The Buccaneer (1958) Movie Script

On this map, all the territory indicated
green is known as an act
"Louisiana Purchase," the area that is
Pres. Jefferson bought from Napoleon.
Today covers a large part of even 15
States, and even the part of Canada.
The area is more than twice
greater than the original 15 states.
But with this purchase,
inadvertently came the infamous pirate,
sea robber, Jean Lafitte.
If you were a little
patient, ladies and gentlemen,
could increase the pleasure
in a film that you will see,
if you know why
the Jean Lafitte ...
and his little insular
stronghold in Barataria Bay,
near the mouth of the Mississippi River, were so
important for both sides in the war 1812th whatever.
Nadiruaa English army knew
that they will control New Orleans
give control over the entire course of the river
Mississippi and bring certain victory.
England command stressed
access to New Orleans
the river is not an option.
But this network of water
roads, you see here,
called branches, which
is controlled by Jean Lafitte,
was the rear entrance
in New Orleans.
Both the British and the Americans
they knew
Lafitte the key. And what
this pirate do?
This, ladies and gentlemen,
our story.
MARINE robbers
Jean Lafitte, the last sea robber and
still lives in the immortal words of Byron:
"He left a pirate name other times-
connected one virtue and thousands of crimes. "
Three U.S. President condemned,
stroked and again condemned the pirates.
But Fate has put in the hands of this man
without a country, the fate of one,
United States, which fought for
own existence in the war 1812th I. ..
... Experienced defeat after defeat. Now
Only one man stood in defense,
to prevent a deadly Scorecard
shot - uneducated general,
the name of Andrew Jackson, with acicom hunters
the squirrels and inexperienced recruits.
Come on, boy. Over here.
No you will not do nothing.
You must be hungry.
Will one cookie?
Come on, boy.
Certainly good.
Better not look at the dog,
than a rifle, soldier.
Place it in your hands.
You are English?
If I had, you
would be dead.
How long were you in the military?
- From the day before.
Well, boy, how
do you feel?
A bit hungry.
You're not hungry until your stomach
not cleave along Kiem.
Hang on now that musket.
How long have you been with
Old eagle face?
I am old
Eagle face.
You? Andy Jackson himself?
The thought and me
sometimes scares.
How did someone like you get this
task? Now I can relax, right?
More krpa damn boots?
- Better them than your feet!
Andy, you're not coming here,
since you sent me to wander and gather
people in this chill. - I know, I know.
And you know, this is more difficult to tolerate when
these bones weaken. Sit down.
Here, have some fine
hot soup.
Thank you, Mr. Peavey!
Inside the waiting one officer. Came
and see all the way from Washington.
Why did not you say so?
He did not say it was an emergency,
only official visit.
What's the news? To
ease, Captain.
Captain Wilkes, I come in the name of
President Maddison, sir.
The English won Washington.
They burned the capital and the White House.
The President is safe?
- He got away, sir.
But the next few weeks,
government will be monitored from
President's saddle horse.
We pray that this
horse does not stumble.
The fate of the country in
your hands, General.
England invading fleet
sent to New Orleans.
On ships have
16th ..?
They expect them to stop S. ..?
Here we have 1,200 people,
and most of these boys does not
shoes, let alone a man. How do I ...?
New Orleans?
Obviously here we have more
chickens, but soldiers.
Move it.
Let's see.
If you control the Mississippi,
will keep this country by the throat.
Maybe we could
set up a defense here.
And there.
- Not there.
Why not you?
- It's Barataria.
Each piece of the swamp
controls Lafitte, the pirate.
From New Orleans to the Gulf.
First we have to agree with him.
Agree? With a pirate?
What kind of deal,
We will hang him.
Trying to hang him
already 10 years.
When Andy talks about hanging,
you should see a rope.
JEAN LAFITTE provides a rare
opportunity - without taxes
MARKET seven seas.
Go ahead, scroll. All you
welcome to the market Jean Lafittea.
Without taxes. No additional charges
the war was lost.
Come on, we cleaned the deck.
Well, what have you got there?
Gentlemen, this is a real
Spanish lace!
How exciting!
It looks like it's from the harem. So-
you will not feel like a sultan.
Take care of gentlemen.
Gentlemen, what is life
without the right spices?
Me personally this is the King of France
asked to sell on his behalf.
Apparently the King of France
has a bad taste.
Ma'am, this is a fine piece of the picture.
He just needs a little polishing.
What, you do not like children?
Mobi, eaerna cane.
Mobi! eaerna cane.
Hello, General.
When you steal the sea,
Then you sea robber.
When you steal the
land, then you are a thief.
Mobile, Mobile, eaerna cane.
Excuse me, sir. I
you dropped your wallet.
Thank you!
I did not expect that
the pirate ... - What?
I wanted to say, thank you.
General Dominique?
Good afternoon, madam.
I brought you
something as a souvenir.
Oh, that's nice. Thank you.
For beauty, honor.
It gave me the car in Austerlitz.
General, you should not have.
Really should not have.
Bonnie, give me the money, not
belong to either you or your father.
Move it. You know that half
every dollar goes Lafitteu.
Just try to take it,
I'll rip your belly.
Look, Bonnie, half
belongs to the boss.
Keep your claws out
ocevog of cargo!
If you were not the daughter of Captain
Brown, I'd ...
You what?
- Bitch one!
Who pushed Bonnie?
- I am.
Move, Dominique,
I'll kill that filthy squid.
Dame can not beat with a broken
bottles. - I do not have a sword.
Bring it on!
It was Jean Lafitte!
Go get 'em!
Ladies and gentlemen, this is
the end of our little show.
We hope you
enjoy the show.
Let it be
just a hint of what,
we went through, we find
brought treasures Seven Seas.
We take the risk,
and you bargain.
Thanks, Lafitte.
Thank you, Mr. Lafitte, exceptional
performance, as always.
Thank you all, gentlemen.
- What is it?
Why not nauci handled scissors
cutting as you handle a knife?
Governor's daughter. What
you think you doing here?
You do not think
came to buy?
Miss Claiborne!
Good day, madame Mercier,
I'm glad to see you.
Let's go guys, run it.
Now everyone can show appreciation,
so a little more open wallet.
My dear, we are very honored
your distinctive prisutnoau.
Better not tell her husband
where you purchased this scarf.
Mr. Lafitte, never say.
Actually her and you can not blame him.
He's a pirate.
You'll see why
my hands are tied.
Sales of goods without taxes,
signed by Jean Lafitte.
How to gather taxes, when half
New Orleans business with these pirates.
There must be a way, they are breaking the law.
- We can not arrest the whole town.
It is true that, in fact,
nobody cares.
Nobody wants to pay taxes
in a war that we are losing.
If you think so, sir. Phipps,
maybe you need to resign.
I am a loyal American, sir.
Okay, okay, we have
Lafittea today in shackles.
I did not ask to
fall in love with you.
After I
first saw you,
I had thought to be 4 months
knowing that we'll be out of sight.
Neither typhoons or hurricanes, and not
could erase from my mind.
And you came back here.
What I thought might be
just a dream, you've done stvarnoau.
Now you say it's over.
my father is here
sent to the President,
to this country
brought a kind of unity.
And I, behold, there
in love with a man, which can destroy
all that my father is trying to build.
Who, me?
- Yes, you.
I feel like I'm
on the side of the enemy.
Half my people we are jumping the neck, because they
do not allow attacking U.S. ships.
Love for you
it cost me a lot of money.
Jean ...
It's not about what you do not do,
already about what they should.
We are losing the war. Englishmen
just burned Washington.
What does it matter to us?
New Orleans might be next.
New Orleans had three different
Flags in the last 15 years.
It does not matter what will be
and fourth. - It is important to me.
You do not know what it means
belong to a country.
You want a country?
I'll give it to you.
