The Candy Tangerine Man (1975) Movie Script

- Even Memphis is
cooler than this,
and I'm tired of working.
You just dig what I've
got to show for it.
- That's because you've been
working for the wrong dude.
- For sure.
- You know, I ain't
asking you to choose me,
because that's got to
be your own decision,
but I tell you one thing,
none of my ladies are
anything but totally content.
- The Black Baron.
What you goin' to do honey,
make me a queen?
- Only God and a
crown can do that,
but I tell you something,
I will make you happy,
wealthy and wise.
Choose me, and you've got the
whole world by the asshole.
- I can dig that.
How many wives in laws
am I going to have?
- Enough to compete
with you, darling.
You sure smell sweet, child.
- I already done
had me two pimps,
and they came up
with zilch and zero.
- You didn't have no man, baby.
What you had was some
chalk-stripe chumps.
Now you go with me,
and I'll do something
with your money.
Put you into
something respectable
after you pass the working age.
Like you deserve, you dig?
- Like maybe a beauty salon.
You know, I'm really
good with hair stylin'.
- Yeah, sure bitch.
- You know, rumor has it
that you're a position freak.
Are you?
Tell me.
- Let's go down and see.
- Last night's work
is in the drawer.
- [Baron] Now remember, baby.
It's two hundred dollars a day,
and I mean every day.
' [Baby] Oh God!
(70's horns music)
ILiving life out on the streets
ILadies say he's candy sweet
ICandy Tangerine Man
IYeah, hey yeah.
ICandy Tangerine Man
IAnd he's so cold
- Fuckin, flesh eaters.
- Look Mama, you've got to
eat them before they eat you.
- For sure.
- Now look, let me
tell you something.
Stay off Del Hena,
south of the strip.
The vice has been working
that pretty heavy this week.
And one other thing,
watch your money.
I think you've been
coming up short.
Hey, Daddy--
- I don't want to
hear that shit.
Get it together,
do you understand?
- See you later at Bella's?
- You're late for work,
you'd better get going.
- Later.
- Go get 'em, you sleek little
money-making bitch, you.
(70s style horn rock)
# No one knows his double life
# Two small children and a wife,
Ibut he's still...
# The Candy Tangerine Man
IHey candy, yeah, yeah, yeah
ICandy Tangerine Man
# Go on, Mr. B, and
do what you please
ICandy Tangerine Man
ICandy Tangerine Man
Hey, hey!
Here comes that
black cocksucker.
- Can't wait to get that
spook son of a bitch
down at the precinct.
Right on time.
- Yeah.
This might just be his
last night to prowl.
- [Reynolds] Hey.
- How's it going out there.
- I turned two tricks.
- Two tricks?
You've got to be kidding.
This ain't right.
- Honest Baron, that's it.
I mean, it's slow out here.
The V Squad is out heavy.
- That's bull shit.
I tell you it ain't right.
Now you better recount it--
- But Baron I promise--
- You dig?
- Dig-
- Turn it in later at Bellas.
And you better recount
it, you understand me?
- Baron, you see
that girl there?
Well, I think she'd
like to choose.
Want to go for cop on her?
- She got enough wires alone...
- Baby, there's
nothing I can't handle.
You want me to ask her over?
- All right.
- He bought it!
He swallowed it!
He bought it!
Get the tape rolling!
Get the goddamned tape rolling!
- Hi, what's happening?
- Ain't nothing happening.
You got yourself a family?
- No, I'm just a
single working girl.
- A single working girl, eh?
Well, you know you've got
to choose yourself a family.
- That's what I'm
here for, baby.
- Aw man, that Carl
is something else!
I'd think he was a
girl if I didn't know
he was a first
degree black belt.
- Some nice legs you've
got there darling.
Really beautiful.
- RGoodbye my Baron (laughs)
- My god, they're beautiful!
Look at those beautiful legs.
Easy baby.
Oh, what do we have here?
- I don't know why I have to
turn in my trick paper to you.
- Tell it to the Baron,
you're not my whore.
- I ain't your
eatin' meat either.
- Hi baby!
- Hi Dotti, you turn in, baby?
- Yeah, look, I've been meaning
to talk to you about that,
now Bella--
- Later, later.
- Yeah, but--
- Got business darlin'.
- Hey, coming over later, Baron?
- I'll try, baby.
I'll try.
- Shit, I've got
to go horny again.
- God damn.
Between the massage
parlors and the sauna,
you're making out
like a Chinese Bandit,
huh, mama?
- Here's yours.
