The Caregiver (2023) Movie Script

Dammit, Olivia!
What did you do?
Are you hurt?
Where are your things?
Dammit, Olivia!
I need you here with me right now.
I just wanted them to feel better.
Help me.
Go get your things.
Meet me in the truck.
We got to go.
What are you gonna do?
What I always do.
Go, Olivia.
You know...
You can't tell anybody about this.
Do you understand?
No one.
All she had to do was leave.
But she couldn't let him go.
He was supposed to be mine.
Mm-mmm, we can't worry about this now.
No, we got to go.
And this, this has got to stop.
And what?
And you were gonna give him my bracelet?
This is not a gift.
It can link you to the murders.
I just wanted him to feel better.
No, no, no, no, no.
I'm gonna hold onto this for a while.
Hey, look, we got to go.
You know what?
Don't even worry about anything.
I'm a get your stuff.
You just go on out there
and meet me in the truck.
Where are you taking me?
Hey, just let me worry about that, huh?
Come on.
Yeah, yeah.
Now, you just let me worry about that,
and you just
promise me you gonna keep your mouth shut,
and do everything that I tell you to do.
I should never have let
you out of my sight.
From now on, you stayin' with me.
All right, baby.
Go on.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on.
All right, go.
Quick, quick, quick, quick,
quick, quick, quick, quick,
quick, quick, quick, quick, quick.
I've lived next to the
Bridges my whole life.
I just can't believe it.
Early reports are calling
it a murder/suicide.
I can't believe that!
They loved each other!
Do you have another theory?
All I'm saying, is it doesn't add up.
So you think somebody
else may have done it?
I told the police everything I know.
Anything else, you'll have to ask them.
- Hey, Gloria.
- Hi.
Have you seen Irvine?
No, I haven't seen Mr. Douglas all day.
Okay, that's weird.
Gloria, would you mind staying
a few extra hours tonight?
I have this big project I'm working on,
and I need more time.
Mrs. Douglas, I can't.
I'm sorry.
Is everything okay?
There's something I
need to talk to you about.
What's goin' on?
That's the fastest
he ever went to sleep.
We might be able to get a
good night's sleep, too?
What are we gonna do about Gloria?
We need to find someone
for Gerald quickly.
And we will.
And how fast is "we will"?
Gloria is leaving on Tuesday,
and I really need to put
my focus on this merger.
Okay, I'll handle it.
I promise.
You know I just can't have
anybody lookin' after my son.
That means I can't hire
that axe murderer, huh?
Babe, we'll find someone.
All right?
Well, if not, I'll take a few days off.
I can hold down the fort.
Yeah, but you have
that big trial comin' up.
You know, it's not exactly an
ideal time for either of us.
It's fine.
And I don't mind you bein' my sugar mama.
Irvine, I am serious!
We don't exactly have time on our side,
and Gerald needs around the clock care.
Well, are you sure you
can't convince Gloria to stay?
Mm-mmm, she has to take
care of her own mother.
let's worry about this in the mornin',
and tonight,
let's just enjoy the silence.
I love you, Mr. Douglas.
And I love you more, Mrs. Douglas.
- Mm-mmm.
- Mm-hmm.
You ready to order, hun?
Oh, I'm sorry.
We can order, buddy.
What do you recommend?
Well, everything here is good,
but he looks like a pancake sort of guy,
so I recommend the triple stack.
Okay, let's do that.
I'll have that right out for you.
You hear that, Gerald?
We're getting pancakes!
Our pancakes are the best
thing on the menu, Gerald.
And if you really like them,
I'll be sure to bring
you out an extra stack.
I think he likes you,
and he hardly likes anyone.
Well, I'm the lucky one then,
'cause he's a sweetheart.
And how about you?
Excuse me?
What would you like to order?
Oh, a coffee.
Black, no sugar.
I'll have that right out for you,
and good luck finding a caregiver.
That's what you're looking
at on your iPad, right?
I'm sorry for being nosy.
No, no, no, it's fine.
It's harder than I
thought finding good help.
This may be too forward,
but I'd love to apply.
You would?
Do you have any experience
at bein' a caregiver?
In Reno, yes.
Over five years experience.
I'll have this right out for you.
All right!
Thank you so much.
Remember, don't forget
about the launch on Thursday.
- Okay.
- The planner wants you
to send over your preferred vendors list.
- Okay.
- Also,
Evan should be arriving soon, okay?
- Also-
- You know what?
I'm actually gonna have to take this.
Why don't we move all of
this to the conference room?
And make sure everybody reads
off all the pros and the cons,
and not just the bulletin points.
- Got it.
- Really important.
Also, let me know as
soon as Evan gets there.
- I will.
- Okay?
Hey, is Gerald okay?
Everything is fine.
That's good.
I have enough balls in the air as it.
I think I
found someone for Gerald.
- No?
- Yes!
And I set up an interview
for four o'clock.
Can you make it?
Of course I can make it!
I mean, I have to move
a few things around.
Okay, well, I have to go.
