The Call of Blood (1964) Movie Script

Our Blood Will Not Forgive
Our Blood Will Not Forgive
Screenplay: Ryoma Takemori & Michiko Ito
Story: Takeo Matsuura
Cinematographer: Shigeyoshi Mine
Sound: Tsuneo Furuyama
Art Director: Takeo Kimura
Editor: Akira Suzuki
Gaffer: Kyokasu Yoshida
Music: Hosokawa Suzuki & Hiroshi Ikezawa
AD: Masami Kuzuu
Who was it?
Who did this to you?
You must have seen him!
Don't call the children.
Don't tell them anything.
The yakuza line ends with me.
The children...
Akira Kobayashi
Hideki Takahashi
Chieko Matsubara
Yuri Hase
Akifumi Inoue
Chikako Hosokawa
Kaku Takashina
Eitaro Ozawa
Saburo Hiromatsu
Kayo Matsuo
Kyoko Hori
Hiroshi Midorikawa
Directed by Seijun Suzuki
Shinji Asari!
Asari isn't here.
He didn't come in today?
He's out today.
Was that for Asari?
How troublesome.
Just a moment...
-Mr. Yamada, can you go?
Someone wants to meet Asari.
Didn't you say he was out?
He says he wants to meet
someone who knows Asari well.
Why do you ask me?
You know him better than anyone here.
What happened to her?
Director, look at this!
What is it?
SHINJI ASARI WINS SOBA EATING CONTES -Eating's the only thing he's good at.
-So it IS him!
I've been looking for him
for the last two years.
I came down from Hokkaido,
and found this photograph.
It was the spitting image of
his father at that age.
I was shocked!
You knew his father?
I knew him quite well.
And then...
This one is how I found
out that Shinji works here.
This is incredible!
Director, look!
The helpers shouldn't
flirt during the ceremony!
You seem to be good at drinking,
though, like your old man!
My father held his liquor well?
He drank so much it
moved your mother to tears.
I hope to do that, too.
I can drink more than a civil servant!
No one can dispute your blood-line!
Excuse me!
Do you remember me?
I'm Mie Katagai.
I work at the advertising company.
I wanted to check on Shinji.
His room's on the
second floor, isn't it?
What gall...
It's the same!
And you said you had a fever of 40C!
What are you doing?
What do you mean barging into
my house and shooting things!
Do you hear me?
I'm sorry.
Come on in!
Mom, too?
Let me out!
I was asleep.
You didn't hear the racket?
What racket?
Where does he get it from?
His father?
What was the noise earlier?
Ryota! You're home!
He's just like your father. He seems
to go out of his way to shock me.
Mother, here's my paycheck.
Thank you.
What? So little?
Shinji never changes.
Pay him no mind.
Why is your bonus three times mine?
We do the same work!
Men should get more than women!
You always...
Your calculations are off.
You missed a 0.
It was 100,000, and you put 1,000,000.
Your mistakes would embarrass
an elementary school student.
It comes to a 14,655,000 yen profit.
Luckily I intervened!
My heart was racing.
Otherwise, we'd have gone
spinning off the side of the road!
That's the receipt!
...aren't an upright employee!
This is the money Ryota brought in.
We performed the
ceremony without outsiders today.
Please look at it.
Are you done for the evening?
No, unfortunately.
Will anyone be at your
office if you go back?
I'm taking someone to Haneda.
Can't you make an
assistant go in your place?
I can't do that.
He's too important.
There are people higher than you?
Is that Shinji's girlfriend up there?
Shinji's always giving me a hard time.
He took off work to
participate in the ceremony.
He doesn't listen to a thing I say.
Would you scold him for me?
Sorry for disturbing you!
-He's calling you.
-Just ignore it.
Let's go!
I hope I haven't caused you any trouble.
I have a soft spot for my big brother.
Welcome. I didn't realize you were home.
Shinji. I hear you
didn't go to work today.
You're giving mom a lot of headaches.