You can have Barataria.
Barataria's kingdom
a thousand fighters.
Ships that sail
Gulf and Caribbean.
Do you know what they offer
King of Barataria?
$ 500
dead or alive.
It will not charge it.
Jean, a girl must be proud
on his love, do not be ashamed of it.
How can I tell people that I love
man, who is the head of a price?
You're just not ...
What did not?
Say it.
You are not worthy of respect.
Worthy of respect.
What do you want the code
weapons, not a man.
I want a man with a feeling of
honor, duty and loyalty.
Not savages. -Savage you
was not good enough,
when you needed breath of fresh air in
your boring social life.
My life may be boring,
but 'barato' continues
means cheap.
I think it's better to
get back to the carriage.
Too late, gentlemen. Just
You missed a good opportunity.
Hooch, set the best
archers on those trees.
Blue, cover the bridge.
We can take them, boss. - No
shooting. I do not want trouble.
Come on. Quick!
Now you will see,
I swear, sir, there are people Lafitteovi
maintain sales an hour ago.
I know, I know.
I'm glad, Governor.
- You look funny, sir.
Governor, you
I did not expect!
Obviously, madame.
Can you explain,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
why do you find in this
beznacajnoj swamp,
hands full
krijumcarenih things.
Even my own daughter.
- Excuse me. Father, I ...
You're looking good
bargain, Miss?
Looking for something special?
I ask you!
Mr. Phipps?
Yes, sir.
- Read my manifesto.
I'm offering $ 500 reward
to capture Jean Lafittea.
$ 500? That's new.
- Dead or alive.
William CC Claiborne,
Governor Louis'.
I, Jean Lafitte,
I offer 10 thousand dollars
Hearing Governor Claiborne.
Capture this man!
- Carefully, Governor.
You are not at home.
One hundred guns were directed
to you at this moment.
It is better not to take risks,
Governor, people can get hurt.
Just the fear that someone
of you to be hurt,
inhibit me that this pirate
immediately brought to justice.
Sir, I'm a pirate.
You laugh!
I just laugh!
Did not realize that
your country is at war?
Will you laugh and
when the British march,
and you you do not have any
State or the flag?
And you! Will you laugh
when General Jackson rides
and expel you and your koljace
out of Barataria?
And others have tried before.
It will be differently
with Jackson.
He swore to you that there is no
places under the American flag.
I'm truly sorry
to hear that, Governor.
I've always respected
American flag.
Miss, are you coming?
I'm not looking for trouble.
While with me,
she's a lady.
It's a lady!
Come, come, fix
I will you. You're next.
I do not know how to swim.
I've got to get him out.
There were days when I could
handle ten of these at once.
If you were not so drunk
I would beat you up.
Okay, okay.
These punks down there!
- Who are you yelling?
On you! Now get out before
than you send patrol.
Who do you nare?uje?
I was a ship's captain
before you. Get down!
Come on, fatty. - Stop it, Paul.
- Come on, I'll fix you, too!
Shut up, Paul!
- Stop it, honey.
These rats here
they first began.
Yes, he would not hurt a fly!
- They insulted my lady.
You must be blind.
This monster, lady?
Who are you calling ...
- Get out of that and do not carve.
Mr. Brown, you will allow
to discuss this with me?
Bonnie is right.
You monster. Erase.
It is a case
with the lady.
Come on, Paul.
You should have seen me, Bonnie. Arranged
I have four of, yet I used fists.
Why do not you use the on Lafitteu?
Instead of those rats.
I'll choose the time.
Come on, let's go have a drink.
And, no, you will not.
You've got sloshed.
Only one.
- Get back to the ship.
Here comes another one.
- Everybody stand back. Be careful.
Keep them away from the line.
- Come on, Paul.
Before you
gets in your mouth.
Come here.
Look at that.
U.S. ships that
Lafitte never attacks.
And what happens? All
Gold from New Orleans
He slipped through the hands to
those Yankee falcon.
Lucky charm.
Buy lucky charm
and long live.
Passengers for Corinthian,
Take care, boarding burden.
Just a little, please.
- You can not let them. - Yes, sir.
But now it's all yours,
Captain Carruthers.
Sign here and download
governor consignment for safekeeping.
I'd rather have the burden of cobras,
but the devil's bait.
Already has enough trouble with the lock.
- Maybe you mist be walked on hand.
Mr. Miggs.
You just give us
a few minutes?
Yes, sir.
- Good.
Give a signal to visitors
go ashore.
All visitors to the coast.
I never thought I'd
you see that keep a child.
I wish you luck.
- It will take me.
- Annette.
What are you doing here?
I found a message that you left your father.
You're coming home with me, now.
Sorry, Annette.
It goes with me
Spain. We'll be married.
Stay out of it, Antonio.
Annette, manage fathers
life, but do not mine.
She will not listen to reason,
Antonio, maybe you will.
I talked to your father, says that
we need to wait until the war is not to wind up.
And I I will not wait!
Stop, think
only upon himself.
It makes no sense to talk with her, Antonio.
He knows all about how to be a lady.
But nothing about it
how to be a woman.
You're probably right.
Ah, Marie.
Annette, please
did not think so.
Very nice, but ... - Annette,
I'm sorry. - It should not be so separate.
Annette, I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
If you do not want to sail with us, you must
leave. - Okay, now I'm leaving.
Okay, you two, I'll figure out
How do I tell my father. Beware it.
Look, just do not
thought. Will you catch cold!
Visitors to the coast,
I wish I could
be at your wedding.
Annette, I had
time purchase wedding dress,
so I borrowed your
new dress.
Which one? - What you sewed
Madame de Dupre.
Of white crepe?
I'm sorry.
- Yes?
I took my mom and brooch!
- Did you leave me anything?
Yes, father.
Then, Rumbo? Have you caught
that the Portuguese galleon?
The English is the
first docepali.
And you Flint,
What did you catch?
Ten pounds of iron in the trunk.
Well that did not sink.
The boss does not like him
Captains of returning empty-handed.
We will convene Captain's Council ...
boss may not be long head.
It is time to ask
few questions Lafitteu.
Sure you want to respond?
Maybe they get.
Trouble on the horizon, Pyke.
But why stay in Barataria?
Listen to me! Jackson
We send out comes.
And the English blockade
We were there close.
And you do not give us immersed
U.S. ships.
I say, let's send 100 boats to sink,
pick up values ??and
let's go to New Orleans,
before Jackson arrived.
I agree. - Jean,
listen to their captain.
We the people must,
back to him.
Now we have more dealers
from the beach, but the pirates.
What impedes us to stay in
Barataria, and roll back to Jackson?
Our children were born here.
Hut on the beach is the only home
which many will know.
If we go from Barataria,
I'll lose Carribu.
And I'm Tina.
Sailor's home is
deck beneath his feet.
And why are you wearing a bag
French country around the neck?
This, Mr Pyke,
reminds me of all the lies,
to talk about the country.
Majcica country, fathers
country, country.
All this is just a country,
which will bury you.
A shed
blood defending it.
I say that
belong to the sea.
Man belongs there,
Where do you want to belong.
I do not like when I push against.
Neither Claiborne nor Jackson,
or Englishmen or more!
Wait, I want to say something.
Here, Miguel.
I forgot.
Boss, may I speak?
Already has enough
unimportant been told.
This is Scipiov home.
Just say it.
I know the law, boss.
I can not dislodge.
Law? What law?
I do not remember, sir, boss?
I was told,
The law on human rights.
Ah, there it is. Regulations
U.S. Declaration.
That all men are
are created equal.
We are equal in Barataria.
- Silence!
I want to hear the rules.
Continue, Scipio.
That their Creator
determined given rights.
Inalienable rights.
Thank you. -What are these rights?
So to give them
no one can take away!
While no one came
with more artillery.
That's it!
