The Burning Train (1980) Movie Script

Did you see that white train?
India's Rai Saheb Bahadur
used to travel in it.
Wow. What a car.
- Really, uncle?
Do you see this engine?
- Yes.
This is King Masoor's engine.
It used to run..
..with the speed of the wind.
Father, I will also make an engine.
It will be the fastest.
Someday it will become
memorable like this one.
What will you make? I will make it.
You just talk big, you won't be
able to make it. I will make it.
I will make it.
- I will make it. - Don't fight.
Both of you build an engine, okay?
Uncle, let them build the engine.
I will make the fastest car. They
won't be able to overtake my car.
Ashok, come with me.
- Come.
Come. Come. Be Careful.
Move. Move. Let me also come. Move.
Let me also get in. Scoundrel.
Dear, what are you doing?
- Leave me. Leave me.
The stone will ruin the engine.
- Let it be.
Till the time they don't let me
sit in it, I will ruin everything.
I will ruin everything.
You lost. You lost.
Move. Scoundrel.
You don't even know
how to put in a ring.
You all are lazy.
Why are you all
standing here? Get lost.
Hurry up. Everybody leave.
Come on, Randhir.
You shouldn't scold workers so much.
Shut up. Stay within your limits.
You are my junior. Go
and finish your work.
How long have you been
working here? - It's been 4 years.
Aren't you ashamed?
Why do you shout so much?
Will you ever change?
No. It is a world of competition.
I can't change.
He will not change. And
we will not change either.
Hi, Ashok.
- Hi, Ashok.
Hi. How come you are here?
- I have some urgent work.
There is a function
organized by the railways.
My father is the president.
He ordered me to go there.
But I will not go there without you.
People working for the
railways are playing.. important role in the
progress of the country.
To tell you the truth.. railway
is the lifeline of the world.
Father is boring others.
You are the lifeline of this nation.
If I start telling you about
the benefits of the railway..
..then the whole night may pass away.
The night will pass away and
my father will go on talking.
I know that all of you
must be eager to watch the..
..cultural program
organized by the railway.
I will not take much of your time.
And I request the
organizer to begin his show.
- Yes.
You always tell me to get married.
Yes, Son. But at least choose a girl.
What's there to tell, Mother?
I will just show her to you.
"My look is on you."
"Your gaze is on me."
"My look is on you.
Your gaze is on me."
"That's why we're both
lost in thoughts."
"My look is on you.
Your gaze is on me."
"Everything seems
deserted without you."
"Everything seems
deserted without you."
"I do not know what this feeling is."
"Honey ... Oh baby."
"Everything seems
deserted without you."
"My look is on you.
Your gaze is on me."
"For you, I'll pick flowers. "
"And I will make
the garland of hope."
"I've lost myself in
my dreams even when I'm awake."
"And I hear your steps,
when I'm asleep."
"Honey ... sweetheart."
"What happened to me? I do not know."
" I do not know."
"Everything seems
deserted without you."
"I do not know what this feeling is."
"Honey ... Oh baby."
"My look is on you.
Your gaze is on me."
"Without me, now you can not live."
"Without you,
now I can not live anymore."
"Hey, but you can not say that."
"Hey, I can not even say that."
"Honey, tell me what happened to me."
"I do not know."
"My look is on you.
Your gaze is on me."
"That's why we're both
lost in thoughts."
"Everything seems
deserted without you."
"Everything seems
deserted without you."
Dear, I like your choice.
- Thank you, Mother.
Let's go.
"The magic has been cast."
"I slept on my back.
What can I do?"
Where are you going?
I asked because this
locality is horrible.
Goons roam here. Sit on my cycle.
I will drop you. - Shut up.
Don't speak to me in English.
Speak in the local
language and I will answer you.
Aren't you ashamed?
- Ashamed?
Your face.. your eyes.. your
nose.. your lips.. - Idiot.
What happened? Look, talk politely.
Otherwise I will abduct you.
- Leave me.
Oh, God.
Tell me. - You hit me so hard.
Sorry. It wasn't intentional.
So, why did you tease her?
I just told her that
the locality is dreadful.
So I wanted to escort her home.
Is she your sister? - No,
sister-in-law. - You are right.
Hit me slowly. Hit me slowly.
- It wasn't intentional.
Look.. even I am a decent man.
Yes, I can see that.
You are hitting me quite hard.
Is she floored? Is she floored?
I think she is. Then
one more. - Oh, God.
If you tease any girl,
I will smash your head.
Get lost. Get lost.
My cycle.
- Take it. My cycle.
Don't be seen around
here again. Move fast.
Don't push me.
I will show you someday.
- Show me now.
- Fool.
I hope you are fine.
- Yes.
But if you had not come today?
Then I don't know..
..what would have happened.
I am really grateful to you.
No problem. But you
shouldn't go out alone.
You never know when
you might meet a goon.
As it is there are only a few
decent people in this world.
You are right.
- Really?
Oh, thank you.
Can you escort me home?
What? Me? Of course. Let's go.
Hello, sweetheart. I'm your lover.
Very funny. Isn't it?
Wow. Your saunter is so nice.
Look, your saunter makes
my heart beat even faster.
Really. I mean it.
Very good dress, ma'am.
Move aside.
- What will you do if I don't?
Will you kiss me?
- Is that so? - Yes.
Leave my hand.
- Don't force or it will break.
It will break. - What will break?
- Where is your brush?
Hey, what are you doing?
- Come here, Romeo.
Street Romeo, let me
comb your hair. - Thank you.
You have worn a nice dress.
- Yes, very good.
You want to kiss.
- Yes. My teeth.
Hey, man. My tooth
came out. Just look.
Now all your teeth
will drop. You teased her.
No, I just
complimented her on her dress.
So, you liked her dress?
- No, her perfume smells good.
Her perfume smells good.
What are you doing? You
are beating me so hard.
I will beat you harder.
- Oh, God. Oh, God.
I will smash you. I will
crush you. - Don't beat me more.
Is she floored?
- Yes. - I will not spare you.
Is she floored?
- No.
I am the sworn enemy of goons.
Hey, I'm dead. - Leave him.
I will not spare you.
I will not spare you.
He will die. - I will not
spare you. Look, I let you go.
Gentleman, my brush.
- Will you tease girls?
No, forgive me. - You want the brush?
- Get lost.
Nowadays you don't get
to see decent people.
Yes. Nowadays you don't
get to see decent people.
This is not so.
You do find decent people.
But look at this goon.
He saw a girl alone and
started teasing. Amazing, isn't it?
Come. I will escort you home.
No problem. I will manage.
You may again come across
someone like him.
I will escort you. Please come.
What all things I had to do in love?
Stay away from me.
You got hurt badly?
- Yes.
I was hitting you so carefully.
- What carefully?
You are great. You acted well.
That fake tooth.
That was not a fake tooth.
It was real. Look at this.
One of your teeth is gone.
- Yes. - Listen. - Yes.
Don't open your
mouth if you meet her.
Ashok, no matter what.
We have enticed the girls.
Even I think so.
What are you doing?
I have lost a tooth.
He thrashed that goon
black and blue. What a man.
Seema, it's such a
strange coincidence. - What?
Even I met a goon.
And a brave man
thrashed him very badly.
Is that so? - Yes. But
what a handsome man he was.
Won't you introduce me
to your handsome man?
Of course I will introduce you.
Are you going to hide your man?
No, I spoke to him today
in the morning. - Really?
We are meeting tomorrow.
- Where?
Tomorrow morning at
8 at Lodhi garden.
Oh, my God, Seema.
Even we are meeting at Lodhi
garden tomorrow morning at 8.
- Yes.
Fine. You introduce me to your
man and I'll introduce you to mine.
