The Butcher's Wife (1991) Movie Script

Over the water and across the sea...
on a little island
off the Carolinas...
there once lived a young girl
with a great gift...
who thought she knew it all.
That's me.
Folks call me Marina,
and I'm a clairvoyant.
I've always known what people desire
long before they do...
and that's just a gift
I was born with.
Of course, I was always
on the watch for my other half...
what Grammy d'Arbo
calls your split-apart.
Mind you, I had my suitors...
but I was waiting for the signs
to let me know the right one...
a zigzag rainbow...
a bolt of lightning
ripping through the sky...
the usual things
that tell you love's at hand.
As the years went by,
I grew fevered with anticipation.
Grammy told me it was hormones.
But I knew love
had to be on its way...
and I could hardly wait
for my journey to begin.
First, a twin-tailed comet
crossed my path...
and I was sure
love could not be far behind.
Next thing I know,
a magical gift washed up on shore...
promising travel
to a faraway place.
And then thejumping mullet fish
yielded up a wedding band...
an undeniable sign that
I'd soon meet my mate.
And then one night,
I saw him in my dream.
Well, just part of him, actually...
but what a part.
It was a lustrous, glowing smile.
Grammy d'Arbo said you
can tell nothing from a smile...
unless, of course, you're a dentist.
Truth be told, I'd had
just about enough of her wisdom.
I knew what I had seen
in my dream...
the smile of my split-apart.
And he'd be coming over the water
and across the sea...
the man of my dreams.
My Adonis.
My Poseidon.
No. No, my Zeus.
Which is why I must admit
I was a mite surprised...
when the tides washed in
my husband-to-be Leo Lemke.
Grammy d'Arbo always said love
is the leap that won't be denied.
And what a leap I made...
from my little island to his.
Kids, don't waste the water!
You little bastards!
I'll make sausage out of ya!
Ladies, could you help me, please?
Molly, Gina,
this is my bride, Marina Lemke.
Welcome to the neighborhood.
Leo. You'll get a hernia.
Love's made a young man of me.
No peeking, now.
No peeking.
It's for wrapping the meat.
That's right! You always got to
wear an apron. Always.
And you'll be working here,
behind the counter.
- It's fragile.
- Sorry.
The most important
part of the business...
keeping the customer satisfied.
Oh, Leo, you're back.
Hey, Harper, you're holding me up?
Oh. This?
The writers decided that Harper's
gonna kill somebody next week.
Of course,
they haven't decided whom.
But I decided I'd start
working with the weapon...
so I'd be more in-the-moment
when it comes.
Honey, this is Robyn Graves.
She's Harper on Our Daily Bread.
- Big TV star.
- Well, hardly.
And this is Marina Lemke...
my wife.
Pleased to meet ya.
Your wife?
I mean, my God.
That's wonderful.
Leo, you sneaky devil.
You didn't even tell me
you were seeing anybody.
I was just showing Marina
around the shop.
- We're not really open.
- Oh, no, Leo.
You got to help me, please. Please?
I got some stuff
in the freezer if you want.
- Just something for the barbecue.
- Let me see what I can do ya.
So Leo married.
And you too. That's great.
- When did you two meet?
- Two days ago.
You're kidding.
Oh, that's so brave.
I mean, it's just
that it seems so sudden.
- How did you know he was the one?
- I dreamed about him.
Oh, God.
I wish I got some answers
when I'm asleep.
All I ever dream about
is being on stage naked...
which is so textbook I'm embarrassed
to tell my boyfriend about it.
- He's a shrink.
- Shrink?
And I know that he wishes...
I had more complicated dreams, so...
I make 'em up sometimes.
Maybe I could borrow yours.
"Honey, I dreamed
I was at my wedding last night...
and you were the one.
The one and only."
How will I ever know for sure?
Oh, you'll know.
There's love waiting for you
behind a friendly face.
There'll be big changes...
and a nice surprise...
but don't be scared of it.
Just stand up to it.
Destiny has a way
of working itself out.
That's what Grandma
d'Arbo always says.
Then Alex is it.
I think you're right.
I think we've both been
just fooling ourselves...
with all this talk
about shared independence...
when basically at heart...
I am an old-fashioned girl.
- I could just die...
- Here you go, sweetheart.
A couple of London broils. You can
defrost them in the microwave.
Thanks, Leo.
You know, your wife...
Is something special, all right.
Robyn, we've been driving all day...
and this is our first night
home together.
We got to close up now.
Oh, God.
How insensitive of me.
- Leo, what do I owe you?
- You can pay me next time.
- I don't got any change.
- Oh, hey.
Thank you. We'll talk?
Looking towards it.
- See you later.
- Bye.
how come you told her
all that stuff?
Just thought she
might want to know.
Welcome back!
I hear congratulations are in order.
Hey, Doc!
Meet my new bride, Marina.
- You all right?
- I'm fine.
I was just careless.
- I hope you have enough space.
- Oh, plenty.
You know, I wasn't expecting
to bring home a new wife.
That thing's awful loud.
I got a brand-new
digital alarm clock from the bank.
Want me to put this
in the living room?
Oh, no. This clock's been
with my family since heaven started.
- It's a perpetual motion clock.
- There's no such thing.
Well, sure.
Grandma d'Arbo says those ticks
are the heartbeat of a marriage...
two hearts beating as one.
That's nice, honey.
