The Carey Treatment (1972) Movie Script

- Turn that thing down, huh?
- What?
- Turn the radio down.
- Wait a minute, wait a minute.
This is doctor's parking,
you can't park here.
This is doctor's.
Just one minute.
Do you understand English?
- Doctor's parking, right?
- Yes. Move it.
Give me five minutes, friend
I'll lay open from chest to
crotch, re-section your colon
alter your sex, and sew you up
with the laces
out of my shoes.
Well, why didn't you say so?
Will you keep your eyes
on my goods?
Dr. Southmore,
wanted in surgery.
Dr. Southmore,
wanted in surgery.
Nurse Veemer, please report
to nurse's station 2nd floor.
Nurse Veemer, please report
to nurse's station 2nd floor.
Dr. Carey?
- Dr. Carey?
- Yeah.
Andrew Murphy.
Murph to my friends.
Well, how are you, Murph?
I am currently chief resident
which as I needn't tell you
indicates a very low man
on the pole.
- Well, not the lowest.
- True.
You're late.
We expected you yesterday.
Ah, well, hell. Anticipation's
half the fun, right, Murph?
Come on, I'll show you
around the factory.
Dr. Pasconi,
please report
to Dr. Randall's office.
I'd really like to get
something to eat.
Some eggs, some coffee, uh...
Dr. Carey,
compared to our coffee
a half a CC of epinephrine's
like a weak milkshake.
What about the egg?
Not a hen in the premises
without chronic hemorrhoids.
- Where do we go?
- Right over here.
Oh, Dr. Carey.
You know, I was expecting you
Oh, well I got a little hung up.
- And, you know Jonathan.
- Sure I do.
Welcome, glad to see you again,
- Dr. Tao there.
- Yes, we interned together.
- David, how are you?
- How's things in California?
- Everything's great.
- Dr. Jenkins.
- Dr. Jenkins.
- How'd you do?
Dr. Carey, Georgia Hightower.
- Georgia.
- Hello.
- Dr. Weston.
- Dr. Barr.
Dr. Barr.
Well, California.
How come you don't
have more of a tan?
Well, I'm from Northern
California, it's a long state.
What brings you to Boston?
More bread.
Something smells good.
What's that, you?
No, oh, no, it's, um, vanilla.
I spilled some down my front
trying to improve the A custard.
Well, you work in a kitchen,
- Yeah, I'm the dietician.
- Oh.
If you have any complaints
there's a complaint box
over there.
And if you have any compliments
please pay them personally.
Pete, uh, Penny would
want to see you.
How about dinner tonight?
Sure, why not?
- Hey, Georgia.
- What?
How would you like to join us
for dinner tonight?
Yeah, make it a foursome.
Okay. Pick me up after 7:00.
- Okay.
- I have to feed my son.
Why can't your husband feed him?
Oh, he's in Aspen, skiing.
When is he due back?
He's not.
Yeah, come on.
Nice to have you around again.
Thanks, David.
Hey, tell me about the complex.
Starting with...
- Old J.D.
- J.D.?
And work up to Georgia.
Well, J.D. is celestial.
Plays bridge. Has a new,
young, expensive wife.
Hm, well, I can tell
where you spent your childhood.
With J.D., if you're under 60
and white, you call him "Sir."
If you're black, yellow
or somewhere in between
you evaporate.
That's awkward, isn't it?
Prudent. Prudent.
You wouldn't know.
Oh, being white, protestant,
et cetera, et cetera?
Blaine, you've met.
He runs the place,
checks the laundry
counts the bedpans.
Nothing's the matter
with him that a retirement
and a healthy bowel movement
won't cure.
And, then, there's Jenkins.
He puts his finger in payphones
to see if anybody's left a dime.
It's occupational.
He's a proctologist.
Oh, man.
Ah, let me see now, there's...
you've met him already.
Yeah. What about Murphy?
Murphy, Murphy. He'll marry
for money and never regret it.
His bride might.
Dr. Barr,
report to 2nd floor
nurse's station.
Dr. Barr, report to
2nd floor, nurse's station.
Hey, what happened?
Did they lose something?
You bet,
a gross of morphine ampoules.
It's happened before.
I think it's an inside job.
Check all their luggage.
There you go.
What do you get?
Stop, or I'll shoot!
- Hey!
- Ah!
Come on, hey.
What in the hell do you think
you're doing, huh?
Come on.
That doctor's tag doesn't
give you any right to interfere
with an officer
in pursuit of a felon.
Listen, that badge doesn't give
you the right to shoot
a 20-year-old nitwit who ought
to know he can't outrun 20 cops
for Christ's sake,
why'd you run?
Listen, I smoke
a little grass sometimes
but I don't know anything
about that morphine.
Ah, so you carried it around
in your pocket
and come to the hospital, huh?
- You deserve each other.
- Hold it.
You get searched.
Come on.
- Hi, there, Mrs. Duren.
- Hello, doctor.
- Alright.
- Okay?
Hey, doc. Wait a minute.
Don't leave me with these guys.
You've just been busted, man.
Hi, how about driving?
I thought we were going
apartment hunting.
We are.
Well, let's go.
What's going on?
Oh, well, uh...
An orderly got himself
busted for carrying grass
around in his pocket.
Almost got himself shot.
What's that got to do with you?
Not a thing.
Did you forget your wall?
You know that thing
that you carry around
to keep everybody out?
Uh, there's an apartment...
He almost took a place
like this once.
Whatever happened to him?
You know, one morning I took him
his frozen orange juice
and he looked at it, and he said.
"This is synthetic,
you're synthetic
and my whole goddamn life
is synthetic
with a dumb cluck kid."
So, he put on a stocking cap
packed his bag, went to Aspen.
I haven't seen him since.
And how did you deal with it?
Carved the turkey
explained masturbation
to my son.
Everything, anything,
Hey, I'm gonna take this place.
- Are you?
- Yeah.
All it needs is some paint...
