The Bubble (2022) Movie Script

Gunther, Bola,
thank you for joining us
here in our bubble.
As the producer on this movie,
here's what I expect from you.
Actors are animals.
You are animal handlers.
Sometimes, they wanna play with you.
Sometimes, they'll rip your balls off.
Don't listen
to anything they say. They're liars.
They literally lie for a living.
That's their literal job, yeah?
Don't party with them.
Don't tire them out.
Don't fuck them.
I won't.
Always tell them
they're fantastic in the movie.
They're very insecure people.
They need constant praise.
Make them feel good.
Don't tire them out. Don't fuck them.
Don't fuck them.
- That's it.
- That's it.
Any questions?
Um... Yeah, like,
what if we become proper friends?
- You won't.
- No?
What if they confide in you
and tell you something
they've not told anybody else?
Call me, tell me what they said.
- What if they say, "Don't tell Gavin"?
- No!
- No.
- This is the bubble.
The sanctuary!
It's the only place they're safe!
That's why you're not wearing masks.
Don't you get it?
- Hi!
- Hey!
- How are you?
- So good to see you!
- Uh...
- Oh...
- Well, imagine...
- Okay, yes.
- Fake hug.
- Oh, wow. You look fantastic!
Thanks. Been exercising a lot.
It's the only thing keeping me sane.
Well, you look sane and gorgeous, and, uh...
- What do you think about Cliff Beasts 6?
- I can't leave my boyfriend right now.
He is very neurotic, and this whole time
is just very triggering for him.
Huh. Okay. What if you brought him?
- He won't travel.
- Because of the pandemic?
No, he just won't fly.
He also refuses to get a job.
I have a lot of clients working in bubbles
right now, and they're having a blast.
It won't be comfortable working with them.
They hate me for not doing Cliff Beasts 5.
I can't bubble with them for three months.
I'm gonna level with you.
You need a rebound
after your last film, Jerusalem Rising.
- Mm-hmm.
- You saw the reviews.
- I never read my reviews.
- Hang on a sec.
- Can you not read those?
- Just listen, okay?
"Jerusalem Rising manages
to offend both Palestinians and Jews."
That's one review.
And it was the script. It wasn't my fault.
When Cats bombed,
they didn't blame Andrew Lloyd Webber.
They just said, "Judi Dench fucked Cats."
Okay, but you were the one who told me
I could play half-Israeli
and half-Palestinian when I'm neither.
I know you've
been fighting for thousands of years,
but tonight,
we must join forces to fight the aliens.
Is my career dead?
Not if you make this movie.
And it's safe?
The safest place
in the world right now is a film set.
The script is actually good?
It made me cry.
Oh, you're making the face
like you're gonna say yes.
Oh, my God, Josh is gonna have
a full nervous breakdown.
I can do this, right?
I'll keep my head down,
not get pulled into the drama,
and just do my job and get out.
All right. Okay, let's do it.
Yeah, put me in the bubble.
- Hi!
- Carol. What's up, movie star?
This is so crazy.
You sure you're gonna be okay?
Yeah, I mean, I guess I'm just
worried about catching the virus, but...
Well, just call me regularly.
Actually, I just heard that veterinarians
are gonna start treating people,
so that'll help.
Yeah, and it's only three months.
Three months! We can do this!
Oh, wait! Somebody wants to say hi!
Look who it is!
I miss you so much, Mommy.
Aw. I'm not your mommy yet, Leila,
but I will be
your stepmom one day. It'll be the best!
- Daddy said you left us for dead.
- Oh, what?
- Don't forget about us! Bye!
- Bye!
- Hey! Nice to meet you!
- Hiya! I'm Pippa, production coordinator.
Oh. Shall we?
Welcome to Clifton House.
- This is amazing.
- I know, right?
- Carol, we're so excited you're here!
- I'm so excited to get started!
- Wow! You look great.
- Oh, thank you.
- Now, you just have to do a COVID test.
- Okay.
- I'm such a big fan.
- Thank you.
And in your nose. Okay.
- Mm.
- Ready? One hundred.
- Ninety-eight.
- Uh...
- I'm only joking.
- Oh!
- Oh, my God! You're the worst!
- See you in a bit. Bye, friend.
Bye. Whoo! Yeah.
Um, so how does the quarantining work?
It's a quick 14 days. We pamper you.
Wait till you see
what we've done to your room.
- You have the best room by far.
- I love that.
- Ah! Bola!
- Hello.
This is Bola, our wellness specialist.
Bola, how would you describe yourself?
Uh, well, due to safety, we don't have
a lot of staff, so I get to do everything.
Which means if you need
a personal trainer, Bola.
If you need a yoga teacher, Bola.
If you need a ping-pong opponent, Bola.
If you need a masseuse?
- Bola!
- That's it, baby girl.
We allowed to smoke weed
in the room? I forgot to bring my edibles.
Oh, my God!Howie, how are you?
- Carol, come here, my love!
- Stop! That's it. Stop it!
- Off you go.
- What the fuck is going on?
- Brother, help me!
- Howie?
Give it two weeks,
and you'll have all the hugs you need.
Reception area.
Now, this is beautiful.
Of course! Top of the line
for top-of-the-line talent.
There you are.
This is nice!
Good. See you in two weeks.
She loves you!
And you're the prime minister!
Am I your bitch now?
That's what you get
for fucking with her mission!
This is too much
for anyone to take!
Hey, Carol Cobb.
Your quarantine is over.
Uh, the cocktail party
starts in one hour, okay?
Please shower before you come.
It stinks in here.
Jesus Christ.
Meet you downstairs
In the bar and hurt
Your rolled-up sleeves
And your skull T-shirt
You say...
- This is so exciting.
- Hmm.
It's like my movie posters
have come to life.
Yeah, you will soon learn
to hate these people.
You abandoned us.
I am mad at you. Back away.
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
- Are you?
- I am.
I should have done the movie.
I shouldn't have bailed.
I'm an idiot.
I missed you so much. I did.
- You did?
- Yeah.
Sorry. Had to get that off my chest.
Yeah, give it to me.
And I really liked you
in Jerusalem Rising.
- Yeah.
- Really?
That means so much coming from you.
And I think that all of the critics
around the world are wrong.
Oh, not everyone.
Four percent on Rotten Tomatoes.
It doesn't really go lower.
So I need cool, documentary-style footage.
If the actors ask for air, give them air,
but then strike and get what we need.
I want you to be a fly on the wall,
but also up their arse.
- Now, fuck off, Lee.
- My name is Scott, actually.
- I don't care.
- Okay.
You a big Cliff Beasts fan?
No, but I saw the trailer
for the second one. It was so cool!
- Oh.
- Hey!
Hi, y'all!
Excited for Cliff Beasts?
Is this the movie?
Are we shooting right now?
No, it's just behind-the-scenes stuff.
Just say, like, a sentence
about why you're excited?
I'm sorry. You're gonna have to talk
to my mom if you wanna talk to me.
Oh, all right.
- It's nice meeting you.
- Okay, you too.
- Dieter! Hi!
- Hi.
Lauren. Um...
I just wanted to tell you
how incredible you were in Hunger Strike.
Your performance was...
I mean, I think about it all the time.
Just fearless and a total triumph.
Um... Congratulations.
I don't watch my own shit.
Never watch your own shit.
You just wipe, you flush, and you move on.
Right. Well, anyway, I just wanted to
let you know that it really stuck with me,
and it was very powerful. Just...
Yeah. Where's your husband?
My husband? We got divorced.
Of course.
Mm-hmm. Uh...
I'm sorry.
No worries. It's... We're fine.
We are, uh... totally fine.
We have gone through a lot,
and we are coming out on the other side.
Our main priority is our 16-year-old son,
who we just adopted
right before the divorce.
Listen, I'm sorry,
I'm trying to care, but it's hard.
Gunther, I like you.
Really? I like you too.
I think you're... Okay, 'cause...
That feels amazing,
'cause we got told we weren't allowed
to be friends with the cast.
Who said that?
I don't wanna be a person that's like,
"It was Gavin," but, yeah.
Know how I feel about that?
- Fuck you, Gavin!
- Do you?
Suck your mum, Gavin!
Say it from your chest.
What? Fuck you, Gavin!
I need to be real with you.
I don't understand these bullshit rules.
Been in my room two weeks.
I ain't had human contact.
It's important
for my mental and physical health
to have human contact with friends.
- We're friends!
- Completely.
- What will happen if I touch you? Huh?
- We could die.
Yeah, completely.
It's kind of the situation.
- Yeah.
- Boop!
- Um...
- Did we die? Are you dead?
You've just got to understand
that my job, as a health officer,
is to make sure that everything
that we're doing is as safe as possible.
All the best, Gunther.
- Um, my dad does stunts.
- Hi.
Um, I'm lonely, and I'm in hell here,
and I would like
to form an alliance with you.
Okay, yeah, sure.
All right, okay.
It was hard
doing the last one without you.
Uh, yeah, I'm sorry.
I got really bad advice from my reps
and was also having some,
ahem, emotional issues.
That's where you were on your journey,
and it brought you right back here.
- Exactly.
- It's all good.
- I heard you were starting a religion.
- No, it's a...
It's a lifestyle brand
slash motivational system
called Harmony Ignite.
Wow. And you wrote a whole Bible.
Well, I wrote a book.
A book called Harmony Ignited.
And, uh, it's just a collection
of my thoughts and musings
and some sayings and wisdom and proverbs.
That's it, yeah.
It's not a religion, per se.
You can leave anytime that you want to.
- It's not, like, a cult.
- No, it's definitely not a cult.
I mean, who defines what a cult is?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
You know what? I'm gonna be
really straightforward with you right now
and let you know that we are
co-parents to Raphael, and that is it.
That's true.
So what happened on parts one
and three and four is not happening again.
What about what we did on part two?
You have no respect for me.
I have nothing but respect for you.
- Stop it.
- Stop.
I would appreciate
if you didn't look at me like that.
- Where should I look?
- I can't look at you.
I'm still here though.
I know you.
God. Hi.
- How are you doing? Sorry to scare you.
- Don't worry.
I am so excited that you are here.
Oh, yeah. No, I'm so excited.
Gotta tell you, I love the TikTok stuff.
You are crushing it.
Absolutely crushing it.
I mean, clearly. 120 million followers.
You are unbelievable.
I love the one where you
and your cat lip-synch to Harry Potter.
I can't believe you've seen all that.
It's fantastic!
Hey, maybe you and I can do
one together while we're here.
- Oh, yeah, maybe.
- Yeah.
- What's your name?
- Carla.
