The Candy Snatchers (1973) Movie Script

There she is.
Little Candy Phillips.
Do I get to ball her?
You won't have time.
What if he takes her home?
No chance.
She's not that kinda girl.
Okay, let's do it.
Calm down baby.
You're just bein' kidnapped.
Leave her alone.
Right on schedule.
You ran a red light!
Are ya crazy?
All right.
Do you know what would happen
to us if we got in an accident?
All right, all right.
Shut up about it anyway!
I can't do everything.
What are you doin'?
Listen chicky, this
little blindfold here
is the only thing that's
keepin' you alive?
So you figure out whether
you want it on or off, okay?
On the button.
Will you turn her over?
When I say three.
One, two, three.
Hurry up, it's 4:30!
Hey, take it easy baby.
If your old man's generous
you'll be home for dinner.
Gotta hand it to you Jessie, I,
I could never have
thought of this.
Me neither.
It was on television.
You think anybody saw us?
No way.
Let's get our asses outta here.
That's evidence.
Pick it up.
Who's there?
You ready?
Sean Newton!
Where have you been?
Where have, oh never mind.
I don't care.
I'm not interested, I
don't have time for games.
We are late Sean and your God
damn father still isn't home.
And when I come back those
fingernails had better be clean.
Remember, two minutes.
Okay, mark it.
Sean, hold still!
This is the first time
your father's boss
has ever asked us to dinner,
and do you know what that means?
His own territory.
But you are going to
have to be extra special.
Do you understand me?
Hey big fella.
How you doin'?
Not now Champ.
Dad's got to wack
off the whiskers.
Sock it to him.
Is that her old man?
Brown suit.
Thank you.
The way you do business
might start a new trend.
We're late.
We have to go.
Mr. Phillips?
One moment, please.
It was my intention.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
This is Avery Phillips.
Listen carefully.
You will take every diamond
in the store two carats
or bigger and put them
in your briefcase.
Who is this?
Don't talk, listen.
We've got your daughter.
Taped to the rear
door of the store
you will find a map telling you
where to leave the briefcase.
It will take you exactly
38 minutes to get there.
We're giving you
two minutes leeway.
If you ever wanna
see Candy again,
I suggest you don't waste those
minutes calling the police.
Remember, if your daughter dies,
she's on your
conscience, not ours.
Wait a...
Did he say anything?
Let's go.
You go on home.
I think Mr. Stoddard's
coming in in the morning
and I want to look
over the trays myself.
Well, thank you Mr. Phillips.
Go into my office and write down
my appointments for
tomorrow morning.
I wanna know
exactly what I have.
Yes, write.
Yes, Sir.
How'd it go?
Like a Greek watch.
I might be a little late.
And for God sake's Dudley,
promise me you will not
eat with your mouth open.
If there's one
thing I can't stand
it's you when you eat
with your mouth open.
What are you gonna tell me,
you don't eat with
your mouth open?
Drop it Audrey.
All right.
But people notice.
God damn!
I actually think we're
gonna pull this thing off.
Right on time!
Does he know about my
mother's house in Laguna?
I've never even
talked to the man.
Well, I don't think
it would hurt to mention it.
Don't you ever do
that when I'm driving!
I could kill somebody.
The perfect crime.
Did Candy ever get a hold of you?
Candy called.
She's spending the night
at a friend's house.
I'm cutting patterns, dear.
I'll be down in a minute.
Rye crisps.
Rye crisps?
Bird watchers love it.
Move out.
You got the drop point?
He's not there yet.
Have you seen my glass?
It's right here, dear.
Why didn't Candy call me?
She tried.
Your line was busy.
Well, what with the
church bazaar coming up
on Sunday there's so much to do.
So many details.
You know, if you knew
how good these drinks are
when you make them
you would just...
I'm afraid I'm gonna be a
little late again tonight.
You know the damn Dutch
and their cartels.