So I'll see you soon.
Yep, four o'clock.
I was told to notify you
as soon as Evan made it
to the conference room.
Okay, good!
And you are the new intern?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Hmmm.
Where'd you go to school?
University of Nevada, Reno.
Yes, ma'am, born and raised.
Okay, okay, well, Reno,
let Evan know I'll be in in a second.
- You got it.
- Thank you.
So you work here?
Yes, but only part-time.
So Olivia!
Hmm, do you have any experience
working with teenagers
with some communication issues?
Could be a little over active at times.
Yes, I do.
I worked with a family that
had a little disabled girl.
And you lived in Reno?
Only for a spell.
Oh, is the child verbal?
Yes, very much so.
Okay, well, our son has aphasia,
which is a communication disorder
that results from damage to the brain.
So you would have to
help him to the bathroom,
feed, bathe him, and there'd
be some light cleaning work.
Oh, also, this is a live-in position.
So is any of this scaring you away yet?
No, not at all.
Being a caregiver is all
I've ever wanted to do.
I love being where I'm needed.
And I know this is going to
be around the clock hard work.
It is.
But we assure you
that you'll have time to yourself
when Stephanie and I are not working.
Yes, which could be a lot,
but I guarantee you,
we are working on that.
And the pay is more than fair.
And the benefits-
Oh, I don't care
about the money,
but I do ask to be paid in cash.
Just, I don't have a bank
yet, so it's easier for me.
Can we have a quick word?
Perfect resume?
Sweet as apple pie?
I just don't trust it.
I do!
You should've seen her with Gerald!
I think this could work.
I don't know.
we paid Gloria in cash.
So what?
What do you mean, "So what?"
She's not Gloria.
Does she really look like
the next Pablo Escobar to you?
I mean, really?!
You said it yourself, we need the help.
I checked out her
references, and she's good.
All right, look,
let's just give it a few weeks,
and if it doesn't work out,
then my mother would be more
than happy to help us out.
- I mean-
- God!
No, okay, let's - She would.
leave that woman in Michigan.
You know you're wrong for that, right?
I love Mrs. Douglas, but, no.
Okay, let's give it a try.
We're givin' it a try?
Let's give it a try.
- Thank you.
- Hmm.
- It'll be fine.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Hi, this is Olivia.
I can't come to the phone right now.
Leave me a message, and
I'll get right back to you.
Have a wonderful day.
Somethin' wrong with this girl.
Hey, yo, Olivia?
Hey, Olivia, yo, hey?
Oh, shit, fuck!
Oh, no, Olivia, no, no, no, no.
- I know I'm early, but-
- No, no!
You're right on time.
I'm just so glad you could make it.
- Please, come in.
- Please.
Oh, you have a lovely home, Mr. Douglas.
Thank you.
Oh, let me grab your bag.
We're just glad you could
make it on such short notice.
Oh, it's no problem.
I'm glad I was in the right
place at the right time.
Perfect timing.
Yeah, it was pretty perfect.
Olivia, can I show you to your room?
I'm right behind you.
This is not like the last time.
They seem nice, Olivia.
Just go with the flow.
Be here to serve, and nothing more.
No them.
Irvine needs you.
He wouldn't need you if his wife
wasn't avoiding his responsibilities.
She's not taking care of Gerald.
Hidin' behind her work.
You know what you need to do this time.
No, I promised David.
It's fine.
I think this could work.
She's young.
We knew that.
She's pretty.
I guess you
already knew that, too?
Okay, you're havin' second thoughts.
I just feel like this is
moving a little bit too fast.
Maybe I could give Gloria another call?
We could give this a chance.
Olivia, you don't have to do that!
Oh, I insist.
Dinner is served.
Hi, Gerald.
Do you remember me?
Wow, look at that!
You like Olivia.
I told you!
Tee tee water.
"Tee tee water"?
Look, I don't know where
he got that term from,
but he says it a lot.
So you might as well get used to it.
And if you don't mind me asking,
what exactly happened to him?
Stephanie had some complications
Durin' her pregnancy.
The doctors told us
there'd be some issues,
but we...
We just didn't know to what extent.
Yes, but we went through
with the pregnancy,
and now he's a big, strong man.
Yes, he is.
Yes, he is.
Just like his daddy.
Looks good.
Did you watch the link I sent?
You came all the way here from Reno
to find out if I watched a link?
No, I came to
discuss an ongoing case.
Listen, Detective,
I took this meeting out of courtesy, okay?
And answer your question,
yes, I watched your link, okay?
And I also talked to your Captain.
The Bridges case is closed, okay?
Hell, you wasn't even assigned to the case
in the first place.
Don't you kinda think you're
overstepping your boundaries?
His name is David Stockton.
He cleaned the crime scene
after the Bridges were found.
So he did his job.
He also cleaned the crime scene
of two other brutal,
unsolved murder/suicides.
Same M.O. on all of them.
Families slaughtered.
Okay, so wouldn't he
have cleaned the scene
after the detectives
collected the evidence?