Uh, a bear rug.
- Oh, right.
- Some soft music.
- You'll be all set.
- Yeah.
Think I'll give you a key.
But I'll warn you,
I'll probably want to...
pick out your curtains
and I'll...
end up bringing
my waffle iron over.
Why are you looking at me
like that?
Cut it out.
Stop it, stop it, stop it.
It was the first year
of medical school
I was, uh, determined.
I was going to be the greatest
surgeon in the world.
What changed your mind?
Well, listen...
Sometime, when you've got
a couple of hours
and you'd like to be really
thoroughly depressed.
- I might tell you.
- Let me guess.
A woman?
- Nope.
- No?
Hell, no. Women have
made my life bearable.
Just bearable?
- Almost.
- Oh...
How come you never got married?
Nobody gets married anymore.
It's a dying institution.
A thing of the past.
Good riddance.
Not that it was all his fault.
I mean,
I was lousy to his mother...
- I was rotten with money.
- Mm-hm.
And the things
I like to do in bed...
he thought were immoral.
They are.
- Are they?
- Yeah. Certainly are.
in X-Ray lab, 3rd floor.
Oh, Dr. Sanderson,
sorry, didn't see you.
- How are you?
- Just fine, thanks.
- This is Dr. Carey.
- How'd you do?
How do you do?
Would you excuse me?
I've really gotta go.
- Sure.
- Nice meeting you.
- Goodbye, Dr. Sanderson.
- Goodbye, Karen.
J.D.'s daughter.
Oh, lord of all this
was his father before him?
Legend in his own time.
No wonder the poor kid's
Dr. Randall's
a brilliant surgeon
and administrator, Peter.
A rare combination.
If it weren't for him
and his family, this complex
which you're privileged to join
would be much less.
- Much less.
- Well, I'm sure of it.
Are you sleeping up there
or taking a coffee break
or what? I've got a patient
on the table here
with the hole cut in him.
Where's the plasma report?
- Who am I talking to?
- Dr. Peter Carey.
Well, look alive,
Dr. Peter Carey.
What's taking so long?
- You want it right?
- I'll want it now.
Specimen appears composed of
perinkable cells
which have invaded
the normal surrounding tissue.
The cells show many
irregular hyperchromatic nuclei.
Large numbers of mitosis
and some multi-nucleared cells.
My impression is...
primary malignancy of the lung
probably bronchogenic carcinoma.
Thank you, doctor.
You're welcome.
If you intend to stay with us
I wouldn't start by
antagonizing the boss.
Well, listen,
before I kiss his ass
I think I'll go
have a look at it.
Call for Dr. Murphy
in the emergency.
Call for Dr. Murphy
in the emergency.
- How you doing, Pete.
- Hey, David.
Jeez. He's fast, isn't he?
He's got a golf game at 11:00.
What's his kill rate?
Pretty high.
Takes the toughest cases.
Yeah, I guess old Randall's
gonna make his golf game
- Oh, good morning.
- Dr. Tao.
Uh, Dr. Carey, Dr. Randall.
- Oh, Dr. Carey.
- Dr. Randall.
You're the one I had words
with this morning?
- I'm afraid I was rude.
- Oh.
I'm sure you're very skilled
at your job
or you wouldn't be here.
Well, it's costing you $45,000
a year. Let's hope so.
I'll get it.
Uh, yeah?
Hey, it's 4 o'clock
in the morning, man.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, uh, yeah, yeah.
I thought pathologist
didn't make house calls.
David Tao's in jail.
See, I'd like to see
a Dr. David Tao, please.
See the sergeant.
- Yeah, what is is?
- I'd like to see Dr. David Tao.
- You can't.
- Why not?
He's on ice.
Well, in that case
let me have your badge number.
Beat it.
Listen, officer.
Let me explain the law to you.
You're required
to give your badge number
to anyone who requests it.
If you...
Alright, alright.
Are you his lawyer?
- What's your name?
- Carey.
Can't blame to be careful,
you know? Murder is murder.
Listen, I had to tell the guy
I was your lawyer
otherwise I couldn't get in.
What's happened?
I'm in hell of a mess.
I've been booked for murder.
who the hell you supposed
to have killed?
Karen Randall.
She was brought into emergency
last night by her mother.
Bleeding profusely...
exsanguinating in a state of
hemorrhagic shock.
A few minutes later, she died.
The police think I aborted her.
- Why you?
- Oh, I don't know, I don't.
Uh, maybe she was delirious
and mentioned my name.
Uh, I do abortions, Pete.
It all started
when this dumb little.
Puerto Rican girl came to me.
She had been knocked up by some
smart ass kid whose mother own,
owns half of Delaware.
Stud wouldn't admit it.
Who could prove otherwise?
She was gonna go to some...
some character she heard of
would do it for 75 bucks
and throw in
a voodoo prayer to match.
Oh, I couldn't sleep that night.
I kept thinking about those,
those amateur abortions I'd seen
as an intern when...
when the girls came in bleeding
and foaming...
I'm sure you know
what I'm talking about, Peter.
Well, I... I decided
the law wasn't fair.
You know...
a doctor plays God in...
in a lot of crappy ways.
I... I thought
this was a good way.
- What'd you charge, David?
- 25 bucks.
To cover lab fees.
No more, no less.
Sanderson's been
covering up for me.
He puts in phony slides
for the tissue committee,
and writes them up as DNC's.
Now, that he's retiring,
I was working up
to asking you for the same help.
Yeah, well,
I'm for the four day week,
the volunteer army,
and married priests.
But when it comes to
breaking a law,
I try using a little discretion
that's hard as hell
to play God doing five to life,
Listen, Pete, I... I never
touched Karen Randall.
She was four months pregnant.
Four months. I told her
to have her kid and...
and maybe it would turn out
to be Mozart or Freud.
Listen, David...
you're a respected member
of the professional community.
Not some bum with two cents in
his pocket.
