The Car: Road to Revenge (2019) Movie Script

[engine turns over]
[engine revs]
[engine revs]
[tires screeching]
Detective Rainer, in pursuit of
suspected felon, Brad Tinkerman.
[dispatcher] Rainer, this time wait
for back up. Repeat, wait for back up.
[Rainer] Negative, Dispatch. I'm not
letting this scumbag Tink get away again.
[dispatcher] Rainer! Rainer!
Come in! Goddamn it, Rainer!
[indistinct yelling]
Give it up, brother!
Come on, Tink.
You've been ratted out.
There's nowhere
to go, anyway.
Oh, Jesus Christ!
- [woman whimpers]
- It's gonna be all right.
Batter up.
[indistinct chatter]
- [judge] Order! Order!
- [gavel bangs]
Your honor, I submit
Exhibits D through F.
This is a clear case of
kidnapping and human trafficking,
both level one felonies.
Your Honor, the State rests.
[judge] Bradley Tinkerman, for your
wonton indifference to human life
you are awarded the maximum sentence.
Go gently to you maker.
Fuck you! Fuck you!
Fuck! Fuck! No! [groans]
[all gasp]
[reporters clamoring]
Mr. Caddock, is the new
death penalty system working?
Violent crimes are down 50%
since my election,
so, yes, I'd say the new
death penalty is working fine.
[reporter 1] Was Tinkerman working
for The Night organization?
[reporter 2] Any closer to catching
those who've been terrorizing the city?
Why all the human trafficking?
What do the need the bodies for?
We continue to uncover
vital information.
Major indictments
will follow.
The days when decent people
have to live in fear are over.
Now the criminals have
something to fear...
- Me.
- [reporters clamoring]
- In that case, what is your...
- Thank you.
[clamoring continues]
[heavy metal music playing]
[crowd yelling, cheering]
All right,
hit each other!
[indistinct yelling]
Your man Tinkerman
got shit-canned.
I know. Our friend Caddock.
Yeah, well, you know
what he was carrying?
Encrypted data chip.
Thousands of files.
And now Caddock's got it.
Well, that's not good.
Guys, if we don't get that
chip, we're fucked. All of us.
[man] Or worse.
That's why it's your job
to get it back.
No. No. We don't take
orders from you.
Orders didn't come
from me, shithead.
They came from The Night.
[music continues]
[Caddock] I didn't think
you'd pick up.
[woman on phone]
I didn't recognize the number.
[Caddock] Yeah, well,
I'm on secure landline, so...
We have dinner reservations
at 8:00.
[chuckles] Come on.
It's your favorite restaurant.
Or have all your
tastes changed?
- Sir?
- My instincts are right as usual, Yasha.
This data chip they found on Tinkerman looks
like it might be the key to something big.
There are layers of encryption on that
baby that I have never seen before.
Wow! We'll crack it.
No doubt about it.
I've already downloaded it
to the private server.
Start decoding the data ASAP.
And I don't want anyone
knowing about this. Not yet.
- Okay?
- Yes, sir.
This is the jewel in my crown.
I can feel it.
I'm taking the rest
of the day off.
Gonna treat myself
to a beautiful plaything.
And the car ain't bad either.
This is just, like,
a little bit over the top.
Oh, really?
- Well, it feels pretty understated to me.
- [scoffs]
- Come on.
- I'm sorry. I don't make the rules here.
[both chuckle]
You don't make the rules here?
Well, that must be...
very hard for you with your
overwhelming control issues.
Oh, no. No. No.
I... I don't have those anymore.
- Oh! Wow.
- Yeah, I'm, uh...
- You know, I'm really relaxed now. Yeah.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Super relaxed.
- Mmm.
Yeah, no. Me too. [sighs]
I feel so relaxed right now.
- Don't you?
- Yeah.
Yeah. So chill.
- All right. All right. You win.
- [chuckles]
I usually do.
Not everything has to be
a fight to the death.
[scoffs] Since when?
Since I lost you.
You know, James...
You only want things
when you can't have them.