But don't forget.
- I will remember.
Best of luck, Ashok
- Good luck.
God bless me.
- God bless you and me, both.
Look, there is Ashok. Come.
I will introduce you to him.
Is he.. your Ashok?
- Yes. He is very decent.
I am sorry, Seema.
I don't want to hurt you.
But he is the same
goon who had teased me.
What are you saying?
- Look, Seema. Don't be dejected.
Such things do happen
in life. Cheer up. Come.
Come, I will introduce you to Vinod.
There he is. Seema, he is Vinod.
I pray to God to give
you a decent guy like him.
Decent? He is the one
who had teased me. - What?
He teased me and he teased you.
He saved me and he saved you.
I think they are partners in crime.
Something is fishy.
Don't you think? - Yes.
We will teach them a lesson.
- Okay. - Let's go.
- We must teach them a lesson.
We can't just let them go.
Hi. - Sheetal. What
are you two doing here?
And I don't need to ask
what you two are doing here.
He is my fianc. Rakesh.
- Hello. - Hello.
You are here?
- You are here?
It's you? - It's you?
Did she come?
- No. - Did your girl come? - No.
Hello. - Hello.
- Hello.
Are they the goons
who were teasing you?
Goons? Do you think we are goons?
Shut up. Who is Vinod?
Vinod? Who is Vinod?
- There is no Vinod here.
Who is Ashok? - There is no
Ashok here. What's your name?
My name is, Omnath. - I'm Somnath.
Omnath. Somnath.
What are you here for?
We are doing a research on trees.
They are doing a research on trees.
Somnath, that bus no. 9..
- Yes, it's time. Let's go.
You won't go by bus.
I'll take you in my jeep.
Will you escort us home?
No, I will escort you
directly to the prison.
The matter is serious.
Have you seen the lines on my palms?
I told you to come with me.
Give him the money.
- Sir.
Don't do this again.
- No, we won't.
Get lost.
Take this, too.
- Go away. Go away. Go straight.
Now we will have to go by bus.
He took the money for petrol.
Don't turn back, keep walking.
- Let's run.
He took the money.
Did you see the state of your lovers?
- Yes, sir.
Everything has gone wrong.
We said such nice dialogues.
We acted so well.
What a story we had made.
Everything has gone down the drain.
- Ashok.
The girls were very good.
The girls were very good.
Steward, two large pegs of whiskey.
It's a dry day.
- Bring two teas.
Not two, get three cups rather.
You? What are you doing here?
Why? Won't you offer me tea?
We will. We will.
- Yes, yes. We will. Get three teas.
Not three, get four cups rather.
Won't you offer me tea?
We will. - Yes, we will.
Bring four teas. Four cups.
Not four, get five cups rather.
Didn't you hear? Ask for five cups.
- Yes, five.
Bring five teas. Will
you have something sweet?
Will you have a cigarette?
Excuse me, sir.
Now what do you want?
Look, we didn't even touch them.
Yes, we didn't touch them.
We just touched each other. - Yes.
That's what I am saying.
Both of you are fools.
You both don't know anything.
- What?
You both don't even
know how to woo girls.
What are you saying? Do
you think we are such guys?
Inspector, we are decent people.
- Yes.
I will just show you that.
- Your job is done.
The girls are floored?
- Yes.
"At first glance,
we gave you our heart."
"But, you guys fool us.
You took us further."
"You liked us since I met you."
"But we hide the problem going.
I did not do like you."
"After seeing you,
everyone stopped to look at you."
"You lost what you had to lose.
You earned what you had to earn."
"If not direct, indirectly.
But we met!"
"At first glance,
we gave you our heart."
"But you fooled us.
You took us further."
"I've had so many
apologies for your sake."
"Love is not easy.
Now, at least we agree."
"We have not lost hope.
It does not matter how we are."
"We met."
"At first glance,
we gave you our heart."
"But you fooled us.
You took us further."
"It was so written in destiny.
This way the game will be played."
"Here we looked at each other.
Then the hearts were united."
"Oh! Forget how we met.
At least we've met."
"At first glance,
we gave you our heart."
"But you fooled us.
You took us further."
Hi, Sheetal.
- Hello.
Were you waiting for me?
Waiting for you? No. - Don't worry.
You won't have to wait for long.
Because we are going to get married.
- Yes.
I spoke to my mother today.
Now my mother will
talk to your mother.
Your mother will talk to your father.
Your father will talk to my father.
And he will agree to it.
Come on let's go.
Oh, leave me. Leave me.
Leave her if she says so.
Who are you to interfere?
She will be my wife soon.
- What?
But she hasn't become your wife yet.
Look, Vinod.
Maybe you are forgetting..
..that my father is the chairman.
I know.
Randhir, remember one thing.
Everything can be bought except love.
Because love is not sold.
Come, darling.
Sheetal, I have good news.
The wedding date has been finalized.
Our love-life
started at the same time.
Then why did you delay your wedding?
Why are you rubbing
salt into my wounds?
As soon as father
returns from London..
..we'll have the
engagement and then the wedding.
And children, quickly.
Well, gentlemen.
So we have all agreed.
You all have approved design
number two from the three designs.
Yes, this is the best.
- This is the best.
This should be approved.
- What about you all?
Yes. - This is best.
Then let's call them.
- Yes, sir.
Call the officers.
- Okay.
What are you doing?
You should put it straight. Go.
Vinod, you have been
called in the boardroom.
Randhir, we have been
called in the boardroom.
I think they have
decided on the design.
I know. My design will
be approved. Any doubts?
Come on. Let's go.
Listen, Vinod. I didn't give
you a wedding gift. - Yes.
You will get it today.
- Wish you all the best.
Let's go.
Still, we should work.
Good morning, sir. Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning. Good morning.
- Good morning.
Sit down. Sit down, please.
I think we should
proceed with the matter.
Yes. - Yes. - Yes.
Gentlemen, you will be
happy to know that..
..the Ministry of Railway has
accepted Super Express project.
And the dream of Super Express..
..will transform into
reality very soon. - Yes.
From the many designs
sent for this project..
..only three designs
have been finalized.
And it is obvious that
those three were yours.
The committee has
approved one design unanimously.
And the design is
that of Mr. Vinod Verma.
Vinod, congratulations.
- Thank you, sir.
Congratulations, Mr. Verma.
- Thank you. Thank you.
Vinod, congratulations.
- Thank you, sir.
All this was possible
because of your grace.
Oh, no, Vinod. It is
not my grace or favor.
It is the result of
your toil and talent.
You deserve it.
- Thank you, sir.
And yes. The other
good news is that.. will also be
in-charge of this project.
Congratulations. I knew that
your design will get passed.
Thank you, Rakesh. Rakesh,
this project is very difficult.
And I will need your
and Randhir's help.
I am with you.
- Thank you.
Randhir, you, too.
- Where is Randhir?
He has come.
- Yes.
Everybody is here.
I went home to see you.
I knew that you were going to come.
But where is that Super Express?
Congratulations, Uncle.
You and Vinod are as close as..
..the engine and the compartment.
Where is that compartment?
He is never at home.
- Where has he gone?
He is going to come
here soon with his train.
Very soon. Then we
need to nab him soon.
Can I, Uncle? Come with me.
Let's go.
- I am going.
Don't drive so fast, Brother.
Please. Please, Brother. Slow down.
Please. Slow down. Oh, my God.
Hi, Vinod.
- Oh, God help us, Seema.
My husband is crazy about trains.
And your boyfriend
is crazy about cars.
They both are mad.
- Let's go.
Hi, Ashok.
I told you that my car
will reach before your train.
I will answer that
when my engine gets ready.
- Thank you.
