The Butchering (2018) Movie Script

(ominous music)
(man breathing heavy)
(dial tone buzzing)
(menacing music)
[Operator] 999, please
state your emergency.
(woman screaming)
(fire alarm beeping)
I need a car that's
near Ashley Park.
Do we have a car near Ashley?
[Male Officer] Yeah,
we're a few minutes away.
We can be a go for Ashley.
[Operator] Just got
a call in from 36,
neighbor said she heard screams
coming from the Miller house.
[Male Officer] Yeah,
well that's a Friday night
in the Miller House.
[Operator] Come on,
you know how this goes.
Take a look at her
and if she's bruised,
we cuff hum and put him in the...
[Male Officer] In the drunk
tank, in the drunk tank.
What do we do with the son?
[Operator] He's probably with
the others at the town hall.
Keep a unit outside the
house 'til he gets home.
No sense in ratting his name.
[Male Officer] All
right, got you covered.
We're all over it.
(fire alarm beeping)
(door opening)
[Male Officer] Wen?
Wen, if you're there, I need
you to come through right away.
Wen, we need backup here.
This isn't a domestic.
This isn't a domestic, Wen.
We're in the house.
This is not a domestic.
I need you here right
now, we need backup.
(sirens wailing)
I could see
taking a retirement
when I have the chance.
This was one with a lot
of sadness in her eyes,
let me tell ya.
Hardly surprising.
He beat the shit out of her.
(camera clicking)
Penny for your thoughts?
Where's his son?
Not that it matters,
when we arrived.
I'm not lying to you, Walton.
Don't take emotion well.
You're doing the talkin'
when we tell them about this.
Somethin' tells
me he already knows.
Beg your pardon?
We need to find Tommy.
The town hall?
The party at the town hall.
That's where the kids are.
(rock music)
Hey, Ryan.
Fuck me.
So, I was thinking I bet you
know you know why I'm going
to University of
Edinburgh next year.
Right, right yeah.
Well, it'd be great to
have a hot Scottish boyfriend
but I don't want my
first time to be someone
who sounds like Mel
Gibson from Braveheart
if you know what I mean.
Yeah, yeah I think I do.
But you know, Elise, there'll
be loads of fellas here
that'd be willing to give the
send-off that you deserve.
Anyone in particular?
Yeah, Marcus seems
to really like you.
Excuse me.
As if.
(indistinct chatter)
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have wrecked it.
We're at a party.
Let's just...
forget about it.
Come with me a second.
I know the way a lot of them say
that long-distance doesn't work.
I'm not trying to put
any pressure on you.
I'm really not, it's just...
If you wanna wait, I...
You have it.
Ryan, I don't want a night.
I want this.
I want all of this.
We'll make it work.
Yeah, we will...
Elise gets her way.
Oh no, don't worry about her.
I brushed her off.
Besides, she has so many STIs,
they need a new alphabet.
Come on, we'll go
enjoy the party.
In a minute.
Did the music just stop?
Yeah, I know right.
I don't know.
Wait here a second.
What the fuck?
(menacing music)
Oh shit.
Oh shit, holy shit!
Well, what is it?
Cora, I just need
you to be quiet, okay.
- Ryan, what's going on?
- Shh.
(indistinct chatter)
[Tommy] Who brought you here?
[Woman] What?
Tommy, what are you doing?
[Tommy] Sit down right.
[Woman] Tommy, no!
(woman screaming)
(people yelling)
(menacing music)
Okay, just follow me.
(Cora screaming)
(camera clicking)
(sirens wailing)
You okay?
We're gonna send you
both home tonight.
And tomorrow, you're gonna
have to make some statements.
Oh mommy.
(Cora sobbing)
So, how you doing?
Who did this, detective?
Tommy Miller.
(phone ringing)
You've got Walton.
[Man] Walton, we got him.
I think we have him.
[Man] Someone at Dark Head
We got a few calls.
Oh fuck, where?
[Man] He's heading
past Burnt Hill
heading into the woods.
All right, I'll be there.
Listen, I want the police
surrounded with cars.
Do you hear me?
(somber music)
(rock music)
[Cora] Keep those
radios turned on.
It's one minute past nine
and you're listening
to KAB102.7.
I'm Cora Burkes
and very soon, the
governor of the airways,
Mr. Noel Dickson, will be
taking you right through
to the witching hour.
Next caller.
Okay caller, you're on the Air.
[Radio Caller] Cora,
you've been on the Air
almost three hours now.
And we haven't heard
Tommy Miller once.
This weekend is the
10th anniversary
of Tommy Miller spree.
Why are you still in town?
I mean, do I need to remind you
that they never even
found his body, Cora?
You know what.
I don't have to listen to this.
[Radio Caller] Hey, I'm just
trying to look out for you.
Next caller.
Okay, Audrey, you're on the Air.
How can I help?
[Audrey] Cora, Cora!
Cora, please help me!
[Audrey] Help me, Cora!
Help me, he's gonna hurt me!
- Help me!
- Audrey, what's going on?
[Audrey] It's Tommy.
It's Tommy, Tommy Miller.
(Audrey yells)
(Audrey laughs)
[Audrey] Happy
Anniversary Cora!
Well, we don't want
callers like this
on this show, do we Noel?
No, we don't.
And I'd just
like to ask Audrey
and those who may be
laughing along with her,
how would you feel, Audrey,
if I put you on the line
with the families
of those victims?
You wouldn't be so
smug then, would ya?
You absolutely disgust me.
I do apologize for
ending the show
on such a sour
note, but as I said,
Noel Dickson will be here
to take you right
through until midnight.
I'm Cora Burkes.
Until next time.
Cora, I'm so sorry.
We've been screening
them all night.
And I don't know what happened.
Not your fault, Steven.
It is the anniversary,
what can I say?
Yeah, well I'll
be back on Monday
and everything will
be calmed down.
Yeah, until then, I have
a three-day appointment
with my quilt covers.
See you later.
Do you think she sleeps
with a gun under her pillow?
I don't know but
one man's sliding in
the front, you know?
(phone buzzing)
Listen, if it's
about your car,
I told you I need
to take it tonight.
Are you out of your mind?
