The Bros (2017) Movie Script

What a way to start the day!
-Hey, Mi-bong.
You must be busy. Why did you come?
-What about the funeral?
-It will get done.
I think I'll have to call Seoul.
Did your father allow it?
-Careful! Be careful!
-Careful! Be careful!
Seriously. You might break it!
-Do you know their phone numbers?
-No, I don't.
No one does.
They cut ties after what they did.
What are you doing to someone's grave?
During the era of the Korean Empire,
a patriotic fighter
donated his family's gold Buddhas
to the independence movement.
But while transporting them,
he was stabbed by a Japanese soldier.
Even as he died,
he did not tell where he hid them,
even to his own son.
Thanks to that, two gold Buddhas
worth 5 billion won each
are still buried somewhere.
Where is that?
In Anju, South Pyeongan.
Why do you think our ancestors
kept saying their wish was unification?
Forget political or economic exchange.
This treasure. This is what's important.
This is patriotism.
I guess my lecture moved you.
Don't do that. It's embarrassing.
Any questions?
Go ahead.
Hold on.
Your product has cleared customs.
I need to go. If you have questions,
take a look at Min-seok Seol's
Japanese Colonial Era.
Have a nice day.
This is a massive construction
requiring 37 tunnels
between Seoul and Andong.
Because of the partial collapse,
there is too much added cost.
It was a difficult region
to build a highway to begin with.
If construction
were to complete as planned,
an additional loss of 300 billion won
is projected.
Thus, if we make a new path
around this private property
on Cheondeung Mountain,
we can meet the deadline,
and reduce cost by 50 billion won.
Well, it isn't bad.
Why are we going around?
Why must we go around that hill?
That private property.
We can't develop there.
Why not? Are the locals scary?
It would be easier to put a road
through Gyeongbokgung Palace.
I looked into it, sir.
Turn mine on.
They say if we split Cheondeung Mountain
and go through the middle,
we'll cut a month of construction time
and 100 billion won in cost.
I don't know much, since I just started,
but if you do something expecting
to take a loss, isn't that malpractice?
Is it embezzlement?
This works well.
Sir. I checked with Mr. Lee,
and if we take that route,
we'll hit a family-owned property...
Who cares about some family?
-Mr. Lee.
-Yes, sir?
Is what Mr. Ko said correct?
If you don't explain this properly,
you're fired.
Is Professor Han in class?
Tell him the equipment arrived.
Don't forget.
It's important. Okay. Thanks.
Did you cause trouble again?
-Did you buy more equipment?
Yeah, a little one.
You don't have a home
so you keep your stuff in your locker.
The equipment arrived.
Is there really a treasure in Myanmar?
It's a sure thing. The Department
of Archaeology is leading this one.
Do you know how much debt...
I think he'll succeed the most among us.
He has a dream.
Don't forget us when you make it big.
He has dreams, but no sense of reality.
Why do you spend so much money
on equipment?
If you spend 100 million won on equipment
and steal 2 million, how does that work?
Hey. We'll find the treasure,
and display it at museums
all over the world.
Then my name will show up as the donor.
It's a huge honor to my family.
And that pays well.
What is it?
Civil War in Myanmar
Myanmar what?
-Where will you use the equipment now?
-What the...
Hey! What...
Professor Han, you said
you would guarantee it.
How could you not know a war broke out?
I bought it with a loan.
What am I going to do? I can't return it.
Wait a second.
Geosan Family's Choon-bae Lee passed away.
Funeral: Geosan House in Anmak, Andong.
Of all timing.
I'm going to lose my mind.
So? What do you think?
What do you mean, 30 million won?
I bought it for 100 million won.
How could I give it to you for 30?
I didn't even open it.
No, I'm not selling it
because it's broken.
A GPR is...
I'll submit a written apology.
An investigation isn't necessary.
Malpractice? Embezzlement?
Why are you talking about that now?
Just fire me instead.
No, I'm not saying that
I'm actually going to quit.
That's not it. Hello?
Why are you doing this to me?
I haven't seen you before.
Where did you come from?
This is my hometown.
Please face forward.
What was that?
What happened?
That weak little punk.
I wasn't very interested,
but you must be doing well.
Let's go in silence as we had been.
It's nice and awkward.
You freak.
Please don't curse in my car.
You sound vulgar.
You rude little prick.
Don't live like that
just because you're good-looking.
Got that?
Confirm payment for the
100-million won loan is on schedule.
Have you come to the Andong house since?
I'm guessing you have?
I guess, if there was stuff
to suck out of them.
You are such a prick.
You're just like your dad.
You're just like your dad.
You're pigheaded and shameless.
Hey. Watch it.
Did your father teach you
to treat your older brother like that?
Did your father teach you
to take without giving back, you punk?
Hey! That hurts!
Punk? Don't talk down to me.
I'm already upset about losing my hair.
We just hit something, didn't we?
-I'm not sure.
Damn it.
-Oh, no.
-What the hell?
I'm sure we hit something.
Excuse me!
Are you a person?
You are not a person, are you?
It must have been an animal. Let's go.
Are you kidding? Look.
Do you think they went this far?
Why did you bother me while I was driving?
It's just a pheasant, moron.
Seriously. I hope it wasn't a person.
We did hit something...
Hey, what's wrong?
What's wrong, bastard? You're scaring me.
It's a person. A person.
A person.
Oh, no.
Cover her up.
I can't move.
-This is 119. What's your emergency?
Yes, We're by Route 5.
I think we hit a person.
-Please hurry.
That's not it. We don't know
if we hit her
or if she was already lying there.
Why would she be lying here? Moron.
-What should we do?
there's a swine of boars loose,
so everyone's there.
I'm alone right now.
That's a rule violation.