Vinod, the day your
Super Express will depart..
..I will give the green signal.
Really? Promise?
'Vinod got busy with
Super Express project.'
'The train got all the
attention that his wife deserved.'
'And as the train was being built..'
'..his family started falling apart.'
'And his marriage was
reduced to a ritual.'
Hello. Hi, darling. I am sorry.
I.. I have got too much work,
baby. I can't come.
I am sorry. I just can't come.
I have got to work. Please.
'Destiny separated both the friends.'
'Ashok lost his love.
And Vinod lost his family.'
'And so a span of six
years just passed by.'
We have just got the
report of the final test.
Stress membrane's wear and tear is
negligent. Oh, that's good news.
I will go and check the other work.
The press is waiting for you.
Good evening, friends.
- Good evening, sir.
Your train is departing tomorrow.
- Yes.
What was your inspiration
behind building this train?
It was my childhood dream.
How much time did it take
to complete this project?
Six years, my friends.
Six years of mine and my wife's.
Has your wife also
worked on this project?
It took me six years
to make this train.
And my wife spent six
years waiting for me.
Very interesting answer.
Didn't your wife complain?
No. My wife
understands my work and me.
Mr. Vinod, whom will you
give the real credit..
..of completing this project to?
- Everybody.
Right from the workers to the
superiors of the railway board.
Father, mother is here.
Look, over there.
What is your penchant?
Penchant? To love..
my train and my wife.
Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen.
Rakesh, show them the train. Yes.
Father, I will also see
the train. - Go ahead.
Come, dear.
- Okay. My love is waiting.
Come, let me show you
India's finest train.
Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Wow. How come you are here?
I have come to pick you.
- Why?
You forgot? It is our
wedding anniversary today.
Oh, my God. Congratulations.
Let's go. - Today? It
seems a little difficult today.
Why? What's the problem?
Darling, you know that the
train is going to depart tomorrow.
I have to look into the smallest
of details. I am very worried.
Each moment is precious for me.
I can't come for the party.
But I had asked you before
arranging for the party.
You don't remember
anything besides this train.
I have called the guests.
Now if you want to humiliate me
in front of everybody, then fine.
What humiliation?
Apologize to the guests.
We can have the
party some other time.
But I can't stop the train
for the sake of the party.
Don't you understand
such a simple thing?
Even I have some desires, Vinod.
Have you ever tried to
understand such a simple thing?
Darling, desires can wait
for a day, but the train can't.
You don't care about my desires.
I have spent six years
with great difficulty.
And today.. Today you
don't even have the time..
..for our wedding anniversary.
Darling, I am free from tomorrow.
It is just a matter of a single day.
The matter is only of a single day.
I have been hearing this since ages.
Fine, go to your train.
Now you don't have
the time for anybody.
Neither for your friends,
nor for your wife.
Go to your train. Go. - Darling.
Vinod, here is the ceremonial flag.
Who will give the green signal?
I think it would have been good..
..if sister-in-law had
done the honors. - No.
Ashok had said that he
will give the green signal.
Only then will the train move.
The world has changed
so much in six years.
So much has changed.
'Indian Railway has
introduced this..'
'..fastest luxury Super Express.'
'This train will cover
the distance between..'
'..Mumbai and Delhi in 14 hours.'
'The Indian.. '
Vinod's dream is fulfilled.
He has made this train.
I know. We are going to
Mumbai tomorrow by this train.
This train?
- Yes.
'Here comes the
fastest train in India.'
'The whole world was waiting for it.'
'It has arrived.'
'In the history of Indian railways,
this is an important day.'
'Like the fastest trains
from Japan and France..'
'..India, too, has a fast train now.'
'The journey from Delhi to
Mumbai that took 23 hours..'
'..will now be covered in 14 hours.'
'And the credit goes to the
project engineer Vinod Verma.'
Baba black sheep have you any wool?
Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Three bags full.
Left-right. Left-right. Left-right.
Hold. Go on marching.
Majer Bandari,
do you know? Do you know?
Damsels. It's a good sign.
- What do you mean?
I mean Coca Cola.
- I see.
Forget that. We will
miss the train. - Let's go.
Come. The journey will be good.
It is as soft as a pillow.
Wow. The train is grand.
Banto's mother, do you remember?
In our wedding, too,
your father promised us..
..a Dunlop cushion as a gift.
But he hasn't gifted us yet.
You didn't have any trouble.
I had to face the trouble.
Lower your voice.
May I help you? Your ticket.
Seat number 34. Mr. Abdul Rehman.
Oh, God. What did you say?
I am Abdul Rehman?
Sorry, priest. This
is not your ticket.
Sir, this is his ticket.
Only the name has changed.
Great. You are
talking about the name.
Here my caste and
religion has changed.
Sir, do something.
Move. Give way.
Deepak and Raju, come.
Wife, you, too come.
Oh, God.
He changed the name of
this great priest Shambunath.
Not a good day to start with.
Goddess, today I will have to
take a bath for the first time.
Oh, no. Priest, don't
you ever take a bath?
I am not talking to you.
Who is he?
- I don't know.
It's a great day for you.
You must be very happy today.
Yes, Rakesh. I am very happy.
But I would have been happier if
Ashok had also been with us today.
'I couldn't fulfill my
promise to give the green signal.'
'But today, I am
travelling in your Super Express.'
'All the best.'
Great. Who is he?
Come on. Come on. Hurry up.
May I help you?
Don't try to show-off.
Banto's mother, do you remember
when we were newly married?
Then I had.. Where
did this come from?
Go and get water.
The children will get thirsty.
You are right.
I will go and get water.
Carry this along.
What will you get it in?
Yes, you are right.
"We are going to Punjab."
I am going to get water.
I have to get in line now.
"We are going to.."
Hey. What have you done?
You broke this.
Watch where you are going.
Don't walk like a blind man.
Trying to act smart? - Stop. Stop.
Don't fight. You will get
water in the train. Get on board.
- You are very strange.
Hey, where are you going?
Sir, if this weren't military boots..
..then a soldier's feet would
have gotten injured. - Is that so?
Do you know what we do for India?
We wage wars. And what
do you do? You break pots.
Our time is very precious.
Very bad on your part.
Military man.
- P. K. Bhandari.
- P. K. Bhandar. - Bhandari.
Bhandari. Get in. Come on.
- Inside or outside?
Right. Right. Right.
I don't feel like leaving you.
If you say this,
then I won't let you go.
Then don't let me go.
- What about your mother?
Listen, take care of yourself.
And eat on time.
You, too, take care of
yourself and keep in touch.
And quickly make me the
father of a nice child.
I will leave. The train will
depart now. - God bless you.
I have some work, too.
No problem. God bless you.
God bless you.
- Bye.
Mother, can I meet father?
No, Son. Your father is very busy.
Is that so? Tell father that
I will look after the train.
- Don't be too excited.
Not more than 100 miles.
Alright. - Sir, you don't worry.
I am there to look after.
- Excuse me.
Father. Father.
- Hello, Raju.
You were not going to come.
Anyway, thanks for coming.
I didn't come here
to look at the train.
I have come to drop Raju.
Raju, you go inside.
Where is Raju going?
Mumbai. To his granny's place.
- Why?
You know the reason.
- What do you mean?
I don't want him to see the
daily quarrels between us..
..and get his life ruined.
Sheetal, you are
crossing your limits.
Sir, the minister has come.
- I will just come. - Okay, sir.
Sheetal, Raju will not
go to Mumbai. Understood?
You are laughing.
No. I am waiting
for you to say sorry.
You should be the one to say sorry.
Why? It is your mistake.
If you had not staggered, then
I wouldn't have dashed into you.
Forget it. If we had not dashed,
then we wouldn't..