- Okay, okay!
Thank you, gentlemen.
Continue, Scipio!
Life, liberty and
the achievement of happiness.
It is better than ours
Law Fraternity.
We tell no
guarantee happiness.
None of these
rules is not for us.
They are Americans. - Barataria
The U.S. is, is not it? - Of course!
As long as we
this pile of sand,
we have all the rights
that we guarantee.
Nobody has the right to evict.
That's right, boss.
- Nonsense!
Of all of these bljezgarija
Freedom and rights me sick.
He says he wants to stay
and be Americans.
Do not lie,
said to you.
This is the only America,
to which he cared.
He's right.
- Stay out of it, Bonnie.
My father was the best
water you've ever had.
And while all of you are here chatting,
He went for cargo, valuable
quarter of a million dollars in gold.
What are you talking about?
For months there was no ship
Treasure at a distance of 150 km.
Gold transferred from New Orleans,
right in front of you.
The only ship that sailed from the
port last week was Corinthian.
Sailed before two nights.
Corinthian? He
the U.S., boss.
No one shall order my
father who ship to attack.
Least Lafitte.
My father had his own fleet,
while you fought for scraps.
No longer betray
orders, Lafitte.
Now it works
Captain Brown.
Flint, Captain Rumbo,
on their ships.
Slowly, Jean,
quarter of a million is a significant prey.
- We will follow the one who returned.
I'll take Ravena and crew'll
congregate on the beach, if I have to.
Jean, you're still the boss. And I
I still assistant.
I do not like to miss a good fight.
Just pray that
Retrieve your father,
before it touches
the American ship.
I see a ship. Approaching
the. Could be Vulci.
What do you see, Dominique?
Two boats.
One is Vulci.
- And the other?
All hands on deck.
For this it is worth
shed a little blood.
Quarter of a million dollars.
We'll see.
- Vraaajte up!
Vraaajte up!
Come on, look alive a bit.
Get it. Faster.
Come on. Hurry.
Is it fixed properly, Gramby?
Yes, Captain. Raises
easily as a puff box.
Enough promises, Brown. Let's open
and see of which has inutra.
It will be later
time for that.
We have to go, you do not burn the ship.
Diego, release all the ropes.
All return to the ship.
- We all go back to the ship!
Disengage the hooks.
- Disengage the hooks!
Burn it, Chighizola.
Gramby, be ready to fire a salvo
the hull. We do not want to leave evidence.
Yes, Captain.
Prepare top No. 1
Hey, Brown? Are you
saw the Torah on board?
Come here, Mouse,
Before you crisp-fried.
Catch this.
Come on, Mouse,
come here.
Toro Toro. Idiot
silly, where are you?
Move the boat to
We are caught by fire.
Jump, Mouse, leaped.
Fire unit.
It would break his ribs.
Goodbye, Corinthian.
Captain, what is the Toro!
Leave the bags and
Hop, stupid.
What do you want?
What the hell are waiting for?
When you try to work on next time
kill, I'll kill you myself.
Prepare to
firing twos.
Because you two are almost burned.
It is better that the loot is worth something.
What are you doing?
You can not do that.
You know that Brown does not allow
private property.
What are you trying?
Get a knife in the throat?
What have you got there?
We sear the third for good luck.
Sobo, prepare three.
- Yes, Captain.
Even the one waiting there.
Yes, boss?
Prepare for
switch. - Yes, boss.
Arm yourself for boarding.
Prepare hooks to capture.
Lights out.
- Lights out!
Do not waste too much of the rum, waiting
We have a lot of sea. - Yes, Captain.
About which they are arguing about towels?
They just fit. - Enough
svakakvog trash. - Hey, Brown!
This is the amulet, which
someone did not bring happiness.
Hey, Brown!
Hey, Captain, do you find this
music does not break my heart?
Just not feeling.
What have you got here?
Look, wedding dress.
Do not I look nice?
Neither barracuda would not marry you.
- Kiss the bride. And you get lice?
Open it!
What is Gramby?
Do not believe me?
View of gold returns
man faith, Captain.
Inside is a quarter of a million
dollars. - We want to see the gold!
Well, open.
The thought of these gold
shaking hands, Gramby?
Open it, Gramby.
- Open up!
Just as I told you!
True, Captain.
It paid off.
K itself hands.
Move it!
You've seen gold. USA
return to positions.
You heard the captain.
Save it before
These sharks go crazy.
What do you have, Deacon?
Slightly more valuable than all of your
glittering cunning devil.
- Pirate who reads books.
At least this is my boss will not mind.
You're looking at the head, Deacon!
Yes, I see.
What happened to
you, Tim?
I lost my ear
in battle, Captain.
Anyway, there is nothing to hear.
Oh, I do not care about listening to
ear I had a diamond ring.
Five pieces a month, regular
income, real brotherhood.
What are our losses? - 4 killed
2 missing and 4 wounded.
Enough, six dead.
Accounts and you, Mr. Brown.
Because I'm going to hang you.
You're not one you
hang Lafitte!
Quickly lose
friends, Mr. Brown.
Is there anyone else on the
his side?
Jean! You always
called fair.
Give him a chance. - Is he gave
people a chance to Corinthian?
The boat rescue
Worse deck.
You knew my orders.
All people trapped
board are left alive.
Gramby? You're his assistant.
You had a hand in this? -He received
I have orders from his captain.
Your captain more
will not issue orders.
Jean! You can hang them all.
I guess I do not keep the entire crew
responsible for the actions of one man?
I'm not so wide of the heart
as a general. Then, Gramby?
Brown or follow me?
- You ... what?
You, boss!
All right.
Hang him.
Gramby, do not!
Jack, Tiny, deacon, hold.
Not me.
What are you mumbling, Deacon?
Prayer for a dying ship.
Dominique, set a course for
Barataria. Full sail.
All in their places!
Spread your sails!
Beluche, signal Raven
let go of us.
Yes, General.
Where did he come from?
With Corinthian. My friend Toro
he risked his life to save this brat.
I now feel that the
a saint?
A saint who will save us?
It's a boy with Corinthian! - From
looked at him, I get chills.
He is the only witness
all that.
Too small to throw back.
- He can hang us all.
Not too small to speak.
"Bad luck."
If you ask me, he
hodajuaa death penalty.
Just have killed.
It is better to kill him.
Deacon. Better
pray for us.
Everybody move.
Unleash mol.
Okay, continue to
beach. Do not stop the boat.
Same goes for buyers
in Nosperovo warehouse.
Why we do not want
tell me what happened?
My mouth can not pronounce
what my eyes saw.
Come on, do not stay.
Hey, what you got there?
- Personal belongings.
They hanged Brown!
They hanged Brown.
They hanged Brown!
- What is it?
What's this?
This is my dear mother, Pyke!
- You've never had a mother!
Since when do you betray
orders, Pyke?
And why not share
booty on the beach, as always?
Do not provoke trouble today,
because you'll pass as Brown.
Captain Rumbo!
Do not!
Come on, boy!
This dork is a Corinthian?
Your friend Brown
left two survivors.
Boy and his dog.
Come on, son.
Well, at least the dog
can talk.
Coming reason
do not share the spoils.
One move the knife
will take care of it.
Do you need help, General?
- No, it is not necessary.
Too seen.
He is the Corinthian, is not it?
Do you want to go with you, boss?
- Lafitte, me and the other captains ...
I'm glad you
back, boss.
And to me, sir, boss. - Are
heard of Brown? - Yes.
Hello, boss.
Would you like shrimp?
Hold it.
Let her go, Beluche!
Well you, boss?
I am. She could not
hit a boat with an ax.
Dirty, smelly killer.
- Your father got what he deserved.
People under my leadership
consuming burden, not lives.
It is all that remains of
crew and passengers with Corinthian.
Brown killed everybody's right to
fall under the U.S. flag.