Okay? And this whole new
self-aware shit,
it's not gonna work on me
because I am not a dumb-dumb.
I know. I know.
And I want to apologize
for how I treated you.
And thank you for
joining me tonight.
- Thanks.
- [waiter] Enjoy.
Just, uh...
feels amazing
sitting opposite you.
So thank you.
- I'm not charmed.
- Yeah, okay.
Don't. 'Cause this is just...
It's a really good risotto.
What has changed
so much?
You, uh, ordered the exact
same thing you did
the last six times
we went to that restaurant.
- Look, when...
- Fascinating!
Yeah, okay. If I find something that
I like, and it's good every time,
- I'll go back to it.
- [Caddock] Oh, wow.
[romantic music playing]
What a coincidence.
It's, uh, our song.
Yeah. Coincidence.
Hey, will you, uh, accompany
me on a starlit joyride?
I am not sleeping with you.
I would never assume.
[music continues]
Fancy car.
Yeah, I bought it today.
The Lazarus One.
The CPU this baby has, it
can practically drive itself.
It doesn't have
a cup holder?
Hang on.
Okay, could you slow down?
- [Caddock] What, are you scared?
- [woman] No!
You're driving
like an asshole.
The only way to cut through
this filth is quickly.
Filth? [scoffs]
Come on. This is
a neighborhood with people.
- Okay. Yeah. Yeah.
- Human beings, families.
You wanna live here?
I used to. You know that.
And how many locks do you
have on your door now?
It's always about
fear with you.
Don't play your games with me.
I'm not the girl you knew.
Yeah. Because of me.
- You know, no one likes an angry woman, Daria.
- [scoffs]
I knew this was a mistake.
- Take me home.
- [scoffs]
This world is
a fucked up mess, Daria.
You and I are the only thing
that ever made sense to me.
And I will not stop coming
for you until you are mine.
[phone rings]
The last thing I wanna see right now is
your fucking worm face. Talk fast, Yasha.
[Yasha] I think I can bypass
the security on the chip.
Bad news is, I'd have to use some
marginally illegal software to do it.
We'll need court approval.
To hell with that. No. I'm
breaking this case tonight.
But, really, sir, we are right on
the border of an illegal search.
I could file a motion. We'd have
a warrant tomorrow afternoon.
Fine, do it.
It won't matter anyway.
Now go home.
[door closes]
[siren wails in distance]
Who are you?
Mr. Caddock? If you don't mind,
sir, I'd like to clock out.
What? No, no, no. Yasha should've
told you I want a guard 24/7
Well, It's just that I've got
this terrible headache.
All right, take a seat.
- Guards!
- [woman] So...
Where's the chip?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
[breathes heavily]
- [sighs]
- No, no.
No. Please. No, please!
No! [muffled] No! Please!
Which takes us back
to the original question...
Where is the chip?
I don't know.
You don't know who you're fucking with!
[both grunt]
Counselor, Counselor,
Let me start by saying your efforts
to clean up this city have been...
But I think you'll agree,
that this is some
caked-on, baked-on dirt.
Now, when a man is
frightened or desperate,
I would expect him to lie.
I expect him to bargain.
I expect him to beg.
But do not...
Do not expect me to stop.
You are all
gonna die for this.
- Ooh!
- [woman chuckles]
You first.
[breathes heavily]
- [screams]
- [laughs]
[screaming continues]
[camera shutter clicks]
- [camera shutters clicking]
- [indistinct chatter]
Well, I think we can
rule out suicide.
Good to see you too, Greyvenstein.
How's that wife of yours?
- Attractive yet demanding.
- Well, you keep her happy.
Those BBQs at your place keep
me living till the next one.
- [Greyvenstein chuckles]
- [Rainer] What a shit show.
Yeah. You pulled the footage
off the security cameras?
[man] Not yet.
Look, Rainer, this was
a professional hit.
And I don't want to
speak ill of the dead,
Caddock was a
certified cock-sucker.
Every psycho in the city
wanted to see him killed.
Probably some
regular folks, too.
Yeah, I'm sure it's hopeless,
but we should probably
at least try and look busy.
