The Capture (2018) Movie Script

- How're you feeling?
- Like I made a mistake.
- Why?
- This just doesn't seem--
- Like it will work?
- Right.
This doesn't seem right.
- I'm here.
You wanna tell me anything
about how you're feeling?
- I'm scared.
I'm fucking scared.
And I don't wanna do this.
- Don't forget the
reason you're here.
- My family.
- This is about them.
About providing for them
when all of this is over.
They're gonna be taken care of
for the rest of their lives.
They'll have you
to thank for that.
For taking a
horrible situation
and turning it into
something positive.
- What if I don't go
through with this?
- We can't force
you to do anything.
But your family
will get nothing.
And nature will take its course.
Stage four cancer moves fast.
We've seen it before.
- I can't.
- You can.
- Let's get this over with.
- We're set.
All okay?
- Yeah, we're stable.
Let's get the power
levels up to what we need.
- As we rehearsed.
Take the cup next to you.
Drink the liquid whole.
There will be no taste.
- How long?
- What?
- How long?
- 10 seconds.
- Now!
- Wait!
- Now or we'll miss it!
- You still running?
- Every day.
What're you doing here?
Trust fund run out?
- Ah, God.
- Yeah, I'm a bit sweaty.
- That trust fund's the reason
why we didn't have
a college job.
- Yeah, well don't forget
what you got in return.
- I could've aced thermal
dynamics without your help.
- You think?
- All right, it was a good deal.
It was a good deal.
So what you been up to?
- Ah, nothing much.
Took some time off.
Been working on some advanced
virtual reality stuff.
- Yeah?
- How about you?
Seen any of the other guys?
- I know Matt's teaching
over at the university.
Oh, Randy's got his own lab now.
- You serious? Randy's
got his own lab?
- Somebody trusts him.
You talk to anybody?
- No.
I know that look.
- I know you do.
- What?
- It's a breakthrough.
It's big.
- Yeah, what is it?
- It's a little hard to explain,
but I want you to see
with your own eyes.
You in?
- Uh...
Sure, why not?
- Cool.
Just gotta go see someone first.
- Who?
- Just a quick interview.
- All right.
Well, let me take a shower.
You want a coffee?
- Yeah, I'll take a coffee.
Make that show quick
though, you know?
- Always in a hurry, huh?
- Well, yeah.
- Take the
cup next to you.
Drink the liquid whole.
There will be no taste.
- How long?
- What?
- How long?
- 10 seconds.
- Wait!
- Now or we'll miss it!
- We're looking for a local
drug dealer named Ronnie Pierce.
- Drug dealer?
Great way to start the day.
- Whoa.
What the fuck are you?
- Ronnie Pierce?
I have a few questions
about Dina Taylor.
- Cops?
- No.
- Then who the fuck are you?
- This has nothing to do
with any legalities
or anything like that.
You're not gonna get
into any trouble.
- Legalities?
Who talks like that?
- I'm sorry.
- Fuck off!
- Come on, let's go.
- No, hey, I can pay you.
All right, a thousand dollars
for 30 minutes of your time.
- Two minutes.
- All right.
A thousand for two minutes.
- Let me see it.
What do you wanna know?
You guys from the insurance
company or something?
- Who we are isn't important.
- Oh right.
- Is that Dina Taylor?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
When was the last
time you saw her?
- You said you
weren't fucking cops?
- We're not.
When was the last
time you saw her?
- Two years ago.
The day before she did it.
- Did it?
Could you elaborate?
- She jumped.
Jumped off a bridge.
Committed suicide.
- Why'd she do it?
Are you sure it was a suicide?
It wasn't an accident?
- You know, all you need to
know is that she was a junkie
who was always
threatening suicide.
So suicide.
Are you sure you're
not fucking cops?
- Ronnie, do we look like cops?
- Whatever.
- So...
What caused it?
- Fuck, I don't know.
I broke up with her
the night before.
