The Call of the Wild (1935) Movie Script

Now beat it!
All right, I'll leave,
If thats the way you feel about it.
But I'll leave like a gentleman.
Quiet, everybody! Ladies and gentlemen,
your attention, please!
Youre about to take your last look
at Mr. Thorntons handsome, smiling face.
So make the most of it, you weasels!
But, as a last insane gesture,
Mr. Thornton wants you all to step up to
the bar and have a drink with him!
Are you ready? Lets go!
To the bar, everybody
There you are!
Hi ya, Tex.
Hi ya, dude.
The boys are telling me youre going home.
Yep. Catching tomorrows Boat
Well, theres no use in wishing you luck.
I guess youve had plenty.
Give me Michigan Avenue
on a hot afternoon
and you can have all the yellow dust
this side of Seattle.
I guess we all feel the same way, kid.
it seems that all the home sick guys
in the world came up here.
Put this away for me. Its wearing me down.
Sure thing.
- Ah, they been kind of running against you.
- Yeah. Oh, thanks.
Give us a couple more stacks. Heres where
Im apt to earn my fare back to Seattle.
There you are.
Did I say Seattle?
Youd better quit while you still have
the price of a pick and shovel, dude.
Whats the matter?
You want your grave dug?
Give us some action! Im buying!
Well, the hot seat went cold, eh?
Better luck next time, dude.
Yeah. Yeah, I hope so. Well, so long, fellas
So long.
- So long, dude.
Russ, my stomach wants to know
how is my credit?
Well, if your stomachs
as good as your credit,
You'll live to be 100.
Thanks. Did I ever tell you
about my grandpa?
Died when he was 106.
- What interrupted his youth?
- He quit drinking.
So they cleaned you out, eh?
Thats tough.
Ah, theres a lot more where that came from.
Whats the matter, Mr. Thornton?
Aint you speakin to your pals
since you got rich?
Well, hello, Shorty! How are ya?
- Have a stimulant.
- Thanks.
- Whend you get out?
- This afternoon.
These bastilles up here aint as cozy
as them stirs down in little ol New York.
The finest jailhouse I ever seen
was the Coney Island precinct.
They sent you up
for opening the mail, didnt they?
Shh! Shh!
That was a miscarriage of justice.
Listen... Ah!
All I did on that mall route
was peek in a couple of those bills due.
It gets darned lonesome on the trail there
I was as innocent-like as if I was
sittin in the New York Public Library.
Letters are supposed
to be private, even up here.
Well, if I wasnt honest trying to seal
it up, I wouldnt have got caught.
- Thats too bad.
- Well, I wouldnt say that.
That letter I opened was very interesting.
Yeah. If youd have saved
a bit of your bankroll,
Id have cut you in on something
- Oh. More mail?
- Yes and no.
That letter I opened
was worth about a million bucks.
Thanks very much for the snort-ola
See ya around sometime.
Hey, Shorty! Shorty! Wait a minute
Let me hear a little more
about that pipe dream of yours.
Pipe dream is right.
I been dreaming about this for six months
up in that cold Arctic can.
Yeah? What do you need a bankroll for?
Well, I...
Hey, youse guys! Get outta here!
23 skidoo!
I need a bankroll to grubstake us
as for as Dawson City
And then a long way beyond that
- Yeah? That sounds interesting.
- You know something?
When they caught me opening those letters,
and the judge presented me
with six months,
or, as the English jockeys say,
a dozen fortnights,
well, that judge asked me
a lot of silly questions,
like how many letters Id jimmied
etc, etc, etc!
- But theres one question he didnt ask me.
- Yeah?
He didnt ask me what was in that letter.
- Say, is your credit still good in there?
- I wouldnt be surprised.
- Come on. Lets go and exhaust it.
- Okay.
His name was Blake. Martin Blake.
He had red whiskers and well,
he was a little blind.
Oh, yeah, I remember. He was cracked.
- Told everybody hed found a rich lode.
- Thats the guy.
Well, he got sick on the trail
He was coming to Dawson City
to file his claim.
He wrote a letter to his son, John Blake,
in San Francisco.
He had a note on the envelope,
I said if anything happened to him,
the letter should be mailed.
Well, his number was up,
so the letter was mailed.
And you looked inside to be sure
everything was neat and in order.
Mmm. But there wasnt much of a letter.
It was mostly a map.
You made a copy?
As Im coming to the backstretch
with a pencil,
I feel the long arm
of John Law on my shoulder.
Did they take the copy away from you?
- Then you still have it?
- No again.
Well, what would you do with it?
I ate it!
When that map started to digest though,
see, it sort of went to my head.
Went to my brain.
So, while Im sitting up there
in the booby hatch,
I made a copy of it from memory!
Take off my boot.
Well, Ill show you.
I got a good memory too.
Course, theres a couple of things here
I dont quite figure out.
you see...
I dont know if this is
a mountain or a river.