- Hope things get
greater, later,
because this is
getting might thin.
They all turn in?
All except Pepper.
She's in the Hollywood
Station, busted.
- It's going to get thinner.
Hey dude!
- Hey, what's happening, my man?
- All right, all right.
- Did you hear about Pepper?
- Yeah, well...
Get her out and
keep what's left.
- Man, I can use it.
Folks been keeping
their window's locked.
Now let's see, got get
Pepper out of the slammer.
Oh yeah, two messages there.
Denise got herself a problem.
- She got a case?
- Yeah, got a case
of an ex old man
who's been hassling her.
I understand he
thumped her around.
Wants her to cut you out.
- Hmmm, is that right?
- Yeah, goin' to thump you too.
Number two, your old
friend and brother,
Dusty Compton,
well he just picked up
on a new bottom woman.
Little Indian chick.
Bad little hammer, man.
- She a working girl?
- Naw, man, looks like
a straight little chick.
Guess he's going
to turn her out.
- He's just the kind of
asshole chump who would.
Where are they hanging out?
- Coach and Horses.
- Well, my man, thank
you for the information.
When you goin' to get me
some more merchandise, blood?
- Man, I can't get in no
windows with all them chalkies
putting doberman
pincers in their houses.
Lose me a leg, man!
- Lose you a leg, wow.
God damn, that ain't no way
to greet your Daddy, baby.
Where is your manners?
- Look, get out of
here, please get out!
- What's the matter, baby?
Ain't you--
You sound all tied up.
Ain't you working?
- Ain't nobody
going to be working
for you anymore, motherfucker.
- Hold on a minute, man.
That's foul language
you're using.
- Is it, motherfucker?
- The only mother I
ever fucked was yours,
and she was a shitty lay.
- Let's get this nigger
mother fucking son of a bitch!
(fast paced
electronic jazz music)
- You nigger cocksucker!
- You all right?
- Yeah, I'm all right.
- Look, give Maurice a call,
tell him to come over here
and help you get this
place cleaned up.
It's bad for business.
I'll see you at Bella's tomorrow
when you turn in the cash, okay?
- Come on, come on,
come on, come on,
shoot the fucking
shot, will you?
- Just be cool, my man.
It's all over now.
Shes-R, when you hot, you hot.
When I'm hot, I'm boiling.
Thank you my man.
- I ain't your fuckin' man.
- Oh he's so beautiful,
my Dusty's a sweet mac.
- You lucky for me, Heather.
Get me another player in here.
I got a horseshoe in
my fingertips tonight.
Come on, Vincent.
- Hey, go fuck yourself.
Well, Mr. Roget.
- What do you say, Siciliano?
- What's happening, Baron?
- Say Dusty, I heard you got
yourself a new bottom woman.
- Yeah, this here's Heather.
And you know Evadeen.
- She's kind of young to
be turned out, ain't she?
- Whatever's fair
and honest, man.
Own choice.
Nobody breaking
her arm to do it.
- You Indian?
- You got somethin'
in your mind, man?
- She ain't been
turned out yet, Dusty.
I want her.
- (laughs) Shee-it.
Let me get back to my game.
- I'm not bullshitting, man.
What do I have to do
to get that thing?
- Hey, man, you know I
don't dig that slave trade.
I mean, I thought we went
through that, didn't we?
I mean, I can't sell
you no chick, man.
That just ain't croquet,
you know, shee-it.
- How about clunking some
of those balls together?
- Man, this gal is
going to make me
about ten thousand big ones
before she wears that slot out.
Now, can you match that?
- Your cash ain't
nothing but trash.
- All right, my man,
let's make it nine ball.
Simplify things.
- You want to break?
- Right on.
- Go ahead, it's on you.
- All right, my
man, you step back,
because I'm going
to run the rack.
Get down.
Now Mr. B, going to run
the one, two, and three,
while you stand
there looking at me.
All right.
Check me.
I got more moves than Ali.
Can you dig it, Mr. B?
Right out of sight.
All that's left
is the nine ball.
All right, Mr. B, this is it.
I'm going to take your shit.
All right.
Oh, ah shee-it!
- Scratch brother, and you lose.
God damn.
Oh shit, man!
- Sorry about that.
- [Dusty] Oh fuck, damn, fuck.
- Too fine not to be mine.
- [Dusty] Ain't this some shit?
This motherfucker
scratched on me, man!
- Sicilian!
Whoop te do.
- [Dusty] You snaily
mother fucker you shit,
you just blew my whole
mother fucking shit, man.