I'd rather deal with the
South African's anytime.
You've said that.
Well, well.
I bet there's somethin' you're
just dyin' to talk about?
Wait a minute, let me guess?
Now, let me see now.
You went out today?
And you saw something?
Oh, kids love me.
I can do anything
with 'em, anything.
Just watch this.
Now, just exactly
what did you see?
Well, come on, cat
got your tongue?
Come on, speak.
Come on.
He doesn't.
- Talk.
- Talk, yes.
What do you mean
he doesn't talk?
All kids talk.
Not ours.
some sort of problem.
You hear that mother?
Kid doesn't talk.
Whoever heard of a kid
who doesn't talk?
The cops!
It's the fire department.
Don't worry about it.
How do you know?
'Cause it's red.
Police is blue.
Blue uniforms, blue caps,
blue cars, blue helicopters.
Blue everything.
Everybody knows that.
The drop!
Nobody's watchin' the drop!
What if we missed them?
He made it.
Cross your fingers.
Maybe he had a flat
tire or somethin'.
It happens.
Oh, he's just got to come
Alan, he's just got to.
We give him 10 more minutes.
We owe him that much.
He mighta had trouble
getting the diamonds.
Close your eyes.
For me?
That depends.
Avery, I know what that's worth.
You just think you do.
It has a flaw.
Avery, I'm just
putty in your hands.
I'd like to get my
hands on that son of a bitch.
God damn it!
Son of a bitch!
God damn it!
Three weeks!
Three weeks I spent memorizing
red breast and ditch diggers!
God damn it!
How would you like to go to Rio?
Rio de Janeiro.
South America.
Cha cha cha.
What would we do in Rio?
Same thing we do here,
but with more sun on it.
Do you know how much I
wanted my own territory?
Do you know how
much I wanted that?
You know, when he
was two years old,
I said send him
to a psychiatrist.
Oh no.
It's too expensive,
it's too expensive.
Well I tell you Audrey, it
would've been money well spent.
All right out, come on, out.
Now, I want you to
go into the house,
go straight to your room,
put on your pajamas
and get into bed.
I don't ever want
to see you again!
Make sure
that blindfold's tight.
Go break a window.
We take her to the house.
Do you know what
you did to us tonight?
Well, you're going
to pay for it!
Go on!
How far do you think you can go?
I told you to put on your
pajamas and you didn't!
I told you to go to
bed and you didn't!
You are never ever going
to disobey me again!
You want a hamburger?
You need to... Gotta
go to bathroom?
She's got to go to can.
Are you gonna kill me?
Holy Christ.
You are.
You are!
We, we're not going to
kill you, I promise.
Why should I believe you?
Because you don't know
what we look like, okay?
Then what are you
gonna do with me?
You think I know?
I mean, we never got this far.
We got to figure it out.
Bedtime stories?
Doesn't make sense.
Why didn't the son of a
bitch bring the diamonds?
Doesn't make sense.
Because he didn't
think we would kill her.
That's the only possible answer.
Maybe he did have a flat tire.
Maybe nothing.
He didn't think we'd
kill her, period.
Then we got to find a way
to show him we mean business.
Exactly, as we're gonna
take another shot at him.
Unless of course
everybody's decided
to go out tomorrow
and find a job.
Work for the man?
Not me.
Wanna convince him?
Tell ya what you do.
We cut off her ear.
With one of those
pretty little earrings.
We send it to him in a box.
We cut off her ear and
we send it to him in a box.
You're out of your mind.
I got to admit it would work.
- Call for Daddy!
- No!
Say it bitch!
God damn it.
Give me the knife.
It's okay little darling.
Now you got one chance.
Let's hear it.
Daddy help me!
Help me, they're
gonna cut off my ear!
Help, they're gonna
cut off my ear!
Help me.
How was that?
Help me!
Help me, they're
gonna cut off my ear!
Help, they're gonna cut
off my ear!