I see.
It's such a wonderful thing.
The Sanja Festival
performance this year.
It meant so much to your late father.
Can you tell us more about him?
Shinji, don't be stupid.
It's better not to say anything.
Sorry to bother you.
What did you think of the photograph?
We could use it to find you a bride.
I'd like to make you happy, but please
wait on talking about my marriage.
Please come in.
Someone named Ushigoro Tobita is here.
You must be the wife of Boss Genji.
My name is Ushigoro Tobita.
20 years ago, I took the boss's life.
My crime has weighed heavily on me.
I did not know at the time what
a magnificent clan leader he was.
His good reputation is still well-known.
I have come to offer my services
to the Asari clan in penance.
You may punish me for my crime.
Please punish me however you see fit.
My deepest condolences, madam.
Shinji! Don't do anything stupid!
Big brother! We should avenge dad!
Let me kill him!
Please let him do as he sees fit!
Look how much we've suffered!
Our mother slaved at work,
and went barefoot through the war!
My big brother had to work for nothing
as a delivery boy so we could eat!
Stop it!
That's enough!
Forget about our father!
How can I forget about him?
-Why don't you hate this man?
-I hate all yakuza.
-Do you hate our father?
-Stop it, Shinji!
It was a burden to raise
two boys on my own.
I took this family out of the
yakuza world a long time ago.
Ushigoro, please leave.
Ushigoro, please don't come again.
The company holiday will go to Atami
Garden Hotel in Atami Onsen.-Secretary
Asari, are you
thinking of getting married?
You're joking! I'm only 25.
-How do you feel about Ms. Katagai?
-Ms. Katagai?
Not so loud.
What do you mean?
I mean, as a possible wife.
You called for me?
What? No I didn't.
Are you drunk already?
What's so good about her?
Oh, I get it.
-You like her?
Well, I don't not like her.
-Have you proposed?
-That's why I wanted to talk to you...
-You deal with your own affairs.
Do you want to come
to my place, handsome boy?
What shoud I do?
Would you like to come
drink tea with me?
Should we go?
-Hey, Asari!
-Let's go!
Hey, there!
A table for three customers!
I'll go back out on patrol.
-Where's she going?
-She's the promoter.
The promoter? I'm going back!
-Come on, won't you help me out?
-Help you?
All right, let's drink!
-Don't forget to pay for your drinks!
-What'd you say?!?
What do you mean, asking us to pay!
Hey, lady, come out with us.
Get the hell out!
One more time.
-Do you know where Asari is?
-Isn't he in the baths?
Oh, Asari! You're here!
This is serious. It's about Ms. Katagai.
She isn't here.
She must have eaten earlier.
It's not that. She spent all
night in the director's room.
We were playing mahjong.
I don't know why she stayed.
Everyone else left, but she
stayed, alone with him.
What should I do?
I'll help you! You can still get her
Maybe I should give up. It's fate.
It can't be helped. I give up.
If I go in there, I'll be fired.
Not now. I'm too tired.
He can't hold his liquor.
Asari, we have a problem!
Those guys from last night are looking
for you! We have to run!
Look out!
What is it?
-We left unfinished business last night.
-I don't think so.
You're quite corageous.
Master Asari!
Who the hell are you?
What a coincidence!
Now I can repay my debt to you!
I don't need your help!
I don't know why you're
fighting the young master...
...but you'll have to
get through me first!
Back off!
-Get out of our way, old man!
-Make me!
You must now face
Ushigoro Tobita in battle!
Let's kick their asses!
Son of Yakuza boss involved in fight
Was I fired?
So it seems.
You hurt the company's image.
The manager says you violated Page 8,
Clause 30 of your contract.
Can't be helped, I guess.
You don't seem bothered.
I'm not about to start moping.
Your last month's salary.
Now what will you do?
Didn't you say I'm not upright?
You remember that?
So I can't succeed at anything upright.
Yakuza Lifestyle.