And if they're arrested you
and they can't make it stick...
well, they are gonna
get chopped.
Captain wants to see you.
I don't know what the hell
I can do, David, but...
Pete, Peter.
Tell Penny, I...
- Mr. Carey.
- Yup.
My name's Pearson.
I know most of the lawyers
in Boston.
How come I don't know you?
I'm not a lawyer.
You told the Sergeant you were.
That makes you a liar,
Mr. Carey.
I'm a doctor. Very often,
the two are the same.
Well, I have a bit of advice
for you.
Figured you might.
Stay the hell away from Tao.
The publicity could
kill your practice.
What publicity?
The publicity from the trial.
Well, who says
there's gonna be a trial?
I do.
And the publicity
could kill your practice.
I don't have a practice,
I'm a pathologist.
I work in hospitals.
I do autopsies, I slice up
livers, cut up stips...
You like your work?
Yeah, you like yours?
I'd rather plant
Tuberous Begonias.
Yeah, well,
to each his own
it's the American way.
A young girl bled to death
from an illegal abortion.
Not a $10 Doxy.
A 15 year old child
from a good family!
And she was pretty and she was
sweet and she was butchered!
You're hyperventilating.
- Yeah, well, I'm mad, doctor...
- Listen.
Dr. Tao is a top surgeon.
He can put together
a Swiss watch
wearing dark glasses
and boxing gloves.
Karen Randall was murdered
by a sloppy abortion.
You got the wrong man.
Before she died...
the girl told her mother
Tao aborted her.
Now the mother made a statement
and she'll swear to it
in front of a jury.
- And that's all you need?
- That's all.
But if there's more
we'll find it.
Uh, who knows,
you might even be involved.
Oh, yeah, well,
there's always that possibility.
Does that mean you are?
It means that, uh,
that is a possibility.
Why you take a tough line,
Well, you can always bring out
the rubber hose?
Ah, no, we don't do it
that way anymore.
Oh, gee, I wish I could be
more reassured about that.
Uh, it's better you aren't.
Oh, you mean that in my case
you just might
make an exception?
Anything is possible.
Goodnight, captain.
Goodnight, Dr. Carey.
Damn, his principles!
He should've been thinking
about his own family.
He's not in jail
for his principles,
he's in jail for murder.
Because he did a stupid thing
like do abortions.
You talked to Penny?
Yeah, I talked to her.
I talked and she cried.
She's really a wreck.
Look, I'm gonna go see
Penny during lunch.
Yeah, well, maybe you better
take Murph along, so I can...
give her a little sedation
if she needs it.
I thought you'd come.
No, I've got a heavy morning.
I want to see the report
of the dead girl
before the autopsy.
- Should I keep dinner warm?
- Yeah.
Hell, keep everything warm.
What's on your mind?
Yeah, I'd like to see the charts
on Karen Randall.
She was admitted this morning
or late last night sometime
in and out.
- Well, you can't have 'em.
- Why not?
The old man has it.
Come on, spring them for me,
will ya? I'd really like to see.
What happened? He get to you?
Don't take that
attitude with me.
Oh, come on... Barr.
A daughter of J.D. Randall
was killed by an abortion,
now, someone has to pay.
Tao's an abortionist.
And Boston with a jury
more than half Catholic,
they'll convict him
on general principles.
So, are you Catholic?
Oh, I'm not a believer
of any kind.
Not even in a fair shake, huh?
- Least of all that.
- Mm-hm.
What's the biopsy for?
It's an old fashioned way
of doing it.
Well, I'm not a pathologist.
The blood samples from
a 16 year old freshman at Yale
they says he's very bright.
He's my son.
Saw Tao this morning.
Word gets around.
You were helping him.
I thought I believed in
what he was doing.
What about now?
J.D. Randall has been my friend
and colleague for 30 years.
I knew his first wife.
I've known his two children
since they were born, I...
I bounced Karen on my knee
when she was baby.
Well, there's a couple of things
I gotta check out.
Can you cover for me?
Two or three days. No more.
I'm 68 years old
and I'm a diabetic,
I can't push myself.
Oh, I promise I won't
make a career out of it.
Well, if you're going to
sniff around,
you ought be over at the post.
They're due to start
any minute.
You're not doing it?
I couldn't.
And I'd rather you didn't.
Okay. Thank you.
Good morning, Carey.
What brings you here?
Post on Karen Randall.
Mind if I sit in?
Any special reason?
Do I need one?
We'll be starting in a minute.
Do you wanna change?
No, no, I'll just watch
this one here.
This is Mr. Newman,
our diener.
Mr. Newman.
Dr. Carey.
Well, we better stay awake
for this one.
She's J.D.'s daughter, you know?
- She's just a youngster.
- 15.
What do you make of it?
Recent weight gain,
striation marks on her hips
and breasts.
She's a blonde,
she's got some dark hair here
on her upper lip and...
some more on her forearms.
- New looking.
- Yeah, that's interesting.
Sixty four inches.
Here it is.
There's a slice through
the endometrium and muscle,
that's where she bled out.
It doesn't look like the work
of a total amateur,
somebody knew
the principles of curette.
Except for the perforation.
Yeah... except for that.
Well, we know one thing,
she didn't do this to herself.
She couldn't have done this
kind of scraping on herself.
Isn't that the uterus?
It's normal.
Are you here on
a teaching capacity, Dr. Carey?
Well, she wasn't pregnant.
Nobody knows anything
until the post is completed.
I can't afford to pre diagnose.
Come on, doctor,
if you can't read this one
you'll lose your license.
Dr. Barker?
You are Peter Carey,
I know about you.
What do you know about me?
I'm told that you are
very good natured,
first thing in the morning.
Now who could've told you
anything like that?
- Georgia.
- Georgia?
We have lunch, we're friends.
What else did she tell you?
That you make a great Souffle,
and that you clean up
Yes, I'm totally house broken.
Sit down.
Have an apple. I've got...