Help me.
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Hey, what do you
think you're doing?
I'm gonna cut her ear off.
No way.
It's my knife.
I do it.
Now hang on.
No, no, no!
Lemme see.
Should I cut from
the bottom up or-
Hey man, you didn't really
think that, that we...
All we wanted was
the tape, right?
What good's the
tape without the ear?
Help yourself.
No, no, no, hey, there are
easier ways to get an ear,
if you've got the
right connections.
You want a ear?
Jessie, what in the
hell you want a ear for?
Come on Charlie.
You gonna give it to us or not?
What's it worth to ya?
At 10 o'clock I sold
a finger for 35.
Ain't no way man.
Ain't no way.
Okay, 35.
Yeah, okay.
We need a girl.
What's the matter, Jessie?
These are the best
people in the world.
They don't hurt nobody.
They don't make no trouble.
They don't tell me what to do.
They don't cost no money.
They mind their own business.
Yes, all they do is lie there,
and just think about
all them people.
It's too late to fuck.
Too old.
Man, an ear's an ear.
Well not for 50 bucks it isn't.
50 bucks.
And for another five?
It's nothin' personal.
We just want some money.
But my father's not rich.
He just manages the store.
He doesn't own it.
Baby, he takes the diamonds out
and puts 'em back in the safe.
You figure it out.
Is it this important?
That uniform you're
wearin', you like it?
I think it's kinda stupid.
I wore a uniform in the Army.
When the sergeant
said move, I moved.
Then I got outta
the Army and I went
to work for a furniture company.
It was a different uniform.
But when the boss said
move it, I moved it.
One day, one day
he came up to me,
and he said, "Eddy?"
"You're doin' me
a hell of a job."
"And to show my appreciation,."
"I'm gonna put your name on
your next pair of coveralls."
"How 'bout that?"
I hit him in the mouth.
And never got another job.
You can make
something of yourself.
Everybody can.
Lotsa people do it.
I'm not lotsa people.
Lotsa people aren't criminals.
You got a lotta nerve.
Anyway, when this is all over
I'm gonna have enough money
to buy me a bowling alley.
That's what I've always
wanted, a bowlin' alley.
Bar, good bar.
Just enough light, you know?
And I'll have a couple
of kids set pins.
Two or three hookers.
You watch.
I'm gonna be set for life.
I'm gonna be my own boss.
Gonna work my ass off.
Pay taxes.
Who knows?
Someday I might even join
a Chamber of Commerce.
And the others, what
will happen to them?
Jessie's little
brother's gonna FO and
she's gonna come with me.
And she's a girl?
Of course she's a girl.
What ya think?
Well, in the beginning
I was pretty sure,
but then she was telling
everybody else what to do.
What's she like?
She's the kind of a girl you get
your hands on only in a dream.
You've had dreams like... No.
No I guess you haven't.
She has blue eyes and she's
built like a brick pagoda.
You're in love
with her aren't you?
Who me?
You're in love with her.
And I'll never even
know what it is.
Don't say that.
You're gonna kill me.
Oh my God!
I know it even if you don't.
Trust me.
Trust me.
Beauty and the Beast.
Did you get it?
Wake me in the morning.
I'm gonna sleep in the van.
Take the ear.
Jessie, I'm not gonna
sleep with that ear.
Take it.
What's wrong with the bench?
You want the ants to get it?
Thank you.
Do you mind?
You know, Jessie, since we,
just, we got hung
up here you know?
And what with
everything goin' on,
we haven't had much of a
chance to get acquainted.
Some other time.
No, now.
Get out of my way.
You are two walnuts
and 100 pounds short
of tellin' me what to do and
you better get used to that.
You think so?
It takes more than wearing pants
and drinkin' out of a bottle.
A lot more.
Get out of my way!
Get out of my way!
Oh yeah.
Oh yeah.
Oh yeah.
Hell, you all say no!
I said no!