Nice to meet you.
You got great energy about you.
Who is that?
One of the actors.
He's not that good though.
May I refresh your water?
Yeah, please.
Why you look at me
with weird eyes?
- Jesus fucking Christ.
- Wow.
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Okay.
- Hit us with it, Gav.
Welcome! I'm gonna introduce
somebody now who is...
He's special.
He's funny.
He's extremely intelligent.
And he's a...
He's a visionary.
He shot a brilliant movie called
Tiles of Love
while working at Home Depot.
Our director... Darren Eigen!
- Whoo!
- Thank you! Thanks, you guys. Uh...
I just wanna say
I am so lucky to be able
to work with a cast this talented.
This is your car,
and I'm gonna step in and take the wheel.
This drive is gonna be a little crazy.
Gonna head towards the railing
a couple of times. Might hit it.
Some of you might not even survive.
But I've got the end of the road
in my sight.
Might be a crazy ride,
but it's gonna look great,
and it's gonna
make the world forget all their problems.
let's go for a ride.
We're fucked.
Are you sure it's safe?
Just don't put your hands
too close to your face.
Oh, shit. Aah!
No! No! No!
Grab. Nice. Right arm. Block.
Move around. Good. Let me hear the rage.
Aah. Spins around, kick. Great.
Get him, boy. Get him!
Heart shot! Yeah!
Dick shot!
Oi! And roll.
Rusty, come! Come on, boy!
Can you train him
to peck off Dustin's balls?
I'm just kidding.
But can you?
Said bitch, I'm the after
You been the before
I been the stallion
You been the seahorse
Don't need a report
Don't need a press run
All of my bad pics
Been all my best ones
I wear the hat
And I wear the pants
I am advanced
I get advance
And I do my dance
And cancel the plans
Boo, don't be mad
'Cause you had the chance
Drop, said I took it and I ran for it
I won it, then I stand on it
Money on the floor when we dance on it
Shine bright, let them put a tan on it
Said I took it and I ran for it
I won it, then I stand on it
Money on the floor
When we dance on it
Shine bright
Let them put a tan on it like
I'm a bitch, I'm a boss
I'm a bitch and a boss
I'mma shine like gloss
I'm a bitch, I'm a boss
I'm a bitch and a boss
I'mma shine like gloss
I'm a bitch, I'm a boss
I'm a bitch and a boss
I'mma shine like gloss
I'm a bitch, I'm a boss
I'm a bitch and a boss
I'mma shine like gloss
Gavin, how are you?
Hi! How are you doing?
Oh, good. I just wanted
to say, uh, good luck,
and we love you,
and we're counting on you.
I know. I'm on it.
You are such a hero
for keeping the lights on at the studio.
This lockdown has been
so hard on all of us.
But you're skiing?
Yeah, well, this was the only country
that was open. Thank God I got my shot.
Did you? I thought
they weren't available for six months.
Oh, they're not. Not for normal people,
but I'm with rich people.
Don't hate the player,
hate the game. Ugh! I hate the game.
Anyway, have a great shoot.
I love you. I'm in love with you.
And do not fuck me!
So the thing
about Harmony Ignite is it's about dreams.
It's about
how you go about fulfilling your dreams.
I'm not really looking for a new religion.
I'm Hindu. Many gods, very busy.
- I have a question for you, man.
- Mm-hmm.
- What's your dream?
- My dream?
Your dream. I wanna hear it.
This won't be the last pandemic.
We all know that.
- Absolutely.
- We still need to have sex.
My brother, a software engineer in India,
has invented a glove.
It's like a hand
that you can wrap around you
or put inside you, anally.
Then somewhere, in a different city,
somebody else has the hand,
and then they do things to the hand
that you feel on you or inside you.
You're safe. It's sanitary ecstasy.
You'll be wearing virtual reality goggles,
so you can have sex
anywhere in the world with anyone.
Well, thank you for coming
to pick up my tray. Appreciate it.
Oh, no. Sure, yeah. Uh...
This was...
If you get lonely...
I was wondering if you could help.
With what?
You wanna have sex with me?
Yes, I do!
Not now.
When I get to know you,
because I like you.
- Great.
- Then I would like you to meet my father.
And if you get his permission,
you will sign a lifelong agreement
because I am a pure angel,
and you won't come across
someone like me again.
Okay, hi, guys!
Yeah, let's talk about zones for a moment.
Uh, there are three main ones, okay?
There's Red Zone. That's the best zone.
That's the actors, okay?
Then there's Blue Zone. That's for crew.
Then there's Yellow Zone for office staff.
We don't need to worry about that.
Um, a lot of you
have been asking about flirting.
Yes, it happens. Um, physical touch is,
of course, off the table.
Um, so what I would recommend
is making sweet eyes at each other.
Um, if you're wondering
what that looks like, that'd be...
Are there any questions?
Amazing! Let's have some fun.
So, uh, Gio, this is
your first expedition up Mount Everest?
Yes, but, uh, it is not news to me
that Modelcorp is lucky
to have hired all of you
to make sure all the creatures
of this land are respected
and honored.
It's not a creature.
What we hear from the locals,
we may be dealing with a cliff beast.
Climate change has melted
the whole top of the mountain.
It's a burnt wasteland.
The beast must have
come out of the melted permafrost.
Global warming, my ass! Who did this?
Uh, man.
And wo-man.
One thing I've learned growing up
in the mossy savannas of Alabama
is if you've seen one June bug,
there's more than likely
500 more waiting in the wings.
- We've seen this before.
- Five times is what I have heard.
Why are we going towards the dinosaurs?
That's where the danger is!
Oh, no. That sounds like a baby
crying for its mama.
That ain't no baby!
My God, what are we gonna do?
Somebody help him!
Drop him!
Hang in there!
How does he fly? He has no feathers!
Well, somebody taught him how to fly!
Please stop!
It's okay. I got him!
All right, cut!
Great work.
- That was a great take.
- Moving on.
- Oh, um, Sean?
- Yeah?
Did you have a chance
to read the screenplay I sent you?
Oh. They're bringing me down.
I'm sorry, buddy.
- Oh, I can still hear you.
- One second. Getting unplugged.
Darren, one note before we move on?
I don't get when Dolly says,
"Somebody taught him how to fly."
They're cliff beasts. It's in their DNA.
That's what they do. They fly.
You can't rewrite my lines.
You're not the writer.
But it goes against dinosaur logic.
Why are you rewriting the script?
We have a writer. Aren't you an actor?
Yes, but I'm also
the guardian of the franchise.
- So I'm rewriting it.
- We have somebody.
Can we play
to the top of our audience's intelligence?
No, our audience is down here.
They're kids. That's our audience.
Don't listen to him. He doesn't want me
to have the big crowd-applause line.
Lauren, all of your lines
will be big applause lines
if movie theaters ever open again.
Carol hates the writing too.
What? Carol?
Lauren, that was private!
Plus, I also didn't say it.
That is exactly why I asked them
not to bring you back after you bailed.
- I didn't bail. Am I getting coffee?
- Mm-hmm.
- He doesn't know what he's doing.
- What are you doing?
Covering your mic so people can't hear us.
I know. I do feel like
my dialogue is a little lackluster.
So let me fix it. Let me punch it up.
- Can you do that?
- I can punch it up.
Let me take care of you.
How are you gonna take care of me?
Well, I'm gonna start dialogue-wise,
and then, you know,
move on from there, I guess?
- You're gonna... punch me up?
- Oh, yeah.
Guys, if you make any changes
to the script, can you just cc me on it?
At least?
"Guardian of the franchise"?
Assholes. I won Sundance!
- What's the point of us being up here?
- Eyelines. So they know where to look.
Pretty cool.
Why do birds suddenly appear
Every time you are near?
Just like me
They long to be
Close to you...
And you and you.
- What's this?
- What's the next bit?
Hey, guys. Just listen up for a second.
We have had a situation on set
that means
we're going to shut down production
and go back into quarantine.
That's not even funny.
Screw you, Gavin. That's hilarious, man.
I wish I was joking, but I'm not.
You all have to go back to your rooms.
We had a positive test on set,
and although I am forbidden
from telling you who it was,
let's just say it's the girl
who gets your coffees.
Um, her name's Wendy.
That creepy PA?
Yeah, production were trying to be safe
by sending one person to get the coffees,
when in fact that led to Wendy touching
about 80 coffee cups this morning.
We're gonna die.
No, we're not gonna die! Howie.
Is this how it always goes?
No, this is a shit show.
- Guys, calm down!
- Oi!
I am a mother,
so I have to go!
Or I need a larger room.
If I could just switch rooms with Howie,
because he has the tub,
and I have only a shower!
Yeah, but in Pakistan,
you ain't shit!
Okay, guys, listen, okay?
I have had the virus three times, okay?
And the first time,
I didn't even notice it.
Second time, was in a coma.
The third time, I lost
my sense of sort of taste and smell
and how I felt about people.
Trust me, that is something
that you want to avoid.
I think he's still sick.
I can't wear rings anymore
because my fingers
change size every single day.
I can't do this, man. I can't stay
in my room any longer on my own.
If you make me, I'll fuck my chair!
No. Look, guys, we're here for you.
So don't worry.
Once you're all back in your rooms,
we're gonna take great care of you.
You have to go into your room too.
- Why?
- You had a latte.
- Oh, fuck!
- I know.
So how are you feeling
about the new quarantine?
Really? Really?
- Sorry, when would be a good time...
- Never.
- Fuck off!
- Perfect.
It's ten seconds and we're done.
Are you ready?
Yeah, let's go. Let's go.
Fuck you! Fuck you, you fucking bastard!
I'm gonna kill you,
and then I'm gonna murder your ghost!
That was not too bad.
You okay?
...and give you my space
Know that that shit's not to waste, yo
Still better know your place, yo
I ain't slept good in days, yo...
- I'm sorry.
- I'll wait.
- That's a little too deep.
- It's better that way. I think...
- Are you... Excuse me, are you all right?
- Yes. Yeah, yeah.
You ain't seen no one like me since
Lauryn Hill back in the '90s, bitch
Feeling myself...
The olders make way
For the '90s kid
Please don't kill my high, I been...
Fuck you! You're not gonna win!
I am gonna win, you motherfucker!
"How many species have died
because of man? Thousands!"
"I think it's snack time. For them."
"These cliff beasts
are so large! How do they fly?"
"How? How?"
"How do they fly?"
"There's nothing left to eat but us."
"These cliff beasts are so large!"
Sound idea for a cliff beast.
Here's beast one.
Swooping down.
Mourning the loss of a child.