- Big feet.
- [Yasha] Oh, my God!
You're the Assistant DA.
Yes. Sorry. I'm a little
overwhelmed right now.
I just have one question.
All Caddock's files
were destroyed.
Seems the perpetrators
were looking for something.
Was there anything sensitive
Caddock was working on right now?
Maybe something that might have put
a lot of bad guys in a tight spot?
No, not anything out of the ordinary.
Not that I can think of.
Would you excuse me, Detective? I
need to make a statement to the press.
Still, I'm gonna need to see all
Caddock's current investigations.
If you could hand over
any back-up materials...
Yeah, of course.
Anything to help.
Oh, ADA, do you know where
the security footage is kept?
Security suite, first floor.
- Hopefully, the cameras caught everything.
- Yeah.
[woman] Well, after Payne removed his
intestines and Jag got his molars,
Henry just sort of
tossed him out the window.
Sounds like
a splendid evening.
But I am a tad confused
on one detail.
At what point did you
find the data chip?
- We even searched the house. Nothing there.
- [all talking]
Sir, that's what
we have so far.
That's the only person
we saw him talk to.
- We don't know who she is.
- She's probably swarmed with surveillance by now.
Look at this.
The human body.
A squishy pouch of paper skin
filled with soft cartilage,
tender muscles,
quivering organs.
Why did nature equip lesser
creatures with exoskeletons?
Poison-tipped tails? Why are such
gifts considered out of reach?
I'll tell you why. Because God
has forsaken you, but I didn't.
I made you whole. You, my creations,
will be the ones to rule this city.
You go out
and you find it.
And if you don't, I will squash you
to jelly if you disappoint me again.
Now, get out of here.
[engine revs]
[man] Who's in there?
[engine revs]
[engine revs]
[engine revs]
[Daria] When we were together, he
would always tell me how to eat,
how to dress,
how to laugh.
I hated it.
Even when we were apart, he was always
a sort of a... shadow in my life.
But it was also comforting.
Hey, look. Mourn all you want,
but don't confuse grief with love.
He shattered your heart
over and over.
He did.
But he taught me
a lot, too.
The way he taught me
to stand up straight and smile
even if I was screaming
"fuck you" on the inside.
Well, you say it
on the outside, too.
[both chuckle]
You said it to me, like,
30 times this week, you know?
[cell phone rings]
- [cell phone rings]
- [sighs]
- [Daria] Hello?
- Ms. Morris.
Nice of you
to finally picked up.
This is Detective Rainer.
I'm investigating
the James Caddock case.
- I need to ask you a few questions.
- Can't this wait?
[Rainer] No.
Every second counts.
You saw James Caddock
the night he was killed.
[Daria] We had dinner.
What'd you talk about?
I don't know. Old times.
[Rainer] Did Caddock talk
about his work?
Look, I'm still
pretty upset.
Well, lady, a man is dead. So
why don't you try putting aside
your personal feelings for a
minute and answer my questions.
Hey, kid, your mom home?
- Whoa!
- [gunshots]
[woman] Bobby? What the
fuck is going on out there?
You've got a lot of nerve
showing up here.
I need some information.
Did Tink ever tell you
who he was running for?
All he said was he
working for The Night.
Said he was running
a big score.
But he was always
saying that.
Keep that kid
on a leash.
[heavy metal music playing]
[man] One for the road.
[music continues]
[engine humming]
You want some?
You got no idea who you're
messing with, you rich fuck.
[tires screech]
Boss, someone's after me.
[engine revs]
Another suicide, huh?
Man, this town's getting
too rough for me.
A bunch of bums laying dead on
the streets, now this mess?
His name's Henry. Got a
rap sheet long as my dick.
That's long.
What am I doing down here?
You know I'm working
the Caddock case.
- [Rainer] Big feet.
- Yeah, big feet. [laughs]
Jesus, Petrov. Are you doing
some actual police work?
[Greyvenstein] Yeah, I told him
it's a waste of time but he's young.
It's a pretty
sophisticated equipment.
Any idea who might've
installed that?
[Petrov] Nah. It's like
nothing I've seen before.