Don't you go anywhere.
You can't beat Bessie.
Who's that?
Oh, Bessie Smith...
the empress of the blues.
- How come it sounds so scratchy?
- It's an original pressing.
Very rare.
No one's ever wanted me
to dance with them before.
- I can't believe that.
- Well, it's the truth.
This town is just
crackling with current.
I'm never going to get to sleep.
I was thinking...
maybe you could take me out
to meet some of the neighbors.
We got to get up early tomorrow.
We got a big delivery coming.
I think it's going
to be late arriving.
Something... Cracked axle.
- I'm getting good at this.
- You sure are.
So what do you say?
I say I'm one lucky butcher.
I'm sure glad I found you.
I found you.
I'm sorry. It's just,
you took me by surprise.
I thought our next decision
is living together, not marriage.
Where did this come from
all of a sudden?
The butcher's wife.
Leo's wife.
I've been to a lot
of clairvoyants in my time...
and this one is the real thing.
She's a very wise woman.
I could tell.
Leo's married to a clairvoyant?
And she told me...
"Love is waiting for you
behind a friendly face.
Don't be scared of it.
You can stand up to it."
Where the hell did Leo meet a gypsy?
Alex, do you want to
get married or not?
- Before we answer that question...
- Oh, God.
Sit down.
If she's going to have
such a profound effect on us...
I'd like to know more about her.
- Could we get off her and on to us?
- I'm concerned.
No, curious. Yes.
If you're going to talk
about getting married...
why would you approach some
strange woman in a butcher shop?
Why wouldn't you just come to me?
Forget it! Just forget it!
I should've told you I dreamed it.
We'd be at the altar by now.
- Can we talk about this rationally?
- No.
Can you fight like a man
instead of a shrink?
All I am trying to say is that
marriage is an inspired decision.
And I told you I'm uncomfortable
with the term "shrink."
"We are all in the gutter...
but some of us are
looking at the stars."
Who'd have done that?
- It's beautiful.
- It's vandalism.
I could wash it off
for a couple of bucks.
Don't you want to
let it stay put?
Well, what would it hurt?
We got some chores around the shop,
if you're handy with a broom.
- We do?
- Sure.
We've got that big delivery
arriving late this afternoon.
This morning.
Can I talk to you for a minute?
Excuse me.
I know this kid. He's trouble.
No, I don't see that.
Maybe a little misunderstood.
He could use a job.
What do you say?
Hey, what are you waiting for?
Get in here
before he changes his mind.
Eugene, come on out here!
Just come on out here!
I want you to go out
and sweep out the back room.
- Right now?
- No. Tomorrow.
And a dollar and a quarter.
You stop back soon.
Thanks. I will.
Love your window.
It's so original.
Thank you. See ya later.
Afternoon, Dr. Tremor.
What would you be needing?
I'm just looking for someone.
He's in the back.
I wouldn't fret yourself none
over Eugene.
- He's a good boy.
- Of course he's a good boy.
Doctor, Leo said the chops
are real nice today.
Good. I'd like to talk to you
for a moment.
Sorry, Doc.
I'm on the clock.
Then I'll just take
a moment of your time.
It's okay. Go on.
Eugene, what are you doing?
- I'm sweeping out the bad luck.
- What?
It's a sedge broom
from Ocracoke.
That's an island off the coast
of North Carolina, where I'm from.
Will you excuse us for a moment?
- Did you forget our appointment?
- I got a job now.
I don't need a shrink anymore.
I don't think he likes
being called that.
I'm sorry.
- Hey, Doc. How's it going?
- I'm fine. Thanks, Leo.
Just trying to have a chat
with Eugene, if that's all right.
Sure, sure.
Take your time.
Honey, what are you doing
cutting up all those chops?
We'll have no place to put them
when the delivery truck shows up.
I don't see that as a problem.
They won't be arriving today.
- They called?
- No, not yet.
- I'm really getting good at this.
- I thought we had an agreement.
You were going to see me
until the end of the summer...
before we decided whether
you need a shrink... psychiatrist.
That was an agreement that you
and my probation officer made.
I'm just a troubled kid, Doc.
Who's been telling you that?
You're no trouble at all.
Eugene, I am thrilled
you found a job.
It's a positive move, but I
don't think it precludes therapy.
We've still got some things
to talk about.
Honey, those chops
are gonna dry out.
Nobody's gonna want
to buy them tomorrow.
It's all in the rhythm, isn't it?
Out of my way, asshole.
Oh, thank God you're open.
He's standing there with
that little-boy-lost look.
"I'm an artist, so it's cool
if my right brain's oatmeal.
Did Jackson Pollack remember
to bring home veal chops?"
I said,
"Cut it out, Julian.
That stopped being cute the day
you got out of art school.
I pay for the food!
You can pick it up!"
So now I've got a sit-down dinner
for 24 influential critics...
and art dealers
in less than three hours.
I'm hoping one will discover the
bugger and take him off my hands.
Of course you're thinking,
"It's her fault.
What kind of sane woman
gets involved with a man...
with pretensions to paint?"
But I'm throwing myself
on your mercy.
I need veal chops.
Lots of them. Now.
- What's this?
- Veal chops. Lots of them. Now.
How'd you do that?
- Oh, great window.
- Bye.
Yeah. How did she do that?
Eugene, why don't you
stop by tonight at 6:00?