You'll become a yakuza?
Ushigoro Tobita and I are
reviving the Asari clan.
Are you serious?
What else can I do?
Wanna go on a boat ride?
I'll buy a boat.
I can use my last month's salary!
Father, this is Shinji's salary.
Mom, can you be quick?
I'm going on a boat
ride with Ms. Katagai.
Don't get too involved with that girl.
You don't like her, do you?
I hate her.
You're direct.
It's a special occasion.
Can't you give me more?
Don't waste money on her.
It won't work.
It can't be helped, I guess.
Mom, Here's more income
you can report to dad!
My final month's pay!
I got fired!
You got fired? Is it because of
what happened on the trip?
Don't act so shocked!
It's not like I died!
This feels so good!
It was mean to tell
your mother that way.
It's better that way.
When she gets over the
shock she won't be so mad.
-Your philosophy?
Don't you want to make an honest living?
Even if you reestablish the Asari Clan,
will you do anything but live lazily?
It's so shameful.
-Can't you at least find temp work?
-That's right, I forgot.
You know Mr. Yamada?
You didn't listen, did you?
Yamada has a thing for you.
He says he wants to marry you.
He asked me to tell you,
but I forgot about it until now.
Is this Hakachitochi Bridge?
You don't know anything!
It's Shintsuku!
Did you hear what I said?
About Yamada
You're not very perceptive, are you?
I get it.
Keep it a secret.
Don't tell anyone.
It's delicious!
We can afford this, right?
Don't be stingy. You'll spoil the mood.
It's just rational. We don't need
expensive drinks to talk.
You're stern.
I wonder if something's wrong.
-Did you say something?
-I'll go look.
Where are you going?
-To find my big brother
Just relax. I'll be back soon.
Hey, bro...
Who are you?
Ryota's younger brother.
I wanna talk to him.
-He's in a meeting right now.
-A meeting?
Why does he need a meeting
to run this stupid cabaret?
I have a life-or-death situation here!
-What's your relationship to him?
-I'm his secretary.
-Who's in my office?
-A young man.
Make sure he's not
listening to the conversation.
The meeting's underway.
I'd like to have a word
with the central bureau.
If we bring in the
foreign tourists this year...
...that should be enough.
How does 300,000 sound?
I see. Thank you for your help.
With 300,000, even our
enemies will be impressed.
We may want a festival
kickback in the future.
That's a good idea.
Mr. Chairman
This could make up for
our losses over the summer.
How fortunate!
That reminds me, Hattori.
I want you to accompany me to Haneda.
Actually, I don't think...
We haven't spoken one-on-one in awhile.
We can talk about the market conditions
I'd be very happy if you came along.
I heard you were rude.
Mom telephoned me earlier.
Did you want to say something to me?
-If you want to sermonize, I'll listen.
I wanted to ask: can you get
me a job here? I'll do anything.
I can even be your assistant.
Wouldn't it be cool to work together?
You can't get a job on your own, so
you want me to give you one. Right?
If you failed at your last
job, you can't make it here.
This isn't an easy job.
And I'd take on responsibility for you.
It's not a proper job.
I'm not asking for anything big.
There are plenty of
other jobs you could do.
If I were you, I'd get
a different job.
Don't try to scare me off.
I'm up for it.
If you need money, just take it.
From now on, go to
the unemployment office.
I didn't come to beg for money.
If you don't want me
around, just say it directly.
Don't forget to call
the office tomorrow.
It's important.
I understand.
You came to get a job?
You wereafter all.
What the hell. He's my brother.
I thought he might try to help.
Maybe there isn't a good
opening for you right now.
What a joke.
Get me another one!
I thought I could depend on my brother.
But I don't want your pity!
-You should have taken the money.
-Don't make me laugh!
It was like he was making fun of me.
Get me another one!
Another one!
I'm sorry, but we can't
serve you any more.
Why not?
Boss's orders.
Wait a moment...