So I guess she hit it
hard because of that.
- She was trying to end it?
- What're you doing?
Research on suicides?
- Yeah, preciously, that's it.
Have you noticed anything weird,
strange, after she passed?
- Like what?
- Premonitions? Visions?
- What?
- Like anything out
of the ordinary.
- She always had problems.
She was always on
edge about everything.
I tried.
I couldn't take it
anymore so I ended it.
The next day, gone.
Everybody thinks I'm
a fucking monster now.
I'm the one who caused
her to commit suicide.
I don't know.
She ruined my life.
Time is up.
- Thanks, Ronnie.
- Oh, anytime.
- Louis.
Louis, wait up.
I haven't talked
to you for what?
- Three years.
- You show up in my driveway,
you bring me here to talk
to some guy about
his dead girlfriend.
What the hell's gotten into you?
Just take me back.
- No, no, no.
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I'm sorry.
Okay, I'm sorry.
There's a lot on my mind.
There's a lot to process.
I just don't know
where to start.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
All right, take a seat.
Before we go to the big
show, let's catch you up.
What do you know about
the Angel of Mons?
- Soldiers
seeing sightings of angels
in the battlefield, right?
- Right.
1914, the Battle of the Mons.
If was the first time
the British soldiers
saw combat like that
in the first World War.
Many of the soldiers,
during the fighting,
reported seeing visions
and apparitions.
Now here's the kicker.
Some of the survivors
all claim to have
seen the same vision.
Something came down to shepherd
the large amounts of dead
into the afterlife.
More than five thousand men
died during that battle.
Throughout history
there have been hundreds
and hundreds of reports
seeing the same
visions, apparitions.
Whatever you wanna call them.
Okay and this isn't just
isolated to warfare or battles.
This happens anywhere
where death comes to many.
Okay, gas explosion, India.
Tsunami in Fiji.
All these events have a
thread of commonality to them.
- Is it just a coping mechanism?
Possibly sensory overload
due to extreme circumstances.
- Yeah, possibly.
What if there was proof?
Something to show us what
these people actually saw.
- We were under heavy fire.
Extraction wasn't
coming anytime soon.
So my guys and I just dug in
and tried to hold our ground.
As I heard the bullets
whizzing by us,
I could start to
hear their screams
and then one by
one they stopped.
And then that's when I saw it.
That light.
That light right above them.
- I'd never seen
anything like it before.
It was right there above them.
It just lit up the sky.
And then it was gone.
- This is a fake.
- No, it's not.
- Louis, you're
getting played, man.
I mean, what's next?
UFOs? Ghosts?
- I get the skepticism.
But I bought this tape,
which is highly classified,
for a large amount of money.
- From who?
- A friend in the
Department of Defense.
- You have a friend in
the Department of Defense?
- I got many friends, Isaac.
You once told me that I was
the best theoretical physicist
that you have ever met.
- Yeah, still do.
- But?
- I said you lacked vision.
- Hmmm.
You're right.
I didn't want to
hear it at the time
but you're right.
I was all caught up in minutia.
I never really let myself
see the big picture.
It's okay.
Alex said the same thing.
But then she showed
me her vision.
- Wait.
Who's Alex?
- I keep forgetting
you guys haven't met.
She's a physicist.
Damn good one.
- You two dating or something?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Nice.
- She's in there now
with it.
Are you ready
to see the greatest discovery
in the history of science?
Come on.
- Whoa, hey, hey, hey!
Alex, relax.
- Sorry about that.
Things have been a bit
heightened around here.
Isaac, hi.
Nice to meet you.
Louis has told me
a lot about you.
- Hi, Alex.
- So what do you think?
- Ah.
- We have four Tarkowski
drives underneath the floor.
- Tarkowski drives?
- Mhmm.
- Do they work?
- Perfectly.
- Take a couple of
zettawatts to power.
- Yeah.
- How did you?
- Come here.
Check it out.