We'll talk about this choice.
Don't worry, Doctor.
I'll take good care of him.
I appreciate that, Mrs. Lemke.
Say hey to your gal for me.
Oh, that's right.
You and Robyn had a brief...
or, shall we say,
influential, encounter.
I'm curious, Mrs. Lemke.
Why would you suggest
we get married?
What I say and what people hear
aren't always the same thing.
Don't you find that
in your calling, Doctor?
I never told your sweetheart
to marry with you.
I can see you sparking to her.
A man like you needs someone
bigger than life itself.
But she's not gonna be the one
you'll settle with.
Could you give me a hand?
Yes. Sure.
Can I offer you
a little professional advice?
A scholar like you?
I'd be honored.
I believe in female intuition,
Mrs. Lemke, to an extent...
It's just a specific manifestation
of the collective unconscious...
but you might want to be careful
about ordering your life...
or anyone else's
for that matter...
on such a primitive instinct.
I'll keep that in mind.
Good. Good.
Would you get the door?
Eugene, I'll see you later.
That boy's tongue's
long enough to cut his throat.
I was going to say that.
Honey, it's for...
You want to get that?
What do you mean
you can't get here?
I need the goddamn beef today!
I better take
my mess out of here.
- What? A cracked axle?
- Eugene, mind the store.
You bet.
Wash your hands before
you touch that meat.
Hi, girls.
How are you today?
Good, real good.
Just out for a stroll.
I don't think
I've seen you here before.
I just moved up here
with my husband.
Maybe you know him.
His name's Leo Lemke.
The butcher?
Hi. Let me know
if you need help.
Well, actually, I do.
I'm looking for
something dowdy and plain.
What's the occasion?
A church recital.
"Lead us not into temptation."
It's so glamorous.
You know, with your hair done up
and some nice shoes...
Been a while since
you were in church.
I see you wearing this
at a nightclub...
and you're standing
in front of a room full of people...
and you're...
and you're singing.
You could always frump these up
with pearls and pumps.
I'll take this one.
How much are these?
Those are 350.
I think I got that.
This is three.
I got the change.
There you go.
I got to get back to work.
Thank ya.
See ya later.
I think I've made a breakthrough.
I'm gonna sing the blues.
Sing the blues.
What exactly does that mean to you?
A lounge act.
Actually, I met
this wonderful woman...
in a clothing store...
and I don't remember
exactly what she said...
but it feels right.
I'm gonna sing.
All right.
You feel you'd like to sing.
But why do you think
a clerk in a clothing store...
is having such a profound
effect on you?
No, no.
She's not a clerk.
I think she works
in the butcher's shop...
or something, but...
she is so wise.
a woman as intelligent
and insightful as yourself...
doesn't need some clairvoyant
to tell you how to live your life.
That's why we're here.
Do you really think
she's clairvoyant?
- Hi.
- Good evening.
Who did that to your window?
Maybe I should do something
like that at the store.
About those shoes...
Oh, they are so cozy.
You're working in them?
What's that for?
for you and a friend.
Friends I got plenty of.
It's love that's left me wanting.
Well, don't despair.
It takes as long as it takes.
It bothers Leo when I get
to talking this way.
There's two faces.
No, it's one face
with two sides.
On one side...
there's violence.
But not to her. It's...
It's just to men who've
treated her unkindly.
On the other...
she's looking for love...
but she's confused...
'cause she...
well, 'cause she's
just looking for...
she's just looking for it
in the wrong house.
God love her.
I can't wait.
You just stick close
to your front porch.
You're gonna be cooking
for two real soon.
Hey, do you think my husband would
like me in something like that?
I mean, it's just
so sophisticated, and...
you know.
I think you look great.
What do I owe you?
Oh, goodness, nothing.
It's a gift.
- Thanks.
- See ya later.
Marina, there's a lot of nuts
in this city.
You don't want people
thinking you're one of them.
So, how about, like...
no more of this
hocus-pocus talk, huh?
Goodness, Leo, I'm just
trying to help out.
Honey, we're in the business
of selling meat, not giving advice.
I got to tell you,
it's giving me the creeps.
How come?
I got to go get a drink.
Hey, Leo.
I just heard the news.
How's married life?
Hit me, Luis, hard.
Come over here, sweetheart.
Molly, Gina.
How are you ladies this evening?
Fine. Come.
Sit down. It's for you.
Thank you.
how's love everlasting?
Oh, we're just
smoothing out the creases.
Everything has a way of working
itself out, doesn't it?
A wedding present.
You need a mojo.
It's a sack of charms.
Some herbs, dried flowers,
a little spice.
Some roots, nut shells,
spider webs, candle wax.
Personally, I like cumin.
You use cumin?
I never use cumin.
Goat's hair is nice.
It helps clear up the vision,
so what you see is...
What you end up getting.
Thank you, ladies.
You know, though...
what's meant to be
just can't be changed.
Hard times demand an open mind.
Wear it.
Nice shoes, Alex.
Jackie Gleason collection?
You like 'em?
By the way, I can't go away
with you and Robyn next weekend.
What do you mean you can't
go away next weekend?
Something came up.
I rented this house
five months ago.
I've been looking forward
to this weekend together.
It was unexpected.
We're supposed to relax
and have fun, goddamn it.
I scheduled you a blind date
for Saturday night.
I already have a date,
thank you.
Oh, that's something else.
