The Burdened (2023) Movie Script

What else?
Give me a kilo of potatoes.
Anything else?
- What's left?
- That's it.
- That's it. How much?
- 2,300.
This is 2,500.
This is 200.
- Hi Ahmed, how are you?
- Hi, I'm great. How about you?
I'm doing well, thanks to God.
How is everything?
- Everything is alright.
- Any news on the salary?
They are saying after a week.
If you hear anything new,
please let me know.
- I will. You do the same too please.
- For sure.
- I better get going.
- Take care.
- Kiss the kids for me.
- See you later.
Let's pass by the grocery store,
it's on the way home.
We better wait for the salary, you saw
how expensive the vegetables were.
And just as usual my dear listeners,
going back to the studio
with my colleague Ola.
Today, we'll be discussing the new
academic year starting next week,
we pray for stability and hope
for no more obstacles.
We are all aware that schools
have been on hold,
due to the political unrest and
tensions during this past period.
Exactly, Refa'at.
The year is finally starting.
However there are many concerns.
If we're talking about
public schools,
teachers are still on strike since
their salaries are held up.
Also, some schools lack the
necessities such as desks and books.
As for private schools,
the fees are soaring high!
Parents can never keep up.
- What's wrong?
- Frightened, in a way.
Of course,
the situation we're in is frightening!
I saw this video earlier.
A religious show.
The Sheikh is saying that it's
forbidden even if it's only one-day old!
This discussion is worthless -
we've already decided.
I just want to be sure that it's
the right thing to do.
What is that?
The Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar. He says
before 120 days, it's not forbidden.
We've seen this video a thousand times.
Don't you want to feel better?!
Nouran get off the floor, let me through.
Where did you throw
my abaya and headscarf?
You'll find it there behind the closet.
Why would you mess
with my things like that?!
Mom, I want to play
Candy Crush on your phone.
Not now Nawar, go get dressed.
This abortion has to be done before
you get the chance to say it's forbidden.
That's how we got stuck with Nawar!
Stop saying that about your son!
What's wrong? Finish your food.
Call the kids to have
their breakfast, we're late.
Fine. They can eat the
sandwiches on the bus.
Kids! Come get your breakfast,
we're leaving.
What? Cheese! Didn't
you say you'll make eggs?
Not now. We don't have eggs.
Go put on your flip-flops.
Nawar! Come here, dear.
Are we going to see the new house?
Yes. Go put on your flip-flops real quick.
You're still not ready?
Come, let me help you.
You're too big now,
I shouldn't be helping you.
I already know how.
Then why didn't you do it?
Move your foot.
Now the second.
You can go.
Slow down and don't run.
Kids, look after your brother.
Anwar, hold your brother's hand.
I guess Muna is our only hope.
Seriously? There's no chance
she'll agree to do it.
As your friend, she needs to
understand your situation.
Don't you remember how she reacted
when we were having Nawar?
That was 5 years ago, things change.
For you maybe, but not for her.
How come?
Doesn't she live in the same country?
Let's first go to Dr. Niveen and
then we'll see about Muna.
Look at that! Always the same thing!
Anwar, come here.
Didn't I ask you not to get anything from
the store without telling me first?
Get on the bus.
Obviously the place is a bit worn out.
Stay positive, Isra'a. For the kids.
The place is terrifying!
This is what you get for 50,000 Riyals.
This place doesn't look good.
Mom, this place is gross.
- Look at the walls. They're scary!
- Kids!
Hold on right there.
Well, a little bit of paint and the
walls will be as good as new.
- OK?
- OK.
What if we add a partition here so
you can have your own room?
- Good idea.
- Yes, we want our own room.
I know this is not exactly the best place
but for the price and location,
it's worth it.
I understand.
We were doing just fine,
but the landlord had other plans.
Where are you heading to?
Aden TV Channel,
we have the protest today.
We posted about it
on Facebook and WhatsApp.
Yes, I already saw it on the work group.
I'm not much of a social media guy.
I'll drive you there.
- No need.
- No problem, I'm driving you there.