And I think they said there was rapids here.
But I dont see how that could be
Because I dont remember no river up there!
Hey, listen, little man, the graveyards
up here is full of gold hopheads,
guys that smoked a pipe full of hope
had glittering yellow dreams and ended up
under a pile of rocks in frozen ground.
Me, I'll take bourbon.
Kills you slower,
but a lot more pleasant-like.
Now, wait a minute, Mr. Thornton.
Something mighty strange happened today.
- Something mighty strange.
- Yeah?
Sit down
Um standing out in front of the
Palace Hotel, see.
Not doing nothing, because, well, you know,
a fella just out of the can and broke,
just lookin and standing
is about the Limit of your activities.
- Well, it was a good Idea, see.
Cause things started happening.
Out of this hotel comes the most beautiful
skirt that you ever put your peepers on.
And following her is a dignified-lookin guy
Id say 46 autumns.
And him and her get in the sled
and they go off, headed for Dawson City.
- Thanks for the society note.
- Yeah, but wait.
I get excited, see, I run into the hotel
and take a look at the ledger.
You know the names
of these two interesting people?
Mr. and Mrs. John Blake of San Francisco!
Old man Blakes son?
hope, in my subtle way
Ive made myself clear.
You have.
Look, if I get the money for an outfit,
how do we split?
Okay. Wait here.
I'll be right back.
Listen, they got a days lead on us.
- IVs only a gamble.
- Thats what I like about it.
- Wheres Marie, Tex?
- Shes through for the night.
Hey, Marie, I got a...
Hello! Howard..
Didnt take you long, did it?
Youre going to hit me?
I havent made up my mind yet.
Wheres my money?
I always admired loyalty,
Im so sentimental.
This is the best way to hit you, sweetheart
Whats the matter with this fella?
Sorry, Jack, but that ones taken
Belongs to a team I sold yesterday.
I'll tell you what. I got a big fella
I'll give you for practically nothing.
Fifty bucks!
Whats the matter with him?
He aint broke yet,
And I dont think hes going to be.
Oh. Tough, huh?
St. Bernard.
Hes all animal, Joel
- Hes on a hunger strike.
- Wont eat anything?
Nothing but your hand or your foot,
or points north.
he looks like he was stolen
from some joint in the States.
I never ask a dog no questions.
Blue ribbons dont mean nothing
to a pooch up here.
Howd you like to see me make this guy eat?
All right by me.
- I aint got nothing to do All winter.
- Get some grub.
Frank, dinner for one!
Unharness Little Boy Blue.
Put him right there.
- Dinner for one
- Okay. Let him out.
- I hope you know what youre doing.
- I hope so too!
All right, let go of him.
All right, pull your dog out!
Dont let your dog get this piece!
He'll eat regular from now on.
I wish I had time to break him.
Hed make a great dog.
- All right, Frank, put him back.
- I'll do it. Here.
Which one of you is Mr. Groggins?
Well, speak up. Is Mr. Groggins here?
My name is Smith.
Are the outfit and provisions ready
that were ordered in my name?
Well, why dont you answer me, Groggins?
You speak English, dont you?
Uh, yes, sir.
Heres your whole outfit.
- Tenderfoot, huh?
- Not as tender as he looks.
If I am not too inquisitive,
will six dogs be enough?
- They will pull the load, All right.
- With me on it?
Well, I dont know about that.
You dont look like a man who knows
much about anything, Mr. Groggins.
Well, I do know
that people come up here
Dont usually make a buggy ride out of it.
They walk or run with the dogs,
Sometimes break trail.
You sure will need more dogs
youre going to ride that sled.
And more dog food.
And a needle and thread.
What for, my intelligent friend?
To sew up the guys thats going to
split their sides laughing at ya!
Once in a while people do laugh at me
But very briefly.
Well, sir, dogs! Dogs!
Uh, bring Flip and Frowsy.
Say, Joe, why dont you show
the honorable Mr. Smith
this beautiful animal?
I dont think so. Hes too savage.
Is that so? Well, just let him out
- Hes liable to get tough, Mr. Smith.
- Let him out, I said.
- Whats his name?
- We call him Buck.
I dont like to take the responsibility,
Mr. Smith.
Thats why you'll never amount to much!
What are you asking for him?
Uh, 250 bucks.
Sold. Let him out.
So your names Buck, eh?
Youre tough, huh?
Hey, wait a minute.
That dog cost me a lot of money.
- I pay for my pleasure, Mr. Groggins.
- Wait a minute.
That dog belongs to me.
I bought him, Smith,
and I dont allow my dogs to be shot.
That is, of course,
unless I shoot them myself.
Thats All right.
I'll give you twice what you paid for him.
Hes not for sale.
Just as you say, my good man.
Just as you say.
Well, what others have you?
- Uh, here. Hitch em up.
- These two will do.
I ordered a collapsible bathtub from Seattle.
Did it get here?
Its a bathtub!