Full rage.
Mother, I can't do 13 more days of this!
I've already been doing this for 12 hours.
It's too much!
Hey, guys, it's Krystal.
Um, I'm back in quarantine in my room.
I'm gonna need a lot of movie suggestions,
but I wanna watch more, like, dark stuff.
Everyone told me to watch
this movie, E.T.? Felt a little racist.
I don't wanna watch anything
that'd offend my fans.
I have respect
for everybody that follows me.
Sean, you are not
in competition with Krystal.
You are not aging.
You don't need 100 million followers.
I am titanium!
I am invincible! Age is an illusion!
Time cannot catch me! Never die!
Like I give a fuck
Like I give a shit about that fuck
Like I give a fuck
Like I give a shit about that fuck
Like I give a fuck about that...
I need weed immediately!
Buy a drone.
Attach my marijuana to the drone.
Fly that shit through my fucking window!
"I just want a safe place
for the dinosaurs to live!"
I really couldn't do this without you.
I probably could do it without you,
but that's just because I'm used to it.
This is the first time I've left Indiana.
So did you, like,
audition for the movie or what?
I think they just jammed me in this movie
because I have a lot of followers.
Must be fun having 100 million followers.
Sometimes I just want a break,
but my mom just tells me
if I don't keep putting out content,
then everybody's just gonna
forget about me, so...
I can help you if you want.
You know, I've never had a normal friend.
No one's ever called me normal before.
Why are you laughing?
You're such a freak.
Whoo! I'm doing it, son!
This is awesome!
Gavin, buddy, can you hear me?
This is all I'm doing? I'm just going up?
You're only allowed to learn how to go up.
That's all we need
for the shot in the movie.
If I can go forward
just even a little bit,
my fans, they will shit their dicks.
Gavin, is this safe? Why is he doing this?
He wouldn't do the movie
unless we let him do this.
How exciting is it to direct a movie
with a $100 million budget?
It's a lot of pressure.
Well, it would be a lot of pressure
if the cast wasn't so brilliant.
See you later, buddy.
Are you worried people
won't watch a movie about dinosaurs,
given the serious nature
of the global pandemic?
Hey, are you being a fly on the wall?
You're a pretty noisy fucking fly!
I can hardly hear the helicopter!
Sorry, just doing my job.
What job is that?
Trying to get in my fucking head?
Like he wants me to fail!
Don't let him mess with your focus.
Everybody wants you to fail.
Don't give a fuck about him.
- Where's Ronjon?
- You asked for a tray table to be removed.
I said send Ronjon.
You wanted sex, but you will get love.
Hold on.
Isn't that nice?
You don't know me!
Am I a great director?
Yes, of course you are.
You have a vision.
- Yeah, I think I do.
- Yeah.
So what do I do when Dustin
keeps trying to rewrite the script?
When he tells you his ideas,
tell him you'll think about them,
and then never get back to him.
You do that to me.
No, with you, I'm actually thinking.
I'm just playing around.
Making movies is fun!
That's why we do it!
I'm sorry I skipped your mom's funeral
to go to the People's Choice Awards.
I'm sorry that I
burned down your back office.
I'm sorry I slept with your agent.
- Sorry that...
- And your manager.
And your divorce lawyer.
- Yeah.
- Uh...
I'm sorry I gave up on us.
Why is it always so hard?
I think 'cause you're so strong.
You're so intimidating. So talented.
I feel like nobody would be able
to fix the script the way you do
and stay in such incredible shape.
And you
are an amazing mother.
- Take me to the peak!
- We are on a mountain!
Mount Everest!
- Ooh. I think I see one of the crew.
- Oh, shit. Get...
Uh, so how
is the major motion picture going?
It's fine. Everybody's just old.
Is there somebody cute there?
Who you maybe wanna smooch with?
Don't be gross, Mom! God!
Is Timmy-thee Oilyphant there? Oh.
- No!
- I could...
Why are you saying it like that?
That's not his name!
But I wish he was here.
I do. He's very cute.
Oh. Are you nervous
to meet the dinosaurs during your act?
Mom, they're not real!
They, like... They put them in after.
I thought there was an elephant
wearing a mask or something.
I wish you were here. I'm so lonely.
Come on!
- Oh! Jesus!
- You okay?
- I'm fine!
- Let me check.
- Hey, whoa, social distancing.
- Sorry.
Why are you kicking balls around?
Uh, I'm with my squad.
We're just bubbling before the big game.
- A game? What kind of a game?
- Football.
Soccer. I play for Betis.
Oh. I didn't realize
anybody else was in this hotel.
Well, we are.
Well, I'm bubbling too. I'm an actress,
and we're making a movie.
I know you.
Cliff Beasts.
Dr. Lacie.
Yes, that's me, Dr. Lacie.
You're in Jerusalem Rising too, right?
- Yes.
- I have to ask.
Are you half-Palestinian, half-Israeli?
Actually, I'm not either.
Great acting.
Ah! That's so good to hear.
So many people got mad at me.
Everyone was offended. I was like,
"I'm just trying to create a piece of art
that might help solve the issues."
Well, Lacie, would you like to, uh, go to
my room right now and just talk for a bit?
- I'd like to talk.
- Yeah, me too.
I feel like I haven't talked
in a very long time.
I'm a lot of fun to talk to.
I've just been talking to myself lately.
If I don't talk to you,
I think I'm going to explode.
But I don't think
we're allowed to cross bubbles.
No, we wouldn't be crossing bubbles.
We'd be making a new bubble.
Then we're just inside
each other's bubbles.
No. No, no, no. No, we can't.
Stop it. Stop it.
Goodbye, Dr. Lacie.
Hello, friends. Good morning.
Thank you all
for joining our morning meditation.
This is our opportunity to breathe,
let go of our troubles, and recharge.
I want you to close your eyes.
Let the air fill your lungs...
...and release the fear
of catching the virus.
And release the fear
of the movie industry collapsing,
leaving all of you penniless.
Why you saying that?
Breathe in, and breathe out that fear
that the world is soon going to realize
you people are not that special.
One might say useless.
- Excuse me, Bola.
- Yeah?
I can't take this.
I can't take this shit no more, please.
Don't judge your thoughts. Observe them!
I can't observe them. This is more
than I can take. Yeah, I'm in pain.
And I'm bored.
Bored as fuck in this hotel!
I need out of the hotel right now!
Howie, let me tell you
about Harmony Ignite.
Sean, do us a favor?
- Yeah.
- Harmony Ignite your asshole!
- Howie!
- Howie, easy!
You can't leave.
You're the comic relief of the movie.
Fuck you, you fucker!
How's that for witty comic relief? Huh?
I don't even know why you're complaining.
It's not that bad being here.
Why you talking to me?
Your dances pave the way to the hellfire.
- Howie.
- Oh, my God.
Emotions are like a wave.
You just gotta ride 'em.
- Like a wave?
- Let it pass.
- Let me show you a wave.
- Oh, my God! Howie!
- Howie!
- Let go.
Are you riding the wave?
How's this wave for you?
- Howie, you're hurting him.
- I've got his dick in my hand! His lulli!
Let go of his lulli.
Howie, release! Release!
I'll rip his lulli off
if you keep pushing me!
Don't push me!
That's enough. I'm gone from here.
Sick of this place! What kind
of devilish business going on in here?
Hey, hey, hey! What's going on here?
I'll tell you what. I'm leaving!
Howie, you are not leaving.
We are in the middle of shooting!
I don't give a shit. You can replace me.
That's not true!
No one can play Jarrar but you.
You're irreplaceable!
Anybody could play Jarrar!
Should I tell you why? Batman!
- Batman?
- He was Michael Keaton, yeah?
Then he was Val Kilmer.
Then George Clooney,
but he brought too much sex to the role!
They got rid of him,
brought in Ben Affleck, Christian Bale,
now he's that skinny bastard
from Twilight.
Not within the same movie!
Zip! Gavin, everybody is replaceable.
This is a very judgmental business.
You leave, you'll be blackballed.
Thank you for your concern, but I am gone!
And you can fuck off!
Howie, your weed turned up this morning!
- Howie!
- Howie, where are you going?
- I'm going to London!
- Send help!
- We need you!
- What are you doing?
- Howie! Come on!
- Howie!
- That was pretty good.
- He's okay.
Howie Frangopolous! Come back!
Finally, escaped to freedom!
Tah, tah, tah!
That is not London.
He is going the wrong way.
Goodbye, Howie!
Um... What is going on?
Oh. A little bit of extra protection
for you. A little bit of security.
Don't worry!
We'll pop stickers on your backs.
- Your hands are cold.
- What's going on our backs?
Hey! That is cold!
Sticker like a name badge?
Kind of, yeah.
Just so we know where you are,
who you are, social distancing.
You're tracking us?
We're keeping you safe.
So it's just for health reasons.
So we can keep the machine moving.
Understood, yeah.
Hey, gang!
I see you've all met Mr. Best,
our new head of security.
We're in good hands with Mr. Best.
He was recently
head of security for DaBaby.
Lovely lad.
I'm not wearing one of those, man.
It's radiation. It's EMF.
Messes with my fucking brain waves.
I don't even wear wireless earbuds.
- Hey!
- Gavin...
Not your job.
He'll do it. He's doing it.
Should we take it easy?
- There you go.
- Okay, all done?
- A little rough.
- That's a little, uh...
What the fuck?
Right, off you go!
There's a Golden Globe waiting for you!
Okay, guys, thank you very much.
Thank you. Appreciate it.
Shit is getting real on Cliff Beasts.
Was that necessary?
No, just trying to get it
in the can, as per instructions.
No one's gonna go
wandering off now, are they?
Maybe Jarrar just wandered off.
You don't wander off on Everest.
He's a quitter.
Once a quitter, always a quitter.
The corporation
will not be happy.
I'm beginning to wonder
about this corporation.
What is this?
This is Jarrar's reversible polar fleece.
Well, maybe he got tired
and he made camp here somewhere.
I am not so optimistic.
What is that?
Sweet Jesus in a basket.
Is that Jarrar?
It might not be him.
There are a lot
of inexperienced hikers up here.
But that is his belt.
That doesn't mean anything.
I got the same belt.
Looks like... he's feeding.
It is so large. How does it fly?
I checked the whole west face.
No sign of him.
Cut! It's great.
- What do you think? Is it gonna work?
- Hmm.
- I've got one thought.
- Yeah.
Fuck Howie.
You're bad!
Hello. Is Josh there?
Hold on. Josh!
Will you turn off the bath?
Hey, Carol. What's up?
Hi. Who was that?