We're pulling power
from five separate grids
across three different states.
- That's impossible.
- Not if you're smart
enough to hack the system,
which Alex, here, is.
- Four drives set up like that,
pointed in one spot.
You could theoretically bend
time and space for a second,
maybe even a second and a
half with that configuration.
- Correct.
- What're you using it for?
What is this?
Is she okay?
- That is Dina Taylor.
Ronnie's girl.
The one that died.
- No more bullshit.
What's going on?
- We don't know what she is.
She hasn't moved or
spoken since she arrived.
- What do you mean, arrived?
- Well,
we brought her here,
so, yeah,
- From?
- The other side.
- We bent space and time
as we simultaneously
euthanized four people.
- Euthanized?
- Don't say it like that.
- They were all terminally ill.
- We gave each of their
families two million dollars.
The attorneys handled
all the legalities.
It's all in the up and up.
- Up and up?
Are you out of
your fucking mind?!
You kill people
for an experiment.
Do I really need to explain
to you why that's wrong?
- No.
If the experiment had failed,
I would agree with you.
But it didn't.
So no,
we weren't wrong.
- Where are the bodies?
- Locked in a freezer
in the back room.
We'll deliver them to
the families soon enough.
But first we have to
record all of this.
- This is a joke, right?
This is a really
shitty, fucked up, joke.
- Do not touch her.
- Why?
- I did.
It was unpleasant.
- What happened?
- She burned me.
- I know this is
a lot to process.
That's why I gave
you such a preamble.
She's a 99.9 percent match
in the facial
recognition database.
This is Dina Taylor, who,
as Ronnie so eloquently put,
jumped off a bridge
two years ago.
They never found the body but
I guarantee you she's dead.
It would be an elaborate hoax
for someone who lived a
rather unremarkable life.
- Let me recap
what you're saying
as I'm trying to process this.
You took the life
of four people.
- Euthanized.
- Same fucking thing.
- It's crazy, huh?
- No, this is
dangerous and illegal.
Not to mention,
highly unethical.
- I get it, I get it.
It's hard to digest but
if you think about it,
we may have answered
the greatest question
ever posed to mankind.
- Possibly come up with some
evidence is all I see so far.
The world doesn't
know you, Louis, I do.
I'm having a hard
time with this.
They're gonna call
bullshit on this.
- Well, it's not.
It's not bullshit.
I'm gonna prove it to you,
then I'm gonna prove
it to the world.
- How?
How can you explain
this to science?
You realized you euthanized
four people, right?
Four living, breathing
- They all were very
sick and we paid
each of their families
a lot of money.
- Oh, so that makes it okay?
Why're you doing this?
- You remember that one semester
we were assigned super CDMS?
- Dark Matter, yes.
- We spent months in
that underground lab
looking for any
proof of dark matter.
Experiment after
experiment, nothing.
that one spike.
That one small spike that barely
showed up on the spectrum.
It was point 001 of change.
- Yes, it confused the
fuck out of everyone.
What's your point?
- I haven't stopped
thinking about it.
For years.
Going over and over in my head.
Why that one time?
Until it hit me.
Stop looking for what
happened inside the lab,
start looking for what
happened around the facility.
Know what I found?
- Do something.
Come on.
Just open your eyes, fly
across the fucking room,
I don't know.
I have so many questions.
- 19 miles away,
27 people died in a bus crash.
Guess when it happened.
Please, enlighten me.
- Right as we
recorded that spike,
any fluctuation of
dark matter happened
when 27 people
died 19 miles away.
- The same time they died.
- Matter never disappears.
You can burn a piece of wood
and then that turns into energy
then it goes up into the
universe and it dissipates
but is it gone? No.
You just can't see it.
Everything leaves a mark of
information on this world.
We just need to
know where to look.
- So you think that's what
Dark Matter really is.
Some form of the afterlife?
- Yes and no.
It's just "afterlife" is--
- Unscientific?
