The Cage Fighter (2017) Movie Script

Right here.
That's good.
- Twenty-four.
Oh, I wish I was 24 again.
How old were you
when you got started?
When I started? 24.
That's when I first started.
How about now?
Now, I'm 39.
And it's almost my birthday.
I get the happy birthday.
- I get the happy birthday!
I hope this one's meh.
Don't be weird.
Oh, my God. Stop it.
Mia, let's go sing
"Happy Birthday" to you.
Happy birthday to you
Say, "I'm the man."
Do it!
Say, "I'm the man."
Now, look who the man is.
This guy!
No, do one! Come on!
Make mommy do one, yeah.
- You made me do it.
- Mommy, come on.
You're the man, Joe.
You're the man.
When you..
Kira, Callie, go back.
I don't wanna do this song.
- You're in!
- You're in!
- Go back.
- I'm the only person who's doing this.
You're stupid.
- Stop.
- I can't even do this.
Oh, my gosh. You're going
to make me cry.
Look at Mia!
She's, like, grabbing it.
She's not spanking it.
She's grabbing it.
Love you.
Jammies on, get to bed.
Sleepy time. Sleepy --
- Time for bed.
- Sleepy time.
Daddy, I wanna watch the video.
You can watch again later.
Okay, baby, it's
almost nine o'clock.
Okay? Goodnight.
- I said, "Dad."
- Go into your tomb.
Goodnight, mommy.
Goodnight, daddy.
Jax, get back!
Need to sit down?
Meds working?
Do they ever work?
I'm gonna go out for a run.
...last round.
What's he gonna do to you?
- Nothin'.
- Exactly.
- Is he gonna be bigger than Joe?
- No.
- Is he gonna be stronger than Joe?
- No.
- Okay, and you were taking Joe down at will.
- Yes.
- Yes.
You broke his goddamn finger.
- You took him down.
- Yes.
Okay, there's no way this man
is gonna be as strong
and as big as that man.
- No.
- You were doing it to him.
- He couldn't stop you. Okay?
- Yes.
You gotta put your mind to it.
- Yes.
- And you gotta do it.
- Yes.
And you gotta keep doing it.
- Yes.
And doin' it, and doin' it
and doin' it
until it gets done.
Kill that motherfucker.
Joe, come on, man,
get your head in the game.
Take his ass down!
Turn, Joe!
Pull guard! Joe, go!
Joe, get up!
There you go.
Pull guard, Joe!
Pull guard, Joe!
Happy birthday, Joe.
- That was for Joe.
- Joe, the old man.
Break time!
Break time, fun time
for you, Joe.
So, who are you fightin', Joe?
Clayton Hoy.
Conan the Barbarian!
- He looks like a Greek God.
- The guy is fit.
- Look how big he is!
- That's -- that's Conan.
- I know.
- Man, that dude is legit!
So, you have to lose 25 pounds?
You need to shave
that fucking beard
because that's gotta be
a pound, at least.
- Take a lot of shits.
- He is in really good shape.
Hi, mom.
Hey, dad.
- So, you forgot to decorate for my party.
- Yeah.
Want me to blow up balloons?
Sure. You can put those up.
- It doesn't stretch far enough.
I'll get a piece of string.
You don't seem to be your happy,
jovial self, Joe.
- Yeah.
- I'm tired.
- Yeah.
- Whipped cream!
- Oh!
- Shh.
- Put it in my mouth! My mouth!
No. No.
- I'm third.
- Second.
- You got to go upside down.
- Stop.
- Stop.
- Last.
Can I do one?
Oh, my God.
Jonah, Jonah, Jonah,
Jonah, Jonah.
Stay over there.
And don't move
from that couch!
I'm not joking.
Sit down over there with him.
Get over there with him now!
Oh, there goes dad.
Tired of you two little idiots.
Sit right there and don't move.
Who called?
What the hell is the matter
with you two?
Watching you like a bunch of retards
running around the house.
You think it's funny?
- Hey, Mike, remember those days?
- Daddy.
Sit down!
Michael, I guess you're like..
...if I have to get up.
What is it?
The whipped cream!
- The P word.
- Grandpa.
- Ah-ha-ha.
Come on, Joe.
Come on, old man!
Clayton's waiting!
- Joe!
Are you going to have some?
I'll have some later,
I'm gonna get --
I have to cook them
all up first.
- I'm first.
- It's not a competition, girls.
- It's really a competition?
- Yeah, yes.
- Remember last time, Kira? I won.
- Okay, sit down, please.
- I'll win again.
- Stop it!
- Hey, Callie!
- Stop!
I -- I'm not
doing anything, look.
- Look, I'm not fighting.
- She's ten!
Don't aggravate her.
- Callie. No.
- Shake hands.
Shake hands.
Shake hands.
Stop. Stop!
It's -- get off!
- Get off!
- Aah! No pulling.
- Callie!
- I'm fine, Delanee!
- She's all mean.
- Oh, mommy!
- Okay, girls.
You guys get your own corners.
- You guys go get ready for --
- I call this corner!
- Oh, boy.
- Of course.
- You smacked him.
- No, no, no, no.