- Bring her along.
- I don't know who she is yet.
- I'm curious.
- Oh, no.
No, no.
You have a date with somebody...
but you don't know who it is.
- Shut up and putt.
- No.
I'm always interested
when my friends show...
early signs of dementia praecox.
Listen, Alex...
I know it sounds flaky,
but I met this wonderful woman...
and she says I'll be
cooking for two soon...
and I really want to believe her.
- Believe who?
- The butcher's wife.
I knew that one day...
one day...
I ran from you, Chauncey,
as far as I could.
So why do I keep ending up
back in your arms?
Because that's where
you were meant to be...
safe and warm
in my sweet embrace.
Come to Uncle Chauncey,
my little passion flower.
I only want
what's best for us.
I told you one of us
would end up hurt.
Why does everything
I touch die?
It's the gun, sweetheart.
- The gun.
- One little box he brings down!
A big man like that, he brings
one box! One teeny little box!
Let's load this thing up!
I can't believe it.
It's an awfully long distance
from Georgia.
Hey, Eugene.
I got this thing for you,
and I wanted to give it to you.
I wanted you to open it here.
- Thanks.
- Just a little present...
but it means something special to
me, and I wanted to give it to you.
Eugene, she's beautiful.
Come here.
I named her Rosalita.
She's so sweet.
Hey, Rosalita.
You like her?
Oh, she's beautiful.
Thank you so much.
Eugene, you're late!
Get your butt in gear now!
Go on.
Leo, if you want
to pass words with me...
will you please not
take it out on him?
Bless you.
Are you wearing some
new kind of perfume?
I think you may be allergic
to my new mojo.
Let me get you a tissue.
- Here you go.
- What the hell is that?
Oh, this is Rosalita.
Isn't she sweet?
What do you want
with a live chicken?
No, don't tell me.
Don't... Don't tell me.
I don't want to know.
Don't say nothing.
Just don't.
It's just a little chick.
I never thought I'd see
the inside of a shrink's office.
It looks so normal.
I was expecting something
a little more psycho.
Pervy, you know?
How can I help you, Leo?
I don't need help.
I'm normal.
It's my wife.
I mean, I know we've only been
married for a couple of days...
but I think she might be nuts,
if you know what I mean.
I think I have an idea.
Though "nuts" isn't a word
I'm comfortable with.
Me neither.
See, we got married real quick,
like the day we met.
She insisted.
Swear to God, she told me
I was the man of her dreams.
I had no idea
she really meant it.
So we took some holy vows.
I believe a man
is only as good as his vows...
but now I think maybe she married me
'cause of these dreams of hers.
She believes in 'em, Doc.
It's not natural.
It could be some sort of complex
in her head, right?
Which means she's nuts.
And if she's nuts, how do I
even know if she loves me?
So I'm thinking...
dreams, nuts...
Sounds like your field.
And she's really
spooking me now, Doc.
She's got some live
chicken running around...
and she's wearing some
hojo around her neck.
You gotta cure her,
or we're in big trouble.
Doc, I been to Brooklyn.
I know about voodoo.
Hey, Leo.
- Where's the new missus?
- She's fine, thanks.
I said where.
Never mind.
Make sure she
gets this, okay?
Yeah, sure.
So when you going to
give it to her?
- Don't worry.
- Do I look worried?
It's a love token.
It'll seal your love forever.
Oh, Mrs. Lemke.
Did I...
Oh, boy. Did, I...
Did I leave the door unlocked?
Where's the couch?
I don't use a couch.
I don't know if you've ever been
in therapy before.
- That's my chair.
- Oh, it is?
Well, it's nice.
It's important you know...
that I can be
of absolutely no help...
unless you want to be here.
You, of course,
are free to go at any time.
I promised Leo I'd come.
Good. Why?
Well, I expect he thinks
I'm a little touched.
"Touched"? Interesting word.
What exactly does it mean to you?
Well, that's a fine question.
I reckon it's 'cause I know things
before he does...
and that just
gives him the shivers.
Well, come on.
Women have been burned for less.
So you know things.
Like telling a total stranger
that she should...
get up in front
of a crowd and sing...
when she might not be ready
for such a bold move...
and is liable to get
terribly discouraged.
You know Stella?
Or telling a lonely woman that she
should wait for love to find her...
when she'd be better off
getting out there and finding...
But that's all true.
Or telling my girlfriend
that she should marry me.
Now, here we go again.
No. People...
I can't help
what I see, can I?
But you can help what you say.
Do you have visions?
Do you hear voices?
Do you roller-skate?
How exactly does roller-skating
figure into your gift?
Oh, it doesn't.
I just wanted to have a little fun.
Yeah, well, it is highly unorthodox
to leave the office with a patient.
I'm not your patient, Doctor.
I'm doing it for Leo.
If you want to hear how crazy I am,
you better just lace up.
What am I doing here?
Some crazy woman in the clothing
store put me up to this.
No wonder I'm in therapy.
I'm too impressionable.
Don't you think?
You'll be great.
If only I were black,
I'd feel so much better.
Luis, rye and soda.
Hold the soda.
Make it a double.
I don't want to talk about women...
and I don't want to
talk about my wife.
Oh, you're married?
Leo, this is Stella Kefauver,
our new lounge act.
She's gonna class up the joint.
You got your work cut out for you.
Hit me again, Luis.
Bessie Smith?