Look at the donkey!
- I want to see!
- Come on, let's go!
But I want to see the donkey.
We'll see it next time.
Fresh Mackerel.
Fresh Mackerel from Seera Sea.
Everyone will be thrilled
to see you there today.
That'll be great.
At least we'll finally get
to see our colleagues.
Yes, Mom! We want to go.
Go where?! It's hot and sunny.
The kids will get dizzy.
- We're used to the sun, Dad.
- Nouran!
At least for 15 minutes.
Consider it a duty.
We've already done our part after
the war, and it was worth nothing.
At least we're voicing our concerns.
All the big Aden TV heads are in Riyadh
living it up to the max.
They won't drop everything and come
back here to reopen the channel.
Your words are so discouraging.
Anything about the salary?
They said next week.
We'll see.
Nawar, look.
There are kids.
So, you're not coming?
I better go and get some work done.
See you soon.
- How are you?
- Look! People got their kids with them.
For the last time, stay out of
other people's business.
The fetus is pretty clear right here.
The baby isn't completely formed yet.
When you're back in a couple of weeks,
it'll be more detailed.
The baby is 6 weeks.
Of course we can't tell the gender now,
but it's a blessing from God either way.
Honestly, girls are much better
than boys these days.
A girl can always come in handy,
but boys are just a handful!
You'll need to start taking Folic Acid,
let me know if you're on any medications,
so I can tell you if you need
to stop them.
- Hypertension? Diabetes?
- No.
- Any genetic diseases?
- No.
The baby shouldn't be technically alive?
I mean with a soul?
Whether it's one day or 9 months,
it's a gift from God.
Scientifically, it shouldn't have
a pulse yet, right?
What matters is that the baby is fine
and you're in good health.
It matters to me.
I need your help.
Here's you ultrasound paper.
Can I just explain...
If you may, I have other patients waiting.
Let me just tell you something...
Najwa, next patient!
Did you talk to the doctor?
She sent me out and humiliated
me in front of everyone.
You are having an
abortion, end of discussion.
Calm down! This is not the place.
I mean it!
It has to be aborted at any cost.
Not now! Not in front of the kids!
That's it.
Muna needs to do something.
- Abrar, I need to talk to you.
- What's wrong?
- Let's step to the balcony.
- Okay.
What's going on?
- I'm pregnant.
- Are you kidding?!
Keep quiet! I feel like
I'm going to suffocate.
This is God's will, don't worry.
It'll all be solved.
I was worried about school expenses
for Nawar. And now this.
Nawar is starting school?
Tell me about it!
Do you need money?
Be honest with me, please!
This is our second month with no salary.
Why didn't you say something?
I'll let you know when it gets unbearable.
I swear to God you're taking
money from me today.
Listen, don't worry about
Nawar's school. I'll pay for it!
You know Ahmed,
he'll never accept that!
Oh come on! If he's up to it,
he should find a better job.
He's already slaving away on that bus.
And you call that a job?
Do you think it was his choice?
If he's ready, I can ask Wajdan
to find him a job.
But he never got along with Wajdan.
What does that have to do with anything?
I'm having an abortion.
What?! You can't do that. It's a sin!
This is your husband talking!
By the way, it's religiously debatable.
A child is always a blessing.
Yes, Mom.
Girls, come help me in the kitchen.
This heat is killing me.
No need, Mom!
Get yourself together and let's go,
we'll talk about this later.
Just let it go.
Mom, Wajdan said he's getting
some take-out for lunch.
Really? No one treats me
better than he does.
I'm calling Ahmed to get some apples.
Do you want apples or oranges?
Do you always have to remind him?
How are you, Dad?
Doing well. How are you doing?
Fine, thanks to God.
When did you come?
I got here half an hour ago.
I've always been jinxed, I came
the minute the power shut off!
Oh, right. The bills!
Here, water and electricity bills.
I want fennel biscuits.
Where's a kiss for Grandpa?
Give him some biscuits.
For you and your siblings.
These biscuits are so stale.
Where did you get them from?