I'm very sorry for the disturbance.
Please return to your seats and relax.
I'll be going now.
You should take him
to the Chairman's house.
It's your mother.
Should I take him?
My brother is my responsibility.
It's all right.
I love you!
You know better than anyone
what kind of man the chairman is.
I'm very worried about you.
Let me go in.
Please wait for the Chairman's call.
I wanna go back. I don't want
to wait outside.
The Chairman is very strict about
guests. There's nothing I can do.
-Thank you for receiving me so abruptly.
-You shouldn't come without calling.
I'm very sorry.
That's all right.
I was notified you were
coming ahead of time today.
Your little brother is also here
I've come to ask a favor for him.
Chairman, please forgive my
brother's rudeness last night.
He's just a boy. I don't want
him mixed up in yakuza affairs.
I'll look after him. Please, Chairman.
Is that what you came to ask?
Now, allow me to speak.
Your brother is taking advantage of you.
-Did you hear what I said?
-Please forgive him.
I see.
Don't sit there begging.
-You heard it?
-I did.
Don't tell anyone.
Especially mom.
Why did you become a yakuza?
Just tell mom I let you
stay in my apartment.
It's funny.
I'm the one mom trusts.
And I'm afraid of what will
happen to her if she finds out...
...that I'm actually a yakuza.
All yakuza are like this.
They're violent because they're afraid.
I plan to marry Yasuko soon.
You saw her last night.
In my office.
I want to make mom happy.
Even though I don't know if
I'm really in love with Yasuko or not
but women can't depend on yakuza anyway.
They often make women unhappy. Like mom.
You still haven't answered me.
Why did you become a yakuza?
We're all in danger now, because of you.
Don't worry.
I won't let you or mother get hurt.
The blood of a yakuza runs in my veins.
I wanted to get honest work after
graduating from Tokyo University...
...and I didn't understand
why no one would hire me.
It's because my father was a yakuza.
People with worse grades
than mine could get jobs.
There was no other way
for me to make a living.
I have the same
yakuza blood that you do!
Even so, I don't want
you to end up like me.
I want you to live
comfortably and respectably.
Brother, stop the car.
I want to get out.
Won't you go with me a little further?
Stop the car!
I respected you.
And now?
I'm trying.
I'm tired.
Too tired.
I'm trying to protect you.
It's so hard, it'll kill me.
What the hell are you doing?
Get out of the way!
Why are you always so hard on me?
How many years?
-How old are you?
So it's been 5 years.
I took you under my wing because
I knew you'd become an elegant woman.
I won't forget your kindness.
And you've worked
hard for these 5 years.
And become more and more beautiful.
I think you'll only improve from here.
-You flatter me.
-Don't be modest.
Incidentally, Asari came here today.
He came to apologize for
his troublesome younger brother.
I see.
I've never had a
problem with Asari before...
...but today was different.
I have finished.
When someone in his position defies
me once, it damages our relationship.
It's a good thing I have you working in
his office to keep an eye on him for me.
-I haven't noticed anything different.
-Don't lie to me!
I don't care if you're
sleeping with Asari...
but you must answer to me!
I want to know
everything he's been up to.
I'll find out and let you know.
I taught you better than to hit your
ring on the tea cup! Did you forget?
11 o'clock
Gloria OK
The Chairman only
gives rings to things he loves.
That means he loves you.
Don't tell me...
He's raised me to be what I am.
And I've done as I've been told...
...but I've grown feelings for you now.
I love you.
I love you.
So I wanted to be with you.
I'm sorry.
It's the Chairman's plot.
Let me give you this.
I've wanted this... wear your ring instead of his.
I won't tell anyone
Forget about it.
This is a bust.
Let's just go to a casino.
We may have better luck there.
Don't look so glum
What about the horse races?
If he strikes out, we go to the casino.
If it's a homerun, we call it quits.
It's a home run!
Young master!
Be careful with our funds!
Don't open it!
Don't open it!