- Okay, yes, whatever
you wanna call it.
I think what we did in there
is gonna change the world.
- What happened, man?
- I grew up.
I grew up.
But I need your help on this.
I need you to help me table this
and get it out to the world.
- I can't be involved
with something like this.
- I need your eyes on this one.
Imagine what we can discover.
Imagine what you can discover.
- I'm impressed.
- Thank you.
- Not just with what you've
done but how you got there.
Tarkowski drive was designed
to be one large drive
that can bend time
and space inside it.
But you took four smaller ones
and pointed them
in on each other.
- Making them more powerful
than the large one.
- Exponentially.
Is that your idea?
- Yeah.
- How'd you come up with it?
- I don't know.
Same way I always do.
Big ideas don't seem so
big when you break them up
into small pieces.
Look at them from a
different point of view.
I guess...
I've always looked at things
from a slightly
skewed perspective.
- Hey, dad, it's me.
Guess you're busy.
Missed you.
I know we haven't
talked in awhile.
Last time we did,
I didn't...
So anyways,
I have something really
important going on.
I think that you'd
like to talk about it.
So when you get this
just give me a call
and I'd love to chat.
So yeah.
- You know, you're nothing
like Louis said you were.
- And how did Louis say I was?
- Fun.
What happened to that guy?
- Wow.
First of all, thank you.
- Welcome.
- Second,
I'm fun.
It's not exactly like
we're having a party here.
I know Louis.
He's a brilliant physicist,
but this wasn't his idea.
Why this?
- When I was eight,
something happened.
I don't want to go
into too much detail.
But there were
several people that...
- It's okay.
Whatever happened, I'm sorry.
- I think she's a Psychopomp.
A guide of souls.
- Like an angel?
- No.
Don't get them confused,
they're not the same thing.
An angel is believed
to be a celestial being
that can take many forms.
A Psychopomp is
strictly a guide.
Not an entity that
makes judgment.
Their only purpose is
to guide the deceased
safely to the other side.
Spirits, deities,
whatever you wanna call them.
The Greeks had Charon
who would ferry souls
across the river sticks.
Romans had Mercury.
Egyptians had Anubis.
The Hindus had Yama,
the God of Death.
They were all
believed to take souls
from one existence to the other.
And now we can add Dina
Taylor to the list.
- So why a group?
Couldn't you get
the same results
by just murdering one person?
- Euthanizing.
- This isn't
Switzerland, but sure.
- A single soul has no
problem finding the light.
When a group passes,
like in a plane crash,
a fire or battle,
the souls get confused, lost.
They need a guide.
- Calvin 27.
Used to medically induce a coma.
- Take a few drops, you're
out for a few hours.
A larger dose,
everything shuts down.
- It's quick and painless.
- Your disapproval
of our methods,
it doesn't bother me.
This is my life's work.
I always knew this
discovery was out there.
I just had to prove it.
- An expensive discovery.
- Don't imply that I used Louis
and his inheritance to do this.
You guys used to be close
but you haven't been
around for awhile.
- I'm here to support a friend.
Observe, give a scientific
opinion if need be.
That is all.
What am I doing here?
- I'm not supposed to be here.
- Where are you supposed to be?
- Not here.
- I need to tell
them you're awake.
- No.
- Why?
- They trapped me.
- Okay.
I won't wake them.
What's your name?
Can you remember your name?
Are you...
How did you get here?
Do you remember that?
Do you remember
where you came from?
Do you remember what you were
doing before you came here?
- I was guiding the others.
- What others?
- The others that
passed on here.
There were four of them.
I have to bring them home.
- What's home?
Where is home?
Can you describe it for me?
Please, anything.
Have you done this before?
Do you take people somewhere?
Where do you take them? Please.
I'm sorry for asking
so many questions.
- Hey, wake up!
- No, no, no!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey, I'm Louis.
What's your name?
Where are you from?
- What the fuck? Why
didn't you tell us?
