The Card Player (2004) Movie Script

Anna, this gives you
today is your birthday
do you know?
your affair I remember everythi
to follow the special person to
celebrate together?
have a meal and don't know together can ah?
please want not that Mr. was private to confuse
like this nosegay not too?
very happy
card Luo, come over once
take the gun to pay to come ove
do not put the tomato, the ham
bowel is all right
please use slowly
her life had no
how can and thus
is that woman right
please tell the counterplan
is that tour?
bother, is an urgent circumstan
is not to make practical joke
is to search the medium woman
is who?
is the British tour guest- C.Ca
the prisoner wants to pass with
us the poker is definitely a victory or defeat
be a hour is after
come to send a mail with unidentified person
is we rule over outside of affair
the female whom person exactly
disappear who kidnap
the photograph is a proof
the prisoner hopes that it definitely can pass the poker a victory or defeat
even we lost or is a brush-off
the hostages will be kill of
only have under the victorious
premise of police
the hostage would be release of
affirmation just threat
still have a
a time per victory
will cut off a part of the body
how to meet challenge to battle
is in the chat room
can follow
behind the prisoner only of designation to do the
have no time
register urgent
what poker can't I play of type
to fight for time
if can drag along long-playing
can track the located of
the password is'' athlete''
start investigate
my name is''
the pull''
very good, the pull
please continue to fight for time
is 52 pieces?
trump card also is?
he seems to want according to
him by himself of rule
carry on the game
is 5 dishs three win
first the
person of a card wants the basis game to alternative
start from our here first
win three times of a convenienc
e is a winner
is the live broadcast image of
the hostage
do not want to divide a victory
or defeat?
is time
stop halfway the game
is a prisoner in the past lane
absolutely can't accept defeat to the threat
very dangerous
will really be kill perhaps
but absolutely can't let excres
cent person take advantage o falsely but go into
the difficult way want to see
she be kill?
decide what heel be responsible
are all I
turn to tell quickly can't to
war of
already late
time be over, very pitiful
these bad egg
divided too
search the prisoner's dwelling
usually change the path, can't
use the software of the high and intelligent degree
this is what happened
can't read the software
can't give up of
prepare the body bag quickly
how?Do you is a photographer?
catch up with quickly
kidnap to throw corpse away with
is all in Rome to carry on of
is a native son is
very cruel means
stick is after up the defense
wall, return the continuous change strategy
you continue to the words of the
connect she can live the lifes
and all do not know
he is?
is a British criminal police
all was already a dog of
shut up
come true of?
this is my case
please want not to participate
the tube literally
exactly at say what?
do not worry
what matter?
really think very much to the
war of
only have these?
I am Anna.Mary's police
George.Cloth .Positive for
e go toward the embassy
is British?
was born in Ireland
very bad impression?
but, that is the fact
still have our person
at where?
really very dull
what kind of body
want to start?
have no resistant evidence 1:00
also have no trace of sex malt
only have, this thing
put in the sexual organ
is a trump card
too extremely conceited
is the marking of that guy
do not touch my thing
my profession is an autopsy
can find out the unseen thing
is just professional
what is that?
not clear
look like the seed
Anna, sign to me
he is what person?
why change profession?
in robber's affairs that London
take place
surrounded the prisoner
at that time, the prisoner of
the shoot-to-kill
is the child of the nonage
because of was a to live at
that time facial
the nobody recognize is I open fire
were said the Police Station of
the gossip by everyone
betrayed me
so I arrived at Rome
was the security personnel of
the tour guest
who ah?
is a very high and blond person
of statures
is that person
to me whether too young
much big?
0 years old
only bad 10 years old
is right
the next time introduce you know
each other
then contact
then see
divided too
divided too
urgent circumstances.Prepare
right away
the prisoner request to challenged
to come over again
confirm to continue
is a same game again?
should to war of
deserve to try
time that also will work hard
for to track of
please decide quickly
all right, accept
but, I do not know the poker
start first
who do?
I come
acquaint with the poker very
much of
if the words of the nobody objection
very good
is three cards
substitute two piece
embarrassed, now to the person
of the war is I
bad egg
still three card
the possibility for remain can
win three dishs at continue only
damn of
too cruel
substitute three piece
do not continue to attack by
he came out
substitute.We have the choice
power of
yes, I know
give I a root
don't go
now is California
too short
blamed bad egg
card Luo
have already made an effort.Ple
ased don't want to be self-reproach
but, lose
have no the ability extrication
is I harm to die hers
what to kill people is a prisoner
to drink one cup?