This isn't...
It doesn't make any sense.
If he can clean them, he can stage them.
All of the witnesses reported
a nanny living with them.
Okay, so what, the
Stockton guy is a nanny now?
No, but his sister is.
Just watch the video.
There is a woman saying
that she saw a nanny
there a couple of days
before the bodies were found
in a similar car to David's.
And now, he's back in town.
Yeah, I'm worried that they're
gonna do the same thing.
All of these murders happened
within four to five months of each other.
And if I'm right,
she's already got another
family in her cross-hairs.
Okay, so what is her rap sheet like?
She doesn't have one.
Okay, so you not gonna make this easy.
Look, she is dangerous
and he is complicit.
All I'm asking to do is talk to them.
I will do the rest.
Thank you.
Let me ask you a question.
Why you so hell bent on this case?
You wasn't even the
lead detective on this.
I have my reasons.
Come on, I'm gonna win,
'cause you always win at this game.
Yeah, 'cause Mom taught me
- how to play.
- Hey!
- Mmm, no.
- Can I play?
No, go away.
Yeah, sure, you guys can play.
Thank you.
What's your name?
Her name is Olivia,
and I'm David.
What's your names?
- My name is Amber.
- I'm Tonya.
I like your bracelets.
Hmm, thank you.
Won't find 'em anywhere else in the world.
Yeah, that's what my mom says.
Made them especially for us.
Looks better on me.
What do you think?
Yeah, it kinda does.
So David, how come she's so
pretty and you're different?
Why are you wearing church shoes?
Olivia, no!
Hey, you guys wanna play Hide and Seek?
I don't know.
Is your sister okay with us
playing Hide and Go Seek?
Yeah, she's cool.
Right, Olivia?
Not it!
I'll count.
One Mississippi.
Two Mississippi.
Three Mississippi.
Thank you.
Oh, Sydney?
I promise I'll have all the data
in the binder by 3:30.
I'm just headed to the printer right now.
You're fine.
Please come in.
You're not in any type of trouble.
You're doing a great job here.
Thank you.
I do have a question, though.
So you're from Reno, right?
Born and raised.
This might sound a little crazy,
but would you mind looking
at somebody for me,
see if they look familiar to you?
Okay, let's see here.
Come on, turn around.
Okay, well,
her name is Olivia Stockton,
and she's our new caregiver.
You guys are around the same age.
Just wondering if her name rang any bells?
I don't think so.
I mean, that doesn't look like nothing.
It's just, a few months
back, my neighbor was killed.
It was ruled a murder/suicide.
But I kinda thought that maybe...
I thought maybe the nanny could have had
something to do with it.
I mean, that's probably not her.
Her name was Zara,
and the police cleared her.
- I mean, of course not.
- No.
But just out of an abundance of caution,
would you mind asking around Reno
to see if anything comes up?
Of course.
Okay, great.
I'll email you over her resume.
- And-
- Excuse me.
- Mrs. Douglas?
- Yes?
We have a problem.
Okay, what is it?
Evan found some
discrepancies in the contract.
He wants a page one rewrite.
You do know we're supposed
to close on this next week?
I know!
He said to tell you, though.
Is there anything you want me to tell him?
Anything specific?
What do you want me to do?
Just have him email me
over the discrepancies.
We can go over it from there.
Okay, I'll let him know.
All right, well, come on, girl.
It looks like it's gonna be a long day.
She has those cameras
because she doesn't trust you.
What do you do with Gerald
is none of her business.
You did the right thing.
What the hell?
Who the hell are you?
Oh, my apologies.
I'm Gloria.
- You're Gloria?
- Mm-hmm.
Hey, sweet baby.
You here to turn in your key?
No, just the opposite.
I'm gonna stay.
But I thought you were
moving to be with your mother?
I worked it out with my sister.
And after talking to Stephanie,
we just figured that-
You talked to Stephanie?
And we agree that a sudden
change may not be the best thing
for Gerald right now.
So you think you're the best
thing for Gerald and not me?
I meant no disrespect.
Maybe I should have called first?
I was just in the neighborhood, and I...
It's not that serious.
It's not that serious?
You stealing my job is not that serious?
Pushing me out of my
family is not that serious?
Your family?
You're crazy.
I'm calling Stephanie.
It's okay, Gerald.
Gloria won't hurt you anymore.
We've made quite a mess.
We should get this cleaned up, huh?
You're smart, Gerald.
Comin' in to my house
like she owns the place.
Mmm, that robe looks good on you.
Shut up, shut up, shut up!
Shut up, shut up, shut up!
I gotta...
I gotta call David.
I'm gonna call David.
Gonna call David.
Ah, yeah, she is dead.
Lots of blood.
Shut up!
I'm sorry.
Can you...
Can you get him outta here?
How am I supposed to get
him out with her right there?
I haven't heard from you for weeks,
and this is what you do?
Irvine needed me.
I had to come.
Needed you?
No, no, no, no.
I can't again.
I can't keep doin' this.
I can't keep protecting you.