..have gotten the
chance to meet each other.
But I don't need
any meetings. Got it?
But I need it. I mean
let's find the seat. Come.
'Please pay attention.'
'The Western Railway welcomes you.'
'And congratulates the passengers..'
'..who are taking the
first journey of this train.'
'We wish you all a nice journey.'
What a day.
Well done. Very well done, my boy.
- Thank you, sir.
I hope everything was alright.
- Oh yes. Everything was fine.
Yes, listen. We have
made a grand arrangement.. welcome this train in Mumbai.
I want one of you to
take the evening flight..
..and go attend this program.
Sir, I won't go. I want
to be in the control room.
Sir, I can go.
- Fine. - Say it.
Sir, his wife has gone
to Mumbai by this train.
Then it will be a happy
surprise for Mrs. Rakesh.
Fine, you go to Mumbai. You can
take a vacation for four days.
Enjoy yourself.
- Thank you, sir. - All the best.
Priest, it's fun.
- Yes.
So many damsels are here.
- Oh, God. Keep quiet.
I am not talking to you.
- Yes.
Sherbet. How much is the cost of
this sherbet? - It's for free.
Free? Hey, it's free.
Priest, you have it as well.
Hey, listen. Turn here.
Can we have another
glass of sherbet? - Yes.
Why have we not received
the sherbet yet?
It must be on its way.
Sherbet. Come here.
Come here. This is great.
We have one, two, three,
four tickets.
And only one glass of sherbet?
I will just get it.
- At least give this one.
You drink this one or else
he'll take away this one, too.
Oh, God.
Sir, don't drink this sherbet.
Why? You drank three glasses.
And you are telling us
not to drink even one.
Why? Is something mixed in this?
This is the drink that
makes you pee. - What?
Some drinks make
you go to the toilet.
Similarly this drink will..
make you want to pee..
Hey, Pathan.
Two men in one toilet?
Answer me. Why did you send
Raju to Mumbai? - It was my wish.
Couldn't you have
waited for another day?
I always kept waiting.
This is not the time to wait. It
is the time to take some decision.
Decision? What decision?
I am leaving. Vinod, I can't
stay in this house any longer.
Have you gone mad?
Do you want to ruin the
family for this trivial matter?
I want to ruin this house?
What is my worth in this house?
Not more than this
sofa or that table.
Vinod, I can't spend the rest of
my life as some useless furniture.
You don't have time for anybody.
Neither for your wife,
nor for your family.
Sheetal, why don't you understand?
I love you.
You don't love anybody, Vinod.
You just love your train.
And your success.
You don't need a wife.
Sheetal. Sheetal.
Sheetal, stop. Sheetal.
Vinod, stop daughter-in-law.
Stop her.
No, let her go if she wants to.
Have you gone mad, Vinod?
Try to understand her pain.
What am I supposed to understand?
Vinod, you can win over
your wife with love, not ego.
The speed of the train shouldn't
be the parameter of your life.
What's the use of the speed
that takes you away from home?
Hey! Ramkali, where are you going?
La Lane, my dear.
Hey, at least take betel leaves.
Hey, my dear. I'll eat betel
leaves from your store.
Then come.
Wonderful! Hey!
- What is it!
Tell me, sir?
Oh God! We're stuck!
How are you?
Tuesday at 9 o'clock I will be ...
Can I stay here?
Yes. Come over.
Hey! Who are you?
Oh! Lord! Hey, Murari!
Who is she?
- What do I know?
Madam, why are you coming towards me?
What are you doing?
Did you sit there?
Does any of you want betel leaves?
I just eaten basil leaves.
I eat betel leaves.
Hey! Grandmaster, you?
Why are you removing the flowers,
Sir, because of them
we have engine problems.
Is everything okay, driver? - Yes.
Come on, dear.
I did, dear.
Tomorrow we'll be in Bombay,
and we'll fly to Switzerland.
God bless my children!
Oh, thank you father!
- That's good, my son.
Shall I say something?
It's totally injustice with you.
Otherwise this train would run
on your name not Vinod sir.
You was senior.
It's doesn't matter, Usmanali.
It's matter of time.
And there is no time take
to change matter.
21. - Is the speed fine?
- Speed okay? - Perfect.
First class.
- 9 lines is perfect.
Congratulations, sir.
- Congratulations.
Thank you.
- Congratulations.
How is it going? - It's going
excellent, sir. Excellent, sir.
I'll be back with you.
Hello, Sheetal. - No, Vinod.
This is Sarita speaking.
- Thanks. Thanks a lot. Thank you.
'I never thought that moments..'
'..of success could be so hollow.'
'Everything seems dull
without the two of you.'
'Why did you leave me alone?'
'Tell me, Sheetal.
Tell me, my friend.'
- Promise."
"How long in heaven the stars shine ...
and the flowers will bloom on the earth."
"We will meet our two lovers
every day in the same place."
"Got it?"
"How long in heaven the stars shine ...
and the flowers will bloom on the earth."
"We will meet our two lovers
every day in the same place."
- Promise."
- Promise."
"Look, we did not separate,
after we looked into our eyes."
"I gave you my word.
So I will do it."
"At your fragrant breath,
I am a witness."
"Whether we live or die,
our love will last."
"Promise me. Tell me, tell me!
- Yes, I promise you."
- Promise."
"How long will the water be in the rivers
and the branches will swing together."
"We will meet our two lovers
every day in the same place."
"Tell me! Promise me.
- Yes, I promise you."
"Speaks! Promise me.
- I said, I promise you."
"See that this landscape
does not forget us."
"To live apart is a crime."
"We will unite forever, I will
be in the shelter of your arms."
"My love will not disappear.
It will last forever."
"Promise me. Tell me!
- Yes, I promise you. Yes!"
"Yes, promise me.
- I promise."
"If the road is decorated with flowers
... our feet will be free of thorns."
"We will meet our two lovers
every day in the same place."
"Promise me.
- Yes, I promise you."
"Promise me.
- Yes, I promise you."
Seema! Seema!
- I'm sorry, Uncle. I'm late.
Where have you been?
We thought you would not come.
Uncle, the car broke down. Otherwise
we would have arrived earlier.
Good! Good! Come on!
- Come on! Come on.
Listen ... - Yes.
Take care of yourself.
Come soon.
- Yeah.
Do you have a message for God?
Tell him I'm grateful.
I like you very much.
And listen.
I love you.
A loss of 2.5 billion ?! Not! Not!
It's a lie! It's a lie!
That's not possible!
It's true, sir.
- What you said?
Is it true?
If it is true ...
then, I'm destroyed.
I'm done! I am humiliated!
Ratandas speaking.
Yes, Ratandas, tell me.
I'm coming tomorrow
to take the money.
No, no, Ratandas! Do not do that!
Ratandas, I'll be ruined!
I will become a beggar!
For the sake of our friendship.
Ratandas, give me some time.
I can not give you more time.
Sir, business is business.
I can do nothing. Sells the fortune.
Sell your property.
Sell your villa. I can do nothing.
I want the 2.5 million of
my tomorrow morning, sir.
This is no longer yours. Sorry.
Ashok. - Uncle.
I'm sorry to hear about it.
You saw? Suddenly everything is lost.
In this world I ...
except for Vinod and Seema,
I have no one else.
Did Seema come? - Yes.
She ... has sent this letter to you.
Mr. Ashok,
our vows can no longer be fulfilled.
The dreams I have knit with
you can no longer be fulfilled.
I have seen a lot of pain in my life.
I've seen your fortunes
and I thought I could,
I could live a happy life.
I could lead a luxurious life.
And now, you've become poor.
The one who has nothing,
what can he give me?