I dislike to drink the wine
is earnest
why send me?
because of drank to have another
the tongues all tied knot
depend to come over
the oneself walk
very smelly
disgusting man
the poker is a life''
solid activity within life such
as solid of
reflect a victory or defeat''
the sport of the athlete''
and the observation for respond
bring up the power of observe the public''
game is respond
mood of a mirror''
looked into the corpse for 7 hour
float a scene of surface
is a same seed
is a plant that belongs to the
dandelion section
but near not rare
this line is
worthy of inquisition
prisoner 35 years old is or so,
the sex is not clear
but have high etc. educational background
accepted the education in the
United States
pass the computer
constituted the machine of the
equal high performance
want the careful manhunt?
want the so careful manhunt is
very difficult
break the law sex is zero
the careful manhunt is impossib
le 1
according to the news that the
FBI spread
prisoner who connects the wreath to kill people the ca
meet the adventure very excited
'' adventure hedonist''
don't walk into the homicidal
game suddenly
until kill people
has been all adopting other ways
to satisfy to try to
for example parachute the sport
on the hoof do the high-jump the type of sport
like the on-line on the road to
shut very much is on foot up the eye, illegal
Luo thinks Anne.The road depend
on especially
there will be the record of pre
vious crime perhaps
flush out all films
call you park the car
park the car for me right away
have no matter?
still have to race car the field
all have the places that arrives
they usually make changes in the
plan to denounce?
know several individuals
but is all some second-grade guys
have the record?
think Anne at Luo.The road death
toll depend on especially is one person
this game carries on in several
common individuals
good opportunity
wash'' trump card'' there from the
have already got the list that
takes part in a game
you said us
is'' incapable''
incapable also can make out out
you are exceptional
very glorious
before is I am not good
because of drunk with wine
returned to sing a song for me
but, very happy
see this first
can not feel his near
strange man
a little bit careful
who do you are say?
prisoner loathing police and
if is you not is two birds of
one stone?
is that a threat?
is just pure warning
the prisoner shouldn't know our
internal circumstance
last year, see the live broadcast
like to envy
too good
still have tonight
to go to?
absolutely receive to advise you
time returned after, come to my
home to sit for a while
at say what?
videotape.The poker is legal
but have the time of the money
association is illegal
can gamble directly in the store
that Mafia rule over of
enter the inside
go to
why don't shut the lock directly?
can eavesdrop, so contribute to
the inquisition
I dislike the wager
the videotape that everyone oft
en comes once.Poker holy land
eye-catcher guest is?
why say so?
is a strange person probably
how is circumstance?
recent, the frequent caller etc.
that don't come
have already said
the all people walked after all
know.Enter the inside talk
this place
have 1 hold to have the sorcery
power of
meet the wager to win necessarily of man
how to say good
the hand that much think''
have what win necessarily of
recruit extremely?
that does not know
turn off music to me
is probably or so man of 35 yea
rs old
equal self-confidence
have the contact method?
did not see him recently
call what name?
that did not ask
the knowing words spoke
if thought of and then contact
with us
I also yes
must notify us
because of the continuous homic
idal case
Rome started spread the terror
claim to be the guy of'' trump c
have already killed two females
will certainly recompense of
the name is called the thunder
to receive
now in the card west club
is to seek what thunder receive
again yes
is not he
is a little devil again
still woman?
go out to me
come over
is a police
dispassion, is a police
we are polices
the have nothing at all do
treat honestly for me
return the work quickly
age is?
9 years old
is a student.Play truant
come over
have the words to say with you
I am innocent
he absolutely will win of
please allow
I guarantee
is a whose idea?
is I
is this not kid's son?
but the technique excels the ad
hear that you have the astonish
ing wager technique?
not yes
is just occasionally the meetin
the stomach of now is very pain
is a benzene originally the min
ister allow of
a time per victory pay 2500 eur
os for you
true of?
but, I go?
to do what?
victory or defeat
take a look at peacefully
did not see the thunder receive
did not see
you at dry what?
poisonous article?
not yes, I wanted to return
still won't do of
will examine tomorrow.Say again
me nothing doing
you can certainly win of
tell me
whether have what win necessari
ly of recruit extremely?
have no
not is to have?
is not what win necessarily of
recruit extremely
body inside
can feel the power
be like the breeze similar
the handle knob passes to me
let go of the hand, the hand na
ture will exercise of
so can win
when are all?
not, also will fail sometimes
so can't agree on with you enou
did not relate to of
the body
will express appreciation of
start tomorrow?
is similar to NASA
tomorrow is too late
want to start
all right
too severe
do not do things by halves
is impossible thus
feel your breeze in the body
wanted to start finally
real strenght
enemy's hand is?
