The Cannibal Club (2018) Movie Script

Queen Queen
Am I interrupting ?
Of course not, boss.
I was just resting.
Do you need anything, sir ?
No. I just came to tell you
that I'm going to Fortaleza.
Work stuff.
It's ok, take it easy. Rest.
Shouldn't I put the stuff in the car ?
No. You do it on Monday
when I come back to pick up Gilda.
Is madam staying ?
Yes. She's staying.
Gilda is allergic to work.
Another thing...
Come closer.
I know it isn't your job,
but Lucivaldo is coming with me,
so I need you to watch the house.
Do you know how to use it ?
I think so.
As long as you don't kill my wife,
it's alright.
Was it good for you, my love ?
Are you asking me or him ?
There is only one "love".
Yes. It was great.
It's so good, dear.
You're just saying that to please me.
I even think we should open
a restaurant.
Only if you learn how to cook.
No way. Then you would settle.
On the contrary, it would be a spur.
And it would keep you busy.
It would what ?
Keep you busy.
I don't need anything
to keep me busy, dear.
Or do you think I've nothing to do ?
- I didn't mean that.
- And what did you mean ?
Do we need to argue about this ?
I expressed badly. I'm sorry.
Ok, it's over.
Look. I told him to be here at 23:30.
One hour late.
43 minutes.
Are you defending him ?
No dear. Not at all. I just think
you could be less intolerant.
He knows I can't stand tardiness.
Hi, Mr. Otavio. Excuse me.
I just wanted to let you know
that I'm here.
I heard.
I was late looking for a place to eat.
But everything was closed.
What a pity.
Would you like to have dinner with us,
Lucivaldo ?
No, no way, Mrs. Gilda.
Don't be silly. Grab a chair and sit.
I don't want to bother. I better go.
No, you better stay, Lucivaldo.
I'm telling you to sit down.
Are you deaf, Lucivaldo ? Sit.
She's kidding, Lucivaldo.
Gilda is kidding.
Go take your place.
Ok. Excuse me.
Good night, Lucivaldo.
What ? I was just kidding.
Lucivaldo ?
Lucivaldo ?
I'm sorry, Mr. Otavio.
My God, I didn't know it was you, sir,
I was surprised...
- Forgive me.
- Ok. Ok. Ok !
Here. You don't deserve it,
but take it.
Thank you, Mr. Otavio.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You shouldn't have worried.
- It looks great.
- Really ?
Thank you, boss. From my heart.
Three things, Lucivaldo. Pay attention.
First: Today I fired Josimar.
If he shows up here, shoot him.
if you arrive late again you
will end up like him.
I can't stand tardiness and that's it.
I don't allow my employees to
entertain themselves in work hours.
If I catch you again
with this headphones
I swear on my mother's grave...
I will shove this shotgun
entirely up your ass.
Without spit.
Did you hear me ?
Mr. Otavio, let me explain,
this was the first time...
Did you hear me ? Yes or no ?
Yes, sir.
The good people of Fortaleza
are scared. This is a fact.
Our research shows that 92%
of those good citizens
don't believe the state
will solve the crime and violence.
And 67% of them don't trust
the police anymore.
Hoc est, publicum target.
This is our target audience.
Citizens who are tired
of not being able to come and go,
to freely enjoy their goods,
their acquisitions.
Citizens who are feeling unsafe.
Under the constant threat of losing
their lives or someone they love.
Facing such a complex
and delicate situation,
who can ensure the peace and
quietness that we deserve by right ?
- Our security guards ?
- Your security guards.
Only a private security guard
can assume this role.
And it's in your company,
OnTarget private security,
where the good citizens will find
the most well trained heroes
in the market.
Ask them to play the ad again.
Mr. Otavio would like
to see the ad again, please.
And another thing... If you can't get
the tractors out of there
we destroy everything
and build it again. No problem.
What matters
is to have the opening ceremony.
If there are two openings, even better.
Understood ?
Great, Afranio. I knew that deep down
you were a clever guy. Bye.
Otavio, my dear.
My congressman.
Would you like something to drink ?
Scotch ?
No, no.
Thank you.
Fatima, send me two glasses
of that 18 year old scotch.
- Any news ?
- Everything's the same.
- Gilda is doing well ?
- Yes, she's fine.
- And how is Eleonora ?
- She is fine.
Eleonora is a Saint.
Never gives me a hard time.
Are you and Gilda coming
to Eleonora's birthday ?
Of course.
Come in.
Well, let's get to business.
I called you here to discuss
a delicate matter.
About our Club.
Speaking of which,
what about our rendezvous ?
Next Wednesday ?