- Did too.
- Ha-ha-ha.
- So, what's your weight now?
- I haven't checked.
- Okay.
- I have a lot of clothes on now.
I'm just gonna keep going for,
like, a couple hours
and see where I'm at.
Well, we don't have
a couple of hours.
- Let's go. We gotta --
- I'm going.
Okay, we gotta pick it up, brother.
I can't go -- I don't wanna
run any faster.
- Okay.
- That just builds endurance.
- I'm trying to lose weight, so..
- Okay, well.
We should've been losing weight three weeks ago.
Like I asked.
You know what, you don't have to do this at all,
man, don't worry.
- If you don't want to do it, it's okay.
- Joe, Joe.
It's okay, alright, If you don't,
if -- I'm sayin'
if you don't want to do it,
it's no big deal..
I'm serious, if you --
if you, like, could..
- I'm tryin' to deal with a lot of stuff right now.
- I understand all that.
And this week was supposed to be
set to lose weight.
But a lot of stuff
came up, and like I said
if, if it's --if it's, if it's
embarrassing to you --
It's not embarrassing,
it's not, no, it's not that.
- It's my fault.
- Okay, yeah.
But...if we would've done this when
I asked you to do it..
I work in a boiler room
all day long.
I gotta drink water.
- I gotta eat.
- Okay, man.
Just get on the treadmill,
we gotta go.
What's the matter?
Oh, well, if you get sick
there's less weight
for you to cut.
You want to know
what separates us
from normal people, Joe?
This, right here.
This is what separates us
from normal people.
Normal people are
on their couch right now
watching "South Park."
That's what separates us
from normal people.
One fifty-five point two.
What are you weighing?
219. I gotta weigh 210.
How about here?
Quick roll call, Rob Dyer
is probably not here.
Derrick Brody?
- Here.
I will be posting
the line-up tonight
on our Facebook page, if you wanna know
where you're fighting.
Um, depending on who makes weight
and who doesn't..
Joe Carman.
You're in.
It's show time, bro.
Let's get this done.
Show this kid
who's still the champ.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen
fighting under the United FC
Fighting Joe Carman!
And at the red corner
fighting out of Bellingham MMA
Clayton Hoy!
- Come on, Joe!
- Cage him up!
Bring him in, Joe.
Bring him in.
Oh, bring it to him!
Go left. Set it up.
Set it up.
Once again,
let's put it together
for the spectacular Sierra!
I'm having a hard time
breathing, sorry.
Let's get ready
for round two, everybody.
What do you say?
Let's go, Joe.
You gotta take him.
Take down, Joe.
Take it down. Right.
Go left!
Set it up. Set it up.
It appears as though we have
an inadvertent low blow.
Protective gear
only goes so far.
The fighter gets
five minutes to recover
up to five minutes to recover.
Bring it, Joe.
Joe, Joe, Joe,
Joe, Joe, Joe!
He's on his feet!
Big round of applause,
ladies and gentlemen.
Great fight.
Great fight.
We have our winner
at 48 seconds
of round number two.
The arm triangle choke
out of the red corner
Clayton Hoy!
I make statues bleed
and portraits cry
I'll go to war
for mine
Rebel army
guard the border
I'm in the trenches
barkin' orders
Like I'm
Sergeant Slaughter
Pray to Jesus
For mercy
and plead your case
'Cause on the front
lines you're dead
The second that you see
my face
- Hey.
- Hey.
Got a scratch, huh?
Just a little one.
That's not a little
scratch, daddy.
- It's a little scratch.
- No, it isn't.
Um, got, uh..
What is that, a cut?
- Yeah. A little cut.
- That's a good cut.
It's a little one.
What happened to you promising
you wouldn't do this again?
And I didn't even find out
that you were doing it again.
I understand.
You don't understand.
I'm talking about
promises made, Joe.
- Can we talk about --
- Promises, promises made.
Did you not offer that promise?
I, and -- and what
I'm asking for
is like, just, like,
you know, all this--
You're always asking
for something.
Another chance?
Another promise?
- No, I'm just saying--
- You don't keep 'em.
But I have to stay, right?
Because I'm sick, and I
have nowhere else to go.
So I gotta put up with whatever
you want to do
and be okay with it.
No, I'm not saying that, Nori.
I don't understand.
Why do you keep
wanting to fight?
I'm making, like, uh --
uh, I said, about, I -- I'm making --
You don't even make money
off of this.
You don't make money off of it.
You trying to prove
something to your dad?
No, I just..
What is it, then?
You know when people say that, like,
you know, when -- when you have
like, self
It's something
to prove to myself
because it's
the only time that
in my life when I,
when I feel
proud of myself.
I feel, I'm proud of you guys.
You know, I'm proud
that I created you guys.
You know, I mean,
I'm proud of my family.
Of you guys.
But the only time I feel,
like, a confidence
in myself is when I'm fighting.
It's the only time
that I have that sense
that, you know, that..
...that I like me.
It's okay.
I don't want you to be
and be in a wheelchair
because of an accident
or lose your job
because of fighting.
And you can't work.
I don't want to give it up
but I'm going to give it up.