Anyway, I figure he took off on
foot and they chased him in here.
- In what? You get an ID on the vehicle?
- Yeah, uh...
Big, black luxury sedan.
Huh. You think it's
connected to Caddock?
Maybe. Call me when you've got
something on this guy.
- What's wrong with you?
- What?
He has big feet.
Just get to work.
[Rainer] Weather sucks.
Oh, let me guess.
Detective Insensitive Asshole?
Look, I'm sorry I don't have any
of those... What're they called?
- Social skills? Yeah.
- Mmm-hmm. Yeah.
I just need to figure out what Caddock
was up to, and so far, all I know
is he was hung up on you.
You know he was
monitoring your email?
Well, it's not surprising.
Look, I hadn't talked
to him in a long time.
But you talked
to him that night.
I gotta tell you, this case gives
me a weird feeling in my gut.
Could be your diet.
Yeah, that sucks, too.
Come with me.
You really wanna
go over this again?
[Rainer] You saw Caddock
the night he died.
[Daria] Like I told you
before, it was just dinner.
It's never just dinner.
True. There was always
an ulterior motive with him...
But, uh... I think it was
just to sleep with me.
Yeah, well, to be honest,
I couldn't stand the guy.
Yeah, well, you
and everyone else.
James killed criminals,
and criminals killed James.
I don't know what else to say.
It's the world we live in, right?
No. I don't accept that.
He was the goddamn DA.
This has gotten crazy.
Somebody's gotta...
bring some decency back
to this place
and it starts with finding
the fuckers who did this.
- You sound like him.
- No.
No. I won't...
I wanna make
this place better.
Am I nuts?
No, you're not nuts.
And I hope you do. But I'm telling you,
I don't have any information for you.
You wouldn't know of any of Caddock's
friends who own a black sedan? Luxury mark?
James just bought
a car like that.
- What kind of car do you drive?
- [snickers]
- A white one.
- And if I asked you to account for your whereabouts?
Look, I've already
given my statement,
so I would say,
"Good night, Detective Rainer."
I don't think those people got
what they were after.
So if these people are still looking,
they might start looking at you.
Okay. Thanks for the tip.
I hope you can
afford the check.
Bingo, bitch. [chuckles]
Hey, asshole! This is
an executive parking spot.
[cell phone rings]
- Yeah, what do you got?
- [Greyvenstein] Caddock's assistant
sent over his files.
What's left of them, anyway.
If I didn't know better, I'd say somebody
hit these with the electronic eraser.
Hmm. Hey, you know anyone
you can trust over at Metro?
I got a guy over there.
Send him to keep an eye
on Daria Morris' house.
Protection or surveillance?
Not sure yet.
[sighs] Get a grip, girl.
[inhales, exhales]
- Call Mila.
- [phone] Calling Mila.
[indistinct chatter on TV]
It's getting late.
No. No, no, no. Please. Please don't
leave me alone with my sad life.
No, don't do your puppy eyes with me.
They won't work.
Don't even try.
Okay. Fine.
I've got another tactic.
- [snickers]
- Come here.
[laughs] Whoa, wait.
Is that a good idea?
Ah, let me tell you...
tequila was never my problem.
My problem was
everything else.
Fuck it. You're a
grown-ass woman, right?
- The verdict is still out.
- [laughs]
Okay, now. Here we go.
Your eyes lead the body, okay?
Weight on this foot, yeah?
And you swing around
- [vocalizes]
- [groans]
[both laugh]
- You do not want to fuck with me.
- Oh.
[cop] Copy that, Dispatch. I'm at
the location. All's quiet here.
[chatter on radio]
[gasps, screams]
- No! [grunts]
- [grunts]
Now, don't you
stress a thing.
I'm gonna be real,
real patient with you.
Now, I am supposed
to take you...
[man] What the fuck?
- Mila?
- Mila's dead, bitch!
[both groan]
Who the fuck are you?
I'm gonna get you, and that hunk
of fuckin' tin you're hiding in.
Bitch. Bitch. Bitch. Bitch!