I had the neighbor's kid buy it
from the corner bakery.
You should've gotten them
from Alagbari. They're the best.
I just had to have them right then.
If you just told me. Wajdan could've
gotten some on his way here.
The reception is so weak.
Just drop it and have some tea.
Go to the balcony.
I got it.
Hello? Ahmed?
I can't hear well in here.
What? Apples?... Why?...
Stop right there.
I doubt I have enough money.
Fine. I'll manage.
I only have money for one passenger, son.
Don't worry.
God bless you, son.
- Do you need help?
- God bless you, thanks.
Give me an hour, and I'll be there.
- Market?
- Yes.
I'll finish up this round and be there.
How are you?
I'm fine. How are you?
I'm fine.
Remember me?
Were you with us in the Channel?
Yes, I used to be an intern
at the archive office.
How have you been?
Doing well.
How is the bus thing?
It's going well.
It helps with the expenses.
The situation forces everyone
to need a second job, Sir.
- What's going on?
- A military pick-up wants to cross.
- Can't he see the cars in front of us?
- So disrespectful and rude.
Oh my God!
Is this fair?
Who's going to pay for the repairs?!
It's okay. It happens a lot.
God is with you.
Go on your way.
A bunch of barbarians.
It's okay.
It could've been worse, my son.
God bless you.
Girls, where's the cheese chutney?
I'm getting it, Mom.
Squeeze some lime on the hilbeh.
It's not the time to be reading, Uncle.
Tell him that, dear.
Mukhbasa has to be eaten hot.
Here, I'm done.
Girls, call the kids!
Kids come on! Food is ready.
Bless you, son.
That must be Ahmed.
Here you go, Mom.
- Salam.
- Alaikum Assalam.
- Where are the apples?
- I forgot.
- Assalam Alaikum.
- Alaikum Assalam.
Come on sit down and start eating.
I apologize, I couldn't bring any fruits.
We already told Isra'a,
there was no need for it.
I was getting something but
I got in an accident.
An accident?!
Are you ok, son?
A military pick-up bumped my bus.
A pick-up? Who's side?
As if we know who's running
the country nowadays.
Did you get the plate number?
I didn't pay attention to it.
If you got the plate number,
I would've dragged them to your feet
to apologize and pay for the damage.
I got so furious
at the time I couldn't think.
No problem, as long as
you're safe and sound.
You're wrong, you should've done that.
Why would you leave your weapon
in a place full of kids?
Take it easy, brother.
Don't panic, it's locked.
Please put it away. We can barely
keep up with the thugs on the streets.
Here, I'll take it away, happy?
Sit down, son.
Finish your lunch everyone.
Mom, I want some juice.
- See you later, brother!
- Bye.
Take care, dear.
We'll keep in touch on WhatsApp.
Take care of yourself.
You too. Bye.
May God punish them.
This is awful.
Yeah, the lights are gone.
What will you tell the owner?
Nothing! I'll just have to
pay for everything myself.
Are you sure you can't
remember who hit you?
If only Wajdan can get to them,
he can make them pay for it.
What's funny?
Nothing. I'm just wondering.
What about?
About how you all suddenly
started idolizing Wajdan.
And? Wajdan is kind
and is always ready to help.
The same man you all used to call useless
and you were even against
his marriage to your sister?
Now it's a different time.
Wajdan knows how to talk.
He tells people what they want to hear.
They love him because
his pocket is full now.
For his fancy car and security guards.
Damn the war and all that's happened.
Honestly Ahmed,
If you just loosen up a bit
you might get what you want.
Yeah right.
- Assalam Alaikum.
- Alaikum Assalam.
- Go ahead.
- Bless you.
- Assalam Alaikum.
- Alaikum Assalam.
- How is it going?
- Great.
We need a school uniform for him.
- Same school as his siblings?
- Yes.
Have a look at this sample.
Good. How much will it be?
Because you're a regular, it'll be 9,000.
It's gotten too expensive!
This price is only for you.
Alright then, what can we do?
And the other two?
Maybe next time.
We need one for Nawar now.