I have to give it up,
because it's --
- But you're not.
- I'm going to.
You just did a fight,
and you got hurt.
You said..
You said if you got hurt,
you would quit.
I got a black eye.
It's not hurt.
It is. It could have
been something worse.
What if I make you a promise
right now, that I'll..
I'm going to stop
for you guys.
- I'm going to stop
for the family.
You usually don't
keep your promises.
I've been
working see
I've been
working see
I've been
working see
I I've been working
I've been
working see
Listen see
Could my dad come?
'Cause he comes to all my appointments.
Of course. As long as
you're fine with it.
No, yeah, because I forget things
and he'll remember things
I forget, so..
So, things started
really going downhill
about two years ago.
Yeah, I had, like
a lung infection that was..
And a chronic cough,
and flu
and they thought
I had shingles
because, like, my whole body
just was on fire
you know, my skin
and everything.
Yeah, the memory stuff started, like,
two years ago, too, so.
But it's been getting
progressively worse
the last two years.
I seem to stump everyone.
Everyone is like, "I don't know
what's wrong with you.
Something is wrong with you, we just
don't know what."
You alright?
- It's, you know, I get
those sharp pains.
It's just..
My whole right side
of my body, I told you
it's just been stupid lately.
Oh, my God.
- I mean, I, I get it.
- You saw it.
It's clear that he threw
everything he had.
And everybody's,
like, going, "Oh!
When he hit you
in the gut, you stopped."
I go, "What are you
talkin' about?
I came right at him
after he hit me."
I never stopped going forward
the entire time.
- Either I moved or moved forward.
- Right.
Until he hit me in the crotch, then,
and I was like
going, this is
really tender right now.
I don't want no one
to come near me.
I remember looking at the cage
and looking out through
the holes at people
and they're, like,
going, "Ooh."
And then, not even
like, probably 15 minutes later
he posts a picture, like, saying,
"Total domination."
What the fuck fight
were you fighting
that you think
you totally dominated me?
It's like he thinks he's this,
I'm, like, going
"You're a fucking
amateur fighter.
You're shit.
You're nothing."
So, I'm working on a, a rematch
between you and Clayton.
- 'Cause I don't think he's stronger than you.
- I think it's all show.
Yeah, I don't think, I don't think
he's stronger than you.
You know, I think
he's just a, he's a smotherer.
During that fight,
I wasn't at the potential
that I could have been at,
so when you..
A lot of fights
you kind of think about
and think about, and think about,
you ever done that before?
And you just, you can't
get it out of your head?
I tell people this
all the time, right
it's like we're all..
something has to be
wrong with us.
Us, because, I -- I get
what you're saying
when you, when you
don't want to quit.
I get it.
I -- I tell everybody,
uh, fighters
fighters are like strippers. You know.
They're cool to hang out with,
they're cool to party with
they're cool to freakin'
do whatever with, man
but other than that,
that's it.
I mean, but, like strippers,
dude, we all
have mental issues, we all have
some kind of addiction.
We all have, you know
we just know.
Mommy didn't love us.
Daddy touched us too much.
You know what I mean, I don't know
what the hell it drives
but there's, there's easier ways
to do things.
And every stripper has
an expiration date.
And they're single parents.
And I'm a huge fan of supporting
the single mother movement.
So, you're gonna fight
this Clayton guy again?
Well, again. What --
- Okay, so what if you lose to him again?
- Then, it's done.
No, you're just going to be thinking
about it again.
No, because that's,
that's, you lose twice
at something, I mean, it, it..
I wasn't at the level
that I usually train at.
I just, I'm, this is
a new one for me, again
because the last time
we talked, you said, aah --
I know, I -- I don't want to argue,
I don't want to fight, but you know --
But you're gonna do
what you want.
And that's that. So..
But I just.. I need
to close that book.
You need. I know.
It's fine.
There's no point in having
a conversation with you
because you're going to
do what you want anyway.
- That's not true.
- It is true.
Because you said you were done with Clayton,
and all of a sudden
you're not, right?
How many times
have you done that to me?
We make a decision,
I think you're..
You say, "Yeah,
that's a great idea."
And then you go and do
whatever you want
because, "That's what I had to do, Nori.
You just don't understand."
Then why did you agree with me
in the first place?
Because I thought I could just agree
with you
and move forward.
How many times have you said,
"This is my last fight.
"Hey, this is my last fight.
"Just, just kiddin'.
Next fight is my last fight.
"Wait. One more fight,
one more fight.
"I have to redeem myself.
"Wait, one more fight.
I need closure.
Wait, one more fight."
You know?
How are you feelin'?
- I'm okay.
Not right now.
Think positive thoughts.
Don't let this head
mess with you
so the stomach
starts hurting, okay?
- Okay.
Come and get it.
Come on.
Anybody have will call tickets
Will call.
And in the red corner
the reigning Ax Champion
Clayton Hoy!
Go! Go! Go! Go!
That's it!
How're you feeling overall?
Um, I'm just trying
to get, figure out
um, how to get rid
of this dizziness.
I have, like, these,
like, times
when it comes and goes.