Maybe you don't care about
embarrassing yourself
on the radio, but
you have a sister
that has to go to
school tomorrow.
I've listened in even the
Tommy Miller talk, you know.
Take it easy, will ya.
I doubt many of your friends
listen to the radio
anymore, Annabelle.
This is bullshit!
Everyone's gonna
be staring at me
and talking about
my psycho sister!
Hey, shut up.
Who do you think
you are, Annabelle?
You have no idea how tough
this weekend is for me.
And what about me?
Do you not realize
this is hard for me
to live with the stigma of
this whole shitty thing!
Well, I'll tell you what.
If you don't like the
stigma of this whole thing,
why don't you just move
back in with mum, huh?
If you can't deal
with real life.
Oh, get over yourself,
Cora, I didn't...
(door squeaking)
(ominous music)
(door clicks)
(menacing music)
(door slams shut)
Annabelle, get down here.
I want to talk to you.
Let me in.
Let me in or I'm
gonna open the door.
Annabelle, I know
you're not sleeping.
Look, I'm sorry I
should invite you.
I didn't mean to, but
you were cheeky too.
I mean, you know how hard
this weekend is for me.
It's the same every year.
I know it isn't fair that you
have to put up with it too.
You just have to
be patient with me.
I'm sorry about what I said
about making you move
back in with mum.
You can stay here if you want.
Are we okay?
Annabelle, come on.
I mean, what more do
you want me to say?
(Cora screams)
(Cora sobs)
(menacing music)
(Cora screams)
(menacing music)
(menacing music)
(phone ringing)
Right, there's
money in the safe.
Steve and Ella from next
door have the spare key.
And you know if you need me,
to just ring the rangers.
Got it?
Now be safe.
Same goes.
I can look after
myself, I'm an old tart.
Are you sure you're
okay with me going?
No, go.
Go enjoy yourself.
I love you.
I love you too.
I'm going hiking!
The attacks happened shortly
after 11:00 p.m. last night.
The police have yet to
release any more information
other than the victims' names.
A press conference is
scheduled in the coming hours.
The victims, both Annabelle
and Cora Burkes were siblings
with Annabelle being a student
at Braxton Community College.
(camera clicks)
(baleful music)
(sirens wailing)
What have we got, Holland?
It's not a pretty sight, Ryan.
Hope you didn't have
a strong breakfast.
It looks like most of the wounds
were inflicted post-mortem.
(camera clicking)
Let's get them covered up.
Sheet, sheets please.
I'm sorry, Cora.
Fuckin' press are
driving me nuts.
They keep asking me questions.
They're curious.
They think they have
a right to know,
I can't say I blame them.
Do I know you?
The name's Gilbert,
Will Gilbert.
The affiliates up
at Glendale sent me.
I'm your new partner.
As if being a detective
wasn't tragic enough,
you had to come to Braxton.
Yeah, well I headed a
big investigation up there.
Sick bastard was kidnapping
and killing college kids,
torturing them.
Glendale Ripper?
Yeah, I read about that.
Did you catch the guy?
Not even close.
Bastard's still roaming.
I asked for a transfer.
I wanted someplace more quiet.
I don't know what
kind of travel brochures
you read, detective,
but this place is
far from quiet.
You ever heard of Tommy Miller?
The Braxton Butcher?
Who hasn't?
I started uni when
it all happened.
There was a kid from
Braxton up there,
he was telling us all about it.
How do you think
we're gonna find him?
Do you think this was Tommy?
You think it wasn't?
Don't know.
Can we get them
covered up, please!
Are you all right?
Come on.
So the killer escapes.
Somehow manages to
keep track of time,
decides he can't contain
his rage any longer
and comes back and hacks off
a few more unsuspecting
It makes perfect sense.
I mean, you can talk about
copycats all you like,
but no self-respecting copycat
would wait exactly 10 years.
It's asking to be caught.
I knew her.
The girl.
The older girl,
Cora, I knew her.
Back in school.
We dated, we tried.
We had a relationship.
We left school,
it didn't work out
but we had a relationship.
She was in the hall that night.
I was in the hall that night.
Look, I arrived a week
ago and they dumped me here.
I don't wanna tell you
how to do your job but
you need to hand this
over if you're asking me.
If you're telling me you
and that girl had a thing,
then you're too close to this.
And on top of that, if
Tommy Miller's back,
then he could be targeting you.
He could be finishing
what he started.
He killed the
sister too, Will.
She was 17.
He's not finishing
what he started.
He's starting a
whole new chapter.
(ominous music)
Can you believe
this has happened?
Kaitlin, you scared me.
Oh, I'm really sorry.
I've had a crazy morning.
You're working on an
article or something?
Well, duh.
Have you been watching the news?
The school paper wants to
run a front page article
on Annabelle, so I'm just trying
to put an article together
before that slime Mazie
West beats me to it.
Oh care to make a comment?
Just offer my condolences.
No, I've just been
getting that all day.
Kaitlin, the girl just died.
This was somebody's life.
I know, I know.
But is everyone afraid to admit
she was sort of
a bit of a bitch.
What, she was!
Not withstanding, her
body isn't even cold yet.
Kaitlin, come on.
Right okay, you're
right, bad taste.
It's a no-go area, but
what do you think about
today's other hot topic?
Do you think Tommy Miller's back
to stalk the streets
of Braxton once again?
You know Kaitlin.
I have to be somewhere else.
Oh okay.
I'll catch you later on, then.
I'm tellin' you, he's back.
The Butcher is back.
Well, you could always
stay inside the closet
if you're so worried.
Wow, so funny.
Could you do me a favor and
pick up my sides for me?
They're just splittin'.
Well, I've got
nothin' to worry about.
Check out the guns.
Witness the fitness, people.
Pure stain.
I'm sure his balls
are the size of peas.
Oh, I'm sure you would love
to find out, wouldn't ya?
Seriously though,
do you take steroids?
Do I take steroids.
I'm serious.
Well, I believe you, babe.
Oh you don't count,
you have to believe me.
Let me tell you
somethin', Ethan.
The sooner you start pumping
some iron, the better.
I pump plenty iron, thank you.
Not fair, I wasn't
ready for that.