You sing Bessie Smith?
A skinny little thing like you?
- Okay, I'll sing the Debby Boone.
- No, no, no.
I love Bessie.
Stella, you're on.
You're welcome.
You been holding out
on me, Luis?
What do you think?
Good evening.
For my first selection...
I would like to sing
"In the Dark."
In the dark
It's just...
It's all right.
It's okay.
Oh, boy.
In the dark
It's just you and I
Not a sound
There's not one sigh
Just the beat of my poor heart
In the dark
But soon
This dance will be ending
And we're gonna be missed
But I'm not pretending
'Cause I swear it's fun
Fun to be kissed
Oh, in the dark
Now we will find
What the rest
Have left behind
Just let them dance
We're gonna find romance
In the dark
Boy, I miss the wind.
You know, no wind
will make you stale.
You were going to explain to me...
about the mechanics
of your clairvoyance.
You know,
it's so good to cut loose.
Yeah. It sure is.
Mrs. Lemke, come on.
I promised your husband.
- You all right?
- Yeah. Good.
It's like you're standing
in the middle of a doughnut.
And depending on which way you turn,
you can tell...
what's going on in folks' lives.
If you lean one way,
it's like "whoosh."
You just catch
a piece of the past.
And if you turn yourself a bit...
you'll bump right into the future.
But it's like somebody's running me
my own private picture show...
in stops and starts.
I'm curious.
What do you mean, "picture show"?
Here. Give me your hands.
Well, there's the sea...
and your little naked body...
and you're curling
your toes up in the sand.
White flowers at a funeral.
Your mama.
She's real glad that she gave you
that red drum set.
And there you are, barely six.
You've got
these red bumps all over...
and they're just making you itch.
You just want to scratch.
I was...
I was seven.
Move me again
because I don't care
Move me 'cause I don't care
Luis, champagne
for Mrs. Kefauver.
Miss. And call me Stella.
Champagne? What do you
think this is, the Copa?
We got Bud Light on draft.
Stella, you are music to my ears.
You sing like an angel.
A choir of angels.
Thank you so much.
You are some sort of singer, lady.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
You know, I hear your songs...
and I get pictures in my head.
All soft and dreamy.
Like the movies.
Leo, do you really think so?
There aren't many of us that like
blues. We got to stick together.
I'd like that.
This ain't the kind of place
I imagined you working at.
You imagined me?
Yeah. Sure.
But I always thought
you blues singers...
slept all day
and stayed out all night.
- And lived in Paris.
- Yeah.
I know.
And now I'm here teaching holy music
to pimply-faced kids.
So, Leo...
what's on your mind?
I got to tell you something.
Sure. Anything.
It's about my wife.
The thing is...
I don't think we got married
for the right reasons.
It seemed to make sense when
she proposed, but... I don't know.
Maybe I just don't know
how to be her husband.
Since I brought her back here,
nothing's been working out.
Maybe it's just not meant to be.
No. She keeps telling me
I'm the man she was meant to marry.
The thing is...
Stella, I know
it's not right, but...
I got this feeling for you.
I got the same feeling too.
But my wife...
she's so fragile.
It would send her
right off the deep end.
A short trip for her.
You're right.
We'll have a higher love.
We won't wallow in the degradation
of earthly desires.
Jesus, you even talk like an angel.
A toad.
I don't know what to say.
How thoughtful.
It's hard to get your bearings
when you can't even see the stars.
Yes. Yes.
The other night,
you were looking for the stars...
in your nightgown.
You were watching me?
Last week I saw something
I still don't believe...
and I've studied the stars
since I was a kid.
I saw a twin-tailed comet
just... right in.
Really? Me too.
That was my definite sign
that love was on its way.
How exactly did you
come to marry Leo?
I was supposed to marry Leo.
I knew it when I saw his
smile in my dreams.
He's my split-apart.
What's a split-apart?
Long ago before man and woman...
when time was young,
there were these beings.
- Beans?
- Beings.
Oh. Beings.
So we were kind of odd-looking...
but just as happy
as pigs in a puddle...
and we didn't need
no one for nothing, and...
And we could reproduce
by ourselves and... Yeah.
You don't know this story.
- You can't.
- I do. I do.
Go ahead. Try me.
The spirits
that ruled the world then...
Envied our joy and independence.
And so they split us apart.
Like clams on a half shell
and then scattered us to the wind.
You can still see the scar...
which, of course, is the...
The bellybutton.
You were saying.
So we're the kinfolk
of these old split-aparts...
and mostly we're miserable
on account of we spend our lives...
Iooking for our
long-lost other half.
And sometimes...
getting so caught up in that search
for that special person that...
they don't even notice.
Boom, there they are.
Right before their very eyes.
- How'd you know this?
- Magic.
I never would've thought
you had it in ya.
Actually, everybody knows it.
It's Plato.
It's a corruption, of course,
but Plato nonetheless.
Well, my grammy told it to me.
She must be well-read.
Blind since birth.
I've never met anyone
quite like you, Mrs. Lemke.
You ought to get out more.
And you can call me Marina.
Marina... It's pretty.
It's pretty.
Look, Marina.
Fooling yourself into believing
you married Leo...
because your grammy
screwed up Plato, that's...
that's dangerous territory.
Well, I appreciate
your concern, Doctor...
but I wouldn't expect a man
like you to understand.