You sweet meats. Youre losing your home.
Easy with ye.
Come on. Out.
Come on. Come on. Come on, Harmony
Here ya are, Mr. Smith.
We thought it was
something to pile wood in.
The only bath a person gets up here
is by the sweat of the brow.
How interesting.
Been a great pleasure, gentlemen.
A great pleasure!
Nice guys.
Well, I dont like to see a
dog killed either.
But after All, 250 bucks is 250 bucks
All right,
I told you Im buying him, and I am.
- We aint got no time to fool with him.
- Quiet, quiet.
Whose money is this?
Listen, you, youre my dog,
and Im your boss.
The sooner you learn that,
the easier its going to be for both of us.
Ho! Ho!
Right there!
Go on! Get back there!
Whatd you bring this baboon along for?
- That big guy dont like him!
- Thats just too bad! He'll learn to like him!
- Come on! lets go! Mush! Mush!
- Get your teeth out of him!
Come on! Get up there! Come on, gray boy!
Come on, Buck.
- Whats the matter?
- Nearly took my wing off.
Come on, big boy.
We dont mean you any harm.
Were trying to be friendly with you.
Buck, come here!
Come on, boy. Nobodys going to hurt you.
Come on, now, be...
Buck! Hey, Buck! Buck, come here!
Well, you can kiss that 250 bucks good-bye.
Yep. Its too bad too.
Hed have made a great dog.
Now he'll either freeze to death
or wolves 'll get him. Poor fella.
Make yourself at home, Buck.
Hey! look, boss! Wolves!
Is he dead?
No, he isnt dead. And he isnt a he
Hey, you know who that is?
Thats Blakes woman!
Oh, John! Oh, John Dorling! Im so glad!
Oh... Oh, I thought...
Is my husband with you I Have you found him?
Youre the only one weve found so for.
What about your husband?
I dont know.
We ran into trouble
and we lost most of our provisions
crossing the river.
The ice broke,
and then some of our dogs died.
Two days ago my husband went out
to look for food
and he hasnt come back.
Do you think hes dead?
Thats a pretty good guess
What are we going to do with her?
What can you do?
Take her to Dawson and leave her.
Youre forgetting one thing, pal.
She and her old man was looking for
The same thing we are.
And they had the map, the original one.
You'll find my husband for me, wont you?
Theres nothing we can do.
Were a thousand miles from nowhere.
Either the cold got him, or the wolves!
Get on the sled.
Were taking you to Dawson.
But you gotta help me find him.
He isnt dead. I dont believe that.
Hey, listen, lady, in this country
when a guy is gone for two days, hes gone.
I refuse to go until I definitely
know about my husband.
If you dont wanna stay and look for him,
you can go without me.
Put me down! I cant go!
Ive got to stay! Put me down!
Stop! Stop this sled!
Whoa! Whats the matter?
- You untie these straps.
- Oh, no, no. You might fall off.
Im doing this for your own good.
Later on you'll thank me.
I hate you, you beast! let me out of here!
Sticks and stones may break my bones,
but words can never hurt me!
- Lets go! Mush!
- Mush!
Its customary up here, Mrs. Blake,
for everybody to pitch in and do their share
Youve been with us two days,
and you havent done anything
but sit around and look nasty.
Can you cook?
Yes, Im considered a very excellent cook.
Huh. Well, how about giving these beans
the benefit of your talents?
I'll do nothing to help you.
Im your prisoner, and since you seem
to want me with you,
You'll take care of me.
Want you? We just had an attack of insanity
and decided to keep you from
committing suicide.
Very bad Idea, come to think of it.
Hey! Youre forgetting our guest of honor.
Thank you, Mr. Hoolihan.
- Hey. gimme. Come on, gimme.
- Hmm?
Say, uh, Mrs. Blake,
if I aint too inquisitive
what was you and your old man
going to do up here?
Oh. looking for the yellow stuff, eh?
Cant understand it, a guy taking
his wife way out in the wilderness.
Stupid, if you ask me.
Mr. Blake had an excellent reason.
Yeah. He loved me and I loved him.
Well, I wouldnt let him go alone.
Undoubtedly, that will still impress you
as being a very stupid reason.
We thought it an excellent one.
I still think its stupid.
Have some coffee. It might worm you up.
Well, tell me something.
Uh, didnt he have some object?
Wasnt there something he was after?
What I mean is, did he have a hunch,
or did somebody give him a tip?
Im very tired, Mr. Hoolihan
and I know you must be.
Me, tired? Heck no!
Well, I thought you might be,
asking such personal questions.
- Good night
- Good night
Boss, shes a woman in a million
- You think so?
- Yeah. She dont talk.
Can that be rain?
Hey, I gotta admit though
shes pretty as a picture.
You can have my share.
He'll come back again.
Well, lets turn in, huh?
Do you mind putting another log
On the fire, Mr. Thornton?
Fire! Wolf!
Whats the matter?