Love not what they call you
in the change rooms, yeah?
What do they call me
in the change rooms?
[Oliver] Nothing.
It's nothing.
Hey bitch, what
took you so long?
I ran into Kaitlin.
Girl, fuckin' wrecks me.
Give her a break.
I've heard she's
having a hard time
gettin' into a university.
She thinks she is something
'cause she writes
that stupid blog.
Nobody even reads it.
I read it.
I read it, too but it's just
to make sure I'm not on it.
She's the Perez Hilton
of the Braxton youth.
She's a catty bitch,
that's what she is.
Can we please get back
to the subject at hand?
I mean, if Miller has
come back, then why now?
It just doesn't make any sense?
More cheery topic.
A fellow student
savagely killed last night
and you wanna talk
about something else.
I mean, come on!
You can't have something's
this buzzin' ever since
they started putting
curry on the chips.
Well, if you just
want my opinion,
you'll be thrilled to know
that I actually agree.
I mean, I watch a lot
of crime investigation
and it makes sense.
Thank you.
Mark my words, it won't be long
before Miller's roaming
the streets again
in search of some new blood.
Yeah, well I've got my
fella, couples never die.
I'm her lobster.
Just don't have sex.
Hey, Julie.
I saw your uncle on
the T.V. this morning.
Yeah, some do.
He's your uncle?
He's a policeman.
He's investigating the murders.
Yeah, well, do us a favor.
Tell him not to go canceling
the party tomorrow night.
Yeah, I don't think...
You are going to
that party tonight.
I forbid you not to go.
My mum's away this weekend.
Even more reason then.
Why would you
wanna be home alone
on the most dangerous
night in Braxton's history?
Foolish, foolish girl.
Foolish girls die.
Butcher's next
victim, right here.
Did I hear
somebody say butcher?
Sorry, I couldn't
help but overhearing
because I was trying to.
You guys were talking
about Tommy Miller.
You're a Junior.
You can't just sit at our table.
That's really weak,
so I think I just did.
Where's your little
fuck chum today, then?
Okay, so calling us a
sandack was one thing,
but fuck chums.
Oh good, you're here.
Beavis was starting to worry.
We prefer the term,
heterosexual life partners.
So, how are the Braxton
Seniors this fine day?
Are you quote, unquote
shitting them for your safety?
You're sitting at our table.
Should you not be quote, unquote
shitting that your safety?
Is that a threat,
Mr. Anderson?
I think he's threatened us, Ron.
Certainly sounded like one.
Yeah, it was a threat.
- Fuckin' asshole.
- Oliver!
Come on Oliver.
You didn't need to do that.
It felt good.
Me and Monsheim Henderson
Me and Don Chibs
Grab me a latte.
Hi guys.
Hi Oliver.
Did you want
something Claudia?
Just wanted to say, hello.
I don't know if it's the
whole murder thing but
I'm feeling very giving today.
Yeah, you're always giving.
What was that?
I said, it's always
nice to be giving.
That's a nice jacket, Alicia.
I used to have one in red
but I'd given it to War On Want.
So, what's the
talk of the table?
I'll be back in a minute.
We were just talking
about the murder last night.
Oh I know, tragic.
My dad was freaking
out this morning.
He was like, Claudia babes,
you need to be so careful
because you're so beautiful.
And that would just rub a lot
of people up the wrong way.
Hey, Danny.
Having fun?
Julie, wait.
Julie, wait.
Look, you haven't spoken
to me in three weeks.
If you could just...
You said, we needed a break.
You said, you needed a break.
We needed to keep our
distance for awhile.
Now, you're going
out with Claudia?
Look, I didn't think you
wanted to be with me anymore.
I mean, one moment when
we're fine and then (sighs)
and then we weren't fine.
Things just got awkward.
That's why you talk, Danny.
You tell me these things
so we can work on them.
You don't just
start running around
with the school hag.
Can we please just leave
the past in the past?
I mean, after
everything that happened
- with Micheal.
- No.
Don't you dare bring
Michael into this.
You know, they say death
brings like the best
and the worst in people.
And Michael's death...
christ, did it bring
out the worst in you?
You didn't even go to
his funeral, Danny.
Our best friend kills himself
and you don't even
go to his funeral.
I mean, I don't how many
times that I had to tell you
that there was nothing going
on between me and Michael.
I know.
And I'm sorry.
Look I'm sorry everyday.
I don't know what else to say.
You don't have to
say anything, Danny.
I just wanted to see
the look in your eyes
when I tell you that
you mean nothing to me,
not anymore.
What'd you do to
her now dumb ass?
Just fuckin' leave her alone.
I don't know how you're
all thinking about this.
I don't know what
you're feeling.
As an adult, I don't know
what to think or feel.
Annabelle was a
lovely young lady.
She was a lovely young girl.
When she was a child,
she was a lovely child.
I don't know how you're
going to rationalize it,
how you're going to
feel about the loss of
one of your friends.
Ethan, I know that you and she
were good friends.
(game beeps)
I've seen you
together occasionally.
Oliver, I know that you and
she used to be quite friendly.
If there are problems,
if there are worries,
if there are questions
or queries, please ask.
Yes, Paul.
Miss de Geox you like her?
It's my fault.
I shouldn't have
even gone near him.
I just need to stop
feeling sorry for myself.
I'm just so angry at him.
It's all right to be angry.
I mean, I know
you're upset now but
vent it all here.
It's gonna make you
feel better, okay.
Claudia is a bitch.
She'll dump him like
last week's Chinese,
you know she will.
She's a fuckin' slut.
You all right?
Are you sure?
Yeah, I'm good.
(clock chimes)
(somber music)
You went to the Miller house?
Yeah, it's just deserted
as it's ever been.
I see it for a
cult ritual or two.
Maybe he's checked himself
into a Holiday Inn somewhere.
Thankfully, our day
isn't a total bust.
Oh yeah.
We found something
in our victim's garden.
What did we find?
Is there any DNA on it?
No, it's clean.
Look familiar?
This is the...
This is the mask that
he wore that night.
Does this leave us
to assume he's off
picking himself up a new one.
Right, this can't be
leaked to the press, okay.