Only one flag for rights
all of us, black as your heart.
He did not even slightly
care for your people.
Just for the chance that you
lost the governor's daughter.
Bonnie is right.
We are not interested to become
Americans, like you, Lafitte.
We are interested only
division of spoils.
This little one is between
us and a quarter million in gold.
Listen, Lafitte. One
language is as bad as the 20 more
You, sharks,
are you hungry?
It is simple. Lafittte to become
America, we want to share the gold.
Cut the neck brat.
Okay, Gramby, you
do it.
Rumbo, do you?
Well, Bonnie,
knife is yours, give you.
Only one throat
I want to cut.
Come on, boy. Go to the boss
house, with it you'll be safe.
Well, get out!
Already you have shown
his courage.
What do you want?
Find out what you will
with me, sir.
I do not know.
Why are you standing there?
If you're gonna come in, come.
I can not go into the captain's
chambers without permission, sir.
I said, Come.
- Thank you, sir.
You stay here, kid.
Everyone would be better to
I threw alligators.
But it would not be just
a mouthful, is not it?
Yes, sir.
I mean, no, sir.
Are you hungry?
- No, sir!
Well, not too much.
What's your name, boy?
- Miggs, sir.
How long have you run out of
cab? - All my life.
It's a long time.
What can you do?
I know darn well sails.
- I was in the house.
I have never lived in the house.
- Sit down and eat.
Thank you, sir.
There's nothing special
about the house.
It's just a body,
in dry dock.
All my life dream to have a house,
and when he get yourself, then
is on the wrong street.
Yes, sir!
Do not always agree with
me, unless you really do not know.
I do not call anyone "sir."
Apart from someone who
You can appreciate.
Yes, sir!
What are you staring, Miggs?
Very nice lady, sir.
Yes ...
It is a very expensive box.
Coming troops, Jean.
Enter into Barataria Bay.
- I do not see the flag.
They come with open guns.
There had to be Corinthian.
Guns on the wall facing the sea. - Already
are. Watch out for the kid. - Yes, sir.
People with guns.
- In places are.
Release cannon openings.
Do not shoot!
What do you see, Pyke? -Ordered
in battle formation, boss.
It will be action.
- Wait a minute!
Disseminated flag.
These are English.
Send signals.
I never understood it
waving flags.
General! What do they say?
Seeking permission ...
For landing on shore.
That they blow, boss?
Tell them to disembark.
- Are you Mr. Lafitte?
Follow me, please.
Gentlemen, Mr. Lafitte!
Gentlemen. What can
do for you?
Mr. Lafitte, I
Captain Lockyer.
Frigates from her Majesty,
Queen Sophie.
Captain McWilliams! Lieutenant Rogers!
Captain Caldwell!
This is a general Dominique You!
Former commander of Napoleon!
And now assistant Jean Lafittea.
Commodore of our fleet,
sailing with the approval
Pirate letters Cartagena
and His Excellency
Simon Bolivar!
Two warships us
waiting in the harbor, Mr. Lafitte.
That we would not have caused concern,
we need to continue with our work.
We have an important letter for you.
About what?
English War Cabinet made
Strategic assessment of Barataria.
Control back
entrance to New Orleans.
Your key positions us
can be of great benefit.
When planning
to attack New Orleans?
We'll be in New Orleans
in two weeks, sir.
Your help we can save
time and potentially life.
Gentlemen, I never talk
about the job before eating.
Eric ...
You will join me,
of course. - Thank you.
Would you be so kind as to answer
to Sophia that we will be late?
To avoid interruptions.
- With pleasure.
Mr Pyke.
I have to admit, Mr. Lafitte, live
much better than would be expected.
It is ... I mean, you ...
You were expecting me zateai with wood
foot and bandage over one eye?
Actually we did not know
what we expected.
Do you have a portrait that attractive.
I guess copy Barrow?
No, sir, original. Only.
The lady would be your
wife? - No, it would not be!
Captain ... no, no. You, sir.
Is this your medal
courage against the Americans?
No, sir, I had
luck against the French.
I see.
- S Nelson, the battle of the Nile.
Your'm not familiar with.
- What? This?
Vagrant, Marengo,
I forgot from where.
You know, at that time we
beating in many battles.
In this war would be on the side
winner, is not it, Mr. Lafitte?
Oh yes, the side where I
I do, I will be victorious.
If we now join
against Americans,
spend the inland
backwater to New Orleans
each letter of the letters
will be achieved.
How generous
may be a crown?
We offer considerable estates
for you and your people.
Country? For sailors?
Royal pardon for all.
Do not ask nobody's forgiveness.
I think I am turning
wrong man.
I thought that Mr.
Lafitte Barataria leader.
If the offer is good,
will resist criticism.
Offer is nice.
We are authorized by the Crown to pay
you 30 thousand in gold!
General, will you,
please pass the salt?
Of course! Please.
I think you are right
heard Captain McWilliams?
He said 30 thousand
dollars, Mr. Lafitte.
Oh yes, I heard it.
Can you pick up your plate?
Pick him up, please.
From what has been made?
My God, pure gold!
He has 30 thousand dollars
Values ??in this table.
We offer one thing
You can not buy with money.
EIN captain in
Royal Navy.
I see you with anyone
you have a job?
Ships Jean Lafitte
sail the world.
Hundreds captain hears
his commandments.
I take it that
as your answer, Lafitte?
You receive my reply ...
for the week.
When we get to New
Orleans, it will be too late.
And if I refuse?
- We have 50 warships.
16 thousand people, power
on land and sea,
Fresh after victory
over Napoleon.
England is a good friend,
but a bad enemy.
We do not need friends! I do not
we fear no enemy.
If you refuse, Lafitte, I have orders
raznesti Baratariju to bits. And I will.
I'll give you your answer
for the week.
Gentlemen, you have 10 minutes
to catch the tide.
Eric, you make sure that the gentlemen
ispraaena be on their boats.
All right, sir.
One week.
How many people wanted to send
this little angel in heaven.
You treat well, boss.
Yet the New Orleans location
where the Corinthian ...
Come here!
I will not say anything!
You just have to
trumpet fanfare?
Do not let him kill me, Mr.
Lafitte. - No you will not do nothing, Miggs.
We'll just take you to Maspero,
in New Orleans. - What is it?
There, we keep our
valuable cargo.
You'll leave me
there all alone?
No. Pyke wife Tina
will take care of you.
I'd rather be with you, Mr.
Lafitte. -That's gratitude.
Only a couple of people, which
I believe, as well as his wife.
His wife did not
at all like him.
If I'm going to be
I bring Mead?
Who Mead?
- He is a very good guard.
It frightens me. Better it
bring with them.
Thank you, sir - then go with Pyke
on the dock. I'll come right away.
Come on, boy.
And watch out for the wolf.
And Scipio, make sure
Head in the best clothes.
When you stand in front of the Governor Claiborne,
should shine like brilliant admiral.
10 years, Mr Pyke, I worry about
chief's clothes without your help!
What's wrong with you, Scipio? Is
it because too much reading?
Come on, kid.
Boss, I want to pack
and the English letters?
No, Scipio.
It will take me to check valid
Really your only American rules.
Mr. Head achieve
it all worth it.
Yankee blockhead arrived in the city
See the governor's daughter.
listened to his secret plans
and then pushed him into the water.
You have a great voice, General.
Thank you.
Do you think that these letters will
to lift Corinthian
from the bottom of the sea?
I think it will open the door,
that you Claiborne
slammed in his face?
General, you drink?
You are right!
I felt the need
for ten years,
of the night when you're me
while drinking different types of wine.
Wine of freedom!
You showed me a world that
no boundaries, rules, flags.
General ...
There comes a time when
the man wants to change.
Belong to doing something,
or maybe someone.