- I'm sorry, everything
happened so fast.
Louis was asleep.
- Isaac, what did she say?
- That she
shouldn't be here.
- What else?
- That she came for the others,
the ones you put down.
- I knew it.
What else did she say?
- That was it.
- Was it?
- I'm not hiding
anything from you.
- You're here to help give
your scientific opinion,
not interview--
- Alex! Alex!
Let's talk.
- If you don't
trust me, I'll go.
- No, no, no, no.
I need you here.
I don't know where this is going
but outside of Alex, you're
the only one that I trust.
But this is our experiment
and you do not keep us
from a major breakthrough.
- Did you ever think she
didn't want to talk to you?
- What does that mean?
- She said you captured her.
- She?
She was a junkie.
A suicidal junkie.
- Who has been places
we can only imagine.
Maybe this is something
we can't figure out.
Or shouldn't.
- No, I have to figure this out.
I don't have a choice.
- We always have a choice.
- I'm broke.
- What?
- Trust fund's empty.
I put everything
that I had into this.
The house,
the investments.
They're all gone.
Why do you think the place
looks like such a mess?
We've been living in here
for the past three months
trying to reach a breakthrough.
These results,
it's the only thing I got left.
- I'm sorry about
the money, Louis.
But that's not
what this is about.
This is about your father.
- Excuse me?
- You heard.
Louis, I heard you
for years complaining
about how he paid
you no attention.
I was there at graduation
when he didn't show up
because he was too busy
at some charity event
in a far off place.
- Yeah, so what?
- So this is about
proving to him,
proving to yourself that
you don't need him anymore.
Because he was
never there for you.
- Doesn't matter right now.
I need you.
I need you to help me
figure out what she is
in the pure
expression of matter.
If there was ever a
time that I needed you,
it's right now.
Please don't go.
- What have you tried?
- Everything.
Everything under the sun.
We just can't make heads
or tails of the results.
- Sounds like we're back
in thermal dynamics again.
- Right back.
You staying?
- I'll think about it.
- I'll take that.
Isaac is staying.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
He has his own way
of looking at things
but trust me, he's staying.
- Where is he?
- Thinking.
- We did it.
We really did it.
- We did.
- We never got a
chance to celebrate.
- Well.
Let's celebrate.
- Oh wow.
This looks expensive.
Where'd you get this?
- I stole it from my
dad's vast collection
that he's so fucking proud of.
It's a five thousand
dollar bottle of wine.
- Five thousand dollars?
- Yeah, whatever.
Let us
To our legacy.
- Legacy.
I like the sound of that.
- That's what a
five thousand dollar
bottle of wine tastes like?
- Yeah.
I shoulda stole the Mascota.
I always believed you.
- I couldn't have done
any of this without you.
Your support.
When I met you, I had
just been fired from RND.
I had no one.
Then you came along.
Thank you.
- You okay?
- Do you believe in God?
- Nah.
Think about it.
If God existed,
do you think he
would've let us do this?
- I always thought there was
something more out there.
That we would never
understand it.
- Well, now maybe we can.
- I don't know if I
wanna understand it.
I don't think it's something
for me to understand.
For anyone to understand.
- Yes, but that's what we do.
We figure things out
and then figure out
how it relates to us
and to everything else.
It's who we are.
You know,
Alex has to prove this.
Has to.
Something happened to
her when she was young.
- Yeah, she tried
to explain but--
- But it was too fucked up?
It was Alex's stepfather.
Her mother had recently
broke up with him.
He had issues.
There was a restraining
order against him.
One day he snapped.
Came to the house, shot
her brother, her sister,
her mother, her entire family.
Gone like that.
He didn't shoot her.
- He turned the gun on himself.
- Then he pulled the trigger.
- Fuck.
- But Alex swore, for a second
or two, she saw something.
The same something
those soldiers saw,
the same something they
saw at the Battle of Mons.
It came to shepherd them away.
Everyone thought she was crazy.