Done lost my woman,
fuck you round white
honky mother fucking ball!
Shit, don't you
know this is Dusty,
you fucking witch?
Mother fucker, shit!
Now you run clean, huh?
Now you run clean on the Dusty.
Honky white mother fucking
ivory piece of shit!
(fast paced funk music)
- Get down and stay down.
- What?
- Holy shit!
(squealing tires)
- I want that son of a bitch.
You get the word out on him.
No more nigger shit.
This is Vince Di Nunzio
talking and I want him.
- You want him dead or
you want him de...fractured?
- What are you, James Cagney?
You Humphrey Bogart, huh?
No, I want him where it hurts.
In his pocket book.
- What are we doing here?
- You see that bus over there?
I don't know where it's going,
but you, my darling,
are going to be on it.
- But I don't understand, he's--
- Look, damn the understanding.
You find your way
back to New Mexico,
and you find yourself
some Indian or wetback
and have yourself a
couple dozen kids,
and then maybe someday you
can come back and thank me.
You understand?
- No, I don't.
- Well, then, understand this,
if you show up in
the area ever again,
then I'm going to
kick your ass royally.
Now get out of here
and get on that bus,
and keep going.
Go on, get out!
Dumb Indians and free schools.
- Hello Baron, out of the car.
Come on, move.
All right, up against
the automobile.
- Careful, careful, careful,
you got dishpan hands.
- Your ass is busted, Baron.
- You know, you're talking
out the end of your ass.
- You think so, huh?
Dempsey, she hustle you?
- She was just about to.
- You know that'll
hold up in court
just about as long as your dick,
and you know that
ain't too long.
- You're riding thin,
you pimp son of a bitch.
We've been following
your trail all over town.
We found three guys dead
at one of your ladies' pad,
two more blown up in a truck,
where this car was seen leaving.
And not only that...
- And not only that,
you've got an officer
down at the station,
dressed in drag,
with nuts as big as
basketballs long about now.
Dempsey, get that piece
of garbage out of here.
- You're number one on
my bleep list, Rastus.
Now get your ass out of here.
- Power, brothers.
(fast paced funk music)
(horn and sax music)
(mellow sax jazz music)
- IOut in the country
IAir is fresh and clean
ICruising slow, let the wind
IAnd your dreams meet
- Is that you, Ron?
- Ah!
- You're late.
- Yeah, I know.
I had an extra client to see.
How you doing?
Kids in bed?
- Hours ago.
You hungry?
Your stew's been hot for hours.
- No, I ate with a client.
- When are they going
to find someone else
for that road job?
I'd like to be married to
a real flesh and blood man,
not to an IBM computer.
- Soon, baby, soon, soon,
they're coming soon.
- You look tired.
I'm worried about you.
- Now, don't waste time
worrying about me, Clarice.
A weekend's worth of rest,
and I'll be good
as new come Monday.
- Drink?
- Now that is a good idea.
- You've got to speak to
Robbie about pounding his ball
against the house next door.
Mrs. Terrace raised holy hell
and he won't listen
to a word I say.
She keeps leaving that
wagon in the driveway.
A salesman fell
over it Wednesday.
It's a wonder somebody
doesn't file suit against us.
The kitchen is broken.
- I'll look at it
in the morning.
- And Mrs. Terrace is worried
about the avocado tree.
Says the leaves keep
falling in her yard.
Can't you saw it?
- She eats the avocados
that fall in, doesn't she?
- Yeah, but that doesn't count.
Oh yeah, the louvered window
in the bathroom needs fixing.
You know the new
talkers next door?
- Mmmmm.
- Their idiot son
keeps looking at me
every time I go in there.
I'm sorry.
Dammit Ron, it's not
as if you were like
all the other
husbands around here.
I mean, being on
the road and all,
things just seem to fall
apart when you're not here.
- Yeah, I know.
Damn, I'm beat.
- Well, I can't do it
all myself, you know?
What do you want me to do,
go get the idiot
boy from next door.
- Mm, that's okay if you
think you can handle it.
- You're impossible,
but I love you.
(whimsical horn music)
- Mr. Lewis!
Yoo hoo!
- Ah!
Hello Mrs. Terrace.
- Did you see my roses?
Oh God!
The lilies, too!
The aphids have eaten
all of the roses.
You know, Wong the gardener
says I should spray them,
but I think that if God
wanted flowers to be sprayed,
well, he would grown them
out of an aerosol can.
Where's Clarice?
You know I asked her to
come into town with me,
to go see a show,
but she won't go anywhere
when you're not around.