I returned your engagement ring.
It could be useful for you.
What is this..
- Uncle, it's me.
Raja, it's you. Are
your parents with you?
Father is at the station.
And mother is at home.
I am going to grandpa's place.
- Are you going alone?
Yes. My father needed
somebody to look after the train.
So I came.
- Okay, dear.
Uncle, are these binoculars?
- Yes, dear.
They bring distant
objects closer, right? - Yes.
And what about the
things that are nearer?
Things that are nearer..
make you feel sad, dear.
- Thank you. Ticket, please.
Yes. So which war was I talking
about? - Bangladesh. - Correct.
When General Arora called
you by sending a telegram.
Correct. Correct. Look,
it was my wedding night.
And there was a knock on the door.
- but you have already told this.
It was your wedding night.
And there was a knock on the door.
Knock, knock, knock.
You opened the door thinking
that it will be your wife.
But when you opened
the door. Suspense.
It was not your wife.
It was the telegram.
Oh, have I said this before?
- Yes.
I will just come. - Listen. At
least tell us what happens next.
What happens next is history.
Everybody knows.
I read the telegram.
In it was written..
.."P.K. Bhandari,
immediately come in the front".
"If you don't, we
will lose this battle".
Sir. Look at the dilemma.
On one hand the newlywed bride.
And on the other, my
duty towards my country.
So you forgot the war
and stayed with your wife?
Never. Never in the
history of military.
If P.K. Bhandari
forgets the saga of bravery..
..then what will
happen to this country?
- India.
Hail.. - India. Hail.. - India.
- Listen. - P.K. Bhandari..
P.K. Bhandari, tell
us what happened next.
What was to happen?
I reached the front. The
bullets were being fired.
Bullets everywhere.
But Major Bhandari, with
wife's love in his heart..
..and a sword in his hand..
So you went to wage a battle
with the sword in your hand?
No, this is just a proverb.
What I mean to say is
that I was carrying my gun.
And I was shooting.
- What insolence is this?
But sir, the story is not over.
The story is not over.
Can I help you, sir?
- No, thank you. - It's alright.
Seema, you have still
not had your tea? - No.
I will make it for you.
Is he Ashok?
- Yes.
What's the matter?
- Why are you staring at her?
It's none of your business.
This girl belongs to my caste.
This girl belongs to my caste.
No. This girl belongs to my caste.
- How is that so?
It is evident from her name.
Her name is Ramkali.
Her name reveals that she is a
Hindu. Her name contains "Ram".
No. Her name is Ramkali. She
is a Muslim. Like Anarkali.
Anarkali was a Muslim. Do you
have any knowledge of history?
What are you talking about history?
Do you have any knowledge of music?
A Hindu had made the Ramkali song.
So Ramkali is a Hindu. - Shut up.
Where were you being born when
the raga Ramkali was being created?
No, it was your father? - Shut up.
Shut up.
- You shut up.
Hold it. I said, hold it.
- What?
My God. I am talking about peace.
Major Bhandari.
- The junk vendor?
No. Major Bhandari. From UNO.
- I don't know.
I will explain to you later.
Ma'am, if you stayed
with them any longer..
..then there can be a riot
between the Hindus and Muslims.
Come with me. By the way,
what is your religion?
I don't believe in any religion.
But getting married in India
will be a problem for you.
Yes. That's why I am
going to Switzerland..
..with my sweetheart, forever.
- Greetings.
Won't you come back? - No, we
will stay. Settle down. - Yes.
Stay wherever you want,
but spread love.
I am Raja Ram Mohan. And
she is my Queen Padmani.
- Greetings. I am Chandar.
And she is my fianc, Razia.
- Hello.- And he is..
My name is Udesh.
- Pleased to meet you.
She is my wife Ritu.
Greetings. - Hello. - Why
don't you come and join us?
Sure. Come on, darling.
- Come.
Hello, sir. Hello.
No problem.
Thank you.
Fine. Yes. Have it.
Not now, later.
Come, take it. Have it.
Your Majesty, because of
you we had great fun today.
I have even swallowed my lipstick.
Nab him. He is a thief.
No. I am inspector Randhir.
Have a look.
He is the smuggler Chandar.
I have been searching for
him since long. Nab him.
Stop. If anybody moved,
I will kill him. Got it?
Razia, go and get the diamonds, fast.
We have to leave the train. Go.
No. No, inspector. No.
If anybody tried to act smart,
then I will kill this child.
Nobody should move. Got it?
Aunty, just now bullets
were fired. Did you hear them?
Yes, Raju. I did hear the sound.
It's good that you can
still hear some sounds.
You must be recognizing Raju.
He is going to Mumbai alone.
I will be grateful if you
take him to Mumbai safely.
What about you?
I will get down at Mathura.
When the ways part..
..then the destination
also doesn't remain the same.
Best wishes for your new life.
Do you still want to say something?
'Congratulations for
your new love, Seema.'
'Right now, I don't have anything
to give you besides this ring.'
'The value of this ring is
much more than the value of love.'
'May you stay happy.
I will never trouble you again.'
Here, Usman Ali, have a drink.
No, sir. Thank you. I am on duty.
This is a happy occasion.
This is a historic journey.
This train will
write such a history..
..that India will
never be able to forget it.
Hello. - Hello, brother Usman.
I am Jeevanlal speaking.
Yes. We have crossed the
outer signal of Mathura.
Okay. Thank you.
What was Jeevanlal saying?
We are reaching Mathura, sir.
I see.
What happened, sir?
Nothing. We are reaching Mathura.
Come, Brother. Come, I will
get you the sweets of Mathura.
- Yes. Come.
Put less of limestone.
Nothing will happen
to your lips. Have it.
Ramkali, where are you going?
Hey, Abu. Abdul.
How come you're here?
Where is master?
Where are you all going?
Jaipur. We are also going there.
- Yes.
How are you?
- I am fine.
Now that you have come, the
journey will become interesting.
And we will have fun, too. - Yes.
Let's go. Let's go.
Okay, Usman Ali. Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Mr. Collector.
- Yes.
This child has to get down at Ratlam.
Please help her to disembark.
Father, will mother
come to pick me up?
Yes. - Yes, dear.
I will leave you safely.
Don't worry.
I will look after her.
Thank you.
- Bye.
Okay, Jeevanlal.
Greetings, sir. Greetings
- Greetings.
Both your names will be written in
the railway history. - Thank you.
Is the engine working properly?
- Yes, sir.
It will change the
appearance of the railway.
Yes. That will surely happen.
Come, come.
Jeevanlal, check the
level of the oil tank.
The meter is working fine, sir.
The meter could be wrong,
too. Check it again. Go. - Okay.
- Sir.
Check the piston rod.
- Right, sir.
What are you doing here?
It was my friend's
train's first journey.
Then why did you get down?
I just got nostalgic.
I see. Seema was in the train.
Yes, Seema was there.
What are friends for? Let's
alleviate the sorrow. Come.
- Yes.
Check the fuel level.
- Okay.
Where are you lost?
- Nowhere.
Don't lie to a doctor.
Tell me the truth.
What were you thinking?
Doctor, I was thinking that no
matter how far you leave life..
..but life never leaves you.
Seema, running away from
life is not called life.
It is cowardice.
Can you explain the
reason for you to chase me?
Chasing you? No. I just wanted to
know if you are going to Mumbai?
Yes. I am going to Mumbai.
Anything else?
You are going to Mumbai.
I am also going to Mumbai.
And this train, too, is going
to Mumbai. What a coincidence.
You started from Delhi.
I also started from Delhi.
And this train is also coming
from Delhi. What a coincidence.
And it is a coincidence that
my father is a diamond trader.. Delhi. Diamond.