Why is everyone there?
We have pheasants and boars, too.
We have lots of animals here, too!
Come quickly!
We need someone to answer the phone.
Can you take the person
to a nearby hospital?
What is he talking about?
He said to move her.
-Who? Her?
Let go!
Let's carry her.
I got her.
Why are you over there? Get over here.
Her feet? Really?
Open the door.
Hold her.
-I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!
-Oh, no.
-Her head.
-Oh, no.
-Hurry up and drive.
-Oh, no. I'm sorry.
Your head. Darn it. Your head...
-She's alive, right?
-Don't jinx us!
-She's awake!
-She's awake!
-Stop the car!
Excuse me. Are you okay?
Ouch, my head...
My head...
My head...
Your bed?
My head.
-Her head. Head.
It hurts so much.
You want a bunch?
-It hurts so much!
-Does it hurt a lot?
Go fast...
-Go faster.
She said to go faster!
Okay. Let's go. Go!
Hurry. Let's go.
Thank you.
Thank you for being alive.
Can't you go faster?
Why aren't there any hospitals?
This hick town.
Do you live here?
No. This is our hometown.
I feel warm and fuzzy
just hearing the word.
I'm a Seoul girl.
Where can we drop you off?
I don't know.
I can't remember.
Just take me as far as you're going.
I'm sure I'll remember
if I walk around the town,
since it's the countryside.
No, Andong is bigger than you think.
It'll be too hard to look
while walking around.
Why? What are you laughing at?
Nothing. It's just...
I feel like I was too obvious
about being a Seoul girl.
It's so hot.
You must have hit your head hard.
Go to a big hospital,
-and get...
-No. I know my body.
The smell of the country.
But you know,
is it right to say this outhouse smell
is pleasant and nice?
I mean, flowers and food
smell pleasant and nice.
No one poops and says,
"That smells nice."
-She's weird.
-You hit her.
We hit her together.
Then cooks the poop and eats it.
Excuse me!
What the...
Please call us if anything hurts later on.
She says she's fine.
Stop it.
You wear the mourning robe.
Are you insane? You're the First Grandson.
I refuse. I will never.
They never fit, either.
I hate it more. I'm sick of memorials
and mourning robes.
Don't step foot in Andong again.
Don't come even if I die.
How could you hold a funeral
without the children?
Mom lived like a slave in this family,
and died!
Father, you...
You're the ones who wouldn't
answer your phones. How dare you?
Who did you call?
We didn't get a call!
Even if you were in a rush,
what are you wearing?
Mom died because of you, Father.
Mom got cancer
because you bugged her so much!
You didn't take her to the hospital once!
Was money that precious?
Say something!
Why that...
Shit. Father!
-Oh, my gosh.
-What is this?
-How dare that little...
-That insolent brat.
What did I do?
Everyone, down!
My goodness. Look who's here.
It's the family's First Grandson.
How have you been?
Well, other than a death in the family.
Are you two dating?
Let's stick to formalities
and get this done.
Mi-bong. Seeing you makes a shock
travel through my body.
How could you shoot me?
Mom's things are here.
Wearing a mourning robe solemnly
expresses one's filial love
toward his father.
Thus, although it is tricky
and complicated...
Why you brats!
Who wears that these days?
You know how our family is.
A symbol of Confucianism
based on rules of family rites.
Once the funeral is over,
we'll say you moved
to Uzbekistan or something,
and make someone else the First Son,
so you two just do your part
as the mourning family,
-and keep quiet...
-There's no need for words.
We'll be watching. Do it right!
A woman's voice shouldn't be heard
outside of the walls during mourning.
It is proper for you to mourn
the loss of your parent,
but since having immature children
was our destiny,
just make sure not to make
the family lose face.
Behave yourselves and follow etiquette.
You can do that, can you not?
-Their father
did not live to see them be good sons.
They are empty vessels
with loud mouthpieces.
I have a few things to tell you...
Yes. No, I wasn't doing
anything important. It was all nonsense.
Mother, please taste the broth.
Just look up the recipe online,
for the Andong-style.
The kitchen really feels different
with the First Daughter-in-Law gone.
She stopped working in the kitchen
in her last days.
She died without being treated properly
for not preparing
the ancestors' memorials.
Where's the blender?
You always do this without even looking.
The head is here. Where would the body be?
Did it grow feet? It must be here.
She got married not long ago,
so she knows absolutely nothing.
Don't laugh
when the family is in mourning.
Give me that. I bought it for my mom
for her birthday.
What a great birthday present.
Give me the wooden measuring spoons too.
We don't have that.
Should I look again?
How did the mom raise him
that he ended up like that?
Let me tell you about this sign.
It was displayed
at every national exhibition,
as well as in France.
This went all the way to France.
It's a work of art that was acknowledged
This went to France?
Then how much is this worth?
-I don't know about...
Is there anything else?
Like what?
You know, something valuable.
We don't have anything like that.
Why is the study locked?
The study?
-The study...
-Hey, why is this...
-What? What are you doing?
-Why are you putting it away?
I put it in because it was a pain to hold.
Even still, it's my father's funeral.
Do you think I would steal from there
and take off with it?
You can't fool me.
-I'm a cop.
-Forget it.
-Just hold it in your hand.
-It's heavy!
You can't do that to me.
-You're hurting my feelings.
-Why can't I?
I used to buy you ice cream
and take care of you when you were little.
Ice cream was so cheap...
I would steal money from my father...
Is there anything new?
Yeah, this has the highest value.
Is this real?
Yes, but there's a crack. Oh, well.
Why did you bother telling me, then?
You were asking for something new.
What's this?
-Isn't this a Joseon Dynasty coin?
-Yes. It's a cultural heritage.