- Shall I take the measurements?
- Yes, go ahead.
Go on.
- Assalam Alaikum.
- Alaikum Assalam.
- You can go.
- Thank you.
Ahmed, Muna is waiting for us upstairs.
- Did you call her?
- Yes.
- Assalam Alaikum.
- Alaikum Assalam.
Would you like an appointment
with Dr. Muna?
- No, we have a personal appointment.
- Did you inform her that you're here?
- Yes.
- Welcome, welcome!
You can go Ashgan, I got them.
- Come back once you're done.
- Ok.
- How are you?
- Good, how are you?
- It's been so long!
- Kids and responsibilities.
Hi Ahmed, how are you doing?
I'm doing fine.
- Come on let's go.
- Ok.
I'm sorry, could you wait here?
Dr. Muna is praying.
Sure, no problem.
Come in.
I'll go get you some tea with milk.
Oh, thank you.
You're more than welcome, my dear.
Finally! Humble enough to visit!
Look who's talking. I haven't seen
you since you got engaged.
I swear I missed you.
And I more!
So, it's soon?
End of the month, hopefully.
- With God's blessings.
- Hopefully.
How is Tariq treating you?
Tariq is a gentleman,
and his family is great.
Your mother-in-law is such
a sweet lady.
My mother-in-law is wonderful.
Tell me, you're not here because
you're sick, are you?
No, no. I'm fine.
Ahmed and the kids are ok?
They're all ok.
Ahmed is waiting outside.
Really?! Let him in.
Ahmed, come.
- All set?
- Just a second.
Come in.
Assalam Alaikum!
Alaikum Assalam.
How is it going?
All good. How are you and your mother?
We're doing great. But tell me,
is everything ok with you two?
Honestly, we came for a favor.
Your wish is my command.
Bless you.
We'd like to ask you for a favor
you refused 5 years ago.
Are you pregnant?!
Didn't you tell
me you're using protection?
I was on the pill for so long even
though it made me nauseous all the time.
Even the IUD caused her severe bleeding
and worsened her anemia.
Dear God help us!
Might as well remove the whole uterus.
Calm down and pray to God.
We need to be saved from this misfortune.
Why would you call this
blessing a misfortune?
When a blessing is too much to handle,
it becomes a misfortune.
- Thank you, dear.
- You're welcome.
Muna, I'm begging you,
you're my only hope.
You seriously want me to kill a soul?!
It's not a soul yet.
You know how strongly I feel about this.
Well then, thank you Doctor.
Sorry for wasting your time.
Let's go.
I'll go now. But we'll keep in touch.
Booking is over?
- What about those ones?
- Only 6 patients.
Alright, so only those are left.
I'll just finish them and go home.
- Isra'a!
- Are you leaving?
- Yes.
- No tests or anything?
Not really, all is good.
If you're here again and you need
anything, let me know.
I sure will.
In case you need another appointment,
just give me a call.
- I appreciate it.
- Save your number here.
I'll text you so you can save
my number.
- Ok.
- Have a good day!
What took you so long?!
Hind stopped me for a talk.
We're drowning in shit and
you're there chatting!
I couldn't just ignore her and leave.
- Come on! Move your feet!
- Ahmed, what's wrong?
I'm about to explode don't you
push my buttons now.
Are you kidding me?!
- Mom, I'm starving.
- Just get inside.
Mom, Nawar wants eggs with cheese.
Get inside. I don't want to see
any of you now. Go!
Mommy, I didn't say that.
I said not a single breath!
Don't worry, tanks are full.
Take it easy. Next.
You're serving your friends first.
The water is enough for everyone.
- Don't worry, we'll all get it.
- Don't mind them.
If we're queueing for it,
we'll all get it.
We're packed today.
Mr. Ahmed! How are you doing?
Thank God for everything.
- Here, you can cut in.
- No, I'll wait for my turn.
You shouldn't.
Come here.
This is not how it goes.
Chill, man.
What is it with you?
I said drop it!
Come here, Mr. Ahmed.
He'll take my spot.