If they get a hold of this,
if Tommy Miller is back
and the press get
a hold of this,
then it's gonna be
my ass on the plate.
So let's just, we'll
keep working it, yeah.
The minute I begin to
think he's targeting you,
I'm requesting a new partner
and you're skippin' town.
You're not a
bad partner, Will.
Give me time.
(school bell ringing)
(locker doors slam)
You're giving me a lift.
You're gonna talk to me or what?
What were you saying to her?
It wasn't nothing.
You were talking to
her about something.
I'm not stupid.
Don't treat me like I'm
some sort of idiot, Danny.
Hope you made it clear to her
that you're with me now.
I think you did that yourself.
(Danny scoffs)
I mean, come on.
All this arm-in-arm shit.
People haven't done
that in a hundred years.
Are you trying to say that
you're embarrassed by me
or something because I
don't need you, Danny.
I won't be little miss
desperate girlfriend
chasing after you every
waking minute of the day
tryin' to see if you're
lookin' at another girl.
I've got a thousand fellas
lookin' in my direction
and who's lookin' in yours?
Damaged goods.
Damaged, fucking
goods, that's all.
Do you wanna
cover that in here?
Go on.
Call her again!
Oh fuck you!
Just torture yourself.
And don't even think
about phoning me again
for at least a week.
(ominous music)
Yeah, they went
skiing in the Alps.
I know, they've
got the life of it.
Okay, bye.
Whether or not the man
known as Tommy Miller
has returned to Braxton
remains to be seen.
Of the sources close
to the Braxton...
Braxton Butcher, yeah right.
(door clicks)
(ominous music)
(menacing music)
(door clicks shut)
(menacing music)
Laura, are you there?
(both scream)
What are you?
You kept calling me?
Are you deaf?
I was gettin' ready.
Where are you going?
I'm going to Paul's.
Do mom and dad know?
So if I were to phone
mom and dad right now
and tell them you
were going to Paul's,
they'll be fine with this?
If you rang right
now, you'd be a dick.
Get back into your pajamas,
Laura, you're stayin' in.
Oh piss off, Alicia.
Laura, it's
dangerous out there.
Paul's gonna pick me up,
I'll leave now.
So just chill.
It's one night, can
you not, just stay in?
I'll be back at
half at eleven.
You fuckin' better be.
Do you have money?
Stay safe.
Yeah, yeah be safe.
(door clicks shut)
(haunting music)
[Operator] 999,
what's your emergency?
Hi, this is
probably gonna sound
a bit weird but there was this
man, guy standing
outside my house
awhile ago and
I think he was wearing
some kind of mask.
[Operator] (sighs)
Is this a joke, miss?
No, no.
It's not a joke.
I wouldn't do that.
It's just,
he was staring in at me.
[Operator] Did
you have a light on?
Well, yeah but
I turned it off.
[Operator] Did
he speak to you?
Make any threatening sounds?
Did he scare you in any way?
Well, no but he
was just staring in.
[Operator] Well, right
now I don't know if there's,
I don't know what we can
do for you down there.
I mean, I'm able to put it down.
We can send a car but it
is pretty full tonight.
Are you home alone?
Yes, well no, I mean.
I have a sister and I
guess she'll be home later.
[Operator] Sorry,
well don't be panicking.
We have a few strange ones here,
but most of them are
harmless, you know.
Weekends bring 'em out,
especially this weekend.
Yeah, you're probably right.
But what if I...
[Operator] Don't let last
night make you nervous.
We're treating it as
an isolated incident.
We had a lot of people
using it for pranks tonight.
Sad, but it's true.
Yeah, you're probably right.
[Operator] You know the number
to call if you're worried.
[Operator] Where are you?
Ashley Park.
[Operator] Ashley Park?
We've got cars there all night.
You've nothing to worry about.
Look, you're doing
the right thing.
You're inside, just keep
the doors and windows shut.
All right, thanks.
[Operator] All
right, take care.
Bye, bye.
(dog barking)
("So Right" by Shake!)
(door slams shut)
(door creaks)
(sinister music)
(menacing music)
Leave me alone!
I'll call the police!
Leave me alone!
(menacing music)
(menacing music)
(menacing music)
Look, I'm tellin' ya.
You're too hung up on her.
You gotta put her in the
spank bank and move on.
I don't wanna move on.
I wanna get her back.
I think you're forgetting
a very significant,
slutty obstacle.
You're already seeing
Claudia, you twat.
Yeah well, don't know
about that anymore.
Another fight?
I guess you could say that.
You see, you see.
Your thirst for Julie
has caused problems
in your relationship
with Claudia.
You had your chance with
Julie and you blew it.
Do you wanna
crawl home, Ethan?
Here, you were with her right
until Michael died, right?
Well, we broke up
right after he died.
And why'd you split up?
I don't know.
We're both going
through a lot then.
Eh-eh, it's not even
on the board list.
You and Julie broke up
because of your paranoia.
Well, hold on Ethan.
I was there Danny.
Ollie was there too.
Look, I don't how many
times we had to tell you
that there was nothing going
on between Julie and Michael.
They were friends, that's all.
Julie loved you.
I know.
I know that now.
I mean.
I guess you might
still have a chance.
What do you mean?
I mean for things to go
back to the way they were.
You need to remind
her of a happier time.
Sure you've changed, but
you're willing to change.
Do that and you might
just get her back.
How do you not
have a girlfriend?
(door squeaking)
(door knob creaking)
Hey Jules.
I spoke to Michael's
parents the other day.
How are they?
As expected.
His mum...
Nah I don't think
she'll ever be the same.
What about you?
How are you keepin'?
Yeah, no coke or
heroin use, the shit.
I just worry, that's all.
I know you do and it's sweet.
And I know that if
I ever need to talk,
my hotshot detective uncle's
just a phone call away.
How are you?
Today, could have been easy.
It wasn't.
But I guess the term
occupational hazard applied.
How do your reconcile that?
I mean, all of the
things you're saying,
how do you convince
yourself to just work?
You can't.
And if you can, you're
doing something wrong.
Can I ask you a question?
Do you really think he's back?
Honestly, I don't know.
But if he is, I'll
be ready for him.
(phone buzzing)
Sorry about this.