Where if I get up real fast
I, it's off-balance.
- Right.
- Um..
It feels like,
there's, like, like
vertigo kinda kickin' in.
So, I'm trying to figure out
how do we
stop that from happening.
Okay, and stand up normal.
Now, head back.
When your head's back,
I want you
to turn right and stay there.
Back and right.
- And turn..
Turn your head to the right
at the same time
as going back,
and if there's no pain --
- Whoa. Okay.
- Stand up, oh..
You're losing some balance there?
Yeah, one second.
One second, one second.
Okay. That's fine.
- Okay.
- Okay.
So that makes you
lose some balance
doing that.
How much do you think
this is caused
my choices of...competing?
It -- it's hard to say.
So, um, there are
a number of things
that can go on with concussion
that can cause
balance difficulties.
Uh, there's also things
that can go on
with trauma to the head
so at this point,
the question is
is this actually moving
into something called
post-concussion syndrome?
Family history of any conditions
that could be related or genetic?
My father's, uh..
Uh, he likes to drink.
Okay, would you say he suffers
from alcoholism?
- I'd say yeah.
- Okay.
That, and, um, slight bipolar.
- And depression.
- Mm-hm.
Get down.
You are dead!
- Dad!
- Yeah.
- Not hard enough yet.
You're not squeezing
hard enough yet.
Okay, what?
You're not squeezing
hard enough yet.
Yes, I am!
You sound weird.
No, not yet.
There we go.
- Chicken strips.
I was trying to get it
off of my panda.
Girls, hurry up.
Get -- get packed up.
We gotta go.
If we're late, your mom's
gonna be angry.
- Yup.
Dad, you don't look very happy.
- I'm not very happy.
- I know.
Your mom's gonna be really angry.
'Cause I'm dropping
you guys off late.
Oh, gosh, she's in the red Jeep.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
That sucked.
Delanee just sent me a text.
It says, "Callie is already arguing
with my mom.
She can be so mean sometimes."
Well, I just..
I get tired of the BS.
It's been too many years, and..
Can't expect her to change
because she doesn't
think she needs to.
They gotta deal with the fallout
between me and her.
- Dad, I'll spray you.
- No, no, no. I'm good.
- Rinse off.
- I'm good. I'm good.
- I'm good, I'm good.
I'm good. I'm good.
I'm good..
- Shower.
- I really am good.
Kira, come on!
- No, I'm good.
- Kira!
Daddy, you need
to spray it like me.
I'm okay, I'm okay,
I'm okay.
You just killed
whatever bugs were on me.
You just killed
all your make-up!
My make-up!
Don't touch it,
don't touch it.
Dry it off, mommy.
I can't. I can't touch it.
It's gonna dry.
Aw, man, Mia.
And now, it's like this..
No, it's not, don't touch it!
- Don't touch it!
- Daddy!
You sprayed yourself.
- Aw, it's okay, baby.
- It's okay, come here.
- It's okay.
- It's okay.
You just, you forgot.
It's okay.
I'm not mad at you.
What's wrong?
- She looks upset.
- It's okay.
- Here, just don't touch it, it'll dry.
- We took good pics.
It'll dry.
It's not smeared.
Oh, Lord, have mercy.
Let me see it.
Let me see it.
Let me see it.
It's not gone.
Yeah, it is.
I looked at it.
I'm looking at it
right now, come here.
I know it's gone!
- You used water!
- Mia, come on.
We'll dab it.
We'll dab it, okay?
It'll be fine.
- Okay.
You knew she was
gonna freak out
and you were like, "Ooh
it's smearing
down your face now."
She sprayed water on herself!
Come on, fearless leader.
Bring it in.
Guys, very good job today.
Super loud, united on three.
- One, two, three!
- United!
Good job, guys.
Hey, Joe, I thought we were getting
ready to do some sit-ups.
I got served papers,
so that's why
I've been really
stressed out today, so..
What'd you get served papers for?
My ex-wife, she wants
to move to Spokane
and she wants to take
Callie and Delanee out with her.
That's why I've been
really depressed, so..
What're you gonna do, man?
I don't know.
I'm trying just to
focus on the fight.
I was working out,
and here, this guy, he says
"Hey, Joe Carman?"
I was, like, going, "Yeah."
I thought he was
a new client coming in.
He's, like, going,
"You've been served."
I go, "Huh?"
And I was like going
"Oh, that's nice."
Everything changed all at once.
That sucks, but we
have a task at hand.
- I know.
Right now, try to,
as much as it sucks
I know, i -- it, it's, it's easier
said than done.
Try to put it out of your mind,
and let's focus
on the task at hand.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Well, not your -- not
your mouth, your hand.
Shake hands.
Like that.
It's still okay to make it steamy.
This is terrible.
This is so terrible.
I want to see.
Can you show me afterward?
If you do move,
what're you guys gonna do?
There's nothing
over there, nothing.
If they leave you, and you guys
are there by yourself..
What's gonna happen?
Callie, well, you know..
Like, uh, she gets like,
kind of a shell around her.
That's my concern.
When I was growing up,
I didn't feel like
I fit in a lot with
a lot of people around me.