Well then take your bottle and move back.
Come on, get the bottles.
My apologies, everyone.
When it can't get any worse,
this happens.
I'll help you before the power shuts off.
Will you forgive me?
In my life, I've done nothing but
forgive everyone for everything.
I'm sorry.
This is the third time you laid
your hands on me.
I don't know what happened!
It's like it wasn't me.
One stumbling block after another.
I've been badly scarred by all that,
And you were criticizing those who
changed. Take a look at yourself.
I apologize.
I can forgive you for your anger issues
and loud voice that
recently took over our lives.
But to lay your hands on me,
this is something I can't accept.
Are you crying?
Seriously? Keep it together.
What is it, honey?
Do you need anything?
I wanted some water.
Right away.
You can go now, I'll call you
all for dinner in a minute.
Happy? He almost
saw you breaking down.
I'm sorry.
This is the last time you lay hands on me.
It's Muna.
Pick it up!
Hi, Muna.
All great, don't worry.
We picked up the kids and came home.
No, no, I'm not upset or anything.
I understand.
I know how you feel about this,
ever since Nawar...
No, really. You don't have to
explain yourself. I get it.
It'll all get better.
Here's your ID and the lease.
Read the contract.
- Didn't you read it already?
- Yes.
That's it then.
Hopefully you'll like it here.
I hope so.
They will definitely.
Is the other witness here?
On the way.
What happened back there?
I just don't feel like small talk.
What's wrong?
I've had it.
Tell me. What is it?
How much do you need?
I don't know.
It doesn't even matter now.
Just tell me how much you need.
10, 12 thousand. Something like that.
- What are you doing?
- Hang on...
This is 15.
- I don't need your money.
- Just take it! No harm done.
It seems like you've been
lending me money forever.
It's a loan,
pay it back whenever you can.
Why won't you work for the new private
channels instead of driving this bus?
They're throwing offers at you.
It's good money too.
Private channels only hire those
who can false flatter.
This is a head-scratcher!
Isra'a is pregnant.
You're congratulating me
for a fourth mouth to feed?
Children are always a blessing.
- Too many of them is poverty.
- I seek refuge in God!
Abbas, we have no idea
how to get rid of it.
God says: "Kill not your
children for fear of want."
God also ordered Al-Khadir
to kill the boy.
"And we dreaded lest he would burden
them with arrogation and disbelief."
That was a completely different case.
It's not different.
What you're thinking about is a sin.
Why wasn't it a sin for Al-Khadir then?
Al-Khadir was a prophet. You are not.
I'm damn burdened.
Alaikum Assalam.
Yes, I can hear you.
- Assalam Alaikum!
- Alaikum Assalam!
Welcome! How are you?
All great.
It's been off since 10 a.m.
Since 5 at our place,
I prayed at dawn and it was off already.
Our battery went off at noon.
Feel comfortable, there's no one around.
Forgive me, the house is a mess.
We're packing up for moving.
The landlord wants 600 Saudi Riyals.
- Did he lose his mind?!
- What can we do?
Kids, come say hi to Aunt Muna.
- Amazing how fast they grow!
- Tell me about it.
How about you?
Won't you come and hug me?
Here, check out what I got for you.
- Don't we say thank you first?
- Thank you!
- You're welcome. But where's Nawar?
- He's shy.
Really? Where is he?
Nawar! Come say hi.
I don't want to!
Just let him be.
Give him 5 minutes and he'll
be hopping all over you.
All kids are the same.
I'll go get you something to drink.
Just water, please.
- Here, leave this with you.
- You could use the light.
No need, I know my way.
Thank you.
My sweetheart.
I told you take it with you
but you just wouldn't.
Forgive me, I couldn't find cold water.
The fridge is no more than
a cupboard you see.
Don't worry about it.
Finally! Let's go back to the room.
I'll turn the A.C. on.
Can we talk here for a while?
I don't want the kids to hear us.
Sure. What is it?
Ever since you and Ahmed came
yesterday I couldn't sleep.
Isra'a? Your faith in God is strong.
You know what's forbidden and what's not.