Give me that money!
I don't wanna be me anymore.
I wanna be somebody else.
Getting on a plane to New York
with a mink coat
and do anything,
anything except go to bed
with every third guy I meet,
just to get through the world,
just to get through the night.
Can't you understand that?
I understand.
But you, you said it was gonna
be just you and me Jessie.
You said that Jessie.
And you believed it?
Yeah, I believed it.
I believed it.
How 'bout that?
Now you, you!
You're gonna believe it!
No baby, oh!
No, baby not today!
Leave it!
"Hail Mary, full of grace."
"Blessed art thou among women."
Shut up!
We need a gag.
What are you doin'?
We're putting her
back in the hole.
- Shut up!
- Oh, please don't
put me back in the hole!
Shut up!
You don't know what it's like!
- No!
- Shut up!
Leave her alone.
What the hell do you care?
We're gonna kill her anyway.
Hey, we agreed that
there wouldn't be-
We agreed to get the diamonds.
We did not agree on her.
Then kill her.
Get it over with.
God damn.
It's a pity you can't
see this coming.
Kidnapping is life,
and you're worried about
stealing a truck?
It's so stupid!
Is it?
We tried it her way
and it didn't work.
Now we do it my way
or we call it off.
But you go in there
and he's gonna see you.
Yeah, me.
Not you.
Anyway he won't have any
time to do anything about it.
The key to this operation
is daring and surprise.
Right on.
You're gonna surprise
him, 50 cops and the FBI.
Good thinking.
We're talkin' about
half a million bucks!
Or did you forget that?
Now is it worth taking
a chance or isn't it?
Yeah, but just walkin'
in there with an ear.
Well how in the
hell did you figure
on getting it to him?
Parcel post?
Thank you, dear.
This bazaar just has
me a nervous wreck.
Candy dropped by.
Picked up a notebook or
something and went on to school.
She sent ya that.
You're so good to us, dear.
How you doin'?
You by yourself?
Yeah, I got to put
all new lines in.
How long you gonna be?
Oh, I don't know.
About noon.
Next time, could we
find a smaller phone man?
And where do you
think you're going?
You are not getting up until
you finish that cereal.
And when you finish you
will go to your room
and pick up every one of
your toys and put them away.
And at nine o'clock
I am going to come in
and every toy I see I will
break and throw in the garbage.
Now, do you understand me?
You know, he's getting to
be a real pain in the ass.
You're tellin' me?
He's gonna blow the whole
thing before it's over.
You know that.
You don't think he's gonna
let us kill the girl, do you?
I mean now she knows
our names, our voices.
She's got to go Jessie.
We won't be open for 10 minutes.
Lady, you've got trouble
on the line and
I've got to fix it.
I'll get the manager.
Can you do it?
I mean, have you
ever killed anybody?
Do you really wanna know?
I've killed,
12 people.
Yeah, I think the
world's record is 279.
Gee, I'd be happy to break 100.
It's about your daughter.
This way.
The phone is in the back office.
The phone is in the,
in the back office.
Through there.
Help me!
Help me!
Help me, they're
gonna cut off my ear!
Help, they're gonna cut
off my ear!
Help me!
Oh my God.
Oh my God, no!
Now, now you know
we mean business?
So get yourself together,
because you're gonna get up,
you're gonna go
into the next room,
you're gonna get the diamonds,
and you're gonna
bring 'em back here.
And if there's anymore problems,
you daughter will be dead.
Move it.
Where is she?
Don't worry about it, move it!
Move it!
Oh what is it Officer?
Is that your truck outside?
I know you guys can park
where you damn well please,
but I got a busy
street out there.
Would it really kill ya to
put it around the corner?
Right, right away.
Right away.
You forgot something.
You still don't understand.
We are going to kill her.
I was hoping you'd say that.
I'm afraid you don't understand.
You think you're the only one
in the world who needs money?
Pardon me.