Do you understand what will
you do it, Jean?
Motherland, women,
ideal? It's all false!
I never had a home.
Why do not I have ideals?
Ideals ... They are used to
clouded eyes fool you.
Like you! Well, me too!
I understand that and that is why I
escaped from France.
And I'll become an American
so I stopped running.
And you do not need these medals
to be felt as a general.
Previously, I've never
disappointment, Jean.
If you can trust
a single man,
it's you.
You will see, Dominique.
I'm going back home country greater than the
handbags country, you wear around your neck.
These are pretty important
documents, Mr. Lafitte.
It's about safety
your country, Governor.
By now you are worried about our laws.
Where'd concern for our safety?
I read some your
American rules.
If you are not the only
dead letter ...
might be worth fighting for them.
I have people, ships, weapons.
You need only ask.
We can not as Englishmen
offer 30 thousand dollars.
I did not come for the money.
- And what do you want?
Forgiveness for me and my people.
Put us on
American flag.
You think you can walk in here,
throw some papers on the table and expect
you pardon for thousands of crimes?
For the week, the English
can you do an apostate.
Or let me
join you ...
or you may be you
asked to join me.
And with you on our side, think
that we can reject the English attack?
With the combination of Claiborne,
Jackson and Lafittea?
We can conquer the world.
- I'm not so ambitious, Lafitte.
I just want to save
United States.
That you lie on your palms.
Almost feel the urge
accept your offer.
Okay, Lafitte.
I will convene an emergency tonight
Meeting of the Council of Defense.
I'm sure that on my recommendation
accept your proposal. - OK!
Dad, I'm ... I'm sorry!
- It's okay, honey.
I did not know you had company,
the door was open.
This is Mr. Jean Lafitte,
My daughter, Annette.
How are you?
And both of them are alive.
- Yes. Mr. Lafitte and I
We became best friends.
Excuse the expression.
What should you, dear?
Your consent to the guest list
for the reception of General Jackson.
We have good news for Jackson!
Still would not have
Baratariju attack.
Mr. Lafitte offered
fight on our side.
I knew it!
I knew he would come help, Father.
- I'm glad you approve of it, Miss.
Now excuse me.
- Do you have transportation?
No, I told her coachman to me
waiting. I did not know you and I want you to go.
I understand. Annette, would you say Cato
carriage to put at the disposal of Mr. Lafitteu?
Sure. This way, Mr. Lafitte.
I constantly keep an eye on
My gun is constantly being pointed at him.
If I knew you were there, I'd be afraid
over you, but our friends pirates.
Get that silly thing and told members
Defence Council for tonight's meeting.
If I may be open, sir, is
it wise to trust a man ...
Not naga?aj just told to
meeting. -Yes, sir!
I have prepared you a carriage.
- Thank you, Cato. I'll get out.
Jean, do not be like that!
So you want it to say. - It seems to me
that was the last time enough said.
It was just
my stupid pride.
Now, when I
what have you done ...
I did it just
for his people and himself.
If you're going to feel better if
hurt me, go ahead. Jean ...
Loving you,
most important thing in my life.
Please believe it.
- Annette.
- Yes. Father.
What will people think?
- About what?
You left out Mercier
the guest list.
Dad, I know that Mr.
Mercier is always upsets.
I know, honey, but the people in our
position must hide feelings.
I will endeavor, Father. - Maybe we should
invite our friends, pirates.
You should meet with General
Jackson as soon as possible.
I announce our engagement.
- I'd be thrilled.
What did you say?
Do not be a coward, tell him. - She
I'd be thrilled, Father.
Do we have to yell at each
other? Why are you standing there?
Oh, stung my hand on a thorn.
If we reach
agreement with Lafitteom,
maybe we should be hanged
pirate flag in the city.
We're not here for discussion
Reputation Jean Lafittea!
He offered his assistance and
waiting for our answer.
Respond cannon.
Before I surrendered to the English,
but given the land into the hands of the rabble.
At least maintain their dignity.
- General Jackson will need
men and ammunition. Lafitte
We offer both.
On the battlefield, General
do not ask who delivered bullets.
I completely agree
with the Governor!
At Jackson's place would
rather have a deal with the Devil.
In any case, here we have
decide on the authenticity of these letters.
That is not the question. - You believe that
fake? - Not enough are authentic.
Only proven to work with the English.
- Renegade is, I do not believe that he was a traitor.
You think Lafitte waived 30
thousand and position in the British Army,
Just because, in order to
become a U.S. citizen?
You would not, Mr. Mercier?
- Gentlemen, I agree with all the put,
but we can not ignore the opinion
our esteemed governor.
We are wasting time. Give me an order
to throw Lafittea of ??Barataria!
You have my vote!
- Mine!
Solve at least one enemy.
- Gentlemen, gentlemen! Consider this.
Lafitte is one of the best
hope, that this country has.
Gentlemen, we can not
agree. Vote.
You know what, chief? Already the
I feel appreciated.
What do you think, Pyke, what
chances for people to be with us.
Just tell me how
you want to vote.
We're not so, Pyke.
From now on, everything must
be democratic.
Maybe a little friendly
persuasion, but democratic.
- They waited.
Pyke, can you see someone
to find. - OK!
Calalou! Calalou!
You're back where
you started, Lafitte?
There is no one to listen to your
orders, except mosquitoes.
How are you British
missed? - English?
Your American friends
We were visited.
You lie like a dog!
See ...
Recognize U.S.
uniform when I see it.
We fired at them, but
We Dominique prevented.
All called them out
docekaju, klicu them.
Sing "Yankee Doodle."
Then we resort
exploded in his face.
Does someone pulled?
- Some fled to the swamps.
Some were put in chains,
to be hanged.
Dominique was right!
No one can believe that.
Oh, how I've waited for this moment, when
I'll see you broken, defeated.
Now when I see it, it hurts. -Don't
give me your pity.
More I liked your
hatred. - Where are you going?
New Orleans!
I'll wring your people from jail
if I have to kill the Jackson.
No! Do not go
in New Orleans!
Because if the Americans do not
kill your own people will.
We ourselves go to Cartagena,
perhaps to Galvez in the Gulf.
Why do you care
What will happen to me?
Because you're a part of it all, I
ever loved. I hated it.
Very nicely sung,
Ms. Claiborne. Thank you.
Thanks to you, my dear.
This is my favorite song Rachel.
You gave me a feeling of home.
It's the least we could do
make for a brave soldier,
who came to defend our city.
Not to mention the beautiful ladies,
that adorn it. - Thank you.
I want to assure you, sir, that
hearts and homes of the city
open to you
and your people.
I am very grateful, ma'am.
I can assure you that we will
Defend your city from danger.
You're charming, General.
But they said they are from the countryside.
But farmer from Tenesseeja,
ma'am. That is the key.
General Jackson, were
We honored if you
you and your officers tomorrow
had dinner with us.
I accept with pleasure,
lady, on one condition.
The condition?
That tomorrow evening
I'm still alive.
You will not be living or tomorrow morning,
if you do not drink your milk.
Not now, Mr. Peavey!
- I put in your medicine.
Mr. Peavey. - Do not mind
to it, Miss. Claiborne,
shame me since
before your birth.
Come on! Drink a cure!
Commodore Patterson comes.
General Jackson,
Commodore Patterson.
- General.
I am pleased to inform you
the mission is accomplished.
Barataria is
completely destroyed.
Father, how could they?
You promised Mr. Lafitteu!
What about Lafitteom?
- It is not among the prisoners.
Father, you gave him the word.
- Excuse me, Miss Claiborne.
Governor. General.
There is serious news.
English army arrived
to Lake Bourne.
English! On the lake?
It is less than 50 km.
General, what can we do?
Keep a cool head.
Mr. Peavey, Colonel,
Major Reed.