Cortland and Delicious today.
I'll have a Delicious.
I grow them.
Really? Where?
I have an orchard in Dover.
Lovely old one.
Why don't you come out
for a long weekend and see?
Uh, no, thanks, doctor.
- Scruples?
- Stamina.
I wouldn't be so cheerful
in the morning
if I had to keep
two going, you know...
Well, if I can't tempt you,
what else can I do for you?
A hormone test,
for pregnancy in autopsy.
- How far long?
- Four months.
Somebody you knocked up, doctor?
Nope, just a case.
I need two CCs, there's
plenty here, no problem.
Ms. Holder?
Set this up for a hormone.
Thanks for the apple, doctor.
Oh! It's alright.
Hello, doctor.
Nice party.
You know, I don't know why
but it's...
I get the impression you're not
really having a very good time.
Oh. I'm sorry.
I am, you know, it's...
It's just that I've always
had a difficult time
expressing my true emotions.
Well, then that gives us...
What, several alternatives
we can do.
Begin a real conversation.
Or we can begin a phony one.
Or we can just go
our separate ways.
Well, I must say that
that's not a...
an alternative that
I'd even consider.
I'm surprised, doctor.
You look like a man that
just about every alternative.
Well, listen, we have three now,
why don't you pick one?
Let's try going
our separate ways.
Well, wait, wait.
What happens if
we regret it later?
Well then,
I know where to find you
and you know where to find me.
That's for giving
such nice parties, doctor.
Thank you.
You know, there are two things
in this world
that I really hate.
Yeah? What's that?
One's... cold chili
and the other one
is Angela Holder.
Not necessarily in that order.
Oh, listen, come on,
now don't be too hard on her.
I'm sure she has...
some redeeming features.
Name one.
Well, I can think of a couple.
I think I'm going home.
Come on.
What's wrong?
I just don't wanna say
or do anything
that I'll be sorry for
in the morning.
Oh, really?
Well, give me a "For instance.
For instance, I might say...
that Angela's a type of broad...
that if a man, any man
rubbed two quarters together...
Listen, would it make
any difference to you
if I told you that we just had
an awkward conversation
out there.
Yeah. Is that all it was?
Pete, would you...
please give me
one good reason
why I should calm down?
Listen, you have no reason in
the world to get yourself
all worked up.
You just stay who you are, baby.
I'll stay who I am. Right?
Two points for the bachelor.
Oh, come on.
You sure know
how to hurt a girl.
Well, you do.
I'm mad at you.
- I just remembered.
- What? Why?
Think you better
drive him home, yeah?
Oh, I'll drive.
Hello, Murph.
How you doing, Murph?
Mother will take you home now.
You've been checked out
on an...
Oh, Murph.
Hey, goodnight, baby.
Hey, hey!
Now, why the hell did you
come after me like that?
Say, what the hell
is it with you, man?
Have you been watching
too many movies
or you got something
personal against me?
- I'm her brother.
- Who's brother?
I think I broke my nose.
I hope so.
He killed her and you're not
gonna help him get out of it.
I just wanted to stop you
any way I could.
There you go,
stick this on your nose.
Put your head back.
She was 15 years old,
you know that?
Yeah, I know that.
Hadn't heard from her
for a while and I...
I got this birthday card
this morning.
She's dead and here comes
this birthday card in the mail.
It says, "I'm glad
you were born.
Because I need $20
till next Thursday.
Here you go, man, drink this.
Say listen, how'd you lose
touch with her?
My father sent her
to a girls' school.
Ms. Carter's for
snotty young ladies.
Did she have a boyfriend?
I doubt it.
Her roommate Lydia had to have
all the boys, including Karen's.
Listen, she went to
bed with somebody.
Well, that'd be her business.
Who was her family doctor?
My uncle Joshua.
We're all doctors of
varying degrees of skill
in my family, you know.
You go to Harvard?
Where'd you do your obstetrical?
At the BLI.
You assisted
any D-and-C's there?
Yeah, several.
You know how.
You son of a bitch!
Are you saying I did this one?
You could have.
She was in trouble.
She was my sister.
I would've done it for mine.
Well, I didn't do it for mine.
Dr. Carey?
Oh, Dr. Carey.
Dr. Randall.
I've been waiting
to have a talk with you.
Well, I haven't wanted to
Ah, my condolences.
Your daughter's death was
shocking and unnecessary.
I try to know my staff
As well as professionally.
You've come to us with an
excellent reputation, doctor.
But there's one thing that...
puzzles me.
You're rarely at work.
I've been conducting
a little investigation.
Of what nature?
I'm trying to find out
why a profession so dedicated
to the objective
examination of fact
is out to crucify
ah innocent man.
Dr. Tao is an abortionist.
Operating illegally.
As a doctor his ethics
are questionable.
As a citizen of this state
his actions are,
are punishable
and your helping him.
You're disregarding your work.
Is it my work you're
concerned with, doctor,
or is it the investigation?
There are men like you
in every profession, Carey.
Dissident professors,
disloyal military officers,
renegade priests.
Why do any of you stay?
Why don't you leave
our institutions to those
who feel it's an honor
to serve them?
Why don't we fumigate
the institutions?
...cracking down
on the doctor
that jerks a woman's ovaries
because he needs a,
a new wet bar
in his $150,000 ranch house.
What about getting rid of
the quack that charges a $1000
to an old man
to lift off a cataract
that takes him exactly four
minutes between coffee breaks?
The four man consultation for
a pimple on somebody's nose,
the kick backs on referrals.
Listen, doctor,
we gotta break a few windows,
let a little fresh air in.
That's vandalism, doctor.
No, that's integrity.
Mrs. Randall?
Dr. Carey.
- Hello, Dr. Carey.
- Mrs. Randall...
My husband told me that
you'd be showing up.
- Did he?
- Mm-hmm.
He also told me to boot
your tail out of here.
You always do what
your husband tells you?
What would you like to drink?