I wish you'd talk to her.
- Yeah, yeah, okay.
All right.
- Mine! Mine! Mine! Stop! Mine!
- Hold it!
- Hold it, wait, wait,
wait, wait a minute,
hold it, hold it, hold it,
hold it, hold it, hold it,
it's my ball.
Gimme the ball, I got it.
I got it.
- When are you going to
be able to stay home?
- I don't know.
I hope soon.
- It's been three years.
Seems like they would
have been able to
find another man to
replace you by now.
- Come off of it, Clarice.
I do what I have to do.
- The kids and I, what do we do?
They only have half a father,
I only have half a husband.
- You've got
everything you need.
A house.
What more do you want?
- I got everything but
what I really need.
I mean it Ron.
I can't take it any longer.
- I love you baby.
- It's too lonely,
it's too lonely.
- I love you.
- Then do something Ron,
before there's
nothing left to love.
- I love you baby.
I love you.
I love you.
(dramatic music)
(voices from another room)
- The least Midge can
do is take a night off.
It is Sunday.
- Business is business.
- Well why in the hell
can't she use her own place?
- She said Bella
sent him up here!
Wizard of Id blew it again.
- I wish Baron was here.
I wonder where the hell
he goes on weekends?
He's never with
the Wives In Law.
- Don't bother me none.
Frankly, I'm glad for the rest.
No john's belly
sweating over me.
No strolling,
dousing and douching.
Damn sons of bitches gave
me saddle sores last week.
Was that someone at the door?
- Oh, I didn't hear nuthin'.
Probably the trick
blowin' his balls.
Wait a minute, you can't break
into a person's apartment!
- Get down on the floor.
- Shit, stop it!
- What are you doing?
God damn!
- Line up here.
(screams and shrieks)
- What's the fucks happening?
I paid my money!
- What is this?
- Now where's that
scumbag, filthy, disgusting
piece of shit you call a pimp?
- I don't know what
you're talking about.
- Shut up you bitch.
- Look, I don't
really belong here
with these people, you know.
I just came over here
to have some dinner
with these friends of mine and--
- Oh, shut up.
- Hey, wait a minute,
you can't just come out--
- Shut up.
Now you listen to
me you skank bags,
and you listen good.
I want you to remember
everything I do here, see?
Then you go back
and tell that slimy,
stinking nigger pimp of yours
that he's out of
fucking business!
- No!
- No!
- Id like to cut this off
and have it for breakfast.
Get on the floor.
- Wait a minute (screams)
- Help, let me go! Oh!
No, please!
No, no, no, no!
(scary percussive music)
- This is Los Angeles LX13722.
Get me Hollywood 4639110.
- Bella's place.
- Baron here.
Any happenings?
- Mm, got some heavies for you.
You know your girl Dottie?
She had her boobs cut off.
- [Baron] What?
- You got it.
Somebody came over here
and raided your files.
The man's been looking for you.
Your other girls
has flat-out split.
In other words, you're
out of business, sucker.
- Any other good news?
- Yeah, that nappy-head
mother fucker Maurice
said he's got some kind
of big deal for you.
Probably a stolen
transistor radio.
Tell him to meet me at Peppers.
(upbeat saxophone blues)
Hey, baby.
- How much?
- Fifty bucks.
- My God Loretta.
He looked like he
was waving at you.
- Well he looks like Ron Lewis.
No, it couldn't be.
- Don't be silly, Loretta.
He looks like one of
those fellas we saw
in that movie last week.
You know, he's a pimp
or something like that.
- Oh my God!
Oh, he's flirting with me!
- Well, don't look at him.
He's going to expose himself
or do something terrible.
Don't look!
- It sure looks like Ron Lewis.
- Not with a thirty
thousand dollar car,
it couldn't be.
Besides, they all
look alike anyway.
Come on, let's go.
I'm hungry-
- [Pepper] Who is it?
- Baron.
- [Pepper] Baron,
Please go away!
- Open up!
- [Pepper] Go away
please, Baron!
- Look, open up the
goddamned door or
I'll kick it in!
What is all this shit?
- It's all over Baron.
We can't go on the
street for you anymore.
- Who are you working for?
- Dusty.
We all are.
- Is that the way you
want it to come down?
- Aw, you don't understand,
it's not that we don't
want to go out there,
jeez, speaking for myself,
I want to keep what
little I got left.
- Well ladies, let me
tell you something.
Don't sweat that
problem any longer,
because those goons are
now non-operational.
They're dead.