Before 120 days, it's fine.
What do you mean 'fine'?
Have you even seen the
videos I sent you?
It's Ahmed.
Assalam Alaikum!
Alaikum Assalam, how are you?
I guess it's obvious.
Thank God for everything.
Your visit is always welcome.
I better get going.
Was I too early to be back?
I'm in a bit of a hurry.
I was just passing by and thought
I'd check up on Isra'a.
Alright, do you need anything?
No, thank you! I'll see you guys later.
See you later.
The school called me for registration
What do they want?
240,000 Riyals.
They increased it?
They said the Dollar has tripled in price.
Yet we still get the same salary.
I'll be damned
if this country is any good.
Can't they see what people
are going through?
Looks like we're transferring
them to a public school.
I'd rather beg for money in the streets!
We can't afford tuition fees anymore.
In this situation? I will never
have my kids go to a public school!
Stay out of it. I'll figure it out.
You couldn't even convince your friend
to take care of the problem
growing inside of you.
Come on then! Weren't you the one who
knocked me up? Help me get rid of it!
Come on! Knock me down just
like you knocked me up!
Imam Alshafi'i views the issue
of abortion before 120 days
as allowed based
on his interpretation
of the prophet's Hadith
regarding the matter.
For the existence of soul does
not occur before the day 120.
What's the difference
between life and soul?
Life is only growth, but not soul.
Soul holds the speaking self that is
subjected to judgement.
Hence, that who aborts a baby
before it is 120 days old
is not regarded as a killer
of the soul that Allah forbade.
Have a good day.
You too, thank you.
- How can I help you?
- Assalam Alaikum.
Can you check how much this is worth?
- This is worth 40,000 Riyals.
- I'd like to sell it.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
- Best wishes to you.
- Thank you.
Mommy, look!
Not a good time, honey.
I'm on my way.
I apologize for running late.
I had a family emergency.
Any updates on Dr. Esam's return?
Alright then.
I'm almost there.
They're here.
Come on in.
How are you?
- I'm doing fine.
- Ready?
- Yes.
- Where's the room?
This way.
We could use a high table,
if you have one.
- Okay.
- Like this one?
Yeah, that one will work.
Is this good?
- Anything else?
- Thank you.
If you need anything else, I'll be here.
have some rest while we set up.
Do you need the gloves?
Where's Isra'a?!
What do you want from her?
Where are you going?
Hind, get your things and
leave immediately.
Let's go.
- Go now, and I'll follow you.
- Ok.
Are you out of your mind?
Do you want your wife dead?!
- She's none of your business.
- What? She's like my sister!
If she really were,
you would've helped her.
I need to speak to you in private please.
I'll go pay for the lady.
Don't you know you're anemic?
You could've bled to death!
Didn't you think about your kids?
But no one agreed to help me.
- You mean me, right?
- I don't mean anything.
I'm just tired of everything
and I can't help it.
It's ok, it's ok.
Calm down and breathe.
Excuse me, the cigarette...
My apologies.
Excuse me everyone,
I'll just check if the salary is out.
But don't be late.
It'll only take a few seconds.
Excuse me!
I'll just ask a question, please.
Are the salaries for Aden
TV Channel here yet?
Not yet. Tomorrow is
for the Interior Affairs.
When will it be our turn?
No clue.
Alright, thank you.
They said maybe next week.
- Which sector are you?
- Tourism.
They really went too far this time.
Tell me about it.
We haven't received
our salaries in 3 months.
2 months for us.
The Interior Affairs employees
waited for 6 months
and they'll only receive
a one-month salary.
- What is it?
- Let's go, please. It's too hot!
Really? She didn't say anything?
I'll finish here and pick you up.
Alright, bye.
- Isra'a...
- Let's go.
Assalam Alaikum.
Alaikum Assalam.
What is it?
I'll perform the operation.
We need an ultrasound to
check on the fetus.
We've already done that 5 days ago.
Yes, 4-5 days ago.
May God forgive us.
Anything wrong?