You woke up. Go on back to bed.
Them beans I et...
Thank you, Mr. Thornton.
Oh, thank you, Mr. Thornton.
Say, you know, theres two of them dogs
still missing, Buck and the gray boy.
Speaking of the devil!
Where you been?
Uh huh.
Hes been in a fight with the gray boy,
I bet you.
Yeah, that means were one dog short.
Im telling you, Buck is an outlaw
Ive known horses like that,
never could break them.
Well, what are we going to do
For our lead dog?
One Eye has got a lot of experience.
Move him to the lead.
Come on, Bobby, lets start walking.
Come on, Buck.
Buck, come on!
Come here!
Come here!
Whats the matter with you?
Success has gone to his noodle.
Maybe he wants to ride on the sled
Shut up, will you?
Buck, come here!
If you had any common sense,
Mr. Thornton,
youd realize what was wrong?
As the intellectual member of this party,
suppose you tell me.
Very well, I will.
Buck has whipped the lead dog
and he now naturally believes that
position belongs to him.
Thats the old law of accession.
The king is dead, long live the king.
That is if you know what
I am talking about.
Oh, I see youre afraid to
try my suggestion.
Put One Eye back in
his old place
Come on
Im crawling up my back, One Eye.
Come here.
All right. Come on, king, and get crowned.
Well, come on! The lead is yours!
Perhaps that great but frigid mind of yours
can figure out whats the matter now.
That club, stupid.
It takes some people an awful long time
to catch on, doesnt it, Buck?
He meant that as a caress, didnt he?
Yes, he did. I got to hand it to you
Hes never done that to anybody else but me.
It appears that you or I are
the only members of the Buck Fraternal...
Seems shed rather be an elk.
All right, get on with the dogs.
No, thank you.
I'll cross the way you men do.
Hold on! Hold on
Stick with it!
Hurry up! Hurry up! Dont forget the gun!
If we pack the stuff on the dogs and foot it,
we can make it to Dawson in three days.
- Oh, just a mad cooks tour, huh?
- Yeah
You better come closer to the fire,
We wont bite, you know.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Wait till I put on my pants.
All right, you win, Mr. Thornton,
it is stupid for a woman to come up here.
May I?
Yeah, sure.
They usually get along better
when they do as theyre told.
I wouldnt presume to teach you
feminine psychology,
- but I might add, very humbly of course...
- Yeah?
that if a woman is asked to do something,
Shes more apt to obey
Than when shes commanded.
Are my stockings dry, Mr. Hocilhan?
It'll take a minute,
I'll wring them out again and see.
Does that answer your question?
Look, shes laughing!
The ice has thawed. Spring has come!
Oh, springtime, you hear people scream
Youre the one whos
Breaking my heart, you pretty thing
A boo, a boo,
A boo
Springtime is here...
Say! Nice, modest little prices
They have here.
They practically give things away.
Say, boss, how much we got
this side of the grave?
Just about enough
for a room in a poorhouse.
This mansion over here'll do. Come on
- Come on, Buck.
- Come on, Buck.
Well, Mrs. Blake,
I guess its about time to say good-bye.
Theres an officer of the Mounted Police
down the street.
They'll get you back to the States.
Wed stake you ourselves,
Only, well, weve mislaid our funds.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, youve been very nice, Mr. Thornton.
I suppose I was a little difficult, but,
Well, losing someone youve grown
To love isnt...
I know.
Im sorry I was so rough.
Well, Im sorry I was so unpleasant
Mmm. Im sorry that I cant think
of a thing to be sorry about.
I suppose youve got friends
and relatives back in the states.
No. My husbands all I had.
- Why do you ask?
- Because we got a proposition to make.
We know what brought you up here.
Weve known All along.
I mean, old man Blakes claim!
But how? How could you possibly know?
Give me that map, Shorty.
Did you ever see this?
Or, uh, something like it?
Yes. Yes, Ive seen the original.
This wont do you any good.
It isnt correct.
I know it.
Thats why I was going to suggest that...
My husband had to borrow and beg
to make this trip.
He went through all sorts of
horrible difficulties and...
I know. Well, now hes gone.
Thats why I was going to suggest that.
And you were going to
take it away from him, steal it.
Oh, now, please be reasonable
Why dont you come in with me
and Shorty on this thing?
Where our map is incorrect,
give us the right route. We'll be partners.
And, well, while youre about it,
I suppose you may as well
Consider all angles.
We need your information about this.
We could probably find the mine ourselves
Without your help. It would take longer.
Of course, you dont know us very well
Except that were a little rough on women!
We might play you dirty.
We might take your information
and then tell you to,
well, go jump in the river.
We might do that.
On the other hand,
we might be on the up and up with you.
Let me see your map.
This river here,
It isnt a river, its a dry creek.
And that mountain peak, thats down here.
Criminy! Thats it!
All the other mistakes are minor ones.
All right, Mr. Thornton,
now you can tell me...
