The Bunny Game (2011) Movie Script

Fuck you! Stop it!
Put yourself in bed ... huh? what?
Okay ... stop...
Fuck it, this shit's coming off...!
Are you ready ? Huh? Are you ready for it?
Huh? ...
Sweetheart, you did good.!
You say too fucked up... ain't no such thing as too fucked up.
Don't worry... here we are.
This shit if it's worth it
Just what I want!
Oh my God !
Oh .... Oh my God!
No! Fuck! No... No fuck!
What'd you say?
You got any shoot?
I do actually
I need an eye opener.
Been on the road all night
Ok, ok.
What'd you got for me?
It's in the back.
Got any cash?
Glad I could help
You have pretty eyes
Let me see your fingers
Nice long fingers
You bite your nails, don't you?
You must be nervous
So what's going on?
Your hands a little sweaty
Are you scared?
You wouldn't lie to me now, would you?
You like that?
It's all right
You stopped sweating
Does that hurt?
Yeah, just a little
So, you want a blowjob?
30 bucks
- Get to it.
- I have to get to know you a little
Get to know me?
- No, I do not think so ...
... I do not think that's necessary.
- Come here
Let's see some cash
Yes Yes
What, what are you doing?
Come here
Come here ! Dirty whore!
What are you doing ?
Look at me, look at me
Look at me
I know ...
Help me
Help me, help me, help!
Motherfucker! Let me out!
Help me
Let me out
Let me out ! Motherfucker!
Let me out
Help me
Help ! Let me out !
Help me
Let me out of here
Let me out of here
No no
Let me out, let me out
Let me out of here
Motherfucker, let me out of here
No no no
Let me out of here ... Help
Fuck you
Oh God
You like it now
Don't you, baby?
Fuck you...
Look at this shit!
Suck it!
Let me go
Yes, more, more, more ...
You're not going anywhere, bitch
Oh yeah ...
Let me out
Let me out of here
You let me out
No no no no
Why... is this wrong?
You motherfucker! You motherfucker!
Please let me go
please, please let me
No, you're not going anywhere, you're not going anywhere
Oh no ... no ... no
Sleep, sleep, sleep ...
Can I have some water?
Can I have some water?
We're gonna play a little game, ok?
Why can't you hear me?
Shut up
Nobody's gonna hear you.
Nobody's gonna hear you.
We are here for almost five days and
I lose track of time
What about you?
They are all around us now
I can hear them
We're gonna play the bunny game
Looking for Jonas
Come back
Hey Jonas... Looking for a Jonas...
Jonas come back; I'm on 3-C
Go up to five
We been sitting out here in the desert for like three days
Get on over to the 5-7 mile marker and meet me there
Same time, same place, you copy?
You copy that, Jonas?
Don't you get it?
Nobody cares
Nobody hears you.
She's still alive
You'll like her
Go down to 2-3-7
Meet me out there at the 57 mark
Stand by. 10-10 down.
We can draw straws
You get the long one... you win
You get the short one... and I win