But you're Big Joe.
Everybody likes you.
Yeah, but it
wasn't like that.
I became more, um, enclosed.
And built more walls up.
I became destructive.
And that's why
I got a lot of fights.
But what I don't
want to happen is
I don't want you to be like me.
Get it up, Joe, come on!
Above your head.
Ten more seconds, Joe.
Don't let it fall.
Don't let it fall.
Five more seconds.
Come on, get it up.
Come on, go.
Come on, Joe.
If this song doesn't make you wanna
piggyback a man
around in a hot room
nothing will.
That's right.
Sweet Jesus, Joe!
Suck into him, Sebastian.
All the way to the wood, Joe.
- Come on, Joe.
- Let's go.
Joe, come on.
Joe, let's go!
Let's go, come on, man!
Let's get up, come on.
All you gotta do is crawl across
the mat, let's go.
Joe, let's go!
What looks more impressive
at the end of a round?
Somebody who raises their hands
and is all excited..
...or somebody
who falls over?
Joe, get up!
Sebastian, roll him over,
Could you..
Let me see his lips.
Are you feeling pale?
- No.
- He's just overheated.
His lips are blue too.
If you can get him some sugar
so his glucose levels
are dropped..
So, just get him some sugar.
- Yeah. Yeah.
Gatorade is actually
really good. Yeah.
Take your Gatorade.
Again, more fuckin' fluid
we gotta get out of your system.
You know? Come on.
Joe, I know you want this fight.
But I would like
for you to have
a couple of more fights
under your belt
before we take
this fight with Clayton.
You're just not ready yet. So..
My family is gonna kill me.
You have to drop down weight?
So three fights, where?
Well, around here,
locally, probably.
Why didn't you tell us
about it?
I didn't, I..
What happens if you get hurt?
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Mia, Mia, Mia. Mia.
Only Callie and I.
Only Callie and I.
- No, let me go.
- Only Callie.
- Me too.
- Mia, go.
- Can I just --
- I mean it. Cal!
Mia! I just need to talk
to Callie for a minute.
- I wanna talk to her too.
- Okay, well.
Just a minute.
Mia, I'm serious.
I'm trying to have
a talk with Callie.
I'm talking, too.
I'll just sit here and watch.
- Again, he lied.
- Okay, I know, but..
He wants to do three more fights
and then go pro with Clayton.
He said one!
Yeah, he just said he's,
he's doing three.
I thought he said he's not
going to fight anymore.
No, he's doing three more fights
and then he wants
to fight Clayton again.
Do you like that he lied to us?
He's still your dad.
You know?
I know that. I'm not
saying I don't love him.
You, you don't have
to argue and stuff.
- It's okay.
- I don't..
No, it's not okay. Mia,
you don't understand.
I actually do understand.
Yeah, but when you
bring up that--
Callie, you're gonna
just bring it up at home.
And then, mommy is gonna
get all angry at daddy
and they're gonna
be in a big fight.
And mommy says next time
she's gonna leave the house
with -- and go to grandpa's.
I don't want to do it anymore!
I don't want that
to happen either
but it's not our fault.
He caused this.
I'm not trying to blame him.
- I'm just saying --
- But you're just gonna bring it up at home.
I'm not trying to make it a big deal.
I don't want them
to fight, but --
You're going to make 'em.
I'm not going to make them fight.
Just, like..
I can't drop this.
- Well, don't drop it.
- Don't drop it!
Just don't bring it up
while we're at home.
- Please!
- That's the only time that I can bring it up.
You guys are just, like,
"Oh, well, you know
What -- what's ever
happening is happening."
I don't think we can
really do anything about it
when we probably can
do something about it.
- We can talk to him.
- We can't, Callie!
- It's his, it -- it's him.
- Try to change his mind.
He can do whatever he wants.
- Yeah, but --
- He doesn't listen to us.
I know, that's why
I want to bring it up
to make it clear.
But I don't want to.
And I don't want --
And you don't have to.
But why do you have
to bring it up at home?
I don't think
this is ever gonna end.
Hi, daddy.
I'm, I'm not feelin'
too hot today.
Joe's got a stupid fight, so..
And I'm just being
a grouchy bitch, so..
I do hurt 24-7.
I'm just sick of hurtin' him.
And I'm sick
of being trapped here.
I'm sick of fucking Joe
doing whatever the fuck he wants. know
I'm just sick,
and I'm stuck here
with all his mess,
and fuckin' goats.
I'm just...pissed off.
Yeah, I don't like myself much.
I'm just tired.
Tap! It's over!
Look like a warrior.
The winner via submission in armbar
give it up for Joe Carman!
You got the win, dude!
- That was a good fight, man.
- Thank you.
I've never been to one before.
This was awesome.
Nice job.
Hope it was exciting
for you guys to watch.
- It really was.
- Hey, great fight, man.
Oh, thank you. Appreciate it.
I appreciate it.
Thank you.
Appreciate it.
- Yeah.
- Forty.
Can I take a picture with you?
Oh, yeah.
Alright, Joe.
You ready?
There you go.
Thank you.
I know.
- I'm okay.
- No.