I want a normal life.
Oh, Olivia!
How long do I have?
They've been working
late every day this week,
so maybe a couple of hours.
And after this, you're
comin' home with me, right?
I can't.
Not until I'm finished.
Irvine needs me.
Don't call me anymore, right?
I'm done after this.
Will you...
Get your clothes!
Where'd you put your clothes?
Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, what we got?
What we got?
Hi, Gerald, baby!
How was your day?
- Tee tee water.
- Yeah?
That's so good.
Hi, Mrs. Douglas.
How was your day?
Oh, it was long.
I mean, this merger's
just a lot more complex
than I realized it'd be.
I'm sure you have it all under control.
Thank you.
I just feel so bad it's
keeping me from the house.
And with Irvine's case,
I just feel like I've
been abandoning you two.
Oh, no, we're fine.
Isn't that right, Gerald?
Hmm, I'm sorry.
What was that face about?
Gloria stopped by to turn in her key.
She said her mom took a turn for the worst
and she has to leave immediately.
And she didn't call?
She seemed like she
had a lot on her mind.
Doesn't seem like Gloria.
Well, I hope everything is okay.
Hope so.
I'm gonna go change.
Now, what happened today
should not have happened,
but we can take this as a learning lesson.
You should never allow
anyone to disrespect you.
Now, I know that Gloria was a friend,
but sometimes, friends will turn on you.
Do you understand?
Tee tee water.
You're smart, Gerald.
I can see that.
Because what happened to Gloria
can easily happen to Mommy.
You don't want that to
happen to Mommy, do you?
So we can forget this ever happened,
and you never have to see
that crazy Gloria ever again.
Now, let's get you ready for bed.
Thought I might find you back here.
We need to talk.
What do you
mean, you believe him?
His story checked out and yours didn't.
Here you go, brother.
Why didn't you tell me you
knew David and his sister?
Did he tell you that?
He didn't have to.
I asked him a couple of questions,
when I mentioned your name, I knew.
It's not what you think.
Oh, you don't wanna know what I think,
but I know you need to leave.
Jones, look, just give me one more day.
I know I can produce something.
If I don't produce anything in 24 hours,
then I'll leave it alone.
Look, you got 24 hours
to get outta my city,
or I will do everything in
my power to have your job.
You understand me?
Oh, my god!
Oh, my god!
Please, somebody help!
Oh, I'll get it, Mrs. Douglas.
Nope, that is okay.
It's for me.
Work stuff.
You just relax.
It's your night off.
- Hey.
- Hey!
So I didn't
find any dirt on Olivia.
I'm sorry.
No, don't be sorry.
That's good!
- Okay.
- It's a relief.
Come on in.
We are gonna be here
for a long time tonight.
Found a lot of errors
in the financials, so...
There's a lot to do.
Okay, ready?
You just had to play Nancy Drew, huh?
How'd you know I was here?!
- I don't know.
- You know, you know!
I don't know if I can trust.
- Please.
- Now, if I let you go...
Do I let her go?
Yes, you can.
If I let you go?
Yes, yes
I won't tell anybody.
I can trust you?
- I can trust her?
- Yeah.
I can trust her, I can trust her.
Can I trust...
Can I trust her?
Can I trust her?
Can you trust...
Can you trust her?
Can you trust her?
- No, please.
- Face it,
she has to die.
No, I can let her go.
Please, please!
I can just...
- Please.
- Okay, okay, I'm gonna...
I'm gonna let you go.
Oh, my god!
We gotta go, move.
Okay, okay, family.
It's okay.
Mrs. Douglas?
Did I do something wrong?
One of her coworkers
was found dead today.
She's just gonna need some time.
Is there anything I can do?
Just keep doin' what you do.
Mrs. Douglas may bury herself
in her work for a few days,
so I may need to lean on you,
if that's okay?
Of course, Mr. Douglas.
Just Irvine.
She was gonna put it together.
You know it!
No, it's not your fault.
It's Stephanie's.
She's been trying to derail this family
from the moment you got here.
She did it with Gloria.
Now, she did with Sydney.
You know what you have to do.
He's miserable.
Make him feel better.
Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up!
Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up!
She's dead.
What are you talkin' about?
- Sydney Drummond.
- Who?
The one who confirmed
there was a nanny there.
Look, here we go with this mess again.
Okay, take this.
This has to be connected.
Come on, you cannot be this blind?
Well, Detective Stephens,
what do you want from me?
To do your job!
I'm asking you to do your job!
He dumped the water on his head.
Hey, baby!
How was work?
I need to talk to you.
Oh, boy!
Let's hear it.
I'm not feelin' comfortable.
We talked about this already.
Not enough.
Don't pretend like you
don't see what I see?
Why is Olivia walking around here
half naked all of a sudden?
What do you want me to say, Stephanie?
Stop gawking, for one.
Are you serious?
Come on!
Are you sleepin' with her?
Are you serious?!
Look, if you want me to
say somethin', then I will,
but don't drag me into your insecurities.