You've got Fenton, go ahead.
[Man] Fenton, we need
you over at Ashley Park.
It's number 11.
It looks like another stabber.
That's Alicia's house.
Ask about the victim.
What have we
got on the victim?
[Man] It's another girl, Fen.
It's bad, it's really bad, Ryan.
Jesus Christ.
(sirens wailing)
Wait here.
(somber music)
The neighbors called it in.
They heard screaming.
And the door was open
when we got here.
Don't tell me what I
think you're gonna tell me.
It's the same deal, Fenton.
Fenton, you know how they say,
some things you can't unsee.
(camera clicking)
(somber music)
(baleful music)
Looks like Tommy
hasn't lost his touch.
She's 17.
Jesus Christ, she's 17.
(Will sighs)
You were right.
He's opened up another chapter.
This isn't just a guessing
game anymore, is it Fenton?
Tommy Miller's back for
the kids in this time.
You might wanna come
and take a look at this.
(ominous music)
(baleful music)
(ominous music)
(haunting music)
Hi Julie.
Hey Kaitlin.
I'm so sorry.
I know you two were close.
When is this gonna end?
(indistinct chatter)
You're going home.
You're going home,
you're packing some stuff
and you're getting
the fuck outta here.
He fuckin' wants me.
If he wants to kill
me, I'm right here.
He's fuckin' with me!
That's all this is.
How far does this
have to go, Ryan?
Holy shit, did you
see that back there?
You know what this could do
for university application?
We're like this generation's
Woodward and Bernstein.
I know, right.
(menacing music)
Fuck, Kaitlin.
First, you're a journalism guy.
Always beware of
who's listening.
Do you think Woodward
and Bernstein
would've been talking that loud?
You won't be so smug
when we catch Miller.
And just how do you
plan on doing that?
Ringing up his
agent and setting up
while you sit there
and interview?
Make fun all you
want, we'll be the ones
to crack this case
before anyone else.
So which one of you is
Frank and which one is Joe?
So you know Woodward
and Bernstein,
but you don't know
the Hardy brothers.
Okay, the point is
real journalism guys,
maybe you should
have a go at it.
And I suppose you know
all about real journalism.
Sorry, how many university
offers have you gotten again?
See you can act as cool
as you want, Kaitlin.
We know you're
shakin' in your boots.
You're scared somebody else
is gonna get the
scoop before you.
Ooh, care to make
a wager on that?
No, we don't like
to wager Kaitlin.
Sounds like you're scared.
Ron, I've got you've
been short and curly
and I'm not lettin' go.
Good luck boys.
May the best man win.
Did you just call
yourself a man?
(padlock clicks)
(sighs deeply)
She's right here.
Just like you and me.
It shouldn't have been Alicia.
It shouldn't have
been anyone, Julie.
Do you really think he's back?
I don't know.
I don't know about you but
I'm scared Danny.
You don't need to be scared.
Hey, you know I'm here
for you no matter what.
You sure about that?
Can we please just have
one civilized conversation?
I mean, for fuck's sake, Julie.
You know me better than anyone.
Look, me and you were
friends before you even knew
who Sarah was.
Me, you and Michael.
You really care about me?
Of course I do.
Do you wanna be with me?
(metallic thud)
(keys tapping)
(ominous music)
You mean like a creepy
pervert next door?
What's his name?
Mr. Brine.
He tried to get into a
taxi with me one night
when I was leaving yours.
No thanks.
That's weird.
You're just so hyper alert
after your friend's
untimely death.
It's happening to all of us.
I nearly took my makeup
table late last night
thinking it was
Tommy fuckin' Miller.
It turns out my mum
had just moved it.
I guess you're right.
So let's have a nice, quiet day.
Get ready for the party.
Julie, come on.
There's one thing you need
right now is to release.
Just release, breathe.
Feel all the positive energy
coming into your system.
It will be fun.
Remember, fun?
Before all the murder,
when there was fun?
Who are you gonna trust?
Come on.
That was straight.
Do you really think Alicia
wants you sitting around here
moping about her?
Well, actually
she probably would
but you know what I mean.
It's the town hall party.
It's like our Oscars but with
less plastic surgery
and deodorant.
What do you say?
(Julie sighs)
And so in closing, in
spite of recent events,
I would just like to
say, the Butcher is dead.
I know, he's not
gonna come back.
What's that?
He's behind me?
Oh no, he isn't.
No, he isn't.
Wait, wait, wait.
Cut, stop.
What the hell was that?
I thought that the best one yet.
There was no
build-up, no excitement.
It was too Scream 3.
It needs a more Scream 2.
A less intelligent person
would say you're
getting obsessive.
Well, that's why
they're less intelligent.
Back to one!
We shouldn't do this anymore.
You're cuttin' me off?
Sarah loves me.
And I'm pretty sure
I love her too.
That's sweet.
I mean, we're both in unhappy
relationships, Oliver.
You know that as well as I do.
No, I don't.
I think I'm in love.
I think I love Sarah.
You're a sportsman.
You have no idea what love is.
You kick around a ball to catch
people love your for it.
But come on, let's be real.
You deserve to be with someone
a bit more, high
brow than Sarah.
So that's all
you see me as, huh?
A fuckin' sportsman?
Don't get all
mature on me, Oliver.
How do you not feel bad?
I mean, you're the one who's
going behind Danny's back.
Do you feel guilty at all?
Well, I'm not gonna slit
my wrists over it, no.
You see, that's where me and
you are different, Claudia.
I'm human.
But you...
Are the fuckin' anti-Christ.
For the record, I dumped you.
We're over, Claudia.
Get over it.
What do you want?
Jesus Christ, Kaitlin.
Hi, Claudia.
You can be an assassin
in your charity shop shoes.
Was that Oliver I see
you talkin' to today?
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, we just met
up for a chit-chat,
you know, nothing major.
Talkin' about the party tonight.
Yes, see you there then?
You're invited?
I mean...
You're going.
I couldn't miss the social
event of the season, could I?
Hey, could you do me a favor?
If you see me there
tonight, don't come near me.
I think I'd buy my Aunt
Gwenna something similar
to what you're wearing.
You don't like it?