Uh, well, that's Monica.
Who is Monica?
She's the...
the server that you liked
who waited on us on Valentine's Day.
She's the waitress from Baltaire?
Don't say "waitress" with that tone.
She risks her life to feed people!
Why is she in my house?
Look, I'm just gonna say this, all right?
I'm breaking up with you.
And it's not just about Monica either.
I realized that all you care about
is yourself, and not me.
Where is this coming from?
Of course I care.
I care about you so much!
You care about me so much that you jump
on a plane to London during a plague!
- I can't believe this!
- Say goodbye to Carol!
Who's Carol?
- Pippa?
- Hmm?
Do you wanna have sex with me?
I'm eating, blud.
Sorry. Sorry.
I'm done eating, but I'm okay, thank you.
Dr. Lacie.
- I dreamed it would be you.
- You did?
- My name is Zaki.
- Oh, I was gonna ask you.
- Let's talk.
- Okay.
- Hey, Rafi!
- Point the camera up.
- Move the camera.
- Fine.
Let me see that...
- Hi!
- Nice 'stache.
How's the homework?
I'm quitting high school. I don't need it.
My friends said I can get a trust fund.
- Guess what?
- What?
Mommy and Papa are back together.
Mom, I thought you were dating
the guy who used to be on Friends!
- Raphael, stop it!
- Dad is the devil!
He's never gonna change! I googled him.
He's done some fucked-up shit.
I've gotta finish my game. Bye!
What a nightmare!
- Ever wonder if we picked the right kid?
- Don't say that.
No, when we got him, they said
he was just shy and that he'd warm up,
but he never warmed up...
I can hear you!
Man, you guys are a bag full of dicks!
That was...
There's no coming back from that.
I don't think we're allowed
to leave the hotel. I signed something.
We're 18. They expect us to do this.
Okay, let's go to London.
Make me smile.
Hello, I'm Kate.
Welcome to your 30-minute morning stretch.
Are you ready
to start a new day with new habits?
Change me. Change me.
- Great!
- Change me.
I'm ready too.
Let's go. We're just gonna start
with a really easy swing.
No stress. Great.
Let's come down.
Let's just take a moment
to connect with the earth.
- Dieter.
- Huh?
You're kind of cute.
I like your hair.
For our next exercise,
I would like you
to enter me for 30 thrusts.
Let's do that ten times,
and continue until I say we're done.
That's a lot of sets.
I love you, Dr. Lacie.
I love you too. But it's Carol.
Carol Lacie.
No, just Carol!
Dr. Carol.
No, I'm not a doctor.
Are you me?
I'm you. You're me. I'm horny. Who cares?
This is creepy,
but I like it.
Shut up. Get over here.
Yes, ma'am.
I don't understand!
Did you?
I never orgasm.
Are you ready to start a new day?
I'm sorry.
Ronjon, make sure you spend time
on that pineapple. Each groove.
All right.
Thank you.
Oh, my God.
I think I'm sick.
Yeah, you're sick with love.
No, I think it's the virus.
You can't have the virus.
We're in the bubble.
Bola, hold my hair.
Your hair is short.
There is no hair to hold!
Hold my hair!
Uh, I don't want to be here.
I want to resign.
I really don't want to.
- I'm not supposed to be here.
- Bola...
Where do I hold? Okay!
No! No, no, no, no!
Okay, guys? Uh, listen up.
Uh, I've got some very important
health news for you.
- You all tested negative for the virus.
- Yes!
However, some of you
have tested positive for influenza.
- The good virus.
- The good one.
Two of you tested positive
for two separate cases
of sexually transmitted diseases.
How'd we get the flu? We're in the bubble.
We've narrowed it down
to a delivery person
and one of the gardeners.
We are handling it.
If this is just the normal flu,
we could push on
and complete the day, right?
Absolutely, yeah.
Actors are some of the toughest people
I know. We can handle it.
I once played host
to a 30-foot-long tapeworm
during Cliff Beasts 2,
and nobody even knew.
I broke my wrist and ankle
on the last movie I did.
- I didn't tell anybody.
- Good lad. That's the spirit.
I'm very concerned about Carol and Dieter.
I think they should at least
have the rest of the day off.
We're not shutting this down
for a bit of snot.
Let's have a show of hands, okay?
Who wants to power through today?
Right, let's get out there
and kill some cliff beasts!
- Yeah!
- Yes!
I can hear something!
The nest must be close.
You guys better get moving,
or you're gonna be bird seed.
I don't feel so good.
We should do this another day.
- You got this.
- Lauren?
Something's up with Lauren.
I can't do this anymore.
Oh, my God, I'm gonna throw up.
Please don't
because then I will too.
Winners never quit,
and quitters never win!
I don't wanna act anymore.
I wanna go back to the room.
Let's shoot it quickly.
You'll be proud when it's done.
Carol, can you stop gaslighting me?
Gaslighting? That is not gaslighting.
You know what? Your generation sucks!
At least I'm not a baby boomer.
I'm not a baby boomer.
I am Generation Y, thank you very much.
Ladies, this is no time for catfighting.
I saw a photo of you at a Nirvana concert.
No, you didn't. That wasn't me.
It doesn't look like they're climbing.
Right, like, why don't they have ropes?
And would they let the little girl
free climb a cliff like this?
Would she even know how to do it?
- I think she's unconscious.
- I think Lauren seems fine.
Wake up, Lauren. Come on. Climb.
For your first time free climbing,
you're doing a great job, guys!
Okay, guys, I really think
I'm gonna throw up.
Maybe call the set medic?
I don't like it when people throw up.
Oh, God.
- Should we bring them down?
- Let's just see how it plays out.
Should we be concerned about this level
of vomit? Just 'cause, you know...
There's something going round.
- It smells like ham or something.
- Shh. It's okay.
I need touch-ups
on hair and makeup, please!
Can hair and makeup step in, please?
Hey, Lauren? Who would you say
is the most fun person to act with?
Gavin, there's no time for recuperation.
You have to
get the dinosaurs flying again.
- I'm not a magician.
- I know you're not a fucking magician!
If you were,
you could pull a movie out of your ass!
Oh, my God, it's Minnie Driver.
I love her.
You know, these are human beings.
They're not machines.
Bucko, need I remind you,
you used to be addicted to meth.
Once you stayed up for three weeks,
did something bad, and I covered for you.
Okay, yes, I remember.
Thank you for reminding me, Paula.
If I'd ever told anyone, you'd be in jail
for the rest of your life.
Don't make me get tough.
I don't like to get tough.
You do like being tough. You love it.
Can I put something
into perspective for you?
We are one of two movies
in production right now.
- It's us and Tom Cruise.
- Yeah.
If we fail, a $50 billion corporation
is going to go down.
People murder each other over ten grand.
What do you think
they're gonna do over $50 billion?
You ass!
Oh, dear.
Okay, so Mel Gibson is on the boat,
and I think he thinks we're dating.
We did stuff last night.
He's taking it too seriously.
What did you do?
Just over-the-pants stuff.
Guy, what's up?
Oh! Listen! I've got
so many presents for you.
These people,
they don't even care about what they have.
Yeah, I've got soap. I've got cream.
I've got... You need a corkscrew?
I'm gonna send you two corkscrews.
There's Bibles everywhere, in every room.
They don't even read them!
I'm gonna send it to you so we can pray
for them 'cause they're all going to hell.
- They're mistreating you.
- Mmm.
Makes me furious.
You know what you need to do?
You need to lead a revolution.
Yes, revolution.
You're like little cogs
in the machine. Don't you see it?
They've been using you!
You're going to burn down
the machinery of corporate capitalism.
- Yes.
- They are not the power.
You are the power!
Only you can make the change!
It has to be me!
It has to be you.
We are working too many hours,
and we are way over schedule.
It is unfair and unsafe.
Carol, why do you want us to bail?
Just tell us why.
I'm not saying "bail."
I'm saying "threaten to bail."
We're all gonna team up together,
like the cast of Friends?
- No.
- You want us to bribe them then?
- Not what I'm saying.
- You want us to blackmail the studio.
What are you not hearing?
Every day,
I eat the KitKat in the minibar,
and then I come back
and there's a new KitKat.
I'm not giving this up.
I knew she was gonna do this.
I knew you were gonna do this.
What did I tell everybody?
Not to have her come back,
because you are a leaver, and you
are trying to get us to be leavers too.
- I thought you forgave me.
- Did I?
- You said you did.
- Did I?
- Lauren!
- I just hadn't seen you in a while.
Hey, little girl over there,
why are you always here?
My dad's the stunt coordinator.
He doesn't love me, so...
All right, uh,
maybe we should vote on this.
Okay, let's do it. Who's in?
This is great! Let's go make our demands!
No, we're in to finish the movie.
That's not what I said! I said,
"Are you in to be out of the movie?"
Then you should have said out!
No. I explained the plan, and then I said,
"Are you in for the plan?"
Why would we listen to someone
who doesn't know how voting works?
Guys, I am proud of you.
Do you understand
that, together, we can do anything?
And I'm manifesting right now,
for all of us, a classic!
- Yeah!
- Yeah.
That's where it's at.
Hey, no, stop! This is not finished yet.
You stole my meeting!
Cliff Beasts 6!
Mr. Best, is all this necessary?
Maybe, maybe not.
This is a hotel, not a war zone.
My job's to look after these people,
not imprison them.
You don't care about them.
You just wanna get the job done!
Like a sergeant pretends to care about
the soldiers before he sends them off
to die.
Now, let's finish this film and go home!
- Hey, Gavin?
- Hi.
What's going on?
All my lines are gone from the next scene.
Oh, that can't be true.
She has lines in this, doesn't she?
Uh, only nonverbal lines.
But I'm supposed to emotionally connect
with the baby cliff beast.
Oh, yes! That's right. The studio wanted
Krystal to do that because she's young.
I'm young.
They thought
she'd connect more with the baby beast.
- Why?
- Well, she's the baby.
And you're not now.
The studio know that you're overworked.
And they heard you.
- What do you mean, "They heard me"? What?
- They heard you.
I got you now, you son of a bitch.
Cole, put that goddamn gun down.
That baby dinosaur has just as much right
to be on this planet as we do.
It's not about the planet.
It's about justice!
No, put it down!
God damn it, Vivian.
How can you be so naive?
These things are killers.
They killed Jarrar,
and they killed your parents!
They killed your parents dead.
Not all of them are beasts.
But maybe some of us are!
Vivian, what are you doing?
Come here! Get back here now! Shit.
You're gonna wind up dead,
like your momma!
Come here, little guy.
He's just hungry.