General, is expected to defend New Orleans
with this ... poor more trained people?
My troops are trained
to fight, not for show.
But they lack guns,
gunpowder and ammunition.
But no heart for a fight. - We have
think of our homes, families.
It seems that you have to think
at all, except at home.
Brave words, but you can not
they shoot down the enemy.
We'll stay alive
only if we surrender.
I'll be very clear, gentlemen!
Before I give this
city, I will burn it to the ground.
General Jackson, we have the right
decide on their own fate.
You'll discover that we have
strong civilian government.
And you'll discover that you have
receive orders from me.
If I have to declare
state of emergency.
We are in the hands of a madman!
Philip, do not!
Completely clear to me, sir,
you're either a coward or a traitor.
Racunajte the militia, sir.
The entire New Orleans
with you, General.
The city is yours. Zapovijedajte.
- My son will follow you, General.
Perhaps the general
at least explained his plans.
Senator, that the hair on my head
know my plans, I'd cut it.
Colonel, konfiscirajte all carriage and
wagons in the city. - Yes, sir.
Major! Let all the troops
preparation for movement. - Yes, sir.
When Andy like bad-tempered, I would be
out of the way, if I were you.
What is it, Andy?
Something bothers you?
I've never seen you so many dead
people say you're going to defend them.
Defend the United
States, Mr. Peavy.
Better beware force for later.
Andy, please,
Drink your milk.
Give me a break, drink it.
If you drink, ispeai
I'll get you a nice turkey.
Not now, Mr. Peavy,
just keep those barkers
away from me.
Waiting for me a lot of important
job. - All right, Andy.
It is a stubborn man
I've seen in my life.
How long do I have to try,
only that he drank a cure.
Do not move!
I do not call a guard.
I'll call guard
when I'm ready.
Who are you?
- Jean Lafitte.
So ...
What do you want?
Sign the authorization to
my people released from prison.
You know, I just do not like
when we are threatened.
Do not even shoot, Mr. Peavy.
It is an old trick, Jackson.
Mr. Peavy, greet
Mr. Lafittea, pirates.
How are you, Mr. Lafitte,
I'm glad to meet you.
To pull the trigger now, Andy?
Do you have anything to say before
answer this question?
I want to publish my testament.
The stolen gold
you buried?
No. A warehouse full of gunpowder
and eight thousand flint.
Flint for muskets?
- In exchange for my people.
Where are these flint?
- Where is the gunpowder.
Put the guns on
table, Mr. Lafitte.
How much powder?
I do not like to talk with weapons
pointed at his back.
Leave us alone, Mr. Peavy.
You want to tie
before I go, Andy?
No, no, thank you.
(I'm out, if I
need anything. Just call.)
Come on, get out!
So what's with the Flint?
What about my people?
Flint and gunpowder in the city?
You'll find out when my
last man get out of jail.
Englishmen on my neck and I do not
time to talk all night.
I need gunpowder and flint, but you will not
get approval, until I find out where they are.
Playing live, Jackson.
And if we put a bullet in
head, however, I will kill you catch up.
Let me go! I have to go in there.
What's with that guy? - I do not know,
Andy, blebeae some nonsense.
Talk in English!
I do not understand.
Do not stand just so, can you
anyone tell me what this says?
Do not look at me, Andy.
Trying to tell you that the English
army at his father's plantation.
Where is it? - Where's the plantation?
- Oh, thank God, speak French.
12 kilometers to the south,
the sleeve Catalan.
Mr. Peavy, make sure
for the guy.
You know the terrain, can
show me on the map? - There is.
Now we go down the road
for Showmut.
Reed, come on duty
officer shall gather the troops.
Let Patterson preparation
What's this here?
- It's a dry moat.
Channel Rodrigues.
Butler, that we set up positions,
with the river on the right side,
swamps on the left, in front of a trench,
It took us three allies. -Yes, sir.
Reed, many soldiers can equip?
- One hundred, sir. - One hundred ... All right.
Son, you're gonna buy us time.
Englishmen have to go through this constriction.
Keep them, blow bridges, fell trees,
what you will remember, they just slow down.
Yes, Mr. Jackson. - Son!
- Yes, sir? - Take it easy.
Yes, sir.
When we can deliver
one flint and gunpowder?
As soon as my people
get out of jail.
Just do not like paying the bill
Before we supplying goods.
It will be delivered to you
on the battlefield.
You know that this means a full pardon for all
your your devils who will fight!
How many do you recruit? - Can
you promise only one. Themselves.
Now would be pirates fight
on our side, Andy?
Mr. Peavey, I'm not in a position to be
nice. Puk. Butler? - Yes, sir.
Here we go. -Yes, sir.
You have not drink your milk.
Andy, would you
and this allowed?
We could, Mr. Peavey.
For her we'll fight.
Watchman. - Hey,
What are these bells?
Celebrate our hanging?!
Shut up! Stop it, you scum!
Which one of you is
general Dominique You?
I have the honor.
They sing "Yankee Doodle"
General. Maybe you go.
The first will dance on the rope.
Vraaajte inside!
Give my regards to Captain Brown!
Do not be afraid, Dominique, the last enemy
confronting death.
Thank you, gentlemen.
You'll be najtrulije apples,
that ever fell
the tree for hanging.
But I learned to love
each of you worms,
because of the goodness of our brotherhood
better than all the lies countries.
Only one thing
Life can trust ...
That will end by death!
So! When it arrives ...
spit in her eye!
Hello, General,
I was afraid that you will not be more
see this side of Hell.
Are you so eager
send me there,
you came I
tight rope?
If you are really into it
believe, Dominique, here.
Why did you come here?
- Of all the people in the world,
you've never
want to let you down.
Everyone with whom I have believed me
betrayed. Why would you be differently?
I promised your country ...
Read this.
Signed Jackson!
Why do you think you can trust him?
- He believed me today.
One of his word and
I blew the head.
Instead, we gave
freedom for all of you.
In exchange for weapons and supplies,
forgiveness for every man,
to join him
on the battlefield.
People will not listen.
- I do not have time to convince them.
This is freedom
for you and them.
Freedom - to continue to run,
or belong to the land, which
have the courage to fight.
Well, Dominique, held
my promise.
Okay, deploy it.
- Put them on the battlefield.
This is my car and load. You can not
so. I will complain to your superiors.
Appeal to the English.
Kentucky, if you make them too high,
you will not be able to see the English.
I'll make them a high that no
they see me, General.
General, this is my cotton
packed and ready for shipment.
Then you'll help defend him.
Mr. Peavey, give him a musket.
Yes, General.
Here you go. I do not shoot himself.
Well, stop the
line, sir.
Sarge, set good shooters
in the canopy of those trees. - Yes. General.
- Yes, sir.
In 3.bateriji need filling powder.
Take care of it. - Yes, sir.
Guys, you have an extra cup of coffee?
- Help yourself.
Good morning, General.
Well, son, that now
feel? - All right, sir.
I bet that was the morning radio
Kentucky, but here with me, huh?
No way, sir! At home I in
This time Gaca in the mud with pigs.
Andy, you better drink some
coffee, well you will do.
Not now, Mr. Peavey.
- Okay, I'll drink it.
This is so bad, that would
horse shoe floating.
Come on, soldiers, hurry up!
We do not have all day.
Nobody has excess silica, Major.
What's this? - I'm just so found.
How old is expected to face a hawk
win the war, no flints for muskets?
Why not let the Old Hawk
face some worries about private?
Excuse me, sir.
- It's okay.
They called me once
and worse names.
Actually, General,
we are close to the bottom of the barrels.
It will be enough for flint
Male, when Lafitte appears.
Indeed we expect that will come?
Well, Major, otherwise
make my hair may become gray.
If you ask me, you cursed pirates
returned to New Orleans and robbery in the city.
Battalion, whoa!