-Why is this precious item here?
-This is for display.
The real one was sent
to the Studies Advancement Center.
Why was it put on display here?
-I didn't do it.
-There's nothing useful.
What do you mean?
All of these are so precious.
Hold on. This...
This calligraphy is by Seok-bong Han...
How did you know? It's Seok-bong Han...
-It is, right?
I could tell right away,
that it was Seok-bong Han.
Our ancestor Geo-san Lee,
who learned directly from Seok-bong Han,
wrote this himself.
That's right.
He learned from him?
It looks the same.
There's nothing decent.
They're all precious.
What is this? A washboard?
If you did laundry on that,
you'll lose all your hair.
-What is it?
-A woodblock.
It's our ancestor's diary
left behind for their descendants.
They carved these words one by one.
They could have written anywhere.
Why did they bother...
-That woodblock
-Oh, my gosh.
is our family's history,
and the link that connects
the past to the future.
-That's how holy
the blood flowing in your veins is.
-How much does this go for?
-What was that?
Nothing. I was wondering
what the market value was.
Why you!
You shameless jerk!
You keep that up,
and you'll be all alone in this world.
You disgraceful brat!
You little...
Don't eat that in here!
Okay. Good day.
What was that? Interpret it for me.
"Do you want to die, asshole?"
What's that?
How much would that cost?
Whether it's the sign or the vase,
split it halfway.
What freak messes with family heirlooms?
You punk. I'm a victim
of this family, too.
Are you confusing
"beneficiary" for "victim"?
They helped whenever you got scammed,
or took out a loan.
When you took my money to study abroad...
I did?
You look like you don't know.
You wanted to study abroad?
You beat me up
for getting into college on my first try
when it took you four,
and landed me in the ER.
You took off with my wedding fund,
so I had to call off the wedding.
Say you don't remember that either,
why don't you?
Your wedding was called off?
Are you at a confirmation hearing?
You don't remember anything?
Hey. If you were going to break up
because of money,
it's a good thing it ended.
That's good.
Is that a compliment?
Leave after the funeral.
I'll take care of things here.
The only thing you did right
was ruin my life!
You punk. How did I ruin your life?
You have a nice car and a house.
Why are you so bitter at life?
Ever since you were a kid,
you were always so...
I said I would take care of it
once I returned to Seoul.
-Why do you...
-What did you do to me?
-I'm the person you hit with your car.
Oh, yes. Right.
Do you feel okay?
Does something hurt?
-It's too hot,
-Is it that woman?
and I can't remember anything!
-Please speak...
-Give me that.
Look. We said several times
that you should go to a hospital.
We don't know if it's
because of the car accident!
Take responsibility!
What the heck?
What's going on? Why did the light go out?
Who is it?
You go out. Go out!
We aren't interested.
We aren't interested.
What the...
Who are you?
This family
should treat its ancestors better,
but given how uncaring you are,
why would they stay for long?
We had been lazy for a few years.
The First Daughter-in-Law died,
so we couldn't hold memorials.
I must remain in this house
for a few days.
I smell a ghost, rather than an ancestor.
We don't do exorcisms.
The oldest son goes to church.
You punk. What's wrong
with going to church?
I'm in the choir.
-Close the door properly.
-How depressing.
you seem a little familiar.
What is your family name?
What use is a family name
or a first name to a Buddhist
outside of the temple?
Please simply provide me
with three meals a day.
Thank you for your mercy.
Goodness. Sure.
You must be tired.
Don't you think your family
is a bit too tough?
Let's move to Vietnam. Okay?
Should we go to town and get a drink?
I feel like I can't breathe.
I need to do something.
-Once more.
Hey! Stop it before I kick you.
Is it a Marlboro?
But honey,
how did you find my cousins' numbers?
I'm Facebook friends with them.
You are?
Shouldn't we give these keys to them?
Only if one of them becomes the First Son.
Who would trust either of them now?
How could they not show up
for their mom's funeral?
Even dogs stick to their mom's side
when she dies.
It's the family's tradition to drag them,
even if they don't want to come.
Imagine what bastards they were,
that the elders didn't bother?
Just a minute.
You don't want to be
the First Son, do you?
You keep going in that direction.
No, not at all. I'm pure at heart.
Pure at heart?
"Scholar Karaoke Bar?"
A karaoke bar?
I was stuck in the kitchen,
and you went singing?
I didn't sing.
And you call yourself a cop? Die!
-Holy crap!
Please let the bastard through.
I refuse to be the First Son.
Mi-bong, that jerk.
Oh, my gosh.
What are you doing there?
It's snowing.
So, you think you may be here
to find someone, or maybe not.
I don't plan to ask for damages.
Thank you very much.
How much should I receive
for losing my memory?
It may be more precious
than all the money in the world,
or I may want to give all I have
to erase it.
I guess it's serious.
You know, I don't have
a strong desire to live.
I don't know why.
I feel kind of sad, and...
Ro-ra, why would someone
as beautiful as you...
How do you know my name?
I saw it on your business card.
Will you please say my name again?
Ro-ra Oh?
My gosh.
-It's hot.
I'm so hot.
-Why so suddenly...
-My name is...
-It's kind of hot.
-I see.
-Ro-ra Oh.
Should we go somewhere cool
and get some air?
Sure. Wait, what?
It's so hot.
But it's -10C...
It's cold out.
It's so refreshing!
Oh, my.
Oh, my. It wasn't intentional.
You are...
No, I'm not like that. I swear.
You are very strong.
What's your job?
I'm a lecturer and a head explorer.
Indiana Jones.
Yes, that's right.
-Push harder.
-Yes, ma'am.
I'll push really hard now.
I'm with a head explorer.
What an incredible evening.
What a romantic career.