I'll have to falsify the date
on this report
so it can pass as a dilation
and curettage procedure.
You need to file all papers officially
to avoid raising suspicion.
Now go get these tests done
for the surgery.
Alright. Whatever you say.
I'm very grateful for this.
Please forgive me.
What just happened?
I guess she sympathized with me
after she came yesterday.
She would never hesitate to help me.
I guess she was just afraid to do
something that might be forbidden.
I still can't believe she came around.
Maybe the videos I sent made
her change her mind.
Could be.
Excuse me, where's the laboratory?
Right here.
Thank you.
- Here you go.
- Thanks, Doctor.
You're welcome.
Sit down, please.
I'm just worried she agreed
because we pushed her too much.
Didn't you notice how tough she was?
I hope she doesn't change her mind.
Even here?
It could be either off
or just back on.
Your hand, please.
What are we saying to the family?
- It died and was removed.
- Will they believe that?
Why not?
Let's just stick to one story.
Wait here.
Excuse me.
This is the doctor's report and
the tests she requested.
A dilation and curettage?
Well, you need the
E.R. doctor to sign it first.
You'll find him there.
Thank you.
Is everything ok?
Yes, don't worry, we're good.
I guess I'll see you later then.
See you.
Doctor, would you please sign these?
One second.
Take the patient, and give him the
vitamins and the IV drip.
Alright. Let's go.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
- I'll see you later, dear.
- Assalam Alaikum.
Alaikum Assalam.
They asked us to bring the file
here for you to sign.
What do you have?
- A dilation and curettage procedure.
- Sit down, please.
Why is the ultrasound dated 12th
while the report says the 17th?
I really don't know.
Here, have a look.
I really have no idea.
Alright, show me the old ultrasound so
I can compare it to the new one.
We only have the papers
the doctor gave us.
- Dr. Muna Abdullah?
- Yes.
- Do you feel any nausea or fatigue?
- No.
When was the last time
you felt nauseous?
I don't remember exactly.
I don't remember exactly.
Maybe 10 days... 2 weeks.
When was the last time
you visited the doctor?
Is this an investigation?!
When was your last visit to the doctor?
Are you in pain?
Yes. Let's get this over with please.
Where's the pain exactly?
Your abdomen or your back?
Dear God... This is taking forever!
You're getting a new ultrasound
right now.
Why so?
We've already done one.
For extra confirmation.
Next patient, please.
Damn this man!
Should we tell Muna?
No need.
She barely agreed to do it.
Do you need anything?
Dr. Muna is performing on Isra'a
tomorrow morning.
No way! She agreed to do it?
Dilation and curettage. The baby died.
Alright. What's the problem then?
The E.R. doctor refused
to sign the papers.
Dr. Fawaz. He's uptight,
don't worry about him.
Give me the file.
His shift ends in 30 minutes.
Dr. Shehab will come next.
- We'll figure something out.
- I'm so grateful.
But we'll need to slip some
dough to Dr. Shehab.
- How much?
- 10,000.
Give me 15,000.
- This is 15,000.
- Thanks.
When I set everything up,
I'll let you know.
Thank you.
Ahmed, take the bag.
- Bye, Mom.
- Bye.
Grandma's sweetheart!
Come over here!
I missed you all so much.
Grandma's heart and soul!
How are you, Mom?
Doing great.
I really missed these little rascals.
- Well, you'll enjoy your day then.
- Absolutely.
Nawar, no candy now.
You need to have breakfast first.
- I have to go now.
- Won't you have breakfast first?
- We already did.
- It's your mom's food.
- We're barely going to make it on time.
- Honestly.
God's mercy was there for you.
You don't need the extra children.
Thank God for everything.
- You're going?
- Yes.
- Take this.
- What is this?
- Just take it, bro.
- I've got it covered.
- Where from?
- You borrowed it, right?
I've got it covered, Mom!
You shouldn't be borrowing
money from people.
You need this, it'll cost you a lot.
I have to go now.
I better go too. See you later, Mom.
Your brother said there are vacancies
in the organization he works with.
Go apply, you will get paid in Dollars.