What's wrong with
letting some fresh air in?
Why are you so nervous?
You can't stay shut in here forever.
We'll get married!
We should follow our hearts.
You can't shut me out!
I'll ask the Chairman's permission!
I thought you'd be pleased.
Don't you love me?
I can't do it.
Don't go to the Chairman!
Why not?
Why not?
I'm his spy!
He put me in this job to spy on you!
You're his spy?
He's using me to investigate you!
He'll kill me...
...if he finds out I told you!
There's no way for us.
I feel so relieved.
After all that, you still trust me.
The Chairman doesn't trust me.
Is there any trust left in this world?
But for the first time, we can
really trust our love for each other.
I didn't realize how
much you felt for me until now.
You may be a spy...
...but I know you could never betray me.
I feel so much better now.
I'm so happy!
Someone's here.
It's her, isn't it?
It was a traffic accident.
Leave that as it is.
He'll kill me if he
finds out I told you!
There's no way for us!
Oh, Asari!
What is it?
Is Mie there?
She's photographing gangsters.
How could you give her that assignment?
She wanted to do it.
Why the hell would she?
I don't know.
By the way...
...did you tell her I like her?
You don't have a chance!
What is it?
-I'm getting married!
Don't shock me!
I really am! You should be
happy that I'll be off your back.
You approve, don't you?
-No, I don't!
-But I love Mie.
-I can't stand her!
-Still, I'll marry her!
-I won't allow it!
She's a bad influence on you!
-Why do you think that?
-I just do.
-You don't know anything.
-Yes, I do!
You don't even have a job.
How can you marry?
But I'm reestablishing the Asari Clan.
What did you say?
How stupid!
Your brother and I won't let you.
Somehow I think Ryota will.
Tell me!
-About Ryota...
Mother, please let Shinji marry her.
Shinji keeps saying the stupidest things
This is all right. Don't worry about it.
Come in. I can't talk to you out there.
I just came to let you know I'm leaving.
-It's for work.
-Can't you stay a little while?
Mother, do you have
any purification salt?
Has someone died?
-A friend of mine.
-I see.
Always be good to our mother.
Won't you?
Be good to her.
Has something happened?
How old was the deceased?
Still young.
How unfortunate.
...please allow Shinji to get married.
If he likes her, that's
the important thing.
Don't you think so?
I'll need to be going soon.
Shinji, could you get me some water?
I brought something for you.
It's my bonus.
Look at how much it is.
Thank you.
How did you find me here?
My name is Ushigoro Tobita.
You enlisted my services
long ago. I remembered.
I see.
Naniwada... you want my help again?
You need someone now.
Am I right?
Or did I guess wrong?
You'll get more when it's done.
What's the job?
A killing?
No, I just want you to
follow someone for me.
Then come back here and tell me.
I'll do that. I've already
done enough killings.
All I need from you is
to tell me what he's up to..
I haven't fallen so low just yet...
A few younger men will be joining you.
You'll be leading them.
It'll be good to have a seasoned
pro like you going along with them.
Do you want to know
whom you'll be following?
I've always preferred not to know.
I see you're old-fashioned.
When you finish,
we'll discuss your future.
I'm not looking for steady employment.
I just need money now.
When I'm done, I'll retire.
Why won't you come to
Mie's for her birthday?
No. I don't like that girl.
Didn't Ryota say I
should marry her if I want to?
How can you decide so quickly?
I promise you'll like her when you
know her better. She's very nice.
Just talk to Ryota when
he comes back from work.
Let's go! Put this on.
That's a winter kimono!
The ride's here!
-You called for a ride?
Let's go!
This tastes good!
They act like I'm not even here!
Did you say something?
My brother's late...
He must be busy with work.
Unlike me, since I'm unemployed.
But don't worry; I can get money.
I'm still strong and fit.
What are you talking about?
If you won't bother to get a job,
how can you ever earn money?
But I'm a yakuza.