This traumatized
kid overcompensating
for a traumatic event.
It ruined her life.
She just couldn't let it go.
They sent her to psychologists,
therapists after that.
This girl saw how the
universe actually works
and they ostracized her for it.
They called her a freak,
a fucking freak.
All right.
So can you blame her for
trying to prove everyone wrong?
- Look, I get that she went
through a tragic event.
But I still think
this was a bad call.
I mean, you might have
just found the breakthrough
that will change everything
we know about the universe.
- Yeah, tell me about it.
Complete mind fuck.
I'm over here thinking,
I've got to find the
key to dark matter.
Never thought I'd get
an angel at my doorstep.
- You're gonna do this again?
- Next time, we invite
several of our contemporaries
to witness the experiment.
- You don't even
know if it will work.
- We need to recreate
the same results.
- You meant
putting more people down.
- Yes.
- Who?
- We have a database
of potential subjects.
- You've
done this before.
How many times?
How many?
- This was the third time.
- Three times?
So what?
Like a dozen people?
You left that part out, Louis.
- Yeah because I knew
what you were gonna say
and give me some
fucking lecture--
- About life?
- Yeah.
- I don't wanna hear
another pollyanna speech
about how precious life is.
I didn't create the
world or the diseases
that take people too soon.
And if we can use that to
benefit science, then why not?
- You're on a
slippery slope, Alex.
It gets easier and
easier to justify things
when you see the
world as a victim.
- Oh is that it?
I guess you told
him what happened.
- I thought he needed to know.
- Well now you know.
- Why not just bring them here?
Show them what you showed me.
Dina, the recordings
of the experiment.
- Because you said it yourself.
They're gonna call bullshit.
The scientific community
is gonna be the first ones
to dismiss all of this.
- We need to show them
that we can do it again.
It worked once,
it'll work again.
- Come, come, come, come.
- I need you to help me.
- With what?
- Getting back.
- Back to where?
- To the other side.
- What is it?
What's on the other side?
- I can't explain.
- Do you remember how
long you've been there?
- No.
- How do you know to
come for these people?
Are there others
that do what you do?
- Yes, there are many.
I don't know who they are.
I have their thoughts.
They aren't mine. I
hear them all the time.
- Do you mean like a
shared consciousness?
- Or hive connection.
Ask her.
- You're connected
through a hive mind.
- You lost your wife.
- Yes.
- How?
- We were hiking.
It was just a regular trail.
I ran for 23 minute
until I got a signal.
Paramedics said if they had
got there two minutes sooner,
they might have saved her.
- It wasn't your fault.
- I should've been there.
Should've stayed with her.
Still make her a cup of
coffee every morning,
just the way she likes it.
Even created this
virtual reality program
so I can keep her close.
To remind me of what we had.
I just can't let her go.
I can't let her go.
Can you get a message to her?
- I don't know where she is.
- Can you find her?
- No.
- Have you ever loved someone?
- Ronnie.
- You don't remember
anyone else?
Parents, friends.
Just Ronnie?
- We get one memory
to hold on to.
One thing to remind us
why we're here helping others.
Guiding others to
the other side.
- What do you
remember about him?
- Love.
- Sometimes I think
about doing what you did.
Killing myself.
- I wouldn't do that.
Not now.
- Why?
I'd be with her again, right?
- No, you wouldn't.
- Seeing you here, right now,
it proves to me that I'm
gonna see her again, right?
- The gateway is fractured.
The passage is broken.
- What gateway?
- As long as I'm stuck
here, so are the others.
I'm trapped so they're trapped.
If I don't go back,
the gateway will
be broken forever.
You have to send me back.
- I don't know how.
- Yes you do.
- That's it?
You're just gonna
swap sob stories?
- Alex.
- No!
You're completely
hijacking our test subject,
you selfish asshole!
- You brought me here.
I didn't ask to
be a part of this.
- He's the only one that
she's gonna talk to.