(funky music)
- What's happenin', my man?
What's happenin'?
- Everything's
living, how you doing?
- You smell good!
Oh, not a hell of a lot.
How you like my big weekend?
- Things are rough
all over, brother.
- L dig it.
This stuff was in a desk.
- You got any more of these?
- Check it out.
- Now that's what I call
a good night's work.
- Maurice, get over to Sugars,
and tell her that I think
I've got a job for her.
- All right.
- Maurice, what's Bella's game?
- Now, I ain't
talking out of school.
She wants you out.
Down and dirty.
- Nice lady.
Look, I think that there
might be a big score here.
Catch you later.
- All right, my man.
Say Baron?
- Yeah?
- Slice one up for me.
(funky music)
- Hey brother.
- Hey, sweet babies.
- Hey man, when the
Baron finds that chick
laying in all that
blood with one tit,
he's going to come looking
for your black ass.
- (chuckles) I tell you what,
that mother fuck with me,
I'll cut his cock off,
can you dig it?
All right.
- [Redhead] You are so bad.
- You know what
they call me baby?
Imsedemptor Supreme.
Dusty, he can rhyme every time.
- Yeah, I know.
" Why you got to be so stingy?
- Well hey baby,
don't forget me?
- Aw, thank you Big Daddy.
- Want to feed Daddy?
All right.
Now hold it mama,
no, don't give me them,
give me the chocolate stuff.
- Oh, excuse me.
- The one full of nuts.
- 0h you!
- All right.
- Nice, isn't it?
(knocking at the door)
- 00f!
- You sucker.
You were there
also, weren't you?
- I was there and I sat on her,
you mac pepe cocksucker.
- He's going to kill somebody!
- Oh my God!
- Shit!
- Oh God!
- You're going to
kill somebody, man!
- Stop him baby!
- Oh goddamn, oh shit!
- You shrivel-nosed faggot,
you did the cuttin', didn't you?
- Hey man, shit.
You know I don't
carry no knife man,
you know that man,
wait a minute man.
I don't want to hear
that fucking shit.
- You chicken shit
nigger cocksucker.
You were going to
cut off his cock.
I cut her.
- [Dusty] Oh god damn,
oh shit, oh stupid shit,
oh shit, hey man,
goddamn, oh shit, shit!
Oh shit, goddamn
shit, man, oh goddamn,
he's going to kill
somebody mama.
Shit, shit, oh shit,
man, somebody stop him!
- (screams)
- [Dusty] Oh shit, shit!!
- (screams)
- Oh, Jesus Christ,
look at that!
Son of a bitch got away clean.
- Black bastard's got
a horseshoe up his ass.
- Go get that motherfucker,
he went that away.
Go get him!
Go get that motherfucker,
he went that away,
go get his ass.
- Come on!
- Go get that motherfucker!
Shee-it, should have kicked
that m0therfucker's ass.
- I don't know why you didn't.
- Sure, baby.
- Shee-it, 24 inches across
my motherfucking chest,
baby, I don't...
Yeah, nobody but God in there,
can you dig it?
- Right on, sweetheart.
- Shit, the don't call me
lmsedemptor Supreme Pimp
for nothing, am I right baby?
- That's right!
- All right.
- J'l don't care what you do
II don't care, I don't care
# That's not up to me
# That's up to you
II don't care what you do
Ilf it don't hurt
me then do you do
ILet me hear you say it
II don't care what you do
II don't care, don't care
# That's not up to me
# That's up to you
II don't care what you do
II don't care what you do
# lf it don't hurt
me, then do you do
II don't care, I don't care
II don't care, I don't care
- Whew, am I bushed.
- Who's your boyfriend?
- You mean pickle puss?
He's a real charmer, ain't he?
- Yeah.
- Only the president of a bank.
You fucking walking dollar bill.
- Well, why don't you get
up and shake your ass,
so he can eyeball
you for a while.
- He's got the hots for you,
but I think I'll
shake it anyway.
- II got a bad feeling
IBad, bad feeling
IYeah, that things
won't be the same
II can feel it in my bones
II can feel it,
I know they won't
II got a bad feeling
IBad, bad feeling
IHigh, high, high,
wonder who to blame now
ICan you tell me who it is?
IUh, huh, no you cain't
II ain't that kind of man
IAnd rather than remove ya
IOh, what a shame, yeah now
IToo bad, too bad, too bad
Ms too bad
IWhat a shame, yeah
IToo bad, too bad, too bad.
- Hi Baron.
- What's happening?
- All kinds of things.