I didn't get any message.
Yes, our rendezvous
is on Wednesday at the same time.
Only this time you'll receive
the address half an hour before.
May I know why the mystery ?
Otavio, my friend.
I suspect that one of our mates
is talking too much.
Walking with the wrong ones.
Speaking with those he shouldn't.
I believe the bastard is conspiring
with our enemies.
Do you have a name ?
- Clovis.
- Clovis ?
Yes, Clovis.
I would never guess.
- Are you sure ?
- My intuition never fails me.
I'm in charge of Clovis's security.
I know that.
I want you to put one of my men
to replace yours.
At the party tomorrow ?
No. On the night of our rendezvous.
Make up some excuse.
He will never suspect you.
Can I count on you ?
Of course you can.
Bravo ! Well done !
That's a good one.
Was your trip nice ?
Nice ? It was sensational.
That's a real country.
Civilized people, well mannered, clean.
Totally different than here.
First World countries
are something else.
I love First World countries.
Much better than Third.
Tell me about it.
It's so depressing to come back.
- Right, dear ?
- It's because everything works.
It's not a mess like Brazil.
Just to be able to go out unworried,
to park your car anywhere,
without fear or concern.
- Without squeegee punks.
- That's right. Without squeegee punks.
I hate them.
For me, they should all die.
I don't know about you,
but I need to fuck every day.
At least once.
Me too. Every day.
Especially when my wife is out of town.
Imagine if you still had
your prostate, right Clovis ?
Madam ?
Madam, are you alright ?
Do you need anything ?
- Would you like me to call someone ?
- No, is not necessary dear. Thank you.
- Are you sure ?
- Yes. You can go.
- Good evening.
- Good evening, ma'am.
Where's Lucivaldo ?
- He left.
- Long time ago.
Where did he go ?
- He went that way.
- Down there.
- That way ?
- Right.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome. Good night.
- What's the matter ?
- Nothing.
- Nothing ?
- Yes, nothing.
- Then why this buttface ?
- I have a headache.
- You're lying.
- Otavio, don't annoy me.
And look forward.
Gilda, we need to talk.
No, my love.
We don't need to talk.
Yes we do, Gilda. Yes we do.
You have to respect my authority.
I'm your husband.
Understand ?
You need to fix this mischievous
behavior of yours.
I won't stand for this kind
of behavior anymore.
I won't stand it.
Gilda, my dear.
Hi, Borges.
To what do I owe
this unexpected visit ?
I wanted to talk to you
about last night.
About last night ?
Yes. About last night.
- Would you like something to drink ?
- No.
- Water ? Coffee ?
- No, it's ok.
- Are you sure ?
- Yes.
Ok. You can talk.
I just wanted to let you know
that I don't have any prejudice.
I don't judge.
From the bottom of my heart.
I really think that we need to...
Look for what fulfills us.
What gives us...
...true pleasure.
No matter
what people will think or say.
What matters is to be happy.
I also wanted to tell you...
You don't need to worry.
I'll never tell anyone what I saw
I swear. Not even to Otavio.
You can trust me.
I will take this secret to the grave.
Gilda, dear...
I have no idea
of what you are talking about.
What ?
I should be asking you.
I'm talking about the little house
in the back. The warehouse.
Warehouse ?
Yes. Yesterday at the party,
in the back.
The warehouse with all that rubbish,
hat situation in the warehouse...
I want to confess you something.
I'm not understanding anything
that's happening here.
But you are making me very curious.
Please, go on, dear.
You were saying that you don't have
any prejudice.
- That what matters is to be happy.
- Yes.
No matter what people will think.
Right ?
Yes. I said that.
Tell me.
What exactly are you talking about ?
Is everything ok ?
Yes it is. Everything is fine.
- Are you sure you don't want a drink ?
- No. I better not.
I drank too much last night.
I went over the top.
- Actually I don't remember anything.
- It happens.
I drank too much scotch,
I'm still a little confused.
Feeling dizzy. I messed up the words.
That's all. I came here to apologize
for last night.
Although I don't remember anything.
Don't worry, Gilda. You don't need
to apologize for anything.
Everyone has the right to go over
the top once and a while.
It's part of human nature.
Don't you agree ?
Yes, I do. I agree one hundred percent.
So don't worry.
And keep in mind
that you are always welcome.
Even completely drunk.
Borges, you're the best.
Well, I'm...
I'm relieved.
You've no idea how much.
Rufino de Alencar 299, Centro.
Do I look good ?
Are you gonna dinner with Do Carmo ?
- Why ?
- I don't feel like it.
- Is Marinete here ?
- She has the day off.
And what are you gonna eat, honey ?