Am I allowed to talk to them
I just want to see
how she's doing.
How is she going to receive that?
Oh, okay.
Alright, we're back on the record
with respect to clause
number 013039460.
This is a relocation case
where Miss Haverfield
is seeking to move her family
to Stevens County.
And Mr. Carman
is opposing the move.
There is evidence that was produced
in trial
that showed that Mrs. Haverfield
really is dependable,
and involved in every aspect
of the girls' daily needs.
Mr. Carman is in
a different situation.
He works for the ferry system
and he has his gym.
Uh, that makes him
a very busy man.
Now, and on top of that
he has two other children
and a wife, and a family
that he's, uh, managing.
I think this factor
favors relocation
because of the girls'
strong connection with their mother.
Her constant and dependable presence
in their lives.
So, I'm going to allow it.
It's going --
it's going to be okay.
Did they call her out
on her being a liar?
Yeah, yeah. Yeah.
I'll come down, when I
come down and talk to you
we'll get more details of it.
But right now,
it -- it --
- Alright.
- Alright.
Don't cry, relax.
We'll be alright.
- Okay.
Alright, I love you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Yup. Well..
- I'm sorry, baby.
- It's alright.
- Just you by yourself in the courtroom today?
- Yeah.
So it wouldn't have done any --
wouldn't have done any good
if we were there, anyhow.
You're right, dad,
there would have been
no advantage at all.
Well, if I had known..
- I told you guys.
- He told us.
- But he, we probably --
- Months in advance.
- We probably forgot.
- Well, okay.
And what would've been,
what would've been the advantage?
We were going to say
positive things about Joe.
Okay, so, just, her, they're saying
positive things about her.
We could've said something positive
about Joe.
- Yes.
- Okay.
And we weren't there to say it.
A month before that, we should've
sat down and planned.
Two months before in advance..
- You should've came over.
- I gave you a li..
- Yeah, he did.
- We should've sat down and planned a strategy.
Two months, two months
before the court case
- I gave her the list of things to talk about.
- He did, he did.
There was a topic conversation
to talk about.
You know it happened, 'cause the attorney
gave it to you!
The attorney gave you a list.
- Yes, I printed it out.
- They gave her a list of talking points.
They go, "This is a talking point
for your father.
- This is a talking point for your mother."
- Okay.
He goes, "Who's coming?"
I go, "None."
Just agree that we haven't done it,
that's all.
I'm saying, we have not done it
as much as we could.
Because we got caught up
in our own life! Yeah.
- I'm saying, I didn't --
- So we are guilty.
I'm not saying guilt..
I'm not using --
We are, we are.
No, we are.
Guilty is that you
did something wrong.
- No, we are.
- You did!
- Stanley, we are.
- You did something wrong!
It's just another one of those subjects
all through the years, Joe
where something has occurred, and now,
you gotta go from here.
Your mom's admitting this
I don't recall,
and you're disappointed.
And you don't think anybody
in the family cares.
- They don't!
- And so there's nothing I can say to you.
Okay, all we can do is apologize
and he's already kicked down enough.
Why don't we just stop here?
- I don't want to do this.
- Okay.
- And, you know, I feel really bad.
- I feel horrible, too.
Then, how come you don't admit
to nothing then, dad?
Then, just, you know,
admit that we, we, you know
we haven't done it,
because we haven't.
Okay, well, I don't like the idea
of being misconstrued
like we don't care.
It isn't about caring,
it's we haven't made the time.
Well, that's the implication.
"You did this, you did that
you didn't show up for this
I can't count on you."
I mean, this is all
negative pessimistic garbage.
- I don't need to hear this at all.
- Stan, okay.
He went to court,
and he could've
maybe got a better deal
if we would have
at least been there to.
- We didn't. We didn't.
- I don't, I don't even care about the deal.
- That's what led to it.
- I don't even care about the deal.
You know what I wanted?
The support!
I mean, I've, I've heard the stories
about how you got
supposedly kicked out of the house when
you were just a teenager.
Off on your own.
All fallacies, fallacies everywhere, Joe.
I wasn't living over at different
people's houses.
You did this all on your own.
You created all this yourself.
What'd you say to me?
You revolted against this family.
You said,
"Get out of this house.
- Quit causing problems. "
- No, I didn't.
Don't even,
don't even go there, Joe.
You didn't say that, dad?
- You ran away, Joe.
- Stan!
Nobody kicked you
out of the house.
Something, a switch
turned on your head.
- And you were anti-family.
- Stan.
For many years,
many years.
You don't want to keep going there.
- You really don't.
- Go ahead, keep going!
Stan, please stop!
- You're going to say--
- I don't want to do it.
- You're going to say--
- You're bothering me!
You take no responsibility
for any of this.
I'm saying you gotta stop
candy-coating your life
where you're, like, such a great big,
wonderful person.
- I never do.
- When you're really not.
- Okay, stop! No more.
- It's total manipulation.
- Oh, my God.
- The big, the big hero.
- The big everything.
- Stanley, stop!
- I'm tired of it.
- Mom.
- I'm tired of it.
Don't leave, Joe.
He thinks he's perfect.