It's like she's dino psychic.
You're safe now. No one's gonna hurt you.
If that thing moves,
I'm gonna blow its fucking head off.
He's learning
from her.
Okay, let's see if you can do these steps.
Very good. Very good.
Looks like we're about
to have us a hoedown.
All right, here we go.
Okay, get outta line, okay
It's goin' down, okay
You know my temper
Is way shorter than a Vine, okay
We not the same, lil' mama
I don't wait in line, okay
You say you rich
Well like Mufasa...
Now I know
I must kill them all. I'm rich
I got in my bag
And I ain't looked back since...
...but fuck that shit
You started out hatin'
Now you love my drip
I started from the bottom
And now I'm rich...
And cut!
Really nice work.
Can you stop?
You don't need to do that anymore.
Hey, you looked amazing!
Darren, this is such bullshit.
That was supposed to be my big scene,
and now all I do is piss myself.
Urination is a very real
and human reaction
to getting roared at by a cliff beast.
- It's humiliating!
- I wouldn't worry about it.
We've got to serve the Cliff Beast nerds,
the fans out there.
They want authenticity.
Krystal just did a fucking TikTok
with a dinosaur. Is that authentic?
That dance is the clip
they're gonna use in the Oscars.
- What? No, they're not.
- Oh, believe me.
Gavin, we gotta shut down, buckle down,
focus, and I will rewrite that script.
You give me two weeks,
and I'll have it rocking.
Shut down for two weeks?
Yeah, like they did withApocalypse Now.
That's the model.
- What?
- We are not shutting down for two weeks.
We told Rafi
we'd be gone for three months.
It's been five and a half!
I didn't come all this way
to not have it work out.
Rafi will understand
when he sees how great the movie is.
None of these movies are great.
Hey, I am modeling for him
the value of hard work
and perseverance and responsibility.
That is the best thing
a father can do for a child.
No, the best thing
a parent can do is be present.
I told you, my dad took him out to lunch
at Nobu, and he seemed fine.
- You think he's fine?
- Yeah.
He started a GoFundMe
for a kidney transplant!
How much did he raise?
Kid's an entrepreneur.
He's only been a part
of our family for 17 months!
I hate to say this,
but this franchise has been in my life
a lot longer than Rafi has.
You are so screwed up.
I'm gonna make sure
that you get put on some no-adoption list!
- Please, will you do that?
- You'll never adopt again!
Oh, yeah? I'll adopt again.
I'll adopt half
of South America if I want!
You know, Peru, Chile, Venezuela.
Come on, you're living with me!
What are you doing?
I'm packing.
You're leaving?
- Yeah, tomorrow we have a game.
- Oh.
- Didn't I tell you?
- No.
So what do we do now?
I mean, can I get your email?
Of course.
Okay, what is it?
- Oh, you want it now?
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, but I'm packing.
Okay, what is going on?
- What?
- I'm a bit confused.
I thought we had something serious.
Here's the thing. I'm married.
I have five kids.
- You have five kids?
- With three different women.
- With three different women?
- I have three more coming.
With two other women.
Wow. Okay, so,
maybe I should call your wife.
Really? You'd do that?
Yes, you better believe it.
Oh, she will love it!
She's a huge fan of yours.
Okay, I'm sorry, I just...
I don't know what's happening.
We have a very European relationship
with my wife.
Okay, what does that mean?
That I'm allowed to have sex with you.
Oh, wow.
Okay, this is... What?
No, don't be sad.
You had fun.
Now, I meant to ask you,
do you have PayPal?
Because that KitKat
and that water you had last night?
It cost 26.
- You're working the night shift?
- Yes, I do.
I see the way you look at me.
Yeah, I feel the same way,
and I want you to know
I wanna rip your clothes off
and have my way with you like an animal.
- That's amazing.
- Yeah, it is.
- But...
- Hi.
Where are you guys going?
Um... To help him plunge his toilet.
I'll do it. I'll plunge his toilet.
Let me handle his toilet.
I would plunge
the hell out of your toilet.
I would. Let me plunge your toilet.
I want to plunge this toilet!
I'm only trying to take care of you,
so you don't find yourself
in the wrong toilet.
You're not in charge
of which toilet I should plunge!
I'm just doing what's right for you
and his toilet, which I will now plunge.
I will handle this toilet.
I'm gonna clean your toilet.
Sir, let's go. Thank you, Anika.
Where are you?
I'm in our bed.
It's so cozy and warm. Feels like home.
I can't wait till this movie's over.
I miss being there with you sometimes.
I'm sorry this has been so hard.
Hey, what's going on?
Carol's still not over it.
- Oh, poor girl.
- Yeah, she's really struggling right now.
What? You can't just live in my house
with your new girlfriend!
Hey, I'm house-sitting for you for free!
Pump the brakes, Carol!
- Hey, what do you want from Postmates?
- We did Chinese last night, right?
- I could do Thai?
- I could do Thai.
Do not Postmates to my house!
I'm coming home right now!
- What the fuck are you doing?
- I'm locking the script.
You won't be needing these anymore.
You know why? Because you're done!
Back away!
- Eddie Vedder gave me that guitar!
- I don't care!
- That doesn't bother me.
- Oh, no?
My work is in the cloud.
Are you sure, SummerBoy1987?
That's my cloud!
It's not anymore!
Rafi, look in the camera!
Look at Daddy's computer.
Mommy lit it on fire
because Daddy's script is in the computer!
Daddy's trying to make a movie
that's not a piece of shit,
like Mommy likes to make.
Your mom's a hack, Rafi!
I don't care.
I don't like movies.
They're too long! Bye.
Well, this hack is gonna go home
and take care of our little angel.
He's no angel.
You think the cat drowned itself?
Just so you know,
I know that this thing
is never gonna happen again!
Rafi! Momma's coming home!
Once I had a love and it was a gas
It soon turned out
I had a heart of glass...
Seemed like the real thing
Only to find
Mucho mistrust
Love's gone behind...
In between
What I find is pleasing...
Love is so confusing, there's no...
If I fear I'm losing you, it's just...
Oh, my God!
That's wonderful work.
That's my tennis hand, you motherfucker!
- He got my fingers!
- You trying to escape too?
Of course not. I just heard a commotion.
Calm down.
What the hell's going on?
What are you doing? Why did you hit him?
- Oh, what did you do to your hand?
- You did this!
I will sort this. Go back inside.
- Did you fall in the gravel?
- No! This is all your fault!
The therapist said not to blame.
Don't blame me!
What the hell is going on here?
The security guards, they got confused.
They thought that Lauren
was a deranged fan, and they shot her,
and she lost a few fingers.
She'll be fine. Just a few digits.
Just a graze.
Nothing to worry about.
Gavin, you can't shoot the actors.
You can't even poison the fuckers
these days. The press always finds out.
It wasn't my call to shoot them.
Mr. Best reports to you.
Mr. Best? Sorry, who's Mr. Best?
I thought you sent him.
Mr. Best? I don't...
That does not ring a bell.
Sounds scary. Sounds like
someone you wouldn't wanna fuck with.
Someone who'd do anything
to make sure the movie got made.
We need to shut down.
- We're not shutting the movie down.
- We are shutting down the movie.
- We are not shutting down the movie.
- We are shutting down the movie!
It's not like the world is desperate
for another Cliff Beasts movie!
This isn't a vaccine!
This is a Cliff Beasts movie.
There's five of them.
They're all the same!
Sorry, I was frozen there for a second,
but I assume you were agreeing
with everything I was saying,
and I'm so glad because
if you don't get the movie in the can,
I'll send one of these fucking elephants
to trample your house and your children.
Okay? Hakuna matata, my sweet.
I so wanna be her.
Hi, Tom.
I hate to tell you this,
but I don't think we have enough time
or money to finish this Cliff Beasts...
Great, then just get it done
and we'll be in touch.
I don't think it's possible
to get it done.
Don't make an enemy of me, Paula.
I will destroy you from within!
Okay, Tom. Thank you for this opportunity.
- Hello?
- Li.
The schedule's impossible
with the budget we have.
Great. Then get it done
and we will be in touch.
No, Li, you don't understand.
This is impossible.
I have faith in you.
You have never let me down before.
Are you in Fiji?
- Yes, I'm in Fiji.
- I'm down the beach!
I have not seen anyone in 37 days!
- You want to play tennis?
- I would love to play tennis!
- Four o'clock?
- Four o'clock!
Do you have balls?
Oh, I have balls!
I spoke to Lauren this morning.
She loves you all, and she said
the best thing that you could do for her
would be to make this movie great.
I spoke to her too,
and she is not being cool about it.
She's really pissed at me
like it's my fault.
I didn't shoot her fingers off.
Mr. Best's team thought that you were
being attacked by a crazed stalker.
Were they able to reattach her fingers?
They, uh, didn't find any of them.
- All that's left is a thumb.
- This is a blessing.
Lauren is gonna
come back from this stronger.
There are a million things you can do
with a thumb. It's not like it's a pinkie.
When will she shoot
the rest of her scenes?
Well, we're not gonna shoot
the rest of her scenes. Lauren is wrapped.
We've got some clever fixes
I don't think anybody's gonna notice.
So are we allowed to leave?
We can't do that, unfortunately.
You have to stay 'cause we have contracts.
It's called being an adult.
Fucking Jesus Christ.
Uh, one hiccup.
Shouldn't be too much of a problem.
Our stunt coordinator, Steve,
has had a bit of a virus scare,
so he is going to be joining us
on Zoom today.
- Oh, it takes so long to shoot action.
- Steve!
Hey, guys! Hope everybody's excited
for today's stunt sequence.
Uh, Steve, looks like
you lost some weight.
I'm the same weight as always.
All right, uh, let's go through the scene.
Okay, you know what? Let's run it.
Just as we rehearsed, it's gonna be...
I froze.
I'm frozen. Did I freeze?
Fucking bullshit!
I told you it wouldn't work!
Am I clear now?
Am I coming in clear?
- Yeah.
- Go ahead.
Here's how it goes. The action starts
when Dustin engages the first iceman.
Typical hand-to-hand combat. Remember,
parry, jab, end up with a naked choke.
Okay, take me over to the mound.
On the mound, Carol's gonna
take out icemen four and five
with a series of explosions.
Dieter and Krystal, you're providing
cover fire for the icemen,
Sean, you're gonna walk...
Question. When I'm supposed
to get to my mark, do I turn to my left?
Okay, first team, walking on!
Let's do this!
Watch out! Watch out!
I'd see that movie!
I forgot to tell you
that my dad sucks at stunts.