- How's your banker
boyfriend over there?
- I have to see him later.
- How'd you like to make
- ISomebody tell
me, cause I know
IAnd right now, I've got to go
IWe're running low on gas
and paying high taxes,
son, what a shame yeah.
Ms too bad, too bad, too bad
run huh, R's too bad
# lt's just a shame
yeah yeah yeah
IToo bad, too bad
- What's all this about
- Well baby, I'll tell you.
I've got $250,000
worth of this stuff.
Here's a thousand dollar
one for you to play with.
- I can't do anything with this.
- Absolutely right,
and neither can I,
but your boyfriend
over there can,
no questions asked.
Can you handle it?
- Listen, this dude
is a piss freak.
I mean, his idea of an orgasm
is getting wetted down.
Can I handle it?
- Well, 20 thousand
dollars is a lot of money.
Go get a couple of six packs.
- (laughs) I hate beer.
[pouring water sounds]
- [Banker] Oh, oh,
more, more, oh, ah, oh,
marvelous, marvelous,
oh, oh, oh yeah,
mm, ah, oh, oh, marvelous.
Ah, Sugar, marvelous.
That's marvelous.
That's marvelous.
You are the
greatest, sweetheart!
It's a ball being with you.
A real ball.
- Did you dig it, Woodrow?
- Most assuredly.
It was a gas.
What's this?
Oh, a negotiable bond.
Where'd you get this?
- Can you handle
that at the bank?
- Well yeah, I suppose so.
Where'd you get this?
- From a friend.
- Oh.
- I've got a lot more.
- All right?
- Two hundred and fifty
thousand dollars worth.
(dramatic piano and drum music)
- Look baby, that's the
way it's got to come down
in order to work.
- You've got to be
out of your mind.
I'm not getting mixed up
in no federal machinery.
No way.
- Hold on.
They ain't no federal to it.
Now, in order for it to
go like it's got to go,
we need somebody
with a business.
Our friend at the bank
has to make it look legal.
You've got the massage parlors,
and all I've got
is that telephone
and a light bulb in the back
that you call an office.
That ain't going to get it.
- What's in it for me?
- Ten percent,
just like Maurice.
That's $25,000.
- When?
- Tomorrow, one o'clock.
(jazzy flute music)
- All right, out.
Come on, out!
Come on, there we go.
- What's the matter, Baron?
Steering wheel hit
you in the mouth?
- Yeah, itjumped
right up and hit me.
- You all scrubbed up, doctor?
You know a guy named Big Floyd?
He had his hand
amputated the other day,
says you did the surgery.
- Did he have an
automobile accident?
- Steering wheel jumped
up and hit me again.
- Say Baron, I understand
you've got a deal cooking
in there in the bank.
- Don't believe
everything you hear.
- You know, you are suddenly
accumulating a lot of
enemies, boy,
and your cookie
is crumbling, boy.
- Uh, about this
deal you've got going
with Bella and this bank,
you know Dempsey needs his
lawn reseeded awful bad,
and I just got to have
some new golf clubs,
I figure that would be
about ten percent apiece.
See you tomorrow, maybe?
- Fucking creep.
- That means you don't
want to make a deal, huh?
Okay, Dempsey, put
the cuffs on him.
You're under arrest.
- Under arrest?
What's the charge?
- Suspicion of purse snatching.
- Where were you wearing
it when I snatched it?
(mysterious, strumming music)
- Hey Dempsey?
- Uh huh?
- Before we take Sambo downtown,
what do you say we
go in and see what
we can squeeze out of that bank?
- We'll scare the shit out
of the little bastard, eh?
(mysterious, strumming music)
Dempsey and Gordon, LAPD.
(light jazz music)
(funky guitar music)
- Maurice!
- (coughs) Baron.
See, you've got to get out.
They're out for you.
' Who?
Who did this to you?
- Vincent, Floyd.
- Floyd did this to you?
- With his hook, when
you chewed his hand off,
he went out and
got himself a hook.
- Where's Bella?
- Don't know.
Baron, get out while you can.
They're too big for you.
(coughs) Vincent's taking over.
Baron, get...
(sad piano music)
- I thought it was
a car backfiring.
I ran up here and oh my
God, I couldn't believe it.
Who's that?
(sad flute music)
(buzzing noise)
- Yes, who is it?
- Bella?
- She isn't here.
Who's this?
- Baron.
Who's this?
- Baron, come up, please.
- I just be god damned.
Last time I saw you,
you were heading
for the great mesas.
What the hell are
you doing here?
