man.
So, I send him off
I told him to go away.
But I remember his name:
Frank Mam.
As a poet Virgil surname.
Thank you very much, Taron.
Okay, see you later.
He found this guy, Frank Mara.
He's been busted a few times
for violence and intimidation.
He's now living in an underground
area of the town... slums.
A shelter for thieves and invisible
So, let's go.
People call it the Gate of Hell...
a mysterious place.
Attention, don't come in.
It's dangerous for you!
We're looking for a man called
Frank Maro.
Can you help us?
What do you want? Go away!
Come on!
He will be good to you
if you don't challenge him...
He's Gengis...
I know where to find
the man you are looking for...
I can help you.
But, he's the one who set the price.
I know where you can find him...
I can bring you to him...
It will be expensive though...
How much?
Let's say a 50 post-credits pass
A 30 post-credits pass is enough!
Okay, let's go.
The pass, first!
Arthur, let's go.
Follow your heart...
The light of your most brilliant star...
will lead you to the roots...
to the Truth...
Here we are, it's him.
Who the hell are you?
You've come here to kill me, right?
I know nothing,
I've seen nothing.
Get away... leave me alone!
Don't worry, we don't mean to hurt you.
Don't be scared, we only want
James, are you okay?
Get him out of here.
Take him away!
I'll be after you.
Let's go away!
They're looking for me.
I'm coming...
I'm coming with you...
Wait for me, please.
I'm coming with you!
You must help us...
You must tell us everything you
know about Bosch's paintings OK'?
We will protect you, don't be scared.
You don't know
who these guys are.
You can't imagine.
They can reach everywhere...
Nothing can stop them.
Nobody can!
They... they... Who are "they"?
Frank, please, listen to me.
You must help us, now!
It's too dangerous...
For me, for you Miss...
and for everybody.
Believe me!
It's for your own good.
For everybody's good.
Who knows about this story?
There's a writer...
He's living in a small village
in the mountains...
He's a Count...
He's been living
and working there all his life.
The name, damn it!
His name is Francis Rosebud.
I know nothing else about him.
He's the heir of the Count
who built the village.
I hope you're not trying to trick us!
I'm not cheating.
I know very little about all this.
The other ones know...
I have nothing to do with it.
Nothing! Nothing!
Why did they want to hide the truth?
I don't know.
I don't know!
They're very dangerous people.
But Rosebud...
I know...
He wanted to talk.
Yes, he has written things that...
That's enough for me.
I don't know anything else.
Leave me alone...
Leave me alone!
That's all we can get from this man...
using this white-glove treatment, at
Look... Look what they say about the
He's a scientist, a mathematician...
He's discovered some links
between the works of Nicolas Tesla
and a mysterious structure
hidden inside the Pyramid of Cheops,
the Zed!
He's been expelled by the University
on a charge of molesting.
Here, at an essay's presentation,
he's with a model...
They look very intimate.
Can we trace her down?
No... no she's not a model...
She's an agent of a
para-governmental organization
of the big "Z".
It's an escort service for the
They're called "Priss"
"High pleasure models".
I've questioned her for
an ongoing investigation,
but she's not involved.
Well, I can contact the girl...
Then I can arrange a meeting
if you want...
We're making a TV show
about magic towns
and we need a presenter.
We've saw you in an article
about the Count of Rosebud.
Our show is starting precisely over
A strange coincidence, isn't it?
Yes, I love coincidences...
They attract me and scare me
all the same.
Do you personally know the Count?
We'd like to talk
to him and meet him...
to gather informations
for our TV show.
The Count is an excellent customer,
very gentle and kind.
Yesterday, I was with him.
Sometimes he invites me to his place.
A really ghostly place.
If you go there...
you could have your arm healed.
There is a mysterious woman, Althea,
living next to the village church.
She's a real healer and you
can ask her for information, too...
Shes spent her entire life
in the village.
Where she was born.
I was waiting for you...
I've a constant pain in my arm.
It's there, since I was badly wounded...
Let me see...
Yes, I can do something...
Wait for me here.
How do you heal the sick people
who come to see you?
All my ancestors had a gift
and were healers...