Sorry, think I grabbed the wrong wire.
Let's do another one... No!
Bloody hell.
I was checking my email
real quick. How'd it go?
Um... Not very well. We might have to...
Do another take, yeah.
I want you to call the studio
and tell them to fuck off!
Well, what happens then when I need
to get a bigger trailer for Mark Ruffalo,
I ask 'em and they say,
"You just told us to fuck off for Carol"?
- I can't do that, okay?
- Do I have a hard out date on my contract?
- No.
- So they could just make me work forever.
No, not forever. They're not monsters!
They're just trying to make a good movie.
We're being mistreated!
Oh, spare me!
You're being "actress-mistreated."
I'm being fucking human being-mistreated!
You ever try to teach
a 12-year-old math? It's impossible, okay?
He's been shut up in his room.
I walked in there the other day,
and he was watching Japanese taxi porn.
What is Japanese taxi porn?
Just what it sounds like.
They fuck the taxi driver
halfway through the video, in Japan!
I need you to call the studio
and tell them to stop mistreating us.
Otherwise, I'm out. I'm walking.
You walk off the film now,
you are financially responsible
for any overages that you create.
What? What does that mean?
It means that if you leave the movie,
you will owe them 114 million bucks.
I didn't know that was in there!
I didn't either.
I didn't read your contract!
You're not being
a good agent or a good friend.
I'm being a very good agent.
And you know what? I'm not your friend.
It's something we pretend
when there isn't a pandemic.
- I gotta go. It's Mark Ruffalo.
- Don't hang up...
Hey, Mark.
Oh, my God, you're in the pool.
How you doing?
I thought today was so good.
You did?
- Did you not?
- No! Today was a disaster.
- What are you talking about?
- Everyone got injured in the stunt!
I mean before the stunt. The scene
that we did before was incredible.
That was genius,
but everybody got really hurt.
Yeah, that was unfortunate for sure.
I'm gonna talk to them tomorrow.
I just... Honestly, I don't think
I have anything left to give.
I'm so sorry about that.
I guess I was so focused on the dinosaurs,
I forgot there are human beings involved.
Yeah. I'm gonna talk to Gavin. I'm gonna
really change things so that you're happy.
I am mortified.
Really? That would be a lifesaver!
Carol, I'm really sorry.
I'm gonna fix this.
- Hey.
- Oh, my God!
- I'll race you. Come on!
- Hey!
Come on. Try and catch me!
Hey, Darren. What's up here?
These are not my pages.
Yeah, um, we decided we're just...
We're not gonna shoot those.
They weren't good, so we're gonna go
and shoot the original script,
also known as the real script
that was approved by the studio.
Also known as the worst fucking draft!
Everybody agrees
that my revisions are kicking ass.
They clarify
our pro-environmental message.
People don't care about the environment.
People go to see the movies
to see dinosaurs blow up and die.
Why? Because dinosaurs kill people.
They're monsters!
- We need a movie with heart.
- Ask Martha. Martha?
She's our audience.
Don't the dinosaurs need to live?
I don't care if dinosaurs die, you know?
I thought they were dead.
Fine. I'll do your shit word-for-word.
That fucking scene we're about to shoot,
I don't know how I'll make it work,
but I will 'cause that's what I do.
I turn shit into gold.
You're meant
to slurp those ones back.
Hey, do you know, I heard
that the movie is going really badly.
They're gonna extend for another
three months. I can't be happier!
The longer these shitbags
stay in my hotel,
the bigger my house
is gonna be when they leave.
I'm gonna have one of those toilets
that shoots water up my ass,
heats it and dries it for me.
Ronjon is not touching anything anymore.
Plus, the more we stay here,
the more Dieter will realize
that he doesn't need anything but me.
- Ooh!
- Yes.
- Cheers! Never stop filming!
- Never stop filming!
Never stop filming!
Go, Cliff Beasts
It's your birthday
Go, Cliff Beasts
It's your birthday
- Hey!
- Go, Cliff Beasts, it's your birthday
- Go, Cliff Beasts, it's your birthday
- Part one, part two
I'm here.
We're a family.
You've always been my hero.
I know that our love
will get us through this nightmare.
And cut!
Moving on. Excellent.
Great. That was...
I really felt that. That was powerful.
- Did I capture her physicality?
- Yeah.
Yeah, you're fine.
It's just you're six inches too tall.
- And you're not my wife.
- Okay.
- She got her hand blown off, my wife.
- I didn't...
I didn't even go back to help her rehab.
I had to finish this fucking movie.
- What asshole does that?
- It's a specific situation...
- Am I an asshole?
- No.
- The fuck am I doing?
- I don't know.
I lost my wife and my adopted child
of two years for this?
All this time I was producing this movie,
I should have been producing my family!
- Are you a producer?
- Uncredited, but everybody knows.
See that?
He's reacting like that because
you made him feel something.
- Thank you.
- So, well done.
What even was that?
That is called a "storm off."
It's a pretty good one.
Got any good notes for that, Mr. Sundance?
This is the moment
you chose to talk to me?
To come in here and heckle me? You?
We've got a saying
about people like you in the business.
They talk about you.
A sucky fucking worst actor.
You're a sellout.
You're ruining everything.
You're making me look bad.
You're a poser!
Just kind of talking and mumbling.
That's not acting!
I'm posing with my Oscar!
- Hey! What are you mad about?
- I have nothing to do in these scenes.
They keep trimming me and punishing me.
You were gonna talk to the studio.
- I did.
- And?
It didn't go well.
I think it actually backfired.
You're the director! They'll give you
whatever you want. They'll listen to you.
No, they will not!
They'll bring in Jon Favreau to finish it
and send me home in a body bag.
I don't want to go
to directors jail, okay?
- Is everything okay?
- No.
They cut my lines and won't let me leave.
Nobody is looking out for me!
That is simply not true, Carol.
I am your advocate. I'm your warrior.
If you could see how hard I work for you
behind the scenes,
behind closed doors, on Zoom!
This is bullshit! You make us work
when we're sick or injured.
That is not okay!
I'm sorry, if I might interject,
I just got a call about your grandma.
- Okay, what?
- She died.
Yeah, she's dead. Um, in her sleep, so...
- I'm so sorry.
- I'm sorry as well.
- I'm so sorry.
- Okay.
Uh, so I think I need to go
be with my family right now.
That's just not gonna be possible, Carol.
Then make it possible.
You're not the only one suffering loss!
My dog got run over.
Did I burden everybody here with it?
No. I grieved alone.
Mmm. I had to abandon my cat on the street
just to shoot this movie.
I got a friend going through
a really hard time, and I can't be there.
His movie didn't open and he's depressed.
- How old was your grandma?
- She was 97.
Well, that's sad, but life has to go on.
And the show has to go on.
You know what? You have become a monster!
- Oh, mask!
- Oh, shoot!
Yeah, I'm drinking, so...
Dustin, don't be sad.
The dailies look great!
Hello, this is Paula from the studio,
and I just wanted to say thank you all
for your tremendous sacrifice.
It is worth it.
Hey, Paula, who are you talking to?
Beck! Well, I'm talking
to the cast of Cliff Beasts 6!
No way. Action movie? That's one
of my favorite action movie franchises.
Really? Mine too!
I hear they have some downtime.
Maybe you wanna play 'em
some funky grooves.
Playing funky grooves is what I do best.
Who's in the mood for a ladies' night?
I know I am. Ladies and gentlemen, Beck.
How's everybody feeling?
You all look so sexy tonight!
The studio wanted
to show their appreciation
by having me turn this motherfucker out!
Whoo! Thank you
for fulfilling your contracts!
Only 37 more days of shooting
And we got this one in the can!
Beck! Whoo!
Everybody get up out of your seats.
Get up out of your seats! Come on!
Girls, y'all got the one
A night that's special everywhere
From New York...
To Hollywood
It's ladies' night
And, girl, the feeling's good
Oh, yes, it's ladies' night
And the feeling's right
Oh, yes, it's ladies' night
Oh, what a night...
What a night!
Fuck it, let's dance!
And the feeling's right
Oh, yes, it's ladies' night
Oh, what a night
Romantic cliff beasts
You have a T. rex
Sophisticated raptor...
Son of a bitch!
Walk away!
Come play with me tonight, mama
This is your night tonight...
Fuck this place! Whoo!
This is your night tonight
Everything's gonna be all right
This is your night tonight
Everything's gonna be all right
This is your night tonight
Everything's gonna be
I'm on set joined by the amazing cast
of Cliff Beasts 6.
Carol, what's it been like
being back on set
with all of your Cliff Beasts buddies?
It's great!
I find myself smiling the whole time.
My face hurts from all the smiling.
Now, we must take a moment to discuss
the difficult times we're all in.
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
Do any of you have
a thought about what we can do
to solve the problems
that plague our world right now?
I have some good news for the world,
and I think it might help a little bit.
Uh, the studio just decided
that since we're doing such a great job,
we're gonna roll
right into shooting Cliff Beasts 7.
- Amazing!
- What?
As soon as we complete 6!
What do you mean?
I didn't sign up for Cliff Beasts 7!
- Oh, it's the same shoot.
- No. I'm not doing that.
I am out. Not doing it! No.
Is this live?
Hello, can you hear me?
Please help us, okay?
They are holding us against our will.
I can't do another movie.
I can't! It's not safe here, okay?
What the fuck happened to the lights?
Can somebody turn those back on?
- What?
- It's not live.
- What?
- It's not live.
- We're not live.
- Oh.
Hey, Krystal's Kittens.
You may not know me,
but I am
a really close friend of Krystal's.
I know we are all struggling
during this time,
but the Cliff Beasts cast
is being held against its will, partially,
and forced to complete a film
under very inhumane conditions.
Lauren Van Chance got her hand shot off,
and they are making us
work through influenza!
So we need you to jump on Instagram,
TikTok, Twitter, even LinkedIn,
and demand that they allow us to go home.
With full pay. And no repercussions.
Oh! That is perfect.
Thank you so much, Krystal.
I'm so happy to help. I know how hard
it's been for some of the older actors.
Yeah, it's been hard for them.
- You shouldn't post it.
- What? Why?
Because you sound
like whiny, spoiled actors.
I am not spoiled!
People don't wanna hear
celebrities complain
about how hard their movie sets are.
They have real problems.
What are you talking about?
These are real problems.
They're never gonna let us go home!
Hold on. If this is gonna make me
look bad, I am not posting this.
I can't ruin my own brand.
It's not gonna hurt. You're the hero.
- It would make you look really bad.
- Whoa, uh...
What did you just do?
I deleted it.