- Tea, I think.
- Oh.
William, would you please bring
some tea, and another scotch.
Oh, please, sit down, doctor.
Why the long look?
Is my slip showing?
Well, you're not wearing one.
What can I do for you?
- Tell me about your daughter.
- My step daughter.
I'm not old enough
to have been her mother.
Oh, really?
Yeah, really.
Oh, well, if you say so.
Alright, doctor,
get to the point.
I wanna know why you lied to
the police about Dr. Tao.
I'm Shanty Irish
and liar is a fighting word.
He's too good a doctor,
he couldn't possibly
have carved
anyone up like that.
Karen told me three times
before she died
that Dr. Tao was responsible.
She was awake
and you talked to her?
She passed out just
as we got to the hospital.
Well, how do you know
it was an abortion?
It could've been a miscarriage.
I looked in her purse.
And clipped to her check book
was Dr. Tao's card
and the last check she made out
was to cash for $300.
That's how I know
it was an abortion.
Was that check ever cashed?
The man who has it is in jail,
he hasn't had time
to make it to the bank.
Well, Dr. Tao's fee for
an abortion was $25.
Just to cover lab costs.
It was his way of keeping
himself honest, Mrs. Randall.
What's yours?
I don't swipe lipsticks
from the five and dime anymore.
I sit in a family pew.
I belong to the flower society.
And I, I very seldom
say shit in company.
Well, let's hear it
for Mrs. Randall.
I'm a member of the club
with all dues paid.
Can't lay a glove on you?
I don't think so.
I'm gonna try.
Be my guest.
Sure you won't change your mind
and join me in a drink?
Oh, no, no, no, I'm afraid
you're too young for me, honey.
Well, you can rule out
adrenal tumor.
Rule out... an ovarian tumor.
The endometrium is
not hyper plastic,
if anything, it's dormant.
And the thyroid
the adrenals are going...
Seem to show
a panhypopituitarism.
Would you mind
putting that in English, please?
Well, even in Swahili
it would mean, I don't know.
I need some
corroborating evidence.
Brain pathology,
blood hormones, X-rays.
That reminds me.
Your friend Dr. Barker
hasn't brought those
blood tests back yet.
- Why not?
- I don't know.
What would it prove?
That she wasn't pregnant.
But she thought
she was pregnant.
Yeah, she missed a period.
I missed a period once
when I had to play.
Lady McBeth in high school.
- Lady McBeth?
- Mm.
Yeah, well, tension can suppress
menstruation once,
but not for three months.
And not with the other signs,
the obesity,
the new distribution of hair.
Listen, if I were you I'd stop
looking at that those files
and find the guy
she was sleeping with.
Oh, really?
You don't think that science
can provide the answer, huh?
Not as fast as sex.
Well, now I'm sleeping with you,
now what could anyone
deduce from that?
Not much.
Aww. Maybe that I was available
and you were handy.
You mean, that's as far
as we've got, huh?
To date.
Well, would it console you
to know that my...
feelings go much
deeper than that.
And given the time
and the opportunity
I'll fend off your creditors,
spoil your child,
give you love and admiration
day and night.
- When do we start?
- First thing in the morning.
I'm gonna be at this
all night long.
Why don't you take
a cab and go home.
That's it.
Hey, man, wake up.
What time is it?
You're a sloppy bastard.
Don't you cover up your
microscope when you're through
and put your slides away?
And when are you gonna go to
work at this hospital?
The chief of service has been
putting the squeeze on me.
Tell him I've got
Tertiary syphilis.
Yeah. I wouldn't be surprised
if you did.
Ms. Barrett?
I'm Dr. Carey.
I'm Karen Randall's uncle.
Oh, have you come
for her things?
Well, actually I came
to talk to you.
Oh, well, I'm terribly sorry,
I can't.
I've got an appointment
with my orthodontist.
Well, we'll talk fast.
But you see we're not allowed
to have men in our rooms.
It's against the rules.
Well, we'll bend
a little rule then, shall we?
She threw darts at him
every night
before she went to sleep.
Are you sorry she's dead, Lydia?
I'm sorry when anybody dies.
Didn't you like her, Lydia?
I didn't pick her.
They assigned us
to the same room,
but I'm not going to have
a roommate anymore.
Well, don't you get along
with people?
Not if they're crude.
Karen was crude?
Well, yeah, she was always
trying to shock me.
Well, maybe you shock easily.
She'd take her cloths off and
parade in front of the windows.
She talked like a truck driver.
So does my mother on occasion.
She was promiscuous.
All she talked about was
what men did in bed to her
and what she did to them.
She said she's take two at
a time or three or four.
She didn't care.
Are you a virgin?
I don't have to answer that.
No, you don't.
You're not my father
or my minister
or my family doctor.
No, I'm not.
I just...
I just thought that it'd be
such a rarity these days,
you might be proud of it.
Well, for your information,
I am.
Oh, well,
if you had a little charity
with that chastity
you'd qualify as a nice girl.
I've got to go.
Yes, I'm sorry,
I've made you late.
I'll drop you anywhere you like.
Well, what is it now?
Those are mine!
What are they, Lydia?
They're for my headaches.
Give them to me.
I'm no pharmacologist, Lydia.
It's my guess
they're birth control pills.
And that you're on 'em.
And that makes you a liar,
doesn't it?
Go to hell.
And everything
that you told me about Karen
is probably true about you.
Stop this car and let me out.
Please, stop.
L... let me out, please.
Ah, what... what are you doing?
She went into shock, Lydia.
She couldn't control
her bladder or her bowels.
She couldn't breathe.
Two quarts of blood
spilled out of her,
she bled to death.
I'm gonna find out
who Killed her
and you're gonna help me, Lydia.
Why did you lie?
She stole my boyfriend!
He was crazy about me
until she came along.
- What's his name?
- Roger!
- Roger what?
- Roger Hudson!
- Where does he live?
- I don't know.