- Well, I couldn't go back.
I've been staying
here with Bella.
- Where is she?
- I don't know.
- That's bull shit.
She wouldn't be
leaving no sweet meat
like you behind, now would she?
- Please don't hit me.
- Hit you?
- Hit you?
- That shouldn't
bother you too much.
It's a wonder the sadistic
bitch didn't kill you.
Now where is she?
- I don't know, honestly.
- You know something?
I'd whoop your fucking ass,
but I think you'd enjoy
that a little too much,
but I tell you one thing,
that bitch has ripped me off
for a mighty big score,
and she ain't going
to be coming back
this way any time soon.
- No.
- Yes.
- No.
- No?
That leaves your ass up
shit creek, lost and alone.
Now, where is she?
- Try the Coach and Horses,
Vincent Di Nunzio.
- I was going there anyway,
that'll save a little time.
- Baron?
- (laughs) Beautiful, beautiful,
you could win an
Academy Award for that.
Now get your ass
out of this town.
And if I were you,
when I got to New Mexico,
I wouldn't stop there.
I'd jump my ass over
those totem poles
and keep it moving!
Let's go to the Coach and Horses
and pick up the pieces.
- Wait a minute.
- Huh?
- Something I want here first.
- What?
Oh, ah!
Oh yeah, why not.
(spooky percussive music)
- [\/oiceover] He's here.
- I'll cut off his fucking head.
- Hey, man, damn!
Shit, (screams)
Hey, man!
Damn, man!
Oh! (screams)
- What did he do to this place?
Hey, we've got his ass now, go!
(squealing tires)
(car horns)
Son of a bitch, look at him!
Watch the goddamn
road, will you?
For Christ's sake, watch
where you're going.
- [Reynolds] Let go of my arm.
Dammit, we'll have to be cut out
of this son of a bitch.
- [Reynolds] Man, I
know what I'm doing.
- [Dempsey] Jesus Christ,
get back on the goddamn road!
- [Reynolds] I'm
back on the road!
- [Dempsey] For Christ's sake!
- [Reynolds] I got him,
I got him, there he goes.
- [Dempsey] You got
him, you got him.
- [Reynolds] Let go of my arm.
(squealing tires)
- Watch it, watch
it, goddamn it,
go on the road, oh
for Christ's sake,
will you stay on
the goddamn road?
- I got him, I got
him, there he goes.
- You got him, you got him,
yeah, you got him,
you got me killed,
you goofy bastard.
I want to catch
this son of a bitch!
- We'll get him.
- Yeah, we'll get him,
we'll get him, yeah.
(car bottoming out)
(squealing tires)
For Christ's sake!
- Get on the goddamn road, Mick!
For Christ's sake,
watch where you're going!
Dammit, we'll have to be cut out
of this son of a bitch!
God, will you go, go, 90!
Jesus Christ!
God damn, watch the wall!
My goddamn door is jammed now!
(fast paced jazz music)
Move it, move it!
Jesus Christ, you hit the rail!
Okay, okay, get him now.
- We've got him now.
- Get him now!
The son of a bitch is
going to go over the cliff!
Watch it, see him.
Go ahead, go ahead, there
he goes, there he goes!
You've gotta turn!
Now turn!
Will you turn?
You're crazy!
(crunching noises)
Oh my God, we're hanging over
the side of the mountain!
- No, don't move,
don't move, don't move,
it's going to slide down.
- I can't open the door!
- Be cool.
- God damned thing's jammed.
- Mine's jammed too.
- The window!
- Don't move!
No, no, no, don't move,
don't move, we'll
slide all the way down.
Don't move.
Oh shit, I swallowed my gum.
- Your fucking driving!
- Did you get the window open?
- No, I can't get anything open.
(breaking sound)
Hi Baron!
- Well hello, brothers.
Do you have a parachute?
- Hey Baron, come on, get
us out of here, will you?
- But Why?
- Man, look, look, you
get us out of here,
and we don't remember
nothing, okay?
You're clean.
- Clean, clean, yeah, jeez!
- I'm clean?
- You're clean, clean!
- You're not going
to remember anything?
- Oh, no, no.
- And no more steering
wheels are going to
jump up and hit me in the face?
- God damn it, you
black son of a bitch,
now you stabilize this car or
you're going to go before we do!
- You crazy bastard,
you'll kill us all!
- You don't really want to
pull that trigger, do you?
- No, no.
- Now, do you fellas
really want to make a deal?
- Yeah, yeah, anything!
- Anything you say.