Oh, no, I do understand.
And I want you to understand,
because your impulsive behavior...
is jeopardizing your marriage.
- Perhaps Leo just showed up...
- He didn't just show up.
How the hell you think he got
to Ocracoke in the first place?
- I suggested he take a vacation.
- It was his destiny.
Mrs. Lemke, these delusions
are not healthy.
- I can help...
- You know what? You don't know zip...
about love or life, Doctor...
and I don't need you strewing
your learning all over me.
Do not walk away from this!
These fantasies...
Your fantasies of being all-seeing
and all-powerful are dangerous...
and they're...
It's just a hell of a way
to run your life!
My God, you didn't dream
Leo into your life...
Of course I did.
I just made a mistake.
It's all right.
It's okay. That's...
Awareness is the first
and most difficult step.
Honestly, I...
I understand what it's like
to think you know everything.
It's really terrible.
I've made a wreck...
of Leo's life and my life
and two innocent strangers.
I've really got to go
figure this out...
fix it.
You ended up skating
in the park with a patient.
It's classic countertransference.
You allowed her to manipulate you
into a vulnerable...
never mind unprofessional... situation...
where she controlled you.
This is freshman psychology, Alex.
Oh, good. Oh, good. Good.
Dr. Tremor...
don't blow a great career
on a cute piece of ass.
You keep your dick
in your pants...
your id in check...
and you remember
that we have a mission...
in this world.
Did you sleep well?
I didn't hear you
come in last night.
I didn't want to wake you.
Lend me a hand with this?
It's stuck.
Are you trying to tell me something?
You trying to tell me something?
Say it with flowers?
For the first time...
I can almost imagine
a world without therapy.
Well, I'm glad our time together
is having such a positive effect.
It's been good,
but I owe this one to that psychic.
I thought we dealt with that.
Don't worry. It's not like
I'm cured or anything.
Well, not good...
Forgive me, Doctor,
for I have sinned.
But he is such a good man,
and I think he really likes me.
Is he married?
Well, yes. But...
his wife's not well...
which, of course,
fills me with guilt.
But she's making him miserable,
so I rationalize...
by figuring that...
I'm bringing some
well-earned joy to his life.
You're disappointed, aren't you?
I'm curious.
Oh, no. You wouldn't be
if you knew him.
I mean, this is it.
You always know when the right person
walks into your life.
I always know when
the wrong person walks in...
and it doesn't feel
that way at all, so...
I'm sure Leo's the one.
That's his name... Leo.
I really think you'd like him.
- Here's your hot dogs.
- No, no, sweetheart. Chops.
- Chops.
- Chops.
Great sign.
Really makes you want to come in here.
- Oh. It's you.
- Hi.
I didn't know you worked here.
- How'd that dress work out?
- Great.
Everything's working out great.
Thanks to you, I'm singing
at this cabaret. Dellago's?
Oh, I know that place.
My husband likes it.
Okay, it's a bar.
But I met this
really wonderful man.
Hey, maybe you can
tell me if we're going to...
Oh, no. Never mind.
I don't want to know.
Just pray for me.
Pray for all of us, darling.
Would it be all right
if I put up a flyer?
Well, sure. I'd be proud.
I've got to tell Leo
to get up there to see you.
He just loves that old stuff.
My husband.
That'll be 10.
Well, see ya.
Uh, 10.
I've got to find a wife
for my husband.
Why not?
Out of my way, asshole.
Would you fancy meeting
a cuddly middle-aged man?
Sorry. I like them
young and talented.
I never go on dates
arranged by my butcher...
but I'd be interested in meeting
the artist who did your window.
Is he young?
Take my card.
Your change.
What I wouldn't give
for just a little breeze.
Not till September
at the earliest.
So now you're doing the weather?
The face of God
is a one-way mirror.
You're not listening to me!
I knew it!
You're absolutely correct,
and I apologize.
Excuse me.
You're still not listening to me.
- Leo.
- You're in. Good.
What the hell did you do to my wife?
- I am with a patient.
- Your fruitcake can wait. Mine can't.
You got her trying to fix me up
with strange women.
I don't know what kind of advice
you're giving out...
but a few more visits with you,
we can book her a room in Bellevue!
Wait a second!
I am not...
Just stay the hell
away from her, okay?
You're a dangerous man.
- Your clock's stuck.
- I don't want to talk about it!
Where's Alex?
He's seeing some lunatic.
Doctor's wife is not one
of my featured roles.
God, Grace, what am I going to do?
- What?
- I proposed to him the other night.
- No.
- Yes.
I can't believe it either,
but I met the most incredible woman.
She just opened my eyes.
Me too.
Oh, yeah?
You're seeing someone new?
No. This new girl that works
at the butcher shop.
My God. Marina.
She's incredible.
- Is she for real?
- Absolutely.
- What did she tell you?
- To stick close to my front porch.
That's why I canceled
my weekend with you guys...
to wait for my mystery date.
You think I'm nuts?
Grace, that's fabulous.
Alex thinks I'm insane.
It's his favorite diagnosis.
Why do we waste
our time with men?
Not all of us do.
Oh, Chauncey,
don't touch me there.
Mrs. Lemke.
- What's the matter?
- Nothing.
I need to see you.
- Oh, well...
- Now.
Why don't we just
go to my office?
I was going to talk to you
in the morning.
We need to...
We need to be clear
about last night.