My mother before me,
her mother before her...
and so on,
from immemorial time...
the touch of the Masca
is a gift, not a job...
It's a mission.
My ancestors got
their "Art" directly from Thoth,
the ancient god of Medicine.
Can I ask you something?
Of course, my dear, tell me.
We've come here to find a man:
The Count Rosebud.
I guessed it, of course.
Can you help us?
Francis was born here.
He bears the same name of his ancestor,
the nobleman who built the village.
But he's very different.
He has wasted all his money
in some unclear business.
He lives with his sister,
a strange woman...
She never comes to the village,
she spends all her time in the cemetery.
Her son died
immediately after birth,
no chance to put him
in the Moratorium, too young.
A fatherless son.
Francis never comes to the village
They live in the castle above the
It's her, I guess.
Let's go and talk to her.
Sorry to bother you, Madam.
We're looking for the Countess Rosebud.
Can you help us?
Young Countess...
The young Countess...
Yes, it's me. What do you want?
We're looking for your brother,
the Count Francis.
And what do you want from him?
Miss Nora Segni told us
we could find him here.
We wanted to talk to him
about the origins of Rosebud.
He's in town for some business.
He will be back tonight.
You can find him at the village inn.
He spends his dinner time there,
with his friends.
I have to go now.
I will tell him about your visit.
Don't worry!
I'm glad you come with me.
My arm... ls not aching anymore...
Did you know, everywhere we look,
there his some traces of Egypt.
Maybe, we are on the right track...
or maybe...
It's just your imagination.
The Countess has just called...
The Count is inviting you to his castle.
They live in the castle.
Follow those alleys,
pass under... our magic door...
reach the fountain of live...
go straight... and there you are.
Please, come in.
Thank you.
My brother is waiting for you.
Welcome... thank you for accepting
my suddenly invitation.
I hope I can help you.
My dear "friend", Nora...
told me you are interested in making
a TV show about Rosebud.
Yes, we are preparing a series about
the magic towns of Piedmont.
I've been studying the same
subject for many years.
It looks like the whole area of Piedmont
has the shape of a huge town...
with precise mathematical proportions.
An open-sky sanctuary.
A heritage from the Egyptian models.
Far more than this,
every architectural model...
is in perfect harmony with
the human proportions.
I've been searching for perfection
through the body my whole life.
I'm especially interested in
the female shape...
As my master Tesla,
I consider the female body
as the symbol of the primordial energy.
The human body as an energy
Wait a minute. I want to show you
Don't worry about
the Shuster Law, my friends...
Now, have a close look: The Tesla's
Tower has the same structure of the Zed.
Here the Zed is inserted in the Ankh
Tesla was prevented from ending his
so bad.
Let's go back to Rosebud, now...
That's the reason of your visit, right?
This area has been breeding
many Master Masons,
skillful about alchemical
and hermetic symbols.
Nicolao, the famous stone-cutter,
was working in the nearby
Abbey of St. Michael.
The Abbey of St. Michael...
The Abbey of St. Michael...
is one of the Gates of Heaven.
As Rosebud: A sacred place.
My ancestor was a very influent man...
in this hall, many important figures
of the XIX century
have gathered from all over Europe.
Look at the Starry Sky...
It's the last relic of those bright
Sorry to bother you, Count.
It's for you.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
Sorry, a friends in trouble.
But we can talk again tomorrow, right?
Ehi, who are you?
This is the Police, are you Arthur Adams?
Sorry, but Mr. Moonlight has been killed.
How did happen?
We can't give you information,
you've to come here immediately.
Of course, no informations.
We don't have a clue,
we've only an ancient painting.
What, a painting?
Yeah, I've to come here tomorrow.
No, I'm coming right now, immediately.
There is no reason for this murder.
You know Agent, when I was in Italy
for my researches.
A similar murder happened
there, same patterns...
I think they're connected.
You can ask for information from
the agent Taron Irons in Turin...
Just a second.
York's agent here, Detective McGuire.
Are you the agent Iron?
Yes, it's me.
Do you know Mr. Adams?
Yes, I know him, he's a very good guy.
I guarantee for him.
He's not involved in this murder.
You were right.
The Italian agent witnessed for you...
But, please, remain at our disposal.