How did you express it?
To go jump in the river?
Weve gotta do a lot of jumping ourselves
to get the 700 bucks for the outfit.
- Seven hundred dollars is hard to get.
- My, oh, my, oh, my.
But we'll get it, if we have to take a knife
stick somebody and take it away from 'em.
- Come on, Shorty. Mush!
- Come on. Lets go.
- All set.
Keep your fingers crossed till we get back.
Weve gotta make a touch,
Something that means more to me now
That just finding a mine.
Yeah, I been noticing that.
Youre the doctor.
You know whats good for ya.
The way I figures it,
hunting for golds a full-time job.
Anything that interferes with it,
Interferes with it.
I-What do you mean?
- You know what I mean.
Mind keeping that fat snoot of yours
out of my affairs?
All right, All right. No offense, boss.
No offense whatsoever.
Wheres Buck?
Come on!
My, oh, my, oh, my, oh, my!
Cant you see thats poisoned meat?
Thats the second time hes attacked me!
Yeah, hes crazy about you!
Cant you see?
Wait a minute, partner.
I'll give you a chance to make some money.
- I doubt it.
- I'll give you $300 for him.
- Ha!
- Five hundred.
Nope. Not interested.
Thats a fabulous price to pay for a dog.
I could get a team of six for that.
What do you expect youd do with him
if I let you have him?
Give myself the exquisite pleasure of
putting a bullet through his head.
Yeah, thats what I thought.
No, thanks. Im sorry
I cant contribute to your fun, mister.
What'll you have to drink, gentlemen?
Well, Jack, my boy,
how is tricks?
Hello, Sam! How are you?
Glad to see you. Sam, this is Shorty.
- Ah yes
Just seen the argument
You had with that fellow back there.
He doesnt seem to luka your dog.
No, no.
The dog doesnt like him either.
Look, Sam, how you fixed?
Uh, pretty nearly flat.
But anyhow, I got enough to ask
You gentlemens to join me in a drink.
Bourbon, straight!
Likewise! Come on, boy! Come on!
Well, Sam, heres to your very good health.
- Skoal.
- Prosit.
You know, thats a lot of money
that fellow offered you for your dog.
Yeah? Thats a lot of dog too
- Hey, boss, lets head for the hotel, huh?
- No, no, no, not yet.
Maybe somebody we know will show.
Ole! Ha-ha! How are you?
I got lots of trouble.
Know where I can get two dogs, cheap?
What matter, huh?
got load of thousand-pound flour
Got to get over to 40-Mile Creek.
Two of my dogs, they die.
Its too big load
for the other four dogs to pull.
Quiet now!
Yo! Thats one fine dog, mister.
You want to sell, maybe?
- No, I dont.
- I'll say he dont!
You know, that fellow back there?
I just offered him 1,000 bucks!
- One thousand bucks?
- Mm hmm.
What the dog do? Spit gold dust?
Hes the best dog youve ever seen
He could pull that load of yours
without any help at all.
- Sure! I'll bet you he could.
- Well, he could.
Howd you like to make
A little bet on that, partner?
Havent any money to bet.
I heard of one dog in Nome,
That can pull 800 pounds.
But he dies dead to do that.
Ah, no dog can pull 1,000 pounds.
Its Impossible.
Well, then its Impossible. Lets drop it.
Is it All right to look at him, mister?
It aint every day we can see a dog
that can pull a thousand pounds.
Come on, boss. Lets get outta here!
Whats the matter, gentlemen?
If I overheard correctly,
The argument is whether or not this dog
can pull a thousand pounds.
Im willing to bet a dollar a pound he cant.
He wont bet. Says hes broke. I
dont want money from you, my friend
If your dog is able to do it,
I'll give you the $1,000.
If he cant...
Why, then, I'll take the dog
Say that sounds fair to me.
Mister, you wouldnt want to own a dog
That couldnt pull a measly
Thousand pounds.
Sounds like an easy way
of making money to me.
First he shoots off his mouth.
Then he wont go through with it.
When, my friend, these gentlemen seem
to think Im giving you the best of it.
Dont do it, boss.
Lets go outta here.
A thousand dollars
Its a bet!
think you make one big mistake, mister.
But, well, we go outside.
If Jack says his dog can do it,
he can do it!
- Ten-to-one he cant!
- Its a bet!
Any more takers?
I'll take ya!
- I got a poke that says youre wrong.
- Im right!
- But it dies dead to do that.
- The dog will do it!
Gee, boss, he cant do it. He'll kill himself trying.
Shut up!
Youre not only doing this for money.
Youre afraid of getting stuck here
and losing that Blake woman.
Oh, All right.
Your dog is to pull the sled
a hundred yards from a standstill.
Thats the bet
A hundred yards!
All right, All right!
One, two, three, four...
All right, get back.
Nobody touch that dog.
...five, six, seven,
eight, nine, ten, one, two...
Dog is going to draw a sled.