Indiana Jones!
Sir, I was shortsighted...
Send or no?
What the...
Shoot. Come on! It got sent!
Let's go now.
What's your dream?
You must be a patriot.
Not really. There's something
I need to find if we unify.
You'll say I'm immature.
That's your charm.
What charm?
A fund for the independence
movement went missing.
Two gold Buddhas worth 5 billion won each.
How do you know that?
How do I know this?
You work for the Cultural Foundation.
Yes, that's right.
I work for the government.
That's right.
Your memory must be coming back.
-That must be it!
-That's great.
It's better for you.
There's a treasure in this house.
No. That's in Anju in South Pyongan.
No. It's in Andong in Gyeongsangbuk.
No, it isn't.
While investigating relics
from Cheondeung Mountain,
a writing from the Korean Empire
was discovered.
It had conclusive evidence
that the gold Buddhas
were in Andong, not Anju, and that it was
the Geosan Family's family treasure.
The gold Buddhas from the Korean Empire
are definitely in here.
The gold Buddhas are really
in this house, is that it?
Why is this house so big?
The dead are dead.
The living must live.
It's cold. Cold.
-Go to another room.
-You go.
Are you coming tomorrow?
Empty out my locker.
Why are your fingers so loud? Quiet down.
-Are you quitting?
-That's not it.
You're so loud.
You're so loud and it's so cold.
If you give me one more chance, I will do
everything I can for the company.
He didn't even read it.
Move your leg.
I said to move your leg!
Don't put your leg on a person's face.
Shit. Seriously.
How could the First Son die?
-It's so cold out
that the scallions are frozen.
Did you go exercise?
You'll live to 1,000.
Thank you. I'll just live to 100.
Look at you.
Isn't anyone coming from Seoul?
Everyone in Seoul thinks I'm an orphan.
Are you a bear?
What are you wearing?
Beat me to death. I still won't wear it.
-Do you really want to wear that?
Tell me what you're up to.
Who are you?
Mr. Lee.
Ms. Yoon.
You are really pretty.
Thank you.
What are you doing here?
May I touch that just once?
Sure, go ahead.
It's so pretty.
How is Seoul?
There must be lots of Starbucks, too.
It must be nice.
Anyway, which clan is your family from?
Which branch?
I don't really know.
No, you must know. You must!
-Oh, no.
To which clan does your family belong?
To the Papyeong Yoons.
And which branch?
The Booyoon group which split
from the Pando group.
What an honorable family.
Was there any member of the family
that we may know...
Bong-gil Yun.
Bong-gil Yun.
Dr. Bong-gil Yun.
Do you know what the Three Duties are?
Why are you...
She lived abroad,
so she doesn't know things like that.
Woman. Three.
The three duties of a woman.
As a child, you follow your father.
Once you get married,
you follow your husband.
Once the husband dies...
I mean, after the husband dies...
She should pursue a new marriage,
What? What was that?
Why are you asking things like that?
She must be uncomfortable.
She's a future daughter-in-law.
Naturally, we must ask...
What daughter-in-law?
She's just a colleague.
She's higher up than I am. She's old, too.
Let's go.
-Get up.
-My foot fell asleep!
My foot fell asleep.
I'm sorry.
Dad hid it again.
I'm sure he wrote something
about the gold Buddhas.
-Ouch! That hurts.
-You brat.
I'm trying to pay a debt
with the treasure.
How long will the First Grandson
chase useless dreams?
-Why you...
-Come on, Father.
Don't come here to steal!
Thank you.
Why didn't you say you were from Andong?
I was shocked when I heard from Ms. Yoon.
I wasn't intentionally
keeping it from you. I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to interrogate you
about designing around the land.
-Let's look at it this way.
People will be gathered,
so it's a good opportunity.
You may take a few days after the funeral,
so bring back the consent forms.
Then I'll ignore the 50-million dollar
debt you tried to create.
I'll make you the branch president
of the Germany branch, too.
Just a minute.
Sa-ra. The CEO said he'd send me
to Germany.
You shouldn't do this to a colleague.
I'm done, so I'll go now.
That is not it.
The family is embarrassing me, so...
Joo-bong, you liked me
because I was like a foreigner, right?
I was laid back and professional.
I liked you because you were very Korean.
However, whereas opposites attract,
they can't last.
Good luck with the funeral.
-That's right.
Let me know when you die.
I'll pay my respects.
Are you okay?
You almost scratched me.
What are you doing here?
It's not because of the car accident.
She was always a psycho.
There was an amusement park
on the way home.
If you look closely,
the apparatus height is different.
There's no amusement park in Andong.
Don't ask about the details.
I'll know when I see it.
I'll know.
Here. This house here. All right.
All right!
Is this it? Is this your house?
Oh, my gosh. That house.
Isn't it so pretty?
It's so my style.
Are you a real estate broker?
That won't work on these people.
Email me the consent
and development plans.
Are you crying or singing?
Are you building a highway?
You must be in construction.
-Are you good at shoveling?
-Aren't you crazy?
How could you say something
so mean to my face?
I apologize.
You'll never get them to sign
with that attitude.
The adults here are very sensitive
about attitude.
I know.
But then again,
these people are very simple.
This is a secret.
What is a secret?
-Excuse me.
-Look here, First Grandson.
First Grandson.
-First Grandson!
-Say hi.
He's the First Son of the Noam Family.
I'm Suk-bong Lee, 19th generation son
of the Geosan Family.
I finally get to see your face,
First Grandson.
He's busy in Seoul.
He's always in the lecture hall.
Yes, I'm in a lecture hall.
When the First Daughter-in-Law
passed away...
Yes, at that time...
I heard you had been abducted.
You didn't know
about your mother's funeral.
It must weigh on you so.