It's fuck ugly.
Right come on, let's go.
(somber music)
That's the report
from the night in 2004.
Sorry I took so long, but
Walton, he signed it off.
Thanks Deputy.
How are you gettin' on with
the school kids in there?
They're not too bad.
They're freaked
out, as you'd expect
but we'll get there.
There's a party in
the town hall tonight.
Do you know anything about it?
Yeah, we've takin'
fliers down all day.
Do you want us to swing by
and cordon it off or anything?
Just stake it out.
We'll have units patrolling
the area all night
so if he shows up,
we'll find him.
Just make sure everybody
stays safe, yeah.
Yeah, I can do that.
Good man.
(ominous music)
Hello Mary.
It's Ryan Fenton here.
I need you to hunt
down a number for me.
How's the past
been treating ya?
As expected.
The name Tommy Miller reads
like currency to them.
I can't imagine you
envy my position.
Mmm, no.
I missed a boat now and I guess.
So how's the retired
life been treating ya?
Spend your mornings
learning woodwork,
your afternoons polishing
your golf shoes.
What's eatin' you, Ryan?
Am I missin' somethin', Fred?
What do you mean?
I mean, I've been to the house
and I've read your reports.
I feel like there's an
answer right in front of me
and I can't see it, you know.
These killings,
they're methodical.
He's taking his time.
He's making people suffer.
Like you were at the hall.
It was a spree, he snapped.
Why all of a sudden has he
decided to hone his craft?
It's just these killings, they
don't seem like Tommy Miller.
Why Cora?
Why Cora and not me?
It doesn't make any sense?
Am I missing something, Fred?
What happened after
the hall that night?
If I break an oath I
took a long time ago,
I need you to promise me,
you'll never repeat a
word of this to anyone.
Ryan, every town's got secrets,
Braxton's no exception.
Tommy Miller didn't
escape that night.
What are you talking about?
10 years ago,
he didn't escape.
He didn't disappear.
Me and a squad of guys, we
chased him in the woods.
We caught up with him, he fell.
When we saw his face, it
wasn't a face of a murderer.
It was a face of a child,
a defenseless, misguided child
with an abusive father
and an alcoholic mother.
And yes, there was a pile
of bodies buildin' up
but he was,
he was defenseless.
But one of the guys,
his daughter was in
the hall that night.
He fired one shot in
Tommy Miller's head,
blew the back of his brains out.
But how did the town react?
How would the community react?
We couldn't risk it.
We took him over
there to Goose Creek
and buried the evidence.
When we come back to town,
everybody thought Tommy
Miller disappeared,
roaming the woods.
Jesus, Fred.
I don't know who's
committing these murders
and I don't know why, but
it's not Tommy Miller.
You lied to the very people
that you swore to protect.
We're protecting the town.
You lied to me!
And now the bodies are piling
up left, right and center
because of your fucking mess
and now I have to clean up
your fucking mess!
I suggest you
prepare a statement.
(crow cawing)
(haunting music)
(door clicks)
(haunting music)
(phone buzzing)
(haunting music)
(metallic whooshing)
(rock music)
What's the chance there's that
somebody forgot to bring food?
50 pieces to the town hall.
How's my hair look?
Ah, you can honestly own it.
(loud rock music)
Ah, ladies, ladies.
Beautiful ladies.
Oh look, even the
gypsies are here.
Now Sarah, there's
no need to talk
about your family like that.
I'm sure we're all here
to have a good time.
If I'd give a shit,
I'd go for a comeback.
Have you seen Oliver?
Ah, no I haven't
seen him actually.
Great, just great.
He's not answering his phone.
Sure you know what he's like.
He spends forever on his hair.
Come over here tonight
I want you by my side
So baby, come
over here tonight
Ah Dean, Ronnie, glad
to see the jacko brothers
could make it.
To me, to you, no?
Is that supposed
to be your hair?
Nice try.
Where's the costume?
Right where I left it.
Fuckin' yay.
(rock music)
Hi guys!
Sorry, sorry for
the interruption.
If I could just have your
attention for a moment.
Well, first of all, I know
what you're all thinking
and you're right.
This is the dress from the
House of Fraser window.
How much was it?
600, get out here!
Anyway, I know we're
all here for fun tonight
but I would just like
to let you all know
the owners of the halls have
instilled a few house rules.
Rule number one, no
underage drinking.
(students booing)
I know, I know.
Rule number two, no
drugs of any kind.
(students booing)
And rule number three,
you will all get arrested
if you don't have
a really good time!
Say, I threw that one in myself.
Okay, well let's party!
(rock music)
Okay this is
Deputy Holland here.
Just at the town hall.
I'm gonna check things out
and report back
in a little while.
(door clicks open)
(water splashing)
I see you're still going
for that 90s goth look,
very grunge chic.
Still beats tart chic.
No need to be bitter.
You know, it's hard
being single and all.
I've been there
myself, it's hard.
You think just 'cause I
don't have a guy on my arm,
I'm deformed?
Think what you want, darling.
(students cheering on)
Wipe me.
You need a break.
Man, have you seen
what the grand prize is?
No, what?
A fuckin' iPod Touch.
Now wipe.
Oh, oh is this the moment?
I need to,
yeah (clicks tongue).
No man, it's too early.
Don't kiss her yet.
Good party?
Yeah, it's good.
Where's your friend?
She's away off
looking for Oliver.
Do you wanna drink or something?
(phone buzzing)
It's Gilbert.
What is it?
Did you hear about this
party that's happening
in the town hall?
Yeah, the kids
do it every year.
I tried to stop them but I
guess bad taste prevailed.
I sent Holland by.
Where'd you go?
Listen, I'm out of time.
I'll meet you at the
town hall in an hour?
I have to talk to
you about something.
All right, yeah.
("Medicine" by Lotus Kane)
I wish love was medicine
I wish love was medicine
I wish love was medicine
I could've healed you
I could've healed you
You know you'd rather
laugh in minutes,
you deserve the ultimate.
I think that's a new record.
Maybe he's not
that bad after all.
I'm sorry, did you just
say what I think you said?
All right, don't rub it in.
Did you open up to the
possibility of liking Danny?
Let's not overdo it.