need three cards
too fascinating
everyone see
very good
escape from
can move
quickly escape
do not kill
why is fast
damn of
do not lose
kick to pour quickly
damn of change the
is what kind of guy
the nothing important likes to
say now of
will convene the press conferen
ce tomorrow of
the table rushes through very m
uch fashionable, is what stainless steel make
the ceramic tile is a gewgaw, a
nd returned the breakage
the rusty circumstance see, the
wall is ferrous
depend on the table to the word
s that judge
the man's height is or so in 170 rices of
compare the victim a little bit
high and some
is the person of the muscle typ
the thing that right hand put o
n looks like what metals make
still see seem garage or
is th
e thing like the warehouse
this is?
ginseng beverage
taste to try once
dided not drink the wine severa
l days
one glass beer
is two cups probably
at study?
next preparation is?
is a fatherly book
addict to the poker
so lost all things
result because of usury, jumped
the tramcar to commit suicide
stand together at the time of w
ebsite ascend
embrace me suddenly, jump in to
go to of
the look in the eyes of the fat
her that is at that time is similar to victim
very boring topic
to return?
think a personal quiet a quiet
and well-trained of to war
to let the other party falter''
dispersion attention, derision
let him sink into the confusion ppearance''
absolutely can't accept defeat
to the enemy's under''
the authorities say that will m
ake again probably
make popular agitated
although carried on to search t
can currently return to have no clues
at where?
forbid to move
do not take aim at, open fire q
wait for to accept the check
Anna.Mary is at oneself was ass
aulted by the person
the detailed circumstance retur
ns to discuss it later in the bureau
because wore the gloves.So will
not leave the fingerprint of
is made of leather gloves
see the face?
wore the mouth-muffle, so did n
ot can see pure
is a young man
is the person of the muscle typ
is his work
Police Station, the analysis cl
heel the nail remain of inside thing
have no matter?
why is you?
seem at play games
very dangerous tonight, can't a
person stay here
guest's building
still remember?
seek I what matter?
Hey is to inquire me?
answer me
my house lives in the tower
, is a homing on the way
say what?
kill people the affairs?
please return quickly
you also yes
the farce be over
return on the hoof
give your gift
is the plant that the last time
attach on the corpse?
the seed creates something to c
ome out in the blossom
only have thus?
investigate to carry on of how?
you are to say that Luo thinks
Anne.The road depend on especially?
dying of young of friend
int with to the computer very
still track
the voice of the tape?
don't know
perhaps the prisone
r openned the cover of the champagne
what does supper want to eat?Do
you eat the Japanese cuisine?
like something to eat very much
do not worry.Just a by chance j
will spare no effort to do with
all strength of
don't go
etc. telephone
good, know
my daughter's Luo the hero was
seem after leaving the campus t
hree hours ago
has been can't make the contact
look for it to see
that is a matter of course
certainly meeting of
please stop worrying
can do so only
at invite we attend the game
the pull, on boss' wager dau
answer the phone quickly
beg you, connect
the thunder receive, you now at
come over quickly, is next game
must hold tight to just go this
get so and late
the other party already at wait
is this ministerial daughter
play trick of?
read the words of the prisoner'
s record
he already the meeting fire emits three s of
hope can obtain the victory
cause he also has the weakness necessarily of
connect once
the thunder receive
but ability the victory all dep
end control breath
if the poker is very smelly
I believe you
is three cards
two A
far from good
is a certain place in Rome
what is the row
is a virus
confirm once
how to do?
first victory once
stay away the adventure
very good
attack by surprise three cards
so can't
very dangerous
the enemy held to have three pi
eces words to lose
the crest wears the pressure
I believe myself
very good
this ZHANG PAI2 the demand brus
go forward
I succeeded
this breeze how?
very perfect
what now leave be
see and can
carry out to agree on
have no matter.Need not frighte
ned also can of
occurrence what matter?
beg you, call police come over
I is
Luo's hero.
know.Do not worry
the thunder receive
very happy
very thankful
worry her really and so?
at do what?
how is mood?
very good
bottoms up
too good
want to drink some son what?
not want
drive grasping moment the in ha
nd wrist injected one needle up
at be keep under house arrest o
f place can what to remember is?
wait I wake up of time have alr
eady is tied up
the house is very desolate
very black wall, very thick hou
se of murderous look in
there are two set computers on
the table
see the face?
have no.He wears to ski the mou
I also is
have not usually of voice?
the game let me wide awake befo
re in the beginning
after game is end again injecte
d one needle for me
again after openning the eye
he detection is on the avenue
the time wide awake feel how?
the interjection of the birds'
twitter and the pigeon son
the voice of the rarely seen ve
hicle flutters with breeze the voice of the tree
did not hear a type for the exp
losion to follow the gun voice of?
did not hear
the thunder receive, O.K.?
the thunder receive
too good
to take out?
is first-class goods.Take
I take
then see
have the smoke?