I acted inappropriately.
I never should have seen you
under duress.
That was unprofessional.
I never should have allowed
the session to leave the office.
- That was inexcusable.
- Doctor...
Worst of all, I had no business
offering you...
a quick-fix analysis of your marriage.
Dr. Tremor,
I saw you in my dreams tonight.
Oh, sure.
That's not uncommon.
Dreams are important.
And you know...
you can keep a little
notebook by the bed...
and just write them down
if you're afraid of...
What was I doing?
Look, Mrs. Lemke...
All right, listen.
I can't deny that I feel
an attraction for you.
But don't worry.
I know what it is...
and how to remedy the situation.
There's no cure. Last night,
just for a moment, you knew it.
Love is the leap
that won't be denied.
No, no.
This isn't love.
This is what
we doctors like to call...
I'll think of it.
You're not listening to me.
Yes, I am,
and I understand exactly...
why you're doing this.
You do?
To get even.
What for?
Because you're angry at your husband
for commencing an extramarital affair.
Leo's seeing another woman?
I'm sorry.
I thought you knew.
Well, if he was, I would.
Who is she?
I'm sorry.
I can't tell you that.
I can't believe
he's seeing another woman.
My God, we've only been married,
what, three days?
Marina, last night, you yourself said
you'd made a mistake.
Yes, but it was my mistake...
and I was doing the fixing.
And I'm gonna be the one deciding
who my husband should marry.
Honey, we got to talk.
I heard you yesterday,
you know, when you were talking.
So I suppose I've been wasting my time
trying to find you the right wife.
Of course you are, honey.
I've got a good wife.
And we can work things out.
Don't worry.
- I may be simple, but I'm not stupid.
- What's that supposed to mean?
I suppose lying and cheating
ain't in your vocabulary.
Another day, another dollar.
Eugene, I want
that money back in the till.
What's a till?
You know I know. You want to
borrow money, that's one thing.
- But I've got no time for thieving.
- Honey.
- What are you talking about?
- We're $50 short from last night.
Honey, is this what
you're looking for?
Why don't you get a couch, Doc?
I need some advice.
You remember I was telling you
about that girl I like?
She's got one of
these "Sybil" things going now.
One day she treats me
like I'm Romeo...
the next day she treats me
like I'm public enemy number one.
I can't figure it out.
The female psyche has eluded men
since the beginning of time, Eugene.
Nice tone, Doc.
Feeling hostile?
Yes... No.
- We're not here to talk about me.
- That's right. It's my dime.
I'm thinking about
my male pride with this girl.
Maybe I got to dump her.
Then I'm thinking, no...
maybe I ought to give her
another chance.
Maybe I got to go for broke,
maybe even ask her out.
- So?
- So what if she says no?
Eugene, when confronted
with a risky proposition...
Doc, 10 words or less.
I'm on the clock.
Love is the leap
that won't be denied.
I was going to say that. Good thinking.
I'll get her to dump the butcher.
I assume when you say "the butcher,"
you're speaking metaphorically.
No, I'm talking about
the old fart I work for.
Old Hannah Brown from 'cross town
Gets full of corn
and starts bringin' 'em down
Just at the break of day
You can hear old Hannah say
Give me a pigfoot
and a bottle of beer
Send me, I don't care
I feel just like I wanna clown
Bring the piano player a drink
Because he's bringin'me down
He's got a rhythm
Oh, yeah
When he stomps his feet
He sends me right off to sleep
Check all your razors and...
So, Leo,
what are you doing here?
I had to see you.
- I had to see you too.
- It's my wife.
- I know.
- She's looney tunes.
No, she's wonderful.
My wife?
- She's the one who got me singing.
- Marina?
So, the thing is...
The thing is...
You're grade "A," Stella,
prime cut.
Together we're choice.
But my wife ain't got
nobody but me...
to see her through
her time of trouble.
- We got to break it off, Leo.
- I can't just go abandoning her.
Are you women always one step ahead?
It's kind of spooky.
do you want this back?
I just want to tell you
I'm real sorry for accusing you.
I just don't know
what's the matter with me...
and I hope you can forgive me.
I can.
I really loved the flowers.
And the window.
There was an art lady
who came to the store today...
and she really loved it too.
She said you should call her...
and I think you should too...
'cause you've really got
something special.
No, I don't.
No, a true gift.
I mean it.
He's such a good man,
too, Doctor.
But I guess you were right,
as usual.
If only his wife wasn't
such a great lady.
But the thing is,
I know he loves me.
And I love him.
Such sweet sorrow.
God, love hurts!
Wait a second. You mean to tell me
that Leo broke it off?
Maybe they're really not
meant for each other.
Leo and Marina.
I never told you
her name was Marina.
Of course you did.
No, I don't think so.
Sorry, then. My mistake.
No. That's her name.
I just...
don't remember telling you that.
You two really love
each other, right?
- Who?
- You and Leo, for God's sake.
- Gee, I think so.
- Yes or no? Stella, commit.
- Yes!
- Fine!
There. Now, if he's
the right man for you...
you can't let him slip by, can you?
Do you mind if I...
Can I?
he's married.
What about my addiction to failure
in the form of married men?
Your addiction to failure stems
from your failure to commit.
And your failure to commit
stems from, of course...
your lack of trust.
I'm a little confused.
You listen to me, Stella.
I am your psychiatrist.