He must be. It is better
if you go to your father.
If I had to go to my
father and listen to him..
..then why would I
have run away like this?
Run away?
Yes. Actually the thing is
that my father is very greedy.
For the sake of money, he wanted.. get me married to a stupid girl.
And I don't care about money.
He wants money and
I want a nice girl.
Have you fallen in love with a girl?
Oh, God. I am unfortunate.
Nowadays you don't find such girls.
All the girls I met were
interested in my money.
But I want a girl who
I am interested in..
Sir, you are here.
Why don't you go in?
Your time is very auspicious.
I want to go in.
But this is closed.
Rahu and Ketu must be inside.
Your Saturn is in the
wrong position. Oh, God.
The TC is not there. Let's go.
What happened?
- I want to go to the toilet.
I wonder where to keep this.
- Keep it here.
Will you look after it?
Don't worry. Who will
steal it from a running train?
Thank you so much.
Give it to me.
What are you doing here?
I was running away with your bag.
But since the train was moving,
I couldn't get down.
I tried my best.
- You joke very well.
Yes. Why would you
need this jewelery?
Your father is a
big diamond merchant.
My father has grown old.
But I am young and single.
And every young man
has two weaknesses.
One is glittering gems.
And the other is beautiful girl.
And what is your weakness?
- You.
Come. Let's have tea.
- Let's go.
Now you understood how it
feels to lose your love?
In love, there is no
victory or loss, Randhir.
Love is love.
Must be. But I never accept defeat.
Today I took my revenge.
- Revenge?
Yours and mine, too.
- Revenge for what?
Vinod snatched away my love.
I didn't say anything.
He snatched away my Super Express.
Still I didn't say anything.
But today.. Today all
scores will be settled.
What scores?
What rubbish are you talking?
Nothing, my friend.
Now this Super Express
will never stop. - Why?
Because I have removed the
vacuum brake from the engine.
And I have also kept
a small time bomb.
You, scoundrel.
If anything happened
to my friend's train..
..then God only knows
what I will do to you.
Friend, it's futile.
It's too late now.
When the train leaves the
station at 5:10.. blast.
My car. My car. Catch him.
"We are together only
for a few moments."
"We are together only
for a few moments."
"We are friends only
for a few moments."
"We are together only
for a few moments."
"We are friends only
for a few moments."
"We met at this destination."
"We met at this destination."
"We met at this destination."
"We'll break up to that destination."
"We are together only
for a few moments."
"We are friends only
for a few moments."
"We are together only
for a few moments."
"We are together only
for a few moments."
"We are friends only
for a few moments."
"We met at this destination."
"We met at this destination."
"We'll break up to that destination."
"We are friends only
for a few moments."
"We are together only
for a few moments."
"We are together.
We are together. We are together."
"We are together only for
a few moments. We are together."
"We are together only
for a few moments."
"We are friends only
for a few moments."
"I look good, I look. Hot lip drink."
"I look good, I look. Hot lip drink."
"Today we are at this party."
"God knows what will
happen tomorrow."
"I look good, I look. Hot lip drink."
"Today we are at this party."
"God knows what will
happen tomorrow."
"These moments of happiness
are like a paradise."
"We live these moments."
"These moments of happiness
are like a paradise."
"We live these moments."
"Today's happiness is real."
"Tomorrow's happiness is a dream."
"We are together only
for a few moments."
"We are friends only
for a few moments."
"We are together only
for a few moments."
"We are together. We are together. "
"We are together only
for a few moments."
"We are together only
for a few moments."
"We are friends only
for a few moments."
"Happiness does not last long."
"Meets the desire of your heart."
"Desire ... Desire ..."
"Meets the desire of your heart."
"Life is like a storm."
"The one who goes
through it is naive."
"Happiness ... Happiness ..."
"Happiness does not last long."
"Meets the desire of your heart."
"Life is like a storm."
"The one who goes
through it is naive."
"Happiness is lost ..."
"Happiness is lost ..."
"Why are you amazed that you
have lost your happiness?"
"Time does not return again."
"Time ..."
"Dance. Dance, how long you can."
"Dance. Dance, as long as you can."
"Dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing."
"Dance as long as you are alive."
"Dance is the pride of life."
"Dance. Dance, as long as you can."
"Dance. Dance, as long as you can."
"Dance as long as you are alive."
"Dance is the pride of life."
"Everybody is a stranger."
"Life is the direction of the roads."
"Dance. Dance, as long as you can."
"Dance. Dance, as long as you can."
"Dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing."
"Dance as long as you are alive."
"Dance is the pride of life."
"Everybody is a stranger."
"Life is the direction of the roads."
"Friends, this is what I believe."
"If someone stays on your side,
this is a favor."
"Friends, this is what I believe."
"If someone stays on your side,
this is a favor."
"The one who falsifies
the connection of life."
"The one who falsifies
the connection of life."
"For us, they are crazy."
"We are together only
for a few moments."
"We are friends only
for a few moments."
"We are together only
for a few moments."
"We are friends only
for a few moments."
My motorcycle. Stop.
Where are you taking it?
'Attention everybody,
the train on platform no.2..'
How long will it stop here?
Just for five minutes, not
longer than that. - Thanks.
- Goodbye.
If we stay alive, we will meet again.
'The Super Express train..'
'..passengers are requested to
move away from the railway line.'
Who is that?
- There is a bomb in the train.
I will not open the door.
- Open the door.
Go away. I told you
that the door won't open.
There is a bomb in the engine.
Stop the train, quickly.
There is no bomb. I know
people like you very well.
Don't you understand? Idiot.
Who are you? What do you want?
For God's sake, try to understand me.
Some mad fellow has
kept a bomb in the train.
Now what are you thinking? Inform
the driver. Stop the train. - Okay.
Is this the vacuum brake?
- Yes.
This won't work. That
scoundrel has already broken this.
Oh, my God. Please inform
the driver somehow. - Okay.
Jeevanlal, put the emergency brake
on. There is a bomb in the train.
What did you say?
Jeevanlal. Jeevanlal.
Dango. Dango. Dango.
Jeevanlal. Jeevanlal.
What happened? Why don't
you say something? You..
I think I got late.
Sir. Sir.
- What happened?
The driver didn't give
the signal to proceed.
He didn't? No, he didn't.
- No.
No? - No, he didn't.
- Come.
Hello. Hello. Ratlam.
Very good. The train
is about to arrive.
Play it louder. Play it louder.
What's the matter?
The train has still not arrived..'s the arrival time.
Do you know my daughter is
coming for the first time?
Have patience. It will arrive.
There is still time.
Is the train on time?
- It will be here soon.
Sir, there is a call for you.
- Fine.
Is the train about to come?
- Yes.
Yes. Ratlam speaking.
I am calling from the check post.
Super Express didn't give
the proceed signal. - What?
Move. Move. Move.
Move back. Move back. Move back.
Come on. Come on. Hurry up.
My child. Stop the train.
What happened to the train?
- What happened to the train?
What happened?
- What happened?
Teacher. Teacher.
- Don't worry.
The train was supposed to stop
here. Then why didn't it stop?
Sir, what's happening?
I know. There's a problem.
I know.
How many trains are there on
the main line? - Sir, four.
Which train is closest
to the Super Express?
20 up Godhra.
Clear 20 up from Pimplo.
And take it on Godhra.
And keep Godhra on loop line.
- Yes, sir.
Listen, call the station
master of Meghanagar and Damod.
Tell them to stay
alert on the station.
The Super Express driver
might try to give some signal.
Give me the chairman.
- Right, sir.
What happened? What happened?
What happened?
He is the driver of
the Super Express. Dango.
He is still alive. What's wrong?