- Insecurities?
- Yes!
How do you think I'm supposed to feel,
her walkin' around you
and Gerald half naked?
Look, what do you want me to say?
To agree with me,
that we need to say
something about her clothing!
If you have a problem
with what she's wearing,
then you need to say something to her.
I'm not getting in the middle of that.
I support you 100%.
Mmm, mm-hmm, so we make
me look like the bad guy,
insecure wife.
And I don't wanna look like
the old, creepy perv either!
You know what?
Forget it.
I get it.
You're goin' through a lot,
the merger, that intern dyin'.
Her name was Sydney.
I'm sorry.
I'll talk to her about the clothing.
But I love you.
Thank you.
And I love you, too.
Would you like some breakfast, Gerald?
Tee tee water.
I'll take that as a yes.
Good morning, Irvine.
Good morning, Olivia.
I love it that you're so bright
and bushy-tailed early in the morning.
I need you to do me a favor.
Name it.
The clothes.
It may not be the most
appropriate thing to wear at work.
I'll change.
It's not that we don't
appreciate what you're doin',
- because we do.
- I get it.
Would you like some breakfast?
No, no, not today.
Not this morning.
It's gonna be a late day for me.
Duly noted.
Have a great day, Irvine.
You too, Olivia.
All right, Son.
Let's see what you're up to, Olivia.
I am trippin'.
I'm trippin'.
Okay, Mrs. Douglas,
we're about to head out.
Okay, take all the time you need.
Okay, so we'll see you in about an hour?
Sounds good.
Issuin' a dress code.
What's next, a curfew?
This is your family, not hers.
Act like it!
What the hell?
You okay?
Just tired.
What are you doing?
Oh, bein' attracted to the most
beautiful woman in the world!
You like that, right?
- Dance!
- Watch out.
Oh, okay.
Ohh, yeah!
Oh, meow!
I like your bracelets.
Thank you.
Won't find them anywhere
else in the world.
I know it's you.
I'm getting closer to
you, you crazy bitch.
Well, I'll be damned!
I spoke with your Captain.
He wants you back in Reno now!
Are you serious?
I did nothing wrong!
You went to the Stockton's house!
So you're spying on me?
No, you're spying on him!
Because his sister is a
killer and he's helping her!
Look, enough!
I spoke with him like you asked, okay?
And I also spoke with the
detective on the intern death.
And they have no ties to Olivia Stockton.
This is unbelievable.
She doesn't even know her name!
The family's never heard of her!
Did you talk to people at her job?
Look, I don't think you're hearin' me.
I don't think you're hearing me!
Detective, you need to leave now.
The bracelet.
This is how I know that
they're bat shit crazy.
When I was a kid,
I found my best friend dead in the woods
right after she was threatened by a girl
wearing that same exact bracelet,
the same bracelet that
was on Stacy Bridges.
They said it was a one of a kind bracelet
that their mom made.
Okay, so why wasn't he arrested?
Because he took the bracelet!
Look, I can't prove it.
I just know it has to be David.
He's like her protector or something.
There's no telling how
many people she's killed.
Listen, I'm sorry
this has happened, okay?
But I can't help you, unless
you have some solid evidence.
Okay, fine.
I'll be gone in the morning.
Hey, Irvine.
I thought you could
use a stress reliever?
Sounds good.
Where's Stephanie?
Another long night.
Let me move these things outta your way.
I love this wine.
You must have read my mind.
It's these darn briefs that I
need to get filed by Monday.
And you think you'll
have 'em done by Monday?
We'll see.
You two work so hard.
What do you do in your free time?
I mean, all I ever see you do
is come home and go to work.
Well, when you have
a special needs child,
there is no free time.
Sometimes, you need to make time
for the things that matter.
I just put Gerald to bed.
The least you can do is
have a relaxing night.
So you're just gonna
top me off like that?
You need it.
Bottoms up.
Girl, you are crazy.
Hmm, that's a nice bracelet.
Oh, yeah, my mom gave it
to me right before she died.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
No, it's okay.
She liked taking care of people.
- Mmm.
- Yeah, she was sick,
but she took care of us
right up until she passed.
She said the bracelet was special,
and it made me feel better.
That's nice.
Someday, I wanna give it to someone
to make them feel special.
Sounds like you have a good heart,
but you deserve something for yourself.
Can I say something?
I know about the nanny cam.
No, it's okay.
I don't mind if you watch me.
I think I kinda like it.
I'm sorry, but I think...
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- I think that's
mu cue to go to bed.
Can we just forget that this happened?
Yes, we can.
Stupid, stupid, stupid!
How could you be so stupid?
Can't you see?
Irvine wants you,
and Stephanie is in the way.
What happened?
I had a bad dream.
It was just a dream.
Go back to sleep.
David Stockton?
I'm sorry.
Baby, I know you?
Amber Stephens.
I was Tonya Ingram's friend.
Hey, I'm real busy.
Get unbusy.
How can I help you, Detective?
I'm working on a case.
A case?