I don't know, Otavio. I'm not hungry.
Do you want me to bring you
something ?
For breakfast ?
Move away, please.
I'm leaving.
Have fun.
How many times
are we gonna argue about this ?
About what ? You going out to party
while I stay home ?
You know that if I could
I would take you, Gilda.
- But I don't make the rules, dear.
- Of course not.
You only obey.
If you're incapable of putting
yourself in someone else's shoes...
this conversation can't go any further.
Put myself in someone else's shoes ?
- I can't believe you're saying this.
- Yes, put yourself in someone's shoes.
Be more comprehensive.
Otavio, go away.
You're making this worse.
Don't complain
later that I didn't want to talk.
That I'm intolerant.
- I tried.
- Ok. Bye.
Good evening, my dear friends.
First, I would like
to thank Abelardo...
for lending us his wonderful restaurant
so we can continue our gathering.
As all of you may have noticed,
our fellow Clovis is not among us
And it seems
that his absence will be for good.
I just got the news...
that our friend had
a terrible accident.
And unfortunately
there is almost no chance to recover.
However my friends,
in spite of this dreadful incident
and the pain that strikes us...
We cannot let it ruin our celebration.
And we must do it for Clovis.
A man of cheerful
and optimistic nature.
Life goes on
and one thing is certain...
Our dear friend will be always alive
in our minds
and in our hearts.
To Clovis.
To Clovis.
I would also like to take this moment
in which we're moved and shaken
by the loss of a beloved brother...
to propose another toast.
Let's toast to the loyalty
that brings us together.
We, distinctive men devoted
to the highest values.
As long as we stay loyal
to each other and to our principles...
we'll be eternally worthy
of our protagonism in society.
Protagonism, my friends...
that demands us
more attention and responsibility.
Because our enemies...
Those who want to destroy
the values of family, faith and work.
Those who want to make
our country a land of poors,
delinquents, pederasts
and a filthy scum
that should be smashed under our feet.
They're capable of everything
to bring us down.
But we won't fall down.
Because we're many and we're strong.
And as long as we stay together,
loyal and true to our principles...
nothing and no one will ever destroy us
and our nation.
To Brazil and to the Brazilian people !
Jonas Edivandilson Nascimento
da Silva, right ?
Yes, ma'am.
I see on your rsum that
you've worked as waiter, delivery boy,
security, attendant, plumber, touristic
guide and contractor assistant.
Yes, ma'am.
Very well.
How long have you been unemployed ?
Two or three months.
It hasn't been easy for anyone.
- I see...
- Times are hard.
I understand.
Your rsum will be going
to our system, ok ?
And if any opportunity
comes up we'll contact you, ok ?
But there isn't any vacancy ?
Well, not for this...
I mean, not for these jobs.
- And what do you have ?
- Only for caretaker.
Caretaker is fine for me. No problem.
Do you have any experience
as a caretaker ?
Yes, I do, ma'am. I do.
Just one second.
- Are you from here, Jonas ?
- No, I'm from the countryside.
- Do you have family here ?
- No, ma'am.
- Any friends ?
- No. But I'm very sociable.
Do you have any health problem ?
Take any medication ?
No. Nothing.
Have you ever been
in a serious accident ?
I fell off a motorcycle once,
but nothing serious. Thank God.
- Are you evangelical ?
- No, but I respect it.
- Drug user ?
- No way.
Would be fine for you to live
in the workplace ?
Yes, sure. I even prefer it.
Ok, Jonas.
So... Is it over ?
Here, yes.
Now you must go to the next room.
What is it over there ?
Clinical examination, pictures.
Basic stuff.
- What's your name ?
- Ceclia.
Was everything ok here ?
Did I get the job ?
- We'll contact you, Jonas. Good luck.
- Thank you.
- Where's Lucivaldo ?
- Good question.
That scumbag disappeared.
No sign of him.
I had to replace him
for that idiot in the back.
- Has something happened to him ?
- I hope so.
I hope he got ran over
by a garbage truck
and has been crushed into pieces.
I'm sure he won't do anything
against us.
We had a very nice talk.
You've no idea
what Borges is capable of.
He's capable of killing
a poor bastard like Lucivaldo.
Really ?
Then why did you go over there
to talk to him ?
I don't know.
Borges likes you a lot, Otavio.
He likes me too.
Less than you, but still.
- And Clovis also.
- What ?
Anyway, what matters
is that I made him believe
that I don't remember anything.
But you do ?
I think so.
Lucivaldo and him were... ?
- Through the ass ?
- Of course, Otavio.
- Borges's ass ?
- It wasn't mine.