General, do you think that these will
poles stop red coat?
Will slow them enough
to beat them.
Win, no silica
For the male?
What's this? - For the
serving your country.
I thought my life
worth more than $ 1.
Documents, please. Thank you.
Your musket.
From this fog we get sick more
but from that lunch on Tuesday.
I hope it will remain so. Not
I can shoot what they see.
Andy, you better put your scarf.
- Good to meet you, Mr. Peavey.
I see that you're cold, put a scarf.
Andy Jackson, come back!
Document, please. You are not
write the next of kin.
I have none, sir.
Who we notify in case of ...
- Well ... - Family Claiborne. Thank you.
Your musket.
Your musket.
What I'm going with this? - When the Fire and keep
without gunpowder, using the butt as a bat.
You receive later gunpowder.
If you arrive.
Governor, how are citizens
recruited for me?
So far more than 300, General.
- More than I expected.
This is very urgent.
We have more manpower than
ammunition. Out of gunpowder.
Yes, I know ...
Coming soon yet.
I hope they keep the promise Lafitte
better, but we are his to him.
What is it?
- Enemy!
Excuse me, sir, that
Only our patrol returns.
Why did they shoot? - I guess they
someone nervous fingers.
Cease fire! Cease fire!
Pull back.
You do not recognize U.S.
trumpet when you hear?
It is our patrols.
Cease fire! Cease fire!
Cease fire!
English, General.
I think they're in the woods.
Tell me what happened.
son. - Thousands of them.
Where? Near-forest
cypress trees, next to the river.
Ready to attack?
- Gather, sir,
550 meters away. Although they were not
can stop, General. Nothing!
Got hot coffee down there,
I might wash the smell of gunpowder.
Thank you, General!
- Major Reed!
Send me couriers.
Colonel Butler, looks
that will soon begin.
You came here because of fighting
and by God, I'll fight it.
You think you're signed up for
Sunday Mass, soldier?
Sergeant! - Yes, sir! - Return of
civilians to their battle stations.
These civilians will only annoy us
When the battle began, General.
That is why we must all
keep them together, soldier.
You, on that gun.
Do you know bunglers
how to put a charge?
What are you, Andy, to break the ice?
- This is directed will only affect rabbits.
Let me, please.
- Get out, Mr. Peavey!
Do not waste this power, Andy.
Get back to where you or I,
I swear to God, I have to kill you.
Add water to it,
Mr. Peavey. - Yes, sir.
It's okay. These are just a rocket.
More bark than bite you!
Ready to fire?
- Ready, sir!
Fog is too thick
to see anything.
Can we somehow stop
These missiles, General?
We do not have enough gunpowder, to
spend it on missiles, Governor.
Only create confusion before
than go on the attack.
They tried the same
and in Bladensburg.
General, arrived
Lafitte and his men.
Thank God. Where are they?
Come from the swamp.
A little late, Mr. Lafitte.
We used
travel overland.
Although late,
you're welcome.
We have prepared a warm docek.
It will be warmer and, if flint
and gunpowder do not share the battlefield.
Colonel Butler? - Yes, sir? - This
it takes people in the 3rd battery.
Yes, sir. Immediately.
Hold it right!
- I intend to!
Captain, this share
stock. - Yes, sir!
Hey, I heard that
came Jean Lafitte.
I've never seen a pirate.
Go and give him a kiss,
brought gunpowder.
What we have here, Andy?
- Power from Heaven, sir, Peavey.
Just let the good fight,
as they fought against us.
Go get some of my denim,
some help here.
How long have you brought gunpowder?
Enough that you can
shoot the whole month.
Now we have to fight thereby.
Here! Give me a flint!
Flint as you need.
- Flint of the pirates?
Englishmen will not know the difference.
Whence comes such a powder?
We purchased specially for you.
You thought that you will lose
war, before we arrived.
Yeah? Now that you have brought
gunpowder, you can go home.
Beluche, get on it
tree. Yes, General.
Pablo, you go to it.
- Yes, General.
Give me the guidelines.
- Yes, General.
In it you will shoot, Lafitte?
There was no command to fire.
These flares create too
noise, silence we them.
It is a waste of
gunpowder, Mr. Lafitte!
I would not say, General. See
where they come out of the fog.
That could be seen in the
Shoot, my people would have already been shot!
We topdiju who does not have
see the target to hit.
What do you say, that distance?
- I would say ... 550 meters.
Okay, just give.
Your gunpowder.
There is a charge!
Odlican hit!
Blow have them!
Excellent job, General!
- Not a bad top, you know.
Back to posts!
Hey, boss.
- What is it?
Who is so good with a cannon?
- One man, sir.
Mr. Lafitte, my compliments.
- Need to congratulate the general.
- General Dominique You.
Fought with Napoleon.
- Come on ... silent.
It's an honor to have you with us, sir.
- It is an honor, General.
Very handsome man.
- Well, Dominique,
we still have a lot of war.
Beluche! Fill the top!
- Yes, sir!
Horseface, purify it!
Battalion, prepare bayonets!
Prepare bayonets!
Prepare bayonets!
This is the loudest silence
I've ever heard, boss.
Enjoy it while it lasts.
I wonder how many hours?
- What do you care, do not go anywhere.
Weapons preparation!
Weapons preparation!
Weapons preparation!
Battalion in the plane of the attack!
Forward, march!
Like someone slaughtered a pig.
It is music, play bagpipes.
Will you fight or dance?
This causes a tingling at Kiem.
- Yes, sir, it is intended.
Okay, all the places!
- All the places!
Just relax, guys.
Mr. Lafitte, make sure your
People do not shoot until they are well
see the target. Muskets are
of effective over long distances.
Add me spyglass,
Mr. Peavey.
If not for this damn fog
My long-Kentucky
them blew 100 meters
before the shoot.
What is the range of your
Guns? - Range?
These beauties all hit squirrel
the eye to almost 300 meters.
Then you just need to know
when they come into range.
I would not say that we will send the English
signal. -The English would not, but I do I want!
Tired of life, Mr. Lafitte?
I'll go with you, boss.
- No, you're too big a target.
- Yes, boss.
Got powder with you?
- Yes, boss.
General, can you give me
one of your Indians?
Is it good with a bow?
- Good enough.
Come on, Pyke.
No, Toro, you wait here.
It looks like the battle will
soon to start, huh?
This is about 300 meters.
Mouse, gunpowder.
Here it is!
- Lafitteov signal.
Shall we shoot, sir? - No.
I want to give them a chance to return.
But the enemy is in range, sir!
- As Lafitte, Colonel.
I'm going to count 40 seconds
before firing.
Every second, are getting closer.
- I'm going to count 40 seconds, Major!
Battalion, whoa!
That must be
quite a surprise, Governor.
Annette and Captain Lafitte.
Yes, the father does not always know
a first for kaerkine plans.
Why do you care uci
dance, Lizzie?
I learn them.
Why did not you go back for more
a piece of pie, it's very good?
I'd rather stay observe how
you and Lizzie lovingly watching.
Listen! How many times have I told you
not to call me Lizzie, Miss Pest!
Come on, I'm going and reloading the
the dance floor.
Lizzie has precious!
Lizzie has precious!
Why are you hiding in there?
I do not hide it.
Looking for friends.
I bet you do not
do you know anyone here.
Ah, I know! My
A friend of Mr. Lafitte.
Where did you meet him?
- It's a big secret.
I've never watched so.
- You're not the Jean Lafitte.
What are you afraid?
- I'm afraid I see anything!
I bet the Whistle
does not work. - I do!
Let me fuanem.
- No!
You know what, if you go to call
my friend Mr. Lafittea,
I'll give you that trying some.
What I'm going to tell him?
Just tell him that Miggs here
and that it wants to immediately see.
So ... good. Beware this for me
and do not eat any.