You have got to commit
to this affair once and for all...
or you are doomed to fail.
And if you fail at this affair...
you're gonna end up...
a lonely, old spinster.
It's me, Stella.
I have to talk to you.
Hurry. Hurry.
Listen, Leo,
I'm no home-wrecker.
Well, actually, that's not true,
but I don't want to wreck your home.
I like your wife too much.
But I love you.
Anyway, the thing is...
Dr. Tremor thinks that maybe
we have a future together.
Dr. Tremor, my therapist.
Does it bother you
that I'm in therapy?
Okay! All right!
Why, why, why are you
fucking with my life?
I never laid a hand on her.
My life, my life!
First you start...
by telling my wife
to get me a girlfriend.
Then you tell my girlfriend...
that we should have
an affair.
Meanwhile my wife finds out
about my girlfriend...
only it's no go for her...
because she didn't handpick her!
And now she's giving me looks
with the meat cleaver!
What did I ever do to you?
It's a very confusing world, Leo.
I'd be lying to tell you otherwise.
What's the problem?
Ten words or less.
Jesus Christ! I'm trying to hold on
to my marriage here.
Did it ever occur to you that your wife
might want you to leave her?
Did it ever occur to you
that your wife...
might have found someone else?
My wife ain't having an affair.
- You never know.
- I know. I know.
You know why?
'Cause if she was...
I'd cut off his balls
with a carving knife.
I apologize for the interruption.
Where were we?
What's on your mind, Doctor?
You can trust me.
I am having
a professional breakdown.
I have done something...
Alex, you've got to stop
thinking of yourself...
as responsible for
the fate of the world.
You're just a psychiatrist...
trying to muddle through
this twisted web of life.
You're obviously experiencing
a stress-induced anxiety...
You know her too, don't you?
Know who?
The butcher's wife!
Okay, okay.
Goodness gracious.
I'm glad you're here.
I have so many things to tell you.
This has to stop now.
My practice is in chaos.
My patients are out of control because
you are a psychiatrist's nightmare.
No. You don't understand.
I figured it all out...
I take chaos
and turn it into order.
You take order
and turn it into a chaos...
that transcends chaos.
Why? I'll tell you why.
Because you are contagious.
That's why.
Everyone you touch
just goes berserk.
You're the only one
I see jumping around...
like a crazed jackrabbit.
Alex Tremor, you love me.
No! No, no, no!
Stop fighting it so hard.
Stop fighting it.
We're meant. It's destiny.
Why are you being so stubborn?
I am just a doctor.
All I've wanted to do since I was
six years old is help people.
Me too.
- No. It's not the same.
- Oh, it is.
We both help people,
just in our different ways.
Just when it comes to our
true feelings and desires, we're just...
too close to see clearly.
please, no more
fairy tales, all right?
Can't you see how dangerous you are?
You say that listening to your heart
and trusting what you feel...
is that what you're calling dangerous?
You know what?
I hope I am contagious...
'cause life isn't about
your damn books and theories.
You know what? Life is life.
And it's messy...
and it's complicated
and it takes guts.
That's not something
you're gonna find in any book.
And just because you don't understand it
doesn't mean it's crazy.
No wonder everybody's
wandering around lost on this island.
They can't even smell the tides.
Here we go again...
the tides, the tides.
Can't you for once
deal with the problem at hand...
instead of hiding behind
all this hoodoo voodoo...
Yes, I can. You know what?
You get out now.
Out of my way, asshole!
Just ignore him.
Honey, what are you doing?
I'm leaving.
- Where are you gonna go?
- Home.
I'm real sorry, Leo,
for all the mess.
I really thought we were
meant for each other.
Me too.
And you've been nothing
but sweet to me.
I just wanted...
so much to find somebody to love...
and be loved by that...
I guess I just jumped into that boat
so fast without thinking it through.
I wouldn't have had it
any other way.
Gracie, the sky is falling.
It's 2:00 in the morning, Alex.
Go home.
I know. I need to talk.
Yes, we do need to talk, Alex.
But you know what you need now?
You need sleep.
Yeah. Can I stay here tonight?
I don't want to be alone.
It's not a convenient time
for me, Alex.
What? What?
I'm with somebody.
Gracie, that's...
that's great.
- You may not think it's so great.
- Is everything all right, Gracie?
You've got Robyn in there.
I know that.
My career is a shambles...
and my best friend is sleeping
with my girlfriend.
Ain't love grand?
That's not gonna cut it.
We're happy.
Don't take it apart.
I was the one who got her
that nightgown.
- Call me tomorrow.
- Me too.
Gone is the romance
That was so divine
'Tis broken
And cannot be mended
You must go your way
And I must go mine
And now that our love dreams
Have ended
What'll I do
When you
Are far away
And I am blue
What'll I do
What'll I do
When I am wondering who
Is kissing you
What'll I do
What'll I do with just
A photograph
To tell my troubles to
When I'm alone
With only dreams of you
Dreams that won't come true
What'll I do
When I'm alone
With only dreams of you
Dreams that won't come true
What'll I do
What will
I do
Grammy d'Arbo.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
I always wanted her
to marry a doctor.
She's waiting on the lookout.
And I never read Plato.
Oh, it's a lonely world
without your split-apart.
I've always had a hard time
with mysteries...
and I've never been very good
with trust, but Marina...
I believe in you...
and I love you.