[engine turns over]
Back the fuck up.
Come on, damn it. Come on.
Fuck, come on!
Fuck! Fuck!
[screams] No! No!
No! [screams]
[indistinct radio chatter]
You sure you
didn't see the driver?
Ms. Morris,
are you all right?
Is there anybody you can
stay with tonight?
Friends? Family?
[glass shatters in distance]
It's just me.
I'm back.
- Hey.
- I didn't like the look of that continental breakfast.
This should hold you
through the day.
I'll come back
and check on you tonight.
You keep the windows drawn.
Anybody knocks, you hide.
Even the cops
could be in on this.
You can trust Greyvenstein,
but that's it.
Oh, no. I'm not staying here.
Look, I can smell
whoever OD'd on this bed,
and it's making me
wish it was me.
Ms. Morris, the people who are after you,
they don't give a shit about your life.
I didn't spend all night in that shitty chair
just to watch you get yourself killed.
At least until I know
what you're about.
Wait a minute,
am I witness or a suspect?
Depends on who's
driving that car.
- [lock rattles]
- Seriously?
- Nice.
- I'm coming with you.
- The hell you are.
- According to you, I'm the one with everything to lose.
If these assholes are trying to
kill me, I want to know who and why.
You're pushy as hell,
you know that?
I like bossy better.
I read your file. Just cause
you're from the neighborhood
doesn't make
you an automatic badass.
You'd be surprised.
All right,
you want to help, fine.
But we've got to tell each
other the truth. No secrets.
So what aren't
you telling me?
So what next?
- We're going to the Market.
- Really? To the Data Market?
Well, then give me
back my gun.
[indistinct chatter]
Do you think it's safe
for you to be here?
Eh, the Market's neutral.
They're not gonna kill me
just 'cause I'm a cop.
At least, I think not.
[Daria speaking
foreign language]
Buying or selling?
Looking to trade.
Sealed police records in exchange
for information on someone.
Three queries for one.
This way.
You've been here before?
Once or twice.
- What exactly did you do as a kid?
- [chuckles]
Bad shit.
Your offer is no good.
You want to trade legal information
for illegal information.
You son of a bitch,
we're trying to take
a maniac off the street.
All you gotta to do
is press a fucking key.
- [speaking foreign language]
- [speaking foreign language]
Cash deal.
Final offer.
- Make it count.
- All right.
We're looking for someone or
something that calls itself The Night.
The Night.
There is a man. Talen.
The Seer.
The Surgeon.
[all screaming]
Go! Go!
I'll be there in a minute.
You're all gonna die.
[woman] Daria.
Who the fuck are you?
Look, what do
you people want?
You and me,
we're both ambitious women.
And you know the world
hates an ambitious woman.
So why don't we
join forces, huh?
I'm about three seconds from shooting
you, lady. So tell me what you want.
Just tell me where
Caddock hid the chip.
I don't know anything
about a chip. Are we done?
- [yelps]
- [groans]
[both grunt]
You're coming with me!
You're gonna burn, bitch.
[laughs] Yeah!
[woman 2] Time's up, asshole.
- [cop 1] Freeze!
- [cop 2] Get your hands up!
No, don't shoot!
Hold on. Don't shoot!
I'm a cop.
[romantic music plays]
Did I faint?
Oh, God, that's so lame.
No. No. No.
You didn't faint.
[groans] You almost died
from smoke inhalation.
Good. I can still be cool, then.
You might wanna ice
whatever hurts.
You want a drink?
No. Yes. No! No.
I've got some
Russian-grade painkillers.
They're not exactly
FDA approved, but...
I'm good. Thanks.
This is your place?
I didn't peg you
as a fish guy.
- [Rainer] They're great listeners.
- [Daria chuckles]
All right.
I don't get many visitors.
- Is that your...
- Yeah. She was my daughter.
What happened?
Same thing happens every day.
Good person, wrong place.
Hour doesn't go by that
I don't think about her.
Even after all of these years.
And all this... All
these computers and shit,
this should've been
man's golden age
and we're still vicious,
hateful animals.
And I'm full of hate, too.