Remember, when you were
in the Philippines,
you met those thugs
that you didn't know...
I was taken hostage.
I was abducted for my knowledge.
That's right. Hostage.
They were trying to extract
national secrets from him...
"I cannot tell.
Kill me instead."
I withstood the torture.
My finger became like this,
but I am fine now.
I knew it. The blood of the leaders
of the independence movement.
You have holy blood in your family.
That way.
-Let's go.
-What's that way?
I'll let you two talk.
You're here.
A government worker told you that?
Is this the Cultural Foundation?
Is there an analyst named Ro-ra Oh?
She's out right now. She's a manager.
-I'm starting to have faith.
-It's done.
That cost 100 million won?
Okay. I skimmed through this,
and the power button is on the left,
and you control it on the right.
You can understand this?
Although it's in English?
I'm looking at the pictures.
There are pictures everywhere.
It's detailed.
"The First Son of Al Lee,
13th generation, Minister of War.
Third-rank official
during the Joseon Dynasty,
the 17th generation
Jang-bok Lee's uncle..." Who is that?
Couldn't they teach me, too?
Who's the 13th generation ancestor,
who was a Minister of War?
Al Lee.
First Grandson is studying.
Get out. Go on.
Uncle is looking for you.
-Just go.
Hey, Mi-bong!
The eighteenth-generation ancestor's
eighth cousin, Bum-goo Lee.
Will you really give me this?
He's your tenth cousin.
There's a 16th generation elder
named Gwi-yal.
How that works is,
your great grandfather's cousin
had an affair,
and had twins.
I think the younger of the two...
Did you memorize this already?
This is a gold detector.
You don't hold it up.
It's upside down.
This sensor monitors the difference
in the magnetic field.
Log it in numerical value.
I was a literature major.
I'm bad with numbers.
Don't be like that.
What are you doing there?
What are you up to now?
-Who are those people?
They're from the mourning agency.
They weren't doing anything,
so I gave them other work.
We accompany the deceased...
Along his final path...
Don't do that. Seriously.
Both of the mourners
stepped away for a moment.
I'm sorry.
-Get over here already.
-Yes, sir.
My apologies.
Here comes the mourner!
What are you doing?
Let me introduce him to you.
Are you not Elder Bum-goo Lee,
the past north town chief?
That is correct.
-You're the ninth cousin of my father.
-That's right.
As my father always said,
you are so upright,
you are like a pine tree.
That's more like it.
A highway will come in.
I'm against it. Do you want
to split up Andong into two?
Are you our sixth-generation
ancestor's eighth generation grandson,
none other than Gwi-yal Lee?
What? You know who I am?
Of course, I do.
I really wanted to meet you.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Why aren't you greeting the guests?
I was cutting the grass
while listening to music.
I think the grass will grow soon.
I'll cut them in advance.
Has he lost his mind?
If you don't like Suk-bong,
how about Joo-bong?
A person does not change.
One only puts on an act.
Yes. Once a bastard, always a bastard.
Did the second cousin
say he'll be the First Son?
-He wants him to do it.
-It's so hard.
-Let's move faster.
Good, that's good. Move your hand.
-Hey, put this up there for now.
Careful. Be careful.
Careful. I'll be careful.
-I said to put it up there.
-That's not it.
Give it to me.
What's this? I took this from Joo-bong.
It still works.
And the second horse is catching up.
He's coming down the lane...
Uncle, you know the hill
that our family owns?
-Let's talk about it.
-Forget it.
Since when did you speak with an accent?
It's very awkward.
-What is this?
-Stop that.
Pull it out a little.
Why is your arm so short?
Move aside.
-You got it.
-I almost have it.
It's gold.
-Gold. It's gold.
-It's gold!
What the heck? It's an old phone.
What percent will you give me?
-About five percent.
-Not ten?
Hey, 5% of 10 billion won
is 500 million won.
Okay, I'm in. That number sounds good.
I told you I got your back...
This is where our ancestors'
tablets are stored.
What brings you here?
I felt a negative energy coming from here.
Negative? It's where our ancestors are.
They wouldn't harm us.
I was just looking around.
Which temple are you with?
I know most of the temples in Andong.
As long as I live like the wind
that isn't caught by nets,
I am the temple, and I am the Buddha.
-Okay, then.
-Did you...
perform any exorcisms?
Did you do many?
How many meals...
did you have during your entire life?
Naturally, I ate more
than the average person.
Where are you going? We're talking!
Can you even draw Dharma?
Do you believe you have crystals
in your body?
This memorial is canceled!
The rice cakes aren't good,
the shark isn't good,
and why is the octopus not out yet?
I'm sorry.
It's almost done.
You're the First Daughter-in-Law,
and you can't prepare a memorial properly?
Look at this.
Here. Speed dial one is the fish market.
Number two is the rice cake place.
Everyone hires people like them now.
No one cooks everything
by themselves anymore.
Speed dial zero is me. Me.
If you press zero,
you'll reach me directly.
-Here. This is yours.
Don't show the old fogies.
They'll say something.
Is it mine?
Of course. You use it.
This is nice.
-I can call you?
Don't press it now. Not now.
The food tastes good.
What's their problem?
How can you sleep when your head
doesn't touch the ground?
How interesting.
This punk. He can't mess up
my treasure hunt.
I think we'll have to speed it up.
I'm uncomfortable.
Exactly. Take this off.
You look uncomfortable to me, too.
I can't because of the old fogies.
I need to wear this,
so they don't suspect me.
I'm talking about my brother.
What about him?
If they begin construction, I can't dig.
If he finds out, he'll bug me
for one of the gold Buddhas.
Why should I give him 5 billion won?
What did he do?
I'm going to stop eating.
Let's get to work.