I know, I know.
Just do it for me.
- Please.
- Yup.
Will you just make peace?
Just make peace.
How many times have I made peace?
I know.
Just one more time.
How many times
have I made peace?
Just, just do it, please.
There is a young man.
Slightly unshaven.
Let's see, there's, Dave's over there.
Dave's tent.
Mike's and Joe's.
I see an orange tent, a gray one
and some..
Somebody just asked me
what am I doing.
Let's see if we can
find that person.
- Joe.
- With long hair.
We're not sure who this individual
is, but..
Come on, come on.
Shut up, let's play Frisbee.
- Let's play Frisbee.
Hey, I want to play
with that Frisbee.
Let's go!
- Oh!
- Oh, my God, that hurt.
Wait, wait.
I'm going in, mommy.
Kira, stand up, baby.
Come on, girls,
let's go.
I gotta stop by the gym
on the way home.
Yes, yeah, this was,
uh, thrown together real quick
but I want the guys
to get some experience, so..
Just real quick
getting 'em in so.
- Awesome.
- Thank you.
When did you grow so tall?
I don't know,
I'm taller than Delanee!
- I know. Yeah.
I'm a little taller than Delanee.
You're almost as tall as Callie.
- Get down!
- Hey.
- Down, Kira.
- I think you are.
She's gonna get ya.
Pretty soon.
No, I'm going to be
as tall as him.
- No, you're not.
- Yes, I am.
No, you're not.
And here comes her,
here comes her oppo--
No, it's my turn.
So the girls are still
all livin' with you?
Yeah, my ex-wife, she can't move
for a while
so I've got them a little longer.
Kira Carman!
She weighs a hundred pounds.
And let's get ready to rumble!
Callie takes Kira
down from the throne.
Callie is blocking!
Girl fight.
Go ahead.
Kira, get her.
Kira, come on, come on!
Come on, Kira, turn!
Yeah, turn it!
Turn, turn, turn, turn..
Ah, don't pull her hair.
No hair pulling!
No hair pulling!
Okay, here we go, girls,
good job.
Good job, guys.
Turn. Turn.
She's giving me an evil look.
Come here, come here,
stop, stop, stop, okay?
Ah, ah, we don't cry.
We don't cry, alright?
- Mm-hm.
You did a good job, alright?
Heads up. Head up.
Good? Okay.
- Yeah.
Do you think I could come
to one of your fights?
I think it would be great.
You know, I'd love
to see you guys
in there to watch the fight.
But I know how much
you guys were totally
against it at first.
So, I just want you,
I don't want you to
get your hopes up
and expect to see
something that..
You know what I mean?
What are you doin', Callie
Who's that?
- No.
- Oh, my God.
He's scary-looking.
Don't fight him.
Daddy, don't fight him.
- He's..
- That's fake.
- That's so Botox.
- Yeah, yeah.
That's botoxed?
Alright, ladies and gentlemen
we are going to get started
in a couple of minutes over here.
Get your mind right, buddy.
Brush that shit off.
Let's do it, man!
Do it, man, let's do it!
Blue corner to the ring, please!
Let's go!
Come on!
Good Effort!
Come on, daddy!
Come on, daddy!
- Come on, daddy!
- Mia, it's okay, it's okay.
Mia, it's okay.
It's okay.
The winner in the first
round, Rodriguez!
Oh, shit.
Squeeze it in there.
Can you do it?
- No, okay, no.
I probably could have
kept going, but..
...I couldn't,
I couldn't really
I couldn't, um,
I couldn't see him.
It was spinning, really.
No, I can't go in there.
I hear it in your voice. You're
not really there.
Does the cold water feel
good on your head?
No, I don't even feel it.
You don't even feel it?
Real smart.
What were you thinking,
taking them to the fight?
You know, I can't rely on you
to take care of this family
because you do stupid shit.
You said you wanted to raise
your kids differently
not how you were raised,
but look what you're doing.
I'm being supportive for you, too
and trying right now to
deal with your situation.
Deal with my situation?
I'll fucking leave then.
- You won't have to --
- But where you gonna live?
I'll just go live with
my grandma or something.
And then you're going
to just leave the kids?
No, they're comin'.
That's what you want?
I've been dealing with you
and your situation
since we got married.
- If you don't want to be with me, then leave.
- Fine.
You don't wanna be a part of me?
You don't wanna be --
- Don't wanna be a part of me?
- No, no, no.
You don't want to be a part of me?
- You don't wanna be..
You don't ever want
to fucking be here.
- You'd rather do
anything than be here.
Because this is what I get.
Ask them if they want
to be around you.
Ask them. Ask them if they want
to be around you.
They'll say all the time.
"We don't want to be with mommy.
"We don't want to be with mommy.
We can't take her.
She always yells. She always screams.
She's always mad at us."
I'm leaving, so it doesn't matter.
- Mommy, please don't.
- You're coming with me.
Mommy, I want to stay.
I want --
Daddy won't be around.
You're gonna be by yourself.
Keep goin', Joe,
you're forty years old
with a freakin' head injury.
Keep goin'.
I'm so sorry.
Can I go with you?