I don't think my daughter
would be very proud of me.
- Well, I know why you have those dumb fish.
- [laughs]
- Why?
- [scoffs]
'Cause we all need something to take
care of in life, right? I mean, it's...
It feels good to make
something happy.
Even if it's
just a fucking fish.
And hell,
it's okay to be angry.
I'm a raging maniac. I used
to be a raging drunk, too.
How'd you stop?
Well, now I just...
let it out by kicking the
crap out of my punching bag.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Show me.
Come on.
Show me.
- Uh, I don't know.
- [laughs]
- What?
- I don't know if you can handle all this.
I think I'll be all right.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, give me your best shot.
[both laughing]
That's pretty good.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Guy once told me,
"No one likes an angry woman."
Well, somebody
had a small penis.
[Talen] Welcome all
my scoundrels, my delinquents,
my creations.
You know why
I have called you.
Two of my men in two days.
Two of my
perfect creations. Gone.
And you can't tell me anything
about this mystery car
or the godforsaken
bastard driving it.
And now, little Ms.
Needs-to-Die has vanished.
And I still don't know
where Caddock hid my data.
A fool has declared
war on The Night.
I need this car stopped
and I need that chip.
So to the man
who brings it to me,
unlimited access
to my merchandise.
[all cheering]
And the man who brings
me the girl,
the modification
of your choice.
[all cheering]
I want the girl...
the car, and everybody who
ever even smiled at Caddock
torn to teeny, tiny shreds.
[all cheering]
We do not sleep!
We do not fail!
The Night is coming!
[all cheering]
[indistinct yelling]
You ever eat real food?
I figure a stray bullet will
get me before the diabetes does.
Jeez, you're bleak.
- What'd we get?
- Mmm.
- A whole lot of money changing hands.
- Mmm.
But we didn't get a full download,
so no names, no locations.
- Just a mess in numbers.
- Mmm.
- Talen?
- [sighs]
Not much to find.
Um, low-level weirdo.
Busted a number of years back
for black market cybersurgery
and then, nothing
over a decade.
- Yeesh.
- Yeah.
I figure he's blind.
Or was.
Maybe night vision?
He's hiding underground?
Well, he doesn't look
much like a beach guy.
I want to tell
you something.
But I don't want you
to think I'm nuts.
[laughs] Okay.
I'll give you a fair shot.
- You promise?
- Yeah. I promise.
I don't think anyone
is driving that car.
- You think it's self-driving?
- No. I actually think it's something else.
I think it's Caddock.
Oh, Daria, Caddock is dead.
I saw the body. It was him.
I know.
I know.
What I'm saying is...
I think Caddock is the car.
- You're fucking with me?
- No, just listen.
You're supposed to
know your enemy, right?
Well, no one knows James
the way that I do
and I am telling you,
he is controlling that car.
I know it sounds crazy and I
don't have an explanation for it,
maybe some kind of, I don't
know, AI shit, but it's him.
It is the worst parts of him.
And maybe we can use that.
Okay, don't...
Don't look at me like that.
- I'm not an idiot, you know that.
- No. No. [grunts]
Look, um, you're in shock,
it's understandable. It's...
Fuck off.
Hey, I'm not trying
to dismiss you...
I'm just going for a walk.
- Hey! Wait!
- See you later.
- It's not... It's not safe.
- [door slams]
[engine starts]
[engine revs]
- I need your motorcycle.
- Fuck you, asshole.
[tires screech]
[engine revs]
[cell phone rings]
[Greyvenstein] Rainer, where the fuck
are you? You're in some deep shit.
You got to go by my place.
Daria Morris...
Daria Morris is there.
You get her out of there, okay?
[panting] Don't...
Don't take her by the precinct.
There he is.
Let's get this prick.
- Who is it?
- Daria, you've got to come with us. Rainer's orders.
Jones, is that you?
Jones? I don't know no Jones.
This is Greyvenstein.
Be right down.
[man 1 on radio] He's at
the Quarry Road Tunnel.
Headin' west, but he's
got a huge lead.
[groans] We lost him.