What? Why would you...
She is one of them! Not us!
She is not! She's my friend.
You sound like some crazy,
rambling old actress. We're leaving.
I am the second youngest one!
I deserved that.
You'll survive.
Fuck you.
I'm sorry I hit you. I'm just having
a really hard time right now.
- Hey, Sean.
- You said you wanted to talk to me.
- Thank you for coming. Come in.
- Sure.
I'm just having a bit of a hard time,
and I didn't know
what to do or where to go.
- Um, Sean?
- Yeah.
I always thought
you guys were all fucking clowns.
I thought I was the only one
who had it all together.
But Josh was right.
I'm the worst one of all of you.
- No!
- Yes!
But you?
You're always so happy
and positive all the time,
and I was just hoping that maybe you could
help me because I'm falling apart here.
They're just lessons in disguise.
Remember that one step is the first...
There's... You know...
The first step
in the thousand steps of your journey.
Every day...
every day is an opportunity for, uh...
Uh, for you to...
For what?
I don't have a fucking clue.
I don't know what I'm doing.
I'm a complete fraud.
- What?
- I'm sorry.
The book is great.
You should read the book.
But please understand, I didn't write it.
Steve Harvey's ghostwriter wrote the book.
In fact, the only time...
The only time I ever read it
was when I was in the recording studio,
making the audio book.
And I was bored.
I was bored with the whole experience.
Okay? I'm sorry, but during the pandemic,
I realized that we're all the same.
And I thought that I was special.
And, uh, you know, that's all I got.
But I'm not.
I'm not.
Oh, my God!
Krystal Kris, the most selfish
TikTok superstar in the world,
snuck out of her movie's bubble,
putting millions of people in danger!
The UK gives us Prince Harry,
and what do we give them back?
The Krystal variant?
We need to do something.
That was a really bad idea.
Number one priority right now
is canceling Krystal Kris.
I just lost 3 million followers,
and if we don't get the fuck out of here,
I'm gonna lose all of them.
I only have 200.
There's no answers.
But there are drugs.
Ah! Whoo!
Oh, that's good.
The biggest mistake I made on this movie
is not being on drugs the whole time.
There should just be a campaign.
"Say yes to drugs."
I feel very embarrassed
that I used to tell people not to do them.
People should do them. They're great!
Can I ask you guys a question?
Why can't I keep a man?
Oh, Jesus.
Okay, so my ex, Josh, he dumped me
and left me for a fucking waitress.
When I was young, if you saw me,
you'd just wanna punch me
in the fucking face
'cause I was that handsome.
You just wanted to ruin it.
You know what?
This business is so unfair to women, okay?
It is not fair.
You have to stay young and be skinny,
but have big boobs at the same time.
It's impossible because nobody
has that body type without surgery.
You can't be skinny
and have big boobs at the same time!
- It is physically impossible!
- It's impossible!
Yeah, but it's worth trying.
Gunther, why do you look
like Benedict Cumberbatch right now?
I do?
Your inner spirit has come out
and that's who you truly are.
Hello, I'm Doctor Strange.
Oh, my God, I can't!
I don't like it. I want you to stop it.
Stop being Benedict Cumberbatch!
Everyone, do you think
that I'm worthy of Anika's love?
I don't have an answer for that, bro.
She's 27, and she loves me.
And I...
Love her.
Love her.
Let's go wake up Krystal.
Let's make a fucking TikTok.
- Yeah, let's TikTok.
- Right now.
- Ooh! Yes! I love those things!
- TikTok, TikTok. Tick, tick!
No, I can't give you what you need
All by myself
Do you wanna go?
Do you really know
I don't ever stay away for you
Oh, no
Do you want to go?
Do you really know that I can't
I can't afford you?
Dieter? Oh, my God, Dieter!
Are you okay?
Something's wrong with Dieter!
Okay, wait. What's up?
Dieter, wake up, man.
- All right, I'm gonna go get help.
- Okay. Oh, my God, Dieter.
Oh, my God, what is happening?
He took a lot of drugs.
I think he's having a bad reaction.
Okay, what we need to do
is clear his airway.
Okay, how?
So I'm just expanding
his cheek flesh at the moment.
- What is the purpose?
- I've got his tongue.
So he's not gonna swallow his tongue.
Your tongue is in good hands!
Dieter! Oh, fuck. What's going on?
God. What are you doing?
It's a heart attack!
We need to attack it back.
- What? That is not true!
- Heart attack!
- Medical kit!
- Oh. Can you get me the NARCAN?
- Yes.
- Oh. I can't deal with this.
If he's taken opioids,
this should dilute them.
There we go.
Come on, Dieter.
- Doesn't appear to be working.
- Wait! He's allergic to peanuts.
- Oh!
- Clear!
Come on, Dieter! Don't you die on me!
Get out of my way! Everybody back.
What language
are you speaking?
When I get stressed, I speak Hindi.
It's a better crisis language.
- We should shock him now.
- Right, yeah.
Two, one, clear!
What time is it?
Okay. Time of death, 3:23.
- Time of death? Are we calling death?
- Time of death?
It's over.
Okay, but what we're gonna do
is we're gonna go to the bar,
and we're gonna raise a glass, okay,
to what an incredible legacy he had.
He was a magician. A chameleon.
A reptile that could change colors.
His chest is still moving, Gunther!
He's not alive! Okay? That's just the body
letting him go by moving a little bit.
That's what that is.
- They call it death breath.
- I think he wants to come back to us.
Good night, sweet prince.
Go to that beautiful light!
- Do not go to the light.
- You can go to the light.
- Don't go to the light.
- You can go.
- Come back.
- Go.
- Don't.
- Hold on!
Don't let go. Hold on. Come back.
Oh, my God!
Wake up!Wake up!
Can you stop? Stop it!
It's heatstroke from the dancing!
Let's get him on ice.
I think we need more ice.
- At least the ice will preserve him.
- We gotta get him out of here.
- What else is in the bag?
- Okay, oh, um...
- I just...
- Whoa. What happened?
Where the fuck did you come from?
- Oh, my God, was the dance that hard?
- What's happening?
- Yeah, on him.
- Dieter.
Oh, my God. Dieter!
- What is happening?
- He just went down.
- What are we doing to save him?
- We haven't tried this.
- Give it to me.
- Oh. She's just gonna do it.
Oh, my God! Anika!
Oh, my God!
- I knew it was gonna work!
- Yes!
- All right!
- Oh, my God!
You saved me.
You are an angel.
Yes. I was trying to tell you.
You do love me?
I've loved you for a thousand years,
and I will love you
for another thousand years.
Can someone take the needle out?
It's a little too much.
Yes, this is disgusting.
Let me have this. Thank you!
Oh, my God, guys.
Look around.
Think about what just happened.
We worked together,
and together, we saved a life.
And we may fight it,
and, oh, how we fight it,
but we are a family.
A Cliff Beasts family.
And that is just such a beautiful thing.
Listen to me. This is...
This is not even me acting.
No, we know. That felt real.
And we have to come together as a family
and lead each other to freedom
because we are heroes.
I don't understand the metaphor.
Are we heroes or family?
We're both! We are a family of heroes,
and we are going to save our family
because we are the heroes and the family,
and that's what heroes do,
is save their families.
So we're a family now.
No, that's just for the actors.
They still think we're shit.
Thank you for being my family
and for helping me through all of this.
I love you all
from the bottom of my heart,
and I now see what I have to do
and my reason for being here,
and it is to lead you all to freedom.
I don't understand. You're leading us
to freedom. Where is freedom?
Freedom is the fuck out of here!
That's the cocaine talking right there.
Can't they see we're trying to save them?
We can't save them if they're dead!
If they touch this wire,
we can knock them out
and take them to an ice cave
and figure out how to care for them.
Good idea, Vivian!
I know a better way.
Let's put them to sleep,
He's a madman!
If we get them in the reproductive organs,
their hormones are toxic and flammable.
Gio, you promised
to honor and protect them!
Well, you silly little girl,
looks like Gio lied.
No, stop!
Why, Gio, why? All for a luxury hotel?
The cliff beasts must burn!
And if all of you stand beside them,
then you will burn with them!
Cliff beasts!
Let's help him!
Save me! Aah!
- No!
- No!
I can't look! It's horrible!
I hate to admit it, but unfortunately,
Gio just proved his own point.
We have to kill them all.
He's right.
Let's do this.
Light the sky on fire!
Die, you feathered fucks!
Shoot their reproductive organs.
They're flammable!
Go for the nuts!
Die, nature! Die!
Darren, I hate this rewrite.
This is so stupid.
What? It looks great.
So the ending that you came up with
is me shooting at cock and balls
with a flamethrower? That's what you got?
Dustin, you're misunderstanding
what this is gonna look like.
It's not cock and balls.
These are reproductive organs.
It comes out of the dinosaur
like a jellyfish,
and it just moves towards the camera.
And the little tentacles,
and it's fluorescent,
and it goes back into the body.
It looks beautiful!
The people from Paddington made it.
Why would I shoot
at a gelatinous,
pulsing dinosaur dick and balls like that?
That sounds like you're attacking
some kind of defenseless thing.
You're the hero! You have to kill them.
Otherwise they'll take over the world!
Why don't we
just shoot 'em in the asshole?
It's not even a dick.
It's a metaphor for the virus.
Martha, does it look beautiful?
Uh, well, personally,
I find it a bit troubling,
but, um, it doesn't look like a dick.
It doesn't look like a dick.
Not any dick that I've seen.
You think that makes it okay?
That their dick and balls
look like a jellyfish?
Can we be brought down whilst you chat?
To have a little cigarette break?
Hey, how you doing?
You know what, Dustin?
I'm in charge of this movie.
You're gonna do what I tell you to do.
Sorry, everybody.
I am the painter, and you are the paint!
I think this is gonna really work.
I think this is really fun.
Who the fuck is that?
Don't insult my mocap men!
You know what, guys? As soon as we wrap,
I'm gonna punch you both in the jaw.
Well, I'm gonna write you
a stern bloody email.
Guys! The sooner we get everybody...
Where's the cast?
Where's the fucking cast?
Gavin! Where is everybody?
I don't know.
First team, we need you
on set. We are not done shooting.
First fucking team!
Come on, guys! We're losing time!
Where's Dustin?
God damn it!
Dustin, you're wanted back on set.
Soon as you can make it, that'd be great.
Fucking prick!
Mr. Best, there's been a breach.
I believe the children wanna play!
Okay, let's have some fun.
Can I leave?
No! I'm sorry I'm not Patty Jenkins.
I don't get to work
with fucking Cal Gadot.