Professor Ludwig Adrian Moonlight
has made you his universal heir.
He left a small part of
his fortune to the Foundation.
He must have loved you very much.
He was like a father to me...
My mentor.
This was included in Moonlight's...
last will.
I leave you here.
you were like a son to me.
So I decided to make you
my heir in every sense.
I trust you will find the Way
to follow your destiny...
and continue our search without me.
the true nature of things is always hidden.
This is your journey.
Be strong!
Be yourself...
and be goddamn genius!
Good Luck, my boy.
...and then the notary gave me
a postal package,
a confidential box... and a letter.
Inside, there was the missing scroll.
And the letter?
It was totally in the Professor's style.
He wrote me about a task I've to
We've to go back to the Egyptian Museum.
Everything started over there.
There must be something I'm missing.
We've to dig inside the paper archives.
No, it's crazy.
It's a major violation
of the Shuster's law.
We'll end up in jail!
No one can enter in the archives, okay?
It's too dangerous.
Nothing is impossible.
A dear friend of mine
is working in the archives.
What are you doing?
Go back to your bed!
No time to rest. I'm fine.
Esther, it's nice to see you.
It's a long time. Can we go?
It's done.
Esther will let us get inside the
But you have to be very careful.
Just the two of them...
You stay here with me.
There are so many things
you have to tell me.
Okay, then.
Pay attention,
and look at every detail
that can help us.
Thank you.
I go this way, you can go the other.
Sarah, are you okay?
Sarah, where are you?
Are you all right?
Are you okay?
Why didn't you answer me?
I heard you...
but I didn't want to scream.
I was far from you,
trying to find the light switch.
It switched off automatically.
Are you okay?
I feel better now. What did you find?
I just had a look.
Inside this folder there's a
document mentioning our scroll...
and the followers of Horus
connected with the seven deadly sins.
They mention the god Thot
and strange links with
Dante, Egypt and Bosch.
The author of the document is a woman:
Sandra Tule.
Here, she talks about something
kept in the Abbey of St. Michael.
We've to show this document
immediately to James,
maybe he can find other connections.
We've found something.
St. Michael... St. Michael Abbey.
My friends... Welcome to Paradise.
I'm father Hugo.
I assume, you're here to see the Abbey?
As you can see,
Paradise is difficult to reach!
Your friend seems like is not in
condition for such a difficult walk.
Perhaps I can get in the car with you,
we go to the main gate
and then we can walk from there.
Thank you.
...sooner or later this road
is going to kill me.
If not that, the beer
and the sandwiches will...
it's better to go with a full stomach,
And surely, the air of this sacred place
will have me go as a happy man!
Thank you for you company.
Enjoy the Abbey.
Thank you.
I'm going to the dining hall,
after such a rigorous walk,
one should've something of substance.
It was carved by Nicolao.
My friends are still here.
How about I take you for
a behind-the-scenes tour?
And how about you?
Are you coming?
Yes, I'm coming...
Maybe that man wants to come, too...
What man?
No, he's not there anymore. I was saying before,
the Abbey is dedicated
to the Archangel Michael...
Here, he's crushing the tempting devil.
As you know...
The temptations of Satan
can be intense...
and only the Saints can resist them.
One temptation I can't resist is:
Why everybody always blames the
Dante puts them in Hell.
Bosch paints them eating like pigs.
Everybody has to eat, right?
Ah, I have a real treasure for you.
It's my favourite... come!
The chapel down below
was built in the 5th Century.
Incredible, ah!?
Come up here, I get something
very special for you. Please.
The Susa Valley.
Don't worry, he must be inside the
we'll find him later.
He can't get lost...
there's only one way down.
The Susa Valley which provided a passage
for the Longobards in the 6th Century.
You're looking straight across
the mountain to France.
Don't scream!
A sudden awakening could make him fall.
Oh my... Stay here.
Wake up...
St. Michael...
Head of the heavenly army...
Please, help this man...
Save this man... Spare this man...
Archangel of the Heavens.
You have the power.
Please, give him the power.
Give him the strength!
Heal him!
Please, St. Michael.
What happened?!
I was flying in the void...
An angel with a bird's face
slow down my fall.