[man 2 on radio]
We'll cut him off.
Yee-haw! Jackpot!
Shit! He's on my tail.
[man 1] We're coming around.
Just keep him in your sight.
[man 2] Get ready, boys.
He's coming your way.
Almost there. Almost there.
Oh, shit!
[man 1] He's headed toward
the old quarry building.
[Rainer] Greyvenstein,
what am I doing in here?
They got half a dozen witness saying
that you were the driver of that Lazarus.
Including a few cops.
What? No, no, no, no. You and I
both know that that's bullshit.
Look, whoever you fucked
with, he's connected.
You can't just stand by and let
these assholes set me up like this.
Where's Daria?
Greyvenstein, please.
Where is Daria?
[man 1] He's headed toward
the quarry building.
Keep on its tail.
Goddamn it!
Don't let him get away.
Hey, where are
you guys taking me?
That is a good question.
Hey, you still want her
at your place?
[Yasha] Negative. Pull over and
wait for further instructions.
The Night will decide
what to do with her.
[cop] Roger that.
Maybe we should put The Night
in charge of everything.
- Give me a reason.
- Shit.
Put your hands up.
You don't want to do this.
Get out of the car.
I thought you said
you'd pat her down.
Get out.
[man 1] Keep your eyes open.
He's around here somewhere.
[tires screeching]
[screams] Fuck!
- Fuck!
- [man 3] Okay, we've got him. We've got him.
[Talen] Find a way to get
him into the quarry building.
We're ready for him.
Get on the ground.
[man 4] Did you see that?
What the fuck?
He's chasing the bitch
in the police car.
[Talen on radio] Well, Daria Morris.
You never cease to impress.
You've had a good run, but I
think you'd better call it quits.
Your friend in the Lazarus may
be bulletproof, but you're not.
He's not my friend.
[Talen] Then maybe
you'd like to make a deal.
Lead the car to me.
If I help, will you
call off your dogs?
[Talen] There's an old quarry
off exit 29.
Lead the car to that quarry
and into the building.
We have a plan all set.
[Jag] Shoot her!
Waste that asshole!
Where is he?
There was never a driver.
She set us up!
What? No!
No! We had a deal!
We had a deal!
[Jag] Tear it apart!
[indistinct chatter]
You have the chip,
you don't need me.
You really thought
we'd let you go?
- [laughs]
- [sighs] Yeah, I guess not.
Such spark in you.
Not everyone deserves
a quick death.
[indistinct chatter]
[dog barking]
What have we here?
Holy shit!
[Talen] Nice to meet you
at last, Daria.
I hope you've had time
to reflect on your situation.
Fuck you!
I hear you're angry.
And I'm sorry about
your little friend, Mila.
She wasn't our
intended target.
Yeah? Well, I'm sorry for
your "little friends", too.
I had fun killing them.
I know. You have a real
darkness about you.
Just kill me already.
We've got enough corpses,
don't you think?
Running around up there,
buying laundry soap,
doing yoga.
That could be you again.
Assuming you'd want
to go back.
- Like you're giving me a choice.
- Perhaps I am.
I want the real Daria.
The girl you were before
the polish and the pearls.
Were you ever really happy
playing the good girl?
Sometimes when I'd be in a room with
all those rich, smart, smiling people...
I felt that I belonged.
And other times?
Other times...
I would think about how sweet it would feel
to watch their guts spill out on the floor.
Welcome to The Night.
[man] The Lazarus One.
Car of the year.
Of all the junk yards
in all the world,
you had to roll into mine.
This isn't gonna be easy.
And you ain't gonna
be cute no more.
But I got
a surprise for you.
Ain't no samurai heft a sword
made of carbon-fucking-fiber
can't chop you up.
You're gonna
need a donor car.
I think it's pretty killer.
Detective Rainer, this meeting
has been called for your benefit.
How long have you been
on Talen's payroll?
Huh? He put you
through law school?
Oh, you can have your honor
and your day in court,
and, in the unlikely
event that anybody loves you,
you can have a widow to inherit
your pension when I execute you.
Or, you can resign.