- I tell you what, you
tell me exactly where
Bella has gone with the money,
and I am going to let you go.
- Now look, we tell
you where Bella is,
and you'll get us out of here?
- Oh sure, I'm
going to let you go.
- Tell him, tell him.
- Bella...
- Tell him.
- Bella went to
her mother's farm.
You see, her mother's got a farm
down by the highway,
by Chesapeake Cove.
You can't miss it, it's
the only nigger farm in--
- Black farm, you idiot!
- Oh damn, black, black, black!
- Oh, 0h, oh, black,
yes, that's very,
thank you, Chesapeake Cove.
- Yeah, you going to
help us out now, Baron?
- Of course.
Now, I'm going to let you go.
~ Oh!
' BYE bye.
- [Dempsey] Never
trust a nigger!
- [Sister] Keeping it.
- [Pearl] You better.
- [Sister] Honey, I've
never seen this much money,
and I say I have no
doubt about keeping it.
In any case, we going
to keep this money,
you hear me?
- It don't make me no nevermind.
I say take what you got
and don't be minding
the rest of them.
- It ain't that easy, Mama.
Those kind of people
can follow you
to the end of the earth.
You can't fight that.
- I say don't give
chalkie nothing!
- You're right, Mama.
Dead ass right.
- Look Bella, we
take this here money,
and we get on with
it, you understand?
Because honey, chalkie
ain't never give me nothing.
- Look that's easy
for you to say sister,
and you too Pearl,
but I've been out
there in the street,
I know what those
people can do to you
if they want to.
- I say we got this money,
and we keep it.
What you got to show
for what you has?
You Pearl?
And you sister?
Take a stand.
And you, Bella.
What you got?
Outside of that thing
cross your face?
I say we got this
money, and we keep it!
- She's right, because
ain't nobody got nothin'.
But we got something now.
- Yeah!
Yeah, we got something now!
- Hey, Mother!
- [Voiceover] IThe
beautiful, beautiful river
IShall we gather at the river
IThe beautiful river of God
- What, what was that?
- You look like some
kind of ice cream cone,
with a licorice
stick twixt his legs.
- You ladies must
gather at the river,
pan for your own gold.
I came to get it,
and I've got to have it.
Now look, it's my money!
- Don't you hit me
with that broom!
- Get back, get back, get back,
that fool is crazy, get back!
- You got your money.
Now go on and get out of here.
- Sorry for you, Bella.
- Sorry?
Boy, that's all you've
ever been is sorry.
Sorry you started me hoing.
Sorry that trick I was with
ripped half of my face out.
I was no good to
you then, was I?
No man wanted me, not
looking like this.
I hated you, and I hated men.
And when I couldn't
make it with men,
I turned to girls,
and now I hate myself,
and that's the worse part.
- Take this, it's yours.
- You take it, jam it.
I don't want it.
I've had all I want from you,
and I don't want no more.
- You've earned it,
you've got it coming.
- I've got it coming?
You can't pay me for this!
I tried to get you.
- Dempsey and Gordon.
- Yeah, and Heather
and all the rest.
But maybe, maybe it all
failed because I wanted it to,
because, because, get
out of here, will you?
Just go.
Get out, will you?
Just go, right? Go.
(sad guitar music)
- Ron'?
- Oh, ah, hmm, that's good.
You're a nice person, thank you.
- Thank you, but you're
going to need it,
for the back 40?
- I'm not worried about it.
I got all the time in the world.
- You hoo, you hoo, you hoo!
Hi there you two!
- My, your camellias are
dry this time of year.
- There goes the water bill!
- Isn't that the truth?
Are you sure you
won't come into town?
Oh, you know what?
I saw a man in
town the other day
who was the spitting image
of your twin brother!
- You did?
- Yeah.
You should have seen
the car he was driving!
I think, uh...
I think he was a procurer,
but you're better
looking than he was.
Well, bye.
- She's really a trip.
- I'm glad you quit that job.
I'm glad you'll
be home for good.
- Me too.
- Ron'?
Would she know what a real pimp
looked like if she saw one?
- Well, I think so.
I mean, everybody knows a pimp.
Hell, I even knew one myself
once upon a time.
- J'Life is what you make it
IDon't you throw it away
ILife is what you make it
ILife is what you make it
ILife is what you make it
ILife is what you make it
IDon't you throw it away, no.
# You've got to make it
- Hi honey.
Am I going to see
you later on tonight?
- I ain't got time, baby.
I got business to take care of.
And remember, baby,
it's two hundred dollars
a day, every day.