To err is human.
To forgive, divine.
Hi Sarah.
Hi Sally.
Can I talk to you
for a real second?
Yeah, okay.
What is Sally Desadie
doing talking to Sarah?
I don't know.
I was at the Cafe O' Dierz.
I saw Oliver there.
He was with Claudia.
Sally, what happened?
(door creaking)
Oliver, it's too early for
one of your perverted games.
Come out, for God's sake
or I'm going back inside.
(menacing music)
What are you doing, Claudia?
Kaitlin, when
did you get pretty?
You're here to
see him, aren't you?
Don't play dumb with me.
I know you've been going
behind Danny's back
and frankly, I think
you're bit of a slut.
Big talk for a
girl with no proof.
But then, again, making
up lies be it from nothing
is something you do best, right?
It's also why you've got a
grand total of zero friends.
I would rather have zero
friends than every STI.
My readers love that.
You're done, Claudia.
No more reunions,
no more parties.
No more boyfriends.
Anything in my hair, Claudia?
No, Kaitlin.
What, are you gonna beg?
No, Kaitlin, watch out!
(metallic whooshing)
(menacing music)
Holy shit.
(door rattling)
(menacing music)
Sarah, come on, let me in.
I don't want to
talk to anyone, Julie.
You're better than this.
You're better than him.
He's fuckin' moonbeam,
you know that.
Don't let him get
the better of you.
Don't let Claudia get
the better of you.
Now come on, open the door.
(door lock clicks)
(menacing music)
(dial tone beeping)
(people cheering)
We'll get out of here soon.
You just wanna
head back to mine?
I don't wanna be alone tonight.
I mean, I can't be alone.
(menacing sound)
Hi guys.
Where were you?
I just went and had a walk.
It's roastin' inside.
You all right, Sarah?
Yeah, I'm fine, Danny.
I'll be fine.
We should start
calling us the second
most messed up
couple tonight, eh?
Now you're sober.
Where are you's going?
We're just gonna head home.
She's not really
up for partying.
Sure, I'll drive ya.
No, really?
- It's all right?
- Julie.
I'll drive you.
All right.
(rock music)
Okay, the coast is clear.
Remind me why
we're doing this now?
It's not even midnight yet.
Sorry, do you want Kaitlin
Voig to get the scoop for us?
You want that
abnormally tall spinster
to get in the way of
us becoming legends?
It's our story, not hers, Dean.
Look, never question an artist.
Now go get ready.
Feel my heart, beating like
a dubstep remix, right?
(breathes deeply)
I'm liking the mask.
It makes you look taller.
Message, I like it.
Do you know,
come to think about it,
I don't think I saw
Oliver at all today.
Neither did I.
Maybe something's
happened to him?
One can only hope.
(rock music)
Excuse me.
Excuse me, Ronnie Whitlock here.
I'm sorry for
speaking to you late.
I know your mom.
In spite of recent events,
I think I speak on behalf
of everyone when I say,
the Butcher is dead.
Dead and buried.
I know he's never coming back.
[Students] Boo.
How serious.
What's that?
- [Students] He's behind you!
- He's behind me?
[Students] He's behind you!
Oh no!
I'm so surprised.
(metallic whooshing)
Why did that feel different?
Wait, hold on, wait a second.
(woman screaming)
(students screaming)
Run, Tommy, he's inside!
(gun clicks)
Relationship status.
What's your Wi-Fi
password again?
You all right?
As good as can be expected.
What about you?
Your love life seems
to be looking up.
Maybe, we'll see.
You might want to record this.
I'm only going to say it once.
You could do a lot
worse than Danny Haggardy.
Where do you keep
your hard liquor?
(dial tone buzzing)
That's weird.
Danny's not
answering his phone.
He's driving.
He's got Bluetooth.
I guess you're right.
(keys clatter)
(dial tone buzzing)
(door slams)
(bangs door)
(bangs door)
I left the door open,
why'd you lock it?
You knew I was in the garage.
I did not.
You must've, the keys right...
well, it was right there.
(menacing music)
(pounds on door)
(haunting music)
(menacing music)
(menacing music)
(dog barking)
(somber music)
Help me!
Help me, please!
Believe me, he's back!
Get away from me!
No one believes me.
Kaitlin's dead.
He's got Kaitlin, we
need to stay together.
Where did you come from?
It's not me, okay, it's Tommy!
Tommy fucking Miller.
He's back.
They were right there.
You have to believe me.
Kaitlin, I thought he got you.
He did.
Jesus, Julie help me out.
(ominous music)
(bottles clanking)
(Kaitlin coughing)
Kaitlin, there's
so much blood.
Claudia, we gotta get
her to the hospital.
We can't go back out
there, he's out there.
There's nothing stoppin'
him and coming in here.
We gotta get her to the hospital
or she's gonna die on us.
I think I'm gonna go get help.
Are you crazy, he's out there!
Carry on!
Help here!
Thank God!
Well, what the
hell is going on?
Are you okay?
You're a cop, right?
What has happened to you?
Why are you covered in blood?
It's Tommy Miller.
It's Tommy Miller.
She's, she's dying.
Who is dying?
Inside the hall.
Oh shit.
All right, listen.
I need you to go over
to my car, reach inside.
There's a radio on
the driver's seat.
Pick it up and
call for dispatch.
(gun bangs)
Claudia, are you there?
(ominous music)
Stay with me, Julie.
It's just the beginning.
Like go live with the police.
Sorry about the width.
Cutting it fine.
Thought we had to change
plans there for a bit.
I wouldn't worry about her.
We're not doing too bad.
So this must be Julie.
In the flesh.
Nice to meet ya.
I've been working with your
uncle for awhile, actually.
He's a good cop.
(muffled yelling)
(Will laughs)
Calm down.
It'll be over as quick
and with as little
pain as possible.
Out with the old,
in with the new, eh?
I mean,
technically he should've
died a long time ago
but we give him a
stay of execution,
I guess you could say.
(muffled screaming)
(phone buzzing)
Fenton, where are ya?
I'm on my way
to the hall, why?
I'm here now.
We need you here.
It's not good.
I'm so sorry, Ryan.
What is it?
Please, just hurry.