Was it a dream?!
No. You really fell.
Impossible, it was real?
I go to call an ambulance.
I was a child, I was fine. My father...
Did you see him?
The angel used his sword...
Don't worry, be quiet.
He used his sword to hit the dragon.
The dragon disappeared.
On the top of the sword it was a key...
A broken key!
What a strange dream...
I got it!
It was all true.
Where is that man gone?
Is he your friend? Can we trust him?
Those who look for the truth
are more than friends.
They're brothers.
Good to see you.
You are welcome.
Let's go to the next room.
It's quieter...
and no one will bother us.
The broken key...
both an ancient symbol
of wisdom and our circle,
but the Ankh...
There are some connections
to the Egyptian Tradition
of Horus and Thot...
There're many, many interpretations.
Interpretations... such as?
Certain things cannot be shared.
Always secrets.
But of course, dear boy...
Life is full of secrets.
And we cannot digest them all at once.
It takes time and patience.
We must reach deep and
find our own understanding.
The broken key represents
the impossibility
to discovered a secret even if
it's in front of our eyes,
under our nose.!
The broken key comes to us
in many ways...
Yes but, what's its meaning?
Explaining a symbol,
is like telling someone
how to feel in front of the first love
or in front of a work of Art...
There're as many feelings...
as people in the world.
Well, so much for explanations.
But if you truly want to
discover the secret
you have to dive into the symbol itself
by entering into your soul.
The path of the perfect man...
like the Androgyne in Beach's painting.
James, give me some water, please...
Yeah, sure.
You must embody the broken key...
become one with it...
in order to find...
where the Truth is concealed.
Symbols, secrets, metaphors...
They are all paths
to help us realize
what would be incomprehensible.
Then, like the Pelican with its little
we will feed our children
with what we have understood.
this city is protected by angels.
And the Pelican is the symbol of the
From Egypt, through Saliceto,
the Ankh key.
Queen Ankese-pa-Aton
and finally the Abbey of St. Michael.
Here we find the Ankh
key, but ifs broken...
Stay quiet!
Stay quiet!
There's nothing, here.
Where's the key?
Far from people like you!
What do you want?
Leave Sarah alone.
She has nothing to do with it.
at midnight,
at the fountain of Solferino Square...
Be just a minute late, and...
I see you got it.
The truth...
is just in front of your eyes.
That man in black!
Who? What man?
That man in black...
he took Sarah...
Sarah? Where is she?
We've to give him what he wants.
We've to give up...
We've to him the key.
The forces ruling the world are
far more powerful than us all.
What I know is when
the storm is coming,
every man must act according to
his true nature.
Some are stuck in terror,
some others run away or try to hide,
some others...
spread their wings and start to fly...
You're right, James.
War can't be eliminated
but just postponed to
our enemy's advantage.
I'm calling Taron.
The Pelican...
feeds its sons with its own flesh.
The Truth...
can be seen only through the eyes of death.
But it must be illuminated
by the sun at its highest peak.
The Truth
is just in front of your eyes.
21st June 2033
Summer Solstice - 11.59 P.M.
Regulus, the diamond of the sky,
shines with the brightest
splendor at the Summer Solstice..
The constellation of the Lion...
The facade of the Church...
The path of the Worthy.
Special places in the city.
The masters of the XIX century
have shaped Turin
with some important monuments
linked to the symbols of magic.
Like in the Book
of the Fondazione of Edfu.
The Seven Sages...
I must look for these places,
as if the entire town was
a great philosophical abode...
Angels replace the Egyptian gods...
I told you to come alone!
What are your friends doing over there?
Now everything will be worse for you.
No one can cover your back!
Go, go, go!
Hurry up...
or your friend is going to die
before sunrise!
Where should I go?
You must find Bosch's pelican!
Only when you are as innocent
as a dove and as wise as a snake,
can you hope to find the Truth.
But the painting is in Berlin,
not here...
Where can I find a pelican in Turin?
Maybe, he mean something else...
This city is protected by the angels.
I've already been to the Angelic
Fountain... Nothing! Nothing!
An ancient legend...
talks about an angel flying above
Europe through Turin...
Remember this clearly:
The Latin acronym of the seven deadly sins!