You really didn't do
your homework, did you?
Because if you had,
you would've discovered
that Candy is my stepdaughter,
and that she once upon a
time had a very rich father
and if she reaches
the age of 21,
she will inherit roughly
two million dollars.
And if she doesn't, half
of that money is mine,
which is why I married her
mother in the first place.
Oh, I've been waiting for you,
for something for
almost 10 years.
Thank you.
Was there anything else?
Have a nice day.
You too.
You scared me.
Where are the diamonds?
Alan, where's Alan?
Where are the diamonds Eddy?
Where is Alan?
He's gone to kill the girl.
Now where are the diamonds?
Oh, no!
Eddy, where
the hell are the diamonds?
I don't have 'em!
If she dies, we're
never gonna have 'em.
What do you want?
Say something.
Who are you?
Untie me.
Can you do it?
Will you help me?
You know about the hole?
If they put me
back in that hole,
you mustn't try to
dig me up yourself.
No, no.
All you have to do
is get the police.
It's very important.
You can save my life.
Do you know what killing is?
If you don't get the police,
they're going to kill me.
Oh my God, if they catch you...
You and me have had this
date from the very beginning.
Looks like you're
gonna see it after all.
Come on!
I'll let go when you do.
Come on.
Oh, come on, come on.
- Come on.
- Please don't, no!
- Come on.
- No!
Come on!
Get off of him!
Eddy, Eddy you'll kill him!
You are a pig.
What are you so uptight about?
You want her to die a virgin?
You lied to me.
Everything's a lie.
I hate to tell ya, this
is turning into a career.
Can you believe it?
We kill her and he
gets a million dollars.
A million dollars!
But if he can't find the body
it's gonna take seven
years to collect.
The ladder!
Lift it up!
Give me your shoulder.
Come on, push!
You're steppin' on my head!
You asshole.
You had to take
that blindfold off.
She took it off herself.
I didn't have to
see her to bang her.
I was workin' the
other end, Champ.
Well, who are you calling
an asshole anyway?
Either one of ya.
Big sister.
Great full proof scheme, right?
And you.
That daylight attack of
yours, that was a sensation.
Now... Hey?
We're gonna do things my way.
The way we shoulda done
'em in the first place.
Tonight, we're
gonna stake him out,
we're gonna grab him and either
he gives us the diamonds
or we cut his throat.
What about the girl?
Well you said it.
The bitch took
off her blindfold.
Put her back in the hole.
Wrong again.
Maxie's Delicatessen,
Maxie speaking.
In a minute Mrs. Hirsche.
Open up.
You're saying police?
Open up.
Listen, my friend this
is Maxie's Delicatessen
on Flatbush Avenue.
You want the police you should
maybe call the station
house on Coney Island.
You wanna a sandwich the
pastrami tonight is like gold.
Open up.
Look, if this is Herbie get
me down for five on the nose.
Fred Julie.
Tomorrow on the
fifth at Highalier.
And if this is one of them
smart Alec God damn jokers,
you should shove a
salami up your ass.
They're asleep.
It'll be all over tonight.
But I've got to put
you back in the hole.
No, no, no, no!
It's the only chance you have.
Don't worry, this'll
give you plenty of air.
That's it.
I'm gonna dig you up,
but you've, you've
never seen any of us.
Especially me.
I'm trustin' you with my life.
Okay, get down.
When your ship
comes in, it comes in.
What do you mean?
I mean our trip to Rio will
be permanent and forever.
How you gonna swing that?
I never told you
before but I spent
a lifetime working on a
certain investment,
and it's about to pay
off very handsomely.
Did ya kill her or didn't you?
What do you think?
Straight questions
require straight answers.
I don't believe you.
Then you dig her up.
And make it fast, we
don't have all day.
She was my number 13.
We'll take it.
Fine, got your driving license?
Let me see.
Today is Saturday, you
can pick it up Thursday.