I mean, what kinda case
is gonna bring you way out here to LA?
You a little bit out your
jurisdiction, ain't you?
I remember that bracelet.
Oh, this one?
Hmm, you got a good memory.
Yeah, it's a gift and a curse.
You know what else I remember?
No, what's that?
I also remember your
sister having the same one.
- Huh.
- Yeah, and you telling me
it was one of a kind.
Okay, and?
I also remember Tonya
wearing the same one.
What are you implying?
Just working on an old case.
So have you seen your sister?
My sister.
You know, to be totally honest,
I haven't seen her.
I mean, I haven't spoken to
my sister in a couple years.
And we had a fallin' out,
and she chooses not to
speak to me anymore.
- Hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
How convenient.
Well, were her last whereabouts in Reno?
Like I said,
I haven't spoken to
her, so I don't recall.
Okay, well, I guess that's that?
Hey, you know, I gotta get back to work.
I'm real busy.
We good?
Yeah, go ahead.
Damn, you lookin' good, Detective!
Still wearin' those church shoes.
So this is what we're doin' now?
We're drinking with the help?
I told you we had a
few drinks, nothing more.
So explain this, then.
She kissed me.
That looks like a lot more
than her just kissing you.
Well, that's what it was.
I don't trust...
- She's a-
- I do not
I don't even know...
What do we know about her?
How did you even really find her?
We were having breakfast,
and she was his waiter-
Just real convenient,
how close you guys are!
Is this what you want?
No, this is not what I want!
I want her gone.
I should just need
to go fucking stab them.
- Mess with your plan.
- What about Gerald?
Now, Irvine!
I want her outta my house!
Who the...
Who is she talking to?
No, that's mine.
It's mine, it's mine.
It's my man.
You know that's not possible.
We need her.
And even if I called my mother,
it's still gonna take her
a few days to get here.
A few more days.
But you remember something.
I am your wife,
and she is just the help.
The help?
Oh, I'll show her then.
Tee tee water.
Tee tee water.
Say Oh-Liv-I-A.
Tee tee.
Close enough.
Good morning, Mrs. Douglas.
In due time.
I take it, you heard?
I'm sorry if I caused this.
That's okay.
I feel guilty.
I overstepped my boundaries.
Like I said, don't worry about it.
We'll figure this out.
Later, buddy.
It's my good boy.
Listen, you need to go.
Go where?
What are you talking about?
What about it?
Listen, I just
got myself a little visit.
Okay, from who?
From Amber.
Who the hell is Amber?
Amber, when we was kids!
She found Tonya's body first.
You know, the first mess
I cleaned up for you.
Anyway, Amber's a detective now in Reno,
and she is here lookin' for you.
Okay, I don't know what
you're talking about.
She's here lookin' for you.
If I am a betting man,
she done already linked your ass
to the Bridges family murders.
Well, why would she do that?
Why would she...
Don't play stupid with me!
I didn't do a damn thing!
Are you trip...
You lie...
You know what you did to them people.
But whatever, she is here lookin' for you.
I'm not worried about her.
I have good news.
Good news?
Did you hear what I just said to you?
Did you hear what I just said?
Okay, all right.
I'm gonna play your game.
What's your good news, Olivia?
Irvine and I are getting married.
You got to be kiddin'?
I just...
I feel so comfortable here.
You can't be serious?
As a heart attack.
Nah, nah, nah, nah, uh-uh.
Nah, listen, now, hey, hey,
whatever you got yourself
involved in, I'm out.
I'm not gonna be around
to clean up your mess.
What messes of
mine have you cleaned up?
In fact, you know what?
Olivia, I've been cleanin' up
your messes your whole life!
You are my sister,
and I love you,
but I can't keep doing this with you.
You know what?
Tell your little friend to back off,
and you won't have to
worry about me again.
Irvine and I will be fine.
And if she doesn't back off,
she'll end up just like
that lady in the park.
That was you.
See, I can clean up
my own messes, David.
I can get rid of my own messes, David!
We have some work to do today, Gerald.
We're gonna get rid of Mommy.
Tee tee water?
I know.
I know what you're thinking,
but your father and I are in love.
I'm gonna be your new mommy.
Would do you like that?
Tee tee water.
Tee tee water!
I knew you would.
Tee tee.
Tee tee water.
Oh, you wanna know how I'm gonna do it?
Just like we got rid of
that evil lady, Gloria.
I just have to...
I have to...
I have to make it look like an accident.
I'm gonna make it look like an accident.
Ah, yeah, I'm gonna...
I have to make it
look like an accident.
No, not this.
Not this.
We're gonna use this.
Yeah, I know you like this, right?
It's the same thing we
used for Miss Gloria.
- We can get a two for one.
- Tee tee.
- You like that?
- Tee tee...
- Water.
- Yeah?
- Tee tee water.
- Yeah.
I'm gonna be your new mommy.
Mommy Olivia.
Would you like that?
Mommy Olivia, that has a nice ring to it.
I don't like it here!