I have already quitted smoking
have the better thing
true of?
is not to play trick
arrive the outside to go to
now is a work time
if do you also go to together?
go to where?
certainly very of
need not want now.To order the
another game
for example this is?
finally disheveled hair now
at dry what?
play the another game
you are really too beautiful
you lead to come
call what name?
I know, the thunder receive
Hey, etc. I
exactly what?
why don't tell me the name?
my photograph?
what person are you exactly?
the person that I was employ
why?Is the employer who?
claim to be your friend's perso
take you to the here to come, g
ive your this thing
who ah?
you have the door of the desti
ny in the moment''
is door and deaths can exists
of door''
here still good like consider
for good''
is what mean the exactly?
don't know.I wanted to return
etc..Want that I consider exact
ly what?
don't know.Release me
tell me
choose right away now
the road that did not escape.Hu
rry the choice
did the very cruel affair
is a guy that knows the thunder
to receive
the person who know excessively
is certainly internal personnel
see, take out the spirit
I am a
lead with beautiful woman toget
the store of the home?
what is up?
the affair that thunder receive
, read the news
person whom I say, not the thun
der receive
have already known the address
of that person
is add the nun Luo.Did you know
is Anna?
the provided the clu
es of a prisoner
in my film
investigate six year agos at on
the man's residence that have already die
know.Send to pass by right away
very sorry
very good
add the nun Luo.Good lately esp
ecially.The signs the
love your Anna
is a true big gun
the all all gather
a little bit peaceful
to say the affair of graveness
this is add the nun Luo of trad
probably 100 years of
along wi
th the bell of the end of the every noon
this big gun will beat to ring
go to next place to go to
all is all a lies
what matter?
first game
the voice of the tape that I he
is the big gun voice that the noon ring out
killing time is at three previo
the image has already record of
result also early the decision like
but, why?
is a prisoner not on the spot o
f certificate
you now at where?
just return
the battery quickly use didn't
now start carrying on the inquisition in the yard
now at where?
now start
turn the minister of tell this
just in making contact
have what matter?
made track for the clues to lea
ve, all of the sound of now have no
have no news
the first victory or defeat has
already record good
immediately after the victim ha
s already been massacred
is a not present certificate wo
you are say what ah?
very good to listen know.The mo
vements of now of George does not understand
I hear
I wanted to return.Turn to tell
the minister
discovered the car of the cloth
is to add the nun Luo
add the nun Luo
come up quickly, I also want to
go to
worry very much?
turn on the light of
in the behind
go to where?
his car re
walk up the way
that has the special thing
hurry the parking
this is the dream.Wake up quick
go to hell to go to.Mary's poli
ce officer
very sorry
can't of
don't believe?
is a gift for you
love your Anna
do not like?
you are here
similar to father final outcome
of choice
shut up to me
remember these
you are a similar to father dyi
ng of
let you hear
is my game
carry on fairly
come.Our two personal beginning
you change the
according to the rule, carry on
award is this
want which?
the one who win will be relieve
, of
will can't reserve the original
have no time
who start first?Two are all pol
ice officers
police officer?You are an ugly
bad egg
very good.I start first
why to do like this?
because of has been all loving
deeply you
your turn.Open
you connect what love ises all
not know
come, you also wanted to take r
the ugly appearance that see di
impossible.Can't win mine
the value that you did not live
to descend to go to
you are an insignificant person
rightnesses of 0, Anna
the tramcar came
follow the well-trained to the
time fight
to falter the other party to just go''
to let him sink into the confu
sion appearance''
your turn
think that I would follow to be
like your such men sleeping?
noisy dead.Damn of
this humble lier
George but real man
similar to you are greatly not
three J
rightness 1
does the book that lookings at
the father learn?
good vibration
just close to
hurry the beginning
like the wager , the head th
at do not contend for breaks the blood
in the heart exactly at think w
see the card, I won
is I won
dided not entertain to hope
is I won
the minimum poker is just winne
the in the book write wrong
according to the rule
the game are all unreasonable w
ith the existence methods
is a key
damn of
I killed you
on-line road of man top
have the gun voice
have the woman the station ther
have no matter?
is Mary's police officer?
you was pregnant.Congratulate y