Let's just finish eating
what I put my chopsticks into.
-Are you smoking again?
-I smell cigarette smoke.
-I'm not.
Please keep it a secret.
This isn't something I can keep a secret.
Can't we young people
understand each other?
No, I can't!
It isn't a sin to smoke.
And I started to smoke
after I got married,
because it's exhausting.
I meant Suk-bong.
You bastard. I had my doubts,
but you'll eat up 10 billion won alone?
What do you mean?
If he finds out, he'll bug me
for one of the gold Buddhas.
Why should I give him 5 billion won?
-Who is that?
-Do you want to hear more?
-Please keep it a secret.
-What's that?
Not her.
Hey. Let's be completely honest.
You and I are both trying
to sell this place out.
If you build a highway here,
I can't find the gold Buddhas,
and my life is over.
Shoot. I shouldn't do this.
-I'll give you 10%.
-I don't need your money!
I can't stand your attitude!
You manipulated Father and took my share.
-Don't you even feel bad?
-Feel bad about what?
Why do you think Father gave me so much?
It was to make me the family's First Son.
I hated that, too.
Do you know what my childhood dream was?
Unlike everyone else,
my dream was to be an orphan.
My dream was to be you, you pig.
You little pig! You pig.
Why you little...
-You coward.
Get lost.
Did you hit me?
Give me a break.
Hey. You punk.
You're used to this.
The forehead flick. Right? What?
You're so gross!
You little...
I'm going to kill you.
Fighting is bad.
There are two gold Buddhas anyway.
Did you tell him?
Why did you tell only him?
She told me when she was sane
momentarily. Don't yell at her.
No. She planned all of this.
She told me to memorize the family tree
to win over the elders.
Who are you exactly?
lived with Choon-bae.
-Who's Choon-bae?
-Don't you know Father's name?
That's right.
What? What did you say?
What are you after?
I only spoke the truth.
-Why you...
-Go easy on her.
Was it...
after our mother passed away?
-Are you insane?
-Stay still, will you?
Can you tell us?
-Why are you ignoring me?
-What's wrong with you?
-Stop it. Stop!
-Damn it!
Oh, no. Ro-ra.
She has no pulse!
She has no pulse! No pulse!
-I didn't touch her.
-Neither did I.
Hide her.
Come quickly! Hurry!
-Okay. Coming.
-We'll come.
What are you doing?
-We were just...
-We'll be there soon.
-Hurry up!
-We said we would go!
-We'll go! So leave!
-We're going!
-What do we do?
-Here. Cover her.
Cover her.
-You should cover her.
-Cover her.
Cover. Cover her for now.
Okay. What now?
Let's go.
That's all? Shoot.
We were kind to you,
and you stole from us?
Where are the cops?
I called earlier, and he said
they would be here soon.
You dug up the front and back yards,
and searched all over the house.
Then, you tried to sneak
into the ancestral shrine?
You have been caught red-handed,
but it wasn't you?
Well, I did try to go
into the ancestral shrine,
but not to steal something.
Everyone, freeze!
Check each corner to make sure
there's no one hiding.
He didn't come alone
to rob this big house.
Stay still!
Move! What are you doing? Move!
Look at me. Are there more accomplices?
Staying quiet won't work on me.
You'll talk eventually.
He's so cool.
It's dangerous here, so go home.
-Please, come here!
-What is it?
-What is it?
Check the site. Gather all the evidence.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
-Let's see.
-Let me see.
There are way too many cigarette butts.
They're all Marlboro Red, too.
The store in town doesn't sell imports.
Maybe it was the accomplice.
Maybe he isn't from around here.
That is not evidence!
So many people go out of town,
and there may cigarette brands.
That cannot...
That cannot by evidence.
That's true.
Why did you scream like that?
People spit all over here.
I didn't know and stepped on it.
So gross.
What's in here?
What is it?
It's just...
Do something.
-What is this?
-What is that?
What is that?
I didn't see it there earlier.
-Oh, no. Do something.
Oh, no.
Hey. Lift it.
What is this?
There's nothing here.
The firewood was here.
-Darn it.
-Did I leave it there?
-We're coming back.
Oh, my gosh.
I thought it was a person.
Where did she go?
Wait a minute!
Listen to me!
Please listen!
Stop that already.
Let's go.
Suk-bong. Joo-bong.
How could you just go? I almost died.
Where did you go?
Hold her.
That way.
She needs to lie down. Are you okay?
What are you guys doing?
She's someone we know.
Have you both lost your mind?
Whom do you mean?
-Ro-ra right here.
Who's Ro-ra?
-What's wrong with him?
-I don't know.
He must be in shock.
Take him to his room to rest.
Who? Me?
Did he have dementia?
What? Me? Dementia?
Come now.
He's our uncle.
I think he's a bit out of it right now.
Please be understanding.
Our family is a bit special.
Am I the crazy one?
They look weird in my eyes.
-Am I the one hallucinating?
-Oh, my.
Look. Is it me?
Since when did I have dementia?
Snap out of it!
It isn't you. Something's wrong with them.
Why are you acting like
there's someone there?
What do you mean?
It's so strange.
They look very familiar.
I get a feeling I know them.
Right there. She's talking
and walking by. Don't you see her?
-What? Who?
-What? Right there.
-She's there.
-Stop fooling around.
-I am not.
What's wrong with you?
-This person.
-You don't see her?
-Where is this person?
-Are they crazy?
-Are they okay?
-What are they saying?
She has no shadow.
-Please call...
-She says she's fine.
I'll push really hard now.
-She's a ghost! Ghost!
Please, don't call me...
The monk was right!
We have a ghost!
Do something!
If you're human, show yourself!
If you're a ghost, leave!