I don't like it here,
I don't like it here,
I don't like it here, I don't like it!
I don't...
I'm gonna paint this wall.
Yeah, I can paint this wall black.
I can paint this wall black.
You would like that, right?
What about red?
We can paint it red.
You would like that red?
Gerald, you know red.
You know red.
Gerald, you know red!
You know red, Gerald!
You know red, Gerald!
- You know red!
- Tee tee.
- Red, red, red, red, red!
- Tee tee.
You know red, Gerald!
- Tee tee.
- You know red!
Tee tee?
All right, let's get
you ready for bath time.
Yeah, get you ready for bath time.
I'm a get you ready.
- Hey.
- Hey!
Do you have a minute to talk?
I can.
First, I wanna apologize
for my actions earlier.
I'm listenin'.
I was thinking, you know,
maybe I'll cut down on my
hours here at the office
and work more from home?
And that way, we can
actually get rid of Olivia,
and focus on our family.
You don't need to do that.
Yeah, but I want to.
I just want our family to
go back to the way it was
before all of this stuff happened.
There's nothing in the world
that means more to me than you and Gerald.
I love you guys!
We love you, too.
And if you think that is best,
I'll follow your lead.
To be truthfully honest,
this whole thing kinda has me freaked out.
I'm gonna take care of everything, okay?
When I get home,
I will talk to Olivia,
and we'll give her a few months of pay,
so that she has more than
enough time to find another job.
Okay, but I'll be workin' late tonight.
Then, I'm comin' home.
No worries!
I'll take care of everything.
Just remember, I love you, Irvine.
I love you, too.
See you tonight.
Hello, Mrs. Douglas.
I was just calling to check in.
Oh, yes, everything's great.
I was just running a bath for Gerald
before I take him for his walk,
then I'm gonna feed him his dinner.
Okay, that sounds great.
I was just calling to let you know
that I'm gonna be home
a little late tonight,
and when I do get home,
I'd like to have a little talk.
Okay, great.
I'll talk to you tonight.
She's not wearing the bracelet.
So today, we get to
put our plan into motion.
Isn't that right, Son?
Tee tee water.
Don't take that tone with me.
This is how it has to be.
You and Irvine are mine.
I have something for you.
Someone wants to be a naughty boy.
Don't worry, this will
make you feel better.
Isn't that beautiful?
Now to get that dirty
woman out of my house.
Oh, hi, Mrs. Douglas.
Can we talk?
Oh, I was just gonna get Gerald a snack.
That can wait.
So what's on your mind?
Let me start off by
saying, you are great,
and we love that Gerald has taken to you
the way that he does.
Tee tee water.
I know, Son.
Just gimme a minute, okay?
Irvine and I have decided that
it's in our best interest
to stay at home with Gerald.
This will really give us
some time to work through
some of our personal issues.
I know you have probably heard us fussing.
Our marriage is in a
really delicate space.
Just so you know, this is
coming from the both of us.
What are you trying to say?
Olivia, there's really
no easy way to put this,
but tonight will be your last night here.
Irvine and I have decided that
we're gonna let you go.
Irvine did not say that.
No, he didn't say...
No, no.
No, he didn't say that.
Irvine did not say that.
I know that Irvine loves me.
You must have done something to him.
Excuse me!
I think I know my husband.
Look, Olivia, we're gonna give you
two months of severance pay.
That should be more than
enough to put you on your feet
until you can find another job.
You don't know Irvine like I do.
I really am not meaning
to anger you, Olivia,
but please do not piss me off.
This is for the best.
This can't be happening.
This can't be happening.
This can't be happening.
This can't be-
Olivia, why don't you go
and pack your things?
I can take it from here with Gerald.
Tee tee water.
It's okay, Son.
Mm-hmm, everything's gonna be okay, okay?
This can't be happening!
This can't be...
This can't be...
This can't be...
I told you this was gonna happen.
I told you, do it.
Do it!
I told you this was gonna-
Do our breathing?
Do it!
Do it now!
Do it now!
Tee tee water!
Tee tee water!
Gerald, shut up!
I'm gonna clean this up.
- Freeze!
- What the hell?
On the ground now!
Who the hell are you?
I'm not gonna say it again.
Get on the ground now.
Tee tee water, tee tee water!
Come any closer, and
I am gonna lay you down!
Why would you threaten me in
my house in front of my son?
Bitch, are you that crazy?
Just leave.
No, I'm going to arrest you
for the murder of Stacy Bridges,
her husband, Ronald Bridges,
and their daughter, Alexis.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, I know you know exactly
what I'm talking about.
I guess Ronald didn't want
your crazy ass either?
I'm not crazy.
I bet Stacy thought so,
and that's why you killed her.
Come one step closer,
and I am going to put you down!
Now, just tell me why you
did it in your own words.
Ronald broke my heart.
He said he was gonna leave her.
So you killed her?
I had no choice.
Why their daughter?
Who was gonna take care of her?
Both her biological parents were dead.
I'm not gonna let you
take me from my family!
I was gonna take care of it.