Take him.. - Bomb. Bomb in
the engine. - Pick him up.
- Come on. Help me.
Why is the train not stopping?
What happened?
- What happened?
The guard is hanging. Help him.
Help him. Help him.
Let me have a look
- Look.
The guard is hanging. Stop.
- Move back.
Don't go. Don't go.
Careful. Careful.
Give your hand. Give your hand.
Come. Come.
Come. Come.
- Hold here.
Guard, what's the matter?
Why is the train not stopping?
Is everything fine?
- Look..
You are hiding something.
Yes, you are hiding something.
You are hiding something.
- Tell me.
What's the matter?
- Listen to me.
I don't know the exact matter.
But don't worry.
I think there is some problem in
the vacuum brake of the train.
Jimmy, the train is not stopping.
- Who said so?
The guard says that the
vacuum is not working properly.
What will we do?
What a trouble this is? - Let's go.
Come on. Hurry up.
Sir, I have bad news. - What the?
The driver's assistant at Super
Express, Dango was found himself.
What the? - What do you want to say?
Oh my God!
When? Where? How?
Sir, the driver of
another train spotted him.
Dango, until he died,
said there was a motor bomb.
Which exploded and threw it
thrown out of the locomotive.
Driver Jeevanlal is also
out of the question.
Oh my God!
This is bad news!
Sir, now 3 things are clear.
Number one ... there was
an explosion in the locomotive.
Number two ...
there is no driver in the locomotive.
And the number three ...
the train could not stop ...
because the vacuum
brake does not work.
Now there is only one
way to stop the train.
Sir, if someone pulls the emergency
brake, then the train will stop.
You're crazy!
Who will go to the locomotive?
The train runs at
a speed of 100 miles.
Sir, there are 500 passengers on
the train their life is in danger.
If we send them this message,
then at least one person
will have this courage.
But how do we send the message
while the train is in motion?
At India radio stations.
At India radio stations?
Yes, sir. Passengers have
a train transistor with them.
If they have a transistor there,
then, our message will reach them.
Guard, can't the
engine driver do anything?
Look, the drivers must
be doing their best.
Maybe even they are helpless.
Oh, God, help us.
Put the transistor off.
Kid, what is this?
Switch off the radio.
Switch off the radio. Is this
the time to listen to songs?
Yes, turn it off. - 'The
passengers of Super Express.. '
Stop. I think there is a message
for us. Something is being said.
'Please listen. Listen carefully.'
'Passengers of Super Express..
if you are listening..'
'..then throw a red
cloth on the next station..'
' that we know that
you are listening to us.'
'We repeat it once more.'
'If you are
listening to us then throw..'
'..a red cloth on the next station..'
' that we know that
you are listening to us.'
Did you all hear?
If somebody has a red cloth,
then give it immediately.
So that we can throw it and
the railway department will..
..come to know that we
have received their message.
Please don't waste time.
Does somebody have a red cloth?
Somebody has it?
Red cloth.
Take this. - I will not give it.
It is my wedding gift.
Look, all of us are at risk.
Please give it to us.
I am sorry. I can't give it.
Take this. I will give it.
I am not married.
And I will never marry.
Take this. To protect you all.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
Passengers of Super Express.
Passengers of Super Express.
This is Super Express's
engineer Vinod speaking.
We have received your red cloth.
Now listen carefully to what I say.
You all know that
the train can't stop.
'Maybe the brakes have
failed or the driver is helpless.'
'Now the problem is
to stop the train.'
'Only you can solve this problem.'
'Because all of you
are in the train.'
'If 2-3 young men
muster the courage..'
'..and reach the engine
through the rooftop..'
'..then the train can be stopped.'
There are two levers above
the driver panel in the engine.
One is small and
the other one is big.
The small one is the brake and..
..the big one is the accelerator.
If you press both the
levers slowly on the left side..
..then the train
will stop. I repeat it.
If you press both the
levers slowly on the left side..
..then the train
will stop. All the best.
Did you all hear? Tell me.
Who is ready to come with me?
I will come. Let's go.
Ravi, take care of yourself.
Ashok, listen.
Take care of yourself.
You are saying this?
It doesn't suit you.
What happened? - Mother.
Is there a doctor here?
Is there a doctor here?
- Any doctor?
Call the doctor.
Right away. - Coming.
- Dear, have patience.
Doctor, come. Side please. Side.
Side please. Side.
Side please.
Doctor, come.
What happened? - Doctor,
I think her labor pains have started.
I think she is in labor.
Look, get my bag. And
bring hot water. - Alright.
Don't worry.
Everything will be fine.
- Yes, sir.
Get hot water. Quick. Hurry up.
- I will just get it.
Fire. Fire.
Help. Help.
Run. Run.
Stop. Don't run.
Stop. There can be a stampede.
Ravi. Ravi. Ravi.
Why are you still sitting here?
Can't you see how much
the fire has progressed?
Ashok, are you fine?
I heard the explosion and I thought..
..that something has happened to you.
You are so worried
about me? Why this charade?
I don't know what you
got by doing this to me.
Your tears can't
hide your disloyalty.
Seema, run.
Seema. Seema, what
has happened? Seema.
This is my disloyalty.
What? What are you saying, Seema?
I had gone to pray.
While returning,
there was an accident.
No, it can't be.
No, Seema. Oh, God.
Ashok, I was helpless.
And I thought this is
how I can repay my loyalty.
By becoming disloyal.
You gave such a severe
punishment to yourself.
Seema, you should
have at least told me.
I didn't want to be a burden
on you by telling the truth.
And when did we meet?
When death is close by.
Death? Seema, now
that you are with me..
..then I will fight death as well.
The train is on fire. No
point in being scared.
Children and women, all move back.
And those who can
come with me, come over.
Come with me.
Come. Everybody, come.
There is a fire in the compartment.
Everybody get out.
Quickly. Break all the windows.
Come on.
Come on. Break all the windows.
What happened?
- Anil. Anil. Anil.
What happened?
The child had gone to the toilet.
Now he is nowhere to be seen.
Where did he go?
- Towards the right carriage.
Teacher. Teacher.
The fire is blazing.
Does anybody have a blanket?
Don't worry, Seema.
Teacher. Teacher.
Teacher. Teacher. Teacher.
Oh, my God.
The child is unconscious. We will
have to take him to the doctor.
Give way. Please give way.
Fire. There is fire.
- Fire?
Help. Help. Help.
Is anyone there?
Move. - Don't go any further.
- There is danger.
Help. Help.
Stop. - Don't go there.
You are with me. So
nothing will happen.
We will cross this fire and go
to the other side. Come, come.
Ritu, hurry up.
Udesh, I am coming.
Move. Move.
You all move back. Move back. Move.
Keep going.
Move fast.
Down. Down.
Move ahead.
Take the helicopter
directly above the train.
Level it with the train.
Perfect. I will descend now.
- Okay.
Go to the right.
Down. Down. Above the engine.
I can't go down further.
It is on fire.
I said bring it down.
Bring it down.
Bring it down, I said.
What should I say?
What should I say?
I have no answers to your questions.
You all may leave. Close the door.
Why are not you saying anything?
Tell us! Tell us!
Will someone escape or not? Tell us!
Do we have any hope, or not?
My whole family is
on that train, sir!
Sir, why do not you answer us?
What will happen now?
Listen! Listen!
Listen! What can I say?
I told you everything I knew.
Did you tell us everything? Shut up!
There's the big d.
He knows everything.
Sir, sir, when will this train stop?
Did you do that?
You did not make a train!
You made a trap of death! Death!
Yeah, yeah, why do not you answer?
Why do not you talk?
Why are not you answering?
Why are not you answering?
Sir! Sir! Sir, you are great!