You sure? Okay.
I love you.
- Dad.
- Daddy, see.
- You've got a lot of Christmas presents.
Watching Christmas stuff.
Initially, like, when I
initially saw you fight
I saw you fight Anacortes.
- Right.
- That was when the first time I saw you fight.
- Yeah.
- And I was like, "Wow, Clayton Hoy!"
And I talked to Charlie, I was, like, listen,
I really want to fight.
He's, like, going, "Why?"
I go, "He just looks ex -- he's.."
- You're like, look exciting.
- Yeah.
You're like an extreme
exciting fight.
- So, that's why I really wanted to play.
- Yeah.
That's a fighter's mindset.
That's not like, I'm
going to take that fight
because I know I can
beat that dude up.
It's like, I'm going to take
that fight
because that's going
to be a fuckin' fight.
Oh, yeah, 'cause, like, all my training
that I've been doing
for the last, like, years
has been about you.
I was like, going,
what can I do to train
to -- to be better at this?
Well, we can still
make it happen.
- I know, that's..
- I'm here right now.
- I'm here for a few months.
And I'm pretty flexible right now.
- And everything I have
fits in the duffel bag.
Yeah, all my shit
is down in Vegas
and I'm just kinda
wingin' it right now.
- Uh..
Uh, temporarily.
So, Jessica and I are splitting up.
- Yeah, I know.
- Um..
- If you don't mind me asking.
Yeah, it's...
it's nothing like
there's not one thing
that really did it
but at this point, she just doesn't
really want me anymore.
- Yeah, it's weird, man.
- Wow.
It's like I hit
a reset button on my life.
I showed up here,
I had an expired license.
- I didn't have insurance. I didn't have a phone.
- That's crazy.
I didn't have any money
in a bank account that I could use.
- 'Cause it's shared.
- Yeah.
Yeah, so, I, uh,
so, I just have some cash
and some clothes that smell like
fish and diesel.
So, I went out.
The onl..
The clothes I'm wearing,
they're like my only new clothes
that are acceptable
to be in public.
Bought some new shoes today.
And, uh, yeah.
Uh, it is, it's, it's just weird
how you see
when you say these things to me
because in my head,
I picture
Clayton Hoy, like a different life.
- Yeah.
- Like, you know, just, like..
I -- I always pictured
like, you know..
...just on top of the world.
- You know, like --
- I just, I just feel like a kid still, man.
I've had, like, a lot of, like, stuff going on,
like, like yourself..
- Yeah.
- With, like, just life and stuff.
With the kids, and with the wife.
With the job.
And I, one thing I kept
tellin' myself was, like
I've been wondering
a lot about, was, like..
What's the most important thing to me?
You know what I mean?
I was able to go and step into the cage
with you once.
Maybe sometime in the future,
I do it again.
Right now, because of my kids, because of
the wife right now..
- Just your situation.
- I can't do it right now.
No, man, I get it.
So, now, I gotta focus on them
versus anything else right now.
Yeah, and that's what
you should do.
- You know, it really is..
- It sucks.
It sucks, but that's
the right thing to do.
I know, that's what I'm saying,
like, it's hard to say..
Like, right now, when do you know
when you're done?
Yeah, when do you know
when, like, yeah..
I, I can tell people all the time.
How do you, how do you call it?
- Alright.
- Cheers, man!
I turned it down.
You're happy for that?
What's Delanee doin'?
For now, we're just gonna work on ones.
So, here..
Chin. Both hands up.
Go one.
One. One.
Your power's actually
comin' from your front.
Your front is what, it's all your power,
that's why in a fight
people will do this
and kick the front leg.
Because if they keep
kicking your front leg
then, your power goes away.
You wanna move, or you wanna
keep flowin'?
When I first started, I was like,
a Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robot.
Joe must break.
That's all you need, it's all about being
in control, relaxed.
There you go! There you go!
Get that.. Yeah, yeah!
- Go, go, go, go.
- Keep going. Nice job.
- Nice job, good job.
- Good job.
- Good job, guys.
- Good job.
- Hi, daddy.
- Hello.
- Bye, girls.
- Bye.
- No more, no more.
- Come on, Mia.
No more.
Get her!
Ram into her.
- No slapping!
- Ow.
Ugh, come on, Mia!
And don't ever give up!
I got you gloves.
- These gloves are my gloves?
- Yeah.
- Wait, these are
only, like, practice?
- Yep.
- Okay.
And then, like, the real ones
are, like, only..
Small ones, yeah, so, when you get
better at punchin'
I'll get you the other ones.
So, you've been saying how you want
to train, right?
John, Dakota.
There you go.
You'll need some tape.
Bring it up.
Two more.
Here, right there.
Because now, and, you know,
whenever you're fighting
you're always going to bring
your shoulders up.
And your chin down.
Good job.
Okay, so here,
I'm gonna come here.
Out, and right back.
Out, and right back.
One, and as I come back, two.
This world
This world
Is all in my hands
Is all in my hands
This world
Is all in my hands
Is all in my hands
This world
Is all in my hands
Is all in my hands
This world
Stay close
This world
This world
Stay close