Almost showtime, kiddie.
Ready to be the final girl.
I was born ready.
He's back, Julie.
Tommy Miller.
He's back for the kids of
this town and he's got them.
He's got them all.
I can't imagine you'd
know how it feels.
Growing up feeling like a freak.
I do.
People making little
jokes behind your back.
Putting you down to make
themselves feel better.
No wonder he cut them into
a thousand tiny pieces.
I mean, I get it.
I get him.
I've always got him.
Have you been in
their house, Julie?
It's a pretty creepy place.
I have to go there all the time.
I found this.
This is kind of my bible.
After reading this, I realized
I didn't just understand him,
I was meant to be him.
I mean, this thing read like
a fuckin' instruction manual.
I clung onto the hope that
some day he'd come back,
but then that got a little old.
You see I need him.
Necessity is the mother
of invention, Julie.
And so I decided
Tommy Miller would live on
and I would carry on his legacy.
Not without a little
help, of course.
So the two of you
are in this together?
Pretty much.
We met online.
Kind of a feast burg for freaks.
He has the sexiest
profile picture.
Stop it, Julie.
You'd have died.
We don't have any revenge
motives, daddy issues.
Murder is fun, Julie.
Chopping through Glendale
was one thing, but Braxton
a mass murdering
all-you-can-eat buffet.
So when the three of us got
together, it just clicked.
The three of you?
Uh-oh shit!
That's right.
I almost forgot about
our proverbial third man.
Ladies and gentlemen,
please will you kindly
welcome to the arena,
killer number three.
(muffled yelling)
You're gonna have to
watch the one you love
die right in front of your eyes.
It's like a fucked
up Italian opera.
(muffled yelling)
Julie, it'll be all right.
Julie, listen!
(Julie screams)
(metallic whooshing)
(Julie cries)
(Danny chokes)
Hey Julie.
Yeah, you got me pretty
good back there at the house.
I think you're a bit tougher
than we gave you credit for.
Mmm (inhales deeply).
Sarah, Sarah, Sarah
the fucking slut.
Always with the little jokes.
No better than her
neanderthal boyfriend.
(Ethan scoffs)
You okay, Kaitlin babes?
You want me to take over?
I'm hangin' in.
How about you, Jules?
I know you probably really
want to blame me right now but
you've got to
understand, it's not me.
It's the man, the myth
that is Tommy Miller.
And I mean, I'll be sorry of
your family member thing but
for our plan to
work, you're perfect.
So you're gonna die.
Sometimes, bad things have
to happen to good people.
But think about what
it'll do for your fame.
You'll be more famous
in death than in life,
just like all legends.
Oh, I really liked you, Julie.
I really did.
Maybe in another universe
where there's no Tommy Miller
and I wasn't, you
know, so fucked up,
it could've worked.
I just,
this quaint, picturesque
life we lead.
Suburban bliss, who needs it?
I didn't think you were one of,
one of them!
Those pleasure-seeking dingbats!
I took pleasure in killing
every last one of them, Jules.
I can't lie to ya.
And don't get me wrong.
I'm gonna enjoy killing you but
I really hoped
you'd be different.
It's a beautiful
thing, you know.
When you have such
control over some,
someone you used to lust after.
Mmm, can't beat that feeling.
All right, all right.
Come on.
Let's get this over with.
This is probably
gonna hurt a bit
but it'll be over in a flash.
(Will yells)
(Ethan screams)
Sorry, Ethan.
Shh, just roll with it.
Take the pain.
Take it!
(Ethan yells)
Oh, you did a good job.
You should be braver.
Did you really think you had
what it takes to carry through?
I mean, Kaitlin and me,
we're Mickey and Mallory.
We don't wanna stop!
You were just too
weak a little bit.
(Ethan screams)
You look so sad, Julie.
If anything, we did you a favor.
He was a good kid, but he
didn't have what it takes
for the big leagues!
I mean, he's not us.
Great threesome though.
Come on, let's finish her off.
The cops will be here soon.
We need to get our
survivor faces on.
(ominous music)
You okay?
I've been shot.
All right, okay.
I need to keep
pressure right here.
And I need you to hang on.
Can you do that for me?
It's a cop.
It's the cop.
Why are you doing this to me?
Come on.
You haven't figured it out yet?
I mean, think about it.
Who better to make it to the end
than a blood relative
of Ryan Fenton.
Your uncle is just as
much as to blame for this
as we are, Julie.
If he had just died
when he was supposed to,
then you wouldn't find
yourself in this predicament.
Oh, you're a nice girl, Julie.
But you're a nicer victim.
And a fuckin' great story!
Oh we got them.
We got them.
We got all of the fuckers!
We got them!
(Julie screams)
(metallic clanging)
(Will yelling)
(door clicking)
What was that?
Wait here.
Shit, Julie.
It looks like you're not
the final girl after all.
What the fuck!
She's gone.
What do you mean
she's fucking gone?
Shit, we stabbed her!
Yeah, I thought that too
but she's not fucking here!
She can't have gone far.
(ominous music)
(metal clanging)
(water splashing)
Come on, baby.
One, two, Tommy's
coming for you.
Three, four, don't
answer the door.
(water splashing)
What's going on?
We'll find him.
Tommy Miller.
He's back.
He's been getting
some kids in the hall.
I don't know where he went.
We should try to find him.
Maybe we should
just go to the car
and radio it in?
Let's go the car.
(metallic clattering)
(dull clattering)
(Ryan yells)
(Will yells)
(Ryan yells)
(Ryan groans)
You see!
You're a nice guy, Fenton.
But why do people
make it so easy, eh?
Why does nobody put up a fight?
(gun bangs)
Put me down for
a fuckin' fight.
Come on Julie, don't be scared.
Come on Julie.
Come on, don't be scared.
(menacing music)
Fuckin' bitch!
(gun thud)
(Julie screams)
(heads thud)
Just give it up, Kaitlin.
You're not gonna
get away with it!
Yes I will.
No, you won't.
(gun bangs)
(metallic clatter)
It wasn't Tommy
Miller, Claudia.
The police will be here soon.
We should probably go ourselves.
(guns banging)
What an absolute cunt.
(rock music)