Take it seriously and do it this time.
It's really not the time, Mom.
Alright, I have to go. Pray for me.
You've always been hard headed.
May God be with your wife today.
Hey, Ahmed!
Tell Isra'a I'll see her from the balcony.
My mom is waving.
- Excuse me.
- Yes?
A curettage and dilation with
Dr. Muna Abdullah.
50,000 please.
Give me 50,000.
Here you go.
Count this, please.
Here's the receipt.
Give this to one of the nurses.
- Excuse me.
- Yes.
The receptionist asked
me to give you this file.
I'll go wait for you inside.
- Dr. Muna Abdullah?
- Yes.
Take this paper, and go buy the
supplies for the operation.
- Isra'a?
- Follow me, please.
I'll go inform Dr. Muna.
Dr. Muna, the patient arrived.
Would you follow me, please?
Here's the supplies for the operation.
Give him your purse and everything.
Your ring and watch too.
Let's go.
- Assalam Alaikum.
- Alaikum Assalam.
- How are you?
- I'm fine.
Don't be upset.
It's what God wanted.
Your baby will grow in heaven and
will guard you on the Day of Judgment!
One minute, please.
Is everything ok?
I need this 100 dollars exchanged,
- Easy there, son.
- Wait, wait... I can help.
Hold this, please.
Bless your soul.
Dr. Muna!
Your wife wants you to take her home.
This soon?
I don't know.
You can go check for yourself.
- Hang on for a second.
- Ok.
- It's ok. I've got her now. Thank you.
- Thank you for everything.
No problem.
Why did you leave?
You're still not well.
I can't take another minute
in this place.
Ok, do you want me to take
you to my mom's?
I'll use the time to move
to the new apartment
since I managed to get some money.
I'll just stay there for a while then
you come and take us back.
But the place is still not ready at all.
It doesn't matter, we'll
sleep on the mattresses.
Don't be stubborn.
Don't make it harder on me.
As you wish.
Let's pass by Muna and thank her
before we leave.
She just left. I called her name
but she didn't hear me.
I don't want to go to the new house.
And why?
The new house is so grim and
the walls are cracked.
We'll clean it up and decorate it.
It'll be as good as new.
What decorations?
I'll show you. Honey, please pass
by the nearest stationery.
I'm beat up. Plus we won't find
anything open this late.
Obadi's stays open late.
Maybe tomorrow.
Come on Dad, it's only 10 minutes.
Mom, look at this one.
And this one.
Take this one back.
These are nice. Return this one.
And those ones?
They're nice.
Alright, take them to your dad
so he can pay for them.
Are you done?
Let's go.
How much are these things?
5,000 Riyals.
Could you pass me the tape?
Where is it?
Inside the bag on the chair.
- This one?
- Yes.
Is she still not picking up?
Maybe she's tired or busy.
I called her.
But her mom keeps giving me excuses.
Call her tomorrow and she'll be there.
She didn't even reply on WhatsApp.
I'm getting worried.
What for?
I'm worried she regretted it
and now hates me.
Come on, Isra'a.
You always overthink everything.
I feel like guilt is eating me alive.
You have no choice but to
cope with it, for the kids.
What are we going to tell them
if they find out?
We'll tell them we did it for
their own good.
Do you think they'll buy it?
They won't even ask about this.
Drop your phone and come get some rest.
- Isra'a!
- Huh?
Drop this and get some sleep.
I guess today we'll only have P.E.,
a break, then we go home.
We'll have one class only.
We'll have all classes.
Only one for us.
And there's the morning lineup.
No lineup on the first day I guess.
There is.
I hope the teachers are nice to us.
I hope the teacher is not mean.
If she is, she'll shout at me.
She'll threaten to shout if I don't
get the homework done!
Oh, the homework.
I hope my teacher doesn't
ask us to take notes.
Yeah, keep dreaming.
Pray for teachers
not to assign homework.
We'll just go and see.
I'm sure they'll teach
us about super powers!
I'd love to learn about Superman
and Spiderman!
School is not TV.