Well, what does he do?
- Oh, he's a life guard...
- You have a picture of him?
Oh, goddamn.
Is that him?
You son of a bitch.
- What?
- Dr. Barker has a flu.
Ah, she called me last night
from the Dover
and asked me to give you
the results to the blood test.
And what does it say?
Ah, "The hormone,
metabolite excretion levels
are flat low."
There's no pregnancy.
Thank you very much, I'll do
the same for you one day.
Hey, would you mind?
Karen Randall wasn't pregnant.
Wasn't pregnant?
What do you mean?
She told me she was.
She... she told me she had
missed four periods.
Did you examine her?
No, no, I didn't want anything
to do with her.
I, I booted her out. I sent her
to her family physician.
Her uncle.
Yeah, her uncle.
Go see him, Pete.
He... he does
the same thing I do,
except for bigger money
and a better...
Joshua Randall does abortion?
Yes, he does.
Well, hey, listen, did...
did she say anything
about a guy named Roger?
- Roger?
- Yeah.
- Nope.
- Nothing.
Nothing like, you know,
who the guy might be?
No, no,
she... she never said anything.
Joshua Randall, huh?
I think I'll just go see him.
- Take care.
- Thanks, Pete.
- Who is it?
- Dr. Peter Carey.
Come on up, Dr. Carey.
Hello, Dr. Carey.
I'm back here in the kitchen.
Turn left and left again.
I'm sorry I couldn't greet you
at the door properly,
but if I were to
leave this sauce now,
it probably would curdle.
It's a difficult thing
to get it precisely right.
You like Danish rum sauce,
Only if it's precisely right.
Precisely. Precisely.
Come on in, have a seat.
What part of the West Coast
are you from, doctor?
- I'm from Palo Alto.
- Oh, that's nice.
And who are your people?
And what do they do?
Well, my father teaches history.
My mother is a biochemist.
My brother has acne.
My sister plays the flute.
You'll forgive me
if my probe, doctor.
It's an old surgical habit.
No, go ahead. Let's probe.
Well, do you gamble?
Do you womanize?
Do you play chess?
Perhaps, are you
a Sunday painter?
No, I'm a pathologist.
I'm just trying to
get your measure, doctor.
Six-one and a half.
You know,
my brother's afraid of you.
Hand me that knife over there,
will you, please?
He's afraid you'll throw open
our closet doors
and our shortcomings
and our failures
and our idiot children will come
tumbling out of the closet.
- Will they?
- Perhaps.
Stir this for a moment,
will you?
You know, Karen came
to my office about a week ago.
She said she was pregnant
and she wanted an abortion.
I told her I would have to run
some tests first.
She was to come to
my office on Thursday.
What did the test show?
Well, I don't know.
She didn't come to my office.
Wouldn't that strike
you as curious?
Well, you know, young girls,
sometimes they get hysterical
when they miss their periods.
Well, if the test had
proven positive,
you would perform the abortion.
Are you accusing me of being an
abortionist, doctor?
I'm not accusing you of
anything, doctor.
I'm just stating the fact that
I think I could get half
the highborn ladies of
this town to attest to.
Sometimes doctors perform
abortions out of the conviction
that a woman should have
domain over her own body.
Thank you, doctor.
Thank you.
Well, I have a theory
about your niece.
I don't think she was pregnant.
Don't you?
No, I think she had
a pituitary tumor.
Slow growing, relatively benign
but enough to convince a
youngster that she was pregnant.
Her period stopped.
She gained weight.
She panicked.
What are you saying,
that her death was unnecessary?
Yeah, the only one who listened.
I think she got herself
an abortion
and... it wasn't necessary,
and it killed her.
How does that make you feel,
Don't you give a damn either?
Would you stop
that Julia Child bit?
You're asking me to believe
that your 15 year old niece
came to you
and told you she was pregnant.
And you told her to come back
Thursday for tests
and when she didn't show up...
you chalk it up to hysteria?
You didn't call her father,
your own brother.
You don't do anything.
You just sit
on your big fat ass.
I'm not asking you
to believe anything.
I didn't ask you
to come to my home,
and I didn't ask you to
insult me with your accusations.
But I do ask you
to leave my home
before I call the police.
Look, a 15 year old girl
is dead, doctor.
A talented man is gonna spend
20 years of his life
in jail for something
he didn't do.
But there's nothing I can
tell you that will help him.
Listen, I'm, uh...
Yeah, okay.
- Captain Pearson.
- Dr. Carey.
We've got a complaint
about you.
Only one?
Dr. Randall said you're
harassing members of his family,
his son, his wife,
his daughter's school friend.
Have I broken a law?
It hasn't been determined yet.
But until it is,
I think I'll just...
I can take you in
for questioning, you know.
Yeah, you could really be
your neck out if you did.
No, no, no, ho, no, no.
You've been trespassing on
private property.
The Randall home.
I lost my way. I had to stop by
and ask for direction.
Dr. Carey, I can make things so
tiresome for you in this town.
Captain, if you so much as lay
one unwarranted ticket on me,
in fact, if I see you again
outside the policeman's ball,
I'm going to slap you with a
complaint of harassment
and send it to the district's
attorney's office,
the office of mayor
and the chief of police.
All this is gonna catch up
with you, you know.
Yeah, when if it does,
you're gonna be
the first I call.
I appreciate that.
You really do that well,
I'm stuffed.
That was terrific.
- You like the fish?
- Mm-hmm.
Well, listen,
the only real fish is a salmon
that comes out
of the Klamath River
on a summer afternoon.
My father cooks it.
All of those old black skillets
ashes from his pipe
falling in it.
We'd lie back at the great
old tree by the river...
and eat it.
And talk.
French Revolution...
and women.
What is he like?
Well, he...
believes in the efficacy
of cold baths.
Grieves for the American Indian.
He's an excellent carpenter.
And he still takes
my mother upstairs
on a Sunday afternoon
and... locks the door.