I hate yakuza. They're such a nuisance!
I think so, too. They're all like that!
I'm not that kind of yakuza.
Those are gangs who've
given up their principles.
Either way, I've had enough with them!
You're spoiling my mood.
Come in!
-Is Shinji Asari here?
Mr. Asari asked me
to send these flowers.
He says he can't make it right now, but
asks you to come with me when you can.
Why don't you go with him now?
-You go see Ryota, and I can go home.
-Don't say that, mom!
At least wait til I see what he's doing.
I might be able to bring him here.
What should I do, Mie?
As long as you're back in 30 minutes.
Bro... what is this?
You came after all.
I'd like to talk about your brother.
I'm busy. Be quick about it.
I'm going back to a birthday party.
The man who brought you misled you.
I'm very sorry.
I had to make sure you'd come.
-Was anyone else there?
-His mother and girlfriend.
That could be a problem.
Actually, your brother took
something from me. I want it back
-He did?
-That's right.
Where is he now?
You're going to help me find him.
Find him yourself!
I'm afraid I must insist.
If I ask him to, he'll shoot you.
It wouldn't be good for those
who saw you leave, either.
My brother...
...he betrayed you?
That's right.
What are you doing, brother?
My brother wouldn't betray someone.
My brother...
My brother...
He must have had a reason.
First, he deposited the company's money.
Then he flew to Nagoya.
He went to a department
store and bought a new suit.
Then he got on the road back to Tokyo.
This is where he stopped in Shinshu.
Your brother is still alive.
Don't you care if he dies?
Our men in Shinshu called.
They're ready to get Asari.
Why is he in Shinshu?
-His friend Yasuko had an accident.
-So what?
She passed away. It was on her account.
How old are you?
That's unlucky. It's the same age as me.
You're in the same place I am.
Well? Will you come with us?
Your brother would'veve
been better off if he'd run.
But he went to Shinshu to see her
father. He's too sentimental.
You can't fall for a woman!
You're wrong there.
Women are great!
Going back and forth
between here and Nagoya...
and not even
covering his tracks
...he's lost his touch thanks to her.
So? Will you come with us
What should I do?
I give up.
But you don't realize how mad he is.
What are you saying?
I think he's raging,
and he wants you to find him.
Mr. Naniwada, you don't
mind killing your people, do you?
My brother knows you had Yasuko killed.
You have a pistol, right?
Shoot me.
It can't be helped. I accept my fate.
Just do it quick.
Well, shoot me!
But if you shoot me,
will it solve your problem?
Mr. Naniwada has dirt on you.
You know he'll betray his lieutenants.
He took the film of you killing Yasuko.
He'd sell you out in a minute.
You might be better off shooting him.
Don't know what to do, do you?
You shouldn't get into this line
if you can't think like this!
All right.
Mr. Naniwada.
Let's go where my brother is.
No difference if I die here or there.
With my brother around, it's a new game.
If you kill us, you win...
...but if we escape, you lose.
I'm ready.
What is it?
He looks like the
old boss of the Asari clan.
That's his son.
Quite a coincidence.
I don't need these three greenhorns.
I'll handle this alone.
Maybe you could...
I'm getting materials for a collection
on violence next month. It's too much!
Oh, it's you, Gan!
Shinji's not here now.
I knew it was your birthday, and was
surprised to see him taken in a car...
Really? Are you sure it was him?
It seemed strange,
so I thought I should tell you.
If you're lonely, I can come instead.
You're welcome.
Shinji's mother is also here.
Oh, you can't make it?
Thanks for calling.
Gan said he saw some
men taking Shinji in a car.
Where's he off to now?
Unless there's been a mistake...
It wasearlier.
If Ryota wanted to see
Shinji, why didn't he just call?
You're right. I didn't think of that.
It doesn't seem like Ryota...
Where is this picture?
It looks just like Ryota.
It really does.
It is
I don't believe it...
Yasuko's family home.
Her father lives there alone now.