Every titan Wants to go
back to his original state
to the divine creature he once Was.
Here the Zed is inserted in the Ankh key...
Someone is using Art to
spread his wisdom...
and Art is like a breath
of wind bringing change.
The Truth can't be revealed all at once.
Statuto Square! Yes!
I must reach Statuto Square.
There is another angel, over there!
A dove and a snake, together.
Dove and snake, together.
The angel of the metamorphosis:
The snake becoming a dove and flying
It's Lucifer, the Angel bearer
of the light... The star.
The Angel with his feet on the rocks
and his head in the sky...
Damn it, I can't find the pelican here!
No, it's not the pelican!
What is he looking at?
Yes, the Great Mother.
On the right, a man is holding
the Tables of the Law,
on the left there is Charity,
with an angel looking at the chalice,
the Sacred Grail, the Christ, the
who feeds his sons with his own flesh.
It's impossible! Nicholas...
Another angel is flying away...
Sarah, where are you?
Some are stuck in terror,
some others run away or try to hide,
some others...
spread their wings and start to fly.
I am Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow...
I have the Power to give life back.
Father, I understand... finally.
What's happening?
The the flying angel is
the Angel of the Tower.
There was once an angel
of the tower... on top of it.
He fell because of a storm...
The angelic fountain, Lucifer,
the Grail, the Pelican,
the Angel looking at the Grail
held by a dreaming woman.
No... No, she's looking at
the Angel on the Tower!
I'm Lucifer,
I am Osiris and Horus
searching for the Light.
I can't believe it!
It's like the old cathedrals.
This city is a great open-sky sanctuary!
The Antonelliana Tower,
it's a portal to the Light!
It's like the Sphinx in the Plain of
The Angel! The Angel was over there!
the way to Paradise.
Let's go!
It's a star. It stands for knowledge.
Once, there was a winged genius,
up there...
an angel of fire.
He was a protector of secrets.
Those secrets that could not be
It has been hidden
at the base of the genius.
They didn't want it to be found.
Because if revealed,
that knowledge ill use... could...
it could crush the world...
the world as we know it.
But should the Knowledge
belong to everybody.
Some people don't think so.
They had the angel struck down by
So the secret was concealed...
I don't understand.
Two different forces are working
They have concealed the secret...
in the tower, once more.
The star of Knowledge.
The highest point in town.
It's still there!
It's still there...
waiting for someone to find it...
and to decide...
if to keep it or to show it to the
Don't do it!
No! Don't do it!
You, bastard!
Are you okay?
Are you feeling all right?
Are you hurt?
It's okay. I've just slipped. Thank you.
Let's go.
It's time.
I've to go.
Do you know how to use the key?
What does it open?
If you don't know what to do,
just leave the key here.
Someone more deserving than you
will continue the quest.
You must to learn
to ask the right questions.
Only then, you will really
receive an answer.
Must the key be reconstituted
or should it be left broken?
Is man ready to reconstitute it?
This is the right question.
A whole key could...
reveal some...
ill-timed surprises!
If man is not ready...
Who is the guardian?
You are the guardian.
Your heart is pure now.
We're here.
You may pass.
Let's go.
Give me the key.
It's my turn to go ahead.
No, we must go all together.
I told you to give me the key.
Taron, what are you doing?
Shut up, old man!
The key!
The key!
The key!
Bastard, now I understand!
War can't be eliminated,
but just postponed to our enemy's
James, are you okay?
Don't worry about me.
Go on, I will join you later.
We must go on, it's vital!
Go, what are you waiting for?
I am fine... don't worry.
Okay, let's go.
You can't win, you have to give up.
you'll have some hope.
Only if you give up...
can still have hope.
You are not real.
You can't hurt me.
Are you okay?
Yes it's fine!
Could you give me the light?
Sure, here you are.
The Gate of the Duat.
The Gate of Heaven for the pure of
The key of the Gods.
Those who hold it,
are the masters of life and death.
know yourself and become God.
Keep it with you, until
the right time comes.
It's yours.
Your time.
The way of Horus is still operating.
Traces have been found
in the Italian branch
of the most important Egyptian
Museum, after Cairo...