You can not do anything.
My grandson is on that train.
If something happens to him, then
what am I going to say to his mother?
What am I gonna say, sir?
Save it! I beg you!
Hey! Hey! Mom what are you doing?
Do not worry.
We'll try what's best. Be patient.
Be patient! Be patient!
What patience ?!
If your son was on this train
then you would have asked.
You understand?
- Answer us! Answer us! Answer us!
Sir, you come I will handle them.
Yes! Yes, sir! I'm crazy!
When a man's mind can not work,
he ... what can he do?
I came here to get
the train passengers.
I do not expect
the news of their death.
This is good. But ...
- But what, sir?
We can not stay silent.
On their way to Delhi here ...
everyone has to do something
to save this train.
Even the train passengers
are facing their death.
And we're just worried about
how to empty Mumbai Central.
So, the unlucky passengers
on the train ...
to have a space where to die?
Sir, it is useless
to stay for nothing.
The train approaches us
with the speed of death.
Time is very important.
Sir, we will make a long
inclination like that, a mile.
And on this side we'll put sandbags.
We'll take the train down this slope.
This will reduce speed.
And when the train
gets to sandbags ...
it is possible
that the losses are less.
Why are you talking like a child?
Do not be a child!
Where is the time to make
a one-mile long inclination?
Death is alive at any time, sir.
Life always struggles with death,
and earns.
Mr. Rakesh,
you read about life only in books.
You did not see it.
You are worthy of praise. But she ...
But ...
'But' is a beautiful word, sir.
In front of death '' but '', there
is nothing. Nothing is definitive.
Still, a man struggles
with this power, '' but ''.
I may not be able to.
Trying, though, is my work.
It's my duty.
I appeal to you all ...
for the 500 lives, give me
the consent, to do this inclination.
Come on, hurry up.
What's up bro?
Send the sand faster, Mac.
- Good sir.
Come on! Hurry up! All!
What are you staring at?
Raise it quickly! Quick!
Give it to him!
Mac. - Yes, sir.
Mac! Why did not the song come?
- Sir?
Did not come. - What
the does it mean he did not come?
Go and call and ask why
it has not come yet!
More ahead.
What are you doing?
You can not fit a railroad!
Why will it take so long?
Hurry up!
Come quickly.
Pick him up.
Take him to the doctor.
Look, before the fire spreads,
vacate this compartment.
But where will we go? The fire will
follow us to the last compartment.
It is following us like death.
Neither the train stops,
nor this fire. Oh, God.
Where will we run and go?
Yes. Yes. Where will
we go? Where will we go?
Don't give up hope
before death comes.
For the moment,
vacate this compartment.
Then we will think of what to do.
Come on.
- Come on. - Vacate it.
Vacate this compartment.
Vacate this compartment.
Vacate this compartment.
Oh God.
I don't understand anything.
The fire is blazing.
We can't survive now.
Our plight is like the animals
trapped in a burning jungle.
Wherever you go, there is only death.
I have an idea. Come with me.
Ashok. What?
Ravi, some parts of the jungle
are cleared to control the fire.
Why don't we break
some parts of the train?
So that the fire doesn't progress.
- Good idea.
Leave me. I don't want to live.
Let go of me. - Come to your
senses. Listen to me. - No.
Shut up.
She has scared.
This sound.
Driver, slow down. Move it
along with the compartment.
Don't worry. I am going to jump
into your train. Come to the roof.
Vinod, come.
Vinod, be careful.
Ashok, I am coming. - Come over.
Vinod, there is a pole. Escape.
Go back, quickly.
Vinod, are you fine?
Ashok, I am fine. Throw the rope.
- Throw it. I am ready.
Come. - Come.
Come on. Hurry up.
You didn't come to
give the green signal.
That's why this accident happened.
You never remembered me?
Forgive me, Vinod.
- Ashok.
All that is fine. Now
think how to stop the train.
Come with me.
Father. Father. - Raju.
Father. Father. - Raju.
The boss has come.
I will tell you. Listen to me.
Now, there is no need to worry.
I have got a fire proof suit with me.
Wearing that we can
pass through the fire.
Now there is no need to worry.
We will stop the train.
Amen. Amen. Thank God.
You will come back, won't you?
I will be waiting for you.
Father, what is this?
Dear, these are explosives.
Father, shall I tell
you something? - Yes.
I love you and mother a lot.
Dear, even we love you a lot.
But I never told this to mother.
Tell her when the train stops. Ashok.
Oh, my God.
- What happened?
The brake and the
accelerator both are not working.
Now what?
Won't the train stop? - No.
All the controls of this
engine have failed. - Oh, no.
You have the dynamite, don't you?
- Yes.
Then why don't we
blow off the links..
..between the engine
and the compartment?
Have you gone mad?
If the link is blown
off at such a speed..
..then the train might leave
the track and everybody will die.
We are going to die anyways.
Why not take a chance?
Yes. We can do one thing.
If we take the train on the incline
then the speed might reduce.
We can blow off the
link at that time.
This explosion can be
fatal for the passengers.
Listen, you go back.
And tell the passengers
to be on their respective seats.
And to tie themselves to
anything that they can find.
Okay. Best of luck.
This is the only chance.
Hello. Hello,
Rakesh. Do you read me?
All the tracks..
- Sir, message for you.
- Hello, do you read me?
Yes, Vinod. I read you.
I can hear. Tell me.
Rakesh, how much of
the incline is ready?
Vinod, incline is
not completely ready.
Listen. Put us on the incline.
Have you gone mad,
Vinod? It is not ready.
The train could get derailed.
Rakesh, this is not
the time to argue.
All the controls of
the train have failed.
Do as I say. Over and out.
Bye, Vinod. Sir. - I have
heard everything. Go ahead.
Mac.. positions.
- Right, sir.
Take your position.
Continue your work.
What happened? What happened?
Silence. Silence. Silence.
Look, all the controls
of the engine have failed.
Ashok and Vinod are going to
blast the link to stop the train.
You all tie
yourself with something.
So that when there is an
explosion.. nobody gets hurt. Go.
Hurry up. Tie yourself.
Come on, hurry up.
- Tie everyone. - Hurry up.
Listen. Are Ashok and Vinod fine?
Yes, they are fine. They
are going to blast the link.
If the train stops, then
what will happen to them?
Hold this.
Children, sit down.
Tie up the kids.
- Okay. - I'll get some more.
Can you give me some
clothes to tie the children?
This is for my children.
Sir, your turban.
Have you gone mad? You
are asking a Sikh's turban.
Shut up. Our masters got
beheaded for the sake of others.
And you don't want me to give
away my turban? Sister, take this.
Take this.
- Thank you. God bless you.
Vacate the track. The train
is approaching. - Come on, fast.
Vacate the track. The train
is approaching. Come on, fast.
Vacate the Mumbai central.
Super express is out of control
And it's coming toward mumbai cental
on speed of 100.
Vacate the Mumbai central.
Vacate the Mumbai central.
Hello. Hello, Rakesh. We are ready.
Put us on the incline.
Mac, put the Super Express
on the incline. - Okay, sir.
Vinod, we have put you on
the incline. Best of luck.
God, help us. God, help us.
Lord Rama (Indian God).
Run. Run.
No, the TC will nab us.
Let's go from here.
Hey, let's go from there.
Raju. - Mother.
Mother. Mother. - Raju, my son.
My child. My dear.
My child. My dear.
My baby.
- Seema.
Are you fine?
- Yes.
Seema, Vinod.
Be careful.
- Vinod. - Yes.
Today I am very happy.
- Why?
Because my train got burned?
No. Today, I have found my friend.
What happened?
- I didn't do anything.
What happened?
- Where is she?