Hey, we need it tonight.
There's no wait on
shotguns and rifles.
I can let ya have
this one for 75.
No questions.
Sean, God damn it
what have you got?
What have you got?
Let me see.
Oh my God, those are my
best pair of scissors.
What were you going
to do with them?
Oh, I don't care!
Get in the house.
Get in the house, I'm
at the end of the rope.
Go in the house.
Move, move!
You really ought to
get a chain for that.
I think you've
got the wrong house.
We're business
associates of your husband.
Didn't Avery tell you?
Well, he might've.
He could've.
Are you in diamonds too?
We're workin' on it.
Well, that's nice.
Tell me is Avery
expecting you this early?
He told us to wait for him.
Oh, that's our daughter, Candy.
Yeah, we know.
In fact, we know her
better then anybody.
Would you like a cuppa coffee?
Or a ginger ale?
Actually I'd like a drink.
A drink?
Of course.
A drink.
Do you know what these are?
They put people to sleep.
I could give you the
whole bottle but I won't.
I'll just give you one.
And between now and five
o'clock in the morning,
you are going to
be down and out,
and I am going to
be up and alive.
swallow it.
When we get our courage
together, come on.
Come on, come on.
When we get our
courage together,
we're gonna make a little
phone call aren't we?
You didn't like that?
Oh, oh yes.
But what?
That is sick.
That is really sick.
What's sick about it?
She is old enough
to be your mother.
Well congratulations.
You finally figured it out.
This is Avery Phillips.
It's me.
It's me, Katherine.
They're here.
What are you talking about?
That's a no no.
Ask him when he's
- coming home, okay?
- Hello?
When are you coming home, dear?
Very, very late.
You know, the damn Dutch again.
Dear, I- - Katherine,
I've got a customer.
I'll see you later.
Well, what'd he say?
He's going to be very,
very, very, very late.
All right, did he say
where he was gonna be?
With the damn Dutch.
Don't you think it's
about time you went home?
I've got a surprise for you.
I'm not going home.
In fact, I
may never go home again.
Now, what do ya
have to say to that?
You know, you've
kept us waiting here
for a very, very,
very, long time.
It was you who really
didn't understand.
Not even a charm bracelet.
Oh, we'll make up for it.
Won't we?
Where's Katherine?
Is everything all right?
Should be.
We got our best man on it.
Now you're gonna
forget all about us?
What we said.
What we did.
What we look like.
Oh no.
I could never forget you.
- Not ever.
- Oh, sure you can.
I'll always remember you.
Always and always and always.
Always and always and always
and always and always.
Sorry baby.
I gave ya a chance.
Okay Phillips, we
come to the end of the line.
What are my chances
of getting out of this?
Lie to him.
Very good.
Open it!
It's very temperamental.
So is this.
Fill it up.
Move it.
Jessie, Jessie, we did it.
- Yeah we did it!
- God damn it, we did it!
Yeah, we did.
Can't believe it!
We got to get outta
here, it's gettin' late.
Almost daylight.
I would like to propose a deal.
A deal?
- Yes.
- Come on!
- Let me get this over with.
- Wait a minute.
Let's, let's hear
what he's got to say.
- Thank you.
- Jesus Christ.
If I could step into my office?
Actually it seems to me that
we might be able
to help each other.
Shut up.
Go ahead.
Well, the point is that,
it's very important
for me to know
whether my daughter
is alive or dead.
And of course, very
important for me to know
where I can find her.
So, in return for
this information,
I would be more then happy to...
(Avery screaming)
Get out!
Come on!
Come on!
- No, Eddy I can't leave him!
- Jessie!
- He's my brother.
- Jessie!
What the hell?
Get outta that car.
Come on baby!
Just keep comin'.
Listen to me!
There's just one chance!
Where's the girl!
Sean, where are you?
Answer me!
Sean Newton!
Sean Newton!
Sean Newton!
Sean Newton!