Says grace before soup.
You must have had
a nice childhood.
Except for bed wetting problems.
There's, uh...
- Hi.
- Hi.
Don't hit me.
Please. Don't hit me.
Why not,
you son of a bitch?
I just had a hernia operation.
Get a couple of bucks
and the person you knew...
I spend 16 hours a day
in this crummy joint
I deserve some kind of
Why don't you go to the beach?
It's too cold
for the beach.
Hey, listen,
there's one picture on here.
I'd like it blown up pretty big.
How big?
Well, you know, three or four
feet, something like that.
What kind of a picture is it?
Well, listen,
I think you'll love it.
We don't do funny pictures here.
- Can I have it tomorrow?
- Leave it.
See, you took a, a picture
of my nephew a while back.
I'm trying to locate him.
I wonder if you still might have
his address.
You don't know where your own
nephew lives.
Well, you know, kids move around
a lot these days.
He doesn't look like you.
Well, who says he's gotta
look like me?
Well, I'll see what I can do.
Okay, and you'll have that
tomorrow, huh?
He in?
Dr. Carey, just a minute,
Ah, here we go, Dr. Randall.
Two consenting adults
making love.
Not the most dignified position
in the world, perhaps,
but certainly one
of the most joyous.
If I'd know you were going to
send a photographer,
I'd have had my, my haircut.
Do you really think that...
I'd stooped to blackmail?
Somebody did.
Anyway, you can have it.
Yeah, I think it kinda
brightens up your office.
Hey, your enlargements
were a big hit.
Looks like the exercise was
agreeing with you.
Yeah, not a flattering
angle though.
Well, it's them harsh lights.
Hey, about my nephew.
- Got nothing on him.
- Oh, come on.
He come in here to pose,
like the prince himself.
Sometimes I have the address,
but nothing on him.
Just the name, Roger Hudson.
- No date?
- A year ago at most.
Say, what do you got
on him anyway?
- You know him?
- You're not a cop.
Or you would have said so
and proved it.
So what do you got on him?
Well, he got a girl in trouble.
She... she must be
some dumb broad.
Yeah, maybe, but she didn't
deserve to die.
The punk gives rub-downs
at Callahan steam baths
about a block down.
I seen him there
last Friday night.
Thank you, brother.
I understand there's a,
a guy named Roger Hudson.
- He's good with the hands.
- Yeah, he's good.
But he's busy right now and will
be till about 6:30, an hour.
Oh, yeah, well, listen I will
take some steam or something.
Fine. A Buck for the steam.
Six bucks for the rub.
You're in pretty
good shape... sir.
What's your name?
What's yours?
Come on, man.
You know my name.
Callahan said
you asked for me special.
You're a cop, aren't you?
What makes you think I'm a cop?
I can usually spot 'em.
That's why.
Got one looking for you?
I sure hope not.
You work here all day, Roger?
Eight hours.
- Yeah. Then what do you do?
- Work out in the gym.
Ride my bike.
Shoot some pool,
ball my chick.
Watch the sun come up.
Anything I wanna do, I do.
- So when you sleep?
- I don't.
I just keep right on going.
What on?
Wheat germ.
Well, I could buy some of that.
Any health food store, babe.
I'd like to buy some of yours.
Yeah, man, but I told you
I'm not in
that kind of business.
That's not what Angela Holder
tells me.
Holder, huh?
Yeah, she's a...
she's a nurse at the...
at the Boston memorial.
- Jesus Christ!
- Sorry, sir.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Callahan warns me that sometimes
I don't even know
my own strength.
Strange about that Holder chick,
Can't really place her.
But then I can't be expected to
remember them all, can I?
Tell me...
did you keep track of...
Karen Randall?
Oh, why don't you relax?
And quit talking.
- Randall?
- Yeah.
I never heard of the chick.
It's funny.
I heard you knocked her up.
- That I what?
- Knocked her up?
No way.
Of course, it wouldn't be
the first time that some chick
tried to pin something
like that on me, you know.
Well, this chick
was 15 years old.
With baby fat
still hanging on her.
Some sadistic son of a bitch
carved her up bad.
That's too bad.
Roll over.
Where are you going?
I'm not finished with you.
Oh, yes, you are.
Captain Pearson, please.
Yeah, this is Dr. Carey.
I... I think I know who
killed Karen Randall.
Dr. Holliston,
please report to the scrub room.
Let's get him
onto the table.
Get his clothes off
and let's get those vital signs.
Get some gauze
and stop that bleeding.
Get a crit and cross-match him.
Let's stop the bleeding,
then take X-rays.
Now, don't talk.
Your jaw maybe broken.
I'm just gonna close
this wound on your forehead
and then we'll see.
Better give him
a tetanus-toxide too.
And a shot of penicillin.
Now blink your eyes.
Once for yes, twice for no.
Are you allergic to penicillin?
You sure?
Hello, baby.
You may have a few loose teeth,
but no skull fracture anyway.
What's my crit.
My hematocrit, what is it?
Well, 40, sir.
Are you a doctor, sir?
I'm Peter Carey.
I'm a pathologist here.
- Who's the resident on duty?
- Dr. Murphy, sir.
- Get him down here.
- Go get Dr. Murphy.
- How many stitches?
- 12, sir.
Will you stop calling me sir.
Do another crit on me.
I wanna find out
if I'm bleeding inside.
You're not wearing
your name tag.
- Ah, no, I'm not, sir.
- Yeah, well wear it.
Patients like to know who
the hell they're talking too.
- What happened to you?
- Hey, Murphy.
Say, I gotta see Angela Holder.
Well, she's here in emergency.
About an hour ago
someone broke into the lab
and stabbed her.
Police are with her now.
Captain Pearson has been
looking for you.
Easy, buddy.
You could have a hematoma.
Now, listen, Murphy...
My skull X-ray's are okay,
are they?
Yeah, well,
you're under observation
for 24 hours all the same.