Gotta work with these fucks!
There's some really crazy shit going down
on the Cliff Beasts set right now.
I don't even know where to begin.
It's been really hard on set these days...
Hey! What's happening?
Has something gone wrong?
Get out of my way.
- Is there something we can do...
- To cheer them up?
Cheer them up?This'll cheer them up!
- This'll cheer them up!
- Whoa!
- This'll cheer them up!
- Aah!
What are you doing? Crikey!
- Do you want cheering up?
- No, I'm...
Do you want cheering up?
I'm on a different film.
- That slowed them down a bit.
- Three, four seconds. Yeah.
What the hell was that?
I'm stopping you.
You have a movie to finish.
I thought you were my friend.
I was paid to be your friend!
They paid you?
- I'm a mole!
- What are you talking about?
And by the way, you are a mediocre dancer.
That's my appeal, bitch!
Come on.
Hey. Hey, stop. Hey!
Hey, why are you running?
- Hey, stop!
- Why are you chasing me?
- Why are you running?
- Get the hell away from me!
God, get off of me!
- Why were you running?
- Why do you care if I'm running?
You could have stolen something.
I didn't steal anything.
I really don't think
you're allowed to run during a pandemic.
I have to because it is an emergency.
Great. I have a sore leg, and what do I
have to do for the rest of my day? Run.
Aw! Somebody get Professor X
his wheelchair!
I play a lot of different characters.
Not just him!
- You're...
- Carol Cobb.
- Carol Cobb.
- We went on a date, remember?
Oh, wow.
You don't remember...
Oh. Hey, hi.
- They need me back on set.
- Nobody's calling you. That's not a phone.
Never thought I had to take it
Never felt the need to fake it
Never felt the need
To try all the shit you pull...
I never had your git-go
I had you figured from the get-go
There's my phone.
Got you now, you dirty hippie.
Hey, get your ass off the set!
What are you, crazy?
Mr. Best!
What? What is it, Gavin?
What now?
Cliff Beasts!
Shit, it's in his hand!
Can I be in Cliff Beasts 7
now I shot him for you?
I'll make a call.
Thank you.
Sorry about flipping out earlier.
- There's a lot of stress and emotions.
- Just let me enjoy this moment.
- Do you know how to fly that thing?
- Yeah, I took eight lessons.
Hey! Where do you think
you're going? Huh?
Don't move!
Stay there!
How do the brakes work on this thing?
God damn it.
No one's getting in that helicopter!
Turn around.
Turn around, go back to set.
I won Sundance
with a movie I made on my phone!
An iPhone 6!
I am not going back to my old life.
You think I want to go back
to Home Depot, selling tiles?
This is my shot!
Your call time is right now!
I got this.
- You got what? This?
- You wanna go, Cimino?
- Do I wanna go? Yeah.
- Come on.
Come on.
You wanna play around?
Is that what you want?
What are they doing?
I'm pretty sure
it's the tribesmen fight from the movie.
- Oh. This is a terrible fight.
- Go again?
- All right.
- From the top?
Grab. Block away, one punch,
second punch. Down, stomach. Duck.
The fight I was just in
was way better than this.
- Give me that!
- Yeah!
Should we stop it?
Probably not. No one's getting hurt.
Shit! Dustin,
just do something different! Anything!
All right. Here's a page one rewrite.
On your balls!
There it is!
- Yeah! That's different.
- Hit to the face!
- Attaboy, Dustin!
- Let's go.
Dieter, come on!
You should have gone with my pages.
All right, now this...
That's done. Okay, all right, this goes...
Oh, my God.
My cast!
you made it okay!
I got in here
three hours early just to be safe.
I wanna live with you.
I wanna live with you in Beverly Hills.
- I live in Sherman Oaks.
- Even better!
- You got this?
- Yeah.
- Whoo!
- No celebrating yet.
- Okay, no, we...
- Fly it.
Oh, man, this is a rush!
All right!
Whoo! Whoo!
Why are we standing still?
What are you doing?
- Just hold on...
- Let's get going.
Okay, just give me a second. Um...
Okay, what is that one?
I've not seen that button.
I do not know what that does.
What happens now?
You're definitely gonna get the sack
for getting Howie to shoot Mr. Best.
You'll be in directors jail for the rest
of your life, if that. You're finished.
And I'm just gonna take over as producer
and get the movie in the can.
What are you doing?
Uh, I only know how to go up and down.
For the movie, they only taught me
how to go up and down.
They didn't teach me how to go forward.
I don't know how to move forward, okay?
I'm just, uh...
I don't know what else to do.
Just push it forward!
Well, I don't know if that's how it works.
It might be how it works. I don't know!
- Oh, my God.
- What is happening?
Krystal, go on YouTube. See if there's
a helicopter tutorial or something!
Does YouTube still exist?
- Yes!
- Yes, YouTube exists!
- It still exists!
- Okay!
- Um...
- Hurry, Krystal.
What? What are you looking at?
It's a monkey
being washed in a sink.
- It's taking a bath.
- What's happening?
- It's a monkey.
- A monkey taking a bath?
- Look, he's so cute!
- Let me see.
I don't think he likes it!
Aw! His fur is so soapy!
- Stop this!
- Stop!
Krystal, show me!
Hurry! Let's go!
Stop yelling at me! Go, just watch it!
Today, I'd like to talk to you
about how to fly a helicopter.
Why don't we hop in
and I'll show you how it works?
- What are you doing?
- Oh.
It's a prop. It doesn't work.
I just thought maybe
this could scare them into coming back.
- Okay, I think I got it.
- Darren is pointing a gun at us right now!
- Oh, my God! We gotta go. Go!
- Okay. Uh-huh.
Sean, I believe in you.
You can do this.
I wanna be the hero, but I can't do it.
Come on, guys, we're a family!
Let's do this together.
Come on.
All right. Okay, guys, here we go.
We're doing it.We're doing it.
We're moving forward.
No, we're good! We're good!
We're good!We're good!
We're good. I've got it. Okay.
So how are you doing?
This seems like a major setback.
We're gonna be fine! We'll put
a cut together. It's gonna be great.
We're not done.
They'll probably come back!
I think I got it, everyone.
We're going home.
You sons of bitches,
you didn't tip us!
- Oh, my God!
- Bye-bye, Clifton!
- Bye!
- Whoo-hoo!
I'm Susan Howard, reporting live
from the premiere of a documentary
about a disastrous production
that the entire nation is talking about.
I'm a beast!
We're a beast!
I'm a beast!
- I'm a beast!
- I ain't a fucking cliff beast.
- Let's get ready to bubble!
- Bubble!
Cliff Beasts 6?
Holy shit.
When Howie cracked, that's when we all
should have just gotten out of there.
And here's a warning. Do not leak this
on the Internet, you fucking idiots.
The security was insane.
They had guns.
It felt like America, but in England.
The second these things go to streamers,
they're gonna be watched on televisions,
and then that makes me a television star.
I'm not a television star!
I am a movie star!
What do you think I am? Young Sheldon?
- No, don't leave me!
- Let go!
Not now. Turn that off, you tit!
Yeah, the cast all called me EPK Guy.
It's like, "That's not my name.
My name is Scott."
Now they know it.
It's on the fucking poster.
How does it feel to be the villain
of Beasts of the Bubble?
I'm not the villain.
What are you talking about?
Why are you complaining?
I can't leave and have almost no lines.
I'm over here with my dick in my hands
like a piece-of-shit extra!
No, I didn't know that all my Zoom calls
were being recorded.
I could sue, but I won't
'cause I'm in on the joke,
and I love the joke.
So you're the mole!
I know! I'm the mole.
I never thought it could work
as just a hand.
High five.
Sean, how are you doing?
I heard you just got out of rehab
for cocaine addiction.
Yes, two-day rehab. I walked in one day.
I said, "I think I'm addicted to cocaine."
They said, "You shouldn't
do that anymore." I said, "Done."
- Two days, huh?
- 48 hours.
What's your next project, Darren?
I'm doing the Skittles movie.
It's based on the candy.
It's got a great story. A passion project.
And it's about racism and diversity,
and how we can all get along.
It's all the flavors,
but it all goes under one name. Skittles.
So much exciting news for the two of you.
And who's this?
This is our friend, Kate.
I have no idea why I'm here.
Come on, Kate.
Come on.
I'm a beast!
- Come on, Rafi, just say it with me.
- No, get off me!
So how have you been doing
since the movie?
Um, yeah, good.
Um, so I'm worried
I'm gonna get in trouble
because I didn't send
the swabs off to get tested.
Um, so I've still got
most of them at home.
And even now I don't really know
where to send them. If you know?
No? Thank you.
Do you think they have enough footage
in the can to put a cut together?
We didn't get any of the opening,
but maybe that doesn't matter
as long as the ending's strong.
Yeah. The rest of the movie can be shit
as long as the ending's good
'cause that's what they'll remember.
You know?
Oh, yeah.
Well, at least we tried to make a movie.
They can't judge us for that.
We made something that's a distraction
in these difficult times.
When I was a baby, down about
Sweet brave boy above the clouds
The world was mine, whoa
The clouds, they call me to fly
The mountains echo with my cry
You were never welcome here, whoa
With your silly woe
And your football toe
Your technology
You took my bone in paradise away
I'm coming back
Never gonna let you rise again
I'm coming home
The end is near, my friend
I'm coming back
Never gonna push me down again
Flying up on my wings of stone
On my wings
Of stone
- On my wings of stone
- I'm coming home
Thunder and lightning was my friend
Thought the glory days would never end
But you always wanted more, whoa
The sun didn't shine its light on me
From the mountains to the sea
Through volcanoes I will soar, whoa
With your power lines
And your diamond mines
You took everything
Now my whole entire world is gone
I'm coming back
Never gonna let you rise again
I'm coming home
The end is near, my friend
I'm coming back
Never gonna push me down again
Flying up on my wings of stone
On my wings
Of stone
- On my wings of stone
- I'm coming
On my wings
Of stone
- On my wings of stone
- I'm coming home
Your blood is hot
You make mistakes
My blood is cold
Like the Arctic lakes
My brain is small
You think it's funny, don't you?
The birds are all that's left of me
I'd rather be a bird than a monkey
I'm coming back
Never gonna let you rise again
I'm coming home
The end is near, my friend
I'm coming back
Never gonna push me down again
Flying up on my wings of stone
On my wings
Of stone
I'm coming
On my wings
Of stone
I'm coming
On my wings of stone
My wings of stone
I'm coming
On my wings
Of stone
I'm coming home
It's really hard
to direct in these things.