Borges fucked in the ass.
I could never imagine.
Isn't that what you do
in those rendezvous of yours ?
Fucking each other ?
- Gilda, respect me.
- What ?
I'm no man who likes getting fucked.
But since your boss does it,
you're free to do it.
Would you stop ?
I don't know why you get so upset,
I'm not,
I just don't want to talk about ass.
Neither mine, or Borges's,
or anybody else's.
See how upset you are ?
I'm not upset.
I'm worried about our situation.
What situation, Otavio ?
There's no situation, honey.
- Everything is under control.
- You think it is, Gilda.
But it isn't. And you know why ?
Just because
you saw Borges being fucked.
Worse, you saw Borges being
fucked by an employee.
And he knows that you saw him.
And he knows that you remember it.
He knows that sooner or later
you'd end up speaking.
And do you know
why he knows that, Gilda ? Do you ?
Don't be paranoid, Otavio.
Go get the door.
It must be the new caretaker.
- Jonas ?
- That's me.
- Did you walk here ?
- From the bus stop to here. Yes.
It's very far. You're crazy.
The girl from HR just gave me
a map, didn't say anything.
I'm gonna talk serious with Cecilia.
This is unacceptable.
Don't worry about it, Mr. Otavio.
I'm used to it.
Poor guy is sunburned. Come in.
I'll get you some water.
Thank you. Excuse me.
Pay attention, Ramirez.
I want you to double your attention.
Not double, triple. Quadruple.
Yes, sir.
- Do you understand ?
- I understand, sir.
- Sure ?
- I understand, sir.
You know why I'm asking you
this, Ramirez ?
No, I don't, sir.
- Know why ?
- I don't, sir.
There's a gang burgling this area.
An extremely dangerous gang.
If you see any weird movement here,
any movement at all, you shoot.
- Open fire.
- Yes, sir.
- You get it ?
- Yes, sir.
Shoot first and ask questions later.
Yes, sir.
The first one they kill
is the security guy.
No way this will happen, sir.
No way.
I trust you.
You can trust me, sir.
Do you need anything, Mr. Otavio ?
I'm sorry to wake you at this time,
Jonas. But I do need.
Do you know how to use it ?
- Yes, I do.
- Great.
I know this isn't part of your job,
but I...
I need you to be aware of any strange
movement, any noise around here.
There's a gang burgling this area,
a very dangerous one.
And our big eye friend
might not handle it, you know ?
I understand.
Tomorrow I'll get some backup.
But tonight I need to count on you.
Can I trust you ?
Yes. If you want I won't even sleep.
I do want it, Jonas.
Thank you.
Don't mention, sir. Anything you need.
Mrs. Gilda ?
Drop the weapon.
You need to talk to him, Otavio.
And tell him what, Gilda ?
Tell him what ?
Borges will never admit
or change his mind.
- So ?
- So we are screwed.
And it's all your fault.
For sticking your nose
where you shouldn't.
It's not like that.
If he were so tough we wouldn't be
alive having this conversation.
fsBy the way, where were
you when those guys got here ?
It doesn't matter now, Otavio.
I have an idea.
First, you call Borges
asking for his help.
To kill you ?
Is this a good time for jokes ?
I honestly don't think so.
- I'm sorry.
- Can I go on ?
You tell him that two guys
entered the house
and killed the security,
the caretaker and me.
And that you...
That you managed to kill
one and catch the other alive.
And that you're gonna rip off
his nails one by one
until he confess who sent them here.
Borges will never buy it, Gilda.
He better will.
Or do you have a better plan ?
Come on, Otavio. I'm listening.
Ok. Let's say he believes.
In my story or yours ?
Yours, Gilda.
He'll be afraid of his guy saying
and will come here to kill him.
And you.
But we kill the bastard first.
This won't work out, Gilda.
It's too complex.
One must have cold blood for that.
We're not murderers.
If you want to stay alive,
as I do, it has to work.
- And after ?
- After what ?
After. Or do you think the police
won't investigate his death ?
We blame it on Jonas.
We can eat Jonas...
and say that he ran away.
It's a great idea.
No one will ever suspect us.
I love you, Otavio.
I love you, Gilda.
Borges asked you to come up.
To carry the body.
Did I wake you ?
- No. I was already up.
- Right.
- Do you need anything ?
- Yes, I do.
I need you to bury the bodies
that we put in the car.
I'm kidding. Leave the bodies there.
I came to say that I'm leaving.
To solve our situation.
Tomorrow morning
I'll be back with backup.
Can you hold the fort ?
Take good care of my wife.
Ok ?
Let's switch. Turn over.
No, stay there. There.
Queen Queen