But we saw Asari go in earlier.
Thank you for finding him for us.
I see...
Yasuko sent me money every month.
I wondered what kind of life she had...
I thought she might have
become some rich man's mistress.
I didn't think she would die.
How sad.
I wanted to give you this for her.
I don't want anything more.
I hunt my own food on the mountain.
I don't need your money.
Even so, I hope you'll accept this.
If only Yasuko had stayed here.
She could have gotten married
and raised my grandchildren here.
We'd have lived a carefree life.
Instead, she ran off to Tokyo
to get killed. How stupid!
You two stake it out from over there.
Tsukamoto, you go with him.
-How many men do you have?
Ok, you and your
men go to the seaward side.
Everyone know their roles?
Let's go.
Hey, Asari!
Where's my position?
You stick with me.
What if we can't grab him?
Just kill them. Both of them.
I didn't know this was a massacre.
Shut up!
Asari! Go quick!
I give the orders here!
You may have been a big-shot
back in your day, Ushigoro...
...but those days are over!
That may be, but in my day,
this was how we killed people!
Stop right there.
Asari, run!
I've come to help you!
-It's my brother!
What do we do?
What's your plan?
I didn't think they'd go after you.
It's my bad luck.
I'll hand myself over.
It's the only way to save you.
Did I come all the way
here to let you do that?
I came here to help you.
Live or die, we'll do it together!
They'll shoot at both of us anyway
If you think about it,
we have the same fate.
Take this to the police.
What is it?
-Info on Naniwada's drug sales.
Naniwada isn't an ordinary yakuza.
He rules a criminal enterprise
I know that. I saw his office.
If you're in love with that woman... must know how I feel.
I know only too well.
You don't resent me?
Actually, I do.
Thanks to you I'm missing
my girlfriend's birthday party.
But we have to accept nature's course.
What do you think?
-Let's fight out together.
-Don't be stupid.
They'll cut both of us down.
I'll go out the front,
then you go out the back.
I don't get it.
We're stronger if we're together.
What will mom say if I return alone?
You're the one she likes!
What will I do if you die?
I don't have any choice
but to bring you home.
Don't say anything more.
I accept my fate.
Don't get in my way.
This is incredible!
Big brother!
Be careful! It's me!
Young master! You can't go out there!
Why are you in my way?
You'll die out there!
Die? Why would I die?
I'm going to make it out alive!
Let's go help my brother!
Ryota wants to protect you as he
dies like an honorable yakuza.
So stupid!
Yakuza are so stupid!
You're all obsessed with dying.
What's the point?
I'm breaking up the Asari clan again.
I don't want any part in it!
Young master!
Let go of me!
It may not be easy to live...
...but there's nothing
honorable about dying!
It's a false ideal.
Young master!
I know nothing about ideals, but it's a
yakuza's duty to achieve honor in death!
Is he really dead?
Get... to...
...the police.
Just get out of this grave.
Don't fall into the yakuza trap.
I've never done anything good for you.
...please forgive me for lying to you.
Ryota was always a good student... the top of his class.
He always took good
care of his little brother.
In middle school...
...when everyone else
was celebrating New Years...
...he worked at his part
time job just to feed us...
It was the first time
we had enough money.
Even now, I can't forget it.
Going out on a snowy New Years Day...
...carrying that heavy bag...
...delivering the mail
to get money for us.
Still, it was odd... much money he started
making when he became a manager.
I should have guessed from that...
Don't worry. They'll both be here soon.
You'll be able to work everything out.
I'm sure of it.
Shinji was always too much.
I've been worried about
him since he was a boy.
But still...
...he was always convinced of himself.
He carried himself with pride.
If you really want to, will you
and Shinji stay with me?
Ryota's already left...
If Shinji goes...
It's all right, Mrs. Asari.
It sounds fun to stay with you.
I can consult you on things...
I can't do anything myself yet.
Teach me. I want to be a good bride.
...go to the police.