We haven't even begun to
evaluate you
for internal hemorrhage.
Give me some whites,
will you?
- I gotta see Angela.
- No way.
I got to see her.
Get me outta here.
- Come on.
- Alright.
If anything goes wrong,
it's your neck.
Get him some whites.
Alright, now, listen, Murph.
When we get inside
I'm gonna ask for
ten milligrams of nailine
and some morphine.
- You give me saline.
- Saline? What in the hell for?
Just give it to me.
Hello, Angela.
Your boyfriend's
been busy tonight, huh?
- How do you feel?
- What difference does it make?
Does it hurt? Huh?
Does it hurt?
I hope it does.
I hope it hurts like hell.
I'd like to see you
wheeled out of here...
with all the other garbage
that this hospital produces.
Dr. Murphy, will you give me
that ten milligrams of nailine.
Because this girl is an addict.
Ten milligrams will throw her
in a cold Turkey.
Yeah, I'm gonna
throw her right there.
But that could kill her.
Damn doctors.
Doctors and cops damn.
- How much you gonna give me?
- All of it.
Morphine, Angela.
It gets you off.
If I feel charitable.
I'm not afraid of you.
I've had it all.
I've woken up in the street.
I've woken up on my own vomit.
I'll call you if I need you.
I think I'll stick around,
You're in trouble, Angela.
It won't kill me.
It might.
I'm gonna let it.
And you'll be in trouble too.
No, no.
In this room I'm God.
I can label it anything I want.
Heart failure,
respiratory arrest, shock.
I make out the death
I wanna be cremated, huh?
I can arrange that too.
Now, you tell me about Karen.
I don't know any Karen.
Sure you do,
you dream about her every night.
I dream about crabs and
spiders and my room burning up.
It's Karen we're talking about.
Karen, you tell me about her.
I know, uh, Mary
and Elizabeth and Emory.
Who... who... who's Karen?
You're convulsing, Angela.
You'll wanna tell me about her
in a minute,
and you won't be able to.
You know who did it.
I wanna go home. Please.
Who killed her?
She called me Angel.
Who killed her?
- Who killed her?
- I did!
I did. I did.
I didn't mean to.
I don't know what happened.
I knew how to do it.
I don't know what happened.
They were checking.
They were searching.
They looked everywhere.
They made me take my hair down.
You were stealing drugs
from the surgery.
He said they didn't need it.
That they were dying.
It was too good for them.
All summer long
his hair... kept getting blonder
and blonder like a halo.
Oh, God, we slept on the beach
and the grass.
He couldn't steal anymore
because they were checking.
Ro... Roger had some,
but he, he wanted money for it.
I tried to
sell my mother's ring,
the man said
it was just blue glass.
I needed $300.
Oh, God, I did the abortion.
I did it.
Who was the anesthetist?
Roger, with neopentyl.
Oh, God, it hurts. Please.
- Come on. Come on. Come on.
- Please, please, God.
Jesus, doctor, you're a worse
son-of-a-bitch than I am.
- Did it work?
- Yeah.
You mean you actually got her
into withdrawal on saline.
In and out.
Oh, I think I..
Hey, somebody get a gurney.
I think there's
something busted in there.
- Crit's low.
- His abdomen is rigid.
We're gonna take him to the OR,
put an IV in him,
type and cross him,
I'm gonna go scrub.
Wait a minute,
you're not supposed to be...
Cold hands. Jesus.
Dr. Murphy,
you're quite a seamstress.
You better believe it.
What other little goodies
did you take out?
Just the spleen,
I had a date,
I didn't have time
for anything else.
Now listen, would you guys
change the subject, please?
Now a splenectomy
is a pretty rugged operation.
Now I'm letting you out of here
but I want you to sit home
and watch a lot of
daytime television.
Yes, doctor.
- Hurt much?
- Only when I laugh.
Well, listen, I'm sorry
I wasn't there to help you.
In a way it was, uh,
kind of interesting.
My first splenectomy. Oh!
First and last.
- Yeah.
- Randall had me in.
He, uh, he made
a very graceful apology.
He said,
"Pride makes for perversity.
That he had been a fool
if not a scoundrel.
And that I had been a fool too.
He would accept my
eleemosynary intent.
Roughly services performed
for no loot. I looked it up.
Of course.
Now, what did you say to that?
Yes, sir, that he wasn't
to be concerned
because I hadn't planned to
resume practice here anyway.
Mm. Well, I... I can't blame you
for that, David.
What a way to make a living,
You know, I think
I'll move to Hollywood
and, uh, deliver babies
for movie stars.
Movie stars don't have babies,
they have... agents.
I'm gonna miss you.
I really appreciate
what you did for me, Peter...
- Now, listen, it's okay, David.
- No, no, no, no.
That... that, prison,
I'm telling you,
it was something else.
By the way,
my mother wants you to know
she's saying Buddhist prayers
for you to get well.
Oh, well, listen,
if God is Chinese
we're in good shape then, huh.
He is.
- Hey.
- Huh.
You scared me.
- How are you?
- How are you?
- How do I look?
- Distinguished.
Ah, scar me again,
I'm too good looking.
What's the matter?
My husband came home last night.
Oh, yeah?
Just in time for dinner.
How is he?
Thin. Tan. Contrite.
You gonna let him stay?
He says he's changed.
Says he's grown up.
He says he wants to settle down.
You believe that?
I, I believe it's time
for some order in my life.
Anyways he says he loves me.
What do you say to that?
What do you say?
I say tell him
it snowed in Park City.
Tell him there's
two feet of fresh powder
over an eight-foot pack
at Alger.
Tell him, the weather's clear
and there's no wind in Stowe
and we'll send him
his stocking cap.
Look, we'll pack up Jessy,
these comic books,
Band-Aids, Oreo cookies.
I'll take you back
and introduce you
to my mother and father.
Jessy... Jessy, he's...
He has to stop every ten miles
in the gas station.
We can work that out.