- No. No.
You're jeopardizing
our experiment.
I want you out of here.
I want you out!
- Can we please talk?
She's not supposed to be here.
- But she is.
- Fire up the drives again.
You bent time and space
once, just do it again.
Send her back.
What now?
- Last time we tried,
the drives were only
about a second or two away
from spinning completely
out of control.
- If we hadn't shut
them off in time,
we would've been obliterated.
- Talking about an explosion
the size of five square miles.
- We didn't push hard
enough the first two times.
- So you just did
it three times?
- We had to get the
right calculations.
- Three.
You lied, you asshole.
You didn't bring me here
to see this breakthrough.
You just needed a third person
to manually input
the adjustments
into the drive as they happen.
So you don't blow the
shit out of yourselves.
- You're right.
We knew once the
experiment worked,
we'd have to recreate
it for external review.
So yes, we need a
third pair of hands.
Ones with thermal
dynamic experience.
- Me?
- Yeah, who else
was I gonna get?
- We didn't realize you'd be
such a self-righteous bastard.
- You used me.
And the reason you can't use her
is because they
never found the body.
Am I right?
- Next time will be different.
- So you were hoping for
proof of the afterlife
but what you actually got
was some suicidal junky
with no answers.
Great job, guys.
Looks like the cosmic
joke's on you two.
- You want to talk
to your wife again?
- Don't.
- We may have the
power to do that.
Just need your help.
- We can't do it without you.
- Come on.
Just like college.
A little help goes a long way.
Don't deny it.
You wanna speak to her again.
Just help me.
- Okay.
I'll help you.
- How long will it take
to get the calculations?
- Maybe three or four
days now that Isaac is here.
- While you do that, I
will check the database.
- Take a look at these readings.
Last time we were close
to losing control,
but if we power up slower,
change some of the calibrations.
What do you think?
- No, power up faster.
I think I can control
it manually.
Stop from going in the red.
- All right, let's do it.
- See?
- What are you doing?
- Sending you back.
I just don't know exactly how
to recreate the variables.
- Do what they did.
- It's not that easy to
just do what they did.
If there are any
it could wipe out
a five mile radius.
- It doesn't matter.
All that matters is
that you send me back.
If you do, the
gate will be fixed.
- What if it doesn't work?
- Then the universe as we know
it will be forever changed.
Souls will wander the
plane, lost and confused.
Confusion will turn to anger.
Anger will turn
to something else.
Then souls of the dead
will overtake the living.
- Okay, I got it, thank you.
I get the picture.
Gotta get you back.
Just take a couple minutes
to reach peak performance
and the new can activate
the drives again.
Okay, we're good to go.
- Turn it off!
- I can't.
- Step away from the system
before you blow us all
to high Heaven!
- I'm not gonna
blow us up, Alex.
Just gonna send her back
to where she belongs.
- I will shoot you.
- You're not gonna
shoot me, Alex.
- Power it down.
Look at me.
Don't do this.
- I'm sorry, Louis.
You should never
have done this.
- He locked us out.
I can't get in! I can't get in!
We don't have time!
- I can vibe this.
I can vibe this.
- Hurry.
- I can't do it.
- Here, let me try.
No, no, no, no!
- There was confusion.
There was a lot going on.
Shots fired, men down.
I was focused on my unit.
Who was hit, who
was firing back.
Night vision didn't help.
But I saw something.
At the time, I was so
busy I didn't have time
to think about what I saw,
but a couple days later,
after the attack, after I talked
to some of those other men,
I had time to think
about what I saw.
That light.
That figure.
I don't know what it was.
- Did these soldiers
suffer from mass hysteria
or did they actually
see something?
I interviewed each one
of these men individually
but not before they had time
to discuss it with each other,
which, as we know, from
previous cases such as
the June Bug Epidemic or
the Birmingham Incident,
that these internal discussions
can lead to collective hysteria.
Do I think they
actually saw something?