Just stand there.
The dog will do it!
Its plenty load for one dog to pull.
The dog will do it!
Five, six, seven, eight, nine.
Keep your hands off that dog, now!
You understand?
Oh, I beg your pardon.
Seven, eight, nine, a hundred.
Go on, mister. Were waiting.
Buck! Come on, boy!
Come on, Buck! Mush!
Come on, boy! Mush, Buck!
Come on, come on, Buck!
- Come on, boy.
- Stay away from that dog!
Buck, come on!
Buck! Come on, boy!
Come on, whitey! Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Hooray! That dog done it.
He All right?
Hope so.
Oh, I beg your pardon, old boy,
but havent you forgotten about the money?
The get? Please.
Mmm! Thank you, sir.
- Oh, say. You know something?
- Well?
Youd make a good dog biscuit.
- Whats that, a halter?
- Yeah.
Hmm. being as Im working like a horse,
just as well look like one.
There you are. Now hang on to this.
Is that All?
Did you remember nails?
Nails, Hammers and a saw. Look.
You bought em yourself.
Whats the matter with you this morning?
Get out!
Oh, hey, listen...
Theres something we did forget,
a medicine kit.
We need some iodine and quinine,
just in case.
Yeah, All right. I'll get em.
Hmm. I hope it wont be too
heavy for you to carry
- See you all later.
- All right
Say, uh, what do we need
the nails and hammers for?
Well, the snows disappearing fast.
We'll have to cache the sled later on
and build a boat.
Uh, look...
What is it?
I, uh...
I got something to tell you.
Maybe you better take it sitting down.
You know how I feel
About women in this country.
Where were going
Is ten times as tough and rugged
- as anything youve seen up to now.
- What are you getting at?
Well, just this.
paid your room rent here at the hotel
and I'll leave you enough money
for expenses until we get back
You mean Im supposed to wait here
While you and Shorty go...
Thats it.
Ive been wondering whether
youd try something like this.
Well, if youre going, Im going too.
- You mean you dont trust us?
- I mean exactly that.
All right, Shorty and I will stay here.
You go find the mine.
Oh dont be smart.
- Well, youre not going.
Wouldnt be fair to you, or to us either.
Slow us down to a walk
and make us carry double provisions.
Besides, its more of a risk
than I want to see you take.
Believe me, thats my only reason
for making this decision.
If you dont like my way of doing it,
do it yourself.
You can have my share.
Oh, so youre going to give me
mine, are you?
Well, thank you very much.
You'll not leave this town without me.
We'll leave without you.
You'll wait here and like it.
All right, come on. lets get going.
- How about the Iodine and quinine?
- I'll get them.
If that female iceberg comes out
and wants to tag along, smack her down.
Wonder whats happened now.
Oh, well. You know, I know a couple of
people used to fool around like that
and they have children now.
You, uh... You still want to go along?
Not only do I still want to go, I am going.
All right, come on. lets get going.
Come on!
Mush! Mush!
Come on!
Hey! Hey! Come on!
Mush! Mush!
- Whats up, Sergeant?
- They just brought a fellow in.
- Picked him up on the Skagway Trail.
- What happened to him?
It seems like he left his sled
to go hunting for food
then couldnt find his way back.
He was almost a corpse when they found him.
- Whats his name?
- Well, we found these on him.
Name seems to be Blake John Blake,
San Francisco.
Here it comes
Say, it even looks like a raft!
Thanks. I always wanted to join the navy.
- WILL there be room for the dogs, sailor?
- Im afraid not, mate.
- They'll have to run along the bank.
- Very well, sir.
Be careful of that varnish on the deck,
you two gobs
Step right in, commodore.
All set? Shove off, cabin boy.
Toot, toot!
Hard a port!
Come on, Buck. Come on.
The way I figure it,
We go 100 miles upstream
Then we follow a creek that
runs into it north
Never fails.
Oh, you pretty things.
Thats right,
north for about 40 miles.
And then all we gotta do is...
Oh, if you could only cook.
Then all we have to do is find the knoll
Upon which stands a tree half
shattered by lightning.
And the cabin.
Near that knoll.
Gee, I wonder what its going to be like
Having things instead of wishing for em.
Not nearly so much fun.
Youre wrong, Claire.
Wishing never got anybody anyplace.
Its owning something that counts.
Taking it when you cant get it any
other way, thats all right too.
Its the law up here.
The law of the Klondike.
When theres something you need, grab it.
Take it away from the other guy.
Its a good law.
It works.
Nope. It only works when you deserve
to have what you take.
Otherwise its stealing.
Perhaps that particular commandment
isnt respected up here.
They All get broken.
That one gets splintered
Well, Noah,
that boat manipulatings a little too tough
for my delicate constitution,
so if you dont mind, sir,
I shall go below.
Good night.
Night, Shorty.
Good night, dice.
Summers just around the corner.
I can smell it
You know, somehow Dawson
and Skagway and
Even California seem like
places Ive just heard of.