And what about Daria?
From what I understand,
she already made her deal.
So that settles it.
- Okay. You win.
- Hey, no.
I got no right being a cop.
Now, you want
my badge, Yasha?
You can have my badge.
[both groan]
Where is he?
- I don't know.
- Where's Talen?
You think he trusted me that much?
I have no idea.
- What was on that chip?
- Accounting information. Payoffs.
Talen has
a vast network of businesses.
- Like?
- Strip clubs, brothels,
half the Red Light District.
It doesn't matter.
Talen's out of sight,
you'll never find him.
- Tell me!
- [gasps]
Fucking tell me!
So where are
your morals now, Detective?
How long before
they find you?
You'll never make it out
of the city alive.
You just might be
the baddest thing I ever saw.
Only one way to find out.
[engine turns over]
Miserable piece of...
What was I thinking?
[engine revs]
Holy shit!
[people screaming]
All right.
All right.
Okay. Okay, think.
Think. Come on, you...
Come on, asshole. Think.
Okay, Talen.
Underground. Underground.
[heavy metal music playing]
I do apologize
for the shackles.
It's not that
I don't like you,
it's just that I don't
trust you quite yet.
Yeah? Well, I don't
trust you yet, either.
That's good.
Blind faith is for timorous.
Now, for the main event.
I've bought you a canvas.
This one has failed me.
Betrayed you.
I can't think
of a better way to celebrate.
Use your imagination.
[Greyvenstein on radio] Rainer,
the force is coming, man. Hard.
Tell them I'm gonna be
at the Club Appolyon.
Bring the big guns.
Oh, Yasha, you little bitch.
[sobbing] Don't.
Don't. Please!
Daria, they made me. I...
[gasps and sobs]
Now this is what I need.
You got a lighter?
Lacking in subtlety, but the
brutality itself is commendable.
You're gonna burn, Yasha.
[continues sobbing]
Disappointing. Kill her.
[man yelling
in foreign language]
[muffled music playing]
Better be right about this.
[music continues]
[indistinct chatter]
[gun cocks]
Tell me where The Night is.
You have one second.
- [engine revs]
- Whoa! Whoa!
[all screaming]
Move! Move!
- Boo!
- [grunts]
Oh, you're gonna pay.
I'm gonna enjoy this.
Talen was wrong about you.
[both grunt]
Oh, your personality is awful,
but you're not lethal
without that car.
And you're not lethal
without that arm.
- [grunts]
- [screams]
[Talen] Step into
the darkness!
- [gasps]
- It's me.
[screams, groans]
Nice to finally meet you.
- Oh, damn.
- Come on.
Good luck.
What're you doing?
- The car.
- Yeah, I believe you.
We've got to stop it.
No, no, no!
Hey, hey, hey!
What make you think
you can stop it?
What make you think this
thing can even be stopped?
I'm the one.
He said it himself. He's not
gonna stop until he gets me.
[Daria sighs]
Jesus Christ!
You know how to drive
one of those things?
No, but how hard can it be?
This ends now.
What are you doing?
Still hunting me?
What for? You think
you're gonna come back?
Be the guy at the top?
I hate to tell you this,
but you lost, James.
- [revving]
- You lost everything.
[beeping continues]
Well, you pulled it off.
[siren wails]
- [sighs]
- Yeah.
Are you sure
you're all right?
Mmm, yeah.
Scars are sexy, right?
- I probably should've listened to you about the car.
- Yeah.
- I'm always right.
- [chuckles]
Look, I don't know
what happens next,
maybe I got a job,
maybe... not.
But if you're free...
and I'm not in jail...
maybe we do dinner.
[indistinct radio chatter]
[all screaming]
- No!
- [grunts]
Damn you, James!
Goddamn you!
What do you want from me?
[romantic music playing]
[sobs] Stop it!
James, you don't
own me anymore!
You told me how to live, I'm not
gonna let you tell me how to die!
[music continues]
Where's that CPU?
I'm done with
all you fucking people!
I got you, James.
[music stops]
[breathes heavily]
[heavy metal music playing]
[song fades]