Marjorie! Marjorie!
Stop it. Where did you get it?
From my friend, Miggs.
It seems that someone won.
Inherited his mother's charm.
I can not say that someone named
Miggs sounds appropriate for zeta.
Miggs ...
Hello, my son, what is the news about my
friend, Captain Thomas with Corinthian.
I do not know, sir.
- Wait a minute.
How did you get so
quickly returned?
Everyone thank you very much
in this tribute.
There is another man who
he deserved to get these same honors.
He brought me three things,
necessary, in Chalmette:
Flints for muskets,
Gunpowder and brave people.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Mr. Lafitte.
Once again, my
personal gratification.
You know, for a man who has spent most of
life was spent in an unstable deck,
rather slow dance.
The trust generals, dancing
I always causes seasickness.
Ms. Claiborne, nice
you like a princess.
Thank you, General.
- That's my Rachel here
We showed you
Rural dance steps.
I wish I was there for you,
General. - I am too.
General Dominique,
I see that you have an eye for beauty,
as well as for artillery.
General Jackson, I want you
present this lovely lady,
Miss Bonnie Brown.
I'm glad, Miss Brown.
Perhaps you will
interest, Miss,
I was recommended by General
for its exceptional contribution to the struggle.
Thank you, sir. Excuse me,
Bonnie. General?
I have to admit something,
I do not want to lie
General like you.
See ... I was just ...
Actually, I was
only distributor.
Well, I've seen the fight
General, my friend.
I am very grateful.
Thank you.
- Miss Brown.
Something is wrong with your hand?
Yes, Miss. She needs
your beautiful hand. Come on, Bonnie.
This is like a fairy tale.
- Yes, is not it? Is not that right, Jean?
Yes, it is ... how much we still have to
stay? - Not for long.
You're lucky, Annette.
This is so romantic.
You have to bring the bridegroom
at my house for dinner.
With pleasure.
- Lucky you man, Lafitte.
On the contrary, sir,
I'm the lucky one.
Well, see you soon,
very soon!
Do not you think we already
exposed long enough?
Maybe I am,
but you're not.
I want every woman in the world
be jealous of me.
Annette, we can
see the ring? - Of course!
I can not do it!
- Bonnie!
All you have to say is
'Congratulations'. I smile.
That's enough, let's go.
I'd rather him smash
bottle on his head.
My general!
- Jean, Miss Claiborne.
Miss Brown barely
waiting to congratulate you.
That's it. Good luck to both of them.
Thank you, very kind of you.
It is a fish that is hard
catch, Miss Claiborne.
Yes, it was not easy.
What are you looking at? Something
wrong with my clothes?
Not at all, you look good.
- You're gorgeous, the dress is beautiful.
Did you know that the same kind of madame
de Dupre made for me?
But she's my sister
took the Corinthian.
Would not that be embarrassing,
both wear the same clothes?
Proof that tailors
never be trusted.
I hear a waltz. Miss,
I insist that I
tribute dance.
Excuse me.
- Of course.
I did not want.
Jean, I'll go from here.
I will solve the dresses,
I'll burn it.
No one has ever
will not see it, I swear.
Will it revive her sister?
- Annette does not have to know.
You could say that the Corinthian sank in
storm, was lost at sea, who would know?
I'll know.
What are you going to do?
Tell her.
- You're a fool.
You'll lose everything you've
loved and for which you have fought.
You gave up everything
you had, all that you are.
Jean, I do not even want
see how far you lose.
Would you be able to love a man,
who killed your sister?
I could love a man
who killed my father!
Mr. Lafitte, there was a boy who
you want to see. It's called Miggs.
Where is it? -There,
with your dog.
Tell him that I was waiting behind the house,
right now, you know?
Is it really your friend?
- Yes, of course. Go now.
Go back, wait for me
there with Miggs.
Jean, I'm afraid.
- Go!
Have Miggs.
Maybe we have to fight for
output, boss. To call people?
No, I would not be fighting.
Listen up, everyone.
Go to Raven. Prepare
him to sail.
I will come if I can.
- You're not going to come to terms with this without me.
Dominique, this is an order!
If you do not I come to
two hours sail.
You heard the boss. Come on.
Something is very odd.
Boy refuses to answer.
How do we expect to match,
when all vicete on it?
Annette was right. Listen,
son, no you will not do nothing.
We just want to know how you left
Corinthian? How did you get back?
Corinthian yet
could agree.
I do not know ... was night.
Spread your wings and
flown? - Stupid!
You did not fall overboard?
- That's right, sir! I fell over.
How did this happen? Tell us.
There was a storm,
big waves.
There was no storm, my son.
- Yes, it was!
And there have been big waves ...
Is the ship sinking?
- What? No ...
I do not know.
I know what you'll get
to tell the truth.
For God's sake, Mercier,
do not raise your hand to a child.
I put a quarter of a million dollars
that ship and I'll find out what happened.
Wait, Mercier, ship
is certainly sunk.
Were they British?
No, sir.
Was he Lafitte? - Mr.
Mercier, how dare you?
Mercier, do not stand at my
porch and the amount of such charges!
If you were British, then who is?
- Mr. Lafitte was not even there! He was ...
Lafitte was it?
- Mr. Lafitte was ...
He's what?
I can not answer that
question! I was there.
Corinthian is submerged.
Were there any survivors?
All but one were killed.
Have you participated
in fact, Lafitte?
I was their boss.
Mr. Lafitte!
Mr. Lafitte, I just
come say hi to you,
I did not want this to happen.
Mr. Lafitte!
- Hang the murderer!
Jean, tell them it was not you!
- You would not believe it.
Mr. Lafitte, I did not want! - No
need for arbitrating! Hang him now!
Bring the rope!
Father, stop them!
You want to defend this killer?
Father, he did not do it,
I can guarantee life.
And what is the life
your sister?
G. Peaky.
G. Peaky. Call General
Jackson, tell him what you intend.
Do not worry, honey, I'm going
for him. - Hurry!
Switch rope over!
Not here! Hang him
on the street, where it belongs.
Wait! Nobody criticizes
this man, as I do.
I lost my daughter. But you can not
take the law into their own hands.
Lafitte himself outlawed! - Yes!
I'll be happy to see him hanged,
but not from the wild crowd. - Turn soft
to associate with him. Give it here!
You're insane! Behave
like animals!
By God, I'll kill
the first to be moved!
This city is still under
state of emergency.
How does this apply
the killer?
Responsible for the death of 80 people ...
Lafitte, are you
sunk the ship?
I was responsible.
I risked myself
Wealth on Corinthian.
What have you risked to
front, Mr. Mercier?
Jean has offered to assist in the defense of our
country, and you have destroyed Baratariju!
And yet we came to help.
- It's not about that, Miss Claiborne!
That being said, sir!
I gave a promise to this man.
A full pardon for all his
man, who join me on the battlefield.
He gave his word.
I'll keep mine.
I will keep you in word, General.
I'll meet up with one
Clock advantages.
Release him.
Okay, Lafitte,
Your clock is started.
I'll go with you. - Annette,
what kind of life we ??have?
Without a country, without a home,
without belonging icemu.
We belong to each other.
You are the whole world that I want.
Annette, you do not know what
meant to spend his life on the run.
I want to live and die with you.
Too much love, that
I'd brought with me.
What you can bring
the memory of you.
I can not give you back your daughter, you
lost to Corinthian, Governor.
I can give you back what
I love most in the world.
No corner of the world,
where you'll be safe.
At least leave
all of you safe.
In the American New Orleans.
Keeps the wind in your sails!
You'll hang the flag?
- We do not have flags.
What course?
The open sea.
Keep the wind in the stern.
Where are we going, Dominique?
- Where it belongs.
When a man loses everything
Others, still has the sea.
This deck is the only
homeland we have.
It's all homeland
I want.