Seems as if Ive lived out here
in this wilderness forever.
Other people and other places
never existed
But theres one thing I do remember
and thats a very kind and wonderful man
Wonder what Buck sees in the fire
What are you thinking of, Buck?
Well, hes probably remembering
more than thinking.
Remembering back to the time!
When he was more wolf than dog.
When there was only one law,
the lawyer were just talking about.
Its getting late, Jack.
Think I'll say good night.
Not guilty, Your Honor.
- The tree!
- The mine!
Oh, boy!
Hey, somebody pinch me.
That does it.
Its just as it was in the letter.
My, oh, my, oh, my. I do declare.
Hey! Hey,
Boss! Come here, quick.
Hmm. Look at this.
Oh, my. Oh.
Look it, look it!
Tell me if Im dreaming. Look it.
Holy mackerel.
its gold, Claire. More gold
Than Ive ever seen in my whole life.
Oh, be careful!
It aint going to rain no more, no more
It aint going to rain no more
I got gold in my head it
aint going to rain no more
Hey, if we panned this much in an afternoon
I think what we'll get in a month
Gee, I wish I could stick around here
A couple of days longer.
You know, Ive been dreaming of this moment all my life.
Im sorry, Shorty,
but you got to file a claim.
As long as the trails are open,
Some prospector is apt
to discover this creek.
First to register gets discovery rights
Youre the boss, boss.
When I get to Dawson,
first thing Im going to do...
- Dont what?
- Get drunk.
Not a chance.
Im going to catch up on my meals.
like coffee, and my stomachs been
getting weaker every day.
Well, so long, kid.
- Dont spend it all in one place.
- So long.
Well, good-bye, Mrs. Blake.
Come on
- Hey! Hey!, Shorty!
You forgot your meal ticket.
Oh! Oh, yeah. Come to papa
Snake eyes.
My, oh, my, oh, my. I do declare.
Well, good-bye.
It aint going to rain no more, no more
It aint going to rain no more
Live got gold in my head it
aint going to rain no more
It aint going to rain no more, no more
It aint going to rain no more
Ive got gold in my head.
It aint going to rain no more
Whats the matter, boy?
- Whats biting him?
- I dont know.
Whats that, Jack?
Thats funny.
They dont usually come so dose to camp.
Buck! Come here!
Buck, come back here!
If thats a pack, they'll kill him
Buck, come here!
Hes been changing lately.
Havent you noticed?
Seems as though
He remembers things up here.
Buck, come back here! Buck!
Buck! Buck, come here!
Well, well. Welcome, stranger.
How are ya? Huh?
Well, seems we still mean more to him
than that old memory.
Hey, hey, wait a minute.
You better come inside
Before you change your mind.
Come on, tough guy. Come on
All right, kid, shake it up.
Shake it up.
Oh, thats grand music.
Thats grand music.
Aw, thats grand music.
Yeah. Thats grand music.
Thats lovely. Come on.
Shake it up.
All right. You tired?
All right, come on now.
Lets pull. Together.
- Three...
- Oh!
Well, we werent together.
- Oh, I wish you hadnt.
- Why not?
I havent let myself think about us.
I didnt dare.
Oh, I dont know. I...
Ive had sort of a strange premonition.
I dont know exactly how
to explain it, but...
Explanations belong 5,000 miles away.
I only have one question,
and I only want one answer.
You know the answer.
I dont want to know the answer.
I want to have the answer.
It just struck me, Mr. Blake
Now my back please, Kalie.
I say, Mr. Blake,
its just struck me that so for
Ive taken this entire matter on trust.
I believed your story
and put up the money for this outfit.
I still believe your story,
but I think its time
You gave me a little more positive proof.
You should show us the map, Mr. Blake.
When I asked you in Dawson City
to help finance me
I told you I knew the location
of a very rich mine.
I still know where that mine is.
Im taking you there.
But the map, Mr. Blake...
Why do you continually
refuse to show us the map?
I see.
Well, whats to prevent
our taking it away from you?
The possibility that
such a map may not exist,
except in my memory.
Violence will do you no good
Youve come this for
and now theres nothing you can do
but go All the way.
You'll gain nothing by killing me.
Now, now. Who talked of killing?
Were not pirates,
My dear man.
Were gentleman adventurers on
the road to great riches, eh?
Come, come, Kalie. My towel
Say, Jack.
- Bucks gone again.
- Yes, I know.
I heard his lady friend howling last night.
Well, thats what happens to a fella
when he gets in bad company.
Wait a minute.
According to all you told us,
and to all calculations,
We should have located the mine
two days ago.
Im afraid youre bringing
out my worst side, Mr. Blake.
- Yes, I know, but...
- If youre trying to hoodwink us,
we are certain to find it out
sooner or later.
and if such is the case,
there is nothing left for us to do
but mourn for you.
I swear Im doing the best I can.
I followed the compass
directions exactly.