Don't tell me to leave!
I thought there was treasure...
But there's a ghost instead.
-Can you see?
No. I don't see her.
Did she leave? Is she gone?
I thought I was going to die.
She was right there.
Please, let me live. I'm sorry.
Choon-bae. Please, Choon-bae.
Hold on.
Look at me.
Aren't you Hyung-bae?
My goodness. Finally, you...
My goodness.
-Who's Hyung-bae?
-I don't know.
didn't need to live like this.
If you leave like this...
how am I supposed to repay my debt?
When Hyung-bae was young,
he ran away,
saying he didn't want to be the First Son.
When we finally found him,
he had become a monk.
Luckily, there was a distant relative
who was dirt poor.
The family adopted their son.
That was your father.
They bugged Mom and us
talking about blood, and the family.
But he was adopted?
The family's loyal dog.
-Take this.
-Who cares about my health?
Tell us!
The woodblock is also gone.
I need to survive.
That disgusting family...
Please open your mouth.
I had refused to believe it.
You're really the First Son now, Mi-bong.
Are you okay?
She is so frail.
-Let's try calling again.
-Just arrest him.
He's beyond saving.
He's a crook. Send him to jail.
Would you report him
even if he were really your blood?
What was that?
Did you ever consider us
the First Sons of this family?
Then? Will you get them back?
Sell the family hill in exchange.
Not for blood, but for business.
Please, find him.
Tie him up, so he can't run away.
Seeing how you worry about the family,
you are worthy
to be the First Daughter-in-Law.
How honorable.
You get to become
the First Daughter-in-Law.
Thank you.
What are you trying to do?
Whatever. I'll sell it all
and pay off my debt.
At least make sure you don't get caught
when you steal things.
Didn't you hear them?
We have nothing to do
with that family anymore.
We missed Mom's funeral.
Are we going to miss Father's as well?
I won't ask you to split
what you stole. Where are you?
Why aren't you talking?
Where are you?
A person came
from the Cultural Foundation.
She gave me her business card.
What was her name?
What the...
What's wrong?
What is it?
-Who are you?
-What's wrong?
-Ghost! I saw the ghost...
What's wrong? Wake up!
Help! One person isn't enough.
All of you need to come.
Our family was the symbol of family rites.
What happened to us?
All because of this insolent brat!
Just call me a son of a bitch.
I'll take my stuff.
Get over here!
Don't order me around.
You're not of this family anymore!
Exactly. I'm not of this family,
so don't order me around.
Fine. You won't repent, is that it?
What did I do wrong?
-It's just a few days. Hold it in.
-Stay out of it.
Look. Repent?
You people, who kill the ones
who are living to respect the dead,
are the ones who should repent!
That's right. Our father was adopted.
What about my mom?
Because of this shitty family,
our mom suffered all her life and died!
What will you do about her?
-What will you do?
-Stop it.
-Stop what? You...
-That's not it.
Why you...
You should be happy that wasn't feces!
You asshole!
I have run out of proverbs to say!
You jackass! You loser asshole!
You shithead!
You bastard!
You shithead! You bastard!
Thank you.
We never looked at him differently
because he was adopted.
may have been mean to you,
but he was a good person.
You lost your father...
but I lost a friend of 40 years.
Things keep coming out of my ear.
Luckily, this fits me.
Do you think that fits?
Try not to move. It'll rip.
When I think about it,
even if Father wasn't adopted,
and I wasn't the First Son,
you and I wouldn't have gotten along.
We just don't mesh.
Was the duck always that big?
-The duck is going to burst.
-This is a duck?
I would have become a muscle man
like you, if I had tonic like you did.
At least you're good-looking.
I can't forgive Father.
Even if he hated us...
what did Mom do wrong?
She didn't get to see her kids.
must be pissed that we missed her funeral.
She won't even show up in a dream.
I miss her so much.
What upsets me most...
is that I want to argue with Father
and ask why he did it,
but he isn't here.
That upsets me most.
Hyunjae Construction, Germany branch
I didn't know this was still here.
I, Choon-bae Lee, the 18th generation
First Son of the Geosan Family,
will now tell the secret
behind the funeral
of the First Daughter-in-Law.
There wasn't much in the bank account.
Why do you keep hitting me?
Here. Take this.
Don't skip meals.
-What is this?
-It isn't much, right?
Why are you doing this, too?
Shoot. She's useless.
That immature brat.
He has no idea
what condition his mom is in.
People will curse you if they saw.
-Where are we going?
-Let's go to the hospital.
I'll make sure no one talks.
I won't go.
We worked so hard all our lives,
to make sure they don't hold it
against you for being adopted.
Who cares what others think?
That's right.
You can't tell the kids.
If you ruin Suk-bong's
and Joo-bong's futures,
I won't forgive you.
You really won't go to the hospital?
What are you doing?
This won't fit.
I wanted to hide
all the important things in here.
What is this?
Suk-bong loved it.
What is this?
Joo-bong bought it for me for my birthday
with this toy. Isn't it pretty?
That isn't a toy. Are you stupid?
Don't say I'm mean.
You're the meanie, girl.
You're the meanie, boy.
Let's go inside.
It's stuffy.
Let's go inside and eat.
I don't want to eat.
Why won't you let me go out and play?
You always tell me to stay home and cook.
It's your favorite orchid.
Who are you?
Who are you?
Why are you working in our yard?
I am...
the servant.
Were you here long?
Yes, I have been here a very long time.
Let me ask you something.
Did I...
ever give birth...
to children?
Yes, you did.
One is full of dreams,
and the other is smart.
I write the First Daughter-in-Law's
secret here.
It is because
I want it to go down in history
that a person who led
a truly beautiful life was here,
although no one recognized her for it.