How with a gun pointed at you?
Now, come on!
- We got to go.
- Tee tee water.
Tee tee water.
It's okay.
You're safe now.
We're gonna be a family.
We don't have time for this.
Now, they already know who you are,
so come on, we got to go.
- We got to go.
- Well, it's okay.
My husband will be here soon.
He'll understand.
For god's sake,
we ain't got the time!
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
If he truly loves you,
he'll find you, huh?
Wherever you are.
And then y'all can be together.
But if they find you,
they takin' your Black ass to jail,
and then y'all will never be together.
You really think he'll find me?
Now you go on out that back door.
You let me fix this.
It's okay.
Mommy will be back.
You gonna have to shut up.
What the hell is tee tee water?
Whoa, she fine!
Your call has been forwarded
to an automatic voice message-
Pick up.
You call has been forward to
an automatic voice
Oh, my god, no!
What happened, buddy?
Are you okay?
Are you hurt?
What happened?!
What happened?
What happened?!
Do you know?
Oh, my god!
No, wake up.
Wake up!
Wake up, baby.
Come on.
Need help.
- Hello?
- 9-1-1, what's the emergency,
- please?
- I need help!
I need help!
Somebody help me!
Help me.
Did you notice
anything unusual this morning?
Yeah, I saw the woman in her car outside
watching the house all day.
I knew she was up to no good.
Is there any particular reason
you didn't call the police?
Have you seen what's been
happening to Black folks lately?
I support Black Lives Matter.
You guys like to shoot quick
and ask questions never.
I understand.
I thought I told you to go home?
- Please, let me explain.
- Stephen,
I told you to leave it alone.
- Captain.
- Now, you really got
yourself in it now,
and my hands are tied.
Just let me explain.
That's why I invited Allen here
to come talk some words of wisdom to you.
I told you to go home.
Obviously, I was too late.
Look, Amber, what were
you doin' in that house?
I saw Olivia!
Amber, first off, listen.
Number one, you out
your jurisdiction, okay?
I warned you that this
might happen to you, okay?
The case was closed.
You should have just let
it go, like I told you!
Olivia was there!
You see?
This is bullshit!
You know who did this!
Stephens, my hands are tied.
Okay, you knew the risk.
Captain, let me explain.
There's nothing to explain.
Hey, let's get
her back to the station.
- Let me get that badge.
- No!
- Captain!
- Get in the car.
You don't have to do this!
- Get in the car.
- Please!
Why are you guys protecting her?
What, are you guys in on it, too?
I swear, this is not the end of this.
I'm recommendin' a psych eval,
- A.S.A.P.
- Okay.
- I'll write that up.
- Captain?
Tell the boys to go easy on her.
- All right?
- Yeah.
I'm sorry for what you've gone through.
I'm Officer Dash,
and we can take this in
another room, if you like?
Whoever it is...
Broke into my house
and murdered my wife.
What am I gonna do?
What happens now?
I gotta ask you a few questions, okay?
Who is Olivia?
She was my son's caregiver.
We let her go today.
It wasn't working out.
Do you think she had
something to do with this?
Doesn't it look like she did?
There was a crazy woman
with a gun in my house.
What do you think happened?
Did your son witness anything?
Officer, my son is nonverbal,
and even if he did see anything,
he couldn't tell you.
Okay, I know this hard,
but I gotta ask you-
Officer, please, please!
You're upsetting my son!
I got you, Dash.
Okay, standby.
Sir, I deeply apologize
that you have to go through this, okay?
But sir, it is imperative that we get down
to the bottom of this, okay?
Now, I understand that you're
dealing with a very unique situation.
And listen, for the most
part, here's my card.
You can give me a call in the morning,
we can talk, and we can finish this.
Thank you, Detective.
Now, if you don't mind, I
need to attend to my son.
All right, now, listen,
I totally understand,
and again, I am deeply
sorry for your loss.
All right.
Tee tee water.
Tee tee water.
I know, Son.
I know.
I know.
Detective Jones.
Is it done?
Yeah, man, she's out the picture.
The case is officially closed, brother.
And another thing.
I got this bracelet.
Look, you need to tell her,
she needs to be careful.
You hear me?
'Cause this thing almost
became evidence again.
Why would you do that?
I told her to go away.
She was making fun of you.
Can't you see that?
It was nothin'!
It was something to me!
She can't have mom's bracelet.
I was trying to make her feel better.
Death doesn't make
you feel better, Olivia.
Death made Mom stop suffering.
Don't worry.
I'll make sure she doesn't get in trouble.
- Thanks, Derrick.
- Yeah.
Okay, what's next for you, Olivia?
I don't know.
I'm taking you to Arizona.
- Arizona?
- Arizona.
So Stephanie, what
brings you to Albuquerque?
A new beginning.
A new start at life.
- Hmm.
- Okay.
I see you've cared for quite
a few children, Stephanie.
Oh, I love children!
This is my passion.
Well, that is very good to hear.
Oh, I absolutely love that bracelet!