The burnt tree!
- The cabin! Thats it!
- My dear Mr. Blake,
how can you ever forgive me
for doubting your integrity
Youve placed me
in a most embarrassing position.
I scarcely know what to say.
One for the master.
And one for the dame.
And one for the little boy
whos filing the claim.
Why, Jack, I never suspected.
The world doesnt understand me.
At heart Im an artist
Oh, I want to write poetry.
I want to compose.
I want to sing, paint.
- Yes, yes. Those too.
I want to starve in a garret.
Wear me hair long.
Get egg on a flowing tie.
In other words, be a genius. Ah... But no.
No, the world sneers at me talent,
and instead it gives me gold.
Oh, my
poor boy.
You seem to have all the comforts
of home, Mr. Thornton...
A comfortable cabin, golden evidence
of more comforts to come,
and a beautiful lady.
You will oblige me greatly
if you will assist
in making this incident
as painless as possible.
Come on, get it over with.
What are you going to do?
My dear man, nothing at all.
The Important thing is...
Were going back by water, Kalie,
using Mr. Thorntons canoe.
You may destroy our burros
As I was saying, the Important thing
is to prevent you people
from filing claim on this charming site
before we do.
And how do you expect to do that?
Oh, very easily,
By leaving you here and destroying
All means of transportation.
If you cant get back to Dawson
to file, why, then
You cant get back to Dawson
to file, now can you?
So we'll file instead
If you want to work the mine
while were gone,
youre very welcome to do so, of course
We'll be glad to recompense you
for your trouble when we get back
Meanwhile we'll take with us your gun
and ammunition, axes, et cetera.
It would be a grave error to leave behind
the Implements for building another canoe,
wouldnt it?
Francois! Kalie!
Come here!
Look here, Smith.
Why cant we do business?
Im always open to an honest proposition,
Mr. Thornton.
We'll give you the claim, all of it.
You can have what gold weve got.
But leave us some way of
getting out of here.
The winter snows are coming on
My dear man, you call that a
business proposition?
We already have the mine,
and the gold is ours by right of...
How shall I put it?
By right of conquest.
Do you mind if we dont argue
the point anymore?
Lets help ourselves.
Mr. Thornton would only squander the gold.
I must com mend your sense of humor,
Mr. Thornton.
Very few people would be able to
smile on an occasion like this.
- Thank you.
- Not at All
I remember watching a magician once.
From an apparently empty hat
he shortly produced a rabbit.
He smiled very much as
youre smiling now
Because, I imagine,
he knew All the while
that he had that rabbit up his sleeve!
Youve something up your sleeve, perhaps.
Roll up your sleeve, Mr. Thornton.
Theres no rabbit there.
Come, come.
Dont, lets strain our friendship.
Careful, you idiot.
You might have split the bottom.
We'll be back, my friends.
For the time being,
and good-bye.
Look out!
Well, they wanted gold. Now they got it.
Hey, Claire, get the medicine kit
and some hot water.
Is he badly hurt?
Hes got a nasty crack on the skull!
Some prospector, I guess.
Go away, Buck.
Get out of the way
John! John!
Oh, John.
John, darling!
Claire, dearest,
Id like to talk to Mr. Thornton
All right, dear.
I thought Id
lost you.
Try to rest, please.
Hes feeling much better this morning
He remembers everything, thank heaven.
It wasnt as serious as we thought!
He wants to see you, Jack.
What are you going to say to him?
I wanted you
and I took you with us.
Well, Im keeping you.
You know I love you, dont you?
You couldnt doubt that, could you?
Well, he needs me.
You have your law and
I have mine.
Best thing you can do, Blake,
is to get out of here as quick as you can.
You need medical attention. Take the canoe.
Its easy going now, but it wont be
when the heavy snows come on.
Will you come with us?
No, I'll stay here and work the mine.
When you come back in the spring,
we'll divide what Ive found.
I came to say good-bye to Buck
He never would have forgiven me
if Id forgotten that.
Would you,
You could have skipped that.
Youre only making it tougher on everybody
Oh, Jack, put your arms around me.
Well, I'll be seeing you.
You'll be seeing me.
I'll be seeing you too.
Every day and every night and every minute.
This isnt the end.
It cant be.
Careful of that first stretch of rapids.
After that its clear sailing.
Good-bye, Thornton.
And God bless you.
Good-bye, Jack.
Good-bye, Claire.
Its hard to say no to that
call, isnt it, Buck?
Its All right, boy. Go ahead
- Yeah
- Shorty
- Hello, boss!
- Why, you old son of a gun.
You came just in time. You saved my life
Well, look at you. Youre all dressed up.
Yeah. Were in the money. I filed the claim.
Were rich. Richer than Astors pup!
No trouble at all.
I went right in and signed the names.
- Oh, and the claim was...
- Shorty.
Whats that?
Thats our new cook.
- Whered you get it?
- I won it in a crap game.