The First Daughter-in-Law died first
before the First Son.
The First Son is a halfwit.
Just because she was ill,
he locked the gate
and wouldn't hold memorials.
The family said they would bring
the First Grandson.
He should come down now.
Anyway, what was
the First Daughter-in-Law's name?
I don't know her name
for the ancestral tablet.
I'm sorry, honey.
Joo-bong went abroad for work.
And Suk-bong...
-is too busy and won't come.
They won't listen to me anymore.
They changed their phone numbers,
but you can try calling.
Darn it.
The number I gave them
was your mom's number,
which no one else knew.
Don't step foot in Andong again.
You didn't take her to the hospital once!
Was money that precious?
I have only one wish.
Forget this place,
and live your own lives.
I will live out the life I chose.
That is my freedom.
How could we not know?
Do you remember when we took that?
I thought she would be here.
Where are you?
Come out here, Mom!
Mom. Mom, I'm here!
I'm sorry I didn't recognize you!
-Let's go. Hurry.
If the highway comes in,
Mom can't ride this.
Let's hurry. We have to get
the consent forms back.
-Guys! Wait!
-Get away.
-If you leave like this, I'm dead.
-Get away!
-Get away.
-Run me over.
-Avoid him.
-Let's go.
No! You can't go!
You can't, you assholes!
You call this a carving?
Hey. We have to hurry.
I need to go to the bathroom.
My stomach hurts. Go first.
-Where is it?
-What timing.
It's that way!
What? Okay.
There it is. It's coming out...
This is...
Go first.
Why is it so far?
What is it?
Aren't you still in mourning?
-What are you doing?
-The wrong documents came.
I checked. They're correct.
No, they are not.
-Mr. Ko.
-Mr. Lee.
It's nothing.
He was initially in charge
of this project.
As you can see, he has some mental issues,
which is why we removed him.
Ms. Yoon.
Yes, sir.
Let go.
Where are the consent forms?
How dare you ruin everything?
You must be confused.
Once you submit a consent form,
it can't be taken back,
just as the dead can't return.
What happened?
Excuse me. Where did he go?
Hey! Where are you going?
-You must be Mr. Oh.
-Yes, that's correct.
Why are you picking on my brother?
You okay?
Who is this blue pig?
He isn't a pig, he's my brother!
This is all muscle.
Get it together.
It isn't my sweatshirt.
Ms. Yoon, bring that here.
-Stop her!
Are you insane?
What are you looking at?
Give that to me!
Hey, you!
You suspender-wearing punk.
Suspender-wearing punk. Are you okay?
Joo-bong, let's go.
The envelope!
Whoever gets the consent forms
will get 1000% in bonus!
Do you think I'm kidding?
-Get them!
-Get them!
-You bastard.
Let's lower the casket.
Please stop!
What are you doing?
Let's wait a little longer.
Choon-bae suffered all his life.
He needs to have his children see him off!
I don't expect much from them!
I wanted them to be here
for their parent's funeral.
-Is that so hard?
-They'll come!
-They'll come!
Just a few more minutes!
What are you doing?
-Wait a minute!
-Look over there.
Put the dirt in.
There's a hole there.
The First Daughter-in-Law must be here
to see the First Son off.
I feel warm and fuzzy
just hearing the word.
That's your charm.
But then again,
these people are very simple.
What is a secret?
Do you want me to help you?
I couldn't get the consent forms back.
I'm sorry.
Live happily with Mom there
for 100 years, okay?
You should come by, too.
Whatever you look like,
I'll be...
I'll be good to you this time.
Don't let go of Father's hand.
Hold on tight.
Don't forget me.
there's so much I want to say to you.
I'm sorry, Father.
Why are you walking so quickly?
What was your name again?
You're asking that now?
I know we just met, but still.
Don't tell me, if you don't want to.
I won't be saying your name anyway.
-My name is...
-Soon-rye Oh.
Why did you ask if you knew?
I'm Choon-bae Lee.
Well, I don't want you to get lost, so...
You see that hill over there?
Do you see the swing?
If you look closely,
the height is different.
It may be crooked,
but it's Andong's only amusement park.
Take a close look.
You can tell right away.
I don't see it.
Excuse me.
I'm not "excuse me."
They don't have this in Seoul.
Do you remember the last thing
I did to Father?
It's infamous. You threw dirt at him.
I'm the one who sold the hill.
I lost the consent forms.
Why didn't we recognize Mom?
Our image of our parents
when they were young...
are based on photos.
We were too busy trying to survive
to try to remember.
You sound like a big brother
for the first time in 32 years.
People mature after experiencing
something like this.
I need to take a leak.
You are gross to the bitter end.
What is it?
Why are you just standing there?
Hey. We don't need to sell this land.
What is that grass?
Father's legacy.
How does it feel to have discovered
the Cymbidium kanran?
I'm glad we found it,
since it is endangered.
Let's get a photo together.
Endangered Species of
Cymbidium Kanran Found
What a great honor.
Cymbidium Kanran Found in Andong
We have the consent forms.
Who cares about flowers?
Is that so important?
Who cares about a stupid weed?
There's a weed here.
Did you pay off your debt?
Of course.
But I just bought a new piece of equipment
that could find diamonds
in the North Pole.
Don't do that. Come back home.
We want to start a workshop.
Ms. Yoon says there's a vision here.
I want to live as Father wanted me to.
-When will you come back?
-For the next memorial.
-There are so many.
Twenty-three a year isn't bad.
I'll think of it as visiting
a weakling farm.
You mean, "a weekend farm."
That's right. It's confusing.
How is that confusing?
It's reasonable for a person
to confuse the two.
No forehead flicks. Don't do it.
Excuse me!
Are you a person?
You are not a person, are you?